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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 4, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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we'll be here 16 more seconds. watch the radio show on fox nation. >> another reason to get it. check it out. fox janice's book is out tomorrow. download it today. >> bill: that's a big day. good morning. fox news alert. devastation in the southeast. tornadoes tearing through alabama overnight killing at least 23 and leaving many more injured as we say good morning. start of a new week. not the kind of news you want to begin with. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. good to be back. >> sandra: welcome, i'm sandra smith. catastrophic damage across the state at this hour. rescue crews continuing their search for survivors. the lee county sheriff telling reporters moments ago the youngest victim was 6 years old. the number of dead could rise. >> we have teams currently being organized and sent to the areas where we had the most damage. we believe we may have had more
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than one storm on the ground. tornado on the ground. we're just not sure yet. the destruction area is a half mile wide at least. at least a mile long, probably longer. i will say we have not had an increase in the number of fatalities at this point. that still remains at 23 victims. >> bill: we should get more information throughout the program today. reaction from the white house last night. the president tweeted this. to the great people of alabama and surrounding areas please be careful and safe. tornadoes and storms were truly violent. more could be coming. to the family and friends of the injured and victims god bless you all. we're near with georgia border. jonathan, what is happening where you are? >> right now we're looking at the half mile wide path of destruction. you can see mobile homes down the hill gutted, suffering severe damage. some completely destroyed. you pan over here you can see some vehicles suffering heavy damage and then over here the
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roof ripped off of this home. ron washington was inside with his family. he says he tried to take cover in an interior hallway but the roof got ripped off. he and his family are okay. i asked him what he did to survive. he said pray to god. he said god was the only thing that saved him. right now i'm standing on what used to be the foundation of a mobile home. the heavy winds ripped it off completely off of its foundation. and this is what we're seeing throughout portions of damage, lee county authorities are resuming the active search. they had to suspend it in some of the harder-hit areas overnight because the power was knocked out. there were downed power lines and trees and in some areas it was too dangerous to go in. other areas completely impossible, bill. >> bill: the pictures are stunning. what about survivors? what are you hearing from them, jonathan? >> in the case of the
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washington family, it was prayer they say that brought them through. many other survivors say that they took cover in closets or interior rooms. that's what one grandmother did allowing her to enjoy a long hug with her granddaughter. the woman describes the harrowing experience during the tornado. >> i have knew it was bad but didn't know how bad. i stayed in the closet for a long time. when i went in the door was open and it was closed tight. i didn't have a roof. i didn't -- i didn't know when i opened it. >> a cell tower was knocked over and it also caused damage in south carolina and florida in the tallahassee area tornado blew down trees and power lines.
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in the small town of talbotton, georgia, a suspected twister damaged mobile homes and leveled a cinder block church. local reporters say that church had been used in previous storms as a shelter. fortunately no one was in it at this time. >> bill: tough stuff to watch. we'll see if there is another press conference during our program today. jonathan, thank you for being there today. >> sandra: another big story. president trump lashing out at democrats for holding the michael cohen hearings while he was overseas for the north korea summit. this as house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler vows to investigate the president for obstruction of justice. >> we've seen abuses of power and obstruction of justice, threats to the mueller investigation. threats to witnesses. all of these have to be investigated and laid out to the american people. >> nadler is setting the
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framework that the democrats not to believe the mueller report. they're saying we have to do our own investigation after you had hundreds of interviews, millions of dollars spent in the senate and house and they find no collusion. >> sandra: we'll hear from former house speaker newt gingrich. let's get to kevin corke at the white house. >> democrats are on the offensive. a posture they're expected to maintain through the 2020 election from investigation to investigation. if you listened over the weekend you heard california congressman adam schiff say as much as he continued to float the theory, without evidence, that there was collusion between the trump camp and the russians in 2016. >> while there is abundant evidence of collusion, the issue is whether there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a criminal conspiracy. that's something we'll have to await bob mueller's report and the underlying evidence to determine and have to look at the whole body of improper and
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criminal actions by the president including those campaign finance crimes to determine whether they rise to the level of removal from office. >> did you follow that? sort of moving just a bit. criminal conspiracy, maybe campaign finance crimes, other improper financial dealings. this is how this is going. that last sentence i believe is really what observers will latch onto. is this really all an impeachment run? the president says it's harassment. let me share a bit of what he said over the weekend. presidential harassment by crazed democrats at the highest levels in the history of our country. likewise the most vicious and corrupt mainstream media that any president has ever had to endure. we are winning big, the envy of the world. just think what it could be. winning was the theme behind that more than two hour long speech at cpac had them
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cheering throughout. the hear the president tell it, he will win this argument about collusion, too. >> president trump: they fight so hard on this witch hunt, this phony deal that they put together. this phony thing that now looks like it is dying so they don't have anything with russia. there is no collusion. so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he has ever done. we're going to go into his finances. >> don't forget the president will address the nation's attorney general and welcome the north dakota bison. >> bill: want to bring in newt gingrich. good morning. want to share with you. the "wall street journal" rating for the president picked up three points from 43% in
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january up to 46% now. in addition on the "wall street journal" poll, it says 41% would vote for the president if the election were held today. democrats have this white house in their cross hairs. you see the polling, take it away. can we draw blood or not, mr. speaker? >> they may draw some blood. the problem they've got is every time they go to a new topic, a new argument, a new charge, it looks more and more phony. i noticed over the weekend a poll that said only 35% of the country thought that cohen was a believable witness. well, i mean, what this does it absorbs the democrats now. having all their energy absorbed by donald trump, who they hate, and the rise of their left wing activists. that means they have no space left to communicate a winning democratic party message for
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2020. and i think in that sense -- we had some of this problem, frankly, 97, 98 dealing with bill clinton. after a while people render a judgment. they are not going to think this is impeachable. they will come to think it's all political and they'll come to think it's all destructive of the country. i think that's where they made a mistake last week with cohen. when you put a proven convicted liar on national television at the same moment that the president of the united states is negotiating over nuclear weapons in north korea, you give the country a vision of a party that is almost destructive of america for their own partisan reasons. and i think nadler will get himself in the same problem. i watched us make that mistake and i will tell you, i think that nancy pelosi is doing a better job of cautioning them to go slow than i did in 1997-1998. >> bill: a lot of reflection
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going forward-looking back 20 years as well. saturday, 2 hours 20 minutes at cpac i don't think he had a single note or teleprompter. here is what we heard. >> president trump: we will always defend america's borders. we believe in the american dream, not in the socialist nightmare. democrat lawmakers have totally abandoned the american mainstream. they are embracing open borders, socialism, and extreme late-term abortion. but perhaps nothing is more extreme than the democrats' plan to completely take over american energy. >> bill: that sounds like it was on a teleprompter and a campaign speech. what do you make of the case he made on saturday, sir? >> well, first of all, when i heard it was two hours and 18 minutes my first thought was that's a little bit long. but i realized two things. i ran into a bunch of folks sunday who were at the speech,
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loved it. did not think it was a minute too long. and they were in kind of a rock concert model. they loved being with him and they loved him rolling. i think that trump walked in that room. look, he gets tired of being attacked by 90% of the news media and he gets tired of the democrats being so nasty. he walks in a room, he senses the adulation, they are all pumped up. i know he had a prepared speech. he thinks oh, i could give the prepared speech or why don't we have fun together? the amount of energy he will gain out of saturday -- this is what the democrats have to remember -- in the end, whoever they nominate, has to be able to be on the stage with donald j. trump who is maybe the greatest reality tv performer of our lifetime. he just showed them again saturday what he will be like. he will be on offense. he will be knowledgeable. he will have honed every single
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line that works and he will go after them aggressively every single day. i thought saturday was a very interesting preview of what 2020 will be like. >> bill: thank you for your time today. newt's world is a new podcast. thank you, sir, come back real soon. thank you. >> sandra: next hour we'll be joined by devin nunes, he is our headliner today. >> bill: looking forward to talking to him. reflecting on last week. amazing week to be in vietnam to return to seoul, south korea on the way home. so much of what we covered last week. this is kim's choice to make. he has reached a prifsh ot point in his country's history and he will decide which way he takes his people. i believe there will be another summit perhaps in a year. you have to go to hanoi and see what he is willing to put on the table. in a moment back here at home.
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freshman democratic congressman omar is facing kharjts of anti-semitism coming from her own party's leadership. what she is saying to defend herself. >> sandra: hillary clinton saying americans are living through a full-fledged crisis. what she says our democracy is struggling with today. governor john sununu is on deck and joins us next. >> this is a time, my friends, when fundamental rights, civic virtue, freedom of the press, the rule of law, truth, facts and reason are under assault.
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and make no mistake, we are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy. >> bill: that is hillary clinton over the weekend speaking to a reception in selma, alabama commemorating bloody sunday. she did not directly mention president trump in those remarks but she did accuse this administration of bolstering racist views. we've heard that from many. john sununu former white house chief of staff for george w. bush and former new hampshire governor. you look great. thanks for your time. they really want this racist label to stick during this campaign. will americans buy that? >> well, they are beginning to realize that their flirtation with socialism isn't taking hold. only 20% of america according to that "wall street journal" poll is comfortable with socialism. the democrats are looking for a new lead issue for the campaign.
6:18 am
it is going to be, i think, packaged in racism, packaged in voter suppression, and mrs. clinton was there to do two things. one, underscore that and also make a plea for herself if nothing, the clintons are good political animals and i think they sense that with this drift to the left, there is still a big piece of the pie in the democrat middle and that's a plea from her to say look at me, i'm still here and if she senses there is an opportunity to grab that middle, i think you will see her stick her toe in the water here. >> bill: republicans would argue michael cohen gave it to them last week during the opening statement. here is john bolton on sunday. >> the president said sometimes you have to walk away. i think he made a very important point to north korea and to other countries around the world about negotiating with him. he is not desperate for a deal. not with north korea, not with
6:19 am
anybody. >> bill: what do you think they got from hanoi coming back? >> well, i think going into this meeting they thought it was going to come out better. i think as the president noted, i think the presence of cohen testifying in congress created an uncomfortable climate. i think the north koreans thought that he was going to be ready to take just about anything they offered. and fortunately he did not bite on that. the problem is a bigger problem, bill. this may not be the right network to talk about it on, but the biggest window to the u.s. from overseas is cnn. in fact, it is the only window in most airports, hotels, and most cable and satellite systems overseas. and when those folks see the garbage that is on cnn, they sense that the president was
6:20 am
going to north korea in a very vulnerable position. and i think they tried to take advantage of it and i think it screwed the whole thing up. >> bill: cnn went nuts on michael cohen in the evening hours, morning for us. you are making the case that's the lens by which the north koreans view american policy? >> it's the lens by which virtually everybody outside of the country views american policy and with all due respect to mr. murdoch, i really wish he would find a way to balance this thing out and get you guys on the cable networks out there on the satellite networks into the hotels and into the airports. otherwise the world has a very distorted perception of what diplomatic and political reality in the u.s. is. >> bill: it's an interesting take. wasn't expecting that. thank you for your time on a monday. governor sununu, thank you out of new hampshire.
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>> sandra: back to the top story of the morning. total devastation in alabama after a tornado. 23 dead. many more injured. next we'll speak to the sheriff of lee county, jay jones. and he will give us an update. the battle over citizenship as we await the hearing for the isis bride hoda. >> if the president says you aren't welcome back to america?
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through the southeast. 23 people have been pronounced dead. officials say that number could still rise as they continue to search the damaged areas for any survivors. here is sheriff of lee county. thank you for giving us an update. you just held a news conference. you're at 23 dead. among the youngest victims you just told us 6 years old. what else can you tell us? >> well, at this point we're continuing our search and rescue efforts. that's our primary focus. we are trying to account for individuals that have been reported missing to families. at this issue we have an extensive debris field. catastrophic would be the word i would use to describe the area that is most affected. homes that were there one day are simply just gone. just bare ground where homes
6:26 am
formerly stood. extensive debris everywhere making the search and rescue efforts hazardous and difficulties but we're proceeding and hopefully as the day goes on we'll be able to account for folks that are safe and well hopefully. unfortunately we feel like that the total victims. the fatalities may go up. >> sandra: i know the search and rescue efforts continue. you have drones in the air that are assisting the rescue efforts there. what more can you tell us about that? >> yes, we are utilizing drone capabilities in the area. some equipped with infrared that will allow us to see heat signatures of individuals in the area. unfortunately with so much debris in some cases rerecovered some victims were who completely covered with debris which ham -- hampers the capability of the drones. we have people searching the
6:27 am
areas. we have canine units from various locations around the state of alabama in neighboring states in georgia and mississippi that direct contact with the ground and searching those areas will probably be our most effective way. >> sandra: i know you've seen firsthand some of the images we're seeing here. homes completely leveled. trees down. tornado or tornadoes. what sort of update are you getting on what exactly happened? if this was one tornado or two that came through? >> folks with the national weather service are here doing an analysis of the data that was recorded yesterday through radar and other means and then, of course, they're down to see the areas that were most affected and after -- we're awaiting their analysis, of course, in regard to exactly what type of storms came through, if we had one or two
6:28 am
and the strength of those storms as well. >> sandra: what will the recovery efforts look like in the coming hours and days, sir? >> we are just going to focus with all our teams on the ground. we have a specific assigned sectors that these teams will be going to. law enforcement and fire department personnel and a lot of volunteers have come forward. we have the assets we need in place. we may call on others as the day progresses. it is about being able to cover the affected area and insure that we've covered it as well as we can. >> sandra: sheriff jay jones, you have a lot of work to do and we appreciate the update on "america's newsroom." thank you, sir. >> bill: good luck, sheriff. senator rand paul saying he will vote against president trump's national emergency over the southern border. is the senate about to tee up the president's first veto?
6:29 am
plus the white house said to be planning new sanctions for cuba over venezuela. we'll tell you why and when and senator rick scott joins us next on both issues. maybe you could relieve some stress by calling geico for help with our homeowners insurance. geico helps with homeowners insurance? they sure do. and they could save us a bundle of money too. i'm calling geico right now. cell phone? it's ringing. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and condo insurance. get to know geico and see hello! i'm ancould idaho potato farmer. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right.
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>> bill: 9:32 on monday. two hours from now federal court starts hearing the case of the so-called isis bride hoda muthana. she left alabama to marry an isis terrorist in syria. now looking to return back to the u.s. with her 18-month-old son. the trump administration banned her from coming home saying she is not a u.s. city. her family and her attorney are disputing it. >> people have been telling me. everyone asks me what are you going to do now and where are you going to go next? i keep telling everyone that we are still trying to win the
6:33 am
case and hopefully we will and i know i am an american citizen and i know i have the right to come back. >> bill: griff jenkins picks up the story from there. he is live in washington good morning to you. >> good morning. it's a case that will test the boundaries of u.s. citizenship. attorneys for muthana and secretary of state mike pompeo will appear before a judge today at 11:00 a.m. she was born in new jersey and raised in alabama before joining isis and twice married isis fighters who died in combat. now she wants to come home but the trump administration does not consider her a u.s. citizen and is fighting to keep her out from a refugee camp in syria hoda had this response to president trump's declaration that she is not welcome. >> i will tell him to study the legal system because i have papers and i have citizenship. >> she destroyed her passport
6:34 am
and acknowledges taking to social media calling for the death of americans. now she is willing to face justice and serve jail time if allowed to return. that prospect angers some like former u.s. army intelligence officer. >> she should rot in the syrian desert where she belongs. she should not be allowed to come back and she dug her grave and needs to be buried in it. >> at the heart of this hearing is the legal status of her birth in the u.s. to a foreign diplomat father. the timing of her father's service in relation to her birth and documents that got her the passport in the first place and the larger question over the protections u.s. citizens or nationals receive if they are perceived to have committed treasonous actions. >> sandra: kentucky senator rand paul says he will vote
6:35 am
against president trump's national emergency at the southern border. in an op-ed posted on fox he writes i support president trump but i can't support this national emergency declaration. paul becomes the fourth republican senator now to try and block this resolution. that means the president may have to use the veto pen for the first time in his presidency. he says he is willing to do that. florida senator rick scott joins us now. good morning to you. what is your message to your colleague, senator paul? >> well look, i don't think any of us think the first choice should be use the executive order. it is clearly not mine and if you look at the way president trump handled this. he worked with congress. proposed doing some things he thought would be helpful getting something done through daca, permanent tps and nothing happened. democrats are completely opposed to border security and i want to get results. i came up -- i've been up here a couple of months. the american public wants a
6:36 am
secure border. i've been to the border and talked to border security. they need more people, new technology and barriers to allow them to have operational control. i'll do everything i can to make sure the president has the authority, has the money to get border security because i know it's the right thing. >> sandra: it means you support his declaration of a national emergency. >> absolutely. look, my goal is let's -- here is what i don't understand. why don't we solve these problems? look, the democrats sit and say oh, we care about border security but they won't funtd it. they say we are concerned about making daca kids stay here. they won't do anything about it. what's frustrating to me in d.c. it's dysfunctional. president trump is in this president because the democrats wouldn't give him the funding to do exactly what the american public wants, secure the border. make sure our border security is safe. >> sandra: what i'm hearing from you. >> when the democrats don't do
6:37 am
that they should go to the border. >> sandra: over the weekend when i heard you speaking on this issue it sounds like you are equating a republican senator who is against declaring a national emergency to a republican senator who is against border security. do you believe that to be the case with senator rand paul? this is what he writes. every single republican i know decried president obama power to legislation with executive power. i need to stand up for the same principles no matter who is in power. go ahead. >> all right. look, i completely understand what senator paul is saying and none of us want the president to do executive order. executive power right away. let's look at this. president trump tried to work with democrats. he proposed things, all right? and he couldn't get anything done. so i'm going to sit there and focus on results.
6:38 am
i understand why other people have taken a different position but i want to get something done. i came up here to get something done and do everything i can to make it happen. >> sandra: as far as public support is concerned. the latest polling. "wall street journal," nbc poll on the national emergency declaration. 39% approve. a majority disapprove of this act. 60% said so. how do you respond to that, senator? >> if you ask the question do americans want border security, i think overwhelmingly they would say yes. a lot of people -- i agree it shouldn't be the first thing you do. but we have to secure our border. i tell people go down and talk to border security and tell them that you don't care about their safety and tell americans you don't care about their safety. that's the decision we're making when we don't secure our border. >> sandra: i want to ask you about the white house reportedly considering new sanctions on cuba over its
6:39 am
support for the maduro regime. i found it interesting this morning in that report -- there won't be any resolution in venezuela without somehow neutralizing the role of cuba. would you support the president in doing that? >> absolutely. i have sat down with the president. i've asked him to implement article 3 and 4 of an act. it is the right thing to do. it will put pressure on the castro regime. they are propping up maduro in venezuela. they're helping ortega in nicaragua. if we can make sure they don't have the resources to continue -- they are horrible. the castro brothers have been horrible dictators. they're murderers. one thing that is frustrating to me is right now prince charles is planning to go to cuba. all he is doing by doing that is propping up the castro
6:40 am
brothers. thank goodness the president is doing this. i completely support him. we have to bring democracy and freedom to cuba that will help us get democracy and freedom in venezuela and nicaragua. >> sandra: good to get your thoughts. thank you, sir. >> bill: washington, the white house and china closing in on a trade deal. what each side could get from it and what it means to your pocketbook at home and american businesses. charles payne has the low down coming up next hour. >> bill: democrats stepping up investigations into the president. jerry nadler says he believes president trump broke the law. here to respond republican senator john kennedy. >> i heard some clips yesterday calling his company a mafia organization. this is ridiculous. they are just going to keep repetition saying, hoping that people will believe it. it is like bush lied, people died. if you say it enough people will believe it. that's what they're doing.
6:41 am
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>> the republicans spent two years shielding the president from any proper accountability. it is our job to protect the rule of law. that's our core function and to do that we are going to initiate investigations into abuses of power, into corruption, and into obstruction of justice. >> bill: it was an interesting interview on abc sunday. jerry nadler says he'll ask for documents as we looks into obstruction of justice charges. senator john kennedy is on the judiciary committee senate side. good morning to you. the michael cohen thing exposed a lot of their strategy. where do you think this goes, senator? >> i just listened to judiciary
6:45 am
chairman's comments that you played. nobody believes what he just said. you know, some of my house democratic colleagues are in good faith. a lot of them aren't. this is all about tearing the president down. i'm not saying the republicans wouldn't do the same thing if the shoe were on the other foot but it is part of the reason that the american people don't trust congress and don't trust washington look, the president of the united states was elected fairly by the american people. some people were angry about it and are still angry about it. instead of putting aside their anger and letting us try to solve some problems, they just want to play politics with the next election. this is america. you can do that. if you are a congressman or senator. but don't believe that the american people are fooled. whether they agree or disagree
6:46 am
with it. i think most people understand this is all about the 2020 election. you take mr. cohen, for example. mr. cohen didn't say anything, i suspect, that he hasn't already given to the u.s. attorney and the special counsel. and mr. cohen has a checkered past and he is a little imbalanced, you know? i'm not saying he is on the pipe crazy but he is just not balanced. he is birth and angry. >> bill: you have amazingly unique lines. let me play senator warner. nadler was on abc, warner was on nbc yesterday, watch. >> i think there is enormous amounts of evidence. what you do with the evidence and where it leads i'll reserve my judgment. there is no one that can factually say there is
6:47 am
collaboration between trump and the russians. >> bill: he says there is direct knowledge of collusion. is there? >> well, you know, senator warner is entitled to his opinion. i just don't see it. if there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt or by the preponderance of the evidence. i'm assuming mr. mueller and the u.s. attorney will bring an indictment. they haven't. that doesn't mean you can't have an opinion. i think mark would prefer that president trump not be president and that he got get reelected two years from now. in is america and he is entitled to believe it. it is not fact finding. it is about politics. >> bill: do you believe they push impeachment to their advantage or is the smarter play to push an agenda toward 2020? how will they fit that balance? >> i think that -- again, some
6:48 am
of my democratic colleagues are in good faith. some this is just plain politics. if they think they could impeach the president and get away with it politically knowing that he wouldn't be impeached. they would just basically bring articles of impeachment and he wouldn't be convicted they would do it. if they think it will hurt them politically they won't. it is a political calculation. i don't want to paint with too broad a brush. i'm not saying all my democratic are in bad faith. i'm saying some of them are doing this for purely political reasons. if they think the american people are fooled, they really are underestimating the american people. that's the problem with washington, d.c. there are too many people up here on both sides of the aisle that think they are smarter and more virtuous than the american people and that they can fool the american people. and they can't. >> bill: you aren't one of them, are you? >> i try not to be.
6:49 am
>> bill: house intel committee are looking at russian interview. cummings, we saw that, house judiciary committee, nadler, house ways and means committee, richard neil will look at trump tax return. house foreign affairs committee and so the point in all of this is they have a lot going on from a lot of different angles and if they want, they can harass this white house right up to and through the election. last word on all that. >> and i think they probably will but they aren't fooling most americans. even the americans on the left who agree with them. they don't believe this is about fact finding. they believe this is political harassment. i'm not saying they don't have the right, bill, they do. just because it's right doesn't mean it's in the best interest of our country. >> bill: we'll put the pipe down in your words. thank you, sir, for coming on today. senator kennedy, thank you.
6:50 am
>> sandra: meanwhile, president trump's former attorney michael cohen will be back on capitol hill this week to testify before the house intelligence committee. >> want to keep it behinds closed doors so they can conveniently say we can't talk about what happened when the reality is we can talk about whatever we want to talk about. the guy has no classified information. >> that's ranking member congressman devin nunes. he will be our headliner next hour. >> bill: the u.s. taking steps to ease the tensions and improve diplomacy with north korea after the second trump/kim summit ended with no deal. we'll tell you what's shaping up on that coming up today. making my dreams a reality
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> bill: an avalanche in colorado. the snow crashed down on a mountainside in front of the
6:54 am
driver. he realizes the avalanche is heading straight for him. there wasn't enough snow to trap his car. transportation officials say all other vehicles made it through. >> sandra: the united states and south korea ending joint military exercises, a major grievance by north korea. a series of smaller drills will be conducted the move coming days after president trump's second summit with kim jong-un ended without an agreement on giving up their nukes. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon. >> the pentagon made it official. quote, the minister and secretary made clear the alliance decision to adapt our training program reflected our desire to reduce tension and -- the spring war games have been seen as the most provocative. u.s. bombers, fighters jets and
6:55 am
thousands of soldiers join south korea for live fire exercises meant to send a powerful message of deterrent to north korea. last month the head of u.s. forces korea told congress north korea was continuing its annual winter drills. >> we have observed no significant changes to size, scope or timing of theron going exercises compared to the same time period over the last four years. these capabilities continue to hold the united states, the republic of korea at risk. >> the president's national security advisor says he has other tools to keep pressure on north korea. >> we're in a stronger position. the maximum pressure campaign of putting tighter economic sanctions on north korea and enforcing those sanctions more effectively is what brought them to this point. that program of maximum pressure will continue and i
6:56 am
think have a real impact on kim jong-un. >> the head of u.s. forces korea says most rank and file soldiers won't notice the difference in their training. >> bill: the search for survivors continues at this hour. the sun is up. catastrophic storms sweeping through the south and devastating images out of alabama. tornadoes killing at least 23. what we're learning about the facts on the ground coming up this hour. >> granny is okay. i must admit. i had a few good tricks to help hide my bladder leak pad. like the old "tunic tug". you know it, right? but i don't have to, with always discreet. i couldn't believe the difference. it's less bulky. and it really protects. watch this. the super absorbent core turns liquid and odor to gel, and locks it away. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet. for bladder leaks.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. a major legal battle one hour away. the woman who left america to join isis fighting to return from syria. her lawsuit getting its first hearing in federal court. hoda muthana insisting she has a right to reenter the country claiming to be a u.s. citizen. the trump administration saying not anymore. her family in alabama filing the lawsuit against the trump administration seeking to let her return with her 18-month-old son. we'll have more on this in just a moment. first house democrats gearing up to launch multiple new investigations into the president. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. great to be back with you. i know you missed me last week, right? >> sandra: happy to have you back. >> bill: top democrats claiming to have direct evidence of collusion targeting documents from dozens of people and organizations with ties to the president to prove their case
7:01 am
of obstruction. judiciary committee chair jerry nadler describing the copy of his investigation. >> tomorrow we'll issue document requests to 60 different people and individuals from the white house to the department of justice, donald trump junior, to begin investigations to present the case to the american people about obstruction of justice, corruption, and abuse of power. >> there is no collusion so they want to build something else. they want to persuade to go some other place. listen. nadler says he wants impeachment. he had proof ahead of time. >> we're looking deep into the set of issues around moscow trump tower and looking at persistent allegations that the russians have been laundering money through the trump organization. >> bill: where do we begin? we'll talk to congressman devin nunes. first we start with catherine
7:02 am
herridge. what are we learning so far today? >> good morning. the democrats investigation appears to signal ashift from collusion to financial crime that preceded the 2016 election. the democratic chairman said on the sunday shows they cannot rely on special counsel robert mueller's report because its russian focus is too narrow and timing up in the air. the mueller report could be delivered to attorney general william barr as early as this week. no timeline on when the attorney general's report will be public or how comprehensive it will be. >> crimes and impeachable offenses are two different things. there are two different tests. but we have to lay out for the american people. we can't depend on the mueller investigation for this. the mueller investigation number one, we don't know what is happening despite lots of rumors. number two it is focused on specific crimes.
7:03 am
>> bill: republicans are refocusing their attention on the trump dossier funded by the dnc and clinton campaign. it was unverified but still used to secure surveillance office. the deposition from former british spy christopher steele can be unsealed. this is expected to reveal how the dossier was seeded with u.s. government officials and journalists during the presidential campaign. one of the primary drivers of this is the co-founder of fusion gps glenn simpson accused of providing conflicting testimony to congress about the handling of the dossier. the dossier came through multiple unofficial channels to the f.b.i. during the presidential election in an effort to lend it credibility. in his testimony last week the president's former personal attorney michael cohen said he had never been to prague. one of the dossier's central claims. >> sandra: let's bring in our
7:04 am
headliner devin nunes ranking republican on the house intelligence committee. it seems now the investigations are coming. what are we supposed to think as we look on and see this happening? >> you mean the investigation is changing and developing, right? we've been investigating collusion, obstruction. clearly they have left that far behind and already written off mueller. everybody says mueller will wrap up this week. other than cnn reporting that i don't know where they're getting this information. we don't know if mueller is really wrapping up or not. clearly the democrats have left collusion and any collusion with the russians and now they're on to going through all of the president's businesses what it appears. >> bill: let me stop you on saturday at cpac here is how the president addressed that. listen to this clip. >> president trump: unfortunately, you put the wrong people in a couple of positions and they leave people for a long time that shouldn't
7:05 am
be there and all of a sudden they are trying to take you out with [bleep]. [bleep]. now, robert mueller never received a vote and neither did the person that appointed him. >> bill: i asked if you were watching that on saturday. >> i had not seen that clip yet. i have only seen clips of the speech. it was two hours. >> you saw michael cohen on wednesday and thursday you took him behind closed doors. short of telling us what happened because i know you wouldn't give that up, how would you characterize your meeting on thursday and contrast that with what the public saw the day before? >> you bring up an important point. why can't i talk about this? i can't talk about this because we held this meeting with cohen behind closed doors, a man who has no security clearance. we're the house intelligence committee. we have no reason to interview
7:06 am
cohen any longer but if we are his testimony should be released. the circus you saw on wednesday essentially is what we did behind closed doors, we had john ratcliffe, a congressman from texas, who took up most of our time and went through point by point through the dossier to insure that cohen's testimony was still the same from a year and a half ago when he first testified. it was, yes. other than the places that he lied which he has already pled guilty for. >> sandra: will we see the written testimony? >> well, we should see it immediately. this guy doesn't have anything that's classified. i can't control that any longer. but right now it's being hid behind closed doors and we'll interview him again this week. >> sandra: want to get more on that in a second. as far as the mueller report are you suggesting you have some sort of information that that will not be released this week? >> i just don't know. i think it's hard to believe if
7:07 am
you look at the person that broke that story originally, that reporter has ties to fusion gps. why would bill barr come in and say right away start leaking to cnn? that doesn't make any sense. i don't know where they're picking this up that mueller is almost done. mueller should have been done over a year ago because there is no evidence of collusion and this has gone on far too long but i just don't know. it could be this week or next month or next year. >> bill: did you find any holes in cohen's testimony? was he telling the truth last week? >> well, a guy who has been convicted for lying to congress you can never believe but specifically what we're interested in were you in prague. anything in the dossier that is true? >> why is the dossier at the heart of what you believe is this investigation? >> because it's the only
7:08 am
evidence that we ever had was the dossier and it was phony. so the dossier for the viewers to know, the dossier is the dirt that was paid for by the clinton campaign and the democratic party that was fed into the f.b.i. it was fed to reporters, tweeted out by the campaign and fed to the f.b.i. and the origins of this entire investigation. there is no other evidence other than that dossier. >> sandra: you get michael cohen again this week. what do you ask him? >> we don't really have anything more to ask him. we got through most of ours. we don't know why he is coming back. he already testified a year and a half ago. we wanted to make sure that everything we verified and hadn't changed his story about his involvement in the dossier. he denied anything that's in the dossier, he has said it's not true. there was no truth to the dossier. that was our main object ive >> bill: how often is it when a person is sentenced you don't report to prison until five
7:09 am
months later? >> i don't know what's going on there. the fact that he -- >> bill: what is your hunch. >> i think he is being used as a political prop by the democrats, right? he was the president's long-time personal attorney so they can march him out there and he is saying really nasty things about the president. so it looks good on television. the fact of the matter is that cohen has no evidence of collusion, no evidence of obstruction of justice. >> sandra: the idea of impeachment. chris wallace asked congresswoman dingell about that yesterday and here was the response. >> where are you on impeachment? more importantly where is the house democratic leadership? is that off the table? >> i think we're waiting for the facts. i've always said that. i don't think an impeachment should ever be a partisan event. >> sandra: i want to get your response to that. >> we have to power to impeach in congress if there is something to impeach this
7:10 am
president for we could impeach him. i don't know what possibly they have to impeach him on being we've spent over two years looking for something that we just don't have. it is elusive. there is no evidence of the trump campaign colluding with russians. the fact of the matter is the only direct evidence that we have of collusion with russians is the clinton campaign colluding with russians. >> bill: a tweet from yesterday. president trump said this, presidential harassment by crazed democrats at the highest level in the history of our country and the most vicious mainstream media. yet the most successful for two years. think what it could be. what is the calculation of your democratic colleagues now? do you go all in on impeachment? do you push for that? is that what the american people are looking for? do you believe voters want them to draw blood on this or set an agenda that can be voted on in
7:11 am
2020? >> it appears to me like they're going full bore into all of trump's businesses and they are asking for documents, there is a new document request and then as that continues to roll out they'll comb through those hoping to find some evidence of some wrongdoing somewhere. >> sandra: adam schiff said they have direct evidence. >> bill: well, we haven't seen it. he suggests the firing of james comey. >> how does that have anything to do with? -- the president can fire james comey. he had every right to fire him. the democrats wanted him fired. >> bill: newt gingrich said he miscalculated 20 years ago with clinton and republicans paid for it. >> i think it probably was a mistake for that time. he was the man in charge then. if the democrats move forward with impeachment i would like to know what exactly they are going to -- what evidence they
7:12 am
have to impeach, right? all of these investigations have really been an investigation in search of a crime. the dossier was phony from the beginning. it was unverified. they started with that. and then now that that's been totally disproven there is no evidence anything in the dossier was true other than russia is actually a country. and now they're moving on to -- from that they're making wild accusations like claiming yes, we know there was direct evidence. well, just because you say it doesn't make it so. you have to actually have some evidence, you can't just say you have evidence. >> sandra: final thoughts. based on our conversation right now and the way you are explaining the new congress and the situation that is today, what are the implications for 2020? >> well, it's hard to know what is going to happen next year but i would say this that the democratic party for sure has moved extreme left and the new people within the democratic party -- i'm not talking about just the people on television
7:13 am
all the time. if you look at a lot of the new members, these aren't conservative democrats. these are very far left i would stop short of saying socialist but getting close to being socialist. that has really moved the party to the left. so i think it will be a very fascinating election year over the next year and a half. >> bill: hope you can come back. devin nunes, the republican from california. more to come. want to get to the fox news alert. tornadoes tearing through the southeast. officials say children are among at least 23 people dead. the storms causing catastrophic damage across alabama. the lee county sheriff talked with us last hour and described the scene. >> catastrophic would be the word i would use to describe the area that is most affected. homes that were there one day are simply just gone. just bare ground where homes formerly stood. again, we have extensive debris everywhere. it is making the search and
7:14 am
rescue efforts hazard douse and difficult but we're proceeding. >> bill: some of the worst damage in parts of southeastern alabama along the georgia line. most victims were concentrated in one square mile. many are now return home to nothing. >> the tornado come and everything is gone. everything destroyed. >> it took trees and telephone poles and cut them in half. it took a 12 ton air conditioner and threw it 40 feet. >> bill: president trump weighing in on twitter. fema has been told to give the a plus treatment to the great state of alabama and the wonderful people so devastated by the tornadoes. governor ivy has been so informed and working closely with fema and me, he says. end tweet from last hour. >> sandra: we'll continue to follow that. another senate republican siding with democrats and against the president. rand paul saying he will vote
7:15 am
against president trump's emergency declaration at the border. will the president use his veto power for the first time? our a-team is standing by on that and they'll debate that next. >> bill: ivanka trump making news saying the administration's policies are a tremendous boost to the american economy. charles payne will size it up next. >> we have decided to focus on the fact that since we have such record low unemployment we'll use this as a moment to get the private sector to step up and focus on the investments they need to be making in their workforce. ews that will change that. newday's operation home. it lets veterans buy a home with no down payment and without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. why rent when you can buy? newday's operation home is real. spread the word! go to or call 1-800-401-0838
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show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> bill: some patriotism on display as two of virginia's bravest save an american flag by a building in flames. the firefighters lowered the flag from its pole at the moose lodge. one of them saying the split second decision felt like the right thing to do and they were right. good stuff from the state of virginia. thanks. >> sandra: meanwhile there is this. >> i think fundamentally if you ask yourself the question are we better today than we were yesterday or we were two years ago, the answer is undoubtedly yes. so as an american family is sitting down and thinking about
7:20 am
their financial situation relative to a month ago, a year ago, america is doing very well. and it stands in quite sharp contrast to the rest of the world. >> sandra: that was first daughter and advisor to the president telling steve hilton that her father's economic policies are working for the american people. here with us now charles payne host of making money with charles payne on the fox business network. she had a lot to say there last night. interesting interview. she is certainly making the case that people are better off today than they were before president trump took office. >> there is no disputing that. in fact, typically what you get from a democrat will say it's an extension of the obama economy. for the first year they said it didn't exist at all. that's an admission things are doing extraordinarily well and that's what matters most to americans. the dignity of work and being
7:21 am
able to take care of yourself and so you don't really hear democrats saying things aren't going well. they pick up pockets here and there of dissent or stoke the flames of anger and frustration. you cannot argue what we've seen. you can say we were drifting higher but now we've gone more parabolic on things like employment to population ratio. wages to me is the most important thing. >> sandra: they say there are pockets of america that haven't bendickson fitting from the president's policies. >> there are pockets that haven't -- it is a challenge for our country. i don't think the idea is to derail economic success as there is evidence that it is starting to go into those pockets. right now at this moment. do we now cut off the spigots when we have evidence that those people missed by any economic boom in the past maybe now will get a chance? >> bill: america is doing very well stands in contrast to the
7:22 am
rest of the world. that's true. on education she said the following. steve hilton. >> there is very little opportunities for somebody who wants to go to vocational and technical route. all the money pushes you into the four-year college system. one of the things we are working with congress on doing is higher education reform. we want to unleash innovation and want america to be the best place for entrepreneurs, for companies to open and run their businesses. and that will create jobs. >> bill: what do you make of that? >> she is 100% correct. particularly with the idea of free college being a 2020 idea. we need to look at how many people are now dropping out of college already. how many people drop out of community colleges. when i was in the air force, college was essentially free so we had free college. guess how many people went? of all the people in my baracks, i was the only one. i would go off heading to school and everyone is out there grilling steaks and
7:23 am
having a brew. i caught up after class. about midnight we were feeling about the same. the fact of the matter is that my friends and other people who we lived with in the dorms did not take advantage of free college. how about the idea, though, of there is a whole lot of jobs out there. a great article in the journal about a barber making $180,000 a year in one of the oil towns and welders. she has been talking about the german education system for a long time which puts a focus on that. we would not have 1 1/2 trillion dollar college deficit over our heads. >> sandra: correct us if we're wrong, we've noticed the markets seem pretty sensitive to a deal getting done with china. is that really what markets are looking for day-to-day whether or not there is progress? >> i think markets have built that in already. this is an amazing start to the year. all the major indexes are up
7:24 am
10%. the old wall street thing, find a rumor, sell the news. almost everyone on wall street believes a deal is done. whenever that happens it will be somewhat anti-klim atic because it's already built into the market. >> bill: "wall street journal" poll. 18% of americans view socialism positively. 50% view it negatively. >> millennials have a much more positive thinking when it comes to -- >> bill: if it's free it's for me, right? >> the financial times has a a piece that suggests ben bernanke is the father of ocasio-cortez. millennials look at that and say about what us? you bail out the banks and you do federal policy and you bail out rich people.
7:25 am
what about us? millennials are attracted to the idea that their future has been upset by the older generation who printed a lot of money to save the fat cats. >> sandra: we'll see more of you. >> bill: i'm talking about -- my aoc scuffle over the weekend. >> bill: a looming battle. republican lawmakers divided whether or not to sign off on president trump's emergency declaration over the southern border. >> i hope the democrats will take the time, go to the border. once they do they have one choice, either vote for border security or go tell border security that you don't care about their safety and you are telling americans you don't care about their safety. >> bill: if they block the president's revolution, what will happen then? we'll tell you about that coming up in a moment. >> sandra: president trump claiming mike an cohen's chances may have hurt his getting a deal done with kim
7:26 am
jong-un. >> discrediting america and dislike this president so much they won't give him an opportunity to try to denuclearize north korea? >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
7:27 am
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no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ >> bill: 10:30 in washington a showdown on capitol hill. the senate looking like it may block president trump's national emergency declaration. the president vowing to use his first veto against the measure. four republicans saying they won't back the declaration. >> president trump is pressing forward with his national emergency declaration to divert military construction funding to build a wall on the southern border. now some republicans e joining democrats in a congressional effort to try to block that emergency declaration. kentucky senator rand paul, republican, has announced on fox he opposes the president's declaration and try to block it saying i would literally lose my political
7:31 am
soul if i decided to treat president trump different than president obama. without question the president's order for more wall money contradicts the will of congress and probably struck down by the supreme court. i think the president's own picks to the supreme court may rebuke him on this. republicans warned that it would set a precedent for a future democratic precedent to declare a national emergency to address climate change or gun violence. the president addressed that. >> president trump: a lot of people talk about precedent. that if we do this, the democrats will use national emergency powers for something that we don't want. they are going to do that anyway, folks. the best way to stop that is make sure i win the election. that's the best way to stop that. >> last week the house passed a resolution to block the president's national emergency. the senate has to vote on it. that's upcoming in the next few weeks and it is expected. the president has said he will veto it if it reaches his desk.
7:32 am
back to you. >> bill: rich edson. appreciate that. >> sandra: let's bring in america's news a team. lisa boothe, mary anne marsh, and chris stirewalt. good morning to all of you. what a monday morning this week and a big week it will be. does the president use the pen? >> best infrastructure week ever. he does. but it is important congress does this. whether you're a republican or democrat we have way out of balance of power. this is not new about donald trump. it is a 40 year problem that things are way out of whack. what rand paul and others are saying doesn't have anything to do with the president's policy. they are saying we can't let this happen. we can't let this stand. it is important for congress they stand up for themselves regardless of what the issue is. >> sandra: paul pointed out he
7:33 am
supports the president on his national security push and policy but just can't let this happen. >> call me skeptical when it comes to rand paul and susan collins who said they would vote against it. collins, i've seen this video too many times. they should vote against it for why chris said. it is a check and balance and not giving up your power in the senate. they'll have it if they all keep their word. >> bill: what's up, charlie brown? >> there is still time before the senate will vote on it. perhaps one of the four individuals changes their vote. president trump will veto it. democrats won't get enough republicans on board in the house to get 2/3 in the house and 67 senators, 2/3 in the senate to vote for this. it will be decided in the court. i actually think for president trump the stronger argument is to focus on the debate between what democrats want. embracing illegality in terms of immigration and republicans
7:34 am
who want the rule of law. i think that moving forward with a national emergency declaration muddies the waters for the president because you don't as we're saying with this vote all republicans aren't on board. so i think it's a cleaner argument for the president to draw that contrast. >> bill: let's move on now to the cohen testimony. here is the tweet from last night i do believe, right, from the west wing. for the democrats to interview an open hearing a convicted liar and fraudster as the time as the nuclear summit in north korea is perhaps a new low in american politics and may have contributed to the walk. never done when a president is overseas, shame to which kevin mccarthy was on abc and said the following on sunday. >> president sitting in vietnam talking with north korea. the history has always been in the past with america that politics ends at the water's edge. they're having this hearing right then. they are discrediting america and dislike this president so much they won't give him an
7:35 am
opportunity to try to denuclearize north korea? that they would have a hearing on that day? >> being in hanoi and watching that screen was extraordinary. you could have waited, mary anne, another day, another 48 hours. michael cohen is not going to jail until early may. nonetheless they did it when they chose, what do you think of the points made by mccarthy? >> why else would they hold that hearing on that day except to distract what president trump was trying to do in hanoi. look, if -- all americans right now. these are important discussions happening. there aren't a lot of great options in dealing with north korea. the trump administration is hoping north korea wants to have a more open economy and wanting to go on that track which is why they chose vietnam and we saw in the movie that president trump presented to kim jong-un this is the path he is trying to get north korea to go on. it's either that or isolation or potential war. china holds a lot of the cards
7:36 am
in terms of sanctions with north korea and then also you look at the military options as well. the pentagon responded to democrat members of congress saying the only way to get rid of nukes in north korea is a ground invasion knowing there are 25 million south koreans in seoul would lead to utter devastation. they don't have a lot of good options in front of them. why else would democrats do that besides petty politics? it is destructive and wrong. >> sandra: breaking news, the white house has put out a statement on the house judiciary request as we know they're requesting documents related to donald trump junior as well as those inside the administration. sarah sanders put out this statement. the letter has been received by the white house. counsel's office and relevant white house officials will review it and respond at the appropriate time. chris, this is just out in response to those documents being sought out. >> this is normal. i hate to say it. it is disappointing in 2019
7:37 am
when everything is always bonkers, this is normal. democrats in charge of the house. when republicans were in charge of the house when barack obama was president. they wanted stuff. this is how this goes. some ofist is gamesmanship in politics. some appropriate oversight. this is the way of the world in washington and this is why republicans, if they didn't want this to happen they shouldn't have lost the 2018 mid-terms. that's what you get. >> they should have done their job. devin nunes was sitting here a while ago and he had two years to do it. whether a national emergency or doing your job as a member of congress. oversight, checks and balances, that's what's going on in the house. this isn't an optional exercise. they have to respond to these requests. >> the difference is i worked on capitol hill >> we all did. >> and on campaigns. it is not democrats are going to move forward with these type of hearings. their intention is to damage the president. it's politics. to hold it on that specific day
7:38 am
when you have such important topics is beyond the pale. >> bill: nadler said it is obstruction of justice for the firing of comey. before you impeach somebody you have to convince the public. >> jerry nadler is riding the tiger, doing a grown-up job in chairing that committee but he has a problem. members do not want to go slow and take a deliberative pace. as we've observed, these members whether certain freshman congresswoman from the bronx there is an appetite to go for it. nadler is saying we're getting there, we're getting there. it sounds like escalated rhetoric but two audience. the broader audience but the democrats on his panel that says i'll hear you and we'll get there. >> the right thing to do and the right way to do it is to
7:39 am
have open hearings. let's make everything public. bring the public along. let the public see all the facts. educate everybody. let the american people. i think it's important for the american people to hear everything. >> sandra: they're requesting documents from 60 different people and individuals from the white house to the justice department as i mentioned, donald trump junior, alan weiselburg. on one of the sunday shows over the weekend jerry nadler was asked do you think the president obstructed justice and he answered yes, i do and when asked about impeachment he said it is a long way down the road. >> rod rosenstein was the one who laid out the memo for firing james comey and listed the reasons why he could fire james comey. president trump does what was outlined in the memo, outlining the case for firing james comey. you had every democrat calling for comey to be fired.
7:40 am
rod >> i'm not saying it constitutes obstruction but i'm saying when ron rosenstein crafted a measure if the president of the united states had terminated the employment of the f.b.i. director under those terms in a normal fashion it would have raised no eyebrows. he is no friends in the democratic party, either. >> bill: the big point in all this, it will be prick, prick, prick for the next two years. stand by, we have to run. hang on. i'll -- she was getting warmed up. president trump firing up the crowds at cpac over the weekend tearing into many including democrats. >> president trump: sadly on immigration and so many other issues democrat lawmakers have totally abandoned the american mainstream. but that will be good for us in 2020. >> bill: how do the politics stack up? are they going too far left?
7:41 am
our a-team will take that on coming up shortly right here. for a va loan s y for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. go to, or call 1-855-newdayusa. need cash? at newday usa, veteran homeowners can get 54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by 600 dollars every month. go to, or call 1-855-newdayusa.
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7:45 am
appointments available now. >> president trump: what we did in 2016, the election we call it with a capital e, it has never been done before and we'll do it, i think again, in 2020 and the numbers will be even bigger. >> bill: two hours 20 minutes on saturday president trump rallying the crowds at cpac over the weekend. the longest speech of his presidency. did he have a note or teleprompter? maybe for a little bit of it. chris stirewalt and mary anne marsh and lisa boothe. trump's approval rating is up to 46%. newt gingrich last hour reflecting on the sound bite we just heard. >> in the end whoever they nominate has to be able to be on the stage with donald j. trump.
7:46 am
he showed them saturday what he will be like. on offense, knowledgeable, he will have honed every single line that works and he will go after them aggressively every single day. >> bill: we cut her off a few minutes ago. lisa, you're back on. >> i won't get back into the conversation. 2020 will be dependent on who democrats nominate as their nominee. they'll have a very crowded primary field. that is stacking up. what we observed from 2016 and people would worked on campaigns we have a crowded primary field. what is interesting and the person to watch for me is bernie sanders. you look at the enthusiasm on the left with him. you could potentially have someone like him get by in a crowded primary field. if you look at something in 2015 when he introduced medicare for all. it was considered outside the mainstream. now it is a litmus test for the presidential candidates on the left. bernie sanders, the democrat socialist is no longer outside
7:47 am
the mainstream of the democratic party. gallup found in a poll in 2018 found more democrats see themselves as socialist than they go capitalist. that's what is very interesting to me. that's the movement of the democrat party. >> sandra: how are things going? >> we're good. [laughter] actually, i will say that i think this election, the 2020 election will be defined by the mueller report and the investigations and what happens when we find out about what happened in the 2016 election. here is why. i think it is going to define the debate, define the election and determine the nominee possibly on both sides. democrat and republican. there is no guarantee that donald trump makes it to 2020. to your point about socialism, this actually came up in a poll two or three years ago at the kennedy school. and think about it. it is most popular when defined in a certain way with the youngest voters who came of age during the recession, who saw their parents lose their jobs, lose their homes.
7:48 am
never came back. >> bill: what happens when they have to boost joe biden and not bernie sanders. >> i don't think biden runs. i'm not sure he runs. >> i'm with mary anne. i don't know if he runs. when donald trump ran for president in 2016 he had a very low floor. it was possible he could have crashed and burned and gotten routed by hillary clinton. that was in the polling. an available setting. the republicans mostly stuck with him and took him over the finish line. this time his floor is much higher. the republicans are sticking with trump. look, all that you say may be true. all that may come to pass. but at this moment as we sit here and talk today, donald trump support among republicans is 85 or 90%. he isn't starting out at 40%, he is starting out at 46 or 47%. he has to get tt rest of the way. >> sandra: it didn't take long to see person after person take the stage and it was targeting
7:49 am
socialism. >> we saw president trump set up this debate in his venezuela speech in miami as well. this also sounds really good to a large venezuelan population in miami, also cubans in miami who suffered at the hands of these types of governments. it plays into a lot of legal immigrants that know socialism. a power debate. he is gearing up for him to run in 2020 and it is ultimately going to come down to the rust belt states. what happened in 2016. i don't see kamala harris being able to win the rust belt states. who do democrats nominate? >> bill: hillary clinton was in alabama. listen to the end of this point. >> this is a time, my friends, when fundamental rights, civic virtue, freedom of the press, the rule of law, truth, facts and reason are under assault. and make no mistake, we are
7:50 am
living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy. >> bill: if i just dropped in from marz i would think the sky is falling. unemployment is record lows across the board and the stock market high. >> when hillary clinton was running against donald trump she promised there would be nuclear holocaust, that life on earth would be destroyed. the choices were you may not like me or the earth may be incinerated into a burnt cinder orbiting the sun. they set the bar low for donald trump and he surmounted that very easily. >> sandra: i tried, lisa. i tried to give you a final thought. thank you very much. it was an absolute miracle that's what the sheriff calls the rescue of these two sisters ages 5 and 8. they vanished for nearly two whole days in the rugged wilderness of northern california.
7:51 am
that story next. everyone's got to listen to mom.
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:54 am
>> sandra: it's being called a miracle. two sisters ages 5 and 8 safe and sound after going missing friday in the rugged northern california wilderness. william la jeunesse has more from our los angeles bureau. william, that picture of them
7:55 am
hugging their family when they were found is really moving. >> priceless. an amazing story. too often as we know missing children reports do not end well. friday afternoon leah age 8 and sister carolyn, 5, asked if they could go for a walk. mom says no. 30 minutes later she notice they are gone. sunday morning after two nights and 44 hours, two volunteers noticed tiny footprints a mile from the house. after tracking for two hours they found leah and caroline huddled under a tree. local woman captured the moment the girls were reunited with their parents on a highway in this remote area of northern california. get this. the sheriff said the two young girls are alive in part because of a wilderness survival training course they took at the 4h club. they followed a deer trail. they got lost and stopped and survived drinking freshwater from huck el berry leaves. other than being hungry and
7:56 am
dehydrated they're fine. temperature overnight was 40 degrees. 250 responded to the search. the other thing that helped point the rescue teams in the right direction, sandra, gran ola wrappers the girls left behind. >> sandra: glad they're doing okay. >> bill: in the meantime we have the massive search and rescue efforts underway in southeastern alabama trying to find survivors. a big tornado, at least 23 dead. we're back oon the ground to measure the devastation on the ground at the top of the hour. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va, and they can often help veterans when other lenders won't.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. severe weather ripping through the south including a deadly tornado in southeast alabama that killed at least 23 people. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." good monday morning. i'm sandra xhigt. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the search is on for survivors hoping to find many. search and rescue crews working across three different states sifting through the endless debris and a bit earlier today we talked to the sheriff of lee county, alabama near the border with georgia and gave us a scope of what they're dealing with at this hour. >> we have an extensive debris field. catastrophic would be the word i would use to describe the area that is most affected. homes that were there one day are simply just gone, just bare ground where homes stood. unfortunately we feel like the
8:01 am
total victims, fatalities may go up. >> sandra: jonathan serry is live in smith station, alabama 80 miles east of montgomery. what's the latest there? >> take a look behind me. this is what remains of a local bar in this town. you look at the bar and can see there are still some beers standing upright on the counter. as you can pan up you can see the building gutted. the owners describes what happened. >> i pulled up in the parking lot and i seen the debris flying in the air so i immediately took my truck and got in front of the store on the other side of the wind. i pulled around, took my truck and barely got in front of the store before everything blew apart. the windows blew out from the
8:02 am
store onto the hood of my truck. >> intense winds tipped over a cell phone tower and blocked a highway and knocked out power to 40,000 homes and businesses across alabama and georgia. near the town of beauregard, you can see the tornado's path. roofs ripped off of single family homes and we spoke with ron washington, inside one of those homes with his family when the storm hit. >> i was in my room and i tried to go down the hallway. the whole top went off the house. so i just -- >> the storm also caused damage in alabama, georgia, south carolina, a tornado leveled a cinder block church and had been used as a storm shelter in previous years.
8:03 am
no one was inside this time fortunately. back to you. >> sandra: unbelievable images coming out of those. >> bill: federal court hearing underway in the case of hoda muthana set to get underway this hour. she left to join isis back in 2014 and now she and her family are fighting the trump administration's claim that she is not an american citizen. >> i know i am an american citizen and i know i have the right to come back. i have no other citizenship anywhere, even my own home. i've never been there. never set foot. >> bill: her attorneys saying they will speak when the hearing is over. griff takes up the story. >> at the heart of this hearing underway now before u.s. district judge walton is whether muthana was a u.s. citizen at birth. born to a foreign diplomat father in new jersey and if so,
8:04 am
is she still one now after joining a terrorist organization. questions surround her father's foreign service in relation to her birth and what documents were presented by her family to state department officials to led to her passport being issued which she would later destroy when she joined isis. john bolton had this to say. >> my understanding is that she is not a u.s. citizen. that's the take of the state department. >> sandra: they issued her a passport. >> all i can say is what i've been informed and that's the position we take. but just as a general proposition, americans can renounce their citizenship by their words and actions aligning with foreign powers. >> she lied to her parents five years ago when as a college student she fled to syria and twice married isis fighters who died in combat and acknowledges participating in propaganda and calling for the debts of
8:05 am
americans over social media. she is remostful and willing to face jail time and wants to come home from a hef -refugee camp. >> i tell him to study the legal system because apparently i am allowed back. i have papers and citizenship. >> we should find out what today's hearing can tell us about that claim to citizenship and the legal standing of it and what constitutes the renunciation of one's citizenship. >> bill: griff jenkins in washington watching that. >> sandra: brand-new numbers on the trump presidency with a "wall street journal" nbc poll finding his job approval rating rising to 46%. what clinton and obama had at this point in their terms. ist comes as the same poll finds 41% of those surveyed would vote to reelect president trump. joining us now karl rove former
8:06 am
white house deputy chief of staff and fox news contributor. all good signs for the president, karl? >> yes. this poll is not unique. if you take a look at it in the real clear politics average since february 6 the president was 40.5%. upside down. as of today in the real clear politics average, average favorable 44, unfavorable 53. he is under water by nine. a third of the people who shifted in that number of about a third. good change for the president. >> sandra: it's been remarkably steady. the same polling reveals that the number -- his approval rating has been between 43 and 47% since last june, karl. >> yeah. in the real clear politics average you see the same narrow trading range which is good news because it means that the president has a certain level of support that is not going to go away.
8:07 am
it is challenging news because it is in the 40s. let's take a look by comparison in 1995 bill clinton had a 38 reelect. 42% were ready to vote for a republican opponent. president obama 45% at this point in the "wall street journal" poll. 40% for the generic candidate. president trump is 48% ready to vote for a generic democrat. he trades between these narrow range, he also has strong opposition that is trading above him and he has to worry about that. >> sandra: opinions could shift. we're 20 months out now. ahead of all of this, the republican polster of this "wall street journal"/nbc poll noted that 53% of americans in the survey said they didn't expect a recession in the next year. only 33% foresaw one. he was quoted as saying as long
8:08 am
as the economic numbers look like this and there are no combat deaths around the world that always keeps an incumbent president in the game. is that still key for president trump in another victory? >> one of two keys. the polster was absolutely on target. the president's strength is the economy is doing well. another advantage that he had hidden in the poll. among democratic primary voters 56% of those surveyed said they want a candidate for president who agrees with my views. as opposed to 40% who said the best chance they want to pick somebody who has the best chance to defeat donald trump. they want the true believer. among all voters, 25% said this they have would be enthusiastic or comfortable about a candidate who identified as a socialist. now you have at least several candidates who are willing to embrace the term socialist starting with bernie sanders but a larger platform that is left wing. the other great strength for the president in this poll.
8:09 am
you never have an election just between one person and nobody else. you have it between two people and like last time, while the president disapproval on election day was 56% and clinton was 54% more people felt strongly to keep her from getting in. >> sandra: the former colorado governor announced his presidential run this morning. he said i'm running for president because we need dreamers in washington but we also need to get things done. the list grows longer. your thoughts. >> i think we'll end up busting the republican record of 17. i think this is 13 or 14. we have o'rourke waiting in the wings, joe biden, former mayor michael bloomberg. we'll end up with a bigger crew for the democrats by the time they begin their debates in june than we had for the republicans. when you have as chris stirewalt said earlier today, when you have a weird primary,
8:10 am
maybe it was lisa boothe. when you have a weird primary with large numbers of people strange things can happen. >> sandra: he was a popular pro-business governor. we're keeping track of it all as the numbers change. >> bill: freshman democratic congresswoman under fire again this time coming from top leaders within her own party. we'll tell you what that's all about and ask arizona republican congressman andy biggs to respond. >> sandra: the summit with kim jong-un and president trump ended with no deal. are more talks in the works? general jack keane is here next. >> he turned traditional diplomacy on its head. why not with north korea. it's failed in the last three administrations. us gold coin distribut ors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide.
8:11 am
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>> the times that north korean hackers have continued to target american companies while president trump was meeting with kim jong-un a week ago. mcafee tells the time they've observed attacks for 18 months on more than 100 targets including government defense and energy organizations. security experts urging u.s. diplomats to address the attacks at some point if and when the talks continue. >> you've negotiated with the north koreans before going back to 2002. did you see the same pattern playing out now? >> the difference that president trump has articulated to the north koreans is the
8:15 am
future for them once they make the strategic decision to denuclearize, kim jong-un himself said in our last meeting we'll go through many stations before we achieve this deal. meeting in hanoi was one station. the president is ready to keep talking. >> sandra: bolton reacting to the summit last week. the u.s. offers an olive branch to the regime with the joint military drills with south korea will be scaled back. let's bring in general jack keane. chairman of the institute for the study of war and senior strategic analyst for fox. good morning to you. you heard in multiple interviews john bolton lay out why he saw this summit as a success, not a failure. and in his own words as you heard at the end there he said the president is ready to keep talking. in what capacity should we reengage with north korea after
8:16 am
this summit? >> well, certainly i have agree with the ambassador's conclusion that the summit was largely a success and here is why. i kind of believe the north koreans blew this thing. by now they should have recognized they were dealing with a different president than what kim jong-un has dealt with in the past and his father and grandfather. by that i mean they pulled out the old playbook, sandra, that they've always used which is to give up something short of nuclear weapons in return for sanction relief and the promise of eventually giving up nuclear weapons. that has been their pattern for 15 years. they put that on a table again and the president looked at that and summarily rejected it. i'm a little surprised by them in not having been more artful in what they were attempting to do. the second thing that's happened here is clearly the administration has doubled down on what they said is their
8:17 am
objective, which is total denuclearization of their missiles, chemicals and biological as well. that is important to clarify that to make certain there is no doubt in the north korean's minds what our objective is. the one thing the administration has done they've adjusted the timeline. they were talking about trying to get this done during the first administration. in other words, get it done in two years. now they've open-ended. there is no timetable. they recognize after taking 20 years to develop a nuclear arsenal with ballistic missiles they aren't going to just walk away from that overnight. it will take some time to build up trust. i think that's also a smart adjustment. >> sandra: perhaps what was a sign that a deal was not going to get done at this second summit was the president heading into it saying he was in no rush to get this done with north korea. and what you heard again from john bolton over the weekend was that the president's view
8:18 am
is, quote, he gave nothing away. did you see it the same way, general? >> absolutely. we didn't give a thing. more importantly, he emphatically declared the objective we signed up for in singapore, the united states has not budged on it one bit, which is total denuclearization that includes chemical weapons and biological and missiles. we're emphatically there and it's the right move. given sanctions were put on the table, russia and china are not in compliance with the u.n. resolution. russia, even though they voted yes, has never complied with it. they've always been back dooring commodities into north korea and we need to call them out on it. and china initially complying with it after the singapore summit have opened it up and providing commodities to north korea. and we should double down on
8:19 am
both of those and do it right at the u.n. with some evidence to support it. >> sandra: so in part of the administration's effort to ease tensions with north korea this news they will end large-scale military drills with south korea begs the question what's next? is the administration going to announce a third summit >> i disagree with abandoning the exercises. they are still going to do what's referred to as command post and computer driven exercises bringing the headquarters together which is very important and tactical unit. i think it's a move in the right direction because it does reduce the tension and the pressure surrounding these exercises because frankly those exercises not only are the defense of south korea but the retaking of the north. it's regime change, practicing those exercises. north koreans are aware of it. i hope we go back to a rigorous
8:20 am
structure at lower levels between north korea and the united states and we don't put a president in there with the page somewhat blank in the future. let's really start negotiating these tough points out and see where the give and compromise over time. yes, there will be more summits to follow and i think there will likely be multiple summits given the direction we're heading. that's all good. clearly negotiating and talking. if kim jong-un is coming to a decision to denuclearize at some point, obviously it will get put on the table and it will be a small, incremental step to be sure to begin with and we've got to be willing to negotiate around those points and make some progress. i don't think for a minute that the process of denuclearization and the process of negotiation is being abandoned. i think we'll see a different north korea when we sit down
8:21 am
and talk with them the next time. >> sandra: general keane, appreciate your time this morning. >> bill: 21 past. fox news alert. isis on the brink of defeat in syria. so the islamic terror group on its last leg is what we're hearing. how much longer until isis is no longer in syria from this day forward? >> sandra: plus the u.s. out with a stern warning for the venezuelan president maduro as guaido calls for a nation-wide protest. the details on that next. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get 54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by 600 dollars every month.
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8:25 am
with his return. the u.s. warning the venezuelan government not to take steps against him. it's of the highest importance to the u.s. any threats, violence, or intimidation against him will not be tolerated and met with swift response. the world is watching. guaido must be allowed to reenter venezuela safely. he was traveling through south america last week looking to increase pressure on the disputed president nicolas maduro to step down. >> bill: u.s. backed forces in eastern syria say hundreds of people, including isis fighters, are streaming out of the last stronghold and kurdish-led forces say the battle to rid syria of isis will soon be over. that will be a moment. >> the final major battle against isis is underway in the
8:26 am
syrian city. democratic forces there say this group should be defeated within days. the syrian democratic forces say the remaining isis territory is filled with land mines and tunnels making it difficult to clear out the last group of fighters. according to reports on friday numerous civilians were evacuated from the area before isis engaged in an 18-hour battle with democratic forces. in the past 24 hours hundreds of people have surrendered, many isis fighters. once the last strip of land is retaken the international community faces a new battle figuring out what to do with isis prisoners and their families. fighters are released as president trump has suggested they could regroup. extremists are gathering in the syrian city of i had lib and that it could resurge in six months as the battle of the north rages on. >> they are trying to use booby-traps. more than 10, including three car bombs trying to approach
8:27 am
our forces. we destroyed them before reaching their targets. in general, it is terrorist organization using booby-traps, lined mines and tunnels to reach our forces. >> with isis cells still active in syria troops operating across the country and government forces still fighting tooth and nail to regain their country's territory war in syria is still very much a reality. but the con nikt has entered a new phase. bill. >> bill: thank you, trey, in our middle east bureau. >> sandra: fox news alert and we have a live look at the white house where we're awaiting the president set to meet with division i football national champs in a few moments. he may talk about that deadly weather in the deep south as ongoing rescue efforts continue there. >> bill: also top democrats ramping up the investigations in the white house and new reaction in a moment from the west wing. judge andrew napolitano will tell us what's important coming up next. >> president trump: there is no
8:28 am
collusion so now they go and morph into we'll go into his finances and check his deals. these people are sick.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> bill: four american tourists and a local pilot dead after a helicopter crash in kenya. the crash happened shortly after take-off sunday evening in central island national park near kenya's northwestern border. no word what went wrong. it comes less than a month after three americans were killed in a plane crash in the western part of kenya. >> sandra: fox news alert. the white house says it has received a sweeping document request from jerry nadler, the chairman of the house judiciary committee as democrats expand the russia investigation. nadler says he hasn't sent the request yet. white house correspondent kevin
8:32 am
corke is live with more. >> this is one of those circumstances where you are basically on your phone immediately going back and forth. not only sent a text but made a phone call to button this up. i can tell you this the president has called it harassment saying it is by crazed democrats at the highest level of our government in our history. as you mentioned a letter apparently from jerry nadler to five dozen people from the house judiciary committee looking into the president's dealings. there has been a bit of back and forth. the white house says they've gotten it. sources of capitol hill say he hasn't sent it yet. the white house released when statement which would lend to its argument that they've gotten it in some form. sarah sanders saying this, the house judiciary committee's letter has been received by the white house, counsel's office. officials will review and respond at the appropriate time from sarah sanders. clearly the president thinks this is an abuse of power the
8:33 am
likes of which is country has never seen. in particular has he noted over the weekend as cpac the democrats, he says, have lied about his campaign colluding with the russians as a guise to attack him personally. >> president trump: but they fight so hard on this witch hunt, this phony deal that they put together, this phony thing that now looks like it is dying, so they don't have anything with russia. there is no collusion. so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he has ever done. we'll go into his finances. >> on capitol hill just how the attacks will impact the presidency is open to interpretation. >> the white house seems to have used its power for personal enrichment in violation of the constitution. we've seen abuses of power and obstruction of justice, threats to the mueller investigation. >> this is all about tearing
8:34 am
the president down. i'm not saying the republicans wouldn't do the same thing if the shoe were on the other foot but this is all part of the reason that the american people don't trust congress and don't trust washington >> so i'm just double-checking making sure i didn't get a new note from the white house. when i get more confirmation i will pass it along. the big story is they expect if not have received. sarah sanders said they've received it. even if they have not. we'll double-check. when they do get it they'll work through the counsel's office and respond in an appropriate time. the last bit of news i got the white house says they have it. back to you. >> sandra: keep us posted, kevin. thank you. >> bill: let's bring in judge andrew napolitano to try to figure this out. good morning to you. i'm being told they are requesting information on 81 individuals and entities connected to the white house. what does nadler want? why don't we start there?
8:35 am
>> he wants whatever he can find to tarnish the president either by suggesting he has people around him who have not strictly complied with the law or that he himself the president has not complied with the law. yesterday congressman nadler said the president obstructed justice. he said it on a network where a follow-up question was what evidence do you have? they just let it stop there. can the house judiciary committee do this? the answer is yes. what they have sent is a request for documents. one can ignore a request for document but at one's peril. the follow-up document will be a subpoena which can't be ignored. >> bill: this is a thousand cuts operation is what i'm sensing. half a dozen committees are working on this. >> it may actually force, very unfair, this may actually force people that work for the president in the west wing to hire their own lawyers.
8:36 am
if their interests conflict with in the's interests white house counsel can't represent them. >> bill: a couple things from our program today here is senator kennedy during the 9:00 hour on the document request from louisiana. >> i think most people understand this is all about the 2020 election. you take mr. cohen, for example. he didn't say anything, i suspect, that he hasn't already given to the u.s. attorney and special counsel. all this stuff is not fact finding, it is about politics. >> i agree with him. that's the danger to the democrats if they go too far. just as newt gingrich told you, newt personally said republicans went too far. >> bill: what he said is i went too far in the mid 199 0*s. >> he is aware of the political blowback and the increase in president clinton's pop lair when it happened. the same thing could happen to donald trump and the
8:37 am
republicans depending -- and the democrats. >> bill: what nadler said was before you impeach somebody you have to persuade the american public it ought to happen. trey gowdy from earlier today. >> remember when nadler and schiff didn't want to interfere with ongoing investigations? does anybody remember that? they no longer have that concern. so this is all about 2020 and they can ask for it but the president has really smart lawyers. i would be shocked if they produced it. >> bill: the other thing he said closed door meetings are much more productive. you get about an hour there. devin nunes referred to the same thing last hour. gowdy's other point is that cohen is not good enough for the southern district meaning he became a witness that was uncooperative and then took his sentence. >> this can be a little hair splitting. i agree with former congressman, now our colleague trey gowdy who was a federal
8:38 am
prosecutor before he was a congressman and is familiar with this. but terminology can speak a thousand words. a cooperating witness, capital cw is a person with a written deal with the prosecutor. a witness who is cooperating is a person who is still giving information to the prosecutor without any deal. are the federal prosecutors in manhattan going to put michael cohen on the stand? of course not but evidence he helped them find? absolutely if we can. >> bill: adam schiff was on i'm not sure what program. they were all over the place. what he is saying it's collusion because you fired james comey because you wanted to stop an investigation into russia. does the president have the authority as commander-in-chief to fire james comey without cause or rather for any reason, judge? >> he can do it for any reason unless the reason was corrupt. and a corrupt reason, this is adam schiff's argument.
8:39 am
>> bill: how do you determine that? >> sandra: -- >> about theest around him and what he said to people. if the purpose was corrupt to stop comey from investigating himself or his family. if the person was not corrupt the president doesn't have to state a reason and can fire anybody in the executive branch. >> bill: march of 2019. where does this go? >> oh, it depends on whether the democrats are smart or not. they know that there has to be bipartisan support not only in the congress but amongst the people before they dig too deeply against a sitting president. without that they should stop. >> bill: thank you, judge. to be continued. this is what happens when you lose elections. and you got the authority, you can do it. >> sandra: when we come back congresswoman ilhan omar getting more heat from her own party after another round of
8:40 am
controversial tweets aimed at israel. congressman andy biggs will be here next.
8:41 am
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guaranteed. book now at >> bill: another alert. another u.s. citizen is in saudi arabia. he was detained after his family claimed he is being tortured. he became an american citizen while studying in the u.s. before returning to his native country in 2006 to start a hospital. american diplomats have visited with him there as his friends try to secure his release. >> sandra: congresswoman ilhan omar back on the hot seat after another tweet about israel that people are calling anti-semitic. >> i hurj her
8:44 am
-- omar fired back saying i should not be expected to have allegiance, pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in congress or serve on committee. let's bring in arizona congressman andy biggs to react to that. good morning and your reaction is what? >> my reaction is she is definitely anti-semitic and nita doesn't go far enough when she said omar needs to meet with people from the jewish committee to understand what she is doing is anti-sem itic and harmful. that's not far enough. pelosi needs to remove her from the foreign affairs committee assignment. not only that, nancy pelosi needs to get off the cover of rolling stone where she is promoting ilhan omar and her career. she is not saying or condemning
8:45 am
what omar said. she is promoting ilhan omar. that's a huge problem. >> sandra: alan dershowitz appeared on fox news earlier this morning and made this claim about her being a member of congress. >> response in congress has been appropriate to condemn her and to marginalize her and make sure people understand she didn't run on this platform. this is a bait and switch. she has gotten in congress now and taking on herself to present the strongest anti-israel case in modern history that any member of congress has ever tried to present. >> sandra: it wasn't too long ago that she issued an apology in which she said she unequivocally apologizes for claiming that israel has hypnotized the world. your thoughts before we move on. >> i think that she supports the boycott and disinvestment
8:46 am
program. an apology is cheap but she continues to attack and that's a real problem. i think she needs to be disciplined. i don't think criticism is enough here. she needs to be removed from her committee assignment. that's the least we can do. >> sandra: meanwhile i want to move on to senator rand paul. he has become the fourth republican senator to come out against the president's declaration of a national emergency to fund the border wall, although he does say that he supports the president over border security. but this is not the route to take, he says. what happens next? >> well, what is going to happen next is i think if mcconnell puts it to the floor, which is a privileged motion and will come to the floor, it is going the pass and president trump will have to sign his first veto. the reality is, though, we have an emergency at the border and we actually -- congress has for 40 some odd years, we've
8:47 am
actually delegated this authority, including the money for these emergencies, to the executive branch. now, i am not real keen on that but it is there, the authority is there and the president is using delegated authority and i think it's appropriate in this instance. if you have a problem there are other things we can do besides voting with the democrats on this. >> sandra: similar sentiment from rick scott. he was on the program earlier and said this. >> none of us want the president to do executive order with his executive power right away. let's look at this. president trump tried to work with democrats. he proposed things, all right? and he couldn't get anything done. so i'm going to sit there and focus on results. i understand what other people -- why other people have taken a different position but i want to get something done. >> sandra: fast forward, congressman biggs, as to how this issue, as we're watching it play out today, plays out in 2020.
8:48 am
>> well, in 2020 i think these folks that are taking the position in the house they might be in a little bit of trouble in some of those districts. i don't think they will be in trouble in the u.s. senate races too much. but the reality is president trump has got to get a wall built because it's an emergency situation. not because it's a campaign promise. and if he does that, i think it helps him in 2020 for his election but also helps the republicans in 2020. >> sandra: does the wall get built? >> i think we start seeing a significant portion of the wall built. i think you can get 100 to 150 miles in before the 2020 election. a great start but not near enough. >> sandra: by the way, could i ask you quick on the news we just got that the white house says they received this document request from the house judiciary committee but then nadler said it was never even sent. do you know anything about this? can you clarify anything
8:49 am
happening there? >> nadler said he was going to send it. i don't know if the white house received it or nadler sent it. it's something we've expected for about six weeks. mr. nadler hasn't made any of this secret. this is according to their agenda. >> sandra: got it. all right. appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> bill: "outnumbered" comes up next. a quick preview with the ladies. how are you doing? >> fantastic. democrats ramping up their investigations of the president. the house judiciary chair sending document requests to 81 people, agencies and entities to president trump's orbit. democrats saying it is proper oversight. critics saying it's a lead-up to an impeachment effort. >> the new national poll with bad news for bernie sanders, democratic voters say they don't want a socialist or an older candidate. a poll of new hampshire democratic voters has bernie as their top pick. what it means for the democrats
8:50 am
in 2020. >> people have given a lot of money to him already. in the center seat our gift will be out numbered. >> bill: alerts from the white house. the president is welcoming the north dakota bison. he may address what's happening with the southern storms in alabama and may have something to say about the expanded house judiciary request we've been watching throughout the morning. stand by and we'll bring it to you when it begins. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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8:54 am
also trade talks continue. they have not reached the finish line yet. charles payne telling us earlier he thinks a lot of that has already been baked into the market rally we've seen so far this year. this is the situation as it is this morning. a couple hours into trading the dow selling off nearly 300 points just under 26,000. that's a 1% drop on the dow. we'll keep watching it. >> bill: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders officially ticking off his campaign at a rally over the weekend. peter doocy joins us live from washington you've been on the trail and back in d.c. now. >> bernie sanders stands out as the only potential trump challenger with crowds in the thousands on back-to-back days. >> our campaign is not only going to win the democratic nomination -- [cheering and applause] -- we are not only going to
8:55 am
defeat donald trump -- [cheering and applause] -- the most dangerous president in modern american history. but with your help, we're going to do more than that. we are not only going to defeat trump, we are going to transform the united states of america. >> sanders also called to legalize pot this weekend while john hickenlooper was governor of colorado. now he is running for president because he thinks his economic record as governor and mayor of denver stand out. separately eric holder did something that stands out for a high-profile democrat this year. he said he is not going to run for president writing in the "washington post". in evaluating potential nominees we should remember that creativity is not limited
8:56 am
to the young nor wisdom to those who are older. we must measure our candidates not by their age but by the vitality of their ideas. and remember, holder actually earned praise from president trump because the president believed that holder was a more loyal attorney general than jeff sessions but holder not going to be lining up to challenge him. >> bill: a big crowd and loud, too. peter doocy in washington >> sandra: last week's summit in vietnam ended with no deal between president trump and kim jong-un. what are the prospects for new talks between the u.s. and north korea? "outnumbered" will take that one up next.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> sandra: in today's newsroom vault, ronald reagan married nancy davis on the state in 1952. they first met when reagan was president of the screen actors guild, and davison listed as open trying to remove her name from the mccarthy-era hollywood blacklist. reagan of course eventually turned to politics, becoming
9:00 am
governor of california and president of united states creaturely after leaving office, he was diagnosed with alzheimer's paid his wife took care of him until his death. she died in 2016, but their love affair became official 67 years ago today. space of a nicely done. >> sandra: nice debbie back on the bill. we will see you tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now >> harris: fox news alert, democrats are looking to doublen on their investigations into the president. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler unveiling an investigation into alleged obstruction of justice by president trump. seeking documents from 81 agencies, entities, and individuals, linked to the white house, and the doj. this is to is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, my partner, harris faulkner. political columnist for the "washington examiner" ," kristen soltis anderson. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. and joining us on the couch, conservative radio talk show host and best-selling


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