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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 6, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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so we hope this doesn't snarl things up too much and that everyone is safe and this is wrapped up soon. in the meantime, most-watched, most touched dome i trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪shington, i'm shannon bream. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." ever get the feeling that news stories come and go faster than they used to? ask anyone in the news business. it's real. the oj story lasted about a year. ikw it feels like there is an oj a week. maybe it's the effect of staring at screens all day jumping from snippet to snippet our brains have been rewired to think only in the present tense or maybe there is a lot more news than there used to be some world historic crisis its every four days knocking the laste world historic crisis from our consciousness forever. once upon a time people had a chance to digest their disasters. the titanic, for example, sank
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in april of 1912. in 1982, "the new york times" wrote a front-page feature about titanic survivors. 70 years later, people still remembered the story. can you remember what happened 70 days ago? how about 56 days ago? think back to that cobweb shrouded period in our history. it was january of 2019. if the federal government had just shut down. if the president said we needed a border wall. the democrats scoffed at him. they claim the entiregr immigration crisis was "manufactured." the news media hardly weighed in on the debate. in case you can't remember who's side the media took, here's a clip from our archives. >> folks, the president has manufactured one heck of a political crisis for himself. >> donald trump's manufacturing and national security crisis. >> what you will have them say is this is a manufactured crisis, it's not a national security crisis. >> from nancy pelosi down to debbie wasserman schultz or anybody else who will give him a dime for this
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>> because it's manufactured. >> is a manufactured crisis for the president to get a political win. >> we have a president who will go on tv tonight and lie and lie and lie some more. this is a manufactured crisis. >> tucker: altogether now! manufactured crisis. six syllables. learn them, dear robots, repeat them until they seem plausible, epmove on. they will never remember you live. and that's exactly what they did, that's what they always do but reality has an unpleasant habit of reinserting itself into these things. you canmi dismiss a crisis as manufactured but that doesn't mean the crisis doesn't exist. in the last month, 76,000 illegal aliens crossed the u.s.-mexico border, the highest number in more than a decade. that's more than the entire population of san francisco or boston or washington, d.c., every single year. coming by foot over just one of our international borders. that is a crisis, manufactured or not.
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how were the people in charge responding to this crisis? they are still lying, and not just lying, because that's never enough for them. they are lying and sneering at the same time, all with maximum self-righteousness. if they are selling is a steaming load of b.s. and screaming at us for not believing it. he was young pioneer alexandria ocasio-cortez letting you know that if you want your border secured, you're about american. the good americans are the ones trying to sneak into america. >> the president should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights. the president should be really defending why we are funding such an agency at all. those women and children trying to come here with nothing but the shorts on their backs to create an opportunity to provide for this nation are acting more in an american tradition within this president is right now. >> tucker: yeah, they are the real americans. ocasio-cortez expanded on this on twitter last night. she denounced any democrat who
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might be tempted to compromise in any way on immigration. only b open borders are morally acceptable. "where was the concern last week 126 democrats voted for a g.o.p. amendment to expand ice powers rooted in the racist possible stroke that latino immigrants are more dangerous than u.s.te born"? ocasio-cortez continued this way. "the entire premise ofse a walls not based in fact, it's based in a racist plus of nonevidence-based trope that immigrants are dangerous. yet some dems are willing to compromise and spend billions on a trope because we've accepted some kind of racism as realpolitik in america." racist! white supremacist! anyone who disagrees with me is a nazi. how tired are you up screeching like this? how boring has it become? not to alexandria ocasio-cortez. she think it's fresh and cutting edge. she thinks she is the future. in fact, she's completely out of
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touch. she has no idea what america is like. her tiny little world of fair trade coffee shops is thriving. she things everyone lives like her, that's how closed your mind is. she's the oldest 29-year-old in history. for millions of other people the country they grew up in his crumbling. bad immigration policy is not the only reason for that but it's a major reason for it. every year in america drug overdoses kill more americans than the entiree vietnam war. one of the main causes of that is spent in all, much of which is smuggled across the mexican border. in all of fiscal year 2013 the feds seized a total of 2 pounds of fennel, enough to kill 450,000 people. in 2018, last year, customs seized 1,747 pounds of sentinel. that is almost 900 times as much. it's enough to kill 396 million people. that's more people than live in the united states and canada combined. if that bothers you, are you a racist?
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ocasio-cortez and the rest of the morons say yes you are. everyone else understands that borders are what make the country. if you can't control who enters, you aree a failed state. just this morning dhs secretary kristen nielsen put it in perspective. she said that illegal arrivals of the mexican border are set to hit 1 million by the end of thit fiscal more illegals will come in the first six months of 2019, this year, then came in all of 2017. if that's a crisis. it's also a humanitarian catastrophe.e. >> today's migrant flows have created a humanitarian catastrophe. in one study, more than 30% of women reported sexual assault along the way in 70% of all migrants reported experiencing violence. very unfortunately, because of the increase in violence, advice, when when we have families with children, we have to give every girl in a pregnancy over 10. this is not a safe journey. >> tucker: wait, what? it's not safe to walk through
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the desert? migrants get raped trying to sneak into america? you must be a racist if you thinkk, that. quick, somebody tell cnn so they can denounce her as a white supremacist, someone might believede or otherwise. meanwhile, the border degrades, unaccompanied minors keep showing up here. work has gotten out that almost nobody will ever be deported from this country, just claim asylum and get released. everyone in central america knows this, why wouldn't they? since 2000, the number of pending immigration court cases has gone from barely 100,000 to moreor than 800,000. about 22 million illegal i immigrants already live in theni united states. that's more people than the populations of 16 u.s. states e combined. that is more than thent entire new york city metropolitan area. just people here illegally. butt remember, it's not a crisi, its a guaranteed democratic majority for the next hundred years. and that's a good thing, ask cn cnn. univision anchor joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on.
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i think, and my memory is my age gets a little bit spider but i think you are one of those assuring uss this is not a crisis. looking at the numbers, which i don't think he would contest, because they are real, do you want to reassess that? is it not crisis? speak of the first time i came in your show last year i told her that the strategy the administration's strategy was not working. it's only making things work. i talked about the humanitarian crisis of the border, you laugh, you told me i was crazy, you told me i was lying and part of this liberal media conspiracy and here we are six months talking about a humanitarian catastrophe of the border. by doubling down on the failed of the past years, president trump would only making things work done my course. here we are six months after talking about a strategy that simple he hasn't worked. that's what's happening at the border. yrder. so. >> tucker: okay, i stand corrected. you said things were bad at the border, i said everything is fine, you are a racist, stop spewing that propaganda. and you turned out to be right. >> there is no security crisis.
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>> tucker: okay. for the people involved it is by definition a humanitarian crisis. if theyy are leaving their faild countries trying to get here. i get it, i sympathize with them from day one, i still sympathize grth them. so we agree on that but for american citizens, when you have 22 million people living here illegally, that's more than 16 states combined in population, that's a crisis for us. that's what you denied and i doubt you will admit it now. >> another estimate says, and disses just depends on which number you want to use. 11 million undocumented people. >> tucker: only 11 million -- so only larger than new york city. it.t so here's my question to you, how many would constitute a crisis? how many peopleal do we have to let live illegally in our country before we say, you know what, we have to start deporting people? what's the number? give me a sense, ball park. >> i think there is a crisis. that's not what we are debating. there is a humanitarian crisis
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at the border and aa wall and limiting the number of people who can claim asylum legally, that's not going to make things better, that's going to make things worse. if these refugees are turning themselves into border patrol agents. if they are not running away from border patrol agents. you a can ask them at the borde. >> tucker: because they know the system is a scam and that's where we have 800,000 pending immigration cases. >> you're telling me that children and their mothers know that the system is working in their favor? >> tucker: 's that's exactly what i'm saying and you know that that's true. >> that's the reason why they are coming,he right? not because they are in danger of violence and extreme poverty? >> tucker: i've never doubted that. i'm an american and my interest is in my country, which is the united states of america and i don't believe that having tens of millions of people illegally in their country or using social services is good for my country. it may be good for theirs, it's not good for mine. >> to make the country worse. i would like to know. >> tucker: is very simple.
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when people who are poor come to a country that is getting poorer, that country doesn't get richer and i don't have to guess about that because i've lived here the whole time. >> they were very poor when they get to this country and other one of the most celebrated in the history of the u.s. >> tucker: thatat was about 150 years ago. i'm saying right now the country we're living in -- >> that's with her racism argument comes into play but maybe the problem is that these immigrants are coming from latin america that we keep talking but immigration requirement terrorism, with hardship. every time i'm on your show when we talk what immigration you have images of dangerous gangs. >> tucker: i'm a racist for wanting to control who comes into my country? the overwhelming majority -- i'm not conflating anything. i'm not conflating anything. >> a reality. every time when i talk what immigration on your show there's a negative connotation to this discussion. >> tucker: because it is negative.
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>> dangerous gangs. >> tucker: let me ask you very quick -- i'm trying not to use a vulgarity on the air, it takes a lot of chutzpah, doesn't it, to come into someone's country without permission, illegally break the laws, use their social services and then whip around and call them racist, which is the game. if that kind of takes a lot of guts, doesn't it? >> i don't think that's what's happening. >> tucker: you're doing that to me rightot now. >> paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. not use any social services because as an immigrant i can until i become a citizen. you know that. >> tucker: is very generous country for a long time. in this kind of abuse makes americans more cynical and less generous. and so if you want immigration to continue to enrich this country if got to get it under control. and that americans decide who c comes and who doesn't. that's it and stop calling them racist because it's very tiresome. it's dumb. >> the racism comes with conflating immigration with terrorism and economic origins .
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>> tucker: thank you very much. more on the border had. buck sexton was just there at the border. is it aou crisis? would know. we will talk to him after the break. ♪ . yeah, have fun! thanks to you, we will. aw, stop. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. um, you guys are just going for a week, right? yeah! that's right. can you help with these? oh... um, we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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♪ >> tucker: for months when it was politically useful to them, all the people on tv told her there was no crisis at the border, the very idea was absurd and you were a moron for thinking it. now it turns out they were just reciting dnc talking points, which is what they do every single day. so what is actually going on the border? buck sexton was there a just a short time ago, former cia
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analyst and now what the hell, he joins us today. i'm starting to suspect that everything i'm hearing aboutom immigration from them is a lie. there's no good faith at all that all of it is proper to my propaganda. >> it's a long series of lies. if walls don't work, i we finally figured out that's not true. no crisis at the border, that's not true. the caravans will never make it to the border, that's not true. lie after lie after lie that the media has told but now that we have new data, it's impossible for them to continue to pretend it's not a crisis. they say it's only a humanitarian crisis. it's actually multiple crises. if there is a humanitarian component, no question about it thatus also ties into the natiol security component because now the cartels make sure that when there's a large group that surrenders at the border in one area, guess what? they run the drugs in a sector that they now know has all the border patrol agents tied down. it directly ties into fentanyl -- methamphetamine, dea says may be at the highest usage ever right now in this country. people don't talk about meth usage because the opio crisis is so bad. >> tucker: is coming for
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mexico.o. >> being made in high-end laboratories in mexico. laboratories that you would expect for a big pharma company. they are turning them out and the big problem here is it's going to get worse because the laws that we have are such that the people now who show up at the border who had a child are guaranteeds to stay. there's noo way to change this. wi was on your show, that other activist gentleman was on a few months ago and we had this exchange where it was, why couldn't the entire country of guatemalalo just say as long asi have a kid i'm going to come to the u.s. border and know that i will get into the united states? under the lawe right now we are testing that theory out. the word is out of the numbers are going to get bigger and we have no means of stopping this right now n unless congress actually does something because this is what the law says. >> tucker: and if you complain about it youn are a bigot. would any other country put up with this? >> absolutely not. what you really see and i i thik this also came up in your last segment, the democratic party is not opposed to illegal immigration. >> tucker: they are not for
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america, they are actively against america. i'm a charitable person. it's ash wednesday, i want to be a good question, but i don't know what other conclusion he reached. >> they don't believe in sovereignty. if you use the words aren't enough people in the democratic party looking a little bit strangely. will of law obviously is largely out the window here. if they play this game of if you surrender, you're seeking asylum. as we know, people within 24 hours now because they overwhelm the system -- and this isro intentional. we also know this from border patrol, they have been told, they have seen this themselves. people are now showing up, they know the system and they know the game and if they have a kid with them, guess what, they will be on a plane in many cases to wherever they want in the united states, never to be seen again by u.s. authorities. that's also very different. when people are playing this game, this is another life, about how the numbers aren't as
9:21 pm
bad as they used to be. the numbers in 2005, the 1990s, a particular surge of illegal immigration, a lot of those people were being deported back to mexico right away. it was really a catch and release back into mexico often whereas now these other than mexican, otms as they call them, it can't be immediately departed he they get releasedely departed into the united states and no serious person things are going to be deported. if this is an open-door policy. if you have a kid, we have an open border right now if you come from a noncontiguous country and you show up and say i want to stay. it'snt crazy. it's absolutely nuts. >> tucker: and if you tolerate it, -- it's a hostile act against the country, i don't see any other way to read it. thank you so much. great to see you as always. tom homan is a former acting director of ice and knows a lot about this, joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on. the argument to the extent that you can call it that from the other side is often come about, the details don't matter. what matters is that the trump administration has constructed cages, and they will get teary as they tell you this, into which, for reasons of racism made a strong latin american children and letting them languish. is that true? >> it's not true and i went to the hearing today and t i respet
9:22 pm
bernie thompson pretty accused them of misleading the american people on the committee. they are notpl cages. they are chain-link dividers that go all the way up to the high ceiling but separate children from unrelated adults. if we didn'te do that back in 2014 end '15 when they were built, first child gets molested and unrelated adult. if these are chain-link -- >> tucker: they were built in 2014 and '15, trump wasn't president then. >> barack obama was president. i was there when they were built. these cages they want to call them, these facilities were built underns president obama ad secretary johnson. >> tucker: to democrats anything about? >> they did not back on but now all of a sudden it's t a terribe thing and they yell about locking families up in a family residential center. when president barack obama was president we had 100 family detention beds. under his administration we built 3,000 more. i built them.
9:23 pm
so for the democrats to mislead the american people as a these aree trump's cages, we are locking families up, first of all, they are treated very well, treated a lot better than theyil ever have been. but these facilities without a doubt were built under obama administration because i was there when they were built. and democrats, they want to einvestigate it. the acquisitions it's clear when there were built, 2014, 2015. >> tucker: why does it -- democrats obviously have their own motives were not saying ldat. they are a political party. but why wouldn't people who are reporting on this for a living make that clear, that we had these since the last of administration, like them or not, that's the fact?ff i've never heard that. >> are not a politician and i'm not running for office. i just ate fax but as a citizen anti-term.fax but as a citizen the story is, 90% of the stories are anti-term. the democrats, they know the borders out of control.
9:24 pm
anybody who doesn't recognize that is just ignoring the facts but their hatred for trump isli more important in their responsibility to protect our nation and protect our borders. that's just a stone cold fact and it's unfortunate. i've never seen anything like this in my 34 years of doing this job, it's incredible. >> tucker: quickly, build on that, what you mean you've never seen anything likeee this commad >> i've never seen our representatives elected by the people to defend this nation to ignore the very sovereignty of this nation -- this is not a nation without borders. it's not only about enforcing laws that they enacted. ice and border patrol is doing nothing -- they are not making any of the stuff up. there are about enforcing the laws that congress enacted the congress would rather vilify the men and women of ice for enforcing the laws and then making changes in the laws if they don't like them. i worked for six presidents starting with ronald reagan. i respect every president i've worked for. i respect the office of the presidency. that is no longer around. there are people -- electedt trump as our president, elected by the people of this country because of the
9:25 pm
issues he thinks are important to this country. he's trying to fulfill his promises and he's hated by the other party for it. this is not the america i grew up in and certainly not the america that we should be in and we finally got a president who believes in getting that america back, that you don't kneel for the national anthem, you serve your country into circuit proudly and my 34 years i've never seen anything like it and when i watched the hearing today it was fear. if not getting to the facts of family pension and family separation and the issues they want to bury today, this was fear. >> tucker: and must be extremely frustrating to someone who has spent his life working on this. thank you very much forineo tha. >> thank you. >> tucker: is for obviously by the day that the democrats will make a push to impeach the president. some democratic party veterans are warning that's not a goodo. idea. we will explain that next with dana perino. ♪ holding you back...
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>> this deplorable,
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speak of this deplorable, despicable human being that occupies the white house should not bebe there. i say maxine, please don't say impeachment anymore. and when they say that i say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. >> tucker: just last year democratic leaders t told us tht impeachment was not on the agenda, nobody believed a him. now impeachment might be the only thing that holds together the fractured party. concedes impeachment is coming even though evidence support, to supported has not been but will be. >> do think the president obstructed justice? >> yes i do. >> if that's the case then the decision not to pursue simpler political if you believe he obstructed justice? >> no. we have to do the investigations and get all this. we do not now have the evidence all sorted out andr everything o do and impeachment. before you impeach somebody you have to persuade thehe american public that it ought to happen.
9:31 pm
>> tucker: some democrats though are warning that an impeachment trial could damage the democratic party, and that's bad because the democratic party is the most important thing, always. david axelrod worn on twitter that a recent wave of more than 80 democratic subpoenas is the witch hunt mean. longtime complete domain clinton clinton family aide tweeted this. respond to it, please. it won't help us when back in 2020. he deserves it, i believe that, but what's the best long-term plan for the country? dana perino hosts the daily briefing of course, one of our favorite people in the village, she joins us tonight. so double question, will the president be impeached by democrats and will, if that happens, that trial hurt the democratic party? >> i think if they do it i think they know it's going to hurt the democratic party. that's why you see people like david axelrod and greg hale, and there's others saying pump the brakes. but i think what's happening now, there's three types of
9:32 pm
democrats. first you have people like chairman nadler. he is in a very safe district. he's an old bull of the congress. he's been chomping at the bit to have the gavel back and he pays no political price in his district because he's going to win again and also he has a way to keep the base happy. then you've got a second group, which are the freshman. they won and very tough districts. 40 seats. most of those were in republican held seats district that could easily be switched back in 2022 republicans because that's how swing districts work, and they don't want to talk about this. if they want to show that theyca can govern on important issues like infrastructure, health care, et cetera. if your third are your presidential candidates and they had to keep the base happy enough, talking impeachment, but they also had to look long-term to a general election where impeachment doesn't work. and just lastos week axios set l the candidates that go to iowa right now, they are not talk much from, they are not talk about mueller, they are not talk about russia, they don't talk
9:33 pm
impeachment. if they don't to talk about it. they are in a little bit of a box because the base wants it. the oldn guard knows that it shouldn't happen but sometimes it's inevitable that you have people like jerry nadler who say i got the gavel, i'm going to use it. >> tucker: i wonder if insurgents like ocasio-cortez could do with the democrats to a trumped of thee republicans, outflank them and use social media to do it, demanded that they live up to their promises, which in effect are too impeached from. they call him a criminal, how can you not impeachment? could they force the party to do it? >> they could make them get mad at the establishment, so what are you afraid of, like why can't you do this. and they will go if you have to say empower, we have to be able to do this correctly. but the other thing, president trump does better when he has a foil. when he has someone to go up against. and the house democrats are now that foil. it's not just pelosi. he seems to kind of get along
9:34 pm
and even respect nancy pelosi but the others like the left, now he has something to push back against. again, you get to 2020, an election, not a midterm, it's not a referendum on the president, it's a choice between two people. and just like what happened with bill clinton in 1998, right, his popularity went up when the republicans tried to impeach. him. did impeach him. >> tucker: republicans actually lost seatsic and i midterm, which i think it's only happened twice in 100 years and that was definitely one of them. do you think it's possible that the leaders of thera democratic party, pelosi for example, keep this contained? >> i think it will be very difficult and i think if yout look at the debate that they ae having right now the resolution on the floor to condemn anti-semitism, they can't even do that. so it was really the leader of the democratic party right now? >> tucker: i'm sorry. i'm sorry to last. >> i know you're not laughing at
9:35 pm
me. >> tucker: calling m everyone else immoral and can't pass a resolution against my stomach anti-semitism. >> it's a tough choice. >> tucker: dana perino, never tough to talk to you. >> love seeing you, thanks. >> tucker: fox news alert for you. exclusive new details on the show about the case of conservative activist williams. he was attacked you might c remember while trying to recruit conservatives at uc berkeley. an attorney who represents williams will join us tonight with the latest. thanks a lot for coming on. this was caughts. on tape, it should be fairly straightforward, what do we kno know? >> zachary greenberg, who is not a student at uc berkeley but sort of floats around on a campus of assaulted him on the video that has gone viral on the around the country without provocation. he has sustained injuries to his face as a result of that. after about ten days, the police did arrest mr. greenberg and he
9:36 pm
was arraigned in court today on three felony charges of assault, battery, violent threats and also destruction of the phone as a misdemeanor and he pled not guilty. that's what happened in court today. there will be an upcoming court date in about a month for preliminary hearing and it will be interesting to see what his defense is because it is very clearly him on the video so he must have something else in mind in terms of his defense but he has a private attorney, not a public defender and i've done some digging and i've learned a few other interesting facts hist mr. greenberg and history with the court system. >> tucker: give us a flavor of what those might be. >> so mr. greenberg over the last couple of years has had numerous internet stomach incidents where he's filed restraining orders againstat his roommates andut multiple group houses and then moved out of those group houses. his roommates have put in evidence that has been more believable and believed by the court that none of those incidents happened. he's also had a restraining order filed against him by a
9:37 pm
former roommate, which was granted by a court and as a result of that restraining order he had to turn in his guns to the authorities. he has filed several lawsuits against landlords for charges that were later dismissed by the court and found not to be valid and he has filed small claims claims against roommates, again, found not to be sustained for the most part. so like almost a dozen lawsuits that i've uncovered that this man is involved in. and interestingly, this is a tactic that i've seen used in another case involving violent activist. you've had an eventful arc on your show, filed false -- there's a case that i'm involved in the snow in the court of appeals on that what we defeated a false restraining order by her. i think this is one of the growing tactics of the left potentially, he does this with fee waivers. he isn't paying the fees, saying
9:38 pm
that he's indigent and has no visible means of support but his lawyer told the reporters today outside the courtroom that he was on the campus studying in the library but not as a berkeley student, but studying somewhere else. so there was a lot you have to be known about this guy and what motivated him but clearly he has anger issues, one of the people in the lawsuits described marijuana use and certainly there's at least one gun involved in his possession so a lot more to be asked about this guy and how he has private counsel and why is he pleading not guilty. we will see what happens. >> tucker: a private lawyer, another angry rich kid. an awful lot of those on the left. great to see you, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: actor will smith is being attacked for his latest film role. his critics say literally is the wrong skin color. thought that attitude disappeared 50 years ago. it lives on the left. that story straight ahead.
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♪ >> tucker: you may have learned in school that the hallmark of an authoritarian regime is banning books. remember when all the librarians come mostly liberal would have banned book week? b these are all the books the bad guys don't want you to read. they are and they had a point. the inquisition burned books, so to the nazis. corrupt regimes fear the free exchange of ideas and they won't tolerate it if they don't have to. the best sign of american strength is that we are and we have always been different. we don't fear and suppress other people's ideas even if they are offensive and unpopular. we combat them with better ideas. that's how we've always been. that is changing fast. increasingly the norm in america is that some people shouldn't be
9:44 pm
allowed to speak and some views are not allowed. judge amy jackson was an actual judge, now threatening roger stone with prison time because he wrote a new introduction to his book that says unflattering things about robert mueller. that is not a crime according to judge amy jackson. amazon, which completely and utterly dominates the book sales market aroundes the world just banned a book by british activist tommy robinson because the book is critical of islam. by the way, books criticizing christianity are still in abundance a plan amazon but amazon didn't just refuse to sell robinson's book, they banned users from selling used copies other than secondhand. amazon's crackdown as part of a much wider effort. facebook shut down tommy robinson's h page. to banned him. people vastly richer and more powerful than you, richer and more powerful than any of us, want you to know that whatever robinson is sayingvi is evil and wrong, , and mediators. i don't even know what he's saying.d it doesn't matter.
9:45 pm
they don't want you to read or decide for yourself. that's the point. the old left, the legitimate left, the left that had integrity would have been horrified by this. now they don't care, they are ii favor of it. "the washington post," which is owned by jeff bezos, his vanity set, his unregistered lobbying arm has not even covered the robinson book fan. they are part of the censorship class themselves. democracy dies in darkness. they are imposing darkness. that's what book banning is. there's nothing more popular on the left and calling other people racist but sometimes that's hard. how do you accuse someone of being racist against his own race? you accuse them of color rhythm instead. we are not making that up. after will smith was just cast in the movie king richard as the father of tennis letters venus and serena williams butth and serena williams butth they are claiming he's too light-skinned for that role. senior contributor at the federalist and a columnist at the spectator usa and she joins us today. danielle, this argument that
9:46 pm
people's moral value can be discerned by the color of their skin, wasn't at the core argument of the segregationists in the american south? >> it was. and actually come at you and i discussed this this summer with the scarlett johansson wveroversy. we are seeing over and over again that the activist mob isn deciding that whether you get to play a role in a movie has nothing to do with your skill, but is rather just about what you look like. >> tucker: i've got aen bunch of kids, i went to school in the country myself from the first grade all the way through college, you were taught correctly that one of the great sinsca in american history was m crowe. which was a very elaborate system based on exactly this precept from a corresponds to your skin color. how can the people who claim to be against jim crow make this case? >> they can't, or they shouldn't, but they are trying to. it's a total slap in the face to anyone was fought for equality despot to have a society in which we don't judge people on the color of their skin. >> tucker: so to get to the
9:47 pm
specifics of this case, they are saying that will smith is not lack enough -- i hate to say it, it's so disgusting, but that he somehow the wrong color? how was he responded to this? >> that's exactly what they are saying. as if they've brought a tape color up to his skin and saying you are one too many shades too far removed from what the person you are supposed to portray actually looks like and so farhi think he kind of things to be standing his ground. i hope he doesn't follow the path that hasre been set out before him by other actors who have cowed to the mob and said you know what, i'm not going to do this, i've clearly crossed the line, i clearly done something that polite society doesn't do. i think he brings a lot to any role. i think is a great actor and i think is one that brings audiences, and that's probably part of why he was chosen. so i think it will be a real shame if he kind of gives into the pressure that he is currently facing. >> tucker: has anybody stood up and said wait, this is insane, we've become what we
9:48 pm
said we hated, where the problem? is anyway sort of turned the a lens inward and admitted the rot at the very core of the modern left on the question of race? >> i would be so pleased to see that. i haven't seen that piece, certainly not out of the left and it's exactly what you just said, it's the modern left. the historical left would be so disturbed by this argument, they would be aghast that we are once again totally judging people and putting them into boxes based on not just not the color of their skin but the precise shade of their skin. but unfortunately the left today is one that actually loves to judge people based on their identity. >> tucker: and you know that because they are the ones calling other people racist. while smith is the wrong color, you shouldn't have a job, you are a racist. self-awareness is in short supply. in queue. you were great, it's nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> tucker: democrats have told us for a couple ofha years that the 2016 election was ranked by vladimir putin! the arch bad guy of all time. so shouldn't they be demanding that hillary clinton run again
9:49 pm
to claim her rightful post as president of united states? but they are not. that's interesting, and we will investigate it after the break. ♪ being a usaa member, because of my service in the military, you pass that on to my kids. something that makes me happy. being able to pass down usaa to my girls means a lot to both of us. he's passing part of his heritage of being in the military. we're the edsons. my name is roger zapata. we're the tinch family, and we are usaa members for life. to begin your legacy, get an insurance quote today.
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♪ >> tucker: so as we told you a couple of times on the show, michael: basically checked on the entire russia investigation sfinitively by saying under oath that there was no collusion, and by the way, he would know. it doesn't matter, it is still an article of faith on the left at the last presidential election was rigged by that dastardly vladimir putin and his secret facebook agent, some of them from macedonia. anna navarro, who works at a bunch of different networks, amazingly, repeated like lenders yesterday. >> trump campaign in the trumper world, they are experts at pregaming. and at and remember when i talked about everything they turns out they were right. it turns out every thing was rigged. it was worked for them. if they had the help of the russians.
9:54 pm
>> tucker: you've got to wonder at a time when -- i don't care what they say about the on employment rate, our labor force participation rate is appalling. there are millions of people who want to work who aren't working, should be working and anna navarro has d like 300 jobs. how do we wind up with a country like that? she's not alone. there are lots of other people too. democratic lawmakers and media adjuncts are water carriers, often tell you the last presidential election was stolea stolen. >> the russians exploited a massive back door into the foundation of our democracy. >> the work by russian agents to try to destabilize americann democracy. >> everything you need to know about the threat to our democracy. >> responding to russia's assault on our democracy should be a bipartisan issue. >> there's no no question that russia attacked us.ty >> attack on the integrity of our elections. >> an attack on our democracy. >> the first time we've had an adversary attack us that we have not responded. >> tucker: don lamont said it.
9:55 pm
even hillary thinks that. she should be president right now according to them. so if that's true, why does nobody seem especially eager for hillary to run for president again? people seem to sigh a deep deep sigh of relief on monday when she said she isn't running again in 2021 her aids walk that back at a later and said she could still run, nobody was excited. even on the left, clinton's continued presence triggers groans more than applause. why is that? she was robbed in 2016. she's a martyr! why shouldn't she come forth to claim her rightful place on the throne?r rightful place on the we ask that question of the founder of the collective pack joins us today. thanks a lot for coming on. so super simple, i just want to take the claim at face value, putin stole it from this poor woman. yes she's rich and famous and got her own plane but i feel bad for her because she should be president, so why are democrats encouraging her to run again? >> thanks for having me on. listen, i don't think folks are saying that they don't want her to be president.
9:56 pm
hillary clinton has said that. they're very much taking her lead. she has stepped up to found a new organization, onward together, supporting a new generation of democratic activists and progressive kind of movement leaders. this isn't really about rehashing 2016. i think what we are calling for is for trump to be held accountable to what we did see happen in 2016 with the russian interference in our elections. every intelligence agency in this country has said that russia influenced our election. why is our president running away from this investigation and running away from finding out the truth? that's the question i think that's been brought up. >> tucker: i know it's about crushing trump, i get it, it's been going on a couple of years and into the coast guardgu intelligence is on board with the fact the russians did that. >> and the cia. >> tucker: whatever, okay. totally nonspecific. what does that mean? they've never told us what it means actually. >> that's why robert mueller is still investigating. we're waiting for the investigation to be over. >> tucker: waiting with baited
9:57 pm
breath. there's a victim in this crime if it was in fact the crime, as you allege, and that's hillary clinton and she should be president and she's not because of those darn russians. so why is nobody making any effort to make it right? to make a president again? how in the world can kamala harris, who was not the victim of a russian plot, how can she step up andil try to be presidet with hillary clinton still strikes the earth? i'm serious. >> making it right isn't putting her on the ballot again. >> tucker: likein you might >> her third term running for president. >> tucker: she won my class time, you already told that. >> she did receive 3 million more votes than donald trump. that is fact. but she says she does not want to run for presidentnt again. so let's take her word and her lead for that. let's move on as a party, which we've been doing. >> tucker: hold on. if sheam comeor up tomorrow andt actually want to be president you will be of course all men behind her, right? every democrat would be. had it stolen from her not endorse or? >> hillary clinton is one of the most accomplished public
9:58 pm
servants in american history. if she wanted to run for president i'm sure that our party would welcome her into it. >> tucker: would you welcome or? >> of course i ira would. >> tucker: she just had it stolen from her. i'm playing games with you, you know the truth, which is no one thinks it was stolen from her, they all looked on her, she's the past. they have zero interest in her running and she announced tomorrow you would attack her, and you know that. >> who would attack or? this again is one of the most accomplished public servants of either party in american history. if she wanted to run, she deserves every right to do so but what we know is that for vladimir putin and that for the russians did not want her to be president in 2016. >> tucker: the theater, they don't like strong women, right? that's what shere said. >> they still do not know why donald trump and the republican party accepted their health. 34 individuals in the trump orbit have been indicted or charged in some form or fashion with the mueller investigation. we don't know what this is going to end. we talk about hillary clinton or we talk about the reason why russia interfered in our election.
9:59 pm
>> tucker: hilarious, it's yours. >> it's factual though. >> tucker: is literally not factual. not a single american has been indicted. not a single american -- not one and if i'm wrong, tell me that a person is because i missed the news. b >> i'm pretty sure2 there have been 12 people directly and trump with dominic donald trump's campaign. >> tucker: i'm sure that's true, but f not one of them for affecting the outcome of 2016. if that's not even been alleged by robert mueller.on >> not yet. we are not done with the investigation. we don't know where this is going to go. >> tucker: super quick, we've only got ten seconds left. if it turns out that muellerio says yes there was collusion, will you demand that hillary clinton take her place on the throne? >> listen, that would be a question of constitutional changes around how do we replace the president, right? obvious way of donald trump is impeached we are looking at mike pence becoming president. >> tucker: her husband was president, she has a right to bp president. >> come now. no one is calling for anarchy here. >> tucker: thank you very much, great to see you.
10:00 pm
thank you. >> thanks for having me on. >> tucker: i wish we could go on forever but we can't, we are limited by the laws ofof physic. our hours done, back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. sean hannity is live from new york.


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