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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 8, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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i'm ready for a big girl bed. when she was ready to get her ears pierced very mature. >> ainsley: 2 years old to want a big girl bed that's a big deal. steve: have a great weekend. >> bill: thank you, everybody. we begin with a fox news alert awaiting the president's departure from the white house leaving for lee county, alabama. that place was ravaged by tornadoes. is he going to meet with officials and families recovering from a storm that killed 23, including four young children. that unfolds today. will he speak with reporters on the way out? we are waiting for that we will bring it to you live if and when it happens coming up here. first though after a week of debate and controversy and what controversy this was. the house passes an anti hate resolution. it does not call out congresswoman omar by name. it does not specifically target anti-semitism. but it went through on a friday welcome, everybody. 4r-78 made it bill hemmer live in new york. hello, dear. >> sandra: good morning, bill. i'm sandra smith. 23 republicans voting against the move claiming it
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was watered down to condemn all forms of hate. >> bill: so the resolution originally spurred, of course, by congresswoman omar series of controversial comments about israel. and there is a ton of reaction on this today. >> she continues to make these kind of statements and not apologize for them. the question really is posed to speaker pelosi. is she going to continue to keep her on this committee, the committee on foreign affairs which ultimately determines the policy of our nation especially as it relates to our allies like israel. >> the democratic party in the last two months has become unrecognizable from the democratic party of two years ago. they are embracing socialism. and now they are washing away this anti-semitism of one of their members. >> it's people in the democratic party don't stand up respectfully and hold her accountable for her anti-semitic remarks than others will feel they can do the same. >> sandra: we have fox team coverage governor mike huckabee joins us in a moment. we begin with doug mckelway in washington.
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doug, not a single democrat voted against this resolution? >> not a single one. the final tally was 407 yea votes, 23 republicans voted no on what they consider to be such a watered down resolution that it gave cover to a pattern of anti-semitic statements made by congresswoman omar. the resolution read that it, quote: encourages all public officials to confront the reality of anti-semitism, islamophobia, racism and other forms of bigotry as well as historical struggles against them. to ensure that the united states will live up to the traps sen dent principles of toll lance, religious freedom. it went further. jews, hindus, and lbgtq community. carson turned the original design of the resolution on its head. they wrote, quote: today is historic on many fronts. it's the first time we have voted on a resolution
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condemning anti-muslim bigotry in our nation's history. anti-muslim crimes have increased 99% from 2014 to 2016. still on the rise. victor davis hanson says it's so broad as to become meaningless. >> if you are against everything you are against nothing. they know that with all due respect to representative garamendi, the problem is that she might not be misconstrued. everybody knows all too well what she is doing constituents who probably agree with that position the majority and new identity wing of the democratic party. >> speaker pelosi in need of the votes that the far left wing of her party brings was very gentle on the freshman. >> i feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-semitic attitude but that she didn't have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people where these words have a history and a cultural impact that might have been unknown to her. >> and president trump
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tweeted it is shameful that house democrats won't take a stronger stand against anti-semitism in their conference, anti-semitism has fueled atrocity throughout history and it's inconceivable that they will not act to condemn it. sandra? >> sandra: so, doug, democrats, how divided are they over this? >> well, they are very divided over it especially jewish democrats are really upset by it because for them the holocaust is not a distant memory. eliot engel of new york said the words spoken by our colleagues from minnesota touched a very raw place for me. also, sandra, all eyes are now on representative omar for the next potential slip of her tongue. back to you. >> sandra: back to you. doug mckelway, thank you. >> bill: for more on this governor mike huckabee. how are you and welcome back here. i guess it's done and dusted, right? time to move on. >> i'm sure that's how the democrats are going to play it. they have a bigger issue.
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what they needed to do was serve up a double cup of double expresso condemning the anti-semitism that had been expressed by congresswoman omar. instead, they gave basically a little small cup of lukewarm water. it was really an insult. it almost did more harm than good because they really didn't do anything. and when she came, was accused of saying some inappropriate things he got condemned by name on the house floor and lost his committee seat. nothing has happened to omar. nothing. and she has made disgusting, insulting anti-semitic, anti--jew anti-israel comments and nothing happens. i think nancy pelosi has a problem on her hands. she has got some, you know, very young horses in the corral who have broken through the gate and are running wild and she cannot control them. >> bill: speaking of which ocasio-cortez sent out email flier asking for money around the time vote happened. aipac is coming after ilhan,
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and rasheda. crackup first line in the piece it reads americans love a good overall and that's terrible news for speaker nancy pelosi her democratic party has commenced a full throwdown with itself. so then, how has she managed this? >> well, i think better than most people could have and would have. nancy pelosi say whatever you want to about her. she is an incredibly skilled politician and normally, exercises control with an iron first. an eye fist. she has folks in her caucus who did not come to be back benchers, these are rookies who came to swing tore the fences every time at the plate. whether or not they strike out they are still swinging for the fences. not the way the game is played in washington. some could argue the game needs to be changed it doesn't need to be changed where people who have views that really border on outrageous and insulting and disgusting are given the kind of forum that these young freshman are being
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given what's worse you just mentioned they are out there raising money off. this this is not because they are deeply offended and hurt. they are playing. this they are playing it to the hilt. that, i find, is disgusting and even what they are saying. >> bill: clearly something to watch and we shall. on manafort another big story. i want to get your headline on the air here this is what you right. mike huckabee says paul manafort's sentencing has nothing, zero, zilch nothing to do with russian collusion. what do you say? >> i wasn't subtle in the article i'm not subtle when i say to you now the one thing the manafort trial proves is that manafort was a crook and cheated on his taxes and deserved to have some sentencing for that and do some prison time. he cheated all of us. because when a person cheats on his taxes, then he is robbing from every other taxpayer who paid his or her taxes. but, this also proved that paul manafort are nothing to do with bringing donald trump to russia and it also proved and even the judge
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affirmed this that this case had nothing whatsoever to do with donald trump colluding with russia because there is no evidence of it and there is not going to be any evidence of it. if they really want to do an investigation, bill, there is an investigation to be had. and it's to find out how come the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign spent $9 million spending money for g.p.s. that was staffed in part by the wife of a justice department official. they got a phony fisa warrant. they went after donald trump. they spent $45 million of taxpayer money to come up with nothing other than process crimes. somebody ought to be held account being. somebody ought to do a perp walk across the federal courthouse but it ain't the president. that's what we now know. >> bill: manafort is before a different judge next week could be a different sentence comes down. my accepts you already have a man that's been in solitary confinement. the reaction from many is they wanted a pound of flesh from this and they don't feel they got it with four years or less. last comment on that? >> well, if that's what they wanted and they didn't get it, then shame on them.
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what is it they want? the man is going to be broken. his life is riewnd. there is really not a whole lot. i don't know that i want to spend a fortune of taxpayer money just keeping a guy in jail who obviously is finished in his life, career and reputation. i'm not sure what any of us get out of that. >> bill: we will see what he gets out of that mike huckabee thank you. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: thank you for come back. >> sandra: we have a lot more coming up on our top stories including congressman lee zeldin he has a lot to say on that vote that happened in the house yesterday. he will join us at:30 a.m. eastern time. we will also speak with g.o.p. conference chair liz cheney live at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. both of them voted against the anti-hate resolution. look forward to talking to them. meanwhile this morning president trump heading to lee county, alabama where he will be meeting with first responders. victims families and people who have lost everything in those tornadoes over the weekend. that swept through the south. jonathan serrie is live on the ground in beauregard,
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alabama. we spoke to a high school from there yesterday. and that community really trying to pick up the pieces. jonathan? >> and they certainly have a lot of pieces to pick up. case in point, right now i'm standing in front of the foundation of a double wide mobile home completely torn to shreds in sunday's twister. and then look behind this. you can see other structural damage. can you see plenty of downed trees. later in the day president trump will be touring some of these disaster areas in lee county. alabama senator doug jones, a democrat, took a similar tour yesterday and praised the republican president's decision to visit the state. >> this is not new for the president either. he has seen several disasters. and i am sure he will take away from this what he has from the others and that's just the devastation and the need for help. >> funerals for some of the 23 people who lost their lives in the storm are now taking place. this morning a service is being held for 10-year-old taylor authorton, she was
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visiting her best friend's house sunday when the tornado struck. the storm seriously injured her 10-year-old friend and killed her friend's parents marshall lynn grimes and sheila creche. family members decided to wait several days before breaking the sad news to the young girl to allow her time to recover in the hospital. >> she is going to miss both of the funerals. we want to do it before the funerals and then that way maybe one of us can video chat with her so she will at least get to see it. >> here is a live view of the lee county town of smiths station about 20 miles from where i am to the east of beauregard. as you can see residents there office suffered heavy damage in sunday's storm. hoping the president's visit shine as national spotlight on these very small communities that will still be working on recovery long after the cameras leave. governor kay ivy has ordered flags to fly at half-staff through the weekend to memorialize the 23 people who lost their lives here in
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lee county, alabama. sandra? >> sandra: a long road to recovery there. jonathan seare, thank you. >> bill: if there is any constellation in alabama the people we have spoken to in the past week in our program they really have heart and soul about their community and how they have come together. so, hold on to that for a while. >> sandra: spoke to a coach at a high school in that town. the high school students came together and said we want to help and do more. they are new yorking on doors and doing anything they can to help folks in need. >> bill: really good people and the president is coming your way. jobs report is out for the month of february, sandra. mixed bag 25,000 jobs added. unemployment dipping to 3.8%. maria bartiromo top of the hour. >> sandra: signs of new activity at a missile sight in north korea. what does this mean for continued negotiations. >> bill: also breaking news michael cohen saga continues. he met with adam schiff for 10 hours before his explosive hearing. so was it theater or was it real?
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congressman brad win strep also on the intel committee will react to that coming up next. >> lied like a dog. that's what he did. i mean, and i was worried about that. you know, sat there and said he never asked for a pardon and he had. with free cancellations... bookers book now and ask their boss later. [do you want breakfast or no?] [definitely breakfast.] be a booker at -it's our confident forever plan. -welcome to our complete freedom plan. -it's all possible with a cfp professional. ♪ -find your certified financial planner™ professional at
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>> all i can say is mr. cohen has a story to tell. he was a leaking ship to begin with he couldn't take on much water. if he did try to get a job he denied trying to get a job. there was discussion about a pardon and he denied it and further the narrative he is not the best purveyor of the truth. >> bill: calling in to question michael cohen's lanny davis said he was open to considering a pardon at one point which appeared to be a contradiction for what he told congress last week in sworn testimony. brad wenstrup, house intelligence ways and means committee. how are you doing, sir, and good morning to you.
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>> thanks, bill. happy friday. i'm doing okay. >> bill: we are getting reporting here that cohen met four times with adam schiff for a total of about 10 hours prior to that hearing. what do you know about this? >> well, that certainly is what he said. in the oversight hearing. i believe those were his words that they met. i can tell that you intelligence committee under devin nunes actually mike conway leading the russia investigation. that never happened. there were times when lawyers met from both sides of the aisle with the witness and that was it. so, this is unprecedented. new chairman schiff likes to say oh, it's common for that to happen. i don't believe that to be true. and it's certainly doesn't appear to be transparent and is, i think you brought up is this an orchestrated hearing or is this an actual hearing? >> bill: mike turner a colleague of yours from ohio wondered whether or not it was general wine or rehearsed theater. what's your take on that. >> well, i think as we go by we may be able to show how
6:18 am
some things might have been prompted. we will see. i do think this there was concern. unreliable witness to begin with. this whole thing i don't even know if it's within the jurisdiction of the intelligence committee that we should be doing this at this point. and, you know what's lost on me, bill, is the whole reason mr. cohen is even around and in trouble is because of a dossier that the democrats paid for and this led to the entire investigation fraudulently in my opinion. and now we have this situation where he lied under oath, which is he responsible for. and now he seems to be best friends with those that set him up. >> bill: you believe he lied under oath? on what? >> that's what he is going to jail for. is lying to congress. >> bill: but do you have evidence? i will take you back to the 27th of february. this got a lot of attention yesterday. i will roll it and get your reaction. >> the pain that i have caused my family and my friends, nothing can do that
6:19 am
and i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon from president trump. >> bill: there is question about that. what's your question? do you believe he is telling the truth there or not? >> let me put it this way. i hope that in due time that the entire interview that we had in the intelligence committee is open and available to the american people and to you, bill. i think that would answer a lot of questions as to that particular comment and whether that is true or not. >> bill: on that point, how much can you share with us now? >> i'm going to be cautious on that because ours was a closed interview and i don't want to go in that directions there are reports that he said one thing at one time and another thing at another time. >> bill: here is the first reaction about the schiff meeting. patrick bowen despite this outrage by republicans it's completely appropriate to proffer sessions and allow
6:20 am
witness review of testimony. before committee interviews them such sessions are routine part of every serious investigation and around the country including the investigations. >> that could be. very transparent and fair before we had interviews with witnesses when we were in charge it was lawyers from both sides of the aisle that sat with them and it taffers from the republican side only sitting down with the witness. >> bill: brad wenstrup to be continued. nice to see you. the republican from ohio. thanks for coming. >> thanks. >> sandra: you may remember michael cohen's hearing last week jim jordan asked michael cohen directly about his meetings with congressman schiff ahead of the hearing. >> what did you talk to mr. schiff about? >> i spoke to mr. schiff about topics that were going to be raised at the upcoming hearing. >> whoa. not just what time to show up, actually what you are going to talk about?
6:21 am
>> sandra: would that amount to coaching a witness? congressman jordan finds it troubling at the very least. he will be here to explain next hour. they're our parents...
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that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> bill: we have been waiting on this. president trump set to leave the white house any moment now heading down to lee county, alabama. he will tour the devastation from last sunday's tornadoes. 23 dead. four children. he is going to meet with survivors down there. he may take questions on the south lawn. stand on by and we will find out together as we move forward. sandra? >> sandra: all right. well the february job's report is out employers adding 20,000 workers. much less than analysts had expected. but unemployment, the big headline rate is at 3.8% and this is the 101st straight
6:25 am
month of jobs gain. we are joined by maria bartiromo sunday morning futures and mornings with maria on the fox business network to break it down for us. what's the take away from this jobs report this morning. >> the big take away is lower than expected for sure. 20,000 is a lot lower than we were expecting. it was a soft month. it's a soft quarter. 150e67b8ly speaking it usual slay soft quarter the first quarter. having said that there are bright spots. for example, wages were up month over month 4 tenths of a percent. year over year almost 3% higher on wages. that's a strong number. wages are down the economy is slowing and number two wage growth could impact corporate earnings because it could hit margins. but i would like at this and say let's not forget there is follow through from the shutdown in january. plans have to be made in terms of hiring in january for february. and we know that housing has been very weak. we have known this for a while that housing has been the weak spot of the
6:26 am
economy. construction lost a lot of jobs, construction is tied to housing. so i would blame housing as well as the seenget of this number. >> sandra: what about the trade war with china. >> you are spot on. news from the journal that a deal is not imminent. china exports were down more than 20% in the month of february. this trade economic warfare that is going on is hitting china's economy. and you know the u.s. does not live in a vacuum. europe is importing more from china than the united states is. so europe really gets hit. yesterday the head of the european central bank lowered his growth expectations for the eurozone to 1.1%. that's a horrible number. it was at 1.7%. saying it's going to go town 1.1%. again, u.s. doesn't live in a vacuum. you are see being weakness in china. you are see being weakness in europe. have you got an okay jobs number, not great. that's going to unnerve people. >> sandra: interesting on international women's day the president just called attention to the drop in the
6:27 am
female unemployment rate in this country, dug into the numbers there. throw it up on the screen february 2019 the female unemployment rate in this country 3.4%. that has been cut in halfment more so than that from january 2011. so there is an extreme improvement in the amount of women in this country at work. i want to move on. >> incredible number. >> sandra: it is incredible number and something to be celebrated. now i want to move onto the bull market because tomorrow march 10th will be the 10-year anniversary of the longest bull market in u.s. stock market history. >> that's right. i remember the day when it was march 10th of 2009. and it was at that time when we were thinking wow, look at this market. that actually represented the bottom back in 2009. from there we have gone straight up. the market is up 300 percent since the bottom reached in 2009. look, it's been the slowest recovery on record under the president obama. the recovery was really slow. we weren't really seeing the
6:28 am
kind of activity that you would see from a recovery. having said that we are now 10 years away and this market continues to trade very strongly even though you are seeing a tough day today. look at that. that is unbelievable. 10 years ago the dow was at 6547. today it is at 25,400. >> don't forget 2009 coming off the throws of the worst financial upset in a generation. >> sandra: so the question is does that bull market continue up 289% the dow is. >> i think it continues even if we're going through a rough spot right now. >> sandra: the "wall street journal" put out this piece this morning obviously on the anniversary of this bull market saying this, why the bull has room to run. euphoria killed economic expansions mood on the street now is best described as skepticism. maria. so what is the talk on the street? does this continue? >> a lot of people are negative and see that as a contrary indicator. if you are so negative you are selling. you want to be looking for opportunities if you are on the other side of it it's
6:29 am
often looked at as a contrary indicator when there is a lot of skepticism out there. that's the time to buy. having said that we have had a phenomenal beginning of the year. it wouldn't surprise me to see this market just stabilize before we resume the run-up. >> sandra: by the way over that 10 year period best performing stock in the stock market applement unbelievable and boeing number two. maria, thank you. see you on sunday. >> bill: republicans now calling out the anti-hate resolution for not specifically targeting congresswoman omar for anti-semitism. >> i apparently am giving rep omar more credit than the speaker is because i don't believe she is naive. i believe she knows exactly what she is doing. >> bill: how did speaker pelosi handle this? and what about the growing rift in her party in the man you just saw is there live. lee zeldin is on deck coming up here. sandra? >> sandra: also the race for the white house heating up with bernie sanders hoping iowa can give him a boost in a crowded field of democratic candidates.
6:30 am
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♪ >> members on both sides have questioned the loyalty and patriotism of members of this house. the trope that supports for israel particularly among jewish americans is a result of a dual loyalty to israel in the united states is deeply offensive to me. what i find equally despot is analysis dual trope deployed against muslim americans. >> sandra: congressman jerry nadler speaking out on the resolution denouncing bigotry which passed in the house yesterday following comment from congresswoman ilhan omar which were widely criticized as anti-semitic. 23 republicans voting against that measure calling it watered down. my next guest is one of those lawmakers congressman lee zeldin serves on the foreign affairs committee joins us now. congressman, you have been very outspoken on this
6:34 am
issue. it was originally meant to condemn anti-semitism. by the time it made it to the house floor for a vote. what did it look like to you? >> it was watered down. it was spineless. it was unfortunately filled with moral equivalence is i and double standards. as i pointed out on the house floor, if this was a republican pushing what rep omar is peddling with this anti-semitic hate, it would have named that republican member. this would have been solely and emphatically forcefully focused on combating anti-semitism and that member would be removed from the house foreign affairs committee. unfortunately. that double standard is a problem. it shouldn't be but that's the reality and as you look at what happened in january, the house nearly unanimously condemned white supremacy. it named a republican member and that republican member was kicked off his committees. on the moral equivalency part, you can't equate anti-semitism, bringing it down or elevating 200 different things on one
6:35 am
level playing field to distract and divert from what was the issue at hand which was to combat anti-semitism and they left a lot out, too. >> martha: you voted against it. 23 republicans voted against it. alexandria ocasio-cortez, the freshman congresswoman who has come out in defense of ilhan omar tweeted this out after the vote. where is the outrage over the 23 g.o.p. members who voted no on a resolution condemning bigotry today? oh, there is none? did they get called out? raked over? ambushed and called ou halls and relentlessly asked why not? no. your response to that? >> i would encourage her to listen to my house floor speech. i would encourage her to call me directly or sit down next week for a meeting when we are back here in washington, d.c. and i will tell her all about it i was talking to you about the double standards and moral give len sismt you are going to start naming religions as doug collins pointed out on the house floor. why are you leaving out mormons and joseph have a jehovh
6:36 am
witnesses. you want to point out anti-anti-muslim death threat? that's a problem. what about steve scalise is he was shot because of hate. he was actually shot and almost lost his life as a result. why not that? why not talk about people. >> sandra: come out in the days that follow. condemning obviously what happened there. i want to move on to this moment because it certainly got our attention. senator cory booker in a press briefing abruptly canceling that briefing when he was asked questions about this. watch. >> so, any questions? anybody? anybody? oh, there right in front of me, yes. >> thank you, senator. so, regarding the controversy surrounding councilman omar. >> so can we do off topic questions when we finish? i will happily sit -- stand and talk with you about that. is there anything on this piece of legislation that is out there? i can't see the people in the back. such a big room? no questions on that? then i'm going to end this
6:37 am
press conference and let my colleague here take the long -- are you walking all the way back over there? >> sandra: clearly a moment where the senator chose to dodge questions about ilhan omar and her controversial remarks. at least on camera we should say. >> he absolutely should know better. what's unfortunate is with these different democrats running for president instead of the people who know better leading the radical left of their party to tell them when they're wrong when anti-semitic trope gets flung. if you support israel that must mean you are bought off by jews or if you support or want to strengthen the u.s. israel relationship you must have allegiance to a foreign government. that radical fringe left takes over more and more of his party. it's scare qua to think that he believes and others are calculating that their own path to the democratic nomination is to elevate, empower this hate rather than crush it. >> martha: interesting to see that there were some
6:38 am
pro-israel lawmakers that voted for the measure but clearly made statements that showed that they were not happy about it owe will have to make this brief but ted deutsche a democrat from florida. voted for it would having this debate because of the language one of our colleagues suggest jews like me who serve in the u.s. and congress and whose father earned a purple heart fighting the bulge are not americans? why are we not able to singular condemn anti-semitism? why did they vote in favor of this measure? >> this is -- i mean, reluctantly, they certainly wanted to and it's very personal and emotional for them. they wanted to singular emphatically forcefully combat anti-semitism. i don't want to knock them for voting yes on this resolution. congressman ted deutsche as you point out and congressman josh scott heimer. chairman eliot engel you played a clip from jerry nadler.
6:39 am
nita lowe ended up in this back and forth. a number of democrats have been outspoken to crush the anti-semitism that ilhan omar is pushing. i actually would give them credit regardless of whether they voted yes or no or yesterday's resolution for speaking out as much as they have been. >> sandra: we heard you speaking out on the issue. thanks for joining us this morning. congressman lee zeldin from new york. >> thank you. >> sandra: thank you. ♪ >> this campaign is about -- is not only that we're going to win the democratic nomination it's not only that we are going to defeat donald trump. we are going to transform this country and create an economy and a government that works for all of us. >> bill: is he on the road and getting quite a reception. bernie sanders generating big buzz in iowa. no surprise given the strong showing back in 2016 and live in des moines peter
6:40 am
doocy is following him there. hey, peter. >> bill, thousands of loyal sanders' supporters jumped at their first chance to see him back in iowa this cycle. and they are really excited to have a second chance to support him in the caucuses. and this nominating process that they insist is going to go differently than last time. >> i think that the support is there. i think the grassroots aren't going to let the dnc do what they did last time. so, i'm confident that we're going to get the win this time. >> i feel like a lot of us, you see all the democratic candidates. a lot of the them are falling on the platform that bernie initially proposed and brought up. as they originate that and bring it more mainstream that ups his janss of being the og if you will. >> hillary is not running so they can't rig the election. [laughter] you want my honest opinion. >> the second sanders iowa campaign comes with a new reminder that in 2016 he started out with just 3%
6:41 am
approval in iowa. then almost won the caucuses. but the core of his pitch is the same. medicare for all. federal jobs guarantee, tuition-free college. how many of you here now are dealing with student debt? [cheers] >> yes. and the crime have you committed once you decided to get the best education, let me be very clear. as president, we are going to substantially lower student debt in this country. [cheers] >> sanders doesn't describe what he is doing right now as a campaign but instead a political revolution and at least for now primary state voters early primary state voters seem to be on board with that. bill? >> bill: peter doocy live in des moines. thank you, peter. >> sandra: meanwhile the president has just left the white house. is he on his way down to alabama where a tornado swept through and devastated communities there. on his way out the door. he stopped and talked to
6:42 am
reporters. so far we know he is talking about the economy and the stock market. and the trade deal with china and more. once we get that we will turn that around for you and play that for you. the president on his way to alabama. we'll be right back. the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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and if you have any medical conditions. so, what do you think? now i feel i can do more to go beyond lowering a1c. ask your doctor about jardiance today. ♪ [talking at the same time] >> bill: let's see what happens tomorrow. president trump's reaction after new satellite images show fresh activity at a north korean missile site pyongyang calling out u.s. exercises in south korea is an open challenge. those exercises, however, have been severely curtailed. how are you doing republican from new york peter king and welcome back to our program here. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: maybe that was the sense we got leaving hanoi there would be another summit. what do you think north korea is up to now as you mind read the movement of chairman kim? >> i didn't trust north korea then. i don't trust him now.
6:46 am
all that's going to work with them is constant pressure and letting them know we are not going to back down. we have to assume they are going to have to cheat. assume they keep their nuclear weapons no matter what. i give the president credit to matter what he is trying to do. keep the sanctions on. i believe it's important that we keep at least some military activity in the south. i think the military exercises are important because, again, really all kim jong un is like an organized crime leader who runs an organized crime family and he calls it north korea. there is no reason for him to be there other than to have nuclear weapons. we have to keep that in mind in dealing with him. on the other hand, if we can put pressure on him and pressure on china, then it can cause them to cut back. i think that's why the president can be successful if he stays on it and doesn't look any kind of quick solution. >> bill: everyone is in agreement the military exercises are important. seems to be a concession with chairman kim. he wakes up and thinks he can be annihilated any tuesday of any day of the
6:47 am
year exercises the pulling back seems to be concession to bring him around. this site however is a different deal. if they're getting ready for another launch, this is the location where you have the icbm capability of reaching the united states. that would escalate it, i do believe yet again, sir. >> it would to me dramatically escalate it. also mean we would have to, i believe, heighten the sanctions and also put more pressure on china and we should go back to having full scale military exercises in the south. he has to realize, kim has to realize that this deal means a lot more to him than it does to us. we can survive. he cannot. if it comes down to it. god forbid nobody wants that we also have to be careful not to scare away our allies. japan has to know we will be there and stay there tijuana shoultaiwanand south korea. combination of the president putting pressure on china, putting pressure on north korea and not trying to get any kind of a quick deal and i would not trust him as far
6:48 am
as you could throw him. the idea all is he going to respond to is pressure and power. we have to keep it on him. >> bill: flaked in the past as you well know. what do you think of the comment from the president we will let you know in a year. what does that tell you? >> again, a lot of things going on behind the scenes. i don't expect the president to be telling us all is he doing or planning to do. i do have a lot of faith in secretary pompeo and john bolton. i believe the president realizes certainly after this second summit that kim jong un is in for his own survival and that we -- all he is going to respond to is constant pressure and a heavy hand. >> bill: last point on this. it was quite clear in hanoi that the sanctions are working. economically he is strangled and is he trying to figure out a way out of it. he also wants to hang on the power and in all likelihood he wants to hang on some measure of his nuclear arsenal. can he run the table on all three, do you think? eventually? >> i think it will be difficult for him to do that. unless -- i don't see how they can survive if we really keep the sanctions
6:49 am
on, really squeeze them and really just keep that pressure on them. and also, again, simultaneously putting pressure on china. north korea cannot survive without china. and china does not want to have a land war on its border. any kind of nuclear war on its border. so we have to make it clear to china it's in their interest to have him scale back. whether or not he is going to give up all his weapons or scale them back dramatically. we should be pushing for everything certainly at the very least getting a scale back in his weapons otherwise keep those sanctions on. >> bill: many of these roads lead back to beijing. i know you have a vote coming up. we will let you run. peter king from new york, thank you. >> thank you, bill. >> sandra: paul manafort sentenced to nearly four years in prison but it's got nothing to do with russia. >> there is absolutely no evidence that par paul manafort was involved with any collusion with any government official from russia. >> sandra: that was his attorney there yesterday reacting to the sentencing from a federal judge alan
6:50 am
dershowitz will join us on that and more. plus, more actual two dozen avalanches, warning from officials on the ground next. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today.
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>> bill: in a moment here we are going to play you the comments the president made on the south lawn of the white house. he is getting ready to depart for alabama. the play back runs about 7 minutes in length. we picked up some comments already about the economy, jobs numbers out 90 minutes ago. some comments on china as well. there is some talk as to whether or not this summit with president xi would happen or not and just getting word, too, we talked about the democrats becoming the anti-israel party. certainly that's in light of the discussions that they have had on capitol hill in this resolution that was passed late yesterday. >> sandra: out of the gate he made comment on the
6:54 am
economy after this disappointing jobs report this morning. we are only 20,000 jobs were added in the latest month that was a disappointment from what economists were forecasting. but he said it's really all about wages. wages are going up. the economy is doing well. he says he is happy about that. the economy is very strong. talked about the stock market doing well. he went on to talk about the next meeting with xi what's going to happen there and trade deal with china. he said we are going to get something done. if it's a bad deal he won't take it we expect him to say this all in a few moments. >> bill: asked about michael cohen lawsuit against the president white house the trump organization called it the most ridiculous lawsuit. here we go from the south lawn prior to the departure for lee county in alabama. >> at any time for a long, long time. wages are going up. first time for many years. i talked about it during the campaign for over 20 years. i'm happy about that. the economy is very, very
6:55 am
strong. if you look at the stock market over the last few months it's been great. and certainly since my election it's up getting close to 50%. the stock market. so we are obviously very happy with that we will, i think as soon as these trade deals are done, if they get done and we are working with china. we will see what happens. but i think you are going to ski a very big spike. a lot of people are waiting to see what happens with the china deal. mexico, canada is done. we will be submitting to congress very shortly. and that's a great deal for the united states. so we are very happy about that. and i am now, as you know, going to alabama. some of you are joining me but i look forward to it. i will be meeting with governor ivey, the people of alabama. they got hit very hard by the tornadoes. we are stopping there. and then we are going to florida and we're going to do a lot of work. we will be working very hard.
6:56 am
[inaudible] >> i feel very badly for paul manafort. i think it's been a very, very tough time for him. if you notice both his lawyer, the a highly respected man and a highly respected judge. the judge said there was no collusion with russia. this had nothing to do with collusion there was no collusion. it's a collusion hoax. it's a collusion witch hoax. i don't collude with russia. i just want to tell you that his lawyer went out of his way, actually, to make a statement last night, no collusion with russia. there was absolutely none. the judge, i mean, for whatever reason, i was very honored by it. also made the statement that this had nothing to do with collusion with russia. so, you know, keep it going. keep the hoax going. just a hoax. senator burr said there is no collusion. you look at devin nunes and the house intelligence
6:57 am
commission committee, they said there is no collusion. and guess what? there is none. [inaudible] >> what? [inaudible] >> well, it's a step. i think you will probably find out it averages out. the unemployment rate just went lower. we're down now to 3.8%. so we had very good news in that. i think the big news really is that wages went up. and that's great for the american worker. that's something people -- i don't know if they ever expected to see it. yeah? >> mr. president, we are hearing from china that they are not really positive about a trade deal and perhaps [inaudible] may have it. where is that. >> i haven't heard that i think they are doing well. if it happened that way, we will do even better. we will do very well either way with or without a deal. you are telling me something that i have not heard. [inaudible] >> sure, i'm confident. but if we don't make a very good deal for our country i
6:58 am
wouldn't make a deal. if this isn't a great deal, i won't make a deal. [inaudible] >> say it? [inaudible] >> i don't even discuss it. the only one discussing it is you. i haven't discussed it. i know that in watching and seeing you folks at night that michael cohen lied about the pardon. it was a stone cold lie and he has lied about a lot of things. when he lied about the pardon, that was really a lie. and he knew all about pardons. his lawyer said that they went to my lawyers and asked for pardons. and i can go a step above that but i won't go to it now. [inaudible] >> why what? [inaudible] >> it's the most ridiculous suit i have ever seen. bad lawyer. i had a bad lawyer. go ahead. that happens.
6:59 am
[inaudible] >> we will make a comment on it later. >> you are competing with a helicopter, john. >> on immigration and what's going on in congress now, are you certain that they will not be able to override your veto? >> well, i think it's going very well. the border, we are doing a great job. we are apprehending record numbers of people, 75,000 over the last short period of time, that's a lot of work. and with a wall we wouldn't have to do it. no, i think we are doing fine in congress. they understand it's an emergency. [inaudible] >> time will tell. i have a feeling that our relationship with north korea, kim jong un and myself, chairman kim, i think it's a very good one. i think it remains good. i would be surprised in a
7:00 am
negative way if he did anything that was not per our understanding, but we will see what happens. look, when i came in, under the obama administration, north korea was a disaster. you were going to war, folks, whether you know it or not. you were going to war. there was no talking. there was testing. we didn't have you are people back. we didn't have our great hostages back. now we are getting the remains. we are doing a lot of things now this was a disaster. i inherited a mess. in many ways i inherited. the middle east i inherited a mess. it's straightening out a lot. we are doing very well there i inherited a mess. [inaudible] >> wait, wait. i inherited a mess with north korea and right now you have no testing. have you no nothing. let's see what happens. but i would be very disappointed if i saw testing.
7:01 am
[inaudible] >> i thought yesterday's vote by the house was disgraceful. because it's become the -- the democrats have become anti--party. they have become anti-jewish party. and i thought that vote was a disgrace and so does everybody else if you get an honest answer. if you get an honest answer from politicians they thought it was a disgrace. the democrats have become an anti israel party. they have become anti-jewish party. and that's too bad. i'm going to alabama. [inaudible] >> bill: pretty much ran the table china, north korea, omar at the end. democrat have become anti-jewish, anti-israel party. it's been one of the main starters for the past week
7:02 am
in washington. >> the first lady and his son joining him now. he is heading down to alabama after which they will be on their way to florida. first they will go visit and seat devastation firsthand from one of the hardest hit communities there. but ahead of that. you just heard at the end there, he started on the economy. and on the controversial remarks regarding congresswoman omar saying that vote in the house yesterday called it a disgrace. saying the democrat have become an anti israel party. the anti-jewish party. the president saying that several times as he now boards marine one. >> bill: think relative to comments paul manafort the sentence came out about 7:00 east coast time less than four years in jail. heavy fine along the way. quote, i feel very badly for paul manafort. no collusion with russia. his attorney said that last night so then keep it going the president said. with regard to the economy, wages went up. a lot of attention over at our fox business you talked with maria a short time ago. i also think the comments regarding north korea some
7:03 am
of these were repeated from yesterday. it remains good when he describes his relationship with chairman kim. we will see what happens. that is in light of these reports about the icbm launch pad being revisited. okay, live picture there. there we go. the first family is going to get aboard air force one there. and probably not going to comment here but those remarks regarding north korea is really something to watch over the weekend. sometimes you get the sense that you never know if you are going to wake up on sunday mornings and see that news alert on your phone and see that north korea has test-fired another missile or rocket. we hope that is not the case. i know the president thinks that as well. and the commentary yesterday about suggesting we will know in a year alluded, to i believe, sandra, the possibility of a summit that came after hanoi. >> sandra: if you are confused what went on here that was tape play back of the president as he was leaving the white house along with the first lady and his son and then we are
7:04 am
now in live shots. the marine one then landed at joint base andrews and now they board air force one. in route to alabama. he did end with those comments on that vote in the house yesterday calling that disgrace. mike emanuel on that anti-hate resolution and congresswoman omar, this story continued this morning. where is it now? mike? >> sandra, bill, good morning to you. one of the know votes came from wyoming congresswoman liz cheney who blasted representative ilhan omar saying representative omar's comments were wrong and she has proven multiple times that she elm bodies a vile hate filled anti-semitic anti-israel bigotry. she deserves to be rebuked by name and removed from the house foreign affairs committee. omar did not speak yesterday but been a lightning rod since coming to congress in january. several times she has offended lawmakers with her comments support for israel. leading house democrats says
7:05 am
omar has learned from this experience. >> i don't think she meant it as anti-semitic. i know she believes that the state of israel should exist. i have talked to my colleague rasheda tlaib numerous times and she has strong feelings, but she believes that israel should exist. >> a leading house republican on the house floor during the time of the debate said the lesson here is pretty simple. >> for the second time in 8 weeks, i am here with my friend from new york debating a resolution that all of us should have learned in kindergarten, be nice. don't hate. this resolution doesn't need to be seven pages. >> be nice, don't hate. some of omar's freshman colleagues jumped to her defense. exposed some division in the house democratic ranks. it certainly took house democrats off message for much of this week. sandra? bill? >> sandra: mike emanuel, thank you: starting point
7:06 am
for the a team juan williams political co-host of "the five." ed henry, our friday a team kicking things off here. you just heard a democrat making the case that perhaps ilhan omar she didn't mean these remarks to be anti-semitic. you heard a similar comment from nancy pelosi her briefing yesterday making the case she didn't know the weight of her word. >> democrats said that so many times when president trump made controversial comments. he didn't really mean it that's one of many absurdities in this whole debate. give me a break. another thing when you look at the resolution to not name the congresswoman who said these things and we could debate whether, you know, it was anti-semitic or not, they brought the house together to condemn the remarks. they didn't name her. i went back and looked. steve king, a republican made very hateful comments himself about white supremacy and in january,
7:07 am
the house then led by republicans, the first line of the resolution i have got it on my phone condemning and ken suring representative steve king of iowa. why can't the democrats call it what it is. >> bill: it was almost as if she was looking for a way out of this, juan. >> juan: i think what you are seeing here is there is a tremendous effort by republicans to divide democrats along the lines and specifically you can peal away support. >> you are blaming the republicans. you wanted to do that you could pass two resolutions one that specifically condemns the comments by ilhan omar and one that condemns all forms of bigotry or hate speech anywhere in this country or anywhere in the world. >> juan: no. because what you have here is a situation where we have not passed resolutions condemning islamophobia. we don't pass resolutions condemning antiblack kinds of racist behavior in the country. so all of the sudden in this moment, in this regard we
7:08 am
are going to highlight this new muslim congresswoman and say that she did something that was so wrong when, in fact, as you point out, i think sandra pointed out, nancy pelosi and others say she believes in the state of israel and her criticism was of israel not of jewish people. she made a mistake by using trope that have a historic rest nance in terms of things like it's all about the benjamins. but there is no doubt that aipac is all about cementing u.s. support for israel as it is. under president trump we have seen the united states government abandon the idea of a two-state solution. no such work going on. we have seen him move the capital of israel to jerusalem and abandon the iran deal. he is in lock step. >> ed: we are shifting this allotted from. >> is this donald trump's fault? >> hang on, juan. >> seen the top democratic candidates on the take omar's position. >> this week was so 20189
7:09 am
and elm beds where we are in american politics. house overwhelmingly backs resolution imposing hate. if you are not paying attention to the news this week you probably think that's a great thing. okay, great, let's move on with our lives. if you have paid attention to all of the twists and turns. huge distraction for democrats. supposed to be focused on another bill big win for them. nobody is talking about that bill. also allowed congresswoman omar to turn this into a victory. she issued a statement that said that we're making great progress. we just condemned islamophobia and she is now taking that mantel and saying great week. great. >> bill: cory booker, had a press conference, or so it seems anyway. [laughter] >> ed: not really. >> so, any questions? anybody? oh, there, right in front of me. yes? >> thank you, senator. regarding the controversy surrounding congresswoman omar. >> so can we do off topic questions when we finish i will happily sit -- stand and talk with you about
7:10 am
that? is there anything on this piece of legislation that is out there? i can't see the people in the back. such a big room. no questions on that? okay. then i'm going to end this press conference and let my colleague here take a long -- are you walking all the way back over there? >> bill: he is looking out there. profiles in courage. >> ed: i am spartacus. now nancy pelosi, wait, she campaigned we are going to talk about jobs, healthcare, all these wonderful kitchen table issues. have they talked about any of that? they are talking about omar. they are talking about a 1 letters to trump associates. they promise we are not focused on impeachment. we are focused on the american people. really? >> sandra: rolling stone cover because we remember this and it brings up the very important question over nancy pelosi' leadership of her party and of these new
7:11 am
members of congress, juan. >> juan: i think it was a victory for her in the sense that she maintained a unified democratic caucus yesterday on the voted. the danger was that they would split, that you would see people who said they viewed omar's comments as so offensive that they could not go along. instead, she was able to kind of package in such a way the anti-hate business. that everybody voted for it. the only opposition came from 23 republicans who are making the point that you have made earlier oh, why don't you name omar specifically about. >> sandra: did you like what happened with this resolution? did you like the watered down version? >> juan: i don't think it's watered down. i think anti-hate is a good thing. i don't think we call people out every time they make anti-semitic. >> bill: sort of side steps the target, don't you think? >> how is that? >> bill: omar made the comments it's back on her. >> first of all, i think what omar said specifically and the offensive part was one about the benjamins, two about people being encouraged to be loyal to israel even though they are
7:12 am
sitting in the united states plays on anti-semitic trope. >> bill: shelby, the democrats become anti-jewish, anti-semitic problem. >> that's a problem for democrats whether or not it's true and i don't think that that's a fair comment to make. now faced with this republicans seizing on this issue exploiting the divilses in the republican party. both party are very divided at this point. it gives the republican as lot of fodder to go after them. and when you talk to moderate democrats, their job is to be passing legislation. they want to be get things done. they don't want to be focused on resolutions week after week and sniping across the aisle and going after their own colleagues. this is a problem for all of them, the few in the house who are loud. they get all the attention, the squeaky wheel get the attention. it's unfortunate for everybody. yeah, i think these attacks are just only beginning. >> ed: that's why when juan says this is a victory for nancy pelosi. juan, the last few days of focus of these comments, how
7:13 am
could that possibly be a victory for nancy pelosi for the democrats and she may have quote, unquote, won the news cycle by brushing this aside but shelby's point about is there a lasting impact with jewish voters? >> juan: i don't think so. i mean, one of the things about the president's comments is he was getting on the plane is it is so incredibly blunt an instrument. remember only 6% of jews voted for donald trump in 2016. i think what you see is ivankevangelize christians huge supporters of jews for their own reasons. moving the capital to jerusalem has not engendered more support from jews in the united states. this is, as you just heard from donald trump an effort to make it out that there is only one party that supports israel in the united states and that's the republican party. well, this is a huge diss distortion. it's not in touch with reality. each yesterday you heard from people like bernie sanders who is jewish saying this is an effort to somehow put a damper on honest
7:14 am
conversation about u.s. foreign policy. >> bill: we will watch how it plays out. we will pass a resolution on you three real soon. >> juan: is it all about weekend love? >> bill: resolution shelby we always love her. resolution on juan is he has worked on us over the years. >> ed: bill hemmer king of hanoi. we were in hanoi together. >> bill: stand by. we have more coming up here. >> sandra: we will speak to one of the republicans who voted against the watered down resolution in the house. wyoming congresswoman liz cheney will join us live in the next hour of "america's newsroom." top of the hour. >> bill: looking forward to that 15 after the hour. two big stories now developing at this hour. the president sounding off on his former attorney michael cohen moments ago as we now learned that some of the staff from the intel committee chair adam schiff actually met with cohen more than four times for period of 10 hours ahead of that explosive hearing. so was the testimony real or orchestrated? we will talk to jim jordan and get reaction from him coming up live in a moment.
7:15 am
>> sandra: paul manafort 47 months in prison shy of four years. the judge making one things very clear, the case has nothing to do with russian collusion. what happens knicks with all o --next with all of this. alan dershowitz will be here with all of that. >> judge t.s. ellis in the manafort sentencing today said pretty much what michael cohen said in sworn testimony last week which is there is no russian collusion. this isn't just any moving day.
7:16 am
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7:19 am
stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> i know that in watching and seeing you folks at night that michael cohen lied about the pardon. stone cold lie. and he has lied about a lot of things, but when he lied about the pardon, that was really a lie. and he knew all about pardons. his lawyer said that they went to my lawyers and asked for pardons. and i could go a step above that but i won't go do it now. >> sandra: president trump just moments ago leaving the white house lashing out as his former personal attorney michael cohen. this on the heels of lanny davis michael cohen's attorney confirming to fox news this morning that cohen met with democratic staff four times in new york 10 hours ahead of that testimony last week. ohio congressman mike turner
7:20 am
racking saying. this today michael cohen's attorney confirmed that democratic staff traveled on taxpayers' dime four times to new york and met with a convicted felon to prepare him for his congressional appearances. alan dershowitz harvard law professor emeritus author of the book the democratic house impeaching trump joins us now. professor, thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> sandra: what can you tell us about the legality of what may or may not have happened here about what we know so far? >> well certainly it's perfectly lawful for democratic staffs to travel to prepare a witness. that happens every day. i don't know what the fuss is about that. it really depends on what the nature of the preparation was, obviously. no lawyers is a loued to encourage a client to exaggerate a story. if they are just preparing them it sounds like me it's a way exaggeration it's on the dime of the government to paying for a couple of train fes to prepare a witness doesn't sound to me like anything unusual.
7:21 am
>> bill: what was your read on the commentary from yesterday about the reporting that he sought a pardon and then you know what these opening statements said he never sought a pardon. do you believe he per injured himself on that point the way you heard it or not? >> well it certainly seems logical that he would have sought a pardon. before you can have purge perjuy you have to have clear evidence that he lied. i'm not in favor of using the khalil criminal law and weaponizing it against anybody republicans or democrats. you have to have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime was committed. i have to tell you people have been talking about the manafort sentence as a low sentence. that's a very harsh sentence for a man of his age. he may very well die in prison. what judge ellis did, and i think he was right, he said look, i understand what's going on here. they never had any interest in manafort. he was collateral damage. they went after him in order
7:22 am
to get trump. it didn't work. he has been convicted of a crime now i'm going to give him a reasonable sentence, a long sentence for somebody his age. >> bill: let me come back to manafort in a moment. on the cohen thing though, this was not a question and answer. it was written down. it was part of his statement. does that make a difference for you? >> i think it really depends on what influence the lawyers or the staffers may have had on his testimony. they are not allowed to tell him what to say, obviously. on the other hand, they are allowed to suggest what the areas of interest are of the members of congress. i think it has to be looked into very carefully but with a presumption of innocence. sannen i want to get back to this idea that cohen would have been meeting with adam schiff's staff what we are learning on this. devin nunes said this earlier. i'm going to listen to this first and ask you a follow-up.
7:23 am
>> it shouldn't be shocking, right? this is the -- they continue to do this. they met with cohen. they clearly were trying to devise how they are going to roll out a new narrative. the last two weeks was all about rolling out a new narrative. >> sandra: obviously, republicans are going to want to continue to dig into this issue. what is there, professor? >> i don't think there is anything there. i think if republicans were in the house control today and they were calling hillary clinton people who were going to testify against hillary clinton or against democrats they would be sending people to new york to help prepare their testimony. the question is what did they say? there is no lawyer-client privilege. the staffers can actually be called to testify. so can cohen be called. and asked what it was they said. if they told him what to say, if they put lies in his mouth, obviously, that's one thing. but we can't presume that we have to presume that they just did what lawyers and staffers do all the time. and that is help prepare
7:24 am
witnesses, cover the areas that want to be discussed. this sounds like a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. >> bill: let's move to manafort then. here is the tweet from the president. you heard his comments a minute ago. here is what he said earlier, both the judge and the lawyer he writes in the manafort case stated loudly and for the world to hear there was no collusion with russia but the witch-hunt hoax continues as you now add these statements to house and senate intelligence and senator burr, so bad for our country. kevin downing came out last night, a long-time attorney for paul manafort a couple of years now and said the follow about his responsibility. >> in court today mr. manafort finally got to speak for himself. he made it clear he accepts responsibility for his conduct. and i think most importantly what you saw today is the same thing that we had said from day one. there is absolutely no evidence that paul manafort was involved with any collusion with any
7:25 am
government official from russia. >> bill: so then, sir, where are we today after the sentence of last night? >> well, we are in a situation where a lot of people are going to jail for long periods of time because they were closely associated with president trump. and because the special counsel and other prosecutors want to squeeze them. they want to make him sing. some of them not only sing but they come pos. compose. those are the words of judge he will lilsz. he saw through. this he is one of the few courageous judges willing to say in public what others are saying in private. these folks are being prosecuted not necessarily because of what they did, although what they did is wrong and they were uncovered doing wrong as a result of their close association with trump. but the reason they were investigated in the first place was to get them to testify against trump. that's the way the system works. it shouldn't work that way. it's an abuse. but it's been that way for a long time.
7:26 am
as a civil libertarian i have been arguing against that process for the last 50 years. now, finally people are listening because it affects the president of the united states. >> bill: he goes before another judge midweek next week. do you have a guess what happens then during that sentencing? >> i think he is going to get a harsher sentence. this other judge has been so clearly violating the first amendment rights of stone. her gag order where is the aclu in this case? for a judge to tell a defendant that he can't speak out on his own behalf? can't defend himself in the court of public opinion? i can't imagine a more core violation of the first amendment. but you know there is no such thing as a violation of the first amendment if it involves somebody close to trump when it comes to the aclu. they have become such a partisan organization. >> bill: professor, thank you for your time. alan dershowitz with us today out of florida. >> sandra: thank you, professor. now to the staggering numbers from border patrol. tens of thousands of migrants, families apprehended at the border in just one u.s. city. we have a live report on
7:27 am
that next. >> bill: also, new jobs report out on the economy for the month of february adding about 20,000. well under the number. but the unemployment rate dropped as well. david asman is going to break it down and tell you what you need to know coming up next. like lobster lover's dream and new ultimate lobsterfest surf and turf. so come lobsterfest today! and now for a limited time, get ten percent off red lobster to go. we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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they can say yes when banks say no. let newday usa help you buy your own home. go to or call 1-844-960-3696 >> the unemployment rate just went lower. we are down now to 3.8%. we had very good news on that. the big news really is that wages went up. and that's great for the american worker. that's something people i don't know if they ever expected to see it. >> bill: president trump moment ago. you saw it live to tape i should say in "america's newsroom." autopsoptimistic on the economy. only 20,000 jobs added much less than expected but the unemployment rate dropped to 3.8%. that's cool. wages are higher that's cool. host of "bull & bears" is david asman. >> sandra: cool. >> bill: he is cool. he joins us now.
7:32 am
what's your assessment? >> my assessment is i imagine the president is going to be accused of putting lipstick on a pig they were expecting 180,000 jobs. they got 20,000. when you are expecting 180,000 of something and get 20 of it that's bad news. he is right that the wages went up. wages rose 3.4%. month to month if you compare this last month february 2019 with february 2018. that's the biggest jump since 2009. so, it's very important when people's wages go up. the fact that the unemployment rate is so low right now means that people who are looking for jobs can kind of stick it to the employers a little more. say, look, if you really want me that bad you will have continue to crease the wages. that's exactly what's going on with regard to wage growth now. that's good news. >> bill: she has a theory on this. sandra thinks the longer. >> sandra: trade is issue. manufacturers are holding off. right now it's the white house putting out that they are optimistic a deal will
7:33 am
get done. still a wait and see and still a big uncertainty. >> one reason the market didn't collapsed this morning. looked like futures were way down and now it's a down market don't get me down and that's not a good thing. 150 is not 400 or 500 points which a lot of people thought. one reason why is because the rest of the world is doing so awful where else are you going to put your money? china is doing terribly. china's growth is slowing down to a dribble. europe is just doing awful. europe now has something called negative interest rates you may have heard of that. if you want to park your money in a treasury bill in europe you have to pay them to hold your money. it's crazy. so are you going to do that or are you going to put your money in the u.s. stock market where not only are you going to see an increase over time but you will also get dividends. >> sandra: where the bull run continues tomorrow marks the 10-year anniversary of the longest bull market in history. >> we were there at its low point. >> sandra: we went through the financial crisis together on fbn, david.
7:34 am
and here we are 10 years later and this market continues to go up is there any sign that this bull market is -- >> a lot of people say it's been 10 years since the low point. remember, we had the worst recovery ever. president obama, god love him. he did some awful things with regard to economic policy. when you are in the midst of a recession to come out of it a president usually lowers tax rates and lowers regulations he did exactly the opposite. he increased regulations tremendously. he increased the tax rates which made it harder for businesses to do business and it made it less profitable for them to do business. the recovery really hasn't been for 10 years. it wasn't until donald trump came in released the animal spirits if you will of the economy by lowering tax rates dramatically lowering regulations. remember it was 22-1 every new regulation he got rid of 22 regulations. that's when the market really began to take off. and, again, where else are you going to put your money. the dow jones industrial is
7:35 am
at 25,000 now. it was 18,000 when donald trump was elected. that's a huge increase and i think it does have room to run. >> bill: we have time for the facebook story here. >> good. >> bill: market headline. >> i love it. >> bill: a big conundrum for facebook. what is he trying to do? >> well, let's remember what the lure of facebook is. the lure of facebook is suddenly you have thousands of friends. it's wonderful to have a social network where have you hundreds or thousands of friends. what he wants -- the problem with that is that your privacy is invaded by all these people and all these advertisers who -- facebook is making money off of by getting details about how you live your life. he says he wants to have a smaller, more private network. if he does that, he takes away some of the allure of facebook because smaller means you have fewer friends. smaller means advertisers will not have this huge pool of customers that they can target specifically. so how do you get a more
7:36 am
private network, a smaller more private network and still have the allure of, you know, what the users love, which are thousands of friends or what advertisers love which are millions and even billions of people to target. so it's a real conundrum. the one thing that makes me not rule out what his plans is he is a genius. sea genius. he is the smartest guy in the room wherever he is. he may find an answer to this. i wouldn't rule him out entirely. >> sandra: answering to users and that lack of trust from so many issues. final question to both of you. best performing dow stock over that 10-year period what was it? >> apple. >> sandra: all right. fine. number two? >> bill: no, no. it was tim apple. [laughter] >> sandra: number two was boeing. three was united health and four and five, i have and american express. >> i won't tell you all the dumb things i have done in my life because that would take hours and hours. the smartest thing i ever did when you and i were
7:37 am
covering the bottom of the market i bought apple. it ain't going to go any lower than. this just come out with the iphone in 2007. i knew it was going to go somewhere. >> sandra: good job. >> bill: 250,000 on the side will keep you vested, too. >> sandra: fox news alert. border patrol agents have their hands full in el paso, texas. federal officials say they have apprehended now more than 36,000 families over just the last five months at the southern border. and thousands more are waiting on the other side in mexico. casey stegall is live in dallas with the details on this. casey? >> and, sandra, a nearly 1700 percent increase. you heard that right. 1700. that's what it works out to be. the most notable part about that statistic some context for you last year in that particular region, in the el paso sector of border patrol during the same five-month period agents arrested
7:38 am
roughly 2,000 family units. present day as you said the number more than 36,000. a nearly 1700 percent increase. just this week more than 700 migrants were detained in a single day. unaccompanied 2-year-old child a prison gang member and two soshedz were amongst those in the group according to cbp. seeing increased activity in remote locations like antelope wells, new mexico still falls under the sector. back in january 250 migrants showed up taking agents by surprise. the feds say it's all part of new trends they are seeing. folks traveling in larger numbers. the vast majority as we know seeking asylum. >> what's notable is that these are not just your common apprehensions of border patrol chasing people around looking for them. these are groups, large groups, at least 27 of more
7:39 am
than 100 people each group. walking around this port of entry and turning themselves in to agents. >> this is another photo out of new mexico, also back in january where group of about 300 central americans showed up to turn themselves in. agents report one man had a flesh eating bacteria and was medically treated. but officers say these recent encounters show and prove just how brazen those smugglers and cartels can be, always changing their routes. their routines their practices to try and stay one step ahead of border patrol agents. and throw them off. sandra? >> sandra: casey stegall in dallas for us. thank you, casey. ♪ >> sandra: now to this fox news alert. the man oallegedly kidnapped jayme closs and her murdered parents -- and medical record derderian hemurdered hert behind bars. what wrote to a local tv station that made him take
7:40 am
the 13-year-old. why he did it. we have this for you next. >> bill: also in a moment you might remember oversight ranking member jim jordan asking michael cohen if he was coached before that explosive hearing about a week ago. >> what did you talk to mr. schiff about. >> i spoke to mr. schiff about topics that were going to be raised at the upcoming hearing. >> sandra: what were house dems discussing with cohen and as we continue to learn more about the potential discrepancies in his entire testimony. ohio congressman jim jordan, there he is. he will be leading the charge and joins us next. ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating.
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>> i have lied but i am not a liar. and i have done bad things but i am not a bad man. i have fixed things but i'm no longer your fixer, mr. trump.
7:45 am
>> bill: that testimony from michael cohen under a microscope jim jordan with the house oversight committee with us now. welcome back to our program. here is the story that catherine herridge gives us from washington. apparently cohen made four trips to new york city to meet with staff members related to adam schiff is that normal or is that unusual? and if you have a contentious witness as michael cohen's testimony clearly showed last week, does the majority party have an obligation to share that pre-hearing testimony and interview with you? >> no. this was all points to. we should have had a deposition which we asked for. you have a deposition behind closed doors and then both sides get to ask. they did 10 hours of preparation with this witness and he came in front of congress and still lied to us. we think now a total of 8 lies. there is always, bill, a little bit of interaction with a witness prior to a hearing but 10 hours, several trips to his location in new york, that is very unusual particularly when we asked for a deposition and weren't given that opportunity.
7:46 am
>> bill: you said 8 lies, sorry, sandra, what did he lie about? name the eight. >> i can't name all eight of them right now. we said six last week. i can name the three big ones. he said evidence never wanted to work at the white house. we know he did. he said he didn't seeing a pardon, which we now we know he did his lawyers talked about this. now we have this discrepancy in what he said that he and mr. schiff talked about and what mr. schiff said. remember, mr. cohen said last week under oath that they talked about topics that were going to be raised at the hearing. mr. schiff in an interview said no, no, no, no. i just alleviated any fears he had and talked about practical concerns about when to show up and when to report. those are two different stories and someone isn't being straight with it. there are a number of situations where a number of instances where we think mr. cohen gave us false statements and that's why we sent a criminal referral letter to the justice department and frankly we are going to send another one because we have learned a few more things since his testimony last week. >> sandra: got it. i want to get to that in a second. first shear adam schiff in his own words as you just described. >> the extent of my contact
7:47 am
was just inviting him to testify and also trying to allay his concerns about the president's threats against him and his family. >> yeah, sandra, and that takes 10 hours? he did that in about four seconds. so, 10 hours and -- i think the average person would say wait a minute, something else is going on here. >> sandra: obviously have you your concerns. what do you do about it? what are you asking for in the oversight committee and elijah cummings the chairman? >> mostly what we are asking for if you remember last week at the start of the hearing chairman cummings said mr. cohen if you are not square with us, if you say false things, i'm going to hold you accountable. we know he said at least three false things i just pointed those out and we think five or six others. what is chairman cummings going to do? here's the problem. when yowhen your star witness ft witness of the 116th congress going to prison for lying to congress, when you bring him in, probably shouldn't surprise us that he lies again. and that's exactly what
7:48 am
happened. >> bill: he was sentenced on the 12th of december. he goes to jail on the 6th of may. a five month delay. are you going to see him again before he checks in? >> well, i don't know. we haven't called for that we will see what mr. cummings wants to do. i asked him this yesterday in a hearing i said look, you were very clear last week at the start of the hearing if michael cohen says false things you will hold him accountable and do something to hold him accountable. we have yet to see anything from him. although, again, mr. meadows and i plan on sending as i said a second letter, criminal referral letter to the justice department in light of this new issue. >> bill: how often is it in criminal cases like this where you get a delay of five months before you have to report? >> i don't know. he had some health concerns. i think resulted in -- remember he was supposed to report two days ago march 6th. got pushed back two months because of some health concerns that were raised. i don't know what is typical in these situations.
7:49 am
all i know is this was their star witness. this is the guy who is going to prison for lying to congress. and when he -- when they brought him n front of congress, he lied again. >> sandra: of course, this was the public hearing last week congressman jordan. and you out of the gate came out very strong on what was happening in that room. how did you think that went? >> well, i mean, understand what took place here. lanny davis, the clinton's best friend coordinated and choreographed this whole thing. he told our staff, he said, look, i planned this hearing. i picked this committee i had to persuade michael cohen to do and it maybe most importantly i had to persuade chairman cummings to do it. lanny davis coordinated the whole thing. the mueller report is due any time now. i think it's going to say there was not one bit of evidence any collusion or coordination between the trump campaign and russia to impact the election. so now they have got to do something else. they put all their eggs in the michael cohen basket and it blew up in heir face last
7:50 am
week because he came in here and lied again. now they are going -- now mr. nadler sent 81 letters to 60-some different individuals. by the way i think what's important about that is, remember the two people mr. nadler didn't send a letter to. chris steele and glen simpson. glenn simpson the guy that clintons paid to put together the dossier and christopher steele the guy who wrote the dossier which was the basis for this whole false investigation the democrats have law firmed. >> bill: sir, thank you for your time. >> you bet. >> bill: you have a few votes today, thank you for taking time out of your day. >> thank you. >> sandra: dangerous outbreak of measles across the country. a story we have been watching. the question are they linked to misinformation? a live report next. i would like to take a moment
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> sandra: well, more than 200 cases of measles confirmed in 11 states, including 71 in washington alone. most are children who never received evacuation vaccines it turns out there is a connection to russia? dan spinninger with that, dan? >> a recent study found russian trolls and bots made thousands of posts to social media sites in the u.s. to division and public
7:55 am
confidence in vaccines. researchers trace some of the online activity to the internet research agency the very same organization indicted by the justice department last year for meddling in u.s. elections. on twitter they use the #vaccinate u.s. at first our government creates diseases and then it creates vaccine what's next? i believe in vaccine, why don't you. russian trolls promote discord accounts masquerading as legitimate users create false equivalency eroding public consensus on. the disease was considered eradicated in the u.s.s. more cases as immunization rates drop in states where parents are opt out of shots for philosophical reasons. >> in terms of finding this
7:56 am
outbreak, i don't have the resources to try to figure out exactly where the disinformation is coming from. we just need to be able to deal with it. >> people leading the anti-vaccine movement are very real. study last week that conclude vaccine do not cause autism. and under pressure from congress facebook just announced yesterday it will take on vaccine disinformation by not allowing anti-vac content promoted through ads. >> bill: house passing a resolution on hate speech not without a week of controversy. liz cheney voted against it she will explain why coming up. [yeah!] in hotels... [maybe, like tilt] resorts... homes and more... [you got it?] [oh that's good, yeah] bookers always find what they're looking for... be a booker at
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. michael cohen's attorney lanny davis now confirming that cohen met house intelligence committee chair adam schiff and other democratic staff members four times before his public testimony to congress. we are learning more on the. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. happy friday. spent more than 10 hours with adam schiff. something schiff contradicted during an interview last weekend. here is jim jordan with us a few moments ago here. >> they 1010 hours of preparation with this witness and they came in front of congress and still lied to us. we think now a total of 8 lies. there is also always, bill, a
8:01 am
little bit of interaction before a hearing. 10 hours, several trips to his location in new york. that is very unusual particularly when we asked for a deposition and wasn't given that opportunity. >> sandra: catherine herridge broke this story live in washington with more on what we are learning. catherine? >> thank you, sandra, good morning. fox news was first to report the democratic staff from the house intelligence committee traveled to new york four times and met with cohen for more than 10 hours and for context, the length of time is important because the public hearing lasted only seven hours. this morning, congressman mike turner issued this statement after he asked cohen's lawyer for an explanation. and it reads in part, quote: today michael cohen's attorney confirmed that democratic staff traveled on taxpayer's dime four times to new york and met with a convicted felon to prepare him for his congressional appearances. the america public needs to know that what they have witnessed over the past two weeks has been orchestrated theater produced by democrats. the house intelligence committee's ranking republican went even further. >> you know, no matter how
8:02 am
much witness tampering you do, you are not going to find collusion in this unless you talk about the collusion that the democratic party and the clinton campaign were doing with russians. >> two sources told fox news that the sessions with cohen and the democratic staff were wide-ranging covering the national enquirer's catch and kill policy. ceo david pecker as well as the alleged undervalues of president trump's assets. what's key here is one by one democrats raised the same topics during cohen's public testimony. listen here. >> i was involved in several of these catch and kill episodes. these catch and kill scenarios existed between david pecker and mr. trump long before i started working for him in 2007. >> who else knows that the president said this? >> allen weisselberg ron
8:03 am
lieberman and matthew calamari. >> in a statement to fox news a spokesman for chairman schiff said quote despite the professed outrage by republicans it's completely appropriate to conduct proffer sessions and allow witnesses to review their prior testimony before the committee interviews them. such sessions are a routine part of every serious investigation around the country including congressional investigations. yesterday fox news asked cohen's legal and pr team to comment on the meetings with the democratic staff and the spokesperson would not answer our specific questions but said they believe cohen will ultimately be vindicated and they want the transcript from this week's private testimony before the house intelligence committee released, sandra. >> sandra: catherine herridge on that story for us, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bill: the president left his white house on his way to visit alabama tornado victims down there. before he spoke to reporters on the south lawn he had a wide range of topics
8:04 am
including paul manafort's sentencing last evening. >> bill, good morning to you the president had a lot to say about a lot of things. the president saying he felt bad for power. but also taking some comfort from the sentencing yesterday as that sentencing hearing was beginning. judge t.s. ellis stated that manafort, quote, was not before this court for anything having to do with collusion with the russian government to influence this election. that was simply a statement of the facts. manafort was not before the court to be sentenced on anything other than charges of tax evasion. not for anything concerning collusion with russia. after the hearing, manafort's attorney kevin downing asserted that there was absolutely no evidence paul manafort worked in collusion with any government official from russia. this morning president trump took both of those statements to say that there is no evidence that he or his campaign colluded with russia to influence the 2016 election. listen here. >> both his lawyer, a highly respected man and a very highly respected judge, the judge said there was no
8:05 am
collusion with russia. this had nothing to do with collusion. there was no collusion. it's a collusion hoax. it's a collusion witch-hunt. i don't collude with russia. >> a lot of people have asked how much time will manafort actually spend in prison. he was sentenced to 47 months. he gets credit time served which is about nine months. he will spend the last six months of his sentence likefully a halfway house and get a standard 15% reduction. so, in the end, bill, he will probably spend just a little more than two years in prison. >> bill: we will wait again before another judge midweek. what are you hearing from the president on the china trade deal, john. are we making progress? >> we are hearing different things from the white house and the chinese. fox news has heard a lot of concern from chinese officials as to whether there will be each should be a deal. in an interview with the "wall street journal," the u.s. ambassador to china terry bran stand said no meeting between president trump and xi jinping has been finalized. in terms of a deal branstand
8:06 am
said we are not there yet. some chinese officials do believe there is too early to be a summit between president xi and trump to submit a deal. a lot more work has to be done first. i asked president trump about that on his way out the door this morning. listen here. >> well, i haven't heard that i think they're doing well. but if it happened that way, we will do even better. we will do very well either with or without a deal you are telling me something that i have not heard. i'm confident. but, if we don't make a very good deal for our country i wouldn't make a deal. if this isn't a great deal, i won't make a deal. >> the white house remains optimistic that the two leaders can still meet at mar-a-lago by the end of the month there is still a lot of time left for a deal to get done. bill, i have got to hear you we are hearing a lot of skepticism from the chinese about whether or not this can happen. >> bill: something to watch. thank you, john, good to see you. john roberts on a friday at the white house. >> sandra: the house passing that anti-hate resolution by a vote of 407 to 23. all 23 of the no-votes are
8:07 am
republicans who say that the resolution did not go far enough. congressman lee zeldin is one of them. he joined us earlier. >> it was watered down. it was spineless. it was unfortunately filled with moral equivalency and double standards. as i pointed out on the house floor if this was a republican pushing what rep omar is peddling with this anti-semitic hate it would have named that republican member. >> sandra: let's bring in wyoming congressman liz cheney house g.o.p. conference chairwoman she also voted against the resolution. congresswoman good morning to you and thank you for coming on "america's newsroom." >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> sandra: thank you for being here. why did you cast a no vote? >> well, i agree with what my colleague representative zeldin said. you know, we have seen now the democrats struggle to simply put on the floor resolution that condemns representative omar by name. it strips her from her
8:08 am
manipulatmembership house forein affairs committee. it was protect her and watered down and didn't mention her by name and sort of piles on a bunch of other things that, frankly, allowed them, allowed her to claim that the resolution was a victory. and i think we just felt very clearly that we need to and the whole house republican leadership and our whole conference has said we have got to condemn anti-semitism and we believe she should be removed from the committee. >> sandra: clearly your view was that this resolution should have named her by name. it did not as you just heard from your colleague lee zeldin. he felt it was watered down and spineless. the president, as he was departing the white house earlier weighed in on it as well. here he is. >> i thought that vote was a disgrace and so does everybody else if you get an honest answer. if you get an honest answer from politicians. they thought it was a disgrace. the democrats have become an
8:09 am
anti-israel party. they have become an anti jewish party. >> sandra: it wasn't just republicans that weren't happy with the vote. even though all democrats voted in favor of it. many weren't happy about it, congresswoman. eliot engel of new york. ted deutsche among them. ted deutsche said words should have consequences. have there been any consequences to conscious womacongresswoman omar's words? >> no there haven't been. we have seen we know the lesson that history teaches. the lesson that history teaches is that we have an obligation to stand up to anti-semitic hate. those of us who are elected officials have an obligation to stand up to call evil by its name and that's frankly what the republicans have been doing all along here. and i think that the fact that the house democrats are not able even to just put a simple resolution on the floor condemning anti-semitism, condemning representative omar's remarks. stripping her from her
8:10 am
membership of the house foreign affairs committee tells you where that party is today. the president is exactly right. the whole episode from the perspective of democrats was an absolute disgrace. and they have become a party that is now enabling an abiding by anti-semitism. that is extremely dangerous. >> sandra: you heard that from the president a short time ago leaving the white house this is a party that is anti-israel. alexandria ocasio-cortez, you are referring, obviously, to some of the newer freshman members of congress. she has decided to come out and support and defend congresswoman omar. and she tweeted this. and i want to get your reaction to it. where is the outrage over the 23 g.o.p. members who voted no on a resolution condemning bigotry today? oh, there's none? did they get called out? raked over? ambushed in halls and relentlessly asked why not? no. okay. got it. so i hear you characterizing what you are seeing from
8:11 am
your colleagues in the house on the democratic side. what did you think of that response? >> well, listen, the outrage is that they were not able to even put a resolution on the floor condemning omar. that the resolution they put on the floor actually protected her. that's the outrage. that's the outrage we all feel. i think it's very clear. and i'm really sorry but i have got to run because we are just about to wrap up our last vote here but it's great to be with you and thank you so much for having me on this morning. >> sandra: we really appreciate your time here this morning. leave it there and head off to your vote. thank you. >> you too. >> bill: another alert here chelsea manning has apparently been ordered to go back to jail refusing to testify before a grand jury. that's investigating wikileaks. manning is a former intel analyst that disclosed hundreds of thousands of sensitive government documents to the website. manning has said that she has objections to secrecy to grand jury process. she already revealed everything that she knows at her court-martial. the judge saying she will
8:12 am
remain bar behind. concluding its work. that news happening about 30 minutes ago. >> martha: as we have been ago.march -- >> sandra: the president leaving for alabama. the president addressed the situation with north korea -- before he left. >> i have a feeling that our relationship with north korea, kim jong un and myself. chairman kim, i think it's a very good one. i think it remains good. >> sandra: those comments coming as new images show recent activity at a north korean missile site. what's next in dealing with kim jong un? house armed services committee member chrisy high school hand will weigh in on that. >> looking forward to talking with her. weighing in on michael cohen's testimony calling him a stone cold liar as new questions being raised about cohen's prehearing meetings with the staff of adam schiff. chris wallace will weigh in on that and more coming up next. >> so this is unprecedented.
8:13 am
the new chairman schiff likes to say oh, it's common for that to happen. i don't believe that to be true. and it certainly doesn't appear to be transparent. with my friends to our annual
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8:17 am
pardons. his lawyers said that they went to my lawyers and asked for pardons. and i could go a step above that but i won't go do it now. >> sandra: president trump sounding off on his former attorney michael cohen calling a quote stone-cold liar on several issues including a request for a pardon. joining us now chris wallace anchor of "fox news sunday." he is there prepping. he joins us ahead of his show this weekend. chris, good morning to you. >> chris: good morning to you, sandra. >> sandra: the president just tweeted by the way on air force one on his way down to alabama about this. he writes, quote: bad lawyer and fraudster michael cohen said under sworn testimony that he never asked for a pardon. his lawyers totally contradicted him. he lied. additionally, he directly asked me for a pardon. i said no. he lied again. he also badly wanted to work at the white house. he lied. jim jordan was just on with us a few moments ago quick to point out these discrepancies as well. what happened here?
8:18 am
>> well, it is interesting. i watched your interview with jim jordan and as he points out at the very beginning of the hearing last week the house oversight committee chairman cummings said because obviously cohen has a bad record with the truth, if you lie here, we're going to come down on you like a ton of bricks. it certainly appears that michael cohen lied. he said very clearly that i never asked for nor would i accept a pardon, his own lawyer, lanny davis, the man who was sitting as you watched the screen just over his shoulder to the left then has come out this week and said yes, in fact, he did. there on the left. screen said yes, in fact he did ask for a pardon. at one point. and so that does seem to be a direct contradiction and so an obvious question for elijah cummings is what are you going to do about it? i will say this. i think the whole pardon issue is a little bit of a double edged sword for republicans on the one hand it does appear tonight i think all you can say at
8:19 am
this point is does appear that michael cohen did lie about whether he ever sought a pardon. on the other hand, there is that question and you heard the president or saw the president in that tweet say michael cohen asked me for a pardon. and that raises the question of what the white house was dangling in terms of a pardon and at one point, if you remember, the members of the committee asked michael cohen did you have any conversations with the president after the fbi raided your office and your home and he said that's a subject of investigation now by the southern district of new york. the whole question of what the president was saying about pardons after the raid could be an issue that could bounce back on the president or the president's lawyers but, clearly, there does seem to be a real question about the credibility of michael cohen when it comes to his saying he never sought a pardon. >> sandra: there is questions about his preparation for that hearing. fox news is reporting through catherine herridge had her on giving this
8:20 am
report a few moments ago that michael cohen's attorney that cohen met with democratic staffers four times in new york over 10 hour period ahead of the public testimony last week. what are we to make of that? >> chris: i think you have to put this in context. it is not unusual before somebody that testifies in court, before somebody testifies in a hearing that staff or in the case of a court case, a prosecutor will meet with them. you saw the statement by the judiciary -- by the intelligence committee about proffer. basically saying if you ask me this, here's what i would say. because in a hearing, you don't want to just have people asking questions and then the guy says the witness says i don't know about. this happens on the republican side. it happens on the democratic side. staff meets with a key witness before handled. i have to say four meetings, 10 hours seems like a lot. whether it was coaching,
8:21 am
whether it was just a lot of if we ask you this question what are you going to say, that has to be sorted out. you know, it's clearly the basis for more investigation. on its face the idea of staff meeting with a key witness is not surprising. it's happened in a lot of congressional hearings. >> sandra: all right. chris wallace, we will see you this weekend on "fox news sunday." thank you very much. >> chris: thank you. >> bill: israeli-gaza border near a breaking point. another violent week. why israeli intelligence says escalation could lead to all-out war. we will take you there live. a second chance of life former inmate and state of the union guest calls president trump's criminal justice reform act. trying to get more people like him the same opportunity. you will meet that man coming up today. >> at the age of 30 matthew was sentenced to 35 years. now matthew is the very first person to be released from prison under the first
8:22 am
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8:26 am
today's demonstrations. according to the palestinian health ministry at least 15 palestinians inside gaza have been injured by live israeli ammunition. we are still hearing gunshots at this hour indicating clashes are still going on behind us along the gaza strip. now, protesters inside gaza today threw grenades and ieds at israeli troops who responded by firing tear gas and live ammunition. trying to push back some of those demonstrators. egyptian negotiators were inside gaza today looking to broker some sort of long-term cease-fire agreement between the israelis and gaza and leadership in an effort to reduce tensions between the two sides. this week we have seen some major escalation with hamas. the group in control of the gaza strip leading nighttime riot units trying to push back israeli troops who are lined up along the border. tried to keep israeli communities here in the south safe. today also we saw a little bit of tension when two gazaens entered israel.
8:27 am
called infiltration. they were captured by israeli defense forces here along the border and arrested for making their way into israel. we do have some images of that arrest that took place earlier today just about a mile from where we are standing right now. earlier this month fox news did speak with two of the largest groups inside the gaza strip, both hamas and islamic jihad, both of those groups said amid these rising tensions they are prepared in case a war would break out with israel, but they would like to avoid that possibility. and see what they call the siege on gaza lifted. as for the israelis. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was here along the border earlier this week. he pledged to respond to any provocations by the gazaens with twice as much force by his military here in israel. back to you, bill. >> bill: thank you, trey. we will watch it. from the border there trey yingst, thanks. >> sandra: a few moments from now the president is expected to arrive at fort binning, georgia before heading to lee county,
8:28 am
alabama. tour devastation from those tornadoes. we will take you there live when the president lands. houses passes anti-bigotry without. we will ask chrissy houlahan. the measure did not go far enough. >> w we left out the church of jesus christ. >> we left out wickens and jehovah witnesses. disabled people. only one getting death threats are jewish members and muslim members. i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities. so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon. there it is let's get 'em boy! awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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8:32 am
devastation there after tornadoes swept through last weekend. is he going to be meeting with first responders, victims' families. some people who lost everything in those tornadoes last sunday killing 23 people. jonathan serrie is live on the ground there in beauregard, alabama. jonathan? >> hi, sandra. according to a white house official, president trump will be surveying the damage, getting a upclose and personal look. meeting with local officials, storm survivors and also wanting to thank first responders for the hard work they have been doing in the hours and days following sunday's devastating storm. alabama senator doug jones a democrat took a similar tour yesterday and praised the republican president's decision to visit his state. he says such visits build stronger connections between washington and communities in need. in addition to rebuilding property, residents here are dealing with heart-breaking personal loss. this morning, a service is being held for 10-year-old
8:33 am
taylor thorton. she was visiting her best friend's house sunday when the tornado struck. the storm seriously injured her 10-year-old friend and killed her friend's parents marshall lynn alison lundergan grimes and sheila creche. family members decided to wait several days before breaking the sad news to the young girl to allow her time to recover in the hospital. >> we haven't wanted to put a whole lot of stress on her. we have been waiting until she is kind of like out of danger and so she is more alert. they have have had her on a morphine drip. she has been in and out of it. we have been waiting for everything. >> and now here is a live view of the lee county town of smiths station where they're working on homes. this community is located about 20 miles to the east of beauregard where i am. recovery efforts there are well underway but as you can see a lot of work remains. and back live here in the unincorporated lee county community of beauregard, you can see this what remains of a double wide home and then
8:34 am
look at all of these trees and shrubs here and the debris field just scattered across here. over-the-weekend we're anticipating more severe weather. forecasters say the worst of it will be north of lee county. nevertheless, with all this debris, any wind could make all of this much worse and add headaches to clean up crews. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: horrible situation there the president about to see that firsthand. jonathan seare, thank you. >> i thought that vote was a disgrace and so does everybody else if you get an honest answer. if you get an honest answer from politicians they thought it was a disgrace. the democrats have become an anti-israel party. they've become an anti jewish party. >> bill: those comments about two hours earlier. president trump in route to alabama there after the anti-bigotry resolution passed in the house. all democrats voted for it including my next guest democratic congresswoman chrissy houlahan from pennsylvania congressional
8:35 am
district 6. good morning to you. thank you for your time. >> good morning. thank you so much for having me. >> bill: why did you vote yes. >> i voted yes for a number of ways. this was broad and sweeping condemnation of hatred and bigotry i'm a daughter of a sur vancouver of a holocaust. my dad was taken care of by a christian family during the course of the war. this was a real opportunity for me to condemn hatred of all forms. >> bill: i applaud you for doing that, too. why not name congresswoman omar in that resolution. >> so i think the resolution was actually more powerful in how broad it was and sweeping it was. the relates is any form of hatred is unacceptable. and frankly we as leaders of this nation should be condemning of all forms of hatred. >> bill: just with your background that you described to us there, why not just keep it to anti-semitism? what's wrong with that. >> because, frankly there is all kinds of isms out there we need to make sure we are keeping in check. it's important to call them all out. >> bill: you could have done two resolutions then. you could have done one that you are describing and one
8:36 am
that's directly aimed and targeted to the debate that you know that is wrapped up washington over the past week. >> so i'm an engineer and what you are describing is sort of a vin diagram but the larger circle has the smaller circle inside of it. >> bill: you are way above my pay grade now by the way. [laughter] >> bill: keep going. >> i just think that something that is holistic like the broader resolution which contains something that is smaller like what you are asking for makes it easier for us to just do the one broader resolution. >> bill: what happens if you have to revisit this issue? she is a freshman congresswoman just like yourself. >> sure. i certainly hope we don't have to revisit this resolution or this issue. one of the reasons that i ran for congress is that i feel as though there is a lot of brokenness in the way that we communicate to each other and about each other and kind of decency and civility is really important to our nation right now and i would like to see it from all of our leaders. >> bill: i agree with you that. do you have an issue with fox news hosting a debate during the democratic primary? >> i don't personally have
8:37 am
an issue, no, sir. >> bill: what would you tell tom perez from the dnc? would you like him to revisit this decision? >> i think it's a really interesting question. i'm not privy to why the decision was made. i do think i believe in freedom of the press. i believe that everybody should have access to these kinds of debates and it's something that i certainly would like to understand further. >> bill: yeah. do you know what i believe? i believe in your district outside of philadelphia you got a lot of fox news viewers. >> i'm certain of it. >> bill: that would give democrats access. what do you think about that? >> so my district is one of those really purple places. we are a people that are 40% republican, 40% democrat and 20% independent. and so we talk about sort of those basic issues that we all have in common. and i believe that largely 80%, 90% of the issues we talk about. kitchen table issues are things that are independent of party. >> bill: i just want to read a statement we put out from bill sammon two days ago. he says we hope the dnc reconsiders its decision to bar chris wallace, bret baier and martha mccallum all of whom embody the
8:38 am
ultimate journalistic integrity and professionalism from moderating a presidential debate. they offer important opportunity to make their case to the largest tv news audience in america, which includes many persuadable voters. i think based on your answer you don't disagree with that right? >> i think largely it's really important that the people have access to a free and unfettered press. >> bill: and i don't know who is afraid of wallace or bret or martha. i don't think you are one of them. i hope if you get the chance that you take the chance to share your commentary with tom perez and the dnc. we would love to revisit this. >> thank you. >> bill: thank you for coming on today and congratulations. >> you are very, very welcome. >> bill: congratulations on your victory there in pennsylvania. i hope you will come back. >> thank you. i appreciate it, sir. >> sandra: a second chance at life. what is next for a former inmate? he was a state of the union guest calling the president trump's criminal justice reform act his next move. matthew charles is his name.
8:39 am
he will join us next along with super bowl champion rocky boyman who are working on a new initiative to give others the same opportunity. 2.0 with upgraded 4-in-1 technology. your detergent, stain removers, and odor fighters all fit, in the palm of your hand. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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nebuy a home with no downets payment. in fact every day, my team helps veterans buy a home without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. go to, or call 1-844-998-2100. if you're a veteran paying 1500 dollars or more a month in rent, newday's operation home can help you buy a home for what you're paying in rent. and you don't need a down payment or one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. go to call 1-844-998-2100.
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cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. ♪ beautiful day ♪ beautiful day ♪ >> bill: oh, but alas the days getting shorter spring forward over the weekend this is your reminder. one lawmaker proposing
8:43 am
daylight savings time permanent. marco rubio introducing the sunshine protection act of 2019. his bill, under it americans would set their clocks ahead one hour and keep it there. giving us an extra hour of sunlight even in the winter time. i don't know if it's going anywhere. set your clocks forward sunday 2:00 a.m. we lose an hour. >> sandra: for those sensitive to time changes. these things are important. bill hemmer still has jet lag from vietnam. >> bill: so does ed henry. >> sandra: i hear all about it. >> bill: come on. >> sandra: are you okay? >> bill: do you know what i think? i think i'm going to make it. >> sandra: i like the [inaudible] >> in 1996, at the age of 30, matthew was sentenced to 35 years for selling drugs and related offenses. over the next welcome to two decades he completed more than 30 bible studies, became a law clerk, and
8:44 am
mentored many of his fellow inmates. >> sandra: president trump there speaking about matthew charles the first prisoner released as a result of a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill called the first step act. giving drug offenders a sex chance at life. matthew charles joins us now along with rocky boiman. he has a super bowl xli champion with the ana indianapolis colts. gentlemen, good morning thank you for coming on the program this morning. it's an amazing story and matthew, your story it h. quite an impact on all of those who saw you as a guest at that state of the union. how has your life changed since then? >> good morning. it has changed dramatically because they were able to actually hear my story and see that i had been rehabilitated and that there was no avenue for me to be able to be released based on that rehabilitation.
8:45 am
so, my story was presented in passage of the first step act and many have been able to hear it since then. it has been a marvelous journey. >> sandra: why have you been encouraged, rocky to get engaged in this journey? what inspired you? >> i mean when you are talking about criminal justice reform, this is an issue that really recently has gotten a lot of traction in this country from both sides of the aisle. i think ever since donald trump passed the first step act, there has been a ripple effect. it's really grown throughout the country. we had a great event last night here in covington, kentucky a great center called the life learning center. it helps with treatment to help people like matthew get back on their feet. i think this is an issue that five years ago people really were kind of hesitant. just again last night, rob sanders, the commonwealth attorney and the president alicia webbington a very unlikely partnership was formed. i think people see the value
8:46 am
of this. i was struck last night he made a great point when people come out of prison they are going to be your neighbors and citizens you want to interact with. wouldn't you want them to be the best version of themselves. he is a true hero his redemption story is unbelievable and inspiring a lot of people. >> sandra: amazing to hear all of this. this second chances partnership, matthew, how will this work? >> the second chances partnership based on what the life learning center has situate you had they have a program that allows alternative sentences or diversion from actually going into the prison system. and what they do is they look for at risk individuals who might be resaid vistas and pull them into the program. they go through the life learning center program as a result of that the life learning center would actually speak with the state attorney on their behalf and try to get them a reduced sentence or no sentence at all because they are nonviolent offenders and
8:47 am
they shouldn't necessarily need to be incarcerated if they ca actually stay out of the season and be a productive member of society. >> sandra: rocky, listening to all of this it is enlightening and refreshing in the middle of a busy news morning to stop and hear a story like this and see a partnership like yours there. you spfkly rocky use ar your name and star power and experience to do good really. >> it really is, sandra, you are absolutely right. i can't emphasize enough. there was a recent poll in ohio, my home state, 87% of people, and this is both sides of the aisle agree there should be some sort of criminal justice reforeman da tore minimum sentencing and, again, i think donald trump deserves a lot of credit. i think this is going to be his legacy long after he, you know, leaves office. this is his legacy. is he helping people like matthew out. helping people get a second chance. i think we are h a very
8:48 am
forgiving society. place like a life learning center it makes you come halfway. you have got to put in the work. they will give you resources you have to put in the commitment and put in the work with an advocate like here i think this is only the beginning. beginning. >> sandra: i know, matthew you have given the president all the credit in the world at the state of the union. here you are now. final thoughts from you what your life is like today and i know you give the president a lot of credit but there is a lot of people who have been involved along the way. just if you could, sum up what you have learned on this journey and where you are at this moment. >> i've learned on this journey that, like rocky has stated, there was a lot of bipartisan support in the past first step act. democrats and republicans came and passed it overwhelmingly. then different states have taken a smarter look at their own criminal justice system seeing what reforms need to be made. so for me to be out and see those things and, in fact, the president did sign the bill. he pushed for the bill to
8:49 am
actually come up to a vote when it stalled in the senate. so i'm very, very thankful and will always remember that. but, like you stated there were a lot of other people as well that participated in my release and i thank them, also. but to see that criminal justice reform is actually being looked at because people are being oversentenced and warehoused than programs like life learning center that want to stop people from actually entering into the prison system my heart is warm. >> sandra: we have some breaking news here. matthew and are beingy, thank you for come on the program and continuing the good work. gentlemen, thank you. >> thanks. >> bill: fox news alert now. word from the administration as air force one comes in for a landing at fort benning in georgia, getting word that bill cheyenne, the deputy chief of staff of communications has resigned his position at the white house. shein a former fox news executive for us in new york. we have several statements that came with it from sarah huckabee sanders. shine says serving president
8:50 am
trump and this country has been the most rewarding experience in my entire life. to be a small part of all this president has done for the american people has truly been an honor. i'm looking forward to working on president trump's re-election campaign and spenting more time with my family end quote. president trump writing: bill shine has done an outstanding job working for me and the administration. we will miss him in the white house but look forward to working together on the 2020 presidential campaign where he will be totally involved. thank you to bill and his wonderful family. i should add as a senior advisor and part of the 2020 re-election campaign shine will stay involved in the president's operations as he seeks a second term in two years. >> sandra: we have more on this coming up. sarah sanders calling this a huge gain for the president's re-election campaign. more on this breaking news when we return. we'll be right back.
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>> breaking news. bill shine, deputy chief of staffer of communications has handed in his resignation and the president accepted that resignation. shine will leave the white house but will serve as senior adviser for the re-election campaign of 2020. he took the job in june of 2018. so about nine or ten months on the job. >> the president responding with a statement saying that he's done an outstanding job, but he looks forward to working with him on the 2020 campaign. mick mulvaney putting out a statement saying he looks forward to his future contributions among other things. sarah sanders calling it a big loss for the white house but a huge gain for the president's re-election campaign. >> he didn't make the trip to hanoi. there was chatter whether or not it meant anything. i was given assurance that he stayed home before of the
8:55 am
michael cohen story and the upcoming cpac appearance that happened last week. john roberts from the north lawn. what are you hearing? >> really came as a surprise this morning because bill shine was there at the departure making sure that everything went smoothly. the next thing we know, his resignation was announced. he tendered it to the president last night. he's probably -- he's going to be joining the campaign in a consulting position if not officially an employee of the campaign. i was told a moment ago, he probably is likely joining the campaign full time. one of the thing that bill has wrestled with for a long time is -- has been that he's been here in washington alone. i know he's having a hard time. he and i talked about it time to time. without giving much away in a private conversation, having a hard time not being with his family and having a hard time to have an opportunity to get back
8:56 am
and forth to see his family. so that may have played into it as well. of course, there was this big new yorker article that was out the other day that talked about there being a direct connection between the white house and fox news. vis a vis bill shine. the fact that he was still being paid by fox news as part of a severance package and working at the white house. maybe he felt that was too much of a distraction. that's part of what could have been playing to all of this. i know the president did appreciate all of his input. the president was in most if not all of the big meetings with bill. it's a shock that he was there this morning and that we learned he will be walking out the door. >> who would take that job, john, and what does that entail? >> we don't know who will take the job. megan burris, who was mick
8:57 am
mulvaney's spokesperson that was brought in from omb, she will serve always the director of the office of media affairs replacing helen ferre that left awhile ago. that job of communications director is open again. what the communications director does is coordinates messages between the white house and all of the departments so everybody is on the same page. the role that shine filled was different than that. he was mainly a liaison to the media as well. he was almost serving in a parallel capacity to in ways of sarah huckabee sanders. so no idea who might fill that bill. all of the usual names that come up. at this point, we're still digging into the bottom of why exactly it is that bill decided to leave as opposed to who will be replacing him. we'll probably find that out soon enough. who knows, maybe the mooch will come back. >> we'll see. john, while this news is
8:58 am
breaking, obviously these are live pictures we're seeing on the ground in ft. benning. air force one just landed. the president and the first lady and his son boarded. they're on their way to alabama to survey the damage there. that is the latest on the president. we continue to keep the live pictures up. john, last words, please. >> you know, the president will be down there to survey the damage and, of course, what happened there in alabama is something that in his mind, particularly given the politics in the state of alabama. that doesn't matter in a case like this. we did see other interesting things that the president had to say about the paul manafort case. the president tweeted on the way down there, by the way, that michael cohen asked him directly for a pardon, which bumped this up to a new level. looks like that might be it. that will be a piece of string we'll pull on all day today as
8:59 am
well. >> thanks, john. the day is in diapers there at the white house. i think we can say that. the president is in route to florida after alabama. 23 dead in alabama. seven members of the same family and the level of destruction in bam, crossing over to georgia is horrific. think about a tornado that was in the ground for 70 miles. he's about to see the destruction that we have not seen in america for several years. >> a lot of devastation and tragedy. a lot of stories have emerged about some families and individuals losing everything. some of the bright spots, in the case of the high school we broke to in beauregard, alabama and the students coming together in any way possible to help their community to pick up the pieces. helping some just sort through the rubble and find what they can of what is left of complete devastation. the president about to see it
9:00 am
first hand. >> don't underestimate the power of the visit of a president when he goes to grieve with those that have had a tough time. thanks for being with us this week. wait till next week. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> fox news alert for you. bill shine has resigned as white house communications director. he says he will join the president's re-election campaign. he was a former fox news channel president. shine saying in a statement, serving president trump and this country has been the most rewarding experience of my entire life, to be a small part of what this president has done for the american people has been an honor. i'm looking forward to working on president trump's re-election campaign and spending more time with my family. we'll bring you any more news about this as soon as we get it.


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