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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 5, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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check it out on amazon or barnes & mostly sunny by our friend, janice dean. >> it's a wonderful book. we're all reading it now. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news, devastation in alabama. rescue crews resume their search for survivors. we haven't seen a story like this in some time. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. at least 23 confirmed dead. dozens more still missing. the stunning new images coming in of the destruction and crews sort through what is left of a small community. at least three children among the dead including one boy ripped from his father's arms. support pouring in from all over the country. >> our hearts go out to everyone affected by the devastating storms in alabama, georgia, and the surrounding states. we're working closely with
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officials throughout the region to get our communities back on their feet. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors, and friends. >> if i would have come home earlier i would have been in the middle of it. he was the reason i lived. the reason i got up. >> bill: jonathan serrie leading our coverage. what do we know about the victims thus far? >> authorities very quickly were able to make visual identifications on all but six of the victims. the coroner hoping to establish positive i.d.s on the remaining six using fingerprints. take a listen. >> we know who those individuals are.
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we've talked with the families and as of 12 noon today i have none reported to me as still missing. we think we have everybody. >> one of the victims has been identified as a fourth grader by the name of taylor thornton. friends have set up a gofundme site to help pay for the funeral and other expenses. that site raised more than $30,000. a lot of people wanting to help out, bill. >> bill: they might need more help than that as the days unfold. what are survivors telling you, jonathan? >> we've talked to a lot of people who were here during the storm. a lot of people who lost a lot of property and yet i have yet to meet anyone here in alabama who is complaining about the material things that they've lost. instead they say that they worry much more about the loss of life. those who either lost their own
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lives or neighbors who lost loved ones. and they grieve for those people. survivors say they are lucky to be alive but their hearts go out to these people. take a listen from what we heard from a woman named jackie phillips. >> we weren't hurt but i feel so bad. nothing happened to us and everybody has all this done to them. that's what's so bad. i feel bad. >> coming back to our live shot you can see all of this destruction behind me. a lot of this was blown over from a house belonging to a state trooper. he was home at the time the tornado struck, suffered very serious injuries. he is in the hospital right now. just to the left of the house you can see his police cruiser still out there. again, a lot of neighbors wanting to help him and other victims. the auburn news is reporting
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that locally blood donations are way up. again, many people here in this tight knit community coming together neighbor helping neighbor in the wake of a devastating storm, bill. >> bill: jonathan serrie, tough story to report. we get a press conference from officials later this morning. hearing some of these stories and the voices is really heartbreaking stuff. >> sandra: the rescue continues this morning. we should learn the names of those dead when the press conference begins at 11:00. the smith station mayor will be joining us later in the show as well. another big story today. top democrats taking action after congresswoman ilhan omar following more controversial comments about israel. the president also sounding off in a tweet writing this. representative ilhan omar is again under fire for her terrible comments concerning israel. jewish groups have sent a petition to speaker nancy
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pelosi asking her to remove omar from foreign relations committee. a dark day for israel. the "new york post" cover this morning summing it all up like this. you give us a bad rep. peter doocy is live from capitol hill. what is the house doing to confront omar in this situation? we know the president has fired back. >> they are looking to pass a resolution, where congresswoman omar is not officially condemned but this is a way for leadership, including speaker pelosi and the majority leader hoyer to brush back the congresswoman who has said recently she thinks israel has hypnotized the world. be it resolved the house of representatives acknowledges the dangerous consequences of perpetuating anti-semitic stereotypes.
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that resolution expected to hit the floor sometime tomorrow. >> sandra: peter, lots of reaction after house democrats unveiled this 81 -- the 81 targets of this recent investigation into president trump. what kind of documents are they asking for? >> nothing new according to carter page, the former trump campaign foreign policy advisor volunteer who has appeared before because part of his letter from the oversight committee chairman jerrold nadler. i have limited the initial production to materials that already been produced in other proceedings to reduce the burden on you and so that they may be provided to us by march 18th. nadler said we must protect and respect the work of special counsel mueller but we cannot rely on others to do the investigative work for us. just a few minutes ago president trump fired off a tweet about this. he writes now that they realize the only collusion with russia was done by crooked hillary clinton and the democrats,
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nadler shifts and the dem heads of the committees have gone stone cold crazy. 81 letters sent to innocent people to harass them. they won't get anything done for our country. the committee says their three main areas of interest right now are obstruction of justice, public corruption, and abuses of power, sandra. >> sandra: peter doocy on capitol hill. >> bill: sets the table for hugo gurdon. editorial director for "the washington examiner". maxine waters shot off eight tweets. for the faint of heart she writes waiting for every t crossed and i dotted now demonstrate your patriotism, support impeachment. sarah sanders statement from the white house concludes the following. the democrats are more interested in pathetic political gains and catering to a radical left than producing results for the citizens. the democrats aren't after the truth, they're after the president, end quote. what is nadler's strategy, hugo?
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>> bill, nadler is now just begun an industrial scale fishing expedition. 81 different people and organizations requested for documents. these will not be the last. he is bound to go on to those which have not been proud. the thing is that he has already said explicitly that the president has obstructed justice. he has already decided on the conclusion. what he is out for now is to amass the evidence. but even thoef he is amassing evidence i think one of the important things to remember is that this is not a criminal investigation. this is a political investigation. and it will be -- what will happen is the leaders of the -- of his committee and the party will decide whether for political reasons they want to take this all the way to impeachment. they may well not. >> bill: we'll wait on that. on the omar story. what is it exposing? >> this is a serious problem
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for the democrats. it is not generally understood, but anti-semitism is much more widespread on the left than it is on the right even though there are some individual examples on the right. the left, because of its position more and more pro palestinian and anti-israel, very widespread anti-israel sentiment, anti-semitism. it has already started to break up parties in europe. the labor party in briton just split. the democrats really want to try and condemn anti-semitism and it must be remembered that representative omar, these are not slip-ups, she adopts this position and it is not a mistake. >> bill: do you hear hillary clinton talking yesterday on long island, new york? a sample of this, watch here. >> i'm not running but i'll keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. we've gotten not just polarized, we've gotten into
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really opposing camps unlike anything i've ever seen in my adult life. >> bill: she is not running. is that a surprise? >> i have to say i'm not that surprised she is not running. she is basically -- this is an acknowledgement of what everybody knows. she has been beaten twice, a terrible candidate. the democrats must be immensely relieved and probably put a considerable amount of pressure on her not to run. she is not someone who wins for them. all of the other stuff, the guff about speaking out and division in the country is a way of making herself continue to look relevant. everybody else has moved on past the clintons. >> bill: hugo gurdon. three topics in three minutes. thank you. >> sandra: we'll have much more on all these big stories this morning with former white house press secretary sean spicer joining us at half past the hour. dr. bill bennett is our headliner this morning. he will join us at the top of
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the next hour. >> bill: we told him last week we would bring him back. we're true to our word, aren't we? >> sandra: the lead attorney for the so-called isis bride hoda muthana calling out a federal judge refusing to fast track her case. >> ultimately it's not the determination as the judge pointed out that really matters. what really matters is, is she a u.s. citizen? the question on this is a constitutional question. the right to be a u.s. citizen. a u.s. citizen doesn't forfeit that by committing a criminal act. >> we're learning democrats are turning away from a previous plan to blame kim jong-un for otto warmbier death.
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we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> i think it's easy to argue that this emergency order, this executive order, goes against the will of congress. i do believe that there is at least 10 republican no votes. we'll see, possibly more. >> bill: senator rand paul talking numbers after mitch mcconnell with vote on and likely block the emergency declaration of the emergency declaration. you want to make news for us today? which way will you go?
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>> one is to support the president on the border issue. i support his plan and i think it's reasonable. what he talks about in terms of barriers is what democrats have voted for in the past and funds the top 10 priorities of a border security plan put forward by the experts on the border that congress embraced in the last two appropriations cycles. i support his plan and want to be sure we have the funding for it. on the other hand the way the president has chosen to fund part of it through a national emergency i think is the wrong way to go. we talked about this a couple weeks ago. the reason i feel that is for two reasons. one i think it will set a bad precedent. future presidents would be able to use a national emergency going against the will of congress for other issues. say the green new deal. and second, you know, it will get tied up in the courts which everybody acknowledges and the funding i want to get down to the border to be able to solve this problem to deal with the crisis which has to do with
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drugs and trafficking and illegal immigration is unlikely to get there certainly during this administration because the courts will tie it up and may well block it. >> bill: you sound like you're a no in terms of support. >> what i'm trying to do is come up with a third way, a way to say to the president. use your other authorities that you have which he does have. these are -- i'm working with my colleagues and the administration to try to help get us to that point where we can both fund what's necessary on the border which i think is really important right now, particularly given the fact i'm have ohio that's getting ravaged by these drugs including crystal meth coming right through that board but second to avoid setting that bad precedent and tying up this funding in the courts. to me it seems like that's a logical approach. >> bill: if he were to buy your argument he would have to back
6:18 am
off the declaration. pick from the pile of money you have now. >> that's been done before. my understanding is president bush pulled one of these declarations. it has never been used in this way. senator paul made a point earlier i heard where congress voted for a certain amount of money and then a president coming in and saying i understand that but i want to do something differently. he has authorities to be able to use existing congressional authorized funds rather than going to the emergency. and the emergency just supplements what he is planning to use, some of the for tour funds and dod funds. let's use more of those and fund the border priorities and get moving on protecting the southern border. >> bill: here is the president yesterday making his case. >> president trump: we fight wars 6,000 miles away. we spend billions of dollars but we don't control our own border. hard working people pay the price for lack of border patrol and security. >> bill: let's see where the
6:19 am
vote goes and see whether or not your argument is persuasive. i know you are close to the warmbier family. can you hear me okay? senator portman, still got me? that's unfortunate. let me read part of the statement that was put out last friday at the tail end of the hanoi summit. from the family they say we've been respectful during the summit process. now we have to speak out. kim and his evil regime are responsible for unimaginable cruelty. no excuses or lavish praise the change it. democrats in the house yesterday wanted to move forward with a resolution condemning kim jong-un and at the family's request they backed away from it. we'll see whether or not it comes back on this. senator portman, i have contact with you again. what are we to understand now about the warmbier family and where they are on this? how are they doing?
6:20 am
>> well, the warmbier family is remarkable. they have taken their grief and can you imagine losing a child this way, and channeled it into something constructive, to help expose the human rights abuses in north korea. so look, in my conversations with them i think they are obviously like me and many others concerned that there is some interest here in taking kim off the hook. this guy is the supreme leader. of course he knew about otto warmbier. they've worked with this administration and the administration brought their son home admittedly in a brain damaged state but brought their son home and now we're working with the administration to expose some other human rights abuses that are rampant in north korea. but it is a wonderful family, bill. they're from cincinnati, your hometown and mine. i've gotten to know them well. they're strong and resilient. they want to make sure this country and leader are held to
6:21 am
account and not taken off the hook. >> bill: give fred and cindy our best. rob portman. thank you, sir. >> sandra: a young ohio man set to testify before a senate committee this morning about his decision to get vaccinated against his mother's wishes. what he and health experts plan to share with lawmakers today. "the new york times" with a stunning new op-ed out today. medicare for all, the impossible dream. so why are democrats still trying to sell this to the american people? dr. siegel will be here on all of that. >> president trump: more than 100 democrats in congress signed up for a socialist takeover of american healthcare. their radical government-run plan, if you call it that, would lead to colossal tax increases.
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>> then i started thinking about you. >> bill: a bit of a stunner news, luke perry age 52 is now dead. he shot to stardom on the hit 90s drama beverly hills 90201. he suffered a massive stroke about a week prior and died yesterday. jenny garth told people magazine my heart is broken. he meant so much to so many. shannon dority writing he was a smart, humble, complex man, a heart of gold. he raved by his kids and how
6:26 am
proud he was of him. they were his heart and biggest accomplishment. two children, born in mansfield, ohio, the act or surrounded by family and close friends when he died yesterday only 52 years of age. luke perry. 26 past the hour. >> you have to raise your taxes. i may, that's right. you know what i'm doing? i'm doing away with all of your private health insurance premiums. we can't afford the present systems and why we'll move for medicare for all. >> still won reelection by a 24-point margin. >> it would be a plan in which every american would have access to affordable healthcare and not be concerned about whether they could afford healthcare in order to receive healthcare. >> sandra: you just heard prominent democrats running for president backing single payer healthcare but getting to that point could send shock waves through the economy.
6:27 am
"the new york times" opinion page entitled immediate car for all, the impossible dream. here is medical correspondent dr. marc siegel. david brooks of the "new york times" writes this. he says there is no plausible route from here to there. it sounds good but the trick is the transition. you hear democrats still pushing for this. >> a key point that david brooks is making. we have a deeply entrenched healthcare system already. 180 million people get their healthcare from their employer. if you ask them 70% say they like to keep it. this is an extension of this line you get to keep your doctor. guess what? with medicare for all you don't get to keep your healthcare system. the entire thing disintegrates. it is a wrecking ball to the private healthcare insurance system and you know what it does? it pays for hospitals and research, it pays for doctors. because there is actually a profit margin when a private payer is involved. a hospital may make more than
6:28 am
100% of the bill. with medicare it's less than 100%. you lose money. if all we had was government paid health insurance we would lose research, innovation and a lot of doctors. >> sandra: he goes on to write patients would have to transition, insurance companies would have to transition, hospitals, the american people, doctors would have to transition and then there is the cost. the sanders plan would increase federal funding by 33 trillion dollars. it is estimated over its first 10 years. compare that with the congressional budget office projection for the entire 19 fiscal year budget, $4 trillion. unbelievable sums of money we're talking about here. >> that part is astounding. when you say to people do you like the idea? 70% say sure. if you say your taxes are going to go up a lot 35% say we like it. a huge drop-off. doctors same point. 50% of doctors are for it until you say wait a minute, you'll have to appeal for that
6:29 am
procedure in washington you're not going to get the care you want to deliver to your patients. >> sandra: the message continues to be touted from some of the democratics. an 18-year-old young man is defying his anti-vaccine mom, growing up his mom explained to him why he never got his vaccinations. he decided when he got a little older he would do research. he looked into it and said it is absurd. he has been vaccinated with all and went to the department of health office in ohio to get them himself. is there a growing trend out there still to not vaccinate your child? >> it is a huge trend. i am so proud of ethan. with the measles outbreak in washington not only was there an anti-vaccine trend but a pro vaccine trend that occurred in washington state as well. a lot of people were told you didn't need to get this shot.
6:30 am
measles is a highly infectious disease and hepatitis a and b. he threw in the flu shot. i talk about how flu shot compliance is less than 50%. vaccines create a community immunity. you are protecting the little old lady down the road from you or a pregnant woman. it decreases your risk of the disease being transmitted. we need everybody to be compliant with vaccines. it's a huge scientific advantage. >> sandra: he said my mom didn't believe vaccines were healthy for society. a big concern with mothers is autism. has there been any link made to autism from vaccines, doctor? >> zero link made, zero link made with an ingredient in some shots and a new study came out last week which once again disproved the association
6:31 am
between the measles, mumps, are you bella vaccine and autism. they need to be more afraid of the virus than the vaccine. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: alan dershowitz sounding off on congresswoman omar's controversial comments. >> she didn't run on this platform. this is a bait and switch. she is taken it on herself to present the strongest anti-israel case in modern history than a member of congress has tried to present. >> bill: now democrats have to take action against the democrat. >> sandra: jerry nadler demanding information from dozens of people linked to president trump and his committee launches a broad investigation. former white house press secretary sean spicer is on that list and joins us next to talk about all that. after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising.
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my dream car. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that . >> bill: we're awaiting a major
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news conference out of lee county, alabama. we'll get an update on the recovery efforts after this tornado in the southeast. 23 reported dead including three children among them. there are dozens said to be missing so the crews searching through the debris and rubble and so many of the survivors heartbroken for very good reason. the images are stunning. they're left to try to pick up the pieces there. >> didn't expect it to get this bad. when he saw it on the news that it was going to come right for us, he is like we have to go. an hour later we went back and it was just total devastation. everything was destroyed. >> bill: that news conference slated at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll bring it to you during our program. i heard someone say it's been six years since you've had a tornado like this with this much devastation. we forget about the power of mother nature and it can hit in a lightning strike and that's
6:36 am
what appears to have happened in alabama. >> sandra: devastation and the images that continue to come in continue to show that picture and we'll continue to bring those to you. president trump firing back at congresswoman ilhan omar following her latest controversial comments on israel as house democrats consider a resolution condemning anti-semitism. the "new york post" taking aim at the congresswoman with today's cover. you give us a bad rep. sean spicer is a former white house press secretary and senior advisor and spokesman for america first action pac. good morning to you, sean. let's start off first with that. the president obviously has sounded off on this. democrats say they want to take action. these jewish groups who have been speaking out are signing a petition to remove her from the foreign relations committee. this is really ballooning. >> absolutely. there is the policy part of it and the politics part of it. on the policy part of it i thought it was a fairly settled
6:37 am
matter the united states stood with israel. it is the greatest democracy in that region, they've been a friend to us, they are a strong ally in a region where we need a democracy. and the idea that somehow a member of congress is coming out undermining our relationship with israel, impugning the motives of the jewish people is something i didn't think was up for argument. but then there is the politics piece of this. the politics piece of this is the democratic party has a large block of voters that it uses for donors and mobilization and votes when it comes to a lot of the segment of that population. they've put her -- the leadership of the democratic party, nancy pelosi, has put her on the foreign relations committee. there seems to be no action. this is the balance. if they really were taking a stance they wouldn't just pass some meaningless, toothless resolution they would show action and remove her from the foreign relations committee. you can't call it bad behavior
6:38 am
and allow it to continue. i also don't believe she accurately represents the people of minnesota. because my guess is that this is an issue that by and large her constituents don't share. and so it will be really interesting to see how they respond. >> sandra: just to clarify the foreign affairs -- house foreign affairs committee that she sits that those jewish groups are looking to have her come off of. the president sounded off like this. he writes representative ilhan omar is again under fire for her terrible comments concerning israel. jewish groups have sent a petition to speaker pelosi to ask her to remove omar from the committee. a dark day for israel. do you think that should be the case? should she come off that committee? >> well, i guess the point i would make is the democrats can't have it both ways. if they think that her actions and her words are not in keeping with what not only u.s. policy is but the position of the democratic party, then yes, she should be removed. but i think if they don't
6:39 am
remove her, then they can't say that they stand with israel. they can't say that -- it undermines their case with jewish voters going forward that they stand with them and stand with israel when they allow this behavior and these actions to continue from this congresswoman. >> sandra: 81 people linked to house, the house panel is seeking documents on people and groups related to the president from all walks of the president's life. and on that list is you, sean spicer. >> that's what i hear. >> sandra: you hear that. you haven't been notified? >> i've read the reports in the news that i'm on that list. look, elections have consequences. democrats won the house of representatives. they have an oversight responsibility that i respect. the only point that i would make on this that's interesting. it started off with house
6:40 am
intelligence committee focusing on russia and collusion. they came out with a report that said there wasn't any. democrats said there was a one-sided debate and that we needed to look to the senate. the senate came out and confirmed that there was no collusion. now we've got the mueller report going on. what the democrats are starting to realize is from all the tea leaves we've seen while some people that did bad things and clearly interfered with the last election, there was no collusion. they've started to move on and go on what appears to be at least a potential fishing expedition going through the president's finances and personal relationships and etc. they have a constitutional right and responsibility to exhibit oversight over the executive branch but going back through the president's personal finances and history, you know, who knows how far, seems a bit of an expedition as opposed to an acting agenda they put the american people to govern on. so it is interesting that when given the chance, winning an
6:41 am
election instead of focusing on the issues, they call as their first witness is one of their committees a convicted liar and then they go on a wild fishing expedition. >> sandra: i want to move on to hillary clinton. the a.p. says they've asked you to turn over any work, diaries, journal, description of daily events related to your employment. there are some legal constraints for what you can say here. that is being reported. can you confirm any of that? >> all i will say is again i have seen the reports and i will do everything that -- to facilitate this investigation and there is nothing that i have to hide, so i want a swift conclusion to this whole thing as soon as possible. >> sandra: hillary clinton says not going anywhere. so she is ruling out a run for 2020. final thoughts on that. >> i hope she reconsiders, i really do. i think the democratic party needs her. i hope that she finds it in her heart to do it one more time.
6:42 am
that would just be the best gift that i could get all year. so i hope she reconsiders and runs again. >> sandra: got it. sean spicer, great to have you on "america's newsroom" this morning. thank you. >> bill: alexandria ocasio-cortez under scrutiny. why the fec said she and her chief of staff may have violated campaign laws in the tune of nearly a million dollars. charles payne will explain that coming up shortly. >> sandra: new attorney general william barr will not recuse himself from the russia investigation as house dems launch new investigations of the president. andrew mccarthy is on deck and will join us next. >> before this investigation even began he said he had proof and evidence. now i'm not related to joe mccarthy but adam schiff is a modern day joe mccarthy. somebody who claims something and never has delivered. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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as you probably know, i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities. so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon. there it is let's get 'em boy! awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> i don't know where they're picking this up that mueller is almost done.
6:46 am
he should have been done over a year ago because there is no evidence of collusion and this has gone on far too long. i don't know what possibly they have to impeach him on being that we've spent over two years looking for something that we just don't have. it is just elusive. there is no evidence of the trump campaign colluding with russians. >> bill: that's devin nunes on our program yesterday reacting to reports that bob mueller's investigation might be near the end. no one really knows as we learn the a.g. william barr will not recuse himself from overseeing the russia probe. andy mccarthy, how are you doing sir. barr will not recuse himself. we watched the testimony. did we expect him to recuse himself on things russia? >> we did not and i must say that the people raising this you just have to shake your head. barr does not have a conflict. he wasn't involved in this investigation. he wrote a memo about a narrow aspect of trump's -- of
6:47 am
mueller's obstruction theory that was just a legal argument. it doesn't create any basis for recusal. in the meantime the guy who was running the investigation, rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, had a profound conflict in that he is an actor in the facts of the comey firing, which mueller is actually investigating as part of the obstruction. if he doesn't have a conflict, i don't know who has a conflict. >> bill: did you see the "washington post" james comey wrote an op-ed and here is the headline. james comey, republicans are wrong, transparency is possible in the mueller investigation. he makes the case that you have to make this stuff public and what appears behind the scenes, andy, is that there is a tug-of-war between william barr possibly and bob mueller as to what he should or could release. now, where do you draw the line on what is acceptable and
6:48 am
what's not? perhaps that's the best question. >> i guess, bill, the concerns here are it is justice department policy that if you don't charge a person with a crime, you don't go public with the evidence. it is also federal law that if something is classified and counter intelligence investigations are classified. we've been told the mueller probe was a counter intelligence matter. those things are not supposed to become public. and with all due respect to my old friend jim comey, i think he is the wrong messenger on this because he went public with the investigation of hillary clinton with the evidence that they derived and he was ultimately criticized by both political sides for it and eventually removed over it. so you know, i just think these are very difficult things to wrestle with. obviously people want disclosure, they want to understand what the conclusions at least in broad strokes of
6:49 am
the investigation were but there were important confidentiality policies that have to be defended. >> bill: last topic. the isis bride born in new jersey, left alabama wants to come home. there is a movement on behalf of her attorney which the judge struck down yesterday that refuses to expedite the case. her name is hoda muthana. the government said it isn't clear what the conditions are like in the camp she is being held in syria. what about this case? >> that's not our problem, bill. nobody told her to go to syria. nobody told her to join isis. nobody told her to levy war against her country. what her lawyer would like is for case to be leapfrogged against law abiding litigants in the united states and i don't see there is a basis to that. if she manages to get to the border and shows up at a port of entry the courts will have to deal with her claims.
6:50 am
until then she took it on herself to go to syria. there is grave doubt whether she is an american citizen. when she gets here the courts can deal with it. >> bill: andy mccarthy, thank you, sir, we'll talk soon. >> sandra: much more on the legal battle when hoda muthana's lead attorney joins us in the show. an interview you will not want to miss. (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance.
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6:53 am
>> bill: winner of the second largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history has come forward. the south carolina resident staying anonymous. taking $877 million cash option up front. that's a good move. that's what the accountants advise you to do. the good luck came after
6:54 am
letting someone else get in line ahead of the winner right before making a purchase. convenience store where the ticket was sold got a $50,000 commission. that's it? >> sandra: we'll take it. new developments coming in from the korean peninsula. south korea saying it looks like a key north korean nuclear reactor has been shut down for months. no confirmation. >> a few days since the hanoi summit and getting mixed signals about north korean nuclear activity. kim jong-un returned today, in fact, to pyongyang by train from that summit involving president trump in which there was no agreement and on this day south korea's spy agency is confirming that north korea's main source of plutonium has been shut down since december. on the face of it that's good news. it was yongbyon that north
6:55 am
korea was offering to shut down for the easing of billions of dollars worth of u.n. sanctions. that confirms that president trump was right to walk away from the deal. the iaea as other officials saying another reactor at yongbyon as well as uranium enrichment facility is still operating and other secret sites noted last week by president trump. despite all of this, we've been hearing from secretary of state pompeo in the last 24 hours and he says he is hopeful that he can send a u.s. negotiating team back to north korea in the next couple of weeks to try to restart talks. there is no commitment on that but south korea, too, is sending its top nuclear envoy to d.c. today to confer with u.s. officials. from our time in seoul, sandra, i can tell you there was a lot of disappointment and a bit of
6:56 am
nervousness in south korea about the unsettled situation to the north of their border. back to you. >> sandra: thank you, greg palkot. >> bill: more calls about omar's removal from the foreign affairs committee. the back and forth continues and our headliner is dr. bill bennett. we'll talk to him about that and a lot more at the top of the hour. come on back right after this. n. and as one of the largest us gold coin distributors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. there may have never been a better time to start diversifying your assets with physical gold and silver. and right now, it's easy to get started. just pick up the phone and call toll free to request the complete guide to buying gold with hundreds of pages of important information. don't put it off another day. call now. - of all my years involvement with buying gold, it's only gotten better in my faith in the company,
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>> sandra: fox news alert.
7:00 am
we're awaiting a news conference out of lee county, alabama. happening about one hour from now as rescue teams resume the search for any survivors after a massive tornado ripped through the region leaving at least 23 people confirmed dead. dozens more are still missing at this hour. stunning new images reveal the massive devastation there as emotional survivors recall the terrifying ordeal including a woman who lost her husband. >> really can't describe it just to say it was a special bond. he completed me and i completed him. he was my life. i wasn't worried. he was here by himself. if i would have come home earlier i would have been in the middle of it. if i could have been here, then he would have got me to safety. he wouldn't have been here. he was the reason i lived. the reason i got up. >> sandra: so many lives
7:01 am
changed. the tornado cutting a path nearly a mile wide. the national weather service now reporting 90 people injured. first house democrats turning on one of their own members. congresswoman ilhan omar facing new allegations that her criticism of colleagues who support israel strays into anti-semitism. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: democrats are weighing a resolution condemning anti-semitism after the minnesota lawmaker suggested that some of her colleagues prioritized their support for israel over their loyalty to the united states. sean spicer was with us last hour and was asked about this. >> if they think that her actions and her words are not in keeping with what not only u.s. policy is but the position of the democratic party, then yes, she should be removed. but i think that if they don't remove her, then they can't say
7:02 am
that they stand with israel. they can't say that -- it's toothless if they don't take serious action on this. >> bill: we'll see what happens. mike emanuel picks up the story from there live on the hill. good morning. >> good morning to you. another freshman lawmaker congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez suggestion her colleague is not being treated fairly. she tweeted this morning. no one seeks this level of reprimand when members make statements about latin and other communities. during the shutdown a gop member yelled go back to puerto rico on the floor. an aide says staff members from nancy pelosi and steny hoyer and new york congressman nadler and ted deutch worked on the resolution over the weekend and it is expected to be on the house floor tomorrow. a draft being circulated.
7:03 am
we acknowledge the dangerous consequences and rejects anti-semitism of hateful expressions of intolerance. congresswoman ilhan omar is not mentioned by name in a draft of the resolution obtained by fox but she has been a lightning rod since arriving on capitol hill in january. she apologized after saying support for israel was all about the benjamins, a reference to $100 bills and over the weekend suggesting those who are pro israel show allegiance to a foreign country. new york congressman blasted her on twitter saying lawmakers must debate without bigotry. i'm upset that omar -- i urge her to retract the statement and engage with the jewish community. she fired back. i should not be expected to have allegiance and pledge
7:04 am
support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in congress or serve on committee. the people of the fifth elected me to serve their interests. i'm sure we agree on that. fraction in the house democratic caucus will be on full display on the house floor tomorrow. >> bill: thank you, mike emmanuel. >> sandra: william barr said he won't be recusing himself from the russia investigation. james comey urging full transparency writing an op-ed in today's "washington post". a straightforward report of what facts have been learned and judgment exercised may be the only way to advance the public interest. catherine herridge is live in washington for us. >> good morning. the former f.b.i. director is making the case that extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary transparency. writing in the "washington post" james comey says the greatest degree of transparency as possible and warrants in the
7:05 am
investigation of the presidency. it doesn't happen often. nothing outweighs the privacy interest. department tradition recognizes that transparency is especially important where polarized politics and baseless attacks challenge law enforcement's credibility. comey, who was fired by the president may 2017 and who leaked his private memos to the media to kick start the special counsel investigation writes there is precedent for releasing detailed findings. comey cites the 2014 ferguson missouri killing of michael brown by a white police officer. comey said the department declined to prosecute but still released an extensive report. the department publicly released an 86 page report in march 2015 detailing the entire investigation. what was done, what was found and how the evidence compared to governing legal standards including an evaluation of the conduct and statements of individuals. it's not clear how or whether
7:06 am
attorney general barr would interpret comey's public position. mr. barr promised transparency in keeping with department rules. >> in regulations the special counsel report is confidential. it would be a report by the attorney general that goes public. >> my objective and goal is to get as much of the information to congress and the public. >> director comey was roundly criticized and faulted by the justice department inspector general for releasing damaging information about the clinton emails and recommending against criminal charges in that case, sandra. >> sandra: catherine herridge, thank you. >> bill: a lot to cover. dr. bill bennett, a fox news contributor. we told you we would bring you back and look at this. we're good on our word. on the omar matter. what do you think that's exposing at the moment?
7:07 am
>> first on -- if i might we get serious business here but light hearted manner. omar is a graduate of north dakota state university. i don't know that she was at the meeting at the white house yesterday to celebrate the bison's national championship and to eat chick-fil-a and mcdonalds. i didn't see her in the crowd. on a more serious note, this is a serious and consequential issue for democrats. it's a rift. jewish americans, their allegiance to israel and the democratic party are in tension because of congresswoman omar. she is not recanting. she apologized for the first comment but not for the second. i noted, too, you guys just reported that representative ocasio-cortez is supporting her. the issue i think, bill, at bottom has to be recognized. the important one is that the
7:08 am
left has always, or parts of the left have always had problems with israel and this is a problem that the democrats, as they veer left, are going to have to deal with. you see that almost panic on the part of some of the leadership of the democrats about these comments. >> sandra: the response continues to pour in. we've heard from the president on the issue saying it's a dark day for israel in a tweet. the "new york post" cover this morning even dr. bennett, you give us a bad rap is how they summed it up. here is the comment from juan vargas that ocasio-cortez responded showing support saying it is disturbing that rep omar continues to perpetuate stereotype and questioning support for the u.s./israel relationship is unacceptable to which ocasio-cortez responded with this in a twee. i'm curious if rep vargas will explain his
7:09 am
stance it's unacceptable to even question u.s. foreign policy. plenty of dem members have asserted debate is fair and merited. is this stance a departure from that? do you care to take that one on? >> yeah, sure. i notice the president and his cpac speech, long speech on saturday said one thing about the democrats. they hang together. they move as one. what was that expression, a herd of independent minds? a great expression. they tend to move like a herd with a herd mentality. here they are not. and this is a break that is of fundamental importance because of the influence and importance of israel in the world and the longstanding link between the democratic party and israel. and their support for democratic candidates. so they have to put a lid on this right away. there is a mutiny going on in
7:10 am
the democrat party. mrs. pelosi has some unruly students, worse than unruly and she better get ahold of it. i would remind people, too. representative ocasio-cortez is a member of the democrat socialists of america. so this isn't name calling, it is accurate fact checking. this support again represents something which is very i think potentially very dangerous to the democrats politically. >> bill: some of the freshmen made it clear they would have their voices heard. topic two, jerry nadler has his cross hairs on 81 different individuals, companies, and entities. here he was on msnbc last night. >> the southern district of new york only looks at crimes. our job is to protect the rule of law in this country. that means we have to look at the three major threats to the rule of law that we have seen.
7:11 am
that is corruption, personal enrichment, it means abuse of power. >> bill: just as you would expect the president is not laying down over this. he sent this out two hours ago. now that they realize the only collusion with russia was done by hillary clinton and the democrats the dems heads of committees have gone stone cold crazy. 81 letters sent to innocent people to harass them. they won't get anything done for our country. examine how he responds and what is nadler's strategy overall is? >> first the president's response, bill. what they do for our country. and that i think is his marching order. he continues and will continue, should continue to talk about the country and what he is doing for it. the border, the economy, deregulation and a host of other things. while the democrats have declared their game which is to get trump. insurance policy in case the mueller probe doesn't give them what they want.
7:12 am
so they now go after these 81 individuals. i point out, too, as a resident of the swamp here in washington a long time, this is the free employment bill for lawyers. we have more lawyers per capita here than any other city. 81 lawyers will be called within the next few days. but important long-term potential political advantage for the president. he continues to talk about the country, work for the country, and points out that they are not about that. they are about just getting him and the american people will say wait a minute, we want someone who is interested in our problems, not just pursuing this vengeance. and also added in so much was made of the collusion issue, that if it turns out to be flat, if the air goes out of it, people are going to say, you know, they should just give it up and get back to serious business. their serious business seems to get trump, impeachment. >> sandra: ask you what is about to happen in the senate
7:13 am
with the president's declaration of a national emergency. senator rand paul says he will oppose that decision by the president. listen. >> i will vote for the motion to disapprove of this and i will continue to speak out. i do believe that there is at least 10 republican no votes. we'll see, possibly more. my reason for speaking out now is that i think we all need to think this through before we get too far down the road. >> sandra: he said dr. bennett if we take away the checks and balances it's a dangerous thing. where do you stand on this issue? >> well, i respect rand paul and i think he is acting out of principle and so i give him a pass. on the other hand, some of the other republicans seems to me are making arguments that are not strong. there is precedent for this. people said it's fine, these weren't serious on
7:14 am
consequenceal matter. this is one. maybe that's just where the president should be acting. second, there is this very odd argument well, we have to -- we shouldn't be doing this because this could be precedent for democrats in the future. since when have republican actions defined the borders of permissible activity for democrats? they will do exactly what they want to do as indicated in our previous segment. they don't care whether republicans -- they will do their games. >> bill: what rob portman explained he would like to president to back away from the emergency declaration and use the money already appropriated for border skooufrment initiate it and you don't have to force upwards of 10 republicans to vote for that resolution. what do you think about that? >> i don't know that gets it done. i was watching and listening to you talk to him about that. i don't know that that gets it
7:15 am
done. remember, part of what the president is about here is underscoring the importance, the critical importance of what is going on at the border. again in the cpac speech he wasn't reluctant to call it an invasion. he wants to underscore it and it is a way of underscoring it. maybe some kind of compromise will be reached on this. but will not be softened as the president's emphatic stance on this and i believe he is right. >> sandra: we appreciate you coming back to "america's newsroom." great to have you this morning. >> thank you very much. >> sandra: thank you, sir. top story on this horrific aftermath that we're witnessing in alabama with governor ivey offering the state's full support following the deadly tornadoes in lee county. >> this tragedy, we have a job to do. we must build back lee county to its feet. >> sandra: in less than an hour we'll have an update on the ground from officials as rescue
7:16 am
crews resume their search for any survivors. a couple dozen still missing. >> bill: gaza border and israeli intelligence warning they're on the brink of war. how did we get here? live from jerusalem on that story coming up. >> sandra: and new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and her team accused of campaign finance violations. what we're now learning about that. charles payne will join us straight ahead. i switched to liberty mutual
7:17 am
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> sandra: fox news alert. reports that israel and gaza could be on the brink of war. clashes breaking out as the palestinians protest the israeli occupation at the border fence. we sat down with jihad leaders in gaza saying they're prepared for military actions. trey yengst has more from our bureau in jerusalem. >> tensions between israel and gaza are erupting and people warn a war could break out any day. they're preparing for that possibility. each week thousands of palestinians gather at the israel/gaza border to protest the israeli blockade on the gaza strip. there have been thousands of
7:21 am
casualties since demonstrators began their nearly a year ago. gaza is in need of consistent electricity, food and clean water with the median age of 18 years old many young people are affected. the two largest groups inside gaza tell fox news the protests will continue for a second year in order to pressure israel into allowing more aid to enter the gaza strip. if protests continue to be unsuccessful in bringing change both groups have warned of a larger conflict. these factions are ready for war to erupt at any moment as protest esposizioni ka late. >> the continuous killing of civilians by soldiers on the fence may cause an reaction from relatives of the killed people and it could escalate the clash and the fighting. >> if war does erupt inside gaza, both the israelis and palestinians could see a large number of civilian casualties. this as the upcoming israeli elections are interjecting some
7:22 am
politics into this larger conflict. sandra. >> sandra: trey yengst, thank you. >> bill: freshman democrat ocasio-cortez and her chief of staff are targets of a complaint filed with the fec. a conservative watchdog group claims her campaign funneled nearly a million dollars in contributions from their political action committees into separate companies which would have been done possibly to hide the size of those donations. charles payne, host of making money with charles payne looking at this. this is some money here, $885,000? >> rounded up let's call it a million, right for argument's sake. fox news has looked into this. the daily caller broke this news. it is pretty damming stuff when you talk about campaign abuses. there is the brand-new congress, a political action committee. the money was diverted to
7:23 am
according to -- perhaps brand-new company llc, brand-new congress llc. so the pacs out there acknowledge what was raised. these private companies don't necessarily have to. and according to the daily caller this campaign and or ocasio-cortez could be looking at a major fine and the possibility of prison time. >> sandra: they would have to prove they were knowingly and willfully violating the law by hiding that. they claim the payments were for, this is the wording, strategic consulting. >> that stuff has to be hashed out. can you argue that a young campaign might have accidentally made mistakes and it wasn't willful? certainly you could. not a good look, that's for sure. >> bill: another good look justice democrats supported her and a lot of others. we've reached out to her office. no answer yet. she has not been hesitant to respond to just about every item that has been out there,
7:24 am
including you. >> yeah. we had our little tiff over the weekend as she supported rasheed tlaib with mark meadows. it is unfortunate but i have to tell you, now you are getting a sense within the party that these new congress folks are eager and exciting and energetic they are pushing so hard that there seems to be fractures even within the democratic party. we know ilhan omar there will be some more -- that's a really major brewing situation with concerns about anti-semitism. in the meantime aoc pushing ahead and will resurrect one bill that would tax all transactions, all trades on the stock market in order to help pay for the green new deal. probably won't go anywhere. it's not going over well. they don't have the numbers for it. but again you are getting more
7:25 am
and more moderate democrats who are coming on board with her saying maybe we should try this, maybe we should try to find ways to get this money and so, you know, it's -- she is a juggernaut. these things will continue to pop up. >> bill: she interviewed locally in new york and asked her about why she responds all the time to every criticism, maybe every policy. however you want to frame it. she said you can't allow these opportunities to go by and in her new position she will not. >> bill: when she replied to me on twitter i said thank you. i didn't find her response satisfactory. i think they are going down a dangerous path when they start to criticize people for hiring black people. when hiring a black person becomes racism we're a lot of trouble. >> sandra: you invited her on your program. we invite her and continue to do so and reached out to her for comment and did not receive one. >> i was excited about her and a lot of my relatives were going to vote for her before
7:26 am
the election. i wasn't surprised she won. >> sandra: president trump ordering a massive relief effort after the deadly tornadoes in alabama. >> president trump: our hearts go out to everyone after the storms in alabama, georgia and surrounding states and the families of those who have strategicly lost their lives. >> sandra: brand-new information on the widespread damage and heartbreaking casualties. the lee county sheriff will be holding a news conference at the top of the next hour. we'll bring that to you live when it begins. >> bill: top republicans saying the democrats moved so far left they should adopt a new name. this as hillary clinton says she will not run in 2020. our a-team is coming up on deck next. >> the dislike for this president is so great they will go against their own country's safety and freedom. they're our parents...
7:27 am
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neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv.
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maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word. >> sandra: fox news alert.
7:31 am
rescue crews digging through what's left of a small alabama community at this hour as we await a news conference minutes from now on the weekend's deadly tornadoes. 23 people are dead but dozens still missing at this time. families and friends helping one another sift among the ruins. governor kay ivey surveying the damage. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors, and friends. to know alabama is to know that we are a tight knit community of people and today each of us mourns the loss of life of our fellow citizens. >> sandra: she is vowing a major effort to rebuild. president trump calling governor ivey yesterday to offer his full support and reaching out to the governor of
7:32 am
georgia where dozens of homes were also destroyed after the storms. >> stop calling them the democratic party. i've never seen is this poisonous or toxic. no other way to say it than a socialist. they want to take over your healthcare. they just introduced medicare for all. you can't have private health insurance. they want to take over your homes and what you can have in your homes or planes. by this new green deal. they even call themselves the democratic socialist party. we have need to call them for exactly what this is. >> bill: kevin mccarthy saying the leftward lurch makes them unworthy of the name democrat. bring in our a-team kristen soltis anderson, matt bennett, and brian brenberg. nice to see you guys. a little more enthusiasm. brian is a new name in order? >> everybody wants to act like calling them a socialist is a cutdown.
7:33 am
it is trying to be accurate. if you go by the policies we've seen from democrats lately, what else are you going to call them? it is not democratic. it is democrat socialist best but probably more socialist and by the way we get another idea today about the financial transaction tax. one more tax and one more thing to add on to the socialist agenda. >> you won't be surprised to hear i disagree with that. bernie sanders calls himself a democratic socialist. good for him. the fact of the matter is democrats are in the process of deciding who we are as a party. when you are out of party and you don't have the white house there isn't any leader of the party until you have a presidential nominee. we're working on that now. there are some ideas out there that will a little farther left. some a lot more centrist. if you look at what democratic voters did in 2018 they went much more centrist with the people that they picked in primaries. i think that's what you'll see next year. >> one thing the democratic party has to grapple with.
7:34 am
they do well with younger voters. they're the most open to saying i think positively about socialism. so within the party, there is something of a generational divide. you have older democrats more likely to have remembered the cold war, think about socialism poorly but younger folks they don't think about the soviet union. they think about sweden and that's what socialism is and think it sounds okay. as the democratic primary unfolds. where is the center of gravity? the younger members of the party or some of the older guard smart enough to know the label socialist is noft good. >> sanders is not a democrat. he is getting a lot of support but a slice of support and as you may have read we have 600 people running for president. there will be a lot of debate that goes on. >> he doesn't add anything at this point. last cycle he brought new ideas. that was his role in the race.
7:35 am
everybody adopted those ideas. it is socialism, the left. >> bill: did you see the crowd that bernie sanders got over the weekend? they were rapturous for him. he will argue he has the same level of support if not more than he had. >> democrats view the support as a commodity and can move it to one of the other candidates more palatable for a general election. >> he had huge crowds in 2016, too. having a lot of twitter support and generating online money, which he does, doesn't mean you can win elections. there are six million people supporting him online. 30 million will vote in the democratic primary. >> sandra: the old guard. here is what hillary clinton is saying she will not do in 2020. >> i'm not running but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. i want to be sure that people understand i'm going to keep speaking out. i'm not going anywhere.
7:36 am
>> sandra: not going anywhere. >> the number one thing that democratic voters want out of their 2020 nominee is someone who can beat donald trump. and hillary clinton did not beat donald trump the last time they tried that. so i think for democrats hearing that hillary clinton will be sitting out this race seems to make sense. i really think that when it comes to this election, it is going to be about is the democratic party turning a new page or how do they grapple with the people that have led the party in the past? this is something that a joe biden will have to deal with. if he decides to jump into the race he has name i.d. and formidable in a general election but does he represent the past of the democratic party or are they ready for someone new? >> bill: the story that she is not running. >> who thought she was going to run? she has already been pushed to the side. nobody in the democratic party really cares what you have to say. the fact that you aren't running ratifys the fact that
7:37 am
the party has left you in the past. >> sandra: how is it shaping up 600 potential candidates on the left? >> if you look at what we've succeeded as a party. we've elected two presidents in the last 40 or so years. both of them went through tough primary processes. clinton was fighting into june. barack obama had other people ran, he had to beat hillary clinton, which was a pretty high bar and he had to go all the way into the spring. i don't think having a tough fight is bad. it might be good for democrats. >> bill: it could be a long, bruising battle here. brian, back to kristen's point about millennials and young people. what do they tell you >> i'm around them all the time. they're interested in ideas that ocasio-cortez puts forward because she has energy and imagination. i think that's one thing that democratic party has lacked for a long time is imagination.
7:38 am
now their imagineation might take them in the wrong direction but there is an energetic face proposing it. that is what leads to bernie sanders' demise. he doesn't bring that some of the newer players in the party. he gave them the ideas. >> sandra: what are democrats going to stand for? will it be an anti-trump message? there is a growing trend of not even mentioning the president's name. >> right. you saw in 2018 the successful presidential -- congressional candidates didn't talk about trump much at all. head-to-head race with trump you get a lot of talk about trump. we learned our lesson last time. we cannot make this race solely a referendum on trump's fitness for office. that didn't work. we need to offer to brian's point a positive vision for future and i think we will. >> within the context of the democratic primary if you have
7:39 am
500 candidates and all of them don't like donald trump, being the 501 person that says i don't like donald trump doesn't distinguish you in the field. it wouldn't surprise me if in the democratic primary they don't talk about trump as much. that's not the thing that will differentiate them. they're pretty much on the same page on that. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: new controversy surrounding minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar after another clash with jewish lawmakers. how her own party leadership is reacting. our next guest says omar needs to be careful with her language. congresswoman debbie dingell will be here to react. >> bill: hoda muthana's request to come back to the u.s. has been denied. what is the next move? we'll find out from her lead attorney charles swift is our guest coming up next hour. i have fantastic news for
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7:44 am
after some more controversial remarks from minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar. top dems set to take the house floor tomorrow with a resolution rejecting anti-semitism. joining us now is michigan congresswoman debbie dingell co-chair of the house democratic policy and communications committee and joins us now. what are your thoughts about what you have seen and heard so far from your colleague ilhan omar? >> you know, i'm talking to all of my colleagues. this is a very complicated issue. there is nothing complicated about being very clear that we must stand up against anti-semitism. we must stand up against it and stand for israel. but we have to -- this country is being divided by fear and hatred and it is not just jewish communities that is feeling attacked. you know, i have this unique community where a strong jewish
7:45 am
population in ann arbor and the largest population of muslims in the country and they feel attacked every day, too. we're dividing this country with fear and hatred. we have to take a deep breath and listen to our language and understand how things that are said are not maybe meant as they are interpreted. we have to protect free speech in this country, too, but understand we are hurting people at times with our language but we have to protect everybody's freedom of religion period. >> bill: she is making the case she is just raising questions about american policy. do you buy that? >> i think for her that's her perspective. i think that we're all going to talk to each other a lot about how what people are hearing in terms of their words. i hope -- i've spent most of the day yesterday talking to rasheed tlaib and she has been clear with me how important it
7:46 am
is to stand up and be against anti-semitism and anti-hatred period in in country. what i know is i've seen it in too many places. we have racism in this country. we have become so politically acceptable to have all this kind of hatred against so many people. i want to fight back against every ounce of hatred i'm seeing in this country. >> sandra: alexandria ocasio-cortez has come out in support of ilhan omar in her most recent controversial comments. questions over whether or not alexandria ocasio-cortez should remain on the foreign affairs committee. where do you stand on that? >> actually i'm told that the chair feels that she brings a different perspective to the committee and while i know he has been upset by her comments knows that a strong committee has all kinds of different perspectives. so can i ask a question? why wasn't everybody upset when we saw what happened in west virginia last friday where they
7:47 am
called her a terrorist? just for my saying there are two sides to this. my father-in-law was one of the original sponsors of the israel legislation in the early 50s. he was one of the strongest supporters of israel that there was. we can never forget what happened in germany. but when you have a state legislator putting up posters and spreading hatred against someone bus they're a muslim. that's not okay, either. >> bill: that story in virginia. let's see what they do with democratic leadership. other stories going on out there, jerry nadler's story going on. john cornyn a moment ago was talking about i think the way he phrases it a plan b essentially. i want you to listen to this. >> i think what the democrats are worried about now is that after all of the hysteria over the alleged collusion, that they're worried that the mueller report will come up
7:48 am
with nothing against the president as regards collusion. so that's why i think they are launching this full frontal assault which, as i say, is a prelude to impeachment and make sure we can't get anything else done. >> bill: he is making the case clearly this is plan b, is it? >> no, i think congress -- republicans and democrats one of their fundamental responsibilities in the early constitution is the system of checks and balances and oversight is a legitimate function. let me be very clear if we don't deliver as democrats for the people. if we don't do something about healthcare. if we don't do something on infrastruck tour, we'll be judged by that. i said before we can eat and chew gum at the same time. oversight is a very important function. the republicans or democrats. with republicans and democrats but we have to deliver on some subjects that really matter. issues, healthcare, prescription drugs, the cost of drugs. that's one of the most
7:49 am
important. >> bill: the message in the campaign. i appreciate you coming back. i thought you were terrific and tender with chris wallace on "fox news sunday". our best to you on your loss and the rest of your family as well. please come back. debbie dingell. >> thank you guys. >> bill: tiger woods making major news about his plans this weekend. guess what that is? it's not what he wanted. we shall explain. >> sandra: break out the beads and the king cake. it's party time in new orleans. get it in before tomorrow. this is fat tuesday, mardi gras people. we have king cake after the show. ♪
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>> bill: tiger woods has withdrawn from the tournament this weekend the arnold palmer invitational. he has been very successful there. he made the announcement citing a neck strain as to why he won't play. >> most interesting, bill. tiger has won this event. has been successful eight times and you would think this would be a comfortable place for
7:54 am
tiger to go back to to add to his career pga wins of 80. he says this is a strained neck and some folks who are a little suspicious say really? what's going on here. because two weeks ago at the world golf championship in mexico there was no visible signs that tiger had neck problems. he didn't talk about it at all. he did also evade the media for two rounds. he has had four back surgeries. >> sandra: he can have neck pain that can stop him from playing. >> if we sleep funny we can still come to work. >> bill: he said due to a neck strain i've had for a few weeks i'm forced to withdraw from the api. i have been receiving treatment. my lower back is fine. that's important. i have no long-term concerns and hope to be ready for the players. >> the players championship is coming up next weekend and the masters is only five or six weeks away. he certainly wants to be in good condition to play that.
7:55 am
time will tell. if he were to miss next week's tournament. i like that he jumped in front of the idea. >> sandra: dustin johnson, rory mcilroy and rickie fowler, young guns making golf interesting. >> bill: would you argue he is the biggest draw? >> yes. he moves the needle like nobody else does. we saw him. we love to build him up and watch him crash. he had his crash and a lot of us sports fan want to see him reach the top again and just see how far it can go. he is 43 years old. four more majors to win to match. >> sandra: i saw you. ernie els, vijay singh. >> bill: masters is a month away. we'll see if tiger can get it straightened out. jared max live and in person.
7:56 am
handsome jacket. >> sandra: an update on the aftermath of the massive tornado that hit alabama. we'll learn more about the victims, their names and any more survivors and the wide ranging investigations launched by democrats targeting the president. how minority whip steve scalise is handling all that ahead on a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no.
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>> sandra: fox news alert.
8:00 am
we're about to get an update on the devastation in alabama and across the south as rescue crews search for dozens still missing after back-to-back tornadoes ripped through alabama. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. a news conference now underway. at least 23 reported dead including three children among them. crews still looking for survivors. as the hours go by it would be a miracle at the moment. many trying to make it out alive sharing their stories as they begin the long road to recovery. >> i believe we were one of the lucky ones that got out. had some friends and family and co-workers that didn't make it out. >> our son found him. he was dead before we got to him. he was the reason i lived. the reason i got up. >> bill: jonathan serrie's coverage continues in lee county. >> hi, bill. as you can see the recovery is
8:01 am
already underway. off in the distance you can see utility trucks. they were reinstalling some utility lines that were knocked down during the storm. as we walk over here, you can just see the devastation, the remnants of mobile homes, metallic walls and roofs blown into the trees. here is a mattress that was in one of the bedrooms just in the middle of this tree that was knocked down here. we're seeing similar scenes throughout lee county, alabama. a portion of the state where forecasters now believe was a powerful ef4 tornado packing winds of 170 miles an hour came through here on sunday. again 23 confirmed fatalities. as of yesterday all but six had been visually identified. however, the coroner was optimistic that fingerprints would be able to establish
8:02 am
positive i.d.s on the other ones. he already had a good idea who these people were based on interviews with families. so authorities suggested to reporters that at this news conference that is unfolding, they will be able to release the names of all 23 confirmed fatalities. back to you. >> bill: tough story. thank you, sir. >> sandra: now to this fox news alert. house dems plan to introduce a resolution condemning anti-semitism after more controversial comments about israel from congresswoman ilhan omar. the "new york post" featuring the freshman democrat on its cover with these words. you give us a bad rap. sean spicer, former white house press secretary earlier on "america's newsroom." >> if they really were taking a stance they wouldn't just pass some meaningless, toothless resolution. they would show action and remove her from the foreign
8:03 am
relations committee. you can't call it bad behavior and then allow it to continue. i also don't believe she accurately represents the people of minnesota. my guess is that this is an issue that by and large her constituents don't share. and so it will be really interesting to see how they respond. >> sandra: joining us now is steve scalise, house minority whip. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, happy mardi gras. >> sandra: to you as well. you have the colors on for sure. what do you think of this move by house democrats introducing this resolution to condemn anti-semitism in the wake of these controversial remarks? >> well, the resolution only addresses a piece of the problem. she continues to display anti-semitic remarks, comments. these are her beliefs. and so if they really are serious about addressing the problem, nancy pelosi has to remove her from the foreign affairs committee. she is literally getting intelligence briefings on foreign policy of the united
8:04 am
states, including our relationship with israel as she makes these kind of comments where she thinks any support of israel is denouncing your own nationality. where does that come from? it's a deep rooted belief that shows the core of her convictions and everybody is entitled to their own beliefs. why would you have her on a committee that sensitive to our foreign policy if she has those kind of anti-semitic beliefs unless you are willing to tolerate it? it shouldn't be tolerated. she ought to be removed immediately from the foreign affairs committee. >> sandra: she has only been in congress since january. she received criticism from many in her own party and she is doubling down on her stance and her latest tweet she seems to really be saying that she is not mischaracterizing our relationship with israel but questioning it. to that you say what? >> well, first of all, everybody is entitled to their own beliefs. if you want to sit on the foreign affairs committee and
8:05 am
objectively look at and help set the foreign policy of the united states of america, you shouldn't have anti-semitic beliefs and in the way she describes this relationship, the american/israel relationship is an incredibly special bond and very bipartisan bond. our nations have worked together in many cases in tandem on the same kind of foreign policy. when iran wants to bomb israel and destroy israel they want to bomb and destroy america. our foreign policy interests company inside a lot but if she has those kind of beliefs that expressing support for israel is in some way denouncing your american citizenship she needs to get a deeper rooted understanding of the american and israeli relationship to understand why our two countries are so interlinked on so many issues. >> sandra: we continue to await this news conference in alabama, congressman. if i could just move on to one last topic with you and that is democrats move to cast this
8:06 am
wide net into further probes of the president. now wide ranging 81 people and organizations that will be the target. from all of the president's walks of life. what is the move you are witnessing here by democrats? what are they trying to do? >> you're saying full display the laying of the foundation to impeach the president by the democrats. they don't want to get the facts. they first want to know what their endgame is. it's to impeach the president whether or not the facts back it up. they've cast this wide net. this is beyond a witch hunt. this was all supposed to be about collusion with russia. no collusion found between russia and either presidential campaign. what they're doing is trying to find any excuse to go and appease their base who wants the president impeached. they want to reverse the outcome of the election where the american people said donald trump will be our president. donald trump is doing a great job of following through on his
8:07 am
promises as president to get our economy back on track. they aren't concerned about that. they want to shift back to socialism. the only way they can do it is impeach the president whether the facts back it up or not. so far from everything we've seen the facts don't back it up but they'll move there anyway. >> sandra: agreement by someone you wouldn't expect former barack obama chief strategist david all ex rod. he said this, maybe i'm missing something. however legitimate the areas of inquiry the wide ranging nature of it too easily plays into the witch hunt meme. from david axelrod. >> they've already decided where they want to go and the facts don't back it up so they have to keep reaching wider and
8:08 am
wider. they need to cover for the fact they have a socialist agenda now. the green new deal with eviscerate manufacturing jobs in america. they would send them to countries like china and india where they emit five times more carbon and more greenhouse gases under the new green deal. it is a plan to destroy manufacturing in america. they want to abolish ice, open border idea. it is a very radical left agenda trying to hide it by going after the president personally. >> sandra: now they realize the only collusion with russia was done by -- >> sandra: we'll leave it at that. appreciate the tie. go tigers, happy mardi gras. always good to see you.
8:09 am
>> great being back with you. >> sandra: come back soon. >> bill: eight past the hour now. fox news alert. there are enough votes in the senate to pass a resolution to block president trump's declaration of a national emergency over the southern border. if that happens expect the veto. here is peter doocy live on the hill. good morning to you. >> bill, remember republicans in the senate were not able to give president trump any money or at least not as much money as he wanted for a border wall but that doesn't mean they are necessarily very excited that the president decided to then go around them and try to get the money himself with a national emergency. >> i was one of those hoping the president would not take the national emergency route. once you decide to do that i would support it. i was hoping he wouldn't take that particular path. >> another republican senator rand paul believes there could be as many as 10 republicans who vote against the
8:10 am
president's emergency declaration. paul is one of them along with senators susan collins, thom tillis and lisa murcowski. it doesn't look like there will be so many republicans breaking with the president to override a veto even if all 47 democratic senators vote for it. it would send a strong message. >> people incapacitated by anthrax is an emergency. wanting to fund something that congress wouldn't give you the money for i think really doesn't -- this is a longstanding problem and people say you're saying there is no emergency. i think there is a problem at the border. we have to do it in a way that's consistent with the constitution. >> unless something major changes quickly, the senate does have enough support to send a resolution to president trump's desk saying they are upset with him that he is trying to build a wall without them and that would tee up president trump's first-ever veto. >> bill: thank you, peter doocy, from the hill.
8:11 am
thank you, sir. >> sandra: fox news alert. keeping a close eye on the briefing happening in alabama on the deadly tornado there. the sheriff, jay jones of lee county is present. if anything notable comes from this we'll bring it to you. we're certainly waiting on an update on the number of people dead and the names of the victims. when that happens we'll bring that to you. >> bill: in the meantime new details on the so-called american isis bride banned from returning to the u.s. a judge denied a request to fast track her case. her attorney is charles swift and he will answer where does it go now? that's coming up on "america's newsroom."
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> bill: sheriff jones is at the microphone. let's drop into that now, lee county, the update on the deadly tornado. >> the families have always been our primary concern. it is a labor of concern and care that all of the first responders and all the volunteers are engaged in at this point in time. we are continuing to restrict certain areas for access only to first responders and those that are assisting in the search efforts. as the day goes on, it is hoped that we will begin transitioning from a search and rescue to a recovery status. as the day goes on hopefully by later today and starting tomorrow that is the current plan and so again, i guess you
8:14 am
could emphasize our current efforts is insuring that we have covered those specific areas of particular concern in regard to those that are not accounted for at this particular time. >> at this time coroner bill harris is going to speak. we will have material to give you at the end of this conference. >> thanks, rita. the number of deceased has not increased. it is still at 23. yesterday we were able to positively identify all 23 victims. make the families contact them and at 10:00 last night they've been released to funeral homes for funeral services. the ages range from 6 to 93, i believe. there is a list that we'll be
8:15 am
handing out with the victims' name and their age. i won't read it out now. you can read it for yourself. they'll be handed out shortly. our job now is to assist these families and guide them toward the final dispositions of those decedents. i want to thank the state mortuary operation response team. learned early on that afternoon that my resources would be overwhelmed and this is a state asset that the state of alabama has that most people don't know about. comprised of volunteers of coroners and funeral directors around this state. if i make the call, or the coroner makes the call they proceed to that county and do whatever is needed. we had the team of about eight emts, funeral directors, county investigators. one investigator to each case. each case was handled one at a
8:16 am
time and why the process took so long yesterday. we had to make sure that person was who we were told it was. i thank him and his staff. it was a very concerted effort and we were able to get it done yesterday afternoon and talked to the last family about 8 or 9:00 last night and by 10:30 we had them all released to funeral homes. just keep those families in your prayers. there is one family there that were connected with over seven people this man lost in one family. it's a tragic situation. i can't thank this community enough for jumping in and the supportive owe seen firsthand. it has been amazing. when this is over i will take any questions. >> we have the national weather service give a statement and let the director come back and
8:17 am
take questions. >> good morning. we're still in the damage assessment and evaluation phase. again just want to reiterate that our job is to assess and get information out to help with disaster declarations. but most important part is the people, not the property. just want to give a couple of quick updates. no change to the lee county track but we are talking with our partners over in the peach tree city, atlanta office so the continuous tornado track will be about 70 miles. it continued well into georgia and we'll have additional information out on that today. the macon county, lee track the second tornado upgraded to ef2 that was on the ground for 29 miles. the two tornado which were the same storm but not continuous. they lifted and touched back down. those two were upgraded to ef2
8:18 am
as well. one thing of note there, the second barber tornado actually destroyed our weather equipment at the airport. it was leveled to the ground. we have a team out today back out at barber county and bullock county looking at more damage there as well. i will say this, i put out to the media thank you guys for everything you are doing. the more attention you get on this event really helps the local people and helps them getting resources. thank you very much for what you are doing. if there are any more reports you have from other counties please pass them along to us. sometimes we can go weeks and not hear about something in an event like this and then we have another tornado track. if there is something you guys hear about let us know. you are our eyes and ears on the ground. a couple of things i want to mention. apologize for not mentioning this yesterday. the radar at maxwell air force base was a huge, huge help to us. we work with our dod partners at maxwell.
8:19 am
they suffered a catastrophic failure two weeks ago, major issue to the radar. typically it takes two to three weeks to get the radar back up. the folks at the department of defense along with our partners at the radar operations center in oklahoma they worked tirelessly 24 hours a day literally a couple weeks ago to get that radar back up. if that radar had not been up we might not have been able to detect the tornado as quickly as we did. a huge thank you to our partners in norman, oklahoma and the department of defense. thank you very much to them. one thing i wanted to clarify. there were a couple of things i saw mentioned there were only five minutes of lead time for the beauregard community and the warning. went back and looked at the information. there was eight to nine minutes for the first fatality in beauregard. on the county line there was five minutes of warning. in town there was eight to nine minutes and we did have a warning to the west in macon
8:20 am
county for the same storm and we mentioned the storm was wrapping up. that was about 40 minute lead time in macon county for the same storm that produced the tornado here in lee county. i did want to clarify that as well. i'll be available today for interviews, questions, possibly if you guys want to get out in the field and the areas available we can do some stuff in the field as well. i'll be here through the afternoon. so again thank you guys for everything you are doing. i appreciate it. the more we can get it out in the media and on tv it's important. not important for me or us in the weather service, it is important for these guys over here. they're the ones that need it, not me. so thank you very much. >> one last thing that i would like to say, i would like to thank auburn university for the assistance that they have poured down by lee county and
8:21 am
our agency in particular. they have been great partner. the lee county board of education, we have taken over some of their sites and they've been great to provide that resource to us. providence baptist church who is manning and supporting the shelter for individuals, they have really stepped up. the red cross is here working and united way. united way has fed a lot of people and i would like for you to ask people to support those organizations because they are really providing a valuable service. i'm afraid i'm missing someone. if i have i will catch them on the next conference. we can take questions now. >> can you clarify seven to eight missing? seven or eight? why is it seven or eight? >> the reason why we're not sure, we have a mixed report on that number. but it will be either seven or
8:22 am
eight. hopefully we'll have that addressed before the end of the day. >> if i understand you are hopeful that you found most of the victims but you are continuing to search to make sure you didn't miss anyone. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> do you think the number of victims will rise much at this point? >> we're not ruling that completely out but we're hoping that, of course, as we all are that number stays static. >> the people who passed away. are you finding them in and around their property or have they been moved a significant distance? >> for the most part i believe and the coroner can add to that. i believe most were found in close proximity to their residences. a few were a distance but the majority were found close to the residence of occupation. >> any arrests related to the
8:23 am
storm for any reason? >> no arrests. >> the family that lost seven or eight people, were they inside the house or outside the property, were they inside an interior room, where were they? >> we believe that every victim that was in the residence. they all ended up, with the exception of two, all ended up outside the residence. the residents are affected, not there. >> some were mobile homes. some were structures. >> the family that lost seven people. >> two different families related by marriage on the same road two or three houses apart. all the decedents were found outside the residence but in close proximity to the address where they lived. >> you mentioned there were at least four victims that you guys were having trouble identifying. how were you able to identify them?
8:24 am
>> we identified them -- we had to show some photographs to family members and through other photographs that they supplied to us and consensus with investigators and myself and the team that did the examination of the bodies we were able to positively identify them. >> do you have people offering to help now and supply, we're -- what's the best way for the public to help? >> i know they will have issues there. i'm sure there are families that especially the family that lost seven, there will be some financial issues there. they have seven funerals they'll have to finance somehow. so i've already had calls this morning people willing to help and i'll be taking those and directing those families to that assistance. i won't publicly do it. they will be okay. it may take awhile. >> are all the services here in lee county? >> i don't know.
8:25 am
we got the last body was released to a funeral home around 10 or 10:30. we have to certify the deaths so they can proceed with taking care of family affairs. those deaths will be certified by the end of this week and they'll go from there and we'll assist them and direct them in any way we can to help them. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> bill: that corner of alabama stretching into georgia. seven or eight people still unaccounted for, which is down from the dozens that we were thinking at day break earlier today. still 23 dead. all have been identified including seven members of the same family. the age of the victims range from 6 to 93. bubba copeland is the mayor of smith station, alabama near columbus, georgia, on the west side of the border. how are you doing down there? what do you need? >> we can hear you. we have a lot of construction -- a lot of cleanup going on
8:26 am
now. we're in the southern most part of the county on the end. we're probably 25, 30 miles from beauregard. the tornado that come through they're saying 70 miles long. it devastated our little town. it wiped out probably right now about 45 to 50 houses. we're waiting on ema to help us assess the damage. they're tied up in the beauregard area. we're working together now as a community. we have red cross here, a lot of volunteers from the baptist church, the methodist church and around the state that have come in and volunteered to help. the church of the highlands has come in and volunteered to help us clean up and rebuild. we have one of our schools that is very damaged here in lee county. smith station west has several holes and the school will be closed again tomorrow. it has been closed monday, tuesday and will be closed again tomorrow. only essential personnel will be asked to come tomorrow.
8:27 am
>> bill: the chain saws will be working for several days. they said there was at least a five-minute warning at one point. another point they talked about an eight to nine minute warning. can you describe to us what your experience was? >> well, we had known a couple days before they had told us there was potential dangerous weather coming. the morning they sent a warning via text and email that said potential for tornadoes and then around 2:00 eastern standard time they said tornado warning and they began the warnings and then at 3:03 it went from a warning to watch and we knew the tornado was coming and you could hear it up in the air. from where i live was about a mile from where i'm standing and you could actually hear it going through.
8:28 am
it was a devastating thing. when we knew it was gone volunteers from the city just come from everywhere. in alabama, columbus, georgia, everybody came to help dig people out and get them to where we were able to access people to get them to safety. thank goodness we had no deaths, just two people that were hurt and they are okay now. they've been checked out. we just have a lot of substantial housing losses. we know of at least 30 families that are homeless right now. and we're working with red cross and ema and volunteers to get those people out. we're still not -- >> bill: just listening to the story. the sense of community has really been shown in a very significant way. and we're pulling for you. >> southern hospitality, there is nothing like it. i'm looking now at probably
8:29 am
over 100 people cutting, moving, picking up debris. it is a blessing for these people to work together. >> bill: thank you, mayor. our best to you. >> thank you, too. i appreciate you guys keeping us on the air and thank you for everything you do. >> bill: thank you, sir, very much. >> sandra: we have this fox news alert. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and her chief of staff hit with allegations of campaign finance violations. the accusation nearly a million dollars in contributions funneled to private companies. jason chaffetz has something to say on that and he joins us next. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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reach her health goals! i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy. >> bill: 11:32. fox news alert. allegations of possible campaign finance violations directed at congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and her chief of staff. the issue, nearly a million dollars in contributions, fec
8:33 am
complaint claiming her team funneled it from political action committees to private companies under the guise it was for strategic consulting. it appears that was a mischaracterization of activities that should have been reported individually. a statement from the fec says they cannot confirm any complaint has been filed. jason chaffetz, former congressman utah, fox news contributor, thank you for your time. perfect guy for this job. your experience in washington absent her case specifically, how does something like this work, jason? >> well, the allegation is you have a campaign that is run by in this case aoc and now chief of staff and then they set up two pacs. it is common but not frequent that people will set up pacs as a freshman. these two pac organizations are regulated. limits to how much you donate and how to spend the money.
8:34 am
then there are two other for-profit companies registered as llcs, one is registered, the other is mysterious whether or not it's registered. the allegation is they're putting money into the pac and the pac is using as a general broad umbrella strategic consulting. what does that mean? it sounds to a lot of people that's the way to skirt the campaign finance laws in this country. and the fec and the other regulators need to get in there and find out where was this money going? was it going to people's pockets, was it legitimate or not? >> bill: we have reached out to her office for comment. they haven't heard anything yet. we've invited her on the program. we hope that happens soon. with we moving money around because it supports the same cause and you could use that rationale to protect yourself? >> it depends on the legitimacy
8:35 am
of the campaign funds. in general the reason you have entities required by campaign finance so that there are limitations and exposure and transparency. this seems to be away to get around the campaign exposure laws out there and you try to find out how legitimate it is. you've heard in the past that democrats wail on it. this week they have hr one on the floor about accountability and openness. this is the very thing that hides a lot of money, nearly a million dollars. and the question is, is it legitimate or was it just going into people's pockets to pay people off? >> what is the hr1 proposal on the floor? >> it's the big signature bill, nancy pelosi, her signature bill. congressman sarbanes who is putting it on the floor. starting tomorrow they'll have debate and then they'll vote on it and send it to the senate. it isn't going anywhere in the senate. it is a huge, long bill but it
8:36 am
is how they want to transfer the way we do business in campaigns in this country and change it. essentially in favor of the way the democrats like to run. everything from districting and voting, everything. >> bill: is something like this common? >> no. >> bill: washington is awash in money, right? >> yeah. no doubt it is. and aoc has been a unique candidate. the common thread here is her chief of staff. he was involved in the bernie sanders campaign. evidently a multi-millionaire coming in from silicon valley. more power to him for that. to set up these organizations in the shell game is highly unusual and at least on the surface it creates a lot of suspicion. i'm not saying they're guilty of it but the authorities have to look at it. >> bill: thank you so much. we'll run it down and figure out where it leads. thank you, sir, jason chaffetz there today. >> sandra: a terrifying experience for a driver in massachusetts when snow and ice
8:37 am
came crashing down on his car from a boston overpass. this incident captured on dash kam. the driver was not hurt but his windshield was shattered as you can see there. the governor warning about weather-related dangers after saying the snow stops it can fall off trees, bridges and buildings. we all saw that yesterday as the snow melted quickly. it can be harmful. >> bill: going to get cold. two weeks ago we had a nice day, 60 degrees, summer is around the corner. it's not. it's another three months away. >> sandra: what happened to the groundhog? he got this one wrong, huh? >> bill: yes, he did. back to the hole we go. a legal blow for the so-called isis bride hoda muthana. born in new jersey, wants to come back to the united states. a federal judge said it will not fast track her matter. her lead attorney is charles swift and he has reaction on that and we'll talk to him live about that case and the next
8:38 am
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>> sandra: a federal judge denied the request to expedite the case of the so-called isis bride hoda muthana. she is the american-born woman who wants to come home from syria after leaving years ago to join isis. secretary of state mike pompeo saying she is not a u.s. citizen and has no legal right to return. joining us now is charles swift, hoda muthana's attorney. you represent the family. charles swift, thank you, welcome to the program this morning. the country has been watching this story and this is the latest blow to her potential return. where do you think all of this is going to go? they said it was speculative what you presented and the risk that she is in with her child overseas. >> well, yes, the judge found that the risk to her for waiting was speculative but it is very important what the judge also found. on the first prong are we
8:42 am
likely to succeed? he found yes, we're likely to succeed in the final motion and in our final complaint. so one would have liked it to move faster. >> sandra: what conclusion did you draw there? >> that she is likely to come home in the end. >> sandra: let me let you know what mike pompeo has said. she is not a citizen, a terrorist. the president has said she will not be allowed to return home to the united states. the d.o.j. says she is not and never has been a u.s. citizen. so what right does she have to return to the united states? >> well, let me go on the first part. none of those people matter because they don't get to say whether she is a citizen or not. the court will ultimately determine that. none of those people -- understand -- >> sandra: that will be debateed in the federal courts. tell us the facts involved
8:43 am
there whether or not her father was indeed a diplomat at the time of her birth. that's what is being debated. >> it is absolutely factual he was not a diplomat. everyone agrees. >> sandra: what the u.n. is saying that was not reported to the u.n. when his time as a diplomat from yemen ended. >> that's the government's argument to the u.s. mission at the u.n. the u.s. mission notes on the card he was fired in june and that he was terminated in september. the argument is -- >> sandra: there is a lot of confusion there. >> there is really not. the government is trying desperately to win this but as the judge pointed out their arguments don't appear to be reasonable. that was stated on the record. >> sandra: why are mike pompeo and the president and the d.o.j. have responded to. she is asking to return home after she left and married not one, not two, not three, but
8:44 am
four isis fighters. she have had a son with one of them who is now dead. she tweeted out threats against americans, including this one, go on, drive bys and spill all of their blood, she wrote. rent a big truck and drive all over them. that was a tweet she wrote, correct me if that's not the case, march 2015. that was just four years ago. she advocated for jihad. >> let's go on two things. i'm not defending her conduct there. in fact, her conduct is indefensible but i don't have to because banishment is not a recognized crime. this is why the president and all -- everyone is arguing about what happened at her birth because the supreme court more than 70 years ago held you cannot banish somebody or revoke their citizenship based on their conduct overseas. >> sandra: they are saying she was never a citizen.
8:45 am
>> well then we're back to was her father a diplomat, aren't we? it doesn't matter what she said or did overseas. >> sandra: anyone born in the u.s. is entitled to citizenship but does not apply to individuals under the diplomatic protections of another country. >> her father was not and neither was she. everyone agrees. that's why the united states -- a letter from the united states mission indicating that he was fired on september 1. that he had been terminated from his position almost two months before her birth. it is uncontroverted which is why the judge indicated we had a very strong case going forward. >> sandra: so -- does she understand why americans are not feeling sympathy for her to return to the united states?
8:46 am
>> i certainly hope so. i have not spoken with her recently. have you spoken with her at all. i have in the past but not for about 15 or 20 days which is why her father represents her as next friend. >> sandra: where does he expect to go with this? you are sounding like. >> where does he expect to go? probably under indictment in a federal court to trial and then if found guilty punished for any offenses that she may have committed. you see, that's the part. she doesn't walk away. >> sandra: you tried to make the case, now along with her father since we're hearing you haven't spoken with her, that she is at imminent risk in the refugee camp in syria. he made the case that's speculative because she has gone so public with her story and able to reach the media. >> what he said that's not the whole part. our principle case was that the
8:47 am
united states continued presence in syria was not guaranteed and therefore her ability to return to the united states through surrendering to u.s. forces was at risk. the judge said that was speculative. neither side maintained that she was at risk in the refugee camp. so in the end the judge said well, we don't know when the u.s. is pulling out of syria. it is speculative that they would pull out before this trial is over. if things change, come back and talk to me. >> sandra: is she receiving threats there? >> my understanding is that she has been threatened by members of isis who are now very angry at her for her position and that she was moved camps. i haven't spoken to her. that was what her family was led to believe on the reason for the move. but i can't confirm that. >> sandra: the judge in the case judge reggie walton who suggested that everything you
8:48 am
presented her tl* about her risk was speculative and uncertainty on the terms of the withdrawal didn't know when troops would pull out. you are making the case with troops withdrawing she is at greater risk. he didn't rule on was the question of muthana's citizenship noting he did not address that in the motion for expedited consideration. when you talk to her father, because you represent her and her family, has her father spoken with her? >> her family is representing her. >> sandra: as her father spoken with her? >> he has on occasion infrequently. >> sandra: what does she tell him? >> i don't know. i don't know the answer to that. other than she wants to return. that is for me the key constitutional question. for me this is about the 14th amendment. >> sandra: wrap this situation for us. where do things stand today? we know what she wants, we know
8:49 am
that the united states says she is not welcome back. so what happens now? what are you here to tell us. >> as the judge said it comes down to is she is citizen. what she does overseas doesn't matter if sthe is a citizen. we think we have a strong case and the court tended to agree with us on the first prong and stated so. the government gets to make their case in their next series of motions and answers. but i don't think the facts are going to change dramatically. after that, you know, i believe that -- it's unquestionable her father had been fired. the government's argument is very dangerous to the country. we're short sighted looking at muthana. if the government is right it will allow foreign countries to utilize diplomatic protection for ex-employees that commit crimes against the united states. that's dangerous. >> sandra: what was the date of
8:50 am
her birth? >> she was born october 28, 1994. >> sandra: let me finish by reading the department of justice using that date and this timeline says muthana never has been a u.s. citizen and her son likewise is not a u.s. citizen. settled law applied to the relevant events clearly demonstrates that plaintiff enjoyed diplomatic agent level immunity until february 6th, 1995. that's six months after her birth. >> well, the judge -- you understand the part that they agree, the law is hardly settled and the judge on reasonable interpretations didn't agree with them at the beginning. the part on the thing is if the obama justice department said that would you agree with them? >> sandra: i don't know what your point is there. >> what i'm saying is just
8:51 am
because the justice department says it doesn't make it right. >> sandra: we really appreciate you coming on. thank you. we'll continue following this story. more on "america's newsroom." we'll be right back. t with an ie rush of vicks vapors. [a capella] ahhhhhhhhhh! new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool.
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>> bill: new report this morning. stunning on the extent of chinese cyber acting and new details on university targeted by beijing. we have more on this. >> the chinese assault on america has gotten worse. so claims a new study of beijing spying on our soil. the "wall street journal" reporting this morning that a study from a security company will expose chinese efforts to target u.s. universities to steal research about maritime military technology. study claims chinese hackers have breached u.s. navy contractors and gone after more than two dozen universities
8:55 am
including mit, duke and penn state. the paper says china did not respond for comment and has previously denied it engages in cyberattacks. fox news has been investigating chinese efforts to infiltrate american academia. i sat down with texas republican senator ted cruz. he is trying to blunt beijing's spying in the u.s. it's called the stop higher education espionage and theft act. china is especially brazen. >> the chinese government is investing vast sums of money infiltrating american universities and businesses. and they are engaged in a host of nefarious activities. it is a systematic threat to undermine our universities and our economy and we need serious combating it. >> the navy says the department of navy recognizes the serious nature of evolving cyber threats and bolsters the
8:56 am
department's cybersecurity culture and awareness along with cyber defenses and information technology capabilities. this extends to all of our workforce and partners for security reasons the navy does not comment on specific incidents or vul near abilities. as for penn state they told us they're aware of the threats and say whenever the university does detect a hacking attempt from anywhere, they do notify the government. >> bill: it is the day today. thank you, eric shawn here in studio with us in new york. >> sandra: democrats launching a wide ranging investigation of the president. now the white house and republicans are fighting back. what the president is now saying about the expanded probe next. benefit. the newday va cash out loan can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners when other lenders won't. home values are rising. now's the time to use the va home loan benefit
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♪ do you ♪ love me? ♪ ♪ i can really move ♪ ♪ do you love me? ♪ i'm in the groove ♪ now do you love me? ♪ do you love me now that i can dance? ♪ applebee's 3 course meal. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> sandra: it's the end of the show. >> bill: yes, it is pretty tough news from alabama. just the reporting, people have lost their lives down there. they are still looking for seven or eight people and we are wishing them the very best. we're just talking about everybody down there. his real sensitive community right now on the needle need ae
9:00 am
help they can get. onward. >> sandra: we will catch you back here tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. thank you for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, the white house and republican lawmakers are pushing back. it's house judiciary committee e chairman jerry nadler ramping up negotiations into president rouhani, demanding documents from 81 people and organizations in the president's orbit, obstruction of justice and other abuses of power by the president. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis, fox news analyst and coast of benson benson and arif on fox news radio, marie harf is here. kennedy is on "outnumbered" right now. and in the center seat, ready to go, brian kilmeade, host a "fox & friends" and host of the brian kilmeade radio show. the resume so much longer but we only have an hour show. he's "outnumbered"


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