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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 4, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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president of united states creaturely after leaving office, he was diagnosed with alzheimer's paid his wife took care of him until his death. she died in 2016, but their love affair became official 67 years ago today. space of a nicely done. >> sandra: nice debbie back on the bill. we will see you tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now >> harris: fox news alert, democrats are looking to doublen on their investigations into the president. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler unveiling an investigation into alleged obstruction of justice by president trump. seeking documents from 81 agencies, entities, and individuals, linked to the white house, and the doj. this is to is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, my partner, harris faulkner. political columnist for the "washington examiner" ," kristen soltis anderson. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. and joining us on the couch, conservative radio talk show host and best-selling author,
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larry elder. boy, larry, we've got a lot to talk about today. it's good we have a talk show host. >> larry: i've got a lot to say, too pray [laughs] >> melissa: let's get right to it then. among the potential witnesses house democrats may call the testify in their investigation , ellen weisel berg , financial chief of the trump organization, the president's son, donald trump jr., and daughter ivanka trump. here is jerrold nadler yesterda yesterday. >> it's very clear of the president obstructed justice. it's very clear. 1100 times he referred to the new investigation is a witch hunt. he tried to protect flynn from being investigated by the fbi. he fired comey. in order to stop the russia thing, as he told nbc news. he has dangled -- he has intimidated witnesses in public. >> melissa: in the meantime, the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee, mark warner, disputing his panel
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chairman's remark that there is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. watch this. >> i think there is an enormous amounts of evidence. what you do with that evidence, where it leads, i am reserving my judgment. there's no one who can factually see there's not plenty of evidence of collaboration or communication between the trump organization and russians. >> melissa: for the president on saturday accusing democrats of getting desperate. watch this. >> so they don't have anything with russia, there is no collision, so now they go and morph into, "let's inspect every deal he's ever done. we are going to go into his finances. we are going to check his deals. we are going to check --" these people are sick. [laughter] they are sick. [applause] >> melissa: larry, the latest breaking news on this now, the white house singing a statement that they subpoenaed a request for information. not subpoenas yet. let me correct myself.
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but these interrogation requests. [laughs] they have gone out already. then you have nadler saying, "no, we haven't even sent yet." >> larry: the last sound but you played of trump saying, "we are going crazy, they are going nuts!" that's hyperbole. they investigated product on my barack obama for engaging inclusion breathe evidence is this. the country would literally be on fire. i think we republicans have behaved and been quite respectable considering the outrageous charges, the lack of substance, the lack of evidence. if we had evidence of collusion or corruption, adam schiff would have leaked it by now. it's not there. i just want people who are pursuing this ask themselves, if this were president barack barack obama, republicans came up with some dossier they paid for, use it to get a warrant, started an investigation to collusion. so the third year and they've got bob kiss and they're still doing it for another switch in the goalpost. the country would literally be
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on fire. >> harris: i will say this -- you can make it about barack obama and you can -- >> larry: and make it about double standards. >> harris: right, but that particular democratic president. i think bill clinton would have something to push back on in terms of how deeply they went across two different special councils into him. robert ray, one who appears on my show regularly now. he has given me a real interesting window into kenneth starr and how the winding down of that went. i think there are some lessons to learn about just how deeply things can go. sometimes it's not even about the party. sometimes it's about subject matter. it has to do with who is in office right now. i don't mean the president. i mean those democrats paid all of them trying to chew off a piece so they can light themselves up in some areas. if what they chew off is factual, does that change anything? >> larry: of course it does. let me say something about the kenneth starr investigation. to this day, bill clinton called it a witch hunt. there were 14 convictions. including the sitting governor of arkansas, and one of his
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closest friends who ran that crooked bank. yet he still calls it collusion. because of the witch hunt. if that's a witch hunt, what is this? >> harris: no one is arguing that. that's why use it as an example. >> melissa: you see these examples going back and forth, and everybody makes a point that in the end it didn't work out well for republicans. when i'm listening to the sound bites from the show, when he says there is tons of evidence of collusion and anyone who says there isn't hasn't been paying attention, they didn't fall off and say what. that would have been such a great question. >> kennedy: that's a problem. i think if they are going to pursue this -- and they understand they don't like the president and they don't like the statements that he's made, they are trying to take some of the statements and paint them as obstruction. if it is obstruction, and that there is wrongdoing and lawbreaking, he put some standard so we know. like larry says, there can be a double standard. it has to be applied to both sides.
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if the problem was communication -- and as far as i know, i'm not a lawyer, but i don't think communication is illegal. but now they are softening the language. it went from collusion now to communication with the russians. if that is the case, then who else was adam schiff communicating with if not glenn simpson from fusion gps? which was the company that played for this steele dossier. and if the problem is the russians, one of the standards has to be, "no side, no party can talk to the russians about anything." >> harris: including speeches or anything else. >> kennedy: or half a million dollars for the russian bank. >> melissa: they've made a very broad request for eight over 80 names of individuals and organizations. some of these names i'm very interested in hearing more about. for instance, alexander next paid former head of cambridge analytica. if there is lot of questions coming out of the last election. coming from the political data
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world. i would be quite interested to hear what he had to save your response to this request. but that's something very germane to the campaign and the russia story. are they requesting information to try and make the president just look bad from business dealings before he was president customer things that are not pertaining to the russian investigation. if these requests are too broad, i think that is from of polling's perspective. you get to lose voters in the middle that would like to have things investigated and would like to know if anything happened with collusion but do not want congress to spend its time trying to make trump's record look bad. >> kennedy: also, uniform application of the standards. i think that is fair. she is talking about those voters who really don't pick a side between political parties, but they are sick of the nonsense. if something is wrong, they want to make sure it is congress' job to root that out. >> melissa: what is uniform on both sides, though? for the average person watching at home, they know this is about obstructing the president are trying to get rid of him because they don't like him. there are those on the left who are thrilled about that because
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they don't like him and they want him out. but both parties have been guilty of this, and for regular americans at home they are probably sitting back and saying, "hey, do you guys have time to fix immigration or fix health care? or are you just going to spend all of your time, all of you, trying to unseat the opposite party?" which is really annoying. >> larry: i think a lot of regular americans, as you put it, are sitting home saying, "how does hill risque by having an unsecured server in her basement where she sent and received classified information, lied about it, destroy documents under subpoena, and she skated?" because the fbi, james comey, said it didn't require intent. when, in fact, it did. when they say it's unfair, a double standard, as i said before. harry got a pass another president is being hounded like this? >> harris: it's also really distracting when those of us talking the things our government needs to do. my question has been, if the mueller investigation finds there is no conspiracy because collusion is not a crime -- or
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obstruction of justice or whatever they find -- are we, as a nation, going to move on? i would say yes. but of the political people on capitol hill? there are democrats who wanted to impeach before the mueller investigation fully ends. will they let go? >> larry: we are already in an election cycle paid the answer is no pay [laughs] >> harris: national security advisor john bolton defending president trump's second summit with kim jong un, saying the president was right to not make a deal with north korea because it was not in the best interest of the united states. watch. >> i think the application of the president the president of the united states is to defend and advance american national security interests. i think he did that by rejecting a bad deal, and by trying again to persuade kim jong un to take the big deal that really could make a difference for north korea. as the president said, sometimes you have to walk away. i think he made a very important point to north korea and the other countries around the world about negotiating with him. he is not desperate for a deal. not with north korea, not with anybody. >> harris: but the democratic chair of the house intelligence,
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adam schiff, called the summit a "spectacular failure," saying the president only succeeded in elevating a ruthless dictator. >> the president dave did give up a great deal by enhancing the prestige of the world stage by giving up those military exercises in the last summit and getting nothing for it. this is, i think of the results of an president who is not prepared for these kind of negotiations. a staff that is not well prepared. and suzanne l mike essentially signed by the student's pants. >> harris: meanwhile, president trump says the testimony by his one-time lawyer michael cohen may have had a negative impact on his sit down with kim jong un. the president treated this. "for a democrat you interview at a hearing as the same time as the summit north korea is perhaps a new low in american politics and may have contributed the walk. never done when they president is overseas.
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shame." larry? >> larry: on the north korean deal, had he come back and sign something, i'm schiff would have said he got rolled. that kim jong un got away with murder, didn't get anything out of the deal. adam schiff would have -- i know this is a standard line, but if donald trump was able to walk on water, adam schiff would say he can't swim. >> harris: i hadn't heard that. i don't know how a standard that is, but it is -- it's a new situation with the president for adam schiff. >> larry: is a pretty old-line part of the people have loosed . they will email you and tell you it's not original. [laughter] as to michael cohen -- look, he is a convicted lie. it's going to be his word against president trump's word. remember, we get back to the nixon resignation into the bill clinton impeachment -- neither what happened happened if nixon had not taped himself and bill clinton had not -- how the other side not produced the stained dress. he never would have been impeached. for lying. donald trump hasn't taped himself, he has not testified
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under oath to my knowledge untruthfully. he answered the interrogatories that mueller sent. as far as i'm concerned, they've got nothing. what michael cohen said versus the president says, the tie goes to the president. >> harris: as we look at this, it's interesting that there really is a no-win situation with the democrats and this president. had he come back with a deal we could with, he has proven he gets out of deals it is like. like the one with iran. >> kristen: the present understands they are willing to give him more latitude on this issue because no past president with traditional approaches to the north korea problem have succeeded. this goes back decades. being unconventional, i think he gets much more latitude from the american public to try something different. at times, diplomacy via tweet. remember, he was rocket man for a while before. it's a sort of thing where the president's tweets sometimes give me heartburn, but when it comes to north korea, the unconventional approach is something that i think public opinion is a little bit more on
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his side with regards to. the one criticism of the president some of that i think does have a kernel of truth to it is i get very uncomfortable with anything that further legitimizes kim jong un, that makes him seem more like he's just a normal leader that you can do business with. this is a cruel regime. he is a terrible dictator. the fact that otto warmbier's parent, whether it was a misunderstanding of the statement or not, felt they needed to come out and reaffirm america's position that it was wrong what happened to their son and north korea, the fact that he has died. i think that's a legitimate criticism. but when it comes to the democrats, there really was nothing he could come back with that would have made them happy. >> harris: kennedy, when you hear the criticism from the president that this became -- that the walk was in part because of that michael cohen being on the l, what do you say? >> kennedy: etiquettes unnecessary and that it shows he's thin-skinned. i think it should be able to separate the two. walking away from north korea actually comes from a place of
9:14 am
strength. that he realizes the resume is entirely duplicitous. and they are not trust the trustworthy. whatever north korea -- mike pompeo, whatever agreement they came to in the final meeting when they were supposed to finalize a joint agreement, they realized that north korea was talking on both sides of our mouths. >> harris: about you denuke position. >> kennedy: everything. dismantlement, verification, and all the critical elements. the president was much better off walking away from this deal. also, to counter adam schiff's point, i think it's better for kim jong un to be in an aspirational position and to look out and see western journalists and interact in this way, and say, "i want to be part of this. how can i get there?" >> harris: when kim jong un took that reporter's question from america? >> kennedy: yeah, they have to change prey they have to do something concrete. this is not strategic patients, this is different.
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they have to realize that as well. >> larry: how are we worse off that he is no longer testing customer tower how are we worse off that we've got -- >> harris: general tell me that we are better off. they want a communiqué. they would like it in writing. but they haven't done anything 18 months. in terms of that. all right, we will move on. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is holding democrats feet to the fire on the country do controversial green new deal. as the president slams the progressive proposal to a standing ovation. freshman congresswoman ilhan omar is continuing to aggravates variable democrats with a comment about it or sale israel. the latest dustup, and just how it gets. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va,
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♪ >> melissa: democrats facing more turmoil within their ranks as minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar is facing backlash after more allegations that she used anti-semitic language. at a washington, d.c., bookstore last week, the congresswoman suggesting that americans who support israel are compromising their loyalty to the united states. >> i want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay for people to push for a legions foreign countries. >> melissa: on friday, the democratic chairman of the house foreign relations affairs committee called that quote "vile, and anti-semitic slur." nita lowey tweeting, "no member of congress is asked to swear allegiance to another country. throughout history, jews have been accused to do loyalty, leading to determination of
9:21 am
violence. which is why these accusations are so hurtful." congressman omar tweeting, "i have not mischaracterized our relationship with israel. i have questioned it. and that has been clear from my end. in the meantime, both republicans and democrats are -- the chairwoman of west virginia publican party disavowing poster displaying at the state capital during the republican event on friday. the image showing congressman omar and the 9/11 terror attack. yesterday, democratic congresswoman debbie dingell said of all this behavior that should be condemned. >> we have got to make sure on both sides that everybody's being very careful. when you look at what happened to her in west virginia on friday. she was not all right either. you need to be careful of her language. we should not attack. we have to be very, very careful of anti-semitism. and i think -- talk to nancy and steny on monday, and see how we
9:22 am
bring ourselves together. but i see it on both sides. i see too much hatred, period. >> melissa: kristin, what is your take on this? obviously this is intentional on her part. before you could say people were bringing up tweets from a long time ago, or that she didn't mean to invoke this image, or whatever. and now, to continue down this path, it is clear that she is trying to -- as she says -- question and create a dialogue. is it more than that? >> kristen: i think she has not heard her colleagues. when she supposedly said tenant that she was listening, she had apologized once before, i think she -- you see the rise of anti-semitism with far left parties in europe and the idea that it is rising here in the united states and we have elected officials that are sort of aiding and abetting it through irresponsible comments comments.
9:23 am
i think it's horrifying. what happened in west virginia is terrible, as well. to say there is a lot of hatred going on here is correct. but i think when it comes to ilhan omar the fact that there are so many -- she is on the cover of rolling stone right now. i believe right next to nancy pelosi, they are tweeting this out. >> harris: the fork women across the cover of rolling stone? >> harris: the fork women >> kristen: she's being elevated one of the prominent members of this class. the fact that she is consistently being sort of found to have said these things, even her own colleagues are calling her out on that. just really it suggests -- >> harris: let's give some facts for the jewish community calling her out now. the executive director of the jewish community relations center, which we know as the jc rc, has said after trying to get together with her in the middler community is exasperated by representative omar's uncle phil promises to listen and learn from jewish constituents while singh seemingly simultaneously finding another opportunity to make into somatic
9:24 am
remark and insult our community. the g crc is supportive of a robust conversation and it goes on. however, our political discourse must quickly evolve to be able to hold these conversations without using age-old stereotypes about minority communities. again, the g crc executive director in minnesota. that is her home state. that is obligated. >> larry: as far as i know, she's only member of congress to support the bds movement. the so-called boycott divest sanction movement. not only did the adl called into somatic, but also the chuck schumer called anti-semitic. that refers to them as an apartheid state. it is not supported a two state solution. preaches a democratic socialist, and to donna coutts enterococci are sort has. they support the movement, the she is not given her opinion one way or another. kristen is right, the left-wing parties in places like the u.k. have seen jews with a party.
9:25 am
not only jewish voters, but members of the party. >> harris: that's cocaine for her. in her own state and the jewish community. >> melissa: it's worth noting that we do see eye to eye with israel is that we hold the same values for the sanctity of human life, the importance of democracy. we embrace muslims within our nation as well, and certainly that is valid. there is a reason that israel is our ally. because we have the shared values. >> kennedy: the fact that she doesn't understand the difference between allegiance and support makes me question her competency as a congresswoman, someone who is able to serve on congress. the last controversy, even some within her own party were asking that she stepped down from her committee assignments. and potentially resigned, which i thought was a step farther. went over the next. this is the next one and they are going to be more bigoted because she's not going to make any real attempt to educate yourself about how her words
9:26 am
harm other people and other groups. particularly jewish community. >> harris: she must've known. >> kennedy: and a lot of people in her own party would love to sit in with her. >> harris: when will it be more public and with people in her own state? >> kennedy: a lot of people in the democratic party, in her own caucus, who are pushing back don't know how much more is going to take. because her words do matter. nita lowey is right, it's not okay to have islamophobic posters in the west virginia state house. that's not okay either. but at some point there has to be accountability. >> melissa: all right. senator bernie sanders making his 2020 white house run official this weekend, but a new poll suggesting it will not be easy for him. not just because of his far left policies. coming up, with that poll says and what it could also mean for president trump. ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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>> we have won some victories, but clearly we have a long, long way to go. and i am here to tell you that because all of the work we have done together we are on the brink of not just winning an election, but transforming our country. [cheers and applause] >> harris: he is an independent senator. he is 77 years old, and a self-described democratic socialist. bernie sanders launching his 2020 white house campaign this weekend in brooklyn. a new nbc "wall street journal" poll spells bad news for sanders. is reporting that 62% of registered voters finds the presidential candidate over 75 years old undesirable. 72% of the voters say they find a socialist candidate undesirable. meanwhile, the president getting
9:32 am
some good news for the poll. asked about a g.o.p. primary challenge against president trump. 37% of republican voters said they would be in favor. 59% say no. obviously came out a little while ago. but he is telling those particular voters, "here i am." and potentially getting more of those 27 double donations that added up to $6 million after he announced. >> melissa: he has a lot of support no matter what those polls say. i would think they are fun because they are kind of related to nothing and they turn out to me nothing. but it gets people stuff to talk about. i'm happy for the democrats. for them, they look for to this. there's light at the end of the tunnel. they are so horrified by this term presidency that they can look ahead and it's like they walk into the shopping mall and you have every candidate you could ever want to. we all know that when there are tons -- >> harris: is that where you find them? the mall? >> melissa: every cover, everything you could want is out there for the picking. we all know when the choices that wide, in the end, it brings about unusual market results.
9:33 am
>> kennedy: what's funny is bernie is the hill are you this election cycle. "this election is mine! i deserve to be here! almost won last time!" [laughter] >> harris: we've got two impersonators on the couch. the >> kennedy: they created superdelegates in order to get her nomination. they got rid of them to get her out of the race, and he assumes he just going to waltz in and walk away or dance away with the nomination. i hope to the good lord that when i'm 77 i had that kind of energy and passion. i don't think that's one of his deficits. >> larry: i don't know about that. >> kennedy: multi-trillions of dollars. >> harris: i know you drilled on an analytic spirit which you make of the polling? why's it so oppositional to the cross we see in the money they are dropping? >> kristen: bernie sanders is a very loyal slice of the democratic party. >> harris: how big is it? >> kristen: i would say he
9:34 am
commands about a quarter of the party. when you look at these polls that ask who they would vote for, he is coming in top of that poll in part because of name i.d. you've got the entire rest of the field is relatively unknown. a lot of democratic primary voters just waiting to see who they will choose. so the question is, is something like 25% enough to win in a very fractured field? for donald trump, 25% was enough to keep them on top of the poles of the republican crowded field for quite a while. i truly really picked up steam early into the 2016 race. i would not come bernie sanders out, even if he's a very weak general election candidate. >> harris: a quarter of the democratic support, i think it's more than name i.d. i think it's authenticity, too, with him. as a problem for democrats. >> larry: it is. not only authenticity and name i.d., in my opinion. is that the base of the democratic party likes his ideas. medicare for all is popular. it tests well. the idea of a $50 minimum wage
9:35 am
is popular. it tests well. the idea of free college tuition tests well. the idea of fighting climate change tests well. >> harris: but when they take the test and forget how much it cost, maybe they will come out with a different answer. >> larry: i believe the democrats are supporting college free tuition because, generally speaking, the more college education you have the more likely you are going to come out as a democrat. if you are likely to come out as republican, democrats would not want free tuition. >> harris: does bernie sanders match up better than any of those of the candidates who showed on that screen to take on donald trump right now? where is there somebody better for the democrats? >> larry: there somebody better for the reason you know mention. 77 is pretty old. for all his energy, he looks 107. [laughter] >> harris: president trump says he misses moment. >> larry: i think he did. >> kennedy: they all missed the moment because of queen hillary. >> harris: they have yet to come up with that economic beast of a message that they are going to be needing. >> melissa: free everything.
9:36 am
[laughter] >> larry: they have the green new deal. >> harris: that's not legislation. although, in a box move, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says, "okay, democrats. work for are against it. what are you going to do with the?" >> larry: what i find about this green new deal is the complete historical ignorance about how badly the old new deal did. there's an economist, he's probably done more research on the effect of fdr's new deal than anybody else. >> harris: we will talk more coming up in the next segment. >> larry: and meet economy worse. >> harris: president from going after the green new deal. this weekend at sea pet, even after congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez took out that reference to carol farting. >> melissa: i'm glad you had to say that i not me. >> harris: i could have said flatulence. they say her position is so radical that it will help them. >> when the wind stops blowing, that the end of your electric.
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♪ >> when i look at what's happening on the other side, i encourage it. i say, "no, no, i think the new green deal" or whatever the hell they call it -- [boos] >> kennedy: president trump mocking the green new deal at cpac on saturday in a marathon speech. also framing the green new deal as so radical that it will prove to be a political advantage for republicans. this all comes as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to force democratic senators -- including those making a run at the white house -- to show their hand on the controversial resolution by bring a vote to the floor. senate majority leader chuck schumer blessing the
9:42 am
possible movies a political stunt. he is reportedly having senators vote present. here is new york senator kirsten gillibrand on the green new deal. >> of a green new deal is three things. these are not new ideas. its infrastructure, which is widely bipartisan. more money for mass transit, or money for electric rates, more money for rural water supplies. everything. the second piece of the green new deal is jobs. it's all about training people to do wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower, biofuel. the third part is cleaner and clean water. i can't think of a more universal issue. >> kennedy: in the meantime, a democratic pollster who worked for both hillary clinton and president obama is tweeting, "my main gripe about aoc, wiley respect her voice and the party, i don't think she respect mine or anyone else's who differs with her on policy or comes from a different political electoral reality." that's a really good point, because she is a demanding
9:43 am
allegiance to these socialistic ideals. really, she doesn't have any curiosity or tolerance for anyone who thinks or votes a different way. how problematic is that? >> larry: any understanding about the original new deal was. a teacher at ucla, he has probably done more work on the new deal then anybody else. deepen and lengthen to the recession. it was a severe recession, the new deal turned into a depression. alexandria ocasio-cortez, the democrats using this expression, apparently have no real idea of what the old new deal did. of course, there is the issue of cost. once you start putting polls together and start asking about costs, support goes down dramatically. >> melissa: but there's a bigger cost than the financial cost. it starts talking about investment in the future. it's not that. the cost is the destruction of lives. when you look at -- kennedy, he made a great point before the commercial. i don't know if you've made on the couch before. that what is headed inside the
9:44 am
new deal is an entire socialist agenda about paying. it's not about the climate, it's about changing the entire agenda. there is a carbon-based economy in the entire middle of this country where they build things, they make things, they drive trucks. these are people whose entire lives are built on producing and working and making food using carbon. this is the destruction of those lives in favor of a complete socialist agenda. it is not about a clean environment. >> kennedy: no, it's about creating more dependency come as well. because socialism is about the means of production at a state-run economy. something like this -- although it is resolution and a series of horrible suggestions -- that is the ultimate goal. what you are doing is upending entire sectors in creating dependency. >> kristen: there is a bipartisan consensus in this country that we should be doing things on infrastructure, for instance. the fact that democratic
9:45 am
leadership has outsourced this issue to a freshman in the house who has, i think, really mishandled it or perhaps has been too honest about what democrats actually want to do in this policy, it's been such an enormous failure for them. it is why mitch mcconnell is so excited to be able to have them -- "all right, fine, put our names on the vote on this. if you really think this is great at americas with you, then vote on it." honestly, it was just to do something on infrastructure, we get 80% of americans saying they support it. but republicans know, and president trump knows, that's not what this is. it is not just to do something about infrastructure. it's a radical transformation of the economy. they do everything that was in that frequent last questions document they tried to hide really quickly, it is beyond me why leadership just handed this issue to a freshman number. >> harris: and the point of whether or not they have outsourced it, to just add in that it means democrats have to come up with their own idea took about this. you got senator dianne feinstein lecturing little school graders
9:46 am
from elementary school kids, and how her idea is so much better. and if that speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying, "well, it's just a list. it's a suggestion. it's a green dream." what this will force democrats to do, with or without mcconnell's vote, it will force them to have to come up with ideas that are competitive with ocasio-cortez. if they haven't done in the 30 years that she pointed out, why would they do it now? >> kennedy: then let me ask you this -- why write a resolution, why go through the process, if you don't want to vote on the? chuck schumer is calling it a stunt, and all of the democratic senators -- >> harris: because the original legislation is nonbinding. that's why. the original legislation is nonbinding, it is technically the same sort of vehicle that you would see them vote on. >> kennedy: then do it on the! >> harris: predicates of renowned record. >> larry: of the top things that americans are concerned about, climate change runs 19th or 20th. they should care about it, but
9:47 am
they don't. >> kennedy: we care about you! [laughter] amy klobuchar taking on her repetition is a tough mean boss with some jokes. the senator promises to do better with her staff. stay with us. ♪ okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler
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♪ >> melissa: democratic presidential hopeful amy klobuchar promising to do better by her staff, following allegations she has frequent he mistreated them. the minnesota senate are issuing a statement to the "star tribune" on friday, saying, "i'm incredibly proud of the workout stuff has done and i would not be here with amazing staff. i know i can be tough, i know i can push people too har and they also know i can do better. and i will." then on saturday night come at washington's gridiron dinner, telling a gathering of washington who's who, "my speech will be shorter than a robert kraft visit to the orchid day spa." adding after a pause, "guys, a woman can tell a dirty joke." the zinger, a reference to the e new england patriots owner. good joke, kennedy? >> kennedy: absolutely. i'm hard to offend. in this day and age, we are too
9:52 am
politically correct and tight-lipped. i think going after the robert kraft scandal is just fine. also, a backhanded compliment to the patriots owner. >> melissa: you can have tricks when that one to me. i do like that she went on to ask how people like a salad. i "i thought it needed more scab oil." >> kennedy: they didn't quit until afterwards. >> harris: wow. >> larry: the good news for amy klobuchar's we are talking about her. most people never heard of her. the idea that if he knows he tough possible probably a positive, nonnegative. it's it's good news for her. >> kristen: i think she's extremely formidable because of the geography of where she is popular. the states democrats want to win back if they want to defeat turbine 2020. here's the deal with all the stories that have leaked out about her being a tough boss. it's one thing if she's interpreted as being a tough boss. it's another thing is it's interpretive of her being weird.
9:53 am
throwing binders that people, the comb story. there was one report that somebody -- he had asked a staffer allegedly to shave her legs under the desk. [laughter] >> kennedy: better than above the desk, right? >> kristen: i think voters should be fine with them into being an over-the-top tough boss. but then there is weird. if she gets branded as weird, if president trump exit weird nickname for her, all of the sudden it could be there trying to push it away. -- >> melissa: i never thought of it that way! >> kennedy: we are not talking about tulsi gabbard at all. >> larry: did she throw the comb? >> kristen: the report is that after eating the salad with it, she handed it to her staffer to clean it. if you are stuck on a plane, be resourceful? >> harris: why not wash your hands and eat it with your fingers customer gets what my 9-year-old does when we don't have plastic ware. >> kennedy: a little difficult with a chopped salad. >> larry: yikes. tmi.
9:54 am
[laughter] >> harris: i'm being told that at the white house right now the president is welcoming the football national champions in north dakota. the bison. in the east room. it's an opportunity to be will and gradually them. he is asked about this video. the first moment being able of the soul to you, this photo op with the champions. >> melissa: the food. >> harris: i know! you double done. he's going to do some chick-fil-a. he had taken some criticism before serving that sort of thing. we were during a partial government shutdown. i do want to say, there were some news made during all this. we opened this broadcast with -- there you go. he control that. but we opened this broadcast with the 81 agencies and places
9:55 am
where chairman nadler of intel wants to gather new documents for an investigation into the president's campaign and any russian dealings. the president was asked about this, and he said no collusion. that was just -- and then they got back to talking football, as you can se see. >> kennedy: rightly so. >> larry: nobody took a need. >> melissa: wow. we will be right back. people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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10:00 am
>> kennedy: and the kissing contest. >> melissa: no doubt. we back at noon eastern tomorrow. for now, let's send it over to harris. >> harris: breaking news now, as he has just learned that luke perry, from his publicist, has passed away. 852 years old. luke perry was known for the big hit, beverly hills 90210. in fact, they're getting ready to revive that. but he suffered a massive stroke. we knew this last week. we could see a lot of the messages and celebrities talking about him. shanna doherty, who was one of his costars. she was talking about him just yesterday saying how much he adored him. she was choked up. kind of had to catch her throat as she was talking about him. very sad. the massive stroke that he suffered last week. there were conflicting reports about whether he was put into a medically induced. his publicist put pushing back a bit on that. today we know that after luke


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