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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 7, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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huntington, new york. >> janice: bine is going to make an appearance will you bring snacks? >> brian: yes, i will. steve: get your book at amazon or wherever you buy books. >> good morning, everybody, there is this battle over anti-semitism resolution sweeping washington sparking division within democratic ranks. will the house speaker, nancy pelosi take action against those in her party? we say good morning live in new york i'm bill hemmer it's thursday. >> sandra: it's thursday. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. speaker of the house nancy pelosi facing push back within other own party and beyond. rank and file democrats growing more frustrated by the day with the handling of a stalled resolution meant to condemn anti-semitism as a rebuke repeated controversial remarks made by freshman congresswoman ilhan omar. >> congresswoman omar it seems like confusion among your colleagues.
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are you anti-semitic? >> she needs to be careful of her language. we have to be very, very careful with anti-semitism. >> the words of any committee member makes headlines in other countries, even if they don't hear. >> representative omar elm bodies a vile, hate-filled anti-semitic, anti-israel bigotry. this is not a time for politics. this is a time for the democratic leaders in this institution to do the right thing. >> we have fox team coverage former speaker of the house newt gingrich joins us in a moment. but we begin with ellison barber live in washington. ellison, where are we at this hour? >> hey, sandra, for now it's delayed indefinitely. house speaker nancy pelosi told reporters yesterday it's possible that this might not come up for any sort of vote this week. it is not on the docket for today and when or if it will get there is really anyone's guess on wednesday the house democratic caucus met and that meeting seemed to further divisions within the party when it comes to this
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resolution or at least emphasize them. some democrats said house speaker nancy pelosi rushed. this sources tell fox news that there was an exchange in the morning meeting where a freshman democrat argued that leadership failed to inform mexico about the resolution. but the issues, the disagreements did not stop there. there is concern about the text of the resolution with some democrats saying it needs to address other forms of bigotry and not just anti-semitism. there were already plans to broaden the resolution but then there were more concerns the resolution is largely seen as a rebuke of freshman representative ilhan omar but some democrats were worried about putting her name in the resolution. two sources told fox news there was concern among some democrats that mentioning omar by name could increase the security threats against her and further anti-semitism biases. fox is told there was also concerned if omar is not mentioned by name her controversial remarks are left unchecked she could be need a martyr. >> no one is questioning the
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anti-semitic comments were made were unacceptable and make sure we speak out against them. it's the approach how we do it. we are working obviously together to try to get there. >> both the president and vice president have weighed in on this. the president calling house democrats shameful for not taking a stronger stand against anti-semitism. sandra? >> sandra: so a lot of republicans are speaking out, ellis. how are democrats receiving that criticism? >> they don't seem to be overly concerned with it they say that republicans have their own issues and aren't really one to point fingers at the house democratic presser yesterday representative hakeem jeffries specifically pointed at senator mitch mcconnell saying he has heard in mr. jeffrey's opinion bad things, controversial remarks come out of the white house and he says that mitch mcconnell has not commented on those. so, until then, he said that the democratic party would not be lectured by mitch mcconnell on anything. sandra? >> sandra: ellison barber in washington. thank you. >> you bet. >> i believe that all of the
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members were satisfied with the statements and the responses that i gave to them. i told them that any additional information that they would want they should feel comfortable to reach out to my counsel and i would continue to cooperate to the fullest extent of my capabilities. >> bill: that is michael cohen late yesterday leaving his closed door testimony as we get conversation now that michael cohen did, in fact, ask his former attorney for a pardon from the president. newt gingrich former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, host of a brand new podcast called newt's world. it's available for download right now. good looking shot right there. mr. speaker, good morning to you. so our viewers recall this is michael cohen a week ago yesterday under testimony on the hill watch here. >> the pain that i have cause my family and my friends, nothing can do that. and i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon from president trump.
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>> bill: well now we are looking at it in a new lens. rudy giuliani earlier today. here is his tweet. congressman consumption said he would make sure there would be terrible consequences if cohen perjured himself in his latest public testimony. now at least three perjuries. never asked for a pardon, never sought a government job and represented foreign entities. did he lie three times? >> well, i think the evidence is pretty clear that he did. but, look, cohen's entire post fbi career is lying. he was convicted of lying. so the democrats el embarrass the president of the united states while he was meeting with a north korean dictator in hanoi. the democrats stage this mocked show in which a convicted liar comes in to lie again. i don't think -- i think very few people except hard line anti-trump haters thought that cohen was
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credible. $5 million over 10 year period from donald trump. he seemed to be perfectly happy doing whatever he was doing until the fbi occupied his office he was faced with going to jail. suddenly he had a con versions experience caused, i think, by the fbi. and what he said last week was a lie. i have no idea between last week and this week which are the real truth. but he clearly is in danger once again of having committed perjury and i think several republican congressman have written the justice department and saying that he has to be reinvestigated for new perjury. >> lanny davis was asked about it attorney for michael cohen, if you look at the hearing video, i see the smile already. let me get to the question and i will let you answer that lanny davis is the attorney, long history with the clintons, sitting behind michael cohen's right shoulder throughout the testimony. he had to know it was in that prepared statement. so we got a statement from lanny davis just about an hour ago here is what he says in part. prior to michael cohen's
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decision to leave the joint defense group and tell the truth july 2, 2018 michael was open to the ongoing dangling of a possible pardon by the trump representatives and in the media. after july 2 mr. trump authorized me as a new lawyer to say mr. cohen would never accept a pardon from president trump even if offered. that tips to be the case. how do we square that based on the and the words of michael cohen that i just played for you, sir? >> the reason i'm smiling so much. i know lanny davis. is he a very smart guy. he is also frankly a very funny guy in private. but, he is also one of hillary rodham clinton's closest friends. i mean the whole spectacle of hillary clinton's close friend manipulating michael cohen and i personally believe a lot of the nastiest language in cohen's statement came from lanny who is having a great time. is he getting paid to attack hillary clinton's opponent who defeated hillary. it makes him feel better.
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it makes hillary feel better. i don't know if it's very good for cohen. i admire lanny. he is very creative. and i would just remember every time you see him say something this is one of the closest friends hillary clinton has and that is who is attacking donald trump. will. >> i'm not asking you about a personal opinion on lanny davis. we know him very well. i find him to be quite enjoyable. i'm asking you whether or not michael cohen is a liar and whether or not lanny davis knew it. >> my guess, because i mean, i haven't asked lanny personally. my guess is, a, i'm pretty certain michael co-san liar. b i'm pretty certain lanny davis knew it again, lanny has got lawyer-client confidentiality. is he protected in knowing it and he has no obligation as the attorney to come forward. i mean, i think his obligation is to his client and he is going to try to -- this is a classic case of trying to create a silk
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purse out of a sow. he has a terrible client with a terrible record who has a terrible habit of lying. and lanny has to make the best of it. >> bill: okay. another topic here you know what's going on among the house democrats rasheda tlaib move on investigating grounds for impeachment, our democracy must be protected. have you three freshman democrats who seem to be waving the dog of the democratic leadership. how is nancy pelosi going to manage, this sir? >> i think nannies is in a very challenging spot although she would rather be speaker and in a challenging spot than minority leader. she has freshman who don't care about her opinion. remember, if you are a freshman democrat the three house leaders are the same age as your grandparents. i mean, they are not father and mother figures. these are grandparents. and i think that if you
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think about a typical, you know, 27-year-old relating to their grandparent, you have some idea of how they view nancy pelosi. she has limited control over them. a number of them frankly don't care what she thinks. and assume that they will be there long after she is. i think that her caucus will be continuously a mess because the cross pressure -- if you are one of the new freshman from a donald trump district, you are sort of terrified by watching how far to the left your party is going. if from the other hand you are from a hard core left wing district you are thrilled. thtension in that caucus is going to grow every week. >> bill: did you see the "wall street journal" today? they make the house freedom caucus look like powder puffs. that's the editorial. what happens on omar, quickly, in the time we have left here ilhan omar and the resolution? >> i think the pressure
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keeps building and i think at some point the democrats will hope that it goes away but i think it won't go away and eventually they have to vote to at a minimum rebuke her and at a maximum take her off the foreign relations committee. >> bill: check out newt's world. newt gingrich in washington. >> thank you. >> bill: thank you. we appreciate that david axelrod as newt gingrich told us a couple times already he made a mistake in the 1990s in the bill clinton matter. axelrod says you don't do this. take it slow. we will see where they go based on leadership. >> sandra: reaction on all the top stories this morning. meanwhile this new report satellite images coming inside activity north korean missile site sparking new concerns kim jong un could be ramping up his nuclear weapons program. but the trump administration still hopeful for a deal. so what happens next with all of this? we're going to bring in former ambassador bill richardson. plus, there is this. >> we have just toured part
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of the devastation, part of the hardest hit area where most of the deaths occurred, and y'all, it's horrendous. >> bill: widespread devastation. tornado on the ground for 70 miles in alabama. that close knit community now coming together to cope with tragedy. we will talk with a high school coach about how the school is stepping up down there in alabama. >> sandra: looking forward to talking to him and the dhs secretary warning 1 million illegal immigrants are expected to arrive in this country the end of next year. more on her contentious and emotional hearing about border security. congressman adam kinzinger joins us with his take next. >> i went down to the border keeping an open mind on the issue of whether this is an emergency or not. i wanted to make sure that i got kind of a different perspective.
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advanced lung cancer than any other immunotherapy. >> sandra: we are awaiting the sentencing of paul manafort in alex virginia
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today the chair will be learning tax and bank fraud after 8 felony accounts. he is facing the real possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison. we will bring you those details as soon as we get them on "america's newsroom." >> bill: fireworks on capitol hill. house democrats clashing with homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. all of this over border security. nielsen calling the situation a legitimate national emergency. offering stunning stats about illegal immigrants at the border. >> at the current pace we are on track to encounter close to 1 million illegal aliens at our southern border this year. this is not a manufactured crisis. this is truly an emergency. >> are we still putting children in cages? >> to my knowledge, cbp never purposely put a child in a cage if you mean a -- >> i have seen the cages. i want you to admit that the cages exist. >> sir, they are not cages. when we have families with
6:17 am
children, we have to give every girl pregnancy test over 10. this is not a safe journey. >> is that your oath to the american people or your oath to the president of the united states. >> the oath, as you know is to the constitution and the people. >> you have the ability to make independent determinations? >> i do. what i believe is best for the men and women of dhs and this country. >> bill: about a three-hour hearing. heated. adam kensing gear member of the house judiciary jewish homed security. democrats were insist tant on going back to the so-called cages. we have seen pictures of these. it seems, based on the pictures that these are 20 feet high, chain link fences that are contained within warehouses. i don't know how you improve the system. but, i think the major point is that a million illegals could cross the border this year alone. so what do we do about it and how can congres -- how's coe
6:18 am
congress in washington hasn't figured out how to fix it? >> the problem is the other side doesn't want the to give the other side a victory. especially the left right now. i came back and said i want to fix the immigration system but we have to do border security. and up until yesterday, the arguments were well border crossings at record low. how do you know are these issues border crossings. yesterday it comes out 10-year high. well it comes out obviously the trump administration has failed. it's not true. it's just just we have got to secure the border. the trump administration is doing everything he can to do it and democrats want to go back to this old, you know, policy that was started under president obama calling them cages. when, in reality, if you look at what the alternative is, if you have an unaccompanied child that comes up and they don't have realive in the united states, they are either detained, you know, held in a facility or else you have to release them into the united states to nobody. a 10-year-old kid you just put them out on the street and say there you go, good luck? and then whether you have people that come up with adults, in some cases these
6:19 am
adults lie and say they are their parents and they are not. nobody has ids we are supposed to accept that at their word. while the problem makes for great campaign lines and attack against the trump administration, when you have -- look two or three layers deep to see what's really going on here. >> bill: what about the human issue pregnancy test every girl age 10 years old or older? >> that's right. a third of women and girls that make the journey from central america to here are raped or sexually assaulted. you have to give them a pregnancy test. it's awful and terrible to talk about. but when people -- when the democrats try to say that it's border patrol or it's the administration that's terrorizing these people, you know, that have pts symptoms at the end of this, it's actually the human traffickers that convince them to do it that do these terrible things to people and it's also the parents that send their kids up here without any adult supervision. the unaccompanied minors. tell me how that is good for a 10-year-old kid to send them in a group of people and say good luck.
6:20 am
>> bill: you met with the president yesterday and shared a lot of those opinions. this tweet you sent out teasm haanti-semitism has no ple in this congress or country. represent forgive omar should be removed from the house foreign affairs committee. we must hold our office to a higher standard. >> this is not your father's democratic party. they can't agree to condemn anti-semitism. so, look, the representative omar can say whatever she wants. it's america. she is elected. but the democrats can take her off of the committee that has to deal with these issues because everything that we say on committee may not make front news headlines in the united states but it does in the country we are talking about. think about the impact. what do the democrats stand for? we took a stand and some in our party and pulled him off of a committee, they need to do the same thing with anti-semitism for goodness sakes.
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>> bill: sir, thank you for your time. >> any time. >> bill: adam kinzinger the republican from illinois we talk again. 21 minutes past the hour. >> sandra: latest two big new developments in venezuela and also this story on facebook. a privacy scandal now launching a new initiative there saying users will not have to worry about connecting with their friends. we have more on that. >> bill: also what could have been. how mount rushmore was first envisioned why some american monuments were never built. intriguing story coming up. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear. all with dosing 4 times a year... after 2 initial doses.
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this is the sculpture's original design for mount rushmore showing more of the presidents along with some of the key moments in u.s. history on the right-hand side. this was the idea for a native american monument to be built in staten island. sadly that project scrapped with the advent of world war i. and this one democracy uniting the world was going to be built in san pedro, california. it was envisioned as a statue of liberty for the west coast. there is still time. we can do that on the west coast that would be cool. have you been to mount rushmore. >> sandra: yes, indeed. >> bill: really a special, special part of the town. family trip? >> sandra: yeah, younger with my family, yeah. how about you? >> bill: all the smiths in the rv. >> sandra: station wagon. >> bill: should have seen the hemmermers in theirs, too. >> sandra: facebook shifting focus to privacy is laying out a new initiative to help people have private conversations that not even facebook can access. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles. william, so what exactly are
6:26 am
these changes that mark zuckerberg is talking about here? >> well, there are several. and it would transform facebook for users and as a business model, sandra. instead of just being a place where people share photos, trade messages and keep up with friends, ceo mark zuckerberg said in the interview and blog post that facebook would focus on private and encrypted communications unlike public posts which everyone can see and live forever. messages would be private and disappear after a period of time. zuckerberg also said he would merge instagram, what's app. and messenger into a single service to users worldwide could communicate across networks. i'm quoting. we are building a foundation for social communication aligned with the direction people increasingly care about. messaging each other privately. i believe a privacy focused communications platform will become even more important than today's open platforms. >> i think facebook can
6:27 am
offer services that give people a lot more privacy in the sense that they're deliberately not sharing their content with a wide circle of friends. >> bill: so zuckerberg said how long a message will last will be up to each user because he said people should not, quote: have to worry about what they share coming back to hurt them. sandra? >> sandra: so for all the millions of users out there, william, what does this mean for the facebook as we know it today? >> >> well, he said this is going to take, quote a few years. he thinks it's fair to say basically it will evolve and not change radically, offer more options rather than stop doing exactly what it currently does. on the business side, facebook revenue mostly is derived from selling and allowing advertisers to target users. of course, based on their personal choices. so it's not clear how under this new model with your encrypted communications would that be available in some form to advertisers? >> i could buy into it. >> i don't think they could do it like put up some type
6:28 am
of firewall, some type of things where somebody can't come and take my information. >> so i think what we're getting from mark zuckerberg is he is providing a road map as to where this company is going. it's not that competitors, sandra, don't already do some of these things, right? messages disappear. encryption is increasingly used but facebook is ubiquitous, of course, and they are the giant in the room if you will. >> sandra: absolutely. william la jeunesse, thank you. hemmer, the company has a big job to do to sure up trust for its users in the face of everything that it has faced in recent months and years. and a lot of the tech blogs writing about the huge implications of this and to see facebook a company like this moving in that direction, privacy is key. >> bill: i agree with you on that. a lot of these social media sites becoming troll farms, too. he is trying to avoid some of that delicate dance based on the way it's developed so far. very powerful still though nonetheless and making lot
6:29 am
of money. bombshell report new development in corruption case against a former congressman. aaron schock was a rising star in the republican party. prosecutors are now dropping all the charges against him. now, why would that be? he is our guest live today coming up. >> sandra: plus, breaking news on the crisis in venezuela as a power struggle plays out between the disputed president nicholas maduro and opposition leader yuan guaido and the united states. bill richardson former ambassador to the u.n. will join us next on that. >> nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power and nicholas maduro must go. [applause] and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa"
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>> the actuality of this is the president has been aggressive from this from day one. none of this would have been possible without it maduro thinks is he going to wait out president trump. when the president is on something it's like a dog on a bone. he will not let go. he will never give up on
6:33 am
this until maduro is out of there. mature row has taken on a terrible enemy named donald trump. the maduro regime is not a government. they are a mafia. >> sandra: senator rubio this morning tipping his hat to the president for handling of venezuela as the maduro regime detains and releases an american journalist. cody was in venezuela covering juan guaido's return. governor bill richard sorn. appreciate your time this morning. that american journalist his last on air report was monday and he was detailing guaido's return after defying the travel ban there he tweeted out which was his last tweet before he was detained he had called guaido's return triumphant. a couple big developments happening in venezuela as the crisis there continues. your thoughts this morning, sir? >> look, i think we are taking the right position backing guaido, insisting that this journalist be freed. you know, maduro is in
6:34 am
trouble. no question we are on the right side. my worry, sandra, we need a democratic strategy that leads to free and fair elections. supervised by international observers and the key is the venezuelan military. the problem is they are still backing mard maduro. he has been in for close to 10 years. is he pretty resilient. there is a humanitarian crisis, too of food and medicine that needs to get to the venezuelan people. i support the administration's policy on guaido, but i think we need a diplomatic strategy, not just sanctions. not just, you know, all kinds of aggressive action. i think we got to get the pope involved. i think we have got to get the u.n. involved. i think we have got to bring cuba who backs maduro into some diplomatic solution. that's my only worry we don't have a strategy
6:35 am
accompanying the right position we have taken so far. >> sandra: they say they have a strategy. here is vice president mike pence speaking very strongly on this yesterday. we don't have the sound on it? all right. so he is saying we are making it clear to leaders around the world that there can be no bystanders in the struggle of venezuela's freedom. the u.s. calls on every nation on earth to recognize juan guaido as venezuela's president and take the side of freedom. and by the way, this is as john bolton, the president's national security advisor is calling. on further sanctions. is he putting foreign banks, quote, on notice, governor. are you suggesting that these sanctions aren't working to put the pressure on maduro? >> >> no, is he still in power. i'm for the sanctions. and i'm for the strategy, which i think it's over 50 countries backing guaido. i'm okay with that i think there has got to be an end game. maduro is sticking with the
6:36 am
venezuelan military. is he still there is he defiant. there is humanitarian crisis. i just don't think sanctions alone, a tough policy is going to work without a diplomatic strategy that leads to elections and possibly getting maduro out. that's my only point. >> you obviously have your concerns there ambassador bolton national security advisor on the latest there. >> i think the north koreans obviously would like to give up nuclear and best of my knowledge and chemical weapons and ballistic missile programs as they could. the president wasn't buying it. he said, look, we want a big deal. we want the big deal that will give north korea a bright future. but which results in complete denuclearization. but he thinks the deal is there if north korea is prepared to look at the big picture. >> sandra: and now these new reports new satellite images coming out of north korea
6:37 am
possibly suggesting that kim jong un is actually ramping up his nuclear program. what happens next with all of this, governor? >> well, i believe that both sides need to reassess their position. we need a diplomatic, again and a strategy on the next steps. we shouldn't abandon just because this summit went back and set back for both leaders. i think the north koreans may be reshuffling their nuclear negotiating leadership. that's good. on this step that they have taken, i have noticed them in the past in negotiating they ramp up to get more leverage in future negotiations. >> sandra: interesting. >> we need to concentrate on letting our people. >> sandra: i'm sorry to cut you off. we are running out of time. are you hopeful like the administration is, governor that a deal will eventually get done and another summit will take place and this will continue? >> i do think that some kind of agreement will be
6:38 am
reached. not a complete denuclearization. but it should be at lower levels. the negotiators. not the president. the president should not go into another summit like he did this last time. >> sandra: governor richardson great to get your thoughts on all of that this morning, thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: stunning development in the corruption case against the former republican congressman aaron schock. federal prosecutors dropping the charges against him after he promised to repay taxes and campaign committees. shrock saying there is no doubt prosecutors targeted him. you don't hear about this all the time charges are been dropped. leland vittert live in d.c. to pick up the story from there. hey leland, good morning. >> good morning to you, you said stunning shocking turn of events would be right. pick your adjective prosecutors saying that the pay back agreement as they have now looked at these alleged crimes is fair and just. this is a far cry from the years in prison shrock faced
6:39 am
schock face. using series including redeck tore rating his office to be like the tv series do you tan abby. super bowl at a profit but not reporting income. now, all he has to do is pay back about $68,000, stay out of trouble for six months and reach a settlement with the irs. with that, he is off scot-free and as his lawyer pointed out, he did not plead guilty to a single crime. here is schock yesterday. >> i think it became very obvious to all of us that he saw me as his ticket to stardom, and i know for a fact that shortly after he indicted me, he began lobbying some of my former colleagues to become the next u.s. attorney. and so, it becomes very obvious that there were political colors to this case. >> you know, you might
6:40 am
remember schock became a rising star in congress at the age of 27. obviously those federal charges derailed his mediocre career but for a while now he says, bill, he is not going to rule out running for office again. stay tuned. >> bill: amazing turn of events here. leland, thank you. as you point out there, later today aaron schock will join us live. he is the former illinois congressman to explain his case and as we pointed out a moment ago, doesn't always happen this way. so we'll figure out why. all right. that's coming up 20 minutes now before the hour. >> sandra: the white house calling out democrats on the battle over border security. >> the president was elected to do exactly what he is doing. democrats should actually focus on doing their job. not just attacking somebody. people didn't just elected them to come up and complain. they elected them to come up here and deliver results. >> sandra: the issue dividing the g.o.p. as a senate vote looms. will republicans split with the president on this and
6:41 am
vote to block it we will dig in on all of that with senator ron johnson. >> bill: hearing more emotional denials from the singer r. kelly what a story this was got the national attention on him after a day in court and this stunning revelation. >> you know how many kids need a relationship with their father? >> what is your relationship with your child. >> oh my god. >> what is your relationship with your children? >> zero. >> zero? >> but i know my kids love me.
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>> to override a veto you need 67 votes in the senate. 295, 290 in the house depending on who shows up. so the president has won. when he goes to court he will win because the court will say congress did act but they couldn't override his veto so i feel good about what he is doing legally and i feel like the crisis is real and he is going to win.
6:45 am
>> bill: senator lindsey graham there making the case that the president's national emergency declaration president trump urge republicans to say united ahead of a vote to block it senator ron johnson chair of the homeland security committee. how are you doing, sir, and good morning to you. i'm seeing as many as 15 republican senators might vote against the president on this measure. they are making the case go ahead and take away the emergency declaration. you have got a pile of $6 billion, which is more than you wanted originally for the wall. do you think so he is going to take that deal and back down off of that, senator? >> i think there are other reasons why he wants the emergency powers. and, you know, prior congresses have given any president this authority to act on the national emergency act. this president is maybe expanding it. but he has the authority. and congress has also given him discretion of these appropriation bills. he is definitely, you know, operating within his legal bounds. and from my standpoint, what i hope the republican senate does is not give nancy
6:46 am
pelosi control of the united states senate but come up with our own piece of legislation that basically states what our position is we -- republicans in the senate support building the wall. we want to secure our border. we support the president on that. and to the extent that if we don't like the fact that prior congressmans have given him this authority or any president authority under the national emergency act, let's change that act. mike lee is going to have a bill that i aamco sponsoring today that does just that that what voting for nancy pelosi resolution. that doesn't make any sense to me republicans in the united states senate. >> bill: resolution based on law. >> pretty simple, bill, come up with our own piece of legislation. we can change the national emergency act to return some of this power back to congress. and we can also appropriate the funds in that same piece of legislation. now, is anything going to become law? no, nancy pelosi's resolution won't become law. ours probably won't. but a piece of legislation
6:47 am
we would pass would be the better piece of legislation. >> bill: okay. interesting. here is the president from yesterday. he has a message for democrats and productions in congress. production -- republicans in congress. >> i think really it's a very dangerous thing for people to be voting against border security for anybody including republicans. i really think that republicans that vote against border security and the wall. i think you know i have been okay at predicting things. i think they put themselves at great jeopardy. >> bill: checked that clearly from hanoi last week. senate republicans are not voting on constitutionality or precedent. they are voting on desperately needed border security and the wall. our country is being invaded with drugs, human traffickers and criminals of all shapes and sizes. that's what this vote is all about. stay united. easier said than done? >> well it, is a political vote. we already know that nancy pelosi does not have the votes to override a veto, so it's a mute point. we should support the president. we do have a crisis at the border.
6:48 am
in 2014 president obama said it was humanitarian crisis when 120,000 unaccompanied children and people coming in as families across the border illegally and were apprehended. last year 145,000 people came in illegally under those same categories in five months, bill, 159,000 unaccompanied children and family members have come to this country illegally. this is a growing crisis. it's not going away. 159,000 in five months vs. 120,000 in a year when president obama called it a humanitarian crisis. it is a crisis. it is an emergency. and democrats have their heads so far in the sand when they say this is manufactured this is a real crisis. it's beyond anything we have seen in the past. these are individuals that are coming here exploiting our laws and they are staying unlike what was happening earlier in the few decades in the 2,000s when it was mexican economic migrants that we could return immediately sometimes be apprehended multiple times. so, democrats are comparing apples to oranges. this is a crisis it is an
6:49 am
emergency. >> bill: concerned about the unity. we will see whether or not it happens. sir, thank you for your time. appreciate it ron johnson. >> have a great day. >> bill: from wisconsin. thank you, sandra. >> sandra: hope in the face of tragedy. student in the small town of beauregard, alabama helping the community rebuild after a deadly tornado. our next guest is one of the heroes leading the effort there coach wade thorn will join us live next. >> while there is always uncertainty about what tomorrow might bring, there is salutabsolute certainty in te resilience of the people of alabama.
6:50 am
6:51 am
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6:52 am
>> sandra: the small town of bo regard, alabama coming together in the wake of tragedy. those tornadoes killing 23
6:53 am
people there, the students at beauregard high school working alongside emergency crews and volunteers to help save what is left of that tight-knit community and now one teacher is leading students in the clean-up effort there. his name is wade thorn, there he is, the beauregard athletic and wrestling coach. coach, welcome, nice to have you and the program. you and your school and community have been through so much. i see the community and students behind you. how are you and your community doing this morning, coach? >> we are doing great. >> sandra: how have you seen the student there come together in the wake of this horrible disaster? >> they have all came together and worked together like a team. once this tragedy happened, everybody just kind of went and nobody had to really tell them what to do. they just all wanted to ask where do we go? what do we need to do? they all met up at the
6:54 am
church, the middle school, different places and they just wanted to know where they could go serve the best in the community. and they have done an outstanding job. >> sandra: your community has been through so much and the students there and your school have been through so much. as one piece in alabama's local press there points out, a grandmother of a baseball player passed away. grandparents of a football player were trapped in a field of destroyed mobile homes. the next year starting center on the football team had to witness dead bodies. it's going to be a long recovery there. how specifically have you seen some of those students come together to help others in your community that are struggling through this? >> they have worked like a machine. they didn't ask many questions. they just wanted to know what can we go do? and these coaches behind me, you know, they have grabbed their teams, you know, coach and his baseball guys coach grier worked together with
6:55 am
local church organizations. mr. hill our band director and coach carter and many others football players. we all kind of got together. we all consider ourselves like a band of brothers as coaches. we just all set forth a grope text and said hey, we are going to meet here today. this is what we are going to do today. the players and other student body wanted to join in. they just -- we told them our location what we are wanting to do. that's where they wanted to go. whether it's clean-up efforts or stacking wood at the church. delivering food to people. moving furniture for people, whatever the needs to be done, these guys behind me and those are the main work horses back there. they have put forth the effort to get everything done. they want their community stable and strong and that's what we intend to do. >> sandra: perhaps that's what does come out of these tragedies. you see the good in people. and some of your lives were changed forever. i know you are about to hold a little pep rally there at your school and as you continue to help this
6:56 am
community recover. if we could, can we hear from the students a little bit back there, coach? >> yeah. guys,. [cheer] >> sandra: our best to you, coach. you are a well liked at that school and really bringing the community together. thank you for coming on and telling your story and all the best to you there. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> sandra: thank you, coach. >> bill: good job, coach. nice group there. in a moment here was michael cohen caught in a lie talking pardons with the white house. did cohen tell the truth in his testimony a week ago? also, house democrats divided. what will they do about the controversial remarks of this freshman congresswoman? coming up. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume,
6:57 am
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♪ >> sandra: democrats facing growing turmoil within their ranks over anti-semitism resolution as we await a news conference with speaker nancy pelosi. so will she take on that issue? we will see. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom" thursday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. members delaying remarks on a resolution. ilhan omar suggesting some of her leagues are more loyal to israel than the united states. reaction from both sides continues to come in. here is newt gingrich from last hour. >> i think the pressure keeps building. i think at some point the democrats will hope that it goes away but i think it won't go away. and eventually they have to
7:01 am
vote to at a minimum rebuke her and at a maximum take her off the foreign relations committee. >> i know that congresswoman ilhan omar really tries to push back against oppression. and as a palestinian i can tell you when she speaks about those issues, what i hear is her trying to uplift my grandmother in palestine and the west bank and saying that there are real, actual factual evidence to show that there are human rights violations. >> bill: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel picks it up there. another day on the hill for you there, mike. good morning, what's happening. >> some republicans say this struggle suggest just how far left democrats have gone. >> this is not your father's democratic party. if it was ever more obvious than today, i don't know when it was more obvious. they can't condemn -- they can't agree to condemn anti-semitism. >> fresh democrat congresswoman ilhan omar has been a lightning rod after saying support for israel is all about the binning benjamins.
7:02 am
israel pledging allegiance to foreign country. that has hit a nerve with fellow lawmakers. >> i know what i feel about what was said. that's what i can speak to. it's unacceptable questioning anyone's loyalty in congress united states of america because of their faith is unacceptable. we just to v. to make sure that people understand in this country there is no room for it in our rhetoric. >> fellow freshman alexandria ocasio-cortez has been tweeting her support writing none of this is what aboutism. racism and bigotry of all forms is inextricably linked. when you don't address them as a system and attempt to pick them apart as though they are distinct and sprable issues eventually the thing that gets advanceside white supremacy and classroom. republicans say it isn't complicated. >> send a message anti-semitism is not allowed. anybody who speaks it. anybody who believes in it needs to be called out and shouldn't be in any party. democrat or republican.
7:03 am
>> some democrats say republican leaders should back off. >> it is incredibly detrimental to the cause of fighting such scourge that someone would seek to, in fact, politically capitalize on this terrible trend and increase that we have seen throughout some of our communities. >> a senior democratic source tells me the resolution is expected to be introduced in the next hour or two. i'm told it is still being finalized. and democratic leaders are hoping that they will be able to vote on it today. bill? sandra? >> bill: we shall see. mike emanuel on the hill. meanwhile the attorney general william barr holding his first news conference about an hour from now as we learn new information the case of michael cohen whether or not he lied about requesting a pardon from president trump. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is on that story. was he caught red-handed catherine? good morning. >> we will get to that in
7:04 am
one second, bill. as you mentioned an hour from now expecting a news event from bill bar. focus on elder abuse. william webster and phone scams. we are also learning new information this morning about the records michael cohen provided to house investigators about his congressional testimony involving a 2016 moscow real estate project. the records that include edits by the president's lawyers show that the original date in the original draft by cohen was january 2016. that undercuts allegations that the president's lawyers made edits to alter the failed negotiations time line. as you know, bill, cohen acknowledged in a guilty plea last year that he mislead lawmakers in 2017 by saying he had abandoned the project a year earlier when, in fact, he pursued it for months after january as trump campaign for the presidency. here's what cohen said publicly last week. >> mr. trump's personal lawyers reviewed and edited my statement to congress.
7:05 am
about the timing of the moscow tower negotiations before i gave it. to be clear, mr. trump knew of and directed the trump-moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it. >> on the possibility of a presidential pardon trump's new lawyer lanny davis said quote prior to michael co-ens definition to defense group july 2, 2018 mike cat was open to the ongoing dang beginning of a trump pardon. during that time period he directed his attorney to explore possibilities of a pardon. this morning the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani is pushing back on that statement pointing to what he described as more inconsistencies in cohen's testimony. there are also new questions this morning about contact between congressman adam schiff's staff and cohen sources tell fox news there were at least four meetings totaling 12 hours before last week's public hearing from cohen and the house
7:06 am
republican is now questioning whether so-called logistical planning for the hearing really crossed the line into coaching cohen, bill. >> bill: thank you, catherine. >> sandra: thanks, catherine. let's bring in our a team marc lotter trump 2020 director of communications. richard fowler fox news contributor and david drucker senior political correspondent for "the washington examiner" our a-team this morning. welcome. >> good to see you, gentlemen. >> sandra: possibly contradicting his own testimony michael cohen, mark where do you go first. >> hard to keep up with the amount of lies. he didn't want another job at the white house. even another network reporting showed he did. he didn't have his -- he did have his testimony edited but it wasn't really edited. he didn't want a pardon he did want a pardon. the only things michael cohen told his truth about his name he is going to prison and there is no collusion. >> bill: here is the statement he made 8 days ago before that committee on the hill. watch here. >> the pain that i have caused my family and my
7:07 am
friends, nothing can do that. and i have never asked for nor why accept a pardon from president trump. >> bill: oso now apparently that's not the case. rudy giuliani last hour sent this out. dem star cohen testified never asked for a pardon from president trump. he directed his attorney to explore a pardon. never means never ever not after july 2, 2018 which is the latest deception. another perjury and more prison. it is not often where 8 days later, richard, you can look back at this and say was this guy just flat out lying? and if lanny davis is the one who brought him to lawmakers on capitol hill and knew about his opening statement, how do you allow that line to be in your sworn deposition? >> listen, michael cohen is no boy scout. michael cohen is a liar and a fool all self-admitted. here is my -- i think here is the holes that the republicans have a problem with. here are the holes for the white house. in this testimony michael
7:08 am
cohen presents some evidence, right? he presents this $35,000 check that was signed by the president while he was still president of the united states. remember, donald trump has said over and over and over again that he just did minor work for me. weighs a small-time attorney, not much -- not much to see here. so why is it that you are paying a small time attorney with not much to see here $35,000 from the oval office? that's a big question. >> bill: this is your star witness and how do we look at this now, david? >> i don't really think you look at it too much differently. everybody knew michael cohen was a liar. so the case that democrats are trying to make against president trump doesn't really rely on the fact that he is honest and the fact that they are trying to dispel this notion that president trump doesn't have a hole bunch of skeletons in a very open closet. i think that there are two things here. this is all going to rise and fall on how voters feel about president trump knowing what they already know because what michael cohen has been saying even if we accept it all at face
7:09 am
value is stuff that most voters even voters that like president trump already think. and there is one other thing i would say about all of this cohen stuff going on. in the midst of whatever lies he is still telling, he is giving house investigators, democrats, a lot of information. and if you look back at benghazi hearings, one of the reasons that benghazi investigation was such a big deal is because in looking at what hillary clinton did in reaction to and during the benghazi terrorist attacks, they looked into 15,000 pages of documents where they found this email address they have never seen before that email address led republicans to her private server which probably caused her the presidency. my point is there is a lot going on once you get all this mess going on with cohen and whether or not you can believe him might be a lot of information that is useful. >> bill: getting back to cohen, doesn't he impugn your case? >> absolutely. he undermines himself every day. we learn new information. new factual problems and let's also not forget this
7:10 am
is a man who was so desperate he pled guilty to something that two former fec commissioners say wasn't even a crime. >> herein lies another problem. i think my mother says this and a lot of mothers say this to their children you know who you are by the friends you kept. the fact he kept michael cohen around 10 years. >> bill: it's not the point of the discussion. >> this is the point of the discussion that's how voters are looking at michael cohen. >> red handed in another lie and you make a very good point but i think the question is do voters and the american people look at president trump differently because michael cohen is lying again? i think the opinions of president trump are fixed. they will choose in 2020 based on his performance and who they have to vote for instead. and the fact that michael cohen is lying yet again, i don't think will change how the voters view president trump. >> sandra: meanwhile, what is happening within your own party this morning, richard, we have breaking news coming in to us right now that the house will consider this
7:11 am
updated anti-semitism resolution today. we know that there was being some changes being made to the original language of that to more of an anti hate message within it. we will see what happens there. marco rubio was speaking out about what is happening on the left this morning in regards to that. listen. >> i mean look what's happening in the house now with the whole anti-semitism thing. and all of a sudden everybody is running for the hills on it and they don't want to take a vote on it because there is this new element, radical element that's gone into the democratic party that's moved them away from supporting israel. >> martha: we are also hearing that the final text of that resolution will be posted within the hour. we will see exactly what that looks like, richard. meanwhile, that is happening here? >> listen, i think anti-semitism and hate both sides of the aisle i have said this multiple times and i will say it again. i think congresswoman omar should not have made the benjamin comment she should apologize for that larger problem in this country how american someone is how they feel about another country and how our foreign policy happens. that is what the larger
7:12 am
question right? i think our americanism defined how we treat our neighbors. that's how we love our neighbors, right? and when i say our neighbors i mean very broadly and when i mean our neighbors how they love, how they worship, how they pray. and this is, i think, the larger question we have to ask ourselves and are we really saying that your americanism is judged by how we conduct our foreign policy? >> bill: you could pass a second resolution that shows love for every human being in the world. but this resolution deals specifically with the comments she made about israel. >> this is not just about the comments of a freshman congresswoman. let's not forget this is the party of louis farrakhan. this is the party of barack obama who was widely and correctly called the most anti-israel president in u.s. history. gave $150 billion to iran who pledges to destroy israel. >> marc, that's un -- >> sandra: we have to get him in here. >> surfacing because of his
7:13 am
comments. >> nothing wrong with criticizing israel. nothing wrong with criticizing u.s. policy towards israel. when you talked about lawmakers being bought off and start making accusations of dual loyalty, that's where there is a problem. president obama, you may not have liked his policy towards israel, it never got in to any of that. and the problem democrats are having is they are unwilling to police their own. there has been a lot of criticism of president trump and republicans in the house for years for failing to police their own, saying things that were racially racist or insensitive, pick your term, and now the shoe is on the other foot and democrats are unwilling to police their own. they are having a huge problem because of where the progressive base is all you have to say is criticize israel, criticize u.s. policy towards israel, don't accuse people of dual loyalty and being bought off and this could go away. if they pass a resolution. >> sandra: i will let you react to that in a minute. i want to get this "wall street journal" op-ed in here because it was fascinating this morning on speaker cortez. the journal editorial board writing the most important question after this moral
7:14 am
fiasco may be who is really the speaker of the house, ms. pelosi or the young radicals led by ms. alexandria ocasio-cortez? >> the speaker of the house is clearly nancy pelosi. i'm exactly where david is you can criticize somebody's foreign policy but, once again, like i said, this is -- she should apologize for the benjamin comment. saying you guys are the party of david duke i would never make that argument so don't make that argument about the democratic party number one. number two, this resolution speaks about hate generally because as much as we should criticize anti-semitism, we should also criticize the. >> sandra: we don't know yet. it's not out yet. >> it shouldn't have been this hard to condemn anti-semitism. >> on their first go around, they responded very forcefully and clear. on this second go around have you seen more of a frame of democrats both in the house and on the campaign trail and i think they have to figure out where they want to be on this or it's going to make them harder in 2020 to make the case that president trump is one way that you don't like but we are
7:15 am
different. >> bill: back to this "wall street journal" piece, here's the headline, house leaders seem to be afraid of the radical back-benchers. argue the case here. you have three freshman democratic members of congress who seem to be calling a lot of the shots for their party. and you can reflect on the tea party movement or the house freedom caucus. but they have shown that they're willing to speak out about anything at any time. if you watched peter doocy's attempted interview yesterday with ilhan omar? i mean, he walked with her for five minutes and asked her repeatedly whether or not she would go ahead and sign off to this anti-semitism and she failed to answer the question. it could have been as simple as a no and you did not get that from her. these three women are driving much of the agenda for nancy pelosi. >> when you look at it in broader terms, it's not just them. you have some of their leading candidates for president that are backing them in many of their,
7:16 am
whether it's the green new deal, whether it is even in condemning they refuse to condemn congresswoman omar. so, the leaders of the party now are these three and the presidential candidates going on along with them. >> what's unfortunate not focusing on members of congress going to congress doing work underwood questioning of secretary nielsen yesterday or jennifer wexton who is working very hard to deal with prescription drugs. >> sandra: are you suggesting this isn't an important issue? >> no, i'm suggesting that we have over 200 members of congress who are doing real work every day and focusing on these three members of congress and that's unfortunate. >> bill: they are getting most of the oxygen in the room we can see that every day. >> they are giving voice to where a lot of the progressive base is just like past conservative insurgents did the same on the right. and the democrats are going to have to figure out how to come together or a lot of the new members that have a lot of potential from these swing districts that you are talking about are going to be ignored. >> sandra: look we will know where everybody stands today
7:17 am
in the house that is because majority whip steny hoyer says when asked yes, probably, there will be a vote on this resolution in the house today. >> bill: thank you david and richard and marc: we have more breaking news now. venezuela opposition leader juan guaido returning he to stand up against the maduro regime. trump saying prop up against maduro. >> >> sandra: r. kelly sent back to jail. >> can somebody give him a tissue. >> look, man, look. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. as you probably know, i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities. so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon.
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7:22 am
>> use your common sense. >> your ex-wife says you abused her, robert. is she not telling the truth. >> absolutely. she is not telling the truth. i love her to death. i have nothing against her still. that is my kids' mother. >> sandra: kelly is charged with sexually abusing four women. three under age at the time. is he pleading not guilty to those crimes. >> bill: democratic national committee refusing to allow fox news to host any of the 2020 primary debates. >> sandra: fox media analyst howie kurtz joins us now. howie, what do you think about this decision? >> well, i'm not surprised by this move by dnc chairman tom perez and fox also didn't get a democratic debate in 2016. but i believe and many prominent journalists are writing this is a missed opportunity for the democratic party and the candidates to reach a broader audience. that's why i believe tom perez is using the new yorker story that recently came out very critical of fox news as a fig leaf. look at the company's response. we can put it up senior vice
7:23 am
president bill sammon saying we hope the dnc will reconsider its decision to bar chris wallace, bret baier and martha mccallum all of whom embody the journalistic professionalism best debate team in the business. president trump also weighing in on twitter. he writes democrats just blocked fox news from holding a debate, good. then i think i will do the same thing with the fake news netted works and the radical left democrats in the general election debates. that's a typical shot by the president. i don't think it's particularly helpful to this company at a time when critics say there is a cozy relationship between fox and the president. >> sandra: so, howie, what is the dnc saying prompted this decision? >> dnc says it's this 11,000 word new yorker piece, highly critical of fox. i think the new yorker story is deeply flawed. i will get into that in a second. it makes some fair points that have been kicking around for a long time that i have covered along with countless others, for example, fox's prime time host opinion people are largely supportive of president trump but not always. as we saw when they slammed
7:24 am
the president over immigration before the government shutdown. president trump does watch an awful lot of fox news and is influenced by it and can you tell from his twitter feed. a number of people that had roles at fox bill cheyenne former co-president have gone to work at the white house by the way. a couple dozen journalists went to work for the obama administration. here's the thing. in that 11,000 plus words in the new yorker piece, what wasn't mentioned is that fox has a very professional and very solid news division. >> bill: if you want to reach the middle and as many people as possible this primary season is going to go on for a long time, howy. my sense is there is time to revisit this decision, much like the amazon decision of new york city. what do you think of that? >> well, maybe the dnc will reconsider because it's not just fox on thing to this but people from a lot of prominent news organizations. i do want to make this point about the news division. and that is, you know, the prime time opinion people
7:25 am
"fox & friends" they get a lot of the attention. i understand that. there are an awful lot of people at this company bret and martha, remember martha mccallum's grilling of brett kavanaugh when he gave the only interview as a supreme court nominee. and john roberts and gillian turner and mike emanuel and bill hemmer and sandra smith and others who are journalists who try to play things right down the middle. it would be like writing a whole piece saying the "new york times" is anti-trump newspaper and mostly quoting from the editorial page and so finally i think that, you know, you take the michael cohen hearings. the mueller probe, the hush money investigation, all of those have been covered pretty fully and fairly by the news. opinion people are something else. that's the distinction i want to make and the magazine article didn't make. >> bill: thank you, howie, we will see where it leads. howie kurtz. in the meantime republicans have not been shy about their opinions when it comes to the investigations into the white house. >> the curtain opened up and we found out what was really
7:26 am
going on. no, we want to damage the president. we're going to have plenty of theatrics, bring your popcorn. i'm thinking we set up a popcorn machine in the back. that's what this is becoming. it's becoming a show. >> bill: we might need butter and salt for that. that's doug collins, is he going to join us in a moment. his reaction to everything else happening this week. that's coming up shortly here on "america's newsroom." also, sandra? >> sandra: plus democratic congresswoman rasheda tlaib says she plans on getting the ball rolling on impeaching the president. how will that effect the work congress should be doing. congressman doug collins is our headliner this morning. we will speak with him next. >> i think every single colleague of mine agrees there is impeachable offenses. that's one thing that we all agree on. we may disagree on the paint.
7:27 am
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7:31 am
before and after the inauguration. how judiciary chair jerry nadler spear heading much of that effort. >> bill: his counterpart of the panel ranking member headliner today doug collins. how are you doing and good morning to you? >> sandra: good morning. >> good morning. >> bill: encouraging caution on this. others are saying let's go for it. what do you think they do? >> they are going to choose the path of going forward with no idea where they are going. they remind me of a teenager who just got behind the wheel of a car not really sure but they know the gas pedal works and that's what they are doing. eventually they have to figure out if the brake actually works, too. it's not helpful to anything we are going through right now. what they are saying is they have conclusion of what they want and now they are going to have to go find their facts to get there. >> sandra: as far as introducing articles of impeachment and the move that we are seeing in that direction on the left here's congresswoman tlaib on that yesterday. >> remember, this is setting a precedent. if we don't hold impeachment
7:32 am
proceedings today, start them today and hold him accountable to following the united states constitution, think about that. this is not going to be the last ceo that runs for president of the united states. this is not going to be the last person that tries to get away with this. and what does that say about the most powerful, most important body -- most important position in the world? >> sandra: how will this work out for them, congressman? >> i think it's going to work out badly because the american people are seeing that they are just going through the extremes. two points what she just said was knowing when we have to start impeachment. i am glad she has mr. styer's talking points that's what he has been saying since november 2016. you will notice there was also an attack on anybody who has been a successful business person. she says somebody else may get there that's just a subtle attack on anyone that doesn't fit their mold of what public service ought to look like. when we understand what's going on here, we understand the vast political pressure, look, all of their leadership, including chairman nadler, even
7:33 am
ms. pelosi and others saying we don't have information enough for the impeachment process. we don't know of anything. but, yet, have you members undoubted willly that have this vast amount of knowledge on things even their leadership don't have. it's not going to play well. the american people see what's going on they are overplaying their hand as usual. it will play out badly and we will focus on the truth. >> bill: this is not going to be the last ceo that runs as president of the united states. news on michael cohen that broke overnight did he lie before that committee 8 days ago. >> it sure seems that way that's why my colleagues referred that for perjury. this is a man who probably from an old background of mine from being an attorney sometimes best bet is just to be quiet. sometimes your best bet to not continually bring up things that in the end are contradiction of your own statements. your best bet is instead to try and either make a name for yourself, do something before did you go to jail is sometimes you just need to be quiet. what michael cohen is doing is trying to spread as much
7:34 am
pain as he possibly can because he obviously doesn't understand his own situation and is he just lashing out at the world. this is unfortunate to see this actually play out the way it is. >> bill: lanny davis, his attorney, you know he was sitting behind michael cohen last week. he ushered him through congress before that hearing. he put out a long statement just part part of michael copen's decision to lead the defense group and tell the truth july 2, 2018 mike cat was open to the ongoing dangling of a possible pardon. during that time he directed his attorney to explore possibilities of a pardon. i have gone through that statement i don't hear lanny davis say this is not true. do you? this is the patro problem michal cohen needed an attorney not a publicity agent. lanny davis trying to fain his own career. mr. cohen needed an actual attorney. obviously he was let down by. this maybe he needs to check into that.
7:35 am
>> bill: that's his call. >> yeah. i mean, it is. think about it this is an attorney who should be there helping you yet at the very same point in time he didn't deny what is happening and step forward think about what you are saying it just seems like, again, lanny davis orchestrated a media event instead of being an attorney that he claimed to be. this is how far out of field this has gotten when you understand that they have lost track of what they are trying to do because they are so desperate to find something to stick on this president that they are willing to try anything possible. american people see through that and frankly the democrats that i privately talk to are becoming more and more concerned that they have lost complete. i was listening to an interview being done up here on the hill democrats complaining about the fact that nobody is talk about the fact they passed a very bad gun deal or working on destroying our election season. they are upset that they are having to deal with this other stuff. this is bad for them. >> sandra: fiery hearing on capitol hill yesterday we where we saw kearsarge kirstjen.
7:36 am
a million illegal border crossings this year. here she is describing how bad it's gotten at our southern border. >> today's migrant flows have created a humanitarian catastrophe. in one study, more than 30% of women reported sexual assault along the way. and 70% of all migrants reported experiencing violence. >> did she make any ground making the administration's case in that hearing room yesterday, congressman? >> i believe she did. when you start seeing headlines on "the washington post," the "new york times" not conservative groups that are saying the exact same thing that this border crossing is escalating. i find it hard to believe there is any united states senator who would vote to approve this resolution disapproval for building our border wall when the case is being made that there is an emergency at the border. the president is making that case. secretary nielsen made that
7:37 am
case yesterday for them to actually say there is not a crisis or they try to, you know, focus the attention on not being constitutional which is not true it is by statute he can do this. they are doing the american people a disservice. she is making the case. people are understanding people back home in my district and people i talk to not experience the consequences of that open border. >> bill: sir we appreciate your time today. thanks for coming on. >> have a great day. take care. >> bill: you too. >> i think we're taking the right position backing guaido. maduro is in trouble. there is no question. we are on the right side. we need a diplomatic strategy that leads to free and fair elections supervised by international observers. >> sandra: former ambassador bill richardson there maduro regime in venezuela facing international pressure to step aside. meanwhile the opposition leader juan gid back in the country calling for more
7:38 am
demonstrations. rich edson back at the state department. >> good morning, sandra. now the administration is calling on every nation to join the united states and more than 50 other countries and recognize juan guaido as legitimate leader of venezuela. however, nicholas maduro is still in venezuela. halves the backing of china, russia and cuba. a senate foreign relations subcommittee has just opened up a hearing on the path to democracy in venezuela with the administration venezuela envoy elliott abrams and the u.s. aid administrator mark green. they are testifying how they plan to achieve position of power and address a humanitarian and economic crisis in venezuela. the trump administration has sanctioned top officials and state oil company and threatening to punish international banks that work with the maduro regime. subcommittee's chairman says eventually the maduro regime will collapse under this pressure. >> let me tell you this,
7:39 am
every single prominent official in venezuela, with the absence of maduro has reached out to somebody looking for a deal. that is a fact. that they haven't taken one yet doesn't mean they won't at some point. these are not good people. they are thieves. they are liars. they are crooks. and ultimately they will turn on each other. >> the maduro regime is also reportedly deporting an american journalist who was living and working in venezuela. >> authorities arrested cody wettle after he uncovered what he described earlier this week triumphant return to caracas. the state department had said yesterday it demanded his release and wanted him released unharmed. the department has not yet commented on his reported deportation. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: rich edson at the state department. meanwhile, less than an hour house democrats will be introducing the final text we are told. behind that controversial anti-semitism resolution. what will be in it and will the congresswoman omar be called out by name? we're live on the hill,
7:40 am
sandra, to follow that up here in a moment. >> sandra: shocking attack on campus targeting a conservative this viral video showing the attack unfolding. now the defendant is pleading not guilty. so key escape punishment? -- could he escape punishment? >> what is there to stay in it's actually sickening to watch it it has a unique guard between the blades. that's designed to reduce irritation during the shave. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get. gillette.
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♪ >> bill: the defendant charged with assaulting a conservative activist on the uc berkeley campus pleading not guilty despite this cell phone video that recorded the attack. it's vicious. cabot phillips media director campus reformer reformm reform. mercedes. >> it's encouraging hopefully there will be justice that there has been legal recourse taken. it's surprising.
7:45 am
so many instances there is violence against conservatives that goes without consequences and without accountability. it shows how important it is for when these incidents do take place to gather evidence and to hold people's feet to the fire. many universities around the country when these incidents happen they sit back and wait to see if people are paying attention and wait to see if people jump on to say there needs to be action taken against these people. sad the environment is being created with a lot of people are paying attention saying can i continue to use violence and threats of violence to suppress conservative ideas on campus? and when you don't take action against people that do, it incentivizes people to do that in the future and i think that's what led to this happening in the first place is that environment has been created. >> sandra: there is a lot of outrage over. this cabot, what you point out is what makes this so different mercedes bring flu on the legal angle on this it is all caught on tape. >> absolutely. >> sandra: here is the defense attorney on due process even though it's on tape still pleading not guilty. let's listen. >> i would remind one important constitutional
7:46 am
freedom is the presumption of innocence due process of law, due process in a courtroom not on social media or the internet. >> sandra: even though it's on tape key still go unpunished? >> he could. it all depends on evidentiary rulings. we know because we are not sitting there as jurors but the jurors may not get all the evidence. that tape may not come in. what happened before the encounter? there is so many -- how many of us have sat down and said this person is definitely going to be guilty and lo and behold they are found not guilty. so, you never know. one thing i will tell what you will resonate with this jury whether you are right, left, center wherever you are on this spectrum the free speech to express yourself is such an inalienable right held to dear to everyone, everyone on the spectrum. if you are going to try to quiet people down and wherever you are on the spectrum it's a real problem. >> bill: i would not want to be his attorney. good luck with that here's the victim's attorney on
7:47 am
this. >> it's outrageous that a young man who is exercising his first amendment rights on the berkeley campus was viciously assaulted and subjected to violent threats. >> bill: if you just take the clip and look at it. >> right, oh, i know. see, the thing is the judge has to sit there and allow the clip. in hopefully the judge will it in. obviously this is contemporaneous. it looks like it captures the entire encounter between the two of them. it should come in. but you just don't know. it depends on hot judge and whether the tape will come in. what we have already seen both the victim come forward and speak. he has got great demeanor. he certainly expresses himself. he is his best witness. he will sit there on the stand. if this goes beyond this. we know that the alleged perpetrator doesn't have a criminal history. so. >> sandra: going to play a part for sure. you are on college campuses every week. you are talking to students. you are on the ground and seeing what is happening at these colleges. you said sadly the assailant
7:48 am
had reason to believe he would go unpunished. what did you mean by that? >> i think that there have been plenty of instances where there have been attacks or at least of attacks against conservatives where there had been no resource no consequence or accountability against those people. i want to point out this is not isolated i want. attacks like this happen around the country as we reported at the leadership institute campus reform. i have been on 100 college campuses mindset developing where people are taught that words you don't like. ideas you don't like aren't just a disagreement they constitute violence against you. and so many people do feel justified in reacting with violence because they view you're words as a direct attack on them. that's a complete misunderstanding of how america works and free speech works. hopefully it's a motivation for all americans on both sides of the aisle to defend speech and realize that if we don't reinstitute and reinforce just how important dissenting opinions are. just how important marketplace of ideas are on college campus we will see things like this increasingly happen.
7:49 am
>> bill: what do you think of that? >> that's a great point that's exactly why it will resonate with those jurors. we need that freedom. we need to embrace it and protect it that's what's so sacred in this country and continue to be so. >> bill: thank you, mercedes. cabot phillips in d.c. thank you, cabot. >> sandra: long time jeopardy host alex trebek serious diagnosis with inspiring messages. >> normally the prognosis for this is not very encouraging but i'm going to fight this. i plan to beat the low survival rates that is that tistatistics for this disease. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, now's the time to call newday usa.
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7:53 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm going to fight this. truth told, i have to because under the terms of my contract, i have to host jeopardy for three more years. so, help me keep the faith and we'll win. >> sandra: that was jeopardy host alex trebek revealing he is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. the long time game show host says he plans to beat the odds. appearing in very good spirits there as he made this announcement, anita. >> he certainly did, sandra. it was shocking news for all of us yesterday as one of the most beloved tv
7:54 am
personalities on the american landscape announced he is fighting cancer in classic alex trebek style he did with so w. whit and fighting spirit. >> normally the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but i'm going to fight this and i'm going to keep working and with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers, also, i plan to beat the low survival rate statistic norris disease. >> the 78-year-old trebek has hosted jeopardy for the last 35 years since 1984. he took a leave of absence in january of 2018 after surgery to remove blood clots from his brain and then he came bouncing back. since his latest announcement, twitter has been filled with well-wishes from thousands of fans, fellow talk show host and famous former contestants like the all-time jeopardy champ ken jennings who writes, quote: i have said this before but alex trebek
7:55 am
is in a last way last cronkite authoritative reassures tv voice you hear every night almost to the point of ritual. one thing i know for a fact alex is very aware of how much he means to millions of people and how we will be pulling for him. i hope that's a comfort. now research shows pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of all the major cancers. and is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths a little more than 56,000 people will be diagnosed this year. >> whenever a celebrity like alex trebek shows great courage like this, fearlessness, positive attitude, goes public, i think that that's a great message for the rest of us. inspiring facing against a terrible illness like this with courage, with head raised, with eyes bright. >> alex trebek is certainly a man with everything to live for including a hit tv show, a beautiful family, including his wife a son and
7:56 am
a daughter in their 20's. and he says he has to survive because he has got those three years left on his contract. >> sandra: we need him. thank you anita vogel for that. >> sounds like he is going to fight. this. >> bill: i think he has one of the best jobs in america. who doesn't love that show? hang in there alex, we are pulling for you, man. william barr set to give his first news conference since his confirmation we will cover that. deadly tornadoes. live look on the hill. nancy pelosi is about to talk. they are going to take up a resolution they say this afternoon on anti-semitism. what's in it? does it pass? next.
7:57 am
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert. we are awaiting william barr to hold his first news conference as attorney general. he is set to discuss elder fraud but other big topics obviously could come up. we will be monitoring this event for you and bring you any news as it comes from it. another fox news alert this morning house democrats about to bring a resolution to the floor condemning anti-semitism, a source telling us that the leadership there wants a vote and they want it today. welcome back to "america's newsroom" i'm sandra smith. >> bill: rocking today. good morning, sandra. any moment we are set to see nancy pelosi come out for briefing. the measure is seen as a rebuke of congresswoman ilhan omar. the freshman democrat under
8:01 am
fire for what critics say is clear anti-semitic remarks. what will it say the resolution and will the resolution pass in. >> sandra: ellison barber has the latest from washington for us. good morning. >> good morning, sandra. when the day began we thought this resolution was indefinitely delayed. it was not on today's docket. now fox news is told house democratic leadership plans to hold a vote on the resolution condemning anti-semitism some time today. the chairman of the house foreign relations committee indicated that the text of that resolution should be available before noon. the updated version of the resolution is reportedly being drafted by representative cedric richmond of louisiana and jamie raskin of maryland. democrats are trying to figure out if they should address every episode of bias or general artic could artn about what their values are. >> i haven't seen the text yet. most important thing though is what we do the day after. >> i think democrats are
8:02 am
very united in our strong condemnation of hate in any form. >> talk about not just anti-semitism, islamophobia, racism, all of these things that i think is dividing this country. if that's what i see then great. >> there is some of what democrats are hoping to see in the resolution. this resolution is largely seen as a rebuke of freshman representative ilhan omar and recent comments she made claiming supporters of israel are pushing people to have allegiance to a foreign country. the resolution condemning anti-semitism was supposed to be a relatively simple one. the original plan was to vote on it wednesday but there was a significant amount of disagreement among democrats, all of it coming to a head at a caucus meeting yesterday with some democrats complaining that leadership did not tell members about the resolution. others disagreeing about whether or not it would be a good idea to name representative omar. some saying that it could put her in danger and fuel anti-muslim bigotry. others say the resolution needs to focus on all forms
8:03 am
of bigotry not just anti-semitism. sandra? >> sandra: ellison barber in washington. thank you. >> bill: this news breaking from overnight the former trump attorney michael cohen facing new scrutiny. new questions about his recent testimony whether or not he asked for a presidential pardon. well, cohen said he did not during a hearing last week. there is a statement from his attorney lanny davis represented cohen seems to contradict that. chief white house correspondent john roberts is running all this down today. did he lie under oath? i think that's the underlying question and john, good morning to you. >> boy, i don't think, bill, we can make that determination but we can say that at the very least there appears to be a huge inconsistency between what michael cohen told the house judiciary committee last week and what actually happened. at that hearing last wednesday, michael cohen said very clearly that he never entertained the idea of a pardon by the president nor would he. let's listen to that part of his testimony right now. >> i have never asked for
8:04 am
nor would i accept a pardon from president trump. >> tuesday of this week we learned that cohen's former attorney ryan pictured on the left beside cohen had in fact approached trump's legal team including rudy giuliani about the possibility of a pardon. this was after the fbi raided cohen's home, offices, et cetera. and today this statement from cohen's spokesman lanny davis clarifying what cohen told the committee last week. prior to michael cohen's decision to leave the joint defense group and tell the truth on july 2nd, 2018, michael was open to the ongoing dangling of a possible pardon by trump representatives privately and in the media. during that time he directed his attorney, that would be steven ryan, to explore possibilities of a pardon at one point with trump lawyer rudy giuliani as well as other lawyers advising president trump. but after july 2nd, 2018 mr. cohen authorized me, as a new lawyer, to say
8:05 am
publicly mr. cohen would never accept a pardon from president trump even if offered. that continues to be the case. and his statement at the oversight hearing was true and consistent with his post joint defense agreement commitment to tell the truth. rudy giuliani would not confirm whether steven ryan had approached him about a pardon but rudy did tell fox news that whenever they are asked about a pardon by any attorney or individual they give the following standard answer, quote: the president has said he will not consider any pardons now, of course, that doesn't mean that he in any way is diminishing his constitutional power to make those decisions in the future. i mean, clearly here, bill, there is a lot of parsing going on on the part of michael cohen's representatives. at no time during that congressional testimony last week -- now we do not know what he said in the closed hearings. in that open hearing at no time did he ever say i never asked for a pardon after july 2nd, 2018 but did i
8:06 am
before july 2nd, 2018. he simply said very plainly as you can see i never asked for nor would i accept a pardon from the president of the united states. so, we will see where this goes i think a lot of people are going to start making hay about this. >> bill: is? >> what is the definition of? >> bill: you know that thank you john roberts on the lawn. here is sandra with more. >> sandra: for more on this bring in bret baier anchor of "special report." bret, good morning to you. >> hey, sandra, good morning. >> sandra: jump in here on what we know and don't know. at the very least, he contradicted his testimony if indeed he asked his lawyer to inquire about a pardon. >> bret: i'm with john. i don't think we can make the determination but clearly lawmakers on capitol hill are. senator kennedy from louisiana saying that cohen lied like a dog in terms kennedy can only deliver in his way. obviously there is this whether he asked for a
8:07 am
pardon or not. there is also did he want a white house job or not? and i think you have seen sound bites previously that contradict that clearly there are contradictions in his testimony and whether they reach the level of lying under oath. i think is for whether that gets moved on to a -- to a criminal situation as far as testimony under oath. >> sandra: john roberts ended his reports with we will see where this goes. perhaps a whole lot of folks will start to make some hay of this. do you think that's going to happen? >> it's possible he only spent a lot of time behind closed doors yesterday. republicans want that testimony out in the public. they feel democrats are been coaching michael cohen and there are allegations about that. what he brings to the table for the investigations that
8:08 am
democrats are moving forward with. adam schiff described it as very helpful. i think that his testimony is going to come under scrutiny and who knows may get referred to the department of justice. >> sandra: bret, now i have got to ask you about the dnc rejecting fox news as a debate host for 2020. they are citing ties to the president. what more can you tell us this morning? >> well, it's their decision. it is disappointing, obviously. we have a long track record of being tough but fair in debates. chris wallace, obviously, was lauded for his general election debate last cycle. three years ago today i did a town hall moderated a town hall with secretary clinton and senator sanders in michigan both campaigns said they thought it was very fair. tough but fair. sanders went on to win michigan a few days later. i think all of our programs on the news side have democrats on in, as yours
8:09 am
does in many different settings to ask questions that i think viewers, our viewers, who are very large in number could benefit from. we are disappointed obviously. we hope they reconsider and there is a statement from bill sammon the managing editor. >> sandra: there is indeed and we will get to that maybe a bit later. for now nancy pelosi speaking. we will get to that. best debate team in the business. bret baier, we will see you tonight at 6:00. >> bill: not over yet. thank you, bret. nancy pelosi on ilhan omar. >> on that just recently. when i was a couple weeks ago at the munich conference and then in brussels for the nato meeting at every meeting at every level at the highest levels our delegation impressed upon our european allies the importance of fighting anti-semitism in our country. this is well before the ilhan statement that emerged
8:10 am
this weekend. but, when it did, it was important for me to speak to the member first before we would proceed, she was in africa. after i spoke to her, members had different tacts they wanted to take. some individual statement. some thinking we should have a resolution. i thought the resolution should be enlarge the issue to anti-semitism, its lack phobia, et cetera, antiwhite supremacist. that it should not mention her name. that is what we are working on. one resolution addressing the forms of hatred not mentioning her name. it's not about her. it's about these forms of hatred. >> she hasn't apologized does she need to apologize. >> i need to explain she did not -- it's up to her to explain. but i do into the believe that she understood the full weight of the words. when you are a congressman you are advocate out there
8:11 am
as i was. i appreciate all the enthusiasm that comes into -- i have told her that before that was me pushing a stroller and carrying those signs. i understand how advocates come in with their enthusiasm but, when you cross that threshold in the congress, your words weigh much more than when you are shouting at somebody outside. i feel confident that her words are not based on any anti-semitic attitude but she didn't have a full appreciation on how they landed on other people where these words have a history and cultural impact that may have been unknown to her. >> madam, thank you. >> did i call on him? did you hear me call on him? >> you sure looked at me. >> that's all right. thank you. >> does that count? okay. go ahead. >> there was concern about motions to recommit.
8:12 am
i know how important hr-1 is to your side if you didn't address this right away that that could be the motion to recommit and try to undercut what happened with the firearms bill last week and so on and so forth. is that part of the decision to go ahead at this point and get this done? explain why. >> no, no. the republicans will never fail to have their xenophobic motions to recommit as they did last week. that doesn't matter whether we have a resolution or not. so this has nothing to do with that. this has to do with -- i see everything as an opportunity. this is an opportunity once again to declare strongest possible opposition to anti-semitism and anti-muslim statements, antiwhite supremacist attitudes. the president may think there are good people on both sides. we don't share that view. so it has nothing to do with that. however, i do grant you that
8:13 am
the republicans will try to put these kinds of statements in their motions to recommit. but that's housekeeping. that's not policy. >> yes, sir. >> obviously leader mcconnell is very opposed to hr-1. yesterday he said i believe we can actually win elections against people who vote for this. do you think hr-1 puts any pressure on some of your members in purple districts? >> no, no. in fact many of the members on the purple districts are the ones strongest proponents. >> bill: there will be resolution we should see later today i haven't seen the text. it will not mention ilhan omar by name. >> his leadership role. he has also said the problem is not that there is too much money in politics, mitch mcconnell said, it's that there is not enough money in politics. well, rewe memo hently, completely, thoroughly disagree. but it's about money in politics and what a -- how
8:14 am
that destroys the confidence people have in the political process but also, it's about voter suppression. and so whatever they say what they are voting when they say they are against hr-1. they are against removing obstacles of participation to voting in our country. had you do you explain that to our founders? i did everything in my power founders to make sure that people did not have access to the polling place. those were eligible to vote and to be sure that they could vote and vote would be counted as cast. i don't know if you were here when i announced my too hot to handle -- i think it was last week. we just have to make some of these issues too hot to handle in the public. the shutdown in public was too hot to handle. when we passed the violence against women's act coming up again made it too hot to
8:15 am
handle. republicans would not bring it up in the house. so, along the way, the public weighing in on this overwhelmingly the public supports removing voter suppression. lowering the role of big dark special interest money in politics and, again respecting the rights of those eligible to vote and have it be counted as cast. thank you. >> madam speaker, the house wants investigations on trump. what kind of evidence does the house right now have on trump to launch all these investigations on him and couldn't this possibly be an overreach. >> no. no. this is our constitutional responsibility to have oversight over the executive branch. and the evidence that they will have is what they will gather doing the oversight, bringing it to the american people. i salute the committee for the action that they have taken. if we were not to exercise oversight over the executive branch, we would be
8:16 am
delinquent in our duties. >> madam speaker, currently operating under extraordinary measures because we have reached the deadline for the debt limit. what's the current plan to either raise or extend the debt limit? >> i think we have a few more days for that, don't we? isn't it the end of april? >> what are the measures right now. >> well, according to the secretary of the treasury there is extraordinary measures will go until september or october. let us hope that long before that we will have not -- >> urgent problem it? >> doesn't mean it isn't urgent it just means we have to address it everything is urgent here, right? everything is also an opportunity. an opportunity to have a giant lesson for america as to what the role is of government, of each of the branches of government and the extraordinary nature of the president usurping the
8:17 am
constitutional powers of the legislative branch article 1 immediately following the preamble. that's why we were pleased we were able to pass that legislation oh, did i mention that? under the leadership of joaquin castro and now it's in the senate where the senators are asking the president to withdraw. extraordinary usurp station of the constitution of the united states. >> dangers of policing speech. >> bill: couple things here on omar and the resolution, let's see if there is another answer. >> explicative to describe the president. >> earlier this year when one of your members used explicative to describe the president, you said you weren't going to be -- i wonder if you can talk about the wisdom or the dangers of being -- of policing the speech of your members? >> well, [inaudible] police policing the speech of our members. we are condemning
8:18 am
anti-semitism, anti-islamophobia and condemning white supremacy. that is what we are doing and inviting them to engage. [inaudible] explicatives. [inaudible] police language. i'm more concerned what he does to children at the border. >> bill: i know it's really hard to hear at home. we have it cranked up. the question is tlaib dropping the f word earlier on about an impeachment process against the president. we are trying to hear here the speaker's answer there. all right. three big topics here, sandra, one on the resolution. quote: i don't believe thee understands the full weight of her words as a member of congress. says she is not establishment with regards to th -- notanti-semitic. she salutes the oversight committee going forward. >> sandra: want to get to
8:19 am
congressman chris steward. your reaction to the speaker's words there specifically responding to representative omar. >> yeah, look, this is simple. this is not hard at all. of course her comments were anti-semitic, of course she understood that and they were deeply offensive. and republicans have been quick to condemn and to hold accountable some members of our conference who have said some things that were offensive such as. this i led on that. i asked that one of them actually resign. it's not asking too much for the leader and the leadership that's in the democratic party to do the same thing. again, this isn't difficult. this should be very simple. we should have done this days ago. >> sandra: we know they will try to bring this to a vote as soon as possible. you heard from the speaker there. what that is going to look like is a question now. it was supposed to be about anti-semitism. then we heard it was going to be reconfigurive, be more of a anti-hate message.
8:20 am
what pelosi just said there is the resolution is, quote: not about her. it's about these forms of hatred. what does that mean resolution is actually going to look like, congressman? >> well, i would respectfully disagree with the speaker. of course it's about her. when i say her i mean representative omar. of course it's about her and the comments that she made. that's what started this conversation that's what started this piece of legislation. frankly the democratic party just isn't willing to take a stand on this. if i were a member of the jewish community i would look at this and say what in the world is going on with my democratic party that they are not willing to condemn what is not just one or two episodes of this type of anti-semitic behavior and comments but multiple episodes of it. and why can't we just take a stand on this? it's not ladder to do. >> sandra: how would you summarize what you are seeing happening on the left when it to what some are describing as a revolt against the speaker nancy pelosi and some of these
8:21 am
younger freshman members of congress? >> well, what we are seeing is a battle for the heart and soul of the future of the democratic party. and ms. pelosi represents one wing of that and these new young progressives represent a very, very different vision. i mean, they call themselves socialist. they mean that when they say that they talk about policies that most americans absolutely shake their head at. you have to believe in unicorns to accept a green new deal as some realistic policy it would alter our way of life forever. condemn our children to a future poverty and, yet, many of them are serious about these policies. 70, 80, 90% tax brackets. these are the types of things that these young people are proponents of and ms. pelosi, i think, frankly doesn't know how to deal with it because so many of the base feels the same way. >> sandra: we are running out of time here congressman chris stewart. we appreciate you standing by on that. nancy pelosi it's not about her. she may need to explain what she meant is what she just said. >> there you go.
8:22 am
>> sandra: this story continued. congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: stunning reversal all the charges dropped against former congressman aaron schock slamming a corruption case against him blaming the whole ordeal on politics. aaron schock makes his case next. 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va. they could close your loan in as little as 30 days. so call newday usa. they look at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score. and they'll do everything they possibly can to get you approved. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves.
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8:25 am
he then attempted to try to manufacture crime. >> bill: that's aaron schock now who might be in a state of shock as federal prosecutors drop two dozen charges against the former illinois congressman. aaron schock in studio now and good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. good to be with you. >> bill: how did this happen? >> simply put, it's what happens when a local prosecutor, a federal prosecutor is allowed to use the 23u8 weight of the federal government
8:26 am
unchecked. this man saw me as his ticket to stardom, used 30 federal agents, two grand juries. subpoenaed over 100 witnesses and i'm a 33-year-old, you know, single guy with a couple of business transactions. he spent two years turning my life upside down and in the absence of a crime worked to create allegations against me. >> bill: so you say you made mistakes but mistakes are not crimes. >> right. >> bill: explain that. >> look, they audited $20 million of transactions. and they have asked me to repay $68,000 to settle this. and i said from day one we were not perfect. i could have done a better job of overseeing the back office functions of my office. but, because there were mistakes made in the filing of different financial transactions does not mean it was purposeful by my staff or by me. i can assure you audit 20 million tractions on anyone you will find some mistakes. >> bill: you are 37 years old now. here we are four years down the road. i remember went to congress you kind of stuck out.
8:27 am
>> i was the youngest one. >> bill: you dressed your office like it was do you downtn abbey. >> i have never seen the show that was fictitious headline that the "the washington post" has ran and everybody has repeated it since then. did let her paint it red. i did go on men's self magazine and social media account that set me apart. i would say some of those allowed me to do things other members of congress couldn't either i had a profile just beyond your average congressman. it did make me a pargt for political opponents who said hey here is a rising republican star i want to bring him down. >> bill: in light of all of, this you hear all those within the trump orbit coming on tv carter paige. >> um. >>um michael caputo. their case has been railroaded by a federal government. >> um-huh. >> bill: that's costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars in defense fees. >> right. >> bill: i can imagine can
8:28 am
you relate to that at this point. >> millions of dollars. frankly that's really the unwritten story here but for my lead attorney george terwilliger and his firm believing in my innocence from day one four years ago and sticking with me through this through the slog of four years, three different federal prosecutors, three different federal judges until somebody in the justice department did the right thing, the federal prosecutors in chicago finally disposed of it. >> bill: but you still have to pay $42,000 to the irs. $68,000 in congressional campaign fund? are those numbers right? >> it's $68,000 i have to pay. $40,000 is what they are claiming is unclaimed income so i will pay some -- >> bill: here is what i am trying to understand. if the 24 charges are dropped. which it's stunning to hear that. >> right. >> bill: why do you have to pay anything if you are innocent? >> because we have said i made mistakes that my office made mistakes and that i want to make restitution for it. so, in other words, they
8:29 am
audited 1078 plane flights over 8 years. out of 1078 plane flights they identified two that they take issue with. i say, you know what? fine, i will pay for those two flights. and we have done that on every financial mistake. we are talking three different campaign committees. my official office and my personal funds u so, you know, guilty, you know, we made some financial mistakes but those are not crimes. >> bill: how do you feel now? >> well, listen, it's a great burden that's been lifted and it's the first time in four years now i can actually think about the future and not have to worry about the past. >> bill: good luck to you. >> thanks. good to be with you. >> bill: aaron shox, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> bill: breaking news over to sandra. >> sandra: police in rockford, illinois responding to a possible active shooter situation there. this happening at an extended stay hotel we are told. police advising anyone nearby to avoid the area as a precaution at this time. we are going to be following this situation for you and bring you the latest as we get it.
8:30 am
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>> well i think the north koreas obviously would like to give up as little as their nuclear ballistic missile programs as they could in exchange for very broad sanctions relief. that's basically what they asked for. the president wasn't buying it. he said, look, we want a big deal. we want the big deal that will give north korea a bright future but which results in complete denuclearization. >> bill: so there is john bolton, national security advisor earlier today on "fox & friends." bolton warning that more sanctions may be coming after the summit fell apart last week. senator todd young, republican from indiana serves on the foreign relations committee. how are you doing, senator, good morning to you today. nice to have you. >> it's good to be with you. >> bill: what's the next move? >> well, look, i think the president did the right thing. he stepped away from the table. it now appears we are prepared to ramp up economic sanctions and resume the campaign of strategic pressure abandoning the
8:34 am
previous campaign of strategic patience which many administrations successfully had adopted. you have to credit this president with giving us a shot at causing the north koreans to pull back from weapons development. and i think the answer is to continue pressure in a bipartisan way. >> bill: you know these sanctions are crushing him. we can admit that. really strangling his economy. is he looking for some sort of edge economically to get on a better financial footing. trump and pompeo will have none of it you have to really wonder who makes the next move. does kim get on one knee and come back to the table or does kim fire off a missile or test a rocket some time over the weekend in the coming weeks? >> well, look, we still have arrows in our quiver with respect to ramping up economic sanctions. we need to pressure the chinese to stop providing fuel, food and sustenance to the north korean regime. we need to pressure our other partners there with whom we have strong economic
8:35 am
relationships to also help us crank up the economic thumb screws if you will against the north korean regime and i think that's what we're going to see in coming weeks. we want to resol this, of course, not through diplomatic but through diplomatic and economic means not through military means. and the only way we are going to do that is to have a credible threat of military force. so our military is in the area as well so that kim jong un knows that this president is serious. >> bill: income hanoi last week i just have one question on my mind the whole time. is chairman kim ready to change? and i don't think we have that answer. do you? >> you know, we really don't have that answer. there is the fundamental question of whether he would ever give up his nuclear weapons under any circumstances. that's a question that this president commendably is exploring and i think we need to explore. >> bill: okay, bill richardson from earlier on our program today said this about what's happening. >> i believe that both sides need to reassess their position. >> i do think that some kind
8:36 am
of agreement will be reached, not at complete denuclearization but it should be at lower levels. the negotiators. not the president. the president should not go into another summit like he did this last time. >> bill: he might be right about that. but i think the whole idea was to let kim show what he is willing to put on the take. and you can only do that when you hear it from his own mouth. i think that's what happened last week. i talk about -- did you want to say something about that? >> well, you know, look, i respect bill richardson. his service to our country. he has been part of those lower level negotiations in the past and what have we seen in we have seen continued weapons development and it's sort of lucy pulling away the football. this president recognizes we need a game changer and he has been part of that. so i commend him for that. >> bill: thank you, sir. go ahead. >> with respect to the green new deal. >> bill: let me set it up to you politico write about it the following way. senate democrats have found out a way to dodge attempts to green new deal.
8:37 am
attack lawmakers as antiscience deniers. the strategy puts democrats in the awkward position of backing away from a proposal that has garnered a support from a half dozen of the party's senators running for president. how do you see that sir? >> that's a pretty weak-handed strategy. this thing is going to cost $95 trillion. that's 65 grand per american household per year. now i can tell you hoosier families certainly aren't prepared to pay for that they are not prepared to ride their bikes for work or tear down their houses and rebuild them in a way that this plan would have them do. so they are not prepared to abandon air travel to go visit with family members. so, look, i'm all for protecting our environment. it's something i care deeply about. we in indiana do a really good job with respect to our conservation efforts. we don't have to destroy our environment through this sort of big government program. we can protect our environment keep this economy moving which we have been able to do.
8:38 am
i want to be part of that moving forward. >> bill: thank you, sir. senator todd young from indiana. nice to have you back on the program. >> thanks so much, bill. >> sandra: i want to get to this breaking news right now we told you a few moments allege there was a possible active shooter situation in northern illinois. police in rockford say that they will be briefing reporters, the rockford police department just putting out a few moments ago they would be speaking to reporters and that will be happening in about seven minutes from now. 10:45 local. 11:45 eastern time. the media staging for that while we -- this is what we know about it so far. the rpd officers are on the scene investigating what they are calling an active shooter situation at a hotel. it's an extended stay hotel there. if you can picture rockford, illinois winnebago county it's about 80, 90 miles northwest of chicago. it's a suburb of chicago. we are waiting on any further update on this situation. this is all we know at this time. they are calling it an active shooter situation.
8:39 am
so on the ground in rockford, illinois. we will get a press conference in a few moments here. any news from that we will bring that to you. moments ago we heard from speaker pelosi on congress come ilhan omar. the house getting set to take a vote on anti-semitism resolution later today. is it going to be strong enough? that's the big question. will it mention congressman woman omar by name? will she keep her spot on the house foreign affairs committee? ronna mcdaniel will be here to weigh in next. >> at some point the democrats will hope that it goes away but i think it won't go away and eventually they have to vote to at a minimum rebuke her and at a maximum take her off the foreign relations committee. but i've got some good news that will change that. newday's operation home. it lets veterans buy a home with no down payment and without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs.
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8:42 am
>> bill: monitoring this story rockford illinois up near the wisconsin border active shooter situation possibly. police in rockford say they are going to brief reporters in a moment from now. we are watching for that respond go ahead to a possible shooter at a hotel so northwest of chicago and
8:43 am
we will bring you updates whether we get it here on that breaking news. ♪ >> i don't think that that the congresswoman is perhaps appreciates the full weight of how it's heard by other people although i don't believe it was intended in anti-semitic way. should not mention her name and that's what we are working on something that is one resolution addressing these forms of hatred not mentioning her name because it's not about her. >> sandra: house democrats introducing an anti-semitism resolution that should be happening shortly on the house floor and potentially call for a vote on it today. joining us ronna mcdaniel rnc chairwoman. she has been watching all of this unfold. your thoughts on what you are seeing in the house with this potential resolution going up today. >> well, i think it's shameful that democrats cannot condemn congresswoman omar for her comments. this isn't just one isolated
8:44 am
incident. this is a pattern of her remarks going back to 2012. the anti-israel remarks. the anti-semitism that she continues to push forward. but more concerning to me, sandra, is the democrat party by allowing her to stay on the foreign affairs committee by refusing to name her in this resolution is saying this type of mentality, this type of thought process is allowed in our party. it can exist in our party because we refuse to condemn it. that, i think, is frightening for our country. and let's be very clear. anti-israel is code for anti-semitism. that's what ilhan omar has been pushing. >> sandra: some 2020 democratic candidates are coming out in defense of omar including bernie sanders. he issued a statement about this saying anti-semitism is a hateful and dangerous ideology which must be vigorously opposed in the u.s. and around the world. we must not, however, he writes, equate anti-semitism
8:45 am
with legitimate criticism of the right-wing netanyahu government in israel. what i fear is going on in the house now is an effort to target congresswoman omar as a way of stifling that debate. that is wrong, bernie sanders writes. and this is as nancy pelosi just held a news conference i don't know if you were listening to that, but she suggested that maybe she didn't know the extent or the weight of her words. >> well, this is a grown woman. she is a congresswoman from minnesota. she is perfectly capable of understanding the extent of her words. she has done this twice in the past month. in 2012 she called israel pretty much evil. she has now used these anti-semitic tropes. it is frightening that the democrat party cannot condemn this on its face. once you allow this anti-semitism to seep into your mindset in your party it can grow. you need to stop it at the outset which is what republicans did with steve
8:46 am
king by removing him from all of his committees when he made these types of statements. by putting a resolution on the floor to condemn him. a resolution that every member of the house voted for except for one. steve king even voted against himself so democrats, by watering this down and excusing this behavior are saying this has s. allowed in our party. we are now going to allow thithis is anti-semitic, anti-israel thoughts and belief system in our party. we will not only allow it we will put it on the foreign affairs committee. >> sandra: what do you think is going on with young corps of engineersmen and revolt of nancy pelosi and back and forth. latest update what we just heard from nancy pelosi. this has been going on for a while now. >> the energy with their party right now is with ilhan omar and aoc and rasheda tlaib. it's interesting to see that nancy pelosi and some of the stronger members of their party that have been in leadership so long are not fighting against some of these ideals that they are putting forward that are
8:47 am
ideals that are against the democrat party traditionally. i mean, the democratic party was for moving the embassy to jerusalem. chuck schumer was against the iran deal because iran had said we are going to wipe israel from the face of the earth when the president pulled out of it, suddenly he was for it you are seeing this shift in the democrat party. i think it's frightening and wrong for our country. you are seeing their leadership refusing to stand up to where this energy is in this party and it's something that i think is changing our country, aoc putting this neil forward people unwilling to work. ilhan omar, rasheda tlaib with her outrageous comments against the president. whereby is the leaders in the democratic party? where is nancy pelosi? >> sandra: we heard from her a few minutes ago she said the house will vote on all forms of hatred this resolution will not address omar by name. that shift you are describing, ronna, what will the republican strategy be to take that on in 2020?
8:48 am
>> well, it's interesting to see all the 2020 candidates on the democrat side embracing this. embracing the green new deal, refusing to condemn the egregious comments by ilhan omar. so we're going to take that to the american people. the democrat party wants to radically change the way america works. they are want to turn us into a socialist nation. they want a total government takeover and the republican party recognizes that democracy has worked for decades hundreds of years. we need to continue down this path of prosperity. jobs are coming back. wages are up. it is going to be a stark contrast between what do you want for america socialism or democracy? >> sandra: at cpac would quickly saw that theme developing that the target being socialism, obviously this is emerging as a big message for all of you on the right to target democrats at this point. we will see where all this goes. what do you think happens with this vote by the way, ronna? >> i think they have watered it down. i think if you can't pass a
8:49 am
resolution naming the member who has caused this resolution to be adopted in the first place, you are not taking leadership position. my guess is they found some type of compromise to put a watered down resolution on the floor that will pass. it has no teeth in it and it certainly hasn't condemned ilhan omar for her behavior which has been systemic and a pattern and it really reveals how she believes and i think it's more frightening that democrats are saying we are allowing this belief system to exist in our party and we are going to put her on the largest or the most powerful committee foreign affairs which shows a seismic shift in the democrat party in their dealings with israel. >> sandra: reasonable mcdaniel rnc chairman of. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: melissa and kennedy have the honors of previewing outoutnumbered. >> melissa: what new documents from the president's former attorney
8:50 am
mean and whether or not he sought a pardon before turning on his former client. >> kennedy: i think he did. arizona senator martha mac sally revealing that she was sexually assaulted by a senior officer during her service in the air force. she also explained why she didn't report it and why she chose now to go public, what it means for the me too movement and for other victims. melissa melts all that plus our #one lucky guy top of the hour, bill. >> bill: good deal, ladies. see you then 10 minutes away. stand by. fox news alert now watching the news northern illinois police responding to what's reported to be an active shooter inside of a hotel rockford, illinois. they are going to brief reporters any moment now. we are waiting on that and we will bring it to you when it happens. stand by. ♪ this isn't just any moving day.
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8:54 am
>> bill: coming across new developments now in the keith ellison berreth murder investigation. a search of her fiance's colorado ranch according to court documents shows that fiance -- well, he was charged with murder. the documents show authorities found five teeth in a bed sheet stained with blood. alicia acuna has the story from denver as the mystery continues. good morning. >> good morning, bill. the information in search warrant affidavits paint a vivid and violent picture. it also shows how investigators are building their case including a story that ceals berreth's mother told police. she said her daughter her granddaughter cailee was born three days early. they required the infant to be kept separate from her mother outranged frazee and patrick became so upset and verbally abusive with the nursing staff that social services was notified. the infant removed from the care of patrick and kelsey until a safety evaluation could be done to determine
8:55 am
if kelsey was being physically abused by patrick. the judge in the case allowed 22 documents released. they show investigators seeking phone, social media records and physical evidence like the five teeth and potentially bloody sheet found at frazeey's home. the new information also shows texts september from kelsey's phone that law enforcement says she was already dead at that time. texts they say were actually created by frazee and idaho news meant to throw investigators off the trail. lee pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence. she told authorities her one-time boyfriend wanted her to kill the mother of his child. when she didn't recess frazee bludgeoned kelsey to death on thanksgiving later calling lee saying she quote had a mess to clean up. berreth's body has not been found. authorities have been searching a landfill nearby frazee's home and bill as you mentioned he is charged with two counts of first degree murder and three counts of solicitation to commit murder. bill? >> bill: tough to hear.
8:56 am
alicia acuna, thank you for that story in denver. >> sandra: michael cohen meanwhile failing new scrutiny. did he lie to lawmakers? that is the big question now when he testified that he never asked about a presidential pardon. details on that next. they're our parents... neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
no word on the marshal that was shot. rockford, illinois, about 80 miles northwest of chicago. >> sandra: police or to the other way does not. we will continue to update all of you as news comes in on that. the news continues. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, we are awaiting house democrats to introduce and possibly vote on a resolution in the wake of by their own numbers. nancy pelosi sing the measure won't directly address remarks from freshman congresswoman ilhan omar. and that decision appearing to put democrat leaders at odds with many in their own party. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, my friend kennedy. turning off on the couch for the very first time, allie beth stuckey. welcome. conservative commentator and host at least 2b.


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