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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 5, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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help they can get. onward. >> sandra: we will catch you back here tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. thank you for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, the white house and republican lawmakers are pushing back. it's house judiciary committee e chairman jerry nadler ramping up negotiations into president rouhani, demanding documents from 81 people and organizations in the president's orbit, obstruction of justice and other abuses of power by the president. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis, fox news analyst and coast of benson benson and arif on fox news radio, marie harf is here. kennedy is on "outnumbered" right now. and in the center seat, ready to go, brian kilmeade, host a "fox & friends" and host of the brian kilmeade radio show. the resume so much longer but we only have an hour show. he's "outnumbered" ." are you blushing?
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>> brian: i'm blushing for my makeup that went on at 6:00 a.m. >> harris: you got some best-selling books! i'm not exaggerating. you have one out in paperback. >> brian: thank you very much, i i appreciate it. >> kennedy: old hickory! >> brian: introduction. >> harris: let's get to the news. serious pushback from president trump as house democrats have up investigations despite reports that the mueller investigation is nearing its end. the president tweeted this. "have of they realize the only collision with russia was done by crooked hill or clinton, and the dem heads of the committee have gone stone cold crazy. 81 letter sent to inner 's peopo harass them. they will get anything done for our country! post dell medical school. white house "democrats are harassing the president to distract from the radical agenda of making america a socialist country, killing babies after they are born and pushing a green new deal. the discovery jobs and make up
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the america." meanwhile, republican senate judiciary committee member john cornyn suggesting democrats are getting desperate as the mueller probe runs down. watch. >> they are worried the mueller report will come up with nothing against the president as regards to collusion. that's why they are launching this full frontal assault, which as i said is a prelude to impeachment and will make sure that we can't get anything else on. >> harris: with jerry nadler said last night the democrats recently doing their jobs. >> congress as a check on the president and vice versa. you must have that check. we have to protect the rule of law, and that means we have to investigate and hold hearings in front of the american people, if they are involved in abuses of power or obstruction of justice. >> harris: brian kilmeade, is this just simply them doing their job? >> brian: i don't think so. if you look at david axelrod who tweeted this out, he is running
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the campaign for barack obama twice and he can be fair in his podcast. he says this in a treat. "maybe i'm missing something, but the hazard of omnibus document demands by house judiciary versus discrete serial ones is that however legitimate the areas of inquiry are, the wide-ranging nature of it plays into the witch hunt mem." everything that's happened, adam shut from another committee saying, "we think russia might be laundering money through the trump organization." what is that based on? benghazi was based on an attack, the irs with specific incidents. we will look for 50 or 80 people until we find something. i think that's not what the american people have patience for it, it plays to the republican narrative. >> harris: marie, i don't know what the nod means for me. if you are agreeing with brian. so i want to start there. do you agree with what he is saying based on history? of the democrats overreach here? >> marie: there's always a danger of overreaching and they
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need to be very careful about that. while they could have these investigations they need to keep pushing forward. they will be voting on several bills this week on positive policy items, so those will be happening at the same time. on the investigations -- look, i think it is very clear throughout the last several years that the more information that comes out the more we are showing evidence of the trump organization, or donald trump or himself, or people around him why when confronted with facts. there actually is an oversight role here that congress has not been playing. i can refute quotes from 2016 from republicans in congress saying, "one who vacant in the selected, we already have two years worth of investigations lined up and ready to go." this in some ways is what happens when congress and the presidency are a different party. there have been real allegations of criminal activity and evidence of that about donald trump and people around him that congress has a responsibility. >> harris: the people around him are knee-deep in think they should have been doing.
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paul manafort is like an encyclopedia about one not to do. >> marie: that's true. >> harris: what do you mean for evidentiary material against the president? >> marie: we saw last week documentary evidence that he wrote checks, hush money checks, while president. that may have been part of a criminal activity in new york, according to the southern district of new york. not to mention the criminal peace, he lied about it publicly. repeatedly. the bar is in criminal activity paired with the president's cup line repeatedly to the american people, i do think congress has a role -- >> kennedy: he wrote a check to michael cohen, is personallyl attorney. he's clearly russian operative. >> marie: i didn't say that. >> melissa: i agree with 50% of what she said. >> marie: i like it. >> melissa: that's more than usual. i don't think this is oversight. oversight is when things are going on while the present is campaigning when he's in office. i do agree that elections have
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consequences. this is the result that republicans lost, the democrats came in and they are like, "we are going to make your life a living hell." and they have ever had to do that because they won the election. this is just how our system has broken down. >> harris: before you go, kennedy, i want to give us more material to work with. representative maxine waters here on the president and what she calls obstruction of justic justice. "obstruction of justice reality show. firing comey. sending coded messages to mena ford and others that he is the power to pardon. lying about trump tower meetings. threatening cohen's in-laws, attempting to destroy mueller. what more do we need customer to impeachment is the only answer." kennedy caused mike >> kennedy: i think the only thing they could work more than the green new deal on the president's favor, this litany of investigations is actually impeachment. i think all of this place to strength. is not as he hasn't done anything wrong. he may have done a lot of things
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wrong. i think what people want from congress right now is to figure that out. i think that's what david axelrod was saying. to figure out the most serious charge, the one that is the greatest threat to the republic, and go after that. it seems like jerry nadler and some of the other committee chairs like the creepy guys on the beach at 5:00 in the morning with the headphones in the metal detector, hoping for a gold bracelet. and they are really just fumbling around looking for a crime. if a crime has been committed by the president of the united states, figure out what that is and then go after that. >> harris: 's of the time you spent on venice beach, very clear. [laughter] i know you're from the beautiful area. >> brian: would you also say is important to come over they are going through this, when they go through this whole process, is to do it one by one and not look like you have an agenda? to go out there and say, "the judiciary committees in charge of impeachment, lets he would say."
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but for the long time we told robert mueller he has power. we don't want to get fired. and before the report comes out, they want to give a document that he had to create their own you would probe for the next two years. at least let it come out and disappoint you or please you. >> harris: part of the evidence -- and i put that" because there is no site line on this check from donald trump jr. and ellen westerberg and the president, to michael cohen. there was evidence he brought from a box of the fbi had returned. we don't have the total scope on what those documents will mean. what we do is open up that cauldron of worms that says, "is there more here?" i thought democrats would wait until miller was finished. is the room to do both? have they hold off on this until we see the mueller report caused mike >> brian: i would think so, but i think what happened is they saw how sensational michael cohen was as a witness. how compelling come of the
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2 million people that watch, the way they got to ask questions. i don't think what they fully understand is that they are going be cooperative. they will have answers to their questions, they won't look to turn the president and the some evil villain like michael cohen suddenly seems willing to do. you put don jr. or eric -- >> harris: but he's only doing that on issues of race and cultural issues, when it came down to russia collusion and the thing i thought we were all watching for. >> marie: he did give us new information about -- >> harris: he said he didn't have any evidence. no, basically was the answer. >> kennedy: he showed, "it was july 18th, that's when i heard the present talking about wikileaks." and thomas massie was like, "this came out in june." he pointed out how flawed the timeline was. particularly about wikileaks. here's the thing. >> marie: when you talk about some of his previous history, whitewater happened long before bill clinton became president.
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>> harris: i totally agree with you. >> marie: i agree with kennedy that we democrats need to focus on the most important issues. part of the challenge is one of the reasons it was such a broad list as they don't have all the facts. they actually don't -- >> harris: why not wait until mueller's finish? >> marie: a lot of these issues have been siphoned off to the southern district of new york or are separate from the new would probe. so there are different issues. >> harris: you don't want to wait for the facts to come forth? >> marie: mueller won't cover those issues. he's only looking at two specific issues. congress has a constitutional role to get some of these questions answered. >> kennedy: i have a very important question. why do you love mike pence so much? >> marie: [laughs] i don't. >> kennedy: community. he will become president. the senate will throw him out because he's done so many bad things, and they do have president pants. >> harris: that's a good point why do we -- democrats will be able to -- based on history. right customer to newt gingrich,
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former house speaker, said there was political damage. there was fallout to seek impeachment great i'm paraphrasing but that the gist of what they told me. if that's the case, why do they think they will come out at >> marie: if it is not the same scenario. there is a concern and i take your point, but -- >> harris: impeachment is the same scenario. >> marie: if donald trump comes in with less of political support then bill clinton had going into the process, his numbers are much lower than bill clinton's word. >> kennedy: if democrats hated what republicans did so much with investigations and benghazi and going after hillary, where are they doing same thing? >> marie: it's not the same thing. we believe here there are real issues that have not been looked into -- >> melissa: you don't think the republicans believe there was a real issues and benghazi? really? >> marie: by the if investigation when all the questions have been answered, by the f investigation, i thought they were doing it for political reasons. by the eighth investigation, ye yes. >> harris: americans died in
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that. >> marie: i was part of that administration and i wanted questions answered as well. >> harris: i've never heard you talk at the collective read. >> marie: as a democrat question marks me when you always say you don't represent every other democrat. but you feel like you do on this issue? >> marie: i feel like i represent double cuts on this count, yeah. i feel like my job is to bring forward the perspective from the party i'm a part of. yes. >> harris: so this is a uniting issue for democrats more than the others question asked before everything donald trump is uniting issue for democrats. >> harris: we will move on. fired fbi director james comey's making noise about the pending report from special counsel robert mueller. what he says must be done now. and the big action democrats plan to take after one of their own, again makes controversial remarks about israel. whether this will end the firestorm, or make it burn brighter. >> it's a very complicated issue. there is nothing complicated about being clear that we must stand up against anti-semitism. we must stand up against that.
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and stand for israel. ♪ you.
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it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. ♪ >> melissa: the house is to vote on on a resolution tomorrw condemning anti-semitism. it is due to controversial remarks by freshman democrat ilhan omar, suggesting that some of her fellow lawmakers are more loyal to israel than the united states. the measure was crafted by the staff of speaker pelosi and top democrats. a draft of it does not mention omar by name but does spell out some of her remarks. a senior democratic aide tells fox the resolution was in the works before the anti-defamation league wrote a letter asking lawmakers to condemn omar's remarks. the letter reads in part, "rep
9:18 am
omar has argued that these statements reflect good-faith disagreements about u.s. policy towards israel, the palestinian authority, and the relationship between the two. this could not be further from the truth. accusing jews of having allegiance to a foreign government has long been an anti-semitic slayer that has been used to harass, marginalize, and persecute the jewish people." fellow freshman alexandria ocasio-cortez defending america much weeding, "is not a position to tell people how to feel or that their herd is invalid. they begged the question, where are the resolutions against homophobic statements? for anti-blackness customer for xenophobia? for a member saying he will send obama home to kenya?" meanwhile, house republicans reportedly are considering a sensor motion against omar. and some say that she should be stripped of her foreign affairs committee. first of all, i think it would be valid if we stopped coming back at when something happens,
9:19 am
responding with, "what about when someone did the same thing?" two wrongs don't make a right. we could start by talking about things in isolation and then go back and say, "by the way, you did something similar before. are you sorry about that? great." >> brian: that's a first time i've seen that to me that she is sticking up for congresswoman omar by saying, "she may have said the statements, but what about all these other things?" the sending it back to kenya was reference to a 2011 town hall mark meadows was holding him over he said, "i think that was referred to that. every week she seems to have a different anti-semitic comment. the question is this -- minneapolis, did you know this is who you were sending to congress? that she represent how you feel? if she is, he did a good job. if she misrepresented herself when she campaign, they should step up and spread some of their outrage. number two, if you are speaker pelosi, what are you
9:20 am
thinking putting her on foreign relations? does she mimic what the democrats want on the foreign relations committee? what are you thinking putting her there? if she has those beliefs, put her into finance. she is doing irreparable damage to the party. >> melissa: let me ask you, mary -- we were looking at reports earlier today that israeli intelligence is saying y on the brink of war with gaza. so it's an important time between these two people. she is sitting on that committee, and she does seem sincere in her anti-semitism. because as it keeps getting pointed out to her, she doubles down on it. it seems like again and again. from a foreign relations and a security -- national security point of view, how do you reconcile these things? >> marie: we shouldn't be in the business of judging sincerity from people. what jesus publicly is is referenceable, even if she's not sincere i think speaker pelosi is right to take a strong stance against
9:21 am
the comments. so is the chair of the committee, congressman engel, the democrat. he has come down very hard in her comments. i think they're doing the right thing. >> melissa: the tears that she belongs on that committee because she represents a different perspective. she brings a perspective to the committee. >> marie: setting aside the horrible anti-semitic comments, the broader question you ask about in terms of what's going on in israel right now and the relationship, the bilateral relationship, i do think there are questions we should be asking. for example, prime minister nesn yahoo has taken israeli policy, admittedly, very far to the right that has made a lot of people in the united states, including mary and the american jewish organizations, uncomfortable's current israeli policy. we have to find out a way in this country to have these policy debates without -- >> melissa: you're not answering the question though. >> harris: let me give an example. talking about what she called blackness -- not put that way. if you put that in the context of having a committee, and you
9:22 am
talk about racism or whatever, you wouldn't necessarily need to put the person on who might have said the most incendiary thing. so, yes, those are legitimate questions to ask, but i'm just saying -- does everybody deserve a seat at the table? or people who you think might further the conversation? that is just a question. i want to hit what you said about minneapolis, though. because i covered the news there for many years. i would say this -- when the gc rc director speaks out and says he has been trying to school -- and i'm putting words in his mouth with that -- but he's been listening and having learning conversations. teachable moments. with omar. and he says that he doesn't understand why she can't go forth without making simultaneous -- that is a quote -- anti-semitic comments. it's already an issue at home. it's a complicated issue with her. and i don't know how our constituency is going to deal with it. >> brian: peter king represent me in my district. if peter king was saying things i felt were abhorrent toward
9:23 am
israel or anti-american, i would feel personally offended. >> marie: where those the same things to you? >> brian: what you mean? >> marie: you said if they are a born toward israel or anti-american. are you equating those things? do you have to be pro-israel to be pro-american? >> brian: i would say i'm comfortable with the american foreign policy being pro-israel. i'm comfortable saying one of our top three allies in the world have been the most consistent over the last 67 years. but this is in question. >> melissa: i don't think you can be pro-american and anti-semitic. >> marie: i didn't say that, i said into israel. >> kennedy: that's really important differentiation. >> melissa: that was my point. >> kennedy: questioning israel policy and being anti-semitic -- i think representative omar leans toward being anti-semitic. that's incredibly problematic, and steve king is right to be stripped of his committee positions. then so should she. the last time was a warning. this time -- >> harris: she pressed forward.
9:24 am
>> kennedy: i do think there are some deeply held beliefs here, which are incredibly troubling. you have lawmakers like ralph northam who was trying to get past a recessed scandal. it would be as if he were repeating the same mistakes in the present day. there is no internalizing from her, and there has to be a consistent set of rules. >> marie: and the west virginia g.o.p. put a poster up with her face on it. >> kennedy: and that was inappropriate as well. >> marie: i'm just bringing up how nasty is getting. >> harris: it's a blood sport. >> melissa: in a new complaint complaint, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and her chief of staff accused of potentially violating campaign finance law. this, as the fresh and democrat calls for investigators closely examine president trump's finan. a live report with details ahead. >> i think in oversight we should be talking about taxes, taxes, taxes. and his big account, bank account, big account.
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>> do you have any comment on the fcc violations filed against you? >> there is no violation, so... there is no violation. >> to think that's a sign of you taking dark money? >> no. >> kennedy: may be. there was brand direction from alexandria ocasio-cortez to a potential bombshell complaint filed with the against her and the chief of staff. being launched by the conservative national legal policy sensor claims the congressman her top staffer improperly funneled nearly $900,000 in campaign contributions from political action committees to private companies. peter doocy is live on capitol hill with the latest. it sounds ominous, peter.
9:30 am
>> the reason for the red flags here is because when all that money moved around between accounts that were controlled by alexandria ocasio-cortez's chief of staff, it was all just labeled for strategic consulting. the chief himself explained all of this on national tv three years ago. >> our ideas to run this single unified presidential style campaign that will look a lot like the bernie sanders campaign, and use that model of a single website or fund-raisin fund-raising, a giant national movement of volunteers contacting millions of voters. >> that might've been too broad. the law says specific payments need to be labeled specific loop. so what comes next could be a big test for the freshman congresswoman who is very enthusiastic about other people's financial records, telling the new yorker recently, "i can see trump being enormously upset that a 29-year-old latina who is a daughter of a domestic worker is helping to build the case to get his financial records. i think that adds insult to
9:31 am
injury to him." the federal elections commission complaint was lodged by the virginia-based national legal and policy center, where an official explains, "these are not mine or technical violations. we are talking about real money here. in all my years of studying fec reports, i've never seen a more ambitious operation to circumvent reporting requirements. representative ocasio-cortez has been quite vocal in condemning so-called dark money, but her own campaign went to great lengths to avoid the sunlight of disclosure." you might have noticed in that sound bite that played during the introduction, the congresswoman was coming back at the airport. which was surprising to us, because air travels one of the things that gets spaced out over time in the green new deal that she supports. our crew asked her why she flew and didn't take the amtrak train from new york down to washington, d.c. she said, "because it saved a couple hours of her constituents time." kennedy? >> kennedy: we all know that's
9:32 am
not true, peter. it's much faster. thank you. [laughter] we will start with you. let's start a bit about this dark money. that's one of those new phrases in politics, that people who want to see authentic and ethical campaigns want to get the dark money out of politics paired but this money is not looking -- very late. >> marie: we should point out the organization that filed the complete with the fec does have a political leaning. it is a conservative organization. they are very upfront about that. the fec will look into these allegations, and we will see what comes from it. the question of dark money is a good one. i worked on the 2012 campaign we had conversations about super pacs, for example. we very much wanted all the donations, for people to know them. are you interact as an organization with super pacs, this has changed a lot in the last ten years. one of the things, just to look at 2020, elizabeth warren for example talking about how she wants no dark money, she wants everything out in the open. there will be a question about
9:33 am
this issue for all of the democratic candidates for that exact reasoning, kelly. setting aside legal or statutory issues. there is a question about how democrats want to run their campaigns and whether they want their donors and donations to public. >> melissa: can i just -- i want to clarify for the audience in case they didn't get what was happening here. this is her chief of staff, who himself is a financial whiz and a multimillionaire. he had people, he created a pack and had people donate money into it. that was his. and then he shifted the money into an llc that he also controlled. and fox has gone back and backed up these facts, look for when these were incorporated, et cetera. the reason why that looks suspicious is because the same rules don't govern an llc for disclosure as a pac. so when it goes into the llc becomes much less transparent. where did this money come from? what was the use for customer to think over the limit for what
9:34 am
was loud with the campaign, and who -- >> kennedy: how is that not money-laundering though? >> harris: the tax debt and elsie gets his way different than a pac. >> brian: you have to declare expenditures over $200. as we overcome $85,000. the congress pac and justice democrat pac when into something called a brand-new congress llc. the question you might bring up is, i give $10, $50 come to see that she selected and supported. i didn't put into an llc. so how do people who donated to the campaign and ends up in something we don't know where it's heading? let alone the illegality of it. >> marie: we don't know the legal issues of it. there's been a complaint filed by conservative group. this is all part of the post citizens united. a lot of people, especially on the right, have been pushing for taking down some of the campaign finance regulatory things that have been put in place over many years.
9:35 am
they want some of these regulations gone. >> kennedy: this is a violation of a 1971 1971 federl election law. that's the allegation. >> marie: yes. the world we are living in, post citizens united, where there is more dark money in politics. it's easier to give dark money. it's a problem across the board. as a legal issue. the two i just want to ask the question, if you are going to go through the trouble of setting up these two entities to shift money from one to the other, and you control both, it's hard to say that's not sufficient or for a bad reason. why wouldn't you just send spet out of the first one? would you do it? >> kennedy: it's a liability, you can't sue a corporation like that. >> harris: for the reason that bran give, we just publicly want to know why that is. some people give their money under the understanding that it was going for one thing, strategic whatever. and then it may have. and that's what you look into it. it may have migrated or been forcefully put into another place, and you just want to ask the question.
9:36 am
for the very reason that you gave. >> marie: just like the house democrats are just asking the question to get all these answers. >> harris: we all agreed mueller was going to get some answers. i'm just saying. >> brian: to a think when you open up and attack people on finances and by saying no planes and no cows and you are caught flying on planes and eating meat on planes, there's a problem. [laughter] >> kennedy: of the plant itself may have been made out of meat, brian. >> melissa: that's absolutely right. >> marie: this story is more about her. they make everything about her. >> kennedy: every single thing about her. "the president doesn't like that at 29-year-old daughter of a domestic worker is look at his finances." come on, man. >> marie: her opponents make it all about her calls also. >> kennedy: the senate now likely to terminate the decoration of the board. mitch mcconnell conceding it after republican rand paul said he's going to vote against the decoration. the white house reportedly on
9:37 am
this imminent review, should the president be more worried customer agreeable debate next. >> they will be enough votes to pass a resolution of disapprova disapproval. which will then be vetoed by the president. ♪ aka, rocket city, usa. this is a very difficult job. failure is not an option. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. bring your challenges.
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9:42 am
precedent. in other words, future presidents would be able to use a national emergency going against the will of congress for other issues. save a green new deal. second, it's going to get tied up in the courts. which i think everybody acknowledges. >> marie: meantime, politico is reporting that president trump is doing little to halt this rebuke which will likely lead to the first veto he will cast as president. the report says, "despite previous warnings, the g.o.p. lawmakers could put themselves in great jeopardy by defying him. wavering senators say trump is not directly lobbing them to stick with him." brian, we are going to see this vote. yesterday on "benson & harf" judge nap said he thought tender republicans would vote with the democrats in the senate. that would his number. we have a number of republican senators up for reelection in 2020 and in tough races. people like senator purdue, thom tillis already came out. cory gardner. there's a lot at play in the sow. i do see it playing out? >> brian: you've lost tillis,
9:43 am
makowski, rand paul. he thinks they're going to lose ten. as long as they don't lose 20 it's fine. i think trump is got a win-win situation. that's the greatest challenge. but there's no question, the numbers are coming in for border patrol show 70,000 coming through this month, 58,000 coming through last month. those are just people of the capture. they expect 100,000 next month. there's a crisis the board in the president could honestly say, "i did everything possible that i could, including to go out of my way to get different money from different paths to get up to $8 billion to continue structure. ." at the same time, you got the $1.6 billion. to get his extra miles. at that time it will work up to the courts, and the next six months, we will find out what the supreme court thinks of it. as long as he doesn't lose 20. if he loses 20 and the veto was overridden, that's a disaster. >> marie: is also unclear whether they can override a veto in the house as well. there are some numerical questions about that. harris, it's interesting -- the
9:44 am
polling on the wall has stayed pretty consistent. it doesn't seem like the president making this public case has swayed a lot of people. this political fight -- >> harris: that's one way of looking at it. you could look at it this way. most people agree with the constitution that you don't want to see too much skipping of power with the executive. yet, the polling on the wall has stayed pretty consistent. meaning parallel to that they might feel supportive of what's happening in terms of something necessary on our southern border. look, the journalism as may be starting to catch up with some of this. i don't know if you caught that "new york times" article. it was entitled, "we pay with our bodies." it's very alarming what's happening with women and young people as they make their way north. i know that democrats are resisting the term "emergency," but they ought to embrace the term, "time after time, crisis, crisis, crisis." because that's definitely a reality on our southern border. if you have journalism, even the
9:45 am
paper that he doesn't like. what does he call "the new york times" goes to mike >> kennedy: failing "new york times." >> harris: when you look at the journalism happening -- and by others, too come up but i point that went up because they read in the last couple of days. we look at what happens on the southern border and with a clap back. is he trying to build more funding, the 600 miles that we already have in our southern border in those places that are porous we could put strong fence line. i think that's why you don't see much movement in the numbers. because of democrats were right about it, people would be up and arms into the street. the >> marie: kennedy, my libertarian friend, this executive power debate. >> kennedy: i agree with rand paul. i think he has laid out a very cohesive and rational case. why you shouldn't abdicate that congressional power, and why you should not side with the president on a mechanism you disagree with just because you think he's right on the issue. i think you will see more senators line up behind him, based on that kind of thinking. the term "crisis" is overused by
9:46 am
both sides. crises are very subjective. it's a crisis at the southern border. if you listen to john hickenlooper, hillary clinton, "we are in a national crisis right now! the countries in the worst state it's been!" i think there are areas where there is more illegal immigration than others, and they think they are practical and piecemeal responses that the to acquire tens of millions of dollars. >> brian: or member of the drugs. >> kennedy: we never forget the drugs, brian. >> marie: former fbi director jim coming back in the spotlight, putting himself back in the public eye, calling for transparency in the handling of the pending report on possible russian collusion and obstruction. should the new attorney general take his advice given the controversy over his handling of the clinton email probe? we will. >> in this case, given the importance of the matter, i think unusual transparency is in order. our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. ♪
9:47 am
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9:51 am
the floor tomorrow condemning anti-semitism. will republicans moved to center that representative omar? as reports say. i will ask a republican on the house friedman talks about about that. plus, the senior whip among democrats response to the white house's claim that her colleagues are lodging massive new investigations into the president because they are afraid the mueller report will be a dud. keep watching. "outnumbered overtime" of the top of the hour. melissa, back to you. >> melissa: thank you. former fbi director james comey is urging new attorney general william barr to prioritize transparency when special counsel robert mueller submits his final report on possible russian collusion. in an op-ed for "the washington post," comey recalled his own experience as head of the fbi, saying the public interest in high-profile cases like the clinton email investigation required him to speak out. and that william barr should follow suit with the mueller
9:52 am
report. comey writes, "it is difficult to imagine a case of greater public interest than one focused on the efforts of a foreign adversary to damage our democracy in which the presidents of united states as a subject. sometimes transparency is not a hard call." brian, you chuckled. >> brian: is there anybody who i like to hear from less than james comey? by the way, what a great learning will moment is from to years ago when he tried to screw up the entire election process prayed let's look back at what he did and make it opposite day. do the exact opposite. to think william barr says, "i wonder what james comey will do today?" briefly should be handed out for a wwj cd. whatever it is prenobody cares what james comey thinks. who is going to tell him, me or you? >> melissa: i think he just did, possibly. he was chatty cathy, the tiniest fbi director of all time. >> brian: by far. >> melissa: really breaking with tradition. because it comes down to a lot
9:53 am
of people thinking he tries to justify his actions by writing this op-ed. but is there anybody who thinks -- whether republican or democrat -- that he did the right thing the last time around? >> kennedy: no, that's what everybody was mad at him. he tried to paint himself as this hero who came in to save the day and save justice. >> brian: he still does. >> kennedy: but he's an over politicized tact. he made a lot of mistakes. he was fired for those mistakes. he would have been fired by either administration if hillary clinton had one. he certainly wouldn't still be fbi director. yes, he is trying to justify going out and laying this entire case for why hillary clinton should have been charged. and that the very end say, "even though i'm not in charge of charging, i'm not charging." >> brian: >> brian: [laughs] >> melissa: he damage the campaign dramatically. everybody agrees that. does making the case for making this transparent undermined what is trying to make the case were? making the case for not making
9:54 am
it transparent. >> marie: i don't think it will have impact. i agree with what bran says, i can't think of anyone i want to hear from les on this issue. or many issues. then the former director. from the way he handled the havoc onto investigation. i think it obsolete hurt her campaign. he handled it totally irresponsibly and at odds with fbi protocol and practice. that all being said, i agree with the argument he's making the similar reports be public. >> brian: i don't know what's in it. maybe there's some stuff we shouldn't have public. >> marie: if there's anything about sources and methods, intelligence information, we should not. everything else should be made public. >> kennedy: i don't have a problem with -- i don't have a problem with that. >> marie: we need to see it. >> kennedy: if i pay for a pair of shoes, i want to wear them. >> melissa: i totally agree with you and i thought it should be made public until he made this argument. it remind me that he came out and laid out what he said where the facts of every clinton --
9:55 am
>> brian: and did nothing. speeding he didn't do anything about it and he damage her without indicting her. it reminded me of that. i thought, "maybe it shouldn't be made public." by virtue of him making this argument. >> marie: i think they are not comparable. i know what you're saying but -- he shouldn't have may be drawn attention to that. but i think they're very different investigations. >> brian: can i bring up one of his request and in that story, it says rod rosenstein is still to go to guy in this even though william barr has supervision. they still have to hand it to rod rosenstein. do you believe that? he is still going to be there. >> kennedy: i can hear the music for his going away party. you gotta see this report. more to be 25 in just a moment it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car?
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this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that .
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10:00 am
[laughter] >> brian: great show. >> kennedy: i learned so much pay thank you, brian. >> melissa: no final thoughts question of we have two seconds. >> brian: stay within yourself and give it 110%, whatever you do. >> melissa: here's harris. >> harris: let's begin with this, democrats set to rebuke one of their own, indirectly, but will it be enough? rico "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. house democratic leaders will put a resolution on the floor tomorrow in response to controversial remarks about israel made by congresswoman ilhan omar. the backlash has been swift and fearsome to us lawmakers. accusing omar, a minnesota democrat, of anti-semitism for suggesting that some of her colleagues are more loyal to israel than to the united state united states. republicans reportedly may offer a censure motion against omar, and formerly demand that she be removed from the foreign affair. house minority whip steve sc


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