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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 2, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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charges filed against two police tweet it to us, jer on fnc. officers in the shooting death of unarmed thanks to all of you for watching. the city had been bracing for i'm paul gigot, hope to see you protests ahead of the decision. right here next week. ♪ ♪ marianne rafferty is live from los angeles with the details. marianne. >> reporter: well, arthel, sacramento's district attorney laid everything out in detail, all the events leading up to the eric: well, president trump shooting that took place almost taking to the stage at cpac in a year ago. the question was did those washington this afternoon and officers who shot and killed relishing every minute of it. you know, he spoke for more than stephon clark have valid reason for using force. two hours. in this case it was determined it was a wide-ranging speech as they did. but it was still a decision that the president defended his emergency declaration on the was not taken lightly. >> we want people to understand the facts that no criminal southern border, touted the economy and predicted that his charges will be filed in this victory in 2020, he said, will be larger than the one in 2016. case does not diminish in any hello, everyone, and welcome to a brand new hour of "america's way the tragedy, the anger, the news headquarters." i'm eric shawn. arthel: and i'm arthel neville. frustration that we've heard since the time of his death. the president touching on many subjects ranging from the green new deal to his second summit >> reporter: leading up to today's decision, the city of with north korean dictator kim
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sacramento as you mentioned jong un. bracing for possible fallout in ellison barber is at the white house with the late. the form of protests across the >> reporter: yeah, this was a region. very long speech, one of the lawmakers were warned to avoid the state capitol and longest i have seen president trump deliver, as eric said. legislative buildings and store it went well over two hours. owners in downtown sacramento at some points president trump were advised to take stuck to a script, but other times he seemed to just talk. precautions, they were told to be patient and have a plan to president trump walked out onto the stage and proclaimed that he protect themselves. now let's go back to the night is putting america first, and that in his words reversing 22-year-old clark was shot. you're watching police body cam decades of blunders and video of the chase. betrayals. he focused heavily on trade. he and u wound up in his he poked at the democrats, mocking the green new deal. >> no planes, no energy -- grandmother's backyard after officers responded to a report of someone smashing car windows. [laughter] when the wind stops blowing, that's the end of your electric. in the video, it shows clark advancing towards the officers, let's hurry it -- even after they asked him to he [laughter] show his hands. darling, is the wind blowing it turns out clark was actually today? i'd like to watch television, holding an iphone. darling. [cheers and applause] the d.a.'s office said there was no way the officers could have known that. protests ensued shortly after clark was l killed. they've continued, leading up to america will never be a today's announcement. socialist country. more protests expected as black [cheers and applause] >> reporter: he also slammed lives matter has called for
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the special counsel, at one demonstrations. point cursing as he talked about clark's family has filed a the russia investigations and $20 million lawsuit against the the various investigations city of sacramento. surrounding all of that. we are expecting to hear from and then he talked about hanoi. them at some point today. president trump said even though he failed to reach an agreement arthel. arthel: marianne rafferty there with north korean leader kim on the west coast with that jong un while in vietnam, he update. thank you very much, marianne. said he still believes he had eric. eric: the trump administration is em posing sanctions -- productive meetings with chairman kim. arthel? imposing sanctions and revoking visas for high ranking arthel: and the president also venezuelan officials, this as mentioned otto warmbier. the u.s. is keeping up pressure tell us more about that. to try to oust the disputed >> reporter: yeah, he did. the american student was from president, nicolas maduro. political chaos continues to ohio originally, imprisoned in consume that country with north korea for 17 months. when he was returned back to the hundreds ovens wa of venezueln u.s., he was largely unresponsive and died a few days soldiers defecting we're told as later. president trump has come under fire from the left, the right juan guaido could face the prospect of being arrested. and the family because while in vietnam, president trump told steve harrigan is live in reporters the dictator denied knowing about the torture otto caracas, venezuela. hi, steve. >> reporter: eric, the u.s. is warmbier endured, and on that president trump said he takes tightening up sanctions against kim jong un at his word. venezuela, sanctions against the here's what president bush said sale ovens way lain oil to the in vietnam and what -- president trump said in vietnam and what u.s. are crip martin luther kine he said earlier today. >> he tells me he didn't know
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about it, and i will take him at government of nichola nicolas m. his word. oil exports are down 40% in the past month. the u.s. targeting individuals, otto warmbier, whose parents i six key security chiefs in have gotten to know, and i'm in such a horrible position because venezuela have been targeted for in one way i have to negotiate, sanctions by the u.s. treasury and in the other way i love department, 49 visas revoked. here's the u.s. special envoy to mr. and mrs. warmbier, and i love otto. venezuela. and it's a very delicate >> maduro supporters that abuse or violate human rights, steal balance. >> reporter: the parents have made it very clear that they from the venezuelan people or blame kim jong un and do the undermine venezuela's democracy north korean regime for what happened to their son. are not welcome in the united arthel: ellison barber, thank you. and now for the race. states. >> reporter: as nicolas maduro 1600 pennsylvania avenue, maintains control of power here democratic presidential in venezuela, the opposition candidate bernie sanders choosing brooklyn, new york, as leader, juan guaido, the man the site for his fist rally. recognized as president by the u.s. and by 50 other nations the vermont senator returning to continues to of move around his hometown, touching on the south america. themes that made him popular he was in ecuador today. with progressives. he says he's coming back to >> the underlying principles of venezuela by monday. he says at a real our government will not be life-threatening risk he comes back. he could face arrest upon his greed, hatred and lies. return. eric, back to you. eric: we will monitor and keep
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[cheers and applause] on tabs with that situation. thanks. it will not be rayism, sexism -- arthel. arthel: u.s. negotiators and taliban officials resume talks today in qatar, hoping to reach racism, sexism, xenophobia with, an agreement that ends 17 years of conflict in afghanistan. homophobia and religious some key issues include the u.s. bigotry. arthel: let's go to brooklyn now withdrawing troops from where jackie heinrich is there afghanistan and ensuring the live. country won't be used by other jackie. >> reporter: hey, arthel. yeah, senator sanders talked terrorist groups. about growing up here in brook violence is ongoing despite the run as the son -- brooklyn as peace talks with taliban suicide the son of a jewish immigrant in bombers targeting an an a rent-controlled apartment. afghanistan base yesterday, killing at least two dozen he was painting himself in stark afghan soldiers. eric: some democratic members contrast to the president. one salient moment in his speech of congress demanding more information from the white house about the security clearance for was when he said i i know what the president's son-in-law, it's like to live paycheck to jared kushner. this after that report that the president ordered it despite his paycheck. denial. >> we are going to win this and the spacex crew cruise dragn election not because we have a super pac funded by is on the way to the billionaires. international space station. [cheers and applause] they hope that will move nasa we're going to win this election one step closer to transporting astronauts back up into orbit. because we are putting together we'll have a live report from the strongest grassroots
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cape can after canaveral on hog campaign in the history of up in the heavens. american politics. what makes this simple salad [cheers and applause] the best simple salad ever? >> reporter: his aim was to great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. appeal to younger and more diverse crowds as he tries to shake the image of being too old so simple, so good. or too white, instead painting get the recipes at the president as someone who's divided people on the basis of race, wealth and a number of other things. minimums and fees seem to your typical bank.n of in terms of policy though, this run is shaping up to be a lot capital one is anything but typical. like 2016. he still wants free public that's why we designed savings and checking accounts college, medicare for all and a with no fees or minimums. this is banking reimagined. $15 minimum wage and, of course, climate change, supports the what's in your wallet? green new deal which aims to eliminate carbon emissions by not having a good breakfast can make you feel like your day never started. 2030. but a challenge, he says, will get going with carnation breakfast essentials®. be reminding that he was the it has protein, first to bring a lot of these ideas to the table. plus 21 vitamins and minerals on "the view" this week, he said including calcium and vitamin d, to help your family be their best. carnation breakfast essentials®. the competition is running on some of those progressive ideas, and it has become somewhat of a target for the president and vice president at cpac talking about how these socialist kinds
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of ideas are drifting into american policy and painting a picture of an eroding america moving away from democracy and into socialism. arthel. arthel: was that a police helicopter above? [laughter] >> reporter: just a regular helicopter, i believe. arthel: all right, jackie, thank you very much. >> we welcome all the enthusiasm that people want to put on the table, and the green new deal is one of them. but we have to operate in a way that is evidence-based, current in its data about what the university this week kind of pushing back on the green new deal. she also says she's open to ideas from the party's new, more liberal members, but also trying to keep everybody or in line. "the washington post" is reporting ms. pelosi took a tougher tone in a closed door
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meeting with moderates after alexandria ocasio-cortez reportedly threatened to make a list of democrats who side with you hardly ever play catch with the grandkidsalk? to help your family be their best. republicans on some bills. or show them how to give a good handshake anymore. ms. pelosi said we are either a now look at me... i'm all bent out of shape. team or not, and we have to make (vo tv) if you have bent fingers and can't lay your hand flat, that decision. talk to your doctor. chief congressional it may be dupuytren's contracture. (gary) see ya! correspondent for the washington (hand) you're all about friendly service, examiner, susan there is a progressive group called justice and you rarely shake hands? come on! (vo) your hand is talking. isn't it time you listened? democrats. all you have to do is look at their web page, and there are there are non-surgical options. these reported threats by the take the first step and learn more about dupuytren's progressives that they're going to run primary challenges to at moderate democrats and those that they dir own? >> well, that's a great question. part of the problem with that strategy is these two dozen or so democrats that may be voting occasionally with republicans on certain very low hanging fruit type measures like the ones the republicans put on the floor last week that would have required that illegal immigrants who attempt to buy firearms are
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reported to i.c.e. want more from your entejust say teach me more. into your xfinice remote measures like that you might to discover all sorts of tips and tricks in x1. lure some moderate democrats. can i find my wifi password? but if alexandria ocasio-cortez and progressives want to go just ask. [ ding ] show me my wifi password. after these democrats, they have hey now! [ ding ] to remember they come from you can even troubleshoot, districts where it would be learn new voice commands and much more. really tough to win a progressive in those seats clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] because it's a swing district oh, it won't do that. most likely. welp, someone should. it's a district that may have just say "teach me more" into your voice remote favored president trump. but these democrats managed to and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. pull off a victory and make it simple. easy. awesome. into congress, and they're part of the reason the house majority is now in the hands of the democrats. so if they want to primary those candidates and get a much more liberal person on the ticket, they risk losing that seat, they risk depleting the majority the democrats now enjoy, and they could end up back in the minority. so there's a real risk to a strategy like that. it's tough for a very progressive candidate to win in those districts, and that's part arthel: more violence erupts of the reason why these moderate between india and pakistan democrats are voting for leaving at least six civilians measures like the one i just described. because these are the and two soldiers dead in the constituents they represent. disputed region of kashmir.
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they're not super-progressive districts. they're moderate districts. fighting resumed friday as the and this is what makes up the two sides exchanged fire. it follows the return of an house democratic caucus right now. eric: well, you know, al of indian pilot by pakistani course to tez has been getting officials after the fighter jet all the attention. was shot down earlier this week. the darling of the media, so to tensions between the two nuclear speak. but you've got other democrats nations have risen steadily since a suicide bomber killed 40 like mick chi cheryl, much more indian troops in an attack last moderate, much more can conservative, they don't seem to month. eric: back at home, a top be, you know, the bee's knees democratic official stepping up when it comes to the media demands for the white house to provide documents related to a attention. >> that's right. and i think, you know, who you security clearance process. see moderating the whole divide this after the new york times reported that the president really within the democratic ordered then chief of staff john caucus is nancy pelosi. kelly to give his son-in-law and she's really taking an senior advisor jared kushner a interesting stance here, the speaker. she, you know, alexandria top security clearance despite a recommendation against that from ocasio-cortez and many liberals the office of the white house are pushing a couple of ideas that really push the party to counsel and despite denying it. the left. of course, that's medicare for jim hines says kushner's all and this green new deal. and this is, divides the approval compromises national security. democratic caucus. >> now, remember, jared kushner and you hear nancy pelosi is apparently negotiating basically siding away from these two, from these ideas. supposedly this grand middle she's saying how are we going to
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pay for all this, and medicare eastern peace plan. if there's somebody out there for all is not what people think that's got leverage over him, it's about. it's actually, would have to be that could be a very, very expanded greatly. seriously compromising thing for and, again, where do we come up with the money for that? a really important venture. that is what nancy pelosi has eric: what does that mean? said in the past couple of jim joins us the director of weeks. so she's sort of the big national security law and policy moderator here. you do have a divide, and it's at george mason university. really part of these newcomer do you think kushner's clearance ors who come in with these big was on the up and up or was it ideas. they're full of energy, they are not as some say, was not social media stars. properly vetted? i mean, no one can deny that >?can you hear he me? alexandria ocasio-cortez, she is >> sorry, eric, it's a little connecting with people on social media. and she's doing a great job of faint. i apologize. it. she's invigorate the party. eric: we get those gremlins, tv and it's very exciting. the problem is the party is not gremlins from time to time. i'll repeat the question, do you one universal idea. think this was properly done, it is people from different was on the up and up, kushner's parts of the country. they represent different constituents, and they don't all clearance wasn't properly embrace the super far-left vetted? >> look, it's hard to know. we don't have all the facts. agenda. the real challenge is if the and that's what you see the party struggling with right now. facts the new york times cites and, certainly, democratic is true which is the white house moderates are going to push back counsel's office suggested cush against this because it's neakushner shouldn't get the essential to their political
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survival. clearance and it was ordered by they can't go left, or they're not going to get reelected. the president, there's no it's that simple. question of whether he should do eric: can ms. pelosi and others that. push back against them? the issue why it might not have been granted, it appears to be let me read what "the washington post" says, a closed door about foreign ties, connections, meeting of democrats on financial interest. thursday, representative there is a concern if people alexandria ocasio-cortez said have significant tie there's some of her colleagues could find themselves, quote, on a coulthere couldbe pressure fromn list of primary election targets. nations. a democrat of new jersey, the president has the right to do it if he chooses to do so. co-chairman of the bipartisan eric: they say he's close to problem solvers caucus, says the saudi rulers, that he left off a ream of material on his being unified means insuring application process, the meeting democrats are primarying other with the trump tower, the sitting democrats. when is it okay, he asks, to put meetings were russians, that on a nixonian list. sort of thing and potential business ties that obviously ms. ocasio-cortez says, well, someone in the white house there isn't a lift, but clear process or in the whole vetting wily -- list, but clearly situation raised red flags. there's a progressive effort. someone who has gone through >> she backtracked a little this, what type of red flags yesterday. she said i just said this could pre-existing ties and lead to weakening of the party, connections and friendships and it could lead to other things business relationships have when that are detrimental to the you apply for top security party, not necessarily, not
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clearance. >> there's two issues. necessarily all about elections, typically the security clearance, what you're looking but it certainly can be about what the next election will for is somebody be put under pressure by a foreign government bring. and nancy pelosi told these same to reveal classified information either because financial moderates, look, if you vote interests are at stake or with us, if we stay unified, because their personal interest that you will get more attention is at stake or something they're trying to hard, they don't want from our fundraising arm. so we will help you, you know, people to know. what's going on here is slightly get reelected even if you do vote with us on these issues. different. what people are saying is that maybe if kushner had access to but let's go back to when the information or ties were so democrats were in the majority close that he might -- it's the last time around. they lost most of their moderate almost like insider trading. faction because those moderates were convinced by nancy pelosi that's typically an to vote for very progressive ethics issue. things like obamacare, and if normally you put holdings in a blind trust so you don't know what's going on with them and you might recall, the cap and you can't affect your plans by trade bill. that helped kind of eliminate what you do and have access to. the moderate faction in the that's part of the challenge is democratic party. now some of them are back. the ethics questions and the security questions are combined some of them have gotten back into one issue being raised into congress, a new moderate about mr. kushner and about the faction. so they need to be really president's decision making here. eric: what about those who careful how they vote. would say, look, if you're close if there's no easy answer for them because, you're right, to someone, you have they're going to be attacked by pre-existing relationships and the majority of democrats who that's a plus and could add are progressive. but this faction, which helped something to the interactions and the public policy. make democrats the majority,
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they come from swing districts. >> absolutely, eric. that's a very common thing that they come from places that voted for trump. happens in these settings. they come from places that are not going to support the green a lot of times a senior official new deal and medicare for all has served in other government s and are going to support tougher immigration measures. so, you know, this is not uncommon for democrats, but it's going to be a struggle and having those conversations. that being said, if you don't especially as we head into the 2020 presidential election. separate out financial interests eric: and if you remember back from what you're doing politically it can be a problem. in 1972 when george mcgovern that's typically why we see was nominated, we see how that procedures put in place. it's why you typically see that one went. susan ferrechio, always good to when a security clearance is see you. arthel? arthel: breaking news out of recommended, typically they will follow the recommendation. sacramento. doesn't mean the president can't prosecutors say two officers who grant a clearance. fatally shot an unarmed it would typically mean he 22-year-old black man will not wouldn't if they say it's a bad face criminal charges. we're going to have those idea. details after the break, so don mcgahn and john kelly may stick around for that. also, former trump personal have said no. that's more concerning for people out there looking at attorney michael cohen preparing this issue. eric: what type of clearance to testify before congress again would he have gotten? next week. this as the mueller did they say it would have been investigation is reportedly set to end. the highest? and what is that? what it could mean for the >> as you know, eric, there's president. plus, a major winter storm three basic levels of clearance on the move from coast to coast, in the government, confidential, impacting tens of millions of secret and top secret. people. we've got your forecast coming
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above top secret is called top up. ♪ ♪ the best simple salad ever? secret sensitive department information, that's the most sensitive information the u.s. government has held in various compartments, typically about sources and methods and specific information collected through sensitive methods. what we see here, what's been reported, is mr. kushner was granted a final top secret clearance. he wasn't granted an sci clearance. if the president is trying to get this information and there's something awry going on here, well, then, why did he grant him an sci clearance. that's an open question about what's happening here. eric: apparently the president denied he was involved, ivanka denied that also in an heart-healthy california walnuts. interview. what do we do about that? >> well, we'll find the facts the best simple pasta ever? out i think here shortly and that would be a challenge if the california walnuts. president did deny it publicly the best simple dinner ever? and that turned out to be the great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. case. the president has a challenged relationship with some details so simple, so good. of things that happened. so wouldn't be the first time we get the recipes at saw an error on what happened
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there or slight misstatement, not having a good breakfast whether intentional or not, we can make you feel like your day never started. get going with carnation breakfast essentials®. don't know. that's a topic for congress to look at and think about. it has protein, at the end of the day, there's plus 21 vitamins and minerals no question whatever happened including calcium and vitamin d, here, the president has the to help your family be their best. legal authority to grant the clearance. carnation breakfast essentials®. the question is should he have and is there something else going on that's concerning. eric: do you think he deserves or has earned or should have a clearance? >> well, look, it's hard to know. these background processes are very detailed. they ask for 10 years of every place you worked, every place you lived. they talk to people you met with. it depends on his foreign ties, what's going on. the president relies on jared kushner for a lot of advice. to get good advice he needs advisers to have information. if mr. kushner is subject to pressure or subject to some issue where he might be engaged in activities that might enhance financial interests, that's a concern and the president should weigh that when deciding whether to grant clearance or not. eric: we'll see how it goes. thanks so much. good to see you.
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arthel: spacex launching what could be a new era of american space exploration. the company is sending its first spacecraft designed to carry people into orbit from cape canaveral, florida early this morning. morning. phil, how is that plan going? >> reporter: so far, it's looking pretty good. the launch itself appeared to have gone quite well. we heard of know anominallies from nasa or spacex. the mission, a critical test mission, has far to go, much to prove and provide much to learn. this is the historic first commercial crew capsule designed to launch astronauts into space, headed towards the space station right now, launching at 2:49 a.m. the crew dragon is on its way to the i.s.s. for a sunday morning docking.
1:17 pm
for spacex this historic launch was 17 long years in the making. no humans aboard the test flight which is about making sure the capsule is safe and systems work correctly. there is a smart dummy suited up and strapped in with sensors to learn what astronauts will experience. next to her a stuffed earth toy floating once the capsule hits zero gravity. about 10 minutes after launch the racket returned to the -- rocket returned to the landing location. elon musk certainly appeared exhausted, probably was, but extremely happy. >> to be frank, i'm a little emotionally exhausted because it was super stressful but it eric: sacramento, california, prosecug worked. so far. two police officers involved in last year's fatal shooting of an >> reporter: this test flight so unarmed black man will not be important, nasa's administrators charged in the case. and the first four astronauts the officers shot stephon clark
1:18 pm
that will fly the crew dragon eight times, they say, in his grandmother's backyard believing he had a weapon, but it turned once nasa gives it the go all out to be his cell phone. flew in to watch it drive. >> we're on the praecipes of that shooting triggered weeks of protests and national media launching american astronauts attention. from american soil for the first the district attorney had this time since the retirement of the to say just moments ago. >> no criminal charges will be space shuttles in 2011. >> reporter: for this mission, filed in this case. there is still much to happen it does not diminish in any way and there is included in that a lot of risk. the tragedy, the anger, the capsule, the crew dragon is supposed to dock by itself using frustration that we heard since lasers and software to the space the time of his death. we cannot ignore that. station around 6:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow. the russian space agency which eric: mary after orer -- controls half the space station, they raised safety concerns on the remote possibility that the marianne rafferty is following capsule misses the hatch, and the story. >> reporter: you heard her, bounces off and slams into the she laid out in painstaking space station. detail everything that happened the contingency plan is the during the shooting of stephon clark before, during and after. escape craft is ready and loaded the big question was, did they and the three astronauts living have a valid reason to use that up on the space station are prepared to jump in and jettison deadly force, and after laying everything out, she concluded that, yes, they did have that. down-to-earth if needed. coming up in the next few
1:19 pm
now, you might be wondering, the months, boeing and its star city of sacramento had been liner space capsule will be bracing for potential protests, doing the exact same thing, and as of today they were launching a test flight and expecting possible fallout from all of this. checking out the capsule and they had warned lawmakers to stay away from the state capitol both companies are planning to and legislative buildings and have launched astronauts to the space station. once that accomplished and store owners downtown were told routine, nasa can stop depending to be aware and take precautions on russia to launch our to protect themselves. but at least one business astronauts which costs partnership locally said, hey, $75 million per hit. you know, we expect protests. arthel: a big mission. let's hope it all goes well. we're here in the capital city. this is just, you know, business eric: we'll be talking with as usual for us. now, i want to go back and former astronaut walter explain to people that 22-year-old clark was shot and cunningham what we can expect killed in his grandmother's when we go back to orbit later backyard last year on march 18th in the newscast. after a brief police foot chase. meanwhile, in brooklyn, senator this is body cam you're looking bernie sanders is back in his at right here, body cam footage, old neighborhood today, kicking that is. officers responded to a report off his first campaign rally for of someone smashing out car this 2020 bid for the white house. why he told his folks he windows, and they thought clark had pointed a gun at them once believes he will go all the way they had him cornered in his this time. plus, former trump p p attorney grandparents' backyard, but it turns out it was actually an iphone in his hand, and that's and self-proclaimed fixer michael cohen slammed the what that district attorney was president during testimony
1:20 pm
going through step by step, before the house committee this piece by piece, how did they end week and he's not done. michael cohen back on the hill up in that situation, and how next. did mr. clark end up being shot. she went through all of those week. what we can expect. details and, again, concluded s nice. yeah. that the officers were justified yeah, this is nice. mmmm how did you make the dip so rich and creamy? in their actions. oh, it's a philadelphia- now, protests have already -family recipe. ensued. can i see it? we did hear that black lives, the group black lives matter is no. urging protests on facebook. new philadelphia dips. so good, also we're expecting to possibly you'll take all the credit. hear from clark's family at some run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. point today. we don't know when that would beacuse changing your attachments, be, but we are told that we should be as easy as... should be hearing from them as well. meanwhile, wanted to also note that clark's family has filed a what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us. $20 million lawsuit against the search "john deere 1 series" for more. city of sacramento. again, we're expecting to hear ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need there them, hopefully, at some with less of the sugar you don't. point today to talk about this (straining) i'll take that. big announcement by the (cheers) sacramento district attorney. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. eric? eric: all right, thanks so much. ensure max protein. arthel? in two great flavors. arthel: thank you. we're going to get back to politics now. house democrats are prepared to go to court to get the tax returns of president trump. a spokeswoman for house speaker
1:21 pm
nancy pelosi says the house ways and means committee is working with the irs to get the returns. she says, quote: every day the american people and congress learn more about president trump's improprieties from if conflicts of interest to influence peddling, potential tax evasion and violations of the constitution. we will take all necessary steps, including litigation if necessary, to obtain them. republican congressman andy biggs firing right back. >> they've been clam or moring for his tax -- clamoring for his tax returns since the campaign, and now they're going to expand the scope to include his family members. basically going all the way back to, i'm sure, what his grades looked like in elementary school. that's -- this is just harassment, naked harassment, that's what this is. arthel: joining me now is beverly hall burg, president for district media group, and joel rubin, former deputy assistant secretary under president obama.
1:22 pm
thanks both for being here. >> thank you. arthel: should house democrats go to court, joel, if president trump does not comply and submit his tax returns? >> oh, absolutely. and president trump has already said he would release his tax returns, and he hasn't done it. and the question has to be what is he hiding, and whey does he not want to do what other presidential candidates for the past four decades have done? and right now we're in the midst of two major controversies, especially since the michael cohen testimony. the first is was he inflating the value of his properties, is he a tax cheat. and then the second one is what are his foreign entanglements. we don't know the answers to these. it's past time to have transparency. i don't see why he doesn't do the same for himself. arkansas. arthel: arkansas well, the release of tax returns did not become common place until richard nixon, and since nixon every candidate who won the presidential election released their tax returns up until
1:23 pm
president trump. so is it harassment, as representative andy biggs of arizona, is saying or is it a legitimate request, beverly? >> i don't think we should use michael cohen as a legitimate source on whether or not donald trump -- arthel: but i posed the question, i gave you some factual -- >> i'm referring to what joel was saying earlier. when it comes to whether or not trump is legally obligated to do so, he's not. now, what i wish democrats would do because, first of all, we do have the allegedded russian collusion, i think they should attack trump in the good old-fashioned way which is try to vote him out of office. i think what would be better is to put somebody up on the ticket who can actually beat him instead of saying that any public official even as high as the president has no right to the privacy at all. arthel: joel? >> well, or it's not a right to privacy question. he wants to be our commander in but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal? chief. he wants to sign bills about our i tell truecar my zip and which car i want personal taxes in this tax bill, and truecar shows the range of prices
1:24 pm
this tax fraud recently, a lot people in my area actually paid for the same car of americans are finding they're so i know if i'm getting a great price. paying higher taxes than he this is how car buying was always meant to be. promised. we are electing a person to be this is truecar. our public leader. they need to tell us who they are. we should not be wondering if a foreign government has leverage over them. we should not be wondering if they've cheated on taxes and i said, i'm committed to telling the truth and i will be cheated the american people out back on march 6th to finish of legitimate revenue. and the fact that he's not up. there's more to discuss. answering the question, that he hasn't done what four decades of eric: that's president trump's former personal attorney, candidates have done implies michael cohen, after he gave he's hiding something. why doesn't he just clear the public testimony before the house committee this past week. air. why doesn't he just tell us what his explosive claims against the he has. president comes special counsel what's to hide. >> well, here is what you do if robert mueller's russia there is tax fraud. it actually goes through the irs. there is an irs audit to investigation is reportedly nearing an end. many question how impactful that determine whether or not somebody has unlawful activity. report will be. that is the process that i would the president may soon face like to see moving forward if other legal challenges, possibly there is anything that donald trump has done. financial issues in the southern we don't know that he's done district of new york involving anything, and we have to ask ourselves when it comes to the trump organization. public officials, do we then just say anyone who is an we have the latest from elected official, you have no washington with garrett tenney. brights to privacy at all. -- rights to privacy at all. >> reporter: doj sources indicated the special counsel l
1:25 pm
it is actually illegal for the sell investigation is wrapping irs to put out anybody's tax up soon. folks on capitol hill in both parties are bracing for information. but now we have a committee mueller's report. saying that they think the there's a lot of uncertainty president should have to put his over how much will be made personal information out there. public which is something there and i think, once again, we should go back to the irs as the is buy part support for. one who with determines that. the -- bipartisan support for. arthel: i want to play some the president is continuing to slam the special counsel sound, an exchange between investigation as a witch hunt. alexandria ocasio-cortez and today at cpac he argued the michael cohen. report will not be fair because thursday. we don't have the sound. mueller's team is made up of anti-trump prosecutors. this is when she was suggesting, >> robert mueller put 13 of the by the way, that mr. trump angriest democrats in the committed insurance fraud. i'm sure you both saw that. history of our country on the everybody was watching. commission. beverly, do you have thoughts how do you do that? when you saw that exchange at these are angry, angry people. first? >> once again, whether it is you take a look at them. in fact, it would have been this story or russian collusion, i just want to know what the actually better for them if they proof is. there is a process to determine whether or not the president has put half and half and mueller done anything. can do whatever he wants and one of the things i'm concerned about is let's say we anywhich which he'll probably do. do get to the point where we we but we have conflicts. see the tax records of the president. what if he hasn't done anything >> reporter: on friday, jim wrong, but then the narrative jordan and mark meadows raised turns to he was a wealthy similar concerns about two of the prosecutor whos prosprosecut businessman, look how much money he's made. i actually think democrats are going to turn this into a
1:26 pm
bashing on anyone who's wealthy the dossier before the special in this country. counsel was appointed. we should still have rights to there is a suggest there is an privacy even as president, and i think the democrats want to use anti-trump bias held by some of this to their own political mueller's team which could taint advantage. arthel: joel, how much do the report, arguing the receipt of biased information before americans care about what speaker pelosi refers to as their appoint to the special president trump's improprieties, and how much do those alleged counsel's office puts into question the impartiality. transgressions affect the president's a ability to run the as you mentioned, this coming week the president's former country? >> well, i think americans care attorney, michael cohen, will deeply about whether or not the return to capitol hill for people that they elect are another round of testimony representing them well, that behind closed doors and house they are honest, that they are democrats have already indicated transparent. that several other trump associates will be called in to and we aren't getting that. tax returns are the best way to testify in the weeks ahead. eric. eric: thank you so much. understand an individual's fitness for office in terms of arthel. their personal -- >> is that the case? i saw a little shifty schiff >> beverly wait, please. let me finish. yesterday, it's the first time. public servants, it is legal, he went into a meeting and he first and foremost -- >> it is legal for him not to. said we're going to look into >> it is legal for this congress his finances. i said where did that come from? to get his tax returns, it is you always talked about russia. legitimate for the american people to know what president collusion with russia, the l trump's dealings are and have been. it's clear that he has
1:27 pm
misrepresented and lied -- >> it collusion delusion. so now we're waiting for a is not clear. report and we'll find out >> -- his engagement with the whether or not and who we're moscow trump tower project, we dealing with. we're waiting for a report. don't know. why doesn't he clear the air. by people that weren't elected. >> well, if you -- >> beverly, beverly -- arthel: president trump >> let me jump in here. slamming special counsel robert >> no, you're literally interrupting each time i'm trying to communicate. mueller's investigation during every instance where the his cpac speech as a probe is president said something about a reportedly coming to a close of. what his personal business lawmakers are reacting as interests are, he could easily trump's former personal attorney clear the air by doing what michael cohen is set to return every other presidential candidate has done for the past to capitol hill next wednesday four decades, and he refuses to to finish speaking to the house do so. intelligence committee. so why. >> what he really did yesterday >> the reason why is his own was create a whole bunch of personal prerogative. if it really came down to whether or not voters cared addition witnesses that the about this, they knew when he house is empowered to try to was running for office that he had no plans on releasing his bring before him, folks like tax record, and they voted for him anyway. they knew this back in the adam wis weiss elburg, president campaign. ing so to say that this is about american voters, well, if it really is, they already said we trump's children as well. don't care, we want him as president. arthel: let's bring in julia >> that's not accurate, and the majority of voters actually were manchester, a news reporter for cast for hillary clinton. the hill. i'm not going to relitigate -- julia, what we can expect the democratic members of the house >> there is the electoral intelligence committee to hone
1:28 pm
in on this second time around college. and how much will we hear the >> there are many reasons people name felix sadder and allen vote, if they had the full record, maybe they would have made a different choice. weisselberg. arthel: i have to leave it >> i think governor chris there, thank you to both of you. christie took the words out of eric: well, from the turbulence my mouth. in washington to the storms i think michael cohen, across the cup. especially the line of march has come in like a lion. questioning from alexandria nearly 80 million people under ocasio-cortez, set a road map for future witnesses to come and winter storm warnings this testify before congress. weekend, and they're from coast however, next week when michael to coast. meteorologist adam cloths live cohen comes back, i think you're going to see the committee in the fox -- adam adam klotz ie really focus in on various comments he made last week. fox extreme weather center. most notably we saw the comments >> reporter: the first storm a about the trump organization, lot of folks here on the east what financial crimes i think coast and new england woke up to democrats are going to ask what some snow n. the last 12 hours, potential crimes or indies gregs we're looking at the tail end moving off of boston, farther to could president trump -- the north. but the next large system, indiscretions could he have that's taking place all the way committed years prior to out west. it has been so busy, just been becoming president. rain and rain and rain across we'll hear about the trump tower portions of california. moscow meeting, how was that's continuing right now, and president trump involved and his a lot of energy moving onshore. children involved in trying to this is the next big storm create a tower in moscow. that's going to sweep the entire we're going to really zero in on
1:29 pm
country. that. we're also going to hear we're going to look at the future forecast, there's all the storms stretching back out into democrats ask michael cohen about one particular comment, portions of the desert saying he didn't suspect, he southwest. put this on motion, and by late didn't know of any concrete tonight, early tomorrow morning collusion that took place and getting into tomorrow between president trump and the afternoon, we're looking at heavy storms moving across the russians but he had suspicions. southeast. that could be thunderstorms i think you're going to hear democrats ask to elaborate on across portions of north georgia, stretching up and those suspicions, what do you becoming snow as you run into mean by that. some of this colder air. finally, i think michael cohen's comments saying that president snow in the mid atlantic and trump was aware that roger stone running up into portions of new york, boston. once again, another round of big snow. this one likely bigger than the and wikileaks were essentially one we just saw moving through conspiring to release e-mails the area. again, rain across the from hillary clinton's presidential campaign during the southeast, snow when you get a democratic national committee, little farther to the north. they'll hone in on that as well. and again, a quick look at some arthel: i want to show a poll of these possible snow amounts. from the hill, your new york city, maybe 1-2 inches. organization, the question is you get farther north, boston, 3 did you find michael cohen's inches. testimony credible. this is going to be taking place sunday night into monday you have 37% found it credible, morning, eric. eric: we'll look forward to it. 25% did not find it credible and thanks. arthel: special counsel robert then 39% can't form an opinion mueller reportedly set to wrap up his russia investigation, but yet. so julia, what do you think how much of it will be made about the republicans? public? will the republican members we have a live report on that next. gloof and president trump and continue to chip away at cohen's
1:30 pm
north korean leader kim jong un credibility or this time will ending their second summit they pause and press cohen on without reaching a nuclear deal, his allegations against so what happens next? president trump? >> at this time, we had some >> i think they will definitely continue to chip away at his options, and at this time we decided not to do any of the credibility. options, and we'll see where i think the classic republican argument during this entire saga that goes. but it was, it was a very involving cohen has been well, interesting two days. he lied to congress before, why and i think, actually, it was a should we believe him now. very productive two days. but sometimes you have to walk. he's a convicted felon, they call him a fraud. and this was just one of those you'll continue to hear them times. push that narrative. ♪ it's interesting, we actually ♪ saw that congressman mark meadows and congressman jim are excited about the potential jordan have actually appealed to of once-weekly ozempic®. attorney general william barr to in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults look into whether cohen lowered their blood sugar perjuried himself during the and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. hearing last week when he said oh! under seven? he was offered a white house job. you're seeing that republicans and you may lose weight. are coming out guns out in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. essentially against cohen in order tohowever, it's not surprg oh! up to 12 pounds? that in that poll you saw a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk democrats finding his testimony of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. credible and you're going to see democrats really try dig deeper oh! no increased risk? to see if they can somehow come ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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1:33 pm
man of humble beginnings who can relate to voters and contrasting himself with president trump. >> unlike donald trump, who shut down the government and left 800,000 federal employees without income to pay their bills -- [boos] >> i know what it's like to be in a family that lives paycheck to paycheck. this run is shaping up to be like 2016. he wants free public college, a $15 minimum wage and supports the green new deal which aims to eliminate carbon emissions by 2030. a challenge will be reminding people that he was the first to bring many of these ideas to the table. on the view this week he addressed the fact that the competition is starting to embrace his ideas and run on them. he hopes to set himself apart by establishing what he says will be the strongest grass roots
1:34 pm
coalition in american history. he wants to have volunteers in every state and reach 1 million volunteers nationwide. he's hoping to engage people in a different way this time, not just by talking about his policies but talking about some anecdotes from his upbringing, namely living in a lower middle class family, the son of a jewish immigrant, who fled anti-semitism from poland. eric. eric: thanks so much. arthel: another round of wintery weather pushing across the u.s. as a massive snowstorm spreads from the central plains ♪ eric: well, it's been said for a to the northeast. a live forecast ahead. couple weeks now that special plus, spacex is kicking off a counsel robert mueller's new era of space exploration. investigation is near the end, we'll speak with the former nasa but the big question, how much of that report will actually be astronaut who piloted the apollo released to the public? this, of course, comes as former seven mission, that's up next. trump personal attorney michael cohen is set to return to capitol hill again next wednesday for more testimony. it's been 17 years. we haven't launched anyone yet. garrett tenney is reporting on all this live from our washington bureau. hopefully we will later this garrett, do we have any better year and that would definitely handle, first, on when it is be the culmination of a long
1:35 pm
expected that mueller's invest will be done? dream for a lot of people. >> reporter: well, eric, there's been a lot of speculation on this for over a hey, who are you? year now, but there are some oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... indications that it could wrap what?! up sometime this month. i'm here to steal your car because, doj sources have told fox news well, that's my job. that the investigation is near what? the end game. what?? what?! we also know that deputy (laughing) what?? attorney general rod rosenstein, what?! what?! who oversaw the probe for about [crash] what?! haha, it happens. 18 months, is planning to leave and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, his post in mid march but has paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. said private hi he plans to stay so get allstate... and be better protected until the mueller report is from mayhem... delivered. with that growing speculation, like me. lawmakers are calling for as ♪ much of the report as possible to be made public, and the concerns over that not happening have been clear over the past few days at cpac. >> if he does put out a report, then you're going to see people claiming, oh, we have to have public, it's got to be made public. >> right. >> that's fine, but i want everything that mueller did made public. i want every e-mail, i want everything that -- [applause] even that they wiretapped, every warrant that they got with, every single thing that mueller
1:36 pm
used needs to be made public for all of america to see. >> put it all out there. put it all out there. how about don't redact anything. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate i switched to miralax for my constipation. >> reporter: some republicans the nerves in your colon. are raising concerns about the miralax works with the water in your report before it's even body to unblock your system naturally. released. in a letter to the attorney and it doesn't cause bloating, general friday, congressmen jim cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap. jordan and mark meadows questioned the independence of the special counsel after they found two prosecutors were told about the anti-trump steele dossier before the special counsel was appointed. they wrote the receipt of biased information before their apartment to the special -- appointment to the special counsel's office puts into question their partiality. the very reason for establishing the investigation. house democrats are also hedging their bets with the mueller probe wrapping up and launching a number of investigations into the president and those around him. eric: meanwhile, michael cohen back at the witness table this coming week. what else are we expecting to see in the investigations?
1:37 pm
>> reporter: yeah, another round of testimony behind closed doors on wednesday with the house intelligence committee and several other associates, including his children, are expected to be called at a later date. earlier at cpac, president trump fired back at democrats for all of these new investigations. >> they fight so hard on this witch hunt, this phoneny deal that they put together -- phony deal that they put together, this phoneny thing that now looks like it's dying so they don't have anything with russia. there's no collusion. so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done. we're going to go into his finances. we're going to check his deals. we're going to check -- these people are sick. [laughter] they're sick. >> reporter: separately this week, on thursday former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is scheduled to be sentenced. he is facing up to 24 or years in prison. eric? eric: will the another big week -- another big week. arthel: president trump once again today saying he has a good
1:38 pm
relationship with north korean dictator kim jong un, this despite having to walk away from their second summit without any concrete agreement on ending the regime's nuclear program. but many questioned if north korea will ever stop making nukes. the los angeles times reporting today, quote. u.s. intelligence last summer estimated north korea may have anywhere from 20-60 nuclear weapons. in 2018 north korea probably produced enough plutonium and uranium for an additional 5-7 nuclear weapons. researchers at stanford have estimated. joining me now, an international security expert from mit security studies program. jim, always good to have you here. >> good to see you, arthel. arthel: thank you. so what will or should happen next, and who needs to make the first move? >> well, i think based on what they said after hanoi, my guess is there will be a third summit at some point.
1:39 pm
that is what the president had said prior to going to vietnam, and then upon leaving vietnam said there's still stuff that they need to talk about, that they weren't leaving in anger. i mean, i'm paraphrasing, but that's essentially what he was saying. he tonight walk out mad, and they -- he didn't walk out mad, and they continue to enjoy a ignition, liftoff. friendly relationship. eric: that's spacex, after some early, unhappy signals coming out of north korea, that also changed and was launching the first american spacecraft capable of carrying quite positive, his comments humans back into space since coming from the north korean media about the summit. 2011. the liftoff marking a major step so i expect that they'll move in the journey to restore forward. and, you know, this can go east america's capability to launch way. when you have something like astronauts without us continuing this, a hiccup, it can lead to to be dependent on the russians. all sides going to their corners we've been hitching a ride on and a deteriorating situation, russian rockets to get up to the or it can be a hiccup that leads uniteinternational space statio. both parties to say, hey, we not only do we have to rely on have to do something differently, we have to get moscow for that, but it costs serious about this. and i hope both sides learn the $75 million per ride. lesson that you can't just sort walter cunningham is with us. of walk in at the end and do a he piloted the apollo seven big, complex agreement. it requires lots and lots of mission, a retired marine colonel. it's great to have you with us. homework, more than what was done in preparation for this. thank you so much. >> thank you. i'm always glad to express my
1:40 pm
you know, the iran nuclear deal took two years to negotiate and opinion on some of these things. eric: you know it firsthand. was more than 150 pages long. you flew the first test flight of the lunar module. so i think this stuff takes what was that like? time, and so i hope they go back what goes into the testing? when you see they're testing at it but with -- they really get down to the nitty-gritty, spacex, what goes into it before you put a man inside or working groups and expert teams all start meeting so that when woman and blast them off? they do walk into the next summit, they really are prepared >> well, times are changing and to move forward. i think procedures just kind of arthel: i started out by telling you about the report from the evolve like that. los angeles times. i followed with fascination this intelligence initials saying, listen, he's still -- officials particular launch of the saying, listen, he's still spacex one. and i find it a very -- it's a producing nukes, it's happening, but he has a right to do that, positive move forward. right? but at the same time, when i so there's nothing really stopping him from doing that, think back, people today don't so -- >> you're right, arthel, and most people don't grasp that. usually realize the pluses and there is no agreement, right in so if there were an agreement, minuses of the first space if we had had an agreement like flight. for example, a apollo seven the iran nuclear deal or something else and they promised not to develop their nuclear today, 50 years later, it's program and we could prove that still the -- it's the longest, they were doing it, that would it's the most challenging and be a violation. but with we to not have an the most successful first test flight of any new flying agreement. the whole idea of the summit, machine, ever in history. which i supported, in singapore
1:41 pm
but people today have no idea or was rather than sort of getting all the details and then having the leaders sign something at don't realize that that was the the end, they would jump-start third attempt we had to get the process, give it some political momentum by having the leadership meet and then get an airborne. our crew, wall wall sherra, don agreement which is sort of the reverse path that's often used. easily and myself, we were but i think it's certainly a originally on what would have been the second flight, the legitimate path. what that means is we have second mission of apollo and we pledges, but we don't have an were working on it for years, agreement which is why i said they have to sit down day after three and-a-half years we were working, developing the space day, month after month and capsule. hammer out the hard deals. after we got involved with the i think they can do that. i think both sides have shown contractors and north america out there, and we were working that they have moved from their very closely with them after original positions, both north about seven or eight months, korea and the u.s. are taking there were so many things we brought up that they hadn't been more reasonable positions. but since there's no agreement, used to that were changes in the they're free to do whatever they want to do, and we're free to do spacecraft, some to make it whatever we want to do until operationally better, some to there is one. just make it better for us to -- arthel: but there has to be some good faith effort involved and also, jim, or how much will on-board. they canceled that flight. south korean president moon so at that point wally and don jae-in insert himself in the and i, we became then the backup interim? what's moon if's motive? crew for the first space >> yeah, i think you've put your
1:42 pm
finger on the biggest undiscussed aspect of this. mission. i think both president trump and and three and-a-half months after that, that crew was -- president moon, obviously, it was not a victory for either of they died in a fire on the pad them, but it was a particularly and as their backup crew, we bitter pill, i think, for inherited the first flight and president moon. you'll remember, he's sort of another year and-a-half later we the one that's been the match maker in all of this, you know? got to launch. sending envoys and getting both sides to agree to the first so things today in many ways are summit in singapore and then pursuing his own policies, going smoother on that. inter-korean relations with the north. at the same time, man's role in well, that has sort of hit a barrier, an obstacle. those first flights has been and that is the international deteriorating significantly over sanctions. moon doesn't want to get on the the years. eric: that was such a tragedy wrong side of the president, but he also wants to be able to with gus gristom and the others pursue this policy of engaging when it happened. it did not set our proud and north korea directly as a amazing program back. korean, but that policy is sort of stuck in the middle right now as an american, i'm amazed. we've been relying on russians. because sanctions are prohibiting that from moving forward, and he's sort of they retired the shuttles. waiting for the u.s./north what happened? korean relationship to improve. we were the leader of space, the first man on the moon, remember so moon, or who is suffering that day, many of our viewers electorally right now -- his who were alive them, certainly poll numbers are down -- was really hoping to get a boost out remember that day in july. of this, and it didn't happen. what happened and is this a
1:43 pm
arthel: i want to ask you so chance for our country to get much more, but i'm out of time. back into space and lead the way we will have plenty of as we have in the past? opportunities to discuss this between now and, you say, you think there'll be a third >> well, i think that this has summit. >> yeah. been a good step forward for arthel: we will see. those of you out there that are jim walsh, thank you. watching it and looking forward >> i look toward to it, arthel. to getting man back in charge of -- forward to it. eastbound erin ahead, an update things here. because our space programs, even on something that has kind of though we've been dependent on been forgotten in all this, the russians and paying them 75, where things stand after north korea six months ago turned over $80 million per ride now for the the remains of dozens of last seven, eight years on that, american soldiers killed in the korean wear. this is a good first step forward because it represents american spacecraft, boeing's that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. got a spacecraft they're going we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. to be testing probably this ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ year, but i found my feeling about how our manned program was p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. evolving over the last 15 or 20 oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. years has been slowly falling down, not looking too positive. i find this a nice, positive p3 snacks.
1:44 pm
the more interesting way to get your protein. step forward, like the -- on spacex, i was not too (get-together, especially after ibeing diagnosed last yearto go with my friends to our annual optimistic until they recovered with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. their launch vehicle. i found that one of the most -- (avo) another tru story with keytruda. that was very impressive, in my (dr. kloecker) i started katy on keytruda and chemotherapy and she's getting opinion. eric: do you think they have it results we rarely saw five years ago. together, this kind of private enterprise, cooperation with (avo) in a clinical trial, significantly more patients nasa, that they'll be able to do it by the end of the year as they predict? lived longer and saw their tumors shrink than we'll be back in space and it's because of spacex shooting it on chemotherapy alone. (dr. kloecker) it's changed my approach to treating patients. up? >> yes, and as they make these (avo) keytruda may be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment if you have advanced nonsquamous, non-small accomplishments, i find myself becoming more positive about it. cell lung cancer and you do not have an abnormal over the last 10 years or so i've not been all that "egfr" or "alk" gene. optimistic. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer, i think they're making a lot of good progress. we're trying to get back to but can also cause your immune system to attack healthy parts of your body. this can happen during or after treatment american control of man in space and may be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have new or worse cough, and so many things have changed. i mean, even the crews today chest pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, severe stomach pain have changed significantly over what we had. or tenderness, nausea or vomiting, rapid heartbeat, i don't think half of the people there today are even fighter increased hunger or thirst, constipation, dizziness pilots, but i feel fortunate or fainting, changes in urine or eyesight, that the time that i was there
1:45 pm
involved with this that we all muscle pain or weakness, joint pain, had to be military fighter confusion or memory problems, fever, rash, pilots, most of them were test itching, or flushing. these are not all the possible side effects. pilots, and because we were counting on man's role and how tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, man thinks to do these things. including immune system problems, if you've had an organ transplant, had or plan to have a stem cell transplant, as time has gone on, and we've got more and more informed and or have lung, breathing, or liver problems. capable on that, they start (katy vo) where i am now compared to a year ago, cranking all of that into the it's a story worth sharing. (avo) living longer is possible. software. so most of the people today it's tru. keytruda, from merck. whether they like it or not with more fda-approved uses for advanced lung cancer they're along for the reared, that's the way it is. than any other immunotherapy. eric: you guys are the originals. you guys are the originals, you're one of them, the right stuff. finally, colonel, what is it like to be up there, when you're weightless? give us a sense of what it's like when you look down on earth and see the heavens. >> well, how it is when you get it's been a long time there, i'm sure that it's got since andrew dusted off his dancing shoes. luckily denture breath will be the least of his worries. because he uses polident 4 in 1 cleaning system maybe some changes based on individual reaction to it. to kill 99.99% but i think back in those days of odor causing bacteria. most of us were so oriented polident. clean. fresh. and confident.
1:46 pm
towards trying to be successful that we never felt we were along for the ride. we set out thinking that we were going to make sure this is a success. i can remember going through the simulations that we had, we finally got a simulator that we could operate a little bit on, but i can remember my personal thinking, i can't talk about the other two maybe, but i can remember always trying to make sure that i could do whatever the other crewmen could do if something happened to them and they weren't available ex-oh, eric: oh, yeah. >> i would suspect other people had the same attitude. eric: we thank you for i service with apollo seven and service all these years with our country and we'll be celebrating the return to american flight hopefully by the end of the year. >> thank you for your interest. it's an important move. eric: it is that. arthel. arthel: a weekend storm making its way from coast to coast,
1:47 pm
millions will be impacted. meteorologist adam klotz will break down where it will hit. ♪ limu emu and doug. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance, because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. [ loud crash ] yeah. he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ arthel: the remains of more at outback, your steak & lobster wish is our command. american soldiers killed decades ago in the korean war are likely to be identified soon from 55 steak & lobster is back by popular demand, boxes sent here by the north starting at only $15.99. korean army. hurry in to outback! but thousands more remain and if you want outback at home, order now! unrecovered as efforts inside the regime have stalled. lucas tomlinson has more now from the pentagon. ♪
1:48 pm
♪ >> reporter: it's been more than six months since north korea turned over 55 boxes containing the remains of some of america's heroes from the korean war. >> our boys are coming home. they are known but to god. but soon we will know their names. >> reporter: but north korea hasn't turned over any more since a dignified transfer in hawaii, according to dr. john with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. byrd, the chief scientist tasked fixodent ultra-max hold with identifying them. of the 7500 missing americans, gives you the strongest hold ever more than two-thirds remain in to lock your dentures. north korea with the ores so now you can eat tough food without worry. further south -- others further south. >> we would be delighted if we could get more remains turned fixodent and forget it. over to us, but there's been no discussion in the last, you know, since we received the 55 boxes. >> reporter: in his first summit with president trump, north korean leader kim jong un committed to recovering more american remains including the immediate repatriation of those already identified. the subject never came up in your favorite restaurants now it doesn't matter dash. where you are. public meetings between ♪
1:49 pm
president trump and chairman kim it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. in vietnam. only three american soldiers have been identified from the it doesn't even matter how many you are. boxes so far, but dr. byrd says ♪ more americans will be identified in the days ahead. restaurants come to you. >> we're in the final stages of delicious at your door. making several more identifications. download doordash. right now we're looking at four. first order, no delivery fee. >> reporter: dr. byrd says based on dna results, up to 80% of the remains turned over are americans. ultimately, dozens more are expected to be identified. byrd described some painstaking methods. >> american soldiers in the korean war would have had a very different diet. when we look back at the stable isotope in the bones, we can recognize american remains from these signatures in the bones. >> reporter: while byrd is eager to get more remains, he understands it will take some time. at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson, fox news. eric: and we hope we can get them all returned. well, there was a major space launch this weekend.
1:50 pm
it's taken off to the international space station. why this journey is getting so much attention. ♪ ♪ to buy. it's not sexy. or delicious. or fun. but since you need both car and home insurance, why not bundle them with esurance and save up to 10%? which you can spend on things you really want to buy, like... well, i don't know what you'd wanna buy because i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. it would do more than haul. if i built a van, it would carry my entire business. i'd make it available in dozens, make that thousands of configurations. it would keep an eye on my fleet. [ beeping ] arthel: a winter storm and an eye out for danger. with active brake assist. currently in california making its way across the u.s. this if i built a van, i'd make it available in diesel and gas. weekend. it is not giving the northeast much time to recover from last and i'd build it right here, in south carolina. night's storm. so who will see the most snow?
1:51 pm
introducing the all new sprinter starting at $33,790. meteorologist adam klotz live in the fox weather center. built in the usa. so who is it going to be, adam? mercedes-benz. vans. born to run. >> because it's moving across the whole country, a lot of folks. in the northeast, if you saw that snow early this morning or late last night, this will be a bigger system. here's what we're paying attention to. if you live out west, it has rained and rained for the last month. that's continuing. we're going to get a mix of rain, we're going to get a mix of some places pretty heavy snow. this is the future forecast. we'll watch it sweep across the entire country. by the time you goa get to the s states, that's turning into pet pretty good snow, into tomorrow evening. the west coast this becomes a sunday evening, early monday morning situation. across the southeast, these could be powerful thunderstorms sweeping through this area, so if you're in these spots, know you could see powerful thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. as you run into, again, the mid-atlantic, stretching to new england, that's when the system hits the cold air and it turns
1:52 pm
into snow. it will be cleared off by monday afternoon. monday morning there could be folks in store for a little bit of trouble with that commute. here is our forecasted precipitation. a lot of rain in the southeast. once you get to the mid-atlantic and northeast, that's when it turns into snow. how much are we talking about? the model's in disagreement. the storm is in california right now. spots in new york, one to two inches, farther north, maybe as much as 6 inches in some locations. arthel: thank you very much. and so listen, this is what happens when you're here in new orleans -- in new york and your friends from high school and new orleans show up. all my girls are here. yeah, go dominican high school. i love them all. i haven't seen you guys in years. see you guys tomorrow at noon eastern. eric: are you going to make it tomorrow after tonight? arthel: i don't know.
1:53 pm
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1:54 pm
marking a significant step towards bringing human space flight back to the u.s. phil keating is live on cape canaveral with all the details. hey, phil. >> reporter: hi, arthel. so far so good for this historic mission. this is the first commercial crew space capsule now successfully headed towards the international space station. a picture perfect launch in the darkness at 2:49 a.m. this morning, just spectacular visually. and you could hear the excited cheers from the spacex workers in california watching the feed. the capsule is loaded with data receptors, and this launch for spacex, 17 long years in the making. no humans onboard this all-important first test flight designed to make sure the capsule is safe, but there is ripley, a smart dummy suited up and covered with sensors to learn what astronauts will experience. next to her, a cute stuffed earth toy indicating when the
1:55 pm
capsule hit zero gravity. why? because it was a funny joke. about ten minutes after launch, the rocket returned to the drone landing ship 300 miles offshore in the atlantic, nailing a perfect landing in the bull's eye. a couple of hours later, elon musk appeared exhausted but extremely happy. >> to be frank, i'm a little emotionally exhausted because it was super stressful. but it worked. so far. >> reporter: this test flight so big, nasa's administrator brought for the launch the first four astronauts that will fly the crew dragon once nasa gives it the go. >> i can't begin to explain to you how exciting it is for a test pilot to be on a first flight of a vehicle. and, you know, we'll be ready when spacex and nasa's ready for us to fly it. >> reporter: for this mission there is still much to
1:56 pm
accomplish and happen as well as risk. first, the capsule's going to dock by itself, six a.m. tomorrow morning, and the russian space agency this past week actually raised safety concerns on the remote possibility that the crew dragon would miss the hatch and slam into the space station, causing damage. so the three-person crew that's living onboard the space jon: president trump caps off a whirl win i could and sometimes station, they are all prepared troubled week with a just in case to board that soyuz wind-ranging address at cpac where he tells supporters he escape capsule and get back to will win re-election in 2020. earth. arthel: let's hope all dose well. good even, i'm jon scott. phil keating, thank you. eric: the president had lots to this is "the fox report." say, and he really seemed to the president spoke for more than two hours at the annual enjoy his appearance at one of the biggest conservative gathering of conservative leaders, remarking on everything gatherings of the year. what he during his two-plus hour from his 2016 victory to the green new deal and growing congressional investigations into his finances. speech at cpac, ahead. ellison barber has more from the white house. >> reporter: hi, jon. president trump walked out on i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy. stage, and he very quickly proclaimed that he is putting america first and, in his words, reversing decades of blunders
1:57 pm
and betrayal. so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. >> it's been done by the failed kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. ruling class hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! . . . geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7. the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a few years old or dinosaur old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car and say hello to the new way... at carvana.
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arthel: president trump taking the stage at cpac before an enthusiastic crowd and delivering a lengthy speech lasting more than two hours. the president capping an event-filled week that included nuclear talks with north korea in vot vietnam and testimony wih michael cohen. hello, i'm arthel neville, welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. eric: i'm eric shawn. thank you for joining us this afternoon. the president touched on a whole host of issues with a fiery campaign style address. he took swipes at the special counsel's probe, saying opponent are moving from russia collusion
2:01 pm
to finances. this came days after michael cohen testified publicly before the house oversight committee, raising questions about the trump organization financial issues. the president also going after any other investigations that house democrats could be working on. >> so they don't have anything with russia. there's no collusion. so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done. we're going to go into his finances. we've going to check his deals. we're going to check -- these people are sick. eric: allison barber on the front house of the white house with more. >> reporter: when president trump first started speaking, this sounded like more of of a traditional campaign speech. the president rarely sticks to a script. as we've seen so many times when he holds rallies, when he speaks to crowds of supporters, at times he does and says what he wants. he made a joke, saying he goes off script and that's how he won the white house. he focused heavily on trade.
2:02 pm
he poked at the democrats and mocked the green new deal. then his speech sort of took a bit of a hard turn and the president went very hard on the special counsel l sell and the fbi director he fired. he also suggested that his 2016 comments about russia and hillary clinton's. mail e-mails werea joke that tt of context. listen here. >> everybody's having a good time. i'm laughing. we're all having fun. and then that fake cnn and others say he asked russia to go get the e-mails. horrible. and i fire a bad cop. i fire a dirty cop. and all of a sudden the democrats say how dare he fire him. how dare he do this. and that's where we are, folks. that's where we are. we're in this swamp of washingtowashington, d.c. but we're winning and they're
2:03 pm
not. >> reporter: the president made the e-mail comment on july 27, 2016. at one point, in the indictment, prosecutors allege that, quote, on or about july 27th, 2016, the conspirators attempted after hours to spear fish for the first time e. mail accounts at a domain hosted by a third party provider, some said that was an oblique reference to president trump because it seems that that happened according to the indictment on the same day he made his e-mail comments. the president disagrees and his defenders would likely point out the indictment also says that the russian officers started planning to release hacked e-mails in april of 2016. eric. eric: allison, thanks so much. arthel. arthel
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