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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 4, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: 1 p.m. eastern tomorrow again, i look forward to it. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. democrats targeting president trump with new investigations. that's one of the major developments we are following. former attorney general jeff sessions, one of 81 people sent a letter like this one seeking evidence of wrongdoing by the president. the desperate search for survivors continues after several devastating tornados rip across southeast alabama leaving at least 23 dead. plus a legal set back for the woman who left america to join isis as she fights for the right to re-enter the u.s. her case is in court today and we are there with a report. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the house judiciary committee
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launching an aggressive investigation of president trump and his administration, targeting dozens of people and entities and thousands of documents in a bid to prove obstruction, corruption and other misconduct. catherine herridge is live in washington. what else are we learning from these document requests? >> reporter: good afternoon. fox news obtaining this letter to carter page. page is one of more than 80 individuals and entities tied to the president that are now under congressional investigation. chairman nadler is asking for the official round of records by march 19th. the president was asked if he will cooperate. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. you know the beautiful thing? no collusion. it's all a hoax. >> reporter: the democrats investigation appears to signal a shift away from russia collusion to alleged financial crimes that preceded the 2016 election. on the sunday shows, nadler said
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they cannot rely on robert mueller's report. he said the timing is up in the air and its russia focus is too narrow. >> crimes and impeachable offenses are two different things. they can be crimes that are not impeachable offenses. they're two different tasks. but we have to lay out for the american people, and we can't depend on the mueller investigation for this. the mueller investigation, number one, we don't know anything, despite lots of rumors. number two, it's focused on specific crimes. >> reporter: we just received statement from the committee's ranking republican who said, quote, we don't even know what the mueller report says, but democrats are already hedging their bets after recklessly prejudging the president for obstruction, chairman nadler is pursuing evidence to back up his conclusion because, as he admits, we don't have the facts yet. so setting the table for what will be a drawn out contentious back and forth over the witnesses and the documents,
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dana. >> dana: indeed. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> dana: fox news alert. alabama's governor giving an update on the deadly tornados that swept through the state yesterday. this as president trump is directing fema to respond to alabama after tornados tore through the eastern part of the state leaving at least 23 people dead. crews are now searching for any survivors trapped under the rubble. jonathan serrie is in lee county, where the storm struck. jonathan? >> reporter: yes, from one of the businesses that was heavily damaged. this was a bar here. in fact, some of the beers were still standing on the counter. building completely gutted. employees and the owner are going through trying to salvage whatever they can. in fact, the owner said he was on the property in his vehicle when he saw the funnel cloud approaching. he describes what happened next. >> it was very scary. i was in front. i managed to get in front of the store.
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i had, there was like three or four seconds before everything started falling and coming apart. >> reporter: and intense winds knocked down the nearby cell tower blocking portion of the highway. the storm system knocked out power to 40,000 homes and businesses across alabama and georgia. nearby in the town of beauregard, you can see the town's path, half a mile wide in some places. mobile homes were blown off their foundation, rooms were ripped off of single family homes. we spoke with ron washington, who was inside one of those homes with his family when the storm hit. >> i was in my room and i tried to go out the hall. the whole top was blown off the house. so i just started praying. >> reporter: lot of people have similar stories. the storm all caused damage in florida, south carolina and georgia. in the talbutton area of
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georgia, tornado knocked down trees, damaged homes and levelled a cinder block church that had been used as a storm shelter. thankfully no one was inside at the time. you see not only the damaged bar, but also the gas station that was gutted. the owner was inside at the time but he, too, escaped injury. dana, back to you. >> dana: thank you. let's listen in to the briefing on the deadly tornado. >> -- and make sure we minimize loss of life and the suffering people of lee county and the surrounding areas. we appreciate all the things you've done for us. we'll unleash the responsibilities of ema, to take care of our local citizens. we just want to let you know there's a need out there, work through the lee county ema. if you need assistance, 211. we'll be working with officer services, the red cross and other volunteer capabilities to
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make sure we funnel volunteers into the community. thank you all for all you do. thank you to the first responders, the community. it's a whole of government, whole of society, whole of alabama effort to get us back to a new normalcy and get everyone taken care of as we move forward during this recovery. thank you very much. >> dana: that was a press conference down there in alabama on the tornados. governor there behind us leading off that press conference. we'll continue to monitor that and bring you more information as we have it. another fox news alert. on the death of actor luke perry just days after the former 90210 star suffered a massive stroke. he was only 52. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with more. this is terribly sad news to learn, jonathan. >> reporter: tragic news, dana. luke perry was rushed to the hospital after a 911 call was placed from his home in sherman
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oaks, west of l.a. it described someone having a stroke. we got no details on his condition then. the silence from those close to him seemed significant. then just about an hour ago we got the tragic news from his representative in a statement that read, quote, actor luke perry, 52, passed away today after suffering a massive stroke. he was surrounded by his children, jack and sophie, fiancee wendy madison bower, ex-wife, mother anne bennett, stepfather, brother tom perry, sister amy and other close family and friends. the family appreciates the outpouring of support and prayers that have been extended to luke from around the world and respectfully requests privacy in this time of great mourning. no further details will be released at this time.
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perry's house had not been known, but he was treated for precancerous growth after a colonoscopy in 2015. he became a star on the iconic show "beverly hills 90210" and has worked consistently, most recently winning a whole new generation of fans in the hit show "riverdale." the writers of that tweeted a short time ago, quote, luke perry, you were a joyful and vibrant soul. you will be missed, but most certainly your legacy will be remembered forever. rest in love and peace, friend. while his "riverdale" co-star molly ringwald wrote, my heart is broken. i will miss you so much, luke perry. sending all my love to your family. luke perry dead today at the age of just 52. dana? >> dana: thank you, jonathan. frpblts there's a court hearing under way to determine if the united states must take back a woman who left the country for
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the former communications director with the national republican director committee and the former spokes person for the obama campaign. let me start with you. the request is quite broad. 81 people and a mix of organizations, documents related. we don't know all that they're going to ask for. any concern that this could be an overreach? >> well, i do think that in 2018, one of the things the democrats ran on was having a check and balance system, which they thought was being ignored. so it shouldn't really be a surprise that this is really happening. i do think it is fair to have some concern about whether this will have any impact on voters in general. seems to me that most attitudes toward the president are pretty well based. his supporters support him, his detractors don't. this plays into his hands with some of the arguments he makes. this is a congressional responsibility to do this. i think it's reasonable to look into this. it is also fair that there's a lot of smoke surrounding this
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administration and his associates. >> dana: they're on the hunt for pfeiffer. former congressman trey tkpwoudy had this to say this morning. take a listen. >> do you remember when nadler and schiff didn't want to interfere with on going investigations? does anybody remember that? they don't have this concern. this is all about 2020. they can ask for it. president's got smart lawyers and i'd be shocked if he produced it. >> dana: any thoughts? >> it's absolutely about 2020. this is one of the key reasons it was so important for republicans to keep the house in 2018. this process is politicized. we've gone from oversight into obstruction. i think michael cohen gave the democrats a ton of what they see as leads and they will request anything and everything to find something. i don't think they're going to get much. they're just trying to make political hay out of this. >> dana: lot of documents. i remember in 2007, the republicans lost majority in the
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house and there was a big document request production. white house has to figure out how to keep doing things as they move forward and trying to get the president's agenda done. congress is going to make their voices known. it's monday. on friday we had a new entrant into the 2020 race, governor jay inslee from washington state. this morning the former governor of my home state, colorado, jumped into the race. take a listen. >> ultimately, i'm running for president because i believe not only can i beat donald trump, but i am the person who can bring people together and get stuff done. >> dana: all right. tell me your initial thoughts about him getting in the race? >> i think the governor was a very successful mayor, very successful governor i do think he's trying to own a space that he's not really going to be able to own. i don't know the moderate space will be something he'll own when senator biden or senator brown
11:17 am
gets into the race. >> dana: matt, i am curious about hickenlooper. interesting to me, he took the state which was reliably red for many years and now not just a purple state, but probably categorized as a blue state. your thoughts on that? >> absolutely. he only won by three in his last election. it's worth noting democrats have never nominated for president someone who's from west of the rockies. but i don't see any doubts that biden is running. obama nominated everyone that was in his cabinet. maybe he'll have a viral moment like his colleague did on the senate floor. who knows what can happen. there's really no downside for not getting in. >> dana: i'm serious what his name might be. we have i don't know how many candidates in the race. maybe 18 and more to come, as we understand it.
11:18 am
while we're doing this, there are a lot of interest in 2020. just last week, larry sabato from the university of virginia said here's the tossup states, lean right, lean left. one of the states that is so important for president trump is pennsylvania. that is considered a big tossup. i read this story yesterday in "the new york times." democrats are concerned about the direction of the national party. here "the new york times" yesterday quoting saying someone's got to take the democrats into the real world. liberalism is good. there's nothing wrong with that. but there has to be a middle there. we do have a working class. let me get your thoughts on the concerns in pennsylvania that the national conversation is that the democrats are going in is maybe going to hurt democrats chances of winning pennsylvania in 2020. >> i spent a lot of time in pennsylvania with then senator obama and biden. one of the things people forget is over half of democratic primary voters identify as moderate or conservative
11:19 am
democrats. the president has absolutely no path for re-election without the industrialized midwest, including pennsylvania. maybe arizona or maybe north carolina is a state that is in play in 2020. realistically, we can pull those states back. he has no path. i think having an economic populous message to those states will be something that will be very successful for somebody running for president in 2020. >> dana: matt, as you look across the land staeup and for republicans holding on to those states that president trump was able to flip. michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. key to a victory? >> without a doubt. michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, the whole ball game. you look at some of the folks that have been elected recently in pennsylvania. tom wolf, bob casey, conner lamb circling. they aren't socialists. 2018 was a referendum on the president. 2020 it will be a choice, whether the democrats that were left in the primary, if it's
11:20 am
going to hurt in the general. >> dana: let me give the last word to zach and have you comment on this story, about some infighting in the democratic party on the house side where you had some moderate democrats who had just won, very difficult swing states in 2018, trying to tell some of the left wing members of the party, it's really hard to represent these districts. you got to cut us some slack. do you think that is going to be heated? >> i actually don't, no. it wasn't heated in the republican party. i don't think it will be heated in the democratic party. we have the house majority because of those swing districts. they were running on pretty moderate message. >> dana: right. as matt knows, those will be the first ones to be targeted in 2020. that was his specialty. matt and zach, great to have you here talking politics. so a deadly stabbing initially blamed on a panhandler taking a much more sinister turn. you're not gonna believe this. we will tell you who is now in custody for killing this woman. plus a key court hearing under
11:21 am
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xfinity, the future of awesome. >> dana: looks like there are enough votes in the senate to block president trump's national emergency declaration now that rand paul of kentucky said he's voting to overturn the president's executive action. the big question now, can congress override an almost certain presidential veto? mike emanuel is live on capitol hill to break it down for us. mike? >> reporter: dana, good afternoon. we heard other lawmakers express concerns about the president signing this national pherpbl. then kentucky senator rand paul wrote on fox, quote, i must vote how my principles dictate. my oath is to the constitution, not to any man or political party. i stand with the president often and i do so with a loud voice. today i think he's wrong, not on policy, but in seeking to expand the powers of the presidency beyond their constitutional limits. the other republicans on the record against the national
11:26 am
emergency are susan collins of maine, lisa murkowski of alaska and tom tiller. that led to the senate majority leader drawing this conclusion. >> i think what is clear in the senate is there will be enough votes to pass the resolution of disapproval, which will then be vetoed by the president, and then in all likelihood the veto will be upheld in the house. >> reporter: leader mcconnell knows this is why he counseled the president against taking this path of action. >> dana: in the first place. is it more than just four senate republicans, mike? >> reporter: dana, it could be substantially more. martha mcthalen of arizona tweeted last week, spoke with the vice president today on the national emergency declaration. i'm seeking assurances that the money will not come from arizona's military construction projects. we can and must secure our
11:27 am
border while ensuring our armed forces have the resources and facilities they need. tennessee republican lamar alexander delivered this warning on the senate floor. >> i support what the president wants to do on border security, but i do not support the way he has been advised to do it. it is unnecessary and unwise to turn a border crisis into a constitutional crisis about separation of powers. >> reporter: so expect the senate to push back. the president to veto it. lawmakers will have made their point. all indications are at this point that the president will go forward with his border wall. >> dana: and this will happen and then that will happen and we will keep following this story. thank you, mike. senator gillibrand, the surprising place she thinks she can find vote. plus an alabama woman goes to
11:28 am
syria to marry an isis fighter. the trump administration says no. what a federal judge is saying about it today. >> i know i am an american citizen and i know i have the right to come back.
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>> dana: a fox news alert. a federal court hearing the case of an alabama woman who left the u.s. to marry an islamic state fighter in syria. she and her family are suing the trump administration over its claim that she's not an american citizen. doug mcelway is live in washington. what happened today? >> reporter: well, she came to court seek an expedited consideration on the part of her family and lawyers asking for the state to be heard prematurely out of the normal realm of events but the judge declined to do that. he said in his ruling, quote, i am going to deny the request for
11:33 am
expedited consideration and proceed on the normal track. here's her attorney's reaction to that immediately afterwards. >> today we're disappointed but understand the judge's initial ruling. focusing on whether there's immediate harm. we recognize the inebbing questionties in it. we're concerned about her continued position. >> reporter: the united states government and the trump administration have been absolutely adamant that she not be returned to the united states. here's john bolton speaking yesterday on "face the nation." >> my understanding is that she is not a u.s. citizen. that's the take of the state department at this point. >> they issued her a passport. >> all i can say is what i have been informed and that's the position we take. but, you know, just as a general proposition, americans can renounce their citizenship by their words and actions aligning with foreign powers.
11:34 am
>> reporter: to bolton's point that a u.s. citizen can renounce their citizenship based upon their actions or words in a foreign country, consider that in 2014, hoda muthana took her tuition money from the university of alabama, bought a plane ticket to turkey then went to seer kwrarbgs married an isis fighter who was killed in combat. so she married a second isis fighter who was also killed in combat. then set up a social media account to encourage her fellow americans to kill their fellow americans with their automobiles. now, she wants to come home. she claims to be a u.s. citizen. the government said she is not a u.s. citizen, that her father was a yemeni diplomat and that she was not eligible for citizenship because of that. her father maintains, however, that when she was born, he had left the yemeni diplomat corps and had become a naturalized citizen. >> dana: both sides claim they have documentation that proves
11:35 am
their case? >> reporter: yeah. in fact, it may prove, she proved that she had a u.s. passport, which she allegely burned while she was in syria. the key thing may be the issuance of that passport. there would be a date stamped on it. if the u.s. government has documentation, it might pertain to her father's duty as a yemeni diplomat in the united states and when the expiration of that diplomatic assignment end, at which point he became a naturalized u.s. citizen. we shall see. she remains in a refugee camp in syria. we have no idea when the next hearing will occur. it will occur in the standard procedure here, which could be months away. >> dana: the judge said, we are not going to speed this up. all right. new york senator and likely 2020 democratic presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand said she expects support for the green deal.
11:36 am
president trump calls that way too radical. gillibrand said there are many aspects that should appeal to the gop. >> do you think there's common ground on the green new deal? >> i do. >> you think you can get republican votes. >> can i tell you why? the green new deal is three things. these are not new ideas. infrastructure, which is widely bipartisan. more money for mass transit, more money for electric grids, more money for rural water supplies, roads, bridges, everything. the second piece of the green new deal is jobs. it's all about training people to do wind, thermal, biofuel. we do that in new york. >> dana: joining me now is editor at large for "the wall street journal." good to have you here. the president has a different take. he talked about it on saturday. watch this. >> when i look at what's happening on the other side, i encourage it. i say, no, no. i think the new green deal or whatever the hell they call
11:37 am
it -- [ crowd booing ] -- the green new deal. green new deal. i encourage it. i think it's really something that they should promote. [ laughter ] >> dana: she wants to talk about the policy. he wants to talk about the politics. we're entering a presidential election. how do you see it? >> there might be some republican support with some of the proposals she said. the green new deal is an idea, a package, talking to republicans in washington the last few days, they are licking their lips at the prospect of running against democrats who are pushing for this. it is a big new set of government programs is what it amounts to. some of those things may be individually popular, but on the whole, a huge expansion of the government role in the economy, alongside medicare for all, higher tax rates, new regulations. the republicans -- democrats keep talking about socialism and there are people who describe themselves as socialists. republicans that i speak to
11:38 am
think this is a golden opportunity for the republican party in 2020 because they will be running against a party that could be running for the largest expansion of the federal government in u.s. history. certainly since the great society and possibly since the new deal. and they think that's not a winning message. >> dana: it's is strange because of the way, from a communications standpoint, as i sometimes look at things. the way it was rolled out. new congress woman alexandria cortez joining up with a veteran in the senate. they just flopped this thing out there. i don't think they realized that it would take off like it did. >> it sounds like a catchy thing. green is very much in tune with where the democratic party is. very keen on environmental protection. so are republicans. >> dana: sure. >> but the scale of it and if you look at it in detail, you look at some of the major proposals and you put it in the context of where the democratic party is headed in terms of what it believes the role of the
11:39 am
state should be, the federal government should be, it does just look like a massive expansion of government programs. >> dana: talk about that, social security is always an important issue to talk about and lightning rod. wall street journal editorial board writing, memo to young workers. the democrats want to raise social security benefits for retirees while taxing you more to pay for it. the plan would raise average benefits by 2%. basically the payroll tax rate for social security would rise steady over two decades to 14.8%. right now it's about 12.4%. that would apply to all taxable income above $400,000. congressman who supports this said this is for the average american worker, insurance premiums would only be $0.50 per week per year. he goes on the say polling shows that americans like it, that it's doable common sense solution that americans want. this is a difficult thing
11:40 am
because we know that the budget of the united states is being squeezed by programs like social security, but there's not a political appetite to do modest economic measures to fix it for the long haul. >> remember, although it's been republican policy for a long time to address the challenges of social security, which are serious. people are living much longer. the current structure probably isn't enough to support them. that's been a key republican policy for a long time. president trump himself was very strongly against it in the campaign. >> dana: not gonna touch it. >> not gonna touch social security, medicare. it is an interesting challenge. it does mean a tax increase, that districts away from young people toward older people. >> dana: exacerbating their problems. there is also another problem, social security cannot be the on thing to rely on for your retirement. especially if people live hropber.
11:41 am
>> there is a challenge. many private pension funds are under funded. state pension funds are under funded. companies have been expecting significant returns for very long period of time which they're not getting anything close to. we are facing a challenge though about replenishing those funds and making sure -- people in their 20s and 30s can expect to live probably to 80, 90 on average. they're not doing to be able to live on a pension for 30 plus years. we are going to have to do something about the pension obligations that we have. >> dana: we're not the only country dealing with this. the u.k. and other countries dealing with it. >> people talking about pension age. raising pension age. i do think they have to ensure people have the private sector through their employer or private sector pension that's really necessary. >> dana: i love when you come on the show. gerard baker, thank you. be sure to catch his shows
11:42 am
fridays 9:30 p.m. on the fox business network. california's capital bracing for more protests after prosecutors decided not to charge the police officer involved in a shooting death of this man here, an unarmed father of two. what his fiancee is hoping happens now. plus a massive drug bust. police finding enough fentanly to kill 2 million people. where it all went down. >> bad things happen everywhere. they do. am i surprised? yeah. it's a quiet neighborhood. nothing happens really here. but it happened.
11:43 am
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>> news that luke perry died after a massive stroke at just 52 years old.
11:47 am
we'll talk to a doctor about how strokes can strike at a young age and the warning signs to watch for no matter how old you are. that's coming up on shepard smith reporting. >> dana: former acting attorney general matt whitaker has officially left the justice department. whitaker serve as the ad following the resignation of jeff sessions and until william barr was confirmed to the post last month. whitaker's appointment had drawn sharp criticism from democrats. his last day with the agency was saturday. fiancee of a man shot to death last year by sacramento police is speaking out after prosecutors announce the officers would not be charged. stephon clark was killed in the back yard of his grandfather's home after polices responded to calls of someone breaking into cars. his fiancee said, she wants the laws change. >> please don't stop advocating for legislation and policies that could protect other
11:48 am
families from suffering this overwhelming pain and sense of loss. please continue to keep my family in your prayers. >> dana: protests broke out in sacramento after the atphoupbment of no charges. city officials are also bracing for more possible protests at a sacramento kings nba game tonight. major drug bust in new york. federal agents raiding a home in westchester county seizing 5kilograms of fentanly. the drugs were stashed inside furniture and there was enough to kill 2 million americans. derrick moss is a former special agent in charge at the drug enforcement administration and joins us. tell me your thoughts when you saw this. this is a quiet neighborhood and here you have fentanyl right in the middle of it. >> this is not very surprising. the mexican cartels are continuing to blow their poison into our country and dominican
11:49 am
distribution group that is based out of washington heights in new york in the bronx just moved up to this neighborhood to try to be away from the daily madness inside new york city. the problem is what they don't realize, an old saying. see something, say something. in this case, the dea did something. they knocked this particular distribution cell out of business. saved a lot of lives. i give credit to the dea westchester task force working with the greensburg task force up there in one of the counties. again, it's about going after it very relentlessly. that's what they did for two month. >> dana: f it's so fatal. we know that. the dangers of fentanyl. 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine, 50 times more powerful than heroin. in 2016, roughly 29% of all drug overdoses involved fentanyl. we know it's coming, from china,
11:50 am
phebgs ka, made in mexico and brought here. listen to the special agent in charge. it says now the port of entry is an easier way for them to do it. there's concealed traps or different hidden areas concealed with drugs within those traps. as you know, because of your background, drug dealers are creative and crafty and they keep finding ways to bring the stuff in. at some point, do we need to take it up higher with the mexican government and the chinese to figure out a way to stop it from coming in the first place? >> dana, of course you do. we give the mexican government a tremendous amount of money. we know from el chapo, the level of corruption in mexico. this has to be dealt with way more aggressively. the poison is made in labs in china. it is being dumped directly into mexico, through the mail, through fedex, u.p.s., dhl, any type of mail service, it's being sent to our country via the internet directly from china. the other thing you got to keep
11:51 am
in mind, our laws are so antiquated on our technology in our country. and the way law enforcement is such a disadvantage, they're just taking advantage. in my view, this is chemical warfare from china. they love to see america in dysfunction right now with our border crisis. it's really, really disturbing. just keep in mind, last year, cbd reported they were involved in seizing about 2400 pound of fentanyl. that can kill over 500 million people. that's more than the entire u.s. population. so until we get more aggressive, until we start taking this seriously, we're just gonna continue to see mass amounts in our country. unfortunately people are dying and families are being destroyed. >> dana: you said two republican congress men circulated a letter last week to call on the secretary of state to start saying that mexican cartels are terrorists based on this activity. so we'll follow up with that. we appreciate you coming on the
11:52 am
show today. thank you. check out this massive avalanche caught on camera yesterday in colorado. we're gonna tell you what happened next. scary stuff. plus a murdered baltimore woman's family believes a panhandler for her death, but now a much more sinister story emerges. >> took advantage of baltimore. i want to make sure the truth comes out and justice is served. i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners who need cash. with home values rising all across the country, now's the time to use your valuable va home loan benefit. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, now's the time to call newday usa. go to or call 1-800-420-9803
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11:57 am
home. the sheriff calling their recover a miracle. and a snowstorm in the northeast followed by cold temperatures. so a massive avalanche on a colorado highway. look at this. >> that's not going to come down here, is it? >> dana: a ton of snow rolls down the mountain and wipes out the area as it hits the highway. luckily nobody was injured. shortly after, another avalanche closed down both sides of the road for hours. the story of a woman's random murder allegedly at the hands of a panhandler in baltimore shocking the nation. police say her murder was staged by her family. bryan llenas has more. >> a stunning twist, dana. 52-year-old keith smith and his daughter were arrested sunday morning in texas near the u.s.-mexico border. they were both preparing to flee
11:58 am
the country. the two are charged with first degree murder in the killing of jacqueline smith. the baltimore police department says jacqueline's husband and stepdaughter are to blame for her death. the 54-year-old electrical engineer was stabbed to death in east baltimore. at the time mr. smith said his wife was stabbed by a panhandler after she rolled down the win toe to give money. police say the story was made up. the two gave a tearful news conference describing how jacqueline lowered her window to give $10 to a woman banging in the rain with a baby. they claim the man and the begging woman ran off. jacqueline's brother reportedly never believed the story and police started zeroing in on keith. baltimore's mayor was upset about what she says is exploiting baltimore's negative perception as a violent city for
11:59 am
the cover-up. "to learn that family members staged this killing is beyond belief and represents a double tragedy. they were responsible for taking jacqueline's life with cruelty and contrived to do so under the guise of random violence." dana, no motive has been given. >> dana: but they were able to flee the country. >> they were. >> dana: thanks, bryan. appreciate it. so the winning team in an annual wife carrying race in the u.k. celebrating their victory and something else. chris and tenisha trudged through a slippery course in the rain and made to it the finish line first. >> amazing. >> dana: you don't have to be
12:00 pm
married. but chris popped the question anyway. they're advancing to the world championships in finland. no word on when they will tie the knot. thanks for joining us. happy monday. i'm dana perino. trace gallagher is in for shep. >> 1 survivor says everybody is heart broken. tornadoes killing almost two dozen people including kids leaving homes and lives in ruin. >> everything that has been built for 19 years -- >> gone. >> in the blink of an eye. >> my babies, i held them like this. >> we'll talk with a woman that rode out a twister and said most of the homes around her are gone. a man survived five days trapped in his car in the snow with his dog. now he's thanking taco bell. i'm trace gallagher. the news starts now.


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