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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 2, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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tonight. still funny. >> don't come near me. shannon: let's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream. take it from here. shannon: of fox news alert, breaking late tonight, democrats go public vowing to take all steps necessary to seize donald trump's tax returns in a multi-committee investigation. an exclusive report from the editor of the website, the book proposal michael cohen had last year. what is in it? reported to be in direct contradiction to his testimony on capitol hill. we have the scoop. the president said he was misinterpreted regarding his comments about an american student who died in north korean captivity, his family speaking out. democrats no longer hiding their
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plan, announcing publicly no matter what the mueller investigation concludes they are preparing to take all necessary steps to get donald trump's tax returns from the irs. >> democrats are not fooling around, they want donald trump's tax returns, they want them as soon as possible. we are learning they will sue to get those returns if necessary. mike emanuel reporting the official request for years of the president's tax returns will go to the irs in the next few weeks. we are also learning the ways and means committee chairman richard nielsen of massachusetts reached out to several house committees that are in charge of the investigation. in a statement of fox news a spokeswoman for nancy pelosi wrote, quote, every day the american people in congress learn more about donald trump's improprieties from conflicts of interest influence peddling,
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potential tax evasion and violations of the constitution, all roads leading back to donald trump's finances. the president's tax returns took center stage many times during the 2016 campaign before trump got into office. a big reason michael cohen, his testimony on camera to congress this week, trump deflated the value of properties to lower his tax bill claiming the president call the irs stupid for giving him a $10 million tax refund and it doesn't end was just taxes. ask use is important democrats plan to call trump associates and family members to testify and they may issue subpoenas if necessary. some of those who may be cost before congress, alan weisberg, longtime friend of the president, a russian michael cohen claims worked with on the
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trump tower moscow project, the president's daughter, her husband, jared cushion and her brother donald trump junior regarding the trump tower moscow project. we reached out to the white house for comment, the president did tweet earlier today members of congress should not go after his business dealings and should not listen to michael cohen. speaking of cohen, gerry connolly told the washington post:quote, set a rich table, he says we are now looking at a 10 course meal, much more to come. shannon: they say investigations are only beginning. joining us, the power panel. kevin chaffetz's editor-in-chief and kelsey boller from the heritage foundation. a little more from the spokesperson for nancy pelosi saying this, the impropriety, lack of transparency, they give the house reasons to investigate accidents, will take all necessary steps including litigation if necessary to
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obtain them. sounds like they are ready to rumble. >> this is something that should have been done as soon as trump was sworn in honestly. there was reason to question his financial dealings, some of his contacts with russia and some other improprieties, nancy pelosi's spokesperson waited out perfectly. i think the democrats are doing what they are supposed to do. congress members took an oath to the american people not just to the president and when the gop had control of the house they didn't look into this stuff, they sat on their hands, cohen's testimony regardless whether he is 100% credible certainly raises a lot of questions that need to be looked into and all of us to expect the congress oversight committee and judiciary committee and intelligence committees need to look into it because it is very serious. >> several of them will going for tax returns. under law, the chairman of the
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house ways and means committee can put a request to the irs but then it looks like steve mnuchin is going to be the one who makes the final determine on the tax returns being released. charlie kirk tweeting i believe we should have an investigation into every multimillionaire in congress who has accumulated that will follow congressional salary using our tax dollars. >> it is interesting to see. i feel like i'm reading headlines from 2016. it would have been great if during the republican primaries donald trump had released his tax returns but he didn't, republican voters didn't really care, the american people elected him president. not sure what democrats think they are doing, just a fishing expedition and hopefully find something that embarrasses him further, i think they're wasting the time. what they might want to do politically is focused on 2020 rather than trying to relocate 2016.
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shannon: much of this will run into 2020, can't imagine these being wrapped up in the next few months. >> the political risk for democrats is they keep making these grand promises about trump russia collusion and now tax fraud and two years into the administration and they've come up with nothing so i think this is another fishing expectation, another witchhunt and most americans would like to see democrats focus on legislating, not investigating. shannon: this is the talk about within the democratic party there is a split, nancy pelosi has said behind closed doors, we are a team or not and have to make that decision, people are not sticking together. alexandria ocasio cortez saying there is a list and she's keeping watch and there will be primaries. what do you make of that?
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>> the only reason the democrats have the house is because they ran very moderate candidates with a moderate message in red states and purple leaning districts, we know what happened coast to coast. and now far left progressive agenda. if that happens i think nancy pelosi is going to lose her gavel the next election. different districts need different representation and aoc doesn't realize that. >> the washington post went up that alley and the headline is nancy pelosi hasn't learned her lesson from 2010 and they talk about how her in 2009 they had great majority sent getting things done and there is this cap and trade and all kinds of things. they say this time around 29 house democrats will districts that trump won. others hold seats that had long been republicans but swung to hillary clinton in 2016. members recognize their voters and are different and don't want all of the progressive agenda forced down their throat. >> i hear that narrative being
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pushed that alexandria ocasio cortez and other members of democrats are pushing things americans don't want but that's not true. most americans support things like universal background checks for gun purchases, most americans slightly over half say they support some form of medicare for all. >> nonce once they find out taxes will go up or there will be a delay in getting tests and treatments. when people are really told about what it would mean in reality most americans don't support abolishing ice and other things that are on this list. in these districts there is real worries, the swing districts that democrats are trying to hold onto those seats will have a hard time convincing people who can go either way that are not far left or far right. >> that is true, and representative ocasio cortez is trying to light a fire under
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members of her caucus. cheese already assuming such a strong leadership position and a lot of the things she's pushing there is an appetite for. >> there are some in leadership who are worried how far she's pushing to the left and her challenge to them as well. i want to read a little something from a piece, they say ocasio cortez's vowed to be the backdrop against the democrats who are too moderate for her comes out as bold present socialist practices made new again like stalin's henchmen, she will primary them out of office but after that the real socialism begins. >> so much hypocrisy going on with alexandria ocasio cortez. when she wents to book party leadership to put forth the green new deal she is allowed to do that. she is considered a hero for doing that and many members of the press consider her a hero and yet when moderate democrats want to vote for a measure as
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logical as requiring illegal immigrants who intend to purchase a firearm to be reported to ice she has a problem with 26 democrats who voted in favor of that. the whole situation shows how far left the democrat party has turned on her behalf. shannon: they want to keep everybody on the same message as both sides often try to do. have a great weekend. following congressional testimony michael cohen is facing a criminal referral for reportedly relying under oath. republican jim jordan at mark meadows alleged:made numerous false statements, cohen's personal attorney is pushing back on that assertion. lanny davis says early on michael cohen speculated about a position in the white house but after consulting with family and friends decided he preferred to stay-at-home in new york city as personal attorney to the president.
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the president is tackling the cohen story on twitter tweeting michael cohen was pitching a book that would have heaped praise on the president before the fbi raided his office last april. and he committed perjury in his congressional testimony this week. what do we know about this alleged book proposal? let's go to the source, i understand is you have been reporting on this you've had a look at the book proposal. what can you tell us about what it says? >> it was universally and incredibly positive about donald trump. this was a few weeks before the fbi seized his computer but at that time he was prepared to write a book and present it to the public that was just glowing, a gush first about donald trump and editors who met with him told us he had nothing but positive things to say.
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they make everything he wanted to say about trump was positive, that from one executive who discussed this deal with:. even our meeting he was glowing with praise for the president. we are told he was shopping around the proposal after a number of potential publishers, one of them was offering him 7 $50,000, the deal fell apart when he got into legal trouble. >> he was offered $750,000 advance to the book project, the book never happened but what is interesting is fast forward to this past wednesday, michael cohen -- the time special counsel is saying we want to cooperate, what he was charged with could have landed him in prison for 10 or 20 years if they had a really aggressive prosecutors of the president's point that he's lying to lower his jail sentence might hold water but more importantly i think he has good ammunition. that's not why he wrote the story but has given the manumission to say michael cohen was either prepared to write a completely fraudulent memoir last year or he lied beginning
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to end wednesday. shannon: doesn't sound like it got to the level of manuscript, the president has been -- it didn't get that far. >> congress if they wanted to could subpoena the proposal. the special counsel probably already has it, the email on his computer but congress doesn't evidence democrats on the house oversight committee could get the subpoena tomorrow. i don't think they will. it would indicate:perjured himself on wednesday but republicans could force a vote to subpoena the book proposal. politically they would force democrats to go on record as supporting the subpoena. shannon: the proposal, talked about how no one understands trump like i do, it is a different world and it is part
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of the way he negotiates and moves through the world. >> i interviewed the president and his trump tower office. he does want to keep people off balance. is negotiating styles make people wonder what is this crazy guy going to do next, that is his strategy. :laid out a bunch of things, he is crazy, he is a liar, he is in over his head. so he says the president is not a liar. fast forward to wednesday he says the president is a huge liar. shannon: all the things that are the exact opposite of the proposal. interesting reporting, thank you for coming in. the parents of a college student who died after being imprisoned in north korea blame kim jong un and are challenging donald trump for believing the dictator's denial that he didn't know what was happening to the young american at the time.
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coming up a report from cpac where michelle malcolm called out republicans including john mccain, thank they've been too soft on illegal immigration. >> i'm looking at you bush family and i'm looking at you, the ghost of john mccain. mccain.
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captivity. trace is on the case. >> reporter: pulling up past transcripts from state-run television which is run by the kim regime indicating kim jong un new every detail about kim jong un's imprisonment and during the 2018 state of the union address donald trump invited otto warmbier's family and blamed the north korean regime for his torture and death. after this we summit in vietnam the president said this about kim. >> i don't believe he would have allowed that to happen. it wasn't to his advantage to allow that to happen. those prisons are rough places and bad things happen but i don't believe he -- i don't believe he knew about it. >> reporter: that set off a foot of negative reaction of most important from otto warmbier's family who wrote we have been
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respectful, now we must speak out. kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son. kim and his evil regime are responsible for unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity. no excuses or lavish praise can change that. gop lawmakers called out the president including rob portman of otto warmbier's home state of ohio who said we must remember otto warmbier and never let north korea off the hook for what they did to him. the white house tried to walk back the president's comments and the president tweeted i never like being misinterpreted but especially when it comes to otto warmbier and his great family. i got him out along with three others. the previous administration did nothing and he was taken on their watch. of course i hold north korea responsible. the us military will announce the annual joint military exercises, with south korea every spring, will no longer be held. the reason, the cost of wargames
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keeps going up as the threat level from north korea is going down. officials say canceling the drills has nothing to do with this week at summit. >> let's bring in gordon chang, great to have you with us tonight. i want to start with you on the us no longer having large military exercises. what do you think of the explanation and is a good idea? >> we have to continue large-scale exercises. at this moment the north koreans are participating in their massive winter training cycle and they are preparing for an invasion of south korea. these exercises and this month, the ground conditions for an invasion of south korea are at their best for the north koreans. we have to continue large-scale exercises to maintain readiness and when readiness arose as it has been for the past year because we haven't been doing the big exercises nothing good
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ever happens. >> they say this was already planned, has nothing to do with conversations they just had during the summit in vietnam. with getting a lot of attention is the president's decision to walk away without a deal. going into it most of the criticism was he would agree to something and it would be terrible and bad for the us but when he walked away he did get some bipartisan support for doing that with some caveats. here is joe biden. >> the president did the right thing. he did the right thing by walking away. diplomacy matters. preparation matters. the president treat everything like a real estate deal. shannon: praise for the decision to walk away but criticism about the way the president is handling it. >> absolutely and i think the problem is the president has to make up for decades of failed
12:24 am
foreign policy and north korea, policy designed to score political points and claim false victories more than doing anything meaningful and right now the president has to navigate a very serious and dangerous relationship with kim jong un. as tragic as the situation to otto warmbier what is going on is a lot larger than one individual. thousands of us military soldiers were killed by north koreans. when i think about this i think there has got to be a larger strategy we are not privy to. when the president comes out and makes these public comments as distasteful as they sound i believe they are designed in a way to further the negotiations were privately. we need to trust the president knows what he is doing in these negotiations. >> people have said regardless of the otto warmbier situation which nearly everyone agrees in the intel community agrees kim
12:25 am
jong un knew about it, it is not just here, the president is very friendly with other leaders who are less unpalatable but is part of his strategy that he's very relational. >> we've had generations of americans, presidents who tried to create good working relationships with soviet, chinese, north korean leaders and we've got to remember these regimes, friendship does not matter. they are pragmatic and although they may like a particular american president it isn't going to help us in any material respect so it is important we remember these regimes are very concerned about their human rights situations, very sensitive to criticism. this gives us a very important source of leverage and we should be using this leverage and we generally don't do it and that is our fault. shannon: the president said they want everything in exchange for something not good enough, north
12:26 am
korea said that's not true. we wanted some relief but you have other players like china and russia who are not fully enforcing the sanctions, where do we go? >> the conversations have to be continued privately. he is setting conditions for that. a lot of his could ask were trying to claim this was already a victory for the north koreans before they sat across the table from each other and the irony is we've had decades of failed foreign policy so it is a complicated situation. this is no doubt going to be the negotiation of donald trump's life but that is why we elected him, for his skills at negotiation. he understands the burden of having thousands of us troops killed, individuals like otto warmbier that have been tortured and north korean custody and he is moving forward with that in mind but there is no doubt that anything donald trump wants to
12:27 am
win at is a negotiation and he will do that to the best of his abilities. shannon: washington -- he is very unconventional, he's not a diplomat and he will do things his way. thank you very much. i school track takes center stage in new england sparking nationwide controversy because male athletes transition to female are setting records and leaving athletes born female in the dust. some are going public with their complaints. >> it is frustrating and demoralizing when you know what the outcome of the race is going to be. shannon: britt mc henry is here to weigh in next. so, we re-imagined the razor with the new gillette skinguard. it has a unique guard between the blades. that's designed to reduce irritation during the shave.
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>> shannon: tonight we shannon: tonight we export transgender athletes in high school sports, difficult balance between the rights of
12:32 am
transgender individuals complete and the rights of others to compete on equal playing field. here's jackie heinrich. >> reporter: high school runners going to to do this weekend at new england regional championships in boston, a chance to get in front of college coaches and earn a scholarship but at this connecticut junior won't be competing, she was edged out of the top 6 spots in part by two transgender runners, andrea miller, now identifying as female. terry a girl state in the record, andrea came in second. >> it is frustrating and demoralizing at the start of the race when you know what the outcome of the race is before it even happens. >> reporter: joanna harper who is a transgender runner says high school athletes like selena conveys unfair competition from trends girls. it comes down to what the trends athletes have undergone hormone therapy. >> before these athletes get on
12:33 am
hormones they have all the offended capabilities of men. >> reporter: high school athletics are not governed by single set of rules making regional competitions a gray area. connecticut is one of 18 states that allow transgender athletes to compete without restriction. 17 states review individuals case-by-case and 9 states require surgery or home on treatment. 60 have no policy at all. part of the challenges age. college students and olympians must undergo a year of hormone therapy to compete as trends athletes but most teams don't begin hormone therapy until after puberty. civil rights are also a concern. athlete ally is a nonprofit advocacy group. >> reporter: any pathway that separates or divides or segregates trends athletes into a different category is separate and not equal and not fair. >> reporter: advocates say rules
12:34 am
are one thing but a lot of high schoolers join teams to have fun in transgender teens should not be denied those positive experiences. shannon: let's take a close look at this effort to balance inclusiveness and fairness with britt mc henry. i want to play something from a couple parents, one is the parent of a transgender female to male athlete and the second you will hear from is one whose daughter lost to a trans athlete. >> my daughter is a trans female who needs to compete on girls teams to feel comfortable. she's running to be part of a team and we all understand the benefits of being part of a team at this stage, roderick, perseverance, grits, teamwork. >> set up many decades ago going back to olympics, didn't see females running against males. >> reporter: how in the world
12:35 am
especially in high school, different rules in nearly every state, how do they figure out how to handle this? >> he mentioned the olympics. that is a proposed policy right now to make it a year that athletes go through hormone replacement as opposed to the original two years. i feel for these student-athletes. i really do. i played competitive soccer throughout college. it built my work ethic, it built my desire to be on this set right now, to have that, roderick but physically there is a difference and those girls, two girls lost entrance to england regional where there were more college coaches, more scouts, because of in my opinion an unfair advantage. boys have larger lung capacity, lookup and nih, national
12:36 am
institutes of health, the muscle fibers that can only maximize to a certain extent. some of this you are just born with and the list goes on, bone density. there are physical advantages boys have and that needs to be looked at scientifically before we get into the pc culture all the time in my opinion. shannon: they said you compete by your birth gender and that failed, there was a tied vote in the senate that didn't go anywhere so that is not the rule in south dakota but the aclu director and tough dakota said no one is harmed by allowing transgender people to compete consistent with who they are. you brought up college scholarships. is that a fair statement? >> i don't think that statement is fair at all. when you are at that level. i go back to trying to get any notice from college coaches, what if you were on the sidelines, losing significant
12:37 am
time to showcase yourself at a tournament which is where the scouts go, because speed or physical advantage is given to transgender athletes or your being hurt, your chances of succeeding are diminishing and several fellow teammates of mine in the state championship teams reached out to me and said speak out about this because this would not have been fair for us and we don't want our young girls to grow up playing the sports we love and not be able to fairly compete. >> with -- states have a right to figure out their own framework so we will see as they continue in their legislators. thanks for weighing in. you have seen the brutal video of a conservative on campus taking a powerful punch to the face. we have breaking news, there has been an arrest, latebreaking
12:38 am
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>> shannon: this is a fox >> fox news alert, uc berkeley police arresting a man wanted in connection to an alleged consult on a conservative activist, you saw the punch, zachary greenberg is identified as two men who assaulted conservative activist with signs that say hate crime hoaxes for real victims in reference to the jussie smollett case and other everything this is an aga county. the district attorney's office will consider whether to file criminal charges. cpac making waves, conservatives sounding off on alexandria ocasio cortez and the left's affection for socialism. leland takes it all in for us.
12:43 am
>> reporter: mike pence preached to the converted calling socialism and by extension democrats who support it the greatest threat to american democracy and prosperity. >> america will never be a socialist country. >> reporter: the vice president used his audience to defend his weight parents taking a teaching job at a school requiring parents to sign a christian values pledge. >> it has become fashionable for media elites and hollywood liberals to mock religious belief. let me say before all of you i couldn't be more proud of my wife. >> reporter: mister pence didn't mention self-proclaimed democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez although she emerged as the new favored wheel. >> she is the gift that keeps on giving. >> we can't take her for granted, we can't think the american people understand what socialism is. i don't want to green new deal, i want a black new deal.
12:44 am
the good news is that can be free. it doesn't cost $93 trillion. >> reporter: many republicans privately worry what a publicly released report by the special counsel could mean for donald trump's reelection bid and the crowd got a preview of a new way to defend their leader. >> i want everything mueller did made public. everything mueller used for america to see. >> the day laid bare continuing division in the greater conservative movement, what it means to be a republican. >> sanctuary cities have metastasized and both parties are to blame. and i am looking at you, retired paul ryan, and i'm looking at you, mitch mcconnell and i am looking at you, bush family and i am looking at you, the ghost of john mccain. >> donald trump maintains a
12:45 am
complicated relationship with cpac. candidate trump famously skipped it. in 2017 he returned for a victory lap at the gathering though many republicans were skeptical of his young presidency. he returns tomorrow, the undisputed hero of the group. shannon: the washington post makes an admission about its coverage of the covington catholic controversy but it might not stop a major lawsuit, that tops the real news roundup. $250 million defamation lawsuit the post issuing an editor's note acknowledging later information contradict or fail to confirm accounts related initial reporting about this incident and nick sandman but sandman's attorney says the acknowledgment is too little too late. the los angeles times reporting is affirmative justice paid $1 million to settle sexual harassment and retaliation
12:46 am
claims made by kamala harris's tenure including the 6-figure settlement to special agent to claims the agency harassed and retaliated against him. harris who is a presidential contender denied knowledge of the allegations. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren confront on the campaign trail over her opposition to a bill that would provide protections to babies that survive botched abortions. >> what about babies that survive abortions? >> infanticide is illegal everywhere in america. infanticide is illegal everywhere in america. shannon: weeks after she sparked a firestorm over a tweet seemed anti-semitic minnesota congresswoman omar being rebuked by fellow democrats over new controversial comments. omar suggested pro-israel lawmakers hold, quote, allegiance to a foreign country. the chair of the house foreign
12:47 am
affairs committee, calls this an anti-semitic slur and is calling on her to apologize. guidance counselor suing her catholic school employer after learning she married a woman in violation of her contract which encourages her to follow the doctor -- the doctrine of the church including marriage. her attorney argues, you the jury, night court is next. that's actually pretty. surprised? it's called always discreet boutique. it looks and fits like my underwear. i know what you're thinking. how can something this pretty protect? hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel for incredible protection. so i feel protected and pretty. always discreet boutique. new color. new size.
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>> shannon: time now to present them to you at home, the jury, >> we pass the judgment on the stores but present them to you the jury for your consideration. on the docket tonight a case involving a catholic high school guidance counselor who signed the contract to follow catholic doctrine but was then put on leave when the school found out she married a woman. the counselor, shelley fitzgerald filed a discrimination claim and the federal lawsuit may be next. making arguments, attorney specializing in cyber security, lisa garber and we assigned you your clients tonight, thank you for being with us. i want to put exhibit a, basically what her attorney is arguing she met and exceeded job expectations, did a great job and despite that, they then
12:52 am
revealed her sexual orientation, put on leave and ostracized her. does she have a case? >> she does because title ix protects folks for sexual orientation but because of the first amendment, rights to religious freedom the catholic school can say you've got to follow our tenets. signed contract saying she would do that. according to them she didn't so in this particular case if it was my case, the catholic school wins. >> exhibit c goes to the point, the statement of the archdiocese, she signed and agreed to ministerial job description in her employment contract she live in accordance with the teachings of the catholic church, ms. fitzgerald acknowledged he breached the contract by entering into a mallet marriage that is not valid in the eyes of the catholic church so why does she have a claim as she violated her
12:53 am
contract? >> it is unfortunate we have to have a lawsuit to inform his employees to judge employees on the quality of their work and not on who they choose to marry but there is a context patchwork of state, federal and local laws, protections for the lgbt cute community and in this case this high school guidance counselor who is in a secular position is put up against title vii which in her state, in that federal circuit, she is interpreting in that law as being protected, she's being discriminated against according to title vii. additionally, because many states have looked at the religious exception, the ministerial exception as saying these entities like the church administers can hire who they want at 5 they want but in actuality unless she is teaching a bible study class or other religiously themed course, she's a secular employee and not subject to who they can shoes. >> they will argue she was in a
12:54 am
guidance counselor role, at a catholic school, they would have said maybe she's helping them through things that would involve biblical teaching or catholic doctrine as she's canceling these kids through the next phase in their life but this is what she says she was offered, marriage, re-sign, keep her job for the rest of the year, she could be terminated of things became too boisterous in the media. >> you took this out of the religious school we would all agree what should happen here but pilgrims came here for a reason, religious freedom. this catholic school wants folks to be taught a certain way, she's a guidance counselor, she signed that contract, a lot of small businesses know when they sign contracts -- that is what this case is about regardless what people's views are. religious freedom or contract. shannon: it is a private entity, religious entity. >> at the same time if you look at this religious exemption why
12:55 am
aren't they looking at people who violate other religious laws like couples to live together before getting married, couples having sex outside of marriage. they are not looking fairly at different violations of their moral tenets. >> of his goes to a federal lawsuit we will find out if they are insisting things are not otherwise, thank you for your expertise, we will do -- leave it to the jury at home to tell us what they think. we will be right back with her midnight hero, this turned into a life-and-death situation.
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♪ shannon: white breakfast at denny's turned into a moment of destiny for douglas, he saw a man pointing a gun at a young female cashier. he didn't have time to think of it. 's adrenaline took over, he tackled the government, keeping the patrons from harm. he says he was only doing what any father would do.
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you are our midnight hero. i understand they gave him a free meal, he was back later in the day and enjoyed it. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you joined us, have a great weekend. hannity right no. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity: socialism rising". i'm jason. we're going to do something no other network will do. we'll actually examine the democratic party. no more fossil fuels, no more nuclear energy, no more gas-powered


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