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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 4, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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married. but chris popped the question anyway. they're advancing to the world championships in finland. no word on when they will tie the knot. thanks for joining us. happy monday. i'm dana perino. trace gallagher is in for shep. >> 1 survivor says everybody is heart broken. tornadoes killing almost two dozen people including kids leaving homes and lives in ruin. >> everything that has been built for 19 years -- >> gone. >> in the blink of an eye. >> my babies, i held them like this. >> we'll talk with a woman that rode out a twister and said most of the homes around her are gone. a man survived five days trapped in his car in the snow with his dog. now he's thanking taco bell. i'm trace gallagher. the news starts now.
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>> trace: luke perry dead at 53 years old. he played in the series "beverly hills 90210." a publicist says his family and friends were by his side when he died. last week he had what is being described as a massive stroke at his home in l.a. a new generation of fans got to know him on the cw show "riverdale." fox announced plans for a six episode reboot of "90210" though perry didn't sign on to the project. yesterday he co-star and love interest shannen doherty told entertainment tonight she had been in contact with the actor adding "i can't talk about it here because i will literally start crying, but i love him and he knows i love him. it's luke and he's my dillon."
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jonathan hunt has more. >> we've had very few details since you and i sat here five days ago reporting the news that luke perry had been rushed to the hospital after a 911 call was placed from his home in sherman oaks, northwest of downtown los angeles describing someone having a stroke. we have had no details on his condition then. the silence from those close to him seem significant. a couple hours ago, we got the tragic news in the statements from his reps confirming his death. we were told his children, jack and sophie and his fiance, were with him and the statement went on. >> no further details will be released at this time. perry's health had not been known to be an issue for the
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52-year-old. he was treated for precancerous growths after a colonoscopy in 2015. he became the star on the show "beverly hills 90210" and has worked consistently ever since. most recently winning millions of new fans, teens, 'tweens and adults in the cw show "river dale." >> trace: a lot of reaction over this. >> yeah, molly ringwald tweeted "my heart is broken. i will miss you so much, luke perry. sending all my love to your family." the producers of "riverdale" said, "luke was everything you hoped he would be. a consummate professional with a giant heart and a true friend to all. a father figure and mentor to the show's young cast. luke was incredibly generous and he infused the set with love and
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kindness. our thoughts are with luke's family during this most difficult time." while perry's "90210" co-stars posted -- . >> luke perry dead today at 52. >> trace: very sad story. we'll talk to a surgeon talking about strokes. thanks, jonathan. there's also breaking news. at least 23 people including children are confirmed dead after a tornado outbreak slammed alabama and georgia and the number could rise as cadaver dogs search the wreckage. the national weather service confirming that an ef-4 tornado, a big one, touched down in lee
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county, alabama. the second strongest tornado possible. packing winds at 170 miles per hour. meteorologists say it was nearly a mile wide and left a trail of devastation that was 24 miles long. take a look. >> holy cow. >> we're going to hit the ditch. >> trace: somebody recorded the lee county twister crossing the highway. the sheriff says it looks like someone took a giant knife and scraped the ground. some amazing stories of survival as well. listen to this man that rode out the storm with his family in beauregard, alabama. >> i was in my room. i tried to go up the hall. the whole top came off the house. i started praying. >> your family was inside? >> yes, sir. everybody is okay. we made it.
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everybody okay. >> how did you survive? >> jesus. no way i could have survived it. jesus. >> trace: listen to this 72-year-old grandmother from the same community telling her grandson over face time that she's alive. >> i thank the lord. you hear me, boss? you hear me? thank you. >> trace: she's laughing. she didn't get away unscathed. the tornado broke her hip and flattened her home. jonathan serrie reporting live in lee county, alabama with more on this. jonathan? >> hi, trace. here's the view on the ground. you can see the damage here. many houses are suffering damage from trees, even houses on the periphery of the tornado. you can see a large tree fell through the center of this roof
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here. another portion of a roof from another house blew in to the front yard. as we pan over here, you can see law enforcement in full force. they're at this point only allowing emergency responders into the hardest hit areas further down the road. they are not allowing media any further. even on the periphery of this giant tornado that meteorologists was perhaps a mile wide in some parts of alabama, you can see the extent of the damage on the periphery, trace. >> trace: what are the feds doing now to help, jonathan? >> yeah, house speaker nancy pelosi has pledged the full support of congress to help alabama and surrounding states pick up the pieces in the wake of this devastating tornado. the white house is also pledging its support. governor kay ivey of alabama says she received a call on her cell phone from president trump.
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take a listen. >> he said of course you have my support to the state i love. you folks are in alabama are wonderful people. surely in your time of need, i will support you. he has since told fema to give the state of alabama their a-plus treatment. >> dealing with the human toll will be much more difficult than picking up the pieces and helping to rebuild the physical damage that took place. in fact, the same press conference, officials announced that at least three children are among the fatalities. their ages are 6, 9 and 10. trace? >> trace: just an awful, awful storm. jonathan serrie live for us on the ground. jonathan, thank you. let's bring in liz hickman that rode out the tornado with her grandchildren in lee county, alabama. liz, first of all, we're glad that you and your family are
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safe. the national weather service saying this was an ef-4, about 170 miles per hour winds. it's a monster. we're being told you had maybe four minutes from the warning until the actual touchdown of the tornado. what was it like for you and your family, liz? >> well, i heard some noise and i looked out the window. when i looked out the window, i heard it sounded like a train. the wind was blowing. so i told my granddaughters and their mother, i said, get to my room. so we got to my bedroom. we get on the floor and huddled together. i told them to hold on tight. sounded like a train went through our house. felt like a long time but it wasn't a long time. maybe two or three minutes. then when it was over, i told them to stay there. i went and opened the door and i looked out and i was just shocked at what i seen. my next door neighbor, she had just got a new trailer.
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her trailer was gone. it was absolutely gone. i run to see if she was there. i called her. she wasn't at home when it happened. >> trace: you said two or three minutes, liz. can you tell me what happened at your home? could you hear the creeking and things breaking? what were your grandchildren doing during this time? >> my granddaughters and their mother was hanging on to each other. i told him to held on tight. we could hear stuff hitting the house. trees cracking and the wind was blowing. it was just like a few minutes later, it was just over. it was terrifying. >> trace: and the kids? what were they saying during this time? this clearly had to be their first experience. it's been a long, long time since a tornado of this size haas been through lee county. what were the grandchildren saying?
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>> they were just holding on. they wasn't saying much of nothing. i told them to hold on. i figured if we were doing to go, we were going to go together. they was hanging on. they was really scared, too. >> trace: i know you said you had been walking around your neighborhood and a lot of your neighbors' homes are gone. do you know how they fared through this? do you know of anybody that might be missing or at least considered missing at this point in time? >> not offhand i don't. i know yesterday evening, we was going to stay here at the house, but they turned the water off and they turned the gas off. then they told us that we couldn't stay here because they were going to have the dogs out looking for missing people. us being here may bother the dogs. so we had to go to my son's house. >> trace: the best to you and
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your family, liz. we're so sorry but happy you're okay. tragic situation there in lee county, alabama. thanks for your time with us. thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> trace: meantime, house democrats launching a massif investigation into whether president trump obstructed justice. the judiciary committee asking for documents from organizations linked to the president. details and the response from the white house coming up next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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12:17 pm
transition team. they also include president trump's older son and some of his former associates charged in robert mueller's russia investigation. chairman nadler says they're looking into accusations of obstruction of justice, corruption and abuses of power. catherine herridge reporting live in washington. >> fox news obtaining this letter from house democrats to former trump foreign policy adviser carter page. he's one of more than the 80 individuals and entities tied to the president that are now under congressional investigation. the letter from page asks for records from the president's son where russians promised dirt on hillary clinton and didn't deliver. discussion of the republican party 2016 platform as it relates to russia and ukraine and the sharing of any campaign polling data among other issues. during a white house event, the president was asked if he will cooperate. >> i cooperate all the time with
12:18 pm
everybody. you know the beautiful thing is? no collusion. it's a hoax. you'll hear more about that as you grow older. it's a political hoax. there's no collusion. >> on the sunday talk shows, the committees -- jerry nadler said they can't rely on robert mueller's report because the timing is in the air and the russia focus is too narrow. >> we can't depend on the mueller investigation for this. the mueller investigation, number 1, we don't know when it's ending despite rumors. it's focused on specific crimes. >> earlier today we heard from the ranking republican that said they don't know what the report says. democrats are hedging their bets. chairman nadler is pursuing evidence to back up his conclusion. as he admits, we don't have the facts yet, trace. >> trace: catherine, republicans
12:19 pm
are taking their investigation in a different direction. >> republicans are refocusing their direction on the anti-trump dossier. it was unverified but used by the fbi to obtain records. this is expected to reveal how the dossier was seeded with u.s. government officials and one of the main drivers was the co-founder of gps glen simpson, accused of providing conflicting testimony to congress about the handling of the dossier. our reporting has shown the dossier came through multiple unofficial channels to the fbi in the summer and fall of 2016 and what appeared to be an effort to lend the document credibility and as you know in his testimony, the president's former attorney michael cohen,
12:20 pm
had said he never been to prague. that was one of the central claims of the dossier. >> trace: thanks, catherine. in a major show of defiance, juan guaido returned to the company. he landed at the airport in caracas and tweeted that he passed through immigration checks. the government had banned him from leaving venezuela, but he left anyway. he met with latin american leaders and vice president mike pence. the u.s. and dozens of other countries have recognized guaido as venezuela's leader instead of disputed president nicholas maduro. the 2020 presidential field getting more crowded today. coming up, another democrat joining the race. plus, developments in congress that could set up president trump's first veto thanks to members of his own party. a live report from capitol hill is coming up. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis
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a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. >> trace: the senate has enough votes to block president trump's national emergency at the southern border. that from the majority leader mitch mcconnell after another republican broke ranks. senator rand paul from kentucky is the fourth republican to announce he will vote for a resolution to block the emergency order. the president has already said he will veto the measure. the chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reporting live. mike? >> trace, good afternoon. kentucky senator rand paul explained his thinking on this matter writing "i support president trump, i supported his fight to get funding for the wall from republicans and democrats alike and i share his view that we need more and better border security. however, i can not support the use of emergency powers to get more funding, so i will be voting to disapprove of his declaration when it comes before the senate. today the senate majority leader
12:26 pm
said he knew some of his colleagues would have constitutional concerns. >> i was one of those hoping the president would not take the national emergency route. once you decide to do that, i said i would support it. i said i hoped he wouldn't take that path. >> now mcconnell expects this measure will pass the senate and will be sent to president trump and promptly vetoes. trace? >> trace: mike, what do we know about other republicans leaning against the national emergency? >> three came out quickly against the national emergency, susan collins, lisa murkowski and tom tillis. tillis explained his concern. >> fundamental to this debate is a disturbing trend the last 70 years of congress when they can't do their job of passing a bill to let the president do it. that's not the way to do it. >> a lot of people have asked me about the emergency orders that
12:27 pm
president trump did. i know it wasn't his first choice. it's not my first choice that anything would have to be done through the emergency order. the democrats have not helped the president. he knows he has to have border security. everybody says they want it. they don't do it. >> assuming all goes as planned, this would be the president's first veto. trace? >> trace: mike emanuel live for us on capitol hill. thank you. new week, new candidate. another democrat announcing this morning he's running for president. former colorado governor john hickenlooper joining a dozen contenders. alicia acuna reporting live from denver. alicia? >> hi, trace. the former two-time colorado governor acknowledged that he needs to introduce himself and he got underway with a youtube video. >> i'm john hickenlooper. i'm running for president because we're facing a crisis.
12:28 pm
i've stood up to my fair share of bullying. standing tall when it matters is one of the things that drives me. >> the former mayor and democratic governor got his start as a geologist turned successful brew pub owner. he's credited with growing colorado's economy. he was on hillary clinton's short list for vice president after seeing his fate through record-breaking fires, floods and the aurora theater massacre. testing the waters after leaving office, he's traveled to key early voting states like iowa and new hampshire. >> he's appeared at events in iowa and other big irname 2020 democratic candidates and all the attention was on them. kamala harris, bernie sanders. they're getting all the attention even though he's doing similar events. we know that he's on the second tier of the democratic candidates in terms of the big attention he's getting. >> hickenlooper has a rally here
12:29 pm
in denver thursday and then back to iowa. >> trace: despite the huge field, some say that hickenlooper should not be underestimated. >> absolutely. that's because he really -- during his time here, he was known as a bridge builder between environmentalists and the oil and gas industry. this weekend a commentator at the political action conference said this while on air. >> he is a name people should know and should pay attention to. >> critics say hickenlooper's relationship with oil and gas could create problems with the more liberal side. he once drank fracking fluid from a fracking well to prove that the process is safe. that will likely haunt him on the campaign trail. trace? >> trace: i remember it well. alicia acuna live in denver. thank you. when we come back, the legal battle over the isis bride that wants to come back to america. and what a judge is now saying
12:30 pm
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>> trace: a woman who says she wants to come back to the u.s. after joining the islamic state in syria lost the first round of her legal fight today. a federal judge in wash damage says she will not consider her case an emergency. she will have to stay in the refugee camp in syria where she's living with her toddler son right now. she's from alabama. she left the u.s. years ago to join isis. lawyers for the government are arguing that she's not a u.s. citizen, but her lawyers say that she is. rich edson covers the state department for us. today he's at the white house. rich? >> the woman says she's born here and a citizen. today's ruling doesn't necessarily mean she can't return ever to the united states. just not immediately. she was born in hackensack, new jersey. that's the basis for her case. as for the secretary of state saying she's not an american
12:35 pm
citizen, she says she is and she wants to return here to face charges. >> i have papers, i have citizenship. >> she's in fact a citizen. the law will show that over a period of time. the secretary's reasoning as to why she's not a citizen, the court gave -- foreshadowed how it would view that. the danger part on it, the supreme court has long head that dangerousness is not a basis to withhold. the loss of citizenship is not a punishment. i would caution us to think long and hard about that. >> the judge did say that the argument that she did make a valid argument today for the underlying case that she is entitled to citizenship, trace. >> trace: but it gets confusing, rich. the state department officials say she was never a citizen. >> right. the argument from the state department is that she was born to yemenee diplomats.
12:36 pm
if that happens, you're not a citizen of the united states. mike pompeo says she doesn't have legal basis. no passport, no right to a pass fort, nor any visa to travel to the u.s. but her attorneys argue that her father stopped being a diplomat from yemen a few weeks before she was born. meaning the issue that she was born to an active diplomat is not at play here and she is a citizen all an issue that has to work its way through the court system. trace? >> trace: rich edson live in the north lawn. thank you. the u.s. and china are moving closer to striking a deal on trade. that's what a source familiar with the discussions tells fox news. our corporate cousins at the "wall street journal" says china could lower tariffs and the united states could lifts
12:37 pm
sanctions. blake burman has more. >> i spoke with a source that knows about the discussions. he said "we're moving." they are optimistic over here at the white house a deal could potentially happen in the upcoming weeks. as it stands now, no official deal between the united states and china. speaking to maria bartiromo earlier this morning, kevin hassett echoed those sentiments. >> those folks are working really hard to deliver a deal. way north of 100 pages filled with nuances and details. everybody is hopeful that this will get to the finish line soon. >> the finish line may be some time soon. for all of the positive talks, there's still some hurdles to overcome for both sides. when you boil all of this down, trace, commodity purchases, structural issues and especially how to enforce them are at the core of a potential deal between china and the united states, trace. >> trace: blake, what could happen with the tariffs in this whole thing? >> yeah, still very much in
12:38 pm
play. what exactly happens with tariffs from here on out is one of the big questions. that source that i spoke with this morning said the u.s. would like to and could be a part of a deal with china have china reduce auto tariffs. as it relates to the retaliatory tariffs at the start of the trade war or whatever, the chinese want to see them go away. president trump earlier this weekend when he was speaking to the cpac gathering in washington touted the tariffs as the reason for whied the two sides have been able to get this far and potentially even close a deal. >> i know there's people in the republican party and people really even conservatives, good conservatives that don't like tariffs. i'm not liking or not liking. the minimum, the greatest negotiating tool in the history of our country. >> when you talk about negotiations, trace, no matter
12:39 pm
who you talk to at the white house or whoever is familiar with the on going trade discussions, this comes down to president trump and president xi. one of the fluid items is when a meeting could take place. the likely possibility at this point is that they could meet in mar-a-largo at the end of the month though. it's also not cemented, not firm at this point, at least from the white house side of things that that will take place at the end of march. still very fluid, trace. >> the president keeps saying they have a great relationship. we'll see. blake burman, live. thank you. now back to our big story. just in, live pictures of the storm devastation in georgia, this is about 75 miles south of atlanta. in this city, fewer than 900 people, several homes and buildings. look at this. several homes and buildings in ruins. power poles snapped.
12:40 pm
so far the good news for georgia is that there are no reports of any deaths there. georgia governor brian kemp has declared a state of emergency for three counties after the weekend's tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in neighborhooding alabama as we told you earlier, at least 23 people died in the same line of deadly storms. this could be an ef-4. we're talking about winds of 170-plus miles per hour and you look at the damage, it's not just the wind. it's the debris that gets caught up in the wind that is as early bit as lethal in talbot, georgia. we'll continue to bring you breaking news as it comes in to "shepard smith reporting." ahead, more on the death of actor luke perry that had a stroke at the age of 52. we'll talk with a doctor about the warning signs and what you might need to know next. ♪ li look limu. a civilian buying a new car.
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>> trace: more on one of our top stories. the death of actor luke perry, 52 years old when he had a massive stroke and never recovered. we have a board certified doctor here with us. doctor, everybody is saying the same thing. 52 years old. looked like he was in good
12:45 pm
shape. didn't have any real medical problems in his history. this has to be rare. am i wrong? >> actually, this is heartbreaking. in his age group, it's not uncommon to have a stroke. they're most common in 65 and older. it's unfortunate. because he's is fairly young. the question is, why did he have a stroke? what caused it? there's various risk factors that put you at risk such as a smoker or if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. that's the underlying question that we need to look at. >> trace: what if he wasn't a smoker and he didn't have high blood pressure? he looked lean. is this a family history thing? is that a big contributing factor? >> there's a genetic component. most of us have control over whether we have risk factors for a stroke. for example, do you exercise, do you eat a good well-balanced
12:46 pm
diet, do you smoke, do you drink. alcohol can contribute, smoking a risk factor. if you have diabetes, any underlying blood vessel disease. there's a small genetic component that is a part of it. we don't know his family history, obviously hippa violations. but he could have been born with a genetic defense in his heart making it a higher risk of stroke and stronger complications. >> what about the rest of us? what are we looking for for stroke symptoms and so forth? maybe smaller strokes. what are we looking for? >> a great question, trace. 150,000 people die every year from a stroke. so it's easy to remember. if you can remember the word "fast." facial dropping, arm weakness, slurred speech, any of those three things happen, call 911. the main thing we see is facial drooping, slurred speech and
12:47 pm
extremity tingling. time is of the essence. the hours matter, the minutes matter. if you can get to the emergency room and you're having an ischemic stroke, lack of blood flow to your brain, you can be treated and saved and we can reverse the symptoms. >> well, that's what i'm confused about. the paramedics on scene when they got to luke perry's house said hey, he was responsive at the time. what happens between then and the hospital? is there a critical timing there? >> yes. it depends on the type of stroke. did he have a stroke where we couldn't get enough blood flow to the brain, maybe a blood clot or did he have a hemorrhagic stroke, a bleed. that's timing. that's very difficult. if you have a bleed, it's hard to stop that you need a cat scan to determine what type of strike you're having before you get the treatment and the medication.
12:48 pm
so we don't know exactly what type he had. it's sad and unfortunate. there's signs and symptoms to look for. there's ways to protect yourself, low fat, high fiber diet, no smoking. make sure you have good blood pressure and see you doctor routinely. >> trace: bottom like for luke perry's fans, a devastating day. doctor, thanks for joining us. great insight. >> thank you. >> trace: watch this. the moment an avalanche rips through a highway in colorado. >> look at that. >> that won't hit us, will it? >> this happened near ten mile canyon west of denver. the highway reported that high snow falls likely contributed. this guy was driving when he noticed a large white cloud. no reports of any injuries. you might want to think twice before you throw out the fast food bags piling up on the floor of your car.
12:49 pm
they might come in handy. jeremy taylor says he and his dog had to survive for five days after his s.u.v. got stuck in the snow. he said they turned on the s.u.v. for heat every once in a while and he ate packets of taco bell hot sauce. jeremy posts they're safe now and taco bell fire sauce saves lives. good for them. coming up, the rescue officials are calling a miracle. two sisters surviving after getting lost in the wilderness and how some previous training may have helped them save themselves. but first, what would it take for you to delete everything from your instagram feed? i mean the whole enchilada, get rid of it? how about free flights for a year? jet blue offering that prize to three people who delete all of their photos and post an image
12:50 pm
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>> trace: update now on one of our top stories. this is georgia. this is the videotape that we showed you earlier, the live pictures, this is what we're seeing now from the destruction on the ground there. the officials say there's anyone between 500 and 1,000 homes that have been destroyed just down the road or across the border in lee county, alabama. they had an ef-4 tornado. we believe this one was an ef-2. so not nearly as dramatic. still with winds upwards of 130 miles per hour. did a great deal of damage. we're being told authorities on the ground have gone in, the first responders have gone into a house. we don't know what that means. we don't know if there's somebody in there that needs rescuing, if it's worse.
12:55 pm
we will keep you up to speed. again, this is coming to us from talbotton, georgia where 500 to 1,000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. updates as we get them in the south. rescuers say they found two young sisters safe and sound two full days after they went missing in the california wilderness. the kids now reunited with their family. leah and caroline are 8 and 5 years old. they disappeared friday about 175 miles north of san francisco. crews found them about 1 1/2 miles away after a search and rescue effort. william la jeunesse is here with more. great story. >> right. one reason they were found,
12:56 pm
granola wrappers. they left them around. and the second one is commitment and old fashioned tracking. the first 48 hours would be critical in my missing persons case. these kids are 8 and 5 years old, you think they're more vulnerable. maybe not as you're about to find out. 8-year-old leah and caroline asked if they could go for a walk. their mother said now. they ended up leaving. police tracked their footprints. around 10:00 a.m., they were found huddled under a tree and reunited with their parents in northern california. >> this is a miracle. i thank the community for their prayers and outpouring of all of their efforts. it's bun unbelievable. >> so two volunteers were from a nearby fire department. that were about 250 rescuers in total. >> trace: what a great story.
12:57 pm
my girls are about the same age. if they went away, they're not leaving granola things. amazing. william, thank you. they survived on granola bars but also had some survival skills, right? that is what william said. these girls were able to do exactly what they wanted to do. they got home safely. we'll have more as we get word from the parents. first, four american tourists and their pilot went down in kenya. they were looking at crocodiles in the world. investigators are trying to see what caused the helicopter to crash. this comes two weeks after two other tourists died in a plane crash near the same lake. hundreds of people in syria including isis fighters surrendering today leaving the last area held by isis in that part of the country that is according to a spokesman for the syrian democratic forces there.
12:58 pm
he says isis fighters slowed them down because they were using civilians as human shields. trey yingst reporting live. trey? >> trace, the final major battle against isis underway in the syrian cities. democratic forces say the group should be completely defeated in this area within days. the syrian democratic forces referred to as the sdf say the remaining isis territory is find with land mines and tunnels making it difficult to clear out the last group of fighters. according to groups friday, numerous civilians were evacuated before isis engaged in a 18-hour battle. while in militants are putting up one last fight. 500 people are left in the city. we know that a group of hundreds did leave, 150 left that are believed to be isis fighters. the big concern, analysts say there's a pocket of extremists
12:59 pm
in the syrian citied of -- city of idlib. they are worried they could reorganize in 6 months. >> trace: trace, what about the is civilian there's? >> many have escaped the isis territory according to officials at the u.n. 90% of the refugees arrived at this camp in northern syria and women and children. the camp is at capacity. people are still arriving. this as the democratic forces begin to sort through many of the people still trying to leave the last strip of hand. concerns that many of those isis fighters are using many civilians as human shields. >> trace: thanks, trey. after our reporting here, we'll have an update on facebook watch. we'll have unique content that streams live on the facebook watch home page just a few
1:00 pm
minutes from now. once it's over, it's available to watch any time or on demand. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world" is next. charles payne is in for neil cavuto. have a great day. >> you're looking live at the white house where president trump is about to speak. when we get the remarks, we'll bring them to you. president trump says american politics has hit a new low as democrats wrap up investigations into his finances. wall street sees big swings as we kickoff a new week. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we have fox team coverage with ashley webster on what has wall street worried. kevin corke at the white house on if these investigations have the. worried. we start with kevin. >> charles, always good to be with you. clearly t