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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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response to a big story, one person writes twitter account, i doubt the dems are really going to do anything. it's probably just for show. we certainly hope they, you take it seriously, this is real. let your heart not be troubled. we are not the hate media and. laura ingraham is in tonight. >> jesse: no, it's waters. someone wrote me, why hasn't waters been on lately? >> sean: he will be back. we love waters, don't worry about it. >> jesse: good because i was getting worried, sean, i missedt him. >> sean: i can't wait to do waters, mom edition.: you for you know what i can't be my mom come i'm toora good of a son. >> have a good show. >> jesse: i ame jesse watters
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for laura ingraham, the "the ingraham angle." democrats the tired frederick as the he's -- the race heat up. turning voters away from president trump but are they just creating more division in america, plus, enough of the radical new class of congress. the rare vote this week to put them on notice and nearly 7,000 illegals arrested in one border crossing. the majority of them women and children. so why are democrats saying there's not a national emergency? plus, maga under attack acrossdr schools across the country and this time students were told their trump gear was disrespectful and offensive. the story in the debate ahead. but first, the democrats deploying the politics that say try to win the white house 2020. they know they can't meet trump on policy at all, they can't do it but there is more. this is what they are calling a crisis, not the influx of the illegal immigrants rushing across theat border, no, constitute to crisis to democrats is an actual made up scenario of trump creating darkness.ti watch this.
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>> donald trump wants to divide us up based on the color of our skin. >> this is a time friends, fundamental rights, , my civicnd virtue, freedom of the press, the rule of law, true facts and reason are under assault. and make no mistake, we are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy. >> i realize what is happening in this country is devastating. i mean, president trump hast created such division, such darkness, such hate. >> jesse: joined me now is dan bongino, fox contributor and host of the dan bongino podcast. the civil rights attorney, stark parker, president and founder of the center for urban renewal and education, dan, hate is on the
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of right. at the last time i looked, it was firebombing limousines at the inauguration. hollywood was decapitating the president and calling him a traitorist/nazi. wherever i look, most of the hate is on that side and on the right. >> dan: jesse, i got done watching sean's show where a college kid who got decked in the face by a berkeley kid who was upset he was recruited for a conservative ally. it is almost ridiculous but there is a tactical reason the democrats do this. they took a twofold strategy. they understand their idea is only limited radical high taxese government controlled health care of monopoly and public education. so what did they do, jesse? they knew they couldn't get you to vote for their ideas so they decided to pay republicans in this race hoping will against them and then maybe they would get a will majority once in a while. that in conjunction with stacking the courts. they think will get them across the finish line. but they are the one with division. will
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>> jesse: it is funny will listening to crookedy hillary talk about the rule of law and how important it is for her. the transition of power to president trump has not been peaceful.e i mean there has been stings, leaks, unmasking and how they want to impeach the guy in theee first term. don't you think that would contribute the crisis in the democracy she's talking about? >> of the crisis is very simple, but what people in selma with hillary and bernie were saying, donald trump has polarized this country so bad with issues of race, hatred and the initials are very simple. look at charlotte bell. if donald trump talks about the issue of the muslim man. dan will tell this audience that donald trump has never set a racist thing. you know why? t because dan doesn't want, dan is afraid of donald trump and dan will not admit donald trump said racist comments the last three years, isn't that truet dan? >> dan: you are a liar.
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>> be honest, dan, donald trump i said anything racist? >> jesse: let himis finish. >> the answer is no, you are a liar. you have no credibility, you are just lying and made that up. >> >> jesse: all right, guys, this personal attack for one second, sarah parker. we talk about the division in this country and leo, right there demonstrated some divisiveness and that was a personal attack not on policy. very personal. >> sarah: i see the democrats divided us about 50 years ago. and they segmented us and to all these little people populations and donald trump has brought us all together, fixing everything for everyone. and they hated and totally coming unglued.
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selma is an example of the left trying to take advantage of a point in history that has solved itself. we are more united as the grassroots community of people. it's only the fringe of the and so they try to stir up democrats. anything. they are losing the black community come with a black bow and have been problems with that. >> jesse: leo, just for one second, do you think it is appropriate for t hilary to maka correlation between selma and the trump era? i mean they had, you know from armed federal agents to beat up black people back then. that is not happening now. i think that trivializes what happened in the '60s. >> leo: jesse, you've got star and dan, they don't see racism but donald trump they are afraid of him. this is a new type of racism. donald trump, a dog whistle. hey, has dan, has donald trump nyid anything racist? you are not going to say no,
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because you are afraid of him. >> sarah: actually i'm going to say yes and let me tell you what he did say that had anything to do with race clement know, dan, let me address. >> jesse: let's sarah address this.g >> sarah: actually has spoke on the racial problems by building out the opportunities, 8700 opportunities at the most critical areas in our country and trying to fix them. when he made a political promise to the black community and fix the inner cities, he was serious about it. actually, it is also helped us by appointing judges. you can call it what you want but i'm telling you one thing -- obviously i don't. >> leo, she speaking for herself. >> i'm speaking only for myself. a third of african-americans -- gallup just came out with a pole two weeks ago which is not a conservative right winger and they showed that 21% of african-americans said not only are they conservative but 41%
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said they were moderate. but they are fixing the countryn for us. >> danette starr just told everybody that donald trump hasn't seen a racist thing. >> dan, i will give you 30 seconds to respond. >> okay, leo is clearly insane, i don't know how he managed to bypass booker. this man is clearly out of his mind. there's never been an allegation that donald trump was racist until he was republican. he has no evidence of anything he's saying being true and he just allied to the audience saying that muslims are banned from the united states. i was unaware of that.ed if you are muslim, you are allowed in the united states like anyone else. he is making that up to beat me nstar because he's been vaccinated against facts and an early age like every other liberal. all he has is this garbage nonsense donald trump is a racist. it isdisgusting, disgraceful and he should be embarrassed for saying it.
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>> jesse: leo, we will give you another shot at this. we will change topics, all right, stay with us. i want to head down to washington, t d.c., where democratic congresswoman miss omar is really starting to get on the nerves of house colleagues.d. the freshman under fire for comments once democrats call vile and anti-semitic.ll house democrats drafting a resolution condemning anti-semitism in the wake of the remarks. leland vittert joins us in washington with more. obtained by fox news and circulating on capitol hill as you noted it says anti-semiticism is bad but missing is the name of the person at the center of it all, ilhan omar the congresswoman from minnesota. her latest questionable remark alleges and alludes to the long-standing anti-semitic claim that can't be trusted because they might have splitbe allegiances with israel.
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>> let's talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay for people to push for religions of foreign countries. >> jesse: of that or enter a swift rebuke from her chairman. her comments were outrageous and deeply hurtful to chairman angle. in p asked to retract and apologize, commit to making her case on policy issues without resorting to attacks that have no place in the foreign affairs committee for the house of representatives. it is far from omar's first encounter with charges of anti-semitism. up until recently she defended 2012 tweet saying israel has hypnotize the world, may a la awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of israel. on february 11, she tweeted "all about the benjamin's, baby"
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suggesting that it's driven by campaign donations. omar defended her latest comments by tweeting yesterday "i'm told every day i'm anti-american if i'm not pro-israel." this comes at an uncomfortable time for house leadership and over the week and this cover of "rolling stone" magazine hit newsstands with omar, speaker nancy pelosi, and two other house democrats on the cover. the act pollutes the account tweeted out the cover "now nancy pelosi and her team must deal with the division in their own caucus how to sanction omar. as you just heard, jesse elliott ingle seemed to question whether she was fit to serve on the foreign affairs committee while the draft resolution does not even mention her name. >> jesse: all right, leland, thank you. on the panel, dan, leo nstar. i don't think it matters on the "rolling stone" magazine becauso no one advises any way, but dan not just republicans saying omar has a problem with anti-semitism, nancy pelosi, the anti-defamation league the
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jewish center have called her statements offensive and prejudice. do they have problems with anti-semitism? >> they do and to be fair i want go applaud the democrats taking a stand against representative omar. this is an anti-semantic trope and just imagine the way to do this test for racism or anti-semitism is to replace the roles, right? if we accused omar of dual loyalty to middle eastern eduntry i would say, we would be accused of islamophobia immediately. >> jesse: more than that, we would be fired, we would be fired. >> dan: we would be off the air. and i'm glad some democrats are speaking out. they do have a problem and the answer yes. >> jesse: will leo speak out against omar, leo? >> leo: let me say right now, this is a beautiful part of the democrat leadership. omar has made any anti-semitic comments and the house leadership is taking action,
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unlike the republican leadership and dan nstar, they take action against trump. coe house democrats are going after omar saying that her comments are wrong. >> jesse: leo, i don't know if you've been away for the last two years, but leadership any chance they get to criticize trump, they do. they are always saying, they are not in lockstep with the president. >> leo: excuse me? >> jesse: they have not circled the wagons around the president like their people have, come on. >> leo: mitch mcconnell isag inin trump's pocket. dan nstar are in trump's pocket because of twitter. seriously. >> star: stop saying that because maybe there are other reasons we support trump because he did move the embassy to jerusalem a promise that had been put on the table for years, decades and then he finally didm that. maybe what we ought to do is be concerned that louis farrakhan right after nancy pelosi asked omar to pull back on
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anti-semitic comments, sent out to her a shout out to say no, you need ton keep going. now, she's been emboldened. what she is trying to do -- >> leo: classic point. we are not talking about >> he interjected himself intoo this discussion which means now that the democratic party has a problem, because 70-80% of in this country have voted for democrats. and now, they are looking at all this anti-semitic discussion -- >> leo: you speak for the jewish community right now. you speak for the jewish community. >> star: let me tell you something, i would be proud of it because when you look at what has happened in. >> leo: you are afraid of trump twitter account. >> jesse: let's relax for a second. you are trying to make something -- let me ask you a question because she is said that republicans do not police theirn own. when steve king made some controversial comments about race, he was stripped of his
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committee ships. now have they stripped omar of anything? no, she's on the same foreign committee. >> star: and she really has -- a resolution. >> jesse: they have never taken action. >> star: it is going to get worse because she is not the only one elective that has this challenge and to try to pretend louis farrakhan is not part of the discussion, he is fooling himself and trying to fool the rest of america. >> leo: star -- >> dan: jesse, leo keeps calling out starr. and no evidence that anything he says. >> leo: i'm not yelling. >> dan does not want to lose his invitation. >> >> jesse: leo came on for show, name called but when you say something back to him.
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he says, you are name calling. we love you. leo, we love you. but we see right through it. >> >> i love you too. but star and dan are afraid of trump. >> jesse: nobody is afraid of anybody. and leo, i think i would be afraid of dan if you met him face-to-face. that's all i'm saying. and may be stark, i don't know. >> i'm not afraid of anyone. >> i'm not afraid of those guys. >> up next, shocking new details on the real crisis of the border as per republicans turned against a president that has national emergency. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan has seen things on the ground firsthand and is here to respond to critics. that's next. >> president trump: we fight wars 6,000 miles away, and spend millions of dollars but we don't
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control our own border.
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>> hardworking people of every background of pay price for lack of border control and security. in the last two years i saw making 266,000 arrests of civilians with criminal records including those charged or
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convicted up approximately 100,000 assaults. these are new numbers, hard to believe. 30,000 sex crimes and 4,000 murders. >> jesse: president trump today making the case for the national emergency of the border. as it looks like he will have to use his veto power for the first time. several republican senators now say they will vote for a resolution to block his order. this is the crisis of the border intensifies by the day, nearly 7,000 illegals arrested by the rio grande valley, 1300 caught in just one day alone. most women and children. and new mexico, nearly 200 illegals apprehended. the majority of those as well where families and unaccompanied minors. so why are so many lawmakers denying there is a national emergency? live in dc tonight, garrett. >> the main issue for a lot of republican senators is not the border wall most support that but the emergency declaration violates the constitution
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because it is congress that supposed to control their spending and if congress allows the president to do it this time republicans are concerned it would set a dangerous precedent to allow the president to enact liberal agendas in the future. so far, for g.o.p. senators will vote against, the president's emergency declaration. susan collins, lisa murkowski, thom tillis, rand paul who defended hisar decision earlier today. >> i think we need a wall. i think we need security at the border but congress came to a conclusion and the president signed the bill. there was a debate over wall lunding and there was a conclusion. so i think it is easy to argue that this emergency order, this executive order goes against the law of congress. and paul also said at least ten g.o.p. senators prepared to vote against the president's t emergency declaration. sources tell fox news senator majority mcconnell will give a vote sometime next week before march 15th recess.
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president trump will absolutely veto the bill if it reaches his 's desk. today, senate majority leader mcconnell said he does not think congress has the votes to override it. >> i think what is clear in the senate, enough votes to pass the resolution of disapproval which will then be vetoed by the president and then, the vetoti will be upheld. >> garrett: even if congress can override the president's veto this fight is not over. democrats have a number of lawsuits challenging the emergency declaration as well meaning those funds could be blocked four months until those lawsuits are resolved. jesse? >> jesse: thank you very much, joining me now, acting director and hernandez immigration, francisco, the last few days, border patrol has arrested the following come are you ready, previously the florida convicted, three previously deported violence in 13 gang members into
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and to previously deported child sex offenders. so how is there not a crisis down there that necessitates an convicted emergency declaration? >> fransisco: you just said in your introduction that the vast majority of the people that they are catching our women and children, but wait a minute, what happened to the first two years? the first two years of the trump presidency when republican majority. what happened to immigration reform? what happened to making mexico pay for the wall? what happened to building the wall? >> jesse: francisco, you know you need 60 votes to get anything, >> francisco: look we are downys to enhanced barriers, come on guys, go ahead. he's already declared emergency so start building the wallll and read a solution will not block funding. >> jesse: okay, good, i'm glad you agree that the wall is
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needed and that he should go forward with the emergency declaration. tom, i just looked at "washington post" here in "the washington post" says this "illegal immigration fiscal year 2019 is on pace to in reach its highest level in a decade. what does that tell you? " >> tom: it tells us the border is out of control and there is a crisis on the border. let's not forget we keep talking about families, families, families but we got to remember the reports show 34 years doing this job that they will move the family groups to one sector to tie the assets up so the cartel can move narcotics and bad people to another sector. this border crisis is a national security crisis because of what the cartels are moving once the border to type these family units. that is why this is important not just border crisis but national security process. >> jesse: francisco what about the compassion for young women and children being exploited by the cartels?
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>> francisco: that is true. that is true and you know i have nothing but highest respect for the agent. t t i have no problem with that. the problem if we pass immigration reform we can take care of the rest. but here we are -- >> jesse: what does immigration reform mean? it means nothing unless you have a secure border. >> francisco: fair enough, but let's put something on the table. >> jesse: the republicans have put something on the table. the president and the republicans have put border wall funding on the table along withs common sense reforms. and the democrats just rejected. they don't want to spend any money in actual security. they just want to do all sorts of smart walls. what is a smart wall, by the way? what is a small wall -- smart wall francisco. >> francisco: a chance to reject it because afraid of a filibuster. not the senate, not the republicans not democrats have said anything to the president about -- >> jesse: francisco, francisco let me ask you a question. when you have a party at your house, do you let anybody in?
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>> francisco: yes. >> jesse: anybody can come in? >> francisco: yes. you control the guest list. >> jesse: you control the ncguest list and how do you do that asking people who they are come opening the door, closing the people to who should not be at the party. why can't we do that at the southern border and make the country secure? >> francisco: that is exactly whatha we should do. pass immigration reform so that people don't have to come here illegally. >> jesse: francisco is on our side and i think he believes border security is much as we do. tell me about what your opinion is of these republicans and the senate who are not going along with this national emergency declaration. >> tom: they are failing the country. they are failing for the country. i'm not an attorney but the president has by congress to move money from the department of defense to secure the nation's borders. he is protecting the country. look, i've heard some republicans say, well, we want
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to do this because the democrats may do it back to us if they ever take the white house back.e they've already done it. they've already done it. president barack obama said he couldn't pass legislation. he said it was unconstitutional but he did it. president trump tried to undo the unconstitutional movement, he got shut down by the courts a look, the gloves are already off and the president is trying to walk the walk and trying to secure the country like he promised the american people. there is no downside to secure the nation's border. there is no downside unless illegal immigration, unless drug smuggling, less children dying. >> even if they passed a resolution, it's not a bill,on it's not a law, it's just a resolution. they could trynd to take away money but, they are really just gas letting the country on polar
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opposites for reelection. that's allll it is, as gas lighting.s >> he ran on building the wall. that was a promise he made to his supporters. >> it is america's success. if he fails on the border, america fails on the border. that is theam argument here. the president trump did not come up with the wall by himself. he talked to experts who for 30 years have been doing the job. he's trying to secure the nation. that is his job as president. that is every republican, democrat's job, and unfortunately, some are failing> the american people by not doing that. >> jesse: the real quick question before i let you go, do you think you could get over a 30-foot concrete wall? >> francisco: i can get under it with a tunnel. >> jesse: a goes 10 feet deep. >> look, guys. >> jesse: i know you are goodve at shoveling, francisco, but i don't think you are that good. i've got to run, guys. francisco, i've got to run. i've got to run.
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thank you. jerry nadler the new democratic chair committee launching a massive new investigation to hdate into president trump, but he admits he does not have evidence that trump committed any crimes. congress who sits on the committee and alan dershowitz are here next. >> this is not a preimpeachment hearing. our goal is not to decide n impeachment. it is the fact and it may not. our goal is to protect rule of law.
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♪ ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. >> are you going to cooperate? >> i cooperate all the time. and no collusion is all a hoax. >> jesse: that is right several high-ranking democrats actually admitted they found no evidence president trump colluded with a russians. despite that house judiciary committee jerry nadler launched a new investigation into the
11:35 pm
president requesting documents from 81 agencies, entities and individuals as a new probe what they are calling "alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption and other abuse of power by president trump" although nadler admitted, he doesn't have proof. >> if we are going to do anything, you have to have proof. i think there is a lot of evidence, but we have to get a lot more. >> so that is what this is about, you don't have proof. >> part of what this is about. >> jesse: so joining me know, matt, they don't have any proof or evidence, but they are investigating anyway? >> matt: i guess this is like the nancy pelosi version of you've got to read the bill before you can find out what's in it. democrats campaign promising to be the party of solutions. now, just the party of endless, unfocused investigations. what you see from chairman
11:36 pm
nadler is the investigatory equivalent of fishing with the dynamite. seeking permission from 81 different entities. i mean, to give you a flavor how ridiculous it is, jesse, they are trying to get documents from the president's former lawyer don mcgann, which would either be privileged or subject to executive privilege. then they are trying to get information from content director of the "national enquirer." so we may find out why brad pitt was at jennifer aniston's 40th birthday before we find out whether or not there is evidence of collusion. >> jesse: trump has one conversation with a member of the media and that is collusion. meanwhile, the democrats talk ta the press every day and leak and connive. it is funny though, so looking at obstruction of justice, the only thing trump obstructed was hillary getting into the white house, in my opinion.puth he's looking at public corruption and if you are interested in public corruption, maybe they would have cared about the clinton foundation and abuseste of power.
11:37 pm
it is funny, they were never really interested in the irs targeting the tea party. soso it looks purely political. >> matt: of course it is an elite up to destabilizing district as president. what democrats know if donald trump has the opportunity to challenge the bureaucracy, to end wars, to deregulate and invigorate the american economy, he will be reelected in the american people we be doing better. the only hope democrats have is to tweezer through every deal he's ever done, every element of his life in hopes that the american people will care more about donald trump than they do about their own future. i'm betting on people to actually vote their own interest and not fall just the endless saga of endless investigation with no focus, no end in sight, just a desire to distract. >> jesse: you know it is totally hypocritical because congress takes our money, not their money, our money, and they spend it covering up sexual harassment, lawsuits. they bribe, contractors with it. they give it to lobbyists.
11:38 pm
they pay off the iranians with it. it doesn't matter. okay? and they want to know with what trump did with a few dollars in the 80s? it's his money. >> matt: it so much what the democrats alleged against the president deals with his conduct before he even contemplated a political campaign. but though since the nature of washington today. no solutions from democrats, no real legislation to deal with immigration or infrastructure or the issues that they talked about during the campaign. instead, just more investigations, more endless attacks, but the good news is, the american people the forgotten men and women of this country, they will see through all of this and they will show up in droves to reelect the president that is ending wars and creating more economic opportunity than any other time in our lives, jesse. >> jesse: >> matt: of course, it is an -- leading up to district as president. what democrats know if donald trump has the opportunity to challenge the bureaucracy, to end wars, to deregulate and invigorate the american economy, he will be reelected in the american people we be doing better. the only hope democrats have is to tweezer through every deal he's ever done, every element of his life in hopes that the american people will care more about donald trump than they do about their own future. i'm betting on people to actually vote their own interest
11:39 pm
and not follow just the endless saga of endless investigation with no focus, no end in sight, just a desire to distract. >>,llk the american people the forgotten men and women of this country, they will see through all of this and they will show up in droves to reelect the president that is ending wars and creating more economic opportunity than any other time in our lives, jesse. >> jesse: congressman, thank you very much. >> matt: thank you. >> jesse: is this legal and should the president be concerned? joining me, alan dershowitz, professor of law, and so you will be writing the introduction, the mueller report, wow, i can't wait forerh that. now, james comey has nowe come out and he has written op-ed in "the washington post", and he says, you know when the new age he gets this mueller report, he needs to be completely transparent and he needs to share it with the american people. i lovega listening to james comy give advice how to handle investigations. he booed the clinton investigation and tried to cover up the investigation? >> alan: i think he should be reansparent that comey is not the guy to lecture anybody about this. i would hope the mueller report given to theub attorney general, the attorney general before he makes it public will give it over to the trump legal team. a week or ten days to write their rebuttal report, let the rebuttal be issued exactly the same time as the report is w
11:40 pm
issued. simultaneously released, then i will write an introduction close to the mueller report and the rebuttal reports of the american public can see both sides and make decisions for themselves. it would be utterly unfair toue have a one-sided mueller report. without opportunity to respond. let's remember this is unique. generally prosecutors say and indict or don't indict. and comey beyond that, going and saying we are not indicting hillary clinton but let me tell you what i think reallyto happened. the same thing is true here. but if you are going to issue a report that goes beyond indict or not indict, at least let there be an opportunity for the other side to respond. and based on all the evidence. >> jesse: that is fair and clear this is personal with nadler, trump and nadler going back since the '80s and manhattan, a thorn in trump side trying to do deals. do you think the president face' any, you know, it's going to be hard to govern with all the subpoenas flying around and everybody getting involved in front of the cameras. what do you think will happen and is this the right move for
11:41 pm
democrats? >> alan: no, it's not. it backfired when the republicans did it to clinton. look, if the republicans were in power in the house today and hillary clinton where the president, i have no doubt they would do the same thing. this is the way it's come down and it's not right. it's not right when the democrats do it and it's not right when the republicans do it. investigations by congress are supposed to be looking towards they are not supposed to be open-ended inquiries into a little wrongdoing on the part of the other that is not the legitimate function of checks and balances otof congress. >> jesse: i agree but when the republicans -- when the republicans did have the gavel, they investigated events where people actually died. the va scandal, benghazi, fast and furious, those to me seem like legitimate concerns. there are issues regarding adam schiff. so little adam schiff, i guess might be in trouble because michael cohen under oath
11:42 pm
admitted he was colluding or conversating with adam schiff before his sworn testimony, but does he face any issue there? >> alan: only issues within congress itself. congress is the exclusive judge of the behavior of its own members and members cannot be prosecuted or sued. but what they do pursuant to their job, they are not above the law, that is the law. but congress could look into it and democratic congress probably not going to look into it. look, the american public does not trust congressde to do investigations. >> jesse: you can say that again. >> alan: i look for an independent, nonpartisan objective commission like the 9/11 commission to look into the nttempt by russia to influence elections in general. the american public would have trust in a credible investigation like that. they are not going to have trust and congressional investigations whether conducted by republican majority or democratic majority. that is the reality.wh
11:43 pm
everything is partisan and everything is political when congress investigates. >> jesse: all right. no one trust congress. i think everybody agrees on that. thank you for joining me. >> alan: thank you. >> jesse: coming up it's been over two years and hillary clinton still can't accept she's not sitting in the oval office right now. and she still can't accepthe the fact democrats are losing. we will be talking about some of her embarrassing comments next. plus, high school students being rebuked for wearing maga gear to school, why? is it making school unsafe? that debate is up next. >> as we are taking pictures, the police officer approached us and said, "we are asking youe to leave the campus right now." >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite.
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>> jesse: what evidence do you have >> so what evidence do you have that the school is actually discriminating against your political beliefs? >> currently on campus as of today, i checked today and i saw four hillary clinton t-shirts, one obama the shirt from a bernie sanders hat and about seven lgbtq rainbow flag hats on campus today. >> jesse: that was high school student maddie mueller on this
11:48 pm
show, with last week and she was banned from wearing her maga hat to school and more stories we are hearing like this. arizona for example a group of students were reprimanded for wearing maga hats, shirts and a trump banner for "party in the usa" day. >> you are going to tell me that you are going to ask my daughter to leave school because she was wearing a make america great event sweatshirt? then why is she being asked to leave? she is not the one and why can't she have a flag on america day for school that says make america great again? >> it is disrespectful. >> jesse: joining me monica crowley, senior opinion columnist for "the washington times." and the press secretary for house democrats. disrespecting the flag. it wasn't the american flag. that is okay on spirit day. like a trump 2020 flag. does that cause problems for trump flag for people?
11:49 pm
>> monica: i'm not a maga supporter. >> jesse: you're not? >> monica: surprise surprise but these kids should be allowed to wear whatever they want to wear. if they want to make america -- make america great again hat. i'm on fox news and i get in trouble for that even though i'm here as a democrat. >> jesse: okay. >> monica: but these kids in arizona should have the right to wear whatever they choose to wear politically. and i don't think they were causing any sort of disruption in the classroom or in a sort of fight to protest in the hallways and that they should be reprimanded. arizona has a problem because also in 2016 and a young woman suspended for wearing black lives matter shirt as well. so this seems to be a thing init arizona. >> jesse: well, probably one more cited and all it takes is one little snowflake to say, he's wearing a maga hat i'm offended and the administration says no one can wear it. >> monica: just like the covington kids, i hope these kids get a great lawyer that
11:50 pm
will work with him because their first amendment rights are really being infringed. all of the discrimination seems to go onel way. it goes against the kids who support donald trump and maga hats or maga buttons or whatever it might be. the first student pointed out, jesse, the kids who, wearing hillary clinton gear or bernie sanders gear, no problem whatsoever. >> jesse: why do we never hear stories. we never heard stories of students or anybody wearing obama gear, hope and change t-shirts getting assaulted, getting harassed, getting suspended. why not? >> ritchie: i think you have to look -- i think we have to look at the climate we are in t right now, political climate and it is a lot of tension and we will run into this problem as we look more into 2020. even if the kids that were wearing obama gear or maga gear now, i just don't think either
11:51 pm
side should be reprimanded for that. i think this is a freedom of expression and the problem we have in the country right now, freedom of speech only counts ouen people like what you have to say. >> jesse: as long as they are tucking their shirts in. e>> monica: listen the maga hats in animate object but what the left is trying to say is it's a symbol of hate. what this maga hat does is expose hate because if you try to walk around in a school in new york city, in any of these left-wing fashions, you will feel the hate. some people are actually getting targeted with violent activity because of it. >> jesse: and when it was raining the other day i had my fox umbrella on the subway and i put it down and turn the other way. >> monica: you should not have to do that and be>> proud. >> jesse: but sometimes manhattan is a little gnarly in the subway. that is even worse. made to and it's all about
11:52 pm
intimidation. and talk about tolerance the most intolerant faction on the face of the earth. >> jesse: hold on, let me ask you guys about losers, okay? hillary clinton can't get over the fact she lost the presidency to trump. hear she has this weekend talking about that and another political loser, stacy abrams. >> we know, don't we, that candidates both black-and-white lost their races because they have been deprived ofou the othr ways of the votes they would have gotten. the clearest example is from next-door in georgia. stacy abrams should be governor, leading that state right now. [applause] >> jesse: don't you think she should have just accepted the results of the election? >> ritchie: i'm not want to cry over spilled milk but we cannot ignore voter oppression is an issue, right? i think we have to acknowledge the fact that brian kemp to secretary of state so he was sort of the overseer of the vote. but i don't think we should beov
11:53 pm
looking at this as a loss for stacy abrams. this really was a winhe for the democrats and georgia becausee look how much of a vote they did get. they got 48% of the vote. that shows you the tide is turning in georgia, and we need to stop looking at this as something we lost and start looking at the wins and continue to fight for voting rights. >> jesse: i don't know how much voter suppression there is, actually. the democrats won 40 seats in the house. i do want to get to the new sound bite by hillary. this is breaking news right here. listen to mrs. clinton. >> i'm not running, but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. i want to be sure that people understand, i'm going to keep speaking out. i'm not going anywhere. >> jesse: first time on tape mrs. clinton said she will not run for president in 2020. >> monica: do you believe her? she's been on the national scene. >> jesse: i do believe it now. >> monica: i'm not sure but i guess we have this to look forward to mrs. clinton willut chime in whenever she thinks appropriate. look, it is easy for us to mock
11:54 pm
her denial about 2016 and the fact she lost two of all people donald trump makes her absolutely insane, but this is a woman whose whole identity achieving the presidency. she married a man, she hitched her wagon to bill clinton, she put up with serial humiliation for decades. all in the name of getting the ultimate prize. so the fact that she lost not once but twice first to obama and then to trump, it is making her question her very identity. because her whole identity which wrapped up and sacrificed so much of herself worth,it self-esteem to get that job and without it who is she? i'm glad she's not running. >> jesse: she was married to bill. >> ritchie: i'm glad she's not running. >> jesse: one more topic bernie sanders on then breakfast club today stumbling a little bit when asked what he's done specifically to help the blackck community.
11:55 pm
>> i think if you lookok at my record in terms of civil rights and other areas, you will find that it is consistently a very, very. >> any legislation you can point to? >> legislation that benefits african-americans, yeah, not specificallype but we passed legislation that benefits working people. >> jesse: crickets.ti well if he is the democratic nominee running against donald trump, all trump has to say, i delivered the lowest african-american employment rate. >> ritchie: really quickly, he said a lot more in that interview. they talked about disparity for african-americans. >> jesse: thank you. we will be right back. ..
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>> that is all-time we have for tonight. laura ingram is in mardi gras tonight.
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i should be at mardi gras and you will see highlights of her down there tomorrow night and catch me on the five every monday through friday at 5:00 eastern and on saturday 8:00 pm for waters world. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> i can see with your own flows at mardi gras. you would fit right in down there. it is going to cost you. we begin with a fox news alert, no longer waiting for the special counsel report democrats are launching a sweeping trope into donald trump's business dealings and his family members. democrat leaders admit before you begin impeachment you've got to be convinced the american public so is that with the new investigations are about. new pictures as a new report reveals an unprecedented number of migrant families crossing into the us illegally this month alone, this comes days after a vote in the senate where growing nu


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