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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 7, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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few hours, so stay here to watch the rest. thank you for watching this hour. i'm melissa francis in for harr harris. now stay tuned for "the daily briefing." >> dana: fox news alert. several big stories we are following this hour. first the house is expected to vote on an anti-hate resolution in response to democratic congress woman omar's controversial comments about supporters of israel. also breaking, michael cohen is suing the trump organization for fees related to the mueller probe. and a virginia judge is about to sentence former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." messy debate on capitol hill, as lawmakers weigh a resolution condemning hateful expressions of intolerance. started as an effort to condemn
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anti-semitism. nancy pelosi earlier defending omar as she faces a revolt within her own party. >> i feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-semitic attitude, but that she didn't have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people where these words have a history and a cultural impact that may have been unknown to her. >> dana: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with more. this is not how the democrats expected this week to go, mike. >> reporter: no doubt about it, dana. the resolution was just released peufpt encourages all public officials to confront the reality of sanity semitist, other forms of bigotry as well as historical struggles against them to ensure that the united states will live up to the transcendent principles of tolerance, religious freedom and equal protection as embodied in
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the declaration of independence and the first and 14th amendment to the constitution. minnesota congress woman ilhan omar is accused of making anti-semitic remarks. she has suggested that those who support israel have dual loyalty after saying support for israel is all about the benjamins, a money reference. today speaker nancy pelosi suggested omar must learn that it's different now that she's in congress. >> you cross that threshold into congress, your words weigh much more than when you're shouting it at somebody outside. i feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-semitic attitude. >> reporter: now democrats running for president are being asked where they stand. >> there is no place in our legal discourse for hateful statements. it doesn't matter if it's anti-semitic, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, racist or homophobic. we have to be better.
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>> reporter: republicans say this should not be some watered down resolution. there should be some meaningful action. >> there's a fracture, obviously, in the democratic party. there's a radical leftist fringe that's really intolerance, but particularly towards our jewish friends. the fact that they would endorse, even passively that, is a shocking development. >> reporter: we expect debate on the house floor on the resolution next hour. likely to vote around 4 p.m. eastern time. this has been a struggle all week for the house democratic caucus. >> dana: indeed it has, mike. thank you. turmoil over the anti-hatred resolution just one of many issues dividing the democrats as party leaders scramble to keep everyone on the same page. joining me now is olivier knox for sirius radio. let me start with this. ted joyce, congressman from florida, had this to say about all the goings on on this resolution. >> one of our colleagues invokes
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the classic anti-semitic language that jews control the world and jews care only about money, jews cannot be loyal americans, if they all support israel. this, too, must be condemned. >> dana: that was ted joyce, democrat from florida. seems to be the speaker has a tiger bite's tail at the moment. >> you eluded to a revolt in the democratic caucus. there are multiple revolts, multiple perspectives on how to tackle this. you have some siding with omar. some saying we could never get resolutions on condemning racist speech by some colleagues. you have some in the older guard like congressman deutch and senior folks, elliott angle, coming out saying they've got to be much more forceful. they had this yemen resolution. resolution that would have caught back some of the american support for saudi led campaign. that got swamped by a republican
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motion to commit a parliamentary maneuver essentially. this young democratic majority is having some growing pains. >> dana: like they're breaking along racial, ideological, generational line. listen to what jim clyburn said about omar's remarks. saying there are people who tell me, well, my parents are holocaust survivors. my parents did this. it's more personal with her. i have talked to her and i can tell you she is living through a lot of pain. lot of people didn't like that. ben shapiro tweeting the democratic position here isn't all bigotry is bad. clyburn has made this clear. we care only about the bigotry that conveniently aligns our coalition. the omar question has been going on for awhile. almost since they were all sworn in with questions of, should she be allowed to be on the foreign relations committee. do you see that ever coming to a resolution? >> i don't know, but i think one of the efforts of this current
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resolution, this eight page resolution condemning all forms of hate that they may be voting on about 3:15 p.m. today. this is clearly an effort to get back onto terrain where democrats feel more comfortable. hr1, their big sweeping overhaul of voter rules, election rules and the rest of it. they're trying to away from this, which they consider a painful and damaging distraction. >> dana: it's one of those things when you take back over the majority, you want to show you have a good footing. so nancy pelosi could say, i was able to put all the blame for the shutdown on president trump. but this month has been a little bit different. republicans are picking up on that. here's adam kinsinger who earlier was on america's news room talking about this situation. >> this is not your father's democratic party. if it was ever more obvious than today, i don't know when it was more obvious. they can't agree to condemn anti-semitism.
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representative omar can say whatever she wants. it's america. but the democrats can take her off of the committee. >> dana: it sometimes is the case when you're in the minority, you can band together more easily. >> sure, absolutely. when you win a lot of seats, by sort of definition you're taking over swing districts, but you also have some fire brands on the left side of the base. yes, you're right, it is easier for the minority party to sort of sit back and let the majority fractures become obvious and make the most out of those. >> dana: how do they get past this? is their idea that they have this vote today and they try to move on, vote on their voting rights bill tomorrow and no one will remember this? >> well, it's gonna depend on whether they can get all their members to do what -- can they impose some more discipline on all their members? >> dana: not easy to do. >> no, it's not easy to do. they have folks in the era of
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social media and with this brand of younger elected, it's harder to do than it used to be. >> dana: and it gets harder in the future if you don't nip it in the bud now. not to be a mom or anything. >> if you look at the problems they're having, they passed these sweeping background check law that should have been in all the headlines and that got swamped. the yemen resolution they were outmaneuvered. they've got more than a message problem here. i think everyone in the democratic party has a lot of respect for nancy pelosi, but i think they're hoping to get past this. i just don't know if they can. >> dana: they can get frustrated pretty quick. they have a presidential election coming right after that. olivier knox, we appreciate you being here. some new legal action from michael cohen. the president's former personal attorney now suing the trump organization in new york's top court claiming it owes him money from unpaid bills. i did not see this one coming.
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catherine herridge has more from washington. >> reporter: good afternoon. according to the court documents, cohen said the trump organization failed to cover his legal fees and costs that arose as his work as attorney for president trump. this is called intkeplny tpeu kaeugs. the suit reads mr. cohen has incurred millions in unreimbursed attorneys fees plus unconditional amounts and continues to incur attorneys fees and costs in connection with various on going investigations and litigation. mean time, republicans charge that cohen likely perjured himself during last week's public testimony after cohen's lawyer lanny davis confirmed that cohen did explore a pardon after the fbi raided his new york offices and apartment last year. this is what cohen said under oath last week. >> my testimony certainly does not diminish the pain that i have caused my family and my friends. nothing can do that. and i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon from
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president trump. >> reporter: today the president's legal team is highlights what they say are inconsistencies between cohen's congressional testimony and all the statement from his lawyer, lanny davis. >> dana: and then, catherine, the new attorney general had a press statement, but it was not on the mueller report. >> reporter: welsh that's right. one of his first major enforcement actions since taking office, william barr announced a major crackdown on elder fraud. the justice department charging more than 225 people in connection with scams targeting senior citizens. the former cia and fbi director william webster and his wife linda were personally targeted and at this morning's event, they worked with the fbi to bring a successful prosecution in their case. barr said the offenders target the most vulnerable. >> this is a particularly despicable crime because, it's a massive and growing problem and it's despicable because the people involved are vulnerable and because of their stage in
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life, they don't have the opportunity frequently to recover. >> reporter: the attorney general did not take reporter questions at that event or a tech round table shortly after. >> do you have the mueller report? >> reporter: based on the federal regulations, the mueller report to the attorney general is confidential and attorney general barr has also indicated through his congressional testimony that he wants to provide as much as possible to congress and to the public. but what will be provided is barr's draft, a summary of those findings, not the raw information from mueller himself. >> dana: all right. we'll wait and see on that one. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> dana: howard schultz sitting down with fox news. we'll get his reaction to congress woman omar's israel comments. plus arizona senator martha mcsallie revealing a terrifying personal ordeal. >> like so many men and women, i
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go to, or call 1-855-536-6695. >> dana: congressional hearing on sexual assault in the military taking a very dramatic turn. when senator martha mcsallie admitted that he was raped while in the air force by an officer. how is this elevating an issue that i remember the military's been trying to tackle it for sometime. >> reporter: welsh dana, for someone like martha mcsallie, the first female pilot to fly in combat to say what she did, she just made it easier for sexual assault victims in the military to come forward. >> like you, i am also a
11:17 am
military sexual assault survivor. but unlike so many brave survivors, i didn't report the sexual assault. like so many women and men, i didn't trust the system at the time. i blame myself. i was ashamed and confused. in one case, i was preyed upon and then raped by a superior officer. >> reporter: a pentagon report last year found 6700dod employees reported being sexually assaulted, the highest number in a decade. but senator mcsallie said she opposes legislation proposed by kirstjen nielsen that removes prosecution of these cases from the military justice system because she wants military leaders held to account. >> last year there were 15,000 cases of sexual contact, rape and assault and only 3% are ending in convictions. what we are seeing is this massive retaliation.
11:18 am
in fact, in the last report from the military, 59% of survivors are being retaliated. >> reporter: unwanted second wall contact at military service academies jumped nearly 50% last year, dana, despite increased training. >> dana: it was quite a surprise yesterday. of course, we wish her the best as she's come forward with that. that brings up a lot of things to deal with. there's a heated exchange on the hill dealing with these toxic conditions in military housing. what's happening there? >> reporter: that's right, dana. the heads of the army, navy, air force and marines face angry senators today demanding answers as to how the military planned to hold private contractors accountable for this widespread military housing scandal which involves toxic mold, lead, rats, making military families sick. it was a response to this emotional testimony last month. >> i have felt the helplessness
11:19 am
of a fellow marine corps spouse as she held her new baby and sobbed, while we stood under a collapsing, moldy ceiling in her home at camp la june. >> what actions have you taken since that hearing? why didn't she know about this and fix it before congress had to step in? who is responsible and who is being head accountable? >> i think we took our eye off the ball. i personally commit that we'll get after this. >> reporter: private contract tkors have demanded that military families sign nondisclosure arguments about the conditions of their homes on bases before they move in. angry senators demanded there would be no retribution to anyone who complained to their chain of command. they announced a tenant bill of rights as they fix this massive problem. >> dana: as they should. all right, jennifer. thank you. so will he or won't he? another joe biden update. we just got this in. has he finally made up his mind?
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growing as hiring in 2018 was the strongest it has been for three years. dan henninger writing in the wall street journal it requires a remarkable degree of obtusness and pretend it hasn't happened. democrats are doing that. they are pocketed the reaganesque policy for matching job producers with job seekers. here with me now dan henninger. i read him every thursday morn. try to beat my husband to it so we can then talk about your work. it's only march 7, but you are calling this the story of the year. >> i think so. one really good news story that is historic, the wall street journal ran a series this past weekend calling it the hottest job market in half a century. think of that. not since bush, it's been half a century, we have never seen numbers like this. the point of this story is people are being pulled into the work force that usually are on the margin. single mothers, convicts, people with disabilities.
11:25 am
>> dana: i have one of those number. this is unemployment for those without a high school diploma. 2009 it was 15%. today, 2018 numbers only 5%. so there's a remarkable amount of improvement. what kind of jobs are those? >> they're all sorts of jobs. the journal for instance reported on a woman in biloxi, mississippi, 23-year-old single mother who had been working for $8 an hour in a day care center. she's now working as a welding apprentice for $20 an hour. so, as the job market tightens, people start to move up the employment chain into better jobs. >> dana: here's also a number. this is the gallop poll on president trump's approval. this is his approval on the economy. 56%, probably his highest number of all, right, on unemployment 54%. to your point, is it undeniable? i know some people are trying to deny that the economy is good. we know there are some people suffering from job losses or
11:26 am
plants closing. but in general, the democrats are trying to say this is not real? >> yeah, well, they seem to be saying that by their policies proposing 70% top marginal personal tax rate, raising the corporate rate, creating the green new deal which is indeed a replica of 1933 style jobs guarantees. i mean, this against an economy where the president has a 56% approval rating for his handling of the economy is probably only going to get stronger, dana. this will be a very serious political problem for the democrats. i was struck today by the announcement that sherrod brown, senator sherrod brown is dropping out. this is kind of a blue collar senator hofs going to represent those sorts of people. they think joe biden might be able to do it. mike bloomberg, he dropped out. leaving the field open to most of these left wing candidates who are denying the reality of the strong economy. >> dana: then you have the independent candidacy of howard schultz who the democrats won't
11:27 am
get behind. >> and he's running as an independent because he said the democratic party is so disassociated from the ideas he represents. he's one of the greatest job creators of his generation. >> dana: absolutely. do you think the democrats are able to talk more about the green new deal because the economy is doing so well? if there's more money coming into the government, we should have more to spend. i think that gives them room to run. i'm not trying to make their argument, i'm just thinking of how they'll try to position themselves. >> the cost of healthcare is a problem. consider a lot of these hundreds of thousands of people being brought, pulled into the economy are probably signing up for healthcare plans as well. one of the reasons you want a job today. the idea with medicare for all that you would lose those healthcare plans, that's not going to be popular. >> dana: story of the year. >> good news. >> dana: we'll bring you back in december to see how we did. we'll see you before then. thank you. we are awaiting pal manafort to
11:28 am
arrive in court for his sentencing hearing. plus michigan's ilhan omar sparking major backlash on capitol hill, as democrats try to agree on how to confront anti-semitism in all forms.
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>> reporter: dana, howard schultz definitely builds himself as a centrist independent. he tells me his primary goal is bringing democrats and republicans back to the dinner table an negotiating table to hammer out sofplt nation's biggest problems. he only atphoupbed his interest in running a few weeks ago but in that time he said the democrats have come out guns blazing, hoping to kill off his candidacy. >> organized effort by a group
11:33 am
of people that are trying to do whatever they can to stop me in my tracks. >> reporter: so far on the left everyone from michael bloomberg to the center for american progress has accused him of launching a campaign nothing more than a vanity project. but now schultz is punching back. >> if the democrats decide in their wisdom to nominate a far left person who is professing policies that resemble that of a socialist, that will be the spoiler. >> reporter: schultz said democrats have had problems for years and that these latest dustups on capitol hill are symptoms of a much larger rift in the party. >> i think it's clearly a division within the democratic party today that is going on behind closed doors between the people who are trying to
11:34 am
maintain a moderate position and those newcomers who are trying to promote a far left leaning agenda. >> reporter: today he waded into the murky waters surrounding embattled congress woman ilan omar. >> her remark to anti-semitism, it really bothers me there's a 61% increase in anti-semitic activity in the country. as a jewish person, i find that horrifying. >> reporter: schultz also said he isn't going to be dissueded by a potential biden run. he welcomes the form vice president entering the race. he also didn't reserve only all of his criticism for democrats. he did take a couple shots at president trump's foreign policy. he told me he believes the most recent north korea summit was a total, quote, sham. he also said he disagrees with the president's decision to
11:35 am
withdraw american troops from syria calling it a major, major mistake. dana? >> dana: thanks for bringing us that report today. for more on this, michael meehan and matt schlapp. we just had this in from ed o keefe tweeting this. joe biden is in the fine stages of preparing his presidential bid with an announcement expected by mid april. staff coming together with sensitivity towards diversity and most of his self-doubt has been wiped away in recent weeks. michael meehan, do you have any further updates on that? any more information for us? >> not any more. it's clearly a nomination worth having. that's why big players in our party like joe biden are ready to get in. recent polling shows 57% of americans won't vote for donald trufr, which means the nomination is super value. look, joe biden's been through the ringer three or four time here's. he's been well vetted. has 80% tpaeufrb rablt within the democratic party. why wouldn't he think about
11:36 am
running? >> dana: matt, you tell me. why do you think he wouldn't think about running this time around? >> we just got our cpac straw poll and joe biden is the candidate most conservatives worry about the most because he has been around for a long time. he's an established player. he doesn't have quite the radical tinge that some of these new elected house members like representative omar and representative aoc and others seem to have. i think republicans feel better about the presidential race, the more the democrats embrace socialism which is something we've not seen in america before. >> dana: in fact, there's a poll nbc wall street journal poll that said asking republican voters, how many of you would like to see a republican challenger to trump? those numbers dropping, 16% of them saying no, we do not want a challenger, 37% saying yes. even then, it seems to me, matt, you just came out of cpac. got 93% approval rating among
11:37 am
republicans. do you think that is almost a closed door? >> that's a completely closed door. this party and this movement has never been so unified behind a president. it's kind of simple as to why, dana. he has been so clear about the things that he wanted to do as president. he's gone about fighting for those things. he hasn't thrown any curveballs to the base of his support. that's why they love him so much. >> dana: michael, sherrod brown of ohio, the senator there, decided today that he is not going to run. you're ticking off a few people deciding not to that might have run in that lane that could have taken some voters in that middle america region that president trump was able to win. >> sure. sherrod brown just won ohio by a very large margin for re-election. you could put him on the ticket, he would be a super strong foe against president trump. the problem is, you got to run through the land mine of the
11:38 am
democratic primary process. but he is the prototypical that we'd want to have as a nominee against president trump. >> dana: can anybody survive to come out on the other side to win a general? >> sure. in a very crowded field of three dozen people, you know, the way donald trump ran. 16 people there. he just needed to win 25% of the vote and he knocks out all the other ones. for a centrist candidate to come up and win the nomination. we're pro-portionate on how we split our vote. >> dana: matt, you're shaking your head. >> i didn't mean to interrupt michael. i think you're in a tough spot. the key is that they've gotten rid of superdelegates on the democratic side. and that means the people who are the most extreme in their left leaning views are gonna pick this next democratic nominee. iowa and new hampshire as the first two states. it will be very hard for someone main stream, despite the fact that there are democrats who
11:39 am
worry about a socialist loving nominee getting picked. it's going to be very hard for that not to happen. that's the single best thing for a donald trump re-election. >> we didn't get rid of superdelegates. they just can't vote on the first ballot. >> they just don't have the power they had. they don't have the power to put hillary over the top last time. >> dana: michael -- your face is adorable, michael. both of you are adorable. obviously, i'll let you talk about it in the green room. mike meehan and matt schlapp, thank you. couple 2020 candidates who are not exactly house hold names are on track to join the first democratic debate later this year. andrew yang and mary anne williamson may be virtually unknown but under new dnc rules they could qualify to share the stage with front runners with donations from the grass roots. neither candidate has ever served in government.
11:40 am
we are waiting a sentencing hearing for paul manafort. prosecutors are recommending 25 years in prison for crimes including tax and bank fraud. is he in there now, doug? >> reporter: we don't know for sure, dana. sentencing is set for 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. in all likelihood, he is in there already. but normal process here is for prisoners to arrive in the morning via a prison van with darkened windows. the man then goes directly into a parking garage in the bottom of the courthouse here. u.s. marshals will escort him to a holding area just outside the courtroom until sentencing gets under way. the entire sentencing process probably will take less than an hour, perhaps considerably less. in their sentencing memorandum, defense attorneys made the case that manafort has suffered terribly. held in solitary confinement for nine months.
11:41 am
his health, they say, is failing. they say he had severe gout which required hospitalization. the use of a wheelchair and cane. jeffrey toobin said i saw paul manafort in court. this looks like a man who is dying. he's walking with a cane. he declined so in prison. the 70-year-old man is looking like he may die in prison. the government in its own sentencing memorandum cited a long list of crimes committed by paul manafort. said neither the probation department nor government is aware of any mitigating factors. manafort did not commit these crimes out of necessity. he was wedge kated, professional successful, financially well off. he nonetheless cheated the united states treasury and public out of $6 million at a time when he had substantial resources. moments ago one member of the defense team passed by reporters. they asked how is paul doing? one shouted, we're about to find out, or words to that effect.
11:42 am
we'll find out shortly. i ran into that same defense attorney in a restaurant across the street from the courthouse. none of them would speak on the record or off the record. the reason is quite clear. next wednesday, just on the other side of the potomac river, the district of columbia, he will face another sentencing hearing. the judge is arguably less sympathetic to paul manafort. it was she who placed him in pretrial solitary confinement. highly unusual for nonviolent pretrial white collar defendant. so they're very, very concerned. she could add ten years on to whatever sentence he received here. >> dana: we'll be paying attention to that. big retailers closing up scores all over the country. blockbuster. remember that store? okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler
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>> good afternoon. the house set the vote this afternoon on an anti-hate measure after comments from a democratic congress woman. plus, sentencing day for president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort. the hearing begins next hour. we'll talk live to bret baier next. >> dana: a rule meant to curb opioid abuse but it could be having ramification. doctors sent letters saying the guidelines are hurting people with severe pain. doctors say these patients may
11:48 am
have been taking high doses of opioids for years without any problems adding that insurance companies are using the guidelines to deny reimbursement. amazon seems to be changing its brick and mortar strat, shutting all of its popup shops while opening other stores. we have more. >> reporter: we want to debate are brick and mortar stores no? amazon is shutting their kiosks. these are popup locations you can find in whole foods or kohl's and in some malls. i reached out to amazon. they told me we came to this decision to discontinue our popup kiosk program. amazon books and amazon four star where we would provide a more comprehensive customer experience and broader selection. we look forward to opening additional location. amazon now will be focusing on bookstore locations on these four star locations, which means the products in the stores need to have a four star rating
11:49 am
online. >> dana: that's what that means? >> reporter: yes. it can range from books to house hold furnishings. you have a new grocery lines, separate from whole foods. we don't know the full details yet. these amazon go convenient shops where there will be no cash accepted, just cards. one analyst said, it sounds great that they'll be focusing on the bookstore thing but amazon right now, amazon lacks experience in physical retail fulfillment, winning retail strategies are not easily replicated. since we're talking about retail, there are so many stores very recently just within the past two weeks that have announced they're closing their location. you've got payless, bankrupt. over 2,000 stores. charlotte ross, 5,000. family dollar, they're closing 390 stores. gap, macy's at nine score. victoria's secret 53,
11:50 am
abercrombie and fitch. the list continues. >> dana: all of these stores might be closing but the economy is so good that people are getting jobs elsewhere? >> for those stores the issue is either sagging profits. you can blame the big giant amazon, or they're not adapting to consumer trends or have been too late to the game when it comes to the online model. >> dana: amazon's working mom, they're demanning day care? >> they said there's 1800 of them and they are the momazonians. they demand amazon give them an alternate in case of emergencies. think of when schools are closed or someone gets hurt and has to leave work. they want amazon to provide day care in emergency situations so it could support their future careers. >> dana: thank you. >> thanks. >> dana: well, the forecast is mostly sunny when it comes to fox fan favorite, the weather machine. she joins me next. she's written a great book. stick around. you have 4.3 minutes to yourself.
11:51 am
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>> dana: and now a look at other stories. the daily three. a standoff in rockford, illinois. a suspected gunman is locked in his car was a he shot an officer trying to issue an arrest warrant. philadelphia is set to be the first major city to ban cashless stores. it's meant to protect low income residents. the blockbuster in bend, oregon about to be the last one. the second to last in western australia set to close up shop at the end of the month. in its hay day, there were 9,000 blockbuster stores. i'd love to go there on friday nights. janice dean has a new book out opening up about her career, love, motherhood and loving with multiple sclerosis. we're so happy to have you on set today. i read your book in one sitting on a flight. if you're out there, you need a book to read, this is the one.
11:56 am
it's really good. >> that means a lot coming from you. you wrote a beautiful book that i adored the good news is, when i wrote this book, i thought about your book a lot. it had an impact on me. look at the news cycle that we're in. it's like -- >> let's talk about your book. not my book. >> i want to set it up, this is a hopeful story. yours is, too. >> you've been through a lot. one of the things you talk about -- i talk about mentorship a lot. you had a friend, donna leon. you write that i knew she was upset and i knew she had a lot to do but she made time for me, told me she believed in me and proud of me. i'm so grateful for her even 25 years later. you're still friends with her. what i wanted to ask you about, how important it is one person can make a difference in your life. >> a really good point. she was a professor of mine. she encouraged me in ways other people couldn't. she knew i had potential and she helped that potential and
11:57 am
encouraged me to the point of -- i was at a graduation. my parents had to leave. she saw me. she came up and said, are you okay? congratulations. i got a special award that night. i said my parents had to leave. she's like what are you doing now? let's go for lunch. we had lunch and made an impact on me. throughout my career, she's always been a huge cheerleader. a teacher, a mentor and a good friend of minute and made a big impact on my life. >> dana: another part of your story that is great. like your radio career early on. >> you had one as well. >> dana: this is not about me. it's about you. i want to hear the story about how you almost worked for the john roberts, not the one we know today at the white house -- >> does john roberts know? okay. disclaimer here. john roberts, we're about to talk about your past. i lived in ottawa, canada. our version of what was it mtv was called much music. john roberts, our white house
11:58 am
reporter, was a vj there. all the ladies -- we all had huge crushes on him. and i got the opportunity to send in -- >> dana: there he is looking like freddy mercury. >> do i explain -- >> dana: you wanted to work for john roberts. >> yes. hearts throbbing. and i love your wife. i'm married, too. so don't worry about that. i had a chance to audition for much music. i almost got the job. i didn't. i was so heart broken because i was like i will never meet j.d. roberts, we'll never be able to have something special together or introduce def leppard together. a few years later, i'm in houston and i turn it on. there he is with pat benatar. i turn on the tv, cbs news. i said is that j.d. roberts? he doesn't have the long flowing hair and introducing def leppard. he's at the white house. listen, that's -- >> dana: a small world there.
11:59 am
>> he's still very handsome. >> dana: you talk about your past and your lovely husband, sean. you renewed your views. why did you decide to do that? >> that was his idea. we came up on our tenth anniversary. we had gone to city hall. we were late in getting married. it was just -- planning -- >> dana: we wanted a family. >> yeah. ten years later, fast forward in the living room going over our kids days. he said big anniversary coming up. what, what, what? ten years. let's get married in a church. >> dana: i could cry. so sweet. >> and you do corny jokes for your kids in the lunch box. i do them on the five. greg gutfeld gets mad because they're riddles. >> he secretly loves them. >> dana: we're going to do a fox nation soon. >> thank you. >> dana: thanks for writing a great book. >> thanks for being you. >> dana: thank for joining us.
12:00 pm
i'll see you on "the five." what's happening tonight? can't remember. greg is leaning with a monologue. i'm dana perino. you know what is next. it's ed henry in for shep. >> ed: three big stories breaking right now. a tense standoff after a gunman shoots a police officer sparking a major man hunt and a chase. what may have led to the shooting and what we're learning acted the suspect. also breaking, the house set to vote after delaying a response about a democratic congress woman's remarks and israel. we'll take with bret baier. and president trump's former campaign chair is facing years in prison. that's moments away. i'm ed henry i


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