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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 5, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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mardi gras, have to go at least one time in your life, it is a family and community celebratio celebration, contrary to the stereotype. shannon bream any fox news at night team take it from here, happy mardi gras. >> shannon: we want to grill you on how you got those beads then. that's for another time. >> laura: i bought them, actually. >> shannon: that's a good enough answer. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. tonight, democrats continue to delay a vote on an anti-semitism resolution. as a freshman member once again taking heat from both parties regarding her comments on israel. at the vote was supposed to be tomorrow, but tonight we are told that was not going to happen but what's the hold up? tonight, progressives with the brakes on the vote, and why it divided over condemning the anti-semitic or an remarks barely got the inside scoop coming up. later, the democrat so called impeachment campaign is wrapping up, so what is the president
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doing in return? plus, they sing allegations of campaign finance violation alexandria ocasio-cortez is denying the reports. she spoke to fox news. stick around for that. welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington, we begin tonight with new insight into her house democrat democrat's anti-semitism resolution, broadening the texts after progressive spent the day delaying the vote there and here is trace gallagher with where it stands at this hour. trace? >> good evening, shannon, we are now told that the resolution did condemning anti-semitism will not happen tomorrow, but it will happen this week. despite representative ilhan omar not being in the early drafts, this is considered an unprecedented rebuke two oh om, first fellow freshman democratic colleague alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted "one of the things that is hurtful to both the extent to which reprimand is thought of ilhan is
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no one speaks this level of reprimand when members make statements about latinx and other communities. during a shutdown, a member of the house shouted "go back to puerto rico." because your cortez also asked about resolutions for homophobic statements, anti-blackness, misogyny, and sexism, saying "if we called resolutions on sexist statements, a good chunk of congress would be gone." then there is the cochair of the women's march, linda sarsour, attacking both the resolution and nancy pelosi, calling pelosi "a typical white feminist upholding the patriarchy, doing the dirty work of powerful white men." she accused democrats of responding more quickly to anti-semitism than to anti-muslim rhetoric, we are now being told the resolution will also condemn anti-muslim remarks. the women's march has been
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flagged by its own anti-semitism issues, including linda sarsour's support of the notorious racist and anti-semite, louis farrakhan. congressman steve scalise says the resolution rebuking ilhan omar is too weak. watch. >> she continues to display anti-semitic remarks, comments. these are her beliefs. if they really are serious about addressing the problems, nancy pelosi has to remove her from the foreign affairs committee. >> asked for ilhan omar, late today her staff that she wasn't in her office, then cameras capture her walking out of her office. proving that a low profile is no match for bright lights. shannon. >> shannon: it's hard to hide on capitol hill. thank you, trace. tonight, the white house prepping to fight back against a slew of house democrats so-called preimpeachment probe. here is correspondent kristin fisher with a closer look at the president's strategy. good evening, christine. >> good evening, shannon. we are getting a sense for how
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president trump might respond to this massive request for documents from the house judiciary committee. in addition to calling it a witch hunt and presidential harassment, today's president trump signaled that he may not comply with the request at all. by invoking executive privilege but he pointed to his predecessor as a model for that strategy. >> president obama, from what they tell me, was under a similar kind of thing, didn't give one letter, they didn't do anything, didn't give one letter. many requests are made, they didn't give a letter appeared >> that is a very different tone than the one he took just yesterday when he said i would cooperate all the time with everybody. over the last 24 hours come on twitter on during the signing of the executive order, we have seen a hardening of how president trump intends to fight the house judiciary committee request, which is investigating alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption, and other abuses of power. the white house counsel employed a similar tough approach when he
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told the house oversight committee that the trump administration would refuse to give them any information about jared kushner's security clearance good he wrote to the committee that we will not concede the executive constitutional prerogative or allow the committee to jeopardize the individual privacy rights of current and former executive branch employees. but democrats say that all of these investigations are simply a matter of congress doing its job. >> congress has an independent responsibility, a very solemn one, to do oversight. that is what the house committees are doing. they are asking questions. and demanding answers. that is what congress is supposed to be doing. >> at the same time, the house intelligence committee is also investigating the president's finances and foreign connections, today the committee chairman, adam schiff, announced several new hires, including daniel goldman, a veteran prosecutor with experience fighting russian organized
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crime, to lead his investigation of the trump administration. democrats are now doing exactly what they promised to do if they won back the house, going full throttle on investigating all aspects of the trump presidency. shannon? >> shannon: kristin fisher, thank you so much. two big stories out of d.c. tonight, let's break them down. democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez facing allegations that could land her in serious legal trouble. fox news caught up with her today and ask asked the congren about a complaint filed by a conservative watchdog that claims she and her chief of staff violated campaign finance law. >> do you have a comment on the fec violations filed against your office? >> there is no violation. >> do you think that is a sign of you taking dark money? >> oh, no, no. >> let's bring in the former chief counsel for the house judiciary committee, julian epstein. white house correspond it for the caller. and from the heritage
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foundation, former member of the federal election commission himself. hans, i will start with you, you've seen the filings, what you make of the case so far? >> they are potentially very serious violations here. she had her chief of staff or in legal control of a political action committee, so there is potential for not only illegal contributions that benefited her campaign, illegal coordination, and also reporting violations, there is certainly enough there for the fec to open up an investigation, and if it looks like this was an intentional and knowing violation, there would be potential for the justice department to open up a criminal violation. >> shannon: a separate from the fec based on what they found? "the washington times" has this in their article today, saying it appears she is involved in a self-dealing arrangement, particularly troublesome for ms. ocasio-cortez because the new york democrat presents herself as a working class champion against a corrupting special interest. julian? >> look, the details of this are
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very, very sketchy at this point. 90% of the facts that we don't know and 10% that have been alleged. if they do arise to something that is credible, i think it should be handled the way everything else should be handled when there is a suggestion of a scandal or something improper. there should be an appropriate investigation. and i don't think, whether it is trump in the white house, whether as a member of congress, i think the idea of trying to argue against an investigation when there is credible -- if there are credible accusations, is just a lose-lose argument. >> shannon: how much of this do you think is inexperience versus that she and her chief of staff being in cahoots and trying to scam the system, knowing everyone is going to be looking at them? >> i spoke to a republican close to the white house and talked about how they pointed out that inexperience could point to both this and the campaign finance violation, alleged campaign finance allegation that the congresswoman was grilling michael cohen about, with regard
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to the president. in both cases, it is clear that these things could both be a matter of inexperience, it could be a matter of ineptitude, but because of our political system, both have become high-profile cases and she is also in hot water for something similar come herself. >> one thing we agree on probably is what is and is not a campaign finance violation is notoriously vague. poorly defined, sometimes defined by the fec violations, possibly unconstitutional for vagueness. michael: probably would never have been convicted by a jury because the law is that ambiguous on the hush money. >> shannon: there are cases that show that is a mass and something we need more. >> we are long overdue for a clarification of what is and is not a camping violation. >> shannon: i'm sure the congresswoman doesn't want to be subject of that case bear the president pushing back as he says this is a disgrace, an
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expedition going after him, his businesses, his fan know my famg this, it doesn't mean it is a fishing expedition, it means that there are lots of potential fish to catch. hans, a lot of people are calling this the preimpeachment phase. what do you make of it? >> congress does have a lot of authority to oversight, do investigations, but that is usually related to how the executive branch is operating under the money appropriated for it. and also, if new legislation is needed. i haven't seen any of that here, and i haven't seen any specific evidence of actual violations of the law, which is usually a basis before you start investigation. i have to say, adam schiff seems to be copying joseph mccarthy and wanting to open up investigations where they don't actually have any evidence of any wrongdoing. >> shannon: well, he says they do when he has a gut feeling about it there they keep saying we need more facts, but making allegations in the meantime. steven collins said it is basic
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politics for democrats not to call their investigations and impeachment drive right now. to do so would hand the g.o.p. a gift as a claim that it is already in. >> you have several congressmen who have come out and said they believe the president has obstructed justice, the prestatements prior to the issue of this. it's interesting, what kristin was talking about earlier with the president's strategy to this, he is citing president obama's executive privilege, that is something that did not work out for president obama when he cited executive privilege when it came to the fast and furious case. it is setting down for a big showdown with the white house. >> shannon: they tweeted this today about all these requests, special counsel mueller has had resources that go far beyond what is available to the congressional committee. if mueller finds no collusion, is it likely shiff and his boiler will be able to, julian? >> there's a lot to unpack here, but the question on
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ocasio-cortez on the campaign violence violation, it seems untenable to argue there shouldn't be investigations. you have 37 indictments or guilty pleas at this point, over 100 documented contacts during the trump transition with the russians. >> shannon: don't think the special counsel will be able to handle this? >> there are different per views and functions. as hans just said, sometimes a democratic investigation will look to have legislative reform, and there are half-dozen that i can think that could potentially come out of this. 37 indictments or guilty pleas, 100 contacts. >> shannon: why did they need to go back and to all of the same request for documents and the same people in the same information? >> because this congress looks at it three different lens than a special counsel. the special counsel is looking -- not necessarily. the special counsel is looking at whether to prosecute or not prosecute, period, and a case. it could make a democrat mike recommendation on impeachment. congress could be looking at impeachment, it might be made, we have to see with the facts
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show, congress could look at a whole host of other reforms, looking at enforcement on the emoluments clause, a statutory basis for prosecution of a president when he leaves office. you are talking with the 100 contacts that had with the russians in the campaign and transition, sharing of intelligence information, the trump team meeting with russian officials. he >> shannon: all things the special counsel is looking at. >> but there is a reason for congress to have a separate process. one is because it may be looking at legislative reform. at two's if you're to do something, ultimately a decision of prosecution of the present or somebody else, impeachment, something else, if you make a public case on this. the federalist papers 65 were very instructive on the subject of impeachment from a political question for me to make a political case to the body politic any public paired >> shannon: a number of democrats including the judiciary committee saying making a public record because i'm to convince the american people before we go for impeachment.
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we got to leave it there. >> there's a lot to be set for that. >> shannon: gentlemen, thank you very much. when we returned from a viral video fueling outrage on controversy. a teachers assistant in virginia under fire for wrapping a student's head and neck in a maga flag, a list of growing incidents involving trump supporters. in alabama, a judge has an aborted fetus is a person with legal rights. pro-choicers sounding the alarm, we will see what it means. >> the baby possesses a right to sue in the state of alabama for wrongful death. ♪ tookus. to take care of any messy situations. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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the school district said it is investigating the incident. meanwhile, an oklahoma student facing charges tonight for a maga had related incident at that school. journeyman now, richard fowler and gianno caldwell, welcome to you both. >> good to be here, shannon. >> shannon: i want to start with the arizona case were students have said they have back glass, suspended, the school taking issue for wearinga party in the usa theme for the day, and a lot of kids showed up at maga stuff. one student said he was suspended because of it. >> everyone is still allowed to have their own political view, obviously, the office had their own political view on that. it shouldn't affect the way you treat a student and how you discipline a student for something that is not even worth disciplining them for. >> shannon: richard, your take? >> listen, i agree with the students here. i remember going to high school in a time where you aren't allowed to wear hats at all,
8:20 pm
whether it was a maga hat, obama hat, oreos hat, marlon's hat. you would hear hello, and the assistant principal, by the time you heard hello, they had was gone paired hats weren't allowed, period, because as my mom said, you go to school to learn. a hat disrupts the learning process, no matter what kind of hat, but maybe that's just me. >> shannon: yes, school clothing policies, i wish we had the uniforms and it made every thing a lot easier. high school from arizona, a statement from them saying "all right mr. jim has not and will not discipline a student for exercising their free speech rights." there seems to be confusion over what happened to these pro- trump kids. >> i'm not surprised, and i don't think anybody should be. high-ranking democratic of officials, maxine waters, make a crowd and push back on them. think about what madonna said, suggesting to block the
8:21 pm
white house. you think about what jussie smollett has done, which essentially says, hey, these are the trump supporters are attacking me, which i think encourages violence or a pushback. it is particularly problematic, we've seen an uptick in this, 76% of likely u.s. voters say they fear political violence. this isn't surprising to me, i think it is something that has to stop, especially when you see the left continuing to say we must preach tolerance and they don't preach it themselves. it's problematic. we the case in oklahoma, a student encountered another kid that had a maga hat on and said to him, take it off, do you want me to rip it off, there was jostling, and he apparently ripped the hat off the kids had. he is facing potential trouble for that. but in the midst of that, in the same week the media discovered jussie smollett he faked a hate crime, they ignored a man charged with pulling a gun on a couple wearing sp 23 hats, a woman being arrested for assault and battery for a man wearing a
8:22 pm
maga hat. listen, people need to have tolerance on all sides, but it is clear there are some uncomfortable feelings for folks out there who don't like the pro-trump clothing. >> a hate crime is a hate crime is a hate crime, a duck is a duck is a doctor. if you commit a hate crime, defined it as a hate crime. we need more tolerance on both ends of the political aisle, and the problem is right here in washington, we have democrats and republicans not willing to work together. more time spent calling each other names instead of working across the aisle and trying to get things done for the american people. the president is just as responsible as democrats are for that comment if we decide in washington and their leaders decide we're going to stop calling each other names and work together, maybe the citizens will do the same. >> shannon: final word, we follow the cases closely, punched in the face for wearing a maga hat. clearly there is some animus. >> i agree with some of richard's point there, we have to admit a lot of stuff is
8:23 pm
happening to republicans. the breitbart website put together about 700 alleged incidents of political and violence as something we should be concerned about, david wilcox, who was in chicago and got beat up, voted for trump. this has become very problematic on one side, we haven't seen as much of these incidents on the other. >> a pittsburgh synagogue got shot up a couple of weeks ago. hate crimes on both sides because we aren't having a conversation about the real issues affecting this country. to be only got to do that, when you say were triggered by someone's hats. we've got to leave it there. thank you both very good discussion. >> good to see you, shannon. >> shannon: you, too appear this is a fox news alert, an alabama court recognizing an abd fetus as a person with legal rights, potentially opening up a brand-new chapter in this country's very heated abortion debate. correspondent david cult following the story. >> concerned about what happened
8:24 pm
in the small alabama town and what it could mean on a larger scale. one pro choice sent out an email saying "alarm bells should be ringing" another called an "very scary case," but here's what is going on in his alabama case. here is a complaint right here, it is 11 pages and mentions a man by the name of ryan majors, he and his girlfriend received in early february 2017. by february of that year, the girlfriend had an abortion, majors to the abortion clinic on behalf of himself and the unborn fetus six weeks old. he petitioned to represent the state of the unborn fetus, the estate, i should say, called baby row in this document. a probate judge in alabama signed off to allow majors to represent the estate of baby row. tonight, i spoke to majors' attorney in alabama. >> to my knowledge, never has and a statement opened for an aborted fetus in the united states of america. and what that means is that this
8:25 pm
aborted fetus has a right to maintain a legal action against those who caused its wrongful death. >> quite a claim, one we cannot independently verify. after all they talk about the father, the fetus, and the judge, i asked what about the mother? the attorney said the law protects her in the state of alabama. back in november, voters in alabama passed an amendment to the state constitution recognizing the rights of the unborn. this abortion happened before that amendment was even written. i asked what about the father, what does he want in this case? money? the attorney said his client wants to establish more rights for fathers across the united states, but at its core, this is a wrongful death suit, shannon. we reached out to the abortion clinic in alabama, but we did not hear back. shannon? >> shannon: starting to get a lot of attention, we will watch that case. thank you. the polls show the president's approval ratings are on the rise. our democrats building support for him by their all-out assault on the president whose business,
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the editor had to make it fit in 30 seconds. it's pretty tricky actually trying to ... and ... tagline. when insurance is simple, it's surprisingly painless. ♪ >> shannon: as house democrats begin their so-called preimpeachment push, the president's approval rating is picking up. the job approval at 46%, up three percentage points from the month before. fox news politics editor, editor of the halftime report, chris stirewalt, for expert analysis but how is it going? >> living the dream, how are you? >> shannon: i'm living the bream. "usa today" has this to say, the poll members come despite the record 35 day government shutdown, which most voters are blamed on trump and opposition to his emergency declaration to build a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. what is driving the numbers up?
8:31 pm
he's on defense against all of the incoming? >> you don't i'm going to tell you. i hate to always be the one that fulfills this role in the universe, but it is one poll. we take the group of polls together, there's a quinnipiac for out today that has a much different story than this. >> shannon: good news on impeachment, we'll talk about that. >> there is good news, but if we take the numbers on impeachment from that poll, we have to take his 38% job approval rating and that poll. donald trump has astonishingly consistent poll members. there is a bandwidth, from the high 30s to the mid 40s, and he stays right there. he's never going to be mr. 60%, but it also means that when times are tough and things get hard, he knows that he has a base of support that will stick with him no matter what. the quinnipiac poll, one of the questions they ask is, do you think donald trump would be a good role model? 53% of republican said yes. look, he has deficiencies in
8:32 pm
terms of these numbers, but they are steady and stable, and the republicans are sticking with him. >> shannon: "the wall street journal" numbers, aren't those consistent with where w was, obama was coming the same period midway through the presidency? >> w was in a slightly different situation, but yeah, obama was a plurality president, not a majority president. donald trump is building on the same concepts that barack obama started out with, which is on your base, cast yourself as a victim here, and stay at war with these other people. embracing the travel nature of politics works for obama, and that is why trump more likely than anyone else to take the oath of office on january 2021. >> shannon: you heard it here, gentlemen. former vice president joe biden doing well in the polls. we always know once you get in, then the real attacks, from your opponents, apple research and things come as you take a hit
8:33 pm
once you are in here he's not in yet. he says joe biden's biggest 2020 problem is joe biden, his version of folksy joe touted himself as labor from belt buckle to shoe buckle, only one problem with his carefully cultivated image: joe biden's entire career. they talk about how friendly he has been with wall street, and listen, the party has gone left. he's not going to be in the same place where some of these young, new voters and for aggressors s would want him to be. >> michael bloomberg removing himself from consideration as part of the story. there is a moderate lane, and as a matter fact, i suspect the democrats will nominate a moderate. i doubt the democrats are going to nominate someone who is extreme. for one simple reason, there are so many candidates who are competing for the right -- it sort of house before won the republican nomination, which was as ted cruz and whomever else were slicing up the conservative pie into narrower and narrower
8:34 pm
slices, trump was able to take a quarter to a third of the republican electorate to start out with, and that was good enough. that could be how bernie sanders wins, but it could also be how someone like john hickenlooper or someone who we are not thinking about much in these terms right now, as you get to the end, if the hard-core progressive left is divided into many ways, there is a path for someone like biden to get past, even if "the huffington post" thinks he was too nice to goldman sachs. >> shannon: lighting on, just yes or no. you think biden gets in? >> if he does, it would be a mistake. >> shannon: is howard schultz get in as an independent? >> the democrats nominate bernie. >> shannon: that is giving them a lot of heartburn, the howard schultz scenario. first i will try things were coming entered late breaking news, a twist as democrats once again delay a vote on the resolution condemning anti-semitism. democrats divided over the measure, tentatively tomorrow, some publicly defending congresswoman ilhan omar in hot water over her comments on
8:35 pm
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>> shannon: breaking tonight, the anti-semitism resolution drafted by house democrats in the wake of controversial comments by freshman congresswoman ilhan omar. it's not yet a done deal. we are told the vote ought to be set for tomorrow is not going to happen, progressive and black caucus is urging democrats to slow down. and now we are told they are working in language on anti-muslim bias, that is what we are told tonight by chief congressional correspondent. let's turn to julian epstein, angel rosenberg, author of the forthcoming book "the persian gamble," you will not be able to put it down. it gentlemen, thank you both for being with us. let's start here. one of the things that got congressman ilhan omar in trouble, i'm told every day that i'm anti-american if i'm not pro israel, i find that to be problematic and i'm not alone, i just happened to be willing to speak up on it and open
8:40 pm
myself to attacks." , you live in that region now. >> something has gone wrong with the congresswoman, she has a great personal story, and yet she has unleashed a series of remarks per let me quote from the democratic leadership, vile, hateful, hurtful, classically anti-semitic, i could go on. that is just speaker pelosi, steny hoyer, eliot engel. and i agree with them. she has apologized, except she keeps doing it. there needs to be a penalty for this. they need to take away the foreign affairs committee seat, to make it clear, this is not business as usual. this is really ugly behavior, and you don't want it permeating the democratic party. >> shannon: julian, were told tonight, mike emanuel tells us they are trying to broaden this and bring in anti-muslim bias as part of the resolution, as well. two senior democratic sources are telling him it is being brought in that way.
8:41 pm
jeff mandel tonight tweeting, insisting on tying jewish pain to all other pain races jews from the incident. it suggests jewish culpability inside pain. it's very simple, and i don't know why both the right and left need this explained to them. a lot of dragging of feet on getting this resolution time. speak with a big mistake, the democratic leadership should not do it. it muddies the waters, diffusion is the issue. if there's an issue of anti-muslim bias, announced it, this is different for this is clearly in the realm of anti-semitism. look, americans have a very close relationship with canada. we have a very close relationship with the united kingdom. and those who advocate and say those close alliances are never called out as having dual loyalties, but when americans say we should have it, a close relationship with our major ally in the mideast, israel, the only democracy in a sea of either theocracies or dictatorships, the only democracy would win
8:42 pm
when someone suggests that a strong alliance with that one ally that we have in the mideast somehow suggests a dual loyalty. it's the oldest game in the book, to delegitimize jewish participation in the american political process. you don't really count, you have a secret agenda, you, as a jewish advocate of israel, really have something else that is not about promoting what is in the american's interest. been around for decades. it is, in my mind, it is clearly anti-semitic. it is not the first time this congresswoman has done this. i think the democrats -- if you look at what is happening to the jewish labour party, anti-semitism rife in the labour party in the u.k., the reason that has become such a problem for the labour party is because they didn't stuff it out there nancy pelosi did the right thing when the congresswoman came out with the benjamin's comment, and they had a resolution, they announced it, and they should do the same
8:43 pm
thing here, they shouldn't try to muddy the waters. they shouldn't try to muddy the waters and confusion it by lumping it in with everything else. >> i agree with that, i want to add, we are all against anti-semitism. why hasn't come up this week? it's coming up for a very specific reason, and if they clouded the issue, it is not going to send the message to her and to her supporters, saying, this is absolutely unacceptable. >> there is a terrible thing sleeping in on the left, that the left has got to stop. in order to save itself. they are saying, look, what steve king did was much worse. what president trump did by saying there's good people on both sides, the both sides argument, which was much worse. that might be the case but i disagree, both are very problematic, steve king in particular was very bigoted and what he said, but that is besides the point. we should announce those things when they occur on the political right, but when they occur on the political left, the left has
8:44 pm
to be consistent, and when they see signs of anti-semitic tropes or these old games retry to delegitimize jewish participation in american civics by suggesting their loyalties are elsewhere. >> shannon: why do you think they're so much angst and the democrats about trying to get this done and get it onto the ground? onto the floor? >> i described it, there is a vain and finally left that says, with the right is doing as much worse. the bigotry on the right as much, much worse. we don't want to have this false equivalency, and this sets up a false equivalency. it's much worse on the right. that's not the point. the point is that if it is worth on the right, denounce it on. when it occurs on the left -- >> shannon: you think her position on the foreign affairs committee? like you were saying, joel, steve king lost his committee assignments. >> the most important thing, i think, is for the democrats to have a resolution that names are and announces what i think is clearly an anti-semitic trope.
8:45 pm
and, and, and if it were my vote, i would vote not to have her on the committee. >> shannon: what you think needs to happen? >> absolutely that, but speaker pelosi, we started off strong and i give her credit for it, went on the cover of "rolling stone" magazine with the congresswoman, calling her one of the new voices of the democrat party. no, you cannot have it both ways. if she's making serious, vile, horrible statements, you can't go on the cover of a magazine and say this is one of the new voices. you say, no, it's wrong. >> i think nancy pelosi is doing a terrific job keeping the democratic caucus together, but sometimes you can't please all of the people all of the time. you have to take a position on principle. i think this is a question of principle. i think there is clearly a question involved here, it is between the lines bigotry, it's a sophisticated dog whistle bigotry, but she had to call her on it. >> shannon: the vote is not
8:46 pm
happening tomorrow, so thank you both for weighing in. good to have you. tonight, the president fighting to get resources to help veterans in need. we are going to tell you all about the executive action aimed at ending the alarming rate of veteran suicide. if that's next. ♪ (vo) this is the avery's. this is the avery's trying the hottest new bistro. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the avery's wondering if eating out is eating into saving for their first home. this is jc... (team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help? (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation, no strings attached. this is the avery's with the support they needed to get back on track. well done guys. (team member) this is wells fargo. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle,
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♪ >> shannon: calling it miss information, ohio teenager speaking out against so-called anti-factors. how the young men found himself a key witness at a congressional hearing. >> vaccines were not allowed in his home, but once he turned 18, the high school senior defied his parents and got vaccinated. today, he texted right about that decision, investing and outbreaks of diseases, his mom told him that they vaccines cad diseases. many of the anti-vaccine movement, she wasn't sold. >> to combat disease outbreak prevention, my mother would turn to anti-vaccine groups online and on social media looking for her evidence in defense, rather than health officials and credible sources. >> government health agencies have long said vaccines are safe
8:51 pm
and effective for the vast majority of people, but today, medical experts said misinformation about vaccines, including its links to autism, is causing some parents to opt out and creating a potential health crisis. >> there's actually no evidence at this time that vaccines cause autism. >> we should not be accepting of behavioral science. >> 47 states allow parents not to vaccinate their children if it conflicts with their religious beliefs, while 17 states allow brought extensionss for personal beliefs. an organ, a measles outbreak has sickened 75 people paired however, at today's hearing, senator rand paul said even though he vaccinated his own kid, he is strongly against the government forcing parents to do it to their children paired shannon? >> shannon: gary kenny, thank you. president trump is taking action in hopes of bringing down the alarming rate of veteran suicides here in america. correspondent jennifer griffith
8:52 pm
breaks down the numbers for answers. >> the numbers are staggering, 20 veterans take their lives each day there at >> today, we can help end this crisis peered >> the white house, president trump signed an execue order that veterans hope will stand this epidemic. three battle-hardened soldiers from the 82nd airborne's bravo company 2058, their unit hardest hit in afghanistan care now taking part in a pilot program to prevent more suicide. >> isolationism, they feel, you get back, oh, yeah. oh, i will pay the bills. oh, we are going to go grocery shopping. okay, what about the air strikes? what about the predator drone strikes? at one point, i remember, i got the bright idea, let's quit all my meds. that doesn't work. don't do that. >> bravo company lost 16 members while deployed to kandahar in 2010, since returning home, 20 soldiers from this unit have
8:53 pm
committed suicide. >> you are so wound up by the death and destruction for so long, that you come back, and i feel you start to unravel a little bit. things just become hard, things become distant. things kind of don't matter as much anymore. >> i can't say i hit rock bottom, but i saw the pebbles at the bottom of the well. >> leaseholders b's soldiers will attend a joint initiative with a fund, a connect combat veterans and get in touch with their battle buddies. >> we were with a funeral for our service member, and the independence fund reached out to the va to try to develop some kind of program, what can we do to curb this pandemic of veteran suicide? >> 70% of all vets who commit suicide are not registered with the va, and therefore aren't being helped. the president's executive order
8:54 pm
seeks to change that by bringing them into the system. shannon? >> shannon: jennifer griffin, thank you so much for the fight is over for the one who is in hot water multiple times, specifically saying he won't -- colorado in hot water for refusing to take a customs gender transition celebration case. the case went all the way to the supreme court. stick around, we'll talk about how the case was resolved. ♪ are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. right. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. even if i'm taking heart medicine, like statins or blood thinners? yep! that's why i asked my doctor what else i could do... she told me about jardiance. that's right. jardiance significantly reduces the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. that's why the american diabetes association recommends the active ingredient in jardiance. and it lowers a1c? yeah- with diet and exercise.
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8:59 pm
jack phillips will he agrees to drop the federal case against them. the latest is over his refusal to make a custom transgender transition cake. both sides agreed it was not anyone's best interest to move forward with the cases. one texas farmer speaking out saying he's willing to give the government and easement on his land to get the promise border wall built. he said he's seen hundreds of illegal immigrants across the 1m and mexico over the years, much of it only covered by barbed wire. check this out, terminally ill man in connecticut just scratched off his biggest bucket list item, a personal gesture from the president. if he has died because of complications related to cystic fibrosis, he got a big surprise today. >> president trump: i just saw a picture of you. >> you're giving me honors, i look like [bleep].
9:00 pm
>> president trump: how are you doing? >> it's going. >> shannon: most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we want to begin this evening with the story of mike the headless it sounds implausible but it really happened. it tells you something. one afternoon in the fall of 1945 a farmer in western h colorado called lloyd olson walked into the barn yard to get dinner. his wife said she wanted some chicken and found a 5-month-old bird called mike and then beheaded it with a hatchet. but then a funny thing happened, mike didn't die. in fact, mike lived another full year and a half. he lived long enough to become a traveling sideshow attraction before he ultimately choked to death in a motel room in phoenix, a sad story.ul


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