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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 5, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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but as of monday, 20,000. because of that he is our midnight hero along with all those law enforcement officers. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. heather: it is tuesday, march 5th, this is "fox and friends first". at 4:00 on the east coast, a fox news alert. catastrophic damage in the deep south. dozens of people missing after a devastating tornado outbreak on the ground, a firsthand look. the illegal immigrant accused of killing molly tibbetts wants his trial moved, the location is not fair to his client. feeling the heat on the hill, the massive election complaint implicating alexandria ocasio cortez in a million-dollar slush
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fund scheme. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ heather: a live look from new york city, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning, thank you for starting the day with us. let's get to the fox news alert, a serious one, the extent of devastation in the south, we followed this as it broke yesterday. look at this. homes land, lives completely destroyed after the deadliest
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tornado outbreak in six years. a desperate search for anyone who may be buried in the rubble. live on the ground in bora guard, alabama for our first look, what are you seeing? >> we are standing a few hundred yards from a leveled neighborhood just gone. you see the police lines a few hundred yards away, police blocked the area for the next 30 minutes and too dangerous to go in in the dark, so much rubble and downed power lines, police are waiting for another 30 minutes and we will get a firsthand look. in the meantime i want to show you video from daylight that paints the picture of what we are dealing with on the ground and we want to talk about this. folks have been picking through to find anything recognizable,
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cars crushed, overturned trunk, debris everywhere. the lee county sheriff describing it as somebody taking a giant knife and scraping the ground. this morning everyone across the nation mourning the loss of the 23 killed and that includes three children. fourth-grader taylor thornton and 6-year-old armando hernandez among them, described as a child of god who brought so much joy to all who knew her. we are hearing 53-year-old david wayne dean. listen to what his widow had to say about him. >> he was the reason i lived. it was a special bond. he completed me and i completed him. >> reporter: heartbreaking to
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hear. authorities are going to release all the names of the 23 victims today. meeting with families later this afternoon to talk to them. there are some that are unaccounted for. physically they are in recognizable. the coroner has to use fingerprints to try to id those victims and hopefully we will have some answers soon. in lee county, alabama, fox news. jillian: heather: moved in so quickly and was gone like that. devastating lives. we appreciate it. let's follow this story we brought you yesterday. a judge denies and isis bride's request to fast-track her case to bring her back to the united states. the attorney argued she is in danger at the syrian refugee camp. the judge said there is no sufficient evidence of that, her
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attorney sounding off of the story last night. >> can't remove people from the united states or citizens because we are concerned they might be dangerous. heather: the family is suing the trump administration claiming she is a citizen and has a right to come back. the trump administration doubling down saying she's not a citizen and cannot return. >> reporter: donald from determined she will not come back and we don't need that kind of risk, we don't need people like her who threaten the lives of americans. heather: she left alabama to join isis, married three isis fighters and promoted killing americans on social media. it will be months before that case goes back to court. the illegal immigrant charged with killing molly tibbetts wants his trial moved somewhere more diverse.
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christian rivera's attorney arguing there is not a big enough minority population for a fair jury pool. they want his confession thrown out claiming rivera wasn't read his rights before questioning. he pleaded not guilty to murdering tibbetts last summer. his trial begins in september. the white house accusing democrats of attacking the president to distract from the, quote, socialist agenda as leaders in the house launched a series of wide-ranging investigations with impeachment on the horizon. griff jenkins live in washington with how the president is responding. i can bet how he is responding. >> reporter: one of the leaders of the house, chairman of the house judiciary committee jerrold nadler, launched a broad wide ranging investigation, the mueller probe demanding documents from 81 people associated with the president
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from the white house, the campaign, it is clear laws of been broken. >> the obstruction of justice and corruption. law is to protect the rule of law in this country. >> reporter: the president vowing to cooperate when asked by reporters. >> will you cooperate with nadler? >> i cooperate all the time. no collusion, it is all a hoax. >> reporter: nadler says it is too early to talk about impeachment before they have all the facts but members of the party appear ready. maxine waters tweeting for the faint of heart who have been waiting for every t to be crossed and i to be dotted now is the time to illustrate your patriotism, support impeachment, republicans see this as democrats plan b. kevin mccarthy blasting the
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move. >> we know there is no collusion, we don't have to worry about that, we have to start our own, throwing but anyway they can. >> reporter: william barr will not recuse himself from oversight of the investigation, no word when that might be released but it could be wrapping up soon. heather: eventually when people say it will be released they will be right. we will talk more about these investigations coming up. democrats choosing to investigate rather than legislate with this massive probe of everyone in the president's orbit. former us attorney joe to jennifer warns this is a fishing expedition. >> a letter to 81 people to produce documents, everyone should refuse and when subpoenas they should take the fifth, this is not a legitimate investigation. it is a fishing investigation. they are trying to get people up
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there to make them look bad to try to make the president look bad. no one should talk to this committee. everyone should take the fifth. if everyone takes the fifth the american people will understand this is not a legitimate investigation. it is political theater and it is disgraceful conduct approved of by the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. heather: despite claims from democrats of apple evidence of russia collusion special counsel robert mueller has yet to link the president to any election meddling. today, 20 states file lawsuits against the trump administration's new abortion policy, california attorney general is suing to try to stop the new which stops taxpayer-funded clinics from referring women to abortion providers. credit worry it will redistrict, redirect millions of dollars in funding for places like planned parenthood to clinics with religious affiliation.
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the ferry of legal action coming as 16 states fight to block donald trump's national emergency. despite the court battles the president is calling on state attorney general to comply with efforts to protect the nation. >> the southern border must be urgently and strongly secured. i urge everyone to make sure states and cities fully cooperate with the department of homeland security in their life-saving mission. heather: 16 attorney general suing attended the white house event honoring chief legal officers from all around the country. democratic leaders claim the president's declaration is unconstitutional. you may have been waiting for this, hillary clinton putting 2020 rumors to rest. >> i'm not running but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe.
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i want to be sure people understand i am going to keep speaking out. i am not going anywhere. what is at stake, the kind of things are happening right now are deeply troubling to me. we have got not just polarized, we have gotten into opposing camps unlike anything i have ever seen in my adult life. heather: clinton says she's not planning on running for office in her home state of new york either, by the way. after four months the winner of that $1.5 billion mega millions jackpot has claimed the price sort of. the anonymous winner still anonymous taking a 1-time payout of $877 million. that is the largest payout to a single winner in us history. the commission says an act of kindness is to thank for the when, he let another customer go ahead while they were in line for tickets in south carolina. give us a call. it is early in the morning but
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the mardi gras party you are looking at right there still raging on for some folks, one partygoer in a hat, this is a live look courtesy of the camp, the final day of mardi gras before lent known as fat tuesday, a day to eat whatever you want, the celebration wraps up at midnight tonight, police ride horses down urban street to clear out the crowds, one guy with his hat, bound and determined to have fun. 12 minutes after the top of the hour, democrats launching that sweeping probe into donald trump. do they have a case or are they getting desperate? david bruno says this could backfire big time a democrat in his life to explain. talk about higher education, students going to pot for four years.
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>> we will issue document requests. over 60 people and individuals. >> there is no collusion. now they morph into heather: jerry nadler announcing a sweeping investigation into donald trump. dozens of the president's associates have been asked to produce documents so have democrats gone fishing for a crime? david bruno joins me to weigh in. thanks for joining us. we have a long list and you bring up some of them, 81 people, companies as well. who is involved in this?
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organizations? >> this is the fallback from mueller -- this is for two reasons, to impeach him. it is up until 2020. who was on the list? i can't believe they request information, attorney-client privilege. there are other things that are executive privilege, are they over the line? possibly but this is in their responsibility and they have oversight and are within the law. heather: is this a
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is it going to work, do they think they have a case they can win? leading up to the 2020 investigation which some, >> they are the ones who have to vote in a number of years. we have to see that. heather: an additional investigation adding on to many investigations, donald trump and his family and finances and people heard the most about,
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russia collusion, which one is the most dangerous for the president? >> we heard a lot about the mueller investigation versus specific order and limitations to it but there's nothing limiting the southern district of new york. it came up in the michael cohen testimony. at times he said i can't talk about that because of the southern district of new york investigation. that one got the plea on the campaign finance, and reportedly they are looking at the organizations and the foundation. of all the investigations that is the most concerning for the president. heather: in terms of the mueller investigation, we were told it would be released or wrapped up last week, now we are told in
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the coming days, what impact will that have if any on all of the rest of these investigations including these individuals being asked to turn over this documentation? >> looks like there is overlap. the public will have a problem with that. if mueller has done this investigation with millions and millions of dollars the country has put into that and now we have other committees, judiciary, oversight, intel, three committees right there looking at the same thing mueller has looked at, it its -- heather: it is not good oversight if you are in charge of the oversight committee to do the same work over and over again costing taxpayers money. thank you for joining us. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. apology not accepted. attorneys for the covington catholic high school student at the center of this confrontation
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taking fresh aim at the washington post. the paper trying to whitewash the whole thing? carly shimkus with reaction to the new legal battle. ♪ we are not going to take it ♪ we are not going to take it anymore (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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can i find my wifi password? just ask. [ ding ] show me my wifi password. hey now! [ ding ] you can even troubleshoot, learn new voice commands and much more. clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. >> what you did to those two nimrods back there was great. >> i just don't believe in winning through intimidation unless i am doing the intimidating. >> luke parry has died just days after suffering a major stroke. the star best known as bad boy dylan mckay in beverly hills
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90210, carly shimkus with condolences flowing on social media. this is shocking yesterday. >> looking at that clip of him, the james dean look to him, best known for his role on beverly hills 90210 and for one of his former costars, tori spelling, reacted to the sad news of his passing. luke was one of the kindest and most human beings, grateful for years of friendship, he was a protector and a brother. i am so sorry for the loss everyone was experiencing. another former costars says i will forever bask in the loving memories over the last 30 years. god, please give him a seat close to you, he deserves it. another former costar says i am so heartbroken and at a loss for words.
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you were a mighty soul and have left your mark, he was surrounded by his family on his passing. and the upcoming quentin tarantino film once upon a time in hollywood which is set to be released in july. he will be in that film. heather: people taking opportunities talk a little more about the warning signs of a stroke. this could turn into an educational opportunity. let's talk about a big-time lawyer slamming the washington post editors for a letter trying to apologize but clearly not enough. >> they released this editor's note about the covington catholic controversy saying reporting misled because not all the information they reported on was available to them at the
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time but nick sandman's lawyer saying too little too late, the post did not have the integrity to admit it's negligent of fundamental journalistic standards, social media sounding off on this one. when instagram user same freedom of the press is going to a costly -- suing washington post for $250 million. and we have freedom of the press, the freedom to out light lie about something, the washington post will dispute that, saying didn't have all the information at the time. heather: not saying i'm sorry what we did is wrong. all different walks of life. the president ignoring critics and serving up facts but adding chick-fil-a to the menu.
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>> we like american companies. chick-fil-a -- better than i knew. heather: trump telling north dakota state university, could have had the white house staff, you know you want fast food instead. this is reminding people for the clemson tigers when during the partial government shutdown, he didn't have the food. got a whole bunch of fast food. heather: good advertisement for all those businesses. >> that's what i'm going to get for lunch. heather: the time is almost half past the top of the our. congresswoman omar just won't stop doubling down on her anti-semitic comments. working to get her off the
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>> dozens missing in alabama set to resume at daybreak after the deadliest tornado in six years. they are returning to destroy homes, 23 people are dead, their names expected to be released today. three children included. the white house accusing democrats of attacking the president to distract from, quote, socialist agenda, this after the house launches a series of wide-ranging
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investigations, jerry nadler officially requesting documents from 81 people. donald trump vowing to cooperate, and 20 states filing lawsuits against the trump administration is new abortion policy. the california attorney general suing to stop the new rules stopping tax refunds clinics from referring women to abortion providers. congresswoman omar back in the hot seat as the democrats wrapped a resolution condemning anti-semitism after controversial remarks. they call for her removal from the house foreign affairs committee. endowment for middle east truth and co-authored them iran joins us with more. thank you for joining us. we certainly appreciate it. let's just begin with reasoning behind drafting this letter, why you felt it was necessary.
1:34 am
>> omar has proven time and time again she lacks the objectivity and demeanor, and and -- she tweeted out, may allah awaken people to the evil ways of israel. and this horrible canard that jews iran alliance with the devil. and the two months she has been in the u.s. congress she has tweeted out, talking about how jews have undue influence of dark buying power.
1:35 am
it is totally inappropriate for someone trafficking anti-semitic canard to have a seat in this committee. heather: we know the house will vote on this resolution condemning anti-semitism on wednesday. we have some of the names involved in this. nancy pelosi, steny hoyer, elliott angle, who is the chair of the committee, jerry nadler among some others. that is not enough for you. >> it is far from sufficient. this is not the kind of committee someone should be sitting on. classic canards of dual loyalty which seems to be to connote that one cannot appreciate a fellow democratic how i was sure democratic values and this is not enough.
1:36 am
this woman should be off this committee. heather: members of her own party calling her out for the things she said. and she seems to double down, i called them apologies in her statement following their criticism, she doubles down and makes it worse. heather: >> she went on february 27th, to washington establishment and double down on the classic anti-semitic canard. how could it be that a groups it could have such powerful influence. heather: dual citizenship -- i want to talk about this. in 2014, a tweet she set out. when she fought for compassion in isis recruit sentencing in minnesota.
1:37 am
and this is a quote from her. incarcerating 20-year-old men 30 to 40 years, such punitive measures not only lack efficacy but inevitably create an environment in which extremism can flourish. this is group of individuals in minnesota accused of trying to join isis, accused of buying fake passports to travel to syria to fight for isis. she thought the courts should go lenient on them. >> this is so inappropriate. isis sees america as the arch enemy. this is treasonous. isis is the penultimate islamic terrorist organization that has done tremendous things, killed thousands of people for different religions, that are not quite as radical as they are. she should have passion for
1:38 am
these sorts of people who have done the most barbaric acts imaginable, burned people alive in cages, but we are supposed to show compassion for those, that is demonstrative of where this person's allegiances are and since they consider america the archenemy and quintessential evil. she should not have a place in this sensitive and important committee where she will have access to classified information. >> this is something we need to pay attention to. heather: was the height of isis violence where these videos were being released, the beheadings and individuals held in cages. thank you so much, appreciate you bringing this to our attention, let us know what happens.
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the time is 20 minutes until the top of the our. alexandria ocasio cortez's campaign could be in serious trouble with the sec. nearly $1 million question. imagine this. a 2000 pound bison charging at you. the story behind this crazy video. ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪
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heather: alexandria ocasio cortez and her chief of staff could be in serious trouble with the federal election commission. a new complaint accuses her chief of staff $808,000 in political action committees to private companies that he controlled to support other candidates. this allowed the campaign to dodge reporting the money to the ftc. the pack says the payments were for strategic consulting.
1:43 am
aoc's office is not commented. the democratic socialist under fire for her green new deal is a former president of greenpeace, canada, and environmental activist group is warning about the dangers of the proposal. >> saying we have to illuminate fossil fuels, all fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas in ten years, this would be a suicide pact. heather: patrick more claims she had a progressives are using children as a front to promote climate change and socialism. aoc has defended her plan saying it would put people to work, lead to new infrastructure and accomplish 100% renewable energy. the teenager who got vaccinated against his parents wishes taking his message to capitol hill. >> i will be testifying about preventable diseases spreading
1:44 am
and outbreaks of preventable diseases and the information that causes these outbreaks. heather: ethan lindenberg are's parents did not believe in vaccines but when he turned 18 he went and got them himself. the ohio teenager will be back on "fox and friends" to share his story at 6:45 eastern time. bringing a whole new meaning to higher education. college now offering a 4-year degree in cannabis chemistry. hundreds of students majoring in the subject, students will not be growing marijuana but instead learning how to measure and extract medical compounds from plants and apply those skills. schools nationwide started similar majors as the cannabis industry continues to grow. we asked you would you pay for your students to study part? your comments have been pouring in. donald and instagram said like it or not it is a growing field so yes. ron on facebook rights people who studied pot for four years
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were called stoners. this -- a degree to be unemployed. and brandon on facebook says why not? it would be one of the biggest industries. keep your comments coming in. the time is almost 10 minutes until the top of the hour. he told you it would happen. >> you may even get tired of winning and you will say please, please, it is too much winning. heather: now it is the hottest job market in half a century but how long will it last? financial analyst says better get used to it. he is plaintiff next in studio. ♪ fighting to the end ♪ ♪ we are the champions ♪ we are the champions ♪
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>> we want to create a climate where people want to do business in america and we are creating that climate. these policies are working. americans are better off today than they were in the past. the president has proven his ability to execute on that mission. >> ivanka trump touting the success of her father's economy but how long will the boom last? financial analyst here to weigh in. thank you for joining us, great to have you with us. let's take a look, the bottom line, some of the main statistics, and the president's economy they added jobs, 100 consecutive months and right now unemployment claims, 49 year low.
1:50 am
i things going to continue to get better? will this last? is there a big bust coming? >> don't know there's a such thing as the perfect economy but we are getting pretty close to where we are right now. do i think this is going to last? i think it is going to last for quite some time. if you look at the fundamentals of our economy they are really strong and there is one statistic that is really important. for the last 18 months we have been adding manufacturing jobs. that is so important to the economy. you cannot be a world economic power unless you are producing something that it can't be all service and technology. there needs to be production. that is why china became such a world economic power? because of production. we cannot as we have to be able to compete. a lot of people thought donald trump was crazy when he said we are going to bring manufacturing back but he has been able to do it. heather: i heard someone talking
1:51 am
the other day about presidents a what they will do but donald trump saying what he is currently doing because it is happening. you can take a look at the unemployment rate across different sectors, african-american community, latinos, hispanics and everybody is benefiting right now. >> one of the important things to keep our ion is what the fed does with interest rates. we've seen the president putting a lot of pressure on the fed chairman jerome powell in terms of saying we have to keep the interest rates low. of the interest rate starts to rise you will see the economy slowdown and that is something the president doesn't want and americans want. heather: something americans do want, they always want a big return on tax season but we are hearing different stories right now. a week ago, two weeks ago we heard returns are down this
1:52 am
year, then over the past weekend we heard no, in fact they are up. what is the real story? >> two weeks ago there was a report that refunds were down 8.4% compared to last year. now we are here refunds are actually up 1.3% so this will continue to go back and forth. we can't get caught up with what are the refund amounts because it is misleading. what you have to look at on april 15th and you can compare how much tax you pay last year to this year. that is the tale of the tape. heather: some people have less money taken out during each paycheck so they had more coming in all year long. >> paychecks were larger during the year and as a result their refund was less. let's keep in mind the tax code by nature picks winners and losers. it does depends where you live. if you are in a high tax state
1:53 am
like new york, new jersey, california, the chances of you getting less money this year increase dramatically. heather: alexandria cortez's mom moved to florida for that reason from new york before the trump administration, talking about taxes being so high. >> if you are going to overtax people -- heather: i like that. wealth is mobile. have protest erupted after group of high school students say they were punished for wearing m aga gears and parents lawmakers demanding answers. one state democratic governor has a new plan to fix the roads.
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whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites
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to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! heather: lawmakers demanding a state investigation into a high school accused of disciplining students for wearing m aga gear, officials saying the high school may have violated student's first amendment rights, the students said they were asked to leave campus with a certain tax and accessories, a party in the usa spirit day. >> you asked my daughter to
1:58 am
leave the campus. who did? >> police officers. heather: parents and students protesting in favor of free speech, the school insists the students were not punished for their political views but they were causing disruptions and safety concerns. this college dean speaking on why she's resigning over a chick-fil-a ban, cynthia newman telling campus reform she's leaving because of opposition to restaurants religious values. >> i felt i have been punched in the face and there are too many christians, chick-fil-a used their corporate purpose statement to glorify god. heather: down for summer after the new jersey school refused to apologize. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. a threat against first-class treatment when a bridesmaid forget that at home and leaves the country. southwest airlines agreed to fly the dress from houston to costa
1:59 am
rica after the woman's friend tweeted the request, posting a picture of the bridesmaid in her dress saying it was totally worth it. now the bad. you could soon see aaa gas pumps in michigan, the status new governor expected to propose tripling the gas tax to fix roads. the tax is $.26 per gallon, increased to $.45 by october of next year. the ugly. a 2-time bison charges in yellowstone national park. watch. >> oh, no! no! no! heather: the snowmobile speeding away, starting to do, from this angry wild animal. fortunately no one was injured but he looks mad or maybe he is
2:00 am
just playing. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great day. rob: this is a fox news alert. and up close look at devastation in the wake of that deadly tornado outbreak in the deep south. jillian: we take you live to the disaster zone where rescuers are ramping up a search for those who are missing. >> are you going to cooperate? >> know collusion. jillian: democrats launch a sweeping corruption probe targeting donald trump as the nation mounts over robert mueller's report. rob: is the new investigation legit or is the left looking to save face if bob mueller comes up empty? jillian: election day déjà vu. jillian: rob: what hillary clinton said about our 2020 run.


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