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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 8, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i am shannon bream. heather: is march 8th. this is "fox and friends first". killed in the line of duty, serving a warrant, and hours long standoff. the accused killer is now in custody. >> addressing forms of hatred. >> if it is not about her, what is it? condemning anti-semitism after congresswoman omar's remarks.
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republicans calling it a sham. she gave up military secrets, chelsea manning begging for your money to fight in court. "fox and friends first" starts right now. good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. let's start with this troubling fox news alert. a man charged with murder as sheriff deputy could face the death penalty. floyd brown called jacob keltner after jumping from the third story of the hotel trying to avoid an arrest warrant in illinois for burglary and probation violation, brown leading a high-speed chase which turned into a 6 hour standoff when he was eventually arrested. he spent 13 years on the force,
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known for chasing administration, the trump organization for millions of dollars over unpaid legal fees. donald trump's former personal lawyer claims the company breached an agreement by stopping payments to his attorney while cooperating with robert mueller's russia probe. he claims they owe him $4 million. he goes to prison in may for lying to congress. in just a few hours donald trump will speak about the devastation of several tornadoes in alabama. at least 23 people were killed, the president will meet with victims as many continue to dig through the rubble after the 12 tornadoes struck the state on sunday. former chief of staff john kelly speaking out about the border wall for the first time since leaving the white house. his comments come as senate republicans rally support around the national emergency declaration. leland that it joins us from washington with a plan to pay for the wall. >> reporter: good morning to you. republicans do not have votes in
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the senate to stop this bill. john kelly is not just former chief of staff but former dhs secretary and is giving democrats new ammunition as they try to get more republicans to defect against the president. here's the quote from politico. we do not need a wall from sea to shining sea he said during a public interview at duke university. they the meaning people who are coming across illegally, are overwhelmingly not criminals. they are coming for economic purposes. i don't blame them for that. donald trump's emergency declaration freeze up billions of dollars to build physical barriers to prevent illegal immigrants from coming across. democrats universally oppose the measure and there appears to be enough republicans on their side to force a presidential veto on a measure limiting his powers but as of today, the house or the senate cannot override that veto. >> i believe we do have a crisis here.
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i believe the president is absolutely right. i wish we could have addressed all of it and funded was we need to protect our border legislatively. politics is involved now. >> reporter: democrats -- he noted there -- place a wall would be effective. this is kelly's first public appearance talking about his time as white house chief of staff. in the past, answering exclusive questions including whether the president interfered in security clearance process for his son-in-law. shannon: thank you. that the house overwhelmingly passes the resolution condemning anti-semitism and racism. the bipartisan measurement to condemn comments by minnesota congresswoman omar but never mentions her by name. the response from both sides of the aisle.
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>> republicans say the resolution should have called out congresswoman omar but democrat leader says it is not about her. the freshman congresswoman is facing backlash after making controversial comments some call anti-semitic. after several days of infighting over how to address this democrats came up with a resolution that condemned all racism and bigotry. it passed with an overwhelming majority. these 23 republicans voted no. congresswoman liz cheney said, quote, today's resolution vote was a sham but put forward by democrats to avoid condemning one of their own and denouncing vile anti-semitism. the language before the house today did not address the issue that is front and center. >> one resolution addressing these forms of hatred not mentioning, it is not about her. i do not believe she understood the weight of the words. i feel confident that her words
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were not based on an anti-semitic attitude. >> reporter: that a speaker pelosi's side of the view. some republicans want omar removed from the house foreign affairs committee but the shares that he was nowhere close to making that move. heather: appreciate the update. despite its passive a measure left a mark on the democratic party hitting the establishment against far the freshman american first action senior advisor sean spicer points out this new house majority can't set itself straight. >> the democratic party in the last two months has become unrecognizable from the democratic party of two years ago. they are embracing socialism and washing away the anti-semitism of one of the members. it is disgusting to see senior members of congress in the democratic party who you point out have outrage about everything going down to little billy at thomas madison middle high school middle school said
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if they are a republican. one of their own members does it, she didn't understand what she was saying, wasn't in her heart and yet the outrage by every republican, every conservative that does anything they deem inappropriate, it discussed me. heather: this is the second time and two months the house condemned bigotry following comments from lawmakers. bernie sanders touting himself as the original champion of the progressive agenda, the 2020 president of candidate calling out lawmakers running on his platform. >> shock of all shocks, those very same ideas are now supported not only by democratic candidates for president, virtually all of those ideas are supported by stronger majorities of the american people. heather: the socialist making the comment that a rally in iowa. president of candidates including cory booker, kirsten
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gillibrand, harris and elizabeth warren have supported sanders's medicare for all bill, increasing minimum wage and tackling climate change. senator sherrod brown is passing on a 2020 white house run. the ohio democrat saying the best place for him is in the senate and vowing to make sure democratic president is elected. brown is the fourth democrat to rule out a 2020 run. the field is crowded with 14 declared candidates. former vice president joe biden is close to announcing a decision. we will keep you updated. the first lady celebrated strong and courageous females at international women's day today. milania trump honoring women from around the world celebrating american accomplishments. >> we now have more women in congress than any other time in our nation's history. unemployment in the united
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states has reached the lowest level in 65 years. this is something to celebrate. heather: mike pompeo, first lady a woman of incredible power and courage. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. 1 million immigrants expected to enter the country this year compared to europe which was flooded with 1.3 million. enough to trigger economic and political chaos. what does the us stand to lose? nigel farage is with us with details two crazies. this 9-year-old forced to watch the cross of ashes office for head on ash wednesday by who? his teacher. stay tuned for that.
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>> i can report today cvp is
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forecasting the problem will get worse this spring as the weather warms up. at the current pace we are on track to encounter close to 1 million illegal aliens that the southern border this year. heather: the crisis at the southern border set to get worse with 1 million illegal immigrants projected into the country this year. what can we learn from europe, going through their own refugee crisis. joining his independence party leader and fox news contributor nigel farage. let's compare with what has happened there. the eu sought to the 1.3 asylum-seekers combined in 2015. we are doing reports in the midst of economic and political upheaval. compare that to what the us is going for. is that what we have to look forward to? >> take some warnings,
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1.3 million people came in cheaply because the doors are open, very few of them, the vast majority of those are young men from 1830 and they have completely different standards and values to ask. most treat women very differently, deeply intolerant. and what you have seen in cities, in germany in sweden and elsewhere. groups of people with different cultural values, assimilation is not happening, violence has been rising. what do you add to that? militarily beaten in syria and they are using this route
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targeting to europe. you understand the big security implications as well. this is completely transformed many cities in europe. damaged the well-being and lives of tens of millions of people and let a huge political change, the things america can learn, a real lesson. >> 57% of refugees worldwide come from 3 countries, syria 6.3 million, afghanistan 2.6 million, south sudan, 2.4 million and in terms of assimilation they are not assimilating because they do not want to assimilate and that is a concern. >> it is a cultural problem, established in cities, groups of people living side-by-side, not respecting each other. immigration can work and be a great success. look at america. it can work but you have to have people with similar cultural
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values. if you don't, you have got to be careful how you handle it. i fear we have problems in europe for decades to come. heather: you have to know who they are and why they are coming. let's talk about the cost of refugees in europe. we can compare germany, 17.9 billion, sweden 6.2 billion, france, 112.1 million, that is the cost of refugees in europe. >> that is the economic costs. the money isn't the biggest problem. the biggest problem is divided communities, groups of people with growing in many towards each other, without young men from countries with different cultures. heather: this is what we are dealing with in the us, the point where we are. we have all these naysayers, it is not a national emergency but a manufactured crisis. >> anybody -- i was one of the
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first people in european parliament before the flood happened to say we've got to be careful, this is stupid. as soon as you say this the other side tries to write you are saying you are racist or extremist, have a human heart. i feel sorry for these people but if you don't know who you are letting in your posing a security risk and the first job of any government is to look after its own citizens and its own nation. heather: we appreciate it. have a good day. 18 after the top of the hour, cows are not the problem. alexandria ocasio cortez, a kansas farmer sends an open letter to set the record straight, kansas rancher, on the green new deal, she joins us live with a message to the freshman congresswoman. you don't want to miss it.
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or get unlimited. and now get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. >> the irs needs more money to file taxes. improving customer service for taxpayers. >> stretched so thin that things could go badly wrong or taxpayers will give up trying to not get the assistance they need. heather: the irs antedating% of calls from taxpayers this year according to the watchdog. the agency is working on some
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improvements it is working on. alexandria ocasio cortez is it with a new ethics complaint connected to her boyfriend. conservative group claims the democratic socialist gave wiley roberts a email address, she claims she did is give them access to her calendar. she is facing allegations of campaign finance, one of them tied to her boyfriend. and then this, a kansas rancher calling out ocasio cortez for targeting cows in her green new deal proposal. she writes i beseech you to have a conversation with your constituents and colleagues that have an agricultural background. house are not the problem. that rancher joins me now with more. i appreciate you joining us. >> thank you for having me. a pleasure to be here. heather: definitely enjoyed your blog post on all of this. one of the original quote about the green new deal, she says we
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set a goal to get to net 0 rather than 0 emissions and ten years because we aren't sure we will be able to fully get rid of cows passing gas, airplanes that fast. you say that's not the problem. you and your family ical ranchers and you think she doesn't know what she's talking about. tell us about that. >> i wrote the letter to congresswoman ocasio cortez because i want her to know farmers and ranchers are the original environmentalists. cows are part of the solution. cows are superheroes and the original plant-based protein. i wrote the letter because i wanted her to know that farmers and ranchers want to be part of the conversation in the climate solution moving forward. heather: the united states is producing beef more sustainably and efficiently than ever
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before. >> cows don't pass gas, they burp and they only responsible for 2% of greenhouse gas emissions in our nation and the trade-off for that 2% is we get a lot of really tasty steak and roast and hamburger. heather: this was one of her original posts that was taken down. did you get any response from her? where does that stand? >> i have not heard personally from the congresswoman but i did see in the news yesterday that she has reached out to one of the world's leading climate and agricultural sustainability scientists so i feel that was a good step in the right direction. heather: what do you think is the bigger issue when it comes to going green and protecting
1:25 am
our environment? >> it is important to remember cows are only 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. agriculture in general in the united states or as a whole is 9% of greenhouse gas emissions was when you compare that to something like transportation which is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions it is important to remember we need to eat. that is a necessity for survival whereas airplanes are great to have, i travel on planes it is great to have rail travel and transportation but we need to be cognizant of the fact that we shouldn't hamper agriculture's ability to produce food in an efficient manner that can feed our nation and our world. heather: families who are working to make sure we get the food we need, thank you so much. people can follow you on social media. where can they get more information? >> you can follow me on facebook at buzzard beat or instagram and
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twitter. heather: i love the blog. the time is 26 after the top of the hour, the house overwhelmingly condemns, they vote to condemn anti-semitism after days of delays and controversy swirling around congresswoman omar. getting back from israel, omar fixation on the country is troubling. and she joins us on that. >> when we finish i will talk to you about that. heather: cory booker said he would ask answer questions about the controversy but did he? stick around. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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heather: a look at top headlines. donald trump heads to alabama to tour the devastation from the worst tornado outbreak in the
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area in decades. milewide twister flattened homes and killed 23 people, ten from the same family. the president will meet with storm victims in lee county, one of the hardest hit areas. warmer trump campaign chairman paul manafort will spend 47 months behind bars for bank and tax fraud, sentenced run related conspiracy case next week which could put him behind bars for another ten years. the house overwhelmingly passes the resolution condemning anti-semitism and racism. the bipartisan measurements to condemn comments by minnesota congresswoman omar but never specifically mentioned her. >> with one resolution addressing swarms of hatred not mentioning her name because it is not about her. i do not believe she understood the weight of the word. i feel confident her words were
1:31 am
not anti-semitic. heather: backtracking on what she said previously. 23 republicans voted against the resolution, one of them calling it a sham. are democrats taking a hard enough stance to condemn arising anti-semitism in our country. here to weigh in his radio show host kathy barnett who just returned from a 9-day trip to israel. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, glad to be back home. heather: i will ask you first your reaction to what transpired in terms of this anti-semitism resolution. they combined it with other forms of bigotry and hate and did not specifically call out omar. >> i was shocked. i got back wednesday morning and shocked to see what was going on. should have been a softball issue for the democrat party to pool together in their most strongest language possibly resolution to condemn further hatred and racism against the jewish community. should have been a no-brainer,
1:32 am
easy ball to knock out of the park. what we get is a watered-down version of this resolution to condemn anti-semitism and a lot of other forms of hatred. not calling out omar. heather: america's feelings on the israeli-palestinian conflict, 59% sympathize with israel, down 5% from 2018, 21% sympathize with palestinians, that is up 2%. what do you think of those numbers? is the following the lead of congress? >> the republican party, israel is finding it difficult time, telling a really great story. i can only tell you what i saw when i was there. i spent 17 hour days moving across israel talking to various people - one point i have to continuously be reminded i was in the west bank. when i was looking at -- it did not compare to the distorted
1:33 am
images we are often told about by many in the mainstream media and our politicians and the un about the maltreatment of palestinians. what i was seeing was not extreme poverty or extreme degradation. i saw no greater poverty there than in many inner-city communities in the united states. even when we were looking into the refugee camp, in charge of building the security bench, it did not match the various images we get on a daily basis on the mistreatment of the palestinian people. i thought roads, agriculture project, funded by the israelis. i did not see tent houses and tent huts and people ill dressed for the weather. heather: being misrepresented in
1:34 am
the united states. >> i am seeing by omar and various others an irrational fixation on israel that is not warranted whatsoever. this tells us two things that will happen out of this. is like a harbinger of things to come. when we see this rising anti-semitism we can expect two things, one, it will continue to rise and two, as it rises we see greater atrocities happening in the jewish community kind of like what we saw with the pittsburgh synagogue shooting at mark lamont hill talking about referencing -- when we see the bds movement rhetoric increasing, talking about boycotting and sanctioning, those are problems. heather: they seem like individual instances, we need to look at history. thank you so much, great to have
1:35 am
you back. the man charged with kidnapping jamie -- jayme closs, a chilling letter revealing he plans to plead guilty saying the reason he abducted the 13-year-old is not, quote, black and white and it was mostly on impulse. she escaped after 88 days in captivity, he could spend life in prison. and 11-year-old boy accused of shooting his trooper dad for taking his video games away, the boy stole his father's service weapon, waited for his parents to go to sleep and shot matt makowski. the child telling investigators he wanted to shoot him in the head but missed. he is still recovering from that shooting, his son is facing attended murder charges. 11 years old. donald trump's administration asking the pentagon for space to
1:36 am
house 5000 migrant children in the us was the military will help identify locations to place the miners possibly through september. the move expected to cost $400 million according to the washington times. 11,000 children reportedly being housed right now. the transgender military ban is a step closer to reality. federal judge lifting the final injunction against the decision to reject troops that don't identify with their sex at birth, the judge lifted other injunctions. this timeline to implement the ban. the aclu will keep fighting against it. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the our. chelsea manning is begging americans to pay for her mistakes. the pleasing social media on fire and carly shimkus is here to share it. ♪
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heather: cory booker is doing everything he can to distance himself from the omar controversy. >> can we do off-topic questions when we finished? i will happily talk with you about that. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with online reaction. he was happy to talk about it. anybody in the back have a question? that i will end this early. after that video went viral everybody wants to talk about congresswoman omar. it was a big story of the day yesterday was after the video went viral a lot of reaction. greg on twitter says he is no spartacus.
1:41 am
dante says dodgeball, his new name for dodging the question was he was hoping the press conference for an important reason, he just introduced the next step act, criminal justice reform bill playing on the first step act and, justice reform would be a major issue in 2020 and trying to get in front of it. heather: donald trump has done a lot for criminal justice reform and no one asked an on-topic question. that was the only people question asked. heather: talk about chelsea manning for legal expenses ahead of the contempt hearing. >> more legal trouble for her. possible jail time for refusing to testify before a grand jury. the hearing believed to be part of an investigation into julian assange. she did not want to answer questions. she faces a contempt hearing.
1:42 am
he took to twitter saying in solidarity with many activists facing the outcome i will stand by my principles and every legal remedy available. she is asking people to fund raise for her to cover her legal expenses. one twitter user says contempt? how about treason? look at this person from instagram, manning is a traitor period, end of story. a lot of anger surrounding her. she received 314 contributions. heather: love this. utah coach returning from deployment surprising his students and they were so happy. [shouting] heather: i got chills.
1:43 am
andrew also, captain of the army national guard, the high school football coach returned from deployment a few months earlier. how amazing is that? one user says every kid should have someone like this in their lives, having a positive role model like the coach can make a huge difference. best wishes coaching your students, for great achievements and that is a life coach. welcome home. the of what it coach. all students can use that. good example. very happy. >> a fantastic follow-up. heather: the time is 15 until the top of the hour, students as young as 12 years old could soon have planned parenthood's phone number in their wallet. one company democrat gets her way. our next guest says this is a clear effort to eliminate
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heather: a hot job market putting more americans to work now than in the past three years surpassing expert predictions. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness is here with what is triggering it. >> a rising participation rate may reflect the labor market where people are getting back into the job force. maybe they weren't working before, getting off the sidelines now. the most recent jobs report shows the share of american
1:48 am
adults seeking work increased to 63.2% up half a percentage point from a year earlier. we did see participation rates falling earlier in the 2000s as we saw the number of women entering the labor force, that slowdown also, the number of baby boomers began to retire in greater number. that was what was reflecting that. looking ahead to today, the february jobs report, the labor department expecting to add 180,000 jobs, the unemployment rate expected to take down 2.39%. we will watch for that at 8:30 eastern today. heather: we mentioned before the break facebook tracking people who don't even have an account. how is that possible? >> this is through several android apps like yelp, indeed which is a job searching apps or dual lingo which is a language apps. even if you don't have a facebook account or you are logged out of it facebook and get your information if you are using those other apps.
1:49 am
this is discovered by a watchdog group in december, they did an investigation. they did a follow-up and found some of these apps fixed the problem but some have not. facebook saying putting it back on the apps developer saying it is their responsibility, if their information is tracked to other platforms like facebook. facebook putting it back on them. the apps developer, you have to let people know. it is important to read the fine print when we sign up for a lot of these apps which people tend not to do but it shows information can go anywhere nowadays. heather: read the small print. thank you so much. let's talk about this. we brought this to your attention yesterday, democrat lawmaker in california wants planned parenthood's phone number on all student id cards starting at 12 years old. is this the platform democrats should be pushing?
1:50 am
here to discuss is britney hughes, managing editor at mrc tv. we certainly appreciate it. as we begin the discussion let's bring this up, california's people and student health bill and this is what it would include, planned parenthood's phone number on every student id. it affects public schools, high schools, colleges and christian campuses as well but what is your take on this? >> this is a bill proposed by jesse gabriel who has taken over $4000 from planned parenthood for his campaigns up to 2018 and planned parenthood donated over $1 million to democratic lawmakers like jesse gabriel and many other prominent california
1:51 am
state lawmakers but this bill goes completely over-the-top in violating student's first amendment rights whether that is the right to religious freedom when it comes to private schools including trees christian schools like catholic schools that have a problem with much of planned parenthood's platform. it also violates student's first amendment rights by requiring them to advertise for planned parenthood by putting planned parenthood hotline numbers on all student ids is released well through the age of 24. they are being made to tout a message they may not agree with, their parents may not agree with. that is a huge violation -- tony: is something that is not something they are doing for the first time. since last year california started requiring the national suicide prevention line be placed on the back of their cards but this is taking it an additional step because there are five additional numbers including the sexual or reproductive health hotline to provide for planned parenthood. that is the number they are
1:52 am
including. >> this is far more political than the suicide hotline, specifically targeting students with a line to planned parenthood which is the nation's largest abortion provider. they are a provider of a large number of contraceptives, some religious groups have a problem with including many private institutions and private schools, this is a huge huge overreach and you have to look at california. this is something they've been trying to push for a long time. just recently they lost a bid to force pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to advertise abortions, something they try to push all the time. it is a backscratching deal. planned parenthood is massive amounts of campaign donations dollars to left-wing lawmakers who turnaround to get free advertising by doing stuff like this. it violates constitutional rights. we 20 they are a big supporter of donating $4000 and expressing
1:53 am
their support. the bill would go to the california assembly education committee on march 27th. is a done deal or what can people do? parents specifically if they don't agree with it? >> it is not a done deal. parents can make their voices heard. even if it passes state legislature and signed into law by the governor i think this bill particularly has an uphill battle to climb in terms of going through the courts because california lost a bid to force the crisis pregnancy center to advertise for abortion. they are going to have a legal battle if they want to force students to advertise for planned parenthood. heather: britney hughes joining us for her take, thank you, great to have you with us. this 9-year-old forced to wash the cross of ashes office for it on ash wednesday by his teacher. how the school is responding this morning. talk about going to do so, the meeting that got off on the wrong foot clearly.
1:54 am
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heather: the chicago police department looking for a liter. the investigation underway to determine how the press got information on the jussie smollett case. the directors accused of staging a crime against himself are filing a false police report. he could face 3 years behind
1:58 am
bars, jussie smollett says he is innocent. a teacher is on leave accused of forcing a catholic student to wash off his ash wednesday cross. >> it is ash wednesday, it is inappropriate, take it off. >> the teacher apologized in utah, school district officials reached out to a catholic deacon. now it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. police trap on tactical gear for a high-stakes snowball fight, cops responding to a challenge for the kids, this is in new jersey showing up with sirens blazing. they are planning a rematch for next year. hopefully no more snow this year. the bad. a duck is caught on camera falling 200 feet into a giant spillway.
1:59 am
watch this. >> holy crap! wow! heather: onlookers in california were shocked as the duck gets pulled in by the current. witness says he survived but experts have their doubts but i hope he did. the ugly. things got off on the wrong foot with these lawmakers in india. lawmakers hitting each other with their shoes during this argument about community projects. let's not let it escalate to that in our country, what do you say? have a great weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. rob: friday, march 8th, fox news alert, dramatic 6 hour standoff into the tragic murder of illinois police officer and father of two. jillian: we just learned about
2:00 am
the accused killer and his violent past. the 1-time right-hand man to donald trump's siding with democrats. rob: john kelly says don't build the border wall. >> i


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