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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 2, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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you are our midnight hero. i understand they gave him a free meal, he was back later in the day and enjoyed it. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you joined us, have a great weekend. hannity right no. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity: socialism rising". i'm jason. we're going to do something no other network will do. we'll actually examine the democratic party. no more fossil fuels, no more nuclear energy, no more gas-powered cars, no more
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airplanes. and heaven forbid, no more cows. in the end, all democrats really want, higher taxes, more power for themselves. if they are successful, we will pay a very heavy price in this nation, not only with our wallet but also the rights that have made the country the greatest on earth. watch this. >> under the guise of medicare for all and a green new deal, democrats have embracing the same tired economic theories that impoverished nations. the trouble the socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. they want to take away your hamburgers. this is what stalin dreamt about
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but never achieved. >> join us to put socialism on trial and then convict it. >> joining us now with a reaction, fox news contributor charlie, austan goolsbee, and sebastian gorka. thank you for joining us. austan, democrats are not hiding. they're not hiding at all. they're putting socialism right there front and center and they are going for it. it's only march 1st and they're laying out everything from a green deal, medicare for all. but it's going to cost -- and you're a financial guy -- hundreds of trillions of dollars. how do they think this is going to sell to the american people? >> well, you have chosen the most extreme cases to try to make your point. and i think you got two dangers
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in that. first, if you go to that meeting where you took those speeches and find the most extreme people at that meeting, they are nuts. and if you are going to try to cast the entire republican party as what somebody that was on the most extreme thought, it would not be accurate the second is, as we go into 2020, as you talk of that this is going to be a socialist takeover, it's going to be like calling the poodle killer. people are going to see things like a medicare choice for all, which is supported by 73% of america and more than 50% of republicans. >> austan. >> and they're going to say, maybe this isn't so bad. maybe it's not socialism at all. >> no, no, austan, there's more than 100 people that have co-sponsored a bill that says there will not be in private insurance out there.
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sebastian, you were there. you were one of the speakers there. what was the feeling there? >> i said the extreme. >> when the left have no arguments, they go ad homen. we're the w -- extremists. they want to ban every single private vehicle that runs on gas and disallow using airplanes and we're the extremists? this is the left in a nutshell. the radicals have taken over the democrat party. this isn't a party that isn't just saying, don't eat meat any more. this is a party that says it's okay to kill babies after they are born. the governor of new york.
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the radicals have taken over the asylum. and i guess austan is one of them. >> i want to be careful of calling each other names here, but charlie, we're talking about -- >> i didn't call sebastian any names. >> well, he was one of the prime speakers there. look, charlie, these are bills that have been introduced into congress. they've been embraced by the major 2020 candidates on the left, have they not? >> yeah, and there's no doubt about it. the standard that was set by bernie sanders two years in the campaign that hillary clinton wound up stealing from him, he set the standard. every other candidate running this time around just about has picked up the mantle of that democrat socialism. the thing people have to remember is socialism is not a platform of ideas and services and free stuff that they're going to give away.
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socialism is a form of tyranny. it's a form of running the government to that you control people's lives all the way down to what they put in their mouths. and that is a very real thing. that's not something that's made up. you can go back and see 100 million people have perished, been killed under that kind of tyranny. the funny thing is, when republicans try to address this stuff seriously and they talk about the cost of something like the new green deal or green dream or whatever it is, there's no money. we underestimate the power of socialism. socialism doesn't need money. they have prisons. they can make people work. and that's what socialism is. and you can try to dress it up any way you want, but that's undeniably what socialism is. >> austan, you're a numbers guy. we're talking about two of the
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biggest deal, the new green deal and medicare for all, is that not hundreds of trillions of dollars? >> a, that's not hundreds of trillions. b, i'm not a socialist. i'm an economics professor. socialism doesn't work. what they're talking about with medicare for all, there are many different bills you're choosing, only the most extreme one put forward by sanders. >> the 2020 candidates, bernie sanders is in favor of his own bill, which would cost a lot, no 100 trillion, but a lot. the bernie sanders fans are not a big fan of mine. but the medicare for all that involves everyone buying into medicare, the congressional office says that saves money.
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it's literally less expensive than what we have now. >> when you move 170 million people off of their private insurance, which is way -- sebastian, how do you see this moving forward? they have painted themselves in corner. >> the former director of the cbo, the independent completely neutral cbo, crunched the numbers last week. every single american will have to fund the green new deal to the cost of $300,000 per person who's alive in america. those are the figures. and every single person who is an official candidate for the presidency, the democrats, has signed on to ocasio's deal. this is the insanity. socialism is controlling every aspect of your life. if they control your healthcare,
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they've got everything. if they want to control what you are eating, that is totaltarianism. she said it. we've got to stop eating cheeseburgers. it's insanity. >> how do you see younger people? younger people are my ide idealistic, they don't have as much life insurance. >> i think there is some allure to it. everybody likes free stuff. everybody likes the cheapest thing they can get. the problem is we've done a poor job of reminding them, ever since the soviet union fell, we do a poor job of reminding people just how terrible a way of life that is. we have a perfect example in venezuela right now. we have to do a better job of illustrating just how terrifying and dangerous this is. austan, i'm so glad you're against socialism, but i wish
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that your party would take all the people running for president and go and talk to them and explain to them how terrible socialism is because it's really, really frightening and very disheartening to see in this day and age a party where an alarming number of its leaders, or at least the people seeking to lead the party, have fully embraced the concept of it. >> i've got just ten seconds for each. where is this going? the democrat candidates for president are going further and further to the left, are they not? >> they're not going to socialism. and i just caution you guys to be careful because you're trumping it up like it's going to be the biggest takeover ever, and when people see what it actually is, they'll see it's not so bad >> somebody is actuall reading the text of the bill, and i've got to tell you, out to lunch i
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they ban cheeseburgers, steak, and everything you want to eat. bernie sanders -- i played the audio on my show today. he was asked, does the green new deal go far enough? and bernie said, it doesn't go far enough. the lunatics have taken over the asylum, jason. >> gentlemen, i appreciate you being here tonight. without a doubt, one of the loudest voices pushing the democratic party further to the left is ocasio-cortez. she said she and other radical democrat lawmakers said they are lashing out now at their more moderate colleagues. ocasio-cortez even vowed to put anyone on a list to be primaried in the next election. but somebodying might want to remind the socialist
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congresswoman about this vote that you see on your screen. a few weeks ago, she was the only democrat to vote with republicans on roll call vote 46. that's right. she was the only one, and she joined the republicans. and under her definition, she should be on this list. and i look forward to seeing who she recruits to primary herself. ocasio-cortez is not the only person feuding inside the democratic party. sanders and clinton are at odds once again. after a former clinton aide referred to sanders as "his royal majesty king bernie sanders," a former sanders campaign aide called the clinton camp, on the records, some of the biggest a-holes in american politics. end quote. joining us now, jones and blakeman. i believe you're at cpac.
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you've got noise in the background. but, brad, the tea party had to deal with these issues, right? i feel like i was on the front end of the tea party. i was a much more conservative member than a lot of others. and there was a battle a bit internally. the democrats are going through this now. >> i think they have an identity crisis. they're in meltdown. they're out trying to outleft each other. and the party is complete identity crisis. the way i see it playing out, is this is going to continue right up through the primaries. the american people are going to see a stark contrast, probably different than any other campaign than we've experienced. the difference between the republicans and democrats stand for. and i don't think the people are going to buy socialism. >> what are the democrats going
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to do, when you have a more moderate democrat who believes what the republicans are saying, let's say they offer an amendment that says if an illegal alien is trying to purchase a gun and you find out they're illegal, we should tell i.c.e. about it. i think it's radical to not tell i.c.e.. how are they going to deal with that internally? >> they're going to tear them apart. let's be honest here. we are a democratic party that is unhinged. they believe that socialism is the new way. any type of reasonable legislation that a typical democrat back in the day would typically support, like border security, will get them crossed out from winning a primary. i'm afraid that the old joe biden is going to go cuckoo because the democratic party is going to pressure him to go so far to the left.
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that may work for a primary. but when you're talking about -- and i mean those districts that voted for barack obama and then president donald trump. that type of socialism nonsense is not going to work in those districts. the democrats have to do is be more pragmatic and think about what issues are in the mainstream. i'm sorry, when it comes to border security, that's in the mainstream. many people across in those flyover states, those swing districts, want border security. >> now, brad, that's true. i have never seen a party thrive nationally by being anti-law enforcement. you've got a lot of people out there that want to aabolish i.c.e.
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>> that's going to be their downfall is the fact they'll swing so far left in the primaries, they can't come back to the middle in a general. they couldn't even attempt it. here's the bottom line. i think the american people are where the country is, and that's just right of center. we're not a left country. and as charlie pointed out earlier, all you look to is what's happening in venezuela. it's a total dick -- it's because it blows a hole in their socialist agenda when they have to admit that a socialist state is in total chaos. i think if republicans stay to where the american people are on the economy, safety, national security, we'll win. why? because we're right. >> you've got joe biden who had to go out and apologize for
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calling mike pence a decent person, which he is. we have a fox news alert we need to go to. brad, thanks for joining us. >> this is a fox news alert. last week we first showed you this shocking video of a young trump supporter getting brutally assaulted because of his political beliefs. tonight we can report that individual responsible for that assault has finally been arrested. 28-year-old zachary greenberg was booked this afternoon. lawrence, you're the editor-in-chief of campus reform who originally broke this story. what have you learned? >> we've been following this from the very beginning. first we heard from sources that said they were seeking a warrant after he refused to turn himself. he used to be a university employee, worked in the lab, and
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he was also a distant learning student as well. this is a student that wasn't seeking a degree there but got some type of education there at the university. what we don't know is why he was on the campus at the time. the police department told us off the record that -- on the record, i'm sorry, that a lot of people in that area go on and off through the campus because it's downtown area, but they don't know why he was there. we know they plan on having a hearing on monday to discuss what the bond is. that's where he will see the judge. but we don't know why his ultimate reason for attacking hayden. >> well, you have a young person engaging in politics. we need more of that. they're out on campus. they're in the minority. they want to get out and talk to people about being engaged in politics, albeit conservative in this particular case. but nobody should be assaulted like that. i'm glad to see him arrested. thanks to your organization for
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illuminating the case in the first place. thank you again for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks, jason. >> later on this hannity special "hannity: socialism rising," we'll play a clip of sean asking president trump a question in his press conference. we're going to want to see the president's response. don't miss that directly ahead. a very real socialist threat. we'll show you what disasters it's been in other countries. do the democrats care? no. stay with us.
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edition of "hannity: socialism rising". they're pushing their socialist agenda on the american people, all while venezuela continues to collapse. he told sean what he saw when covering the chaos in venezuela. have a look. >> what i saw in venezuela is that the 20-year-old revolution started with chavez in 1999 has failed completely. you have more than 3 million living in the country. and people are dying. i went to a hospital and then one woman, she had lost a family member. you know why? because they didn't have $30 to pay for antibiotics. the experiment in venezuela has failed completely. >> and while venezuela's dictator is detaining
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journalists, democratic congresswoman says she does not recognize the opposition leader as the rightful interim president of venezuela. >> we're threatening intervention. we're bernie sanders explained why he wouldn't call him a dictator. >> why have you stopped short of calling him a dictator? >> well, i think it's fair to say that the last election was
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undemocratic. but there are still democratic operations taking place in that country. what i am calling for right now is internationally supervised election. >> after when we started our business
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>> welcome back to this special editi edition. they keep pushing for open borders despite the immigration crises in this country. the latest example, the notorious began ms-13. fox news national correspondent
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trace gallagher joins us. >> anyway know it's all about street cred, a way of rising in the ranks. in this case the new york city police officers who live on long issued an officer members are carrying out attacks on off-duty police officers near their homes. the alert reportedly states their conducting recognizance on police officers' homes. a former fbi agent said they're going above and beyond what any other gang does. and the scary part is that we already know that they carry out threats and are extremely violent. the warning goes on to advice the officers to take extra caution. the gang's reign of terror is
1:49 am
documented by attacks in new york. authorities note the gang is notorious for murder, drugs, child prostitution, and racketeering. >> conservatives aren't taking thesing lightly. speaking at cpac today, ted cruz said that republicans would have held the house of representatives had they passed border wall funding when they were in the majority. take a look. >> if we had that fight and you had seen elizabeth warren screaming on the senate floor to stop it, sanders pulling what little hair he had out of his head. in september or october, funding and building the wall, i don't think we would have lost the house of representatives. >> amen, i believe that. joining me with reaction, mark morgan and fox news contributor
1:50 am
and former acting i.c.e. director. thank you for putting your lives on the line to help protect americans. democrats this week, tom, they voted against the idea that if an illegal alien goes to purchase a gun, that there should be some notification of i.c.e. what does that do to people who serve in i.c.e. now and do the same job that you've done in the past? >> total disrespect and disregard for the healthy and safety of i.c.e. officers. these men and women put that you are lives on the line every day. and illegal alien possession of firearms is a felony. they want to forgive an illegal alien that commits a felony but want to attack the second amendment rights of the american. they're so far to the left, every day i'm not surprised of what i hear democrats are doing. it's a total disrespect for men and women, men who lost their
1:51 am
lives serving this country. >> mark, when barack obama was president, there were 80,000 times that somebody here illegal got caught committing a crime, convicting of that crime, and instead of deporting them, they released them back in the united states of america. what does that do when you have a convicted person released back onto the streets? >> it's absolutely demoralizing. just like tom said, he's absolutely right. 128 border patrol agents have lost their lives defending the border only to watch a scenario like that happen again and again. and before i was with the border patrol, i served the fbi and led an ms-13 gang task force. they're the most violent p prolific gang we've seen. they're not coming in through canada. they're coming in through the
1:52 am
poor southwest border and coming back again and again. and the democrats say it's okay. >> pelosi went to the border recently and said there wasn't a problem. is there a problem at the border? >> it's a joke. how do you have a legitimate honest conversation, when regardless of facts we provide, just say it's manufactured and made up. talk to the thousands of angel families, tell them it's made up. talk to the police officer just killed by the illegal immigrant, talk to their families. it's pathetic and wrong and they're lying to the american people. >> tom, you've served a career decades serving our nation, trying to protect our borders. what's really going on down there? >> we're being invaded. look, all you've got to do is watch the media, what's going on on the southern border. look at a few facts.
1:53 am
the seizure of opioids has killed people in the united states. that is a national emergency. the rest of ms-13 members is up 170%. there's a crisis occurring on that border. it's just ridiculous. >> gentlemen, thank you for the service to this nation. next on, we'll play
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>> welcome back to hannity. i'm jason filling in for sean in this special "hannity: socialism rising". after the president took a hard line stance on thursday, he called on hannity at the post-summit press conference.
1:58 am
sean asked the president a timely question about his summit with kim jong-un. let's watch. >> a lot of condemnation at the time. and it ended up working out very well in the end for the united states. was this mostly your decision, and what message would you want to send chairman kim as he's listening to this press conference about the future and your relationship? >> well, sean, i don't want to say it was my decision because what purpose is that? i want to keep the relationship and we will keep the relationship. we'll see what happens over the next period of time. but as you know, we got our hostages back, there's no more testing. and one of the things importantly that he promised me last night is regardless, he's
1:59 am
not going to do testing of rockets and nuclear, not going to do testing. i trust him and i take him at his word. i hope that's true. but in the meantime, we'll be talking. mike will be speaking with his people. he's also developed a very good relationship with the people, really the people representing north korea. i haven't spoken to president moon, south korea. but we will. and we'll tell them it's a process, that it's moving along, but we just felt that it wasn't appropriate to sign an agreement today. we could have. i just felt it wasn't very appropriate. >> thank you for watching tonight. thanks to sean hannity for letting me guest host tonight. if you enjoyed tonight's show, feel free to pick up my new book. unfortunately, that's all the time we have tonight, but sean hannity will be back from vietnam. i think he's in the air right now.
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he will be in this chair on monday. can't miss another episode of "hannity." he does give the best coverage on >> ♪ >> ♪ >> hello. i am dana perino with kennedy, marie harp, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city on friday. this is "the five." >> ♪ >> reports of a divide inside the democratic party. moderates facing threats if they work with republicans. house speaker nancy pelosi scolding more than two dozen democrats who supported a republican amendment and a gun control bill. alg alexandria ocasio-cortez