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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: i wish we could go on forever we can't. we are limited by the laws of physics. our hour is done back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. the show that the the show that's the enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and group think. sean hannity is live from new always. welcome to "hannity" tonight. we have multiple stories breaking at this hour. we begin with what has now become a serious, frequent, racist anti-semitic problem within the democratic party at a very high level and a real and clear fear and inability to address this problem and deal with it properly. it's no secret the democratic party has long been obsessed with identity politics. every two years, every four years republicans, anyone that opposes them, racist, sexist, islamaphobic. they want it.
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they are refusing to stand up to the bigots inside of their own ranks. it's the latest display of the cowardice at the highest level of what's become this radical, extremist socialist democratic party. house democratic leadership was embarrassed yet again by omar over yet another blatantly anti-semitic statement. this time referencing her colleagues and their alleged dual loyalty to israel. that historically has been used by other hateful anti-semites. congresswoman omar is completely and totally obsessed with hating our biggest ally in the middle east israel. once tweeting "israel has hypnotized the world, may allah awaken the people and see the
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evildoings of israel." that tweet is just the tip of the iceberg given her recent incendiary statements about jewish money controlling congress and other conspiracy theories about the evil jewish state. it's pretty obvious that congresswoman omar is an anti-semite. earlier today, they were forced to table, put aside, a new resolution condemning anti-semitism. they couldn't get the votes within their own ranks. think about this. the democratic party can't get enough votes to pass a resolution condemning hatred, discrimination against israel and jewish people. the democrats are now proposing what is a generic alternative bill that will condemn the hatred of jews and muslims without dare calling out the radical hatred of omar at all. today, our own peter ducey caught up with the congresswoman
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to see what she thought about the proposed resolution. take a look at this. >> reporter: it seems there's confusion among your colleagues. are you anti-semetic? can i quickly ask, would you support this resolution condemning anti-semitism? my only question. would you support the resolution condemning anti-semitism and other forms of bigotry? congresswoman, would you support the resolution condemning anti-semitism? congresswoman, would you support the resolution condemning all forms of bigotry? >> sean: her silence is deafening. now we have tonight 11 pro-israel groups calling for omar to be removed from the prestigious foreign affairs committee.
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as per usual, there's no rush to condemn anti-semitism on the left. instead of taking punitive action, speaker pelosi is making excuses for the congresswoman. pelosi is obviously afraid of taking this stand. why? because congresswoman ocasio-cortez is publicly supporting omar. she tweeted out "if we call resolutions on sexist statements, a good chunk of congress, well, would be gone. to jump to the nuclear option every time leaves no room for corrective action." so i ask everyone that we practice in calling in before calling out. so that means without a doubt house speaker pelosi is terrified of, yes, being overthrown by even more radicals within her own party. so tonight it's pretty safe to say that the real speaker of the house for the democrats is ocasio-cort ocasio-cortez, not nancy pelosi. she's calling the shots. and sadly, this kind of apathy about racism, bigotry inside the
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democratic party, it's nothing new. hannity history lesson. remember the democratic governor of virginia, the democratic attorney general embroiled in a black face scandal. a democratic from maryland forced to apologize for using the "n" word repeatedly. then one of the biggest anti-assembly miganti anti-semites in the country. she once applauded the genital hum mutilation. she blamed the "jewish media" over negative press. beloved by so many on the left. she even shared a stage with many prominent democrats including recently presidential contenders bernie sanders and kirsten gillibrand. she wouldn't say whether israel and the jewish people who live there have a right to even exist.
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let's take a look. >> do you believe the state of israel has a right to exist? >> we'll answer questions later after the press conference. i'll be happy to answer that. >> are you going to answer questions? do you believe the nation of israel has a right to exist? why are you blocking me, sir? what are you doing in front of me? linda -- does the nation of israel have a right to exist? >> we are currently -- >> she's ignoring me. why are you pushing me here? >> why are you here? why are you here? what do you care? you work for israel? how much do you get paid? >> sean: simple question. again, deafening silence. what, are they going to support iran? there's no surprise here after all because sarsour has associated with louis farrakhan who calls jews satanic and much worse. >> here the jews don't like
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farrakhan, so they call me hitler. well, that's a good name. hitler was a very great man. the jews are my enemy. farrakhan by god's grace has pulled the cover off! of that satanic jew. call me an anti-semite. stop it. i'm anti-termite. >> sean: as hannity's history lesson continues, prominent members of the democratic party actually associate with that bigot. tlaib even published an article. of course this photo that you see right there was kept out of the public eye by democratic members of congress and other obama supporters until after obama left office.
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how does that picture make all of the obama lovers feel tonight? and of course obama lovers ignored our reports at the time that obama worshipped at the church in g.d. america with anti-semitic teacher jeremiah wright. reverend wright blamed the jews for causing a rift in his relationship with the president. nearly every democrat who wants to run for president has got to go kiss the ring of the reverend al sharpton. it is a absolute necessity. by the way, that's the same al sharpton accused of inciting violence against jews? the 1990s. made statements like "if the jews want to get it on, tell them to pin the yamakahs back and come over to my house." that's your radical extreme and anti semitic democratic party.
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they could care less about one of the must vulnerable and oppressed minorities in modern history. we move along to a very important immigration report, an investigation with many new developments tonight. with democrats, politics comes above all else. the same reason their immigration policy can be boiled down to two words, hate trump. hating trump is more important than daca. more important than helping dreamers. it's the same woman congresswoman ocasio-cortez is this week calling her colleagues racist because they support immigration laws. when it comes to securing our southern border, the contrast between the president and those on the other side of the aisle is striking, as we will show you. as you can tell by probably only one of those strategies is based in reality, we'll get that up in a minute. now only president trump's agenda truly cares about the
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safety and security of everyone in this country. president wants to stop the drugs, cartels, and the gangs and the human trafficking. democrats, their friends in the media, they would rather use the crisis on our southern border to bash the president, all of course while putting their heads in the sand saying manufactured crisis over and over again. >> so this is really a manufactured crisis on many levels, manufactured by the trump administration. >> a wall is a colossal waste of money for a crisis that exist. >> do you believe there is a national security crisis on the border? >> no, i think there's a problem, not a crisis. >> i think trump must stop holding american people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis. >> this is a manufactured crisis. anyone making the argument is most likely guilty of fear mongering. >> even conservatives, there isn't a national security crisis. >> this artificial crisis of the president isn't going to justify his appropriating money for a
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wall. >> it's a manufactured crisis and a crisis manufactured by the trump administration. >> sean: now back to that tape that got corrupted. it popped out of the machine. anyway, this is the comparison. trump or the democrats, couldn't be more clear. take a look. >> its role and the way it is being administered and the work it is doing. we need to probably think about starting from scratch. >> immigration and customs enforcement, customs and border protection, i want to let you know that we love you, we support you, we will always have your back. i think you know that. >> the wall is an immorality. it's not who we are as a nation. >> wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards. >> sean: not a manufactured crisis. ever notice that democrats, they often live in gated communities, they often have armed guards, the very things they don't want
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us to have. we have cartels, gangs, 4,000 homicides committed by illegals in two years. in two years, 30,000 sexual assaults, in two years, 100,000 violent assaults. 90% of all the heroin in america comes across that border. the trafficking of young girls into a life of hell and misery and prostitution. where are all the self-proclaimed liberal compassion people. according to the department of homeland security, 1 million new illegal immigrants will cross that border by the end of this year. that sounds like a complete and utter breakdown of all law and order at the border. probably because they believe donald trump will build a wall. and so far, border patrol has apprehended nearly 300,000 individuals, which is a 97% increase over the previous year. and border patrol also recorded a 50% spike in the apprehensions of violent gang members.
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and get this. 20,000 children smuggled across the border during the month of december alone. many of which faced a horrible journey where rape, kidnapping and assault is prevalent. that's not a manufactured crisis. and while most illegal immigrants, i concede, maybe 98%, they come in search of a better life. they're not respecting our laws and sovereignty. if i am correct in saying just 2% of that million have bad intentions, that is a serious, sizable national security disaster. 2% out of 1 million? that would be 20,000 known criminals we would be allowing into the country. and meanwhile, the heroin, the fentanyl continue to pour across the southern border. it is wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of americans in small towns and big cities. so to all the weak republicans now in the senate, all you never-trumpers, all the democrats that used to support trump when obama was president on this issue, you know, that are challenging the president's
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emergency action in congress, your efforts are now meaningless. any vote to overturn the president's merge action, it will be vetoed. there will not be enough votes to override that veto. the president will keep his promise and continue to build the wall that he started. ultimately, the border emergency will be upheld in a court of law. why? legislatively, the president has the law on his side. 10 usc 284 clearly enables the executive branch to construct roads and fences to block drug trafficking and other smuggling operations. the president's top job if you recall constitutionally is that of commander in chief. he's committed to keeping that promise. let me add tonight, any of you in washington or any of you in any state, that takes no responsibility, no action to secure our southern border, now you know what is going on.
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and you are completely complicit in the thousands of violent assaults, murders, rapes, drug-related deaths, that will happen this year as a result of your open border policies. in orders you're aiding and abetting these crimes. you're letting them continue. that echoes for sanctuary states and cities. you, too, are complicit. you're aiding and abetting this criminal activity and violence against some american citizens. any state lawmaker, governor backs sanctuary policies, guess what. you bear part of the blame. we'll have a lot more on this with lindsay graham in a few minutes. first, we turn to a fake political storm that is brewing in washington as we turn tonight to hannity watch on the hate trump mob in washington. as we predicted, house democrats, they are waging a political war on any and all things trump through a seemingly never-ending series of absurd
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investigations. the widest net ever cast. among several key committees, as a matter of fact, up to eight. now that the two-year fantasy to impeach the president over russian collusion that has proven false and fallen by the wayside, rather than admitteding they were wrong, apologizing. no. no acknowledgement. just move onto the next conspiracy. the next lie. the next attempt to destroy a duly-elected president. put it simply. democrats are not unabarbsunaba reverting to mccarthyism. they are asking the question, are you or have you ever been a supporter of president trump. they hired legal analyst and known conspiracy theorist goldman to lead the witch hunt against the president inside the house intel committee. goldman was caught promoting what is now the debunked steele
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dossier and the fake conspiracy of michael cohen in prague. he was never there. even the author of the dirty dossier, christopher steele, he doesn't stand by his own dossier. there weren't two hookers peeing in donald trump's bed in the ritz carlton in moscow. now the u.s. attorney is encouraging every one of these witnesses, some 80 plus witnesses just to start, to go in and plead the fifth. why would anybody ever want to be a part of this circus and what is clearly a perjury trap hiring a lying conspiracy theorist schiff. even david axelrod gets it. they are now headed down a dangerous path and clearly abusing their power. axelrod warning, guess what, it looks like a witch hunt.
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bloomberg warning, this lunch leftward is not going to end well for the democrats. and democrats are now literally grasping at straws, unhinged, motivated by one thing, hating trump every second, minute, hour of every day, just like their friends in the media mob. trump/russia collusion a lie. based on a clinton bought and paid for russia lie document. how ironic. which is why the hate stream media, constantly they pivot. that story is not true. let's go to the next lie. that's go to the next conspiracy. now that they're over their russia collusion conspiracies. that's dead and buried. but they just move on like it never happened. journalism in america is dead and buried. so is the democratic party at the current moment. joining us now, south carolina senator lindsay graham is with us. let's start with -- >> wow. >> sean: -- let's start with a party that can't even make a
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simple condemnation of virulent racism and anti-semitism because they don't have the votes. >> well, they're afraid. they're afraid of the radical left. but this is going on all over the world, not just in the united states. the labor party in britain is becoming more anti-semitic by the day. israel's the bad guy, the palestinians are the oppressed. israel gets rockets fired in by hamas. they're afraid of getting their primary. they have to be there paying money to run against any democrat who won't vote for impeachment. they have the radical left threatening to have a revolt inside the democratic party if you stand up against anti-semitism because they hate israel so much. >> sean: you've been in the forefront trying to urge senate
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colleagues this is a national emergency. i gave the statistics. drugs, cartels, gangs, human trafficking, murder, rapes assaults. that's only a tiny percentage, but the numbers are real for americans. that's a crisis. >> well, what did we learn today? we had the border patrol commissioner and dhs secretary neilsen testify that family apprehensions have gone up 335%. unaccompanied minor apprehensions have gone up 55% compared to last year. if you're a family from central america and you can make it to the united states, you will never be deported. you can be only held for 20 days. we release you within the country. 2% of the unaccompanied minors who make it to america go back to their home country. our laws are broken and we need a barrier. a man dealing in sex trafficking, a law enforcement official, and he said that most children brought into america come across the open area of the border because the smugglers are
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afraid to go through the points of entry. 87% of the people apprehended coming here illegally from central america never go through a point of entry. we need barriers and we need to change our laws. >> sean: so the president -- the congress will -- the president will veto. congress doesn't have the votes to override the veto. conclusion, donald trump gets the money to build his wall or continue to build the wall that he's been building. >> trump wins. that's the conclusion here. let me remind your viewers that for every unaccompanied minor that comes to the united states, it causes us $375 a day to house these minors. they go through hell to get here. we're spending $136,000 per kid from the treasury. this is a crisis. $1.6 billion going to be spent. we're approaching 1 million illegal immigrants by the end of the year. our laws reward people for coming. we need to change our laws and we need to build a wall.
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trump is going to win in congress on the wall. and i'm going to pursue legal changes to make sure you can be held more than 20 days, that you're not going to be released into the country before you have an immigration hearing. if we don't stop that, they will always keep coming. >> sean: well said. all right, senator graham, some of your colleagues they need to grow a backbone or retire. not you, know. thank you so much. when we come back, newt gingrich weighs in on the controversy as it relates to congresswoman omar and the new radical widest ever cast phony investigation. what should happen next, straight ahead. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪
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is a country that says it's okay for people to punish for allegiance of to foreign country. >> sean: congresswoman omar caught on tape sugtding that jewish americans hold dual allegiance to the u.s. and israel. democrats don't have the vote to even use sense. joining us now, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. really the host of the new podcast. what does it mean about a democratic party that has a severe bigotry, racist and anti-semitic problem and can't get enough votes to condemn it? >> well, i think it tells you how strong the forces of the left are now. there's a deep anti-semitic,
6:28 pm
anti-israeli bias on the left. there are a lot of people on the left who would be very happy if israel disappeared tomorrow and who feel 100% on the side of hamas, even while it's firing rockets at israeli cities. so i think what we've seen over the last 30 years, a growth in the anti-semitic behavior on college campuses and a growing willingness by some democratic politicians to be very openly ant anti-semitic and anti-israel. the second thing is that a lot of the younger militant members, whether they're anti-israel or not, they are deeply opposed to nancy pelosi trying to exercise any discipline at all. >> sean: she's not the speaker anymore, clearly. >> she's clearly losing -- look, she is losing control of the house. they may be forced in a desperation move to change the house rules, to block
6:29 pm
republicans from offering anything which would, i think, lead to chaos. but she can't get her party to stay together. and if you're a moderate district, if you're in a district that trump carried or if you're in a district that's heavily jewish and you're watching the democrats go crazy and you are a democratic freshman running for reelection, this has to be a really decisive moment. >> sean: let me ask you this. so you come to power with the republicans for the first time in 40 years. you and bill clinton decided you wanted to do great things for the country, and you ended up doing it. i'm not a big fan of bill clinton, but you did balance the budget which we haven't done sense. a lot of welfare reform, so many big things. he even said the era is over, end of welfare as we know it. you guys found a way to govern even though you had opposing views. you see now the russia collusion
6:30 pm
narrative has collapsed. now they just move onto the next thing which is the widest net ever cast to basically look into any and all things trump rather than govern. how does that end? >> well, i think it's going to end very badly. let me be clear. this is not an investigation. this is an act of hate. these are people -- they're basically saying if you work for donald trump as a private citizen, we're going to try to destroy you. we're going to make you hire lawyers. we're going to make you go through public humiliation. these are normal everyday folks who are not in the political arena. they're going to get called in front of some of these committees in the most radical, vicious, nasty liberal democrats are going to feel they have a right to beat them up, humiliate them, lecture them. we're moving -- let's think
6:31 pm
about it. james tarantino wrote the hateful sex. he could have written the hateful 8 for the democratic chairman and written a movie out of it. we've never seen, at least not since the civil war, the kind of deliberate, vicious character assassination. not just -- not just at the president. president trump's a big guy. if they want to fight with him, he is fight back. they're going after everyday folks. >> sean: when adam schiff hires -- when the author of the steele dossier, christopher steele, doesn't support his own dossier, but adam schiff hires the only conspiracy theorist and person that does believe it, that tells you a lot. you know, when david axelrod says this is beginning to look like a witch hunt, this is like -- and mayor blood work berg says this lunch to the left is not going to end well. when people like that are saying things like that, if i was a
6:32 pm
democrat i might listen. i don't see any hope that they ever would. >> well, you don't know what's going to happen yet because the truth is, as all these candidates line up to run for president, i -- i don't think any of them want to get in a fight where the left is taking them on. so you see over 100 democrat house members have cosponsored a bill that eliminates any private sector insurance. that's a 15% position. you're going to see a democratic party unacceptable to most americans. >> sean: no cows, no planes, no cars, no combustion engines. everything's free and we're going to confiscate all your money. great idea. >> and no children. remember? >> sean: you got to think twice about having any kids and the world's ending in 12 years. speaker gingrich, thank you. trace gallagher, shocking report. the latest with r. kelly's
6:33 pm
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>> sean: all right. during an exclusive interview with gail king on cbs, r. kelly denied sexual abuse allegations that have been levelled against him. trace gallagher has the very latest. trace, great job by gail thing. i thought she did phenomenal. >> reporter: she said she didn't feel threatened by him at all. he was taken back to custody today.
6:38 pm
it appears he'll stay in jail until he comes up with $161,000 in back child support. kelly is accused of sexual abusing four females, three of whom were underage at the time. prosecutors say there is ample evidence to support the charges, including testimony from alleged victims and a reported videotape that allegedly shows kelly having sex with a girl who repeatedly states that she's only 14 years old. during that interview on cbs, r. kelly says he's done "lots of things wrong," but denies the latest charges. watch this. >> i didn't do this stuff. this is not me. i'm fighting for my life. y'all [ bleep ] with this. [ indiscernible ] >> robert. >> y'all trying to kill me! [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: kelly could spend 30 years behind bars.
6:39 pm
kelly says people are trying to use his past to prosecute him now. the singer was acquitted of child pornography charges back in 2008. cbs also interviewed two parents of two women who they believe is being held against her will. the parents of course deny that. >> sean: that perhaps the most insane part of what he said today. scary interview. great job by gail king. our friend fox news contributor lawrence jones, he was on capitol hill. he tried to ask house judiciary committee chair jerry nadler about his investigation into president trump. watch this. >> you just opened up your own investigation. [ inaudible question ]
6:40 pm
obstruction of justice. >> sean: joining us now, our own lawrence jones is with us. lawrence, he wasn't that communicative. but that's the guy on the first day that said he's guilty of obstructing justice. in part because of comey. even comey said, no, he could fire me for any reason or no reason at all. legally and constitutionally. >> absolutely right, sean. what we're seeing right now sean is that the democrats are seeing the mueller investigation is wrapping up. everything they expected him to come up with, there's been no evidence of it. after saying they trust the mueller investigation. now they want to conduct an investigation of their own. there's no evidence of it. this is why libertarians like myself have always questioned the power that the fbi has and members of congress have. now they target political opponents when they don't get
6:41 pm
what they expected. >> sean: lawrence, great work today. i know you'll be back on capitol hill a lot. thank you so much for that tape and that story and sharing it with us. now, we told you a story yesterday, conservative watchdog group filed a complaint with the fcc alleging democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and her staff illegally funded $1 million in contributions from political action committees to private companies. my next guest says this could end up with her in jail, with jail time. joining us, commissioner bradley smith. commissioner, thank you for being with us. maybe you could explain it to the average person. it gets complicated, but really is simple. >> let's not get ahead of the game. penalties can include jail time. we're a long way from that. quickly, what is it they're accused of doing?
6:42 pm
these two pacs took in over $3 million. they then paid about $1.5 million to an llc owned by ocasio-cortez's chief of staff. what was done with that money, we don't know. he says he didn't take any salary or profits. it looks like a shell game in which they spent the money probably to subsidize a number of different candidate campaigns. that would be very reporting violations and major violations of the amounts one can spend on a campaign. there could be explanation i don't know. i've been in this business for 25 years. i look at it. it certainly merits a major investigation. >> sean: what is the process from here? what -- what is the next step in the process? >> the sec will open an investigation. they'll have a lot of different questions to ask about all the principals involved, who knew what, who was controlling what
6:43 pm
entity, why money was paid over, what expenses were for. at the end, you could end up with significant civil fines. if it was found to be a known and willful effort to violate the law, possible criminal penalties. ocasio-cortez is going to vote with all the democrats in the house on friday for this h.r. 1 to put more restrictions on ordinary americans, but they don't want to abide by the restrictions they have in place. i think that's a big issue rega regardless of what comes out of this investigation. >> sean: we talk a lot about hillary clinton and the dossier and how the money for the dossier was paid. donna brazile said hillary controlled the money at the time. dnc money she supposedly was in control of and i believe donna brazile fun
6:44 pm
brazile funnels to a law firm. they hire christopher steele. he uses dubious russian sources to create a series of documents to become a dossier. that found like a campaign finance violation to you? >> it's probably not. you can pay a foreigner to do work for you. it sounds like other problems. just on that payment is probably not a campaign finance violation. >> sean: you're not paying a law firm. you're just funneling the money through a law firm. if i did it, i feel like i would be in trouble. >> could be a civil penalty for inaccurate reporting. >> sean: only if hannity does it, they'll throw him in jail. we have breaking news. devin nunes will weigh in on the democratic endless investigations and where do we go from the abuse of power scandal. we're calling our closing argument tonight. you don't want to miss it straight ahead. it turns out, they want me to start next month.
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>> sean: it's no secret democrats will push forward any conspiracy theory they can just to try and take down the president. most of the crazy stories they have put forward have all been proving false. this is only a tiny bit of the evidence. >> multiple u.s. officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell cnn that classified documents on russian interference in the 2016 u.s. election presented last week to president obama and the president-elect trump included allegations that russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about mr. trump. >> the sort of dossier of alleged dirt that the russians allegedly say they allegedly have on donald trump. alleged dirt that they allegedly used to allegedly cultivate him
6:50 pm
is basically a russian asset. >> get the person's phone records. fear they see these calls to the blocked number. there seems to be good evidence that that was probably president trump. >> we begin with a new report that paul manafort, the president's former campaign chairman, had paid secret visits, multiple ones to julian assaunge in london. >> president trump directed his attorney to lie to congress. >> by the way, this is just a preview of coming attractions. we have big things planned. joining us now, congressman devon nunes. they rigged the investigation into hillary. even james baker, the general counsel under comey wanted to indict hillary. everyone was warned that the dossier was paid for by hillary, not verified. frauds committed multiple times on the fisa court.
6:51 pm
nobody yet has been held accountable, why? >> i want to make sure first you're not going to beep me out with those loud beeps. >> sean: not at all. you don't lie. lying adam schiff. it's not -- we don't say that about you. >> well, sean, i think what you saw today is this is just another example of where you're going to need the beeps soon. you saw a fake news story this morning that leaked out. another this afternoon dealing with the cohen testimony. it's really becoming a circus around here. it's like groundhog day. we get up, it's the same old thing. now the democrats are saying they're running a real investigation. if they're running a real investigation, they wouldn't have staffers leak out things that end up not being true which is what happened this morning with the so-called changed testimony. that's what we've been dealing with around here for two years. so answer your question what's going to happen, we are preparing a criminal referral that we will present to the
6:52 pm
attorney general at the appropriate time. >> sean: for? >> >> for many crimes. the obvious ones you would know about would be lieing to congress. we'll be looking at fisa abuse and all the -- >> sean: let me ask you this. how soon will these criminal referrals be coming? >> we're probably going to be prepared in the next two to three, four weeks. one of the things that is coming up -- so don't mind all the shiny balls that you see running around congress here with the so-called new investigation. just ignore that. what you'll be looking out for is next week on march 14th, a federal judge down in florida has ordered the release of depositions by christopher steele, supposedly the author of the dossier, and david cramer who pled the fifth to this committee who we know was handling and moving the dossier around to press outlets. those are going to be critical. we have not ever interviewed
6:53 pm
christopher steele. we don't know what david cramer would say because he pled the fifth. this could be critical. it may be nothing, but it could be critical for the referral. >> sean: we expect the mueller report maybe even as early as this week. we know that all of these documents, all of these interviews, we know all of this will eventually become public. you're convinced that mueller can't possibly have anything on collusion at all because there was none. >> well, there -- there was no collusion. the only collusion occurred between the democrats and the russians and that we still are trying to get to the bottom of. now there's this obstruction route. we don't know what mueller's going to say on that. seems pretty far-fetched to me. they read like russian spy novels. at the end of the day, they don't have anything. they sound like russian spy novels, but they don't have anything.
6:54 pm
>> sean: and andrew wiseman was briefed in the middle of all of this. we're going to follow it. congressman nunes, thank you for that update. finally things are happening. when we come back, new segment called the closing argument. plus, it's related to the villain of the day. you need to hear this as we continue. oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help...
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>> sean: tonight's closing argument. democrats downplay the humanitarian crisis on the southern border, it's immoral to build walls and they continue with their nonstop climate shaming hysteria. pushing a $94 trillion green new deal as a front for the radical far left socialist agenda. scaring you that the world is going to end 12 years from now. sounding more like a doomsday cult than a serious set of ideas for 2020. it's not new. this is the history. june 29, 1989, an article from
6:59 pm
the ap. panel warns we only have until the year 2000 to take on global warming. even predicting the "entire nations are going to be wiped off the face of the earth." tonight i want you to see each for what it is. bait, switch, scare tactic. not designed to solve climate change. designed to trick you into supporting their radical socialist views. get rid of cows on planes and cars et cetera. the government telling you what you're allowed to drive, what you're not allowed to drive, what you can eat, not eat, fly, don't fly. we will continue to put their hypocrisy on full display. that is our closing argument. time for our villain of the day. there he is. chuck schumer. when it comes to border security and the wall, he is a huge flip-flop. >> people who enter the united states without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be
7:00 pm
treated the same as people who enter the u.s. legally. >> we do not want the wall to be a symbol of america. much preferring the statue of liberty be that simple. >> sean: phony hypocrites. we are not the hate-trump media. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is in our nation's capital. >> laura: k, hannity, awesome show tonight as always. the villain of the day, i never want to make that. whatever i do to tease you, you can never -- >> sean: what a great idea. thank you. tomorrow's villain of the day may be ingraham. >> laura: [laughs] hannity, great show tonight. all right, i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." a very busy ash wednesday in washington. dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen sounding the alarm on the border crisis but the democrats will have none of it. or maybe they are just too