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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the show that is the sworn and total lly sincere enemy of lyin smugness and group think. all of which are everywhere. good night from washington. sean hannity is next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we're live with a lot of breaking news we'll be covering throughout the hour from the 2020 democrats refusing to hold a debate here on the fox news channel to the sentencing of paul manafort to a brand-new scandal surrounding alexandria ocasio-cortez. glenn beck, remember, he did not support donald trump for election. where is he on trump today? he'll join us in a minute. and karl rove weighing in on the state of the republican party. we begin with our top story, a "hannity" watch featuring a sad and scary radicalization of the democratic party. everybody should be concerned.
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just a few decades ago, there were racist anti-semites, bigots. we've outlined the history. in fact, congressional democrats overwhelmingly voted against the 64 civil rights act. 112 democrats voting against it, including al gore's father. the 1965 voting rights act was largely imposed by democrats. a whopping 70 democratic lawmakers opposing those important protections for minorities in america, and one of the longest serving democratic rock stars in the u.s. senate was a former clansman. now, unfortunately tonight, the more things change, sadly, we're beginning to see the more they stay the same. we have freshman congresswoman omar who now exposed her party's all too cozy relationship with
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virulent anti-semitism. she called the world's only jewish state evil, speculated that its citizens were hypothetical adverti hypnotizing the world. continues to use anti-s emetic treatment. she has faced zero consequences for her blatant display of anti-semitism and remains on the important foreign affairs committee. we have 12 pro-israel, pro-jewish organizations that have called on speaker pelosi to remove omar from that committee. pelosi is now throwing those groups right under the bus and making the excuses for her colleague. let's take a look. >> when you cross that threshold into congress, your words weigh much more than when you're shouting at somebody outside.
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i feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-semitic attitude, but that she didn't have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people where these words have a history and a cultural impact that may have been unknown to her. >> sean: i'm sure speaker pelosi will give the same considerations to republicans when they say similar things, god forbid. or if she'll make excuses for anybody. pelosi is sadly not the only democrat giving cover to congresswoman omar. the chairman of the foreign affairs committee is also refusing to take the necessary action against the anti-semite on his committee. take a look. >> at what point do you say to her, congresswoman omar, look, you're not on this committee anymore, are you close to that? about that point? >> no, i'm not close to it. first of all, it's not up to me. this is done by the leadership. i don't know that that would do anything. it would just exacerbate the
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situation even more. i'm looking to get rid of anti-semitism, not looking to punish anybody. >> sean: biggest problem here is this keeps happening with congressman omar again and again. believe it or not, it gets worse. james clyburn saying to the hill that omar's life experience is more personal on the children of holocaust survivors so everyone should give her a break. we did lose 6 million jewish souls slaughtered in the holocaust and that's not all. many 2020 presidential candidates, they are also supporting omar including bernie sanders, kamala harris, elizabeth warren. we've got the tape. take a look. >> i think it's just part of a learning process that we have as a country, frankly. >> there are different perspectives. my perspective is that her comments were inappropriate, but that she has apologized and that
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we should move on. >> i'm looking to get rid of anti-semitism, not looking to punish anybody. >> omar is a refugee from somalia. she comes from a different culture. she has things to learn. >> sean: she apologizes again and again and again. this is really now the party of literally accepting what is pretty virulent anti-semitism, bigotry. perhaps most alarming, most telling, part of this scandal, a house resolution to condemn anti-semitism, it didn't have enough democratic support to even bring it to a vote because they knew it wouldn't pass. that's when speaker pelosi allowed omar access to help in the editing of the new resolution. this bill condemned pretty much every horrible group of people. white supremacists, neonazis,
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kkk. condemning bigotry against muslims, yeah, also condemned anti-semitism. didn't mention her name. not once. the very reason why this condemnation was to be written in the first place. it made no mention of congresswoman tlaib. it also made no mentions of the various democrats who associate with linda sosore. another virulent anti-semite. 2020 contenders kirsten ji gillibrand and bernie sanders. then of course representatives ocasio-cortez and tlaib and so many more. where is the moral, simple strength to just stand up to this big industry. where's nancy pelosi. there's a reason she's acting this way.
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the truth and reality is, she knows deep down in her heart she is no longer speaker. she lives in complete fear and panic, and is totally and completely controlled by this fringe, radical, socialist, anti-semitc in her party. she will be overthrown from that all-important position. tonight, nancy pelosi is merely the speaker of the house in name only. the radicals are pulling the strings and it's a pretty scary picture. today, we learned that congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has been hit with a brand-new complaint, this time over her boyfriend's e-mail account. it alleges that ocasio-cortez obtained an official e-mail for her boyfriend by calling him a staff member. she also received two sec
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complaints, one accusing her of funneling thousands of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to her boyfriend. another alleging that her campaign manager improperly funneled nearly a million dollars from the campaign to private business. they're all extremely serious issues that could result in charges as it relates to campaign violations. that's if we have equal justice under the law. and according to reports, ocasio-cortez may soon face even more legal trouble with an impending ethics complaint sounding improper co-mingling of campaign and social media accounts in order to raise money. like every good socialist, she appears to be pretty corrupt to the core, especially now with money involved. she represents everything that is wrong with this new radical extreme democratic socialist party. a party excusing their own bigotry and anti-semitism. a party pushing the most radical socialist economic policies that
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will guarantee america spirals into a depression. it's that serious. a party that has gone so far to the left they won't even hold a debate on the fox news channel. i won't be hosting. don't worry. let not your hearts be troubled. pretty gutless move by democrats. president trump writing "democrats just blocked @foxnews from holding a debate. i think i'll do the same with the fake news networks and the radical news democrats in the general election debates." every single second of every 24-hour day these other networks are completely dedicated to one thing and one thing only. trashing, smearing, besmirching and destroying president trump and everyone who likes him. despite dehumanizing and lying about president trump and never admitting it. in reality, we know that 2020 democrats, they're just too afraid to face real questions
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from fair and balanced journalists here on the fox news channel and our news division, journalists who don't buy into the conspiracy theories and fake news, that will ask fair and tough questions. you know what, they're not in the tank like cnn and msnbc. on this network, we distinguish opinion and news. obviously i am a talk show host. i've explained that job for all the people that want to listen. they don't seem to want to understand what we do. journalists who won't feed questions to their favorite candidates ahead of time. cnn did that for hillary clinton. hillary clinton's campaign totally ignored huge blocks of voters that she considered deplorable. the rest is history. maybe this radical prop of 2020 democrats, maybe they'll learn from her mistakes. i tend to doubt it. before we get to our guest. hannity watch on mueller's witch hunt. today, paul manafort was sentenced to 47 months in prison. that's just shy of four years. now, this is for tax fraud.
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bank fraud, other crimes, not at all, as the judge pointed out in very strong terms day, nothing related to trump/russia collusion. nothing to even do with the time that manafort worked for trump which was, i think, maybe a hundred days. manafort could have been sentenced to 19 to 24 years if mueller got his way. obviously they wanted him to die in prison for cheating on his taxes and lying on loan applications. by the way, free advice, pay your taxes. the federal judge called those guidelines excessive. the judge has gone out of his way reminding people this case has nothing whatsoever to do with the trump campaign and russia collusion. this is a witch hunt. judge ellis said they want to put the screws to manafort so he'll start to sing or compose. we know what this is about, otherwise we wouldn't be here. now four years in jail for manafort. that's not stopping, by the way, the mainstream hate trump media
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mob from taking a joyous victory lap. by the way, when is hillary going to be charged? take a look. >> it's sort of like when they wheeled hannibal lechter. >> it's the only option for someone whose campaign chairman is not working in the american interest. >> his days of $10,000 suits are over. he's going to prison for some period of time, most likely a long time. >> sean: paul manafort's case and even michael cohen's case, pay your taxes. and if filling out a loan application, don't lie. good advice. obey the laws. for years, the mainstream media breathlessly reporting conspiracy theories about trump stealing the election with russia. they told you russia was blackmailing trump. they reported about trips to prague that never happened. remember, they reported that donald trump had two hookers in his suite at the ritz carlton
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urinating on his bed. it never happened. as so many other lies told by the media. they're celebrating the sentencing of a 69-year-old man over charges that had absolutely zero to do with president trump or his campaign. and they take apparently great joy in all of this. we'll have more on this later in the program. joining us now to react to our top story, america first action senior advisor, sean spicer, darrell parks. you know what i see happen, democrats didn't have the votes yesterday to rightly condemn, darrell, congresswoman omar. and then ocasio-cortez, she was supporting omar. and then they come up with this ridiculous resolution. we'll just condemn everything, but we won't mention congresswoman omar that's causing the action in the first place. you know what i see? i see a very scared, frightened speaker of the house that knows
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that she will either do what this new extreme element of her party says or she will lose her position as speaker. >> let me say this, sean. i think that the speaker knew that she had to deal with the issue. honestly, none of us are in support of bigotry and the democrats had to answer the issue today and they did via resolution. it's a party with a lot of viewpoints at this point. i think the speaker's leading well -- >> sean: i didn't have enough votes -- would you get on the stage with a woman that supports sharia law, genital mutilation of women. kirsten gillibrand did get on a stage with her. others are friends and support her. do you think hanging out with such an individual if a republican did it, what do you think the reaction would be? >> i think without question -- i'm a strong supporter of
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apac -- >> sean: what would the reaction be if it was a republican? it's a simple question. would you get on the stage with that person? yes or no. >> i think you have to be careful -- >> sean: would you get on stage with linda sarsour? >> we certainly decry anti-semiti anti-semiti anti-semitism. >> sean: dan, i don't think you would. >> darrell's right. they do have a lot of viewpoints, the democrats. socialism, anti-semitism. i'm just curious why darrell can't answer a simple question. it's obvious it was a trope meant to attack the state of israel and the jewish people. it's stunning that the democrats could not vote, sean, on a simple resolution condemning anti-semitism. this isn't hard to do. they tripped over each other to get away from this thing and
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threw everything in there. that's what democrats do. >> sean: there is something called selective moral outrage. we're seeing an awful lot of it. if justice kavanaugh is accused of something from when he was a high school student, the mantra was i believe we have a lieutenant governor, a democrat in the commonwealth of virginia, lieutenant governor accused of rape with witnesses that say it was stated at the time and other serious sexual assault allegations. i don't hear anybody saying i believe. they say they care about dreamers and daca. they won't even sit down with president trump, even negotiate a deal that would -- would help those people. we see it on a lot of issues. if this was a republican, i think we'd get a very different response from the democrats. >> oh, absolutely. i mean, look, the democratic party in the last two months has become unrecognizable from the democratic party of two years ago. they're embracing socialism and
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now they're washing away this anti-semitism of one of their members. member after member got up there and excused it. she's from somalia. she's a member of the u.s. house of representatives. this is not someone who just got here yesterday. even if it was, it shouldn't be excused. it is kind of disgusting to see these senior members of congress in the democratic party, who you point out have outrage about everything going down to little billy at thomas madison middle school says if they're a republican, but one of their own members does it, they talk about how she didn't understand what she was saying, it wasn't in her heart. yet they're outraged by every republican, every conservative that does anything they deem inappropriate. it's disgusting. the idea they're doing this to our closest ally israel. one of the members talked about the only reason some members support them, it's all about the benjamins. trying to imply it was a financial payoff. >> sean: -- were numerous and
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frequent. they were numerous and frequent. >> and it shouldn't be -- >> sean: i have an exit question for everybody. i'll be any amount of money they're going to be right back in this position sometime probably in the near future. what do you think? sean's laughing. >> that's the over/under. i think within four weeks. she went from being condemned to writing the resolution. within four weeks, we're back where we were, how we figure out how to isolate her. but they have -- they have now created this problem. frankly, instead of punishing her, they've emboldened her. >> there's no place for bigotry nowhere in america. anytime we see this type of comments, we have to speak out. >> sean: i think you should tell that to your party, darrell, but i do commend you of course. i know you're a good man. >> i'm glad to hear darrell say that. i just wish nancy pelosi and the leadership of the party would take a more appropriate strong stance against this. that's the only way it's going to stop, sean.
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>> sean: thank you all for being with us. the return of glenn beck to the fox news channel. he opposed him in the election. where does he stand on donald trump today? he'll be here with answers. also later, an investigation into joe biden that will shock you and may very well prevent him from ever becoming president. that's up straight ahead. busy news night on "hannity." ♪ i think i found my dream car. it turns out they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year? of course she can! [ laughter ] [ groaning ] hey! want to drive? really? [ engine revs ] do you think we can do this, rob? things will be tight, but we can make this work. that's great.
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6:24 pm
book "addicted to outrage." you are not being brought on this program in any way -- we got along great for a while. you were very generous to me at one point when i needed a radio studio. you never charged me a penny. >> listen to me. we are -- we are -- we both believe that our country is in trouble. we're both men that are very passionate. and there's nothing wrong with that. >> sean: no, no. >> i'm more than happy that you -- that you reached out and wanted to talk. >> sean: let me ask you, because, look, you've always been an entertainer and performer in so many ways. you know, everybody's views vary. we watched cheetos, the day after trump was elected. you compared trump's win to what happened in germany in 1933. you really lost me hanging out
6:25 pm
with samantha bee. that was to me a different point. >> i wasn't hanging out -- i wasn't hanging out with samantha bee. look, i think i've been very consistent. i was judging donald trump on his record prior to being president of the united states. that's all you had to judge him on. i said after the election that he is my president, he is all of our presidents, and it is in our best interest that our president succeeds. and i want him to succeed. and i said over and over again, i hope that i'm wrong. if i am, i'll be the first to admit it. once he got into office, now he's the president. now i'm not judging him on the past. i'm judging on what he's doing. and i call balls and strikes. quite honestly, sean, early on, i said i never thought he would do that, i never thought he would do that, i never thought
6:26 pm
he would do that. by the time he got to israel, he was proving me wrong every step of the way on his policies. i was happy, thrilled, thrilled to say he's doing the things he said he would do. i think the problem has been since he got into office on policies, the democratic -- i'm sorry, the republican party. the republican party, he -- he is the greatest misdirection of all time. all he has to do is just tweet something and the media goes crazy. they could have passed anything. and he would have signed it. they didn't. i asked what's wrong with the republican party. >> sean: you know, to me there are way too many republicans. we learned this over obamacare. show votes for repeal and replace, 65 of them. real votes, spineless, visionless, feckless. >> sean: nothing. the only thing is -- and i might
6:27 pm
have had an advantage that you didn't have. like you, i went out on a limb. i told my conservative audience what i knew about donald trump. and if you looked at his record, gave money to democrats, even hillary clinton, said nice things about democrats. i always knew that that was him playing the political game. he even said it, i'm playing the game in new york so i can keep my buildings going up, electricians, plumbers, steel workers working and i'm still in business. otherwise, you're going to be shut out. as you look at the things he's done -- and the way i look at it, biggest tax cuts, conservative justices, fighting like -- with everything he's got to get the border wall because he made the promise, israel is another. getting out of the iranian deal. even the concessions that he got -- >> standing for abortion. standing for abortion. saying that he's against socialism. i was there at the state of the union. and i watched the democrats. i was sitting right across from
6:28 pm
the president in the back. that's the way that thing you should be shot. you should be able to see who's te texting, laughing, poking each other -- >> sean: predictions -- >> i -- i never thought i would say this. but i left there thinking i don't think i would have had the restraint that donald trump has. they were hissing him, they were mocking him the whole time. and you didn't see it or hear it on television. because i went back and watched. there is a click nque now in th democratic party that are as radical as radical can come. i remember when i was told i was a racist for saying that people were socialist and the democratic party was going to become anti-semitic and socialist. that's who they are and they want to say that. well, here we are.
6:29 pm
we are now at a point where if you -- go ahead. >> sean: let me then ask this. you see the new green deal. no planes, no cows, no cars, no oil, no gas. the problem is, it's not just one congresswoman. it's a hundred democrats at least. and 2020 contenders. this is real for them. then you add to that this absolute disgrace they can't even condemn congresswoman omar in this case today. and you look at where -- and were importantly, i think the biggest abuse of power, corruption, scandal in history as it relates to the deep state, those at the top of the fbi, not rank and file, those in the justice department, what they have done and still not held accountable, but i hear they will be. >> i will just tell you this. the new green deal is one of the most frightening things. forget about the cars and stuff. they don't care. they don't care about the green
6:30 pm
thing. the -- the second part of that is the fundamental transformation of our economic system and that is in there. they are looking to transform our system. when they say the free market system doesn't work and it's not going to be around long, they mean it. and democrats -- the good democrats in the center of the country who are not just playing politics, they've got to wake up to who is the democratic party today. these people are serious radicals. they have serious issues with -- with race and -- and anti-semitism. they are serious socialists. they are not talking about sweden. that is a free market with a lot of welfare on top of it. it's not a socialist country. >> sean: last question, glenn, if you don't mind. will you vote for trump in 2020? >> you know, sean, i think when
6:31 pm
you were looking at avowed socialists that want to end the free market. they're not even talking about abortion. we're talking about third t trimester abortions, when you are sitting here talking about infanticide. you look at who these people are, there's no way anyone standing up against those guys and actually has a spine, yes. now, will i say i'm going to vote for him, no. and here's why. anyone i ever say i'm voting for, it's a kiss of death. [ laughter ] please don't ask. if he want -- >> sean: one time i endorsed joe lieberman. he calls me and says, don't enforce me. you're not helping. you're killing me. >> i know. i know. >> sean: good to have you back on fox. thanks for taking the time. we appreciate it. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: when we come back, hannity investigation. wait until you find out. we have the evidence about joe biden and his past and how it
6:32 pm
will haunt him. karl rove on the state of the republican party. later, steve scalise. you won't believe what congressman tlaib said about him. and we have our closing arguments and villain of the day straight ahead. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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>> sean: now as the democrats make this very radical shift to the left heading into 2020, new reports are saying that joe biden is expected to announce his white house bid sometime in april. while crazy uncle joe may seem like a moderate compared to this new crop of radical socialist democrats, well, his past remarks reveal just how out of touch he is with most americans. stuff you probably haven't seen
6:37 pm
before. take a look. >> delaware, the largest growth in population is indian american, moving from india. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> what kind of a chance would a northeastern liberal like joe biden stand in the south? >> better than anybody else. you don't know my state. my state was a slave state. my state is a border state. the eighth largest black population in the country. >> the first sort of mainstream -- [ inaudible ] -- who is clean, a nice-looking guy. that's a story. >> they going to put y'all back in chains. >> sean: on the same day, many democrats refuse to condemn hate, we are learning more disturbing details about biden's political past. for example, he came out hard against the bussing plan to integrate public schools in the
6:38 pm
'70s. told the local newspaper "i don't feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather." get this, remember when hillary clinton faced fury from progressives when it was revealed she used the word super predator talking about the 1994 crime bill, listen to these remarks from crazy uncle joe talking about the same law. >> and that is unless we do something about the cadre of young people, tens of thousands of them, born out of wedlock, without parents, without supervision, we should focus on them now, not out of a liberal instinct for love, brother, and humanity. although i think that's a good instinct. but for simple pragmatic reasons. if we don't, they will or a portion of them will become the predators 15 years from now. and madam president, we have
6:39 pm
predators on our streets. >> sean: here with reaction and a brand-new book, the triumph of william mchenry. karl rove is with us. there's so much happening here. and i know you've had stylistic differences with the president and you've been very outspoken about them. i also have known you over the years that you support a lot of his policies and the things that he's gotten done. i look at this new crop of democrats, i looked at what happened today, i looked at the new green deal that they are proposing. and i really think this is the worst we've ever seen this party. and i want to get your thoughts moving forward and what it means for the republicans. 93% of republicans supporting the president now. what does it mean as we head into 2020? >> you're right, they're extremely left, and it is probably in both -- we've seen left wingers in the democratic party before, but we've never seen the mob we've seen today. and they're taking the
6:40 pm
democratic party off of the edge of the world. they're just falling off the edge. but we've got to recognize this is a huge challenge for the republican party. and a huge challenge for the president. and we need to -- the president laid the predicate in the state of the union address by saying we will not become a socialist country. but we can't leave it all on him. we've got to have republican candidates from the top of the ticket to the bottom of the ticket, one, take this argument that the democrats are laying out for a socialist economy seriously. can't just dismiss it. can't just mock it. we have to take it on from top to bottom with a comprehensive rebuttal of why this is bad policy, why we can't afford it, what it would do to america. and then we have -- this is the difficult point -- point to a conservative answer to some of these challenges that our country faces. how will we make certain that people will have jobs? how will we make certain people will be able to go to college? how will we make certain people
6:41 pm
will have access to quality health care? but with conservative principles of freedom, choice, and limited government driving those recommendations. >> sean: look at the president, his tax cuts, we're now energy independent in this country. look at what he did pulling us out of that iranian deal, israel, north korea concessions. i don't know if i can think of a single thing policy-wise that you disagree with him on. >> north korea sanctions, i think you mentioned. think about this. we've been played for about 25 years, 30 years by the grandfather, the father and the son. >> sean: absolutely. >> now we have the toughest sanctions in place. and they were done through the united nations. it's a sign of the success and the realism of the president on some of these issues that he was able to stay -- to say to himself in that meeting, i'm not going to get what i told the american people i want to get, so i'm going to do what might look like the wrong thing, but it's the tough thing and it's
6:42 pm
the right thing. i'm going to walk away from the table. if you're not going to do what you pledged you would do, i'm not going to undo these very tough sanctions that we put in place and are squeezing the north -- >> sean: we now have watched this week six to eight democratic committees. they have signalled to america they have no interest in solving any american problem. the widest net ever cast after -- i'm assuming just from democrats' reaction. they're not expecting what they thought they would get with the mueller report. now they're on a plan b, c, and did which is to investigate any and all things trump hoping something sticks. that's not serving the public. and more importantly, that is not oversight either. i'm worried -- and you went through a part of this with patrick fitzgerald. i am now worried it's going to be a never-ending push to get to impeachment and also to continually slander, smear, death by a thousand cuts, and
6:43 pm
try, attempt to render donald trump unelectable in 2020. i don't hear enough republican voices standing up saying enough is enough. >> well, look. i think you're right that that's what they intend to do. i think the american people are beginning to have a bad reaction to what they're saying. you know, look, i may have been in the minority. i think i still am in the minority. i've always thought for a long period of time that robert mueller is going to come out with a report that's going to exonerate the president and it's going to be the best possible defense because the democrats put so much hope and faith that he would somehow come up with something that would show that president trump was a tool of moscow and that putin was pulling the strings and calling the tune. and when that doesn't turn out to be the case -- i mean, mueller is going -- he's been tough, no doubt about it. look, every -- >> sean: i -- i don't like -- i don't like hillary's attorney. i didn't like -- >> what happens -- what happens, though, when the report comes --
6:44 pm
when the report is sent to the attorney general and there are no indictments of the president, no indictments of the people around him for russian collusion? as you said earlier in your program, paul manafort these are things that happened long before he was involved with the trump campaign for a hundred days. my point is this. what is going to happen when the mueller report comes out, i think, is that the democrats are going to have this great hope that they had disappear in front of their eyes. and they're already over the top. that hearing with matt whittaker was over the top. the michael cohen hearing was over the top. we're going to see more and more of this. there will be a point where the american people are going to make the judgment, these people should not be given anymore power because they can't be trusted with doing the job we sent them there to do which is do what's right for the country, not put the party and impeachment of the president first and foremost. >> sean: conservatism works.
6:45 pm
>> absolutely. >> sean: when we come back, exclusively, steve scalise responds exclusively to congresswoman tlaib's viral remarks. i'm going to make a closing argument tonight about selective moral outrage and our villain of the day. straight ahead.
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6:49 pm
>> sean: the democratic party is now a party of hate and democratic congresswoman tlaib has joined many of her other colleagues injecting herself into the party's ongoing anti-semitism saga "hard to watch representative scalise demand that representative omar be removed from foreign affairs without wondering if it's
6:50 pm
steeped in islamophobia." react exclusively monica crowley and steve scalise, i don't even know how to respond to that. the point is she calls israel evil. she's made multiple anti-semetic remarks. the democrats didn't have the vote to condemn her. the proper discipline would be to take her off that particular committee. steve? >> well, sean, first of all, it's very concerning that she continues to make these kind of anti-semitic comments, questioning people that support israel and the american/israel relationship. first trying to imply it was about money. groups like apac don't even give
6:51 pm
money to members of congress. then she went further with this dual allegiance, that you can't have an allegiance to america if you also support the nation of israel as a jewish state which is just another anti-semitic statement. she continues to make these kind of statements and not apologize for hithem. the question really is posed to speaker pelosi, is she going to keep her on the committee of foreign affairs which ultimately determines the policy of our nation especially as it relates to our allies like israel. >> sean: congresswoman tlaib made the same or similar comment, they forgot what country they represent, the dual loyalty issue and stereotype. and then 2020 candidates are hanging out with linda sarsour, an anti-semite, supports sharia,
6:52 pm
supports the genital mutilation of women? >> rarely have ever apologized for these kinds of comments or these kinds of actions because they actually believe this. when they do apologize, it's a sham apology and it's only because they've been called out and they're getting media attention for it. look, condemning the vile ant s anti-semitic hatred shouldn't be difficult. the democrats can't get together on what should have been unanimous and thundering. what the democrats are doing is normalizing anti-semitism. they're turning it into the policy of the democratic party -- >> sean: like socialism. >> -- and turn it into the policy of the united states. the radicals have taken over the party. they are not being condemned in the way that congressman scalise
6:53 pm
and others have suggested which is an open rebuke of her and throwing her off the foreign affairs committee. they will not do it. that means they are sanctioning those positions and taking the side of palestinians and the terrorist groups that they support. >> sean: thank you both. congressman, sorry you had to go through that. i'm glad you're not phased at all. this is ridiculous. appreciate you both being with us. all right, our closing argument tonight, we're going to explain the left's selective moral outrage. also, our villain of the day is coming up as we continue. -guys, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad!
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-that's fair. overstepped.
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>> sean: tonight, or closing argument exposes what is the left to select outrage because the smears be five reporters every minute, second, our of 24-hour week, month, year, confront the disturbing turn
6:58 pm
towards anti-semitism and bigotry in their own party. unfortunately, it's the latest display of their blatant hypocrisy. democrats say they care about family separation at the border. yeah, but then they will not meet with angel families who have been permanently separated from their loved ones because of a legal immigrant crime. there are a lot of them. they smear justice kavanaugh based on no evidence and they just said "i believe." mostly now they are silent on the serious, credible allegations against the democratic virginia lieutenant governor fairfax, they rush to judgment on jussie smollett and perpetrated a vicious hate crime publix. they attacked the covington students, nicholas sandmann, who had to deal with death threats. they had to watch the characters defamed repeatedly day in and day out. do you see the pattern here? the left brushes to judgment, batter, bludgeon, bloodied all
6:59 pm
political opponents, weaponizing identity politics, where facts? they always come second. fake news narratives, that comes first. like the phony two year trump rush of collusion that is collapsing before their very eyes, so let's move onto the next thing. ignoring the biggest abuse of power of corruption scandal in history. the dnc, christopher steele, liza fisa abuses, we've covered right after night and been proven right. a great reminder we need to support the president at this time. all while facing unprecedented opposition from the washington, d.c., swamp that has casted the widest investigate of net they've ever seen as they speak of resistance big time for our villain of the day. the real deal, then your deranged "new york times" opinion column as paul krugman who had the nerve to tweet this out, blatantly on social media
7:00 pm
in . we condemn all forms of anti-semitism the matter where they come from. the persistence of anti-semitism, but only one brand of anti-semitism. that's not on the left. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham standing by. how are you? >> laura: hannity, fantastic show tonight. the war against free speech. carry on from what you're talking about big time into this our. >> sean: we say something even remotely wrong, fire them, destroy their career. >> laura: that's the intolerant left. but wait! they are so exposed now. it's almost funny. it's like shooting fish in a barrel, but that might be violent against fish. >> sean: the new green deal is not funny. >> laura: hannity, thanks so much. have >> sean: have a great show. >> laura: liberals d