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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 1, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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he'll be in this chair on monday. can't miss another episode of hannity. he does give the very best day-to-day coverage of what's happening in washington, d.c. thanks for watching. "the ingraham angle" is up next. * *-*>> laura: remember steen, a conservative volunteer being beaten by a thug on berkeley's campus? after weeks of basic silence charges have now been brought. the victim is here exclusively in a moment to tell us the next step. plus, it was a call to arms to get what might be the coming onslaught of socialism. and it rocked cpac. chief white house economic adviser -- larry kudlow will be here layer in the hour. two others are here to highlight the worst in media this week and there is a lot of worst. and ramon arroyo joins us,
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including a hollywood a lister schooling us on government, and a big question, is it time for men to start chest feeding their newborns? we'll explain. but first, the rise of socialism is trump's game. that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> things are cooking in america's socialist kitchen. the democratic primary season is almost a year away but bernie sanders is already slated to nav now coveted endorsement of democratic socialists of america and yesterday, self-proclaimed socialist alexandria ocas ocasio-cortez read her party the riot act. she said either hop aboard or get squished on the tracks. >> she did stand up and argued to those moderates who broke
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ranks and voted with republicans yesterday. look, you can't do this, and they are essentially -- there would be some sort of track keeping, that their votes will be known. >> laura: while others have laughed, i think they are the legitimate thought leaders of the democratic party. think about. this nancy pelosi has been in congress for 31 years. and has 2.3 million twitter followers. ocasio-cortez has been in congress for two months and has 3.3 million followers. so the new socio-ist may be an experience but they are bold, they are energetic, and they are determined to shake up their establishment. now, i take them at their word. they want a complete transformation of american society that will require massive wealth confiscation, government takeover of certain industries, and an overthrow of the free market. it is bizarre, though, isn't it?
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that this is the democrat's answer to trump's extraordinary economic record. he's presiding over the strongest economy in the world. and the timing of the socialist embrace is even more bizarre given the fact that the same philosophy is in its death throes around the world. europe's socialist parties have already caved in or on life support. the most socialest ideas are also i am peril. in 2017 we saw a near devastating socialist wipeout of the socialist party in france and now macron's people are rocking france every weekend. we saw crushing defeats in germany and in they are lands. italy, the door was open to two populist parties. in 2018, prime minister merkel, who made now highly unpopular time.ion to resettle millions of
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u., was embarrassed when her social democrats lost more seats. in sweden, the refugee issue dominates politics and its social democrat-led government lost support leading to a hodgepodge there and a weakened coalition. in the uk, the labour party is in a shambles, even as the torres have mishandled brexit. in brazil the workers party lost the presidential election to a right wing populist. in venezuela, of course, that's a complete disaster on the verge of collapse. presumably, aoc and sanders are aware of these developments. so is their argument going to be, oh, don't worry, trust us, because all of those countries got socialism wrong. but we'll get socialism right. president trump has a phenomenal opportunity to continue the conversation he started about
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socialism at the state of the union. and as larry kudlow said at cpac yesterday -- >> join us to put socialism on trial and then convict it. >> laura: by the way, larry will be with us later in the hour. you don't want to miss his appearance, but conservatives, republicans, and president trump, there is nothing to panic about. this is a moment, we should relish this moment. they should spend the time to listen to and speak with young people, latinos, african-americans, whom the left is targeting. because under socialist policies, they will be the ones who will be hurt most. and aoc enslave, they will just move on to their next con job. and that's the angle. joining me now with reaction, senior fellow from the hoover institution, victor, it is amazing when you do a real
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cataloging of leftist movements, more socialist friendly movements or the socialism period in europe and around the world. it's basically in a whiteout phase and that's the go-to for aoc and, of course, old bernie sanders. >> yeah, i think part of it is true of all of these movements throughout history, french revolution, cultural revolution under mao, cuban evolution, it's a ideology that involves all of your persona, all the time, 24-7. joyless without mirth. what happened is yesterday's radical becomes a conservative today, as each iteration gets more radical. now, she has the green deal. now she says she's the boss. then next she says she's going to keep a list of people. she reminds me of napoleon, the pig, in george orwell's animal
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farm that keeps eliminating all the opposition until he's walking on two legs. part of it is, it's an irony that the united states has been so successful, it pulls up the entire world economy. it runs these huge trade deficits, it polices the world order. its military keeps the peace and it allows these other countries to experiment with socialism. otherwise, they wouldn't have the capital or the ability and here at home it's the same with this really robust economy. when you're hitting 3% gdp and you've got low unemployment and you've got low interest -- and a high stock market, then all of these people come out of the woodwork and say i would like to be a social it but if gas was $10 like it was in france aoc would not be talking about a green deal. she would be talking about fracking. the success is what's creating them. >> laura: i want to play something that bernie sanders said about the nomenclature. let's watch. >> i never use the word left but the issues that we talk about,
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is it left to say that in this country, we should have a minimum wage that's a living wage? is it left to say that everybody should have healthcare as a right? is it left to say that we have to address the crisis of climate change? >> laura: when you do this you're really smart, by the way. again, it's all wrapped in this morality play, is it not? victor, even though this economy is a broad-based recovery, especially blue collar workers finally getting their wages going up. le finally having more opportunities, frankly because of trump's policies. >> the minimum wage is irrelevant now because people can't find workers and they are driving wages up as it should be in a competitive economy that works. but bernie sanders sort of like a court jesture, because his wife has done well, he's done well and it's the same with all of these candidates.
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they all say they are socialists, but they are sort of like the court jesture. they make front of capitalism when they understand, if you have a malibu estate or if you're an endowed professor you live in a pretty good neighborhood. that's how it works but the only difference now is apparently a lot of people take this seriously because on our side, laura, we've been so successful and created the greatest level of affluence and prosperity in history, we didn't take the time to explain how it all happened. >> lazy in educating. >> and we haven't stood up to them either. >> laura: victor, i want to ask you -- yeah, challenge them, put them on trial, as larry kudlow said, i completely agree with you, we'll get into that a little later on. how this can expand, this movement can expand, certainly not contract. as you know, victor, democracy die in the darkness. or at least -- at 5:15 p.m. on friday, that's when they posted
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an editor's note to its initial coverage of the covington kids debacle from february. now the student at the center of the controversy is suing the post, as you know, for $250 million. tonight, the post is saying, "subsequent reporting, a student statement, an additional video allowed for a more complete assessment of what occurred. either contributing or failing to confirm accounts provided in that story." that's a weak editor's note. the attorney responded simply, too little too late. victor, do you agree? >> yeah. i think i do. it shows you the value of deterrence. if somebody had done that in the zimmerman trial when they photo shopped his pictures or edited the 9/11 tape or the duke-lacrosse or kavanaugh matter or the jesse small, if there had been consequences for making things up, we would see this type of reaction but i get the threat of losing $250 million deters them now, suddenly post fact toe but that's what you need.
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you have to have consequences for lying, fantasies and fabrication. >> take them to court and mctak them pay. >> laura: tonight there is an arrest in the brutal attack on a conservative volunteer on the campus of uc berkeley. williams went to recruit conservative students and this was the response. >> well, it took police 10 days to arrest this man who is clearly identifiable to anyone who knows him. 28-year-old zachary greenberg faces assault and battery charges. here now for an ingram angle exclusive is the victim. williams and his attorney. hayden, how are you doing? >> i've been better but i'm recovering all right. >> laura: you can look at me. that's all right. we appreciate you joining us, bit way. i'm hearing that punch to the face. anyone who has been punched in the face, whether you're a little kid or an adult, it hurts. why did it take so long to find
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this guy? >> i think due process was being followed, which i appreciate that as a constitutional conservative myself. but, you know, i'm grateful that the police did their job and found this guy. but i remain disappointed with uc berkeley and the fact that they allowed such a culture of intolerance and violence toward conservative viewpoints to grow at be,al -- really and even thr. >> laura: you represented a lot of people who have been treated terribly just for their viewpoint. >> exactly. >> laura: what's the next step here? >> the next step, now that he's been arrested, these facts and the investigation get turned over to the prosecutor's office in alameda county and they will decide what charges to bring. we've been told and the bill is set for one count of a felony assault with great bodily harm. as you can see, hayden still has a bruise on his face two weeks after the fact. in instances of bodily harm on
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campus these incidents have been pled out and the charges dismissed with miss demeanme -- and no time is served. >> laura: are you going to file a civil suit? >> we don't want to get in the way of the criminal that's number one. number two, he appears to be somebody that has a history at uc berkeley, worked on the campus and also audited classes there, and as hayden said, it's common for these antifa guys to go around and menace people. undergrads have experienced this many times. >> laura: hayden, is this going to stop you from being involved in conservative politics? >> no, it only serves tomorrow boldin me an reinforce -- only serves to embolden me and reinforce my beliefs that it's
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more important than ever. >> get hit in the face, a bad deal. >> he was twice the side of hayden. >> laura: like a little roundhouse kick to the side of the head. >> laura: but it's meant to intimidate. this is meant to tell any conservative across the country, don't try this again because what happened to this young man will happen to you. imagine if it's a young woman who wanted to be on campus. >> that's right. >> laura: thank you for being here, we really appreciate it and i'm glad you're okay. >> thanks for having me. >> laura: thanks for relating him. coming up, worst media offenders of the week, the ingram angle has its eyes on you, plus the national economic council director larry kudlow wants socialism to be put on trial. he joins us later in the hour to start. [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
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democrats so casually throw around charges of racism. >> i don't really think that the president sees black people as fully human. i don't think he sees us as having agency, intelligence, as noted by his comment about spike, he wishes he could read this, there is always some subtle suggestion that black people need to catch up. >> laura: then the godfather of anti-racism, of course, had to put his two cents in, al sharpton today. >> spike lee makes an acceptance speech at the oscars and says do the right thing in 2020 and the president says, he's talking race. he's a racist. he didn't even mention race. he didn't even mention race. they are obsessed with race because that's who they are. >> laura: tammy, does sharpton have any, any credibility in talking about someone being too obsessed with race? >> obviously, these man effectively who created this framework of using it really as
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a weapon but what's fascinating, we did see an example of racism, i think, and no one is calling this out, when the representative called lynn patton at the cohen hearing a prop. that was the removal of her humanity. not just agency, and it tends to be used against women of color, this nature of women being something other than human, a little less than human, and that was in front of the world. so this is an extraordinary dynamic. it's also projection, considering the fact that there has been one president who has done extraordinary work for all communities of color as he lifts up this economy. that's on the record. of course, it's a baseless framework. i don't think al sharpton can claim that. >> al sharpton who i have on tape published years ago, where he's calling a politician, can't say the word, the n word, this, that, and the other thing and he's using this in public. >> what politician? >> it was david benkins.
11:21 pm
he thought he was the only blank-blank in new york. it's just appalling stuff. he does this all of the time. it's anti-semitic, with all sorts of things, telling jews to put on their yarmulke and come to his house. >> laura: i'm glad he lost a lot of weight but other than that -- >> it denigrates everyone. >> laura: listen to what the president is getting ready to do. >> it's easy to forget, if impeachment starts to happen, even if he loses an election, whatever move you think this guy is capable of doing to create a civil war, i'm not speaking hyperbole. >> laura: civil war, jeff. >> they thought if donald trump lost the election he was going to do all sorts of things. they lost the election and have
11:22 pm
invented this whole trump-russia collusion and there is a civil war because of that and it's the fault of the american left. this is who they are and it's part and parcel of everything you've been talking about for the last few days. >> laura: they are deeply unhappy people. for all the people with all the money, they are unhappy. go to cpac, having a great time, this is like the best the economy has been in decades. this is like, you know, kick up your heels. these are the good ole days. >> they are miserable but this is what the left always does as well. they rely on -- divisions, it's the only thing that guarantees them votes is to make people afraid and it's effectively a cold war at this point turning hot when you're dealing with hate crimes, et cetera but the american people recognize this and the president is remaining steady and that's helpful. >> laura: when he doesn't get his own way, acosta embarrasses himself as he did yesterday whining because president trump didn't call on him during the
11:23 pm
press conference in hanoi, vietnam. and he, again, took a swipe at trump's reality tv past. >> the president steered clear of, largely during this news conference, of the white house press corps and was instead selecting journalists at random from the other side of the room. calling on reporters from russian state media, chinese state media, he didn't want to really answer the questions about michael cohen. the president staked a lot of his presidency on something that's just much more difficult than reality tv. this is not something that can be wrapped up in a season of "apprentice." >> laura: that's like 20 seconds too long from him. but, look, he's upset, the president did call on, i believe, npr, "washington post," but just didn't call on him. >> right. the thing that got me last night, laura, you mentioned this, you ran through by name the media outlets that were called on by the president. and yet he goes after you, as if you never said it. i'm thinking to myself as i see
11:24 pm
this, jim, go to the videotape, please, pay attention. >> laura: i'm not an impartial journal it. i'm an analysis, a commentator, a host. he's actually posing as a journalist and he despises this president. make he could do some good reporting. he has no sense of humor and most people in the press corps don't like him as far as i can tell. >> it's ultimate framework of presenting something that's fake and pretending that it real. but no one, nobody went to hanoi to answer questions about the circus of michael cohen. that's not why they were there and i'm glad the president stuck to his guns on that. >> laura: what does the senate really think of him? >> they like him. i liked him when i was this, but i just have to say, truly, i think -- >> laura: he's become more self obsessed, hasn't he? i don't know what's going on. >> it seems like trump derangement syndrome has just overwhelmed the place and it's too bad because there are a lot of serious good journalists
11:25 pm
there. >> a lot of attention makes people lose their minds. >> laura: phenomenal, in the media week, the worst of the media, guys, thanks so much. and reporters attacked on live tv. we've got a lot coming up. wild, wild friday follies and layer kudlow coming up. narrator: there are amazing things to discover in the forest. hiccup: toothless, time to go. whatcha picking up on, bud? narrator: it's a whole hidden world of wonders and the perfect place to spend time with family.
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>> laura: well, it's >> laura: it's friday and that means it's time for -- friday follies. tonight's theme interrupting business as usual. joining us now with all the details, raymond arroyo, fox news contributor, best-selling author of the brand-new phenomenal book, raymond, all right, there are a few high-profile of examples of reporters getting more than they bargained for in the field so what happened? >> there are a couple of these examples. at the canadian broadcasting corporation, reporter chris grover was live at a toronto comedy club this week when
11:30 pm
behind him actor boyd banks approached and -- watch. >> they are hoping that this town hall will stop this transition from happening but things are getting a little awkward so i'm going to pass it back to you. >> what a jerk. >> he nibbled on his ear, he's now come out with a statement -- >> laura: can't you immediately defend yourself? >> i would think you could punch him in the mouth. he says he needs treatment for his mental health issues. now this happens far more frequently than people are aware. a reporter, he filed a police report, and banks, the actor with the active tongue, he claims that he's guilty for everything and, like small let, he has mental health issues. that's the convenient go to. >> laura: basic issues. >> it will keep -- over at cbs this week, posted outside the
11:31 pm
cohen hearing room, an unaware young man didn't know he was live on tv. >> participate actually winning the job, and you can sit there and say, yeah, but this is an uncredible witness because he had said one thing just a few months ago. >> laura: i could hear -- >> oh, my gosh. >> laura: i can hear a friend of mine saying americans eat in public like this. >> awful. laura, sadly, too many people think that reporters are their play things because they see them on tv so they engage, either relax around them or they think they can do these silly things where they touch them or hit them or punch him. my all time hero when it comes to hazing in the field and dealing with these hazers is our own mike tobin. note the smooth technique. >> 10 seconds later, the second explosion goes off according to the f.b.i. at the location where he dropped -- please don't do that -- where he dropped his
11:32 pm
knapsack. >> i love the double hand -- please don't do that without missing a beat and he goes right on. >> laura: he's strong, but anyone comes up to you -- >> if they touch you, once they touch you -- >> laura: no, no. >> academy award winner jennifer lawrence stars in a movie unbreaking for america. suppose to acquaint the audience with the corruption in the government and what they can do about it. >> how do we unrig the system? i'm obsessed with this idea. >> you can see here, nearly half of american voters are registered independents, and there is gerrymandering, with politicians drawing their own boundaries into crazy shape and it ends with a vast influence over our elected leaders. we people have mere zero
11:33 pm
influence over our own government and that is sad. that is not the country i feel like i grew up in. >> what country do you think you grew up in. >> laura: she's only 28 years old. i mean, watergate was in the 1970s. >> here's what she's advocating, a bill, an anti-corruption bill and it's pretty radical. this group represent u.s., represent us, wants to ban from accepting lobbyist money. automatic voter registration, at home voting, and they would like to overthrow the electoral college. >> laura: of course. >> this ending corruption act is actually in itself an act of corruption. >> laura: she says there is a silver lining. >> it morse to me like an american hustle. >> laura: a game of thrones. >> hunger games. >> laura: whatever. in the uk there is a young woman who is trying to shake parenting
11:34 pm
up with her new chest feeding kit. so men can breast feed their offspring. >> the tissue is actually there. it's just dormant. six weeks before the birth, they start taking a drug. i designed this first as a tool. i was looking at post natal depression. it occurs in men and the main cause of that is the feeling of being left out. >> laura, the kit comes with a breast pump for men and a compression shirt, actually a bra for the guys, because there are two rounds of drugs needed to induce, they think -- >> laura: lactose. >> here's the problem, the man has, b-cup breasts that he can achieve using this protocol. what man wants to have that so he'll run around in a compression shirt with b cup breasts and express milk, i'll sorry -- >> laura: very intolerant. >> they claim men fit out of the
11:35 pm
parenting process. bathe your child, read to your child, walk with your child, you're a parent, you do not need to take the mother's prerogative here. give me a break. this is -- >> laura: by the way -- >> i was offended by this story. >> laura: di this in 2005 or 2006 on my radio show. >> but yours is about men who spontaneously lactated. >> laura: that's a whole different segment, next week. men have wet shirts. they are telling me i've got to get out of this segment. it was a speech that sent shock waves through the entire 2020 democrat field. up next, president trump's chief economic adviser larry kudlow joins me to expound on his anti-powerful denunciations. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy
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>> i ask you to join president trump and me and the rest, to put socialism on trial. and convict it. >> wealthy success, people don't pay their fair share, i'm hearing that again. i thought i put that to bed 30 years ago. >> laura: yes. it's like freddie kruger, it just keeps coming back. with that message trump's economic adviser larry kudlow not only brought the house down at cpac but he sent a warning shot to the 2020 democrats. capitalism, free market or die.
11:40 pm
mock as you may but a new poll find that is nearly 2/3 of registered voters believe that the democratic party supports socialism and that the party is giving americans good reason to feel that way. here now to expand on that, larry kudlow himself. nice job. >> thank you. appreciate it very much. >> laura: you worked for reagan. >> yes. >> laura: i worked for reagan right out of college, and i can't believe this is how the democrats are answering, this booming economy, with, let's do socialism. why do they do this? why is this the path they are taking? >> they have been moving left. it's an odd story. i agree with you. you think they might learn from our success. i was watching a very dear friend, austin, who is an obama economist, a smart guy and he's even defending this stuff. it wrong. it's funny, at the very moment, when things are turning up, the last couple of years, and the new set of policies of tax cuts
11:41 pm
and deregulation and opening up energy, and we're getting 3% growth, and blue collar workers are flourishing for the first time in 20 years, and men and women are buying small businesses again, they come along with this. so it's an act of desperation. it's not going to work, but my message to cpac is a simple one. we have to put socialism on trial. we have to challenge it, rebut it, we have to put pencil to paper to show what it will do to the economy. we have to deal with the moral dimensions of it, and then we must convict socialism. and we should not wait. do not let this fester. let's get going right now, and let's do it in a way that's serious. this is a teachable moment, in my opinion, and some of the polls show that people much prefer capitalism to socialism, but that's our task ahead. it's not just about this election. it's about the whole future of the country. >> laura: i want to get into what i think president trump
11:42 pm
could do from now through the 2020 election, to try to convince people who might not know about all the wonders of capitalism, about why they are going down the wrong path. i want to talk about that in a moment but i want to share something with one of your dear friends, paul kruger man said, nobel prize winning economist, and the economist to the elites on the left, and he's talking about the recent surge in socialism. he said a significant number of voters including a majority of voters under 30, say they approve of socialism. what they want is what the rest of the world calls social democracy. a market economy but with extreme hardship limited by a strong social safety net and extreme inequality limited by progressive taxation. they want us to look like denmark, or norway, not venezuela. >> yes. >> laura: do you care to take that on? >> i heard this in the campaign from senator sanders a couple of years ago. >> laura: he's saying it again.
11:43 pm
>> if you go back and look, denmark, norway, sweden, holland, have all pulled back from this great social democracy. they talk about because they weren't growing and unemployment was high. so they cut back on regulations, they lowered their corporate taxes, they lowered their income tabses, they are now growing. the countries that used to be behind the iron curtain, let's take poland as a perfect example, baltics as a perfect example, they are running free market capitalist economies, on the other side, cuba, venezuela, iran, they are using the old soviet style model. now, i'm not suggesting that any of these democrats are going back or want to consciously go back to the soviet union. that's not my point. my point is, however, when you start talking about essentially planned and essentially controlled state-owned businesses. state-owned enterprises. >> when you start going down
11:44 pm
that road, let me -- can i just get my little trump quote in here because he did this in the state of the union, socialism promises prosperity but it delivers poverty. that's the state running it. >> laura: it's wealth and equality. it's income equality. it's lifestyle inequality and it's being packaged in this beautiful, beautiful presentation of fairness, larry. it's going to be back to the why sit fair that steve schwartzman is making $598 million, with blackstone this year. it goes back to that and colleges, as you and i know, they have been spoon fed this dribble about social democracy and even though, they are being wiped out across europe -- >> 40% of the taxpayers, 10%, top 10% pay 70%, okay, the bottom 50% of taxpayers don't pay any taxes. three or 4%. now, when you live in a
11:45 pm
prosperous time, those arguments will fail, because again, socialism and big state government run is a poverty trap but we have to make that case. we have to say, look, you want this green new deal? that means you can't travel. can't get in a car. can't get in an airplane. >> laura: storytelling is always problematic for people normally comfortable with charts and decimal points and numbers. storytelling. >> you run a family farm, you won't be able to run the family farm because of overregulations. >> laura: hold that thought. you're sticking around for another segment. never happens, he's here. when we return, i'll going to unveil my proposal for what the administration can do ahead of the 2020 election. what is knit stay there. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago.
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>> the truth >> the truth is, the state of the trump economy is failing america's middle class. >> when you hear the stock market's doing great, wall street's fine, main street not so much, that's a very select group who are benefitting. >> despite what president trump says, this is not a hot economy. >> laura: back with me, white house economic advisor larry kudlow. larry, this is like candy to a
11:50 pm
baby. this is so easy, but go ahead, larry. >> we just scored 3.1% growth. that is the best performance in 13, 15 years. on the issue of the rich and so forth, this is a blue-collar recovery. actually, my pal heather long, a great reporter, she absolutely did it. this is a blue-collar recovery. it's the best job performance in the blue collars. their wages are rising faster than white-collar wages. do not tell me this is just a rich person's economy. it is absolutely not. this is what we saw with reagan and it continued in the '90s more or less but we haven't seen it in 20 years. >> laura: people are now getting their boats completely refitted ten years ago it was too
11:51 pm
expensive. this guy said, it trickles down to me. >> people who have been out of the labor force are coming back. >> laura: they're selling snake oil. i'm going to be honest. it's a lie. what they're saying is a lie. and let's go to the point. i want to get to krugman. paul on november 9th, 2016, president wins the election, historic, and he predicts a global recession. fast forward two weeks ago, he's the same thing, over the next two years that we're going to deal with a recession. it is doom and gloom. we're the happy party now. we're like, we can do anything. they are the doom and gloomers, period. >> growth and prosperity and jobs bring happiness.
11:52 pm
it's not a small part. i think the democrats are making a political mistake. they're dealing with an environment of recession. we're now moving into a new environment of prosperity. look, this debate, socialism, capitalism, this is freedom and opportunity versus statism regulation and control. governments don't pretty anything. governments should be there as a safety net for the poor. let me make this point. governments don't produce. what trump has done, he has ended the war on success, he has ended the war on businesses. he has restored incentives. so, you work the extra hour, you make the extra investment. >> laura: you get to keep it. we still have a problem. my idea is that the president and a couple of friends of mine were thinking about this. the president gives a series of historic speeches on the tenet of this pro-growth economic
11:53 pm
revival miracle conservatism in action for all those young people not getting that education. colleges and universities are antagonistic towards it. >> this is a teachable moment. i love that because i think it needs to be done seriously. >> laura: and not as a rally. as a serious, serious talk. >> if you're in your 20's and you're not a socialist, you have no heart. if you're in your 30's and you have no capitalist, you have no mind. these kids are moving into the workforce. they're not working and they will learn about incentives and reward and opportunity and freedom. >> laura: they need to learn it by 2020. >> you're right. the results will show. but i don't want to make it just about a political election. >> laura: it's about the country. this is about what's good for the country. freedom and prosperity versus control and picking your pocket to give money to others.
11:54 pm
>> life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. that's where we need to go. we have that freedom and we must keep it, and america will remain great. >> laura: who said you don't work late, larry kudlow? thank you for joining us. we'll be back with tonight's twitter smackdown. somehow raymond arroyo is involved? ..
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
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11:58 pm
>> laura: it's t >>im time for tonight's twitter smack down. i have to say this. in october raymond the friday folly statement talking about the brett kavanaugh admission he likes beer and tied it into a study on injury inducing selfys where people are the edge of a different all over. here's how the segment ended. >> reporter: to bring it all
11:59 pm
together, take a selfy and i will take the selfy. >> smile. do we have it? >> the aclu used to care about the rights of accused. he wasn't hurt. it was a thing called a joke. imagine my surprise to see this tweet from john. every time i think of laura i think the guy who fell off his chair with a beer and she went straight into the next story thinking i am heartless. you can't make this up. liberals used to be fun. now they are all tied up by their speech police, thought police. it's called humor. that is all the time we have
12:00 am
tonight. still funny. >> don't come near me. shannon: let's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream. take it from here. shannon: of fox news alert, breaking late tonight, democrats go public vowing to take all steps necessary to seize donald trump's tax returns in a multi-committee investigation. an exclusive report from the editor of the website, the book proposal michael cohen had last year. what is in it? reported to be in direct contradiction to his testimony on capitol hill. we have the scoop. the president said he was misinterpreted regarding his comments about an american student who died in north korean captivity, his family speaking out. mo


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