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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 6, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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days. >> i just think it is a wonderful story of friendship. >> we need more of that in this world. crazy news. >> we do. i'm just being a jerk. set your dvr and never miss a episode of my special report up next, >> bret: the a national emergency declaration, new illegal immigration number says proves the crisis is getting much worse. house democrats struggle with anti-semitism legislation has controversial muslim lawmaker stands defiant. one major european common a program to guarantee basic income for the people work or not. we will bring you they are, this "special report." ♪ good evening comeau i'm bret baier, and national wednesday by the way as several republican senators abandoned the president over national emergency declaration of the border. the administration is unleashing
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a flood of statistics aimed at proving its case that the crisis not only exists, but it's getting exponentially worse. we talked to john roberts at the white house and what the president is saying and doing on this issue and political fallout from this boat. we began on capitol hill with correspondent mike emanuel front and center on that hill. >> customs and border protection's agent saved the southern border is unsustainable and there is a major need for legislation. a message delivered loud and clear today on capitol hill. >> this is not a manufactured crisis. this is truly an emergency. >> homeland security secretary kristen nielsen a day after customs and border protection called the situation at the southern border at a breaking point. more than 76,000 migrants illegally crossed in february, an 11 year high. more than 300% increase in the family units apprehended compared to the same time. last fiscal year. 70 large groups of 100 or more
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people so far this year totaling 12,069 people compared to 13 groups in 2018 and only two and 2017. the secretary of homeland security i can no longer assure you who is coming into this country. that is a direct national security threat. >> time and again secretary neil back president trump to go around congress and build a border wall. >> have you advised the president on his emergency declaration? >> what i have done is given him all the facts from the men and women working at the border. >> one plastic nielsen as uninformed after nielsen said ay migrant seeking asylum would not be turned away. >> either you are in line with this committee or you don't know what's happening at the border. migrants with a context about the amount of deadly 1010 tenant being stopped at the border. >> i overall interdicted and of to kill an american twice over.
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substantial amounts of fentanyl. >> enough to kill every single american. >> twice. >> amazing. >> lindsey graham try to drill down with the custom and border protection commissioner. >> it is barriers where barriers make sense, that would help. >> if we change the laws that create this problem, that would help most of all. >> directly. >> doing nothing is not working. do you agree with that? >> yes. >> how the trump administration is processing those seeking asylum and whether illegal immigrant parents were deported without their children. acting inspector general john b kelley said the department of homeland security was not fully prepared for the administration zero-tolerance policy. the house homeland security chairman applauded the move. >> i'm not surprised that people looking at it as if what i'm hearing today doesn't give me any confidence at all. >> also today chuck grassley and
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dianne feinstein asked the health and human services inspector general to investigate allegations of sexual abuse of unaccompanied minors, bret. >> bret: mike, thanks. president trump to rally senate republicans to his cause to prevent more defections over the national emergency declaration. chief white house correspondent john roberts has that story from the north lawn, good evening john. >> john: good evening to you and the factors on the republican side of the aisle support the president strongly on border security. but when it comes to the white house trying to circumvent that congressional operations process, allies quickly become opponents. >> the senate vote is unexpected for another eight days, but the white house is putting the hard sell on republicans. a vote against the president's emergency declaration is a vote against border security. a vote against the president's emergency declaration is a vote to deny the real humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. >> john: if a vote were held today the president would likely
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lose. for republicans, murkowski and tylan will vote to block the emergency. another form alexander, rodney, gardner and lee might join with them. rand paul says they could ultimately get ten or more. the reason for speaking out now, we all need to think this through before we get too far down the road. >> john: while democrats oppose the idea of building a wall, the senate minority leader insists this is about constitutional principle, not barriers. >> the founding fathers exquisite balance of power is now being attempted to be undone by the president trump. members of both parties should come together and say no. >> john: the white house has already said if build the block the emergency declaration lands on the president's desk, he will veto it. he gets full support on that front from louisiana republican senator john kennedy. >> i'm going to support the
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president using the national emergency, was not my preferred option but is not exercising power congress has not given him. >> john: congregants -- congress would need two-thirds majority and in the senate 67 v. south carolina senator lindsey graham says the vote override just or not they are. >> the president has one and when he goes to court he will win because the court will say congress did act. they couldn't override his veto so i feel good about what he's doing legally. >> john: the white house insist the crisis isn't real and getting worse. pointing to an explosion of cross-border apprehensions this year. >> 76,000 illegal individuals came across the border just last month alone. that would fill metlife stadium. that is a massive number of people coming across the border. if that doesn't define crisis, i don't know what does. >> john: where the voters shaping up the house and the senate will pass the measure to
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block the president's emergency declaration. the only question seems to be at this point, how many republicans will defect to the other side and will it be enough to potentially override the president's veto? that happens, bret, that will be a huge loss for him big time. >> bret: john roberts on the north lawn john, thanks. house democrats running into more trouble than anticipated passing a resolution to condemn anti-semitic behavior of what has become one of their most troublesome new members. peter doocy tells us where things stand tonight. >> as democratic leaders are struggling to answer questions of anti-semitism within their ranks democratic congresswoman ilhan omar struggling to answer questions about her beliefs. >> congressman omar, there is confusion among colleagues. are you anti-semitic? >> one of omar's colleagues was more eager to answer questions. >> you have some members who you either repeatedly or
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individually continue to use anti-semitic tropes and i will give them the benefit of the doubt and say it, knowing, then apparently we need resolution on the floor. >> peter: a plan to vote was pushed and might not happen this week. >> we want to take a look at it they anti-muslim language, the antiracism, you know, in general. >> peter: democrats at those things to a new illusion -- solution, or morris anti-semitic rhetoric. >> support for israel is not about revenge ends, but it's about the hearts and minds of the american people. >> peter: the president applied pressure on twitter posting "it is shameful house democrats won't take a stand against anti-semitism and conference." but some believe the president is the problem. >> there is not a rise of anti-semitism in the house of representatives but to a rise of anti-semitic behavior and activity and violence in the
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country. >> speaker pelosi might be powerless because omar is being defended by alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> unfortunately you have a growing element within the democratic party that when aoc said she is the boss, this is just another example. she actually seems to be the boss. >> it should be easy for us to stand united, bipartisan basis, condemning anti-semitism. >> peter: will all democrats in a rewritten resolution? that is the next question. >> bret: congressman, would you support the resolution condemning all forms of bigotry? >> after all this ilhan omar might not be named in the resolution inspired by things she said because some democratic lawmakers are now coming forward to say they think her safety could be threatened if she is specifically scolded. bret. >> bret: peter, what is the latest on fcc with ocasio-cortez
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and chief of staff? >> peter: bretz, there hasn't been a fine or any firings and there has not been a comment by the fec here they say they will not comment until the complaints have been resolved which means there hasn't been a resolution to this complaint filed by a conservative group that alexandria ocasio-cortez is chief of staff may have been properly moved almost $900,000 from one account that requires a lot of transparency to another kind of account that does not. that made political donations and political spending tougher to track. bret. >> bret: eat either happen or it didn't, peter thank you. reject a request from fox news to moderate one of the democratic presidential debates. party chairman tom perez citing a story in the new york magazine referencing this channel's relationship with president trump. the story alleges this channel has become a "propaganda vehicle for the president." perez said in his statement fox news "fox news to not host a fair and neutral debate for the
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candidates." fox news senior vice president and managing editor to her bill salmon, we hope the dnc will reconsider consider bret baier and martha maccallum who embody the ultimate journalistic integrity and professionalism from moderating democratic presidential debate. the best debate team in the business and they offer candidates an important opportunity to make their case to the largest tv news audience in america which includes many persuadable voters. the u.s. trade deficit jumped to nearly 19% in december. the congress department says that push the trade imbalance for all of 2018 to a decade-long high of $621 billion. the gap with china widened to an all-time record of $419.2 billion. coming up shortly come i will talk about the state of the u.s. economy with fedex chairman and ceo fred smith. stocks were all for the third day in a row today and that dow jones lost 123 and
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s&p 50018, the nasdaq fell 70. it appears denuclearization after north korea may not be going the right direction tonight. not long after the vietnam summit ended without an agreement, we are now learning the congress -- the regime rebuilding rocket facility it dismantled last year. senior foreign affairs, shows us the evidence tonight. >> a new threat from north korea just days since failed summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un according to officials and experts, satellite photography indicates rapid rebuilding of north satellite launching station around the time of the meeting. including construction for long-range rockets and test ad for engines for icbm capable of hitting the u.s. >> i would be very disappointed if that were happening. it is a early report and we were the ones that put it out. but i would be very, very disappointed. >> after the first summit in
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june, partially dismantled the site and september meeting with president kim jong un promised to take down the whole facility if they were satisfied with u.s. concessions. start the rebuilding eager to tell tear down if ready to get ready for a launch of hanoi fails. >> continuing to maintain and improve his weapons capability. >> the u.n. said food production and north korea was the lowest last year and a decade. 11 million people are under nourished and according to south korean officials, the north economy shrink last year by 5%. no wonder kim jong un once the u.s. to lift sanctions and while the trump administration could add more, if the nor -- north does not do nuke. >> if they are not willing to do it president trump is clear they will not get relief from crushing economic sanctions imposed on them and look at ramping those sanctions up in fact. >> president trump out of this about north korea. it is a nasty problem they are, but the relationship is good.
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and, >> bret. >> bret: a social experiment underway in italy that involves an idea that has become an issue in america as well. a guaranteed basic income even for people who refuse to work. senior foreign affairs amy kellogg shows us what is happening tonight from the lawn. >> amy: campaign promise made by the populist government that has been taking shape amid a controversy over the last few months. a basic minimum income of $882 a month for each individual without a job or making less than $882 a month. today residents of italy were finally allowed to apply for the handout, but it is not too meant to be open-ended welfare and a team of navigators to seek work for navigators. not everyone convinced like this labor lawyer. >> my main concern is about the fact that it could be a
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disincentive for the people to serve for a new job because the fact that you receive it and quite significant amount of money. >> amy: job offers rejected twice, third time you are kicked off the program. >> we must not expect to many different goals to be achieved by this measure. the priority of this measure is to give a income and dignified standard to poor people. >> amy: the poverty level is rising currently and recession. the e.u. took issue over spending habits and some say the program isn't worse but estimated annual $8 million price tag and worry it won't create jobs other than the army of navigators. some estimate that more than 20% of italy's economy is illegal, and there is concern that those working off of the books might try to take advantage of the scheme that the government is warning anyone caught doing that will face have now met six years in jail. >> bret: amy thinks. a disturbing revelation u.s.
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senator what happened to her serving in the air force. first, fox affiliates around the country have covered fox8 in cleveland with the general motors assembly plant near youngstown. the youngstown facility closed after 50 years producing cars and other vehicles. nearly 1700 hourly positions will be eliminated. fox 1 11 in los angeles jeffrey- jeopardy host, alex drabek advanced pancreatic cancer but he says he will beat it becauses under contract to host the show for three more years. drabek made that announcement on a video today. this is a life look at chicago from fox 32, one of the big stories they are tonight former illinois republican aaron schock has agreed to repay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and donations from campaign committees in exchange for prosecutors dismissing felony corruption case. he resigned from congress 2015 scrutiny of his pending including redecorating his office in the style of the
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kelly taken into custody at a hearing over unpaid child support. the spokesperson said he will not be released until he pays $161,000 he owes, this comes after kelly denies in a cbs interview that he sexually abused women. kelly is facing charges of assaulting four females including three underage girls. kelly cried during the interview, and later turned very emotional when asked about the allegations he held women against their will. >> how stupid. r. kelly with all i've been through in my way, way past to hold somebody, let alone four, five, six, 50 you said. how stupid what i baited do that? i didn't say you held -- >> that is stupid, guys, is this camera on me? that is stupid. >> bret: kelly said people are accusing him and are after his money. a federal judge said trump
3:22 pm
administration to add citizenship question to the 2020 u.s. census threatens that foundation of democratic system. the judge rolled violates the constitutional requirement that the census count everyone in the country. he says evidence shows the question would result in significant undercount of noncitizens and latinos. no comment so far from the justice department. the supreme court will hear arguments on the census question in april and will issue a ruling this summer. a startling revelation from one of the u.s. senate's newest members. arizona republican senator martha mcsally said she was serving in the u.s. air force, national security correspondence has details tonight from the pentagon, good evening jennifer. >> at the hearing took a shocking stern when martha mcsally served on the air force more than 25 years. the first female pilot to fly in combat made her own confession. >> like you come i am also a military sexual assault survivor.
3:23 pm
but unlike so many brave survivors, i didn't report being sexually assaulted. like so many women and men come i didn't trust the system at the time. i blame myself. i was ashamed and confused, and i thought i was strong, but i felt perilous. powerless. the perpetrators abuse their power in profound ways. and in one case, i was preyed upon and then raped by his superior officer. >> she was speaking on sexual assault and prevention. >> like many victims come i felt the system was rating me all over again. but i didn't quit. i decided to stay and continue to serve and fight and lead to be a voice from within the ranks for women and then in the house and now in the senate. >> jennifer: a pentagon report last year found 6700 dod
3:24 pm
reporters reported being sexually assaulted the highest number in a decade. a recent survey of the service academies found unwanted contact jumped by nearly 15%. the air force issued the following statement "the criminal actions reported today by the senator mcsallly violates every part of what it means to be an airman. we are appalled and deeply sorry for what senator mcsallly experienced and we stand behind her and all victims of sexual assault." this comes weeks after iowa's senator joni ernst an army veteran went public with her own story about being by a former boyfriend in college. bret. >> bret: the pentagon, jennifer thanks, next up the u.s. economy, where it is and where artificial intelligence may take it. we will talk to the top ceos in the world. first, beyond the borders to mike moran's president said there was no chance of negotiations or compromise with the u.s. and allegedly because washington is seeking to topple the government in tehran
3:25 pm
and the u.s. wants iran to go back to the way it was before the 1979 islamic resolution. the state department says it is aware and deeply concerned about the detention of american freelance journalist in venezuela. in miami, reporter cody and his assistant were placed in custody and when his home was raided by the police. the former chairman of nissan motor company left the detention center after $8.9 million bail. he wore a mask, cap and what look like construction workers outfit. he is charged with falsifying financial records and breach of trust. he was arrested in november. just some of the other stories beyond the borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ your move-in-day...feast. your bold canine caper. [child] that's not for you, bandit! your dinner in the dark. your mammoth masterpiece.
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3:30 pm
dean kamen modern-day thomas edison of our time. it is quite a device that can take something from the store, order it, at your house in 15 minutes. for a very, very low cost. >> bret: you are starting to testing at that now? >> fred: we are in the reason we had to bring it out in the public, it will be tested on the streets so we didn't want anybody to be started by a fedex robot going down the street. we will begin testing on it in a few months. >> bret: how will that change your business? >> fred: you know, bret, not the mainstream of our business. we move 14.5 million shipments a day worldwide. >> bret: $14.5 million a day. >> fred: a day. this is sort of a new market, the same business, we have a same-day business that connects business to business. but we are not in the same day business to consumer. that is what this device is designed to serve. >> bret: you know, i talked to you now six years ago.
3:31 pm
and i asked you about the state of the u.s. economy. a lot of people look to you because you kind of have a forecast ahead of when it's happening. you get a feel for how things are. take a listen. this is what you said needed to happen to the economy back in 2013. >> fred: i think the most important thing the united states can do to stimulate the economy is number one, continued to promote production of u.s. energy. second, we need to reform our corporate tax code. it is unfair. it is not productive. most importantly, it dissuade's capital investment. >> bret: your thoughts now six years later. >> fred: well, as you have watched at a front row seat, we are now approaching energy independence in terms of petroleum. the tax code has been changed, and corporate investment has predicted has gone up
3:32 pm
significantly. so those have been very positive elements and among the key reasons that we are actually growing as an economy today. >> bret: where do you see the economy, looking forward to? >> fred: the u.s. economy is pretty strong. the worldwide economy not so much. we announced in december that we had seen slowing economic growth in europe. at the time, a lot of people didn't really buy into that. but subsequent to that come almost every week is another announcement, germany slowing, brexit creating a problem now because of the trade tensions among other reasons. china is slowing. so the u.s. economy is strong. worldwide economy not as strong as we would like to see it. >> bret: as we talk about the bought, there's a lot of concern about ai i artificial intelligence and jobs for americans but how do you look at that? >> fred: i'm on the optimistic side, you know, thinking back 80
3:33 pm
years, the premier airplane in the sky and the first airplane could make money on its own. d.c. three could carry 30 people. 1500 miles. it could fly about 150 miles an hour. next week boeing will rollout the triple sun 9, 600 miles an hour and carries 420 people and there are two copilots that comply 7,500 miles. most of the time, the plane is flown by a robot. on auto pilot. so productivity is important. >> bret: we have a chart come i think to reference about labor force from 1840-2010. what do you see on the charge? >> fred: if you were having this conversation a hundred years ago, you would be very concerned if you were and an economist looking at the employment in agriculture sector. >> bret: the redline here. >> fred: the red line at 35% of people worked on a farm but today less than 1.5% of the
3:34 pm
working people in the united states who work on a farm and produce more food than we know what to do with. the yellow line, of course, what you do with the service business or what i do. so all of the things invented between 19 and today have led to this increased employment and i think ai, robotics doing exactly the same thing. it doesn't mean it is a good thing. it is your job, automated, like the farm equipment that displays the people that worked in the fields, but for the economy as a whole, i don't think we have anything to worry about that is not going to be anything for people to do in a few years because of robotics and the ai. >> bret: the jobs may be different but they will be there. last thing and i don't want to go too deep into politics but this 2020 rollout, you hear the green new deal, about big spending packages, when you look at that landscape, what do you think? >> fred: they were only two kinds of economies and everybody makes is complicated but it's
3:35 pm
not. there is market-driven and government directed to. there is no example of a successful government directed economy, none. you can see it play out in venezuela as we speak. you look at the history of chinese communism before they went into a market driven economy. so they became one of the most prosperous countries in the world from just going from government directed to market driven. so i think that a lot of the rhetoric on the left will prove to not be very acceptable to the american public and certainly, history is now on on their side to have that as a successful political philosophy. >> bret: you do $71 billion? >> fred: in our fiscal year that ends may 31st, we will be someplace between 70 and $71 billion in total -- total revenue. >> bret: and the u.s. economy? >> fred: the u.s. economy is
3:36 pm
in good shape and growing. i think the trade issue needs to be resolved in order to get the global economy growing again. billions of customers that are not in north america, so we need to get back to doing business for them. >> bret: fred, we appreciate your time. >> fred: i'm glad to be here. they will be here soon, government statistics may back up the president's ruling there is a national emergency at the southern border. we will find out what the panelists think when we come back. >> your income doesn't have to. see how lincoln can help ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed, at
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3:41 pm
>> this is not a manufactured crisis. this is truly an emergency. the secretary i can no longer assure you who is coming into the country. that is direct national security threat. >> make no mistake this chain of human misery is getting worse. >> bret: the homeland security on capitol hill today with a lot of staff. total southwest border apprehensions, if you look at 2019, february 76103. you look back at the where that stands, the south order apprehensions, 2019 so far 136,000. there is 2018 total for the year, 107,000. it is obviously just march. what -- charles hurt the editor for "the washington times," mario eliasson, public radio and jonah goldberg sr. national review. all basically come with the stats are telling. "the new york times" on the
3:42 pm
front page piece saying this, in fact, essentially a crisis in the headline. >> charles: and the numbers are dizzying because so many ways of measuring it. the one thing, everyone can agree upon, we do not have operational control of the border. you have the cartels that are so in charge of the border. the human smuggling cartels are the same people that smuggle drugs. across the border. and they are our stories that we heard over the last couple of days where the cartels will actually send a group of people that they are smuggling across the border in order to divert attention away from other areas of the border so they can send the drugs, the more valuable drugs across in other places and get the drug safely to the country. it is pretty terrifying. the idea we are sitting here in washington arguing about whether this is a crisis or an emergency is, i think, pretty mind-boggling to regular
3:43 pm
americans who are watching this. and you know, they don't particularly, aren't necessarily opposed to illegal immigration, but they think, gee, this is a real problem. >> bret: there are a number of points that are eye-opening on -- eye openers in this hearing, the number of drugs coming over. >> mara: eyes, you know, overall and are addicted enough internal last year to care kill every american twice over. >> bret: and up to kill every single american question marks >> mara: twice. we are not sitting here in washington to debate over whether to call it a crisis or emergency. the debate is whether the president should be allowed to declare a national emergency a term of law so that he can build a wall. we went to some democrats that there is no crisis. >> that is a separate argument to say whether it's not a crisis or not. the border, the crisis border spiked an apprehension of drugs
3:44 pm
have spiked but what is the remedy? had congress had a big debate and passed a funding bill that included a lot of things, more detention beds, more this and that but didn't give the president one thing he wanted witches money for a wall and he declared a national emergency so he can spend unobligated funds on a wall. that is what we are arguing about. >> bret: do these numbers as this hearing change, do you think the calculations for republicans if you say this will bleed them to may be a democratic president who wants to say national emergency do this. >> charles: i don't think so. these numbers don't change anyone's minds on capitol hill i don't think. i kind of disagree with both of my call colleagues and i think part of the problem we are arguing about a crisis and as you pointed out "new york times" said there is a crisis at the border but humanitarian crisis. a huge humanitarian crisis because the nature of the kind of people trying to come across the border has changed over the
3:45 pm
last ten years and the families instead of single able-bodied mexican men looking for work. yeah, i agree there are a lot of things gary about drugs, but that is the problem. the trump administration case why it is a crisis is sort of factually challenged. he wants to say it is basically an invasion of drug dealing henchmen straight out of chuck norris movie when in reality it is a bunch of babies and kids and whatnot and taking advantage of the chaos and so we can agree? we are asking for asylum which a wall would not stop. >> jonah: people talking past each other defining crisis differently. >> bret: it is important to remember and i agree it is humanitarian crisis, but the way you fix humanitarian crisis is you fix the flow. you stop the flow. and democrats are absolutely come if you listen to these people running for nomination, they do not believe that that is a problem. >> mara: the wall would not stop funding to illegal port of entry and turning themselves
3:46 pm
over as they are doing. >> jonah: just because the wall isn't the only answer doesn't mean it can be part of the answer and part of all of the other successful efforts. and so do the wall and do other things and do the thing of changing fellow law so that you can actually detain families until you can turn them back. the one it's about boats. there are four republicans who say they will vote against this. >> mara: not enough. >> bret: not enough to veto by up to ten, i guess being talked about. but not enough, right? >> mara: and there won't be enough. there is a point about this exercise, it is going to be decided in the courts are not on capitol hill. >> bret: the message congress sends to the courts? >> charles: i think it does. because the law is sketchily written and in the court in the past, it goes to the intent of what congress wanted and the president wanted. >> bret: but if they wind up
3:47 pm
not able to overcome the veto, then congress will not let it go. what does that matter? although the most on record. next up white democrats having such trouble passing a resolution condemning anti-semitism. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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♪ >> bret: congresswoman omar, confusion among your colleagues. are you anti-semitic? >> what congresswoman omar said i thought was wrong and hurtful, but i also want to say that what happened linking all muslims to the terrorist attack was wrong and hurtful. and both should be condemned. >> in my opinion, i think you need to remove omar from the house committee. >> i don't think that would do anything except exacerbate the situation even more. i'm looking to get rid of anti-semitism, not looking to punish anybody. >> bret: this probably wasn't on the planning for this week for democrats to deal with and have a hard time passing. anti-semitism resolution. the president tweeting out, it is saint shameful democrats won't take a stand against anti-semitism and the conference. anti-semitism fueled throughout history and on conceivable they
3:52 pm
will not act to condemn. "the washington post" reporting and many people on twitter took issue with that tweet saying "i tried not to tweet the tweet so much anymore, but honestly literally 19 months ago that chanted will not replace us and then the president responded by saying people were on both sides." that is both sites on the twitter. back on the panel, democrats having a hard time getting their hands around this thing. >> mara: because democrats have a high standard when it comes to me too movement and anti-semitic remarks. and also driven absolutely bonkers when they feel the president does not get the same kind of criticism that they do. but the point is criticism is internal. it is one thing to criticize benjamin netanyahu government were his role as bad but another thing to say that people who support israel have an allegiance to a foreign government, which is age old trope. >> bret: proponents and
3:53 pm
republicans mainly are saying omar should not be on the foreign relations committee. foreign affairs committee. >> charles: obviously, painful to say, but she shouldn't be. and it is sort of a minor point, but i find it vexing. the black lives thing matter and all lives matter, the immediate response from all of these people, you are diminishing for specific complaints of this group and what they are talking about. the democrats now bending over backwards because they have to include anti-islamophobic language and you saw chuck schumer i didn't like them language about muslims either. they are doing the exact same thing they called racist when people did it about black lives matter. it shows you the democratic party, this is canary in the coal mine for the democratic party. this is a problem of colonization going for a well and they better figure out how to deal with it now. >> bret: opposition leader in
3:54 pm
london -- >> fred: nomex before who love the. >> bret: sarcastically, charles. >> charles: after creek one thing. donald trump said there is good people on both sides and both sides of the debate about whether or not to take down the least -- the lee statue which is not the same. >> bret: i got it. >> charles: but an important distinction. >> mara: which he could have made. >> charles: donald trump. >> mara: democrats, donald trump, which they should have a higher standard of. >> charles: but it is in a little bit like richmond watching democrats who very much have been, it's been very en vogue among them to play these identity politics to wind up with this. whether ilhan omar what she sang in her heart, i don't know. she sounds more dumb than anything else. >> bret: why couldn't you just
3:55 pm
say no? >> charles: exactly. >> bret: and then i will move on, i'm not sure. >> mara: she already apologized. this is not the first time she has had things like this. >> bret: panel, thanks. when we come back a shelter in a time of storm.
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
♪ >> bret: the light at the end of the tunnel. the daily tornado ripped through eastern alabama, the church served as a shelter from the storm welcoming thousands of people into his basement. this week it serves as a supply center. he says the church has received so many donations from the community that it no longer needs clothing and water. >> what you see behind you is a great, visible picture of people coming together from all over the community and surrounding area to pull together to make a difference in the lives of people who have been turned upside down. >> bret: that is great to
4:00 pm
stop. help with the recovery continues. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid on ash wednesday. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: it is indeed ash wednesday. tonight on "the story" and democrats do not seem to have the votes to condemn anti-semitism. they were seeking to denounce statements like this from elana omar. [applause] >> a country that says it is okay for people to push allegiance to a foreign country. >> martha: over the last couple of months she has written several tweets that have been written and as a medic. last one she tweeted the relationship is all about the benjamin's baby. in 2012 she tweeted, israel has hypnotized the world. they all we can the people and undo the evil doings of israel.