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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 4, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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i would love to hear what you think of the show and the issues we discussed. heather: monday march fourth, and this is "fox & friends first", ham right now at 4:00 a.m., fox news alert for you, dramatic videos devastating the south killing more than 20 people, carving out paths of destruction. desperate search for survivors is underway right now. >> i know i am an american citizen and i have no other citizenship. heather: isis bride from alabama who wants to come home getting her day in court, the evidence she needs to make her case and you have to hear about this, a miracle in the mountains, two little girls found alive after
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being lost in the woods for 44 hours. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm heather childers, thank you for starting the day was. let's get to fox news alert. 23 people are dead including children after a tornado carves the path of destruction in alabama, powerful twisters tearing apart homes and other parts of the south as well, deadly devastation, good morning. >> good morning to you, heather, number of victims is expected to go up here. searching crews have to pause rescued effort last night because it was simply too dangerous to do in the dark, the
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damage catastrophic with homes destroyed. this is southern alabama here, 100 miles southwest of atlanta, the sheriff of lee county says the tornado traveled along state road leaving path of destruction, at least a mile long and a quarter mile wide, local mayor says this was a a powerful storm. >> we had some people that were trapped in the houses, words cannot describe it. damage is unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. listen to this woman describing the moments the tornado hit her home. >> i grabbed my dog and went and got in the closet. i am holding the door and a few minutes later i could hear all the wind and the house moving. >> now, president trump tweeted
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a quote out today to the great people of alabama and surrounding areas, please be careful and safe, tornadoes and storms were truly violent and more could be coming to the families and friends of the victims and to the injured, god bless you all. violent storms also ripping through parts of florida, south carolina and georgia, where a twister tore through a church, listen to this, incredibly left a pulpit standing, amazing there. meantime back in lee county officials are using drones equipped with devices to scan area for survivors and the search again, heather resumes. >> asiah, thank you very much. >> thank you. heather: has been held captive for 2 years, dr. walid is detained after his family claimed that he's been tortured.
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gained citizenship while studying in the states before return to go native country to fund hospital. state department urging saudi kingdom the treat prisoners and detainees humanely and make -- american diplomats have visited with gosabi. >> i would like to be attorney general, i would like justice and accountability. heather: sacramento county da says clark was standing in a shooting position and holding cell phone that was mistaken for a gun, the announcement charges will not be filed sparked protest, local mall to be shut down.
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well, president trump, is pushing back of surplus of investigations in washington this as democrats lay ground work for impeachment proceedings despite lack of substantial evidence, griff jenkins live with more on the president's response, good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather, democrats are not waiting for mueller report and diving into finances, house judiciary committee, issuing document request today for more than 60 people from the white house, the administration, the trump administration and the trump family high on the list, the president's son donald trump, jr., and trump organization chief financial officer alan, admits they're not there yet. >> impeachment is a long way down the road, we don't have the facts yet but we are going to initiate proper investigations. >> and democrats believe that despite a lack of production thus far their probe will show direct evidence of russian
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collusion. >> there's abundant evidence of collusion. >> i think there's enormous amount of evidence. >> presidential harassment by crazy democrats at the highest levels in the history of our country, like wise the most vicious and corrupt mainstream media that any president has ever had to endure, yet the most successful first two years for any presidents, we are winning big, envy of the world but just think of what it could be. meanwhile the president's former lawyer michael cohen back again for a fourth time heather behind closed doors to house intelligence committee where he will be and finally we still have no idea when we can expect the mueller report to be submitted, although sources say they are wrapping things up. heather: they keep saying it's coming, thank you so much, griff.
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appreciate it. democratic colleagues have been laying ground work for impeachment since the president's election but they are going all in now that they their collusion theories are fall ago -- falling apart. >> they decided to impeach the president, the democrats not to believe mueller report, after you had hundreds of interviews they found no collusion, they are setting a whole new course because there's no collusion so they want to build something else, they want to persuade to go some other place, they are just crediting america, dislike the president so much they won't give him an opportunity to denuclearize north korea, hearing on that day, they are picking circus over a solution. heather: democratic leaders say they are prepared to press the special counsel in all evidence if robert mueller's report show
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no collusion. senator rand paul says that he will vote to block president trump's emergency declaration, that guaranties the resolution will pass in the senate of the kentucky republican said, quote, i can't vote to give the president power to spend the money that hasn't been appropriated by congress. paul becomes the fourth republican senator to support rejecting the national emergency declaration on the southern border. they only needed 4. president trump is expected to veto the resolution, though, using that power for the first time. president trump slamming democrats for holding michael cohen's hearing during second north korea summit. the president tweeting, quote, the democrats interview in open hearing, convicted liar at the same time is very important nuclear summit with north korea is perhaps a new low in american politics and may have contributed to the walk never done when a president is
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overseas, shame. well, president trump and kim jong un ended their summit, of course, with no deal on denuclearization. former colorado senator could jump in the race for president this week, democrat reportedly filing a statement of candidacy to sec this morning, has been hinting at presidential run for months and has already visited early voting states, he's expected to kick off campaign at an event in denver on thursday. and the first lady is setting off 3-state tour today to promote be best initiative. it is her first domestic overnight trip by herself. she kicks off the tour at school in tulsa, oklahoma before visiting a technology company in seattle and then tomorrow the first lady heads to las vegas for a town hall on opioid abuse. the be best initiative is to help children behave online and say no to drugs.
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>> joe logato scores first win. heather: look at the burnout, though, wow, exciting and holds off teammates brad in final lap atlas vegas motor speedway, congrats to him, time now is about 10 minutes after the top of the hour, hours from now, the isis bride who is begging for forgiveness goes to court. if she does come back, what kind of damage can she do from behind bars, former analyst bret knows firsthand and he shows us the unquestioning level of loyalty that the brides make to the terror group and alexandria ocasio-cortez wants a green new deal as long as it doesn't affect her ride.
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>> i know i am an american citizen. >> if the president said you're not welcome back to america, what would you say to him? >> i have citizenship. heather: in just hours isis bride's lawsuit against the u.s. will have first hearing and is sue if r the right to reenter the country but can we trust that she's working with terrorist, a former army intelligence and joins us now with firsthand experience with isis brides, thank you so much for joining us, we certainly appreciate it.
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>> good morning, heather. >> i will jump straight to your personal experience. you were part of force that went to iraq and responsible for killing the original leaders of the isis state included in that you ran across an isis bride, take it from there and tell us what happened. >> sure, i know how isis operates better than anyone because i spent more than a decade hunting members of the group and my experience is coming in contact with the wives of isis fighters it taught me how extremely sedissic they are to loyal, they can think of nothing else. i will give you a further example of leading into what you were talking about in 2010 part of a small special operation's team that was tasked with hunting number one and two leaders of islamic state, during
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the mission that followed to take out the guys there was a massive gun battle and we found out that the wife of the number one leader was actually located there during this mission and so our guys on the ground went in to try and save her so she wouldn't get hurt during the gun battle and when she realized that it was the end of her husband to prove her loyalty she got away from from the guys and started running into the hail of bullets and she was captured and questioned after that for months and it was like she was just brainwashed, she wanted nothing more than to kill americans and so that's why when i hear about this isis bride knowing what i know about the wives and knowing how they operate, i mean, i can't help but think that there's some greater purpose of what they're trying to do which is radicalize themselves in the u.s. and actually potentially conduct a larger operation to help radicalize further wives to
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this cause. heather: what's interesting in the case that you were talking about, that particular wife she did act remorseful at first which we are now seeing from hodo asking remorseful but eventually she showed her true colors? >> that's the thing, heather, any remorse that i have ever seen from the individuals in custody was typically support further agenda of the group. to me it's absolutely disgusting that we have to fight isis overseas and now we have to fight them in our own courts. the fact that the case is coming up further helps them win here and radical liez further, you know, to me if we let her in, in the united states you can betray your country and fight for a terrorist group, you can kill americans and you can come back and find some people that will
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be remorseful and help you out. heather: she would maybe face crimes and put in prison but you also see prison benefits isis because they see that as huge recruitment tool. >> exactly. it is part of isis's doctrine to recruit within prisons. they would send their fighters into prison for small crimes for the sole purpose to recruiting, this is one propaganda tool for isis to use and potentially to bring others to the cause because we know that this is part of their doctrine and what i've understood from years after going after these individuals an seeing how sedistic they are, they think of nothing else than to further the cause, how do we know that this isn't part of larger operation and radicalize other members. heather: she didn't mary one but 3 isis fighters and recruit
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american using social media to use violence against americans. we have to wrap up, what is your personal opinion on hodo? >> well, my personal opinion is she should rot in syrian desert where she belongs, she should not be allowed to come back and she -- she dug her grave and she needs to be buried in it, we cannot have other people radicalized for this cause and kill further americans and so she's a terrorist. i don't even like calling her an isis bride to be honest because that sounds too nice and she's a terrorist and doesn't belong here, back in the u.s. heather: bret, firsthand experience, thank you so much for sharing that with us. >> thanks, heather. heather: have a good day, time now is 19 minutes after the top of the hour and nick marking the anniversary of the march in selma by slamming the trump administration. >> we are living through a
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full-pledged crisis in our democracy. heather: and she wasn't alone, 2020 democrats walking by her side and just imagine driving right towards an avalanche and no where else to go, the video you have got to see. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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the anniversary of the historic selma march gathering at one of the seminole spots sunday, 2020 white house hopefuls show respect to legacy as they highlight to movement. 1965, civil rights leader clash with alabama state troop erstwhile attempt to go crash bridge, moment that galvanized support for the passage of voting act later that year following in the footsteps of black civil rights leaders, thousands crossed bridge in selma alabama sunday. commemoration comes amid democratic primary that focuses on issues of race, senator brown put the spotlight on that issue. >> the president talks about being a populist but real populism is never racist. >> senator booker says it is time to recommit to the fight for justice in america. >> we are at a point in our country where we see a moral
1:25 am
vandalism. >> highlights voting rights. >> it's our turn to demand that we end all voter suppression in this country. >> as presented to you by the national voting right. >> clinton was honored at historic event although she did not mention president trump she took aim at the administration. >> and make no mistake, we are living through a full pledged crisis in our democracy. >> voter suppression as key issue in 2018 midterm elections in states like north carolina where republican congressional candidate was accused of voter fraud and selma alabama fox news. >> and fox news alert for you, wicked weather across the country, deadly tornadoes crisscrossing the south while snow blankets the northeast, janice dean is live so stay tune.
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fiery speech. >> the great genius, he called for the comey resignation because he hasn't gotten over getting his -- kicked. heather: would it work like it did in 2016? political panel on deck to debate it.
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heather: a look at headlines, starting with fox news alert. at least 23 people are dead including children after the tornado with path of destruction across alabama, officials in lee county are now using drones equipped with peep-seeking devices to scan area for survivors. the storm system with violent weather through parts of
1:30 am
florida, south carolina and georgia. that is where twister went through church, look at this, left pulpit standing. the women who left america to join isis will hearn today if she can return to the united states, the trump administration says hodo masana is not a u.s. citizen. here is her response. >> i would tell him to study. heather: attorneys are expected in court today. and house judiciary committee is using michael cohen to lay ground work for impeachment, democrat says lawyer has directly implicated the president. document from 60 people including donald trump, jr. and others named by cohen in public testimony last week.
1:31 am
shutting down schools and causing major travel problems, new york city getting several inches of snow, canceling a hundred flights out of laguardia airport. new jersey up to new england before it would push offshore. janice dean joins us live, janice, under the winter weather alerts? >> yes, the good news is that we are almost done with storm system. this is the same storm or at least part of the energy that brought those devastating tornadoes across the south, let's take a look at the map, i will show you reports of tornadoes across the south, this was tornado outbreak and, of course, costing dozens of people's lives, that would be top story but the cold side of the storm is what brought no conditions across the north and finally exit the new england
1:32 am
coast later this morning, this afternoon, the problem is, heather, temperatures are going to drop so the temperature, because the temperature is going to drop anything on the ground, it's going to freeze and we could have very treacherous travel on the roads, highways, people need to be cautious even though it looks wet it could be icy, that would be the concern as we go through the next say 24 to 48 hours the temperatures will drop significantly and remain very cold throughout the workweek, friday we will bump up along the freezing mark but that would be the big story, here is your forecast today, our storm system exiting the northeast coastline, very cool conditions across much of the country. 46 daytime high in atlanta, 43 in houston, 17 in kansas city, the cold air, arctic air is going to remain with us for much of the workweek, for much of the workweek for much of the country and take a look at tuesday and wednesday, so still hanging on the winter so even though the
1:33 am
storm is exiting we will really deal with those icy road conditions people need to be really aware of that. heather: really the treacherous weather across country, deadly tornadoes to snowstorm, definite i will keeping you busy, we appreciate you being with us so early. how about this? two young sisters found alive after 2 days in the willed -- wilderness, watch the moment when they are reunited with their family. heather: look at that, 8-year-old laya and her 5-year-old sister caroline more than a mile away from northern california home after they wandered away on friday where they tracked them down following trail of granola wrappers.
1:34 am
>> i want to thank god for that. >> certainly 44 hours, the girls were trained for outdoor survival through club and they are both doing okay. avalanche in colorado mountain site right towards the highway, incredible moment all caught on camera. >> got it? >> is it going to come down here, is it, is it? heather: is it, is it. crashing down into the creek creating a powder cloud. no people or cars were buried and no one was injured. eventually he started backing up. good idea. well, president trump wowed crowd of cpac bringing back everything that we saw in 2016 during the election, watch.
1:35 am
>> i saw little shifty shift yesterday, the collusion delusion, russia, please, if you can, get us hillary clinton's emails and what we did in 2016 the election we call it with a capital e, it's never been done before and we will do it, i think, again in 2020. heather: will the same approach work for him in 2020, here to debate democratic political analyst and patrice, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks, rather. >> patrice, i will start with you, it was something else, 2 hours and 2 minutes. >> oh, my goodness, president trump statesman of the white house and without a full force and base loves unfiltered unorthodox persona, he did a great preview of what 2020 contenders can expect and it would be difficult for them to challenge them at substance, at
1:36 am
best on style and most americans are used to this style at this point. >> robert, what did you think about it? >> what we have to understand that elections don't exist in silos, you can't run the same election and electorate are different and democrats have had another 4 years to prepare for what he was doing in 2016. he can't simply depend on free media for everything he does something or every time he tweets something, we will have much more interesting race this time where democrats are more prepared for trump typhoon. heather: some of the things he can talk about mini successes, record low unemployment being one of them. >> unemployment for blacks and hispanic people of color, record for women as well. the base supported him in 2016, electing two supreme -- getting two supreme court judges on the bench, lower-level judges as well. looking at foreign policy, making america strong force in
1:37 am
the international state i think is something that's been important as well and, you know, just looking at the economy, it is booming and unless something turns around the economy, again, difficult for democrats to fight back and by the way, i disagree with my colleague here, i mean, whenever the president tweets it does make national news because a lot of news networks make money off of the president. whatever he says is still going to make house and it's hard for those contenderses to try to breakthrough. heather: robert, i will ask you this question in terms of democrats and those who are thinking about or have already announced they are running against president trump in 2020. seems to be a lot of them talk about green new deal, socialism seems to take center stage and get a lot of free coverage when they talk about things like that and conservatives at cpac think it's not in fact, bernie sanders who, of course, supports socialist views but instead joe biden who is president trump's biggest threat in 2020 and as you respond to that we can bring up the poll that actually shows
1:38 am
that, 40% think that joe biden is a bigger threat, but he's more, what, moderate versus the far-left candidates that we seem to hear from. >> well, let's understand one thing, bernie sanders will not be the democratic nominee for president, he is not a democrat, bernie sanders is the democratic nominee i would no longer be a democrat, i will come back with a maga hat on. heather: really? >> wow. >> bernie sanders will not be the democratic nominee and the reason joe biden is polling so well, 100% name recognition, universally adored and reminds people of the obama years, he has the moderate policy where people want to cross party lines, he can actually get things done in washington, let's look at bernie's record in the senate and what will he actually pass and things get passed into law. the 2016 was about a hatred for hillary clinton and that's why bernie looked so good.
1:39 am
bernie versus a real democratic will not do so well. heather: hatred of president trump, maybe that wouldn't be a good track for democrats but was we do know that he raised $6 million in a couple of hours he declared. patrice, final word. >> yeah, don't count out bernie sanders yet, i think there's still a lot of angst on the left for the fact that based on how he was treated and while biden does do well with democrats and some independents, he would have to survive a pretty harsh democratic primary season, he's going to be taking hits and a lot of the things that he said, uncle joe has said in the past will come back to bite him, i'm not so optimistic that it would be done deal at this point. heather: democratic may be changing, the survey where 77% of democrats believe that the country would be better off in terms of socialism. so, you know, we will see. thank you both for joining us,
1:40 am
appreciate it. >> thanks, heather. heather: have a good day. time now 20 minutes until the top of the hour and the dangers of medicare for all. speaking of socialism, lower-quality delays in treatment, job-killer, dr. mark siegel live to break down how democrats' new plan will affect your family. unemployed woman charged with assaulting her mom over yoga class.
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heather: over 100 democrats have signed to cosponsor latest medicare for all bill. new legislation threatening to make private insurance plans illegal. here now to help break us down the bill fox news medical contributor dr. mark siegel. thank you so much for joining
1:44 am
us, appreciate it. >> good morning, heather, how are you? heather: i'm doing break, let's break down the proposed medicare for all plan, cosponsored by more than 100 house democrats, single-payer system like plans used in uk and canada and would largely outlaw private insurance. so what are the problems that stand out to you? >> well, number one it would outlaw private insurance. here is why there's a problem, backbone is health insurance that covers and not everyone takes a job that necessarily want and they may take job to get their insurance. you take incentive away and leave that entitlement they will leave that job, millions of jobs lost because people say i'm not getting my health care that way. this is a booming part of our economy that's going to be under direct threat with wrecking ball if medicare for all came through.
1:45 am
heather: what about cost? >> cost is huge, 30 to 33 trillion-dollar cost just to transition over to the medicare for all system. so when you ask the taxpayers out there, sure, they love it and they hear taxes are going up, they don't love it. they hear that they'll be waiting lines for the care they are used to getting and that's what we have in canada under single payer there, then they don't love it, 30% like it, is it like the medicare i know, no, it's more like medicaid, then again it's very unpopular when you hear all of those. heather: job loss, issue with cost, what about quality of care? >> so that's an enormous point to talk about right now. we are at a time of great innovation in health care, we are getting personalized treatment, personalized solutions, robotic surgery that you can perform from another place in the world, innovations in immuno therapy, those are incredibly expensive and i don't predict that medicare for all would be really geared towards
1:46 am
paying for that. i hope of the current medicare program, she said to me even current medicare is figuring out how to cover innovation, when people see they are not getting the treatments they need, it's going to become even less popular. i dent predict that this will go anywhere, i think it's a slogan, to get attention is to get the youth votes, that's what the democrats are trying for. the prediction is it doesn't get out of the ways and means committee. heather: interesting that you say that because potential 2020 candidates are touting and an effort to get the younger vote who understand really what it means. >> let's talk about marijuana across state lines and let's have medicare for all, sounds great. heather: thank you, dr. siegel, love you having with us. why in the world are parents throwing slices of cheese at
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1:51 am
antisemitic comments, this one happened during event in washington, d.c. where she suggested that proisraeli lobbying groups are pushing politicians to pledge allegiance to israel. now, some people say that this is stereotype of dual loyalty that jewish americans are secretly more loyal to israel than they are america. one politician that's upset about this is democratic new york congresswoman nida loe, she said on twitter, lawmakers must be able to debate without prejudice or bigotry, i'm saddened that congresswoman omar continues and i urge her to retrack statement and engage with jewish community on why comments are so hurtful. i fine that to be problematic and i'm not alone, i just happen to be willing to speak up on it and
1:52 am
open myself to attacks. reaction to this now pouring in, steven, don't ever back down, thank you for standing up to ignorance and hatred and ellen on twitter saying, omar's comments are pure hatred, i'm glad democrat stood up against her but we need more democrats to do the same, hatred has no room in congress. facing backlash. heather: top democrats joining together to condemn comments and says that she needs to officially apologize. >> including elliot angle, the committee she sits on. heather: over the weekend there was this ceremony to mark in selma, alabama, bloody sunday, hillary clinton was there, she said that america is in full-pledge crisis, listen. >> fundamental rights, civic virtue, freedom of the press, rule of law, truth, facts and reason are under assault.
1:53 am
we are living through a full pledged crisis in our democracy. >> people on social media are responding. she can save us all and then another commenter says the crisis is how bias democrat tried to derail a dually elected president, pushback on that remark as well. heather: let's switch to something fun or bizarre i should say, throwing cheese at babies. carley: can't wait. i don't know how this whole thing started but, yes, it is a massive trend that is sweeping social media, parents across the country are partaking in what is being called a cheese challenge that has them throwing cheese at their babies see -- face to see
1:54 am
if it would stick. heather: i don't know. carley: the parents are monsters. the best part of the challenge is all the cheesy puns that come in full force. heather: i feel bad for them, i just do. carley: it would be cruel if they aren't allowed to eat the cheese. heather: can babies eat cheese? i don't know. [laughter] >> thank you so much, charlie. >> well, the time now is 6 minutes until the top of the hour and it was supposed to be a charity event but turned into big role on ice leaving everyone with a black eye.
1:55 am
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heather: welcome back, if congresswoman behind the green new deal ditches subway for gas mini van, alexandria ocasio-cortez responding on twitter, quote, i will have you know know my kia was upset if they found how many goldfish snacks they would say i was killing the ocean too. response after the post revealed campaign that spent $30,000 on uber, 30,000. aoc is many progressive democrats pushing socialist ideas but turns out most americans are not on board.
1:59 am
new nbc wall street journal poll show half of americans view socialism negatively, the poll also shows only a quarter of americans want a socialist president. well, time the good, the bad and the ugly, up first always the good. no babysitter, no problem, college professor being praised for holding students' baby in class so dad can take notes, nathan alexander, dad had to take the baby to class when he couldn't fine anyone to watch her. the bad, this woman couldn't get to class so she allegedly threw a cell phone at her mother's head, accused of hitting her mom who refuse today drive her to yoga. unemployed 30-year-old in maryland. college hockey rivals. >> goes down and goes down.
2:00 am
heather: everybody goes down. all wraps up this hour, "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us, stay warm if you're out there. "fox & friends" continues right now, bye bye. jillian: good morning, march fourth, fox news alert, 2 dozen people are dead after massive tornado outbreak tears a path of destruction and devastation throughout the southeast, live with the urgent search of survivors. rob: tracking the winter storm that has much of the east coast. >> i know i am an american citizen, i have no other citizenship. >> also hours from now attorneys for the american isis bride will make her case for coming home. jillian: serious security reasons for the


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