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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 5, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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here's "the daily briefing." >> dana: we have several major stories. california's attorney general about to release new details on the investigation in the shooting of stephon clark. the desperate search for survivors continues in alabama after a devastating tornado ripped through the region. and hillary clinton confirming she won't run in 2020, but all vowing to stay on the public stage. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." but first a senior staffer telling fox news d.s are divided over a resolution to condemn anti-semitism which took shape after more controversial comments from congressman omar. peter doocy is live on capitol hill. what are democrats fighting about that could delay this resolution? i thought it was a go. >> reporter: dana, democrats are divided over whether or not this resolution should say congress woman omar's name, since she is
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the one accused of making anti-semitic comments. that's not all. leadership on the democratic side might not have the votes to bring up what they were hoping would be a suspension measure, which means not much debate but it need 2//3 of the house to pass. it's just not certain that they've got tpha. omar though does have support from a fellow freshman alexandria cortez, who posted a string of tweets accusing members upset about anti-semitism like a double standard. don't get me started on m mascogomy. i ask everyone that we practice calling in before calling out. but there are some more longer tenured democrats here who are a lot more supportive of this resolution. getting everybody on the same page, condemning anti-semitism.
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>> we are dividing this country with fear and hatred. we all have to take a deep breath and listen to our language and understand how things that are said are not maybe meant as they're interpreted. we have to protect free speech in this country, too. but understand, we are hurting people with our language. we've got to protect everybody's freedom of religion, period. >> reporter: this resolution had been expected on the floor of the house tomorrow but that is not a sure thing today anymore. >> dana: in other news, i wonder about adam schiff the chairman of the committee that is bringing in a new investigator to help him look into president trump. >> reporter: it's a prosecutor. on his resume, his background recently was a prosecutor in the southern district of new york where he was working on cases about insider trading and russian organized crime which does give us an idea of what
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direction the house intel committee thinks their investigation into the president and his associates might go. dana? >> dana: thank you very much. for more on this, let's bring in our friend bret baier. this is ratcheting up on capitol hill. sarah sanders, the press secretary for the president said, democrats are harassing the president to distract from their radical agenda of making america a socialist country. killing babies after they're born and pushing a green new deal that would destroy jobs and bankrupt america. this coming after yesterday's chairman nadler said he wanted to hear from 81 individuals and entities. so the investigations into the president, even if mueller winds down, those are going to ramp up. >> reporter: definitely. it does not seem like an end in fight. sarah sanders said there may be a blue print for what the trump campaign looks like on the pillars that we talked ab before. which is fighting socialism and the green new deal.
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running on the economy. late term abortion, abortion. i think his stewardship of where the economy is by the time you get there. as far as the investigations, he's going to push back and continue to tweet and every day say this is ridiculous. and will, it seems, cooperate to an extent. it doesn't seem like we are closer to any bipartisan piece of legislation that this administration's going to be working with the democrats on. >> dana: peter doocy was just saying, sometimes personnel shows you exactly where you're going. schiff hired daniel goldman. he was at the southern district of new york for ten years. he was supervising racketeering and money laundering cases and he convicted entities linked to russian organized crime. that could send a message as well. >> it can. we don't know what we don't know on the mueller case. it seems just by getting a sense of things up on capitol hill
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that the feeling is perhaps mueller is not going to come forward with all that maybe democrats believe he is and then their ace in the hole may be some other investigation. obviously, the southern district of new york is a possible threat to the president and to the trump organization. so is capitol hill and house democrats in charge. >> dana: one bright maybe silver lining for the trump administration, if you look to their former lawyer, ty cobb, who was on a podcast, saying he thinks mueller is a good guy. listen to this. >> i think bob mueller is an american hero. i think bob mueller is a guy, even though he came from a privileged background, has back bone of steel. i don't feel the same way about mueller. i don't feel the investigation is a witch hunt. i wish it had happened on a quicker timetable, but it didn't. >> dana: does make you wonder, bret, if the mueller investigation does not turn out to be what the democrats hope it
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to be, will they have the same feelings that ty cobb expresss? >> that's a good question, dana. ty cobb has a unique perspective. obviously, he was in the middle of this. he did not agee with the investigation, to go after the investigators in bob mueller. his tenure came to an end. before it did, he believes mueller was going to be narrowly focused and that it would be wrapped up before thanks giving. maybe before the end of the year. it's still continuing on. the other thing on that podcast i found interesting was that he said the president, at all times, cooperated, evidentiary, providing documents, told anybody who was going to talk to mueller to do so freely an openly. he said any inclination that the president was going to fire mueller or somehow skate past this being finished, totally false. >> dana: this also comes on the day james comey is weighing in again with "washington post" op
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ed saying republicans are wrong that the justice department rules forbid transparency about the final work product of mueller. he's saying that you can release this investigation. there are some republicans who agree. devin nunes said release it all. we might know sooner than later what this will be as bill barr takes over. >> james comey saying there are cases where they did not move forward with prosecution but they investigated and came forward with details. the ferguson case in missouri, jose padilla they came forward with details about his terrorist connections. that leads to the end of this. the hillary clinton case, which he took a lot of flack from the left and right for essentially not moving forward with any indictments but laying out the case against hillary clinton. >> dana: laying out all the reasons. democrats and republicans both mad at jim comey and an op ed
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probably not going to fix that. bret baier, thank you. we'll watch you on special report tonight. >> see you then. >> dana: a possible terror investigation in london after explosive devices are found at three major transportation centers including heathrow airport. benjamin hall is live there. >> reporter: this morning there was disruption across the city. now things quieting down. no one was hurt, but police are looking at these as improvised explosive devices, although not very sophisticated ones. they were found within hours of one another at offices in three major transport options. the busiest train station, waterloo and heathrow and london city airport. police saying this is treated as a linked seery. a buildings on heathrow grounds was the first to be evacuated after a package was found.
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that device set alight when they opened the back but nobody was hurt. all the three sites are open again. police have said the devices were contained in envelopes capable of igniting a small fire when open. in the right place, that could spread. the second two arrived unopen. last arriving around 12:10. it is being reported the packages had republic of ireland stamped on them and the irish police confirmed their involvement. this is the year mi-5 finally downgraded the threat of a uk mainland terror attack by dissident republican groups. this isn't confirmation irish groups are connected to this. last time they attacked the u.k. was 2014. they sent over letter bombs to army officers. but there's been tension with ireland over brexit and for the moment that's where all eyes are look. >> dana: everybody keep their eyes and ears open. thank you, benjamin. fox news alert.
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the president saying moments ago he will travel to alabama friday to tour the damage as we are learning some very heart breaking news about the deaths in the gigantic tornado that ripped through alabama with one family losing seven members. jonathan serrie is live in lee county, alabama. jonathan? >> reporter: hi, dana. i want to give you a quick look on the ground before we take you to the air. you can see a combination of trees toppled over and building materials. furniture strewn about the branches. this is some drain video we shot earlier today from the you get a perspective of how widespread the damage is. this tornado was as much as one mile wide. lee county authorities released the identities of all 23 confirmed tornado victims. however, investigators are searching some of these hard hit areas for additional residents who remain unaccounted for.
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>> current number we're looking at is approximately seven to eight people. it's come down, way down, from what we initially had. that effort will continue today. hopefully, that number will continue to decrease as the day goes on. >> reporter: although many people have lost entire homes, i have yet to hear anyone complain about property damage. instead, the concerns are loss of life and sentimental items such as photos, military documents and momentos that storm winds scattered across marine veteran gary todd's back yard after the tornado destroyed his mobile home. >> lot of stuff can be replaced. lot of stuff you can get back. some things are priceless. >> reporter: here in the unincorporated lee county community of salem, the tornado knocked a house off its foundation while the family was inside, including a high school student. one member of the family died and another is still in the
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hospital. today we saw a group of people wearing beauregard high school, most of them students, helping the family salvage what was left. the effort led by the school's football and wrestling coach. it's just one example, one of numerous examples that we are seeing of neighbors helping neighbors. back to you. >> dana: southern hospitality extends neighbor to neighbor. something like this is just tragic. we wish them well. california's attorney general about to release new details about the shooting death of stephon clark. and she is not running in 2020, but it may not be the end of hillary clinton 's era. >> i want to be here people understand, i am going to keep speaking out. i am not going anywhere. ♪
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>> dana: there you have it. hillary clinton shutting down speculation she might jump into the race for 2020 make it clear she will not launch a third bid for the white house. but she says she has no plans to leave the national stage. take a listen to some sound from her over the weekend about the election. >> i was the first person who ran for president without the protection of the voting rights act. and i will tell you, it makes a big difference. it made a difference in wisconsin, where the best study that have been done said 40,000 and 80,000 people were turned away from the polls because of the color of their skin, because of their age, because of whatever excuse could be made up. to stop a fellow american citizen from voting.
11:18 am
>> dana: first one to write the history is the first to write the history. she said she is not going to try to run in 2020. >> as a republican, i heard that. she's one of these rare presidential candidates is less popular now than after she ran for president. she has had two years to rebill herself. her poll numbers have just gone down. it's poll numbers that we just heard are the reason she's going down. i think democrats want her to leave the stage. i'm glad she's sticking around. it's good for republicans. >> dana: i assume there will be candidates that will want hillary clinton to come campaign for them. bernie sanders, when asked if he would ask for advice from hillary clinton, he said absolutely not. >> there's some real bad blood between bernie sanders and the clintons. but other democrats, and alex will agree with this. someone who raised $1 billion just a few years ago, she has a campaign apparatus. she has donors on her side. they have been visiting her.
11:19 am
they would like her endorsement. she's not wildly popular, but with the democratic base, she still has popularity. she still has an endorsement hanging out there that she's going to bestowe on somebody. for democrat, i think she made the right decision not to run. but she's going to be a force in 2020. she will have an endorsement. >> dana: someone who said she is going to run is the former governor of colorado, john hickenlooper. he may be the first of several centrist democrats to join the 2020 race. primary voters deserve a policy debate. the question is whether there's still room in the democratic party for a nominee who isn't a socialist in name or agenda. hickenlooper is not the only one who got in. we're expecting more. possibly terry mcauliffe, possibly steve bullock of montana. just had jay inslee of washington state. >> and senator klobuchar is
11:20 am
trying to run as a centrist candidate, which seems odd. all the energy in the democratic party is on the left. what a lot of candidates are saying, what democrats want most is to beat donald trump. they're willing to compromise on the ideology to elect somebody that's more electable that can beat donald trump. that's an untested proposition. these primary voters are incredibly liberal. it is going to be hard for someone who's not a socialist to win the nomination this year. >> dana: what about that, you think of a word problem where they're driving the green new deal and that type of thing and yet the democrats also say their number one concern is electability. can both things happen? >> it is tough. i am somebody who said the democratic party needs to look at states like pennsylvania. they need to look at states like michigan and like wisconsin. if they're going to win, they gotta win those states. they can't win as socialists.
11:21 am
>> dana: there was a story that said democrats in pennsylvania are concerned. >> they're very concerned. the democrat needs to listen. >> dana: we'll see if they are. hopefully, they're watching "the daily briefing" and listening to us. for more than a year after the deadly parkland school shooting, the superintendent may lose his job. and an ohio teen who defied his parents and got vaccinated against their wishes goes to washington to testify before a senate committee. >> you want to talk about measles. there's a huge disease. it is one of the biggest killers of young infants because of the dangers it poses to young children. ding a better bank starts with looking at something old, and saying, "really?" so we built capital one cafes, with savings and checking accounts you can open from here in 5 minutes. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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11:26 am
andy parker, the father of allison parker, has written a book about his daughter's life and his fight for gun control. now a look at other stories. first up, three men convicted in a college recruiting scandal are headed to prison. they were found guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud to funneling money to recruits. a second member of canadian prime minister justin trudeau's cabinet resigned after a scandal. and third, researchers say a man known only as the london patient appears to be the second person to be free of hiv after a stem cell transplant. the first man called the berlin patient was revealed to be timothy ray brown. my next guest is a veteran of two presidential campaigns and became the youngest woman ever to serve as deputy chief of staff for operations at the
11:27 am
white house under president obama. she's now written her second book. her name is alyssa. we'll have her in a little bit. welcome to the place where people go to learn about
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(cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. >> dana: a hearing is under way in ft. lauderdale at this hour. the school board is considering the fate of superintendent robert runcy in the wake of the parkland school massacre. a drive is under way to fire runcy. he and others are accused of failing to see warning signs that could have prevented loss of life. rick leventhal is there. >> reporter: public commentary started an hour ago and hasn't stopped since. the vast majority have been in favor of the superintendent keeping his job. it seems the most outspoken critics are the families of the 17 victims who died including a school member who was elected last year after her 14-year-old
11:32 am
daughter alyssa was killed at parkland. she introduced the measure to fire runcy claiming his leadership led to a far too forgiving atmosphere that allowed the shooter access to the school despite a long history of violence and behavioral issues. we can tell you supporters say that the graduation rate is up in broward county schools and security has improved there. the district, the sixth largest in the nation. critics dispute this, that security is better or that enough has been done. they're waiting to see what happens today. they need a majority of the school board members to vote to fire runcie. what we heard before the meeting, only three of nine supported the move. we'll see what happens. >> dana: all right rick leventhal, thank you. it's been 3 1/2 years since a television reporter and her
11:33 am
camera man were shot to death by a disgruntled employee. her father has been an advocate for gun control. he has written a book called for allison. he joins me now. thank you for being here. i read the book over the weekend. couldn't put it down. read it all in one sitting. you dedicate the book to all the members of the club that no one wants to join. you've met many of those people. you talk about how you are always asked, somebody remarks i can't imagine what it feels like. i said that myself. you write about it in a very raw way. >> it's great to be here with you, dana. yes. i do get that always. i try to make the unimaginable imaginable. and how the worst day in your life and how you've been robbed of the most precious thing that
11:34 am
you can ever hold, how you get through that. and so it's taking that horrible day and the horrible feeling and trying to make something of it and honor my daughter through action. >> dana: i was -- you write in there even when she was a young girl you had a premonition that she would die early. obviously, that could be any parent because you're worried about your child. i know that happens. when you heard, you basically said you died, too. that's how raw it was. >> i did. i did. there's a statue in geneva switzerland called melancholy. it shows the figure of a person on a bench with his head stooped over and there's a big void where his torso is. that really pretty much describes how you go through life from here on. that's the new normal. and i'm diabetic. i liken it to sort of --
11:35 am
>> dana: you wrote it's like managing type i diabetes. it is chronic and malingering. >> yeah. >> dana: you say the person you used to be is gone obliterated like a sand castle. you also say thoughts and prayers are useless. i want to hear more about that. it's when you feel helpless, you do offer help and prayers. >> i appreciate thoughts and prayers coming from the general public because i think they're genuine. i think the days of thoughts and prayers coming from politicians, it is just empty words. they don't really mean it. so we need to go beyond thoughts and prayers and see action. >> dana: so you aoefrb been working with various group. there's one you think is a very good group, citizens -- coalition to stop gun violence. you say it's the little engine that could. what about that organization is
11:36 am
so effective? >> they reach out to communities and people affected by gun violence. it's very much a grass roots level. and they work with members of that community to say, okay, what do you want to see? rather than some of the groups that are driven top down and say, well, this is what you need to do. there's no one perfect formula. you've got one nra and you've got several different groups that are advocating for gun legislation. >> dana: do you find obviously frustrated at the federal level in terms of government. do you find there's movement afoot at the state legislatures? >> i'm hopeful since the house of representatives passed the most sweeping gun legislation in 20 years last week. >> dana: just last week. >> i'm hopeful. whether it goes any further, i don't think it's going to. the senate will kill it. it's out there now. it's a subject of conversation.
11:37 am
i think at the state level, you're seeing a lot more going on. we're seeing more progress. >> dana: obviously, you have this distinction of being father who has their daughter murdered on live television. there was obviously now we have social media. i was struck in the book, i think we have this here, about google and other companies that most people could never imagine that google, a company that was an unofficial motto of no evil. i always imagined this would turn up on the dark web, but on you tube, it's stunning. there's a hard time getting the video taken down. >> as of yesterday google has a letter that's been delivered to them by the georgetown civil rights law clinic, who i have engaged. they are working to try and effect change with google. one of the things we want to do is take all this stuff down, the individual i don't have my daughter's murder. there's a certain amount of free
11:38 am
speech that is out there, but you have to temper that with humanity. google should not put the onus on people like me or lenny posner to flag content that they should be doing, that they should be policing. that's what we're going after. >> dana: the book is called "for allison." what are the main things you want people to remember about this remarkable young woman? >> everything she touched she did well. she was beautiful inside and out. she really had a kind soul. she touched so many people and inspired people. she still does to this day. she's still with us. >> dana: she had a lovely dad. a very cool dad, as i read. you were a cool dad. you an your wife barbara are welcome here any time. thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: california's attorney general about to announce the results of the state investigation into the shooting of an unarmed black man at the
11:39 am
hands of sacramento police. an ohio teen who defies his parents and got vaccinated goes back to washington to testify before a senate committee.
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>> dana: president trump signed an executive order to create a new initiative to help prevent suicide by veterans. the president said it's an issue that does not get enough attention. >> unfortunately most veterans who die by suicide have not been in the care of the va. many of them don't know about the programs that we have or the programs that we've instituted. in fact, nearly 70% of those lost to suicide have not received care from the va in the previous two years. they're just not aware of though great strides. they're just not aware.
11:44 am
it's just not something that's on their mine. >> dana: calls for the creation of a cabinet level task force that will issue grants to state and local groups that support mental health treatment for returning troops. an ohio teen who got vaccinated against his parents wishes goes before congress. he spoke before a committee investigating outbreaks of deadly diseases. garrett tenney is live in washington with more. >> reporter: well, a big part of this hearing was how the federal government should respond to the anti-vaccine movement so we don't have these outbreaks of preventible diseases. lee than linden burger said the problem he sees is the misinformation out there about vaccines and how his mother and others roll out anecdotal evidence rather than scientific research when deciding not to vaccinate their children. >> people don't resonate well
11:45 am
with dated numbers. you see with a lot of the anti-vaccine community, a large portion of the foundation that they build to communicate with parents is on a very anecdotal level, sharing stories of experiences. that speaks volumes to people. my mom would reaffirm her position was krebg because she knows people and she's seen stories. >> reporter: senators and medical experts pointing to a decade long study published today that found no link between autism and the measles vaccine. the study looked at 600,000 children born in denmark between 1999 and 2010 and it followed them until they reached 1-year-old to 2013 and found no correlation between the vaccine and autism. in terms of state regulations, that also came up in the hearing. all 50 states have requirements for students to be vaccinated, but 47 states allow for religious exemptions while 17
11:46 am
states allow for philosophical exemption. california, mississippi an west virginia do not allow religious exemptions. there was talk from several experts and lawmakers praising the states. but senator rand paul said he is strongly against forcing people to vaccinate their children. >> i'm not here to say don't vaccinate your kids. if this hearing is for persuasion, i'm all for persuasion. i vaccinated myself. i vaccinated my kids. i believe the benefits greatly outweigh the risks. i still do not favor giving up on liberty for a false sense of security. >> reporter: this comes as those outbreaks up in the northwest, those states are amongst those that allow for those exemption. >> dana: that was a brave young man that testified today. fox news alert on the police shooting death of stephon clark, the unarmed black men killed when officers mistook his cell phone for a gun.
11:47 am
now california's attorney general will soon announce the results of the state's investigation just days after local prosecutors decided not to charge the officer, a move that sparked protest in the city. claudia cohen is live in sacramento. claudia? >> reporter: well, dana, the press conference here starting a little bit late. we are awaiting the word from california attorney general who will announce the results of his independent investigation into the shooting death of stephon clark. the big question is whether the two sacramento police officers who were involved in that shooting will face criminal charges. clark was shot last march, almost exactly a year ago, when the officers responded to calls of a man breaking into cars. they tracked clark running into his grandmother's back yard and shot him when they thought he had a gun. in fact, he was holding a cell phone. the district attorney announced her office would not prosecute the two officers.
11:48 am
she spent about an hour laying out the evidence, including body cam footage that appeared to show some kind of flash in the moments before the shooting. she said the officers did not commit a crime. earlier today she met with clark's family to let them know the decision first. this year clark's family joined with activists from black lives matter and like reverend al sharpton to call for justice. no doubt, we will hear from these groups again today. >> dana: tell us about what happened at the protest last night. >> reporter: big protest. there have been many, many protests following this shooting. last night was no different. police say they arrested 80 people after they failed to obey orders to disperse. it started as a peaceful march through one of sacramento's most upscale neighborhoods. police say there was vandalism. among those detained were several reporters and members of
11:49 am
the clergy. another protest is scheduled to happen this afternoon at the sacramento police department headquarters. there's a city council meeting as well tonight. activists have targeted the city council meetings in the past and may very well do so again today. dana? >> dana: thank you. ahead, some healthy advice from past white house staffers from different parties. what a former obama deputy chief of staff and i think you can do as young professionals on your path to success. plus, we have the secret to a seven decade marriage. follow us on social media. follow @ daily briefing fnc on instagram and facebook. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ed! ed!
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that allowed for the release of matthew charles here and other nonviolent offenders with prison terms that are outdated. our next guest is a veterans of two presidential campaigns and the youngest woman ever to serve as chief of staff under president obama. she's written her second book. alissa, i love your book. there's very little politics in here. i want to tell people about that. you're talking about your experiences. people ask you, how could i get you're job by the time i'm 35. you say? >> we all have to follow our own path. if you went and found someone right now in 2020 and say i think that person will win so i'm going to work for them, you can't do that.
11:55 am
you have to pick someone you believe in. either you get there or you don't. >> dana: you anticipated a question. there's 18 people and you want to work in a white house. do you wait to see who will do well or you jump in? >> you jump in. you have to have someone that fires you up. if you think about the jobs that people want in the white house like you and i had, those are jobs of trust and confidence and usually relationships that go back a decent way. >> dana: and a piece of advice you have. always listen to michelle bomb. so what happened there? >> michelle obama has saved me in many instances from wardrobe malfunctions to a trip we took to tanzania when she was trying to explain the towels that we were using maybe weren't clean. so she was telling me not to use the towels and was very restrained when i caught
11:56 am
something. >> one time i had to have two bags of saline on air force one. i was sick as well. you write in the book one thing i wanted to ask. you have to think long and hard about how to disagree with democrats because i'm a frame i'm going to get kicked out. you're only included with the same views. that's true for the republican party as too. >> right now both parties are polarized. everybody is cocalesced around their set of ideas. >> you found a way to be a part of the political world. it's not like you left it. you've main chain add cheerful attitude. you're not distressed. what is the secret? i talked to one democrat yesterday. she's very unhappy.
11:57 am
what is the secret? >> the secret is -- i don't know -- looking to the next day. there's nothing that would have told any of us what would be happening now, what happened ten years ago. i try to maintain hope that no matter what, we're all people with a shared experience and we'll get better. >> i get this question a lot. would you ever work in another white house? >> i don't think so. you never say never. i can't envision anything that would want to make me go back. >> it's so hard. i gave it all i had. >> i left it at 1600. >> i left it on the field. any secrets to keeping a healthy personal relationship while climbing the ladder? >> like with my >> yes. >> yes. we try to talk about fun things. we're both political. i think for us we have the cats. we love our cats. that's it. try to do fun stuff. >> dana: i want to do a
11:58 am
lightning round. i read the book. have the picture of your cat. lovely. and a question. petuli oil. always have it? >> always. very calming. reminds me of going to dead shows -- >> dana: a grateful dead fan. >> yeah. >> dana: anybody else in the obama white house was a dead fan? >> pete rouse was a dead head. >> dana: what is wrong with business casual? >> most people don't thread the needle well. my first experience was in 1998 which was rugbies tugged into pants. >> dana: you never wore your fancy wedding dress. why? >> at the last minute i panicked. i decided so many things. you don't wear a hand-beaded gowned -- gown to supreme court
11:59 am
to get married. >> dana: and you love cats? >> cats. >> dana: and how about dogs? >> love them. >> dana: things for being here. a pennsylvania couple celebrating 75 years of being married. bernie and loretta met at the start of world war ii. they're celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary. >> i didn't like anybody else. i loved him. >> happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> the secret to their longevity is never going to bed without a kiss. the good news is, it appears to have worked. 73 years. >> got bless them. >> dana: do you know anybody else with a relationship like that? the 41s? >> yeah. remember when the 41s redid their house so it was one level live something so when they got
12:00 pm
old they would push each other around? >> dana: yes. >> maybe that's the secret. >> dana: that's for joining us. i'll see you on "the five". here's trace. >> trace: we're following breaking news. explosive packages are in london at the train stations. we're also watching capitol hill where two house democrats are feeling the heat. one for comments she made, the other for her campaign cash, a live report ahead. we're learning more about the victims of the nation's deadliest tornado in years including seven members of one family. and the google pay gap. why the tech giant is giving out millions in raises. i'm trace gallagher in for shep. the news starts now.


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