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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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we are out of time sadly. back tomorrow from 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. following us from new york city is sean hannity. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," a lot of breaking news tonight. the 2020 presidential election is officially gearing up and the democratic party, they are imploding.nnre radical extreme far left socialists have now taken over any and any democratic who doesn't fall in line with this radical extreme left agenda. this vision, if you will, thrown down the curb up by ocasio-cortez. you have a group now, and all of america needs to see this, hyperpartisan freshmen lawmakers. they are now leading the they set the-c agenda. nancy pelosi is afraid of all of those freshmen. the list is led by alexandria ocasio-cortez. according to a report from
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"the washington post," she warned her fellow democratic lawmakers not to vote with republicans or she's going to put them on a list to be primaried in the next election. welcome to congress. no surprise there, political intimidation is always a key component of socialism. after all, she needs as much support as she can get for this insane green new deal which vows to totally reshape america by putting an end to all fossil fuels, combustion engines, nuclear energy, airplanes, and yes, cows because of flatulence and co2 gases. it also promises to provide everything is free. you don't have to worry another day in your life. free government healthy food. free day care for your kids, free housing, free college education. forget about k-12, free universal health care, free, free but pro-choice democrats, they are going to allow you toe have your private plane anymore. forget choice. guarantee vacations, universal
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guaranteed income, a guaranteed retirement. even people unwilling to work. like any other socialist ocasio-cortez, she's really just interested in improving her own quality of life and redistributing the wealth among those in her own inner circle. look at this, according to a brand-new bombshell fec complaint, ocasio-cortez'sl chief of staff is now accused of illegally moving nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions to his own private companies and in doing so, that money could be shielded from all election related reporting. in other words, ocasio-cortez under fire to make or chief of staff could have used those donations for anything without reporting it, including maybe big payments to themselves, their family, their friends. we already know based on a separate fec complaint that her boyfriend, he was funneled thousands of dollars from a political action committee set up by this very same chief of staff.
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but really, who can blame him for taking the money? after all, it's incredibly expensive to keep up with the jet-setting lifestyle of the freshman socialistp congresswoman. last night we first showed you how ocasio-cortez, who wants to ban all air travel, but she herself loves flying on airplanes between new york and d.c. there's something called amtrak. it goes pretty much every hour on the hour between d.c. and new york and she chooses not to do that. in fact, she chooses to take a plane three times more -- three times more travelers themselves. choose amtrak between the two cities. not ocasio-cortez, she prefers the convenience of flying, especially since you, we, the american people are picking up the bill. it costs more to fly. fox news producer caught up with ocasio-cortez that she was getting off a flight in d.c. today.y. we asked herws about her travel preferences, recent fec
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complaints, and much more. take a look. >> excuse me, sir. >> a couple hours of my constituent's time. >> the fec violation filed against your office? >> there is no violation. there's no violation. >> do you think that's a sign of you taking dark money? >> no.on >> sean: she has learned how to duck questions pretty quickly. i thought the was going to end if we didn't make all these drastic sacrifices and changes right now. that's right, socialist, it's always do as i say, not as i do. that's why she has no problem taking planes over trains, why she prefers that caravan, the gas guzzler and that service over public transportation. it's why ocasio-cortez probably doesn't want you to know that her very own mother left the great state of new york becausy of its incredibly high taxes. it's why bernie and hillary and joe biden and al gore, they all
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take private jets and we catch them all the time. and get this, even though a climate change apocalypse is on the horizon, recycling, well, that's just way too much work and ocasio-cortez is willing to put in. the hypocrisy is just rampant,h take a look. >> i can be upset that i get ten plastic bags at the grocery store that have to toss out my plastic bags because the recycling program in the area is tough and that's okay. >> sean: that's okay if she thinks recycling plastic bags is tough, how does she expectt you, the american people -- you have to rebuild all of your houses within ten years. you're going to get rid of your gas-powered cars. you're going to have to stop eating red meat and flying in airplanes. remember ocasio-cortez fought hard to block amazon from building their headquarters in new york city. that would have been 30, 40, 50,000 jobs for new yorkers.
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why? because of their evil capitalist ways. now after so much bad press she is backtracking, her chief of staff is reportedly saying that amazon's 25,000 jobs might be welcomed in the city. probably too late. under the right conditions, how generous. t keep in mind, socialism, that's only one component of what is now this radical extreme democratic socialist party and their agenda. the fact as we were pointing out last night, many of the same far left lawmakers pushing socialist policies were also spreading vile, hateful, rabid anti-semitic views all throughout the halls of congress. look at minnesota congresswoman omar. once again facing more backlash after yet another anti-semitic comment on twitter. first she proclaims that israel was evil and hypnotizinger the world and then she suggested support for israel was just because of jewish money or, as she put it, "all about thenj
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benjamins" and most recently she pushed the longtime anti-semitic conspiracy theory that her colleagues support israel because they have a dual allegiance to the country. now for the second time the house of representatives has been forced to pass a resolutionat reminding some democrats that anti-semitism is bad and will not be tolerated. well, that's not stopping congresswoman cortez from defending her anti-semitic colleague on twitter writing "we called resolutions on sexist statements, a good chunk of congress will be gone. to jump to the nuclear option every single time? leaves the room for some corrective action? i'm asking everybody that we practice calling in before calling out." so i guess socialist, sort of a feather stick together. birds of a feather? even when one of them is absolutely obsessed with hating the world's only jewish state, our closest ally in the region,
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the only democracy in the region, israel. meanwhile, far left, anti-semitic bigot and self-proclaimed women's rights leader linda sarsour backing up a radical friends on capitol hill, slamming speaker pelosi's decision to put forth a resolution ofre anti-semitism, calling the speaker "a typical white feminist upholding the patriarchy, doing the work of powerit white men." wow. nancy pelosi is afraid to take a stand because that freshman group can unseat her pretty so while some congressional democrats focused on hitting israel and the base are socialist eco-state, congresswoman maxine waters is back, and she's sticking to her own longtime favorite obsession, impeaching 45. and yesterday she renewed these new fantasies on twitter writing that "impeachment isis the only answer. socialism, anti-semitism, impeachment, unprecedented 24/7, 365 investigations, eight
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committees into all things donald trump. an investigation in search of a crime, any crime, 24/7 abuse of power. try to bloodied, bludgeon the president politically, impeach him. if they can't impeach him, death by a thousand cuts. it is a very scary picture inside this new radical democratic party. as the 2020 primary season kicks into high gear it has willme very clear that it be a contest to see who can present the single most radical, most extreme, mostnt socialist vision for america's future. do you want america to be a socialist country?oc bernie sanders appears to have some early momentum. on the fence candidates like crazy uncle joe biden, he may be losing before he even starts. look at what happened during fake news cnn's democratic focus group earlier today. i hope uncle joe is watching. take a look. >> how many of you would like to see joe biden get in, show of hands.
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what's happening? >> his time is done. >> to be honest, senator bidens really comes from kind of the good old boy politics of the past. >> i don't think joe biden represents that new thing that we need. we need a newli economy. we need new politics and we need someone different. >> sean: remember if hillary didn't cheat, that nomination would have gone to bernie sanders and well biden is on the fence deciding whether or not he's going to run, hillary, huge announcement, she won't try it a third that's not stopping hernn allis from rehashing old wounds with sanders from 2016. this intramural democratic battle is real. remember last week former clinton aide referred to sanders as "his royal majesty, king bernie sanders." he does have four mansions. we do know that and apparently he demands private jet rides while campaigning for clinton. apparently they didn't like that. prompting a former sanders campaign add toth call the
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clinton camp "some of the biggest a-holes in american politics." showing no signs of stopping. as clinton allies continue to snipe at sanders, one former advisor tweeting that only half of bernie's donors were "named vladimir." wow. now even president trump weighing in. nge's getting on the fun, crooked hillary clinton confirms she will not run in 2020, rules out a third bid for the white house. aw shucks, does that mean i will get to run against her again? she will be sorely missed. and even without hillary clinton, 2020 isun shaping up to be a very, very toxic year for the democrats, their issues are much larger than any of this infighting. this is where it gets serious. the democrats biggest problem is they are pushing the most radical agenda of any party in this country's history. by the way, before birth, up to birth, during birth, after birth abortions, that is called infanticide. that is a child living alone
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outside the womb. that would be called murder. that's the party of the democrats now, the party telling you it might be reckless to have kids like ocasio-cortez? the party that wants to take away all private health care insurance. they want to socialize, nationalize health care. now they are talking about legalizing drugs and prostitution, that's gaining momentum. reparation is now back to kamala harris, elizabeth warren. many are supporting this top marginal tax rate of 70%. by the way, after you pay her 70%, you get to keep maybe 30, maybe not depending on what state you live in, if you save some money, then elizabeth warren once a wealth tax on top of it. she wants another bite of the apple. and then, by the way, when you die in the united states ofer america you've got to pay to die. if you have any money left in your bank account, guess what? they are going to take 40% of that. o if you live in new york they will take another 10%. by the way, so they can take
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care of people that are unwilling to work and of course pay for child care and retirement and government food and health care and college. they are going to illuminate fossil fuels, gas and oil. they're going to destroy the lifeblood of our economy. they're going to get rid of t planes, mandate you rebuild your home, who's paying for that? the estimates now are as high as $94 trillion in ten years, that's their proposal. pushing open borders. remember bozo o'rourke actually wants to tear down the border walls preventing any of us from being safe and secure. that would leave all of us defenseless against cartels and drug traffickers and human traffickers of young women into prostitution, gangs that make thhis country defenseless. the 90% of heroin that comes through our southern border, now gets through even more easily. and don't forget, free everything. health care, college, childor
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care, vacations free healthy government food. it's a party that is totally fueled by the desire to run your life, take your hard-earned money, give it to someone else and use it to buy power and votes for themselves as they live the lap of luxury. a party committed to destroying the single greatest, best economic system that has let more people out of poverty, but has created more wealth and prosperity. that has created more opportunity than any other economic system in history of man. the democratic party with no plan to make your life better. more safe, more secure, more prosperous for not only you but for your children children and your grandchildren. they are fueled too by a rage, a hate, an obsession with victimhood and identity politics, entitlement, pushing doom and gloom day and night, climate hysteria, indoctrinating your kids into believing the world is ending in 12 years. just to push the socialist agenda. i a party fueled by what can only
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be described as psychotic, literally unhinged, rage and hatred every second, minute, hour of every day against the duly elected president. they are not even trying to hide it. just today, we learned that shifty adam schiff, former msnbc legal analyst, collusion conspiracy theorist at daniel goldman lead this witch hunt against the president. forget the mueller report, that's not working out the way we want, we will rewrite it. as "the daily caller" point out, he's already been caught asserting faceless russia look at the screen. promoting the phony dossier, the debunked dossier, even debunked by michael cohen, who never went to prague. and there were no hookers urinating in donald trump's bed
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in moscow. they weren't there. endless fishing expeditions have nothing to do with the truth, everything to do with making every working day a public trial against the president. look at this, even david axelrod has more sense than this. former chief strategist forag obama agreeing, writing on t twitter that the democrats wide-ranging investigations to easily play into the witch hunt meme. look at that, he's right. and that's because the democrats are engaging in a witch hunt. here with reaction as we now are looking at two very distinct paths for the future. fox news contributor dan bongino along with fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. >> that was hot. that was really scorching.t the president should listen to you, that's what the republicans -- >> sean: he gets accused of that and it's total >> i don't know about that. all i know is that alexandria ocasio-cortez makes a very convenient target. what you wanted to be gandhi? do want her to go begging with? a wooden bowl? >> sean: hundred democrats
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support this. >> the democrats will die as a result of their own philosophical misguided pursuit of these sophomoric goals. but to have the enthusiasmmo of youth being attacked that way, what if it was a young irish kid who came from your neighborhood? >> sean: stop the identity stuff. >> you would love it. i feel pride in her. she is me at the age of 26. when you have long hair and your mustaches out to here and you want to solve everything, kumbaya. >> sean: you broke one of the biggest stories, that profoundly changed how we treat people in this country with serious mental health issues. you single-handedly changed that. >> let me say one thing, they love her in the bronx. my three grandchildren live in her district. i went to college in her district. she may have the most
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far-fetched ideas that are totally impossible or impractical, but she has heart, sean. >> sean: hang on now. >> the president is ticking up in the polls because he agrees with you, adults agree but you need a pragmatic approach to life. you've got to pay for what you spend. >> sean: let me bring in dan bongino. the problem is they just now have -- we've got 100 democrats now supporting this insanity that would eliminate cows, cars, engine and oil and gas and airplanes. they are serious and then i'm looking at okay, now they've pledged not to work for the american people 24/7, all it is is there going to cast the widest net, bring in all these people, cost them a fortune in legal fees because they want to destroy from. they are notl working to serve the people in their districts, so the american people at large. >> they are not.
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but geraldo, can i just play something you said there, i know you are better -- you can't seriously be claiming that people are going after some of these ideas with miss cortez because of her minority status as a i hope you're not saying that. i have on this network many times, you can check the tapesh check the youtubes, whatever, said congratulations, she did a great job, i ran for congress, i lost. she won. it's very hard to do. >> don't be bitter. >> i'm not. >> sean: probably lost because of my endorsement. >> socialism kills people, geraldo. >> let the kids enjoy, let them revel in the possibility that anything can be wonderful, that everybody in the age can have aa cadillac. that is the fuel of youth, dan. >> would you say the same thing about fascism?
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what if alexandria ocasio-cortez was promoting fascism? s would you say she had a hard? >> of course not. >> why would you say it about socialism? speak i am not a socialist, i am a capitalist, i am a republican. but i understand of the generosity of the concept of socialism. >> sean: she says we've got to get rid of cars, she's in cars. she doesn't ride her bike. this is the hypocrisy. liberals are only generous with other people's money, geraldo. look at nancy pelosi, we send our cameras to her district. we saw homeless people, feces, and needles everywhere, and she is a multimillionaire. why can't she build a homeless shelter so they can shower and get treatment of the drug addicts? >> i'm not here to speak in favor of nancy pelosi. i don't know what she does with her private money, i don't know what charities she supports or does not support, all i know as alexandria ocasio-cortez represents an ideal to many youngsters that you mock, but
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really have to be more generous. now that we know what's works, the president knows what works. the economy, just saw the new surveys up. if the democrats, the grown-ups -- i don't mean to be demeaning to her but if the all-star of the democratic party -- >> sean: get him out of trouble. >> if thehe old guard of the democratic party embraces the archaic solution to modern --- >> sean: what about the investigations 24/7? >> i think the same thing i think about stormy daniels, i think there is no intent there. this is a very complex federal election commission laws, very complicated. i don't think there's any larcenous intent. >> sean: the eight committees that are not serving the american people, that are just looking to bludgeon trump and cast a wide net and investigate anything because i guess mueller is not giving them what they want. >> it will be the death of the democrat party and i wish he would stop saying this is some kind of generous system.
10:22 pm
people in venezuela are eating out of garbage trucks. the footage has been on our network. you had the univision anchor who had actual -- with actual footage of people eating out of the garbage. >> i know venezuela very well but i think they are thinking more of sweden and denmark. the baltic nation. one thing i want to say before we run out of time, there's no collusion, that's big news, the democrats will kill themselves with these investigations, they are investigating everybody. i'm sure they will investigate me for speeding yesterday. this is the end of the play. >> sean: thank you both. directly ahead, president trump says democrats are guilty of presidential harassment. judge jeanine and alan dershowitz answer that question. in other words, have we criminalized political differences? democrats allowed to abuse their powers with investigation when they don't even d know what they are investigating. straight ahead. ♪
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a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video.
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to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. ♪ >> counterterrorist police in london examining three explosive devices found in the british capital, set in plastic mailing bags to two airports and a busy train station. the first package was found on the grounds of heathrow airport, it caught fire but nobody was injured. and flights were not affected. a second device turned up in the mailroom of the busy waterloo train station, a third package was found at the administration building for city airport, a smaller commercial airport. president trump a declaration for alabama following sunday's deadly and instructive tornadoes. the declaration no freeze of
10:28 pm
federal aid to those affected. one twister killed 23 people in lee county. the youngest was six years old, the oldest victim was 89. and up to eight people remain missing. now back to "hannity" ." >> we got 81 letters, there was no collusion, that was a hoax. there was no anything. and they want to do that instead of getting legislation passed. >> sean: it was the president blasting the democrats and their announcement of what, eight committees, endless investigations, earlier today he continueded on twitter. he wrote "now that they realize the only collusion with russia. was done by crooked hillary clinton and the democrat nadler, schiff and the dem heads of committee have now gone stone cold crazy. 81 letters sent to innocent people to harass them. they won't get anything done for our country. the greatest overreach in the history of our country.ny dems are obstructing justice.
10:29 pm
they will not get anything done. a big fat fishing expedition desperately in search of a crime when in fact the real crimes is what the dems are doing and have done." the president, as i said last night, he is correct but that means nothing to the democrats. they love a good anti-trump never ending witch hunt. just listen to what congressman jerrold nadler who over the weekend declared him guilty before even starting the investigation said. >> we have to -- you had two years of sustained attacks by the administration in the nature we haven't seen probably a century or more against the free press, against the courtsb against the law enforcement administration, against freedom of speech. we have to make sure as to what is true and what is not true and maybe come up with legislative limits on power or maybe do other things, but we have to make sure that this is not a dictatorship and that the rule of law is respected. >> sean: reminds me of the old
10:30 pm
stalinist mantra, show me the man, i will find the crime surrounding a duly elected president of the united states, all under the banner of "protecting democracy." these investigations have nothing to do with protecting you, we, the american people. instead, they really only care about imposing their own hate-trump agenda. here now with reaction, harvard law professor alan dershowitz is with us, he wrote the introduction to the constitution and will write an introduction to the mueller report when it is released. that's news. also the author of "liars, leakers, liberals" number one best seller. judge jeanine pirro. i didn't know that, professor, number one. how did that come about? more importantly, show the crime, show the man. eight committees, you have talked about criminalizing political differences, this is worse than i've ever seen it.
10:31 pm
>> this is not the worst i've seen. >> sean: this is mccarthyism. >> some innocent, some guilty. congress has a legitimate oversight function to perform but it has to make sure it doesn't go too far. it can't use that oversight function, which is really designed to help getet legislation, in order to really prevent a president from finishing out his term and they are interfering with the executive branch. the balance has to be struck between the legitimate function of congress to investigate. the framers didn't intend for congress to become yet another prosecutorial branch, yet another investigative branch. this was to pass laws and it seems to me these investigations look like they are going too far. >> sean: are you or have you ever been a supporter of donald trump? there is no reason to initiate eight committees, the widest net i've ever seen because it appears they are not getting
10:32 pm
robert mueller -- the big promise of robert mueller that they've been pushing for two years. >>re they are already setting that up. nadler has pretty much already said we don't care what mueller is going to say, we are going to do our own investigation. look, the bottom line is that this committee does have the right to look at a lot of things. w but it's going to backfire a because the american people understand that the economy is doing well, they've got jobs and on and on. and these dams have been having a hissy fit since hillary lost her crown. they boycotted the inauguration. then they wanted to impeach him. then they brought in a special counsel and alleged collusion. now they've got committeeses tt will for the next two years do nothing but investigate and aggravate donald trump and everyone close to him in an attempt to alienate him from the people who are closest to him. and here's the bottom line. trump's numbers are 48% in polls and 93% among republicans.
10:33 pm
congress is at 13%. the american people get it. congress should be doing its job and not doing nothing but trash and donald trump. >> sean: i know we have some political differences, professor, but let's put them aside for a second. if this is their commitment for the next two years, rather than laying out an agenda for peace and safety and security and economic growth and o prosperiy for americans, and they support this -- you don't support this new green deal, you're too intelligent to support anything that insane. but 100 democrats in washington do. then they're going to spend all the rest of their time looking for a crime and wasting all the time doing that. i don't think this is a good thing politically for democrats. >> i don't either and in fact there is some legal recourse. if you go back to the cases in the 1950s, the courtsts sometimes did say look, congress, you've gone too far.
10:34 pm
this is not within your legitimate function. and so if i were one of the people who got a letter or a subpoena, i would at least think about the possibility of bringing a lawsuit and congress isthat abusing its oversight function. as far as the environment is concerned, i'm a strong supporter of the environment but we need a balanced environment. >> sean: we can't get rid of oil and airplanes and cows. we need cows. i will buy you a steak, professor. last word. >> what they're looking to do with this green new deal is they want to control what you eat and we are getting bits and pieces out of it. we know they want to take planes out of the sky, they have to rebuild our homes but s when poor aoc said last week at the end of the week she said look, i'm not saying everyonesa has to be a vegan but you don't need to eat hamburgers three times a day, let's get real. they want to control everything that we do and i find it shocking that they say thatol a they need to investigate the
10:35 pm
president not for a crime, but for anything, and as prosecutors we learn that you investigate a crime, not a man. >> sean: when we come back, dems gearing up, literally they are proposing to eliminate all private health care. it's not a joke, i'm serious. they want to nationalize the entire health care industry and they are saying so. we will explain what this would mean for you and your family, a "hannity" investigation. ♪
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♪ >> sean: democrats in congress continue pushing their socialist agenda on you, the american people, the investigation doesn't stop with the new green deal. now over 100 house democrats are supporting, get this, ado radical new health care proposal. it would ban all private insurance coverage which means
10:40 pm
the government takeover of the entire health care industry, medicare for all, good luck with that.t. in other words, socialism, he won't be allowed to have your own private plan, every socialism with this promise is free, free, free and then they will tax some people to death to pay for everything. joining us now monica crowley, former obama economic advisor, austen goal to be. keep your eye doctor, keep your plan, and pay less. that really worked out when millions lost their doctor plan and everybody paid more. here is the thing, i thought you liberals were pro-choice, so why hasn't kamala harris and other 2020 candidates and 100 democrats, austin, why, if you are pro-choice, are you going to force americans into a system that i have no faith in, maybe you do, if i want -- 187 million
10:41 pm
americans then, i guess it would be illegal to have your own private health insurance. >> sean, you are talking with the bernie sanders plan. >> sean: supported by kamala harris and 100 democrats in congress, yeah, that plan. by it's only been endorsed 2 of the 20 democratic presidential candidates. the medicare for all that is it give everyone the choice to buy into medicare supported by 80% of americans, including 62% of republicans. >> sean: pay close attention, i'm telling you what they said. monica. >> the point of all of this is government power and control, not even about health care, that's just the pretext for what they talk about in order to seize more control over all of our lives. remember back when they were debating obamacare, senator tom harkin, nancy pelosi, they all described it as a "starter home" because the ultimate objective was always single-payer. now they have remanded single-payer as medicare for all and what they have done over the last several years, i
10:42 pm
just wrote a column about this in "the washington times," is acclimate the public to the most extreme of their objectives, which is single-payer or it is the green new deal. it's the chief ability in the moment, it's not the point. the point is to get the public accustomed to it so that they can achieve it piecemeal and before you know it all of a sudden you got single-payer. >> sean: do you support the green new deal, austin? i would keep you want to keep airplanes and cars and i think you probably -- don't think you can guarantee everything is for free and i think you probablyar agree that a 70% top marginal tax rate is bad. >> wait a minute. >> sean: i know you eat cows, i bought you a cow, i bought you dinner. >> we are going to have to decide are we going to bet on the next election again, are we going to bet dinner but you keep taking the most extreme case and trying to portray it like that's the median or that's what everyone is saying.
10:43 pm
>> sean: a hundred of your side to do. >> your lawyer gives you two weeks of freed paid vacation at the beginning of socialism, y that's what brezhnev used to say. they are paying them not to work, they are going on vacation. >> sean: it says that, even if you are unwilling to work, it's in the paper they put out. >> that was a nonbinding resolution by somebody that's not a presidential candidate. >> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter, what we are talking about here is the fact that the democratic party now openly embraces socialism, right? so we have this encroaching socialism. barack obama dressed it up pretty well, bernie sanders was out there in 2016. now you have aoc and you have hundred of these members of congress openly embracing this. this is about radical wealth redistribution. it's about government power and control and as vladimir lenin once said, the goal of socialism is communism. >> sean: thank you both for being with us. and by the way, austin, you may want to invest in cows, ten
10:44 pm
years from now it might be worth a lot of money. frozen beef, it could be worth a fortune. when we come back, a serious, shocking report about the fbi, just breaking this hour, john solomon, sara carter, they have the details, that's next. ♪ solomon, sara carter, they he the details, that's next. ♪ -omar, look. [ thunder rumbles ] omar, check this out. uh, yeah, i was calling to see if you do laser hair removal. for men. notice that my hips are off the ground. [ engine revving ] and then, i'm gonna pike my hips back into downward dog. [ rhythmic tapping ] hey, the rain stopped. -a bad day on the road still beats a good one off it.
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♪ >> sean: so the hate-trump media mob is trying to distract you with the dems never ending investigation. the real scandals are h right under the media's nose. they've missed it for two years but the hill's john solomon has an explosive pieces in "the hill" showing how a top fbi counterintelligence official looked the otherfb way despite all the red flags about
10:49 pm
star-crossed trump-hating lovers page and strzok. sara carter also out with a new report detailing how the democrats house judiciary probe is simply searching for a crime to punish trump and the americans voted for him. they both join us now. first, sara, let's get to you. in search of a crime means abuse of power because you just don't cast a wide net and say, oh, let's see -- if this doesn't work, if we don't have collusion we will investigate this, this, this, this and this, maybe something will stick one day. >> it goes against everything we stand for, our justice system entirely. if you think about this, where's the due process? where's the due process for president trump, for the 81 people now that they are throwing this wide net outs and for the american people who voted for the president who have literally been held hostage for two years by the democrats as they continue to search for a crime. there is something drastically
10:50 pm
wrong here, and i don't think people actually realize how damaging and how dangerous this is. when i hear alan dershowitz, he is a voice of reason. i think to myself, this is what they used to think, the libertarians, the democrats, they used to fight against this abuse of power. what we've seen, and you've listed it out and we've talked about this over and over again. a weaponization of the intelligence community.s the unmasking of americans. >> sean: fisa abuse, dossier abuse. do>> that's right. and the leaking of classified information. >> sean: john, you can add the comments, obviously the security issue that were ignored in your column which i think are important, two things happening simultaneously. one, we expect the mueller report. two, what will the new attorney general do?lt will he do the right thing, starting with hillary clinton on down?
10:51 pm
>> it's a great question, right? we're just going to have to wait and see. the mueller report will come out and -- >> sean: no collusion, no obstruction. >> it will trigger the opportunity. that is what my understanding i is. we will see when it comes out and judge it by theha facts. if that happens the first thing we know, we saw the weaponization of the criminal justice system and a counterintelligence system against donald trump and now you're going to see that sort of criminalization and weaponization of the congressional oversight process to try to keep this narrative going. so that's one thing thee president has to deal with. the second thing is, does the justice department now say mueller is done, let's take a look at the strokes and all these people that were involved in this, and do we hold them accountable? the ig report will come in on fisa abuse, that will inform us aol lot. the president has the ability without being accused of obstruction of declassified documents.fia all of that information
10:52 pm
allows -- there's no doubt in my mind. let's take the column for one second. think of what bill barr could look at in this circumstance. 20 years ago we had one of the worst spy scandals in the american history.selo robert hanson spy for the russians, went undetected for 20 years. the after action reports of the biggest effort. my problem the was the failure to confront its own paper about prospective bad behavior. two employees say there's an affair going on and rather than confront them directly, they shoved it to the side, they don't take that security risks seriously even though they said -- everyone understood it was a security risk, no one wanted to ask the hard questions. we didn't learn much in the fbi over the hanson scandal.hase those of the sort of things that bill barr, the inspector general, the senate judiciary committee can all look at. >> sean: sara, you get the last word. >> i think the most important thing is that attorney general barr investigate, that we wait for michael horowitz's report and that we bring people to justice who have abused the system.
10:53 pm
sean, if we don't do this, then what are we? what do we stand on? how can we guarantee that the next administration this won't happen. we can't, as americans we have to demand that and hope that president trump to classifies those documents. >> sean: william barr does his job, i hope is's right. we will see. i'm not sure i trust mueller's team, never have. when we come back you will meet the tech millionaire, the one who helped ocasio-cortez literally into becoming the leader of the democratic party, trace gallagher, full report a villain of the day and your mail straight ahead. by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, 90% saw significant improvement. taltz even gives you a chance at completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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>> sean: all right, "villain of the day," congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and her chief of staff appear to be in hot water. trace gallagher has the very latest on the tech millionaire behind aoc. trace, we have former people in the fec say this could be go to jail stuff. >> sean, on his twitter bio, he
10:58 pm
calls himself "cos to aoc," or chief of staff to alexandria ocasio-cortez. he's a computer engineer who started working with one of the nation's most famous socialist, did very well as a capitalist, reportedly making tens of millions of dollars in siliconn valley start-ups. from there, he shifted to activism, where he founded an organization to help launch left-wing candidates into congress. he reportedly owns homes in maryland and new york's trendy west village, makes $80,000 working for ocasio-cortez, which is well below the income level that mandates filing disclosure forms for outside income. for months, he flew under the radar until a conservative watchdog group filed a complaint to the fec accusing him and ocasio-cortez of violating campaign finance laws by funneling nearly $1 million of donations into political action committees. the complaint states they were
10:59 pm
trying to illegally dodge laws aimed at tracking campaign expenditures. today, ocasio-cortez told fox news "no, no, there is no violation." sean? >> sean: time will tell. trace gallagher, the hypocrisy. now, one viewer writes us, today's democrats have gone completely off the rails. as a registered democrat most of my life, i'm ashamed for the party in the direction and its leaders have taken it.ti another writes "thanks, sean, for all you do, in spite of your haters." thank you, there's quite a few. the list is pretty long, most of them in the hate-trump media, amazing. thankfully, i have support from people like you, and you make this program possible. that is the bottom line. i am missing that ship, most people care what other people thinks. it's gone, it's long gone. it does disappeared years ago. that's all the time we have left this evening. remember, we thank you for being
11:00 pm
with us. and we will never be the destroy-trump media, the hate-trump media mob had let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham standing by a in washington. take it away. ♪ >> laura: hey, everyone, i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington night on this fat tuesday, happy mardi gras. it is a time for masquerading in partying before lent. tonight, we are going to unmask the motives of some of those who are trying to take down president trump. jim jordan, ranking member of the house oversight committee, is here on the revolt from within. and we are going to take you to new orleans for an insider view of a real carnival, and my ridee with the crew of orpheus. that's why i have no voice. plus, a former fec commissionerv says aoc could face jail time for campaign finance violations. i thought she was all about