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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 8, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> tucker: what a great end to the week. we're done. we'll be back monday, 8:00 pm. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness, and groupt have a truly great weekend and we will see you monday evening. "hannity" is next from new york. ♪ >> sean: this is a fox news al we are following several major breaking stories this friday ni i know so many of you have been very frustrated, so have i, wit our system of justice. we've watched mueller's witch-hunt. that's been playing out for two years, day after day. a lot of people's lives have been ruined over "process crimes" just because of their connection to president trump. and i know you've been saying yourself, well, what about alll of the people that we know have been abusing power, committing real and serious crimes? hillary clinton's one. we look at people mccabe and james comey and peter strzok and lisa page and many, many more. what about the fisa abuses, stripping americans of their constitutional rights? what
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ofut the rampant conflicts interest at some of the highest levels at the doj, fbi? tonight, we have great news. according to my sources, everything that we have been revealing about the deep state for two years will very soon result in major serio we're going to have a complete breakdown of all of this coming all right, but first, just breaking a couple of hours ago, jussie smollett has been indicted on 16 felony counts fo allegedly orchestrating an elaborate hoax.n if found guilty, he could face major prison time. we are going to have more on this breaking news throughout the show. also coming up tonight, we have big breaking news and surrounding house and tellha chair, known the liar, and known collaborator, collusion himself, involved in, adam schiff, and i his brand-new best friend, michael cohen.
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serious charges tonight being made about adam schiff. plus a brand-new development to the democrats'. new wave of anti-semitism, bigotry, and hate. we have a "hannity" expose on crazy uncle joe biden. we begin tonight, breaking news out of our "hannity watch" of the deep state. what we are about to show you, this is only the beginning. buckle up. thanks to a surprise move by one very brave house republican, we now have damning evidence surrounding thehi corrupt, dishonest actions of so many deep state actors of the past three years. congressman is from georgia, his name is dougs collins, and he released the full transcript of bruce ohr's deposition and its contents are shocking. by the way, there is going to be a cascade of these depositions being released. now the deep state house of cards, mark my words, it is beginning to tumble down. to give you some background, keep in mind, bruce ohr was once the fourth highest ranking
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member of obama's department of justice. he became a conduit for the federal government russia collusion investigation. remember, his wife, nellie, actually work for christopher steele. she was working at fusion gps on the clinton bought and paid for and he dossier. and used her husband's position to proliferate the dossiers content throughout the highest levels of government. that is contained in this deposition. according to his testimony, which is now completely public, bruce ohr passed along a thumb drive from his wife tomb the fbi so that trump-haters like peter strzok and lisa page could have direct access to hillary clinton's oppo research. and we also learned that both the fbi and the clinton campaign, via fusion gps, they were both paying christopher steele for this so-called intelligence. and we know that he was being paid by russian oligarchs.
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we talked about him. oleg deripaska, who had a grievance against paul manafort over a business deal gone wrong. let me recap this so you have to understand this. steele was getting paid by your fbi, hillary clinton, and the dnc, and a russian oligarchs. pretty good gig if you can get it. but that is not all. thanks to this transcript, we now know that bruce ohr testified under oath about meeting with fusion gps founder and christopher steele's boss, glenn simpson. now this occurred during the 2016 campaign. now simpson, he testified that he didn't meet with bruce ohr until after the election. t the question is, which one of these two guys is lying? now we also learn from this deposition that ohr testified that he notified the fbi about his contacts with christopher steele also during the 2016 election. but according to a statement from adam schiff, who i think is
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the biggest liar in congress, he claims that bruce ohr did not tell the fbi about his contacts with steele, again, until after the election. here we are again. which one is lying? my money is on schiff. here's where it gets really important. bruce ohr also testifies that he notified the fbi of the dossier's extremely biased source and christopher steele's personal mission to stop trump, a big drum hater. on page 15 of the october, 2016 fisa application against carter page, it reads the following. "the fbi was unaware of any derogatory information pertaining to christopher steele." that's right, everyone in theug fbi knew in august of 2016 the dossier was tainted, that hillary paid for it, comey, mccabe, he even breathed andrew weissmann, who is the bipitbull.
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literally this is hugely important. a detail never provided to the fisas court. that is called the chris conspiracy to commit fraud on a court, denying that person's constitutional right, and this being done at the height of the 2016 election. so in other words, they had purposely withheld to the fisa court conspiracy to commit fraud, plain and simple, information that was irrelevant, and it became of the bulk of the mueller application. it doesn't end there. christopher steele testified under oath, and great britain under the threat of perjury, i don't know if any of this dossier is true. maybe 50/50. just draw intelligence.
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in other words, the author of the dossier doesn't stand by the dossier. raw intelligence, 50/50 does not become the bulk of evidence to deny an american citizen, carter page, his constitutional rights and get a fisa warrant. tuthankfully, senator lindsey graham has now reopened the senate investigation into fisa abuse, and we are also waiting for michael horowitz, the inspector general's report, on the same. dental on like a democrats' never ending witch hunt, thiss investigation centers on realid crimes, with real evidence. so what i'm telling you is it's all now beginning to cascade down. it's time to officially now pull the veil off the deep state effort. they tried to steal an election. they had a favored candidate, hillary clinton. they had somebody they didn't like, donald trump. and literally, they wanted to
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alter the will of the american people, both before the election, and then undo the career of a duly elected president. this is abuse of power we have never, ever seen in the history of this country. we have a lot more coming up. after drying from our breaking news about another deep state actor, do you remember when congressman adam schiff made such a big deal when then-house intel committee chairman devin nunes went over to the white house to review documents? member this? take a look. >> the chairman will need to decide whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct, which includes allegations of potential coordination between the trump campaign andndoo the russians, or he is going to act as a surrogate of the white house because he cannot do both. unfortunately i think the actions of today throw great doubt into the ability of both the chairman and the committee
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to conduct the investigation the way it ought to be conducted. >> sean: tonight, i'm calling for an investigation into adam schiff. he is in hot water after reportedly -- get this -- sending him as a staff to new york city to meet with michael cohen for over ten hours. rumor, he testified only seven hours, prior to his hearings on capitol hill. ten hours! that kind of reminds me of the time bill clinton met with loretta lynch on the tarmac during the department of justice's investigation, they were about to rule on whether to indict hillary or not. remember, cohen testified that he reviewed topics with schiff himself, something that congress did not deny. again, one is lying. which one? take a look. >> what did you talk to mr. schiff about? >> i spoke to mr. schiff about topics that were going to be
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raised at the upcoming hearing. > the extent of my contact ws inviting him to testify and also trying to allay his concerns about the president's threats against him and hisrn family. >> sean: talk about topics? that is like a teacher giving you the questions for the test ahead of time. ten hours? with a coaching? this now needs its own investigation. what he did with michael cohen would be called witness tampering, and it's not a first for adam schiff. in july of 2018, congressman schiff actually met with fusion gpsit founder glenn simpson. he said accidentally. they run into each other in aspen, colorado. simpson was a key witness in an ongoing house collusion probe. the pair denied talking about theut investigation. they were just socializing. let's not forget, ed henry is reporting from 2017, according to ad, during a closed-door confidential hearing with
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donald trump jr., schiff was spotted going in and out of the hearing room over and over and over again, while at the very same time, fake news cnn was gaining access to what was going on in real time was john jr. testimony as it was happening. here to explain that, mr. schiff? who could ever forget the time that schiff was caught on tape -- es --or colluding with somebody that he thought was a rush in to get on president trump so it could impact america's electoral process! the thing that he says he's investigating, we got him on tape doing it! listen. >> what's the nature of the kompromat? >> their pictures of naked trump. >> the fbi was made aware of the couple rising material? >> of course. >> thank you. we'll be back in touch to maker
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and arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and the fbi. >> sean: real collusion with russia's. pictures of donald trump. i'll have more flexibility after the election. given the serious conflicts of interest, now allegations of witness tampering, collusion, his constant lying, apparent leaking that needs to be investigated, well, adam schiff needs to hold himself to the same standard that he held devin nunes. that would be recuse himself from the intel committee's investigations immediately. they are now needs to be an ethics investigation into adam schiff, and he needs to be helde accountable. no wonder he doesn't want to come on this show. his actions over the past two years represent every single thing that is wrong with the sewer of washington, d.c. these are no major developments and remember, so much more to come in terms of other
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depositions, 302s, the fisa warrant, gang of eight, it's all coming out, and people will be held accountable.. we continue covered by the way, are very important "hannity watch" on the rise of anti-semitism and bigotry inside the democratic party. this has been a really revealing and despicable week. as we speak, and elected u.s. member of congress is sitting on the all powerful foreign affairs committee, even after suggesting, "evil jews are hypnotizing the world, that isjewish money is controlling or government, and that her colleagues have a dual loyalty to israel, which is anti-semitism on the most vile level. this should shock the conscience and alarm everyy single american. apparently not those in the democratic party,de a group of outspoken, radical socialists, they are now pulling the strings in the house of representatives. here's congresswoman
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ocasio-cortez, congresswoman tliab, congresswoman omar, apparently they are the head of the entire democratic party and nancy pelosi is just a speaker in name only. the rest of the democrats are either fearmongering or total agreement. they had an opportunity to condemn this hate, this bigotry, this anti-semitism, and they didn't do it this week. now by the way, that is why pelosi is once again making excuses for this bigoted continued behavior of her colleagues. watch this. >> i don't think our colic is anti-semitic. i think she has a different experience, and doesn't understand that some of those words are fraught with meaning that she didn't realize. >> sean: there is no shortage of prominent democrats rushing to defend omar. as per usual, congresswoman ocasio-cortez leading the way. she actually -- we saw at the beginning of the month how she is fund-raising off of omar's anti-semitism, begging
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for donations because pro-israel groups are coming after her, tliab, and omar. the new narrative that the democratic party, anyone who calls out congresswoman omar's anti-semitism is islamophobic. this is a disaster. this is really not an issue this country has to deal with. what? you have that, oh, abortion after birth, during the birthing process, a party that leans so far left, no planes, no cows, highest taxes ever, and no cars, oils, or gas. npresident obama is not liberal enough. congress and omar actually went after obama. we had a big problem in this country, let's get to our first guest. joining us, professor alan dershowitz of harvard. you know, professor, you and i have a common bond, a love of israel. and what has now come on on multiple occasions showed outrage every american, and the fact that the democratic party
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could not take a stand and name this woman and condemn this and keep her on the committee, to become as outrageous. >> i agree with you. i think that these democrats, the one the extreme left, are trying to turn the democratic party into britain's labour party headed by an overt anti-semite like jeremy corbyn. he make the same arguments. it wasn't anti-semitic, it was just anti-zionist. but what omar said as clearly anti-semitic. she should have been condemned by name, singled out, anti-semitism should have been isolated as the real problem that we are confronting, not only in this country come but around the world prayed for the democrats, by watering it down, it was as if, after the black children were killed in alabama, back in the civil rights movement, and somebody wanted to introduce a resolution condemning attacks on black children, some southerner said, oh, yeah, let's also include attacks on white children.
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no, that's not the way you do it. you look at the problem, the problem is anti-semitism coming from omar, and others like her, and that has to be condemned and it has to be condemned uniquely and singularly and strongly. >> sean: i am worried about the rise of anti-semitism in europe. these insane white supremacist groups, they are rearing their ugly heads. i don't care where it comes from. it needs to be confronted and stopped and called out. i thought this was an act of cowardice this week. i really did. it was disgraceful. >> you know what else is an act of cowardice? democrats and others and people on the left wall condemn black lives matter. black lives matter, in their black form -- >> sean: what do we want, that cops. >> they call israel genocidal come apartheid. i care about black lives, i've devoted my life to protecting black wives but it will notpo support the organization
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black lives matter because i have zero tolerance for anti-semitism, zero tolerance for anti-catholicism, zero tolerance for anti-muslim, zero tolerance for any kind of bigotry. you cannot tolerate it. >> sean: med group has said, what we want, dead cops? what we want them coming out. pigs in a blanket. i got to move on. let's talk about adam schiff and, professor, this one but her testimony of bruce or is it showing many and contradictions. this is just the beginning. we're going to see the fisa warrants, we are going to see the 302s, we are going to see the gang of eight information, and we are going to get all of these -- all the testimony of all of thesese people. and what we are learning is -- >> we should see everything. >> sean: okay,y, but what -- >> transparency is the essence. >> sean: we now know -- many
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people lied under oath. what do you think of adam schiff? what did you think of that tape owith him thinking he was talkg to a russian? what do you think of his staff spending ten hours with michael cohen? know that thew allegations in the steele dossier are not supported by steele. i think that fisa court to consider holding another contempt, contempt of court, people who submitted a fisa application while withholding relevantnt information that migt have led them to a different conclusion. look, we live in such a strange time. the other headline is just a small and getting indicted, thankfully, it's very important. anybody who falsely accuses anybody should be called to task. i've been falsely accused. fortunately i was able to do able to disprove the allegations. but the people who accused me should be prosecuted, investigated. nobody should be able to make false accusations and get away with it. >> sean: i live without my
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whole career. the standard is so high, even you and an army of alan dershowitzs couldn't win a case. i am glad about this -- these covington kids, they have a great lawyer and who in wood, and what happened in his gaze was a disgrace. i want to remind everybody, you were going to write an introductory response to the mueller report. >> that's right. >> sean: that will be coming out? >> it will be out just days after the mueller report becomes public. i'm workingng with a very, very fast publisher, they will be the first ones out with a report, with my introduction. >> sean: professor, thank you for being with us. we continue our investigation into the deep state. a lot of news with this bruce ohr testimony just released tonight. we'll check in with ed henry, john solomon, sara carter, and the congressman with more details on whether or not cohenc was coached by schiff's team as fox's reporting. and we have two villains of the day today. two.
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i just wanna get it right now. guess what i'm gonna do. (laughing) call today. comcast business. beyond fast. ♪ >> sean: joining us know the latest surrounding congressman adam schiff, possibly coaching michael cohen or her staff prior to his appearance before the house oversight committee and also the release of the bruce ohr interview, fox news chief national correspondent, our own ed henry. this is the beginning of the cascade. there are a ton of those interviews that i believe are going to not be released be released. >> sean, it could be the beginning for a democrat adam schiff is on record refusing to even answer if you would accept robert mueller's conclusion if the mueller report did not find russian collusion. instead, schiff told cnn last month he's moving forward with its own house until investigation, so the russian probe will continue no matter what mueller finds.
10:26 pm
in case you are wondering if this will be a fair investigation, fox's catherine herridge found out that schiff's democratic staff came here four times to meet with her merger of michael cohen for over ten hours ahead of his seven hours of public testimony. republican congressman mike turner told fox this clearly shows to him the witness was coached inappropriately. sources familiar with the cohen meeting state of the house until staffers covered such topics as whether the president inflated some of his assets to insurance companies and his close relationship with head of the is"national enquirer." that raises eyebrows about how that ties in to oversight of intelligence matters, which is what schiff is supposed to be doing. in fact those topics were among the ones that cohen ended up discussing in his public testimony that went after the president. working questions tonight about whether cohen was coached. schiff's office insists to us, nothing inappropriate happened. they tell us, standard procedures or talk to witnesses about what they previously told
10:27 pm
congress and get a preview of what they may now say in public. it's interesting, tonight, the president is tweeting, according on something congressman turner said about how he believes the only time michael cohen told the truth was when he pled guilty to lying to congress. >> sean: unbelievable story. it continues to develop. ed henry with those with sms breaking news night. now earlier today, the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, hadrn this to say abot michael cohen's testimony. take a look. >> they don't prosecute him, it would be a complete outrage as to what they do to a bunch off other people. his perjury is overwhelming. how about, i didn't ask for a job? i wouldn't have taken one? put next to that a tape going back to that time with chris cuomo in which he says, he wants to be chief of staff to the president of the united states. >> sean: here now with muchh more as ohio congressman mike turner, he is a lawmaker who sent a letter to cohen's legal
10:28 pm
team asking for clarification about their meetings with congressman adam schiff. also, executive vice president at "the hill," john solomon, fox news investigative reporter sara carter. congressman, let me begin with you. first, the bruce ohr issue, coupled with the adam schiff issue. we now know, this is going to be a cascading, unstoppable event, where we are now going to have access to all of these interviews, and all of the contradictions that ite pointed out, but more importantly, adam schiff -- remember, he met -- he just ran into fusion gps and glenn simpson and aspen. his staff, ten hours, that is a problem. remember what he did to chairman nunes? he had a fit over the whole issue that devin nunes went to the white house and demanded recusal, et cetera, and then investigation. tell us what you think this is ining.g. >> sean, this is shocking. when you look at the fact that
10:29 pm
we learned on the government oversight committee that cohen had had conversations withha adm schiff and then we learned from fox news reporting now and lann davis reporting that four trips to new york totaling over ten hours of meetings, that is not just talking to somebody about the logistics of their testimony. that is talking to them about their testimony. that is when coaching can happen, suggesting of answers happens. this is certainly very concerning. it shows orchestration. a professional investigation, this professional orchestration. when you look at the comparison between the amount of time thati democrats questioned about oversight, four hours of democrat questioning that was public testimony played in over ten hours in private preparation for that testimony. that certainly is not appropriate and is not professional. >> sean: it's beyond inappropriate. john solomon, we now have obvious coaching. what else will they possibly be meeting for? cohen said, oh, we were going over the question, hisis
10:30 pm
testimony. weing have coaching, literally, schiff's collusion on tape as he thinks he speaking with russian operatives, trying to get russian compromised material on the president for electoralth purposes. then of course he hired the one guy in the country, the one guy that still believes that mr. bond dossier, which, its author doesn't even believe in. we now know in the case -- she's on tape colluding with russians. what needs to happen and how big is this, especially with the release of that ohr transcript? >> i think firstly, the committee should demand of its chairman all the contacts with witnesses, including witnesses who may have at some point to stop cooperating with theti committee. i have some reason to believe that german schiff and the staff had contacts with people who subsequently stopub cooperating with the committee. i think that is an important question. if you believes in transparency like he says, put all of your contacts on the table. let's know all the witnesses you
10:31 pm
have been talking to behind the scenes out of view. we could go on, i thought michael cohen's testimony would be a boon to the president, tent days later, after he made it, here are the facts. we are not talking about what he roid, we are talking about the lies, prosecution now, his lawyer who has a russian client and representing them after representing hillary clinton, and "the hill" did a poll up right back in. december when he pled guilty, michael cohen, 51% of americans said they thought he was credible. after he testified last week, only 37% of americans think he is credible. the entire cohen testimony has backfired on the democrats. >> sean: sara, let's go over this. now i believe this will be the beginning of what will be a cascade of transcript. we talked about five buckets. the 302s have yet to be released. they will be released. the w actual fisa warrants, whih will we are called the bulk of information is the debunked dossier that steele doesn't stand by. the gang abate material.
10:32 pm
what else do we expect will be coming at how transformative to this entire story do you believe this will be? >>ma i think it's absolutely imperative that the president make these documents available to the american public into congress, whether there is national security issues regarding the documentation, that can be taken care of before the release. it has to be transparent. sean, there's also another issue. we know that adam schiff, and i reported on the several weeks ago, has gone as far as hiring a national security council personnel that work inse the white house, that had access to executive privilege documents onto his investigative staff. it cannot stand because there has to be a line that they cannot cross.. we know now that cohen has lied over and over again. another thing that will be coming out is now, the release of all this testimony, we'll be seeing testimony from loretta lynch, we saw the testimony from
10:33 pm
tibruce ohr, and the enormous contradictions. look at glenn simpson, the enormous lies and contradictions between who is telling the truth, bruce ohr, glenn simpson about his meetings and has contracts with christopher steele, when he spoke to the fbi, rod rosenstein, john wrote a great piece on that. it's another contradiction as to who and when he knew about nellie ohr. rod rosenstein told lawmakers, he basically said, he wouldn't answer any of their questions as to when the department of justice knew when nellie ohr was actually a conduit, her husband was a conduit for her information and then later, it's discovered in his own testimony that rod rosenstein on was the man that he met with, that man he got the from. everyone here is lying. >> sean: it's two years this month that you and john started all this. that ruben and feeling every layer of the onion. you guys have done a great job. other people as well, welcome to the club, glad to have you as
10:34 pm
well. when we come back give a more breaking news. shocking past statements by joe biden that could cost him the nomination from 2020. we will show them all to you coming up next way later, congresswoman omar has the nerve to attack the lead john mccain now in the midst of this anti-semitism scandal? what does it tell you about her? more importantly, what are we? exposure is it to the itdemocratic party. bigotry, anti-semitism, they did nothing about it. straight ahead. ♪ -omar, look. [ thunder rumbles ] omar, check this out. uh, yeah, i was calling to see if you do laser hair removal. for men. notice that my hips are off the ground. [ engine revving ]
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>> life of record news headquarters, president trump was in alabama friday to survey damage from sunday's deadly
10:39 pm
tornado. the president along with first lady melania trump spent time in beauregard, one of the hardest hit communities. they met with survivors and stopped at a memorial for the 23 people killed. the president has ordered fema to give alabama "the a+ treatment" as it recovers. at the white house communications director, bill shine, is leaving his post. press secretary sarah sanders says he gave the president's resignation on thursday. he will take on a new role as a member of the president's reelection campaign. bill shine served as the former copresident of fox news before joining the white house last june. now back to hannity. for all of your headlines, log onto ♪ >> sean: time for our many log on the ghost of joe biden's past. reports aref suffering that cray uncle joe biden will announce that he's running for president
10:40 pm
in 2020. the former senator has a long political career behind him, which is now coming back toto haunt him, even before he officially declared his candidacy, which we hear might be in april. during his time in the senate, he made remarks he should have been assumed of at the time. particularly regarding race. watch this impassioned speech that he delivered on the senate floor. this is regarding the 1994 crime bill. take a look. >> it doesn't matter whether or not there is a victim and society. their end result is a about to knock my mother on the head with a lead pipe, shoot my sister, beat up my wife, take on my son. so i don't want to ask, what made them do this? they must be taken off the street. we should focus on them now, not out of a liberal instinct for love, brother, and humanity -- although i think it is a good instinct -- but for simple,
10:41 pm
pragmatic reasons. ifpr we don't, they will, or a willon of them welcome become the predators 15 years from now. madam president, we have predators on our streets. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news contributor leslie marshall, sebastian gorka. leslie, those two statistics are all true. biden and obama failed and they did not talk about iran yet on the $150 billion they sent to the mullahs. >> first of all, the goal of the democrats, despite our love of health care and immigration andk issues like that, as you know, is to make donald trump a one term president. so right now, most, not all -- >> sean: they will ignore allll that. did you hear what joe biden said? leslie -- >>, i don't support what joe biden said but i do think he is a candidate that can and will be to donald trump. >> sean: okay. i understand you feel that way.
10:42 pm
dr. gorka, 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more in property, i want to repeat it. i got to tell you something. the most atrocious record of any president ever. the only one ever to hit 3% gdp growth. >> sean, joe biden is a testament to who the democrats were and to the democrats are. this is the party that wanted to stop integration. this is the party of bull connor. this is the party that led to the death of abraham lincoln. the kkk was not a republican organization. lincoln was a republican. joe biden, you are right, that little clip you played, he's a good old boy. isn't this the person who said, famously, about barack obama, he is the first lien, presentable african-american politician who
10:43 pm
speaks properly? articulate. this is the democrat party. >> sean: when we come back, unbelievable about congressman unar, viciously going after meghan mccain today, and we have not one tonight, two villains of the day, straight ahead. ♪ everyone's got to listen to mom.
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>> sean: congresswoman omar, who once called israel evil is now exposing what is now a very ugly bigotry at the heart of the democratic party. their radical base. yesterday, "the view," meghan mccain had a response to congressman omar's statements. >> i take this very personally. i would go far as to say, i
10:48 pm
would probably -- i will say that i don't have family that is jewish, but joe lieberman is my family. and i take the hate crimes rising in this country incredibly seriously, and i think what's happening in europe is really scary. i get emotional. the idea that this is politicized, i was very nervous to talk about this on the show because i thought it would become politicized and it really shouldn't be. on both sides, it should be called out. >> sean: wow. omar responded on twitter. actually retreating and "al jazeera" host who said she was expressing faux outrage. megan responded by saying they congresswoman retreating that quote is trash, beneath a sitting member of congress. here to react to all of this, human rights attorney, democratic strategist jason nichols. jason, we aree now watching come of this week, the democratic party, the party that
10:49 pm
says they have the mostth compassion. this is a congresswoman who says that israel has hypnotized the world and evil. they have repeated absolute anti-semitic lies about dual loyalties. you have in your party prominent presidential candidates, not only supporting her, but getting on stage with linda sarsour, who supported the genital mutilation of a woman and sharia law. you're a democrat. if i was a democrat, i would be outraged and embarrassed that they couldn't do the right thing or have enough votes condemn this very lente to, bigotry, and anti-semitism. will you do that? >> sean, i share -- >> sean: that is a question. will you condemn the bigotry and hate of this congresswoman and people like linda sarsour thatet is on stage with kirsten gillibrand? would you get on stage with
10:50 pm
linda sarsour? >> sean come again, i don't think this is a "yes" or "no" question. what we have seen is that 400 -- ber 400 democrats and many republicans rejected bigotry altogether, including l han omar -- >> sean: not by name. and the watered down version. you are not answering mydo. question. simple question! this is a "yes" or "no" question! would you getou on stage with a woman like linda sarsour? >> sean, i will tell you -- >> sean: is that a complicated question? would you get on stage with a woman who supported the genital mutilation of another woman and supports sharia law? >> would you get on stage with steve scalise? >> sean: brooke goldstein -- the answer is obvious. this is a thing, they want to talk about everything else but the bigoted anti-semitism that was on display this week, which speaks volumes about the new radical democratic party.
10:51 pm
>> the failure to unequivocally condemn anti-semitism is alarming, is extraordinarily scary, and kudos to meghan mccain for being honest and talking about it, and of course, she, and i think the majority of americans are emotionally destroyed. i remember there was a time when people were advocating for the black lives matter movement to be called all lives matter, and the black caucus came out against it, and all of the liberals came out against it and said, this is racist. i want to know, is it okay to unequivocally condemn racism and bigotry against minority unless that minority is the jewish community? or do we have a double standard in this country? and so many people who were defending omar saying, well, shouldn't we be able to debate about this issue? shouldn't people be free to criticize israel? yeah, of course they are.
10:52 pm
but that's not what she is saying. she's not saying israel is violating international law because it's building on the west bank or israel's treatment severe minority is illegal. all those things are false but she is free to debate it. she is saying american jews have a dual loyalty. she ise saying that american jes are buying up members of congress. what if somebody said that every single member of congress -- >> that is not what she's saying. >> they would be accused of being a racist. b and rightly so. >> sean: we have not one, but two villains of the day coming up and tonight's closing argument, an important one. stay with us. ♪ and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life.
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>> ♪ >> sean: all right, tonight we have not just one, but two villain of the day. donny deutsch trashing the president said he could not vote for a socialist over donald trump and joe scarborough loses
10:57 pm
it. liberal joe. >> i find donald trump reprehensible as a human being, but a socialist candidate is dangerous than donald trump. i would vote for donald trump a despicable human being. >> stop yourself. >> let me correct myself. >> a guy that is bigoted. >> thanks for correcting me. >> sean: painful to watch. tonight's closing argument. how low will the media this in country go? last night we witnessed how much hatred the media has for anybody associated with president trump. the hate trump mob went after a judge. he only gave paul manafort 4 years in jail. keep in mind manafort was prosecuted by mueller's team in a case it had nothing to do with
10:58 pm
russian collusion, not even the time he knew trump or about president trump. they are so angry. only 4 years. think of one day not having your freedom. take a look. >> underneath the sentencing gap, underneath the wealth gap is a value gap. that's the belief that white people matter more than others. particularly people with mony. >> we are astonished at the low sentence he received. >> the jury and for the judge to not take that into consideration was a failure. >> he was hostile to the case. he sounded like somebody at a trump media on the bench. >> sean: they are playing judge and jury and executioner because of their hate trump bias. they want manafort to die in jail! for things that have nothing to
10:59 pm
do with president trump and the hate trump media mob is heart broken that the judge did not send him there to die with bread and water and to be tortured every hour of every day. paul manafort admitted he broke the law. the media is acting like the courtroom of a public opinion. now viewer responses. a great message from one of our viewers. there it is on twitter. hello, sir. my mother just turned 80 on the 6th. during the party my mom noticed that the 9 p.m. was approaching and said to my dad, record sean hannity. any way you can say hello. she doesn't have twitter. her name is shirley. shirley we love you. happy belated birthday. you make this show possible. that's all of the time we have
11:00 pm
for tonight. we will never be the hate trump media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham up next. have a great weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is the "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. are democrats attempting a power grab to hurt republican chances for winning future elections? forget 2020, any election? could the social justice obsession be the demise of the democrats. newt gingrich is here. we expose the hypocrisy of mainstream's media outrage over paul manafort's sentencing. breaking tonight,


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