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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 8, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: i want to thank the lovely audience in iowa, filling up a convention center yesterday for women need change. it was a pleasure to be your keynote. >> dana: fox news alert. it's friday. white house communications director bill shine is resigning from his position to work for president trump's 2020 campaign. as the president tours the devastation area in alabama. what to expect when robert mueller's report drops. ken starr is here. plus 2020 candidate senator elizabeth warren making big news, announcing she wants to break up some of the country's biggest tech companies. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." and we begin with news from the white house. bill shine is leaving the position of communications director. he is moving over to the 2020
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re-election campaign. this comes as president trump visits lee county, alabama after it was ravaged by a deadly tornado this week. john roberts is live at the white house. john? >> reporter: bill shine joined the administration in june of last year. there was a bit of a surprise this morning when we found out that he left. he was outside this morning as the president, the first lady left the white house, headed for alabama then to mar an lago. after that we got the notification bill shine was leaving. no reason was given. i do know it has been difficult for him since he's been here the last eight months. he's lived here alone. his family did not move to washington, d.c. with the pace of the white house here in washington, d.c., it's awfully difficult to get back home to another city to visit with your family. i think that probably weighed pretty heavily on his decision whether or not he was going to
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stay or go. he leaves on good terms with the white house. giving this statement on the way out. quote, serving president trump and this country has been the most rewarding experience in my entire life. to be a small part of all this president has done for the american people has been an honor. i'm looking forward to working on president trump's re-election campaign and spending more time with my family. the president's 2020 campaign manager, quote, bill shine is an incredible professional and will bring insight and talent as we build world class campaign. he is a gifted communicator, strategic thinker and brings a wealth of experience from cable news and the white house. the president's re-election effort just got stronger. we should also mention this past week there was an article in "the new yorker" that was drawing ties between the white house and the programming side of the fox news channel. that article reiterated something that was already well known, that bill shine was still being paid by fox news as part
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of his severance agreement with the company. suggestion being made by the writer of that "new yorker" article that fox news was tied to the white house because of the payments, which again was part of shine's severance agreement. shine may have thought that was becoming a bit of a distraction and one of the last things he wanted to be for the president was a distraction. that that may have played into his decision to go. he was the fifth communications director here at the white house. let's just put it up on the screen for you so you can follow along. sean spicer was the first one to handle dual roles. dan dunke was there. and scamramucci held the title for 11 days. then bill shine as well. we need to get an updated picture of bill shine. he does not look like that
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anymore. he always used to give me grief about the color of my hair, which i found ironic, given the color of his hair. >> dana: i like salt and pepper hair. that's my favorite. thanks, john. >> reporter: thank you. >> dana: for more on this, karl rove deputy chief of staff and fox news contributor. i'm glad we have you on today, karl, because you know what it's like to go through the first term of a white house and head to a re-election campaign and how different that is in terms of what you have to do. there's some benefits to it, but there are also some challenges. your thoughts on this move? >> i think this is a move of wanting to assemble a world class campaign team. last time around the president's campaign was ragged. successful, but ragged, aufpb oftentimes disorg tphaoeudz. they have been pulling together top flight people in fund-raising and the digital world and the political world. now he's got a first rate communicator in charge of that
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part of the campaign. this is a smart move, both for president trump's re-election and a smart move for brad parscale to get top talent to send a message that he wants to have strong people in the campaign with responsibilities. that's good for them, getting organized. >> dana: they have a lot of time to get organized for that. you wrote a column for your wall street journal weekly column about the democrats -- title i love. democratic primary from hell. one of the things you said, the democrats' problem goes beyond the number of candidates. changes to the electoral count and rules have introduced further complication. the ensuing controversy and anger over power. the bad vibes left by the 2016 primary damaging the nominee and under mining the democratic party. set to be democratic, but the chaos would be grand theater. so the president, who ever the president is, benefits when they're running for re-election as the other side has a primary.
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is that what you were trying to get? >> it's not just a regular primary. i wish i had written the headline. it was the headline writer not me. first of all, they moved up the calendar. first republican debate is august. first democratic debate will be in june. so they're going to get going earlier. they're front loading the delegates. in 2016, by the end of the first month, from the 1st of february to the first tuesday in march, the democrats selected roughly just under a quarter of their elected delegates. this time around it's going to be 42%. if georgia and colorado vote early like they did in 2016, they have yet to set their date. if they vote early, it would be nearly half the delegates selected in the first 29 days and 70% of the delegates selected by april fool's day. just because california and north carolina, which are big
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delegations have moved from june and midmarch to the 3rd of march. they have proportionate rules which are crazy. if you get 15% of the vote in any given state, you automatically get some percentage of the delegates. above 15%. so you get 15% because there are people below that. you get 17, 18, 19, 20, 22%. republicans don't have these proportional rules. in texas in 2020, marco rubio got 17.7% of the vote and got three, count em, three out of 155 delegates. there's going to be fractions. having a bunch of the early states that are the home states of kamala harris, california, elizabeth warren, massachusetts, texas, o'rourke, you're going to have a lot of candidates who have a chunk of delegates. as a result, they may not have a
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winner on the first ballot. this is my favorite rule change. the super delegates, whom they're calling automatic delegates, used to be able to vote on the first ballot. if there's nobody on the first ballot with a majority, they can't vote until the second ballot. here we have 765 superdelegates, sort of the unelected house of lords of the democratic party, who will come roaring onto the field in the second ballot. that has potential for leaving a lot of loose people. >> dana: you mentioned o'rourke. there's word that he is up in new hampshire looking for staff. your thoughts on beto o'rourke? >> robert francis o'rourke i think is going to get into this race. the question is, can he keep the magic that he had in texas? can he keep the money? can he keep the enthusiasm? he's like a lot roff these candidates. the test will be, how clear is his message? does he grow his numbers?
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he's got anemic numbers in the polling but he's got charisma and social media to watch him early. he could become a power. >> dana: we will. karl rove, have a great weekend. >> you, too, dana. >> dana: house democrats approve a sweeping election reform bill, capping a week of debate and controversy, and reaction still pouring in after the passage of an anti-hate resolution in response to the uproar following ilhan omar's anti-israel rhetoric. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. what is the significance of this bill that they passed today? it's labeled hr 1. >> reporter: dana, that is significant because it means democratic leadership considers it the center piece of its agenda. the vote on the house floor earlier was along party lines with 234 democrats voting in favor of the package, 193 republicans were against it. supporters say it was designed to expand voting rights and increase transparency in
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elections. >> so the senate, as you receive this bill, you will also be receiving the aspiration, the mobilization, the persistence, the relentlessness of the american people to have government work for them, for the people. so this is a fight we're engaged in. >> reporter: but critics note it would match small contributions with taxpayer dollars, by those contributions to political campaigns. >> i do not believe this bill is gonna go anywhere. the really sad part about this, this is the definition of the democratic new party. this is their number one bill. this is their most important bill. they chose what number to give it. we chose to give taxpayers, make sure they are able to keep more of their own money. they chose to take taxpayer money an give it to themselves as politicians. >> reporter: this sounds like it's the end of the line. mitch mcconnell said it is dead on arrival in the senate, dana.
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>> dana: wanted to ask you about the anti-hate resolution that was passed yesterday. >> reporter: it passed overwhelmingly after it was broadened to include all sorts of hatred, even ilhan omar, the controversial congress woman who was at the center of a fire storm this week, even she voted for it. bottom line, democrats are relieved the struggle is over, while republicans say it should have been much tougher. >> we see now the democrats struggle to simply put on the floor a resolution that condemns representative omar by name. >> we have now twice taken action to make clear that hate and prejudice and bigotry are not the policies of this congress, of this country. >> reporter: there are still a lot of hurt feelings here on capitol hill. if congress woman omar said
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something is perceived as anti-semitic again, expect tough calls for a very tough response, dana? >> dana: mike emanuel, thanks for that report. so, what will we find out, if anything, when robert mueller's report drops? and was paul manafort let off too easily? we'll ask ken starr if the punishment fits the crime when he joins me next. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap. when cravings hit, hit back. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna. from the very beginning ... it was always our singular focus, to do whatever it takes,
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>> i feel very badly for paul manafort. i think it's been a very, very tough time for him. but if you notice, both his lawyer, highly respected man, and a very highly respected judge, the judge, said there was no collusion with russia.
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>> dana: president trump after his former campaign chair was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for tax and bank fraud. that was far less than the 19 to 24 years he faced under guidelines. here with me now former independent counsel ken starr. i want to have you listen to paul manafort's lawyer. let's take a listen. >> mr. manafort finally got to speak for himself. he expressed responsibility for his conduct. most importantly what you saw today is the same thing that we have said from day one. there is absolutely no evidence that paul manafort was involved with any collusion, with any
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government official from russia. >> dana: point taken. no collusion. he was found guilty by a jury for these other crimes. there was frustration last night from people saying why is it that somebody like manafort gets this light sentence from a judge, who said the sentence i'm about to announce doesn't need everyone's approval. people frustrated about it. >> i understand that people think rightly. these are very serious crimes. he did plead not guilty and then the evidence came in. from everything we saw, the evidence is really overwhelming. while the jury was out for awhile. that's sometimes a good sign for the defendant. point is they came in with these guilty verdicts. now the judge, what did the judge have before him? he had a presentencing report telling the life of paul manafort. there's some untidy parts of the life. also he apparently had another side of paul manafort that he
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saw. >> dana: he said it was an otherwise blameless life. >> what we've seen here, something i approve of. the discretion of judges to say, i'm going to depart, especially below the guidelines. one person's view, the guidelines are too harsh. congress provides totally harsh penalties for various offenses. >> dana: then there is a movement afoot to change all of that. mandatory minimums are too much and judges ought to have more dispregs. you agree with that? >> absolutely. i don't know about the client from brooklyn, but i will tell you, the whole idea of a mandatory minimum is one that deserves a very careful second look. too harsh in too many situations. >> dana: we've been saying this a long time. any day the mueller report is going to the attorney general. tell me, remind me, so when your report was finished, how did you present it to the attorney general? >> i didn't present it to the attorney general.
11:20 am
as you may recall, the statute in which i was appointed required me to send the report to congress, to the house of representatives. that's one thing that's changed. i think for the better under these regulations. the statute went away. now we have these regulations that janet reno put in place 20 years ago. >> dana: it does help protect people who might have been interviewed that have done nothing wrong and they don't need their reputations trashed. >> exactly. that's a very important point. prosecutors are there to make decision, obviously guided by the grand jury. are we going to indict? are we not going to indict? so to decline or indict? they're not in the business of issues reports, which could be very besmirching to reputations. that's one of the criticisms james comey unleashing, right, some pretty harsh words about
11:21 am
hillary rodham clinton during the campaign. >> dana: her team said that was unfair, indeed. i'm sure we'll see you back on air. one of these days it will happen. ken starr, thank you. the united nations celebrating international women's day. we'll have a report. and the controversy over congress woman ilhan omar's remarks on israel and its supporters on the hill is far from over.
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stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> dana: the president and melania trump visiting lee county alabama. 26 people were killed when storms moved through the state sunday evening. the president spent the day touring damage left by the storm. heather wilson has resigned. she expects to leave her job in the spring. former republican congress woman from new mexico plans to become the next president of the university of texas at el paso. wilson broke barriers as the first female military veteran to be elected to congress in 1998. she was at one time considered a favorite to become the first woman to lead the defense department. meanwhile today is international women's day celebrating women's accomplishments across the world and focusing on what work still
11:26 am
needs to be done. laura ingall is live at the u.n. with more. laura? laura, are you there? >> reporter: i'm here. >> dana: go ahead. tell us what you have there at the u.n. laura? okay. maybe we do not have laura. we'll try to get her back. she's doing an important story at the u.n. next democratic presidential hopeful elizabeth warren is going on the offensive against big tech companies. what she said they are doing the americans. plus, house democrats passing an election reform bill that requires political groups to disclose their donors. we will ask fox news politics editor chris stirewalt what he thinks about that when he joins the show next. it >> will be a cold day on the outside. we will go inside where the political climate will be much warmer for the american people because of the action that we will take today. billions of mouths.
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>> dana: elizabeth warren taking aim at big tech companies saying tech giants like baseball and amazon need to be broken up. warren writes they have too much power over our economy, society and democracy. fox business networks deidre pwol ton joining me. big policy. >> she's going for it. she's not only criticizing big tech, but saying here is how, with a play book to break them up. there's three key components. she wants them to undo mergers. so i'm going to read quickly from a campaign e-mail. we break facebook away from what's app. google. that's part one. and she wants to bring regulators in to break these up and oversee the breakup.
11:32 am
that's never been done in this country before. she also wants to bar tech giants. this goes to the core of amazon's product. you can't have a market place, she is saying, and sell your good and me as a parent company sell mine. she's saying you can't do that. then the third thing is do not share user data with third party services which a lot of people agree on. >> dana: i think the companies are going to start to agree on that, too. >> so as far as facebook response, google response, amazon response. i reached out to all three. i did not hear back from amazon. facebook and google both wrote back to me but put me linked to pieces about how saying big is wrong and small is beautiful as a very flawed mechanism, especially in a capitalist society. >> dana: what's interesting these tech companies might have to get off the sidelines when it comes to the 2020 candidates. >> indeed. they're going to have to. it's one thing to be dismissive
11:33 am
and say elizabeth warren is really out there on the left and kit never happen here, but in the business world, we remember microsoft being declared a monopoly. that started in the e.u. the e.u. made that case. it really rattled microsoft. they were broken up. it took them a decade to refind their feet. i think the most damaging part of what she's saying is these companies prohibit competition because we have seen that argument work in different areas before around the country. >> dana: all saying this at a time when the economy has not been better. a weird time to do it. >> all these three companies are employers. she has a big rally in long island city queens tonight which is where amazon's second headquarters -- >> dana: got run out of town. >> yeah. >> dana: deidre, thank you. a sweeping election reform bill otherwise known as hr one. the measure would require political groups to reveal their donors, among other thing, and that is raising questions about
11:34 am
free speech. wall street journal editorial board saying congressional democrats have been determined for years to find means to sigh len their political opponents on the right, but the aclu is right that hr1 would smother the speeches of groups such as planned parenthood or other progressive causes. my co-host of the i'll tell you what podcast. my husband had to fill in this week because chris had another engagement. hr i. democrats have said this is our number one priority. that's why it's called hr1. this is not going to go anywhere in the senate because mitch mcconnell said it's not. take a listen to him on that. >> i believe we can actually win elections against people who vote for this. this is a solution in search of a problem. what it really is is a bill designed to make it more likely democrats win more often. >> dana: what do you make of all this, chris? >> excellent use of the phrase turkey, first of all. look, if i were to trace back how we got to politics as broken
11:35 am
as they are today, you would have to include the mccain feingold campaign reform act of the 1990s. here's the deal. when congress seeks to change the way elections are held, when congress seems to do this, it has unexpected morphing effect on the process. it created sort of this wild west world that we live in now. you add in citizens united and you don't have much commander control inside these parties. you have weaker parties and more partisanship. everybody says let's get money out of politics. the truth is, you will never get the money out of politics. what you will do is end up favoring some over others. it does not have a good track record. >> dana: ben shapiro show he does on sundays, he talked to ben crenshaw. they had a very interesting conversation about how campaigns are funded and how one of the
11:36 am
things that are a problem are these contribution limits. if you can only get x amount, it means self-funders and very much people are able to fund their campaigns and it squeezes out people like him that doesn't come from money. >> that's right. the current regime, the status quo says increasingly that either you're a billionaire or celebrity or celebrity billionaire, donald trump. or on the other hand you are a grass roots pop lift who can raise a bunch bunch bunch of money from small dollar groups. left out is what we thought of for most of the past century as sort of the normal american political story. somebody who can get going, get runs. you have to get together enough money to get famous so you can get elected. they're squeezing those folks out. it leaves you with bernie sanders and donald trump and not a lot in between. >> dana: this anti-hate bill passed. there were some people who voted against it, such as congress woman liz cheney, who runs the conference for the republicans.
11:37 am
listen to her here. >> those of us who are elected officials have a responsibility to call evil by its name. that's what the republicans have been doing all along here. the fact that the house democrats are not able even to just put a simple resolution on the floor condemning anti-semitis, stripping her from her membership on the house foreign affairs committee tells you where the party is today. >> dana: that's where congress woman cheney was. listen to candidate booker trying to ignore a question about it. >> any questions? any? right there. yes? >> regarding the controversy surrounding councilman omar. >> can we do off topic questions when we finish? i will gladly stand and talk to you about that. is there anything on this piece of legislation that is out there? i can't see the people in the back. such a big room. no questions on that.
11:38 am
i am going to end this press conference. >> dana: nobody has questions about the legislation, senator. nobody. your thoughts, chris? >> rough. look, running for president is hard. cory booker and other people want to disappear out there. they want to wait until later because they figure if i have to take a position on this, if i have to stand up and be myself here or express an opinion, then it's going to hurt me. they're trying to just wait it out. look at bernie sanders compared to that. bernie sanders comes out, he stands with omar. said whether you like it or not, that's his point of view and he's going to be there with her. if you are ducking and trying to get away from this stuff, it's going to work. you have to face tough questions. you have to do the hard things if you wish to become the president of the united states. that's not what he was doing there. >> dana: ducking that. do we have time for me to play this? this is an interesting exchange on capitol hill. watch.
11:39 am
>> that's probably about the percent of people who think nickle back is their favorite band in this country. it's pretty low. if you look at nickel back is your favorite band? i apologize. >> why would you criticize one of the greatest bands of the '90s? >> wow. all right. one more reason there's a difference between democrats and republicans. >> i actually do have a nickel back song on my running play list that i listen to on a regular basis. >> i appreciate that very brave admission of your fandom for nickel back. that's very brave. >> dana: civil discussion there for you, chris. >> i think nickel back is like socialism. our generation an prior generations fought hard against the scourge of nickel back and to show what the dangers of pop '90s rock. now they are playing with these ideas. very very dangerous. >> dana: we're going to talk about it on "the five" as well. chris stirewalt, thanks and have
11:40 am
a good weekend. >> you bet. >> dana: today is international women's day. let's go back to laura ingall. hopefully, we have her this time because i want to hear this report. >> reporter: yes indeed. here at the united nations, organizers of today's vent for the international women's day saying today is all about unity, reflection and action. we have seen a lot of that here today. the u.n. hosting one of the most symbolic events around the world for a series of international speakers talking about women to think equal, build smart and innovate for change. they even have their own hash tag. balance for better which calls for a more gender balanced world. >> women around the world continue to raise their voices and their banners like me too, and where is my name. >> reporter: president trump also tweeting today, saying this on international women's day.
11:41 am
we honor women world wide for their vital role in shaping and strengthening our community, families, governments and businesses. in turkey, switzerland, italy, ukraine, women from all over the world have been gathering. some to celebrate, others holding marches and rallies. international women's day has been celebrated on march 8th since the early 1900s. and it has never been more important than right now, dana. >> dana: laura, there's also a girl in california celebrating women's day with a famous basketball player for a pretty cool reason. >> reporter: you gotta love this story. this is about a 9-year-old girl. her name riley morrison. she's from napa, california. she's a huge basketball fan. in fact, she's a huge fan of not just basketball, but of steph curry, who plays for the golden state warrior. she wrote a letter for curry after she couldn't find any girl sizes of his basketball shoes called the curry five.
11:42 am
she asked curry in a letter, having been a long champion of equality, if he would work with under armor to make girls shoes. he not only got a girls line going but asked her help design the next generation of curry shoes. they're called the curry 6 united we win. they went on sale today. they have designs morrison created on the inside of the shoe with words like, be fearless, girl power, my personal favorite. curry will be hosting riley an her family tonight at the warriors home game. >> dana: that's how you do it. indeed, laura. thank you. west coast measles outbreak grow, how russia may be interfering with efforts to get kids vaccinated. plus spike lee a very well known new york knicks fan who is always court side, now our own spike is getting some court side attention across the river in brooklyn. we'll tell you why.
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>> i'm ed henry in for shepard smith. the so called most hated man in america behind bars but still causing some controversy. martin screlly is the center of a probe. that's coming up right here on shepard smith reporting. >> dana: now a look at other stories. the country added 20,000 new jobs in february according to the labor department. that's fewer than expected, but the report also showed average hourly earnings up 3.4% over last year. second all 28 members of the u.s. women's soccer team sued the american soccer federation, accusing them of gender discrimination. the suit claims women's players
11:48 am
were paid less than the men's and got inferior treatment, training and coaching. a man taken into custody after refusing to testify before a tkpwrapb jury which we believe is investigating wikileaks. judge ruling manning is in contempt of court ordering her to jail until she agrees to testify or the grand jury concludes. more than 200 cases of measles confirmed in 11 states including 71 in washington. most are children who never received vaccinations thanks to unfounded safety concern. turns out there is a connection to russian propaganda. >> reporter: dana, there's a ton of stuff on social media questioning the safety of vaccines. a recent study found some of it is coming from russia as a means to fight a cold war through disinformation. researchers placed online activity back to the internet research agency, the same organization indicted last year by the justice department for
11:49 am
meddling in u.s. elections. sophisticated bots and trolls played both sides of the issue on twitter using the hash tag vaccinate u.s. one wrote, first the country creates diseases, then vaccine. then a follow-up tweet read, i believe in vaccines, why don't you? nearly all of the 70measles cases in clark county washington are young kids who were never vaccinated. now there's a report that women in the county were targeted with ads on face book that link vaccines to autism, something that has been discounted by numerous study. we spoke with a doctor who has had several unvaccinated patients contract measles in this outbreak. >> it is a big controversy. so often when they come to my office, they don't even want to talk about vaccinations even if i ask them, do you want to do vaccinations. >> reporter: there's a report
11:50 am
that 5 million people have seen anti-vaccination ads on face book. >> dana: is facebook doing anything about it? >> reporter: there's a lot of pressure, of course, on social media companies to crack down on vac anyonization disinformation. yesterday facebook announced a policy that will no longer allow anti-vac content to be promoted through ads or recommendation. also washington state poised to pass a law that would take away the option for parents to opt out of shots simply for philosophical reasons. both are opposed by anti-vac groups in the u.s. which question the whole story about the russian bot and trolls. >> dana: dan springer, thank you. spike was court side at the brooklyn nets game. he did something no other dog has done before. should we make the work place more casual? who better than our stylish tyrus to weigh in. no overalls today though. okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler
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>> dana: goldman sachs became the latest company to relax its suit and tie requirement and adopt a more business casual work place. the firm will allow more work place attire but asked employees to exercise good judgment on how to dress. tyrus is here, co-host of unpc on fox nation. always dress appropriately. >> i have to wear what fits. >> dana: i know. you're big at tall and i'm short and not so tall. this is an interesting thing, i think. we go through this it seems like in the '80s, we were real buttoned up. then got loose. then people got to button up. >> dress for success. look the part. >> dana: especially after the financial crisis. you want to get a good job, be taken seriously. now the economy is so good we're
11:56 am
like, people relax. >> businesses are trying to cover their behind. lot of gender equality issues we're having, set norms. men have to wear a suit. virgin atlantic airlines went away with you don't have to wear red lip stick or skirt. i wouldn't want to be on a plane in a skirt. i think that's just more businesses realizing, these issue, they're trying to get in front of issues. if a man feels like he should be able to wear a skirt. >> dana: do you think it affects people's work performance, how they dress? >> me, no. i have been dressing the same since i was basically 11. i like to wear a hat. >> dana: in a way, people associate with their brand. maybe their own brand. >> that's an overused term. >> dana: i really hate that. what is your brand? >> i don't know if it's good for
11:57 am
my brand. >> dana: don't ever say that. >> i would never do that. >> dana: wear whatever you want. just don't say that to me. >> if i have a brand, it will be trademarked. so, boys and girls, you only have a brand if you get paid for it. wearing my hat backwards is not a brand. >> dana: but you can pull it off. >> i'm a big guy. no one's gonna say anything to him. >> dana: let's all relax a bit. >> let's not go too wild. >> dana: in five years we'll be having the opposite conversation. tyrus, you're going to hang around. there may not be a more popular employee here than our mascot. our executive producer training him to be a canine service dog. spike experienced a very special night in brooklyn to learn how to react to the noise and excitement of new situations. watch this. >> all right. thank you.
11:58 am
here, spike. court side, buddy. court side. good boy. it's spike's big night out with the brooklyn nets at the barclays center, learning to navigate a busy an live environment. first nba game. first brooklyn nets game. training to work with canine companions. so we raise dogs for people with disabilities. this is great training for him. he gets used to the sounds and the sights. we're gonna take him around, make sure he stays focused on me. spike making some new friends. down. roll. showing off his tricks.
11:59 am
>> good dog. down. roll. and learning some new ones. spike here. good boy. spike. thank you, guys. >> dana: for more information and all the important work canine companions for independence does, check out their website. we had spike sitting right here next to tyrus. >> pulled a stage right. >> dana: now he's looking for his mom. he wants some treats. >> wearing a bow tie. >> dana: you can imagine a service dog companion. they need to deal with a crowd. >> that's a lot of stimulus going on. if you ever need someone to take him out to a sporting event, i'm your dude. i got you. let's do this. >> dana: we're gonna take you up
12:00 pm
on that. we all love spike. jen williams doing a great job raising him. he is going to be an independent dog helping someone else. thanks for joining us. happy weekend for you. here's ed henry, in for shep. >> ed: as the president's top communications chief resigns from the white house, president trump is right now meeting with survivors and first responders after one of america's deadliest tornados in years. we are live on the ground in alabama this hour. we'll all hear from people who lived through that killer twister, as we remember the victims of that horrific twister. >> he was a very sweet boy. really intelligent. it's okay to let go. >> ed: just heart breaking. the man accused of kidnapping jessie kloss is apologizing to the teen. what he said about w


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