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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 6, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: i will be in the quad cities in iowa speaking this weekend. you have a good one. >> dana: fox news alert. we have several major stories we're following this hour. hundreds of isis fighters captured in a strong hold in syria. plus disgraced singer r. kelly back in court this afternoon after losing it in a disturbing interview with gayle king. and i'll speak to one of the dozens of people who received letters from the house judiciary committee who said they will not cooperate with their request. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." but first, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen on capitol hill facing questions as the border crisis escalates. mike emanuel has more. mike, she started with some pretty startling information
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about border crossings. >> reporter: dana, no question about it. kirstjen nielsen today backed up what customs and border protection is saying. that the situation at the border is an emergency and is unsustainable. >> we are on track right now to be at 900,000 this year. >> okay. our apprehensions of family units of aliens of accompanied alien children increasing or decreasing? >> they are increasing extraordinarily rapidly. family units went up around 30% from last month. same for uac's. those are the two vulnerable populations that are dramatically increasing. >> reporter: uac is the lynn go for unaccompanied children, which is all part of that surge at the border, dana. >> dana: there's this other story about this anti-semitism resolution in the house. where does that stand? >> reporter: expectation was it would be on the house floor
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today. but after the comments of congress woman omar. it has been broadened to include other tpofrpls of discrimination according to sources. some democrats are expressing frustration. >> 2019 and it's the 21st century. the fact that we have to put a resolution on the floor and spell out for people across this country what anti-semitism means is pretty outrageous. >> reporter: top republicans are applying pressure, saying the bill should not be watered down. >> this is not a time for politics. this is a time for the democratic leaders in this institution to do the right thing. they should remove her from the house foreign affairs committee. >> reporter: i'm told the resolution is being edited based on feed back received during today's house democratic caucus meeting. dana? >> dana: thank you. michael cohen is back on capitol hill returning for another round of testimony as democrats seek evidence to use against
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president trump. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live at today's closed door hearing. >> reporter: good afternoon. michael cohen has been in a secured facility for the better part of 4.5 hours. this is the third time he's testified in some form in the last two weeks. house democrats are really trying to lay the groundwork and drill down on this 2016 moscow real estate project for a trump tower in russia. they want to set the table for a witness that's coming up for public testimony march 14th. that's felix stater. he worked directly with michael cohen to moscow -- to pardon me, market the moscow trump tower project. majority leader looking at these hearings by the democrats are offering democrats a warning. >> the politics of presidential harassment hasn't worked out too
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well. i remember when we decided it was a good idea to impeach president clinton and his approval rating went up and ours went down. >> reporter: house republicans note about the 2016 moscow real estate project that it never came through and sort of the under lying act, this was a business negotiation, doesn't amount to any crime or collusion, dana. >> dana: then the hill is demanding that the white house turn over information about security clearances from the white house. especially for ivanka trump and jared kushner. how's that going over? >> reporter: this seems to be one of the first flash points of this broad and sweeping investigations that has been launched by the house democrats. as you know, the chairman of the oversight committee elijah cummings has launched this investigation into the security clearance practices at the white house after reporting that more than two dozen people got top secret security clearances despite reservations of career officials who reviewed their applications. as you noted in the media this
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week are the allegations against ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner and that there was some kind of presidential pressure to try and get them top secret security clearances. for her part, ivanka trump has denied her father's involvement. we also heard this morning from the white house press secretary, sarah sanders. >> as you know, we're not gonna comment on security clearances. that's the policy of the white house. that continues to be the policy of the white house. we're also not gonna get into comments and a back and forth over things that are currently dealing with the oversight. >> reporter: this is setting the table for house democrats to make a decision as to whether they want to issue subpoenas and raise the temperature even further on this issue. this is an issue you rightly predicted would come to a head pretty quickly in the new session. >> dana: it's only march 6th. they're at it, that's for sure. catherine herridge, thank you.
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u.s. forces capturing hundred of isis terrorists in syria amid the battle to liberate the last civilian village held by the terror group. jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. >> reporter: dana, u.s. backed syrian kurdish forces say they have captured 400 isis fighters as they tried to escape from the last town held by the islamic state in eastern syria. as the so-called califate nears collapse. in the past few weeks, 10,000 civilians have fled this tiny pocket where isis is making its last stand. the wives of children of isis fighters remain defiant and vowed the fight would continue as they turn themselves in at desert reception centers. they chanted teus the islamic state will remain. 200 fighters have surrendered raising questions what to do with them. president trump asked the home countries to prosecute them, but their home countries don't want them back. the isis leader remains at
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large. >> dana: striking pictures as well. do the other side of the world, north korea. rebuilding satellite missile? >> reporter: experts say this north korean launch pad has been dormant since august following the first summit between president trump and kim jong-un. but new satellite images taken two days after the vietnam summit failed show unusual activity at the launch pad, as south korean lawmakers briefed on the intelligence, cranes, new construction appear at the launch site, where north korea has put satellites into space using technology similar to that needed for ballistic missiles. north korea has never launched an icbm from this site. it's important to point that out. but the new acty teufrbty is raising eyebrows. john bolton explained what the administration would do if north korea does not halt nuclear testing. >> if they're not willing to do
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it, president trump has been very clear, they're not gonna get relief from the crushing economic sanctions that have been imposed on them. we'll look at ramping those sanctions up, in fact. >> reporter: it's not clear whether kim jong-un plans to restart missile launches if talks fail or whether north korea is building at this new launch site in order to offer to dismantle it down the road. in other words, is this simply a bargaining chip? >> dana: thank you. we heard breaking news from venezuela as a u.s. journalist has been arrested. venezuelan authorities raiding the home of a reporter for wplg, the abc affiliate in miami. his assistant also taken into custody. the staying said it's working to get wettle relief. the state department said they are working to get as much information as possible so that they can see that cody is released. can the former starbucks ceo
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howard schultz benefit from bloomberg's decision? and have democrats already gone too far with their investigations? we will ask doug collins, a top republican on the judiciary committee. oh! oh!
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>> dana: michael bloomberg's made a decision, he will not be running for president in 2020. the billionaire announcing the only hope for real progress lies outside of d.c. howard schultz, who is mulling an independent run, tweeting, quote, bloomberg governed from the center with big ideas, prague pha teufpl and common sense in anary rao af paralysis and dysfunction, he's an exception. i have long said there isn't room for centrist moderation in either party. it appears mr. bloomberg has come to the same conclusion. joining me now colin reed, a gop
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strategist and ty master, great guys, both of you. let me start with you, colin. howard schultz said that about mike bloomberg, but doesn't it also show mike bloomberg came to the conclusion he couldn't win? >> it was an interesting analogy for him to draw. there is no room for centrists in the democratic party. it's why howard schultz, a life long democrat had to run as an independent because there was no room for him in the party. i think we'd be kidding ourselves if we thought major bloomberg was not going to play an influence in this campaign season. he's just gonna do it on the outside. with his unlimited funds, he can have an impact. it will be interesting to see if my democratic friends decry the influence of so called dark money being spent on their behalf. >> dana: it depends on where you sit, i guess. this is what he said. until 20201 our only real hope for progress lies outside of
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washington. unlike most who are running or thinkingist, i'm fortunate enough to be in a position to devote the resources needed to bring people together and make a big difference. is he giving an indication that he thinks president trump has this in the bag? >> i don't think that's what the indication is. i think he knows he has billions of dollars. he's got causes that he's passionate about. why not go where you can have impact on places like city councils and state legislators and local ordinances. so i think it's honest. i don't think it shows there's no room for a moderate in the democratic party. in iowa there could conceivably be 20 people on the ballot so you could win with 7% on the vote. he just thought, where can i be the most effective? where can the resources that i have been blessed with do the most good? >> dana: he certainly had an impact in the mid terms of 2018. i want to ask you about this. that bernie sanders has decided
11:16 am
he is going to take that pledge. he is going to run as a democrat. colin, is there anything to this that we should be paying attention to? >> i actually think it's smart politics on senator sanders behalf. he's taking issues that his political opponents could use against him off the table. one of the constant hits on him for his democrats has been, he's not actually a member of the democratic party. hillary clinton likes talking about that. now his opponents can't use that against. senator sanders made that in 2015. in 2018 he ran in vermont as an independent. he's already declared an independent in 2024. so we'll see if he actually means it, but i think it's smart politics in the short term. >> dana: do you think bernie sanders fits in the current democratic party? >> i think that he's probably left of where the party is. if you look at where we won the midterms, you had 40 new seats.
11:17 am
very pragmatic. look, let's be honest where the democratic party is. 51% of democrats say the most important quality of a candidate is, can they beat donald trump? that is going to be, there's never been a figure in american politics who is such a lightning rod as we've seen in donald trump. so democratic primary electorate will say, who's got the best shot at making sure this guy doesn't return? >> dana: yesterday we had the sound from hillary clinton saying, she's not gonna run in 2020. last night there were tweets saying she spoke to someone close with clinton and was in con tack with her today. they say she wasn't trying to be emphatic and close the door on running when she spoke to a local reporter. she was surprised by how definitively it played. she was told her team is waiting at least to see the mueller report. so, colin, is she back possibly on the table? >> i hope so. i think most republicans hope she runs again, too. she'd be a welcome addition to a
11:18 am
crowded field for the republican party. i think it's clear, hillary clinton still has wounds left from 2016. she an her staff are still airing them out publicly with senator sanders. probably not productive to the conversation as a whole, but as a republican, it's fun to see. >> dana: what happens inside the democratic party? are people placing bets, is she gonna run or not run? >> she's probably one of the most well known figures in our party. one person who seems more obsessed with her than the democratic party is donald trump. he keeps reliving 2016. >> dana: he even tweeted that she will be sorely missed. all right. guys, i gotta run. thank you. the fda approves what some doctors hail a wonder drug to treat depression. but it's not without controversy. singer r. kelly due back in court after screaming and crying as he defends himself against sexual abuse allegations. >> my heart is so big. people betray me. i keep forgiving them.
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>> dana: fox news alert as we await court action for r. kelly over child support that could land him in jail. the singer had this to say in an explosive interview with gayle king. >> have you ever had sex with anyone under the age of 17? >> no. no. >> never? >> no. so nobody's allowed to be mad at me and be scorn and lie on me. >> they're lying on you? that's their explanation? >> absolutely. absolutely. absolutely. >> dana: we have team coverage from chicago with matt finn outside r. kelly's court room. but let's start with mike tobin on that interview. it was something else, mike. >> reporter: it was somethings else, dana. r. kelly playing the victim card in this bizarre interview he gave to cbs' gayle king. he got out of the chair. he pounded his chest.
11:24 am
he said he had been assassinated and buried alive. the singer did say he needed help, but help from having such a big heart. people betray him an he keeps forgiving them. kelly denied the ten charge of sexual assault, three involving under age women. >> i didn't do this stuff! this is not me! i'm fighting for my bleep life. >> robert. >> 30 years! you all trying to kill me! you're killing me, man! this is not about music. i'm trying to have a relationship with my kids and i can't do it. y'all just don't want to believe the the truth. >> reporter: michael avenatti represent a girl who claims she's a victim of the singer's
11:25 am
mental ause. avenatti said his tears are out of fear because they got him dead to right. the statement reads r. kelly is a desperate liar and serial abuser of young girls who should die in prison. all the victims and parents cannot be lie. as far as stories syncing up, r. kelly said that's all due to the power of social media. dana? >> dana: all right, mike. thank you. r. kelly is about to face a judge on contempt charges because he owes back child support. matt finn is in court with that part of the story. matt? >> reporter: dana, r. kelly could walk through this entrance at any moment. court documents show he owes nearly $200,000 in child support. a judge ordered him to pay $161,000 of that amount by 10:00 a.m. because this case is sealed, we do not know right now if he has paid that money. if he does not come up with the money today, it is possible the judge throws him back in jail today after he just spent three days behind bars weeks ago for
11:26 am
his separate criminal charges. if he does not produce this child support money today, his legal team might ask for a payment plan or some type of leniency, arguing the singer is broke. evidenced by his apparent inability to pay $100,000 to bail himself out of jail just days ago. representatives for k. kelly's ex-wife said the singer has an apartment in chicago's trump tower and pays for a staff, so his lifestyle suggests he chose to stop paying his ex-wife the $20,000 a month in child support versus him being unable to pay that amount. we'll see how a judge feels ability all of this in just a matter of minutes. a representative for k. kelly's ex-wife tells us she will not be in court, but we'll see if she shows up. >> dana: hillary clinton making a bold claim about the 2020 election only to be called out by "the washington post." plus democrats ramping up their investigate eights of president trump. we'll hear from one of the
11:27 am
recipients and how he's vowing to fight back. first shawn spicer. >> what the democrats have started to realize, from all the tea leaves we've seen, while some people did some bad things, there were people that clearly interfered with the last election, that there was no collusion.
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>> dana: president trump is in the oval office with the american hostage who was recently freed after 18 months of captivity in yemen. the president was asked a question about north korea. we have that for you now. >> and you're doing a fantastic job. thank you very much. thank you all very much. thank you. we're moving along. we're discussing that with lindsey and mitch. there's either going to be a deal or there's not going to be a deal. i think they're moving along nicely.
11:32 am
>> -- by you building a missile launch site? >> it's too early to see. we'll see. we have to solve a problem. we have a very nasty problem. we have to solve a problem. the relationship is good. i would be very disappointed if that were happening. it's a very early report. we're the ones that put it out. i would be very very disappointed in chairman keupl. i don't think i will be, but we'll see what happens. it will ultimately get solved. thank you all very much. thank you, everybody. i'll have to see how the vote goes. see how the vote goes. >> dana: always hard to get the press out of the oval office. the president meeting with the american who was being held in yemen who was just released, but also taking his first questions on north korea. we were happy to bring that to you. how, jerry nadler, you'll know he's sending document requests to 81 people and entities, as
11:33 am
democrats are ramp lg up their investigations into president trump. my next guest is one of the recipients michael caputo was an adviser on the trump campaign. the committee is asking him for any documents related to contact between trump associates and russia. washington post obtained a may 2016 text exchange about a russian who was offering dirt on hillary clinton. joining me now is that gop strategist michael caputo. you've been going through this for quite a while. you said you have donors that have helped you deal with the huge legal bill since this all began. >> yeah. if it aren't for go fund me, i don't know where my family would be. we're well over 200,000 in legal fees. that's not money i can put on the table. if you don't have proper representation, even as a witness, you get yourself caught up in this jack pot and you may not find yourself out again, you know. with the mueller investigation report coming out with a report. my wife and i, my children, we
11:34 am
thought after having our lives on pause for two years, that we might be able to hit play again. but now with chairman nadler's fishing expedition, it's all starting back up. >> dana: right now it's just a request. not a subpoena, not a demand. there's no legal backing behind it. because you have said you maintained your innocence. you said i have already gone through this. would there be any benefit to turning that over to them and saying, this is all i have? >> well, if you look at the request for documents of all 81 of those people, mine was probably the shortest. it was only three short paragraphs. we've already responded. my attorney, who was new york state attorney general, dennis vonko. he knows this stuff backwards and forward. he told the chairman we have no documents that would be responsive to the request for document production. and also, i mean, he also gotten into a conversation with a member of the staff of the committee who asked dennis if,
11:35 am
in fact, hi would produce me as a witness for an interview with the committee, which dennis was surprised by that. not only because i have already testified twice before congress on this, and also in front of the mueller investigation. they wanted me again to answer the same questions a fourth time. also, i'm probably the most marginal person on that list, with only three short questions asking for documents. if they're asking me about volunteer to interview, they're going to ask everybody, dana. that's 81 people, including the department of justice. >> dana: do you think that -- i know you're not going to cooperate, or you don't intend to at this time. are there others that won't? is that being coordinated by anyone? >> no. i know "washington post" initially reported that we were kind of coordinating together. we're not. we're just talking. we're all kind of palms up about this. all of us know this is a perjury trap. they're trying to set the stage for impeachment of the president of the united states. i don't know if i'm willing to step up and be part of their
11:36 am
game. i have done this now, this will be the fourth time, dana. why don't they just go get my testimony from one of the other house committees or the senate committee? this is getting ridiculous. >> dana: that would sound more efficient indeed. i'm sorry i have got to run. michael caputo, thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: joining me for more on this is georgia congressman doug collins. ranking member of the judiciary committee. when these 81 letters went out, what was your thought? >> it was exactly what we've been saying since the new congress began. they start with chairman nadler starts with a hypothesis. we don't like the president. now we find our own facts. that's all this is, dana. this is one of the most blatant power grab attempts and abuses of a committee whose jurisdiction is so broad and so vast. we're focused on stuff that, as michael said, he's already testified. go read. maybe they're having trouble reading. i can get them hooked on phonics. they don't need to do that.
11:37 am
they need to focus on what they're doing. this is a fishing expedition that's all it is. >> dana: david axelrod, a senior adviser for president obama, he tweeted this. maybe i'm missing something, but the hazard of an omni bows document demand versus discrete serial one is that however legitimate the areas of inquiry, the wide changing rnature of it is widely playing into the witch hundred hunt meme. >> this is concerning. this is so blatant that you're seeing it. when you don't have a plan, you don't have a vision for the country. you have an economy that's doing well. you have job levels are high, unemployment's low. when you have all these things out there and you're still so disoriented over 2016 and you have a chairman fighting off his left. >> dana: do you think that's this is where this is coming from? do you think chairman nadler is
11:38 am
getting pressure from the left saying we're going to demand that you do something? >> i think he's feeling a lot of pressure. we see that when he has town halls in his district talking about impeachment. it's impeachment with no facts. the chairman said, i know he committed obstruction and then in the same sentence says, well, we don't have enough evidence to bring it. look, it goes back to old things up here on the hill called presenting evidence. mr. mccarthy said it or tried that saying, i have all this information, but i can't show it to you. >> dana: i don't mean to use this time to have you agree with democrats, but i want to have you read one other tweet. this is from greg hail. he says, don't do it, please. please don't impeach him. it won't help us win in 2020. he deserves it. i believe that. but what's the best long term play for the country? his day will come and it won't be pretty, but unless republicans join the fight, it's not worth the risk. do you hear anything off camera where senior democrats are
11:39 am
saying, we realize this could back fire on us? >> yes. some of our democrats who don't always run to the podiums and try to talk about impeachment are saying this is a strategy. some of them amazingly ran on a platform. they ran on infrastructure and things they would like to see get done, but their party has been hijacked by the peach trump forces. what are you impeaching him for? doing a good job. doing what is right? they're getting desperate because mueller's getting close to being finished. they don't see any evidence that he's going to say collusion or whatever they started with is what he's going to find, so they're desperate to find it. 30 of the 81 letters had to do with russia. when you understand that, you're seeing they're going to russia which they said, we don't want to get involved with because we want to protect mueller. all they've done is attack him. >> dana: this was out today. an monmoth university poll. during the hearing last week when the republicans had a chance to question michael cohen, they asked the question, what were republicans most
11:40 am
interested in getting at the truth, 22%, or defending trump, 48%. republicans have a challenge here messaging wise as you go into these hearings. the chairman's not going to stop calling them. you're not gonna stop showing up. how can republicans do a better job convincing people that they also want the truth? >> when you go to these hearings you ask the questions, you listen to the answers. part of the reason some of these polls are out there is because every media outlet in the world is where they're going out taking the assumption the democrats were right to start with. the problem is, the democrats are not right. they're trying to find their reason. what we're finding is we just need to go in and say, look, you have a liar going to jail trying to redeem himself. if that's what he wants to do, fine. the reality is he perjured himself last week. what is the constitutional role of oversight in congress? right now they are so stretching
11:41 am
the edge of what we should be doing. we gotta look at that. >> dana: i know they said the same about republicans when they're in the majority, but i'm glad to have you on today so you could give us your side. senator doug collins, thank you. swing state of florida, how's it looking for trump in 2020? public corruption case against aaron shotz. it's finally over. so what happened to the felony charges against him. >> i'm looking forward to having this weigh off my chest and not having it the first thing i think about every morning and the last thing i think about when i go to bed.
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>> i'm trace gallagher in for shep. rfpl kelly set to appear in court after an emotional interview where the r&b star denied charges of sexual abuse.
11:46 am
that's coming up on shepard smith reporting. >> dana: studies that have been done said somewhere between 40 and 80,000 people were turned away from the polls because of the color of their skin, because of their age, because of whatever excuse could be made up. to stop a fellow american citizen from voting. >> dana: washington post giving hillary clinton's four pinocchios for her claim blaming her loss on voter suppression in wisconsin. glad to have you on the show. wisconsin is in the final two states to get the democratic convention in 2020. i don't think that's that big of a deal, where you put your convention, necessarily. but we keep circling back to that issue. when she brought up voting rights, i wanted to ask you
11:47 am
about that. how real is that belief? and should republicans take that more seriously? >> look, pew research center did a study after the midterm elections to try to understand to what extent do voters feel like it's hard to vote? how many people are running into problems when they get to the polls, etc? what they found, for the most part, voters have a perfectly easy time voting. in fact, as someone who studies younger voters a lot, as i do, one of the things i find is in some ways young voters don't participate because they hear this rhetoric, that it is so hard to vote. they, therefore, decide to just stay home. in a weird way, voter suppression, by talking about it so much, as if it is widespread and incredibly difficult for everyone to vote, winds up deterring people from participating what is, by and large, for a vast majority of americans is simple and straight forward process. >> dana: there is a strain of thought, i guess, on the left. i hear it come up over and over
11:48 am
again. doesn't seem to penetrate the mainstream. they just say there's voter suppression. should republicans do something to counter that? >> i think so, because i think we want to make sure that people believe that our elections are valid. we don't just want them to believe it. we want our elections to be valid. it's important that anyone eligible to vote be able to do so. when it comes to voter i.d. where large population of americans support you have to show identification, if republicans want to pursue those policies they have to make sure it's easy to get an i.d. there's not necessary costs associated with it so when the left complains, you say, we tried to make it as easy as possible to make sure we don't want any eligible voters to be turned away from the polls. we just want elections to be free and fair. >> dana: another big state everyone will talk about is florida. last week larry sabato said
11:49 am
florida is right leaning for 2020. not necessarily a tossup. he would put it in the category of right leaning. then we saw this poll today. left leaning firm. they say that only 40% of floridians want trump re-elected, including 29% of independents. they also go on to say of the democrats, who do you like in florida? and 26% say biden, 11% sanders, 9% harris, warren down at 4% and the rest, they're just undecided. how much stock do you put in a poll like this? >> well, it's important to think about the way that question is asked. do you believe that the president deserves reelection or would you prefer someone else, or pairing president trump against what we call a generic democrat? when you add a name to that mix, suddenly generic democrat takes on all of the plus sides and downsides of that individual. so there may be some folks who think, eh, maybe i'm not a huge fan of the president, but gosh, if democrats put up someone that's far to the left, i might
11:50 am
go vote for him anyway, even if i'm not sure he deserves re-election. i want to stop the democrats from getting into power. the generic democrat questions, too close to tell. bear in mind, florida was one of the states where the blue wave from the last midterms didn't really hit. you had republicans take a senate seat from bill nelson, with rick scott winning. you had republicans hang on to the governor's mansion. had ron disantis defeating gillum. florida is one of the states trump sort of won in 2016. i'm sure he would prefer not to have to spend a large amount of time there. florida is one of the ones i would be less concerned about if i was president trump. >> dana: i'm sure that's welcome news to them. your firm, you talked to voters. 2020 prospects, what place represent the rest of america the best? tell me who you saw at number one. >> sure. so we took a look at every
11:51 am
county in the united states and how demographically representative it is of america. does it look like america? and then we looked at where all of the democratic presidential contenders are from. number one was the mayor of south bend, indiana. found that where he comes from in south bend, that is the place that looks the most like your average american town, which i think considering most democrats, most voters have never heard of him, gives him an interesting advantage in that race. he can say, i get the average american. statistically that's the place that looks the most. >> dana: the places that look the least like the rest of america, here in new york city and san francisco. there you have it. >> that's interesting. >> dana: thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: special k used to be taken as a party drug. now the fda is approving it to treat a major problem in the u.s. we're gonna tell you about that. plus a teenager saving up for two years to get his friend a
11:52 am
special gift. the smile he got in return is priceless. >> i did not know he was saving it up. it's been my dream to have one of these. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. call 1-833-844-6702 i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners who need cash. with home values rising all across the country, now's the time to use your valuable va home loan benefit. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by 600 dollars a month. and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash,
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>> dana: now the daily three. the partnership is on for mario and the restaurantuers. he will no longer profit from the restaurants. and charges dropped around aaron shock. he resigned over the misconduct allegations. he will have to pay irs fines. and dollar tree is closing nearly 400 family dollar stores this year. the company has more than 15,000 stores in 48 states. the fda improving an existing drug as a fast-acting treatment for depression. it comes in the form of a nasal spray.
11:57 am
doug mckelway has the story from washington. i read this this morning. obviously exciting. also very unusual. >> yeah, what makes it so unusual are a couple things. it's the only real new anti-depressant medication that is available since the prozac class of anti-depressants were introduced. it acts through a nasal inhaler. it has profound benefits. >> i'm a huge believer in this drug, especially for psychiatrists through a suicidal patient. quick turn around. >> the drug is derived from ketamine, which was used as an aesthetic for surgery. ketamine was used as a special drug in the 90s for its pleasant out of body experience. because of that, the brand name sprovato will be given in lower
11:58 am
doses and used by accredited physicians that must monitor their patient for two hours after they inhaled the spray. patients will be monitored over the long-term. the name and experiences logged in a registry. it won't be cheap. discounts and rebates, it will be $800 and $900 per regimen. >> dana: is there concern about abuse? >> yes. hence the close monitoring of patients and the decision to provide it only in a doctor's office. this is promising. it's designed for patients that found no relief from two other forms of anti-depressants. it's believe there's seven million people that fit that category. it can turn around a suicidal patient instantaneously provides tremendous hope. >> dana: thanks, doug. so the feds stepping in when it comes to the controversial police shooting of an unarmed
11:59 am
black man in sacramento. the state declined to charge the officers who say they fired on stephon clarke after he reached for a cell phone. a heart warming story of friendship. a teen wanting to make life easier for his class and friends. tanner saving up enough to surprise brandon with an electric wheelchair. watch this. >> my arms will get really tired. >> he's been a good friend. i wanted to do him a favor. i felt like i needed to do it. i wanted to. >> the good news, tanner says it was worth it to see his friend smile. a lovely story indeed. thanks nor being with us on this wednesday. coming up later on "the five", it's wild card wednesday. i love that day. you never know what we'll get to on that show. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm dana perino. here's trace gallagher in for
12:00 pm
shep. >> trace: we're live in chicago where r. kelly is about to face a judge after his emotional outburst on tv. the singer charged with sexually abusing underage girls says he's been assassinated. the feds approve a medication linked to a party drug to treat depression. we'll talk to a doctor who says there are dangers, but this could be part of a psychedelic trend. and the guy that says taco bell saved his life when he was trapped in his car for days won't have to buy a taco for a long time. i'm trace gallagher in for shep. the news starts now. we begin with breaking


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