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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 8, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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the story continues on monday night at 7:00. tucker's up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. there are breaking developments in the jussie smollett case. as of moments ago, 16 additional felony charges. what does that mean? it means jussie smollett could go to jail. first tonight, let's say you disagree with the political views of the people who run the country, the billionaire class, the tesla drivers, the prosecutors and spy chiefs you see on television opining about things. if you're watching this show, you'll probably not all that impressed about these people.
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you don't wish them personal harm. but you don't think they've done a good job for america. you might have voted for donald trump to make that very point. have you ever considered what these people think of you for voting the way that you did, for daring to be insolent and disobedient? how would they punish you if they got the chance? ever think of that? wonder no more. manafort has no criminal record of any kind. his sentence is considerably longer than the national average for the charges he pled to. by the time manafort gets out of prison, he will be elderly, broke, and disgraced. but for our ruling class, that's not nearly enough punishment. they believe he must die in prison. anything less cannot be allowed. >> shocking news. >> shocking. as a former prosecutor, i'm
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embarrassed. as an american, i'm upset. >> this judge had a hard-on for the mueller probe overall. >> it's a serious crime and he got a slap on the wrist. people should be outraged. >> i find this jaw dropping. >> it's an extraordinarily lenient sentence >> manafort got the special clubby washington elite friendly treatment. >> paul manafort must die. that's what they're demanding. robert mueller agrees with them. mueller asked that manafort receive up to 24 years in prison, more than twice the average murderer in this country spends behind bars. that's a death sentence. keep in mind that al capone only got 11 years for charges similar.
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is there a single person in america who believes that manafort would be going to jail if he hadn't run donald trump's presidential campaign? everyone in washington knows that. there's a lot of republicans who are grateful they didn't take the job. the judge in the case clearly understands what's happening here. he reminded those watching that manafort was, quote, not before this court for not having anything to do with collusion with the russian government. that's true. nobody has been charged with a charge related to russian collusion. that's a fact. that's not an opinion. there's no dispute about it. somehow, a lot of people are still out there lying about this, probably because nobody in the press calls them on it. watch your elected official say something totally untrue in the most self-righteous possible way. >> the american people would be
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justified in feeling that there is some miscarriage of justice. manafort potentially threatened our very democracy, the principles of our democracy. >> this news came out about manafort and i'm ticked off about this. >> were you shocked? >> this criminal justice system can't surprise me anymore. >> i think i spent more days in detention in high school than judge ellis thinks that manafort should spend in jail. >> cory booker is very ticked off that manafort may not die in jail for cheating on his taxes. keep in mind this is the same cory booker that recently spent hours on the senate floor wagging his finger over mass incarceration and our broken justice system. yet that's also the same cory booker who now is outraged that a tax cheat isn't getting the death penalty. has he ever cheated on his
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taxes? hope not. it would be interesting to know if any of these hyenas has fudged a deduction or violated our banking laws. somebody should check. this isn't about taxes, obviously. cory booker knows that well. it's about using power to crush your political opponents. manafort is sentenced for failing to registration under the foreign act of 1988. it's like hayley's comet here in washington. in the space of 50 years, between 1966 and 2015, the doj charged a total of seven people, just three of them were convicted. meanwhile, the most powerful foreign lobbyist in washington still are not registered. mueller has no plans to indict them. of course not. they never made the mistake of
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running donald trump's presidential campaign. chris, the sentence that the mueller investigation recommended to the judge was up to 24 years. that's twice what the average convicted murderer spends in prison in this country for tax evasion. is that an appropriate request, would you say? >> well, they didn't actually make a request. those were the sentencing guidelines set by the court by the federal judiciary system. >> that's not true. they did. >> yes, they requested that the guidelines be fold. >> tucker: that was their request. honest question. do you think that paul manafort, who was pled to bank fraud, and he didn't defraud money, he didn't steal money from a bank. he misrepresented a loan application. and he cheated on his taxes, as a lot of people here do, as you know. do you think getting twice the sentence of your average convicted murderer, is that appropriate?
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would you feel better about america if he had gotten that? >> no. and tucker, you and i had many conversations about criminal justice. i never root for anyone to go to jail for any amount of time. but there are guidelines and this particular judge sentenced jefferson for 12 years for bribery, charges later thrown out, you would think he would follow the guidelines at least a little bit. but he didn't. >> tucker: are you with the ghouls on msnbc and cnn and the u.s. congress that are shocked he won't die in prison? which he may. he's going to be 70. what's your position? >> there's still another round of sentencing for him. i think that manafort was working for bad people and he was the connection to russia in this last campaign. i don't have any formal proof of that, but i do believe it. >> tucker: working for some pretty bad people. i guess i've been here too long
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to take that seriously. you have michael cohen. his lawyer represents the government for pakistan. are those bad people? should he go to jail for that? >> i think that he spent a lot of time advising people who wanted to bring more russian control to the ukraine on how they could do that. >> tucker: since we're all very judgmental on that. people who lobby for pakistan, most are democrats, pakistan supported the taliban during 9/11, people who lobbied for thaw, should they go to jail? >> i don't see evidence of them running a campaign while pakistan was interfering with our election. i hear a lot of gnashing of teeth on the right about people reacting here. i hope when jussie smollett gets sentenced, people are saying,
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that's too much. >> tucker: i will be the first one to say this is not a police state. okay. let me ask you. >> let's hope everybody is saying he should get a life sentence, too. >> tucker: i don't know what the guidelines are. i don't think he should get more than a fentanyl dealer. the phoniest person in washington is cory booker. he got on the senate floor telling us we are racist for putting fentanyl dealers in prison. now he's saying manafort needs to spend the rest of his life in prison for tax evasion. do you see the disconnect? >> i think the disconnect is how this particular judge sentenced a congressman who happened to be black for 12 years, but this guy lived an exemplary life, and
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he's only going to get four years. >> tucker: are you saying bill jefferson wasn't guilty of keeping cash in his freezer? >> i see the supreme court threw out most of those charges and got rid of most of the sentencing. >> tucker: i'm not here to attack bill jefferson. i'm just asking what you're saying. >> i'm saying this judge is stricter on bill jefferson than he was with manafort. there were guidelines in place. he completely ignored it. there's a difference. >> tucker: your position is that for tax evasion, paul manafort ought to have spent the rest of his life in prison. i just hope nobody else has cheated on their taxes or registered -- failed to register. >> if there are going to be
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standards, they should be applied equally. >> tucker: good, well, i agree. let's do a quick check. half the people i know will be doing one. >> >> tucker: okay, thank you. good to see you. we talk a lot about prison. all the dumb people on tv think it's no big deal, whatever, die there. one thing about people who have been in federal prison, they tend to be for prison reform because it's bad. bernie is one of them. he joins us tonight. quick question for you, bernie. did you see people recommend that so and so do the rest of his life in prison, what's your reaction as somebody's who's been there? >> honestly, it makes me sick, especially cory booker. i worked with him for the last five years on trying to get these bills past.
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and every meeting, everything we've done, first-time non-violent offenders should not go to prison for life or extended time. we should look at alternative sentencing. and then to hear him talk today like paul manafort should go to prison for 19 to 24 years, whatever the recommendation was, it's bs. it's completely hypocritical and just makes me sick. >> tucker: you hear people say -- and let's just be honest. most people you see on tv are dumb. that's why they're not in finance. so, they don't know. but you do know. when you hear them say it's club fed, it's easy, is that true? >> the only people that thinks that a minimum-security camp where paul manafort should go, may go, the only people that believes that are people that's been in the system and are
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institutionalized and been there for 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 years. those people think that a minimum-security camp is club fed because they've been turned into monsters. but when you take a law-abiding citizen, a 70-year-old man, and you stick him in a minimum-security camp where the noise is atrocious, where there's filth, where you have to worry about mrsa and staph infection and hiv, and there's two people and five guys in there and you have the deprivation of freedom which is so profound that you can't even imagine it. you don't get to see your kids and grandkids. and if you don't have money, you can't survive because you can't talk to anybody on the outside. don't tell me that a minim
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minimum-security camp is a country club. you have no idea what you're talking about. you're delusional or just plain stupid. >> tucker: how do you feel, as someone who's over 40 watching your country become a place where people openly call for the imprisonment of their political opponents because they're political opponents? >> tucker, i wrote about this today. there's an article and it's all about nadler sending out 81 letters. he's going to torment and torture and bankrupt 81 people for political reasons, selective and political reasons. it's got to stop. somebody has to do something to stop this. they're bankrupting people, destroying people's lives, crucifying people, families, kids. it's just sickening. >> tucker: it is sickening. i agree with that completely. thank you very much for your perspective on that. we have a fox news alert. more than a dozen additional
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felonies steming from his fake hate crime this january. trace has the very latest. >> he went from one felony count of disorderly conduct to 16 felony counts. and to make matters worse, the grand jury returned two sets of charges because they say he gave false statements to two different chicago police officers and the stories were different, telling police about the racist and homophobic slurs. each set of charges carries a penalty up to four years in prison. experts say it's highly unlikely he will serve eight years, but more likely now that he could serve some jail time, though a plea deal is also a strong possibility. police say smollett paid two brothers $3500 to stage the attack. they say the brothers did strike him but the bruises on if face
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were likely self-inflicted. he could also face federal charges for mail fraud. investigators believe been the alleged attack, he sent himself a letter with white powder that turned out to be tylenol. so far, no word for the 36-year-old actor. >> tucker: thanks so much. we've got new information coming in at this hour on the smollett case. we're going to have a reaction and more straight ahead. and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. [ dog whimpering ]
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patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient... and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call and tell congress. protect medicare patients. stop cuts to part d drug coverage. all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> i still want to believe with
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everything that happened, that there's something about justice, because if i stop believing that, then what's it all for? >> tucker: beautiful. thank you, jessie. that's my new ring tone. i'm not forget that. you shouldn't either. a week ago, smollett was a victim. now a grand injury has charged him with 16 felonies. the indictment accused him of lying to police officers to fabricate a hate crime against himself. those are the facts as we know them. what do they mean? thanks for coming on. i would say you're an expert at taking three steps back and assessing the meaning of news events. what's the meaning of this one? >> well, i think we had the presumption on the part of
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smollett. it seems overwhelming that he's got a couple of major problems. one is illegality, filing a false police report. people have done this in the past. and there really no consequences sur -- suffered. i think it will send a message that if you lie to police about events that didn't take place, especially in a city like chicago with a massive crime problem, you've got police who ought to be finding murderers, so that's serious. and there's a very serious moral problem here, which is in a country that's completely divided, the last thing we need is one more reason to try to strangle each other. and when this whole thing happened a few weeks ago, you had a place involving a black man who's also gay, which made it a racial and sexual case. people supposedly say this is
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maga country. the last thing we need in this country right now is people adding to the tension and division we're suffering already. that's why this is very immoral and illegal. >> tucker: so, your final point is the one that really resonateds with me. why do you think so many of our opinion-makers in the media and on social media are encouraging that division? >> well, unfortunately, this is something the left has pushed. they've pushed racial divisions for years, going back to the slave days and jim crow and on and on. but instead by putting us into competing racial camps, sexual camps, and so on, and letting this sort of tension and acrimony continue.
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here we have this actor implicating or perpetrating this. fortunately, he got caught. if he didn't get caught, he would still be considered a victim. he probably would have gone to the oscars and been applauded by all the elite in hollywood, as this black gay man who's suffered. gq had a headline on this. it's far-right america's end game. fortunately the police got to the bottom of this and this whole thing unraveled. >> tucker: it's sad to see what happened in american magazines. only the losers remain. last question. am i making this up or is there a theme here that the people who claim to be victims tend to be the more powerful in our
5:25 pm
society? i can't remember the last time i saw an hvac repairman claiming to be victims. it's always the powerful that claim to be victims. >> we seem to be celebrating the victims. it's a sad situation. jussie made it worse. >> tucker: great to see you. well, according to a lot of polls, joe biden has run a number of times for president, is the favorite once again for the democratic presidential nomination, should he choose to run. but who is joe biden? you'll know more about the next segment. ack needed a vacation from his vacation. so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain.
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>> tucker: joe biden isn't officially running for president once again yet. he's going around the country getting rich speaking to corporate groups. he will immediately by a front runner for the democratic nomination. he's been in politics for a long time. the democratic party today is completely different from the party he joined 50 years ago. how will the party's red guards feel about biden's past? >> hi, tucker. there's a lot there, as you can imagine. he served on the senate for 36 years, 8 years as the vice president. part of the reason why he's the front-runners, you are more easily able to raise money when people know you like that and you have a base of support among the donor base. but there's a lot of challenges, things you've said that you have
5:31 pm
to answer to, things you have to vote on as well. he has come under criticism, one for his treatment of anita hill. a lot of democrats felt he was too tough on her and negatively impacted anita hill. and remember how much trouble hillary clinton got over her super predator comment and how that impacted her 2016 presidential run. black lives matter protesters demanded an apology. joe biden had a similar comment he might have to answer to as well. >> the cadre of young people, born out of wedlock without parents, without supervision, without any structure. we should focus on them now. but for simple pragmatic
5:32 pm
reasons. if we don't, they will, or a portion of them will become the predators 15 years from now. and madame president, we have predators on our streets. >> and, tucker, remember the 4.4 million voters, 2012 obama voters that sat home in 2016. more than a third were african-americans. there's this comment i want though show you as well, if we can pull it up, that biden made regarding school busing. the white man is now far ahead in the race for everything our society offers. in order to even score, we must now give the black man a head start or even hold the white man back to even the race. i don't buy that. a lot of these comments could end up being an issue in just
5:33 pm
where the democratic party is as a whole. the party has gone increasingly left-leaning. joe biden may not be in the mainstream of the democratic party anymore. >> tucker: i would say he's not in the same zip code. >> that's a more interesting way to say it. >> tucker: it's true. unbelievable. thanks a lot for that. >> happy friday. >> tucker: the russia story has warped the democratic party. it's driven them to become pro-war, pro-censorship, pro-china. even cohen knows a lot about this. he's been at the heart of russia studies and politics for a long time. he joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on. you've been around american politics and russian dmriplomdi
5:34 pm
for decades. how has this story changed the democratic party, would you say? >> some people say i've been around too long. i'm working on that. look, as a historian, i know that parties have parties within them. they're divided. and i saw that when i was growing up in the segregated south. my father was a roosevelt democrat. we see something like that going on today, i fear. that is to say that the party and its candidates for the presidency are preaching social justice and economic justice and traditional liberal values, but they're pushing this russiagate story against trump in a way that i think is making the democratic party the party of cold war with russia, which easily could be hot war, the
5:35 pm
party of neomccarthyism and a party that doesn't care as it used to about civil liberties. it seems to be a party that wants a death sentence for tax returns. that would put a lot of people in prison. >> tucker: russia seems to be the unifying force behind all of these changes. you're seeing censorship onlines that liberals in my childhood would have rebelled against, that they now support because it's done in the name of eliminating russian disinformation. >> yeah, i have a different way of formulating it. in the 20th century, we had three marriage episodes with russia or what president trump is calling cooperation. they were all done by -- i don't know if you have thought of this -- by republican presidents.
5:36 pm
izen -- in that sense, trump is squarely in the republican tradition. i don't know if trump knows that himself, but he is. and yet when he does, whatever a republican president did in the 20th century, try to cooperate with moscow, it's called treason. i'm not making this up. you remember in july last year, he went for a summit with putin, the russian leader, something that every american president had done, had a submit with the kremlin leader. what did they say when trump came home? treason. driven by the democrats. so, i mean, to my mind, though i've been a kind of democrat most of my life, the democrats are becoming the party of anti-national security. >> tucker: it's bewildering for me and i know only a fraction of what you know.
5:37 pm
>> what zip code are you in? >> tucker: i don't think we have cell service in my zip code. that's how far out i am. big tech has become a critical part of the left censorship agenda, really the engine of it. does that problem have a simple fix or is it time to break up the tech giants entirely? that's a rhetorical question, you know the answer. but we have more on it next. our" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental.
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>> tucker: most of the democratic party is happily aligned with the interest of big tech, which funds their campaign. but there is one exception. elizabeth warren. today she broke up a plan with
5:42 pm
the biggest tech monopoly if she's elected president. when somebody says something smart and true, we want to be the first to congratulate that person. we are not partisans. we're just looking for people of good faith to make good decisions. that would be a good decision because monopolies have immense power. and these monopolies use that power to censor unpopular speech. watch. >> your platform restricts speech. >> our platform promotes speech unless people violate our rules. >> why are people being suspended for tweeting hashtag learn to code? >> some of these contain death
5:43 pm
threats, wishes of harm, other coded language that we have seen to mean death to journalists. >> that's just not true. the editor-in-chief of the daily caller was suspending nothing but hashtag learn to code. >> tucker: she's just lying. they all are. jessie kelly has himself been a victim of tech censorship. what strikes you more, the willingness of twitter and other social media companies to censor things they don't like or their complete lack of self-awareness when asked about it? >> i think they're extremely self-aware. nobody's going to ask them the tough questions. and i'm not surprised about them censoring. that's what totalitarians do, they censor things off.
5:44 pm
we have a war with socialism in the united states of america right now. >> tucker: but you're absolutely right that they're never pressed on this by anybody except in the most sort of sensitive way. and that confuses me because journalists have everything at stake in the first amendment. they should be opposed to censorship. they usually have been. why are they no longer? >> because journalist want to be eaten last. the journalist are socialists just like the tech guys are, just like all the media and hollywood is. they want to be aligned with the socialist in charge of the government at the end. the conservatives better wake up and realize that making your living just off these tech platforms is dangerous. it spells trouble. >> tucker: i mean, if only
5:45 pm
conservatives controlled the branch of government or a chamber of commerce, congress, maybe someone would do something about it. why aren't the conservative office holders who wield power doing anything to protect their voters and america and the bill of rights itself? >> well, tucker, they should be. they should be treating these tech companies like publishers. they are publishers. they only censor out conservatives. they've never censored out liberals out there. they should change their tax status. you and i both know congress is going to screw that up too. congress can't do anything right. congress couldn't sell cat litter at an event for feminists. >> tucker: i'm not allowed to laugh at that. i'm just going to nod like i don't understand what you're saying. if elizabeth warren comes out, who i haven't made a lifetime habit of complimenting, if she comes out and says let's get
5:46 pm
this under control, why wouldn't republicans alie with her in that one thing? >> because if you give elizabeth warren that kind of power, what's she going to grab next? it sounds nice. frankly, they scare me too how big and powerful they are. once you give her that kind of power, that hungry animal is not going to stop there. she's going to look at people like you and me and you know we're going to get eaten next. >> tucker: it's probably a fair point. you're a wise man. great to see you. thank you. >> appreciate you. >> tucker: you thought typhus was gone. it was a 19th century disease of poverty and filth. and you're sort of right and sort of wrong. it's making a comeback in los angeles. we hit the streets for our investigation, madness in california. we've got it on tape. also, one of the great people at fox news joins us tonight in the friend zone with some great news to share. we'll be right back. biopharmaceutical researchers.
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>> tucker: now, to the slow-moving disaster known as california, los angeles has one of the largest homeless populations in the united states. local officials have done virtually nothing to fix the situation. diseases you used to read about in novels are making a comeback, diseases like typhus. here's what we found. >> in the heart of los angeles, rats are breeding and a medieval disease is born again -- typhus. >> medieval diseases are here now because this environment got out of control. >> typhus is popping up in l.a.'s skid row, and an infectious disease eradicated in the 1800's that festers in filth is and spread by fleas and rats
5:52 pm
is back, because the city allows hundreds of homeless people to set up shacks on the sidewalk and live there forever. >> they have duplexes, three-stories. they have furniture. one lady had a rubber jacuzzi in here one time. they get real comfortable here. >> he says letting tent cities thrive isn't protecting the poor. it's proliferating drugs and disease. >> we have some people who have housing but they'll set up a tent and pretend to be homeless all day and sell drugs -- spice, met amphetamines, crack cocaine. >> we have drug dealers, thugs preying on our most vulnerable. >> but the court blocked it from being enforced after advocates
5:53 pm
representing a group of homeless people sued the city, calling its enforcement cruel and unusual punishment. >> our police officers are not able to do their job and clear our public sidewalks. it's insanity. they are not allowing us to clean our streets and our sidewalks. what they are doing is they are embracing and encouraging a lifestyle of filth. >> over time, squalor builds up on the streets with rats feasting on rotting food. far away from skid row, typhus traveled through the streets and a deputy city attorney got infected. >> i felt like i was going to die. >> what's changed isn't what's in the building,it's what's around it. >> the homeless population has moved closer and closer. they surround the building. as folks walk to work and back, they are walking through rotting food, raw sewage.
5:54 pm
>> they're going to stay right here and surround themselves with filth. that's only going to lead them to demise. >> tucker: hillary, that's dirtier than downtown mumbai india. >> i was surprised and i actually threw away my shoes because i didn't trust i could clean them effectively. >> tucker: how could there be used hypodermic needles on the streets and no one picks them up? >> a lot of the controversy is what they're allowed to throw away as trash. a lot of homeless people keep piles of things on the street and you may think it's trash but they get upset when you try to remove it. >> tucker: homeless people get upset. that makes total sense. insane. thank you for that amazing package. we've got great news. end of the week, we want to end on the happiest possible note.
5:55 pm
the friend zone is back. we welcome an actual friend from fox news onto the program, she joins us tonight. it is so great to see you. >> hi, i'm just glad to be in the same studio as you. i really miss you. >> tucker: you are the sunniest person. we worked together for a long time. you're the sunniest person i think i ever met. >> what about your wife? >> tucker: she's pretty sunny. why would your memoir be entirely sunny? >> i think it's all about your outlook. i think that truly can help you through life. and that's what i try to do. i try to find the silver lining. i think all of the bumps on the road that i've had, and i've had a few, i realize now they had to happen for me to have this moment, sitting here with you, tucker. >> tucker: i love that. i love that you decided that and
5:56 pm
you stuck with it. who are we looking at? >> that is me back home in ottawa, canada. i was a bylaw enforcement officer. non-criminal laws. barking dogs, lawn grass complaints, annoying dogs, cats not on their leash. i was a dispatcher there and i would dispatch calls. i did that every summer while i was in school. it was a 10-69. we've got a 10-69. so i did that for a while. and they tell me that i got my start in radio from dispatching those calls. and i did the actual uniform thing for about two weeks. i was terrible at it. there would be a dog across the street that i was supposed to catch and i would pretend that i didn't see it. >> tucker: i know that you know
5:57 pm
the name of every song written between 1960 and 2000. how long were you a disk jockey? >> on and off for 15 years. well, 10 years. i've been at fox for 15 years. my broadcasting year was 25 years. i worked at a classic rock station. i met all these cool rockstars, which i document in "mostly sunny." my hair was terrible back then. >> tucker: it was great, actually. >> there's billy ray cyrus. that was the '90s. but my big story was with steven tyler. and that's in the book. you helped me get my autograph on the actual picture of steven tyler and i 20 years later. do you know that story? >> tucker: i don't know. >> we had a moment together back home in ottawa. he never signed my picture until fox and friends a couple of
5:58 pm
years ago. i said, i have this great moment with steven tyler but i don't have an autograph. on twitter somebody contacted me and said, send me the picture, i'll get him to sign it. he did. there it is because of tucker carlson. >> tucker: that is so cool. that was in canada? >> yeah, that was backstage. he wanted me to come backstage after the show. and then that would have changed the whole trajectory of my life. >> tucker: we never would have met you if you had done that. without getting too heavy on live tv, with you talked about this a number of times. you decided that you were going to approach the challenges in your life in a positive way. >> mm-hm. >> tucker: how -- i mean, people are inspired when they hear that. can you give advice to other people facing challenges? how do you stick with it? >> i wrote this book for myself when i was diagnosed with ms
5:59 pm
because i was looking for people doing well despite the challenge. i couldn't find a lot of that. i needed a book like this to make me feel like i wasn't alone. i wrote this book sort of for me 15 years ago, when i was facing a really dark time. i just wanted to know there was somebody out there doing well. >> tucker: whatever you did, really i've never met anyone who's approached life as you have, and i'm very impressed by it. >> it also helps to have really good friends around you. and i consider you a very good friend. and now i have my mug. i've been waiting for this mug. i won that contest and you never gave me the mug. >> tucker: because we're not allowed to send him through the u.s. mail. you had to come here and get it. >> he's in my book, too. >> tucker: i know he is. one of his relatives approached me in the airport and asked me for one of these mugs. thank you. what a great end to the week. we're done. we'll be back monday, 8:00 pm.
6:00 pm
the show that's the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness, and group think. have a truly great weekend and we will see you monday evening. hannity is next from new york. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. we are following several major breaking stories this friday night. i know so many of you have been very frustrated, so have i, with our system of justice. we've watched mueller's witch-hunt. that's been playing out for two years, day after day. and i know you've been saying to yourself, well, what about all of the people that we know have been abusing power, committing real and serious crimes? hillary clinton's one. we look at people like -- what about the fisa abuses,


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