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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 7, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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trying to work on this, get the water turned off. we don't know if they've got not yet or not but you never know. the west coast. a lot of you are watching us on the west coast, this doesn't snarl things that too much and everything is safe. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. >> the projections a diabetic current pace we on track to encounter close to 1 million illegal aliens at the southern border this year. heather: is march 7th and this is "fox and friends first" happening at 4:00 on the east coast, if that's not a crisis what is? the homeland security secretary delivers a dire warning about the southern border as a brand-new caravan had away. where live in washington. mexico or dangerous than ever, the terrifying travel warning just weeks before spring break. taylor swift setting his sights on 2020, the popstar says it is
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time for change and she finally feel smart enough to speak up. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ will tell you i am insane ♪ and you love the game ♪ >> live look at new york city this morning, a little taylor swift. apparently she has been feeling that blank space in her brain with the knowledge. we will talk about that coming up. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. thank you for starting the day with us. let's begin with this.
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1 million illegal arrivals expected at the border and that's just this year. that eye-opening claim from kirsten nielsen. griff jenkins is live in washington as donald trump urges lawmakers to support his emergency declaration. you know a thing or two about those caravans. >> i was in that hearing all day yesterday and it was eye-opening, the chairman of the house oversight committee opened the hearing by admonishing the secretary for nonexistent emergency on the border but in her testimony neilsen painted a troubling picture of what is to come. >> the projections are dire. of the current pace we are on track to encounter close to 1 million illegal aliens at the southern border this year. our capacity is severely restrained but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely. this is not a manufactured crisis, this is truly an emergency.
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>> he defended the national emergency declaration which democrats aggressively challenged was unjustified. >> have you advised the president on his emergency declaration and given him the grounds for this emergency declaration in the context of what emergency means? >> what i have done is given him the facts from men and women working at the border. >> in the face of gop defections from the senate donald trump took to twitter to get ahead of a vote that will likely rebuke his declaration writing senate republicans are not voting unconstitutionally or president but desperately needed border security and the wall. our country is being invaded with drugs and criminals from all shapes and sizes, that is what this vote is about. stay united. caravans, there's another one, this time it was a freight train
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carrying 400 migrants arriving across from southern california. they ride the trains from southern mexico and make a quick trip to the border, just one of several we are seeing on the radar. >> the families of ranch owners who live at the border coming up with their take on all this. thank you so much, appreciate it. those staggering statistics laid out by the homeland security secretary paint a different picture than the one democrats would like voters to believe. a former cia analysts is the current crisis is the result of the left distorting reality for years. >> a long series of lies, walls don't work, we figured out is a country that is not true, there is no crisis at the border, that's not true, caravans will never make it to the border, that's not true, lie after lie the media has told but now that we have new data it is impossible to continue to pretend it is not a crisis. only a humanitarian crisis, it
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is multiple crises, there's a humanitarian component but that ties into the national security component because now the cartel makes sure when there's a large group that surrenders at the border, they run the drugs in a sector they now have all the border patrol agents tied down so it directly ties in, methamphetamine, maybe the highest usage ever in this country. the opioid crisis is so bad. heather: his testimony came after the customs and border commissioner called on congress to address what he calls a very real border crisis. more on this to come, stay tuned. congresswoman omar gives fox news the silent treatment when questioned about her anti-semitic comments. >> it seems there's confusion on your colleagues. are you anti-semitic? shannon: democrats delayed the resolution to condemn her
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remarks, delayed again. tensions continued to rise about what to do with the minnesota democrat. was the latest, they are pumping the brakes on punishing the congresswoman, some saying she is being targeted. tweets just politicians who support israel have been thought. we have seen bipartisan outcry over this and now there's a resolution up for a vote that would condemn anti-semitism. republican pressure mounting to remove the congresswoman from the committee but it looks like some democrats are pushing back on any sort of punishment. nancy pelosi said she didn't think her comments were, quote, intentionally anti-semitic and bernie sanders said this. we must not equate anti-semitism with legitimate criticism of the
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right-wing netanyahu government in israel. what i fear is going on in the house now is an effort to target congresswoman omar is wave stifling that debate. that is wrong. we asked congresswoman omar point blank if she supports a bill that condemns anti-semitism. watch this. >> would you support this resolution condemning anti-semitism? >> last we checked that resolution still not on the official how schedule and as far as her seat on the foreign affairs committee the chairman of the committee said it was never close to removing her. >> nancy pelosi changing her tune because originally she said the comments were deeply offensive, now she's saying not intentional. we will see what happens. thank you so much, great to have you with us. the anti-semitism showdown among democrats causing a rift between the establishment and the far left freshman. newt gingrich says from one house speaker to another that
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divide shows nancy pelosi is losing her chamber. >> is losing control of the house, may be forced in a desperation move to change house rules to block republicans from offering anything which would i think lead to chaos but she can't get her prerogative to stay together and if you're a moderate district that trump carried or district that is heavily jewish and you are watching the democrats go crazy and you are a democratic freshman running for reelection this has to be a really decisive moment. >> in december she told the israeli-american council conference that her party would remain fundamentally pro-israel. we will talk about this coming up later on the show as well. all of the missing people in the deadly alabama tornadoes are accounted for. today two of the 23 victims will
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be put to rest. look at these wooden crosses set up to memorialize their lives as anonymous donors pledged to pay for all the funerals, the family of the youngest victim, a jay hernandez now speaking out. >> i love you and wish i got one more little hug or something. he was here the day before all happened and of course not even expecting what is to come. shannon: 6 years old. donald trump will tour the devastation tomorrow and we will cover it for you. how about this? embattled singer are kelly facing new allegations he assaulted a 13-year-old girl. police in detroit want to speak with that woman who would now be 30, her claims coming on the same day are kelly spoke out in an exclusive interview denying similar accusations from other women. >> have you ever had sex with anyone under the age of 17. >> know. i'm fighting for my life!
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[bleep] >> you are trying to kill me! >> are kelly has pleaded not guilty to sex assault charges but is waking up in jail in chicago this morning, taken into custody for failing to pay $160,000 in child support. the air force is responding after martha mc sally reveals she was sexually assaulted by a superior officer in the military. listen. >> i stayed silent for many years but later in my career as the motor grappled with scandals and wholly inadequate responses i felt the need to let people know i was a survivor. heather: spokesperson saying, quote, we are appalled and deeply sorry for what senator mc
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sally experienced and we stand behind her and all victims of sexual assault. the house intelligence committee plans to release michael cohen's capitol hill testimony soon. donald trump's former lawyer wrapping up 8 hours of questioning about possible ties between the trump campaign and russia. he gave the committee document claiming the show edits were made to a statement he gave to congress in 2017. democrat adam schiff, the testimony, quote, productive. :goes to prison for lying to congress in may. this is troubling. did you hear about jeopardy host alex to back? he is fighting stage iv pancreatic cancer. >> i plan to beat the low survival rate for this disease. truth told i have 2 because under the terms of my contract i have to host jeopardy for 3 more
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years. so help me keep the faith and we will win. >> the 78-year-old plans to at least finish jeopardy's current season. fans and liberties are offering support including wheel of fortune host pat sajak who tweets there's no one i know who is stronger or more determined and i would never bet against him. i wouldn't bet against them either so good luck. the time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. the war in afghanistan has been going on nearly 18 years and now one lawmaker has a plan to bring our troops home but what would that look like? chris served in the middle east and joins us live to lay out a possible strategy. most 16-year-olds are still trying to figure out who they are, what they believe in but when democratic lawmaker wants
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them to vote. is that really a good idea? what do you think? we are sharing your comments on this one coming up.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert. a travel warning being issued for spring breakers heading to mexico. the us embassy in mexico city cautioning people about dangers like assaults and unregulated alcohol. thousands of americans head to mexico every year for the break and officials urge people to travel in groups and let family and friends know what you are doing. a similar warning was issued in the bahamas because of increased crime there as well so be aware. donald trump says he will not be happy if reports that north korea is rebuilding a nuclear site turn out to be true. >> the relationship is good. i would be very disappointed if that were happening and i don't think i will be but we will see what happens. we will take a look. it will get solved.
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>> the rogue regime pledged to dismantle the site after the first summit in singapore last year but new satellite photos show increased activity after the vietnam summit last week. that meeting ending with no deal on denuclearization. >> it's important to know when to declare victory and leave a war. that time is long past. it is time to declare our mission over and are war won. it is time to build here, not there. >> senator rand paul making the case to end the longest war in our nation's history. is new bill would give just one year to remove all us troops from afghanistan and give veterans a pair of $2500 each so what would end to the war look like. joining me is middle east war veteran chris knightwing. we appreciate it. as we begin our conversation let's bring up some facts about afghanistan.
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we've been at war in afghanistan for over 17 years. currently we have 16,000 troops deployed to afghanistan it if you look at the dead and wounded, 2000 soldiers have been lost, died in afghanistan over 20,000 have been wounded. what do we need to do? what will be the best case scenario for ending this war and you agree with the proposal from rand paul? >> i agree with some of those proposals. senator paul has been talking about this for a long time. another statistic, less than 1% of the us population served in the military so it is a small percentage constantly being strained, constantly deploying, multiply deployments. it has worn is out so we need to look at turning the page. we will either stay forever which many pentagon officials want to do or we are going to
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make a change and restructure the power structure over there and that is the direction it looks like we're going to be heading in at this point. shannon: what about this 1-year timeframe? what he is suggesting is one year to withdraw our troops at that time, to hand over to the afghan government within 45 days of package. does that give us enough time to stabilize the area and leave? >> it give us enough time to put a plan in place and he for action to the government. the idea the afghan government will have an allergic reaction to us leaving because they need time to set things up, what have they been doing this entire time? the time is come for them to do something. our european allies have been helpful. there are concerns we have been doing a lot of logistical support for them. we can't have both. it is endless war, endless financial suffering or we need to make this change. it does put a timeline. no one is happy about it but it is inevitable, the direction the country needs to go in. heather: should we make a deal with the talent and? what about that?
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>> the taliban and has control of 40% of the country which is not a statistic we feel comfortable with but they have small control over the civilian population and are mostly in rural areas so it is a 2 level plane. the afghan government and the taliban need to figure out what their security will look like. the idea that if we leave there's a civil war, we cannot be the world police any longer. we are exhausted, tired of it. we are going to move in a different direction. shannon: what of russia steps in? >> we don't believe afghanistan is the biggest centrifuge. there are other areas that are more strategic. it will be difficult but it is in our best interest of the country, for our veterans and military to make this change. shannon: bring them home. thank you, we appreciate you
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joining us as always. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. taylor swift broker political silence in 2018 and she's just getting started apparently. now she says she's, quote, informed enough to make a change. carly shimkus is sifting through the comments on social media. she will share them coming up. she is here. emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out, meeting someone who's 85, 90 years old, can't get around, has no food, has no water, and just wants to give up and die. and that's where we come in. we are called to comfort these people, to be a blessing to their lives. - [voiceover] for just $25, we'll rush an emergency survival package
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>> fabulous job. he did an interview with elle magazine titled 30 things i learned before turning 30 and she said it took a long time to formulate her political opinions but she has come to this conclusion saying invoking racism and provoking fiercer thinly veiled messaging is not what i want from our leaders and i realize that it is my responsibility to use my influence against that disgusting rhetoric. you can see that is a thinly veiled attack on donald trump. and she endorsed tennessee democrats in the midterm election and when she did there was a big spike in voter registration but the interesting thing is she's a big country singer and a lot of her fans are in deep red state so you're seeing messages like this, appealing to only half of the country will not gain you more fans says herbert on facebook. and instagram user says seriously, time to shake her off and another twitter user says she's not so swift at politics. i will take a hard pass. you always face criticism when
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you go political which is why dolly parton doesn't bend. stay out of politics and stick to singing. >> that she still have a compound next to the kennedys? >> she has multiple houses. shannon: let's talk about mark zuckerberg. i was wondering about facebook transforming into a privacy focused platform. >> interesting announcement from mark zuckerberg. he is taking the company towards privacy, he is going to be delving a privacy platform for users, talking to encryption and a way to delete old messages. he said i believe the future of communication will increasingly shift to private encrypted services where people can be confident what they say to each other stays secure. this the future i hope we will bring about. really interesting from a guy who's company is synonymous with privacy issues.
1:27 am
one twitter user says i'm sure there's that weighty -- a shady twist. another user says ten years too late. a lot of skeptics out there, colin december the report came out, the bombshell report came out saying facebook, companies like netflix and spotify to read people's private facebook messages. heather: what is a poundcake? >> i call myself an adventurous eater and i'm not on board with this. restaurant in philadelphia says serving up cheesesteaks but they replaced the bread with powder cake so it is a dessert or dinner? one twitter user says just because you can doesn't mean you should. jeff says april fools, still a few weeks. what? they are known for cheesesteaks but also poundcake.
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shannon: if you want dessert at the same time. someone please try that and let us know. let us know. thank you so much. appreciate it. really weird. the time is half past the top of the hour. begging for border wall, one family that has a range for 100 years says enough is enough and they join us live with a message to democrats who insist there is no crisis. name, date of birth and planned parenthood's phone number, the new student id law being proposed in one state.
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heather: look at our top stories, a funeral begins today from 23 victims of the deadly
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tornadoes in alabama. all missing people are accounted for. donald trump will toward the devastation in lee county tomorrow. house democrats delay the vote to condemn anti-semitism yet again. the resolution seen as a rebuke on congresswoman omar's continental comments about israel, being expanded to include all bias. it is unclear when the house will vote. and urgent one from homeland security, 1 million illegal immigrants are expected to arrive at the southern border by the end of the year. donald trump calling on republican senators to keep supporting his emergency declaration is another caravan arrive south of california carrying some 400 migrants. this immigration crisis heading home for the next guest, russell and brandy johnson on a ranch at the southern border and they say they want the president to build his wall on their land and they join me now with more. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it.
1:33 am
>> thanks for having us. shannon: it is important for people to hear from people like you who are down every day dealing with what the president calls a crisis but you are democrats say it is a manufactured crisis. how does it make you feel when you hear democrats say that and tell us about the situation at your ranch, you're in new mexico, correct? >> yes, ma'am. when we hear things like that it disappoints us and goes to show they are not down there witnessing what we are witnessing. shannon: some of what you're witnessing, describe that for people at home. >> right now where we live, new stats came out the other day and we are in the el paso sector where the numbers of skyrocketed and in our area we are not seeing asylum speakers, we are seeing criminal activity. we have what they call drive-throughs, vehicles
1:34 am
crossing, the foot traffic which is border patrol terminology and i don't know. our kids are seeing it and we are seeing an and it is hard to hear people say we are making this up. very disheartening. if you don't live at it is i don't know how to express the disappointment in what is going on. shannon: this ranch has been in your family for 100 years, you share eight miles with the mexico border on your ranch, and right now all you have is barbed wire, you invited the president to build the wall on your land. >> yes, ma'am. we share eight miles, ran shares eight miles in border with mexico internet eight miles, 5 of it has normandie style vehicle barriers or a round vehicle barrier and the
1:35 am
remaining 3 miles, barbed wire fence that we maintain at our own expense with no compensation for damages done by these vehicles. on this 8 mile stretch is a combination of private land and trust land and on the public land there is already the roosevelt reservation of 1907 against the us government's 60 foot easement for the purpose of border security and donald trump, you are to have the easement through public land. we will get the us government a continuation of the easement through private property to build the wall. heather: you referenced the number of illegals, up 100% but it is not the first time. i heard you mention a different types of person who is crossing the border illegally. i talked with other ranchers and farmers along the border, something people are not talking about.
1:36 am
what used to be families and people more respectful coming to these areas, that is not the case. now you have criminals, drug dealers, gaining members coming across your territory and you mentioned your children. how old are your children? do you fear for their safety as a result of this? >> we do and we typically don't talk about their age. any time i am on the ranch we have our children with us and a lot of these roads they are using our actual ranches when we are out on the ranch. it is a very unnerving situation that we are out there. we have to be out there and people are saying it is not going on. heather: what are you doing to protect yourself? >> you are always aware of your surroundings. we do carry protection with us and being that we are in an area
1:37 am
with no cell phone service, something we have been trying to get in our area is cell phone service. we are in an isolated area and the only form of law enforcement we have is border patrol. we try to be aware of our surroundings, you might pay attention to what time of day you go to certain areas, you never know what you might encounter. >> you speak and sing the concern on your face, you need some help and hopefully some lawmakers are listening right now and they will get you the help you need. russell and brandy, thank you for joining us and sharing your story, please stay in touch. paul manafort faces 24 years in prison when he is sentenced today. the former trump campaign manager was convicted of bank and tax fraud for concealing nearly $17 million in income.
1:38 am
this is the only case brought to trial so far and robert mueller's russia probe. the charges stem from his lobby and consulting work in ukraine but does not directly address russia's interference in the 2016 election. police are desperate for answers after the body of a little girl was found stuffed in a duffel bag and dumped on a hiking trail, the girl seen in this sketch, take a look, is believed to be between 8, and 13 years old. investigators near los angeles don't know who she is or how she died or who was responsible. she was found by maintenance workers. if you know who she is, let's buddy know. down syndrome should not be a death sentence, pro-life activist pushing that message in utah. governor gary herbert will sign a measure banning abortions of babies just because they have down syndrome. approved the bill would not go
1:39 am
into law until courts uphold similar bans in other states. students as young as 12 could soon have planned parenthood's number in their wallets the california lawmaker want schools to put the information on student id cards. jesse gabriel's bill says it would give them access to help resources. the proposal would require private and christian schools to comply. critics say it is unconstitutional planned parenthood publicly endorses and contributed $4400 to gabriel's 2018 campaign so that may or may not have something to do with it. 20 minutes until the top of the are, how tolerant is the tolerant left and who is running the party? our political panel on deck to debate that up next and this self-proclaimed nerd just won the easiest 10 grand of her life, what she did that most of us will never do. ♪ building a better bank
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heather: congresswoman omar is silent when pressed by fox news about the controversial remarks that have many accusing her of being anti-semitic. >> are you anti-semitic? would you support this resolution condemning anti-semitism? would you support the resolution condemning all forms of bigotry? heather: instead of rebuking omar's comments the left is pointing their fingers at donald trump. here to discuss is republican strategist john thomas and jason nichols. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. let's actually bring up that quote right away as we begin where they are pointing the fingers of donald trump.
1:44 am
this is from hakeem jeffries, the chair of the house democratic caucus who says we are committed to disarming -- condemning white supremacy, homophobia, anti-semitism and the rise of hate that has taken place in this country over the last two years since january 2017. what is your response to that? >> mister jeffries's what aboutism, it is not what it is about, they attacked trump for allegedly race baiting but when they haven't going on in their own house they do nothing. there is still a sitting governor of virginia caught wearing black face, the attorney general of virginia and a member of congress, the democratic party, who has repeatedly been anti-semitic and they do nothing. the hypocrisy here is stunning and disappointing. heather: what about that? the democratic party can't even come together to present this resolution rebuking
1:45 am
anti-semitism. what is going on? >> they are crafting a resolution as we speak against all forms of hate and bigotry. what they are saying is we have seen a rise in something that can be calculated and all kinds of bigotry from anti-semitism, what we have seen in the attacks in pittsburgh and other places gone up 37%. we had people in charlottesville -- heather: i'm not arguing your point but is all of that an attempt to deflect from the anti-semitic comments we are dealing with right now? >> absolutely not. what people want to do is talk about all forms of bigotry and reject them all, not pit one -- >> it is not mutually exclusive. you can do one and the other at the same time.
1:46 am
heather: wait, wait, can't hear what you are saying when you are both talking at the same time especially at 4:45 in the morning. finish your comment and let john respond. >> when we talk about hypocrisy we are seeing it from john at his side. why don't they condemn the president when he calls haiti and african countries crap hole countries or words i can't even say even at this are when everyone is asleep? why not condemn charlottesville? why can't they condemn steve scalise who went to a white supremacist conference? >> a response? >> donald trump has condemned hate in charlottesville. that comment you talked about. >> he said there were good people on all sides. >> you are trying to play us --
1:47 am
>> bigoted -- >> talking about people who support statues. >> we have the sitting governor of virginia who is still the sitting governor who refuses to step down. this member of congress who has been blatantly anti-semitic yet remains on foreign affairs committee. it is fine if they want to pass a broader resolution but they also have to clean up their own house and that is the point. heather: we are out of time but i will say we made our own point because we definitely deflected from omar herself and the statements she made. thank you both for joining us, we appreciate it. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the our. ever attempted double the minimum wage cleared its final hurdle. find for wearing flip-flops? the vacation hotspot charging tourists to grand for this style. ♪
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heather: welcome back to "fox and friends first," the federal minimum wage could soon - $15 an hour. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness here with the next steps to push it through. >> reporter: the next step for this bill would be to go to the house of representatives for a vote. a bill to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25, to $15 an hour. yesterday it cleared the house committee on education and labor. it would raise the minimum wage by 2024 and also phaseout the so-called sub minimum wages for the-tipped worker, the disabled worker and younger workers as well.
1:52 am
this bill is widely supported by democrats who want to raise the minimum wage but it does face some opposition from republicans who say it would result in job losses across the country. it would also hurt small businesses because they would have to pay for that extra labor. heather: if you like amazon's pop up stores you're out of luck because they are closing them. >> they are shifting their focus which amazon will be closing its 87 pop up stores across the country. they have these pop up stores in whole foods and malls across the country. a place where you can try out amazon products, amazon services, the echo, kindle, they will be shutting those down and shifting their focus opening up and expanding amazon bookstores and the amazon four *stores where they sell products rated four stars or better on amazon. we have one in new york city. they will be moving toward that
1:53 am
retail aspect. >> always great to have you with us, thank you. some other quick headlines, a second federal judge blocks the trump administration from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census, the district judge in california ruling the question is this person a citizen of the united states violates the law saying it, quote, threatens the foundation of the democratic system by under is a representing latinos and immigrants. the supreme court we hear the trump administration's appeal of the first ruling next month so we will follow up on that. heart wrenching photos showing workers saying goodbye as the general motors plant closes its doors at the facility in ohio shutting down after 52 years, folks hugging each other, an american flag draped over the final carter of, from the leland: chevy cruz will now be made in mexico. the plant's closure leave 1700 people without a job.
1:54 am
two more gm plants will shut down is the company focuses on electric cars. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. how young is too young to have a say in who runs the country? one democratic lawmaker says the kids should voted 16. your comments pouring in on this one. remember this? when the chicago bears kicker missed the field-goal knocking them out of the playoffs? the nfl team just. again. ♪ that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price!
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julie: the push to lower the voting age to 16. massachusetts congresswoman presley is pushing for the change. it is her first amendment since taking office in january. she says it would allow young people to weigh in on key issues like gun violence and climate change. your comments have been coming in and you all seem to agree. and instagram viewer rights too young, should raise it to 25. on instagram why is this even a question. of course it's too young, it should be 21 years of age and you have to pass an iq test. 16 is too young and immature for anything, even 18 is too young. now it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good and it literally pays to redefine
1:59 am
print, a woman 10 grand for fighting a secret contest, said that it was sending the price to whoever emails them first. she always reads contracts in fool and now she's a big winner. up next the bad. the italian, flipping its rules on tourists, people will reportedly be fine $2800 if they are caught wearing flip-flops, sandals or pumps on hikes. officials say they are sick of rescuing people wearing the wrong shoes. finally the only, chicago bears sidekick are to replace -- the name is blue it. i get it. supposed to replace the guy who really. it, free agent chris blueit has no nfl experience for the kicking job is open in chicago after cody park is only season
2:00 am
with the field-goal against the philadelphia eagles knocking his team out of the playoffs, the bears are expected to release parky. there you have it. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, have a great day. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> dangerous for americans, dangerous for migrants, not a manufactured crisis, that is truly an emergency. >> thursday, march 7th, big hearing yesterday, 1 million illegal immigrants expected at the border by the end of this year. >> that staggering statistic falling on deaf ears for some democrats who still plan to block the president's emergency declaration. we are live from washington. >> it seems there is confusion among your colleagues. are you anti-semitic? todd: rob: congresswoman omar silent when fox newco


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