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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 5, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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thank you very much. catch me tomorrow the fox business network at 2:00 p.m. "making money." markets and the interesting position now. here is "the five" now. ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with jedediah bila, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." president trump fighting back after house democrats launched an expansive new investigation. house judiciary chairman jerry nava requesting documents from 81 people and organizations associated with the president. nadler defending the move. >> we are simply exercising our oversight jurisdiction. you had two years of sustained attacks by the administration that we haven't seen in the century. against the free press, against the courts, the law enforcement
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administrations, against freedom of speech. we have to make sure this is not a dictatorship that the rule of law is respected. >> dana: president trump blasting the new probe. >> the witch hunt continues. i guess we've got 81 letters. there was no collusion. that was a hoax. there was no anything. and they want to do that instead of getting legislation passed, and it's a disgrace. it's a disgrace to our country. i'm not surprised it's happening. basically they have started a campaign. the campaign begins. they haven't gotten used to the fact that we won a lot of states that haven't done one back by republicans in a long time. instead of doing infrastructure, health care, so many things they should be doing, they want to play games. >> dana: infrastructure week is going to be awesome, jesse, when they get around to it. calls for impeachment are hard to control and the base wants
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what it wants. they're going to keep asking for a creator they want to tap the brakes, they are being pushed into it. >> jesse: it's a runaway train in the media is fueling the fire. the numbers from the president, nbc poll approval ratings at 46%. rasmussen, 48. harvard and harris have met 45. mid-20s? then the republicans have him at 93. sorry, haters. despite all the stuff they have thrown at this guy, the spies, the lies, the probes, the 20th amendment. all of this stuff, his numbers are at or near record highs. the buzz from the mueller report as there's not going to be all this collusion that they are going to report. democrats are getting nervous and they are scrambling for new crimes. it doesn't look like they have found any. they house report, senate report, the intel probe. the sentencing memos from mueller indicate they don't
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really have anything there. the bottom line is this. there is nothing that the middle-class can look and see what the democrats are doing and say this affects my life. this is what i want to. i want to see trump's taxes. i want these investigations. i want don jr. on the hill. it doesn't deliver in the polling's don't show it delivers. if i was the president, i would offer a but i would call privilege on a lot of the stuff, the same way barack obama did. >> dana: political reporting the democrats do plan to demand president trump's tax returns and about two weeks, which i guess it's closer to tax day. maybe that's what they are looking for. >> jedediah: only one -- 81 entities. hope for 150. this is so desperate that even people who were originally on board saying let's investigate,
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the rational people have left the room. everyone who is left to saying these are people who are dissatisfied with the election results. they don't have a agenda of their own. what are you going to go out to the rest of the country, talk like aoc, socialism, green new deal. none of this make sense to the average person. the average person in the united states is not a socialist. they see that and it sounds extreme. democrats need to learn that you're not going to win an election by going to the other guy being negative. you have to bring some thing positive to the table yourself. they either need to be proud of this very, very extreme agenda that includes late-term abortion. let them talk about infanticide and getting rid of cars in ten years. be proud of that and put it front and center and do what you've got to do and create optimism there. or leave the room because you are giving trump a victory right now by doing this. >> dana: juan, can the democrats do that? go after president trump but also maybe meet him on infrastructure bill or something? is there a way for them to do
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both? with a vase that just wants them to fight. >> juan: i think the base wants them to legislate as well as investigate. i think they can do two things at one time. i must i have a very different view. when i look at the poll numbers. 45, 46%, that's his high, jesse. it's not high for most presidents. >> jesse: i understand. >> dana: but it's good. >> jesse: it's the same way obama's was. >> juan: that's true. obama was at a low point. this guys at his high point. here's the thing, if you look at those numbers, 64% of americans right now think that the president should release his tax returns. that's two-thirds of the american people. how about this? half the respondents, the quinnipiac poll that came out today, saying they believe, this is unbelievable to me, they believe cohen more than they believed trump. 64% think trump committed crimes before he was president of the united states.
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so republicans have a strong affinity for the constitution as it was written. the constitution is very clear. congress is an equal branch of government with oversight responsibilities, and the need to gather facts in the course of exercising oversight before they come to any kind of decision about impeachment and the like. republicans are acting like impeachment right now. >> dana: let me get greg in please. we talked about how democrats, maybe it would be helpful for president trump to have someone to fight against. now he asked someone to push back against. the democrats are kind of providing him that which i think makes him look more like a statement. >> greg: imagine you are a surgeon or air traffic. doing your job and outside the window is a birth birthday clon juggling chainsaws. their role is to distract a man from doing his job. the problem is he's america's
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air-traffic controller, america's surgeon. people don't like this distraction. let's say you have a normal job. i was to get about this today. let's say you are an electrician or insurance agent. and your boss comes in and says i would like you to devote more time to investigating that electrician across the street or devote more time to investigating that insurance agent across the street. as if you have time. when i am learning is these politicians have a lot of time to do this sort of thing. in this sense, they are creating an argument for their own uselessness, that they are able to do unending investigations at best being a congressman is a part-time job. it is a seasonal occupation, like being a department store santa or an nfl referee. what we have done by allowing them to have a full-time job is we are allowing them to investigate instead of legislate. i have learned everything and it is left or right or center. this should not be a full-time job.
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i think that you have to be better than the people who upset you. eight years ago there were people like this about obama. they were people who were convinced obama was going to be a dictator, he was going to seize power. you're just doing what they are doing. you are now a mirror of the people you despised. you should step out of this and look and see that you're no better than they are. >> dana: jesse, i will give you the last word. democrats say republicans went way overboard investigating obama and they could point all sorts of hearings and document requests and trying to gum up the works and being the clown outside the airplane. >> jesse: i thought those were legitimate investigations where americans died. americans died in fast and furious. what is so funny, juan? do you think it's funny that americans died in benghazi? do you think it's funny that they died in the fast and the furious? oversight, juan. >> juan: you said it's totally legitimate republicans to illegitimate when democrats do it. >> jesse: it is scale. if there is a dead american, i
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want congress to investigate it. the only thing that is dead is the democrats' electoral chances in 2020 and that's what it's all about. >> juan: i think you're arguing this president should be immune from accountability. >> jesse: no, i'm not. he's been the most accountable president. >> juan: are you arguing -- >> jesse: more sunlight on this guy than any other president i can remember. >> juan: then you are going if there's a conflict of interest, if he has ties with russia. >> jesse: let mueller decided. i'm willing to look at the mueller report. you know it's not going to deliver the goods. all these other investigations. >> juan: i think you're hopeful but i'm saying congress has legitimate responsibility. why are you so upset when democrats exercise that responsibility but not upset when republicans went on for five years? >> jesse: i'm actually happy. >> dana: congresswoman ilhan omar facing new criticisms of
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click, call, or visit a store today. ♪ >> juan: welcome back. congressman ilhan omar being accused of making new anti-semitic remarks. omar facing republican backlash and there is some feuding with members of her own party after she said this. >> why is it okay for me to talk
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about the influence of the nra are fossil fuel and not talk about a powerful lobbying group that is influencing policy. >> juan: in response to those remarks, democrats could vote tomorrow on a resolution to condemn anti-semitism. the party is split over whether to include omar's name in the resolution. dana, let's go to the heart of the matter because there are people who are saying she's talking about american policy in the middle east. why is that anti-semitic? >> dana: it's because there is a code. she also talks about dual loyalty. that's what she's suggesting. the people who support the state of israel, that if they are jewish, that your loyalty is not just of the united states. your loyalty is israel. it's been something that's been considered anti-semitic and goes way back.
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perhaps she didn't know initially when she said that that that was offensive. the thing is now she's been told so many times that you have to wonder, the musical, how do you solve a problem like maria? the democrats are like how do you solve the problem of congresswoman omar. it keeps coming up. mark mehlman, democratic pollster, consultant, they have started a group, democrats for israel. to explain to people why if you are jewish and you're a democrat, you should be supportive. they have to do a whole reeducation -- that's probably the wrong word. education for people who are younger, some of my congresswoman omar who was younger. she's not an isolated case. this is being taught across universities and in particular the bds movement to divest from
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anything that involves israel. there needs to be a decision by the democrats and i think they would be smart to go ahead and take it on now because it's clearly not going to get better. >> juan: jesse, a lot of people argue it's not about jewish people. the biggest supporters of israel are evangelical christians on republican party on the right that have made israel into a sort of a litmus test for themselves. >> jesse: this is a universal condemnation to omar. nancy pelosi, the anti-defamation league, the jewish policy center have all said that what she has said is offensive and prejudice. it's not something the evangelical right is creating here as a wedge issue. she reminds me of a freshman in college, like two weeks into the semester, first term. she's already on probation. she's already had her parents called. this is not good. she is barely a freshman and she's already getting spanked by
2:18 pm
the leadership. it's humiliating to her and it's got to be humility to the leadership. the green new deal. she stepped into it with this felony campaign finance schedule. and that tlaib woman, the impeachment rhetoric that came out of her mouth. these three radical musketeers are causing a big problem for the democratic party. i guarantee you there is some picture of her with farrakhan or someone who is about to drop and if you look -- we talked about this the other day. she wrote that letter of support to isis recruits. she has traffic in anti-semitic tropes. she has used money language about jewish people and their influence. she has been educated. they jewish community in her district in minnesota had a big summit with her. they called it an anti-semitic intervention and they told her you can't say this. the history of the jewish people. she still doesn't get it. >> juan: the west virginia g.o.p. put up a poster that linked her to 9/11, totally
2:19 pm
legitimate. these are attacks against her. greg, the question becomes should she be stripped of her seat on the foreign affairs committee? >> greg: i don't think she should have gotten the seed to begin with. i have a hard time with language being over parsed. that's what we're doing these these days. on both sides. i think the left is harder on the right in this case. they come after -- they try to believe that what you said mean something else. she can say what she wants. she has to live with it. what bugs me about her is theirs this other hypocrisy she gets away with. the lgbtq, am i missing one? they are okay with what's not being said. the most friendly country in the middle east for gays is israel, right? that is the country she keeps harping on. i don't think that's a
2:20 pm
coincidence. it's definitely linked to her religious background. but that somehow skates viacom as everybody makes fun of mike pence, her religion makes mike pence look like freddie mercury. i think that is something that is not discussed that probably could be raised. what are her thoughts? she comes out in defense of the community here but what about her affiliations to those other countries? >> juan: jedediah, i think the heart and soul of what she has to say is about the way israel deals with the palestinians. about benjamin netanyahu, the israeli leader, rebuffed the u.s. on an idea of a two-state solution which had been long-term u.s. policy in the middle east. she wants to talk about this and everybody immediately says, you said this and it wasn't explicitly anti-semitic but it could be viewed that way. she says she feels like she's being silenced. you can't speak out about israel in this country. >> jedediah: she is being anti-semitic and the problem is she has a long history of making
2:21 pm
those comments. 2012, she was talking about israel has hypnotized the world. she has made statements of people i found deeply offensive in anti-semitic, repeatedly had to apologize. the behavior persists. she knows it's not going to be received well. she made that comment, it's all about the benjamins. if she wants to make a comment about israel, she needs to watch the way she's working these things. she is deeply deeply offending a vast majority of jewish people in this country. >> juan: i don't tickets jewish people. i think it's the christian evangelicals. >> jedediah: no, please. >> jesse: juan. she is getting condemned by the party leadership. not republican party leadership. >> juan: because she is open the door. >> jedediah: her name needs to be mentioned in that resolution because she's not stopping and it needs to be a deeply embarrassing moment and democrats need to unify and say enough is enough. she is doing them no favors. other democrats do not want to be linked to this. maybe aoc or other extremists can get out there in defense of
2:22 pm
this linkage but it's not acceptable. most democrats know it isn't acceptable or not okay with that they're having hard time that someone from their party is getting away with repeatedly this type of horrific anti-semitism. >> juan: joe biden getting some bad news about 2020. find out about that bad news next on "the five" ." (vo) parents have a way of imagining the worst... ...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester.
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♪ >> jedediah: joe biden leading in 2020 poles but he may want to think twice about jumping into the race. a focus group of democratic voters telling the former vp sorry, joe, we are just not that into you. >> how many of you would like to see joe biden get in? show of hands. what's happening? >> his time is done. >> i'll be honest. i used to think, he was kind of writing the obama wave and i thought he was the person that
2:27 pm
would unite the party but to be honest. senator biden really comes from kind of the good old boy politics of the past. >> jedediah: tough crowd. that same focus group also urged hillary to stay far away from 2020 and it seems like they may get their wish, kind of. >> i'm not running but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. i want to be sure that people understand i'm going to keep speaking out. i'm not going anywhere. >> jedediah: what do you think, juan, first about biden? the cold reception. i seem to be hearing a lot of that. they want new blood, the more progressive wing of the demo party to step forward. he is too moderate, too bland. >> juan: i think what democrats want is someone who can be donald trump. likability is number one. when you start asking people about joe biden's politics, people will say i didn't like the way he treated anita hill or
2:28 pm
i don't like the way he dealt with the criminal reform bill in the '90s or i didn't like the way he handled issues with president obama. they start bringing up things he said in the past. i think when you look at the actual polls, not just the focus group of a limited number. the recent polls had biden with 37% of democrats saying that he's number one choice and 51% saying he's one of their top choices. wow. right now he has the luxury of time because he's the front runner. he's got the money. he's got the staff. >> jedediah: got the name recognition. >> juan: mike bloomberg, former mayor of new york, today said he's not running. hillary rodham clinton said she's not running. i think a lot of them are looking to joe biden. other people on the badge, sherrod brown, terry mcauliffe who would occupy the centrist lien for democrats. the centrist lane is important because it has the advantage of saying i can appeal to people to
2:29 pm
say that we will beat trump. >> jedediah: hillary not running. the only person more upset is donald trump. he tweeted about that. >> jesse: third time is a charm, hillary. i would say please reconsider. would love to have you. >> jedediah: she's going to be out there stumping for people who want her. >> jesse: the last election, a lot of people didn't want her husband, bill. they wanted to keep him at arm's length. i think you would see a lot of people wanting to keep her at arm's length. especially in the rust belt. as far as biden goes, i agree. people want the new car smell. the zeitgeist of the democratic party is they want the opposite of donald trump.
2:30 pm
they want a young female socialist with a blank slate who can go there and punch the president in the mouth and take him down. everybody knows deep down and i know juan knows this, deep down he knows and everybody else does they do not have a candidate that they feel confident at this point they can be donald trump and it's very hard to take out an incumbent. >> jedediah: what do you think obama thinks of this? rejection of biden. people don't want hillary clinton around. i think jesse happens to be right on that. as a kind of a rejection of his legacy? does he want biden to be the guy? >> dana: i think he doesn't want to have to be put in the middle and to choose any probably understands the idea that you would want new blood in the new car smell because he was that in 2008. that's how he was able to beat hillary clinton. for joe biden, he has the life of a private citizen but it comes with the scrutiny of a public official and that's because, for example the democrats giving him a hard time because he is giving $200,000 beaches.
2:31 pm
also he's doing public events, actively talking about whether he's going to run. thinking about it. can't decide. can't decide. he had plenty of time to make a decision but i think because he's put himself out there so much, to keep the name recognition up, people are like we have artie seen that. >> jedediah: i get the idea for a new blood, new ideas, freshness. if it happens to be on the democratic side, very extreme wing. i wonder why they are not afraid of that. >> greg: the party needs new blood, and so does joe. i can't believe we're taking this seriously. a six person focus group on cnn. this was a slow news day. it was a slow news day, if we were trolling for crap on cnn. a six person focus group! i'm sorry. it was just six people. i don't trust cnn after what
2:32 pm
they did to sanders. >> juan: isn't it astounding that you and i agree? >> greg: it got juan and i to agree. we know that the c in cnn stands for kamala. i changed the spelling. they have already -- they are already backing her. they don't want sanders. remember how i got rid of sanders. they don't want joe. >> jesse: are you saying that cnn stacks the focus groups? >> greg: i am saying exactly that. i think they all work for kamala harris. he flunks the intersectionality quiz. he is an old white male. he has rickets. i don't even know what rickets are. >> jedediah: i think the focus group is dead on. it's representative of a lot of people. >> greg: six people. >> jedediah: one company makes a surprising discovery about the gender age gap. no more excuses with cologuard.
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♪ >> greg: for years the media has told us that men get paid more than women for the same work but when you look at the details, differences tend to shrink. google has been accused of underpaying female workers. when they investigated the charge, they found they indeed were underpaying men. there goes another narrative. they should be good news. its progress for women, right? instead however advocates in this aborted media simply say that equal pay must mask hidden discrimination. for many advocates, progress can be bad because an end to inequality means the advocates are out of work so their role is less about helping people than ensuring a livelihood. two, you lose a villain. every day gets harder to say men have an edge on anything. look at education. more women graduate than men.
2:38 pm
workplace death or injury, men lead that by a mile. the grim stats. heart attacks, suicide, life span. men are screwed from top to bottom. in today's media landscape, gender progress is a zero-sum game. we need to elevate women, you must hammer men. and if you say something like hey, father's matter, that has to be an insult to women. even though we know both sexes complement each other, the media drives a wedge between the sexes because it pays. when will it end? as long as their salary depends on conflict, never. had a problem with your phone? >> dana: now. i apologize for that. >> greg: is it to undermine my monologue? you disagreed with what i was saying. >> dana: i was trying to find something that i'd emailed earlier to myself about, there was a "60 minutes" piece on them and they had done an audit. they had found they were underpaying women and they were shocked by this so they
2:39 pm
undertook an effort to try to make sure they brought everybody back up to parity. one of the things the ceo of said in the interview was he encouraged every company to do an audit like this. they expected that the results would be that women were being underpaid everywhere. google, said we should do this. they have fewer women working in engineering. that's a whole different problem. we can talk about that. i'm not surprised landed up finding this because women have been doing a lot better and there are more women managers and more women on boards and i think of more companies do this, they would find they probably have some inequality on the other side. >> juan: i think that's part of it but to me the larger part is 70% of their workforce is male. if you are a manager, if somebody comes to you and you say hey, there's a woman candidate. you have some discretionary money and you use the discretionary money to sweeten the pot in order to recruit the woman so that you can say to people we have women, especially
2:40 pm
the case with the stem field. >> dana: that should be the case but isn't it making the opposite argument? people would say shouldn't a manager of a company be allowed to make a decision? >> jesse: i think we need binders full of men. >> dana: there we go. >> greg: i have a few at home. >> jesse: for me personally, i think men have gotten our deal recently. the kavanaugh situation had a chilling effect. the man bun phenomenon wasn't a good look. the gillette ad hurt my feelings. at this point, i know dana makes more than me. there is a wage gap here. >> dana: do you think we do the equal amount of work? >> jesse: that's what i would say to someone else. if they were making as much as i made. maybe these narratives are wrong. maybe trump is a feminist. maybe trump is not fake news. >> greg: i am saying it's a
2:41 pm
feminist move. he is pro sex worker. >> jesse: kamala support it. >> greg: jedediah. >> jedediah: the segment really derailed. >> juan: jedediah, this is one of those segments where you think hmm. >> jedediah: i don't know. i'm very old-fashioned. when i think about if i were to hire someone and i made a list. merit would be the number one factor. work background, interview, recommendations, on-the-job performance. gender is not on there. >> greg: so you hate women. >> jedediah: i clearly hate myself. i think the focus on hiring a certain number of women or hiring a certain number of men. if i was staffing a company, i would want the best people for the job. >> jesse: greg would want all women. >> greg: so i could pay them less? what kind of person are you,
2:42 pm
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♪ >> jesse: welcome back. time for the fastest seven.
2:46 pm
for first up, imagine driving dn the colorado highway and seeing this. >> [bleep] hold on. i've got to go down here. >> no. that car. >> oh, my god. >> jesse: the drivers -- can capturing a terrifying moment as the avalanche engulfed all the vehicles in its path. luckily everyone was able to get out safely and no one was injured. this would cause such a panic attack with you, greg. >> greg: this would separate kids from adults. kids see snow, it's magical. throwing it out each other. as an adult, you would say oh, my god. we are going to die. my pipes are going to freeze. i'm not going to make it to wor work. this is why everybody moves to florida, including aoc's mom. >> dana: i know. i grew up in this area and the thing is, it was okay initially
2:47 pm
but then about an hour later, they had to close down the highway because more snow kept coming. they have had a town of snow. if you are a skier, it's great. >> jesse: when you have an avalanche coming. >> dana: i've never seen that. it was shocking. >> juan: i know nothing about it. 1963 was the last time they had an incident like this and what struck me was just the power of it. we can't see it but according to some accounts, the avalanche rolled the car over. like tumbleweed. i say wow. you forget the power of nature. to me it's kind of like marvelous but i wouldn't want to be in that car. thank god nobody got hurt. >> jesse: jedediah, hopefully they were high. they can handle it better. >> jedediah: if i were in that car, i would see my whole life flashed before my eyes. i've seen too many movies where people get stuck and don't return. >> greg: you would have to eat one of your travel companions. >> jesse: it always goes back
2:48 pm
to cannibalism with you. >> jesse: this cheesy new trend. >> [laughs] >> jesse: adults posting clips throwing cheese at their babies. i guess the prank is controversial. some people are saying it's mean. other people are saying it's child abuse. i think it's funny. >> greg: life must be good if you can throw cheese at a baby. can you imagine people in 1944 getting into a time machine and landing at 2019 and going man, life is so good now that they are throwing cheese at babies. we use to hoard cheese. now they throw it on babies' faces. donald trump is president. awesome. >> dana: i think this might've been something that the company thought up. a few weeks ago they had a bad earnings report. warren buffett said it's a
2:49 pm
terrible investment. never should've made it. less rich because of it. these are kraft singles. everybody knows those are the best. i think it could be crafty. >> juan: i think dana is onto something. i didn't think of that. i did think boy, it's a good thing it's not chatter. that could hurt. i don't understand it, though. this is crazy. why are you throwing stuff. stop, stop. >> jesse: it is just a single. >> jedediah: it makes me claustrophobic. a slice of cheese against his little nose. they can't breathe. it's cruelty. >> greg: it's going to stunt them. >> jesse: how far would you go to win free flights? jetblue offering three lucky people a chance. you have to delete all your instagram posts. the only photo you can put up is a jetblue branded image with the hashtag #allyoucanjet.
2:50 pm
>> greg: it says you win the chance. that's not winning. i sorry through you, jetblue. if that's your real name. >> dana: jetblue has very affordable ticket prices. why would you do that? >> jesse: i would do it. >> greg: says the lady who makes more than you. >> jesse: you're going to bring that up every segment. >> juan: i don't care. what's the big deal? i don't care about my instagram account. sign me up. >> jesse: i would love for you to fly all over the country for a whole year. i think we would all benefit. >> dana: 2020. >> juan: you have two take me by remote. we could really get into it. >> jedediah: can you never post again? saying goodbye to instagram forever? that's different than taking a year hiatus. it depends. >> greg: do you know what people should eliminate? there are travel tweets.
2:51 pm
>> dana: travel tweets are ridiculous and you look stupid when you do them. >> jesse: when we come back, i'm going to throw a craft single at greg's face. "one more thing" is up next. great news, liberty mutual customizes- uh uh - i deliver the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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hello! i'm an idaho potato farmer. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right.
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whoa. hey look, it's huge. oops, gotta go. hey, wait. come back. >> jedediah: time now for "one more thing" ." a celebration before lent begins and i brought for the table of these king cake cupcakes. these are cinnamon roll style dough and cream cheese frosting, i think everyone is going to love them. you can get a little toy in there, it symbolizes luck and prosperity. you might have to eat all of them. just in case you want to find that baby.
2:56 pm
today's party in new orleans officially ends at midnight. >> greg: too many jokes in that. i choose not to have that baby. space bar i'm going to try to figure out what the joke is, you get to go next. >> greg: i have crisis expert eric doesn't -- i was talking m for a personal reason. this will be my podcast tomorrow, i interviewed jan bross berg, she is the woman who was kidnapped when she was a girl and it's called "abducted in plain sight. i urge you to check out this documentary on netflix because we are doing a segment on it tomorrow. you will not believe the story, it chronicles her kidnapping and probably the strangest abduction story i have ever heard. >> dana: i can't wait to listen to that podcast. >> greg: check out abducted in
2:57 pm
plain sight on netflix, it's homework for the viewer. >> jesse: i have to watch that tonight? how do you guys like your toast? i like mine a little light brown, this guy on twitter, a scientist came up with a chart to help people answer how you like your toast. he did this thing with the rest of the table here, i like my toast 5b. jedediah likes her toast a very close 5d. acceptable. dana is more of a 3e girl. greg, in the middle. i thought you would've burned yours. >> greg: i love bread. >> jedediah: burn your toast and then you won't want to eat
2:58 pm
it. >> juan: throw that at a kid, right? grilled the cheese. >> jesse: it we don't have any butter, could we get some butter appear? >> juan: coming through, that's what you shout on a golf course if you're moving fast, rushing past other people. take a look at this. guess who's coming through saturday, in florida? that incredibly large alligator stopped them in their tracks as they were out playing golf. the alligator didn't attack anybody, in fact some people from the villages think they know this alligator and he's a local celebrity. they call him larry and he has his own facebook page. take a look at this. i think i'm going to play golf somewhere else. >> greg: he's a big fan of "the five" though.
2:59 pm
>> jedediah: kfc, they are launching a crowdfunding campaign and they want to put some of their most innovative ideas out there starting with my favorite which was a hot tub shaped like a bucket of chicken. i can get behind this, i could see especially kfc fans find that in their backyard, another one is kernel on ice, and ice skating show that tells the story of the kfc founder. >> greg: you know this is not real. >> jedediah: it's real to me. a pop-up table and a life-size cardboard colonel sanders which i fancy. >> jesse: we should have that little tub cool thing for the summer party. >> dana: will let you test it out first. >> juan: i went to the movies
3:00 pm
last night, i went to see green book and in it, kentucky fried chicken pays plays a pivotal r. >> dana: never miss an episode of "the five," "special report" is up next. >> bret: president trump pushes back on democrat investigations into various activities, an epidemic of suicide among veterans, and how disobeying his mother got an ohio teenager called before congress today, this is "special report" ." ♪ we are coming to you live tonight from the white house on the north lawn where president trump is once again proclaiming his innocence, accusing hillary clinton of colluding with the russians and questioning the motives, efficiency, and even the sanity of his democrat pursuers. this comes one day after the head of the house judiciary committee


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