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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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by being off script. >> chris: that's "special report" from washington. join me sunday for "fox news sunday" where i will sit down with white house economic advisor larry kudlow. "the story" hosted by martha mccallum starts right now. hey, martha. >> martha: hey there, chris. good evening. good evening, everybody. >> i kept walking and i heard [inaudible] so i turned around and said did you just say to me? the attacker masked. and he said this maga country [bleep] punches me right in the face. >> martha: so the story that actor jussie smollett told the nation and told the police twice has now led to a 16-count felony indictment that was handed down just moments ago by a grand jury in chicago. he is accused of staging a hate crime against himself in january. he has already been charged with one count of disorderly conduct and tonight he is
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facing many new charges. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom tonight with this breaking news and what we know. good evening, trace. >> trace: good evening, martha. this is the worst case scenario for jussie smollett because the indictment actually expands the case against him in two ways. he was facing one felony count for disorderly conduct. now he is facing, as you say, 16 felony counts but the grand jury also returned two separate sets of charges for making false statements to two different chicago police officers and those stories were different. remember, he gave one statement shortly after the alleged attack and another later the same day where he told police about the racist and homophobic slurs that they yelled maga country, beat him up, put a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him. each set of charges carries a possible penalty of four years in prison. experts say it's highly unlikely he will serve 8 years, but it's now more likely that he could face some jail time though a plea deal is also a strong possibility. police say bottom line
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jussie smollett directed two brothers to buy a noose at a hardware store and buy hats and masks at another store then he paid the brothers $3,500 to stage that attack. police say the brothers wore gloves and did strike jussie smollett but the scratches and bruises on the actor's face were likely self-inflicted. investigators say he staged the attack because he was unhappy with his salary on the fox tv show empire. on top of these new counts smollett could also be facing federal charges for mail fraud. investigators have indicated that before the alleged attack smollett also sent himself a threatening letter on the set of empire that contained white powder that turned out t acetaminophen or tylenol. no word from the 36-year-old actor or his lawyers. martha. >> martha: trace, thank you very much. joining me now criminal defense attorney mark eiglarsh. good to have you with us tonight. first of all, your reaction
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to this 16-count indictment by the grand jury in chicago? >> well, as you said, i am a criminal defense attorney. it's my job to go to court every day to defend people like him accused of crime. but, first and foremost i'm a human being and i have never lied or mislead anyone on your show. and i won't do it for the first time now. what he did is outrageous and offensive. again, allegedly, assuming they can prove it they have things like alleged lay check that he sent these two guys to pay in checks to call them in advance so unsophisticated i am outraged and offended. i think anything short of prison time would be a miscarriage of justice. future victims, martha, will have to go through extensive scrutiny because of what he did. no, prison time. >> martha: on the personal level, which you mentioned first, you think about people who have, perhaps, been in a similar situation that he was in and what it does to their claims now.
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you know, he sort of robbed people of the assumption that if you say you were attacked, you know, that people will be sympathetic towards that and they will going to want to help you and find the people who did that to you. on top of that, he put a political layer on it sort of with a broad brush offending anybody who supports president trump saying that these people said to him you are in maga country now. it's all made up. it all didn't happen according to this indictment and as you say we will see what happens in the courtroom. >> and he did it for weeks. understand i represent people who are accused of, let's say, identity theft. they assume the identity of someone else, that's a horrible bad crime they get two years minimum mandatory for that crime. now he assumed the identity of a true victim he should at least get two years for that. >> martha: do you think he will? >> no. >> martha: what's going to happen? look in your crystal ball? how do you see this playing out? >> okay.
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if he is one of my clients i look him in the eyes and say the acting is over, mr. prime time, you are done. look at me in the ice, do you not want to go to prison? okay. i might be able to help you. let's get real now he says okay, okay, i was wrong. so here's what you do. you go in and you apologize. and now you do the tour, you let everybody know how sorry you are. and you throw yourself at this membersy of the court and you pray and you hope that somehow the judge has leniency on you. and what will help him is there a presumption in chicago of probation for these types of offenses. it will take the judge saying huh-uh not for this. >> martha: i also bonnder you know what he launches in terms of the phrase that's been used in this case is victim hood she can. that he was depressed or that he had a drug problem. i don't know what it will be. he is making his case. there is also another element to this will he play the victim part and then you have all the leaks that happened from the hospital and the police as well. is any of that mitigating
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for him in the eyes of a judge? >> well, there is always mitigation. i'm a mitigation specialist. if this was he has never been arrested before? there you go let's start with that you would argue isolated incident in otherwise exemplary life everyone he ever said god bless you to could be paraded into the courtroom. every act he has ever done i'm sure there is plenty. his family initially defending him will come in and say what a wonderful person he is he got depressed and fell into drug abuse and all of that should be considered. on the other hand, however, some of the things i mentioned to you work against him. also, how about all the man hours. all the honest dedicated police officers who spent countless hours chasing after this bogus claim because he chose to cast himself as a victim. >> martha: mark eiglarsh thank you, mark. we will see where it goes from here. good to see you, mark. her anti-semitic comments gave way to a very broad anti-hate resolution this week that was voted upon and tonight congresswoman ilhan
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jazeera host who said this meghan's late father literally saying bomb, bomb, bomb iran and insisted on referring to vietnamese captors as blank. he also let's forget gave the world sarah palin he wrote. a little less faux outrage over turned freshman representative, please. made comments about barack obama. politico summarized her comments this way quote. omar says the hope and change offered by barack obama was a mirage recalling the caging of kids at the u.s.-mexico border and the droning of countries around the world on his watch. she argues that the democratic president operated within the same fundamentally broken framework as his republican successor and when it came to his policy on drone attacks, likened him to a pretty face who, quote, got away with murder. here now tammy bruce, president of the independent women's voice and fox news contributor. >> robert zimmerman fox news democratic strategist and dnc member. >> good to be with you this
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evening. >> martha: let's jump in here with the meghan mccain back and forth. meghan mccain was obviously very upset on all of this on "the view." you saw the back and forth that that ignited. >> yeah. i think this is for not just jewish americans or the children of holocaust survivors. but americans in general. we have a history that is relatively recent where those kinds of remarks and that attitude has led to massive atrocities. and we have always wondered when we didn't have a back story or that we could have imagined what it might lead to we now know what it leads to. we wondered how could you have that kind of attitude and where could it ultimately take a civilization? a great civilization, european civilization and yet now we know. so it's -- i don't think she was overreacting. i disagree with meghan on a few things but i do think that this is a realistic perspective here about a member of congress who is issuing a point of view that tariffs many peoplterrifying pee
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view. >> i have devoted a good part of my life to fighting anti-semitism working with the american jewish congress my synagogue standing up to hate crimes and harassment and the assault on the jewish community and what it represents. and so that's why the house resolution was so important and so critical. and that's why i think it was critical to stand together and make it clear that the assault on the jewish community repeating of hateful jewish tropes. repeating of anti-semitic rhetoric is very much in common with the hate against the muslim community. very much with the attacks on hindu and sikh community and catholic community we are all together in this battle. and the fact this was the strongest -- one of the strongest anti-semitic resolutions condemning anti-semitism ever passed in the congress is very important because the resolution. >> martha: it didn't name her or call her out. she obviously isn't affected by it because she is, you know, went right back in there today and started -- >> -- but the truth is we are all impacted by that resolution it says we are
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all in that battle. >> martha: i don't know what that does and what that accomplishes. >> says to the catholic community, the people of diverse people of different color in our country, black and. >> martha: hate is bad. who doesn't know that? >> the point is this we are all in this battle together. that's the matter. we all have to fight together to condemn hate speech. that's the challenge. >> martha: brought up barack obama to which i should say that she has now responded she said that the reporter distorted her words and that she is an obama fan. >> well, there is audiotape apparently of some of those remarks and they were clear and that's what she said. i would also suggest that the point here of what i think the house is trying to do was to keep this from becoming and remaining a circus. but as we have seen the resolution clearly meant nothing to the woman who prompted it effectively representative omar. >> it meant so much more to the rest of the country. >> let me finish, please. clearly it didn't stop anything. and this is going to continue. it will not end.
4:16 pm
it will be lather rinse and repeat every day. the people of her district deserve representation. the peoples removed steve king from every committee. >> after -- they removed steve king after 10 years of advocating white supremacy of a hateful rhetoric the point i'm making to you though. >> martha: he was named and pulled off of his committees and those are the two things that i think a lot of people feel ultimately and can you certainly criticize that it took too long but that has teeth. the issue here is that it looks like she and her group are winning, bob. >> quite the contrary. this is not a partisan game of one winning or the other. >> this conversation makes it seem like it is at this point. >> when we come together as a country and see the congress come together and condemn anti-semitism, stand up to islamophobia and what it represents and we are taking record increases of hate crimes against the jewish community and muslim community in our country and amongst other aspects of our society it's important that we stand together. >> bob, when i'm getting
4:17 pm
filibustered and anybody gets filibustered on this issue it is partisan. >> not at all. >> this is the problem. this is understood by all of us. this is not a partisan issue. there should be no disagreement about the nature of how this should have proceeded. miss omar and ms. ocasio-cortez were laughing in the process of this resolution as it was moving. >> tell me, tammy, where is the republican outrage over donald trump's anti-semitic tropes? >> the partisanship is right here. >> holding all parties accountable. where is donald trump when he edge gauged in anti-semitic rhetoric. >> martha: i'm not sure that that resolution moved anybody away from any of. this either we do this together or we -- either we fight together or we parish together. that's the options. >> the democratic party is going to be the first one to perish if this doesn't resolve. >> it's got to be above partisanship. >> good to see both of you tonight. >> good to be with you. >> did the democrats coach michael cohen ahead of his capitol hill testimony.
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principal we can help you plan for that . >> martha: witness coaching and partisan coordination, those are the accusations that are being leveled at house democrats tonight in the wake of a bombshell fox news report that before michael cohen appeared before congress last month he met with staff of intel -- of the intelligence committee chairman adam schiff for at least four times for a total of 10 hours. and then there's this: >> i spoke to mr. schiff about topics that were going to be raised at the upcoming hearing. >> martha: but that is not what adam schiff says. watch this. >> the extent of my contact
4:23 pm
was inviting him to testify and also allay his concerns about the president's threats against him and his family. >> martha: former chair of the house oversight committee and fox news contributor jason chaffetz joins us now. good to have you with us, jason. tell me a little bit about because adam schiff has said it's ridiculous that what he did is absolutely procedure. it's exactly what the republicans would have done in the same situation. what do you say? >> look, congress is not a court so the rules of discovery do not apply. you can contact and communicate with witnesses. but the case of cohen and mr. schiff is highly unusual. i have never seen or heard of anything like that. when i did it with mr. cummings, we did it in a bipartisan way. there is no way we would ever take a meeting without inviting the other side to be a participant in that. when we did communicate with the potential witness, to alleviate concerns or to know generally where they were going to go, we did it
4:24 pm
in consultation and with the minority. and we also did it by talking to their attorneys. they had representation. so, to spend that amount of time is really, i have never heard or seen anything like that. >> martha: you think they were coaching him? that's what the concern is? >> the first question is why not invite the minority. if you are clearly seeking the truth why not invite him. >> martha: he had testified before for hours and hours and hours would it be all right for them to assume that everyone on the other side heard what he said and there wasn't anything new and wasn't any reason for that? why four tip trips in 10 plus hours. i want to know specific names and how long did they actually meet? you are right; cohen had been there for hours and hours and hours testifying previously. you would think they had
4:25 pm
exhausted all their questions. what really was the intent? why did you devin nunes and his staff and exclude them from those discussions and then probably the most concerning part of it, martha, is the deception that adam schiff has when he is actually out there in front of the world on the cbs morning program, why not just tell the truth and he didn't. >> martha: those are good questions. you know, another good question, perhaps, is if they were coaching him, you know, you could look at it at the end of the hearing and say they didn't do a good job if what they wanted to was to establish that there was some kind of collusion or, you know, that as the stormy daniels stuff they didn't really hit too many marks. because he sat there and said i never went to prague. he threw cold war out there stories about a love child and things like that. he said no i don't have any knowledge of any of that and he didn't make any payments to any other women. and he also walked himself into a few different potential future perjury traps. so, it would appear that all that prep did not work in
4:26 pm
his favor, let's say. >> well, look, this is the same adam schiff that has promised us that there were witnesses and evidence. none of this has ever materialized. so who knows what they were doing in those types of meetings. the fact of the matter is it should have never happened. it's not a coincidence that it's again adam schiff causing these problems. you don't hear this with mr. cummings. this is not an issue with his committee and the way he conducts business. so, again, more smoke and fire to sort of say hey, you know what? the way adam schiff does business, it's not on the up and up and it's not in the spirit of the way congress is supposed to work. >> martha: we were told the russian collusion was not going to come up in the public hearing. it was only going to come up in the behind closed doors hearings. it makes me wonder in the hours they spent together did they decide we should also talk about that in the open hearing? because they ended up doing just that. >> they did, again, you why is it that one party is
4:27 pm
colluding the collusion here is michael cohen and trying to figure out how this is all going to go down and exclude the minority? we had contentious hearings when i was the chairman. >> martha: yes, you did. >> mr. cummings' staff were in the room. they were there. we had those discussions together. >> martha: jason chaffetz always good to have you. thank you very much. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: cardinal tim was one of the most powerful catholic official in the entire country. what did the church do with him after he was convicted of sex crimes? where is he? we investigated and we will show you. >> the person we would really like to talk to is ted mccleric himself. >> he is not given an interview. help you find the secret to a stronger relationship? sometimes it doesn't take anything at all for us... just say "alexa, give me my free audible book," and your first pick is on us. like cabela's catch all gear bags
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4:32 pm
ted mccarrick is convicted of sex abuse by the vatican. he was defrocked by pope francis and thousand he lives here in seclusion. some might say in hiding in this rural town in kansas. tonight, "the story" investigates. this is the place where ted mccarrick, as he is now known cannot be reached, questioned by accusers or journalists, including our producer who attempted to reach him this week. >> the person we would really like to talk to is ted mccarrick himself. >> no. he is not giving any interviews. >> in small town victoria, kansas, now former cardinal once called his eminence theodore mccarrick remains. he lives here in seclusion weeks after pope francis expelled him from the priesthood. >> if he is no longer a priest he should not be living there. >> the vatican officially finding the 8-year-old guilty of sex crimes to minors as well as adults.
4:33 pm
>> he is confined and that's why we are allowing him to be here. the former ashe bishop of washington, d.c. the highest church leader to be ousted in modern times. yet here he remains living on church property among priests yards away from the local public school. >> it's too close for comfort. >> there is a lot of concern from children. >> what we heard from social media he was here. as far as being notified that was the biggest thing. the church has done a good job since then. >> we're mainly giving him compassionate place to stay. >> i is he a very frail individual, too. >> newly assigned catholic bishop in this area only recently arrived back in august. >> what do you say to critics who say that, hey, you are pro-finding this guy a shield? >> yeah. i would say that he is in an environment that does not allow him to go out in public. >> the bishop says he is among those frustrated by this situation. >> i was so upset with
4:34 pm
mccarrick and what he did and i have to admit i had to reconcile my own feelings because i had a lot of resentment towards the whole situation. >> martha: zinke says he reluctantly gave his blessing as mccarrick was placed at the frieri by embattled cardinal who recently resigned himself as d.c.'s current archbishop amid allegations of covering up priest abuse while serving as a bishop in pennsylvania. >> the cardinal called me up from washington, d.c. asking for my permission. i have never gotten an answer why. >> now he is left to deal with the reality thrust upon his new community. >> what do i do when someone that's notorious sinner is thrown in your lap? a lot of people just want to discard him and throw him in jail and maybe he should have gone to jail a long time ago. i don't know. >> martha: to many local residents as well as clergy abuse victims and the catholic faithful worldwide this still evolving mccarrick story is just another painful chapter in the ongoing global church of youth crisis. >> i have been going to
4:35 pm
every parish in our diocese and there is 86 of them. i have been apologizing. >> as for mccarrick having previously maintained his innocence claiming he had no recollection of abusing a 16-year-old boy decades ago the now former cleric has made no public statement since being hit with the vac's harshest punishment. >> yeah, is he very aware of what happened. is he remorseful? i do know this that he goes to confession on a regular basis. what he says i do not know. >> martha: and while prior to the vatican's verdict the pope ordered mccarrick to live in seclusion and pentagon tans. technically is he a free man free to live wherever he might choose. >> he could go anywhere, yeah. i do know that he wouldn't mind moving closer to his family. i think it's going to happen sooner than later that he moves. maybe some place out east. might be looking at an assisted living place. >> still facing lawsuits and potential criminal charges in new jersey and california, mccarrick remains in kansas. next to a basilica known as
4:36 pm
the cathedral of the plains. built by sacrifice and donations from local devout farm families in the early 1900s. it is now a catholic community like so many around the world praying for healing and for their church's survival. >> it's a travesty, the whole circumstance of what's happened in the church and the church covering it up and all of those other aspects. i just hope that love reigns in hearts more than anything else. >> i think healing takes place when we're honest and we get things out into the light and be totally upfront about what's happened. >> martha: joining me now raymond owe royal fox news contributor ewet news officer of the will wilder three series. raymond, your reaction to all of that? that bishop was, i thought very forth come. >> he was something is
4:37 pm
missing here. he was lay aside. cashed nalt mccarrick now theodore mccarrick. the church has no responsibility to him. they tonight have to provide him housing or care or healthcare, any of that and the fact that he has been remorsefulless, no public contrition to his victims, nothing, martha, i think that should also be held up and maybe if they wanted to be merciful to him they should send him to a catholic nursing home where is he isolated and away from kids. having him a block away it rattles the community. it's a bad sign. and one more thing, bishop zinke in your piece there talked about transparency we talked about transparency. the vatican needs to provide all of us with the background of who promoted mccarrick? who allowed him to arise through the ranks of the clergy to reach this pinnacle and use that power to abuse these children and adults, i might add. i think even at 89 i'm sorry, he is the public face of this disaster.
4:38 pm
this horrible evil he should be sent away. he really should be in jail and maybe that's forthcoming. >> martha: maybe it is. he still does face charges in new jersey and california as pointed out in that piece and it is mind-boggling that there still is the same kind of protection mechanism in place that has been in place for decades. the people who knew what was going on and covered up for him and it is still going on to this day raymond. >> yeah. >> martha: i think the expression that you have and that so many have where does it have a place? you know, is there a movement? is there something that people can sign up for? i mean, you know, who is leading the charge that you are so expressive about and why is that? >> well, partly because the catholic church so many of the people in the flock they look to the clerics. you look toe priest, you look to your bishop for leadership. you don't have, you know, a kind of a green grassroots efforts in the catholic church. perhaps it's needed. i know there is a movement to suppress giving funds to the archdiocese. people giving it to
4:39 pm
religious institutes and mother teresa's order and other groups doing good work but not to the church itself. final comment here, martha, if this were a fireman or a man in the military who had been found guilty of these grave offices, do you think he would be allowed to return to the barracks the next day? i think not. and cardinal mccarrick finds himself in that same position. he should not be on catholic grounds. it's a bad sign and it sends a horrible message, i think, to the catholic faithful and wider community. >> martha: good to see you tonight. coming up next new details that deacon structure the narrative behind a recent hit piece on fox news. we will take you through it. ♪ ♪ d here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> martha: so earlier this week the democratic national committee said that they would not offer fox news an opportunity to moderate one of their primary debates in part because of a derogatory story that ran in the new yorker. the new yorker piece claimed that in 2016 right before the election the editor of killed a story about stormy daniels and then candidate trump in order to protect the new president. then the candidate. but today the former fox executive wrote his own piece in response and it was titled i stopped stormy daniels story at fox news. here's why.
4:44 pm
he writes: two weeks before the 2016 presidential election as editorial head of fox news online i reviewed a draft news story that said porn actress stormy daniels had confirmed having an affair with donald trump a decade earlier. the only problem was stormy hadn't said that. daniels and her associates were playing a bizarre cat and mows game with fox news and other outlets trying to get their story out without fingerprints and ultimately without enough proof to publish. we and others practiced solid journalism, he writes. now that's being spun in an effort to prove the opposite. howard kurtz is host of media buzz and our resident evaluator of these kinds of questions. you know, this piece is very interesting that was written by ken la court, howie. how do you balance it out? which side is telling the truth here.
4:45 pm
>> ever more clear than ever. based on unnamed sources to believe that the stormy daniels story was killed by the fox website to protect donald trump or because of rupert murdoch is just way off base. what ken lacorte who was running the website at the time says he had a nine paragraph story written by the entertainment reporter based on two anonymous quotes, no corroboration. and no mention of hush money and no mention of a contract. and it wasn't even close to being able to accomplish. by the way as he says in his piece slate and other organizations were chasing the same allegation also couldn't corroborate them and didn't publish them. when you don't have the goods you don't publish. >> martha: that's one of the very interesting points here is that other publications, including good morning america were also being sort of fed this story as it's written here by stormy daniels and her folks. it's very interesting because they all say we were trying to pursue the story but then the trail went cold. and the supposition is that there was, you know, that perhaps she was looking to
4:46 pm
be paid some of this money and that something else was franklin countied on the outside with regard to her and her situation and she suddenly didn't want to go any further in the corroboration of the story, right? >> yeah, because she ended up getting $130,000 to keep quiet. the kicker here is the "wall street journal" did run a story about stormy daniels and donald trump just days before the election. that's a newspaper that happens to be owned by rupert murdoch by the way ken lacorte says in this piece new yorker author jane maher got called after fact checker called him back she never did. never had the case practicing. >> martha: he had talked to her about another story and collaborated with her and cooperating with her on another story and then he was surprised when it came to this piece he tried to reach out to her but he never got the call returned and then when he saw the piece he was somewhat surprised. just remind us of the history here with this reporter who has been around a long time jane maher also had some similar issues with
4:47 pm
kavanaugh's stories, correct? >> yeah, jane maher was the co-author of one of the stories of one of the sets of allegations in the brett kavanaugh confirmation hearings. it's not christine blasey ford. it was one of the people whose tale largely discredited in the aftermath. i'm not casting aspersions on her as a reporter. she is a reporter who has special lived going after president and vice president trump and billionaires. new yorker a very liberal magazine regularly mocks donald trump. and by the way, martha, i believe that dnc chairman tom perez is using this new yorker piece as a kind of a cover story to justify what he wanted to do anyway. >> martha: he said that specifically. it would be interesting. >> debate in 2016. >> martha: he used that story specifically so it will be interesting to hear if there is any response from him if the story is not as it appears and not as it seems whether or not there is reevaluation there we hope it will be and the door open because we very much would like to do this
4:48 pm
debate. any final thought than debate decision? >> well, you know, the bloibleg of the story is about the opinion hosts at fox and how they are supportive and friendly with donald trump. that's fine. the debate moderators would you, bret baier and chris wallace who did a terrific job in 2016. lots of other journalists don't take my word for it said the dnc made a bad decision depriving democratic candidates of access to the huge fox audience. it was a blown call. i hope the dnc reconsiders. to say base it on a new yorker piece that was very negative towards fox i don't think so. >> martha: howard, interesting. thank you very much. great to have you here tonight. >> my pleasure. >> martha: so coming up, something completely different. as we get into ladies night here on a friday night. pop star taylor swift said she found her political voice and she is ready to use it in 2020. the ladies are up next ♪ look what you just made me do ♪ i don't trust no body and
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>> pop star taylor swift ready to speak now about politics. she says she's more educated now. "as someone pushing 30, did i feel informed enough to speak about it? i'm going to do more to help. we have a big race coming up next year." here we go. the ladies join me now. what do you think? is it time for taylor swift to get more political? >> i think 30 is a fine age to get more political. i think it's a good thing. people who have the substantial following and do the research should be welcomed into the fray. this is something conservatives can criticize liberals for all the time. but people were happy with
4:54 pm
kardashian helped donald trump get the prison reform. but i think r -- it's a good thing. what she did do, was for a lot of people to register to vote, which is the most important thing. >> that was the last day you can register to vote, when you generally see a pop, and it didn't work because she was tweeting. registering to vote is always a good thing. it's controversial whether or not she had any impact on that. >> right, there was a dispute about that, about what these people think when it comes to politics. >> watch out, donald trump, taylor swift is entering the fray. she's 30 and she's informed. i couldn't care less what musicians and people in hollywood think about politics. i don't go to them seeking it out. i make those decisions on my own.
4:55 pm
they're hypocrites. but there's also a big potential risk from a business standpoint as well. you look at these award shows have taken massive nose dives in ratings. the nfl has taken a huge hit since the kneeling controversy. there's a huge risk from a business disappoint. >> she said she did not want to get in politics in any way. she wanted to be an equal-opportunity performer. >> i think this is happening now because she got pressured into it. i remember before the 2016 presidential election. i read several articles that were filled with speculation that taylor swift was a closet conservative because she endorse either hillary clinton or donald trump. and then she got hammered during the women's march because she didn't attend.
4:56 pm
i think she caved on this one. >> it's not a very brave stance to take to be a democrat in hollywood. >> it's the most unoriginal thing. >> go ahead. >> i just wanted to add, i think it's really funny when conservatives say, i don't listen to this, but they were thrilled when kanye west was donald trump's best friend for a while. they would love to have them at their party. >> i think dolly parton has the best approach. nobody knows if she's a democrat or a conservative. she can fit in both categories. everybody loves her. getting a ton of attention this week and bringing the whole question of michael jackson back into the fray and pulled up a lot of old video that was very -- seen all the time when this controversy was happening. this is his sister, latoya jackson, back in -- i hope we have the year on here, but it was quite a while ago when she
4:57 pm
was interviewed. she said this about her brother. >> i loved him a great deal, but i cannot and i will not be a silent collaborator of his crimes against small innocent children. and if i remain silent, then that means that i feel the guilt and humiliation that these children are feeling. and i think it's very wrong. she said that back in 1993. family members are now suing hbo for this. they have a lot to lose if this makes it less appealing. >> i only could get through the first hour of it. you have to watch it in parts because it's so disturbing. the evidence is clear and has been clear for decades. but people are enamored with his talent and put up blinders to the fact that he is a depraved
4:58 pm
pedophile. three days after he was arrested in 2003, which was the second time he was accused of sexually assaulting children. this one was on child pornography charges, i believe, sony released his album and it went triple platinum in the united states. i feel like the outrage has been muted, especially after the me too movement. >> i think it's kind of pathetic now. everyone is in uproar over this when we've known about this for quite sometime. the police got involved in 1993. he reached a settlement of $20 million with a family. he went to court and was not convicted. the two guys in the special said they had known him for years and he didn't do that. that's what's problematic here. he's dead. he can not defend himself anymore. >> he has previously admitted to sharing a bed with children.
4:59 pm
regardless what the police and legal system determine, that in itself tells a story. >> absolutely. >> we talked about this a few months ago on a documentary about motown decided they were going to cut him out of that. it raises a question with what we do with artist who have had a major impact on music and are found out to be not who we thought they were. it's interesting to happen the same week as r. kelly sat down with gayle king. >> lots of coverage of the catholic church and pedophilia. i don't know why it's any different if you're a big star or a priest. >> how do you wipe michael jackson out of the -- >> he's no longer an american now. >> thank you very much. great to have you here. that is the story for this friday night. have a great weekend, everybody.
5:00 pm
the story continues on monday night at 7:00. tucker's up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. there are breaking developments in the jussie smollett case. as of moments ago, 16 additional felony charges. what does that mean? it means jussie smollett could go to jail. first tonight, let's say you disagree with the political views of the people who run the country, the billionaire class, the tesla drivers, the prosecutors and spy chiefs you see on television opining about things. if you're watching this show, you'll probably not all that impressed about these


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