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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 1, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> where do you find these things? you have good "one more thing." ceo to reconsider the decision >> everyone did a nice job. i really liked it. to not build the headquarters >> you never like what i do. that's it for us. back on monday. there. "special report" is next. that's's live look outside of the beltway from smeshlt. we have shannon bream. >> shannon: the parents of an "special report." we'll be right back. american student who died in he dr. scholl's kiosk. north korea rebuke president trump for letting kim jong-un it recommends our best custom fit orthotic off the hook. to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain. the president said he has been so you can move more. misinterpreted. the canadian leader whose son dr. scholl's. born to move. believes he is the anti-trump is in a growing scandal. should transgenders athletes in high school be allowed? this is "special report." >> shannon: i am shannon bream your insurance rates skyrocket you could fix it with a pen. in for bret baier. president trump's comments that how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? he doesn't believe north korea's kim jong-un was aware of the for drivers with accident forgiveness, mistreatment that led to the liberty mutual won't raise their rates death of an american college because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782
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student is getting major push on home and auto insurance. back from the man's presents. call for a free quote today. they said kim is responsible. the president tried to explain liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ himself. mike emanuel is at the white house as the president gets back to business after a disappointing summit in vietnam. >> president trump is on the defense about the comments about the death of otto warmbier. he is blaming north korea but not calling out their leader. on twitter president trump tried to clarify. of course i hold north korea responsible. in vietnam the president did not blame kim jong-un. >> i believe something very bad happened to him. i don't think the top leadership knew about it. >> the parents of otto warmbier disagreed with the president saying kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son otto warmbier and for
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unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity. no lavish praise can change that. the president took heat from both sides. >> kim jong-un knows everything that happens in his country, certainly with respect to an american being held prison there. >> we should not be naive about this regime and the way they mistreat their own people and mistreated otto warmbier. >> in vietnam, president trump fixer michael cohen testify on capitol hill. president trump went after him on twitter. cohen's attorney said the president was lying. adding sometime in early 2018 mr. cohen was offered an advance for a proposal regarding a book on understanding donald trump. this is just the beginning. cohen due back on capitol hill
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march 6th. the executive who worked on a proposed deal to build a trump tower in moscow will testify and they will call trump family numbers like ivanka and jared kushner. >> the democrat's intention is for this investigation go into 2020 and into the next election. if they don't find evidence of collusion, which they have not, they will look for something else. >> the "new york times" said the [ sighing ] president over ruled his white house chief of staff demanding a ♪ oh my momma she gave me top secret clearance for senior advisor kushner. it alarmed senior officials. ♪ these feathered breaths ♪ there was an internal memo about ♪ oh my momma the matter. check in from afar with remote access. the president denied getting and have professional monitoring backing you up involved in the security clearance issue writing i am not with xfinity home. demo in an xfinity store, trying to get top level security call, or go online today. clearance for my children. this is a false news story. >> ♪ >> ♪
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cummings demanded answers from >> shannon: stocks turned the white house top lawyer. the white house advisors do not positive. dow gained 110. talk about security clearances s&p 500 up 19. for the week the dow lost 200ths but kellyanne conway said the president had the right to do what was described. of a percentage point. >> shannon: thanks, mike. vice-president mike pence was the star attraction in day 2 of two u.s. defense officials tell the conservative c-pac fox news the pentagon will cancel joint exercises with south korea. convention in washington. they cite the decreased threat his speech was rally for his boss and condemnation of the from north korea following 2 democrats and their embrace of summits between president trump and kim jong-un. socialist. the decision to cancel the deals doug joins us live from maryland. good evening, doug. did not emerge from the vietnam >> good evening. cpositive pac -- c-pac is the summit. the need to continue exercises diminished. president trump did the right thing by walking away from the vietnam summit without giving in test pad for talking points in to kim's demands for sanctions the next campaign. relief. that's according to a former if that's true socialism is the north korea official. talking point for republicans in the 2020 campaign.
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his comments put a positive spin >> america will never be a on the abrupt end to the socialist country. conference. here's the story. >> standing ovation for that. >> kim jong-un meeting with top vietnam officials a day after mike pence called social the the north korea leader summit greatest threat to the american with president trump in hanoi broke down. secretary of state pompeo still new democracy. sounded positive. the trouble is socialism is you >> we are anxious to get back to run out of other people's money. the table to continue that conversation that will lead to that may not be enough. peace and stability and a better ted cruz told beto o'rourke's life for the north korea people and a lower threat with a campaign out spent his campaign 3-1 in the mid-terms. republicans are trying to denuclearization of north korea. broaden their base. >> my administration will communicate with the united republicans see other states and north korea to help vulnerablvulnerabl their talks reach a complete settlement. >> according to the north korea clear diplomat and defector ho, vulnerablvulnerabl vulnerablvulnerabl speaking with fox news, vulnerables in the party. president trump was correct in >> we need to be obsessing about the future that we have. rejecting the demand by the stop having a culture that tells us to be hip hop artists and we north to lift sanctions for should want to be doctors and
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lawyers. shutting down just 1 nuclear everyone. >> c-pac invited speakers from the other party. facility. >> president trump was right. listen to former obama advise for praising republicans. >> he said trump was also right >> my problem is i have a when he singled out other sites conservative move that is actually doing a great job on for kim to dismantle. what should be my issue! the man who lives with guards this is supposed to be my issue! under assassination threats in you are stealing my issues. seoul, said as long as the >> 2 years ago conservatives merciless kim jong-un is in were divided over donald trump. he will speak her tomorrow power the best president trump morning as the leader of the can do is contain the nuclear republican party. >> shannon: thank you very much. there is a new entry tonight in evil. >> nuclear weapons is the last the growing democratic thing kim jong-un is rely on to continue his control of north presidential field. korea. >> do you think he would ever governor of washington jay give up the nuclear weapons? inslee. >> no. if you are asking who? >> not at all? that's one of his biggest >> not at all. >> he said he is positive about problems. name recognition. north korea's future with more information and changes among dan springer says inslee is the people.
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the current system and its leader can't last. counting on credentials to that change could take years. in the meantime, he said we have overcome that. >> washington state governor jay to keep the nuclear lid on. inslee made it official. >> i pledge today if i am given this high honor i will make >> shannon: all right. president trump's point man for fighting climate change the the crisis in venezuela said number 1priority of the united states of america. disputed president maduro will >> [cheers and applause]. >> inslee joins a crowded democratic field for 2020 but fall. russia is criticizing the u.s. the first sitting governor and selling himself as the candidate who can save the planet. for trying to out of the government of venezuela. >> i am the only candidate that here's the story. >> contest the venezuela will make defeating climate president maduro's change the number 1 priority. vice-president is in russia. >> he talks about climate change early in his political cheer. russia supports maduro. the trump administration said he was in the state legislature all options are on the table. and congress. he co-authored a book and wrote >> i don't want to telegraph our plans to the regime. people were talking about coal is killing us. american military action are the >> in the last presidential russians. >> they are pursuing a peaceful election there were zero
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questions about climate change. the fact we have governor inslee transition with economic pressure. the u.s. is revoking visa of running just on climate change will guarantee that won't happen again this year. maduro officials and their >> but will voters care? families. >> i can't predict the day that in january a survey found maduro falls and leaves venezuela. democrats do. it may be that 3 days before listing the environment as the people will say, oh, the adt third most important issue. among all americans it falls to administration policy failed and 8th and climate change ranked boom, there he good. 17th. >> maduro invited abe rams to inslee has no signature accomplishments. none of his goals and targets have been met. greenhouse gas emissions are up meet with him. he is coordinating with a 6%. >> that's thigh -- higher than when he started in office. leader. >> i received threats to my we are going in the wrong person and my family. threats of being imprisoned as direction. well by the maduro regime. >> governor inslee needs to raise his national profile. even so, that won't represent by it's been a challenge.
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return to venezuela. taking in just $224,000 all from >> abrams said there would be a washington state. >> shannon: former colorado governor is expected to enter big reaction in venezuela. the democratic presidential race abrams got criticism from a next week. freshman congresswoman. >> that's a ridiculous question. they were granted a permit to hold an event in a park and an >> yes or no? >> no. >> i won't respond to that kind advisor told fox news the event will be a presidential of personal attack. >> abrams said he is the announcement. up next, do transgender athletes congresswoman have not spoken in high school have an unfair on since. >> i don't know what that was all about. you would have to ask the others. beyond the border australia congresswoman what her intent warns of an environment disaster in the pacific after a large ship ran ground and spilled oil. was in that colloquy. >> the administration warned it happened earlier this month. cuba over its support of maduro. video shows little progress has been in stopping the ship from leaking. the administration is always the u.s. military kill 26 thinking about the u.s. fighters with a terror group in relationship with cuba. >> shannon: rich, thank you. central somalia. this came after strikes killed pakistan officials handed over a 55. the u.s. carried out 24 such captured indian pilot to indian strikes this year.
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more than half the number for all of 2018. officials to defuse the saudi arabia said it revoked the situation. tensions rekindled when a suicide bombing killed 40 indian citizenship the son of the late troops. al-qaeda leader. tuesday aircraft carried out a this comes after the u.s. strike against militants blamed government offered a $1 million for that attack. reward for information leading pakistan shot down 2 indian to his capture. aircraft wednesday and capturing we'll be right back. that pilots. candidates will allow the u.s. so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access extradition case against a chinese telecom executive to pro to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, seed who is accused of or give them a call anytime. you don't say. conspiring to defraud banks. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? china said it is dissatisfied and opposing the decision. pie! pie's coming! the canadian prime minister is that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7. involved in a scandal.
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here's the story from washington. >> i and my staff always acted appropriately. >> that's canada's prime minority resisting calls for his session. -- resignation. he is holding fast to his mainline of defense. >> my job it to stand up for canadians. >> his former attorney general and justice minister claimed his office launched a campaign over many months to get her to drop charges against a canadian company. it's one of the world's largest construction and engineering firms. in testimony before the canadian
3:12 pm
parliament. wilson outlineded trudeau's bold faced intimidation tactics. >> there were many inappropriate conversations and attempts at political interference that occurred. i believe where it got more heightened were what i described as the veiled threat. >> it's a dramatic fall from grace for trudeau. a young liberal prime minister who grabbed the world's so many interesting details. attention thanks to his easy ancestrydna was able to tell me where my father's family came from in columbia. rapport is world leads. they pinpointed the columbian and ecuador region and then there's a whole new andean region. friendship with president obama and spats with president trump that was incredibly exciting because i really didn't know that. over free-trade. now this will get worse. we never spoke about that in my family. it just brings it home how deep >> it's a textbook case of my roots are and it connects me to them, and to their spirit, and to their history. government krurption. 20 million members have connected to a deeper family story. corruption. >> trudeau said we disagree with order your kit at the former attorney general's characterization of the events. canadians will get their say. trudeau up for reelection in
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october in what polls show will be a very tight race. >> shannon: up next vice-president mike pence preaching to the choir about the evangelicals of socialism. around the country, fox in seattle, 4 new suspected measles cases have been identified. since the beginning of the year to a deeper family story. thyou had a good run, clark counted reported 65 people but it's time to sell or trade it in, and you need to know what it's worth. with truecar, just enter your license plate with confirmed cases of the and see your car's value in real time. measles. sports package and low mileage? nice. most under age 10 who were not incident with a shopping cart... vaccinated. fox 2 in san francisco with a not so nice. sunroof? real nice. break through in the oakland within minutes, you'll have a true cash offer teacher's strike. they agreed to endthe walk out and you can head to a local certified dealership to cash out or trade in. after reaching a deal. this was the 7th day of the enjoy a better way to sell or trade in your car strike. this is a live look at new york with truecar. from fox-5. a big story. there a group of busines amazon >> ♪
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>> shannon: tonight we explore the topic of transgender athletes in high school sports. it's a difficult balance to compete on an equal playing field. here's jackie. >> high school runners are going toe to toe with the new england regional championships in boston. a chance to get in front of college coaches and maybe even earn a scholarship. but connecticut junior selena won't compete. she was england out of the top 6 spots in part by 2 transgender runners. both male at birth. now identifying as female. >> it's frustrating and demoralizing when you are at the start line of a race when you know what the outcome of the race is before it happens. >> a medical transgender runner
3:15 pm
said high school athletes can face unfair competition from trans-girls. it comes down to whether they have gone on hormone therapy. >> before they get on hormones they have the athletic capabilities of men. >> it makes regional competitions a gray area. connecticut allows transgenders athletes to compete without restrictions. 17 states review individuals and 9 states require surgery or hormone treatments. part of the challenge is age. college students must undergo a year of hormone therapy to compete as trans- athletes. civil rights are also a concern. athlete ally is a lgbtq group.
3:16 pm
>> if they separate them it's not fair. >> advocates say rules for pro-athletes are one thing. a lot of high school teens enjoy teams to have fun and transgender teens should not be denied that positive experience. >> shannon: thank you very much. >> in tonight's whatever happened to segment. the remains of american war heroes returned from north korea. it looked like there was a significant break through but the outlook has changed. >> ♪ >> it's been more than 6 months since north korea turned over 55 boxes containing the remains of some of america's heroes from the korean war. >> our boys are coming home. they are not known but soon we
3:17 pm
will know their names. >> north korea has not turned any more. 7500 missing americans, more than two-thirds remain in north korea with the others further south. >> we would be delighted if we could get more retains turned over to us. there has been no discussion in the last -- since we received the 55 boxes. >> in his first summit with president trump north korea leader kim jong-un committed to recovering for remains. the subject never came up in public meetings between president trump and chairman kim in vietnam. only 3 americans have been identified from the boxes so far. dr. bird said more americans will be identified in the days ahead. >> we are in the final stages of making several more identifications. we are looking at 4.
3:18 pm
>> he said based on dna results, up to 80% of the remains turned over are americans. ultimately dozens more are expected to be identified. he described pain staking methods. >> american soldiers in the korean war would have a very different diet. when we look back at the bones, we can recognize american remains from the signatures in the bones. >> he is eager to get more remains from north korea but understands it will take time for the details to be worked out. >> shannon: the parent of an american student who died after months of captivity in north korea rip into president trump's comments about kim jong-un. reaction from the panel right of this. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief
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>> ♪
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>> this president is responsible for having otto warmbier returned to this country to be reunited with his family in the final hours before he passed. the president was talking about chairman kim didn't know what happened to otto warmbier when it happened. >> kellyanne conway, this is the clean up brigade again. what the president said was despicable. he has a love affair with kim jong-un who is a brutal dictator and who is responsible for the death of otto warmbier. we should not be naive about this regime and the way they mistreat their own people and the way they mistreated otto warmbier. >> shannon: let's bring in a panel to talk about this. gentlemen, welcome to all of you. let's start here. otto warmbier's parents have had to watch as president trump praised kim jong-un in certain
3:24 pm
rockefeller plaza. -- respects. they said we have been respectful during the summit. now we must speak out. kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our otto warmbier. no lavish praise can change that. >> it's not only their opinion. that's what u.s. intelligence found as well. i think the white house realizes they needed to walk this back. that's what you are seeing happening right now. it's the right thing to do. kim jong-un took the position that the crown prince of saudi arabia took. these were rogue underlings. i didn't know about it. but we know in north korea and saudi arabia nothing happens without the leadership at the top knowing about it. they are obviously lying. >> shannon: the president put out 2 tweets. i never like being
3:25 pm
misinterpreted especially with otto warmbier. i got otto warmbier out with 3 others. of course i hold north korea responsible for otto warmbier. otto warmbier will not have died in vain. he and his family are a symbol of strength. i love otto warmbier and think of him oven. often. it's -- he is not attributing knowledge of it to kim. >> even in 2018 he said we pledge to honor otto warmbier's memory. he only talked about the dictatorship. he's been tryinged to shield kim from blame of from this. he said he would not have noted to did that because it would not
3:26 pm
be to his damage talking about kim. almost like lawyering on his behalf. this has been a chronic problem for donald trump ever since he declared his candidacy. the way he talks the human rights abuses of other countries. he tends to relativize them. whether it's the kingdom of saudi arabia. an old enemy like north korea or even saying that the united states killed a lot of people too. he is not over that problem. >> shannon: and for the helsinki situation, he is relational. his relationships are the key for him to get important concessions for the u.s. he won't insult them directly. that's how he believes he gets the deal done. >> the strategy is personal
3:27 pm
diplomacy. he found the limits in this second summit. he tried the term approach and tried to talk up his love of kim jong-un. it still didn't get him the dole. as he conducts this attempt to promote peace in korea. we have moved he conducts promote peace in korea. we have moved as he conducts this attempt to promote peace in korea. we have moved on. he has too keep in mind who kim is and who north korea are. they are the most terrible violators of human rights. >> shannon: the contrast to his efforts in north korea was michael cohen being here on capitol hill. behind closed doors and in public as well. >> it was a productive interview.
3:28 pm
he shed light on issues core to our intrftion. -- investigation. >> the democrats intention is for this investigation to go through 2020 into the next election. there is no question about it. if they don't find evidence of collusion which they have not, then they will look for something else. >> shannon: that may be the president's tax returns. a spokesperson for nancy pelosi said they will do everythings in including litigation to get the president's tax returns. here's part of it. they said they will take all necessary steps including litigation to get them. jason? >> the democrats control more than 2 dozen committees with oversight responsibility. they are just getting started. they are coming after tax returns and coming after the
3:29 pm
trump family, the trump business, the trump foundation. setting the ground work here for impeachment. that's the ultimate goal. these investigations are not about finding anything new. it's about volume. how many can we go with here and keep them running through the election. that's the goal. the president and the administration will be on the defensive from now until 2020. >> shannon: there won't be a line on the tax return that says $500,000 from vladimir putin. that won't be there. are they going after him for bragging how successfully he is financially? >> i have to believe if these tax returns reflected well, he would have put them in the public domain. he has a strange aversion to doing what every other president has done. >> shannon: he is unlike any
3:30 pm
other. >> no question. i am sure the returns are stacked this high. still, long ago a normal president would have revealed them. there has to be something in there he doesn't want people to see. sooner or later maybe we will see. it i disagree with jason. i am not sure impeachment is the democrat's end game. i think is a substitute for impeachment. this is a situation where they have so much to work with. they can keep it going all the way through 2020. >> congress is a nuisance. the real danger is the southern district of new york. >> shannon: yes, a headache for the president. next up the friday lightning round. a scandal and winners and losers.
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3:35 pm
from the beginning that i and my staff act the appropriately. >> shannon: talking about the political scandal north of the border. does trudeau survive this? >> probably. he may not survive the next election. in the 1980s there was a contest for the most boring headline and the winner was worth wile canadian initiative. now we have exciting headlines from canada. >> shannon: he said he did nothing inappropriate. >> i am sorry to disappoint. i think justin trudeau is right. everything i read is what he was trying to do was remind this prosecutor that a lot of people's jobs were on the line and she might consider using discretion with that in mind. he did not enrich himself. there is no evidence that he
3:36 pm
took anybody's campaign contributions to do this. or that he was doing anything beyond what often happens in government which is people get together and say what is the best way to handle this? the only supposed benefit he was going to get out of this was the voters in quebec would be happy. i am not sure that's a horrible scandal. to indulge in canadian stereotyping here. this is the ultimate scandal because it's all about a violation. >> shannon: trying to influence a decision that could impact you because of jobs lost during your tenure. >> [overlapping talking]. >> but in montreal where this company is based and quebec where he is popular. there could be political consequences to this company being under a criminal investigation. typically the canadian press coverage of trudeau is like the american media's coverage of
3:37 pm
barack obama. it's overwhelming positive. if the canadian press won't let this go, leads me to believe there might be something to the scandal. >> shannon: weigh on the newest entrent into the democratic field jay inslee who is all about the climate change. >> that's not a mass appeal issue. but there is a large minority who are interested in it. i guess his idea is if you can get the votes of those people in the democratic primary you can jump to the head of the field. >> good luck. i had to explain who he was to my reporter when i assigned him the beat. a long road ahead of him. >> shannon: and name recognition? >> it's not just name recognition. it's how he distinguishes himself as a governor.
3:38 pm
it's chock full of people. it won't last long if like the man from colorado or joe biden comes into the race. back in his home state, he could not even get this green agenda passed in the form of a carbon tax. he is going to push across the country something he could not get passed in washington which is not texas? >> shannon: jason. winners and losers for this week? >> my winner is kim jong-un. he succeeded in getting a platform if the leader of the free world. propaganda gold. it's what he wanted without budging an inch on his nuclear program. my loser is cummings for the circus-like hearings with michael cohen which told us nothing new. i hope if he continues down this road he comes up with more substance. >> my winner is the warmbier
3:39 pm
family who respectfully but forcefully spoke up about the president's statement on their son and forced him to climb down or walk it back. my loser of the week is the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu who was in a lot of trouble for reelection because he formed an alliance with the right racist party and now he might be indicted on fraud charges. his reelection will be difficult. >> my loser first is congresswoman omar who made an anti-semetic statement. my winner is the young man named hallway pizza guy. you can see him enjoying a slice during the cohen hearing. his expression is priceless. he realizes he is on camera. there he is. >> shannon: that's fantastic. i was an intern on the hill many
3:40 pm
years ago. you take your shacks and meals where you can get them. tell us who you are. speak to us. when we come back, notable quotables. (vo) this is the avery's. this is the avery's trying the hottest new bistro. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the avery's wondering if eating out . . this is wells fargo.
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yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ >> shannon: finally tonight, "notable quotables." >> you want an emergency? we have an emergency. [siren] >> some really big things happened to otto. he tells me didn't know about it, and i will take him at his word. >> strong new reaction coming in from the reaction of otto warmbier calling out kim jong un over their son's death. >> this is nonsense. you guys no it. i know it. >> talking is definitely better than fighting. >> hearings are not for action. >> when you call donald trump a cheat in your open testimony, what would you call yourself? >> a fool. if there. >> you are a pathological liar. >> i'm not calling him a bunny bawler but he is a little unbalanced. >> president donald trump has more stories than harry
3:45 pm
potter. >> the relationship was very warm and when we walked away it was a very friendly walk. i will let the ankle biters bite our ankle. >> a lady came in and give us -- i didn't know what i was going to do. >> politics stops at the water's edge. >> governor newsom declared a state of emergency. >> the ref made a bad call. >> opposition party is swelling and flailing. >> i'm not going to keep my mouth shut. >> having a nice private dinner. >> a lot has happened in a week. that's it for "special report" for tonight. i'm shannon bream in washington. please join me at 11:00 tonight at fox news tonight. talk to reporters who worked on exclusive story about proposed book proposal that michael was shopping around before the raid before his arrest and eventual plea
3:46 pm
deal. it was glowing. this reporter has seen it they will tell us what it said. that's at 11:00 tonight. in the meantime "the story" hosted by martha mccallum in new york starts right now. martha? >> martha: thank you, shannon. >> so tonight in a story exclusive matt gaetz exclusive interview since the tweet that set off a firestorm ahead of the michael cohen hearing. here is the tweet led to an investigation by the florida bar association and may lead to a house ethics inquiry as well. hey, michael cohen do your wife and father-in-law know about your girlfriend? maybe tonight would be a good time for a chat. i wonder if she will remain faithful you're in prison? she's about to learn a lot. here on the story the house overcheat chair said this about gates' tweet about cohen when asked if that was a mistake. >> it's mores than an error, it's indefensible. it's not persuasive.
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