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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 6, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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that's sad. devito taking a tumble news conference for upcoming movie dumbo. the 47-year-old is okay. i fall a lot. i broke the same ankle four times. i feel you, man. rob: we like danny devito. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> well beyond capacity and remains at the breaking point. >> compared to last year, the number of families apprehended at the border up 335%. >> are we on the fifth caravan? why do we need a sixth caravan, seventh caravan before we say it's an emergency. sean: congresswoman omar saying another anti-semitic comment. >> at what point do you say to congresswoman omar you are not on the committee anymore. >> no, i'm not close to it. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez claims that she violated campaign finance law. >> there is no violation. there is no violation.
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>> today, christians all around the world will celebrate ash wednesday. it marks the beginning of lent. a six weird period of fasting and repentance leading up to easter. ♪ ♪ ♪ it don't matter where we go ♪ we always find a way back home. steve: we hope you lived it up yesterday on fat tuesday because today is ash wednesday. ainsley: got to give it up today. pete: is marred gray. ainsley: ash wednesday today. give it up and miss it and pray to god and remember him. steve: the whole act of giving something up represently indicates the sacrifice that jesus had during his 40 days out in the dessert. we gave up brian kilmeade for one day in his place we got you. pete: you will miss him after one day. thanks for having me.
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ainsley: glad to have you. steve: busy story and lead story is right there. we have hit the breaking point, pete. pete: the crisis at our southern border reaching a breaking point as steve said. steve: brand new numbers from the border patrol show a record surge of illegal immigration in the united states with more than 76,000 people trying to cross into our country just last month. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live from washington, d.c. to break it all down for us. good morning, griff. >> good morning. these numbers are just staggering. this is how commissioner put it yesterday. >> based on the experiences of men and women on the front line, this is clearly both a border security and humanitarian crisis. the system is well beyond capacity and remains at the breaking point. griff: look at these numbers 300 percent increase in the number of family units apprehended this year compared to last year. 136,150 in the first five months so far of fiscal year
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19 exceeding the total number of all of fiscal year 18 at 17,212. there have been 17 large groups total i more than 12,000 apprehensions compared to 13 groups last year. only two in 2017. and there is more on the way. mexico's interior secretary who was in washington last week. i went and listened to her speak. she warned they are on pace to deal with more than 700,000 central american migrants this year in large part because of the care advance. as a vote in the senate nears with enough republican defections to block the president's special emergency declaration, democrats continue opposing the use of military funds being used for the border. >> it's to a useless reckless vanity project at the border would betray our national security and our commitment to our men and women in uniform. >> that vote is expected
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next week. we will see if nielsen's testimony today changes any minds. she appeared before the house homeland security committee at 10:00, guys. steve: we will be watching that. what is unusual about this we are talking about the month of february. february is the coldest month of the year and historically the numbers have been down. but for them to be so high right now, you know, when you look at this and the headline, the breaking point, this essentially makes the president's point. look, there is a crisis, there is a national a humanitarian crisis at our southern border. ainsley: look at the numbers. fiscal year 2001 2019, 431,131 and compare to 2018, 396579. that's 116% increase. pete: these are apprehensions. most people want to be apprehended. come in groups. family units. they are easier to seek asylum. quick processing a day in court and then released.
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every coyote and caravan member knows that's the policy. biggest magnet now than it's ever been we don't have a wall yet. that's why the declaration of an emergency is important. you can't change this crisis. at a breaking point. this spring they will see the numbers go up even further to your point. the wall still isn't built. more people trying to make it across while they still can. this is a crisis. steve: 76,000 in february. that's 100 percent increase year over year. that is three times the number from february of 2017. jim jordan says okay, we have seen so much going on down there, isn't this proof that the president is right? watch. >> caravan why do we need a sixth caravan, seventh caravan before we say it's an emergency? the president is right. some of the republicans who are opposing the president, the same ones who last year during the congress didn't want to get it done when we had the majority in both the house and the senate. this is something that is going to looks like the
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senate is going to vote to overrule the president's border. ainsley: think about that number 76,000 last month. think about a stadium size of individuals. notre dame fills 80,000 individuals. so 76,000 people last month alone undocumented immigrants. now, after the death of those two children they stepped up medical screenings on the border. their interview process is becoming more rigorous and they are also building a new processing center in el paso. pete: under the number because they know our system is favorable toward them. we will treat them well and ultimately less likelihood of deportation. >> that's what's going on on our southern border. another big story is the democrats in the house is split because they have got a problem on their hands. they don't know exactly how to respond to congresswoman ilhan omar who it was just last week she said that
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israel supporters have an allegiance to foreign country. already she has had to apologize twice this year for tweets with anti-semitic overtones and the house, we believe, was going to be voting on an anti-semitic resolution indirectly condemning her. but now they are split over what should be in it because apparently because they felt that it would indirectly condemn her yet, it fails to denounce the problem she has faced as a muslim. so, two aides say language is going to be added to add anti-muslim bias to it or antireligious bias. ainsley: james clyburn said they are still working on the resolution. supposed to vote today but they will vote tomorrow. steve: maybe. ainsley: anti-hate not just anti-semitic. pete: aoc coming along her side saying you shouldn't do
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in this ilhan omar. elliott chairs the committee he has been forceful in condemning the comments of ilhan omar. this is part of what he said on friday it's unacceptable and deeply offensive to call in the question of the loyalty of fellow american citizens because of their political view. worse, representative omar's comments leveled that charge by invoking a vile anti-semitic slur. her fellow democrats believe this is a problem. ainsley: what's interesting that's what he said on friday. yesterday, a little change of tune. listen to this what he said yesterday. >> at what point do you say to her, congressman omar look, you are not on this committee anymore? you are stripped of your seat. are you close to that or are you at that point. >> no. i'm not close to it. first of all, it's not up to me. it's done by the leadership. i don't know that that would do anything except exacerbate the situation even more. i'm looking to get rid of
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anti-semitism, not looking to punish anybody. steve: not looking to punish anybody. remember what the republicans did to steve king of iowa when he had those comments about white supremacy. they took him off of all the committees. nancy pelosi reportedly spoke to congresswoman omar over the weekend. it has not been revealed what that conversation was like, but you can imagine. and apparently house leadership says she will -- that woman right there, will keep her committee assignments. pete: ben shapiro often a moment of clarity had a unique take. here is ben. >> that ilhan omar is anti-semitic she has repeatedly said things over and over again. apologized no less than three times in the les six weeks for anti-semitic remarks because she underline world view jews are nefarious force in the world and particularly in the united states politics with regard to support for israel. ainsley: that's why they were questioning whether or not she should be on the foreign relations committee.
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congressman lee zeldin has taken a hard stance against her saying if leadership is not going to do their job he wants leadership to kick her off the committee but he said if they don't, she will eventually kick herself off. pete: think about the question. you point at jews or supporters of israel and say we think you have a split allegiance. that would be ilhan omar because you are muslim you must have a split allegiance. that is the equal side of the same argument. to be on the foreign affairs committee and not be censured by her own caucus is a recognition they have a problem in their own caucus. steve: they do indeed. let's see how they handle it. jack dorsey, the guy who runs twitter, he was on the joe rogan podcast yesterday and he was asked by one of the guests tim pool a journalist why high profile figures have been suspended in relation to that learn the code thing where on twitter something that people said started to say
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learn the code because your jobs are going away. learn how to do that. he admits that twitter banned conservatives a little too fast on the gun. >> we would fully admit we probably were way too aggressive when we first saw this as well and made mistakes. steve: way too aggressive. ainsley: way too aggressive and made mistakes? listen, think it's wonderful that he is admitting that now, whether or not they fix the problems, we will have to see. pete: they are still way too aggressive by the way especially if you are talking about things related to radical islam or sharia, they come with you fire of a thousand suns. twitter and other social media giants are doing it politically correct far left lumps on top of it. if they can correct it, i don't know how they do it at this point. steve: i think it was dorsey who said, look, we're out in california. pretty much everybody who works for us is a super progressive. so that's who is looking at these things trying to decide whether or not to
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censure them. ainsley: let us know what you think hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: get you caught up on the story we have been following out of alabama. president trump approving disaster aid for alabama in the wake of those deadly tornadoes. he heads to lee county on friday to tour the devastation firsthand. at least 23 people were killed in the one-mile wide twister. 10 of them coming from the same family. right now about a half dozen people are still missing. the strongest tornado was on the ground for nearly an hour and winds up to 170 miles per hour. a security check takes a tragic turn when a police officer is shot and killed. a homeowner opening fire on officer nathan heidelberg thinking he was a burg glamplet the five year department veteran shot above his bullet proof vest in midland, texas. >> we are hurting to the core right now. it's the first officer in well over 30 years that
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midland police department has lost. it's shaken us to the core. jillian: first responders saluting officer heidelberg in a police procession. the man who shot him is charged with manslaughter. protests erupt during a city council meeting in the wake of the latest clark decision. one protester jumping on top of a podium. earlier california's attorney general cleared two officers of any wrongdoing in last year's deadly shooting. that decision coming just days after the d.a. did the same. both say clark stood in a shooting position with his cell phone before police shot and killed him. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. >> thank you, jillian, appreciate it. >> as the abortion debate rages across the country. ground breaking ruling, a judge just sided with a fetus. steve: you will want to hear that it was his dying wish to talk to president trump. you know what? it just happened. >> how are you doing? how is it going, jay? >> it's going, do you know
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what i mean? >> you are a champ. you are fighting, this right? you just fight this. >> that's what the irish do right?
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. today house democrats expected to grill dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen about the administration's immigration agenda. this as alarming new cbp numbers paint a grim picture
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about the crisis the a our border. in this fiscal year alone so far there has been more than a 300 percent increase of family units apprehended at the border. compared to the same time last year. in total, cpb has arrested more than 268,000 illegals at our southwest border since october. and 76,000 people tried crossing just last month. up from 36,000 in february of last year. that number more than doubled. robert perez is the deputy commissioner of the u.s. customs and border patrol. he joins me now to break it all down. robert, thank you very much for being here. that last number especially, explain that why are numbers double this february than they were last? >> good morning, pete. thanks for having me. i want to really explain a little bit about what that 76,000 apprehension numbers for the month of february really represents. so as you mentioned, unprecedented number, it is
3:19 am
and has been 12 years since we have seen a month of february that totaled that high. so it is unquestionably a greater number in total in sum than anything we have ever seen. however, important to note that it's through this fiscal year alone more than half of the entirety of the populations of migrants coming and being apprehended along our border are made up of family units. nearly two thirds are family units and unaccompanied children and more than 70% are originating from central american and countries other than mexico. what that in sum does to us at the border it is overwhelming an immigration system that was never designed to deal with that type of population, deal with that types of numbers. it is providing the smuggling organizations of both human smugglers and narcotics traffickers an ability to reap unprecedented numbers and moneys and profits and at
3:20 am
the same time putting these very vulnerable populations at terrible risk. many of which presents and are apprehended are met by our border patrol agents and cbp officers in failing health. pete: robert, we only have another minute, why is this happening? why are more coming? >> a couple things, we need to be modernized our legal framework, pete. we have a legal framework that we have been speaking to for nearly two years that absolutely need to be brought into the 21st century. we need to be able to keep families together through expedited asylum hearings. we need to be able to treat unaccompanied children from any part of the globe as we do those from mexico and canada. and we need to bring to northern nice, bring to the 21st century our asylum laws as well. pete: a wall wouldn't help either. >> re enforcing our fracture front lines with technology and barriers, absolutely.
3:21 am
pete: thank you for your time. >> thank you, pete. appreciate it. pete: sweet victory for this christian baker. the state dropping case against him because of refusing to make a cake because of his religious beliefs. he joins us live coming up next. steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn, now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn?
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steve: this is a fox news alert. national security advisor john bolton now warning of consequences if north korea does not denuke. >> i think president trump has been very clear they are not going to get relief from the crushing economic sanctions that have been imposed on them and look at ramping those sanctions up. steve: because new satellite images appear to show the rogue regime rebuilding a nuclear launch site days after president trump's failed summit with kim jong un. he walked away, the
3:25 am
president did. and today president trump will meet with former yemeni hostage in the oval office. texas oil worker danny burke spent 18 months held captive by rebel fighters in the arab country. he was recently reunited with his family and now he is going to go meet the president. ainsley? ainsley: okay. thanks, steve. another big victory for the christian cake shop owner who refused to bake a cake because of his religious beliefs. the state of colorado and jack phillips have agreed to end all litigation. this is the second time the baker claimed he faced antireligious hostility. most recently for refusing to bake a gender transition cake and back in 2012 he would not make a wedding cake for a same sex couple. jack phillips is the owner of masterpiece cake shop and joins us with more on this story along with kristin wagner an attorney at alliance defending freedom. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are writing down for your deposition and you found out the news that
3:26 am
they have dropped their suit. >> yeah. ainsley: what went through your mind this has been six and a half years in the making. >> it was tremendous. a great victory for us. over 25 years at masterpiece cake shop we have served everybody that comes in our store. we don't create every message that people ask us to create. ainsley: how are you going to celebrate? are you going to bake a cake for your party? >> i think that would be a great idea. >> great win, six and a half year hard fought battle trip to the supreme court. we do need to remember government officials in other states that are continuing to prosecute filmmakers, printers, graphic design artist us, hand painters and crushing these people. threatening them even with jail time if they don't express a message that violates their conviction. so no matter what side of the debate you are on, we need to make sure that no american can be forced to express a message that violates their core conviction. ainsley: jack, the deal was colorado said -- they were suing you and you said well, i'm going to sue you for hostility and they said if
3:27 am
you drop your case we will droop our case, right? >> yeah. they were so openly hostile to us we were forced to. ainsley: what did they do that was so hostile. >> compared my faith to slave owners, holocaust. they called me a hater. just multiple things. >> what's amazing about it is the supreme court in the first case rebuked those statements. sternly condemned the commission. the commission then went out and again embraced those statements and said we should be more transparent about this religious hostility. ainsley: this is the civil rights commission in colorado. >> yes. ainsley: are you going to stay in colorado? what's your message to them today. >> yeah. i plan on staying in colorado. i love where i live and i love what i do. now after seven years almost can i get back to doing the work that i love. ainsley: what does this mean? you have alluded to how this is going to effect other cases in other states. how will this effect them? will all of those lawsuits be dropped? >> i think it sends a very strong message to government officials. they need to stop targeting people of faith because of
3:28 am
their beliefs on very important issues. and in a supreme court decision this last term the supreme court again said governments can't force people to say things that violate their convictions. we are optimistic that constitutional rights will be protected no matter which way the political wind shifts. ainsley: jack, oven under fire for six and a half years. a lot of people don't agree with you. would you do it all over again? >> we would do it all over again, it's the right thing to do. you have to stand for your convictions and every american should be able to live and work without fear of punishment from the government. ainsley: thank you for being with us. congratulations. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. a ground breaking ruling a judge just sided with an unborn baby. and hillary clinton channels the movie mean girls. watch this. >> she be like why didn't you call me back? and i be like why are you so obsessed with me? ainsley: tomi lahren on the fight hillary clinton just picked with our president.
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the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations. ♪ the million reason steve: live from new york city, it's march 6th. it's a weapons. thank you very much for joining us. our shot of the morning is this: there is a man in connecticut who has cystic fibrosis. he has been given less than six months to live. he told his sister, who is a town councilman in west haven connecticut and 100 percent democrat, she says, that his dying wish would be to talk to the president and his sister, the democrat, put out word on social media and then it started going viral. and you know what? guess who that man, jay barrett got a phone call from just yesterday.
3:33 am
>> how is it going, jay? >> it's going. do you know what i am? >> you are a champ. you are going to fight, this right? you are just fighting it? >> that's what the irish do, right? >> yeah. that's what the irish do. you keep that fight going. we both fight, okay? you keep that going, okay? >> i will do my end. thank you for calling and. >> it's an honor. ainsley: wow. wasn't it wonderful that he did that. he is known for this picking up the phone and calling people when he hears that they support him and they really want to hear from him. very nice of the president. pete: the man wants to go to d.c. and rally and wants to use the days he has left advance and fight for the guy he says is fighting for him. steve: he told the president he wants to vote for him in 2020. ainsley: bless his heart. everyone say a prayer for him. steve: there he is with his sister who helped make that happen. let's bring in tomi lahren host of fox nation. that's a story that gets you. >> of course it does.
3:34 am
it's just a reminder that no matter what they say about donald trump he really does have a heart of gold and seeing those things it's hard to deny that i'm so proud that he is our president. pete: absolutely. well, i think tomi this morning you may be a bit disappointed news is fresh from her own lips hillary clinton not going anywhere but not running for president. >> i'm not running, but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. i want to be sure that people understand i'm going to keep speaking out. i'm not going anywhere. pete: well, the president as can you imagine quickly responded with a tweet saying crooked hillary clinton confirms she will not run in 2020. rules out a third bid for the white house. auction, shucks. does that mean i won't get to run against her again? she will be sorely missed. your reaction, tomi? >> well, first of all, i really don't believe anything that comments out of hillary's mouth. she says she is not running. when it comes to hillary, who really knows?
3:35 am
beyond that trump is disappointed he doesn't get to run against her. i think she would be a very easy win for him. then again, i think all the democrats that are lined up will also be a very easy win for him. hillary, we know you are going to stick around and keep talking. quite honestly it probably does a service to the republican party more so than the democrats if you do. ainsley: started a twitter war. hillary clinton sent out a give from the mean girls. show you the clip from the movie and get your reaction. >> she be like why didn't you call me back and i be like why are you so obsessed with me? steve: why are you so obsessed with me that's the line from the movie. and there is the give that she sent out. go ahead. >> >> it's funny trump is obsessed with her that she can't give a speech without mentioning him. that goes for all the democrats. they are actually obsessed with donald trump when you think about it. do anything or advocate for
3:36 am
any policy position that wasn't anti-trump. steve: let's talk a little bit about in this is a story online gone viral. you know how forbes magazine comes out with the list of the richest people in the world. they have named kylie jenner at age 21 ranking with some of the world's richest people and they say and this is the part that has got everybody so crazy if we could put that graphic up once again. that she is a self-made billionaire because, you know, you think about the kardashian family, they have a lot of money and they got a lot of fame and people online is saying she is not self-made. tomi? >> yeah, well, i mean i understand the critique there. this is deeper than that people are attacking her and attacking her wealth and attacking she is not self-made. really what this is the continuation of the demeanization of wealth. something the democratic party pushes day in and day
3:37 am
out. kylie jenner is another target of that if you have more money than me, then somehow you don't deserve it. it should be taken away from you. you are not self-made. a continual attack on people with money and people with wealth. quite honestly kylie jenner and her tax dollars are subsidizing a lot of these people who sit on twitter all day and talk about her. at the end of the day they should be quite thankful. ainsley: good for her. i was shocked out of all the kardashians weren't you kind of shocked in the mother was their manager. kim kardashian so famous. all the sisters are so famous. she is probably the one that's not out there as much and she is the one that's the billionaire because of her makeup line. >> well, exactly. just goes to show that yeah, she was given a head start in life because of the way she was brought up and her family. but she has been able to go out and create empire kylie cosmetics has done incredibly well. able to use a passion of hers and make more money than kim and more money than her mom or any other of the kardashians.
3:38 am
maybe she is not self-made but she is really killing it keep going. keep going, girl. pete: she set back and said okay, i see all that's going on here, let me find my way. do my own thing and make my own money. steve: do you know who gets the laugh last? kylie jenner she is a billionaire. ainsley: laughing all the way to the back. thanks, tomi. steve: check out tomi on fox nation if you don't already have the app. i know we are all on it as well. go to and check out your free subscription. pete: first thoughts and final thoughts every day on fox nation. ainsley: attitude you have is much now i'm mad at you. be happy for someone. pete: debate over the term self-made. she can't help the fact she was born where she was. you make the best of wherever you are. ainsley: isn't that better than a lot of the rich kids on the you were east side spending their parent's money and partying. pete: that's true she works hard and doesn't party -- maybe she parties. do you party, jillian?
3:39 am
ainsley: you can't on your hours. what time do you wake up? jillian: i wake up at midnight i party at 2:00 p.m. it's awesome. let's talk about r. kelly explodes during his first interview since being charged with sexual abuse. watch this. >> just use your common sense. how stupid would it be for me to, with my crazy past and what i have been through oh right now i think i need to be a monster and hold girls against their will. i didn't do this stuff. this is not me. i'm fighting for my [bleep] life. jillian: r. kelly out on bail after pleading not guilty to 10 counts of sexual abuse. some of his alleged victims were minors. the cbs interview airs this morning. a potentially landmark decision recognizing an aborted fetus as a person. alabama judge ruling a would be father has the legal right to sue the abortion clinic that terminated his girlfriend's pregnancy. he says he wanted to have the baby while the mother
3:40 am
did not. it's believed to be the first case of its kind in the country. take a look at this. a huge slap of plywood smashes right through a driver's windshield. christopher matheson says is he lucky to be alive. >> i think i have a little pinprick in the middle of my forehead. i think i got really really lucky. i was really lucky that nobody hit their brakes in front of me and nobody plowed into me from behind. jillian: look at that the plywood stopping a few inches from his face after it flew off a truck in seattle. he walked away with scrachingscratches and splinter. watch as one officer busts a move. >> hey,. [laughter] jillian: that's officer floyd getting down with a woman in south carolina. the georgetown police department he often helps out with an exercise program
3:41 am
for the elderly. isn't that cute? got to love it. janice has moves like that. hers are like. steve: they were inside and janice is outside on the streets of new york city where it's cold again today. janice: do it to keep warm. i love a man in uniform and a man in uniform that dances. steve: you married a man in uniform. ainsley: he doesn't dance for you? janice: no he does not. that's okay. i will forgive him. it's so cold out here. it is cold in new york. it is cold down south. let's take a look at it we actually had freeze warnings in effect for parts of the gulf coast. where it is 33 in houston. 29 in dallas. there are freeze warnings from texas all the way to the panhandle across the carolinas. that means a period of time of below freezing temperatures. new york city here we're. today is your 28-degree high but then things will start to bump up as we get through the next few days. the west coast more heavy rain and mountain snow for
3:42 am
you, unfortunately. great for the skiers. hi, how are you doing? thanks for coming out. and that will continue to move in towards the central u.s. over the next couple of days. the revs the country by the way, mostly sunny. get it? pete: we do. ainsley: the name of janice's book. steve: came out yesterday. it's fan tank. mostly sunny. there it is right there can you get it at amazon and barnes & noble. coming up. ainsley: it was sunny yesterday. i was walking with hayden. it was mostly sunny and her book came out. steve: always going to be mostly sunny. never partly cloudy. ainsley: you are right. pete: aoc denying allegations of missing campaign cash. how much trouble could she be facing? we are breaking down the case against her coming up next. steve: plus white house secretary sarah huckabee sanders is going to join us.
3:43 am
we will talk about the news of the day geraldo rivera and congressman lee zeldin from new york. a busy three hours and we will be back in two minutes. ♪ ♪ oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not share needles or pens. don't reuse needles.
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billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. steve: well, there was a denial of dark mope, alexandria ocasio-cortez firing back against allegations of funneling campaign donations to avoid reporting them to the federal government. >> there is no violation, so there is no violation. >> you think of you taking dark money? >> no, no. [inaudible] steve: okay. so what kind of trouble could she face and her chief of staff as well, attorney mark fitzgibbons joins us now to break it all down.
3:47 am
mark, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: the headline yesterday was that aoc's chief of staff ran a 1-million-dollar slush fund by diverting campaign cash to a couple of companies that he controlled. that's the story as we understand it. is that the problem? >> that's part of the problem. and, let me also start out by saying it's no irony that ms. ocasio-cortez roll played the bad guy in hearings last month about regulating campaign finance even more. the issue is there were political action committees, tax exempt political action committees and for-profit companies that mr. chucker body ran. there was a shell game of money going back and forth. one week the for-profit company had all of the employees and was providing all of the services. the next week it was the political action committee. so, the political action committee also had the same name as the for-profit
3:48 am
company. and that seems like it was designed to create confusion. but it's money going back and forth. plus, potentially the big problem for tracker is the coordination issue because he was the agent for both her campaign committee and other pacs involved in this transfer of money. steve: you know, he worked on the bernie sanders campaign. i mean, he's the guy who has been around the block. he has made millions of dollars on the online world and whatnot. you would think he would know the rules. but, generally, stuff like this just results in a fine although yesterday they were talking about a potential of jail time. >> yeah. the fine will probably apply to the shell game of the money and he does know campaign finance law. he wrote about it extensively on the websites page and he identifies what he was doing. and it does look like a
3:49 am
shell game. but the issue again is the potential accurately of this coordination since he was agent for her campaign and these other pacs. steve: the hypocrisy, because she was, you know, when she was running, she was all about transparency and then when you pull the curtain back and you see wait a minute, your words, it looks like a shell game was going on here, there is not the kind of transparency people were thinking they were getting. >> she a socialist crusader. she doesn't know the rules. she want to make life difficult for everybody else. but it's very apparent she does not know the rules because it looks like she violated them and her campaign violated them. steve: let's see what happens. mark fitzgibbons we appreciate you joining us from d.c. and explaining what happened. >> thank you, steve. steve: 10 minutes before the top of the hour. it was supposed to be a relaxing get away and look at the screen this happened. >> never happened.
3:50 am
[shouting] steve: okay. stop the boat. i want to get out. the nightmare at sea coming up. and did you know there are certain things that your doctor can't tell you? dr. nicole saphier is here on how dangerous that could be. and she, as you can see, is coming up next. ♪ ♪ what's you say ♪ breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: you might have noticed the discussions with your doctor now limited making way for electronic health records known at ehrs to record things like diagnosis and treatment data. unfortunately, it could be
3:54 am
putting you at risk. steve: look at that headline right there. what your doctor isn't telling you. a massachusetts cardiologist exposes the dangers associated with these electronic health records in a new op-ed writing quote to protect patients doctors need the same uncensored academic freedom with regard to ehrs that we have with medical devices and pharmaceuticals and all other tools we use. the safety of our patients depends on it. pete: i need you to explain this for me. electronic health records, what's the controversy all about. >> electronic health records implemented under the high tech ability with the affordable care act electronic data keeping for patient care. steve: sounds great. >> it is actually data collecting. you are finding physicians you see them clicking all the time a and not looking at you anymore. they have to do about 30 clicks during that visit u. steve: so it's a headache? >> beyond a headache. but now we are seeing is that we are having some more problems with it one, you have less face time with
3:55 am
your doctor. they are showing several studies came out in 2018 showing somewhere around 550 patient errors may have been due to the input of ehrs. the problem is there are gag clauses in these contracts, which is legal, especially with software intelligence you can have gag clauses if there is a problem with the technology you are not able to report it the problem is we are talking about patient care. steve: those are the problems. what can patients do about it. >> president trump is taking this on his own right now. he has proposed a new rule make these electronic health records actually be patient data. those were w. medicare and medicaid and hopefully the v.a. at some point will have access to their own records so they can keep tabs on things. the most common error that they showed in those studies was possibly patient dosing errors. medication errors especially in children. when it comes to people stay on top of things. talk your doctor and pharmacist. make sure you are taking
3:56 am
what's been prescribed and it's the right dose amount. pete: you are the medical expert but the patient is not the medical expert but even being able to see your own records, you will maybe recognize something that isn't just right? >> possibly, look. the government is ill suited to steer technology that's what happened with the acr and haa. we want the government to step in to make sure that people have access to this. they need to make this technology better. we can't be having these errors. as long as they are protected by these gag clause and still receiving taxpayer subsidies for their product, what's the incentive to get better? steve: great point. nobody would know better than you. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: thank you. okay, answer this. is jesus, our lord and savior or a killer? i know the answer. the new comic book though sparking outrage this morning. pete: plus, coming up we have white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, geraldo rivera and
3:57 am
congressman lee zeldin on a topic you know he will be fired up about this morning coming up ♪ ♪ steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn, now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn? ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free.
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4:00 am
whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front. steve: the lead story is right there. brand new numbers show a record surge of illegal immigration in the united states. >> it is unquestionably a greater number in total, in sum, than anything we have ever seen. >> aoc denying the dark money allegations leveled against her in a federal elections complaint. >> there is in violation, so there is no violation. >> she is a socialist crusader but it's very apparent she does not know the rules because it looks like she violated them. >> sweet victory for this christian baker. the state dropping the case against him for refusing the case because of his religious belief. >> we would do it all over again because it's the right thing to do. you have to stand for your
4:01 am
convictions. steve: forbes magazine have named kylie jenner a self-made billionaire. people online are saying she is not self-made. >> what this is the continuation of the ghoonization of wealth. something the democratic party pushes day in and day out. ♪ let me noe let me know. steve: did you know you can become a billionaire by selling makeup? ainsley: what are we doing wrong? pete: steve. ainsley: lip gloss does it. pete: you need millions of followers. ainsley: and a family with a reality show. pete: highly advantaged and self-made at the same time. which is exactly what she got. ainsley: i think we are all doing just fine. i'm happy with my life. steve: people are steamed that she is talking about
4:02 am
being self-made risen to the billionaire status. we will explain that in that block. ainsley: show them the headline of the "new york post" this morning. did you it in the first hour. breaking point. that takes us to our top story. there is a crisis down at the southern border reaching that breaking point like the newspaper says. pete: brand new numbers from the customs show brand new numbers of illegal immigration into the u.s. 76,000 people trying to cross our border just last month. >> think about that 76,000 people just last month. griff jenkins joins us from d.c. griff, these numbers are jaw-dropping. >> yeah. they are, guys. they are staggering. i spend a lot of time with the border patrol officials they say it's unsustainable and aoun slot they haven't seen in more than a decade. family units, a 300 percent increase compared to last year. already you've got more than 136,000 a apprehended in our southwest border which exceeds the total number of
4:03 am
more than 107,000 in all of face wall year 2018. and those large groups, caravans that i have covered, there have been 70 large groups of 100 or more migrants total ling more than 12,000 apprehensions compared to only 13 groups last year and only two in 2017. and more are on the way. mexico's interior secretary who was in washington last week warns they're on pace 700,000. here is how cbp commissioner put it yesterday. >> based on the experiences of men and women on the front line, this is clearly poet a border security and humanitarian crisis. the system is well beyond capacity and remains at a breaking point. >> meanwhile a vote in the senate nears with enough republican defexzs to block the president the president's emergency declaration. still oppose the use of bordemilitary funds for a border
4:04 am
wall. >> devoting military funds to a useless vanity project at the border would betray our national security and our commitment to our men and women in uniform. >> griff: the administration out in full force. kirstjen nielsen testifying today before the committee at 10 kloss and commissioner up in the senate see if their efforts change anybody's minds. steve: thank you, griff. ainsley: wonder why numbers are so high. the pot is going to build this wall if you want to go in you have got to go in now. if you compare fiscal year of '18 to '19. remember the fiscal year starts on october 1st. look at the numbers this year from october 2018 to 2019. look at that number. almost 270,000. look at '18, the year before, the same months, the same five month from october to february, 136,000. that's a 96.8% increase in
4:05 am
the last hour we said 116%. it's a 96.8% increase. why is that? pete: do you know why? because guys like richard blumenthal still say things like it's a useless, reckless, vanity project to actually build a wall where it's needed and to fix our asylum laws which are a magnet for people, the caravans are real. griff has been there. crossing the border now fractured off pieces of these caravans, people want to get out of mexico to the united states while the border is still open. steve: sure. what we have heard that one of the reasons the caravans are so popular is because then these migrants don't have to pay coyote. and they don't do it on their own. rather than doing it that way they all march up to a port city and say we are here to apply for asylum. ainsley: think about it. if you were protesting and skipping school because you didn't like something your teacher is doing. you would be more intimidated another student.
4:06 am
whole classes we are all walking out. doing as it a group is easier. pete: yep. go ahead. steve: i was going to say just to clarify. the number we had shown you an hour ago said it was up 116%. this is the correct number. 96.8% increase first five months of fiscal. pete: i'm not good at math i'm going to say double. that's what we are dealing with right now. twice as many. that's just apprehended. that's not those that may have made through and never encountered border patrol. steve: we have had so many members of border patrol on talking about how during the obama administration they had rules on the books but they were not enforced. and so essentially they just turned, you know, the -- with the new president donald trump now two years in, the laws are actually being enforced. that is why we see such a huge number because the apprehensions are through the roof. pete: that's right. we had robert perez on the program earlier, deputy commissioner of the u.s. customs and border protection and we asked him
4:07 am
take on the current situation. listen. >> through this fiscal year alone, more than half of the entirety of the population of migrants coming and being apprehended along our border are made up of family units. what that in sum does to us at the border, it is overwhelming an immigration system that was never designed to deal with that type of population, deal with that types of numbers. steve: you know, the other thing is these kind of numbers make the president's point. there is a humanitarian crisis at our southern border. 76,000 people. i grew up in a town of 5,000. pete: me too. steve: that is so much bigger than our town and all the towns in our county and in the area. but 76,000 crossed the border illegally just in one month that's a crisis. and it makes the president's point. we have got to do something at the border. pete: like any problem the longer you ignore it the worse it gets. it gathers and gathers and
4:08 am
gets bigger and bigger. the longer the democrats deny it, the more their denial is going to be ridiculous as the crisis gets bigger and emergency more clear to the american people. ainsley: speaking of denial. aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez, she is denying the watchdog's complaint that her chief of staff funneled almost $1 million from these pacs in to his own companies. she says there is no violation. listen. >> do you have any comment on the fec violation filed against your office? >> there is no violation so there is no violation. >> do you think sign of you taking dark money? >> no, no. steve: that was fox news caroline mckee at reagan airport. that's right. aoc was at the airport. even though she is talking about he would need to take high speed rail she was taking the delta shuttle, it looks like. pete: to new york. last time i checked there is
4:09 am
a pretty robust line. ainsley: reporters said that why are you taking a plane and not taking the train? she said because that would be wasting my constituents' time. [laughter] pete: now she is a capitalist with her own time. steve: she has been a champion of high speed rail there is high speed rail between washington and new york. oftentimes it's faster to take the train than the plane. pete: a group filed fec complaint what her diverting campaign cash controlled by her campaign manager. shell game between pacs and campaigns. allegedly. hide where the money was truly going. that seems like dark money to me. steve: that's the whole point of when she was running for president. she was talking about how look, when people -- when, what? oh, did i say running for president? [laughter] if she was old enough she would be running for president. when she was running for congress she made it very
4:10 am
clear there has got to be transparency in the elections and now it's just so ironic. watch this. >> this really speaks to the corrupting force of money in politics in general. this problem is not going to go away until we tighten the rains of the role of money in politics. i really hope we really pass, introduce and pass very strong legislation that is going to put much stronger limits on how special interest and how money can be moved, especially when they interface with campaigns. steve: okay. so that was a couple weeks after she was elected president of the united states. [laughter] elected to congress. this is a big accusation that her chief of staff would be involved in the shell game as has been alleged. look at the network coverage of these accusations news busters put it today the media research centers they looked at the morning shows and evening newscast. not one seconds of that story was covered on abc, cbs, or nbc.
4:11 am
ainsley: if you are getting all your news from those networks you don't even know about this story. pete: you are ignoring i'm the miss of the people. been being in this that world you know what you are doing moving money to different places it's doing something paying taxes or disclosure. something is going on there. steve: this chief of staff worked for bernie sanders was on his campaign. knows the law according to mark fitzgibbons an attorney who is an expert in this area of law. >> it appears to be there was a shell game of money going back and forth. one week the for-profit company had all of the employees and was providing all of the services. the next week it was the political action committee. she is a socialist crusader. she doesn't know the rules. she wants to make life difficult for everybody else but it's very apparent she does not know the rules because it looks like she violated them and her campaign violated them.
4:12 am
pete: they may have violated them. we will find out. the other thing is the hypocrisy of this. it's one thing to do it if it's legal. it's another thing to do when t. when you said you weren't going to do anything like that. candidate of the people. i will take pac money and do this and that it's illegal. hypocrisy of saying i will do it but saying they can't. get to the bottom of this and find out what matters because the other networks aren't. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you. protest erupts during a city council meeting in the wake of the latest stephon clark decision. one protester even jumping on top of a podium earlier. that's wrong video. california's attorney general cleared two officers of any wrongdoing in last year's deadly shooting. that decision coming just days after the da did the same. shooting position in his cell phone with police before police shot and killed him. now the video we are showing. sudden gust of 115 mile-per-hour wind tilts a
4:13 am
cruiseship on its side. sent flying on board the nor wee we january. >> this has never happened. [shouting] jillian: you can heart chaos. the hurricane winds blasted the ship after it left new york city on sunday. safely docked in cape canaveral, florida: mike tyson still has it. look at this. the 52-year-old former heavyweight champion unleashing a series of powerful and speedy punches at a bar. don't worry, he was only punching the air, you know. steve: at a bar. jillian: proving he can still do it. pete: no age at which i would fight mike tyson. [laughter] well, thought the clinton cash controversies were only in america?
4:14 am
think again. the new one that just popped up in ireland. steve: what a story it is. and jesus our lord and savior or a killer? a new comic book sparking outrage this morning. that is coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ [ guttural grunt ] exactly. nothing! they're completely different people. that's why they make customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need. yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur.
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4:18 am
ainsley: controversial comic book jesus freak portrays jesus as a stone cold killer. the comic is described as a bloody two-fisted tale of historical heroic fiction featuring a certain young nazarene carpenter having trouble finding place of ever increasing violence. the 60 page hard cover series shows jesus beheading his enemies will be released during lent. here to react is david brody. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, ainsley. always a pleasure. ainsley: tell us what jesus freak is. >> it's one of these crazy comic books. unfortunately it's a situation where kids are going to read this and that's the disturbing part. look, apparently jesus, according to this comic book has some issues so decides to take it out in a violent way with his sword. look, here's the deal. jesus is a super hero not this super hero. he is a super hero that is all-powerful and who saves.
4:19 am
and, ainsley, the good news here is that this is fix. could yo fiction. could you imagine if it's nonfiction. the nonfiction version is bloody as well it's bloody on the cross for jesus who died for all of us. that's the important thing. he died for all of us, paid for our sins and that's the comic book that people should be reading guess what it's not a comic book it's the bible. ainsley: he is a savior. how does level the playing field. >> television, actual film that we have seen that rise in popularity throughout the years. so i think that's really important. there has been a push back on that front for sure. i think you see that look, this has been going on a very long time, ainsley. you can go back to when the supreme court removed bible reading from school, prayer in school. remember back in the day the supreme court decision about wanting to remove god from the pledge of allegiance? i mean, the last temptation of christ we have seen that in the movie. that was ballistic
4:20 am
missilist. wballisticblasphemyist.take a pe cross and dipped it in a vat of urine. jesus has been depicted so many different horrible ways in this country the question is cooking doo christians fight back with the purse. almighty dollar. don't do it. don't go there. ainsley: david brody, appreciate your perspective. >> you bet. ainsley: students getting a free pass for pot? it could happen in new york city schools. is that a good idea? we will debate that coming up next. a high school wrestler stepping up to sing the national anthem when no one else showed up to do it appeared he is live with us this morning ♪ o'er the land non-drowsy claritin.
4:21 am
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back on this wednesday morning. time for news by the numbers. first, more than 20. that's how many illegal immigrants ice arrested in new york city after their detainers went ignored. some face charges as serious as rape, strangulation and assault. ice warning sanctuary city politics is putting new yorkers at risk. you think? next, $90,000. that's the value of drugs a woman dressed as a nun is accused of trafficking. police say she had a bible on her lap when they approached her car in arizona. her husband also under arrest. pretty shameless there. finally, 13th grade. a boston city counselor wants that to be a reality in his city. he thinks an additional year of high school could help low income students better prepare for college. the extra year would be optional. steve, down to you. steve: all right. thank you very much, pete. new york city students are getting a free pass when it
4:25 am
comes to getting high. under new department of education policy warning cards are given to school kids over the age of 16 caught with small amounts of marijuana. this academic year 183 marijuana warning cards have already been issued while parents are notified of the infraction, nothing remains on a student's permanent record. the department's soften pot policy among students has led to 192% plunge in weed-related new york city police department summons in the last month of 2018. author of refer sanity. seven great myths about marijuana. kevin sabet. >> thanks for having us. >> kevin, have a problem in new york city public schools if kids are caught with pot they don't get in trouble really. >> today's marijuana is not
4:26 am
your woodstock weed. it's 10 to 30 times stronger. being put in videotape pore rised cartridges. it effect the developing brain it's developed until age 30. i don't want to throw a kid in jail or expel him for a year if he has a joint in his pocket. we have to get serious about marijuana. many of these kids need help. this is a health issue. we should not be encouraging in this environment more drug use. steve: dan? >> i mean i agree. we want to discourage adolescents from using cannabis. the way to do that is to give them actual honest information based on science and fact and evidence and allow young people to make healthy decisions. steve: when you listen to him it would scare people from using pot. >> that's what we want. delay the onslaught of adolescent use. honest information not the dare propaganda that kevin and his colleagues and prohibitionist promotes. young people when given accurate information as we have seen in legal states like colorado and washington reduce their use.
4:27 am
youth drop. >> this is big tobacco's dream. they are getting into the marijuana business and actually youth use and especially 18 to 25-year-old use has gone way up in legalized state. today's marijuana use is linked to mental illness. three times out risk of suicide mental illness. i don't want to use scare tactics. everyone agrees we need to discourage use. we need to slow the train down. steve: talking about a discipline problem in our schools. not just that they are breaking a local rule, pot is still a federal felony. >> and it hurts your ability to learn in school. and it hurts other kids' ability to do it. this isn't about a couple of kids in the boy's room passing around a joint. we are talking 90% thc in these cartridges. it's a total new ballgame. we need to do more than a slap on the wrist and forget about it. >> what's a slap on the wrist? steve: if somebody came to school with a bottle of vodka you would think they would get in trouble. >> we wouldn't call the police on them and wouldn't
4:28 am
saddle them with an arrest and conviction and ruin their chance to get financial aid for college and pursue a healthy career that would allow them to flourish. >> there is a middle ground between we have arresting and putting them in prison or giving them a card that's meaningless and say go home. we need to do awareness. because of legalization this has gone so far so fast and we are not giving kids accurate information. >> only way to give that accurate information is when there is legalization. while we continue to promote the idea that cannabis is some dangerous drug that needs to be prohibited at the risk of jail and prison for young people, we give them misinformation. give them accurate information about their developing brains and you seed young period people. >> we wouldn't legalize heroin to give kids accurate information about hair win. we don't need to do that in order to give them accurate info. steve: we have a statement from the department of education. new york city is the safest big city in america because of the work of our new york city police officers, including those in our schools charged with deciding how to appropriately handle kids smoking pot.
4:29 am
>> it is this smart discretion of new york city police officers that has fueled a 29 percent reduction in crime in our schools. steve: if you don't consider possession of marijuana a problem a crime no, wonder the laws have gone down. >> actually what happens is it's a crime but you have public use has skyrocketed 611 calls. everyone is complaining because of the smell. not a good environment for schools. again, we don't need to legalize something to educate kids about it. steve: dan right now in the united states majority of americans are for legalization of pot. >> that's right great and growing number for legalization. not because more americans are using cannabis. >> way more are using. >> more americans are looking at the laws regarding cannabis and choosing not to saddle people with criminal penalties. you say there is a middle ground between criminal penalties and a slap on the wrist. these warning cards but you don't ever suggest what it is. when you are given the opportunities to support policies that would not allow for the big tobacco
4:30 am
and marijuana. >> hold on the reason why. [talking at the same time] >> hold on a second. the reason why no state has legalized marijuana through the legislature. >> yes. steve: holden. >> hold on. because not retail sales. >> you still oppose that position. >> we have offered a middle ground that says we don't want to saddle people with a criminal record and go to prison i don't want to do that either create big tobacco for pot. >> avoid commercial sales and oppose the system in vermont which opposes commercial sales. a policy that would avoid the outcome of big alcohol and big tobacco entering the cannabis space your organization is nowhere to be found, kevin. steve: listen, the two of you did a good job presenting your various points of view. let's see what happens. >> thank you. steve: did a high school violate students' rights over their support for the president? that's what a group of arizona republicans want to know u one of the lawmakers leading the charge joins us next. plus, call him star-spangled
4:31 am
substitute. a wrestler, the kid with the mic right there stepped up to sing the anthem in nobody else showed up. guess what? he is here live. at the end of the show he is going to sing ♪ land of the free and the home has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. nature's bounty. there's brushing...and there's oral-b power brushing. oral-b just cleans better. even my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada. oral-b. brush like a pro. [georgia] three years ago, my hubut then, i saw him. 19. i'm out here looking for someone. he's in kisima. what are you thinking about? my daughter.
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♪ land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: well, that kid with a mic was there to wrestle, but when nobody showed up to sing the national anthem at his tournament last week somebody said do you want to sing it and high school junior isaac bryant stepped off the mat and up to the mic. ainsley: that performance bringing people and his parents to tears and getting
4:35 am
280,000 views online. pete: joining us now that 17-year-old isaac brian and his parents april and barry. thank you for being here. >> thank you. pete: i know you two are incredibly proud. i will start with isaac. okay, you were asleep before your match, someone nudged you and said no one is available to sing. and you were ready. >> yeah. pete: how? >> well, i sing a lot and i guess that's kind of part of me. that's what i do. i'm a little bit of a performer if you haven't noticed. i was asleep and i was kind of nervous. i started taking a nap. i was laying down and one of my teammates was like hey, somebody needs the national anthem sung. i'm like what? and i was dazed and confused. i just thought -- steve: why not? ainsley: do you know what i love about this story? i love that you said yes and it totally changed your life. what's the reaction from all your friends at school? >> i think they are all kind of shocked.
4:36 am
it was like i knew him before he was famous. [laughter] it's been a whirlwind. steve: april, what did you think when you saw that video? and of course you were there. >> we were there. and i just -- i was just so proud. steve: why? >> he is just -- he is a good kid and he has a good heart and he stepped up. steve: you are leaving out he has an amazing voice. >> and he has an amazing voice. he sings all day every day. so we were use to his voice but i guess it was the heart that he put into it. it brought tears to our eyes and really everyone around us. steve: what do you sing all day? is it anthems? >> well, before that i had never sang the national anthem publicly by myself. i had sang it with the choir but not personally. so, but, other than that, i usually sing a lot of hank williams songs. steve: really? ainsley: is this a taste of what is yet to come?
4:37 am
does he have a future in this? >> as you can tell he is not real nervous getting up in front of people so, you know, nothing he does surprises me because he is pretty good at everything he does. steve: you come from a military family. you have a couple of grandparents? >> my grandfather was in the national guard. my great grandfather was in the navy. pete: isaac, you got a letter from a veteran in response to this. >> i actually have it here with me. ainsley: you brought it. >> can i read it. steve: sure. well, you brought it. >> i don't know if he wants me to disclose his name but it says as a veteran of the armed forces air force i just want to reach out to the mechanicsburg high school to express my gratitude to one of the young men on your wrestling team isaac bryant i'm not ashamed to say his rendition of the star-spangled banner at hobart arena in troy brought tears to my eyes. from the step-up to the mic without preparation and sing the national anthem in that manner is truly inspirational. please explain to isaac how inspirational this is to someone who served this country.
4:38 am
god bless him. steve: you are wearing the flag ty righ tie right now. obviously you are a patriot. >> a lot of people today i don't know what the issue is they don't think people now care about america or the younger generation aren't patriots. but i'm a patriot myself and a lot of people i know are patriots. steve: coming up at the end of the telecast, you are going to sing the national anthem with the guitar your grandfather built. >> i won't sing it with the guitar but i will sing it. steve: that's good. the final question, the most important question after you sang the national anthem, you went viral there and you are going viral here. did you win the match? >> i placed sixth so i did pretty good that day. pete: you were 3-1. ainsley: number one in all of our hearts. i'm so proud of you. >> thank you. ainsley: we do hear so much about the younger generation. if my little girl grows up to have friends like you, i will be so proud. >> all i have got to say is thank god and god bless america and keep us safe.
4:39 am
pete: i love it hat tipped to the parents you raised a good one here. ainsley: you did. you have got to write a book now. i have got take notes. good job, mom. steve: from ohio. >> do it any day. steve: 21 minutes now before the top of the hour. jillian has some news about the clintons. jillian: that is correct. good morning to you. let's start with this, a former policy advisor on northern ireland accuses the clintons of retaliation in a new book trina vargo claims she did not give chelsea clinton's boyfriend a scholarship to attend. cut its contributions to that scholarship program. vargo claims it was pay back. a spokeswoman for the clintons. seriously hurt after chasing a suspect. the shocking crash caught on dash camera. the driver says she didn't
4:40 am
see officer greg until it was too late. the officer was running across the street to try to catch an accused shoplifter. that suspect eventually surrendered and is facing charges. republicans are call on arizona's attorney general to investigate a high school after it allegedly punished students for wearing maga gear. earlier on "fox & friends first," i spoke to congresswoman kelli townsend who calls it a violation of free speech. >> the first amendment is to protect the undesirable speech. we wouldn't need it if there wasn't undesirable speech. we have to accept that and understand that people have that right. ainsley: arizona's attorney general says he is looking into what happened. the blockbuster rental store in bend, oregon will be the last one in the entire world. it's the same store our very own kevin mccarthy visited last summer. the only other blockbuster in australia is closing at the end of the month. the store was a cultural
4:41 am
phenomenon boasting over 9,000 stores at one point. in 2010 the company filed bankruptcy after streaming services like netflix killed sales. those are the days where you would have to go into the store and see if they had the movie you wanted to watch on the shelves. ainsley: remember when you checked out they would put the dvd or whatever it was vhs on the other side of the metal detector. steve: most heart breaking threatening is the movie i want and just as you get there somebody goes -- ah. ainsley: person at the register really nice to them go out and check the box. pete: has someone recently returned it. pete: it was a fun time to go. steve: it was complicated. it's a one day rental i'm going to have to have it back. now we can watch things on our phones and watch it on our watch, too. meanwhile, punxsutawney phil is wanted. police agencies across the united states releasing posters to find him. ainsley: they want to put him in groundhog jail for
4:42 am
lying about an early spring. pete: yes, he sure did. janice dean was in punxsutawney for phil's prediction. janice, what happened? steve: you could be an accessory. janice: am i an accomplice? are they going to come and arrest me? i many wearing orange today you will notice. i look great in orange. it looks like i have bars behind me. incredible. as soon as you hear the siren you will know i'm in trouble it is cold outside. that poor groundhog is going to be arrested. 29 daytime high. 30 in chicago. mostly sunny for much of the country and then a storm system moving into the west and bring more heavy rain and mountain snow. so this is the one that's going to, perhaps, move across the next couple of days over the central u.s. and bring the snow for the northern plains and the you were -- it's so cold outside my mouth is frozen. [siren] janice: there they are. i'm ready. steve: janice, here comes your ride.
4:43 am
janice: i have heard that before. pete: president trump taking action to help end the problem, the continuing problem of veterans' suicide. >> veterans are america's greatest national treasure. they kept us safe and we're going to keep them safe. pete: two army sergeants who were in the room with the president join us next. ainsley: plus, take a look. this guy is taking the phrase asleep at the wheel to a whole new level ♪ wake me up before you go, go. ♪ wake me up before you go, go ♪ i'm not planning on going so low ♪ [do you want breakfast or no?] [definitely breakfast.] be a booker at in your gut, you feel confident to take on anything. with benefiber, you'll feel the power of gut health confidence
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4:46 am
♪ ♪ >> we're going to take care of our veterans. we are working so hard on this. we are making so much progress. veterans are america's greatest national treasure. they kept us safe and we're going to keep them safe.
4:47 am
pete: president trump is taking action to help -- signing an executive order creating a task force to come up with solutions to end the problem of suicide amongst veterans. still too big, still ongoing. joining me now retired u.s. army sergeant nic armondaruis and robert muscle. thank you for joining us this morning. sergeant, let me start with you. you were at that ceremony. the stat is well-known, 22 veterans previously. we don't know how many committing suicide every day a huge epidemic. are we doing enough at the white house to confront this? >> absolutely. i think that this is a first step and it's a major step to be taken in the right direction. it opens up a lot more pathways and a lot more doors to this crisis and this kind of epidemic that's going on throughout the country. they are doing great things. pete: it was a crisis then. it still is sergeant first
4:48 am
class, you are still in -- you are with guys still serving. is this a crisis you are seeing from the active component as well? >> absolutely it is. but it is something that the, you know, the community itself, the department of defense, the army is really combating in collaboration with all the agencies and now the private sector. so i think the focus and really with this executive order the focus of all these different agencies combined going to combat this epidemic of suicide. pete: some veterans are starting an issue called operation resiliency. part of this part of the independence joined fund with the v.a. it high risk combat unit. guys been in high intensity environments. where did you come up with this idea to begin with. >> to be clear, it wasn't my idea. the independence fund in collaboration with the veterans affairs, so, the
4:49 am
inception of this came about back in september we were at a funeral for a fellow member from our company his name was derek hill. at the end of that funeral the director of the independence fund decided to make a phone call to the department of veterans affairs and decide how do we stop veteran suicide and between the two operation resiliency really came about from that and you are right. that's absolutely what is it does takes at risk units that while deployed were in very kinetic environments that faced a high level of casualties. pete: high casualty rates and things like that. >> absolutely. once they came home, they reintegrated into society and they went. pete: went to different places. nick this is about peer to peer counseling. the guys you served with know you best. >> exactly. i think that type of counseling overall, it seems to work best, it seems to be more functional between each other. we are all brothers.
4:50 am
we are all brothers doing the same thing while we were deployed and to have that cohesiveness again and cam racamaraderie built back in us again it's definitely the way to go. pete: absolutely. nick and robert thank you very much for your service. i still hear from folks all the time this remains a massive problem. guys, don't find a purpose when they come home. connecting with their peers is a big part of the solution. thanks for what you are doing. we are going to stay on this story. all right. well, did you hear about this? a college dean resigning because her school banned chick-fil-a. one of her former students is praising that move and they join us next. plus, it was his dying wish to talk to the president and it just came true. >> how are you doing? how is it going, jay? >> it's going, do you know what i am? >> you are a champ. you're going to fight, this right? you are fighting it? >> that's what the irish do, right?
4:51 am
guys go through a lot to deal with shave irritation. so, we built the new gillette skinguard with a specialized guard designed to reduce it. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get. gillette.
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steve: a new jersey college dean has resigned over her school's chick-fil-a ban because she says she couldn't support the university opposing chick-fil-a's religious values. ainsley: our next guest is a senior at ryder university was in dean newman's class when the school rejected if i can fillet his name is alec soleman and president of the university club. >> good morning. thank you for having me. ainsley: what was your reaction? you were in her class. >> correct. ainsley: when she decided to step down, your reaction? >> first i was surprised that she decided to step down. she decided to step down a few weeks ago but until recently we didn't know the reason why. and then when i found out the reason why i was even sadder that she decided to
4:55 am
step down because she was such an asset to the university as a dean. and has done so many great things for our college of business. steve: the university put out a statement we maintain the decision about choosing oncampus restaurant franchise was no way a judgment on religious values rather our intention was to foster a sense of respect and belonging to all members of the campus community including those who identify as lgbtq plus. you have a problem with them not being open on sunday and using peanut oil for the french fries. for them to say we don't want chick-fil-a for another reason you have a problem with. >> there are some problems with the chick-fil-a on college campus as a private university we have to run the university as a business and our customers are students and we are mostly a peanut free campus and they use peanut oil and they are closed on sunday which limits student options on the weekends. ainsley: every student that wanted chick-fil-a the
4:56 am
majority wanted chick-fil-a as their choice because you got to vote on what restaurant you got to add to the student's union. if you don't agree with their policy you don't have to buy their foods. >> yes, i completely agree. since chick-fil-a did win the survey i think if they had such a big problem with their corporate values as a school they should not have put it in the survey in the first place. steve: good point. >> what the dean has been doing is what a lot of people have been doing on campus but not as public. steve: tell us about the dean who quit. >> so i think dean newman as a professor it was an excellent professor you would never know any of her religious or political views from the class because they didn't relate to class. so she never felt the need to express them but she has been a great professor at the school. and she has been a great dean and has done a lot for the college of business. steve: all right. sounds like she is going to be missed: by the way there is a chick-fil-a across the street on the way out. the crisis at our southern border has reached a breaking point. we are live with the
4:57 am
stunning new numbers coming up next. ainsley: plus geraldo rivera and white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders are both here live ♪ the final countdown ♪ the final countdown ♪ strange forces at work? . . . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
ainsley: there is a crisis at southern border. reaching a breaking point as newspaper says. >> number of families apprehended at border is up 335%. >> house democrats postpone a vote to. >> at what point do you say, to congressman omar, look, you're not on this committee anymore? >> >> i'm not close to it. pete: president trump helping continueing problem with veterans suicide. >> it opens pathways with this crisis. steve: there is man in
5:01 am
connecticut given less than six months to live. he told his sisters his dying wish would be to talk to the president. >> you keep the fight going. we both fight. you keep that going, okay? >> i will do my end. >> it is an honor. ♪ o'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ [cheering] steve: that right there, ladies and gentlemen, was the very first time isaac bryant sung the song in public t went viral. he was at wrestling match. the singer didn't show up. grabbed the mike. made history. ainsley: such a patriot, proud
5:02 am
of our country. owe. ainsley: he will perform for us this hour on "fox & friends," first time in public. no pressure. he is. ainsley: he was asleep. they need someone to perform the national anthem. now his life is changed forever. steve: how can you sleep before a big match. pete: went on to win three matches. steve: what does he want to do when he grows up. he wants to be a singer. nashville, be watching. he loves hank williams. our top story, there is a crisis at southern border according to the numbers. they are reaching a breaking point. >> brand new numbers showing record surge of illegal immigration in the united states. pete: griff jenkins joins us live from washington, d.c. to break down the numbers.
5:03 am
griff? reporter: these numbers are staggering, look at them the first five months of the fiscal year, we're seeing more than 300% increase in number of family units apprehended compared to last year. over 136,000 already. exceeding total number of 107 since august of 18. in el paso they're seeing nearly 1700% increase. in san diego, nearly 700%. del rio, almost 500% compared to fiscal year 2018. in the large groups we keep seeing. there are 70 large groups of 100 migrants or more, totaling more than 12,000 apprehensions. compared to 13 groups has year. only two of 2017. mexican interior secretary who was in washington last week, warned they're on pace in mexico to deal with more than 700,000 central american migrants this year. here is how the cpb commissioner
5:04 am
put it yesterday. >> based on the experiences of men and women on the front line this, is clearly border security and humanitarian crisis. the system is well beyond capacity and remains at a breaking point. >> meanwhile that vote in the senate is nearing to block the president's national declaration. it has enough republican defections to pass. democrats like richard blumenthal continue opposing use of military funds for a wall. >> using oco funds to a useless, reckless, vanity project at border would-be tray our national security and our commitment to the men and women in uniform. reporter: administration is in full force. cpb commissioner is up in the senate trying to change some lives, change some minds with these numbers which are just simply shocking. nice guys? steve: they are indeed. up on capitol hill the big
5:05 am
question, we were talking about it, will enough republican senators climb on board with the democrats and deny the president his emergency declaration. look at the numbers. there is clearly a humanitarian problem at our southern border. you know, it is one thing if the congress were to give the president enough money for border security but they're not going to do it. so now it's a big legal fight. ainsley: now the senate, the republican senate is going to vote next week on the president's national emergency tech la race. the president is certain to veto it. pete: enough republicans likely join democrats to vote against it. they don't have enough to override the veto. he will get his way. it will be challenged in the courts. steve: one of the senators -- ainsley: from great state of -- steve: south carolina. senator lindsey graham he was on with martha i believe last night. you look at numbers. look at all the heart break down
5:06 am
there there is a crisis down south. >> i was blown away. compared to last year, the number of families apprehended at border has fon up 335%. number of minors in our custody gone up by 54%. average cost of housing an unaccompanied minor for the american taxpayers, $375 a day. we're on track to spend $1.6 billion in housing unaccompanied minors in u.s. custody. if this is not a crisis, what the hell would be? we're being flooded. the numbers are just through the roof. pete: numbers are through the roof. experts agree when you talk to the people on the border, you see our system is overwhelmed. you saw richard blumenthal in the piece say a useless, reckless vanity project. this will be a 2020 issue. if democrats run on the wall is
5:07 am
useless and border is reckless, in face of numbers like this, they are will not do very well. american people are not dumb. 76,000 in the month of february? steve: a lot of people in the country aprewith democrats. we don't really need a border wall on the southern border for a variety of reasons. one of them cheap labor. ainsley: or wall is too much money i heard. steve: i heard that argument as well. pete: that walls are immoral and we're sovereign citizens. america is a bad country. open it up. ainsley: the president doesn't use email. we heard he doesn't send text messages. he picks up the phone. steve: and twitter. >> there was a man in connecticut, west haven, connecticut, put it on social mead, i'm 100% democrat, my brother is dying, 44 years old, cystic fibrosis, his wish, his dying wish was to talk to the president. steve: his name is jay barrett.
5:08 am
he suffers from cystic fibrosis. his sister is one of the councilmen in their town of west haven, connecticut. my brother's dying wish is to talk to the president because he loves donald trump. you know what? yesterday donald trump picked up the phone, guess who he called? >> how is it going, jay? >> it is going, know what i mean. >> you're a champ, just like that. just fighting it? >> that is what the irish do, right? >> that is what the irish do. we'll be talking to you 10 years from now we hope too. >> i plan on voting for you in 2020. >> you better vote for me in 2020 i tell you. keep the fight going. we both fight. keep that going, okay? >> i will do my end. thank you for calling. >> it is an honor. pete: wow. ainsley: that is sweet. steve: these great. the man has been given six months to live.
5:09 am
for him to say i'm planning on voting for you in 2020 gets you. we should also point out that lynne patton who is a deputy to the housing urban development department apparently is going to be showing up at that man's house in connecticut in the next week or two to present him something auto grooved from the president of the united states. ainsley: really nice. pete: very cool. we asked for your comments. it is a such a powerful story we spot the comments all morning long. president trump took the time to call a dying man in connecticut, wish him well, no politics. just an act of kindness. ainsley: this is tweet from democratic connecticut senator chris murphy. that was a nice thing to do he says. steve: indeed. cathy on facebook what a beautiful and sad moment at the same time. this simple act of kindness should be a lesson to everyone. prayers to this man and his family. kathy, you're absolutely right.
5:10 am
what dowhat do you think? email us as friends at we're on facebook all day long. we read it. pete: we do. we use computer and emails. steve: unlike the president who just is on the phone. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian with headlines for us. jillian: hopefully lynne patton showing up was not supposed to be a surprise. steve: it was in the fox news story. jillian: there you go. fox news alert. right now at least 17 people are dead in a suicide bombing near kabul, afghanistan. the blaster. >> an airport, followed by an hour's long gunfight with u.s. backed forces. no group claimed responsibility. both the taliban and isis are active in the region. u.s. troops are assisting afghan troops in securing the area. president trump approved disaster aid in alabama in the wake of the tornadoes. i will tour lie county on
5:11 am
friday. 10 of them coming from the same family. right now about a half dozen people are still missing. the strongest tornado was on the ground for an hour with winds reaching up to 170 miles per hour. congresswoman rashida tlaib will join protesters as democrats call for president trump's impeachment. a michigan democrat will deliver remarks on need to present the crisis of the donald trump at administration. they will head to office of unnamed lawmaker. democrats want impeachment calls to stop until the russia mueller probe is released. this is crazy, a man caught on camera sleeping behind the wheel of his tesla. look at this. the electric car on autopilot going 75 miles an hour down a busy highway in los angeles. the man is slouched back in the seat with his hands off the wheel. it is unclear if he was ever pulled over. but, that is scary.
5:12 am
that is reason why i never get one of those cars. i would fall asleep. ainsley: that is a reason to get one. jillian: no, i don't want to fall asleep at the wheel even if it is driving. steve: scary for him or anybody. jillian: somebody in front of him jammed on the brakes quickly. you need to be alert. pete: they have sensors. that is what they say. i don't either. ainsley: wake up at midnight travel back and forth to philly. this car is perfect for you. jillian: i couldn't do it. i need to be alert and on the ball. driver should be in control. pete: take the train. ainsley: then you can sleep. coming up, 12 minutes at the top of the hour. geraldo rivera is talking about the drug crisis. he will tell us what he learned when he joined us live. steve: president trump's economic approval keeps going up and winning is not stopping there as he would say it.
5:13 am
our next guest has the numbers to prove it. you're watching "fox & friends". g [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪ our big idaho potato truck and we're going to find it. awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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5:17 am
56%, the highest yet of his presidency. according to a new "gallup poll," this coming as unemployment numbers reach near 50-year lows. ainsley: wow, americans like it. how will the president maintain these strides moving forward? joining to us weigh in, editor of "wsj at large," gerry baker. >> good to see you. ainsley: a few months ago we were worried about recession. not anymore. americans love this. >> economy is in very good shape. this is 10 years into expansion. july, this expansion began obviously after the recession and financial crisis, it will be 10 years old, the expansion is coming up on the longest expansion in american history. what is curious, interesting, very good news for donald trump, normally when at this stage you're very long into expansion you're seeing signs of stress in the economy. you're seeing inflation picking up. all kinds of potential weakness out there which might create
5:18 am
recession. right now you're not seeing that. the economy is in good shape. no signs of strong inflation. unemployment at 50-year low. we had the strongest rate of growth last year, we had in more than a decade. things are looking pretty good. pete: you're right, we've been hearing the dire predictions, it has to slow down. maybe recession. why has it stayed so robust? >> there are number of areas of potential concern. housing is one of them. people worry what may happen to trade if we don't get a deal with china. the reason is the economy has been taking a long time to come back from the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 which was a disaster for the economy. we have throughout the last 10 years, most of the last 10 years under president obama we had relatively weak growth. that didn't create the kind of stresses you often see in the economy. in the last year or so, thanks in part to the tax cuts that we had, tanks to stronger growth around the world, such as president trump done here, deregulation and pro-business
5:19 am
measures. we had strongest rate of growth we have had in a time. again things can go wrong. could you see for example, concerns about housing and concerns whether federal reserve will raise interest rates. things are looking as good as they have in a while. ainsley: on pape the numbers are excellent. so why are more people not on board with the president and administration? >> he has high approval rating in terms of the economy. 56% is very good. better than president obama had through most of time in the office. there are other issues people worry about. concerned about international issues. concerned about many so of the domestic politics. health care is a big issue. i think that is why the democrats did so well, for example in the midterm elections. there are all kinds of concerns. some people don't like the president's tone and things he says. if the economy is key, bill clinton said it is the economy, stupid. if the economy drives the way people feel about the country, state. country, it usually does, then things are pretty good. there is no sign right now that
5:20 am
that is going to weaken over the next year. pete: bottom line we were told that slow growth was the new normal. it wasn't going to happen this way anymore. president trump said we'll make america great again. we can achieve 3, 4%. we're here year-over-year 3.1%. >> we may not get -- 3% was a good year by recent standards that is what we had roughly last year. that is, one particularly striking feature of that, how strong manufacturing is. we've been thinking a long time manufacturing was in decline. other countries were rising. companies maybe relocating abroad. there was a lot of opportunity overseas, american companies are, american manufacturing is growing again. look, there are some worries out there on the horizon. the economy probably won't grow as fast this year as it did last year. trade stuff has to be dealt with. the economy is set fair as well as been for a long time. pete: good stuff. gerri baker. thank you very for time. ainsley: geraldo rivera goes to jail to get an inside look at
5:21 am
opioid crisis. >> what is the message to the young? >> don't get in trouble. go to school. learn something from my mistake. ainsley: he is live next. pete: he ate taco bell owe hags a whole lot more to live for. they're our parents... neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy.
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5:25 am
must testify in front of a grand jury. the big question still unanswered is why she is being subpoenaed. manning was convicted in 2013 of espionage for leaking information to wikileaks. prosecutors are pursuing a case against julian assange, the founder of wikileaks. pete: yesterday he gave us inside look how police in dayton, ohio, are tackling their open boyed crisis on the streets. he is taking us inside the jail talking to actual inmates serving time for drug-related crime. ainsley: here is fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. >> good morning, everybody. good to see you, major. steve: who knew daytona was the overdose capitol of the entire nation. how scary is that? what this story is about how the city, surrounding montgomery county taken a different approach to dealing with the opioid epidemic and the junkies
5:26 am
whose lives these drugs have ravaged. here we go to jail. you look like you've goat a full house here. what are most of these men and women abusing? >> fentanyl is in everything. but if you have drugs, guns or money from drug abuse, then it is going to be a bad day for you because you are going to end up here. so the inmates in here are inmates who don't really get along well in general population. >> tell me how drugs changed the world, changed your life? >> well, i'm actually here, false accused of selling drugs. >> what were you falsely accused of selling? >> falsely accused being part of the opioid epidemic here in montgomery county. >> what are you facing? >> about 20 years. i have to fight for my life. >> what is your message to the young. >> don't get in no trouble. go to school. learn from my mistakes. >> as cautionary tale, mary agreed to tell us how she got hooked on drugs, which ledder at
5:27 am
age of 18, she is 22 now, led her to this melancholy place. how did i you begin drug use. >> hurt my back. took pain pills. got worse from there with heroin and fentanyl. didn't have a bad life. had really good life. >> you don't blame anyone but yourself for this? >> no, i blame myself. >> do you think from here you can change your life? >> yeah. i know i can. >> what do you tell these guys? >> we tell hem, what do you need? what can we do for you? , how can we get you out of here so that you don't come back? people who are addicted to these kind of drugs, it is a hard thing to get them off of. and it is a hard road for them. so we got to try to provide them the best resources we can. steve: it started with a hurt back. >> a hurt back. that story is so common. michael denovese, the man you are about to meet, a chief
5:28 am
medical officer. >> heroin migrated east. oxycontin migrated west and met right here. in ohio. that is why you're seeing this happen here. so it. >> it is almost like cancer in the heartland? >> that is exactly right. >> how do you beat it? >> there is no silver bullet. we need to use every tool at our disposal. these are not bad people. these are food people who bad things happened. substance abuse disorders are a brain disease. this is not a moral failing. this is not someone who is weak. this is someone who is sick. steve: impacts every family in america knows somebody impacted. >> every family in america knows someone who overdosed. it is even worse than that the message is, now that the president signed criminal justice reform, don't just punish. there is more to this problem than just taking these people off the streets. how do they get addicted?
5:29 am
what is the family situation going to be going forward? how do you heal this awful, this awful wound that is causing people to take these awful self-destructive steps. but they're succeeding in daytona. overdose deaths were cut in half. that is a measurable triumph relatively speaking. there is a long way to go. ainsley: gentleman gave great advice. the young girl, you can't help but have a heart for her. you understand how that could happen. she had back pain. one leads to another. she is getting out soon? >> she is getting out soon. the point you make ace good one. the city has sued the pharmaceutical industry and purdue particularly, the manufacturer of oxycontin. they knew when they were dispensing these drugs that they weren't all being used in an appropriate remedial way. steve: for back pain. >> they saw for instance right away the pills had great value on the street. there was a black market for it. and once the pills dry up, what
5:30 am
do you do? you go for heroin? you go for fentanyl. you overdose. you die. steve: such impactful story. great that you would take us out there and show us. thank you very much. >> you got it. steve: straight ahead, r. kelly -- r. kelly lashing out in his first interview since being charged with abuse. [screaming] >> robert. >> this is not real. y'all trying to kill me. steve: more from the interview coming up. pete: president trump slamming democrats for a fishing expedition. >> 2 1/2 years. it is a shame. people understand it. when they look at it, they just say presidential harrassment. pete: white house press secretary sarah sanders on that coming up next. ♪ biopharmaceutical researchers.
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♪ >> we have started the campaign. so the campaign begins but the campaign is actually their campaign has been going fon for the last 2 1/2 years. so it's a shame. the people understand it. when they look at it, they just say presidential harrassment. they just haven't gotten used to the fact we won a lot of states that haven't been won by republicans in a long time but essentially what they're saying is the campaign begins, instead of doing infrastructure, instead of doing health care, instead of doing so many things they should be doing, they want to play games. ainsley: let's bring in raw huckabee sanders, white house press secretary. good morning to you. >> good morning. great to be with you. ainsley: we heard the president yesterday. a lot of people agree with him. they say why don't the lawmakers
5:35 am
do what we put them in office to do about things that really matter instead of investigation, investigation, investigation? what are your thoughts? >> the president is exactly 100% correct. it is an absolute embarassment members of congress are using all their time and resources into attacking the president when they should look to try to solve problems this country has like the president is doing. they should follow his example of coming to work every day and looking for how they can help the american people, not how they can attack this president. it is absolutely outrageous that their number one job and their number one priority is to try to beat every person that is supportive of this president, beat them down and attack them instead of, look for these, just, expedition that you're seeing led by chairman nadler is truly an embarassment to congress and it is hurting our country. it is the opposite what they were elected to do, the opposite what we need them to do?
5:36 am
steve: jerry nadler said the reason they had to do it, for the first two years of the administration there was no oversight but you look at past, we know that the mueller investigation could be close to an end. he is looking into all sorts of things. not like the democrats have any evidence that the president broke any laws. but i have heard a number of republicans who support the president say there they are simply steamed that he won the presidency back in 2016. >> what chairman nadler is missing that the first two years were not about oversight. they were about success. they were about deliverying on the things that the president campaigned on and promised the american people he would do once he got elected, why he got elected in the first place. he came here to change the way washington works. chairman nadler is doing exactly what every single person who voted for this president, 63 million americans, came out in a loud voice, said we're sick and tired. we want something different.
5:37 am
we want donald trump. we like what he is doing. they like the fact we have booming economy. they like the fact that isis is on the run. they like the fact we're making new trade deals. they like the fact our enemies fear us. our allies actually respect us. we have better relationships on the world stage that had been destroyed over the last eight years. they want somebody who is actually doing something for them. not someone simply focused on attacking other people like we're seeing from the democrats. they have no message. they know their entire party has been taken over and radicalized by a fringe group on the left. and that is not going to play across the board, for only play they have to try to beat this president in 2020, is to attack him. pete: that is what we're seeing. one more topic, sarah, record surge, new numbers on illegal immigration, show nearly 100% increase year to year of illegals detained at the border. 76,000 alone in the month of february. yet, democrats still want to
5:38 am
deny we have a crisis. your reaction to these big numbers in. >> it is absolutely abhorrent, democrats are still refusing to acknowledge the crisis on the border, particularly barack obama himself even called it a crisis in 2014. we know exactly what it is. it is time they start doing their jobs and actually fixing it. they should follow the president. he is actually leading. if congress didn't want him to declare national emergency they should have done their jobs and actually fixed the problem, instead of denying that it exists. we know this is crisis, not just of national security but humanitarian crisis. 54% increase in unaccompanied children coming across this border. we're seeing the most vulnerable individuals exploited by our broken system. it is time that somebody step up and follow the president and fix this problem. steve: you know a lot of people are looking to washington to fix the problem, sarah, but it looks like the senate, republicans in the senate, looks like are about to hand the president a defeat
5:39 am
regarding his national emergency declaration in trying to reprogram some of the money. what is the message to the republicans who will join the democrats? >> look, my message to that group is to do your job. if you had done what you were elected to do on the front end then the president would not have to fix the problem on his own through a national emergency. the president has the absolute authority, in fact he has a duty to call a national emergency to fix the crisis that we have going on at our border. as you just said, 76,000 illegal individuals came across our border just last month alone. that would fill metlife stadium. i'm a bigger razorback fan. i like to use that analogy. that is a massive number of people coming across our border. if that doesn't define crisis, i don't know what does. and that is something that we have to address. congress should have fixed this problem. the president tried multiple types to get congress to work with him, to address the crisis,
5:40 am
they failed to do so. now the president has to do what is absolutely necessary and what is right and that is to declare a national emergency and fix the crisis at the border. pete: sarah sanders, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: that's right. we'll start with this, embattled r&b star r. kelly explodes during his first interview since being charged with sexual abuse. >> i'm fighting for my [bleep] life. y'all killing me with this [bleep] ainsley: r. kelly is out on bail after pleading not guilty to 10 counts of sexual abuse. some of his alleged victims were minors. a judge is punished after claiming god told him a women was innocent of sex trafficking. texas judge jack robeson allegedly said in quote, when god tells me i got to do something i got to do it. he reportedly told jurors to keep deliberating after they
5:41 am
came up with a verdict. he received a public warning. he blamed his remark on stress. the woman was sentenced to 25 years in prison. a man trapped five days in the snow eating taco bell sauce packets is getting free taco bell for a year. he was trapped with his dog in the deep oregon snow. in addition to the eating the sauce, he started car periodically. it is not the sauce packet. i found taco seasoning in my purse. you never know what will come in handy. it was in my purse. steve: you going on let's make a deal or something? jillian: i don't know. it was in there. pete: you carry that. hillary carries hot sauce. steve: thank you very much, jillian. ainsley: house democrats delaying their vote to condemn anti-semitism as controversy swirls around congresswoman ilhan omar. her colleague, congressman lee zeldin wants the house to do more than that. he joins us next.
5:42 am
steve: you've sign video of the wrestler who stepped up to the mic to sing the national anthem. you know what? he will sing the same song on our program, isaac, he will be singing live on "fox & friends." ♪ of my service in the military, you pass that on to my kids. something that makes me happy. being able to pass down usaa to my girls means a lot to both of us. he's passing part of his heritage of being in the military. we're the edsons. my name is roger zapata. we're the tinch family, and we are usaa members for life. to begin your legacy, get an insurance quote today.
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5:46 am
action on the freshman lawmaker, including removing her from the house foreign affairs committee. here is member of that committee, new york congressman, lee zeldin. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> nancy pelosi spoke to her over the weekend but no details but we hear she is not going to be thrown off the committee. >> she will not throw rep omar that didn't mention her name will not get voted on. we hear it will get voted down the most radical elements of her conference it went too far. they are using tactics of distraction and diversion to talk about other topics other than anti-semitism. so that unfortunate. she should be removed from the house foreign affairs committee. she should have never been appointed in first place. the resolution passed this week should be naming names. steve: it is interesting because the outrage has been bipartisan
5:47 am
against her comments but when you look how the republicans just, what, in january, removed steve king, republican from iowa, from his committee assignments because he made inappropriate comments about white supremacy. fast forward to now, does it look to you there is a double standard? >> there is no doubt about that in january it was nearly you unanimous vote condemning white supremacy. steve king gets removed from committee assignments. he gets removed from the small business committee. now you have a member, you're talking about rep omar for her anti-semitic statements. she has anti-israel positions, keep in mind requested leniency for isis fighters. became u.s. foreign policy for the al-shabaab attack in kenya, she is pro-maduro in venezuela. for many greens she shouldn't have been appointed to this
5:48 am
committee. i introduced 72 it has 100 cosponsors. it names name, references louis farrakhan, lindh today man sour. congresswoman tlaib and congresswoman omar. that is the very least we did in january as far as resolutions go. as far as committee assignments, representative omar should not serve on house foreign affairs committee overseeing foreign policy. steve: explain the dynamic behind closed doors. nancy pelosi has her hands full. she keeps putting off the vote, trying to figure out the language in this particular thing. explain the politics of this. >> well, speaker pelosi needs to lead. those in her conference who understand what's right, by the way i spoken to house democrats who are very upset with what congresswoman omar has said. many stated it publicly. they want ad resolution that is
5:49 am
more strongly worded. but the problem is, you have a few freshmen democrats in particular alexandria ocasio-cortez and rashida tlaib and even congresswoman omar leading their party rather than, rather than being led by it. so when aoc says she is the boss, it sure looks that way when internal conference politics is resulting pulling this resolution, not having a vote today, not naming names, keeping her on the committee. steve: we know more about that than we did before. lee zeldin from the great state of new york. thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: what do you think about that? email us. up next, you've seen the video of that wrestler who stepped up to the sing the national anthem because the singer didn't show. there he is. isaac is going to perform that for us live, coming up next. good morning, isaac. first bill hemmer has a previous view of coming attractions. >> steve, good morning to you. great show. nice to see you. this headline from overnight is a stunner. kirstjen nielsen, head of homeland security testifies in an hour.
5:50 am
we'll watch it to see what she says coming up here. the white house blasting socialism as a smoke screen. we'll ask the dnc about that today. is hillary clinton in for 2020 after all? what the south needs after the deadly tornadoes this week. we're on it. join us in ten minutes. join sandra and me then. you know, i used to be good at this. then you turn 40 and everything goes. tell me about it. you know, it's made me think, i'm closer to my retirement days than i am my college days. hm. i'm thinking... will i have enough? should i change something? well, you're asking the right questions.
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♪ ainsley: earlier we met a 17-year-old wrestler with the heart of a musician. when no one was there to sing is the national anthem at his wrestling tournament in ohio, he stepped up to the microphone with a performance that has gone viral. pete: back again to sing for us, high school student, isaac bryant. thanks for being here. >> thank you, such a pleasure. steve: sort of recap, at the
5:54 am
event the singer was supposed to show up didn't. somebody nudged you, said, hey, somebody has to sing it, right? you had been napping. >> attorney meant director, set his clipboard down. he didn't know what was going on. he said is there anyone who can do it? steve: is there a singer in the house? pete: they must have known you had talent for this. >> the team did, anybody who knows me personally knows i sing a lot too. steve: do you sing on the bus? >> i sing is on the bus. i bring my guitar. >> said yes. it changed your life. you're on national television singing again. >> pretty cool. steve: we'll get out of way. ladies and gentlemen, isaac bryant. ♪ o, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪
5:55 am
♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallanting streaming? ♪ ♪ the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪
5:56 am
[cheering] for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk.
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♪ well, i'm so glad i'm living in the u.s.a. ♪ yes, i'm so glad i'm living in the u.s.a. steve: looking up at the avenues of the americas here in fox news world headquarters. we have the family joining us from ohio. mom and dad you have got to be very proud of that boy of yours. >> very proud. steve: is he a good kid, april. >> ainsley: congratulations. we need to know what you all did. what's the secret? >> keeping god first and i have always told my kids since they were little i would read bible stories to them and i said hide the word of god in your heart. and, you know, keep jesus god he is your closest friend. let him lead you, guide you. that's the secret. >> ainsley: well god blessed you. you named him isaac and your other son is luke. >> yes. >> ainsley: congratulations. >> pete: what's more
6:00 am
nerve-racking getting ready five minutes before or knowing a couple days you are going to sing in front of the nation? >> probably a couple days before. but i'm pretty calm now. >> pete: you did a great job. steve: thank you very much for making the trip from ohio. they will be on the after the show show. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> good morning, everybody. a fox news alert now. breaking news at a north korea from overnight. we are now learning there is new evidence that kim jong un may be rebuilding a rocket launch site. new satellite images appear to show work being done on some of these key structures. the photos coming only a week after the summit in hanoi. the president saying back in vietnam that kim promised not to resume nuclear and missile testing. we are looking at this story. more coming up in a live report inside of "america's newsroom." first, closer to the home on the hill. two big hearings today on what the border patrol is calling a crisis that has reached a breaking point. significant headline, good morning, everybody. half way there i'm bill hemmer in new york. >> sandra: good morning, bill. i'm sandra smith.
6:01 am
the trump administration making it clear it


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