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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 7, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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captain, you got quite the welcome home from your students. i think i watch at five times. that is all the time we have tonight. check out the new pod test -- podcast, describe at podcast one, shannon bream, fantastic "fox news @ night" night team take it from here, shannon. >> shannon: thank you so much. we begin with fox news alert. it took several days have democratic party chaos, but today, finally i wrote on a resolution with anti-semitism with islamophobia and white supremacy but what it did not include the name of a lawn omar who sparked a debate in the first place. multiple comments many call anti-semitic. tonight the democrats say the reference resolution should have never been watered down. former paul manafort sentence four years in prison for crimes, you know far below the suggested guidelines. and tonight, outrage, fresh off another round of capitol hill,
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could michael cohen olympian brand-new trouble? plus bernie sanders hits the campaign trail in iowa calling the president on racial relations, but denied another possible 2020 hopeful in the hot seat with frederick on race and desegregation. will those comments from the 1970s be enough to sideline them? hello, welcome to "fox news @ night" shannon bream in washington. 47 months as a fraction of the 19 to 24 years that could have come today for paul manafort. a look into more on that in a moment but first, condemn anti-semitism and forms of hate. the resolution failed to mention the one lawmaker who drove the whole democratic party in two days of internal chaos. correspondent david spud on the vote, david. democrats looking to look to put a tough week behind them and the final resolution began on paper only targeting anti-semitism in many forms of hate, despite voting unanimously to vote,
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still at odds the way this measure came to be. inboxes already are starting to fill up words with fund-raising requests, i should say for the 2020 campaign and ilhan omar closest colleagues congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says she left the house tonight that women of color are being targeted in effect ocasio-cortez campaign sent out emails asking for $27 donations. according to the email, aipac coming after ocasio-cortez and two muslim. ilhan omar did not answer questions on the way to the floor tonight but put out a statement she was proud to vote to condemn hate. many consider her to be the catalyst for this week's measure and she tweeted last week questioning the relationship between united states and israel. jewish democrats despite voting for the measure tonight expressed concern that it didn't
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focus solely on anti-semitism. house speaker nancy pelosi, the republicans and the democrats together but just democrats together to deliver unanimous vote. >> i salute all of their members for demonstrating the courage to have this difficult conversation and for doing so in a spirit of great respect, disagreeing but never questioning the patriotism or motivation of anyone with whom we serve. >> dave: members photo 407-23 in favor of the measure. i woke congressman steve king did not vote yea or nay but present. he was stripped of his committee post after making anti-semitic remarks in january. the republicans include 1 of 2 jewish to address congressman ilhan omar. >> i believe she knows exactly what she is doing. it is an american value, by the way to have reasonable, legitimate criticism of a government without the u.s. government, israel or any other government. it is not an american value
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though to be willing anti-semitic rhetoric. >> mark>> dave: this does not mn ilhan omar by name and some republicans and democrats believe it should. the resolution is nonbinding meaning symbolic but caused quite a stir. the court order from the capital, shannon. >> shannon: yes, it did, david, thank you very much. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says tonight freshman female lawmakers of color being targeted. is she right? haley executive director of jewish democratic council of america, and stephen for congressional pack, welcome to you both >> welcome, glad to be here. i will read a little bit from chad who spoke and heard these remarks off camera. he said that the congresswoman said this, no question we are being treated differently and targeted, all women of color being targeted and referred anonymously to ocasio-cortez but others who she says have been
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unfairly targeted. what do you think? >> steve: i think these congresswomen, the new freshmen not showing the professionalism of the office they have been elected too. i do not believe constituents want them to speak that way if they have been speaking. >> shannon: there were democrats concerned and congresswoman omar name not included. i want to play something florida democrat, congressman ted deutch, jewish himself and this is what he had to say. >> why are we unable to sing relate condemn anti-semitism? why can't we call anti-semitism and sure we have learnt the lessons of history? this shouldn't be so hard. >> shannon: haley, why was it? >> hailey: what we saw from the house was the democratic party coming together to unanimously oppose not only anti-semitism but all forms of hatred and intolerance. it was the republicans who were split on this measure and 23 of
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them voted against. so while there may have been a disagreement at the outset about the scope of this resolution, in the end, -- >> steve: haley. >> hailey: and most of them issued statements saying it was a sham and they thought it was watered down. they were not supporting anything negative but something they thought essentially not really addressing >> shannon >>f i can jump in, shannon. >> shannon: stephen, does that change the nature of this resolution? >> steve: let me jump in for a second. the republicans did not vote, protesters and i know a lot of them personally, like ted yoho, a democrat in new york. these guys are protesting about why can't anti-semitism stand on its own? it was all anti-semitism, omar tropes for the last two months
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and it should not have been included on anything but anti-semitism. >> shannon: omar said anti-semitic's stopped media and omar makes controversial remarks about -- media, both of them hate. and g.o.p. against protest media, republicans anti-semitic. haley, is it fair accusation to make? >> halie: it is not and this is actually the third time 116th congress has voted to condemn anti-semitism in just less than three months. in this resolution was very strong and this kind of nation not only anti-semitism but intolerance and all of its form. it was important the house take the steps and certainly we found representative omar's comments unacceptable in a resolution to define anti-semitism not only the form of white supremacy that the house originally voted on. >> stephen: don't you think
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she sounds like the protocol -- >> shannon: let her finish her sentence. >> halie: but also commit it include generalization about and negative stereotypes the kind that omar used. so this will was very strong. it was not watered down by including condemnation of other forms of hate and intolerance. >> shannon: a lot of people making no and asking why they have to have a third vote on this in a couple of months, stephen very quickly. >> stephen: haley, why seven pages to say hate is hate? the protocol nancy pelosi, are they the democratic party of jeremy corbyn? >> stephen: i think the seven pages actually demonstrated the race and the democrats because it was a detailed resolution condemning anti-semitism. >> shannon: it took a long time but we will debate. haley and stephen thank you very much. >> stephen: think as much a pleasure being here. >> shannon: went to the latest campaign chairman paul manafort sentencing plus democrats to
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force the white house and the president to cough up key documents as they continue a ramp up to impeachment proceedings. kristin fisher, >> paul manafort was sentenced to 47 months tonight and that is just a fraction of the 19 to 24 years that the special counsel had been pushing for but paul manafort is still facing at an additional ten years behind bars in a separate case. he will be sentenced next week. >> a wheelchair bound paul manafort told a packed courtroom in virginia tonight that the last two years have been the most difficult years for my family and i, sang humiliated and ashamed would be a gross understatement. but the president's former campaign chairman never explicitly apologized or expressed regret for his crimes. manafort convicted of tax and bank fraud went into his work advising, ukrainian politicians but the charges he was not convicted up that his defense attorneys made sure to mention as they left the courthouse. >> i think most importantly,
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what you saw today, the same thing that we had said from day one. there is absolutely no evidence of paul manafort was involved with any collusion, within a government official from russia. >> the tactic has many wondering if manafort angling for a presidential pardon. white house senior advisor kellyanne conway told reporters tonight, she hasn't spoke to president trump about it, but she did make a similar point has manafort's defense team. >> there is no sentencing today that has anything to do with collusion with russia. the camel are similar to what mr. cohen said under oath last week, no proof of collision. >> the special counsel investigation may be winding down by the congressional investigation or just heating up. the house intelligence judiciary oversight and financial services committee all open investigations touching on the president's personal finances. which could mean going after his children.
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something some democrats have expressed reservations about. but not speaker pelosi who said today "whoever falls into that net falls into the net" and advisors to the president and security clearances. this is not their children at home. the yuko president trump said he his family and personal finance is limits but the democrats at e very least seriously considering crossing both of those red lines to say they have not started to cross them already, shannon. >> shannon: kristen, thank yo thank you. count down to 2020 bernie sanders kicking off a three day tour in iowa tonight. coming out as you would expect swinging it against donald trump on issues like grace. he said the president is dividing america, but actually another democrat taking political past racial rhetoric of his own, fox team coverage tonight trace gallagher with red grit from former vice president joe biden. we start with peter doocy live in iowa where bernie sanders
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wrapped up, speak to me, peter. >> peter: shannon, the political rez -- revolution is on the right trajectory after al his first trip to iowa in 2015 he had a 3% approval rating, but on his first trip to iowa in 2019 as a candidate, he had thousands of cheering supporters turn up excited about a second chance vote for the first democratic candidate to talk about ideas that are popular in the democratic main screen like medicare for all, a federal job scare mike guarantee and tuition free college. >> how many of you here are dealing with -- and the crime you committed was that you decided to get the best education that you could and now, you will be paying that debt off year after year, some of you will not be able to buy a car, buy a home, get married, have kids. let me be clear.
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as president, we will substantially lower student debt in this country. [cheers and applause] >> peter: iowa republican party chair said in a statement socialist sandra's radical agenda $32 trillion government take over and $93 trillion green new deal to destroy iowa's rule in economy. sanders plan to turn america into socialist regimes like venezuela is abhorrent and senator sanders it is one if not the only candidate who supporters are showing up to state rallies with leftover campaign swag. we met a handful of 13 million primary voters from last election who are open to supporting him again. >> sanders kind of got me into the process, and i want to see if the message is still the same. >> his ideas, the way he thinks this campaign, i am still doing research on every can of that oucandidate out there and this will help me with more
8:14 pm
information about him. i'm not as far left as he has but i enjoy different perspectives and so i thought i would come today. >> peter: on the way out we heard from a few more sanders supporters complement this time could be different than when he was runner-up 2016 because hillary clinton is not running and dnc rules have changed to a level playing the field. >> shannon: thank you very much. as former vice president joe biden reportedly enters the final stage of launching 2020 bed, you may think questions about racially comments from decades ago. trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight, hi, trace. >> trace: she meant the best 44 years joe biden certainly embraced alongside african-american leaders, but at times he has also been at odds with them and black americans, activist groups like black lives matters expected to play a prominent role in 2028 election, joe biden candidacy would no
8:15 pm
doubt have controversial statements resurfaced. for example 1970s, a delaware senator he opposed school bus quoting what it says in order for your child with curly, black hair, brown eyes, dark skin to learn anything, he needs to sit next to my blond haired, blue-eyed son. that is racist. naacp president and current harvard kennedy professor brooks told "the washington post," having served as vice president and to the first african-american president u.s. history and given all that these years come i would be stunned if he would stand behind that. and joe biden didn't comment, the spokesman said the former vice president believes he was right to oppose busing. as for immigration, joe biden didn't buy the concept that we have suppressed the black man for 300 years so the white man should be held back. quoting again, i don't feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather. i feel responsible for the sins of my own generation and i will be if i feel responsible to pay for what happened 300 years
8:16 pm
ago. and then in 1993 pushing a crime bill, biden with senate judiciary committee gave a speech on the senate floor and warned of predators on the street who are born out of wedlock without parents, without supervision and without structure, watch. >> it doesn't matter whether or not they are us victims of society. the end result is you are about to knock my mother on the head with a lead pipe, shoot my sister, beat up my wife, taken on my son. so i want to ask, what made them do this? they must be taken off of the streets. >> peter: biden later pushed a cry -- tough on crime bill which is harsh and unfair, shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher thank you very much, the political panel coming up come up next breaking news on new ruling regarding transgender people in the military and paul manafort president trump former campaign chair getting a fine and prison term mini call shocking.
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plus nancy pelosi said the trump family is fair game to it investigate democrats openly worrying and going after the kids could backfire so what will they decide? the legals tonight, here 11 standing by. i switched to liberty mutual because they let me customize my insurance, and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything. like my bike and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:22 pm
feed. can you hear us? harry, we will let jim walk on that and go back to the justice and talk about that. this is what we know about the sentencing and will put the information on the screen 24 months each five counts, count 12 failure to report banks, 30 months, got credit for nine months served and $50,000 fine. and that flying could have gone up to $25 million. harry, how much do you think about the judge who made it clear he was not a fan of special counsel investigation and he said again today, nothing to do with russian collusion. >> harry: you have to wonder. and it is a very serious charge to lay at the judges fee because it would be completely improper. but look my pin in front of judge ellis and he can be rough on the government and he's been rough on me but 80% reduction for those serious crimes for a guy who showed no remorse, and who not only did
8:23 pm
not cooperate but yanked mueller's chain is very, very hard to explain. and you go back the trail and the hospitable things about the prosecution, he may not have liked the whole case, but that's got nothing to do with whether these crimes, whether this was klein dying punishment which it wasn't. >> shannon: jim i want to get your reaction a come appropriate or not? >> jim: luke, sentencing guidelines are average. it gives a starting point for judges to look at. it is not unusual at all for the defense to be pushing less then the sentencing guidelines. i would also say sentencing guidelines for crimes are driven by law, by the dollar amount and here it was pretty extraordinarily high. they feel a little inflated to come this was pretty significant or a significant departure and i think it probably does reflect a little bit of hostility to the process in terms of special counsel. but also individualized mr. manafort the judge may have
8:24 pm
been fairly taken by his physical condition and i think also doing the math and realizing 15 year, 20 year sentences essentially a death penalty for someone of his age. >> shannon: i want to get from both of you this idea a number of document requests that have gone to president trump associates and a couple of his kids. nancy pelosi says hey, car infinite and they have to do what they have to but, at -- getting to family members is dangerous only because real personal real fast and it risks backfiring. quick response on that, harry and then jim. >> harry: they are both right, it is only fair big roles in government and mueller and looking into, but you have to tiptoe carefully because there could be political blowback. >> shannon: jim, what do you think? adult children and nancy pelosi said part of the advisors. >> jim: yeah, that is the problem. they do have some connection to the white house besides being in the family tree. i hope they don't try to flip
8:25 pm
baron anytime soon. it is legitimate to look into people connected to the white house, but certainly, some pretty obvious political ramifications and perhaps political motivated locations motivations. >> shannon: jim and harry, something tells me much more to discuss the next couple of years so please do come back. >> harry: thank you. >> jim: thanks. >> shannon: thank you both if federal judge has clear the way for the administration to enforce president trump's restrictions on transgender people in the military. getting reaction from the pentagon the department is pleased with the district court's decision to stay. the final injunction against the proposed policy. 2016 policy will remain in effect until the department issues further guidance which will be forthcoming in the near future. the national security jennifer griffin explains what it means from the pentagon, jennifer. >> jennifer: shannon the supreme court cleared the way for this ruling today in maryland when it ruled in
8:26 pm
january the trump administration's policy was not a blanket man. today the federal judge lifted the final injunction blocking president trump and the pentagon from implementing broad restrictions on transgender enlisted troops and officers from serving in the u.s. military. in a six page ruling for the u.s. district judge george russell and obama appointee reversed an earlier order he issued to stop the administration from putting transgender policy in place. "because the court is bound by the supreme court decision to stay preliminary injunction in entirety, the court will grant defendants motion." the judge offered no opinion on merits with her transgender could be restricted from serving in the military. president trump reversed obama era policy with chant they'll make transgender to openly serve in a series of tweets in july 2. the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s.
8:27 pm
military. the pentagon came up with a new policy grandfathering 900 or so transgender troops to continue to serve as long as they serving their birth gender and are not trying to transition physically. at a recent armed services hearing, transgender troops explained how they had served with honor and hell the restrictions would hurt them. today's ruling paves the way for the pentagon to begin implementing the president's transgender policy, shannon. >> shannon: jennifer griffin at the pentagon thank you. in elementary school teacher under fire tonight. the fourth-grader say the teacher forced him to wash off his ashlan painted cross. what happened? the debate after the break. >> she said, i told her what it was and she said that is not appropriate in the school. havee every month of your retirement,
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ash wednesday cross with catholic signal with the beginning of lent season off of his forehead. the teacher apologized but the school said an investigation is underway. kathy and senior columnist, kurt schlichter, welcome to you both. >> jim: thank you for having us, william cloud describing what happened. >> the teacher walked over and said like, what is that? i said it is ash wednesday and she said, know that is inappropriate, take it off. she took me aside and said, you have to take it off. so she gave me, she made me wipe it off. >> shannon: kurt, the teacher has apologized but is this a mistake? >> kurt: welcome it may very well be. we either have a diversity problem and that this teacher doesn't understand some people have different customs and practices associated with their
8:33 pm
religion and perhaps, she is associated with. or we have somebody who misunderstands the right to practice your religion freely and as many government employees do, decided it was up to her to tell an american citizen what to do but either way, i'm glad she apologized and i hope everybody has learned something. maybe we can move on. >> shannon: in our reporting, we talk to the grandmother and the family and the teacher apologized with hand written note and candy which i things always helps things, cathay, but they also said, the grandma said i hope it helps somebody and i hope it never happens again. i don't think it will. a chance to learn something, kathy? >> kathy: i happen to be a certified teacher and two states in the united states. when you are trained as a teacher, number one rule, there should be nothing distracting students and a teacher so you don't want anything out of the ordinary to take away from learning so this teacher apparently not a catholic
8:34 pm
christian and was not aware that was religious symbol, something the child has a right to do and a little bit too far and said it was inappropriate but i think she was trying to create a environment and really blew it, she is now on leave. so it doesn't seem like it's going to happen again at this school and she definitely learned her lesson -- >> okay i want you to weigh in on what's happening l.a. city council voted 10-2 to settle this case about people who are homeless and large tent city area sensibly to take away the ability for law enforcement officers to collect belongings that have gathered there and also to be able to move people along to other places. and there is a controversy over that. one of the former business leaders in town said this, her name is carol. the city must take a stand for decency. this is not a solution to a homeless problem but will only worsen the situation with dangerous street behavior, kurt. >> kurt: you are absolutely
8:35 pm
right, shannon. i step over bones, derelicts, homeless addicts working into core all the time. we are not doing them a favor empowering this kind of behavior. we have people with mental illnesses and people with drugs. people who are affected with both. we are not doing them a favor. leaving them on the streets like animals, pretending that his freedom because it's not. it is a disgrace. my city should be ashamed. >> shannon: kathy one of the two city council to voted against this plan to settle this and allow this to go one, councilman joe, and call me on it if i pronounce it correctly but the solution of homelessness we get slammed for it. >> they just can't win and it was not unanimously so oddly enough they did not agree with this one. but the same whole list have rights just like everyone else. so they are saying the homeless they have medication and valuables on them.
8:36 pm
if they were being swept up and things taken away, that is they are right for it to be taken away, their medicine. so we have to fix the homeless problem, but they also have rights. >> shannon: and part of this now will require law enforcement to take belongings and store them, segregate them so they can retrieve at some point. curt, you have to keep stepping over people and that may not be your favorite. for now. thank you both. >> kurt: it is unsafe and said to. >> shannon: good to see you both. thank you for weighing in. if one thing presidential hopeful can agree on, they are sorry for some of their past policy positions and statements. some of them come up will come back to hunt them on the campaign trail. stick around for the panel and the democrats to outrun flip-flopping, doug, dave, and emily life after the break. ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop.
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8:41 pm
questions over past positions including senator kamala harris, bernie sanders and vice president joe biden. time for the power panel, fox contributor doug shown and strategist dave brown and federal cultural editor emily show since key, welcome all of you. i want to start where reporting early tonight trays, joe biden back in the 70s. one of the things he said. he quoted in "the washington post" in 1975 i do not buy the concept to even the score we must give the black man a head start or hold the white man back to the race. i don't feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather but for the situation is today. doug, do you think he will have to explain that at all? >> doug: i think he will not only have to explain it but have to change it because in the world of 2019 democratic party, that is as richard nixon used to say in operative. you have to be for, affirmative
8:42 pm
action and race racial preference and good, i'm not passing judgment but he is not going to run a campaign like that in the democratic party now and the time of alexandria ocasio-cortez and the other freshmen getting so much attention. >> shannon: with respect to senator kamala harris, the prosecutor out in california. and she is alleging part and think she stood out from before. before the democratic debate whether kamala harris sincere or simply saying what she thinks they want to hear. in this case, truth like beauty will remain in the eyes of the bewildered come emily. >> emily: i think that is true kamala harris is saying because if you go back in her record, much more interesting person and a woke personal note that the base wants her to be. she is presenting herself strategically and it is very
8:43 pm
smart. i think she is pulling it off. when you look at her record, in particular, she is one of the most interesting candidates in a race. i think in a general election but official for her but i don't know if she can get past the primary without repenting. >> shannon: went the race for the last few days with all of the candidates out there official exploring the possibilities that are democrat and senator christian jill o'brien -- kristen gillibrand from a movement on guns, nra but not so much anymore. she is proud of and also immigration. so she is confronted about those things and she said when asked republican talking points, so the article said calling these questions republican talking points isn't helping her case. republicans with democrats and liberal media outlets talking about these things because they are part of her record. anybody who runs has to explain their evolution. >> doug: she has addressed immigration i think pretty
8:44 pm
effectively. she took it head-on. i think it was rachel maddow show. she took those positions, she didn't consider the way they were hurting families. she expressed regret for that so whether or not you disagree with her on immigration, the fact that she took responsibility for the statement, owned it and recognize her viewpoint was a smart play. you will see a lot of movement in the primary. this will be bold -- volatile 12 months with a lot of people competing for a new cycle. a primary, energized democratic base that is absolutely keen to take on the present and they want the strongest contenders to come out of that. >> emily: one thing about guns or immigration she went from representing to the entire state of new york which includes urban areas of the city. >> shannon: right, and a different constituency then. stick around for the panel, par. we are one week away from senate
8:45 pm
vote on the president's emergency declaration. republicans still divided. stick around for the power panel plus rush limbaugh weighs in on a situation at the border. >> this is ongoing political effort that is all part of the worldwide left attempt. to wipe out the united states. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your retail business.
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>> how are these people getting here? somebody has to be paying for that. somebody has to be accompanying them. somebody has to be providing services along the way. >> shannon: okay, rush limbaugh weighing in on the border. the senate vote on a measure to disapprove the president's emergency declaration on the border. republicans divided on that tonight. power panel doug, dave, emily, it is a crisis or not and if there is does that validate the president using national power? >> emily: this is an interesting conversation because it defines how legal crisis, politically, literally and before talking about the literal definition of the word crisis, it is hard to imagine how there isn't a crisis at the border because we do quite literally
8:50 pm
have people flooding across in immense humanitarian about the people who are very dire situations crossing the border from countries in central america who have very legitimate problems they are fleeing from. in some cases so yes, a crisis. does it fit the definition of national emergency constitutionally or in the way that congress delegated the power to the president to determine? i think it is a pair debate. i'm a conservative and a robust conversation with both sides of the question which i'm enjoying. i don't know where i pull on this to be perfectly honest with you. i think that is interesting we are having a conversation. bottom line i don't think it is an easy answer. >> shannon: doug does it put the republicans on the front and i'm not going to vote for it because i'm worried about the democrats with the same power but mitch mcconnell put it to the floor now. >> doug: i think the most likely result in the senate from everything i have seen is that the resolution allowing the president to do this will probably be defeated because the
8:51 pm
real concerns about the constitutional separation of powers as emily said to come about what constitute a national emergency, but also, congress explicitly the power of the purse. this largely usurps that. we really don't come i think want to start pressing where every problem gets turned into a crisis involving or necessitating an executive action. >> shannon: dave come i want you to pick up on the next topic a second federal judge ruling that secretary was wrong to include a citizenship question or try to include 12020 census. the fact is, it has been done for centuries in some way, in this country on the long form or short for many, many times. under democrats, republicans but the judge said including the citizenship question on 2020 sentence is fundamentally counterproductive to the goal of obtaining data about the public.
8:52 pm
the inclusion of the citizenship question on the 2020 sentence -- census threatens the democratic spoons filmic system. dave. >> doug: through the ohmic >> dave: that is one excerpt from a 112 page. >> shannon: but we all read -- >> dave: look, so i will say, he issued this decision on several bases, principally one, procedural one to the commerce department did not follow the rules they were supposed to follow to get the decision. the more interesting when the constitutional issue he identified and said, his decision violates the constitution because it defeats the ability of the government to carry out its responsibility of enumeration which is to count people and to do so in a way that the constitution. there is no reasonable governmental purpose for why the secretary did what he did. he looked at the records. he looked at the fact they were appear to be politics and play
8:53 pm
instead of legitimate reason. and pointed to -- >> shannon: has it always been politics for centuries and decades? >> dave: it has and always. >> shannon: for a good chunk of the history, yes. >> dave: this administration other means to text that information through homeland security for example. there are a lot of very important questions that judge why the secretary pushing for this coming from front office, political office. it wasn't coming from staff. he had to go to the department of justice and ask jeff sessions jeff sessions, please do this for me and then doj lawyers refused to meet with department of commerce officials who actually took exception to -- >> shannon: emily this question under president clinton. >> emily: and ex are in red to come i don't know, discrepancy and in order to obtain information about citizens, we can't ask about citizenship. >> shannon: again we can't boil down to 121 but that is the
8:54 pm
judge's conclusion. he said aside from procedural issues, that is his final paragraph. >> dave: what was the effect? what was the concern about the effect of that question on people feeling comfortable coming forward? >> shannon: we will leave it there because supreme court taking this up in april and will delve into this question. power panel, thank you very much. or midnight hero puts his life on the line to say stranger from drowning plus a controversial proposal in california to promote planned parenthood on college campuses. we will explain in a western roundup
8:55 pm
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♪ >> shannon: putting a planned parenthood phone number on every college student i.d. card tops the western roundup. california state lawmaker wants to do just that. the people in student health bill with a phone number for a planned parent hood clinic be on student ids and it would apply
8:59 pm
to all schools including faith-based institutions. a traffic stop turning into a major drug bust in arizona. the sheriff said $90,000 of fennel hidden in a trust and personal woman appeared to be dressed as a nun. she and her husband who was also in the vehicle replaced -- were placed under arrest. in phoenix, a felony criminal trespassing after allegedly entered a woman's home and made tortillas in her kitchen. the woman yelled to get out of her home. he grabbed a can of soup on his way out which he reportedly ate on her balcony. all right, check this out, looking at a car submerged in the river and moments earlier onlookers stood idly by and the new jersey highway watching a woman standing on the trunk of that car after i explained drove off the icy river but in a matter of seconds. michael james braved the frigid water to dive in and see if the 22-year-old woman from drowning and put his life on the line. officers say without his help, that woman likely would have died.
9:00 pm
michael james, you are definitely our midnight hero. well, most watch, most trusted and most grateful that you spent the evening with us on friday. good evening and we will see you tomorrow, shannon bream ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." last summer cnn reporter caitlin collins was barred from the white house event after she asked questions the administration thought were too aggressive. as an organization cnn has relentlessly attacked fox news over the years. on the other hand, reporters ought to be allowed to ask hard questions of public officials.s. executives here at fox didn't hesitate. they loudly came to caitlin collins' defense. so did "special report" anchor bret baier, so did this show.w. >> tucker: the big story in washington today is that caitlin collins over at cnn was prevented from covering an event at the white


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