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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 5, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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down there tomorrow night and catch me on the five every monday through friday at 5:00 eastern and on saturday 8:00 pm for waters world. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> i can see with your own flows at mardi gras. you would fit right in down there. it is going to cost you. we begin with a fox news alert, no longer waiting for the special counsel report democrats are launching a sweeping trope into donald trump's business dealings and his family members. democrat leaders admit before you begin impeachment you've got to be convinced the american public so is that with the new investigations are about. new pictures as a new report reveals an unprecedented number of migrant families crossing into the us illegally this month alone, this comes days after a vote in the senate where growing number of republican say they will help democrats block the
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president's national emergency funding the border wall. breaking late tonight and ethics watchdog filing a complaint with the federal election commission, congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez could be in big trouble, the complaint claims more than $1 million in political donations wound up in the staffers home company. welcome to fox news at night in washington. we begin with house democrats and their probes into donald trump's businesses and family members, democrats 8 is their duty but how will the american people react? trace gallagher has the details and the fallout. >> new york democratic congressman jerrold nadler has signed on the gombert thing is crystal-clear donald trump has obstructed justice among other crimes and acknowledging democrats, quote, don't have the fact yet so the judiciary committee requested documents from 81 trump associates
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including those related to the removal of michael flynn, the firing of james comey and documents from jeff sessions, trump son-in-law jared kushner and former chief of staff rights priebus. >> we have to lay out a case to the american people because we have not seen an administration prior to this with so many attacks on rule of law. >> reporter: donald trump was asked if he would cooperate. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. no collusion, it is all a hoax. you will know about that as you grow older. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy was more combat of saying this move is nothing more than the democrats plan b. >> nadler is sitting the framework for democrats not to believe the mueller report,
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saying we have to do our own investigation. >> reporter: that would be investigations, plural, into everything from the trump tower meeting involving trump campaign officials and russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin to the trump organization's plans to build a trump property in moscow. >> need to talk to some of the banks doing business with mister trump, deutsche bank had a history of laundering russian money but we will want to speak with the accountants, chief financial officers for the trump organization and others who have information about the moscow trump tower deal. >> reporter: democratic leaders of expressed concerns about moving too fast and impeachment so it appears the new path is a methodical attack on the president's finances and a litany of other allegations. daymac aware of the democrats promises to flood the white house with subpoenas and document requests the president had this to say about these investigations over the weekend. >> let's inspect every deal he has ever done.
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we are going to check deals, we are going to check -- these people are serious. daymac columnist at bill, kristin tate and gop congressman and author of the deep state jason chaffetz, great to have you with us. we just now have a tweet in from maxine waters who says obstruction of justice reality show, fiery comey, sending coded messages to manafort and others that he has the power department, lying about trump tower meeting, threatening, and's in laws, what more do we need to know? impeachment is the only answer? >> he started saying impeachment pretty much when the president was elected. mueller is still in place, democrats joined the republicans, they were even more vocal about getting rid of comey, rodriguez and sign put together that memo and with the democrats are doing is a total
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and complete overreach. it has to have a congressional purpose. you are not allowed to just go fish everywhere with 80 different people and hope you find some fact you can grab onto. daymac congressman and chef heads up the committee saying this about something that may or may not be true. >> we are also looking at persistent allegations that the russians have been laundering money for the trump organization. i don't know that that's true. daymac okay to throw that out? i don't know if it is true. >> is not leaping to any conclusion. you don't want to immediately decide what is and is not true but let's be clear, these requests to 81 individuals, corporations, whatever are all people and entities that release
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documents to federal investigators in new york, state investigators in new york and the mueller team. this is congress, the house in particular getting a duplicate copy of everything for the run report that would encompass all these investigations and under doj policy the president can't be indicted so no matter what these teams find all i can do is write a report at the end. that is why the house once his documents as well. >> you mentioned these other entities looking into these things, the new york times said basically what democrats are doing is gathering the same evidence, they can have the same evidence with a different standard of proof. not something that would meet a little indictment but other things they can do, possibly the i word, impeachment. i want to play something jerry nadler said, congressman who heads up the house judiciary committee, where the impeachment starts, here's what he said about laying the groundwork. >> before you impeach somebody you have to persuade the american public it is to happen. >> he said we sent these document requests to begin
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building of the public record? is this about getting to impeachment? >> very clear what is going on here. now that very few people accept the russian collusion bombshell from mueller the democrats are prepared to investigate trump endlessly to find anything to remove him from office, the trump russia probe has existed behind the scenes. these new efforts will be more public. there are few limits as to who or what could be investigated. this could be damaging to trump but i think this will be more politically damaging for the democrats because this reeks of a political effort to remove trump from office as vengeance for him winning in 2016, democrats are obsessed with removing him from office. it is becoming the identity of their party and at some point the constituents of these democrats will demand something other than just resist trump, doesn't seem like a great plan in 2020.
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ibly20 the base on a decide is pretty entrenched whether they are with donald trump or the resist movement, what happens to the middle, watching these reports unfold over months and now years at a time up until the 2020 election? >> they will be dismayed at democrats who have been promising since day one, listen to adam schiff, he said there was actual evidence. there is not only no evidence, you don't even have a single witness and for adam schiff to continue to throw out new allegations was no evidence, no witness, no smoking gun is the most irresponsible thing you can do when you're interested with that gavel on the intel committee. is a joke of a congressman, in no way should be in that position and the voters will take it out on the democrats and take them out of power. >> this is what sarah sanders says, chairman never tell the democrats embarked on a fishing
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expedition because they're terrified or two year false narrative of russian collusion is crumbling, they are not after the truth, they are after the president. do you think the american public may view that way? >> i don't think so. the president is an unindicted co-conspirator, tied up in criminal conspiracy, his former personal lawyer pled guilty. despite what jason said there are already pieces of evidence about criminal coordination. you had paul manafort, the campaign chairman giving 75 pages of polling data to the russian intelligence guy, you had roger stone coordinating what he at least believed with information about wikileaks and giving it to the campaign. is that going to be the smoking gun from watergate? i don't know. i don't have that information any more than jason does the leader of us can conclude where this will go. daymac we should know when a special counsel wraps up. we have plenty to wade through with these democrat investigations on the hill. great to have you. this is a fox news alert, the
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wall street journal is reporting that attorney for michael cohen asked about a possible pardon. the conversation allegedly happened in april last year, weeks after the fbi raided cohen's home and office after the president's lawyers reportedly dismissed the idea cohen employer left the impression he might cooperate with the southern district of new york's probe. and this fox news alert, dozens of people still missing in alabama tonight after a tornado ripped a rural community sunday leaving more than 20 people dead. authorities shedding new on the massive twister, how fast it was traveling. jonathan terry is there with the latest. >> as we go into the night you can still hear the sound of hammers and occasional saws as work crews are rebuilding and trying to get into neighborhoods temporarily isolated from the outside world in the wake of this powerful storm.
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the day after the storm surge teams come to the worsted communities that were either too dangerous or impossible to reach overnight. >> we stand with you today, tomorrow and in the days and weeks ahead. >> the national weather service believes the twister became through yesterday was a powerful ef 4 packing wents of 175 mph. >> since the oklahoma tornado in 2013. >> a young girl embraces her grandmother who survived the storm by taking cover in an interior closet. other survivors share similar stories. >> i was in my room and try to go to the top of the house. >> intense winds copy w cell tower blocking portions of the highway near smith station, alabama. the storm system knocked out power to 30,000 homes and
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businesses across alabama and georgia causing damage in south carolina and the florida panhandle toppling trees and utility poles but the worst damage was in eastern alabama. >> we pledge unwavering support to help you rebuild from the depths of this horrible tragedy. >> reporter: the white house and congress after their condolences. house speaker nancy pelosi said congress will stand by families reeling from this tragedy to help this community recover and rebuild. the property damage is extensive, the human toll has been devastating. among the confirmed fatalities, authorities say were three children who lost their lives ages 6, 9, and 10. daymac the president's own party block the emergency declaration? a growing number of republican support the president but not this moved to funnel more funding for wall on the southern border. >> i do believe there are at
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least ten republicans, possibly more. daymac mark morgan and texas attorney general ken paxton join us whether they think there is an emergency at the border and whether lawmakers can stop the president.
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>> the showdown is upon us that the first veto by donald trump and most stunning, he has republicans to thank for it. a republican he plays golf with, senator rand paul, who says the president's emergency declaration is a bridge too far. >> most of us think it would be an emergency if there's a television show or state of the union, everything closed up, everybody dies, that would be an emergency. people incapacitated by anthrax, that's an emergency, but wanting to fund something congress wouldn't give you the money for doesn't. >> reporter: the junior senator from kentucky join susan collins of maine, lisa murkowski tom, tom tillis of north carolina in opposing the president. the 47 senators who caucused with the democrats against the national emergency and it passes the senate. >> what is clear in the senate, there will be enough votes to pass the resolution of disapproval. which will be vetoed by the
12:19 am
president. >> reporter: this is the math mitch mcconnell is counting on, even with four republican senator seen as possible additional defectors it is nowhere near close enough to the 67 votes in the senate needed to override a veto. the original resolution the house past with 245 votes, will short the 285 needed to override the promised veto. >> america's southern border must be strongly secured. we fight wars 6000 miles away, we spend billions and billions of dollars but we don't control our own border. >> donald trump didn't call his golfing partner out by name, and paul seem to be looking forward to his fourth presidential outing. >> i spoke to the president last night and we had a good discussion, he understands where i'm coming from and he didn't tell me we would never play golf again so i think we are okay.
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>> reporter: rand paul told reporters, didn't you know donald trump never loses? as the math stands tonight, that will hold true on the national emergency declaration as well. shannon: leave and said looks like we are about to see donald trump's first veto. let's turn to the former border patrol chief mark morgan and attorney general texas ken paxton talking about what we are dealing with. welcome to you both. you saw rand paul, wrote an op-ed saying everyone i know decried the use of executive power to legislate. we were right then. the only way to be an honest officeholder is to stand up for the same principles no matter who is in power. i know you launched a number of lawsuits against the obama administration about executive power issues with why is this
12:21 am
different? >> the president was given authority through a statute. the definition of national emergency is not defined in that statute, totally up to the president make a decision. congress came in and said here's with the definition is, every president to decide what a national emergency is. shannon: senator tom tillis will vote against the president on this, republicans should think about this. imagine president bernie sanders declared a national emergency to implement part of the green new deal, elizabeth moran declared a national emergency to shutdown banks and take the financial institutions or president cory booker declaring a national emergency to restrict second amendment rights. >> i'm not worried about that. i'm worried what is going on today at the southwest border. they can deal with that when it comes. this is about the president
12:22 am
using authority -- this is about he votes no against this he is saying he does not once again believe the experts on the ground saying this is a crisis. he is not be leaving the numbers. 70,000 in one month. do the math. 800,000 illegal aliens coming into the country and that is just the ones we catch. how is that not a crisis? shannon: nbc news wall street journal, the iraq in public are not convinced, 39% approve of the president of this national emergency to build the wall, 60% disapprove. >> if they were on the border they might have a different opinion. we are talking hundreds of thousands of crimes, human trafficking, drugs coming across the border. it is a crisis because we are a border state. you have a different perspective when you are border states and when you're not. shannon: the piece about what is
12:23 am
happening at the border. and undocumented women, have been been by disobeying strangers, coerced into prosecution. and a handful of cases, and think of it in those terms, to go through that treatment. >> is making it up. it is a manufactured crisis. shannon: the new york times is making it up. >> fact after fact after fact, the current chief of border patrol, with congressional testimony, talks about border patrol conducted 4300 rescues of people trying to -- they risk their lives to conduct 1000
12:24 am
rescues, this is not compassionate to not secure our borders, is not compassionate. they are allowing little children to be abused like you said, that is not manufactured, that is fact, people are dying every day because we are not securing the border. this is the wrong thing not to secure the borders. shannon: of the president vetoes this they will make the decision. another democrat enters, and john hicken looper, made it official, moderate governor has a chance defeating a democratic socialist, congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez's chief of staff facing serious charges, the stunning allegations filed with the federal election commission. when we started our business
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our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. fox news has obtained a copy of the house ant jillian: a draft of the house antiterrorism -- anti-semitism is illusion, democrats plan to introduce in the wake of more
12:29 am
controversial statements by congresswoman omar. >> reporter: this resolution does not mention congresswoman omar by name but it is rebuke the language she is in hot water for using. according to a draft of the resolution its purpose is to reject anti-semitism as he flicks mission of intolerance that are contradictory to the values that define the people of the united states. it goes on to list examples of what constitutes anti-semitism and includes multiple references to accusations of dual loyalty which suggest jewish americans are more loyal to israel than to the us. that is the very thing omar is criticized for after sitting american supporters are pushing people, to have allegiance to another country. >> a movement in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to foreign countries.
12:30 am
i want to ask why is it okay for me to talk about the influence of the nra or fossil fuel industry or big pharma and not talk about a powerful lobbying that is influencing congress? >> reporter: those comments were met with widespread accommodation -- condemnation by the democrats including elliot abrams who said her remarks were outrageous, anti-semitic slur. omar was urged to retreat the statements a lawmakers must debate without prejudice or bigotry. i'm sad representative omar continues to characterize support for israel. despite that backlash, the freshman lawmakers doubling down tweeting i have questioned it and that has been clear from my end. i'm told every i'm anti-american if i'm not pro-israel. i find it to be problematic and
12:31 am
i am not alone. i just happened to be willing to speak up on it and open myself to attacks. omar has been in congress for three months but this is the third time she's been accused of making anti-semitic remarks, her latest comments, a dozen pro-israel groups urging house speaker nancy pelosi to remove omar from the house foreign affairs committee. shannon: the already crowded democratic presidential primary just got bigger. a former governor is in, the front-runner among declared candidates is breaking away from progressive candidates. bernie sanders does not support slavery reparations. >> just a check to every african-american? a check to every native american -- the way we go forward is to build america together.
12:32 am
>> reporter: peter doocy has more of the 2020 countdown tonight. >> reporter: the first wave of 2020 candidates came from congress, the next wave is coming from statehouses. >> i'm john hicken looper. i'm running for president because we are facing a crisis. >> reporter: the former colorado governor joins a deal where many of the most excited primary voters made up their minds. this weekend, 12,500 screaming fans turned out in chicago not to cheer for the pool or bears or blackhawks but bernie. >> three years ago they thought we were kind of crazy and extreme. not the case anymore. >> reporter: senator sanders took his pitch to the radio this morning where he pledged to legalize pot. >> didn't do a lot for me. >> reporter: in selma, 2020 candidate cory booker was seen hugging the nominee, hillary clinton, whose family brand is fading.
12:33 am
the ap reports her husband bill likely won't be next year because, quote, so far none of the party's early front runners has had a formal meeting with clinton nor have the women who are running in a historically diverse primary field, sherrod brown is two weeks from a decision on the campaign and had a chance to check in with hillary in selma but passed. >> any advice today? >> safe trip home. >> reporter: the wall street journal nbc news poll finds donald trump begins his religion effort with four out of 10 voters saying they would definitely or probably vote for him and the president has 16 months to improve that number before democrats nominate his challenger. shannon: alexandria ocasio cortez under fire leading the real is roundup. they are facing a complaint with the federal election commission that says the new york democrat
12:34 am
violated campaign finance laws by working to funnel $1 million in contributions to private companies owned by her chief of staff. such transfers would not be improper but the complaint by the conservative national legal and policy center argues the goal was seemingly to illegally dodge legal reporting requirements designed to track campaign expenditures. hillary clinton telling westchester she is not running in 2020 and not considering office in new york that includes mayor or governor. philadelphia the first city in the nation to ban so-called cashless stores. supporters say protect low-income residentss from dissemination but amazon says it griffin than opening a line of stores in the city of brotherly love. the legal team says it is exploring its options. in a fiery speech from cpac, donald trump praises his own accomplishment.
12:35 am
>> washington dc, you know what? we are winning and they are not. >> others hated the speech. jason tate and jason chaffetz, stick around.
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>> we believe in the american dream, not in the socialist nightmare. democrat lawmakers have totally abandoned the american mainstream, embracing open borders, socialism and extreme late-term abortion but perhaps nothing is more extreme than the democrats plan to completely take over american energy. when the wind stopped blowing that is the end of your electric. is the wind blowing today? i would like to watch television. >> more than two hours of that
12:40 am
cpac. conservative said one of his best speeches yet, liberals call it completely unhinged. we will glance at his 2020 reelection strategy. national spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign and kristin tate and jason chaffetz. welcome to all of you. let's play something from a national security analyst who is not a fan of the speech. >> makes me sick. on a personal level, preserving your heritage, reclaim your heritage silica certainly difficult members of my family and 6 million other jews in the 1940s. shannon: let's start there. when you invoke hitler that is serious business but that is her take on the speech. >> the left and a lot of people in the media hated the speech but this was not a speech for them nor even a speech for the
12:41 am
american public as a whole. this was a speech packaged and delivered for trump's base and they loved it. trump was funny, bold, combative and at times did a pretty good job laying out a positive future for the country. what really struck me was this speech was evidence trump has transformed the republican party. today the republican party is the trump party. he kept people entertained for two hours, the man has a lot of energy and right now i don't know if any of the democrats declared for 2020 can keep up with this. shannon: you saw him hugging the flag. nick gillespie said trump might have won the 2020 election today. there is no potential candidate in the democratic party who wouldn't be blown off the stage by him. i say this as someone who is neither a trump fan nor never trumper, he was prince at the super bowl great. i like that prince performance.
12:42 am
>> i don't agree with that. my problem with his speech was what kristin just said. he wasn't speaking to america. he was speaking to the diehard fans in the room and when trump ran he talked about the forgotten men and women of america. he talks about how the economy is the best it has ever been. meanwhile midwest farmers are going bankrupt at higher rates than they did during the recession. 7 million americans are three months behind on car loans. donald trump is sitting here saying everything is great while healthcare costs are going up, wages can't keep up with the cost of education or just living your life, trump forgot what he talked about in 2016 it did help him get here in this is a huge opportunity for democrats and it will be a big problem is he runs for reelection. >> second topic is a new complaint filed with the federal election commission against
12:43 am
congresswoman ocasiocortez, funneling money to two of his private companies, the chief of staff. tom anderson, the head of this conservative group says this, i've never seen a more ambitious operation to circumvent reporting requirements. she has been vocal in condemning dark money but thrown campaign went to great lengths to avoid the sunlight of disclosure. an allegation for now but that is what it is. >> a serious allegation involving million dollars. there are campaign limits what you give to a campaign or a pack or how the pack discloses that and how they disperse this money but it appears based on the allegation these packs were created and these llcs were formed in an elaborate scheme to funnel nearly $1 million. that is the allegation and for aoc who is trying to champion openness and transparency and
12:44 am
accountability, this is about as serious an allegation is gets including fines and going to jail. evolved through and found guilty. shannon: those are the allegations tonight and we await a response from the congresswoman's office. we got to leave it there. thank you for being with us tonight. coming up the trump administration divers millions of dollars away from clinics performing abortion like planned parenthood. lawsuits have been filed and guess where? here to weigh in. ♪ ♪ ahhh, ha. ♪ ♪ oh yeah, baby. ♪ ♪ like a fool i went and stayed too long. ♪ ♪ now i'm wondering if your loves still strong. ♪ ♪ ooo baby, here i am, signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours ♪ applebee's 3 course meal starting at $11.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> shannon: at 21 heather: 21 states are suing or planning to sue the trump demonstration over a new policy that could cut millions in federal funding from planned parenthood and other abortion providers, democratic attorney general leading the charge filing a separate lawsuit today, and the president of live-action, lila roads. i will play a little of what the california attorney general had to say. >> today is march 4, 2019. the operative words are 2019. this is not 1920.
12:49 am
yet here we are still fighting the same old battles for women's rights. this is a systematic effort to end access to birth control and safe legal abortion. shannon: democrats 1 millions of women will is access to birth control and healthcare as well. >> one of the biggest scams in american politics today that planned parenthood is the biggest abortion chain, there abortion numbers of gone up over the last 10 years and healthcare services, and 900 abortions a day, people like the attorney general, his campaign was funded by planned parenthood. he will try to block the federal government from stopping taxpayers from having to fund abortion join committing these atrocities and lying to women in the process. shannon: there is money that
12:50 am
goes through title x, the very health clinics and family planning clinics all over the country somebody would go to other health clinics don't perform abortions, the house minority whip says the title 10 program was never meant to subsidize abortion providers during the clinton administration, it was distorted and others receiving millions of taxpayer dollars. what do you make of that? >> title x also requires segregation of funds to be used in the title x program can't be used for abortion providing. only 3% of planned parenthood expenses are related to abortion. i personally know -- way back when in college, she was in college and needed to have women's health services performed, i took her through the protesters, it wasn't for an abortion but for women's health services. that is not unique in places
12:51 am
like rural texas, planned parenthood is the only provider for 200 miles around, you are having a real impact on lower income women's access to healthcare. shannon: let me bring lila in, the argument that there won't be healthcare options, there are several health clinics for abortions but they are everywhere. >> thousands of federally qualified health centers that provide more comprehensive services than planned parenthood. your for into an area where planned parenthood is the only game in tougher abortion and the reality is this 3% number you mentioned is inaccurate. planned parenthood claims 2% of what we do as abortion, that is a lie even the washington post gave it 3 pinocchio's, slate, misleading, 40% of their clinic income is from abortion. there numbers of abortions of gone up, other health services have gone down. if they cared about other health services why don't they stop doing abortions? why don't they give up the killing of the children in their facilities?
12:52 am
900 children every day whose lives are ended? why don't they provide healthcare for women? shannon: in a separate often say we won't do abortions if we are making sure women have healthcare will give that part of it up? >> i can't speak to what they are doing organizationally but god for but you have a miscarriage and need a dnc. that is almost identical. women have problems getting access in a timely fashion after having a miscarriage, women run into that specific problem. >> it is go to planned parenthood for that, you can go to a hospital. >> planned parenthood does those as well. >> they don't deal with healthcare. >> required by law already. >> we will fact check and put out the information because we won't settle this debate tonight but thank you for being here to talk about it. when we return our midnight hero
12:53 am
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heather: new concerns by some on the right about the supreme court specifically john roberts, who was appointed by george w. bush. conservatives are worrying he may be drifting permanently to the left. let's look at roberts's record. >> some days are better than others. >> reporter: chief justice of the united states first among equals, the political spotlight he tried to avoid. on a range of hot button issues john roberts sided with four more liberal colleagues including a february vote to block enforcement of restrictive louisiana law on abortion clinic access. last week he ruled for a death row inmate over right-leaning colleagues objections. the latest signed the
12:58 am
64-year-old roberts is hitting the pause button on the conservative press ushered in by donald trump after nominating neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. >> minimalist strategy, whatever your hoping for in your preferred area of law this court won't move with giant steps. >> reporter: since november, he voted on separate pending appeals half a dozen times on issues like immigration and transgender is in the military. these votes do not yet go to the merits of larger issues they signal roberts shaky place in the court's middle as the so-called swing justice, and unofficial title he inherited with anthony kennedy retiring. the chief did not explain why he has taken a cautious go slow approach. the current docket free of too many high profile disputes including the dac a immigration program, indian abortion restrictions and all bdt workplace dissemination.
12:59 am
watchers say maybe a pattern of strategic avoidance. he talked about keeping the judiciary free of partisan sniping that reached a fever pitch during the brett kavanaugh confirmation. >> we are not doing politics. people need to know we are doing something different, applying the law. >> reporter: the chief justice's relationship with donald trump has not been without friction. they engaged in a public spat last november after trump criticized immigration ruling by what he called an obama judge. in a statement roberts defended the integrity of the federal bench prompting more twitter pushback from the president. time for midnight hero, the appreciation for law enforcement to the next level, this 10-year-old from florida pledged to run 150 miles holding the thin blue line flag to honor the officers who died on duty in 2018. 's goal was to raise $100 for each fallen officer to 15,000
1:00 am
but as of monday, 20,000. because of that he is our midnight hero along with all those law enforcement officers. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. heather: it is tuesday, march 5th, this is "fox and friends first". at 4:00 on the east coast, a fox news alert. catastrophic damage in the deep south. dozens of people missing after a devastating tornado outbreak on the ground, a firsthand look. the illegal immigrant accused of killing molly tibbetts wants his trial moved, the location is not fair to his client. feeling the heat on the hill, the massive election complaint implicating alexandria ocasi


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