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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 2, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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u.s. prime members enrolled in the new need to specific day to receive a week's worth of delivery. apparently that is by choice. can you choose. i choose tomorrow. ♪ rachel: i choose tomorrow. that's why i choose amazon. >> freedom of religion is not just enshrined in our griff: liberal governor andrew cuomo is now begging constitution, it's enshrined in the hearts of the measure amazon to reconsider its people. decision to back out of plans for a new york religion of religion is under attack. >> you cannot go too far on headquarters. this as another battle over the issue of climate change. the future of the planet is amazon is in arlington, at stake. >> at a cost of 93 trillion. virginia. rachel: the cyberguy kurt that's more than four times our national debt. nut soknutsson is what it means. >> we must convict socialism. >> ever an example of smart do not let this fester. let's get going right now. in a room against idiotic >> it's freedom, not ones. socialism, that ended in new york they just blew it $25,000. slavery, won two world wars about $27 billion in revenue. and stands today as the somehow aoc thought that the beacon of hope for all the world. 3 billion-dollar tax break was just like $3 billion america will never be a sitting in a bank somewhere. socialist country. >> finally an arrest in that so we should just use that brutal attack on a conservative volunteer on for other jobs. the campus of uc berkeley. the money does not exist
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>> i'm grateful that the unless amazon comes to new police did their job and york to spend the money. found this guy but i remain hello. ainsley: do you think amazon disappointed with uc would consider coming back. berkeley. >> by the time biden wanted >> have you read this open letter in the open letter. to run for president he made the mistake of saying this second attempt here. this is the second try open about mike pence. >> the guy is a decent guy. letter here in new york city to bring amazon's hq 2 in our vice president. >> cynthia nixon disagrees with this and spends a lot part to here and we will of time on the twitter talk about the other cities. new yorkers do not want to yelling at people. give up on the 25,000 permanent jobs. >>ing -- will hillary 11,000 unicon destruction and maintenance jobs and 28, i called it 27. clinton advice. >> i think not. 28 billion in new tax ♪ you're unbelievable. revenues that amazon was prepared to bring to our state. we know the public debate pete: what does emf stand that followed the announcement of a long island city project was for? >> stands for unbelievable rough and not very welcoming. governor, good shake at snowing outside. doing this governor cuomo ing. pete: welcome griff, rachel. state of new york let's not rachel: i saw wisconsin give up on this it doesn't weather. i walked to the studio in make sense to say no. slush. the same stupidity is pete: i slid all the way happening in arlington, from new jersey. i wore a seat belt for the virginia. first time in a long time. same niche groups are rising i'm not going to put a date up, local politicians go oh, i can make a name for myself on it. rachel: you don't wash your by listening to these hands and don't wear a seat groups. they cheer at the end after belt.
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pete: kids wear your seat chasing away one of the belts. i believe people should be largest american businesses on the planet. trades globally. free to wear one. what do you believe you are gaining when you chase away. pete: let me ask you that question. there is, i believe, a solid griff: today snow and seat level of cronyism in the good deals that these belts. rachel: you buttoned that up businesses get to be seduced so good. into these places that said, griff: what sells unbelievable is more people talking about 11,000 jumping into the democratic construction and union jobs. 2020 race. pete: another one? we have 10 official 2020 25,000 other jobs? what is the argument against democratic presidential that other than that? >> think about this, the hopefuls because governor stress they are hiring jay inslee of washington 25,000 people. just entered the race it's a stress on the systems yesterday. have you got jay inslee, bernie sanders, kamala like transportation. new york city someone harris, cory booker, amy complaining about. rachel: rising housing cost. klobuchar, will will will will will will hulaian >> in new york city also the union for retail stores or castro. will jay inslee is running malls department stores were on nothing but a climate the ones fighting the one here. change platform. that's all is he running trust me, macy's is not going to close because amazon put their for. rachel: you said earlier he headquarters in new york. is aoc just an old white it's not going to happen. pete: those people buy things, too, right? guy. pete: means he is dead in >> correct.
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none of the math adds up on any of this stuff. his water inside his own don't believe the niche party. i digress. groups. clearly this is part of an believe the niche groups gripes hey it's legitimate. but it's not solved by chasing away personal absolute lurch on the left. business. rachel: biden is going to that's not how you win. get in. griff: many americans are just waking up watching this griff: they can't compete. bernie sanders is going to speak in brooklyn today. channel who did he say? is he really the origination he is not a well known guy. of this whole thing about it's an opportunity in this bezos, amazon is the bad unbelievably wide open guy. so, i'm not sure your open field. almost like if you were a letter is going to gain card carrying democrat and steam whether you have don't have anything to do bernie doubling down on it. >> make sense. might as well run for let's fight america. president. former governor john that's perfect. shut down american business. hickenlooper also probably. what is going on in the heads of politicians? i are just raising a flag to pete: hicken who? try to get notice. don't buy into it. pete: kurt knutsson on fire today. rachel: loper. good toe so you. steve: steve biden "the washington post" doesn't need name correcting itself after its recognition but positions fake and false reporting about that confrontation on moderate. let me play a sound bite of what he was saying. capitol hill involving a pete: headline from the covington high school "wall street journal" and the "wall street journal" student. so, was their retraction or says biden leans towards another run but the heart of his party has shifted and remission enough? griff, to your point,
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another guy he would have to griff: michelle malkin, run against is bernie chris christie and charles sanders, who is a declared payne all joining us coming up. democratic socialist. joe biden, no moderate, but pour a cup of coffee ♪ i want to celebrate is he an old school liberal as opposed to a leftist or a ♪ socialist. rachel: that's where the heart of the party is. ups and downs. whatever life throws. pete: bernie sanders on "the view" talking about his a place to always strive for. views. >> does the green new deal for all the journeys that make us stronger. go too far. >> you cannot go too far on the issue of climate change. the future of the planet is ♪ at stake, okay? [cheers and applause] >> bernie, bernie. >> we have, according to the best scientists in the world, we have 12 years to begin substantially cutting carbon emissions before there will be irreparable damage to the planet. rachel: that is so fascinating because it was just this week that clinton staffers during the presidential run in 2016 outed bernie sanders as the
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biggest private jet diva of the entire cycle. so he thinks the planet is going to end in 12 years but he still wants to do private jet fuel. pete: of course hypocrisy there. a religion. it's become the religion of his base. and as a result he needs to be prophetic about how all they are going to talk about because that's where their base is. and they have been indoctrinated in that. griff: he has he a rally in brooklyn today. i'm going to go to it. it's going to be snowing. rachel: i have to laugh at this. so typical of the socialists they preach i will ga fidel casn instagram as the rich kids on yachts. this is very, very typical. preach about the climate and knot do it yourself. pete: well said. our vice president mike pence was at cpac yesterday
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still going on in washington. the president will speak there today. he talked about the trending on the left of socialism. listen. >> it was freedom, not socialism, that gave us the most prosperous economy in the history of the world. [applause] it was freedom, not socialism that ended slavery won two world wars and stands today as the beacon of hope for all the world. [ applause ] and it was freedom, not socialism that gave us the highest quality of life, the cleanest environment on earth and improved the health and well-being of millions around the world. it was free. pete: pretty clear message, no doubt. although on the point of bernie sanders, who he just talked, about he has now hired a new deputy national press secretary who can't even vote for him because she is an illegal immigrant. her name bellen sousa.
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an will activist. rachel: she is illegal but a daca recipient so she is here legally. pete: temporarily, currently. i don't want to hear a single ad or attack item on a single republican ever >> freedom of religion is again for having not just enshrined in our undocumented nanny or constitution. it's enshrined in the hearts of the american people. undocumented this or freedom of religion is under undocumented that. if you are going to be out attack in our country. front with my deputy press >> you cannot go too far on secretary is illegal, stop the issue ever climate with all the you are not qualified because you had change. the future of the planet is this or that. at stake. >> at a cost of 93 trillion. rachel: i hope you don't take the bait on that, pete. that's more than four times our national debt. because here's the deal. she is here legally. >> we must convict socialism. not let this fester. of all the people here she >> it was freedom, not came at 6 years old. no fault of her own. socialism, that ended and i think the focus ought slavery, won two world wars to be on securing the and stands today as the border. even donald trump wants to beacon of hope for all the give women or people like her a chance to stay in this country if we secure the world. america will never be a socialist country. rachel: this attack on conservative activists the border. u.k. berkeley that man griff: going to be interesting to see what the accused of throwing that democrat candidates say punch is behind bars. police charging zachery about in. all the infighting in the greenberg. democratic party these >> i'm thankful police did
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battles are raging. their job and found this pete: you know about these guy. i remain disappointed with these caucus meetings held uc berkeley. by republicans and democrats. there is reporting from "the griff: comes in with a lot washington post" that of credibility but his positions are seen as very yesterday house democrats -- the quote from the allergy. moderate. >> the guy is a decent guy. house democrats exploded in our vice president. recrimination over -- it's pete: no moderate but an old early. over moderates bucking the party with liberal school. > representative alexandria ocasio-cortez threatening to put those voting with republicans on a list for a >> i suspect not primary challenge. it's been reported, rachel, that in this closed door meeting with democrats the ♪ speaker, nancy pelosi, and i calm her comrade cortez got up together and basically said you better stop voting with these republicans. pete: i have high hopes for rachel: there is an this hour from. rachel: griff is getting amendment. pete: a motion to recommit where they have been getting down. pete: it is a great song. democrats to vote on tough griff: good morning. i'm as excited as a 020 stuff. i feel like sort of rare for a freshman democrat to stand democratic candidate jump into the race. up and scold all these other pete: they are all excited. members. >> it is rare. what else is rare for a rachel: there is a lot of party in majority to vote them. every day a new one. for these amendments. pete: bernie is anounsing in it shows a deep division. brooklyn today. in 8 years of the house griff: bernie sanders will
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being in the hands of the be announcing in brooklyn republicans, they never once today around noon. voted for one of those. this is where he kicked off his first campaign. is he from brooklyn and it's going to be quite something pete: interesting. rachel: never once voted for one of those when the despite -- i don't know if democrats offered the it's going to stop snowing. amendment. in just two months, they it will be interesting to voted for two. see what he says the message by the way, hypocrisy on the part of aoc. she voted for one of them of socialism and taking on last month. the billionaires was one that was the anti-dbs and in that has now become the theme of all of the support of israel amendment that was put in there after candidates running except representative omar from for joe biden as you saw in your home state made those that clip. it will be interesting to see what he said. anti-israel -- so, a, she since you dragged me up here voted for it, and, b, you from washington. know, it really shows just pete: we did. >> i cover what happens on how full of herself and how capitol hill. sure of herself she is that one of the things that's about to take off and be a she can tell these veteran big story you are going to hear about in the coming democrats i've got a list weeks and months is going to and it sounds like she is ready to send them to be the house democrats now in charge trying to go reeducation camps. after -- collusion didn't griff: cardinal sin now in work so now they will go the democratic party is to after president trump's say something nice or kind finances and his business about a fellow lawmaker who dealings. happenings to be a pete: they are not even just going after that rachel, they are going to republican. pete: you are right. investigate everything. pete: if you listen to joe jerry nadler said they are going to have hearings -- he biden talking about mike pence, calling him a decent is the congressman up there. going to have hearings on fake news. on the president calling the guy,. pete: decent guy. press the enemy of the
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griff: that's wrong. take a listen. >> the fact of the matter people. it's not just finances, it's rhetoric. is, followed on by a guy is mueller, they aren't worried about mueller anymore. a decent guy, our vice they are worried he won't have the goods. beto o'rourke also known as president who stood before this allies and robert francis who is running for president had this to say recently about leaders and said i'm here on the idea of calling out the press. listen. behalf of president trump >> this idea, fronted by the and it was dead silence. pete: just remember, the president. that somehow the press are most he said about the vice president he is a decent the enemy of the people guy. he didn't say he is a great reinforced by him tweeting guy or i love him or i out images of a reporter invited him to my wedding. he said he is a decent guy. being hit by a train, body immediately or quickly after slammed in a wrestling ring that cynthia nixon you know her from acting on is incitement to violence. television. i don't know any other way rachel: sex in the city. to call it. rachel: so interesting. pete: congratulations for so they want to go after acting and pretending to be president trump for calling somebody else. them fake news. joe biden you just called you know, we have this idea of free speech. america's most anti-lbgt apparent there only goes one quote a decent guy. way. you can't criticize the please consider how this press. falls on the ears of our pete: exactly right. community. to make a critique of the so, joe biden as the times press does not mean to incite violence. can you say they are fake require responds to the news. they're the enemy of people woman who acts on television because they're the enemy of truth. and tweeted. this he said you are right, they are pretending to be
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one thing and pedaling a cynthia, i was making a point in a foreign policy narrative. can you say that without wanting people to get hurt. context that under normal democrats can't figure that circumstances a vice president would be given a silent reaction on the world out. rachel: they are actually stage. going to have hearings about this. but there is nothing decent so here we are, you know, in about being anti-lbgt rights the middle, they take over the house and this is what they want to take their time and that includes the vice our tax dollars to president. so, rachel, we are in a investigate donald trump for moment where even saying one friendly thing about a calling the media fake. political opponent not okay. pete: you knew it was coming. we told you it was. rachel: not okay. here is a montage of more democrats. montage is tv spook for a lot of video clips. missteps he a lot of democrats wondering will continue make, i believe you, throughout the if the president has committed crimes. campaign. is he still living in a different era where you can listen. >> american people deserve to know whether donald trump believe people you disagree is functionally a president with are still decent or an organized crime boss. people. you are not allowed to do that anymore. they are considered enemies. >> gravity of the fact that this is a sitting president of the united states griff: pour a cup of coffee democrats are killing each sending, you know, i don't even call it hush money. it's bribery. other. pete: ocasio-cortez has a >> this president has lied. list you better hope you are not on it. collusion, obstruction of rachel: turn now to your justice. we are talking about headlines. attack on activist at uc finances. we are talking about the berkeley take a look. foundation. this really needs to be investigated and explored. [bleep]
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rachel: that manual acould i >> i think president trump seed of throwing a punch is headed up what only can be now behind bars. police charging zachery described as a criminal greenberg with assaulted. enterprise. griff: give you context much authorities say he used to of what the new found calls be an employee at the came from michael cohen some university. greenberg will appear in court on monday. of us have seen what he said the victim hayden williams when he was testifying. is meeting with president trump today and will be on testified twice behind "fox & friends" tomorrow. closed doors and once in front of congress we all president trump says his remarks regarding otto saw. we are told he will be coming back he named people warmbier's death were misunderstand. this after he said that kim jong un did not know the american was being abused involved. shall and of course allen while in north korean custody. weisselberg who handled all the president tweeting in part quote i never like the finances for the trump being misinterpreted especially when it comes to organization. they feel like they have something to hook and drag otto warmbier and his great on. to say you are seeing a "new family. of course i hold north korea york times" headline like this. put it up. responsible for his treatment and his death. michael cohen's testimony the college student was opens new phase of political arrested for taking a turbulence for trump. propaganda poster and he died days after being pete: that's called their returned to the u.s. in a wish list. if you listen to what maxine coma 17 months later. waters just said in that clip. collusion is a grab bag of major league baseball looking for a public fight nonsense, collusion, obstruction of justice, talking about finances, the
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foundation needs to be investigated and explored. it doesn't matter what they between the san francisco and the ceo. find, which is nothing. watch this. they are going to oh my god. investigate him because they hate him so much. that "new york times" >> the video obtained by tmz headline is nothing because wish. they are hoping they can sports trying to take a cell cel create a fracture in this president's support. but if you look and talk to phone from his wife before republicans. you talk -- you go to cpac. knocking her to the ground in california. they both apologized before what's the latest poll 92% calling it embarrassing and arguing over a family matter of republican support. and those are your rachel: i don't think any recent republican president has this that kind of headlines. i'm still reeling from that support. this is definitely what they video that was the first want to do. they want to separate trump time i saw it. pete: he was trying to take from his base is what they a cell phone. always try to do. they both say it is less they thought they could do it with russia and i think than what is shown on video they see they can't do that but hot heck knows. or it's not going to work out the way they. thanks. so they are now moving into rachel. this crime or this crime democrats appear to launch a full out assault president mafia family. of the united states and his griff: the "new york times" family. will these investigations believes it's going to have have an effect on the an impact. look at this headline. president's support? republicans still find it and this grandmother now difficult to imagine that mr. trump's electoral base being hailed the iceberg would ever desert him though they acknowledge that bond may soon be test you had as queen? what happens when she floats out to sea in the story never before. so you point out how strong behind these now viral the base is but "new york pictures coming up times" believes differently ♪ i want break free from
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thawlg. pete: "new york times" believes hillary clinton is your lies going to win too and said they are going to fix their coverage and only gotten worse. ♪ overplaying their hand and exposing themselves for the leftist they are they make trump supporters support him more. when will they realize how you avalanche against him makes them dig in further. rachel: we had matt schlapp on the head of the cpac, which is a conservative grassroots group. here's what he had to say about cohen's testimony and this attempt by the democrats to separate trump from his base. >> i think that for at lootion half th last half the country they view michael cohen as a sleaze ball. when you give different answers means one of those answers is dishonest. he goes back and forth. right now trying to make a deal to be loved by the democrats. if they don't find any evidence of collusion, which there is none and after two years if you can't find it ain't there, i think most people just say look, let's move on. let's start solving the nation's problems. griff: so appropriate to
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your playing matt schlapp and your historical appearance at cpac as well. but president trump will be speaking in a matter of hours at cpac and remember, ronald reagan really puts back on the map with famous speech you dance with the one that brungia. he said it in 1985. he will be doubling down on that message again stark contrast to the "new york times." pete: help me in the future when i do something done. i have done dumb things like really really dumb. remind me not to go looking for help from the democrats. remind me. not a great move necessarily. another newspaper of note "the washington post" finally got around to it at 6:30 p.m. on a friday night. a month and a half later, "the washington post" editor finally admits maybe they got the covington thing just a little bit wrong. rachel: you think? pete: go ahead and read it, rachel. rachel: a "the washington post" article first posted online on january 19th reported on a january 18th incident at the lincoln memorial. subsequent reporting, a
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student's statement, and additional video allow for a more complete assessment of what owe crushed either contradicting or failing to confirm accounts provided in that story. that's their, i guess, retraction. it doesn't sound very apologetic. pete: funny what you will admit when you are facing a 250-million-dollar lawsuit. griff: that's all in context, right? so now the attorney for that young covington catholic man. pete: nicholas sandmann, this is the attorney lynwood about sandman saying too little, too late. another interesting thing since i'm a journalist and media. timing of this whole thing it will be interesting to see how this thing gets played. every network and major newspaper was talking about which of course now we all know what has happened. see if the corruption. rachel: it took over the whole news cycle. griff: whether that will be bufferied on a friday night. pete: you know the time something a sham.
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6:30 on a friday night. thank you for 6:30 on a friday night. we love that we host a saturday morning political show. 40 days after the fact. it took 40 days to figure out fake narrative was wrong. they could have apologized then and corrected it then. i'm not a fan of big lawsuits. i think we have a huge litigation problem in this country. if it takes a lawsuit like rachel: some of the biggest that to get a paper like names in conservative that to admit it good on the politics riling up the g.o.p. base at the annual covington kids. rachel: on the human side conservative action it's really hard to under estimate just the impact on that kid. i remember seeing his first conference. interview on "the today pete: all leads up with show" with savanna guthrie. president trump's return to the cpac stage at 11:30 this he looked broken down u. morning. here with a preview of the pete: deer in headlights. american conservative union matt schlapp. rachel: they absolutely destroyed this poor kid's thank you for being here life before it even gets off this morning and thank you the ground and you get this for having me. little tiny not very wasn't my panel the greatest panel in cpac history? apologetic apology as you that's what i want to know. said at 6:30 p.m. at night. >> pete, some people are still raving about it this i don't think it's enough. morning over coffee. you might have changed the we have more headlines i'm course of history. going to get to them right pete: that's what i thought. now. a pilot is dead after his i don't want to be too selfish.
3:18 am
the president today. have you had head laners plane hit a florida condo building. across the board. flying a banner crashed into the president today. give us a sense what's going a 16th floor of a high rise on at cpac. >> well, obviously, the big before falling into the pool news is that the president is coming back to cpac after deck below. witnesses say the low hanging banner got caught before the crash near fort lauderdale beach. the owner of the banner his trip to asia. he had called me and said company says the experienced look, i'm going to do pilot was a new hire. everything i can to get back no one else walls injured to cpac. that's where i want to be. i think everybody here is going to appreciate this is authorities are looking into the cause of the crash. an extraordinary gesture for a president who has been in a wannabe -- spend the next the air for about 40 hours 16 years behind bars in new to be back talking to the jersey. heart and soul of the gregly will you tell us ski plotted a terror attack in new york city to show his republican party, the conservative movement. support for isis. police found plans to build pete: absolutely. rachel: matt, this is a pressure cooker bomb rachel, hello. >> hey, rachel, how are you? inside his home after they arrested him for allegedly rachel: good. listen, according to the stabbing his family's dog. "new york times," they say that michael cohen's he was also sentenced to a testimony is going to bring him trouble with his voters. lifetime of supervised now, you are there at cpac release once is he out. with the base, the president trump demanding grassroots. what do you think the cut all tariffs on u.s. interacimpactof this week's tess foreign products. this as the president delays hiking tariffs with trade on his voters? >> i think that for at least talks initting. half the country, rachel, chief economic advisor larry they are exhausted from this kudlow says talks have gone so well there could be a whole topic.
3:19 am
they view michael cohen as summit between president trump and xi in the next few kind of a sleaze ball who weeks. wow. >> are we moving towards a has given different answers to congress on different questions, different answers summit in mar-a-lago later to federal prosecutors. this month? >> a lot of talk about that. so, when you are giving it's not quite buttoned down different answers to the same question, it means that yet but yes, i think you can one those answers is dishonest. expect that. and he just goes back and rachel: the white house has not confirmed any plans yet. forth. right now he is trying to make a deal to be loved by tributes are pouring in for the democrats, which is a award-winning actress very interesting strategy. catherine hellman, she died i actually feel sorry for from complications of the guy. alzheimer's at her los he seemed rather pathetic angeles home. best known for her role as sassy mona on who's the boss? from my standpoint in the >> everybody take your testimony. if they don't find any evidence of collusion, which places. >> i'm comfortable right there is none, and after two years if you can't find it, here. [laughter] it ain't there, i think most >> former co-star judith people just say look, let's move on and start solving tweeting her grace, talent and humor will be deeply the nation's problems. missed. she is in my heart forever. pete: matt, you are as in touch with the grassroots and tony danza calling her a conservative side of the party as anybody. national treasure. have you heard even a word about bob mueller, russian collusion, you know, are helmond was 89 years old. people talking about that or is it about the president's pete: rest in piece. who's the boss was a great agenda? >> >> they are really not show. talking about it we are not rachel: it was a fun show. spending too much time meghan markle and prince
3:20 am
harry of the u.k. say they focusing on it almost will raise their baby gender unanimity with people at fluid. cpac. this is a ridiculous waste dolls this mean the end of of taxpayer money it is a prince -- prince and princes? we will ask and answer that question. political investigation. if there is no collusion we have done nothing but waste two years of the nation's >> janice is having time. people here are pretty happy. breakfast with cops. i even use the word janice: how are you doing. harmonious which at a cpac >> sweet water bar and grill in cinnaminson new jersey. nothing seen before. >> how is the coffee. >> fantastic. >> will you join us for "fox always something riling people up. this year they were happy & friends" next hour? with what is coming out of yes you will. join us, will you? the white house. cheers. pete: matt schlapp 11:30 the cheers, everybody. ♪ ♪ president will be on that i wanna keep doing what i love, stage. can you watch it all on fox nation by the way where they are live streaming cpac. that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. thank you for your time. appreciate it. it's for my family, its for my self, pete: have you heard democrats say this about the its for my future. border. >> there is no security annuities can provide protected income for life. crisis at the border. >> stop manufacturing a learn more at retire your risk dot org. crisis. >> the manufactured crisis and a crisis that ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. pete: this morning we have and i take trulicity once a week
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can i find my wifi password? himself big time on capitol just ask. [ ding ] hill this week. take a look. show me my wifi password. ♪ >> not only is donald trump hey now! [ ding ] not a racist, he believes you can even troubleshoot, learn new voice commands and much more. that all people are part of clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] one race, the human race. oh, it won't do that. >> i know what mr. trump is. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote he is a racist. and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. he is a con man. simple. easy. awesome. and he is a cheat. griff: the question now is will democrats continue to push michael cohen as a credible source? and, if so, how? joining us to react is media reporter for the hill and new radio talk show host on griff: the battle for border security reaching a fevered wor joe concha. good morning. rachel: good morning, joe. switch drugs flowing into >> hey griff, hey rach. america unchecked. take a quick look at some of the biggest drug busts griff: what do you say? >> i say look at the numbers, griff, a poll was reported by border officials just this week. released yesterday showing here it is 180,000 worth of that only 37% of americans found cohen's testimony cocaine hidden in a tractor-trailer weighing in over 23 pounds. this one in texas almost credible. we are in polarized 11 pounds of heroin environment. it's hard to get to that sort of number. confiscated worth $227,000 usually things always around
3:25 am
50% pause people want to believe anything anti-trump and then nogales, ariounds of ountry. to say gets to only 37% narcotics seized by agents finding him credible that including heroin, meth, cocaine and fentanyl worth a tells me something. also, remember, now there is news out that cohen was pushing a pro-trump book. whopping $4.3 million. and this one at the world you just did a great split trade bridge in laredo, screen sound bite there showing what he said in the texas, where speaker pelosi past comparing to what he said on wednesday. visited 1600 pounds of it just shows that michael cocaine and marijuana seized cohen says what suits worth 2.3 million. michael cohen at the time. and finally another if you are democrats right now, that's not the horse $2.5 million worth of meth you want to ride. and marijuana weighing you don't want him to be your first impeachment, almost 3300 pounds recovered first witness if impeachment in nogales, arizona. is your goal. now, this comes as almost rachel: let's take another look at a clip that shows the sort of dual cohen thing 7,000 illegal aliens were apprehended in the rio grande day valley just this we are talking about here. week with four consecutive >> michael cohen, you told days of 1,000 per day. me day one, he's going to for more on, this let's win. >> i did. bring in chief manny he never expected to win the padilla, now the director of primary. he never expected to win the general election. the border patrol's joint the campaign for him was san antonio the former rbg always a marketing opportunity. chief. chief padilla, good morning, tell me what we are seeing rachel: joe these clips are with these numbers, sir. >> yes. pretty devastating, aren't thank you for having me they? >> yeah. here, griff. i would say so.
3:26 am
well, i will tell you the bottom line is, michael statistically speaking, i cohen can say whatever he wants. can tell you that fiscal unless you have some sort of year 18 the border patrol corroborating evidence. let's say michael cohen calls donald trump a racist apprehended 396,500 people. but then has some sort of recording to back it up. without the recording that's this year, griff, we are why so many people don't find him credible. and, look, the bottom line looking at a 97% increase is, the mueller report, over last year. guys, not michael cohen, not what democrats say, in cable so, 270 apprehensions so far this year and we are not news interviews or anything even at mid year yet. like else like that on the floor or the senate. so we are looking at the all of that doesn't matter. pretty high numbers. the mueller report is the so, when you start looking whole ballgame it always has at the numbers closely, what been. if it doesn't show collusion between president trump or we have is two very distinct his associates, and the russians, then there is no problem sets at the border reason to go down the and they require two very impeachment road. democrats are in a pickle distinct solutions. here because 78% of what does that mean? when you look at the democrats and this is after the midterms said that the apprehensions about 60% of the apprehensions that we president should be are seeing this year are impeached. think about that. 78%. they are under pressure. but then when you ask independents and that's also family units and run accompanied children. the whole ballgame when you this population of people are talking about elections, are turning themselves in to only a third say they border agents and not trying support impeachment. to evade. so democrats have to be this problem actually careful. you have been talking about started in fiscal year 2014 alexandria ocasio-cortez and
3:27 am
the left of the party. when we started seeing an if they listen too much to that side of the party, it's influx of unaccompanied going to have the same boomerang effect that it had children it has exponentially just grope to the levels we are seeing with -- republicans right now. impeached him. now this problem set, if s. 73% of americans approved of on top of the traditional president clinton day one after impeachment showing border security mission which includes which you are talking about the narcotic republicans overplayed their smuggling, the criminal hand. democrats can't do the same aliens, the aliens from thing here. griff: we will see what special interest countries happens from house as well as the economic democrats. joe concha, thanks for migrants that are trying to joining us today. rachel: thanks, joe. >> all right. have fun. griff: house speaker nancy evade b rd authorities pelosi has a new message for because they will be other own party vote as one retained and returned to their countries two very against the g.o.p. is she taking names? distinct problem sets. two democrats here to when we talk about two discuss coming up next. dinner solutions, on the first problem set, which is rachel: normally parents 2e8 their kids to say cheese for the unaccompanied children and the family units, that's the camera. we will tell you the story behind a new viral challenge where we need congress' support to close these that has them throwing cheese at their kids. immigration loopholes that are being exploited ♪ extensively with this population. ♪ so, always adjust to our legal framework that we have ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug. in regards to immigration.
3:28 am
griff: chief, i want to jump in here as you give us these numbers. hmm. exactly. show you if you look at where we were in fiscal year liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. 18 at this time. you see 109,543, almost nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone double 201,497 so far this your. i listened to the interior how we customize car insurance, secretary of mexico speaking because no two people are alike, so... to a group in washington this week saying that they limu gets a little confused believe this phenomenon of when he sees another bird caravans is going to bring that looks exactly like him. [ loud crash ] yeah. as many as 700,000 migrants into mexico this year. he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. when you add that are we looking at potentially one ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ of the most heavy illegal alien traffic dollars border since you're heading off to dad... i just got a zerowater. situations have you had in but we've always used brita. history on the border right it's two stage-filter... now if you project forward? doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. >> yes. so we have had 1.6 million this meter shows how much stuff, apprehensions in fiscal year or dissolved solids, gets left behind. 2,000. our tap water is 220. but you are comparing apples and oranges because what we are seeing right now is brita? 110... about 78, 79% of the people seriously? but zerowater- that we are detaining are let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. non-mexican nationals. in the early days the majority of the people up to
3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:32 am
new dads lose about 14 minutes of sleep per night. pete? pete: those numbers sound a little low, griff. it's like we're losing hours. nancy pelosi echoing congresswoman ocasio-cortez' warning to democrats who vote with the g.o.p. >> i think you should just vote against all motions to recommit. it's a procedural vote. it's a gotcha on the part of the opposition. let's make life eyesy. just vote against them. pete: the warning coming after 26 so-called moderate democrats voted with republicans to alter a gun bill through what's called a motion to recommit. is she taking names for future pay back? joining us to debate our democratic strategist jonathan harris and kevin chafs. thank you for joining us. jonathan, i will start with you. these are closed door meetings amongst all democrats and the leader and one of the youngest members devout socialists get in line. never vote with the other side u is this the future of the democratic party, jonathan.
3:33 am
>> i hope so. that's not bad as a thing as it sounds like it is. during the battle over the wall and the budget and the government shutdown, it was a united front that gave nancy pelosi and the democrats a victory with that budget. they didn't crack. they didn't peel off and actually some of the republicans starting to peel off in support of their trump that led up to trump giving on that subject. i think as long as having united front isn't a bad thing at all. pete: kevin, what he is arguing for is playing as a team but you see that i call her comrade cortez. she has got a whole new agenda. it's much further left than many on the hill have been for democrats. is she driving the agenda for democrats today? >> >> well, she certainly has tremendous influence which has been shown by the impact she has had in her short ♪ let's move tonight time in congress. i think for the most part it's a good thing because ♪ she is talking about initiatives there is a strong appetite for there pete: because we do live in are individuals or other a microscope and i do members of congress that believe in microscope.
3:34 am
represent districts that aren't as monolithic as hers breaking news, we focus on the weather in our little is. or that speaker pelosi's is island in long island it is like san francisco or the snowing it may not be bronx. snowing where you are. members like representative we hope you have a coffee. small in new mexico where now we like to bring you she won a seat that was held interesting topics. by the current g.o.p. chair well, in the state of in new mexico, you know, colorado, high school it's very easy to get a wrestler who is in the state championships, actually republican elected there. pulled himself out of the better to have someone like state championships because her in office in my opinion he was going to be wrestling than a republican who won't support any of the against a girl. which brings in to state law democratic initiatives. but i think she will learn there where girls and guys these things over time. she has been there a month. have to and as far as and she has already had an wrestling is concerned, our incredible impact. i think it will only get r. together, there is no better for democrats. girls wrestling in colorado. pete: kevin, breathily he was on his way to being a though for that you talked about there is an appetite part of the state for that there is an championship. pulled out of it because he was going to have to wrestle appetite in they're district for those who voted for her a girl. this is what high school and appetite amongst the base. wrestler brenda johnson had are you concerned that if to say on forfeiting the the democrats follow that appetite they are following a recipe that's not going to match. >> just so like physical, work with the general electric democrat? with the general public? physically close and i just >> maybe on some issues that don't think that's really she has talked about that are at this point more so appropriate with a young general ideas than hard lady. and it's also so aggressive baked policy proposals. for example, the green new deal which is something that
3:35 am
and just that's not -- i'm she proposed and got a lot of attention for it. but, it's not set in stone. not really i guess a lot of those are -- a lot comfortable with it i think it's possible to forfeit the of that resolution was a statement of value that she believes we should aspire towards. but things like the fight match while still respecting for 15, a living wage, people support that. there are things we need to them. pete: pretty sincere case. get behind. rachel: i have say this pete: kevin, let's hope that young man is raised right. green new deal is not set in if the girls want to stone. jonathan, i will let you wrestle. respond. have a darn wrestling team first, i will play a sound for girls. clip from bernie sanders this is not the way it talking about climate should be. this young man, is he right. change. listen. >> does the green new deal and his parents raised him go too far? >> no. you cannot go too far on the right. and this is not appropriate. issue of climate change. griff: you put your finger the future of the planet is on it that is a girl's at stake. league. 12 states recognize female [applause] we have according to the wrestling in high school. best scientists in the world, we have 12 years to in and colorado they do not. rachel: why? begin substantially cutting griff: that's the situation in colorado. carbon emissions before here's the impact. in division 1 collegiate there will be irreparable damage. wrestling, this kid, what he has done based on his pete: jonathan, is he right? can democrats go too far on believes is tremendous, when this issue? >> i always have a bit of an you consider what he has walked away with. issue with bernie sanders i have a kid about to go to giving the democrats advice college hoping for any kind because is he not a democrat. of scholarship can get. and i don't understand why he runs as a democrat
3:36 am
this kid is in the state because he isn't one. championships and he and he has been given withdrew. we don't know what he may opportunity after opportunity to switch and he have stepped away from and doesn't. yes, you can go too far. so, like i said, 12 states if you don't see the forest for the trees, you will man and all 50, right? are sanctioning girls all this legislation and wrestling. colorado is not one of them. won't get anything and the they will have to figure out other party will win if you go too far. what to do. because this kid, based on that's one of the things nancy pelosi is good at is his moral fiber, the way he finding a moderate. you don't hear her talking was raised made a decision about impeaching trump, for he felt was the right one. example. she finds kind of a middle it's not necessarily fair of the road approach that when you really broaden the bridges the more progressive discussion. parts of her party and more pete: of course, my father is a high school athletic establishment parts. i think we need to go more director. for the most part it is -- in that direction. you need to have a demand. you are actually seeing enough demand in the state ocasio-cortez and pelosi working together when they in order to have a girl's have actually been shading each other a lot. wrestling league. i think the article said her protesting in pelosi's office and pelosi calling 17,000 girls are wrestlers the green new deal a green across the country. dream. they are actually working i love female athletics it's together and that's the direction to go. bernie sanders is wrong. you can absolutely go too fantastic. for guys to be wrestling far. pete: jonathan says you can girls? rachel: putting these kids go too far. in difficult situations and sounds quite sensible cybil. having to make difficult what do you think? choices. last word? >> i agree i think can you here is what dr. phil, i go too far. love dr. phil. here is what he has to say we need to make sure that about this. >> you cannot legislate that the green new deal when it is finalized i do believe at some point we will pass a
3:37 am
version of the green new deal because the stakes are so high and i believe that everything is going to be the country will come around equal for everybody because everybody is not equal. on that. now it may not be as i'm sorry. they are not equal. expansive like someone like they may be equal in terms alexandria ocasio-cortez of their value as a human wants to see but i do believe we will see a deal. being. >> yes. >> but they are not equal in you can go too far i agree math skills. they are not equal in how with my colleague. fast they run. pete: thank you for being they are not equal in here. let us know at creativity. jonathan harris, kevin they are not -- everybody has their own value but that becomingh doesn't mean their marketable skills in an open society in an open market are going to be the same. rachel: he wasn't specifically weighing in on president trump in office. >> how many people can wake this particular issue but he up and say you know what? is weighing in on the whole i will give everything that concept of, you know, there i have worked for my whole are differences between boys life for the better of the and girls. and that's kind of a good thing. conversation? pete: he is got to be panned pete: the athlete is he crediting for doing just for those comments. that we will bring it to poor pointing out the you. plus, meghan markle and patently obvious reality our emotional and physical prince harry say they will makeup are different. raise their baby gender thank god. fluid. does this mean the end of if the world was full of men we would be in trouble. just like if the world was princes and princesses in full of women we would be in the united kingdom? is it even true? trouble. rachel: sometimes when i nag we will brings it to you my husband about not doing
3:38 am
something like wiping down ♪ rural the counter or something did ♪ you can call me queen be you want to marry yourself? bee♪ and i say no. pete: we salute you. griff: we want to know what you think i bet you have an opinion on it and rewill rea we will read . no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. rachel: white house is slapping new sanctions on so, you guys staying at the hotel? security forces for blocking yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! humanitarian aid. the administration is also thank you. revoking visas of 49 yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... officials. and being boiled alive. meanwhile, democratic oh, shoot. congressman ilhan omar is believe it. slamming the u.s. for geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. sending aid. that guy's the worst. >> we're sending humanitarian aid that is in the guise of, you know, eventually invading this country. >> you don't support the leader of the opposition as being the president right now. >> absolutely not. rachel: the u.s. is one of several nations recognized opposition leader juan guaido as venezuela's legitimate president.
3:39 am
michael cohen's interested in the white house. he speculated about a possible position in the white house but after he consulted with his family and friends, he decided that he preferred to be the personal attorney to the president. this as house republicans call for the justice department to investigate the former trump lawyer for allegedly lying during sworn testimony. a teacher is forced to take down a poster honoring colin kaepernick after the display caused a disruption. >> thank you all for participating in this. i'm going to go ahead and remove it. >> the south florida school says it was flooded with calls from parents who found the poster offensive. kaepernick sparked a firestorm of controversy for kneeling during the national anthem back in 2016. pete: a kneeling kaepernick poster? rachel: a grandmother is rescued after a frozen chunk of ice drags her outside to sea. she was posing for a picture
3:40 am
in iceland when the wave caused the ice she was sitting on to break off a bystander who happened to be a boat captain had to rescue the grandmother according to buzzfeed. she is okay. everyone is hailing her as the iceberg queen. that's kind of funny and scary, too. [water] [water splash] rick: have you been to iceland? it's really cool. it's really dangerous. she is lucky she is alive and she got an amazing picture. pete: she did. that's the whole point these days get an amazing picture. rick: rachel, how is the snow for you guys? rachel: oh my gosh. rick: her mic was turned off but she said oh my gosh. here is your temperatures waking up still really cold. in to mash and feels like winter. the northeast has not had much snow at all this
3:41 am
winter. coastal areas, interior sixes have. coastal areas not waking up this morning to a few inches in new york. see four to five boston. more cape cod and the islands. ythen you turn 40 ande everything goes. that's the first. next storm is out across the tell me about it. west. bringing a lot more rain you know, it's made me think, where we saw all of that i'm closer to my retirement days than i am my college days. flooding this week of one of the wettest seasons. the drought in california hm. i'm thinking... will i have enough? almost completely wiped off should i change something? the map great news. well, you're asking the right questions. it is going to cause still a lot more flooding. i just want to know, am i gonna be okay? here is how this storm plays out throughout the day i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." today. pullness towards the four corner states. i like that. lots of snow 30 to you may need glasses though. yeah. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade. 340 inches. sunday night to monday another snow storm comes in to the northeast. pete: function phipunxsutawney l losing his edge. rick: he never had it. brian: blocking a bill that would have required doctors to help infants born after rachel: it's your shot of failed abortions. the morning say cheese. our next guest says this people are throwing cheese will only hurt the left in slices new challenge trending on social media.
3:42 am
2020. griff: we often have breakfast with friends. this morning janice is griff: reactions are will having coffee with cops. good morning, janice. hilarious. brother tossing cheese at shocked baby brother. janice: good morning. pete: some are calling it, we are at the sweet water rachel, wisconsin baptism. bar and grill in cinnamonson >> we do like our cheese except i suspect that's new jersey. i have the cops and mayor probably kraft singles. and troops in back of me here. rough guys excited to be on "fox & friends"? pete: we own all cheese. we will talk to them in the it's interesting. i like to watch young next hour. stay with us. children do weird things cheers, everybody. ♪ ♪ some people like cat videos. with all that usaa offers pete: i might try that today. pete: my little ginn is at home. you will get a kraft single in your face later on. apparently that's where we have gone as a society. griff: will you do princess why go with anybody else? things with ginn. >> sure, why not. we know their rates are good, she loves hats and bags and we know that they're always going to take care of us. whatever she wants. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. really. rachel: do you raise her we're the tenney's gender fluid? and we're usaa members for life. pete: no. [laughter] call usaa to start saving on insurance today. she is a girl.
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rachel: meghan markle was reportedly overheard at a baby shower saying she is planning on raising the new royal baby that everyone is waiting for as gender fluid. vanity fair says meghan has been talking to some of her friends about the birth and how she and harry plan to raise her exact word is fluid. she said they plan to raise their child with a fluid approach to gender and they will not be imposing any stereotypes mckenzieington palace took a couple days to respond or at least a day. they say the story is, quote, totally false. our viewers need to decide do you believe mckenzieington palace or her friends at the baby shower? not like somebody dropped this random story out there. the nursery will be frog more cottage. painted gray and white.
3:44 am
that's gender neutral and the paint they used is eucalyptus based non-led style ecofriendly. the goal is to have a gender neutral setting for the child as well as ecofriendly. it they go together. pete: sounds like you are auditioning to be a royal correspondent. you know way too much. rachel: you are hired. pete: we should call you sir griffith. griff: my daughter's room is painted light blue. that's what they wanted. i don't know. kenzi wanted that. i don't know, she chose it and so we said it doesn't have to be pink or purple how about blue? rachel: so she is gender fluid. pete: easy, easy. i will say this look at u.k. >> guess what you have an alexandria ocasio-cortez on your hands. we gave her to you. meghan markle. be careful what you wish for. who know us what are getting next. griff: who knows about the
3:45 am
email us at here. rachel: it's a big culture. the royals have a huge cultural impact. they are widely admired if this story were true i think it would be very impactful. we have to get to your headlines really quick a teenager is facing attempted murder after firing shots into a crowd with children just steps away. the terrifying video showing 15-year-old edgar garcia opening fire in broad daylight. a little girl walking towards him before hearing the gunshots and ducking for cover. police say the shooting stemmed from a gang related dispute. garcia will be charged as an adult. lebron james discusses whether or not celebrities this week senate democrats are expected to become blocked a bill designed to activists with president trump in office. the nba star crediting newborns infant sidz side. protection act would have former nfl quarterback. required doctors to treat infants born after failed anna: them-kneeler colin abortions. kaepernick for doing just how did the mainstream media that listen up. >> how many people can wake up and say, you know what? cover it. kelsey bowler is a senior i will give everything that i have worked for my whole writer for the heritage life.
3:46 am
foundation and visiting fellow for the independent >> yeah. >> for the better of the women's forum. welcome, kelsey. conversation? rachel: kaepernick recently >> good morning. settled a grievance against the nfl afte accusing the league rachel: tell us, how did the media cover. this the short answer they didn't. fox news was one of the of colluding to keep him off mainstream news the field. organizations to cover this 11-year-old boy honored for vote. saving his grand mother's and i think that speaks to life. grant neil of missouri jumping into a freezing lake more than just media bias. to save his 86-year-old it's a dereliction of the grandma who had fallen in media's duty to inform and couldn't get out. >> she is my grandma and i american citizens shows the love her. media is working overtime to and i don't want to lose her protect democrats. i think many members of the yet. media, journalists know how rachel: grant received an award for his bravery. unconscionable this voted really was when 80% of he is definitely a hero. americans support limiting pete: good kid. abortion to the first three months of a woman's griff: atta boy. pete: atta boy. that's gender specific. pregnancy and already we are griff: i'm working on it. seeing the effects of these very extremist abortion rachel: atta something. positions and now infanticide on the left where now we, for the first rick: got snow going on. it's winter. time since 2009, we have an here we go a lot of winter to deal with across parts of the northeast. equal number of americans we haven't had that much who identify as pro-life as snow this year.
3:47 am
they could pro-choice. show you what's going on >> right. temperaturewise still really let's look at some of these cold across the northern numbers. you bring um a great point what the mainstream media plains. has done. 6 degrees across minneapolis. abc, ntsb, cbs, cnn, none of a lot of snow in wisconsin over the month of february them had any mention of it. as well. this is the radar picture. i also add, kelsey, you here is one storm moving across the northeast pretty know, fox was very brave and heavy snow across parts of brought on abortion long island, cape cod next couple hours. watching this really large survivors and i have spoken storm out across parts of to some of them they have california. that's the storm that's moving on in right now. never ever been invited on it is going to very quickly any other networks. they say it's a rare move all the way across kind of that central corridor of incident. that's why they didn't vote for this bill on the the country throughout day democrat side. yet, there are actual human today around the four beings that are alive right corners. now that have survived this throughout the day tomorrow. across parts of the central plains. we will see heavy snow procedure. yesterday, elizabeth warren across oklahoma, kansas, was confronted at a town missouri. severe weather down across the southeast and then by hall on this issue. let's take a look and we sunday evening another storm will come back on the other across parts of the side. >> what about the babies northeast. we will see another 3 to that survive abortions? 6 inches of snow. how come they can't have watch for severe weather including the threat of healthcare? tornadoes across parts of >> infanticide is illegal the areas of the south everywhere in america. tomorrow along with that >> you voted against it? >> infanticide is illegal storm. all right. back inside. everywhere in america. >> clearly she sees this as not a very popular position griff: 2020 democratic presidential hopefu hopeful ho y
3:48 am
to take. >> right. this should have been an easy vote for democrats and republicans. theres have also been a lot of misinformation about this piece of legislation it would not stop a single abortion from happening in the united states it would simply protect babies who bookier. >> ice and vodka. are born alive after a >> we have to teach him the botched abortion. and, again, the fact that basics with a bartender the media is working coming up. he loves drinks. overtime to protect pete: of course. any time of day. democrats from communicating plus, janice having coffee with cops in new jersey. to americans where they we will not check what's in really stand on this issue, i think is a dereliction of that mug. janice, good morning. their duty as journalists to janice: i used to do this in a previous life serving inform. coffee. who wants coffee? rachel: it certainly brings up a lot of issues in an age we are having coffee with where they are fighting back our cops. against things like fake you want to join us coming up. who wants coffee? news. thank you so much for bringing that up to us, expresso kelsey and have a great day. ♪ ♪ >> thank you, rachel. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. rachel: all right. now the state of new york now is begging amazon to reconsider its plans to pull out of new york. a brand new fight is bubbling up for amazon in -jamie, this is your house? virginia. -i know, it's not much, but it's home. kurt, the cyberguy is here with the big tech backlash, right, kids? -kids? that's coming up next. -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] plus, could there soon be no -you didn't tell me your friends were coming.
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3:52 am
bernie sanders holding his first campaign rally today at brooklyn college. griff will be there. sir griff. the 2020 candidate is expected to give a speech about his immigrant parents. sanders announced his white house run last month. and, he could have a new rival. former colorado governor john hickenlooper is expected to throw his hat in the 2020 ring. the democrat will reportedly announce his white house run thursday in denver. griff? griff: police officer connecting with people in their community having breakfast this morning so locals can learn more about their boys in blue. rachel: our own janice dean is at sweet water bar and grill in new jersey for coffee with a cop event. pete: welcome back. facebook could be close to how is it going there, launching their own crypto janice. what a great event? currency. the "new york times" janice: it's a wonderful reporting its first digital event. coin is likely to be tied to the community gets to know the value of traditional their law enforcement and i didn't spill any coffee this assets like gold. morning yet, chief. >> not yet. the social media giant is expected to launch this by janice: chief, how long have you been on the job? summer. >> 20 years. don't on bit coin it's janice: how long have you coming back. you heard it here first. been a chief. >> i was appointed chief [laughter] february 4th of this year. don't laugh, kurt. janice: what brought to you you may have to w to reduce was.
3:53 am
law enforcement? >> well, my father was in law enforcement. after high school i went in the united states marines during the gulf war and after that i felt a sense of commitment to the community. janice: why cinnamonson? >> it's a great town, a great township. i was born and raised in philadelphia. but i love it here. i love serving the people of this town. janice: mayor ernie. >> yeah. janice: tell us about the event here. >> this is a great event. we have a fantastic police department and this is great for the people to come out and actually talk to the police without having to worry about, you know, like a car stop or something like that. very relaxed. they can ask questions if they want. janice: have you lived here all your life. >> yes, i have. janice: why do you live here. >> a great town. i moved here in '69. i have roots. my kids have roots. my wife and i met in sixth grade high school sweet hearts we want to be here. this is a great town. janice: chief, what's changed in the last 20 years since you have gotten on the force? >> technology and accountability. a lot more transparency for
3:54 am
police with the community. janice: and what do you -- how do you feel during these times when sometimes you feel that maybe, you know, people look at you differently because of the news and how people see cops. people are afraid sometimes to approach a cop. >> right. we try to get these type of community policing initiatives out here. we do first grade reading 3rd grade adopt a cop. movie night. national adopt a cop. do something in a nonenforcement setting so we can talk to them one on one. janice: brenda, how do you feel about your law enforcement in this tight-knit community. >> i love our law enforcement. i'm so much in favor of the boys in blue. and i appreciate them. thank you, guys, very much. janice: tell me your name, sir where you are from. >> ed benning. janice: tell me a story how it's important for this community to appreciate their cops? >> very very important.
3:55 am
what i tell my kids all the time. if you get trouble you have to take care of it. you can't ignore and it think it's magically going to go away. law enforcement is very good. i grew up with a good friend of mine who is still a police officer in del ray and to this day his father was a cop and boy his father really influenced my life as i was growing up. he was phenomenal. janice: i am married to a first responder so i understand that i understand the sense of community and the honor that you guys have serving your community. so, people need to come down to cinnamonson. this is the first annual. what do you hope to bring to. this i'm hoping more citizens will come out and talk to migrate officers here. janice: wonderful. are you excited to be here. >> yes. janice: we love our law enforcement. we will be here all morning with "fox & friends weekend." i hope you will join us. back to you. pete: head on out if you are not there. rachel: what a great name for a town. pete: super cool. i was not aware of it. griff: if you are out there today and see a police officer in line for coffee buy it for him or her.
3:56 am
pete: absolutely. because they are there. take two seconds to talk to them. they are going home to a family like you are. they do a tougher job than do you on behalf of all of us. thank you all for what you do. rachel: well said, pete. pete: michelle malkin stirring up controversy after politicians who defend illegal immigrants. >> both parties are to blame. and yes, i'm looking at you. the ghost of john mccain. pete: she brought the crowd to their feet. malkin responds next hour. rachel: senator booker thought vodka was in margaritas. a bartender teaching the basics. pete: that is basic u. rachel: that is basic ♪
3:57 am
♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. so let's promote our spring ftravel deals, on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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♪ >> what is in a manhattan? >> maybe rum? vodka? i don't know. my dad used to drink long island ice teas, that's another part of new york was like one of those favorite drinks. i have no idea what's in a long island ice tea but ice tea. >> what's in a margarita. >> there is fruit and and there is ice and vodka. >> oh, no. >> tequila, i'm sorry. i had help from a friend. pete: democrat candidates go across the country trying to prove they are cool that was 2020 presidential hopeful cory booker gets schooled on some of the classic cocktails. rachel: the senator does not drink and so here to teach him the basics is carol parker she is a bartender at the capital lounge bar in d.c. we had her last time when she came to do drinks for the shutdown. >> that's right. rachel: she wants to school
4:01 am
cory booker. pete: help us. >> first drink he didn't know was a manhattan. griff: when you heard that, were you stunned? >> you know, he doesn't drink. so, i wouldn't -- i'm not shocked but he did say -- he did oddly quote abraham lincoln saying that a man with no vice has very few virtues i didn't know why he said that. pete: that is a good quote. >> i'm not a big drinker either and everyone knows tequila is in a margarita. >> that one is shocking. so this is a manhattan. invented manhattan club as part of a presidential campaign. two parts rye, one part investor mouth bitter and a cherry in there. pete: there we go spoken like a true pro. he mentioned long island ice tea. rachel and i both confess we thought ice tea had tea in it. >> it was made in long island at first it does not have ice tea. i brought it to throw you guys off the trail.
4:02 am
[laughter] half an ounce of vodka. it is not russian la latvia an, half an ounce of ginn. half an ounce of rum. griff: don't go too fast in case corey is watching. >> half an ounce of tequila and triple sex. you have to i.d. if they get this one. sour mix. and coke on top. >> it looks like an ice tea but it has nothing to do with ice tea. rachel: show us how to make a real margarita. i named my daughter margarita. >> do you love margaritas? rachel: i do. >> i am a big mexican fan and if tequila fan. pete: capital lounge in washington, d.c. >> marge trait is tequila, triple sex and lime juice
4:03 am
with a salt rim. rachel: does it make a difference if you use this or fresh lime. >> you use fresh lime if you can. now, our president doesn't drink either as you guys probably know. rachel: yeah, he doesn't. >> he said one of the things he has been most honest about can you imagine if i did? i would be a mess. can you imagine if i did, i would be a mess. rachel: you have a special cory booker drink as well? >> we do. this is the cory booker combo nonalcoholic beer and shot of fireball in case you need to save someone from a burning building. pete: nonalcoholic beer and a shot of fireball. >> in case he has to save someone from a burning building. rachel: he did save someone from a burning building. pete: smart one. this for me? >> i love the extra salt. griff: charles malkin, charles payne and chris
4:04 am
christie all joining us coming up. we don't think they are going to drink these drinks. pete: i dare you to drink that one. ♪
4:05 am
4:06 am
4:07 am
it was freedom, not socialism, that ended slavery, won two world wars and stands today as the beacon of hope for all the world. [applause] america will never be a socialist country. >> we must convict socialism. not let this fester. >> the house democrats now in charge trying to go after. collusion didn't work so thousand they are going to go after president trump's finances. pete: they are going to investigate everything. >> if they don't find any evidence of collusion, which there is none, and after two years if you can't find it, it ain't there. i think most people just say look, let's move on. >> you cannot go too far on the issue of climate change. the future of the planet is at stake. >> at a cost of 93 trillion that's more than four times our national debt. >> comes in with a lot of
4:08 am
credibility but his positions are seen as very moderate. >> the guy is a decent guy. our vice president. >> biden, no moderate, but he is an old-school liberal as opposed to a socialist. >> we are hear about a lot of democratic candidates who are meeting with hillary clinton for advice. >> i suspect not. >> say cheese. people are throwing single cheese slices at their baby in a new challenge that's trending on social media. ♪ pete: 8:00 hour of "fox & friends" on a saturday apparently our civilization is advancing. rachel: or collapsing. pete: we told you president cheese challenge. this idea like when you have your kid take a picture and they say cheese you actually throw a slice of cheese in their face. apparently that's a thing. rachel: online it's called a wisconsin baptism which i think is an awesome thing. griff: seeing it here. there we go. he got it this has
4:09 am
apparently spread to pete's family. pete: to my own household. it happened even sooner than that my wonderful girlfriend jennifer and daughter there you go. pete: that's our kitchen right there. she did proceed -- nice throw, jen, great throw. by the way, reporters on the scene do report that she concluded -- she did eat the piece of cheese as well. rachel: she is smart girl u she knows what to do with cheese. nicely done. pete: it's kind of a funnel. maybe i will try it -- maybe could adults do it? griff: i don't know. rachel: i was concerned that after this last segment. by the way we had to wipe the salt off the pete's face from the margaritas that maybe we were going to get cheese on us at the end of the segment. griff: let's bring in michelle malkin investigative reporter. michelle, have you given the wisconsin baptism of cheese to your children? >> i have not. my kids are 18 and 15.
4:10 am
those children should be very lucky it's not velveeta blocks of cheese. [laughter] pete: that is real parenting. we want to get your cpac speech amazing reaction. we will get to that there is reports of infighting inside the democratic caucus. have you nancy pelosi potentially teeming up with alexandria ocasio-cortez to keep the democrats in line. this is a quote for "the washington post." the house democrats exploded in recriminations thursday over moderates bucking the party with liberal alexandria ocasio-cortez threatening to put those voting with republicans on a list on a primary challenge are they going to close ranks here in their hatred of the president and republicans? >> it's fascinating. you have the ladies on one hand who have not always gotten along themselves, ocasio-cortez and nancy pelosi and the split is
4:11 am
between them and clyburn on the other side of it trying to guard some of the so-called moderate democrats who are concerned about keeping their seats. so there have been a number of procedural votes where the republicans have all stuck together and this is causing this great tension and it's delicious. i think in the end i think the ladies are going to prevail on this. and you are going to have both sides, you know, marching each in lock step with their party. that's how it is in the beltway. rachel: michelle, it shows a division and real deep concern within the democrat party. they all agree on the same socialist ideas. there are moderates who don't want to be known who are kind of upset that ocasio-cortez is outing the whole party of socialist. right? >> yeah. that's right. but even on some of these procedural votes, it's not necessarily that it's about
4:12 am
huing to the progressive light. it's really about republican strategy. there was a gun bill, for example, gun legislation and some smart republican came up with the idea of applying it to illegal aliens, right? it was doing making sure that ice would notify if an illegal alien was charged with a gun crime. so you have these democrats who are, you know, sort of reclemt which vote they should take. to the extent the republicans can outmaneuver democrats, you know, the grassroots want to see more of that because there certainly wasn't enough of it before the democrats reclaimed power. griff: michelle, a new video out now. some of the ladies you mentioned coming together for rolling stone. watch this. >> now, as speaker of the house, i have shoulders for others to stand on and i say to the women know your power. we don't have to hem ourselves. in we don't have to make ourselves seem acceptable. >> be fearless and
4:13 am
unapologetic about being your best you. >> the people of the united states are looking for a leader that unites. >> if i had to say something to trump, i probably wouldn't say anything because i don't think that it's worth the extra attention. >> mr. president, do the country a favor, don't run. griff: michelle kum ba yah moment what do you say? >> rolling stone has been essentially a democratic organ for quite a while now since juan winner came out full force and helped elect barack obama. now they are serving basically as a platform to cheer lead for very radical women and they are not talking about ilhan omar's anti-semitism or radical sharia views. they are not talking about alexandria ocasio-cortez economic i will literacy, and they are not talking
4:14 am
about nancy pelosi's careerist lifetime record of being a corruptocrat in the beltway. another double standard here, too of course, they will never celebrate so many accomplished republican and conservative women in public life and, you know, we have just come to expect that the last thing i would like to say about this, of course, they are being touted as guardians of future generations of women and they are all radical proabortion they will never point that out either. how many issues of rolling stone are sold anyway these days? pete: that's a good point. we will never see a cover with all the republican women who have been a part of the trump presidency. >> yes, exactly. pete: you won't. you just never will. yesterday, michelle, a lot of people fox nation extreme live there. if they missed it your speech at cpac. some were saying it was controversial. you spoke how you always have. you talked about back in 2002 you wrote the book on
4:15 am
immigration and things like that. here is part of michelle's comments yesterday at cpac and woo we will get to you respond, listen. >> both parties are to blame. i'm looking at you retired paul ryan and, yes, i'm looking at you mitch mcconnell. [applause] and, yes, i'm looking at you bush family and yes, i'm looking at you, the ghost of john mccain. [applause] the insteafeds under both repubn and democrat have themselves unwilling and incapable of handling the lapses, the backlog, the overload and yes, invasion. [applause] by every clear measure, the war is not on immigrants but on american sovereignty. pete: michelle, i mean, the conversation has turned in your direction. we are finally having a conversation about immigration. >> we are. and when i first spoke at cpac in 2002, there was only one panel on it and the grassroots were in full
4:16 am
revolt. it was a prestaging of everything that led to the election of president trump. he needs to be supported and the case needs to be made for comprehensive immigration enforcement reform. i'm afraid that too much of the focus merely on the wall is not giving him the support he needs on the rest of his agenda of making sure that we have an orderly immigration enforcement system. that's the case that i made. and i know that there are a lot of grassroots that felt that even now the establishment has neglected this issue. and i also talked about the threats from both outside and inside the country because, of course, so many ordinary trump supporters, independents, and conservatives feel like they are under siege. i mean, literally ordinary people who wear maga hats or simply express their support for trump are literally being physically assaulted out there. and diversity is not our strength unity is.
4:17 am
griff: michelle, were you surprised though, your comments about the ghost of john mccain sparked some controversy, were you surprised by the reaction cindy mccain, his widow, responding back and forth with you on twitter? >> well, this is nonsense that you get from the liberal media. because, they sat there in the back. they weren't listening to a word i said. it was a 20 minute speech and the entire speech is posted. the transcript at michelle and this is a one little trigger that set them off. the context of talking about the ghost of mccain was not some sort of personal ad hominem insult. it was to talk about the legacy of open borders republicans who have done the bidding of big business and aligned themselves with identity politics radicals who want to abolish ice and make our country unsafe. that was the context. instead they want to turn it into some silly little catfight that i'm not going to engage. we are really in an existential crisis here and those are the stakes that i laid out at cpac. rachel: our viewers can watch the speech for
4:18 am
themselves. i know you have posted on your website and fox nation at well and people with watch it online. people can make the decision themselves. 11:30 today the president is speaking at cpac. can you watch that on pete: michelle, make me one promise never change. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. rachel: bi, michelle. we will turn now to your headlines. president trump says his remarks regarding otto warmbier's death were misunderstood. this after he suggested kim jong un did not know the american was being abused while in north korean custody. the president tweeting in part, quote. i never like being misinterpreted especially when it comes to otto and his great family adding of course i hold north korea responsible for otto's mistreatment and his death. oat toe was arrested for taking a propaganda poster and died days after being returned to the u.s. in a coma. saudi arabia citizenship of usama bin laden's son. the move comes after the u.s. placed a 1-million-dollar bounty on
4:19 am
hazard that bin laden. it has been threatening. emerging as the new leader of al qaeda. teachers at one california district -- at a california district are ending their strike after reaching a tentative deal. through the power of the strike the people of oakland have spoken. rachel: the educators will get an 11% raise. a 3% bonus and smaller class sizes. the week long walkout affected 36,000 students in 86 schools. and, launching a new era of human space flight. the company sending a test dummy into space overnight. >> liftoff. rachel: the crew dragon capsule taking off from nsa's kennedy spac kennedy cent. if it all goes well use it to shuttle astronauts to the
4:20 am
international space station as early as july. 12345u9s haven't launched from american soil into orbit since 2011. those are your headlines. griff: all right. they convicted the world's most notorious drug lord put chapo behind bars facing legal trouble of their own. pete: democrats tried discrediting president trump's tax cuts claiming refunds would decrease this year. our own charles payne is here to tell us how that claim is now collapsing in front of our eyes. the man himself ♪ i'm a billionaire ♪ when i'm a billionaire ♪ 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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♪ ♪ rachel: the left and the
4:24 am
media complaining about tax refunds. the "new york times" said the "new york times" said smaller tax refunds surprising those expecting more relief. and cbs said americans shocked by impact of new tax law. my jaw hit the floor. but, it turns out tax refunds are actually on the rise. griff: that's right. data from the irs revealing on average refunds are up 1.3% from last year. pete: here are more host of making money on the fox business network charles payne. thanks for being here. they are saying our refunds are less because of the tax cuts? break this down to us. >> they were rying to connect this story to the tax cuts. if you read those headlines, the headlines are absolutely designed to be nothing but nefarious in assassination news. so disingenuous. the bottom line is the overwhelming majority of americans got to keep more of what they earned last year. that is the ultimate bottom line. now, some people made mistakes with respect to are holding, not adjusting withholdings and certain things. every week though people have gotten more money and got to make more money and
4:25 am
keep more money and consequently that meant you were gifings less to the government. guess what when it was time to refund you they had less of your money that i think you would have rather gotten during the course of the year anyway. griff: how much of a problem is this kamala harris was out a few weeks ago saying it was going to be down. now obviously the data is up. these are people running for president. >> she has come out real quickly on a couple of tom topics and too quick to talk. i don't know why any politician or democrats in this case would latch on to something that if they would just sit down for a moment and speak to an expert they would know what was wrong. it's disingenuous. if they spoke about this. they were deliberately trying to stoke anger and fear. deliberately trying to harm the cohesiveness of our nation and that's the most despicable thing about the nature of politics these days. when is someone going to run and say hey, by the way, in december, black home ownership went through the roof. in december, you know, wages
4:26 am
for nonsupervisory workers went through the roof. by the way last year was an amazing year for the economy. and the same time lifted all ships except it helped low skilled workers more than anybody else. when is somebody going to say that? rachel: when did it become good politics to not cheer lead for america? >> we have gotten that way. it's not cheer lead or actually root for us not to prevail. not to succeed. and you know, i have got to tell you, sometimes these things can become self-fulfilling. i did a thing on my show yesterday. some data came out late from december. and i'm convinced that the media was? close to pushing america into a recession. the media. the americans savings rate went through the roof even though wages and income went through the roof. people were so afraid. rachel: explain why? look at the headlines there is a series of headlines that said we are going into recession. we are good recession. pete: they keep saying that. >> they were laying it on so thick the market was going down. people became afraid. even though they were getting the big income --
4:27 am
incomes in fact went up in december 150% more than wall street had even thought it would. still, spending plunged. savings went through the roof. people were very, very afraid. they really were. and i think that was almost all mostly the media. >> it was amazing month by the way for america. amazing month. rachel: you wouldn't know it if you read the paper. pete: why the rest of us have dinner on friday night he digs through the jobs and brings it to you. griff: michael cohen once said he would take a bullet for the president. this week he is slamming his former boss calling him a con man. chris christie reacts to cohen's contradictions next. rachel: incredible surprise for two young girls, they are military moms back home after serving overseas. the emotional reunion straight ahead. i never get tired of these stories. ♪ the greatest ♪ the greatest ♪ the greatest ♪
4:28 am
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. ♪ pete: come up the stairs with us this morning. el chapo jurors could face jail time for criminal contempt. the drug lord's lawyers are vowing to file a motion for a retrial accusing them of misconduct. this after one juror admitted in an interview to vice that they read media coverage during the trial despite orders from the judge not to. that's a no-no. and, a judge orders a statue of liberty climber to home detention while revoking her bail. patricia will have to wear electronic monitoring bracelet while she awaits her sentence. >> america!
4:32 am
>> she was recently arrested in texas climbing a building protesting immigration policies. griff? ♪ rachel: former trump attorney michael cohen is making waves by calling out his former boss testimony on capitol hill. >> i am sorry for my lies and for lying to congress. i have lied. but i am not a liar. donald trump is a man who ran for office to make his brand great. not to make our country great. he had no desire or intention to lead this nation. only to market himself and to build his wealth and power. griff: here with his reaction former governor of new jersey and author of the book "let me finish" chris christie, governor, thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. griff: powerful testimony. called the president a racist, a con man, what say you? >> well, i have known the president for 17 years.
4:33 am
longer than michael cohen has known him. and i have never seen anything about the president which led me to believe he was a racist. i have not seen it not seen it, not heard it, and i think after 17 years of being his friend i would have had some indication if that was the way he felt. i have seen him treat everybody exactly the same way. donald trump cares about how good you are. not what color you are or where you come from. and that's been my experience with him. and i think, listen, michael cohen said some things yesterday that were hipful to the president. i think that the republicans just on the hill, spend enough time focusing on that. things helpful. reinforcing. hours calling him a liar. we all know he is a liar. that's established. like enough, after two or three we could have done with a lot less of that a lot more of let's protect, defend our president in the ways that we can. rachel: why did that happen? is that the g.o.p. people in the hearing were not very good at grilling and didn't
4:34 am
have a strategy or should the white house have in some way coordinated with them so that there would be a defense? i mean they kind of new it knewt was coming. >> the white house has a plan. rachel: s who job in the white house to coordinate that. >> hard to tell. rachel: who should it be. >> it should be the communications director. the problem is that the president is the communications director who a large extent and he was a little busy over in vietnam with kim jong un, right? that's part of the problem with the president getting involved in with as much detail and not delegating as much as he should. i'm planned he didn't plan on being over there when this happened but he couldn't control when the hearing was going to happen. good people on that committee who instinctively known it's time to start defending the president. not their first rodeo. griff griff rachel talks about things we saw coming. we may see subpoenas coming for don jr., ivanka, eric, can the white house stop that subpoena.
4:35 am
how do you see that playing out. >> i think it's a mixed bag. on don jr. and eric. i think if house government oversight subpoenas them, they are not in the government. eric and don jr. are private sector employees. decide to give them jobs: subject to oversight. if you have a job in the federal government. i think it's a split decision on that. i don't think don jr. and eric should be forced to go in front of congress in that way. but i do think that jared and ivanka are going to be unavoidable because the president put them in jobs and put themselves in jobs where they are subject to that oversight. griff: you wrote a book about in your face politics. mentioned something about 2020. tell me about the book and how you see 2020 playing out. >> right now the president is overwhelming favorite to be reelected for two or three reasons. first two are these. one, we like to reelect our
4:36 am
incumbent presidents. secondly, this president has done great things for our economy, for lowering unemployment, for opening up the door to north korea and then being strong enough to say no when he didn't get the deal he wanted. new good trade deals with mexico and canada. new good conservative judges on the federal bench. all those things, you know, really really argue in favor of the president being reelected. third reason is democratic field. we are going to nominate a socialist on the democratic side. the american people love democracy. they love our republic and they love capitalism. and they are not going to vote for a socialist for president. griff: they also love your book. how many weeks on the best seller's list. >> three weeks on the "new york times" best seller's list. great reaction around the country from people. what the book is really about to learn a little about me and where how i got to where i got to in life. talk about our politics of today and hopefully give people a little look inside and let them know what it's
4:37 am
really like to be inside a presidential campaign like the trump campaign was and like mine was during 2016. rachel: it's a great book. thanks for coming and talking to us about it. >> thanks for having me. griff: as some people celebrate dr. suess' birthday. others are calling the book racist. rachel: we often have breakfast with friends now this morning janice is having coffee with cops. we will check in with janice. janice? janice: yes, coffee and i have isn'croissants. we are having coffee with cops this morning at the sweetwater bar and grill. to salute our men and women in blue. will you join us after the break and have some coffee with cops? wave, everybody on "fox & friends." ♪ should tumble and fall ♪ oft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some!
4:38 am
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4:41 am
griff: it's your shot of the morning. i mom's birthday. sylvia griffin. oklahoma in 1932. she is my hero. watches us every morning. happy birthday, mom. rachel: happy birthday, silea, you raised a wonderful, kind gentleman. griff: she is there with her niece he is cindy lou and jenny. they took her to lunch at the breakers yesterday: rachel: happy birthday, sylvia. pete: you have done well.
4:42 am
thank you for watching us and for this character over here. happy birthday. great stuff. rich. rachel: police officers across the country getting together with local communities to get to know each other better. griff: our own janice dean sweetwater coffee with a cop. pete: i'm going to play to a stereotype. are they out of donuts there. janice: all the donuts are gone. pete: got it. general january listen, when there are donuts, you eat donuts when you get here to new jersey. i want to introduce you to two friends of mine kim and rebecca. they are emts. thank you for the first annual coffee with cops. what made you ladies come today? >> we wanted to show our support with law enforcement and how we worked well together. and it's a good community outreach. and i think it's a good thing that they are going to be doing this every year. janice: rebecca you live here in cinnaminson? >> i do. >> the community i love that they have come out to support law enforcement.
4:43 am
>> absolutely. we have such a tight-knit community here we want to support everybody. janice: how did you get to be an emt. >> i knew i wanted to be a nurse from a young age and this was putting my feet in the water and i loved it and i haven't left. janice: wonderful. how long have you been an emt. >> 36 years. janice: wonderful. what made you want to serve your community. >> like rebecca i knew i wanted to be a nurse. did i certain things. i joined when i was in high school my gym teacher who was also a member of our squad at the cinnaminson high school i joined and i haven't left. janice: i love that you work with your police officers. i'm married to a first responder as people know. i'm married to a firefighter. a lot of people think that firefighters and police officers and emts don't get along with each other. that's not the case. >> no. we have a very good working community and we work well with each other. janice: i love it i want to introduce you to jerry and rich deed trick, hi. >> hi. janice: you are a big "fox & friends" fan. >> yes, yes. janice: 24/7. >> yes. i watch all the shows.
4:44 am
even if i'm not physically watching it, the sound is in the morning until late at night. i watch all the shows. i love it and if i'm not home, i tape them. janice: fantastic. you are our per mecket audience. rich, you are the fire commissioner here in cinnaminson. thank you for coming. >> thank you. it's a wonderful event and correct to correct i'm one of five fire commissioner. january zan wonderful. tell us about the community here. >> the community is great. the location in terms of relationship to major city, philadelphia, is terrific. it's easy to get to the philadelphia airport. it's a very green community. we have a lot of parks, a lot of participation with our citizens we just love it here. janice: i love all of you know each other. if you have to go on a run to a fire or a police officer going to someone's house. it's like you know the families. >> absolutely. yeah.
4:45 am
definitely. janice: thank you so much. thank you for serving. thank you to our officers. our men and women in blue. for coming to cinnamon, new cinn new jersey, a beautiful town. serving coffee and cupcakes and no more donuts unfortunately, pete. [applause] pete: get on n. within on before those games of connect four. i see it in the background. play one of those. janice: for the children, yes. i was playing it earlier, too. pete: i have no doubt. well done. glitch griff good job, janice. rachel: when they run out of donuts there they give croissants. turning to headline news. look at this insane road rage caught on camera. a truck driver drag as man down a washington highway. he was trying to get away after the man breaks his window and starts beating him up. no word on the truck driver's condition. police are investigating what exactly sparked that incident. california's justice department paid employees one million dollars in harassment settlements kamala harris was the
4:46 am
state's attorney general. the "l.a. times" reports the cases range from shower. allegations tsexual sexual harassment allegations she did not know about the claims until the report came out. the new york city mayor blaze'blackface's wife cannot account for a billion dollars of taxpayer money. sherri lien mccrea was given $850 million for a mental health project called thrive nyc. according to politico, the organizers have failed to keep accurate records of the initiative's achievements. and the data that has been selected shows it significantly lagging behind its goals. troublesome. grab the tissues and watch as a deployed military mom surprises her two daughters at school. >> oh. >> momma. [squeals] >> mom, mom.
4:47 am
rachel: the girl sprinting into her arms as she enters the mississippi classroom. davis returns home after spending the past year in kuwait and syria. and those are your headlines. sweet video. i love that they capture it, you know? sweet moment. griff: thank you for her service. pete: kuwait and syria last year and back to see your kids. very cool. rick, what's up? rick: this is amazing snowball fight. rachel: don't tempt us. pete: you will will be in our crosshairs. rick: snowball fight snow. one storm right now across parts of the northeast. another run coming later on and toward the mid-atlantic as well and severe weather. take a look at the maps and show you what is going on. we are watching a lot of at least right now a little bit of clearing down across parts of the mississippi river valley for now. i will tell you we are heading towards major flood stage all across parts of the southern mississippi because of all the rain we have had over the last month. there is one storm across the northeast that is almost
4:48 am
out of here it will be gone by this evening and then this new storm out across parts of the west really rapidly moving storm. it's still offshore in california. by tomorrow late afternoon, it's going to be all the way across parts of the northeast. you see this red color down across parts of the southeast. that's some severe weather we will be dealing with another shot of another 3 to 6 inches of snow sunday night into monday could cause problems for monday morning commute. watch the big snow tomorrow across the colorado rockies 3 feet or so of snow falling. great news still for ski areas there. here is that severe weather threat for tomorrow certainly be very careful with that and temps wise still very cold all across the north. all right, guys, back to you inside. pete: are you tempting folks from minnesota, wisconsin and california? [laughter] snowball fight, rick? pete: i am. rick: i'm from the mountains of arizona. we had a lot of snow there. rachel: that's right. is he from the north. is he not from phoenix. pete: good point. all right rick. see you later on.
4:49 am
pete: venezuela in crisis asthma durrough holds on to power despite more than 50 countries including the u.s. pressuring him to step down. are democrats and the hollywood and so-called mainstream media ignoring the crisis. our next guest left venezuela to relocate to the u.s. he weighs in coming up next. okay, paint a picture for me.
4:50 am
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griff: welcome back quick sports line headlines here major league baseball looking for a public fight between the san francisco giants ceo and his wife. watch this. >> oh my god. no. griff: video obtained by tmz sports shows larry baird trying to take a cell phone from his wife before knocking her to the ground in california. they both have apologized. and this nfl player is arrested after a car wreck and then gets grut his team. alex collins released by the baltimore ravens after he was taken into custody. the running back is facing
4:53 am
drug and gun possession charges. rachel? rachel: venezuela is in crisis. the trump administration slapping sanctions on six high ranking venezuelan officials after humanitarian aid was blocked last week. pete: but, while the citizens live in turmoil, the situation is getting little attention. rachel: here to weigh in is spokesman americans for prosperity andreas. >> good morning, how are you all? rachel: it's very interesting. we are seeing images coming out of venezuela, things we have known but now seeing people eating garbage out of garbage cans. humanitarian crises and yet we have a representative in our u.s. house representative omar from minnesota saying we shouldn't be sending this humanitarian aid that, you know, this is just the u.s. trying to impose or eventually invade veans. >> well, it's an absolute -- you nailed it, it's a human tragedy. i remember when moving from
4:54 am
venezuela when i was 10 years old with my family and i can't imagine the pain that it must have taken my parents to look at me sisters, 10, 8, and 6 and look at us in the eyes and say we can't go back. the situation has deteriorated to such a degree under the maduro regime that like you said people are literally following after garbage trucks to grab a scrap of food. they are using food as a political tool. the medical resources that people need aren't there. people are dying in hospitals. it's a system that's built around simply erratic indicating hope and it's not working. they promised the world socialism has failed us. rachel: i hope it's not lost on our viewers. this is representative omar who actually lived in a refugee camp where she received humanitarian aid and received frankly the charity of the united states to come here as a refugee and is now asking that we not send humanitarian tied venezuela. i mean, it sounds so heartless. pete: even worse, andreas, we will play a clip. listen. if we have it.
4:55 am
do we have it? we may not have the clip. ultimately what she says is this is an invasion as well. it's not just not caring. it's america is the bad guy here. >> look, we need to continue to support the venezuelan people. i'm so incredibly grateful to colleagues like yours like steve harrigan in caracas telling us these stories. people like marco rubio, senator rick scott, senator bob menendez help us and the community that appreciates it so much. what we need in venezuela are fair and open elections. weave need to make sure standing by those efforts to finally rid ourselves of the so-called chavez revolution. rachel: we finally got the clip have you take a listen to this. >> yes, ma'am. >> we are sending humanitarian aid that is in the guise of, you know, eventually invading this country. >> you don't support the leader of the opposition as being the president right now, not present leader? >> absolutely not. pete: she is on the foreign affairs committee. >> juan guaido is the
4:56 am
legitimate recognized leader in the world. more countries are come on all the time supporting his legit macy. nicholas that temperature reis illegitimate leader. the so-called revolution has failed. they promised us the world. they haven't been able to deliver anything except erratic indicating hope. the only thing improve the lives of venezuelans is freedom that's the only thing that makes our communities better safer and allows us to live truly fulfilled lives. rachel: a lot of people implicit in the situation. not just democrat socialist leaders that cheer it on like bernie sanders. hollywood is implicit. that's why they were a little bit silent last week at the oscars. danny glover, sean penn, all of them, do they owe the people of venezuela an apology for this? >> look, that's what's great about this country. we are fortunate to live in a country where we can have a difference of opinion and not live under the sort of tyranny that you live in venezuela where nicholas maduro uses the police and
4:57 am
military and courts to see you lens opposition where they use food as a political tool to control the people. you know, people really think that socialism is such a great thing then quite frankly i invite you to come on down, come to venezuela and see it for yourself. pete: as a result folks like ilhan omar take it for granted. andres, thank you for your time this morning. rachel: thank you, appreciate it. pete: former vice president joe biden calling vice president mike pence a decent guy. why is he being forced to apologize for that comment? rachel: plus, skip breakfast and eat dessert first? i like that. we are breaking all the rules with diet tips thaw will actually want to follow. pete: dessert first? whoa. ♪ you are my candy, girl ♪ and you got me wanting you ♪ but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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5:01 am
rachel: you can break the rules on breakfast and eat dessert first. griff: research is blasting some of our long held beliefs when it comes to healthy eating. pete: here with a diet you will actually want to follow chef and dietitian niclet pace. thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for being back. >> dessert. would you think having this before your meal before breakfast good research chocolate for breakfast will actually help you maintain a weight loss. psychologically it breaks down the cravings urge that you get as the day wears on. breakfast is actually the most met toll bishly active meal of the day. also a neutral meal. nighttime craving where you are dead tired. pete: pass the chocolate. >> portion control. too many donuts. griff: all of america thanks you. what else are the rules? >> breakfast, which means it
5:02 am
does not matter if you don't eat it right await a minute the time line is within four hours after you awake. this is universal for people who work overnight and all kinds of other shifts. therefore, if you extend that time line actually open up a whole variety of menu occupations. caesar salad. pea soup with ham. a sandwich. pete: not breakfast right away you don't have to think just breakfast. rachel: being like your lunch. >> naming the meal trips you up. i'm supposed to have this for your particular meal and you end up short changing yourself. >> pro-biotics. >> yogurt, yogurt. highly overdunn done. really like dessert low pro-biotic. these are result that the services tempe made from soy. >> i like it. >> it's cultured has interesting pro-biotic activity. pete: i like tempe said nobody ever. >> we really don't know the particular sprain is that does what in the body. cover your bases with a lot of different stuff.
5:03 am
griff: grains are good. >> grains are really good. barley oatmeal. have you these fiber bites which are great chocolate too on top of it broccolis to the instead of old tater tots and lynn tells. >> talk to us about the shrimp. we have been knawing on this. >> always a hit. this is for crachings. this is for the itch the diet. satisfy your crangetion you will find you will be very satisfied and if you don't you end up eating your way all the way around it stuff to really be satisfied. you want to listen to your body and if you eat all this fiber somebody else is going to be listening to you for sure. so anyways. you have chili which is vegetarian really adaptable to any meet. ostrich, crocodile. it's good for it. pete: folks want to learn more where. >> nutra pete: dessert for breakfast. rachel: chocolate. pete: maybe not all dessert. 2020 democratic field getting more crowded. we will take a look who is coming into the race coming
5:04 am
up next. rachel: "the washington post" now admitting it screwed up reporting in the covington catholic situation. you think? how the lawyers at the center of it is responding. ...
5:05 am
5:06 am
5:07 am
>> it was freedom, not socialism that ended slavery, won two world's and stands today as the beacon of hope for all of the world. america will never be a socialistic country. >> we must convict socialism and not let this fester. >> the house democrats now in charge trying to go after collusion didn't work so now they go after president trump's finances. pete: they're going to investigate everything. >> if they don't find any evidence of collusion which there's none, and after two years if you can't find it, it ain't there. >> you can not go too far on the issue of climate change. the future of the planet is at stake. >> at a cost of 93 trillion. >> that's more than four times our national debt. griff: battle for border security. >> this year we are looking at
5:08 am
a 97% increase over last year. rachel: we're hearing about a lot of democratic candidates meeting with hillary clinton for advice. >> i suspect not. >> say cheese! people are throwing single cheese slices at their babies in a new challenge that's trending on social media. >> ♪ let the good times roll pete: welcome. if the good times were rolling last night you might still be in bed. and that's okay we hope you're pouring a cup of coffee or someone else is pouring it for you. rachel: or you're just rolling out of bed right now. just getting going. pete: 9:00 on the east coast. rachel: we've been going for a while right griff? griff: good times are rolling in the democratic party. the cars apparently not in yet that i'm aware of. rachel: might join. griff: however we do have new additions a relatively unknown governor from the state of washington, jay insley is the
5:09 am
latest. pete: how many are there now griff? griff: there are quite a few, so many i can hardly count, andrew yang, elizabeth warren, and we also are hearing that it is likely a former colorado governor john hick en looper will be jumping in soon. pete: i know you can count to 10 but your point is it could grow and it will grow. we've heard about perspective names big names potentially on the side line including former vice president joe biden the wall street journal headline that we're reporting says biden leans toward another run while the heart of his party has shifted. to that point he's no moderate, joe biden but he's sort of more of an old school liberal not the socialistic you're seeing today you mentioned jay insley. the latest entrance, a washington governor running almost exclusively climate change. armageddon is coming it's the ao c world war ii.
5:10 am
rachel: and the world ends in 12 years. pete: so government needs to take over your life and our economy while by the way china and russia and india and the middle east do nothing about so-called emissions we need to rapidly overhaul our entire country, in order to save our country, in what's analagus to a war effort. rachel: interestingly bernie sanders you mentioned he's running he actually says that alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal doesn't go far enough. he says you can't go far enough. here he is on the view. take a listen. >> does the green new deal go too far? >> no. you can not go too far on the issue of climate change. the future of the planet is at stake. >> [applause] >> okay? >> bernie? bernie? >> we have according to the best scientists in the world, we have 12 years to begin substantially cutting carbon emissions before there will be damage to the planet.
5:11 am
griff: and you will see senator sanders giving a piece today in brooklyn. rachel: where you'll be. griff: where we're going to bring it to you tomorrow. pete: i'm trying to think of things i would say you can't go too far when fighting x. i'm thinking isis? like in my mind, i would probably say you can't go too far when fighting and crushing isis. the new religion, the new enemy for the left is weather, it is climate change doing whatever they can to make government control and stop that. you saw the green new deal, they're all signing on they will try to make this election about it meanwhile griff you've been on the border our economy is booming we've got real issues being addressed and need to be addressed they're not having that conversation. griff: it's interesting so when president trump pulled out of that paris climate accord that became a talking point so these democrats have to run on something substantive and the green new deal is one way to say well we're going to do it different and better and another issue, that has been talked about in this shift to the left, the socialistic shift, that
5:12 am
sanders started in the last election is medicare for all you hear so much of it. this is a wall street journal headline that we're putting up for you now. medicare for all loses momentum among democrats, this obviously some polling that will be debated back and forth we'll see where it goes but the thread to connect here is that whether you're talking about medicare for all, whether you're talking about the green new deal ultimately someone has to pay for that stuff. pete: yeah. rachel: right and americans are still americans. you saw chris cristi on a little earlier he said americans still love capitalism, americans still love choice. when the medicare for all sounds good when you unpack it, it just means that you get less choice and americans just don't like that and by the way back just a little bit to bernie on that good luck winning back wisconsin , telling them you want to eliminate cows on the green new deal, so i think there's a lot there, they're shifting to the left and i think the american people even some democrats are going whoa whoa be careful. pete: not only are the american
5:13 am
people saying whoa whoa be careful, joe biden, he's the one that said to barack obama that was a big deal that was just obamacare which is a incremental step to medicare for all, will he be for that, for the green new deal, for tearing down the wall because all of the candidates he's against are to the left of him on that the crowd and the mob at the progressives the media is with him on that, how do you play a middle game which is not even middle any more, it's left? that's why a guy like joe biden is sitting back going do i really want to endure this right now he's out of step with where his base is right now kind of like where hillary clinton was in 2016 bernie sanders was the real energy. if he's thinking about it, and then you have to run against trump whose talking about the real issues that matter in wisconsin to your point it really hits people's pocket book and their culture and country and their faith, good luck bill big fellow. griff: in my hometown of washington d.c. the paper of record there the washington post
5:14 am
issuing a correction posting an editor's note last night around 6:00 p.m. perhaps thinking no one would see it but it certainly is significant because the catholic issue we saw kids came for the march on washington and everybody has seen that video, here is what the washington post put in the registerses note. a washington post article first hosted online in january 19 reported on a january 18 incident at the lincoln memorial , some secret reporting a student's statement and additional video allow for a more complete assessment of what occurred either contradicting or failing to confirm accounts provided in that story. of course the washington post was being sued for $250 million by that young man there, nicholas sandman, his attorney responding to the late night most saying too little too late. rachel: and also what a got of lang juan that was why not say we made a mistake, we were wrong we, you know, name this kid, and smeared him, and we're sorry, and put that on the front page
5:15 am
instead of like on page whatever it was at 6:00 p.m. at night. i mean, this boy's life was forever altered and they were part of that. pete: are you going to fire a reporter? someone didn't do their due diligence splashed the headline up because it fit a narrative and then 40 days later, not four days later, 40 days later after they face a $250 million lawsuit they come up with this little explanation on friday night, which you know and everyone knows where you try to bury news when you don't want to admit it no one will read it or see it unless they watch our program and then you have nicholas' whose life has been put through the ringer simply wanting the truth to be told, the truth is evidential on video tape. this is why the credibility of the media is z ilch, almost, amongst the people who love our country, because they're running a narrative and not facts griff and i know that hurts your heart because you're a guy who cases
5:16 am
chases facts. griff: facts matter and this story will be played out so we're likely not to get more information when it relates to whether or not the washington post will join a pill apologize as well as correcting it but i digress across the country there's another bit of news that is worth getting in there and that is an arrest in the confrontation with that uc berkeley student, right? just a conservative student getting punched in the face first, watch. >> jesus christ. what? griff: well we now know that the 28 year old you see there has been arrested in that case. rachel: thank god. pete: here is a mugshot you didn't see it let's put it up. what a tough guy. big tough guy walks up to a
5:17 am
conservative activist getting people to sign on with the group turning point usa and just punch es him in the face, the other kid is not trying to be aggressive at all. what is the media going to cover this? are they going to talk about the rise of hate? rachel: you'll probably only see this on fox, both of these the covington and this story there is a concerted effort on the part of the left to silence young conservatives in particular. they're absolutely going after them, and i think what was heart ening to me in the end with covington is that i saw conservatives really coming together they got that footage and they got it out there and they demanded that these statements be retracted. now we didn't get the retraction we wanted say out of the washington post but conservative s did not leave the covington boy or this young man with turning point asco lateral damage in this resistance or this identity politics war that they're playing. they're trying to make people afraid about wearing that hat. i will tell you after covington,
5:18 am
every american conservative mom will think twice about letting her kid go on a school trip with a make america great hat. this is absolutely meant to silence young people and we can't let it stand. pete: the lesson of that is you can't back down. most people don't get punched. he did unfortunately but most of you will get screamed at or you'll be called a racist when you're not, a homophobic when you're not, whatever, just skip, this is a time for courage for people who believe in things stand up for what you believe in rachel: we'll have that young man on tomorrow, i believe. pete: oh, very cool. i learn about tomorrow's show from you. rachel: there we go. griff: along with headlines. rachel: i'll get to those right now. a pilot is dead after his plane hit a florida condo building the small aircraft flying a banner crashed into the 16th floor of the high-rise before falling into the pool deck below, witnesses say the banner got caught before the crash near fort lauderdale beach and the
5:19 am
owner of the banner company says the experienced pilot was a new hire. no one else was injured. authorities are looking into the cause. a woman is charged with dragging a trooper with her suv. the trooper was directing offfic when he allegedly the trooper was able to free himself after being dragged several feet. he has serious injuries but he is expected to recover thank goodness. delaware state police are investigating. the u.s. is scrapping large scale military drills with south korea that were planned for this spring. the pentagon is set to formerly cancel the joint military exercises in the coming days. officials tell fox news the decision is a direct result of decreased tensions with north korea and not the summit in vietnam. and, a world war ii veteran receives thousands of cards for his 100th birthday. >> thank you for your service to this great nation.
5:20 am
you bet. that's beautiful. rachel: joe's birthday wish for 100 cards going viral on social media. workers at joe's nursing home in texas say they have a special room for his 30,000 cards from around the world. wow and those are your headlines , he only wanted 100 and he got 30,000. griff: happy birth day joe. pete: one might have come from you griff. there's no bigger support of our military than griff jenkins. i mean that. well do transgender athletes have an unfair advantage in the competition they take part in? what if they dominate their opponents? we'll ask a transgender person coming up. griff: and joe biden thinks vice president mike pence is a decent guy. what's wrong with that? well the left wing mob comes out swinging so will they push him out of the running? charles hurt here to weigh in, he'll tell us. >> ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent.
5:21 am
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>> the fact of the matter is, the guys a decent guy. our vice president, who stood before this group of allies and leaders, and said i'm here on be half of president trump and there was dead silence. pete: joe you can't say that any more. former vice president and possible 2020 contender joe biden facing backlash from the left for calling vice president pence "a decent guy" later walking back his complement because of pressure so does the presumed 2020 front runner stand a chance in this new leftist democratic party here with more is charlie hurt a political opinion editor for the washington times and fox news contributor well done, so i'll ask you that question. does he have a chance? >> i think it's a tough road for him actually, but you know
5:25 am
the poor guy, he's been around washington for 25 years, plus he knows all these people. he's friends with all of these people, and so he's always kind of had diarrhea of the mouth. he just says whatever kind of goes in one ear and out and so he tends to sort of wander into these things, but you're right. this is the great cleans that we're seeing on the democratic party, that there's no room, there's no tolerance left for anybody who would say anything like that, and it reminds me of course of what we saw, you know, 10 years ago with the tea party and the republican party. the difference is that the tea party was dragging the republican party back towards our constitutional principles, and what's going on now is you've got this, these crazies inside the democratic party dragging the party leftward towards socialism and there's nothing constitutional or american about any of that.
5:26 am
pete: boy that's right the tea party was a restoration of values whereas the left was dragging them in a nonsense land but i want to get your take again on the joe biden thing a little bit more because the pressure he got was not from colleagues and folks like that it was from hollywood types cynthia nixon an actress tweeted at joe biden shortly after those comments and she said joe biden you've just called america's most anti-lgbt elected leader a "decent guy" please consider how this falls on the ears of our community and then joe biden apologized quickly to the actress saying you're right cynthia i was making a point in a foreign policy context that under normal circumstances a vice president wouldn't be given a silent reaction on the world's stage there's nothing decent about being the anti-lgbt rights and that includes the vice president. >> she says how high and the thing that's so sad about this is this is just them furthering their identity politics business of dividing americans by whatever race, creed, gender, all these sorts of things, and then playing politics with it
5:27 am
and it's despicable. pete: you can't call him a decent guy even if you agree with his political positions that's the premise of our country for 240 years apparently its gone. >> has been. pete: that's the scary part of this whole debated. charlie hurt thank you very much for your time. good stuff smart guy. do transgender athletes have an unfair advantage in the competitions they take part in? also is the sky blue? what if they dominate their opponents? we'll ask a transgender person next, and a man who beat leukemia achieves his dream of becoming a united states marine, and joining us to discuss his incredible journey, straight ahead. i can't believe it. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream?
5:28 am
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griff: time for quick headlines caught on camera a manhunt underway for this guy setting a vehicle on fire and taking off. >> i'm not believing what i'm seeing. what possessed whoever did this to do this, why? griff: family members say they have no idea why the florida woman was targeted know eone else was injured. and this, a group is caught celebrating their heist with a pit stop for late night breakfast and shopping surveillance video here showing the group at a georgia waffle house and walmart. police are still searching for them accused of breaking into eight cars and stealing two of them. rachel? rachel: thank you, griff. the debate over transgender athletes reigniting as some in the media praised the athletes for their progress in sports. now earlier this week we spoke to a high school runner who failed to qualify for regionals
5:32 am
after two transgender athletes took the top two spots at the connecticut state track championship take a look. >> it is unfair to have someone who is a biologically a male run with the girls who have not undergone anything in terms of hormone therapy. i missed out on qualifying for further meets and showing off what i can do in front of college coaches and furthering my career in track. when you're at the start line of a race and you know what the outcome of the race is before it even happens. rachel: joanna harper is a medical physicist and transgender athlete who has advised the olympic committee on matters of gender and sports she joins us now. welcome. >> welcome, yeah, hi. rachel: so what do you say to this young athlete who says look this just wasn't fair to me. >> well, you know, i think that these two transgender girls should have gone on hormone
5:33 am
therapy prior to competing at the state level in connecticut. rachel: are you saying they weren't on therapy? >> i don't have their medical records but probably they weren't. rachel: they certainly didn't look like they had been on for very long. you say that once they get on therapy, that these transgender athletes actually lose the muscle and the body mass that say a male athlete would have and actually are more compatible with female athletes. >> more compatible, not exactly the same but transgender runner will run approximately 10% slower after a year of hormone therapy. rachel: i mean the bottom line is and that's my question to you is do you think this competition is fair? >> well, this particular competition was not what i would suggest is optimal. i tend not to use the word fair but yeah, i think that these girls should have been on hormone therapy before competing
5:34 am
at a state level. rachel: so the ap has a quote i want to read you because there's a growing resentment about this among especially female athletes it says transgender athletes are breaking barriers and being embraced by teammates and fans but resentments can still flare when transgender women start winning and dominating their sport, so what say you about that? >> so there is no evidence that transgender women after hormone therapy will dominate. for instance the ncaa has allowed hormone therapy women to compete for eight years, and rather than dominating the ncaa, they barely make it in. rachel: interesting wow we'll see how this develops this is definitely a hot button issue and one that femininists have to step into and talk about because there's a lot of controversy there thank you so much for joining us it's very insightful. >> you're welcome. rachel: you got it. as some people celebrate dr. seu
5:35 am
ss's 10 fifth birthday others are callings his books racist plus janice is having coffee with cops in new jersey. >> good morning, we are in cinnamon, new jersey coffee with our cops our men and women in blue and you are watching fox & friends! stay with us, after the break. [applause] >> ♪ ♪ check out the spring fishing classic at bass pro shops and cabela's where you can see all the latest gear. with weekly hot deals on popular items-- just in time to stock up for the season. plus bring the kids this weekend for free workshops, crafts, giveaways, and activities.
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griff: well we have birth days here, and now it's time to wish a happy birthday to dr. seuss on what would have been his 115th birthday. pete: it's nice but there's a problem. rachel: there's always a problem griff. griff: there's a new study out that suggests many of his writings being done in the 50s are racist and problematic this headline from research on diversity, the cat is out of the bag, anti-blackness and white supremacy and dr. seuss, so you're a mean one mr. grinch. pete: this study out of st. katherine university or college, in minnesota, again get it together so my favorite book is go, dog, go, do you like my hat? i've read it i think a thousand times this book ends i don't
5:40 am
even have to study this book ends with them climbing a tree and they have a dog party at the top of the tree, and some of the most offensive are go dogs go, it's not too far, go dogs go, it's not green. rachel: so what's offensive because i love all of dr. seuss i love the cat in the hat and the green eggs and ham. griff: well ham first of all you got to go vegan. green there has to be a new deal rachel: [laughter] you're right but listen it's not the only book, that the little house on the prairie they say is racist and now because that's racist, this is really -- griff: so to answer your question they point specifically to horton hears a who and some of the characters out there and say that it plays to setting up what is now viewed in our modern culture, as problematic. pete: if you play into it, the problem is there are actually students at st. katherine we should have one on the program tomorrow who are actually taught
5:41 am
by these loons who actually believe what they're saying and then they won't read dr. seuss to their kids because they will read them some politically correct nonsense. so please, do dr. seuss a five on, go buy a bunch of books, and read them to your kids everything is going to be fine, people. rachel: another example of liberals ruining childhood, [laughter] griff: for the record peta has not yet weighed in on the grinch 's mistreatment of that poor little dog. rachel: or the eating of the ham so, all right well dr. seuss, happy birthday, sylvia, griff's mom happy birthday. pete: that's right. there's so much we could say about this. send us your e-mails you're smarter than we are friends@fox your take on dr. seuss. griff: and please rhyme. pete: please rhyme while doing so. love it. rachel: we're going to turn to your headlines i can't rhyme them but here we go. a daycare worker now behind bars after this horrific video of a three year old thrown against a
5:42 am
cabinet. the little girl's head gashed open needing seven stitches. missouri police finding wilma brown hiding in a friend's basement closet and brown was charged with the views, she no longer works at that daycare. a mother claims she and her baby were kicked off of a fight because of their rare skin condition. jordan flake said she was booted from an american airlines flight in texas because she didn't have a doctor's note saying it was safe for them to fly. she was trying to visit her husband before getting deployed pulled the flight attendant her condition is genetic and not contagious and the airline has apologized and looking into the matter and 150 people attending the burial of an air force veteran they'd never met. robert wonderlick said to be buried alone after his family received little notice of the service. st. louis locals stepped up after hearing about wonderlick on the news. here we go. >> my eyes were watering.
5:43 am
it's still kind of hard, and i was in disbelief that this many people at first would show up. rachel: wonderlick was part of a community serving homeless veterans. a new parents are expecting to lose plenty of sleep while caring for their kids, of course they are. >> jessica can you get these plates and put them on the table please? you are in over your head, mr.. rachel: [laughter] that was actually footage of my husband shawn when i was here in new york, but now, parents need to prepare for six years of sleepless nights the new study from the uk's university shows first time moms lose about 22 minutes of sleep per night, even when their kids start school it also says that dads lose about 14 minutes of sleep per night. do you think that's pretty accurate you guys? pete: what do you think? rachel: i think it's a little
5:44 am
more than that. pete: i try letting them cry, technology that's good. try locking your door technology those are helpful to get more sleep when the house is on fire. rachel: [laughter] have a lot of kids and then it doesn't bother you as much. griff: our own janice dean is speaking to people at the bar and grill in new jersey, janice how is it going? >> its been going great. this is their first annual and i want to talk to officer mike here because officer mike was the first one to say i want to do coffee with a cop and how did we come up with this idea? >> it's a nationwide program that has been implemented throughout the united states. we decided here to try it for the first time here at sweet water bar and grill, and its been pretty successful. reporter: what does community mean to you? >> togetherness. you need to be one, united. reporter: do you want to tell us about other events you've got coming up? >> sure we have plenty of other events throughout the community.
5:45 am
we have the march 23rd event which is battle of the badges. it's the fire department versus the police department wing eating contest. reporter: whose going to win? >> hopefully the police department. reporter: [laughter] that's awesome thank you so much did you guys enjoy it today? >> yes! reporter: now listen i want to talk to you. you moved here from los angeles? >> yes. reporter: why? >> we wanted to be with our family and we just felt like it was a better community for our kids, better values, and this kind of an event really validate s that. the officers have been in this town for many years and they're left and come back and raised their families here and it's a nice feeling to know that we're in such a nice town, a hallmark- ish kind of town. reporter: i love it and chaplin john, how long? >> we're in our 27th year i serve a local church, united methodist church i've officially been chaplin for two years but informally i was in that role
5:46 am
since i've been here. reporter: what does community mean to you? >> this. i mean, we all get together and we all take care of each other and one important thing is the police officers te us, but we got to remember to take care of them and we need to pray for them and we need to be kind to them and help them out when they need it and i feel really proud that my husband is a chaplin so that he could be there for the officers when they have their difficult time because it's very stressful, it's a very very stressful job. reporter: this is an important job you have too to connect everyone. tell me a favorite bible verse for you? >> love one another as i have loved you and of course those are the words of our lorde and saviour jesus to us, and talk about one another as to love one another. reporter: i love it. >> that's what this event is about just loving one another. reporter: that's a good way to rap. amen, thank you all for being part of this first annual coffee with a cop. thank you so much. back to you guys. griff: well done thanks janice well our next guest giving a
5:47 am
message for millennials at cpac. >> what is the most important issue that kind of defines conservatism to you? >> i think conservatism mainly is about individualism. griff: rob smith joins us to keep that conversation going. pete: and a man who beat leukemia, getting emotional, as he achieves his dream of becoming a united states marine and joins us to discuss his incredible journey, straight ahead. this is nice. yeah. yeah, this is nice. mmmm how did you make the dip so rich and creamy? oh, it's a philadelphia- -family recipe. can i see it? no. new philadelphia dips. so good, you'll take all the credit. you don't see psoriasis.
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rachel: quick headlines amazon is diving deeper into the grocery business by launching their own chain. the wall street journal reports it'll be separate from their purchase of whole foods with
5:51 am
lower prices. they expect to open in los angeles at the end of the year and amazon customers choosing to go green will have to wait longer for packages. the company is offering a new shipping option to cut down on ways by delivering once a week starting tuesday, u.s. prime members who enroll in the service can select a specific day to receive a weeks worth of deliveries. gerri: turning point usa took on cpac, 2019 and speak to millennials about the future of the republican party. >> first of all what brings you here to cpac 2019? >> i'm a new conservative, 15 months ago i was a liberal. >> give me your thoughts on the democratic party? >> they're running to the left. >> what is the most important issue that kind of defines conservatism to you? >> i think conservative mainly is about individualism. griff: so where is the party headed joining us now to continue the conversation is turning point usa spokesperson rob smith. rob i had the honor and pleasure to cover cpac for many many
5:52 am
years and it's all about young people but you went there and got the pulse of it, where based on these millennials do you believe things are headed? >> well you know, there was a lot of very young energy and for me, what i heard the most from the people that i spoke to, they are really concerned about border security and really concerned about being pro-life. they see the democrats going further and further to the left on those two issues so those are the things that came up the most in the people that i spoke to. griff: and rob, did you find they identify with president trump, that somehow president trump has played a role in this change of opinion? >> they did. i talked to people that absolutely love the president. you have to understand this was somebody that was already entertainment super star before he did become the president of the united states, and a lot of people really connected to that energy, and they thought that he really brings sort of that entertainment industry sort of
5:53 am
like to the party they really love him i talked to a young latino man that had a make america great again cap on and he really was all about the president being very forceful, when it comes to border security he realized that even though we have some people that are crossing that want to come over for a better life that's great but people we need to have a border. griff rob did you meet anyone that was maybe liberal leaning to change their mind? >> i did i met a young black man that had a make america great again cap on and he's a new conservative and he said he came to the conservative movement because he started talking to some conservatives and he found that they were able to poke some holes and sort of his liberal-leaning thoughts and that excited him so much, he wanted to read some books and kind of educate himself a little bit more so he could come to have a little bit more to play with them, but then he found out that they had better ideas than him and that they knew what they were talking about more so he's a new conservative.
5:54 am
griff: just very quickly based on what you saw there and again it's important to point out that this is where young people come to hear that opinion to decide what they feel like. do you believe in 2020 we may see a stronger turn out of millennials for president trump, democrats of course, saying they're going to have them all? >> yeah, i absolutely think that we will see more millennial s come out for president trump and 2020. you have to understand that he is bringing a new energy into the party, he's bringing a new diversity into the party. he's bringing more excitement into the party and from what i saw of the young people that i spoke to on the ground, they are excited about the party, they're excited about the movement and they're excited to show up for the president. griff: we shall see rob smith at cpac talking to the millennials. >> thanks for having me. griff: he was diagnosed with leukemia at just 11 years old and went through five years of chemotherapy now he's filling his dream as a united states marine. he joins us with his emotional journey to serve. >> ♪ don't stop, believing how much your business can save. of your pie. attorney on your side. work for you.
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pete: welcome back to probably our coolest segment of the morning a man, an american who beat leukemia achieves his dream of serving our country, one of the newest marines america's newest marines michael campfori, is seen her getting emotional after fighting his way through what's called the crucible a military test that includes food deprivation and 45 miles of marching at boot camp. rachel: before conquering this challenge he won fight for his life at just 11 years old he was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent five years of chemo.
5:59 am
griff: that's right he joins us now with more on his inspiring story, michael i want to ask you the video which was so amazing, it was the first time you were called a u.s. marine what was it like? >> it was amazing. it was probably not probably, it was the best time in my life that i couldn't tell you there's no feeling other than that. rachel: had you always wanted to be in the military when you were 11 and facing this terrible challenge of dealing with cancer did you think about i want to one-day serve our country in the military? >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. its been a dream of mine to be in the military. i've always wanted that discipline and drive of the military. pete: michael i'm an army guy i've never been to marine boot camp but they tell me it's tough and i know it is and they call part of it the crucible the moment where you get very little
6:00 am
sleep and very little food march ing mile after mile only the best make it through to become a u.s. marine you did that but you went through your own crucible. talk to us about your journey what did it take inside of you to get all the way to that booty aspect. that's for sure. getting through the mental barriers would have to be the biggest thing for myself was pushing through when i thought i couldn't. we climb these ropes at one point probably about 20-25 feet in the air, and just pushing myself to the top was pretty tough, considering i don't like heights. pete: [laughter] griff: [laughter] >> and having to work my way back down was another part. just on the hikes alone just telling myself to keep going was it, but i knew i had my brothers and sisters to the left and right of me pushing me also
6:01 am
which helped tremendously. griff: michael you certainly had already learned at a young age what it means to keep fighting, to never give up. you went through five years of chemotherapy before you even had to go through the grueling boot camp. have you learned something new that you've made it through boot camp? >> yes, sir. to never give up honestly, if your mind is set on something just to keep pushing as my senior drill instructor helped through the crucible it's all how bad do you want it and when he asked me that it changed everything. pete: when you were in the midst of five years of chemotherapy which i can't even imagine did you ever think that i could get to a point where i'm a u.s. marine? >> no, to be honest with you, but i knew i was going to try.
6:02 am
i knew i was going to put my best foot forward, and at least give it a shot and here i am today, so i'm very thankful for that and the support i've had through this. rachel: yes, you say you're thankful i bet somebody else is really thankful it's your mom we saw the pictures of her with you while you were going through the cancer treatments. what has this meant for your family and specifically your parents? >> yes, ma'am. they're very emotional, i'm sure rachel: i'm sure. >> but i believe they're very proud at the same time, but i couldn't have done it without my family and friend's support. griff: michael i want to ask you one last question question and that is why do you want to serve our nation? >> i didn't hear him. griff: why do you want to serve our nation in the marines? >> why do i want to serve our nation? griff: yes.
6:03 am
>> for all the good things honestly. as far as doing the right thing, doing the right thing i would have to say is just helping somebody while they're down. rachel: i have one last question for you. you could have joined any branch of the military. why did you join the marines and not say the army? >> the drive, ma'am. i've never met anybody or any branch of service so tedious and so precise in everything they do , literally, everything they do. rachel: i have two brothers who are marines. pete: we cover a lot of tough stuff on this show michael and these moments remind us why america is such a special place. thank you so much for your service. griff: semper fi. pete: thank you. more fox & friends just moments away.
6:04 am
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6:06 am
pete: welcome back. its been a fun show we never got that snowball fight. if the snow doesn't melt we can
6:07 am
guarantee you a snowball fight. griff: big day tomorrow it's national anthem day we might have something up our sleeve. i love it. pete: join us have a good saturday. neil: there are conservative speakers who are the right and then there's the president of the united states who election trish regan fridays the right today it is donald trump's turn to wow at what has become known as the holy meeting grail of the conservative movement and they call cpac this morning and then today we are there when he does, and when does being bipartisan get you in trouble when alexandria ocasio-cortez catches you voting with republicans and vows to primary you if you do, let's just say she's got a list, and we've got the deputy chief with dan kilday on what he think s about that list and her and who says amazon is gone? new york
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