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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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they're distorting things. fight back if you can. we'll be back tomorrow. we have great news for you. live in new york city at this moment, the largest city in the united states of america, awaits a man called sean hannity. their areas. >> sean: click three times, there is no place like home. >> tucker: [laughs] i'm going to do that. >> sean: if you want an extra hour one night, i'm getting older, time to dig a couple of more days off. >> tucker: i could roll right in. >> sean: tucker, great show. welcome to "hannity."g we have a lot of breaking news tonight and analysis you won't get anywhere else. it is official, though, the democratic party, the media mob, they have zero -- i mean zero -- interest in doing a single thing to serve you, we come at american people. not one thing that will make us more safe, more secure, more prosperous. they are now officially so partisan the blind and focused on one thing, one thing only, get power back at all costs.
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it means two things. they have now officially declared they will abuse all of their powers to destroy a sitting president, announcing what is the single biggest fishingside expedition in histof this country, declaring war on american success, planning to remake america into their socialist utopia where no more oil, no gas, no cars with combustion engines, no planes, no cows, everything is free. health care, college, retirement, even for those unwilling to work, and free vacations, and government healthy food. this is now their stated plan as the 2020 primary now kicks into full gear. i will explain all this in detail and the impact is going to have on the country. also tonight, even a radical climate shaming green ideal agenda is being called out by the former president of greenpeace canada. he will be here in an exclusive interview. later, the victim of an apparent political hate crime at berkeley
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reacts to the president's historic speech about free speech on college campuses over the weekend and the person responsible has not been apprehended. first, as i have been warning you, leading into the 2018 midterm elections, the democrats' endless investigations, the haight trump agenda, is now hitting literal psychotic levels of derangement. look, their job is to be a public servant. but they have now made it there full-time stated mission and purpose to try and batter, bloodied, bludgeon this president at all costs, to either impeach or try to make president trump unelectable in 2020. the issue of serving you, we come of the people, does not factor into a single part of their agenda as to what they are publicly announcing. as he watched her night's monologue, i want you to ask yourself: is what you are seeing from the new far left democratic party good for you, good for your family, is it creating a safer country for our kids and grandkids?
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a more prosperous nation? is any of this about serving the american people? i think the answer will be weobvious because just like i he told you, in the past, once the democrats collusion hysteria was exposed is a fraud, they didn't apologize, they would not admit they were wrong, they would just have it into investigatinge anything they make up and everything involving the president. we, the people, will not be subject to what will be the biggest, most gruesome display of modern-day mccarthyism, which is just the widest fishing that expedition all in an effort to destroy the president at anybody who supports them because the bottom line is all they care about is getting their power back so they can institute socialism right here in this country. instead of just admitting the truth that they have been lying to you. they announced the launch of the broadest, most weeping returned enter simultaneously, basically every aspect of the president's wife. his businesses, his finance, and every single thing he's done as a candidate and as president,
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all designed to create a false narrative about who this president is. they'll never talk about the success. they played no part in it. now it's on full display because mccarthy investigation number one, that comes from how judiciary chairman jerry nadler, targeting president trump, his family, his businesses, and today he issued 80 document requests which went out to everyone from the president's son, eric and don, jr., the trump organization, carter page, george papadopoulos. now all of these people are going to have to hire attorneys. he was going to be that fortune? many of these people have already testified.. many of them have. remember what happened to michael flynn, general fund? he had to sell his house, they first in his own, he nearly went broke, he had sign something he thdn't believe to be true. the whole strategy is about inbattering, harassing, making insinuations about the president and his allies under heavy legal cost and nothing to do with seeking truth. they are just hoping that something, anything, whatever,
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they will throw everything up against the wall, hope something someplace, somewhere sticks. they will throw out every wild theory possible. of course they don't admit they lied for two years as the hate trump media mob has light for two years. they want to admit it either. they want to attract, apologize, they want to correct the record. it's never going to happen, don't hold your breath. let's movee onto the next wine narrative, the next conspiracy theory. among the democrats' investigations, involves 2016, plans to build trump tower in moscow. wow. it never happened. the president's lawful, correct decision to fire james comey, which even james comey himself admitted, the president had every right to do for any reason or no reason. it sounds so eerily familiar, right?o aren't the democrats the one telling us we needed to accept the findings of the mueller probe, except the will of the american people in the election? let the process play out? of course it only confirms everything we have been predicting.
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the democrats' only agenda now is to make every single working day in washington a public trial against president trump. congressman nadler -- by the wa way, he's already concluded that the president is guilty of a crime, obstructing justice, and he is in charge of the investigation. guilt by accusation just like justicend kavanaugh, this is the democratic party and the media mob's way. take a look. >> do you think the president obstructed justice? >> yes, i do. it's very clear the president obstructed justice. it's very clear. 1100 times he referred to the mueller investigation as a witch hunt. he fired -- he tried to protect flynn from being investigated bm the fbi. he fire james comey in order to stop the russian thing, as he told nbc news. he is dangled -- he threatened, intimidated witness in public. >> sean: giving an opinion about the witch hunt?
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no, that's called freedom of speech. obstruction of justice because he fired comey? comey doesn't even agree with that. remember this. > when i was appointed fbi director in 2013, i understood that i served at the pleasure of the president. even though i was appointed to a 10-year term, which congress created in order to underscore the importance of the fbi being outside of politics and independent, i understood that i could be fired by a president for any reason or for no reason at all. >> sean: any reason or no reason. yeah, it's legal.le the president can fire the fbi director for no reason at all. don't forget, nadler himself said in 2016, barack obama should canned comey for influencing the election. how ironic. oh, i love tapes. thanks goodness for tapes. >> what comey did was so highly improper and wrong. from the very beginning in july, the president ought to fired comey immediately and he ought to initiate investigation.
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>> he can't just fire comey. >> yes, he can. >> sean: why? >> for cause. >> so he's insulated from the political payback. >> he ought to. >> sean: there is a very serious side to all of this. what this is really all about is the democrats, they want to makr the next two years about trying to wear you out, wear you down, to try to destroy the president. they want to death by a thousand cuts if they can't impeach. building a public record of testimony every single second, our, every 24-hour day, hopingou he will tire out. make you want to abandon the president, who's had so much success, so that they can build more power, and enact this radical, socialist agenda for america's future. that is what it's all about. power and their agenda. they can't get it on any other way, they don't think. by the way, now that it's become clear that mueller won't givee them what they want, that's why this is now plan b. and cnd and d and e and f all at once. look at everything. her open the white is not
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possible. n all things trump. everything he's come into contact over c decades. new conspiracy theories, watch more from the investigations that don't serve the american n people. it's notot just nadler's committee. look at how central committee chairman adam schiff, who, by the way, i can prove is the biggest phony hypocrite liar in congress. he can barely contain himself to say he will accept mueller's findings. he doesn't want to accept them. instead, he's promising a new set of investigations after two years of investigation into the so-called russia-trump conspiracy theory. he continues to lie about this evidence and that is something that house minority leader kevin mccarthy pushed back on hard yesterday. congressman mccarthy will be here in a minute. also remember, if you want real evidence of real collusion, adam schiff, we have him on tape. colluding with russians. literally conspiring to dig up dirt on donald trump. we have the tape of it!
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colluding with russians for dirt on trump! why want the media mob play this? take a listen. >> he was in moscow in 2013. he met with the journalist? >> she is a poor journalist. but anyway, she became famous because of putin is her godfather. >> okay. putin is the godfather. okay. >> she is also known as a person who provides girls for escort for oligarchs and she met with trump and she brought him one hour russian girl, celebrity, who also is known as a person with a strange reputation. >> how do you spell her name? >> olga. >> what was the nature of the compromise? >> there were pictures of naked trump. >> putin was made aware of the availability of the compromising material? >> thank you very much. we will be back in touch with you through our staff to make
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arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and for the fbi and i appreciate your reaching out to us. >> sean: yes, thank you, comrade. by the way, weaver invited adam schiff on this program. i'll even have my radio show, 300 of the best radio stations in the country if adam schiff wants the next three hours. so the propaganda and misinformation now goes away. i have every lie of his chronicles, everyone. he should take bill maher's advice. moving further along. as we continue, because all of this will go down as the biggest malfeasance of duty oversight, abuse of power by democrats to use their positions now to advance their opposition, just fueled by utter underage, trying to either impeach trump, destroy trump based on nothing, you know, just throw in anything out there to damage him so he's unelectable. that is not good for the country. ask yourself, is there anything the democrats are talking about,
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does it have anything to do with growing the economy, creating jobs, or anything to do to create a safer, more prosperous future forat our country? don't forget, last week they put partisan politics over the prospect of denuclearization, war and peace, and historic diplomacy. president trump, he took notice. he tweeted out, "for the democrats to interview and open hearings a convicted liar, fraudster, the same time as a very important nuclear summit with north korea is perhaps a new low in american politics and may have contributed to "the walk." never done when the president's overseas." we played that for you last week. imagine being so consumedbu with hate, the rules are being rewritten as we speak. and so consumed that you are willing to now go to undermine historic trucks abroad. house democrats, you know, they usede to be for the guy that usd michael cohen was already going to jail to try to score cheap political points for the
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country -- when the country should have been united in pursuit of such a noble goal of a safer world. it just looks like they're stunted starting to backfire. look at the new poll. 37% of registered voters found the testimony credible. facing unprecedented efforts to thwart his agenda, the president's job approval continues to rise. as economic victories, they continue to pile up. new census data is out. the hispanic poverty rate has now fallen to a record low in this country. that is on top of the near record lowec unemployment for te hispanic-american community. record low unemployment for african-americans, women in the workplace, record low unemployment for youth in america, historic energy independence. we are now completely independent for the first time in 75 years. look at the crowd at cpac going while this weekend for the president's rousing to our speech. take a look. >> more people are working today in united states than ever before in the history of our country. we've slashed 30,000 pages of
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job killing regulations from the federal register. that's an all-time record of the history of the united states. we passed the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in american history. we are renegotiating right now horrible trade deals that were cracking down and we are really doing the number, cracking down on countries that cheat and standing up for thee americanst worker for the first time in many, many decades. >> sean: and the president didn't stop there, taking direct aim at the radical democrats and alexandria ocasio-cortez, this crazy, insane green new deal that they love. take a look. >> the green new deal, right? green new deal? i encourage it. i think it's really something that they should promote. they should work hard on edge.
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no planes, no energy, when the wind stopped blowing, that's the end of your electric. let's hurry up. darling, is there wind blowing today? i would like to watch television, darling. as we revealed, just like socialist comrade bernie sanders, congresswoman ocasio-cortez's rhetoric doesn't seem to match her actions. according to a new major expose, ocasio-cortez prefers planes instead of dreams when traveling between washington, d.c., and new york. racking up huge transportation expenses instead of taking the subway. seems more than happy to take advantage of the technology she claims is going to end the world in 12 years. remember she calls for abolishing airplanes. don't forget bernie, hillary, joe biden, all of them, al gore cruise around in their private jets. ocasio-cortez seems more than happy to push a massive takeover by the federal government into the lives of us, we, the people, like abolishing fossil fuels
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while she is using her private rise over public transportation. ocasio-cortez responded on twitter, and part ready, "i always fly and use ac, living in the world as it is isn't an argument against working towards a better future." nice try. ask yourself this. why is it that those who shout the loudest for the radical climate chaining policies are always the last to make the personal sacrifices and lead by example? good news is, it doesn't look like the american people are buying at we look at this new poll. americans overwhelmingly reject a turn toward socialism because we know that a $93 trillion green new deal, 70% tax rates, destroying incentives to work, would be an economic nightmare. it turns out that everything free comes at a high cost. especially freedom and liberty. while the hatred media mob ignores these radical democrats beingg exposed, they continue to smear the president of matter what because, don't forget, they all but ignored the
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president historic summit in vietnam last week and only started a covered after the president walked away from the table. double standards, that arrangement, the hate is out of control. also just in tonight, press secretary sarah sanders responded to the democrats' new slew of witch-hunt, saying in a statement, "democrats are harassing the president to distract from a radical agenda, making america a socialist country. killing babies after they are born and pushing a green new deal that would destroy jobs and bankrupt america." going to have a lot more in the medias and hypocrisy later in the j program. first, joining us with reaction, kevin mccarthy. thank you for being with us. let's start with adam schiff because you believe that he's met his own standard as it relates to recusal in the investigation, which apparently, the mueller investigation is not going to be he wants.tnt it's because there's a lot of questions. he actually laid out a couple of years ago that anyone who shows a conflict of interest or
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disbelief has to recuse themselves. there's a couple of questions. schiff, when we are trying to find out who paid for this dossier, he fought. we could not find out. it was the democratic party that paid the russians for the dossier. then now we find out that schiff met with glenn simpson, who is the cofounder of fusion gps, who were member, nellie ohr, the wife of bruce ohr at the department of justice, and at the time he met with him, the committee wanted to relook at him based upon the testimony glenn simpson had given. so did schiff talk to simpson about that, what the committee wanted to look at? now we find out in the michael cohen that cohen talked to him. we want to know did steph meet with him? that he tamper with the witness? try to tamper with him?
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>> sean: did they talk about what issues would come up, the topics? >> schiff had not said so. these are questions he needs to answer. they the other thing that is interesting, when glenn simpson came before the committee, you know what adam shifted at the end? he asked glenn simpson to direct if on where they should go with the investigation. the men who created all this. then the most outrageous thing i found in that whole michael cohen hearing, remember why this will mueller investigation is going forward, this whole thing of collision, it's all based upon the belief that michael cohen went to praguegu to meet with the russians. michael cohen said he did not. so the foundation for why we are even in the investigation in the first place has been thrown apart. >> sean: what did you think, congressman, what'd you you think of the tape ii just playe? now in that tape, adam schiff believed he was talking to a russian operative. who had compromising material in donald trump. it sounded to me an awful lot like on tape him colluding with the russians to dig up dirt on donald trump. maybe i heard it wrong but that is what i heard. i'm wondering what you heard. >> remember what else we know
10:20 pm
about adam schiff. before this investigation began, he said he had proof and evidence. i'm not related to joe mccarthy but adam schiff is a modern-day joe mccarthy. someone who claims something and never has delivered. but the one thing he has delivered on, protecting fusion gps, he didn't want us to now that the democrats paid for the russians to have this false dossier. he protected glenn and met with him when others did not know, and then he helped him that i can when he was concerned about his testimony. >> sean: they are going to use up to eight house committees now investigations. this is the widest net investigation we've ever seen. you are right. this is a modern-day mccarthyism. they are doing it to get their power back in the hopes we can eliminate gas, oil, cows, planes, cars as we know them, and everything is going to be free and confiscate pretty much everything everybody makes. i've never seen it like this before. i don't know what the right
10:21 pm
strategyhe is. but if this is an abuse of their power, it should be. >> they are doing it for a couple reasons. if you watch congressman nadler this weekend, i was on george stephanopoulos' show right after, he starting to denounce the mueller investigation. why?hein because they know there's no collusion. so they are saying, we don't have to worry about that, we need to start our own. the running water anywhere they go. we need to stop calling them the democratic party because i've never seen at this poison is, this toxic, and there is no other way to say it then socialist. they want to take over your health care. just introduced medicare for all, where you can't have private health insurance. they want to take over your homes, what you can have in your homes, by this new green deal. they even call themselves the democratic socialist party. we need to call them for exactly what this is. they want to hide from the fact of the success of this president, just last week, hook with the gdp said, 2.6% growth when everybody thought it was
10:22 pm
2.2%. this president is sitting in vietnam trying to doin nuclear s north korea and never in the history of this country, it always worked before, the politics ends at the water's edge. if the president or any president's overseas, you would not do to this president what they do. that is like for this president is so great, they'll go against their own country >> sean: if he would have given $150 billion in cash and other currency, they would have praised them, just like they praised that iranianra deal. mr. minority leader, congressman mccarthy, thank you. when we come back, a lot more news i had prayed former leader -- get this -- of theea environmental group, greenpeace, slamming ocasio-cortez over the new deal. we'll have that investigation. remember that student i got coldcocked punch? the guy's been arrested. we have an update straight ahead. ♪ just one free hearing test at
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♪ >> sean: the new cover from ""new york magazine"" titles, "when did everyone become a socialist"? we all know socialism doesn't .work. remember at the premises, it will takero away all your fears, everything will be it really means government takeover of entire industries. here's one example. health care, the takeover of th health care industry under socialism.m. kamala harris, others, kirsten gillibrand, he will not be allowed to own your own private health care plan. they've said so. by the way, how much you want to buy democrats exempt themselves and they get to keep their plans? is not an exaggeration. thee plan is being pushed by bernie sanders, kamala harris, literally eliminates all private health insurance. with socialism, everyone is promised, all your worries, anxieties and life are taken away and everything is free, which they never keep that
10:28 pm
promise, keep your doctor, keep your plan, pay less. but you do give up two big things. freedom and liberty in the name of false security. one of the democrats pushing this is congresswoman ocasio-cortez. one of my next guest is calling out the congresswoman and her green new deal. patrick, the former president of greenpeace canada. wrote this on twitter this weekend. "pompous little twit, you don't have a plan to grow food for 8 billion people without fossil fuels or get food into cities, what, horses? of fossil fuels were banned, every tree in the world would be cut down for fuel and cooking and eating. he would bring about mass death." he joins is not to explain and he's writing of the chief meteorologist for about the vault outcome. they are going after your credentials are greenpeace, which i think i set a pretty stellar reputation over the years in spite of my personal
10:29 pm
disagreements. i am and all of the above guy and believe we should be good stewards of god's gifts. okay. that would mean all of the above. why did you say that on twitter? >> sean, she's talking about climate change of course, and saying that we have to eliminate fossil fuels. all fossil fuels. coal, oil, andll natural gas in ten years. this would be basically a suicide pact. over 80% of the u.s. and the world energy comes from fossil fuels. the only reason for banning them is the so-called climate apocalypse or climate catastrophe. i see aoc recruiting young teachers and whole classes of young children against the apocalypse, they are saying. they are tellingly these childrn that there is going to be in apocalypse in ten years if they don't save the climate. i think this is child abuse myself. the whole climate change
10:30 pm
movement has never reverted to using kids as a front for not only climate change and ending the use of fossil fuels but the whole ball of wax about socialism. i think that is really what they are trying to sell. >> sean: patrick, it's interesting. cute girl oneally "60 minutes" last night that are suing the federal government, apparently this lawsuit has been going on for four years. as i listened, clearly she believes everything and i agree in the sense that it's very apocalyptic. one thing i love about you, joe, you can tell me what was the big storm in 1903 and where it happened and why it happened at all the conditions were that caused it to happen and compared to today and you've been seeing that almost the same thing as patrick. >> i will tell you the same thing, 1903, atlantic city got hot though my cat from a hurricane. glad you brought that up. >> sean: show off. >> what i saw the new green deal, sean, i thought it was a
10:31 pm
"saturday night live" skit. drunk uncle spouting off. i thought we are going to build railroads across the ocean. let's build one to the moon! we could put a restaurant up there, great food but no atmosphere. a vegan restaurant. the whole thing is meant to get you to try to fight against an extreme position while there is incremental creeping of this, and patrick -- dr. marge's describe it, what they are doing to get sprayed they are indoctrinating kids. where were those kids be if we did not have the fossil fuel era? that you hockey sticks of the fuel era, life expectancy, personal gdp. they are all skyrocketing. it's almost like these people areik ungrateful for what got tm here. >> sean: eliminate cows, cars as we know them, airplanes, , how are we going to get to europe? are we going to take a sailboat? are we going to take a high-speed train? >> a train, sean. >> sean: so my question,
10:32 pm
patrick, isn't natural gas one of the cleaner burning gas is out there? are there ways we can improve the environment simultaneously while also using the lifeblood of every economy that feeds everybody, as you rightly point out? >> sean can move actually improve the cleanliness of all the fossil fuels. coal, oil, the vehicle emissions today are less than -- have been improved by more than 90% from what they were decades ago. we could use more nuclear energy for producing electricity, that is true, and hydroelectric's, but funny, they are against both of those, too, the only two really reliable cost-effective technologies that could replace fossil fuels. and we could put nuclear reactors in thear big ships just like the russians icebreaker fleet and nuclear navies or powders nuclear. we could do that. there are some places where we could reduce fossil fuels. but when it comes to
10:33 pm
transportation and also agriculture, food and moving f people and goods around, if you stop moving the food into the cities people in the cities will starve. they can't grow their food in manhattan, enough for all those people and high-rises. >> sean: not enough tomato pots, i agree. i will give the last route to jail. 15 seconds. you get to close it out. >> if you take a look at the entire history of the planet, the 10 billion years or however far you want to go back, this would be the first time that man is controlling the climate. i tend to doubt that is the cas case. >> sean: think, both. it's important that everybody ears the other side here, even from greenpeace. when we come back, "hannity," our 2020 west continues. we'll investigate and expose bernie sanders' hypocrisy. we'll tell you what he did this time. also remember the story sore loser hillary clinton, what is she now saying about the presidency these days and also the cat that got punched at berkeley, they got the guy.
10:34 pm
we'll update the story. that cat will join us straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: time for his "hannity watch, the investigati0 candidates. this week at senator bernie sanders kicked off his 2020 campaign in brooklyn. wasted little time before revealing more hypocrisy. democratic socialist, open borders advocate, held a rally and was happy to greet his supporters from behind a barrie barrier. why is the fence up, bernie? oh, a barrier is acceptable if you protect you personally? they are only wrong if they are used to protect our border and the american people, just like how many celebrities in hollywood and politicians have armed security guards? and bernie flights in private jets.
10:39 pm
meanwhile hillary clinton was down in alabama this weekend where she warned the country is "in full-fledged crisis mode." take a look. >> this is a time, my friends, when fundamental rights, civic virtue, freedom of the press, the rule of law, truth, facts, and reason are under assault. and make no mistake. we are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy. >> sean: oh, and the fake, phony accent came back. remember this? that was from this weekend. >> when those bonds get up, and when that spirit is breathed into them, and they started climbing out of that valley, the first place they go is to register to vote! >> sean: she lost wisconsin because of race is voter suppression. here now, caelum national syndicated talk show host larry elder who was laughing.
10:40 pm
former clinton poster doug schoen. oh, i see you are laughing as well. is will let you go first becaue you supported bernie. >> sean, you talk about the barriers that he put up and the unfortunate thing is, all of the democratic candidates are putting up barriers between them and the voters. it's really sad. the pandering we have seen, i just want to say this, it does not feel good calling up bernie sanders. i lost my mother on the campaign and there are people over there who i absolutely adore that work for him. but i cannot be a hypocrite myself and not call things out for what it is. voters do not care about who he marched with the knee '60s, they don't care about how much native american blood warren has, they don't care about we, kamala harris moped in the 80s. what we want to know is what are you going to do specifically, for myng community, the african-american community that will affect us in a positive
10:41 pm
way. it's been embarrassing to watch the pandering opposed to the policies. i'm embarrassed. >> sean: addresses phenomenon, i remember predominately african-american audience, al gore goes into this preacher -- changes his tone, cadence, delivery. "republicans" -- he starts talking like a preacher and he's not. hillary, we knew that in the last campaign. it happens again. atat is that? >> [laughs] it's trying to relate. trying to be real, trying to be woke, as young people say. look, i still argue, sean, it's the economy stupid. barack obama gave us the worst economic you recovery since ec1949. as you pointed out, black unemployment, near all-time low. the other thing is this,ts donald trump wants to give inner nncity parents the option so tht their kid does not have to go to a school where only 3% of school
10:42 pm
can do math at grade level. he wants to give them an option of a particular school so they can get a better shot at getting an education. what could be more important than getting a quality education and donald trump wants to do that? the democrats are wedded to the teachers union. they despised toys, vouchers, and therefore they care more about the teachers done what they care broad with the teachers are trying to do, educate children. that is one of the big reasons, in my opinion, donald trump will get a surprisingly large amount of the black a vote. >> sean: you make is always a solid argument. doug schoen, i think you want to criticize your fellow democrats more than you do. but you look at now eight committees are going to -- the widest net. apparently they are not getting what they want from the mueller investigation, so they believe.g let's throw everything and anything up against the wall. that's spend the next two years only investigating trump. nothing to help the american people, the forgotten men and women.wo if we get power back, by that strategy, then we'll impose the
10:43 pm
no planes, no cars, and oil, no gas, no cow rule. >> you are saying two thinks, sean, unfortunately, because i am a democrat, have to agree with. first, the green new deal is a nonstarter. medicare for all, guaranteed jobs for all. you know, these are a path to rumination. >> sean: there's 100 democrats in congress, prominent presidential candidate supporting it. >> is a loser, sean. it will cost us the presidency, may help them won the nomination but to turn to your other point, i worked for bill clinton, as you know, and we talked many times during the monica lubinski scandal. and the republicans were guilty of overreach there. we can with the democrats ran and the '98 midterms ons progress, not partisanship. if the democrats go overboard, as i am afraid they could, with these additional mueller-like
10:44 pm
investigations, will hurt the democrats and help donald trump. >> sean: this is an unprecedented abuse of power. nothing specific. let's just investigateng everything and hopefully we'll find something we can bludgeon trump with. >> i don't have a problem with them investigating. i would like to see investigations go on the other side. any time someone's been in office 20, 30 years, for example congresswoman brown, who i adore, she said made to the congressional black caucus in 2010 and she went to jail based on some findings. so i am across the board with this, i am independent, i don't mean to one side of the other. so we juste have to continue to be fair and let's pull up the rug and see what everyone's been doing on both sides. >> sean: the point is, there is nothing specific there investigating. this is what -- this is their full-time consumption. i don't think it is good politics. if you survey the american people --
10:45 pm
>> it's bad politics. really quickly, i have found it bizarre that the democrats call this a green new deal. the old to new deal deepened and lengthened what would have been a recession and turned it into a depression. i think they need to bone up on the history. >> sean: thank you all for being withth us. thank you for joining us. when we come back, remember our "hannity" investigation, berkeley conservative activists viciously punched my face on uc berkeley campus, he's here to tell us where that case has been. there has been an arrest. also lawrence jones as a "hannity" continues. we are glad you are with us as always. ♪ ys his local miracle ear helped andrew hear more of the joy in her voice. just one hearing test is all it took for him to hear more of her laugh... and less of the background noise around him. for helen, just one visit to her local miracle-ear is all it took to learn how she can share more moments with her daughter. just one free hearing test could help you hear more... call now for your free hearing test from an industry leader:
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♪ >> sean: "hannity watch" in the radical left. at cpac, the president announced his plans to issue an executive order to ensure that america's left-wing universities actually
10:50 pm
enforce. freedom of speech. on stage, the president with haiti and williams. he was attacked while recruiting students for a conservative organization at uc berkeley. the uc berkeley police announced friday that they have made anke arrest. the suspect, 28-year-old zachary greenberg. hayden joins is now along with campus reform editor in chief and fox news contributor lawrence jones. hayden, number one, pretty cool getting cloth dumb i called up with the president. >> i guess. it was kind of exhilarating being recognized and being brought up on the stage at cpac. they are so many conservative students across the country who put up with similar forms of discrimination and harassment td violence, that don't get recognized, and we've covered extensively. >> sean: is interesting. you were trying to tape him. you had a phone in one hand and he's just standing there and then when you least expect it, it's a cheap shot. but it's also violence.
10:51 pm
it's an assault. do you plan on pursuing this to the fullest extent of the law? pressing charges? course.y that is really the only way we can hold these people accountable is by first and foremost documenting these incidents asta they happen and that is really one thing we teach at leadership institute it just try to record everything and don't retaliate because the left will use anything they can to try to distort the facts. >> sean: i might give you different advice. i know you have three eyewitnesses who sought from the beginning, correct? >> correct. >> sean: i might give you a little different advice. somebody that threatening, you do have a right to protect yourself. the phone becomes secondary when it comes to personal safety.r i train an hour and half a day, four, five days a week and mixed martial arts. and i would just advise you, forget the phone, and if somebody is that threatening, be
10:52 pm
prepared to stop it. lawrence, we see this all over the country now, it is interesting to me, conservatives are the ones, liberals claim, like they claim a monopoly of compassion for people, not true. they care about the issues of sexual assault, me too but not one at the lieutenant governor virginia. they care about dreamers, furloughed workers but not of trump as president. we know there's a lot of hypocrisy here. why would any college deserve a penny if they don't allow conservatives, even an equal platform to speak? >> that's exactly right. this is why the president is assigning this executive order. the problem is, the president shouldn't have to sign a law reaffirming what is guaranteed to us by the constitution. it's freedom of speech. but they don't care about it. this shows you because uc berkeley isn't taking me seriously. they are trying toom act like ts is just an isolated event when we have seen the campus on fire, we have seen conservatives being
10:53 pm
targeted on the campus. just look at some of them that celebrated hated being hit in the face. let's be honest, sean. i couldn't have taken the punch. when the president said that he took it for all of us, some of us would have reacted differently. you know what the narrative would have been? it was a conservatives vault. we instigated it. we wanted violence. >> sean: hayden's draw have been broken. he's got something in his hand, the guy knows is a cheap shot. >> he threatened to shoot hayden, okay? he said that in the video. look, the country is sick over this. first it was during this pre18 hearings and not started on the college campuses as well. then it was the hoax with jussie smollett. now we have kids being hit in the face. i think the democrats are heading to the plate's of no return. >> sean: you get the last word, hayden. i'm not saying you did the wrong thing. i just hate to see cheap shots and a bullying assault like that. >> i'm glad that the berkeley
10:54 pm
police department was able to hold this guyen in custody and hopefully will be able to hold him accountable to the fullest extent of the law. >> sean: thank you both are being with us. when we come back, our "villain of the day." trace gallagher with a life apart about how democratic leadership is responding to more anti-semitism, more remarks from congresswoman omar, straight ahead, and/or mail. ♪
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>> sean: i love that animation. congressman omar and anti-semantical remarks again trace gallagher in the west coast room to explain all to us again, trace. >> trace: now, sean, the house could vote a resolution condemning anti-semitism as early as wednesday. for now, it is still being worked on and unclear if name ilhan omar, but either way, unprecedented rebuke to a freshman lawmaker who has been in office for 60 days. last month, omar apologized for using anti-semitic trope while criticizing pro-israel lobby.
10:59 pm
then last week she reunited the controversy saying "activists who support israel have a legions to a foreign country." democrats foreign house committee said it is unacceptable and deeply offensive to call into question the loyalty of fellow american citizens because of their political views including lupport of the u.s./israel relationship. omar fired back, it is problematic being told that she is anti-american if she is not pro-israel. remember back in 2012, she tweeted israel has hypnotized the world and asked ala to see the evil doings of israel. now some top republicans considering offering a censure omar. against >> sean: this is a democratic problem and we are proud of the friendship, our alliance with israel, the only democracy in the region now the prime minister and benjamin netanyahu on the world stage, thank you, trace.ow
11:00 pm
response to a big story, one person writes twitter account, i doubt the dems are really going to do anything. it's probably just for show. we certainly hope they, you take it seriously, this is real. let your heart not be troubled. we are not the hate media and. laura ingraham is in tonight. >> jesse: no, it's waters. someone wrote me, why hasn't waters been on lately? >> sean: he will be back. we love waters, don't worry about it. >> jesse: good because i was getting worried, sean, i missedt him. >> sean: i can't wait to do waters, mom edition.: you for you know what i can't be my mom come i'm toora good of a son. >> have a good show. >> jesse: i am