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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 2, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. web i'm "watters world" and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight. president trump bringing down the house at cpac. welcome to "justice." live from our nation's capital, i'm judge jeanine pirro. we have a big night tonight. a very special exclusive look at my speech to the crowd at cpac just a few short hours ago. but first, it was the longest speech of his presidency to date. and president trump didn't disappoint. let's take a look at highlights from his wide ranging campaign-style talk earlier
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today. >> you know, this is how i got elected by being off script. and if we don't go off script, our country is in big trouble, folks. because we have to get it back. when i look at what's happening on the other side, i encourage it. i say no no, i think the new green deal or whatever the hell they call it, the green new deal, right? green new deal. i even koirnlgt. i think it's really something they should promote. they should work hard on. it's something our country need desperately. they have to go out and get it. but i'll take the other side of that argument only because i'm
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mandated to. but they should stay with that argument and never change. no planes. no energy. when the wind stops blowing, that's the end of your electric. darling, is the wind blowing today? i would like to watch television, darling. all of a sudden they are trying to take you out with [bleep] [bleep]. robert mueller never received a vote and neither did the person
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that appointed him, and as you know, the attorney general says, i'm going to recuse myself. and i said, why the hell didn't he tell me that before i put him in? how do you recuse yourself? but the person that appointed robert mueller never received a vote. robert mueller put 13 of the angriest democrats in the history our country on the commission. what we have done together has never been done in the history, maybe of beyond our country, maybe in the history of the world. they came from the mountains and the valleys and the cities. they came from all over. and what we did in 2016, the election we call it with a capital e. it's never been done before and we'll do it i think again in 2020 and the numbers are going
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to be even bigger. [cheers and applause] [crowd chants usa] judge jeanine: joining me with reaction to the presidentments speech and so much more, a man who wrapped up a very busy week himself, cpac chairman matt schlapp. >> wow! that's the word humdinger. judge jeanine: he had that place on its feed. didn't he just get off a plane. >> he walked away and walked right over to cpac which is just awesome. judge jeanine: you should have felt great. you are in charge of cpac. you had how many speakers? >> 200 speakers.
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judge jeanine: you had a lot of good speakers. >> we mad van jones which was interesting. judge jeanine: the president gets off the plane, he delivers what many of us believe to be the longest speech he has ever delivered since he has been the president. he's full of energy. and there is nothing he didn't cover-that speech. he covered everything. did he say to you, look, matt, i am a little tired. >> he said have you had someone say they are not going to keep their commitment? i said yes. but he said i am going to be there. he said i don't know if i will be energetic. then when he got done, judge, he was ready to keep going. he fed off the energy of those college kids. he loved every minute of it.
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judge jeanine: i think he should get out of the white house and talk to the people of this country whether they are college or senior citizens. van jones, here is this guy, the drug czar, isn't that what he was. and he works for cnn. i think drug czar, that's the only thing i'm accustomed to from my background. how did he get at this conservative political action committee. did you invite him? >> we did invite him. we worked with him on criminal justice reform which is a big initiative of the president. van jones is a liberal with character who when the president does something right, he he ports him. -- he supports him. judge jeanine: he gave credit where credit was due. prison reform. did he say anything about getting pushback from the left? >> yeah, he said he was going to
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take it for being there, and he sure did. some people were pretty brutal. and i don't think he cares. when the president does the right thing he believes he should support him. judge jeanine: you do this every year. who is it you plan or that you intend when you start the conference to bring, and what is it you expect to get out of this? >> the big thing in the last five years with cpac is to try to bring some unity to the conservative cause. when you have president obama in there for 8 years that left us in shatters. we didn't like what obama was doing but we didn't seem to couple with a playbook. then we had that primary in 2016. i think cpac had a big part in making folks realize politics for the republicans needed to change and change fast. judge jeanine: we should learn from the democrats. how to stay cohesive and how to
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circle the wagons when somebody comes after one of us, but that doesn't happen. lastly, i want to ask you, you have had the president for the last three years. that says a lot for you. >> reagan spoke every year of his 8 years. the difference is with president trump, it's a central part how he explains to the american people what he wants to do. the vice president came too. judge jeanine: mick mulvaney said he couldn't say a word he was so exhausted. let's take a listen to president trump with some word to his critics after he wisely walked away from this week's summit with kim jong-un. president trump: i get a kick out of all these people from previous administrations saying donald trump should not under any circumstances doing this or
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that. these guys died. one administration gave billions of dollars to him and we got nothing. i am going to get other countries to give. fit all works out. but i had to walk. because every once in a while you have to walk. because the deal wasn't a deal that was acceptable to me. i don't like these deals that politicians make. they make a deal just for the sake of doing it. i want to make a deal that really works. oh, let's not make it. judge jeanine: dan bongino just back from vietnam along with the host of "america first" on the salem radio network, dr. sebastian gorka. i want to ask you, kim jong-un,
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a lot of criticism of the president by the left for not doing the deal. even criticism that neither of them was prepared for this summit. what's your take on what happened? >> well, track what the left said. this is something he shouldn't do. he's having a bromance with kim. he's going to bend or backward. when he walked away from the table they said how could you do this, you are risking international security. if the left didn't have double standards they wouldn't have any standard at all. the idea that this president -- that two-hour speech today, he went from policy to policy to policy. he was extemporaneous. he didn't use notes. i know a friend of mine runs the asia directorrate.
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he did exactly what had to be done. kim was playing games and he walked away from the table. judge jeanine: dan bongino, you just got back from vietnam. what was it like over there? how was the president received? how was kim jong-un received? >> the country was excited to have us there, there were american flags all over the place. i didn't get the sense of disappointment on the ground. i think trump went in with realistic expectations. obviously he would have preferred an agreement. but sebastian is right. trump understands i think from his time in business what a lot of career politicians don't. the country is starving. the country is starving to death. he doesn't care about his
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people, but he cares about keeping this military happy. he has a big cudgel and weapon. kim has his nuclear weapon. but unlike the soviets who we defeated in the cold war. we had mutually assured destruction. kim only has kim assured destruction. he doesn't have the nuclear arsenal the soviets did. he's going to wait him out and he walked away from a bad deal. smart thing to do. judge jeanine: what leverage do we have over kim jong-un? >> the leverage is the tariffs. china is bleeding out from all its veins. they are worried this trade war could escalate. the president fired a shot across the bow. this is a message to china that
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kim has to start behaving. we have huge reference thanks to the china policy. judge jeanine: dan, the president continued today in his speech talking about free speech on campuses with the sanction of getting rid of research dollars. we are seeing too much assault on college campuses, threats when someone comes on wearing a maga hat. what do you think could be done? what can be donner time one of these things happen? >> it wasn't co-incidental from the reviews i saw on twitter. i heard that was the loudest applause line he got about this potential executive order protecting free speech.
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i want to tell you why. you heard the adage, all politics are local. right? in the end they are. what matters to people on their kitchen table and their backyard they will always vote on. what does this have to do with the e.u.? do you have any d the e.o.? do you have anied in how many conservatives are personally experiencing this across america? maybe it's not a legal speech suppression, but it's certainly defacto. that's the reason the young crowd erupted in applause when the president said no more. you are going to speak out and i'm going to protect you. judge jeanine: the bottom line is these kids are being threatened every day. >> i had that young man, this young individual who was assaulted in berkeley. hayden, i had him on my radio show.
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he has been emboldened by this attitude that we have by the right that we are not going to take this lying down. i said you were cold cocked. are you going to be more quiet about being a conservative? he said are you joking? i'm going to talk out more about freedom of speech. what did he do? he invited hayden up on to the podium and allowed him to speak. judge jeanine: we just saw a picture of hayden with a black eye. i want to talk to the president's counsel today, cone, convicted liar testified before congress. did he fall flat? >> h -- he contradicted himself. he said donald trump wasn't serious about the campaign, he didn't want to win, he treated it like an infomercial. no less than 30 minute later at
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the same hearing donald trump would have done anything to win the election. judge, you are a lawyer. i lot of profession. but how this guy passed the bar i don't know. judge jeanine: what's your take on cohen? >> michael cohen is a rat fink who was used by the democrats. he committed perjury again. he'll probably get his sentence extended, not shorter. judge jeanine: he committed perjury when he said he didn't want to work for the president in the white house. wasn't he going to buy a place in washington? dan bongino, dr. sebastian gorka, thank you so much. reaction to the president's comments at cpac on socialism. much more ahead. tom fitton joins me with a new warning about the mueller
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investigation. next, dennis prager is here to explain how we can avoid the slow creep of socialism. but first, president trump wasn't the only juan who had the cpac crowd rocking today. >> you can't deny our economy is doing great. that the minorities have jobs. more jobs than they have ever had in the history of this country. asians, african-americans, hispanics. american factories are hiring again. minorities have never seen employment like this. wall street is roaring and production is at an all-time high and the biggest tax cut in history is working for everyone. who wouldn't like that. who wouldn't like the fact that retail sales went up 6% last year. and larry kudlow is right, too. put socialism on trial.
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[ sighing ] ♪ oh my momma she gave me ♪ these feathered breaths ♪ ♪ oh my momma check in from afar with remote access. and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo in an xfinity store, call, or go online today. president trump: while we are making great strides and our country is doing as well and
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maybe in many ways better than it's done before, democrat lawmakers are embracing socialism, they want to replace individual rights with total government domination. justice week more than 100 democrats in congress signed up for a socialist takeover of american healthcare. judge jeanine: that's president trump warning conservatives of a socialist nightmare that could overtake our country if we alight. here with reaction to this and so much more, dennis prager whose prager university website has more than a billion views last year. his last book "rational bible" is the best selling bible commentary today. >> it's always great to see you.
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judge jeanine: the first thing i said to dennis prager is you are a lot bigger than i thought you were. >> i'm 6'4". judge jeanine: the president just talked about the fact that they want to eliminate individual rights and replace it with total dominated government control. you have got a thing with socialism. what is wrong with socialism? >> i was at the russian institute at colombia. my whole life i have been studying social i. and communism. it's an economic failure. there is a simple reason. only capitalism creates wealth. no other economic way of life,
9:24 pm
system, philosophy, last has ever created wealth. socialism spends the money that capitalism creates. no one can deny that. even leftists can't deny that. they will say it's the moral thing to do to spent money capitalism creates. but they cannot deny that it itself makes no money. sow it depends on capitalism to exist. judge jeanine: when margaret thatcher said socialism is fine until you run out much other people's money. >> that's right. secondly, it always deprives people of freedom. it makes the government bigger and bigger. as the government gets bigger, in every instance, there is no exception, people's rights diminish. america was found on limited government.
9:25 pm
judge jeanine: every candidate running for president on the democrat side believes in socialism. when bernie sanders ran three years ago and said he was a democrat socialist, now it's mainstream. >> the left has taken over the liberals. liberalism has been vanquished by leftism. it's been kidnapped. if you would have asked a liberal 50 years ago, are you pro socialist? he would have said are you crazy in the biggest anti-communists were the labor unions in the 40s and 50s and 60ss. alan dershowitz is a rare example of a living liberal who is anti-left. judge jeanine: you are making a movie, "no safe spaces" with adam corolla.
9:26 pm
>> we are the closest human beings with disparate backgrounds that exist in america. >> it's oh pessor versus oppressed and you are a hero if you are on the side of the oppressed. >> you cannot be happy if you think yourself a victim. >> we have common sense in common. that means we have everything in common. >> we are fighting for america which is the greatest experiment in liberty and decency in human history and i don't want to lose it. judge jeanine: when does it come out? >> later this year it shows what's happening on the campuses. the deprivation of free speech. that was the university of which. that was not yale. that was not berkeley.
9:27 pm
that was the university o -- the university of wyoming. the young generation. my generation screwed up the next generation. that's a general statement, it did. judge jeanine: tell me quickly how. >> they made them narcissists. you have rights, no obligations. judge jeanine: dennis prager we would love to have you come back. the green new deal. you heard from the dems and you heard from its detractors. what the president has to say about this controversial plan, an an all-star panel is here to debate it. you will like this.
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[♪] reporter: live from "america's news headquarters," i'm aishah hasnie.
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the sacramento district attorney announcing saturday that two sacramento police officers who shot and killed an unarmed blackman last year will not face any criminal charges. the d.a. saying the use of lethal force in the death of stephon clark was lawful. police believed he had a gun, but investigators only found a cell phone. a major winter storm bringing heavy snow from california to new england this weekend causing travel delays and flight cancellations. some areas getting up to a foot snow. another storm is moving across the country set to bring heavy snow and rain. the worst of it expected sunday night into monday morning in the northeast region. interim president juan guaido faces being arrested. president trump: perhaps nothing is more extreme than the
9:33 pm
democrats' plan to completely take over american energy and completely destroy america's economy through their new $100 trillion green new deal. under the green new deal, which somebody described as a high school term paper written by a poor student. judge jeanine: president trump rips into aoc's green new deal, even mockingly saying it's something the dems should promote. i'll ask my political panel what they think. stephanie hamill and jonathon harris. we know he's talking about aoc. aoc, she now is the person that everybody is talking about. the president of the united states is talking about her. george, she comes out with a
9:34 pm
list, she calls it her list where she threatens to put moderate dems on a list and threatens to primary them. i have two questions. does she think she this charge or is pelosi in charge? and is there going to be a struggle there? the second thing is the reason she said it is because some democrats joined republicans on a bill that requires gun retailers to report when illegals try to buy a gun. is that a terrible thing to do? >> she said she didn't say she was making a list. she said they were going to put themselves on the list by their vote. they were saying the progressive and republicans would make a list when elections come around. that's what she said she was saying. but there is a question from the right, who is leading the party. but pelosi and aoc are working
9:35 pm
well together. she was holding a protest in her office. and pelosi said the green new deal was a green dream. judge jeanine: are they coming together, pelosi and aoc? >> he lows irdoesn't -- pelosi doesn't have a choice. aoc is steeling the spotlight. she has the loud minority on her side right now. and like you mentioned, this was a threat to the democrats. and she does think she is the boss, she is in charge. she said it herself. i don't have a problem with political parties sticking together. but when she was attacking moderate democrats over it was a common sense amendment going after gun retailers asking them to report illegal immigrants who
9:36 pm
are buying guns. it's illegal for illegal immigrants to attempt top purchase a firearm. that's not unreasonable. 10 years ago democrats would have supported that. >> they are making more out of this. the right is making a bit more out of this. judge jeanine: you agree that illegals should be reported if they try to buy a gun. >> of course. judge jeanine: one thing i like about aoc is her cow thing, the cow emissions. if you watched my show, you know what i'm talking about. she adds to it and says the cow flatulence has an impact on climate change. so she says i'm not going to force everyone to go vegan, but we have to address factory farming, and maybe we shouldn't be eating hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. is that somewhat of a
9:37 pm
dictatorship? >> you can look and there have been studies that say the amount of mass breeding that we do of cows -- >> are you ready to give up your cheeseburgers? i didn't think you would. >> i think she is encouraging us to make better choices. judge jeanine: she is a bartender, should we be drinking and not eating hamburgers? >> i'm not a big meat eater. but i'm petrified of the idea of somebody direct when you should eat cheese burgers and when you shouldn't. this green new deal is a green scam piptd many a rather short bill. when i read it i laughed out loud. it's like her and bill nirks e
9:38 pm
the science guy and a third grader wrote it. did you read the bill? it many ridiculous. she say we are going to get rid of possible i will fuels in the next few years and take a boat to hawaii. >> you take these fringe outliers and try to make them the party. they are not the party. these are people elected from their district. pelosi herself said the green deal -- >> dianne feinstein is bowing down to her. pelosi is bowing down do to her. jean require was delightful having the two of you on. coming up. violence against the right. is the mainstream media normalizing attacks on trump supporters? brandon tatum joins us
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[♪] judge jeanine: live in d.c., take a look at this conservative volunteer being beaten by a thug on u.c. berkeley's campus. [bleep] [bleep] now charges have been brought against the assailant in this attack. joining me with reaction, "turning point usa"'s director of urban engagement. the problem i'm seeing is whether american student, anyone wearing a maga, make america great cap are safe. from the 81-year-old guy in the supermarket to the 23-year-old in the restaurant in massachusetts, and then this kid
9:44 pm
on campus, and in addition you can multiply it by a thousand. people are being attacked for expressing their first amendment rights free speech in a cap. what are you and turning point and hayden williams, are you going to go after u.c. berkeley? >> president trump did a wonderful job by promising he's going to stand up for americans for freedom of speech on campus. turning point has been on the front lines, boots on the ground fighting for these student year in and year out for them to have the freedom to speak their mind and have access to the american dream. these are the things we prioritize and we'll fight for students especially on campus. judge jeanine: no one on that campus helped hayden. there are people who saw it and the problem with up c. berkeley is if a kid in a maga hat
9:45 pm
attacked a student, they would have swat rsh teams, helicopters, the college would be on lockdown. they don't want to get involved. prosecutors don't want to prosecute. up c. berkeley has to be sued. >> this is not a fairytale. this young man got punched in the face for no reason. because of it, it shines a light on it. and we'll be able to have a leg to stand on when it comes to defending these young people on campus. it's a shame that people didn't step in and intervene. i don't blame them. but i believe they should take a stronger stance on campus. this kid if he was a student on campus he should be expelled. judge jeanine: he worked there. why did it take 8 days to figure
9:46 pm
out who was. then an 81-year-old in a supermarket in new jersey. then my favorite is this woman named rosie who attacks a kid wearing a maga hat and she overstayed her visa, now she is facing deportation. karma is a tough one. >> yes, it is. these people are actually cowards. i wear my maga hat everywhere around the country, and they will not test me. but that shows they are cowards when they are picking on people they think are weak. we as americans have to stand up and support one another. if i see a person who decide to attack another individual with a maga hat, i will intervene. i support people who support the president. judge jeanine: amen.
9:47 pm
brandon tatum. thanks so much. if you think you can trust the upcoming mueller report, judicial watch's tom fitton tells us why the
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judge jeanine: the mueller report is still looming. my next guest says the amount of corruption hupped it is unbelievable. and it will be quite a test for the new attorney general. tom one appeared at cpac with congressman devin nunes. one of the things you said that got my attention was this justice department has no business writing a report on the president's conduct. >> the president has the right to fire people like james comey and communicate with the russian ambassador and run the government. the idea that the justice department is writing a report on the president's conduct as president is ridiculous. the attorney general barr should be asking that. we understand you indicted all these people and prosecuted them. but your opinion about the president's conduct as president is about as worthy as anyone else's opinion and the justice
9:52 pm
department isn't paying you to give us another dossier on president trump. we already have one dossier and the idea his activist attorneys working for mueller will be writing the dossier on president trump as something that need to be rejected. his number two, andrew wise man is an anti-trumper. we found an email to sally yates saying i'm in awe of you after she did something outside the law in preventing the president's travel ban from being testified. an went to hillary clinton's election night party. this man is going to be writing a report on president trump? no, thank you. judge jeanine: there are so many documents from this investigation that we haven't seen. where are the efforts by judicial watch to get that stuff out. are we going to get any information from congress? what do we need to see that we aren't seeing? >> congress asked, devin nunes
9:53 pm
asked for certain material to be declassified including witness testimony. they have been sitting on that at the deep state. judge jeanine: isn't that up to the president. >>it is up to the president ultimately. judge jeanine: why do you think he's holding back on that? >> because the deep staters say you can't intervene because they are protecting the mueller investigation. judge jeanine: do they tell the president we want you to protect bob muler? >> they will say if you release this information it will make it seem like you are it fearing in the investigation. we'll have another batch of documents showing communications between bruce ohr and christopher steele. when you look at the documents, you wonder what anything else ohr was able to do but
9:54 pm
communicate with steele. it was unbelievable the number of communications. judge jeanine: now we have bill barr, the new attorney general, anybody with half a brain knows the investigation should be of the clintons and resetting and all that other hogwash. what is bill barr about? >> i don't think he's going to come in and turn over tables and shut down mueller. he won't investigate hillary clinton. we are talking about the mueller report. where is the justice department in investigating the coup against president trump. mueller is still being allowed to go around and abuse the process and rule of law. judge jeanine: i hear barr is a straight shooter? >> he may be a straight shooter, but i think the president will
9:55 pm
have to intervene to get this justice done here. judge jeanine: tom mittton, thanks so much. more from my fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named 'park' in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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. >> finally i had the honor to speak at cpac and i will share some more of my speech with all of you. >> do you want to live in a country where babies are
9:59 pm
killed without consequence, without remorse and without humanity? you want to live in the country where criminal illegals are protected by liberal leftists that continue their criminality and not be handed over to i.c.e.? mac no. >> what about ms 13 gang members running to the country and to your community? . >> no. >> do you want to live in a country where the left is more concerned about power and control than they are about maintaining the law and order that our founding fathers envisioned? . >> no. >> finally should capitalism be subverted to socialism? we mac no. >> that's it for tonight. go keep up with me throughout the week on facebook and twitter and instagram. advocating for truth and justice and the american way. the greg gutfeld show is coming up and i will see you next saturday night
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. >> abraham lincoln barack obama and now a dog in the white hous house? . >> it sounds like an improvemen improvement. [applause] take a look at this bull and his red ball he is having so much fun probably more fun he loves that go anywhere with it. so much joy that ball and that ball together they are inseparable. look at them. they go everywhere together noble has


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