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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 7, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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likes spiders. jillian: i'm sure. yeah. rob: we have 10 seconds left i have nothing to say. jillian: you have nothing to say. rob: today is thursday. tomorrow is friday. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. see you back here tomorrow. bye-bye. >> this is not a manufactured crisis. this is truly an emergency. >> the president wants to build a wall so there is something to point to. there is no emergency. >> their hatred for trump is more important than their responsibility to protect our nation and protect our borders. >> democratic party can't get enough votes to pass a resolution condemning hatred against israel and judicial people. >> would you support this resolution condemning smeavment? >> are you smeat? >> she is not being tough love they are denying it's anti-semitism. >> zachery greenberg facing three felonies including assault. >> president trump says he will not be happy if reports that north korea is rebuilding a nuclear site
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turn out to be true. >> the relationship is good. i would be very disappointed if that were happening. >> this week i was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. i'm going to fight this. keep the faith and we'll win. ♪ might as well jump ♪ might as well jump ♪ receive steve well to "fox & friends" the morning's number one cable news show. ainsley: don't be afraid to jump. if you are making a decision and it's risky face your fears. brian: face the fact that sammy hagar was much better as a lead singer for van halen. steve: than david lee roth. brian: no doubt about it he wouldn't wear the tight pants and some women were upset by that i do think overall better singer. steve: that's your metric for a good rock band? brian: not mine. i'm just saying i know both
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sides of the issue. ainsley: let us know what you think steve: yesterday on ash wednesday the story was the crisis at our southern border how the border patrol commissioner kevin appeared before congress and said look our system is at the breaking points. there are these families that are vurensdin sur rensd de0 and 200 and 300 at a time. we are on track to hit perhaps 100,000 migrants trying to get into the country apprehended this month. last month it was 76,000. and so, yesterday, the department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen was there to try to convince skeptical democrats that there is a crisis down there. ainsley: she said no rational person would ever design an immigration system like the one we have today. listen. >> the projections are dire. the agency is now on track to apprehend more migrants
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crossing illegally in the first six months of this fiscal year than the entirety of fy-17. and at the current pace we are on track to encounter close to 1 million illegal aliens at our southern border this year. our capacity is already severely restrained but these increase also overwhelm the system entirely. this is not a manufactured crisis, this is truly an emergency. very unfortunately, because of the increase in violence at ice, when we have families with children, we have to give every girl a pregnancy test over 10. this is not a safe journey. ainsley: that is so sad. girls 10 years old and up have to have a pregnancy test. steve: every one. unbelievable. ainsley: what is happening with these kids on this journey. what is happening to these women on this journey. brian: thereson attraction. show up with a magnet and make it halder tore get across. word will get out. expand what we are doing for humanitarian purposes in
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these central american countries. at the same time, start addressing our overall immigration system. what i think they did for the first time in a holistic way yesterday and by the way it really have upsetting and should be upsetting t for anybody to see how disrespectful she is treated when she goes to capitol hill. all she did was bring the message on homeland security on southern border where most of the drugs come through. when the numbers start coming through, nobody challenges them. they seized 84,000 pounds of marijuana. 7,000 pounds of cocaine. 7500 pounds of methamphetamine. up 25% in from 2017 to 2018. we know where the problem is we know they need more resources. everybody agrees according to the "new york times" there is a humanitarian disaster brewing there. so, why can't -- since at the same time, don't put aside this. at the same time our country needs workers. we saw the jobs council yesterday the president put together talking about the one thing they need.
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steve: look at that. >> brian: is more people to work. there has to be holistic way to address immigration reform for both sides of the aisle and both take credit like they did on -- the criminal justice reform package. steve: look, the system is broken. the laws are broken there are too many loopholes. she and yesterday in front of congress and said smugglers are encouraging families to file false asylum claims because that virtually guarantees you are going to get into the united states. the laws need to be changed. we have heard that from both sides and, yet, both sides have refused to do it. yet here we are and dan crenshaw, congressman from texas says, look, this time as in many times in the past, this is a problem that needs to get fixed because the laws are broken. >> the democrats keep talking about the children coming across and how we need to help them. and i agree. we have different ideas of what helping them looks like. what we don't want to do is
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allow them to be used as tokens to get across our border. that's what our laws incentivize right now. they insent advise children to be adult. we can accepted you right back. adults with children incentivizing them. that's why this is a humanitarian crisis. ainsley: if you don't think it's a crisis about immigration. it could be a crisis if you are a mother or parent and see what's happening to these kids. they are using these kids. these kids are having to get pregnancy tests at age 10. she said i'm ready to work with congress. congress has got to do something about this. whether or not you agree with me or disagree with me can we please sit down and fix this problem? brian: also, it's important to point out too and justifiably. inspector general pointed out the homeland was not on the same page as justice. when jeff sessions comes out there and says zero tolerance homeland security didn't know he was doing it causing a catastrophe and causing separation of mothers and families -- families and their kids at the border. so the inspector general pointed that out, i got it having said that don't spend
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an hour continuing to go over things to try to get more votes in two years. a lot of republicans are upset at the president not because he is doing something unjust and that's getting money through emergency action for the border we are worried about the press denting; therefore, maybe instead of using you're veto we could get money from other areas and maybe get you more money than you needed and stall warts like senator capito from west virginia emergency effort to pull back that emergency action. we will see. steve: yesterday, their appearance on capitol hill was to sell congress because it's up to congress if they buy the emergency thing, that's easy. meanwhile, speaking of congress, the democrats are divide. they cannot figure out what to do about some of their freshman members in particular ilhan omar who over the last two months has had to apologize for smeat anti-semitic tropes and last week was talking about loyalty to israel. she has spoken to nancy
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pelosi. nancy pelosi has not revealed what sort of discipline, if any she is going to mete out to this new congresswoman there was a plan to have a new resolution, nonbinding, read into the record at the u.s. capitol denouncing anti-semitism. but now because a number of people have come to her defense, congresswoman omar's defense it looks like it may not happen. ainsley: now more anti--hate. a resolution taken to a vote yesterday and now today and now it might not even happen as you just said, steve. nancy pelosi, she actually was in that meeting with the rank and file democrats and she was upset with them. she ended up putting the microphone down after she said to them she said if you are not going to listen to me, i'm done talking. and she walked out of the room. the president tweeted and said it is shameful that house democrats won't take a stronger stand against anti-semitism in their conference. anti-semitism fuelings autocracies throughout
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industry and inconceivable that they will not act to condemn it. >> atrocities. sorry, i thought that's not what the word is. brian: this whole resolution. they want to make the democratic parties not united. no they are not very united. i walked out of a room. you are all over each other. the leadership is being trampled by freshman, by freshman that's fundamentally changing our foreign policy from the foreign relations committee and by the way congresswoman omar should stop apologizing because she contradicts herself the next day and says basically i shouldn't apologize. a democrat, a close ally pleaded with the democrats to stop tweeting at which point noble did. alexandria ocasio-cortez went after another democrat juan vargas on twitter and he came back and said you could have just walked down the hall and talked to me. they are at each other's throats right now. steve: speaking of walk down
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the hall and talk to you. i saw your son doing that. steve: peter doocy you will see some of his attempt you had interview with ilhan omar. he talked with her five minutes. she was very polite. he would wait until they were done talking and ask a question. she never answered any of the questions that he asked. but, he asked all the right questions. questions that people want answers to. here is some with peter yesterday on capitol hill. >> congressman omar it, seems like there is some confusion among your colleagues, are you anti-semitic? congresswoman can i quickly ask would you accept this resolution condemning anti-semitism. my only question would you support the anti-semitism and other forms of bigotry? congresswoman would you support the resolution? condemning anti-semitism?
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congresswoman would you support the resolution condemning all forms of bigotry? steve: and she never and he. brian: kamala harris, you have bernie sanders basically senator warren all saying well, you should not confuse an anti israeli policy to anti-semitism. questioning israeli policy is not a question. i think she is doing both on a regular basis. i just keep asking why did nancy pelosi look at her resume and say she would be perfect for the foreign relations committee? how is she still on that committee? ainsley: specifically what nancy pelosi said she said she is not intentionally anti-semitic kamala harris. steve: she is anti-semitic just not intentionally. ainsley: nancy pelosi said. had problems with benjamin netanyahu said it is right wing u.
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steve: in the news but she will not talk to reporters about what's going on. brian: some people are in the news and some people do the news and that's jillian. jillian: absolutely. ainsley: you don't want to be in the news. jillian: let's talk about r. kelly you saw this explosive interview. embattled singer r. kelly facing new accusations he assaulted a 13-year-old girl u claims coming on the same day that i just mentioned denying similar accusations from other women. >> so they're lying on you? that's your explanation they're lying on you? >> absolutely. i'm fighting for my [bleep] life. y'all killing me with this. jillian: r. kelly has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault charges. >> is he now in custody in chicago for failing to pay more than $160,000 in child support. well-wishes pouring in for jeopardy host alex trebek as he fights stage 4 pancreatic cancer. >> i plan to beat the low
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survival rate statistics for this disease. truth told, i have to because under the terms of my contract, i have to host jeopardy for three more years. so, help me keep the faith and we'll win. jillian: tmz reports the 78-year-old plans to at least finish jeopardy's current season. meghan mccain tweeting send go ahead love and support to you alex your family and the entire jeopardy family. you have have got this we are all here fighting alongside you: ken jennings one thing i know for a fact alex is very. aware. my response is who is alex trebek. my family andry sending love and tons of healing prayers to you, alex. one thing know for a fact. alex is aware of how much he means to millions of people and how we will be pulling
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♪ cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way. valerie: but we worry if we have enough to last. ♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional, helps us manage our cash flow and plan for the unexpected. valerie: her experience and training gave us the courage to go for it. it's our "confident forever plan"... cal: ...and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at steve: a massive drug bust at that rest stop in new jersey. authorities seizing enough fentanyl to kill 10 million
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people which is more than the state of new jersey. the populationwise. our next guest sounding the alarm on the nation's opioid crisis saying that even just a couple of grams can kill a person. chief medical officer at the acadia healthcare dr. michael genovese joins us right now from chicago. doctor, good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm doing okay. but, you know, people are just shocked at how powerful these drugs like fentanyl are. you know it, just takes three grains like grains of salt to kill a normal sized person. this is a big problem. >> that's exactly right. it takes about 2 milligrams to prove fatal. they seized about 200 kilograms think about the devastation that could be wrought with that. >> in your business at acadia. how big a problem is addiction in america right now regardless of what people are hooked on whether it's heroin or oxy or fentanyl?
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>> sure, yeah. it's a huge problem. 72,000 americans died last year. try to think about that. that's 72,000 families, that's will never get their loved ones back. we are seeing more and more fentanyl involved. patients are getting this unknowingly. it's frequently packaged to look pressed into pills looked like oxycontin and taking it thinking it's something else and overdosing on it. steve: yesterday secretary nielsen was on capitol hill talking about the drug crisis. drugwise, the number of drugs coming up from mexico or wherever, is that a crisis or is that being overblown by the republicans? >> i think it's a crisis all across the country, if you think about the amount of people that have died it's now exceeded the amount of people dying in motor vehicle accidents. we really need to get a hold on this through law
3:20 am
enforcement, through treatment. the good news is that a lot of the people that are dependent on opioids doing this unknowingly can get treatment for it we need to get the word out. steve: that's why they come to you, right? >> yes, sir. yes. we do have good means of treatment now. we have medications that we can use to get people off of the drugs to which they are depend dental. we need to overcome the stigma of thinking that substance abuse disorders are a moral failing and brain diseases that can be treated like any other disease. steve: absolutely. dr. genovese, thank you for getting up so early today in chicago to tell us about this terrible problem. >> thank you for having me. thanks. steve: you bet. 6:30 in new york city, democrats keep pushing back a vote on a resolution to condemn congresswoman omar's anti-semitic remarks. muslim scholar dr. ahmed
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says it doesn't go far enough. another county is stopping up for the second amendment. the sheriff firing back at his state's new gun laws. says won't enforce them. right back. ♪ ♪ (vo) we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a few years old or dinosaur old, we want to buy your car.
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steve: all right. we have some thursday morning headlines for you now. a colorado county declares itself a second amendment sanctuary. the sheriff slamming the sheriff's new red flag proposal allowing agencies to take guns from people declared mentally unstable. the sheriff doesn't like it. >> innovation to the person that we're coming, i think that puts my agency at undue risk. steve: because the sheriff says the law is unconstitutional will not honor the bill if it is
3:25 am
passed. and a new jersey town is barking up controversy for dog owners. >> yes, i would like to call in a complaint about a howling dog. [howling] steve: that's the movie version. one patti ann browne proposing fines for owners whose dogs barked for more than 20 minutes. this sounds good. could also face community service if their pets acted up. that's some of the news brian and ainsley. brian: house democrats revolting against a resolution to condemn ilhan omar's anti-semitic remarks about israel. in fact it's not even on today's docket. ainsley: so why would democrats drag their feet on this? let's ask dr. ahmed member of university southern california's foundation and counsel will sill on foreign relations. thank you so much for being with us. >> a pleasure. ainsley: do you think this goes far enough? >> no. condemning anti-semitism is a universal value we all repudiate it and i support
3:26 am
that i not only do that i combat it. it does not. this proposal will not rebuke the offender. it will not rebuke ilhan omar for her anti-semitism for her unique bigotry. there is no penalty for a future anti-semitic congress person. there is no ejection to remove her from foreign affairs committees. this is a placebo. brian: this isn't a bad day. this has been her record when she was in the statehouse, all the way up until she got this job a couple of months ago. look who congressman akeen jeffreys who knows he doesn't have the votes to condemn this. we are submitted to decisively condemning anti-semitism, racism, white supremacy, islamophobia, homophobia and the rise of hate that has taken place in the country, perhaps coincidentally over the last two years, in other words, let's blame trump. what do you think about how he has taken responsibility or lack thereof. >> anti-semitism is a form
3:27 am
of hatred led to the greatest crime against humanity. i agree i condemn all xenophobe afterany kind. anti-semitism is different. i'm astonished that they are going to include the word islamophobia. everyone should know islam phobia is not anti-muslim and xenophobia. violence against somebody. a hate dread against someone for personhood. post revolutionary iran to shut down scrutiny of islamist of radical islam of any institution, entity, person. that put that in there. she just got more powerful because she can say the same remarks again oh, i'm criticizing israel. if you attack me, you are being islamophobic. so now the rules will change. there is no debate according to secular liberal democracy. the debate is on the term of the pro-islamist attitude. i do think the democratic leadership, many of my friends jewish democrats are absolutely heart-broken.
3:28 am
there was real anti-semitism. brian: eliot engel for one the chairman of the department called it vile a anti-semitic slur it's democrat on democrat. >> not just slurs, brian. she is a militant anti-semitic movement disguised as a human rights movement which calls essentially for the erratic occasion of israel. she went and keynoted for islam mic relief. bangladesh will not have islamic relief do refugee work because they're afraid of radicalization. her actions, other than her words, point to islamist anti-semitism. the democrats, thank you for condemning anti-semitism. that's what we do at the show show foundation: she is unfit to be on the foreign affairs whe committee. ainsley: at first nancy pelosi were condemning her.
3:29 am
all my jewish friends were excite you had that the leadership were condemning her comments. enough to it looks like they are walking that back and supporting her an the democratic party is divided and watering down this legislation or this resolution. >> i can only think two things. democratic leadership at the aipac speaker pelosi or own senator chuck schumer are afraid. that's one that there will be some consequences for rendering this woman's ideas pa rye a remember, this is not about her color, her vale, her race. this is about her ideas. and the other is how much of the democratic party really subscribes to these views? do they think this is going to be the basis? that is the concern. brian: they are pushing to say being -- questioning the israeli foreign policy is not anti-semitic. 23 middle eastern countries there, there is one democracy that stands by us through decades it is israel. why they go out of their way all the time to question israel is beyond me. >> not only standing by the united states but israel provides religious plurality
3:30 am
and freedom for muslims and non-jews in israel. brian: absolutely. >> criticizing israel can be legitimate but unifying, making it one entity, vilifying it on terms other than any other country, that is anti-semitism. ainsley: dr. ahmed, thank you so much. brian: appreciate it lots to discuss. just ahead stunning new numbers on the crisis at the border. democrats doing everything they can to down play it. >> the president shut down the government and declared a border emergency, an emergency that does not exist. brian: ug, what does mark morgan think? it might surprise you. that's next. ainsley: why did this grandpa do the chicken dance? it's no joke. the answer will make your day. stick around for that video. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ the rational person would design an immigration system like we have today. it's dangerous for americans. it's dangerous for migrants. it undermines our nation's values and fails to uphold our fundamental obligations to the american people. although we may disagree on solutions. i hope there can be a consensus that the current system isn't working and that's emergency. steve: that's why she was there to try to get some consensus. bring in mark morgan the former border patrol chief under president obama. you saw secretar certs nielsen. >> listen to what she said and kevin mcenany, they have provided congressional testimony.
3:35 am
brian: and facts. >> and facts. i was just going to say that you are absolutely right, brian. how did the secretary start off her testimony? there is a national emergency or crisis. and then she backed it up with facts. the commissioner did the same thing, the current chief did the same thing. ainsley: mark, you say the policies are in place from president obama. same policies. we're just enforcing them differently. how is president trump doing it differently than president obama did? >> that's exactly right. that's another misnomer. there are many laws already on the book for example like what he is trying to do in the san diego sector not allowing those individuals that are seeking asylum to just be brought into the united states never upon heard from again. is he saying no, you stay in mexico, file your asylum claim, and then when your hearing is ready, we will bring you in and adjudicate that. brian: you told me something in the green room. the thing that's changed over the last 10 years used to be mexicans coming over the border and send 90% back. now it's not mexicans because we changed our policy and now it's central
3:36 am
americans and 65 to 75% stay here and they don't show up for their hearings. >> that's one of the key pillars that american people are being mislead about. again in the 1990s, 2,000, say a million. 90% were being removed immediately. sometimes in hours. they were adult mexicans. now, we are on track this year to reach another million. the problem is, 65 to 75% of them are going to be released in the united states. steve: yesterday mike rogers on the committee republican from alabama he said we never argued about whether borders worked until donald trump wanted them. this is not rocket science. the republicans say it's a crisis and as you are about to see the democrats say really? >> have you given him the grounds for this emergency declaration in the context of what emergency means? >> i have given him all the facts from the men and women working at the border. by my read of it is an emergency it is a dual crisis. >> the president shut down
3:37 am
the government and do declared a border emergency, an emergency that does not exist. real border security cannot be achieved by building a wall on the southern border blocking asylum seekers or separating children from their parents. ainsley: they also were talking about the cages. they asked her are children put in cages? what's your response to that that were built during the obama administration? >> it's total lay false narrative and talking point for the democrats. they are not cages. they are actually really nice facilities. and they there are chain link fence within the facilities but it's designed so the border patrol agents working there can provide safety and security for the people that are there. and, remember, they are only there for max 72 hours before they have got to be released. brian: you have the humanitarian crisis with both sides seeing is a problem. the "new york times" wrote about it you have the drug problem, 80% of all illegal drugs coming from our ports of entry in the south we will never know because we don't see it if we can agree on that much, don't you
3:38 am
think there is time for both sides to get together and solve this problem and do it almost in the way we did criminal justice reform and don't you think it's possible? >> congress could fix the majority of the issue in 15 minutes but they refuse. to say it's identity politics. steve: they don't want to give donald trump a win. >> from a law enforcement perspective, steve, can i come to no other conclusion. the facts are overwhelming. how many more do you need? brian: right. and you was there during the obama years. ainsley: why are you speaking out if you represented president obama, why do you disagree with what's happening now? >> because the president is right. president trump is right. it's that simple. brian: right. >> we have a crisis. brian: you don't necessarily represent president obama. you just served his last year. you have wanted to stick around but the border patrol decided they are going to put their own person in. >> there and that's okay. steve: it's a pleasure to have you on the couch today. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: jillian is behind you and she has some headlines for us. jillian: good morning. good morning to everyone. start off with this story we
3:39 am
are following. the air force is responding after senator martha mcsally reveals she was sexually assaulted by a superior officer in the military. >> i stayed silent for many years but later in my career, as a military grappled with scandals and their wholly inadequate responses, i felt the need to let some people know i too was a survivor. jillian: an air force spokesperson saying in part we are appalled and deeply sorry for what senator mcsally experienced and we stand behind her and all victims of sexual assault. a bible will stay on display at a v.a. hospital after a so-called bully tried removing it. a lawyer for the first liberty institute telling fox news, quote: if he wants to remove that display or any part of it, is he going to have to come through us. the group standing up after the leader of another group objected because it promoted one faith over another. the bible was given to the new hampshire v.a. hospital by a former prisoner. all right.
3:40 am
you have got to stop what you are doing and watch this. a semi struck slams into a construction worker. did you see that? hanging above the road fixing a stoplight in houston. yeah. a driver's dash cam capturing the big rig plowing through nearly 50 miles per hour. the construction bucket upside down. the semi driver stopped and called 911 as crews got the man down. he is in stable condition. lucky man. when a 4-year-old gets nervous at her cheerleading competition her grandpa knows exactly what to do. ♪ ♪ jillian: that's jeff harrville doing the chicken dance with mckinley, tennessee. she told her mom she want the papa to dance with her when she got stage fright.
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that's adorable. steve: i need grand pa and there he weighs. luckily he knew the chicken dance kind of. brian: i need janice dean to do the weather should i wear shorts today? i have no idea. janice: i'm coming over to your place later on i'm in huntington for a book signing. brian: book review in huntington? janice: brian kilmeade put a sign up. we will be doing a book signing of mostly sunny. you guys are from texas. what part? >> nakona. >> what are your names alpine and amanda lieu hahn: janice: take a look at the maps and show you how cold it is across the country. dealing with a 7 right now. that's the wind chill by the way in north texas it feels like 50, so that's warmer and i would prefer to be in north texas. looking at the west where another storm is moving in and we will continue to track that over the next couple of days. all right. you want to coming to long island with me, ladies? >> yes. janice: all right. let's go. we will go to dinner first with brian kilmeade at his
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home. brian: my complex. compound. janice: fantastic. steve: look for janice dean at book review. brian: every major book goes through book review. one of the best towns in america. ainsley: you have a big crowd out there janice. steve: mostly sunny. the democratic socialist from new york has a list of moderate democrats who don't embrace socialism. 2020 presidential hopeful john delaney might be on there he says he doesn't care. he is going to join us live. ainsley: judge just ruled aborted child has the same rights as a person. what does it mean for the abortion debate? that debate coming up next u. steve: good morning, judge ♪ ♪ being a usaa member, because of my service in the military,
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steve: this is the biggest legal story we will talk 'today. historic move alabama court recognizing an unborn child as a person with legal rights, potentially opening up a brand new chapter in this country's abortion debate. ainsley: there's a guy ryan majors, he was 19 years old when his girlfriend was pregnant. now being allowed to sue an abortion clinic for terminating his unborn child against his wishes. he says that the baby died a wrongful death after his girlfriend, who was 16 at the time, had an abortion when she was six weeks pregnant. brian: on tuesday an alabama judge recognized the aborted baby roe as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. here to react fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, this must have taken you by surprise, too right? >> it did take me by surprise because the supreme court, regrettably roe v. wade still the law of the land says a fetus is not a person. what's the significance of personhood? the fifth amendment says if
3:47 am
the government wants life, liberty or property from a person, there has to be a trial. so if the fetus in the womb is a person, no legal abortion could happen because you you would have to prove that somehow the fetus in the womb did something wrong. for that reason as horrific as this logic is roe v. wade has said a fetus is not a person. that's why regrettably this courageous move by this alabama judge will eventually be overturned. >> but roe v. wade is wrong in the definition of a person because if a child is born, you know, children are born all the time a month two, months prematurely and they're a person. isn't it wrong? judge: i agree with you. but roe v. wade until it is interfered with by the court supreme court court law of the land. i have been arguing that the fetus in the womb is a person. the fetus has human parents and all the human genome necessary to actualize into
3:48 am
humanity. but roe v. wade is to the contrary. let me tell you what this alabama judge. this courageous alabama judge whom i don't know and never met succeeded in doing. teeing up this issue so that there is a debate about the personhood of the fetus. why is that important? because in some states like where we are now where abortion is legal up to the moment of birth, are a baby that survives the abortion is permitted to die. the doctor is permitted to neglect that baby. ainsley: something we haven't talked about, too. this is the boyfriend, the man. normally the man can't sue if the woman gets an abortion. >> you are 100 percent correct and you are thinking logically. the courts don't think that way. the courts say the father doesn't have the right to interfere with the abortion. that that's an obstacle for the woman's choice. steve: can't you still have abortion and define a person before birth? >> no. because if the fetus is a person, you cannot kill a
3:49 am
person without a jury trial. and at the jury trial you would have to prove false. all of this is bubbling to the head so that the horrors of what happens when babies survive abortions will eventually be addressed by the court. brian: do you know what the mvp for the abortion debate is the 3-d sonogram that's bringing these babies to life at an earlier time every day. judge: you are so good, kilmeade. only you could call this an mvp. >> most valuable person we are talking about. brian: we will see you on your show today, right? judge: yes, oh my goodness we have senator mike braun from indiana who says congress should not be getting pension. congress should not be getting pay raises and they shouldn't get paid when the government is closed. >> liberty file on fox nation. judge: thanks, brian. steve: we did reach out to the alabama reproductive center in huntsville. they have not responded. judge, thank you very much. brian: man charged with attacking a conservativ activist berkeley pleaded
3:50 am
not guilty. we just learned is he no stranger to police. why as the left or everybody else been so silent on this? ainsley: michelle malkin is here live at the top of the hour ♪ love you ♪ let me go ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies
3:51 am
to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk.
3:52 am
3:53 am
steve: a suspect in california accused of attacking a conservative activist at berkeley last week officially pled not guilty as his victim's attorney revealed concerns about his past. listen to this. >> mr. greenberg over the past couple of years has had numerous incidents where he has filed several lawsuits against landlords for charges that were later dismissed by the court. he has also had a restraining order filed
3:54 am
against him by a former room mate. almost a dozen lawsuits i have uncovered that this man is involved. in a lot more to be asked about this guy. ainsley: she goes on to sigh firearms confiscated restraining order three felony charges and misdemeanor charge. michael knowles is host of the michael knowles shows and joins us to react. thank you for being with us. why are the democrats so silent on this? >> well, the trouble is this particular guy is obviously a wacko, is he a thug. he has a long history of this. the trouble for the democrats and for the left is that he is emblematic of a larger problem. this isn't the first time this has happened to berkeley. this is a problem all over the country. the issue is the left redefining speech as violence. steve: what do you make of the president at cpac where he pulled the fellow who was attacked up on stage and then he said essentially that he was going to come up with some sort of executive order pulling federal funding from colleges that don't support free speech? >> this is very important. the william f. buckley jr. program at yale did a survey. 81% of college students believe that speech can be a
3:55 am
form of violence. and so what do you do to this form of violence? steve: you turn it off. >> yeah, you turn it off. it justifies violence against conservatives. and we saw this two years ago at uc berkeley. eric. steve: where you speak all the time? >> they love having me there. at berkeley, eric clanton, community college professor, hit conservatives over the head with a bike lock and what happened to him? three years probation. and so president trump at cpac he said well, is there going to be justice served here? we have to wait and see. brian: do you know what they are seeing this goes all the way up to the freshman class in congress. their intolerant way of disrespecting their own leadership. they created this monster now they can't control it. >> there is a little shrock and freud when you see this shift among democrats in congress. unfortunately they thought as a tactic they could hurt conservatives to define speech as violence to censure people. now they are seeing the fruit of that ideological poison.
3:56 am
brian: do you think the president was right to bring the victim on stage and point him out at cpac. >> absolutely. we know politics is downstream of culture. president trump made a key aspect of his campaign stopping political correctness. stopping censorship. stopping violence for speech and if we don't get that fixed, we are not going to fix any of our other political problems. steve: on the good side berkeley came out and said that the attack was reprehensible. >> what a great consolation. we are fine now. ainsley: it did take a while but at least they got the guy. steve: thank you so much. >> absolutely. hitting the plane. steve: still ahead on her thursday telecast. eric trump, son of the president, john bolton, you know him. marco rubio, the senator, john delaney would like to be president michelle malkin who has all sorts of things to say in three minutes.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> this is not a manufactured crisis. this is truly a emergency. >> your oath to the president or your oath to the president of the united states. >> no ma'am, the oath is to the constitution. >> could fix the majority of the issue in 15 minutes. it's identity politics. steve: democrats keep pushing back a vote on a resolution to condemn congresswoman omar's anti-semitism remarks. >> anti-semitism is a hatred unlike any other. it led to the greatest crime against humanity. >> tlaib says. >> i will be file impeachment. >> 23 victims of the deadly tornadoes in alabama. president trump will tour the devastation in lee county tomorrow. >> this week i was diagnosed with stage for pancreatic cancer. i'm going to fight. this keep the faith and we will win
4:01 am
♪ steve: so cold when i got up to come to work it was 9 degrees. brian: i was going to sleep outside until i saw it was going to drop overnight. steve: again? did your wife ask to you sleep in the car? brian: that was between us. [laughter] steve: anyway, thank you so much for joining us. listen, our top story, 1 million illegal arrivals are expected at our southern border this year. a million. ainsley: pretty shocking. that shocking claim from homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. >> griff jenkins is in washington. those numbers are in the new to him. backlash from the democrats who called the emergency declaration fake like those caravans, they will never reach the border, right, griff? >> that's right. good morning, guys. the chairman of that home land security committee benny thompson says there is no emergency calling it nonexistent and boy did he
4:02 am
grill secretary nielsen, watch. >> we are still using cages? >>bp never pumps will you put a child in a cage. >> purposely or whatever are we still putting children in cages today. >> children are processed at the border security stations that you have been at. >> and i have seen the cages. i just want to you admit that the cages exist. >> sir, they are not cages. >> in her testimony nielsen painted a troubling picture of what's to come. >come. >> the projections are dire at the current pace we are on track to encounter close to 1 million illegal aliens at our southern border this year. our capacity is already severely restrained but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely. this is not a manufactured crisis. this is truly an emergency. >> after the hearing i confronted chairman thompson regarding his nonemergency assertion. he visited the border in el
4:03 am
paso at the same time i was in juarez. here is what he had to say. >> i look at what the numbers say. at that time, the numbers were down. if we would do what the system requires to be done, then i think we can accommodate it. but when we create situations, where the law doesn't allow for it to be created, it's a manufactured crisis. >> here's the problem with that, the numbers. he says it was down when, in fact, according to the numbers we released and reported here yesterday, apprehensions for family units in el paso is up 1689% from this time last year. i pressed him specifically on that as well and he walked away. guys? steve: threthere you go. let's bring in michelle malkin syndicated columnist. she joins us today. yesterday we had sarah huckabee sanders on and she said in february alone 76,000 people tried to -- were apprehended as they came into our country.
4:04 am
she said it's the same as metlife stadium which is just across the river over in new jersey. when you think about that,. ainsley: in one month. steve: one month a stadium full of people every month that's approaching a million people as we just heard from the expert yesterday. >> yeah, we are talking about populations of cities now essentially. and if you put out those projections, you know over the long-term it is alarming. i said at cpac that the red emergency lights are blinking on america. and this has been a long brewing problem. i think that what the white house should do is put live stream cameras at the ranches on the border of ranchers and property owners who have been warning about this for decades. and that's the problem. is that the beltway swamp is so out of touch with the humanitarian crisis, the economic crisis. the cultural crisis that has
4:05 am
been created by negligence and apathy in both parties, unfortunately. and, you know, have you got republicans who are not going to side with the republicans on a national emergency declaration? what is going on here? and in the meantime things are going to just get worse. you guys have quoted that the projections for this year will be up to a million of these families and illegal alien migrants coming from south and central america and where are they going to go? you know, where is the detention space for these people? let alone the fact that they're just going to be turned out and let loose into the country. these are future democrat voters who are never going to budge from the left. it is an electoral crisis for the republican party as well. brian: do we have a social safety net for the people of guatemala or el salvador or the people of america which is already overtaxed? 87 of the people apprehended coming here illegally from south america do not go through the port of entry. that's why i need a barrier. in terms of what democrats
4:06 am
and republicans are looking to act on, they both are beginning to agree on the humanitarian crisis so it show as little bit of progress. nancy pelosi is quoted this way i just don't. steve: that's about our next one. brian: but in particular, you cannot get leadership on the democratic side to go along with this. but you did see some breaking over the course of three hours because the these apprehension numbers are hard core facts. >> both have talked out of both sides of their mouth border security and we need smart border security dumb nancy pelosi says. you know what? all of this argues for is for president trump to take executive action and simply shut it down. and the magnet is still untouched here of asylum. that's what drawing these families. they know they will be caught and released into the country if they simply make a false claim of credible
4:07 am
persecution. ainsley: michelle talk about ilhan omar the freshman congresswoman. there was a house resolution that was meant to present anti-semitism after some of the comments she made. it looks like now nancy pelosi is bowing now to the radicalized. they are all changing their tunes. she is saying that it was not intentionally anti-semitic. and then she says this. i don't think -- this is just about comments by congresswoman omar, which i do think were intentional -- which i do not think were intentionally anti-semitic. why the change of tune? they were condemning her at first and now they are putting new language in this resolution that might not even pass. >> >> yeah, nancy pelosi fears the radical left and the fringe has become the center of the democrat party. this is proof of it. just a couple of weeks ago, before ilhan omar made even worse anti-semitic comments, nancy pelosi was condemning her, right? she said we should thought be engaging in disseminating
4:08 am
anti-semitic tropes. that's an exact quote. what did ilhan omar do? she put even more of those tropes out there and now nancy pelosi's argument is that this a inadvertent anti-semitism? inadvertent hate? can you imagine if republicans made this argument that oopsy that it was accidental racism and anti-semitism? it's flabbergasting. steve: michelle, when you look at how the republicans handled some extraordinary comments made by steve king, the republican from iowa, about white supremacy, they kicked him off of all of his committees. now republicans are say hey, there is a double standard here. you have got this freshman member of the incoming class and she has said some things that deserve to get her kicked off the committees and, yet, nancy pelosi is standing by her. >> yeah. well, i think there is a double standard. i know steve king, i have known him a long time. is he a good man. i think he was thrown under the bus by people who knee
4:09 am
jerk sea. s about the "new york times" which is essentially an anti republican, anti-conservative organ. let's talk about another standard. governor norment mr. blackface moon walking michael jackson impersonator is still in office out of all of this time. let me talk about something else, which is that president trump is the strongest defender of israel and, yet, he continues to be subjected to attacks by the spoc and others that he is anti-semitic. it's absolutely absurd and i think if nancy pelosi continues down this path, karma is going to come back at her because this ilhan omar is obviously beyond control and if you think that she is going to be reigned in after this you are kidding yourself. >> has she lost control of the democratic party, nancy pelosi? >> she absolutely has. like i said, the fringe has become the center of the democrat party. and you look at the field of
4:10 am
candidates for the democrat presidential nomination and who are they all backing? ilhan omar. brian: they are all spineless. so far lost total control of the party. also moving ahead on impeachment. she told the party not yet, we are not ready as did other chairman of other committees. they are going ahead and offer it sometime this month. michelle malkin thanks so much. ainsley: thanks, michelle. >> you bet. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: that's right. all the missing people from that deadly alabama tornado are now accounted for. today two of the 23 victims will be put to rest. take a look these wooden crosses set up to memorialize their lives as anonymous donors pledge to pay for all of the funerals. president trump will tour the devastation in lee county from those tornadoes tomorrow. a man accused of stabbing an uber driver in the chest. look at the shocking surveillance video. showing the suspect attacking the driver in philadelphia. he pulled out a knife during
4:11 am
an argument with a female passenger getting into the car. the driver got away as the suspect wrestled the woman. he is hospitalized in stable condition. a second federal judge ruling the census question on citizenship is unconstitutional. ninth circuit judge richard says the trump administration's decision to add the question in 2020, quote: threatens the very foundation of our democratic system. he claims it will cause immigrants and latinos to be under represented. the supreme court will hear the trump administration's appeal of the first ruling next month. the chicago bears just signed a kicker blew it to replace one who really blew it free eight chris blueitt capped off only missing this field goal against the philadelphia eagles knocking his team out of playoffs. the bears are expected to release parky. you still look at that and
4:12 am
like oh, you feel for him. steve: even though you are a philly fan. jillian: i know. and parky was once on the eagles. steve: small world. brian: nic foals is leaving i know you are upset by that strike obama era rule drone strikes. change to the battlefield. ainsley: alex trebek stunning sad announcement he was pancreatic cancer. why is it so deadly and are think any warning signs? >> i'm going to fight. this keep the faith and we will win. we will get it done. [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have...
4:13 am
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unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. ♪ ♪ >> i'm going to fight this, truth told, i have to because under the terms of my contract i have to host jeopardy for three more years. so help me. keep the faith and we'll win. we'll get it done. ainsley: no tears. that would be hard to make that announcement. bless his heart. long time jeopardy host alex trebek announced yesterday he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer according to the american cancer society over 56,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this
4:17 am
year and over 45,000 of those will die of the disease. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel joins us now to talk about it dr. siegel, this breaks your heart. we all know people with cancer, most of us know someone with pancreatic cancer and survival is not good. why is that? >> it's because it's deep in the body, ainsley. by the time you know about it, it can be very far advanced as in alex trebek's case. you don't get warning signs. you may eventually get yellow eyes or lose weight or get back pain. by the time that happens, it's at least 50% of the time already advanced we're just starting to figure it out. something coming out this year people will get into clinical trials and figure out genetic signatures. everybody has a different kind of cancer and personalize treatments. that's going to start to make a difference. really just the beginning. very, very tough diagnosis. ainsley: most men and women
4:18 am
after a certain age have annual physicals. we test things for this. >> there are poo teens but not yet where we can really tell unless we are doing a cat scan on everyone. we have warning signs. people who smoke who are at risk. people drink too much at risk. people that are overweight and a family histories these are the people we are really looking at to see if they could be at risk. now, i also believe, of course, as alex trebek very positive attitude. i believe in the power of prayer in a situation like this. ainsley: 3% of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive more than five years. 3%. numbers are low someone has got to survive. >> if you catch it early you can actually do a curative surgery. but, again, catching it early is very, very hard. i believe in medical miracles and mind over matter. i will tell you one thing with his attitude he is at very least studies have shown stay healthy for a lot longer than if he wasn't looking at it that way. i want to get those three years in he says.
4:19 am
i wouldn't bet against him that power of positive thinking really helps a lot. ainsley: what was your reaction when you heard this news. >> i was shocked as everyone was because he looks so healthy. of course, this is how it happens. one day you are fine. and the next day, bam, you have a death sentence and i will tell you, it's a wake-up call for everyone out there to enjoy their lives, to get everything possibly positive they can to love each other and never take anything for granted. ainsley: on average, how long did most -- someone with stage four pancreatic cancer have to live? >> unfortunately it's only a matter of a year, a year and a half usually. that's on average. it can be less. it can be more. you know, but that's a very, very tough sentence to get. it's one of our worst cancers. one of our most deadly. there is incredible amount of effort going into it right now to say where are the mutations. how can i target this? can immunotherapy work? can genetic treatment work. we are finally starting to bring into play for pancreatic cancer.
4:20 am
i predict and as you pointed out we are going to be able to diagnosis it earlier. get better test force finding the abnormal proteins. five years from now and three years from now we will be having a different discussion about this. ainsley: we hope he will continue to work. we all watch jeopardy it's something we have on in the house all the time. >> he has done a lot ainsley with charitable christian organizations world vision around the world. uso for the military. ainsley: he is a good man. >> he is a good man. ainsley: god bless him. if you are a prayer. remember him in your prayers today. john bolton will join us live come up. democratic isocialist from new s a list. is john delaney 2020 democratic can presidential candidate will join us next. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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4:22 am
maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
4:23 am
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4:24 am
steve: 7:24 in new york city. now time for news by the numbers. first up 15 bucks an hour. that is the propose dollars federal minimum wage now heading to the house floor. democrats just helped vote the bill out of committee. the federal minimum wage is currently $7.25. so almost double. next, 390. that's how many stores family dollar is closing this year. they blame it on slow holiday sales. family dollar is rebranding 200 stores as dollar tree. and then finally, zero dollars. that's how much you can get a frosty or junior bacon cheeseburger for at wendy's. this is too good to be true. fast food chain is offering
4:25 am
the freebies on mobile app. through march the 16th. you just need to buy one thing off the menu and then you either get the frosty or the junior bacon burger at wendy's. brian. brian: all right, steve, would he will focus on that later for now we will talk politics. as politics move left and so many on the democratic side move to that left i'm joined by 2020 presidential candidate who says socialism is not the answer. former maryland congressman and self-made success story john delaney joins us now. >> thanks for having me, brian. brian: what made you run. >> central issue how divided we are. i want to be the president that brings us together starts solving problems and lays out a vision for the kind of future we can build together. that's why i'm running for president. brian: which have you corey and kamala harris and bernie sanders all talking about the need for more spending, more social programs and bernie sanders embracing socialism, does john delaney embrace socialism? >> i don't embrace socialism. i think the genius of america in many ways is that
4:26 am
we have embraced capitalism and all of its power to innovate and create jobs. but we moderated it with strong social programs, right? so i think it's a bit of a false choice. and what we haven't done in the last several decades in my opinion is build the kind of programs we need tone sure that capitalism really serves the interest of all americans. and that's what we have to get back to. we don't have to throw our model out the window. we have to recommit to our model which is letting capitalism innovate, flight it's the greatest innovation machine ever but also making sure that our citizens are prepared for the disruptive effect of capitalism whether that be the social safety net, investing in our public schools so they get the kind of education they need to succeed in a world that's changing. brian: governor hickenlooper might be in your lane some issues amy klobuchar everybody else is way left. a lot of them are taking their cues from the offer author of the green new deal alexandria ocasio-cortez. she says this: i didn't see they were putting themselves on a list for primaries when she was asked about if you don't start going along with
4:27 am
some of of my programs i will put you on a list and primary you. i will be breaking off with procedural voters. they are inadvertently making targets for the g.o.p. and vote. she is going to look for people to primary you. you are not in congress anymore. you would be a candidate to be prime married. >> i do think getting rid of ice is bad policy. i can't really comment on what's going on in the house now. i'm not in the house anymore. i didn't run for re-election so i could dedicate myself fully to run for president. brian: you know that's a lot to do with the party. kamala harris. >> i think the party is going through a big discussion. my sense is the democratic party when i go talk to voters, i have done 24 trips to iowa and new hampshire. 24 to iowa, 1420 new hampshire. when i talk to voters on the ground there, they are not nearly as divided as people think they are. in fact, in iowa they just did a poll two weeks ago they asked iowa caucus goers, democratic caucus go everiers, do you want a
4:28 am
nominee work with republicans and get things done or someone stick rigidly to ideological believes it was 86 for. that's that tells you where the primary voters are and where americans are. brian: you could say many on the left are pushing democrats left. when you see. so so-called frontrunners with the biggest names who say free preschool, free college and make statements like senator elizabeth warren when she came out and said the rich are free loaders. and you are a self made success story. are you a free lord. >a loader?>> i'm self-made in oe context. my dad was electrician. his union paid for me to go -- or paid for me to go to college. a bunch of electricians helped me to go to college. in many ways no one is really self-made in this country. united stated to drive home from the capital every day from my house in maryland across the memorial bridge look out at arlington cemetery. that reminds you that we are all in this together the
4:29 am
sacrifice some people made. some of those are good policies. pre-k, universal pre-k which i support that's actually smart policy and many ways it's conservative policy. kids who get pre-k if you look at how they perform across the rest of educational experience it's the best investment we make. brian: that's fine. you want washington deciding what should be done in north dakota pre-k. >> i would like washington to create incentives for north dakota to pre-k. they can tell to offer but can create incentives for north dakota to create universal pre-k that's the way you do it. "the washington post" does a column and calls you the smartest presidential candidate that you have never heard of. what's your reaction to that? >> well, we have got to -- brian: you like the first half? >> listen, i think jennifer rubin is a very astute columnist. we had a great conversation. we talked about issues. she asked me what i think of the fiscal trajectory of the country. i told her. we talked about what we should do about climate change which i think we
4:30 am
should innovate our way out of the problem. brian: you don't think we should make cows old news, and get rid of planes. >> i think we should put a tax on carbon. i introduced the only bipartisan congress tax bill in the congress. we put a tax on carbon and take all the money and give it back to the american people so it changes behavior. what i want to do is invest in innovation because we can innovate our way out of this problem just the same way we have innovated our way out of so many other problems. brian: depends how you do it when you see solyndra a you as a businessman must be taken back. >> negative emission policies. these are machines that actually take carbon out of the atmosphere. they exist today. the problem is they are really expensive. if we create you had a market for them just like we did with wind and solar the prices came down because we created a market. we do the same with this the american economy will innovate our way out of this problem. great to see you. >> great to be here in person. brian: best of luck. >> thank you.
4:31 am
brian: get rid of your nukes or more sanctions are coming. he joins us live next. plus, hockey fans make a big save on the national anthem stops playing. we have the video that will give you goose bumps. an entire arena of patriots stepping up and sings without any voice, without any words on the jumbotron ♪ the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
4:32 am
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this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo. ♪ don't you know that she is some kind of wonderful. she's some kind of wonderful ♪ yes she is. steve: wonderful without gridlock in front of the building. that's always a plus. ainsley: that won't last long. steve: yeah, it's early. go down to the white house. john bolton the white house national security advisor joins us live where it's a little on the chilly side. john, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> glad to be with you. steve: hey, what's going on with north korea? it looks like according to
4:35 am
satellite imry like the imageryy are rebuilding something. that's not good the president says. >> he said yesterday he is very, very disappointed about it he said also quite correctly it's early. we have other kinds of information other than the commercial imagery. but, look, the president spent hours with kim jong un in hanoi trying to reach the right deal with him. we know what that looks like. it's denuclearization by north korea next change for a very bright economic future. the north koreans weren't there. we are obviously going to watch what they do. that's what the president is trying to get. to say. ainsley: if they are reassembling, will they use it right away or can they use it right away. >> i don't think we really are in a position to say at this stage. obviously we have a lot of ways of getting information. we're going to study this situation carefully as the president said it would be very, very disappointing if they were taking this direction. brian: john, i heard there was a last-minute push by kim jong un to keep you guys at the table. how would you characterize
4:36 am
what he tried to do when it was clear you were walking out. >> i don't think there was any last-minute push. there were extensive discussions. i think the president made our position very clear. kim jong un had presented a formula that the north koreans have tried before. it was unsatisfactory. you know, what they would like is relief from the economic sanctions. steve: sure. >> and compliance with what we want which full denuclearization comes later. that's been a path prior north korean regimes have used to get a lifeline for their economy. brian: there was none at the end hey don't go anywhere, what about this? there was no last nuances to their offer? >> not that i saw, that's for sure. steve: john, there was serious reporting that said that the two sides were far apart even before the president left the united states. and he felt like he would be able to persuade chairman kim, given his personal relationship. is that accurate? >> well, i think the north koreans obviously would like to give up as little of their nuclear and biological and chemical weapons and
4:37 am
ballistic missile programs as they could in exchange for very broad sanctions relief. that's basically what they asked for. the president wasn't buying it. he said, look, we want the big deal that will give north korea a bright future. but which results in complete denuclearization. so the president is obviously open to talking again. we will see when that might be scheduled or how it would work out. but, he thinks the deal is there if north korea is prepared to look at the big picture. ainsley: we will wait and see if there is a third summit. the vice president says he wants to revoke 77 visas that are held by officials in the maduro government. the white house also threatening to impose sanctions on foreign banks that do business with the government of venezuela. tell us more about this. >> well, look, the maduro regime has been ripping off the venezuelan people since it has been in power going back to when hugo chavez was there they have plundered the state oil company. they are engaged in illegal drug trafficking. they are moving resources out of the country to what they think are going to be
4:38 am
safe havens. we want a peaceful transfer of power from maduro who juan guaido who rerecognize is interim president by the way along with 50 other countries, most of the democracies in the world. and so we think increased pressure against maduro and his cleat is the way to help the venezuelan opposition get that peaceful transition of power. steve: all right. meanwhile yesterday the president met with danny burch. he was the american who was held by yemen for 18 months. and we're all glad he is out. john? >> look, it's a very emotional moment is the best way can i describe it whenever the president welcomes an american hostage back and it was emotional yesterday, danny burch said how glad he was to be in america now that he was back on our soil. and this is the 20th hostage that president trump has been able to get out of captivity without ever paying anything. unlike the obama
4:39 am
administration paying to get the iranian hostage -- some of the iranianian hostages released. the president also called crowned prince of the united arab emirates to thank him for the uae's efforts to get mr. burch out. mr. burch's son in the office it was really really great. brian: don't complain about the weather you could have been here on the couch but you chose to go to the white house. >> i'm ready for it. ainsley: thank you. great to be with you. ainsley: hand it over to jillian. jillian: president trump is scrapping an obama era rule on drone strikes. the president signing an executive order sending a policy that required us to report the number of civilian deaths caused by drones. previously intelligence officials had to publish an annual report on deadly airstrikes outside of war zones. critics of the obama era policy said it interfered with counter-terrorism efforts. facebook wants to make its
4:40 am
site a little less social. ceo mark zuckerberg says the company is focusing more on private conversations and less on publicly shared posts. in a blog post he promised end to end encryption on facebook and announced plans to merge messaging for facebook it, what's app. and instagram. a hero bus driver jumps into action when a little boy starts choking on the school bus. carolyn gearing rushing to save second grader allen love green. she gave him the heim electric maneuver possibly saving his life. >> i just couldn't breathe. i was scared. >> i saw like terror in his face. he was -- and i turned around and he goes alan is choking. >> alan's brother, who first got the driver's attention called her the hero of the day. an incredible moment at high school hockey game. the recording of the national anthem stopped and then happened next.
4:41 am
♪ o'er of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] the massachusetts teacher who shot the video says the crowd never skipped a beat. he calls it a real special moment. ainsley: that's beautiful. the person who was supposed to sing didn't show up? jillian: the recording stopped. steve: they were already singing along with it. brian: seems like we are having so many problems with the national anthem. ainsley: the crowd always comes through. jillian: why can't it be easy. brian: unbelievable. i thought we had the anthem down. steve: we have it down. remember the homeless guy and the couple? well, remember the homeless guy supposedly gave her his last 20 bucks and then they were charged in that massive go fund me scam? well, a big update on the case. we think you got to hear it and it is coming up. and they are going to prison.
4:42 am
ainsley: plus, if you have little ones, forget k through 13. one lawmaker is pushing for it he joins us live next. k through 13. ♪ should i stay ♪ or should i go now ♪ should i stay or should i go now ♪ gonna be around... i'm worried about my parents' retirement. oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... ...dealing with today's expenses... college... ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay... without me? um... and when we knock out this wall imagine the closet space? yes! oh hey, son. yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at ♪ jillian: good morning and welcome back. quick headlines now. a man posing an d.e.a. agent is busted after he pulls over a real federal agent. alex taylor is accused of using volkswagen jetta to make unauthorized traffic stop. the d.e.a. says he had fake badges, handcuffs along with guns and meth. this is a really, really good boy. canine max posing with a stash of drugs and weapons he helped get off the street. the texas police dog sniffing out drugs and helping officers secure a warrant to search a home. two people are under arrest. someone get max a treat.
4:46 am
steve: exactly. meanwhile, jillian, forget k through 12. how about k through 13? our next guest is calling for an optional 13th year of school to help prepare boston students for college. this after a recent report by the "boston globe" newspaper that found that one quarter of the city's valedictorians between 2005 and 2007 failed to finish college within six years. amazing. so could an extra year help? joining us right now boston city counselor at large michael later iny joins us from boston. michael, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, thanks for having me. >> explain how this 13th year would work. >> obviously as you mentioned it would be an optional program. if you think about boston. we boast of having the best colleges and universities in the world. we also recognize that we're home to 16,000 high school kids. not enough of those kids are getting into schools. the ones that do are unable
4:47 am
to stay in. that's a problem. 13 very similar to pg not a new phenomenon. people know it. when i went to school kids wanted to enhance their opportunity to get into division 1 school for sports get faster stronger. one year intense college prep course load program to get those math scores and english scores up and help them with their sats get into great schools that call boston their home. at the same time many of these schools provide scholarship opportunities but unfortunately we are not meeting the threshold to get the kids into the school. this is helping about helping kids and families. steve: michael. when you look nearly half of boston students who enter college do not graduate within six years, obviously the 13th year would be great. and it sounds terrific but how are you going to pay for it? >> so we have in boston what's called the pilot program payment in lieu of taxes. our colleges, our hospitals our nonprofits opt in to a payment program. we are hoping that one of
4:48 am
boston's finest college or universities want to partner with us. also, we are looking at a lot of the companies founded here or the ones that are coming here g.e. and amazon, et cetera, maybe they would be willing to sponsor and partner this program. they are coming here tore tap into the intellectual capital. we want to make sure the economic opportunity. steve: it's a great town one of my kids went to boston college. >> me too. steve: it's a good school go eagles. >> a great school. steve: back up a little bit. how does payment in lieu of taxes work there? >> so, college and universities, you know, they don't pay taxes because they are considered to be nonprofit institutions. they opt in and they voluntarily cut a check basically to the city in lieu of services. so if you just think about whether it's 911 or trash collection, public safety, public works, et cetera, we're getting pennies on the dollar from our universities. great opportunity for them to partner with us. give back to the great city that hosts them. steve: great city of boston,
4:49 am
their public schools put out this statement, michael. boston public schools officials are reviewing the hearing order. we are always open to ideas on how to provide better outcomes for the 55,000 students we serve. and we are happy to listen to feedback from elected officials and community members to engage in the productive dialogue. i would imagine that parents are for this but once again, it's how do we pay for it? >> a lot of parents -- it's an optional program. going to be the student with the parent with the guidance counselor with the school administrator to see if it's a great fit. it's not just about getting kids into these great schools. it's also in the trades. particularly those that have a strong math requirement. this is, again, another year of kids -- this is for miley motivated kids. kidserious about going to one these great institutions and make sure they are prepared for the global economy. steve: let's see how it goes. keep us posted on this. michael flair a flaherty. >> thank you, steve.
4:50 am
have a great day. steve: 10 minutes before the top of the hour. why are some democrats launching so many investigations into president trump? >> weave to make sure that this is not a dictatorship and that the rule of slaw respected. steve: okay. eric trump, the son of the president, with reaction coming up very shortly. plus, taylor swift is stepping back into politics? at least that's what carley shimkus has to say. as you can see carley is waving and walking and she is next on "fox & friends." >> hey. ♪ acoustic guitar] (male announcer) we know these memories will last longer than the wrapping paper. we know there's some things you just can't put a bow on. we know the best gift of all is still out there. we know the great outdoors. we love the great outdoors. bass pro shops and cabela's--
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4:54 am
♪ bad love ♪ take a look what have you done. ainsley: pop super star taylor swift spoke out about politics for the first time last fall when she pushed tennessee to vote for bill breads sen for senate. he lost that seat. that is not stopping taylor swift from staying silent in 2020. steve: i saw so many issues that put our most vulnerable citizens at risk and i felt like i had to speak up to feel like i had to make a change. i'm going to do more to help. we have a big race coming up next year. brian: here with reaction lighting up social media fox news headline reporter sirius 115. carley shimkus. there is another senate seat open in tennessee maybe she can get it right this time. >> we learned it hillary clinton that celebrity endorsements really don't hold that much weight. this is interesting. because she used to be a country star so a lot of her fans live in deep red states which is why we are seeing some reaction like this: jonna says on twitter well,
4:55 am
no offense to taylor but she was pretty vocal in the tennessee senate election that didn't work out so well. might want to focus on the music. notice to all performers shut up and sing. we don't care about your opinions on politics. people pay to see you sing not to listen to your political opinions. and another twitter user says good, she needs to use her influence to highlight what's going on in this country and she has a huge platform and loyal fans. so, you know, so people feel all sorts of ways about this. it does depend on your own personal political opinions. and voter registration surged after she first got political. ainsley: do you think it hurts her though certain people who used to like her who don't agree with her politically. >> sure it could hurt her. i don't think it will overall affect her album from selling out and her concerts. brian: got a pretty good relationship with tim cook, right? >> that's right. steve: he did. >> well, so tim cook was at the white house yesterday. the president is very good at giving nicknames. but it looks like this one
4:56 am
may have been a bit of an accident. watch this. >> we have so many companies coming in. people like tim you are expanding all over and doing things that i wanted you to right from the beginning. tim, you have got to start doing it over here and you really have. i mean, have you really put a big investment in our country. we appreciate it tim very much apple. >> he has a lot on his mind. ainsley: you can cook apples. steve: the people with the go fund me scam may go to prison. >> homeless man named johnny bobbitt and kate mcclure and her boyfriend. pleading to the scamming 14,000 people out of $400,000. she faces 20 years in prison. he faces 10. the boyfriend faces lesser charges. this is a big deal. and that story i remember reporting on that story when it was a heart-warming
4:57 am
story. steve: go fund me gave the money back. brian: always heart warm toggle seheart-warmingto see yo. dana loesch, marco rubio and eric trump will be here and they look exactly like that. . . .
4:58 am
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5:00 am
some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. steve: one million illegal arrivals are expected this year. the. >> facts are overwhelming. how many more do you need? >> in our area we're not seeing asylum-seekers. we're seeing more criminal activity. >> i don't even know how to express the disappointment in what's going on. brian: house democrats revolting against a resolution to condemn congresswoman ilhan omar anti-semitic remarks. >> nancy pelosi fierce the radical left. the left has become the center of the democratic party this is proof of it. >> the man accused punching a person at berkeley pleads not guilty. >> i will fight this. keep the faith and we'll win.
5:01 am
>> with his attitude he is a at very least, studies have shown going to stay healthy for a lot longer if he wasn't looking at it this way. >> who is that? >> poppy. >> poppy. welcome to the world of trolls. are you ready for fun and adventure today? ♪ ainsley: you saw video of my little girl. the days go by very fast. everyone told me she was born. every joy every moment. we're trying to do that. steve: you went to the trolls show. ainsley: it will be open. if you have kids, a you go through a little troll exhibit. brian: how many times can you see "hamilton." kids don't like ham mil ton. steve: i haven't seen it.
5:02 am
i just haven't seen it yet. broadway is not a high priority. i watch a lot of tv news. brian: the seats are very small. steve: more importantly the seats are 1000 bucks each for the show. brian: meet me in the alley whisper something i get you tickets. steve: you have tickets? brian: i'm not saying i don't. ainsley: moving on. one million illegal arrivals expected at border just this year alone. brian: that shocking claim from homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. steve: griff jenkins is in washington. a lot of push back from democrats. they do not want the president to get the wall or emergency declaration. reporter: sure was, steve. secretary nielsen paint ad very different picture for them. >> the projections are dire. at the current pace we're on track to encounter close to one
5:03 am
million illegal aliens at our southern border this year. our capacity is already severely restrained. these increases will overwhelm the system entirely. this is not manufactured crisis. this is truly an emergency. reporter: that didn't stop him from grilling her. >> we still using cages? >> cpb never purposely put child in a cage. >> purposely, whatever. are we putting children in cages as of today? >> children are processed a the border facility stayingses that you have been at. some of them -- >> i've seen the cages. i just want you to admit the cages exist. >> sir they're not cages. reporter: after hearing i confronted chairman thompson regarding non-emergency asession. he went to el paso at same time i was across in juarez. here is what he had to say. >> i look what the numbers say.
5:04 am
at that time the numbers were down. we will do what the system requires to be done. i think we can accommodate it. but when we create situations where the law doesn't allow for it to be created, it's a manufactured crisis. reporter: here is the problem with that he says he looks at numbers. here are the numbers. in fact, according to cpb, numbers released yesterday, apprehensions for family units in el paso up 1689% this time compared to last year. i pressed him on that thousand the numbers in his face. look, what did you see, what did he tell you? he walked away wouldn't answer the question. in calexico, another caravan of 400 migrants arrived yesterday by train. steve: right there on border. brian: goes on the beast. goes right through mexico. no problem. steve: griff, thank you very much. mike rogers, ranking member of committee, republican from alabama.
5:05 am
we never argued whether borders worked until donald trump wanted them this is not rocket science. but it is all part of the narrative the republicans are putting out there. there are problems down there. president needs wall funding. he needs, if he is not getting it through congress the regular way, he will dot emergency declaration. ainsley: i was watching "fox & friends" first. great show. brandy johnson, she was on a couple they lived down there on the border. they own a ranch. i believe it is in texas. she said they have kids. in order to walk around on their property because they have 7 miles of property totally open without any barriers. they have to take weapons. they have to be aware of their surroundings. they go in the area only during the daylight. listen to this. >> in our area we're not seeing asylum-seekers. we're seeing more criminal activity. >> yeah. >> so we have what they call drive-throughs, which is vehicles crossing. we have foot traffic, which is what border patrol, their
5:06 am
terminology. and then, you just, i don't know. our kids are seeing it. we're seeing it. it is really hard to hear people say we're making this up. it is very disheartening. if you don't live it, i don't even know how to express just the disappointment and what's going on. brian: they're frustrated. unaccompanied minor apprehensions, i'm not saying they're a physical threat, they are up 55%. is that crisis? overall apprehensions are up 335% from a year ago. does that seem like a crisis? they had 85,000 people come through that month. is that a crisis? they expect a surge to come in the fall? how many more people are we supposed to absorb coming here illegally before we're overburdennenned. we're taking in entire populations of other countries. ainsley: another crisis. we're all parents. you are home are a parent or have a heart for kids.
5:07 am
these kids, 10-year-olds and up are getting pregnancy tests. steve: the girls. ainsley: the girls, exactly. when they come up to the southern border things are happening to the little kids and all the women. a lot of them. steve: mark morgan was border patrol chief for president obama. when he looks at opposition in congress he sees it simply as the democrats trying to deny donald trump a win. watch. he was with us earlier. >> how did the secretary start off her testimony? >> there is a national emergency or crisis. then she backed it up with facts. the commissioner did the same thing. current chief did the same thing. the facts are overwhelming. how many more do you need? congress could fix majority of the issue in 15 minutes. they refuse to. it is identity politics. president trump is right. it is that simple. we have a crisis. brian: they have got to do something, 63% of illegal crossings can be stopped according to border patrol chief
5:08 am
by changing laws. without a fence, without high-tech equipment, just by changing the laws. reversing mag knit. seven minutes at top of the hour. do you see what is happening among the democrats. it is chaos. it is bedlam. they can't agree on the simplest thing. for example, anti-semitism is wrong. it all stemmed from a minneapolis congresswoman named ilhan omar, her continuing tweets and comments anti-israeli and anti-semitic. steve: she apologized twice. it was her comments last week where she was talking about holt to israel to the everybody inflamed. it was congress, bipartisan thing. they were outraged. the democratic leaders said, you know what? we'll come up with a anti-semitic resolution, non-binding. there was pushback from omar's allies in congress saying you cannot single her out. well, there are a lot of questions about her feels. why does she keep saying things
5:09 am
like this. peter doocy, a young correspondent who used to live upstairs at our house was up on capitol hill today. he followed congresswoman omar for about five minutes, trying to get her to comment on all of the things in the news. how did he do? watch. >> congresswoman omar, seems like there is some confusion among your colleagues. are you anti-semitic? cog woman, can i quickly ask, would you support this resolution condemning anti-semitism? my only question, just would you support the resolution supporting condemning anti-semitism and other forms of bigotry? congresswoman, would you support the resolution condemning anti-semitism? >> yeah [inaudible]. >> congresswoman would you support the resolution condemning all forms of bigotry? ainsley: she keeps walking, down
5:10 am
even talk to him. many are wondering what is going on in the democratic party, nancy pelosi is she losing control. steve: lost. ainsley: democrats yesterday, people said there was growing dissent. there was anger. she held up the microphone, if you were not going to listen to me, i'm done talking. she put down the microphone and walked out. we asked michelle malkin about it. she said that nancy pelosi is losing some of her power within the democratic party. listen. >> nancy pelosi fears the radical left. the fringe has become the center of the democrat party. this is proof of it. if nancy pelosi continues down this path, karma is going to come back at her this ilhan omar is obviously beyond control. if you think that she is going to be reined in after this, you're kidding yourself. brian: no, she's not and she won't be. nancy pelosi wanted the house. she is showing she can't handle the house. ainsley: correct. brian: they have resolutions
5:11 am
pass akim jeffries amongst leadership talked about, every question was about this. how come you can't get on the same page with your anti-semitic non-binding resolution? they wanted to expand it, be against anything bad. i thought, jonah goldberg had a great point. when black lives matter came out, surround me, support black lives matter, one candidate came out, o'malley, all lives matter. wait a second, that is not what the issue is. the issue here is not -- is anti-semitism. not islamophobia or race related, this in particular. expanding it is not on the table. steve: we'll see if they come up with a resolution right now. doesn't look like it. side note. i looked it up on techket master, "hamilton" tickets $224. ainsley: gone down. brian: i would still see it again. steve: good enough. ainsley: it is sad. it's a touching, the second half of it is so good too. steve: i would fall asleep.
5:12 am
brian: i give it away, he loses the dual. steve: i'll be darn. in hoboken. ainsley: never seen it. thanks, brian. jillian: let's talk about this. embattled r&b singer r. kelly facing new allegations he assaulted a 13-year-old girl. the claims coming on the same day of his explosive interview denying similar accusations from other women. >> they're lying on you, that is your explanation. they're lying on you? >> absolutely. i'm fighting for my [bleep] life. y'all killing me with this! [bleep]. jillian: r. kelly pleaded not guilty to sex assault charges. he is in custody in chicago for failing to pay $160,000 in child support. strict anti-abortion bill is closer to pass in georgia. to ban abortions once the fetal
5:13 am
heartbeat is detected. georgia allows women to get an abortion up to 20th week of pregnancy. statehouse will vote on the measure. this is the bizarre category, a philadelphia restaurant is sparking uproar on social media by selling this, a pound cake cheesesteak. joe's steaks is using two slices of stocked bakery pound cake to mix two of the city's favorite foods. reactions are hilarious. not all heroes wear capes. one tweeted, no, no. just because you can doesn't mean you should. cheese and meat on pound cake. totally separate. ainsley: do you know that restaurant? >> steve: not one of the big ones. jillian: philly is not known for pound cake, if i can throw that out there. steve: so true. thank you very much. straight ahead, senator marco rubio of florida has been putting the spotlight on venezuela as the crisis there
5:14 am
gets worse by the day. the senator says it is time for dictator maduro to make a choice. what is it? you will hear from him, the senator, next. oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance, because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. [ loud crash ] yeah. he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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5:18 am
at uc berkeley there was an assault on a young man who was working for, with that is to say turning point usa, trying to recruit people. then out of nowhere that guy, zachary greenberg, came up. they didn't know his identity for the long time. he cursed at hayden williams, called him a racist, struck him while students stood by and watched. that is zachary greenberg who has been charged with all sorts of things. brian: amazing. took them two weeks to find out who he was even though we had a full shot of face, had been seen on campus before. we find out about his expanded criminal record. ainsley: we want to know why would he walk up to him? why does that make someone angry? we can have political views but do you have to take it this far? you can have a debate but not violence. she was telling us more about this guy, zach greenberg.
5:19 am
listen mr. greenberg has incidents where he filed restraining orders against his roommates in multiple group houses. his roommates have put in evidence that has been more believable and believed by the court that none of those incidents happened. he also had a restraining order filed against him by a former roommate. he filed several lawsuits against landlords for charges later dismissed by the court, not to be filed. almost a dozen lawsuits i uncovered this man is involved in. steve: michael knowles, a commentator on this program occasionally, he has a radio show, he tours capuses all over the country. this is a problem where conservatives are being targeted coast to coast. watch. >> the trouble for the democrats and for the left is that he is emblematic of a larger problem. this isn't the first time this has happened at berkeley. this is a problem all over the country. the issue as the left redefining speech as violence. what do you do to this form of
5:20 am
violence. steve: turn it off. >> turn it off. it justifies violence against conservatives. president trump made a key aspect of his campaign, stopping political correctness. stopping censorship. stopping violence for speech. if we don't get that fixed we'll not fix any of our other political problems. brian: president will not fund you, not get a check unless you let all people speak. ainsley: replaces speech with violence. brian: hayden was great at cpac. president said say a few words. he was great. i think he is a political star. senator marco rubio putting a spotlight on venezuela as the crisis gets worse by the day. the senator says it is time for dictator nicolas maduro to make a choice. he joins us live next. ainsley: one city sold the parking lot for one dollar. why on earth would they buy it back for 27 million types that price? ♪ this is not a bed, it's a revolution in sleep.
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♪ steve: time for some quick headlines on "fox & friends." first up, say good bye to amazon pop-up stores. starting next month amazon will close all 87 locations instores hike whole foods and kohl's. amazon instead will focus on opening bookstores and shops that only carrefour-star rated products. so that will be new. a city once sold the parking lot for a dollar. two years later they're paying $27 million to rent it out over 30 years. newark, new jersey, will pay an autonomous public agency to develop the space with offices
5:25 am
and parking. critics are wondering why they sold the property in the first place because now it is going to cost them a lot to just use it. brian? brian: thanks, steve. moments ago, national security advisor john bolton putting venezuelan president maduro on notice accusing him from stealing from his own people as the country faces the worst economic crisis in history. >> well, look, the maduro regime has been ripping off the venezuelan people since had has been in power. we want a peaceful transfer of power from maduro to juan guaido. we think increased pressure against maduro and his clique to help the venezuelaian opposition to get the peaceful transition of power. brian: our next guest has been spotlighting the crisis since it began, gop senator, marco rubio. the president is letting you take the lead on this in many respects. what is the next step putting pressure on maduro? he seems like he has still got the military? >> let me tell you about the
5:26 am
first thing you said, i'm honored that you say it actuality the president is aggressive from day one. maduro thinks he will wait out on donald trump, i've been on president's good side, bad side, a little bitbit of both. when the president is on something, like a dog on a bone. he will not let go and give up on this until maduro is out of there. maduro has taken on a terrible enemy, in president trump and he deserves credit. maduro is mafia and everybody around him is organized crime ring. they traffic cocaine into the united states. stealing gold out of the ground and from the nation's reserves, making money off of that. every crime you can imagine they're engaged in. so you break them the way you break an organized crime ring. you put pressure on all of them until these thieves and these criminals that have no honor they start turning on each other. let me tell you this, every single prominent official in venezuela with absence of maduro
5:27 am
has reached out to somebody looking for a deal. that is a fact. that they haven't taken one yet doesn't mean they won't at some point. these are not good people. they're thieves, they're liars, they're crooks. ultimately they will turn on each other and we got to keep the pressure and the president and his administration is doing tremendous job bringing together international coalition. 54 countries are involved, not just the u.s. 54 countries, including all of late minute america. brian: you say they have only days left of food and energy? >> so venezuela because they keep stealing all this money, they are about to hit an epic humanitarian crisis we haven't seen in this hemisphere and they haven't faced. there they probably have less than a week of gasoline left. indian company out there that is he helping them and of course the russians. that is very unfortunate they keep giving these guys a lifeline. they have a few days of gasoline left. they have only a few days of food left. the humanitarian crisis is real. when people ask me why should we
5:28 am
care, 10% of venezuela population abandoned country in the last five years. another 2 million people will leave this year. it threatens to collapse colombia and potentially peru and ecuador as well. nobody can handle faking in million 1/2 people way colombia already has done. this is regional crisis ultimately that will impact us. brian: senator, real quick what is going on the border, you were in the gang to try to solve this in bipartisan way. we're in situation almost everybody agrees there is humanitarian disaster, drugs are flowing there. are you going to back the president's initiative to use emergency action at the border? >> yeah. so the president has three ways he wants to pay for it. first two are not problematic at all. wants to use anti-drug money, wants to use the forfeiture fund. if he takes those two funds an money we appropriated in the budget even democrats agree to he gets 5.7. he can do it that way. that is what i think he should do. the third one is problematic
5:29 am
goes after military construction. at this time we can't afford to cut back funding, for example in florida, we have bunch of military facilities. some of them are crumbling. we cannot let them crumble. i hope to avoid using third pot of money. that is complicated and problematic. the president can get all the money he needs, 5.7 billion from the first two pots. they are not controversial. democrats don't like it because they don't believe there is border crisis. you saw numbers yesterday. even "the new york times" yesterday reported numbers are out of control. you have children and families. from humanitarian standpoint we should care. brian: "new york times" wrote it as humanitarian. anyone on the other side reached out to even below the radar try to work on something together, or no? >> no. now they are just trapped. a lot of them are trapped. if they step out of line. look what is happening in the house with the whole anti-semitism thing. all of sudden everybody is running for the hills on it. they don't want to take a vote on it because there is this new element, radical element bonn into the democratic party that
5:30 am
moved them away from supporting israel. makes it impossible to admit there is a crisis on the border. brian: senator marco rubio, very busy guy these days. thanks so much for joining us, senator. >> thank you very much. brian: straight ahead, democratic chairman jerry nadler defending all the investigations into president trump. >> we have to make sure that this is not a dictatorship and rule of law is respected. brian: president's son, eric trump here to react. after all he is on nadler's list. ♪ naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪ different generations get the same quality of customer service that we have been getting. being a usaa member, because of my service in the military,
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♪ steve: live from new york city and washington is
5:34 am
"fox & friends" for this thursday. the guy who lives in that house along with melania trump, is donald trump, president of the united states, and his son, eric trump, executive vice president of the trump organization joins us live. eric, good morning to you. >> good to be with you guys as always. steve: have your ears been burning? because your name has been in the news. jerry nadler and company want as whole bunch of papers. we'll find out in a minute. here he is couple days ago talking about dictators. >> we're cemetary exercising our oversight jurisdiction and he is not, he doesn't understand or not willing to concede to congress we have an oversight jurisdiction. we have to -- you have had two years of sustained attacks by an administration of nature we haven't seen probably in a century or more against the free press, against the courts, against the law enforcement administrations, against freedom of speech, but we have to make sure this is not a dictatorship. and that the rule of law is respected. ainsley: all right. they will talk to a lot of you. we got the list of all the
5:35 am
people. >> guys, guys, these people are so desperate. look at him, they are so desperate. the country has never done better. the economy is the best it has ever been, all right? the democrats don't have a platform. their russia hoax has fallen on its face. they investigated, spent how much taxpayer money on russia, they got what? absolutely nowhere. senate judiciary committee came out the other day, senate intelligence committee, came out, there is nothing there. i think mueller report will say exact same thing. silently trying to sidestep that. making up other things. subpoenaing everybody unthe sun. steve: including you. what did they ask for? >> it's a joke. please give me all the transcripts you had with vladmir putin. me and my buddy -- steve: have you ever talked to vladmir putin? >> of course not. it is ridiculous. they don't have a party. their superstars, aoc literally fallen flat on themselves. they cost new york right here 25,000 high-paying jobs. the green new deal -- brian: amazon.
5:36 am
>> amazon. the green new deal, would have cost $93 trillion. right. that is not exactly going to work. means there are no cars, no planes, no boats. there is no cows. steve: rebuild every trump tower. >> this is the leadership of the democratic party. what do they do? they harass. my father says every single day it is presidential harrassment. just imagine how productive our government could be if people tried to work together. they don't want to do that. they know they're losing just about every front. brian: used to work with the organization, the election committee, been around you guys said, yeah i got the request. i'm not giving documents. i don't think i'm going to show up. are are you showing up, eric? >> i don't blame the guy. tell you the truth. they're trying to harass, trying to waste time. they take these young kids, right. they send so many documents to them. they have to hire lawyers, practically bankrupts these kids. there is a real, there is a real physical toll that it takes on people. listen, we're, we're big boys and girls. we can handle it.
5:37 am
we can lawyer up. we can fight. we have the platform in order to fight. take some of the young kids. they get the things. they don't have the resources. they don't have the lawyers. they don't have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollarsspend in legal defense. they did nothing wrong. i don't blame caputos going out, i'm not doing it the he specially when so many people know they're trying to get people to perjure themselves. all these people are trying to do and it's a witch-hunt and it is sad because it actually hurt this is country. ainsley: what do you think about joe biden? he might be announcing next month that he is running for president. >> listen run on policies of the obama administration where you had the weakest economic growth in history since the great depression? you were giving $150 billion to iran, a country that hates our guts. where do you want me to stop in you had no border security. brian: thousands die in syria. >> points unthe obama administration, 10 plus percent unemployment. we have what, 4% unemployment.
5:38 am
if you want to run biden against my father, i think it will be an easy victory. all you need to do is line up stats, not sound bites, but quantifiable stats. he beats him all day long. brian: president obama said in canada yesterday my team never experienced the scandal of the trump administration. we never had mistakes of entic get. >> never had mistakes of inintegrity. never had irs spying on conservatives? give me a break. they had more integrity problems than any other administration. what they did to the conservatives. in. s a looking at civilians. talk about integrity problems they had a lot of integrity problems. steve: talk about what is going on capitol hill. new congresswoman omar has been in a lot of trouble for anti-semitic comments. talking about loyalty to israel. looked like the democrats were on verge passing, at least voting on a non-binding resolution condemning
5:39 am
anti-semitism. there is so much pressure, party is fractured they are not going to do that. nancy pelosi has been ask to kick her off the committees she is on but staying on the committees. what does it say about nancy pelosi's judgment? >> quite frankly says a lot. democrats always said we're the party of the jewish people. yet my father was the one who moved embassy to jerusalem. quite frankly we had better relationship with israel than we ever had before. israelis love my father. i talk to people all the time who go to israel, the love of my father is unbelievable. he finally backed israel. within the democratic party they don't know whether to condemn these comments. it is really, really shocking. >> what does it say about the democratic party when you look at nancy pelosi losing control yesterday in that meeting, putting microphone down and stepping out? is the democratic party -- everyone wanted joe biden in the race. if you look at polls he was one
5:40 am
that could beat your dad -- >> what it says, they're radical. democratic party is none longer the party of jfk. this is radical party. look at aoc costing this city 25,000 jobs. look at green new deal. look israel stance. ainsley: celebrating third-term abortions. >> the abortion. look at hate out there where you know, a kid from berkeley gets punched in the face and no one wants to do anything about it. if it wasn't for fox news, if it wasn't for tucker, beating this every single night, honestly no one would have paid attention to it. they wanted to ignore it. had the rolls been reversed, had it been republican, it would have been on every single station. it would be on cbs, nbc, abc all day long. they don't even mention it. it's a disgrace. steve: we ran a video yesterday of your father, i believe on monday night, he had gotten word there was a guy in his 40s in
5:41 am
connecticut, that man right there, jay barrett, who has been given six months to live. that he wanted to talk to your father. and suddenly out of the blue, phone rings and it's your dad. >> one few times the social media actually does goo today. i really feel that way. i saw the story. i called jay on monday night. his dying wish, he has cystic fibrosis. his wish was to have a signed item from my father. i told him i would get him that my father called him following note. spoke to him. we collectively promised, jay you fight. he promised me the night i spoke to him, i will be here to vote for your father in 2020. i will be here to vote for him in 2020. my promise to you we'll win this thing. we'll win this thing again. because he is biggest maga supporter. he loves my father, loves trump. what is happening to this country. we'll win for each other.
5:42 am
a promise i made to him and promise he made to us. he is an incredible man. he is is an an incredible man. steve: very nice thing to do. brian: go back to the your company, the easy part. steve: find those transcripts with putin. meanwhile straight ahead, 18 minutes before the top of the hour, twitter ceo made a stunning administration about banning some conservatives on their platform. >> we fully admit we were way too aggressive when we first saw this and made mistakes. steve: why would that be? dana loesch will weigh in on that. she has some issues with twitter. she is live next. ainsley: plus has your child seen the movie "patrols." there is a new experience to make them feel like they're part of movie, part of the party. i will take you on a special girl with my little girl hayden. ♪
5:43 am
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note ♪ >> twitter ceo @jack dorsey made a stunning administration about its alleged practice of banning conservatives on twitter. listen. >> we would fully admit we probably were way too aggressive when weigh first saw this as well and made mistakes. ainsley: that was mark zuckerberg, and jack dorsey of twitter. our next guest has first-hand experience with twitter and its controversial policies. here to weigh in nationally syndicated radio show host dana loesch. dana, tell us about your experiences, and we'll get into what jack dorsey said. >> good morning ainsley and gentlemen. i have had some weird experiences as have had many other people in terms of culture that drives twitter. i give jack credit going on joe rogan's podcast, doing all these interviews, but at some point it is great to give people credit
5:47 am
to talk about it but when does the culture at the company changes? whatever the culture is what drives the company. in my particular experience saying you're going to kill my kids doesn't violate terms of service. we have people incredibly sensitive learn to code talking about journalists. doing what i do, some of the things i am told regularly by people with verified marks. blue verified marks, verified bullies i can't even say on your airwaves you could get fined. so that is apparently acceptable. some of the other treatment of other individuals i see is acceptable but they treat people in different, they class people. put them in different classes. sojournnalists, heaven forbid you offend a journalist or oaf spend a progressive but you have privilege, but you have progressive privilege and you can say whatever you want to a republican or conservative and i see that far left violates their terms of service. at the end of the day this comes
5:48 am
back to whatever their algorithm is, whatever their process is, it comes back to a human being in twitter's company making the decision according to their bias. steve: being, -- of course dana, every time they're called on carpet and to to capitol hill, they're queried what appears to be bias against conservatives, you know, for instance, jack dorsey said, we're based in southern california. everybody is a progressive so it is hard to work with people who have that political agenda looking at these other stories. >> that sounds like an executive failure to me. if you can't hire better people that is on you. not on the people you hire. run your company better. demand better from your employees. the culture comes back, this comes from the top. either jack can control his company or drive culture of his company or he can't. bottom line, one of the things discussed on the pod was, tim
5:49 am
pool did a great job driving this, joe rogan did a great podcast, discussing canadian feminist banned forever permanently from twitter because she was discussing science. asking questions about biology. it was genuine intellectual curiosity she was banned for life. other woman talking there to tim and joe with jack, she was saying well, it was controversial. it is not controversial. here is the bottom line. i know that in a public for are up, that is exactly what jack wants twitter to be, you can, you're going to come across things offensive all day long. you can block or mute that person f you're so offended things like learn to code, so offended at other things you're too sensitive to be on twitter, do everyone a favor get off. find something that appeals to your sensitive nature. twitter is not it. ainsley: thanks, dana. >> thank you. steve: at least they admitted they made some mistakes. all right. ainsley: coming up next we're
5:50 am
taking you on a special trolls tour with my little girl. there is hayden. you will see the story coming up next. ♪ ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that .
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♪ steve: if you have small kids they probably loved movie "trolls." in new york city, there is a limited engagement, trolls the experience. makes visitors feel like they're in the movie. brian: thought it would be great for ainsley and her daughter hayden to visit. we set up a special tour. ainsley: take a look. steve: all right. let's. ♪ ainsley: look, hayden. the trolls experience. who is that? >> poppy. ainsley: poppy. are you excited? >> welcome to the world of
5:54 am
trolls. are you ready for fun and adventure today? we're celebrating with the biggest party ever. ainsley: we're ready. >> welcome. so as you know trolls love their hair. we're going to pick out what hair you want. ainsley: do you want to be poppy? is poppy your favorite? ♪ ainsley: poppy, whoa. hayden, we're going to be twins. >> look at beautiful teeth. ainsley: oh. look, hayden. >> look at that. >> tickle your nose. [laughter]. ainsley: you will look like poppy. >> no troll party is complete without music. we have a party! we'll high-five as many friends
5:55 am
as we can to invite them into the party. good job. we need one more thing. we need glitter goggles. what color would you like? you like the pink one? awesome. ♪ >> it is going to being biggest. >> the loudest,. >> the craziest party ever. ♪ >> looks like we have friend over here who wants to meet you. oh, my goodness. >> oh, my goodness. >> you know who this is? it's poppy. you want to give her a high-five? ainsley: thank you for letting me take a tour. blow her a kiss.
5:56 am
we love the troll experience. ♪ steve: that's great. >> those are cuter than the ones we grew up with. ainsley: an call believe they're back? had the figurines. >> hayden makes cutest troll ever. ainsley: she loves the movie. dance to it in kitchen with all the instruments. this is second is time going. we have a birthday party there a few more weeks. she loves it. they make it interactive experience. get makeup and hair. janice: can grown-ups go? steve: buy a ticket. ainsley: definitely worth it. more "fox & friends" moments away. ♪
5:57 am
maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
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i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >> brian: you got to go see janice tonight. she is going to be signing and speaking on mostly sunny
6:00 am
at the book review in huntington, new york. >> janice: bine is going to make an appearance will you bring snacks? >> brian: yes, i will. steve: get your book at amazon or wherever you buy books. >> good morning, everybody, there is this battle over anti-semitism resolution sweeping washington sparking division within democratic ranks. will the house speaker, nancy pelosi take action against those in her party? we say good morning live in new york i'm bill hemmer it's thursday. >> sandra: it's thursday. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. speaker of the house nancy pelosi facing push back within other own party and beyond. rank and file democrats growing more frustrated by the day with the handling of a stalled resolution meant to condemn anti-semitism as a rebuke repeated controversial remarks made by freshman congresswoman ilhan omar.


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