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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 9, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> the democrats have become an anti-israel party. they've been an anti jewish party. >> the incident that happened was -- i don't think i would call it anti-semitic. >> when somebody like ilhan omar says something utterly indefensible but she is in nancy pelosi's caucus. nancy pelosi has to go out and risk looking like a fool. >> actor jussie smollett indicted on felony counts. >> a house passed a sweeping election reform bill. >> this new democrat socialist majority wants the federal government to interfere in our free and fair election. >> the situation in alabama is simply heart-breaking. the president and the first lady went down there. >> we saw things you
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wouldn't believe. these are incredible people. we met some of the survivors and family members. >> the democrats michael cohen in the testimony. >> i think the world needs to know who was in that meeting. i want to know specific names. >> perception in the public domain that this is not a fair process. >> get that out of here. >> surely not everybody who comes. >> not everybody and certainly not you. ♪ anything could happen ♪ anything could happen ♪ anything could happen ♪ anything could happen. ed: literally anything could happen. did you go back to basic training? pete: we were having fun with the army. go back and take the new combat fitness test you will see later on in the program. it did not end perfectly. okay? i'm not in fighting shape. ed: this is why i miss pete. i was in vietnam. not serving.
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i was covering the story. i was in vietnam. pete: welcome, ed. i talk to diners and they say hello to ed in the swamp. eddie from the swamp. ed: it's great to be back i have been gone for a couple weeks and great to have you, emily. emily: good to be back with you guys on the couch. lots to cover today and get. to say. ed: democrats mired for days in this controversy over freshman congresswoman ilhan omar. they tried to make it all go away by putting together this resolution that got watered down, frankly. it turned out t out not to be about denouncing her. it never named her and number two it made a very general let's be against all forms of hate which we should be. pete: of course. ed: however, that's not where all this started. democrats thought they finally turned the page after they passed that watered down resolution. here she is.
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pete: no one told hollande's otr communication director maybe she shouldn't give another would yointerview. omar said the hope and change offered by barack obama was a mirage. quote, we don't 79 anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. we want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile. she is referring, in her mind, to drone attacks under the obama administration and the so-called caging of kids that, you know, started under the obama administration. she threw a lot of shade at barack obama. ed: freshman democrat now going after obama not president trump. emily: when she says that about policy you also have to understand words matter. her words have had a ripple effect the party is having this fractured response to that a lot of people are calling for her to answer. to say. ed: funny you say that nancy pelosi as speaker kind of brushed aside the
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controversy by saying she didn't fully understand as a freshman the weight of her words. emily: that's ridiculous. ed: i'm not agreeing with it and here she is with more words. pete: she says she was misquoted. she said exhibit a of how reuters distort words. enough to she is calling it the fake news, apparently. i'm an obama fan. i was saying how trump is different from obama and why we should focus on policy, not politics. this is why i always tape my introduce. interviews. ed: there is tape. emily: we have sound from that interview. ed: here is the tape what did she say? >> many of the peoplsay?
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ed: so you can see the actual quote, she first was talking about president trump to be fair, his policies are bad but she said, but, many of the people who came before him, before trump, meaning obama, bush, others, also had really bad policies but they were more polished than he was and she went on and talked about murder and all the rest of it. the quotes back up what the reporter said. emily: she refused to answer questions, remember, our own peter doocy was asking her about it. and she faked, i think, a phone call, refused to answer but then in that interview there certainly was full of words and criticism of obviously. pete: ma'am, your phone is not on, no, no, it is. it's releasing you release the tape and the tape validates exactly what was in the article. the reporter tweeted back we
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won't show that exhibit a when politicians try to lie about what they actually said. she keeps talking which is the gift that keeps on giving for folks who want to know what she really feels. the problem is nancy pelosi has been in a spot, ed, you talked about it early on. she is of a different generation. looks at the words of someone like ilhan omar, aoc or reaciousd. ed: nancy pelosi wants to be talking. remember they promised before the midterms we are going to talk about kitchen table issues, jobs, healthcare, they are talking about anti-semitic comments. emily: defending or explaining what those freshman congress men and women are doing and that belies the point of this freshman class saying we are independent. we know so much. really? because the party leadership is having to explain your behavior and in the process making you sound like a child. pete: correct. and explaining away. nancy pelosi was asked again yesterday about ilhan omar. you know, they passed this resolution that didn't condemn her specifically. got all watered down. asked again about omar's
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comments. this is what nancy pelosi said. >> the incident that happened with -- i don't think our colleague is anti-semitic. i think she has a different experience in the use of words. doesn't understand that some of them are fraught with meaning that she didn't realize. ed: didn't realize her words. she is a member of congress. pete: a different experience in the use of words. you add together what she says pledging support to a foreign country. all about the benjamins. may i remind you of the 2012 tweet? she know what is hypnotize means, israel hypnotize the world may allah awaken the people and help people see the evil doings of gaza #palestine. these are the views of ilhan omar and she is the on the foreign affairs committee. emily: before she was elected there were plenty of tweets and commentary that raised plenty of uproar and she was elected anyway. i find it a challenge that it seems the democratic
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party is surprised by this and now finding different ways to explain it away that obviously makes no sense and is offensive in and of itself when she has a history of this. this is not new at all. pete: no, it's actually shameful. nancy pelosi knows better. she'll can't control her caucus. the fracture is going to continue. the energy is with these leftists who are very skeptical of israel. ilhan omar has said i want to continual this critique. bernie sanders backed her up recently hey, she should be able to say what she wants. she is being hunnettes. thehunnettes ---honest. they are trying to paper over that. democrats are not where we would hope they would be. ed: omar should be able to speak out it is a free country. as a muslim-american she can have her views. she can speak out and do in a i think that is healing. we will see whether she does it after this resolution passed instead of more divisiveness. everybody should lower the temperature a little bit:
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jussie smollett is in the news in deeper and deeper trouble. 16 charges handed down, inel indicted. 16 felony counts over that whole situation in chicago. here is his attorney calling the media reaction a media gang bang. >> what is happening here is, frankly, a media gang bang of this guy of unprecedented proportions. and that's the reason i got into this. i have never seen a media pend lump swing more quickly and more viciously to rob somebody of their presumption of nnsz like this case. it's startling the way people assume he is guilty. emily: the grand jury returned 16 new counts. this is a floppy indictment. is he facin -- felony indictmen. this is in addition to the one he brought before. the fbi is still investigating the letter that he sent that he allegedly at this point mailed himself, likely did.
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there is a whole host by the way of even more hot water that he is facing with that i have to say. pete: turns out you shouldn't make up a fake attack. deroy murdock from national review was on tucker's program last night had this to say about smowltd. smollett. >> if smollett is convicted it will send a badly needed message if you lie to police about events that didn't take place especially in a city like chicago with a massive crime problem with homicides. police who ought to be fighting murders who are sidelined to work on this fake case. so that's very serious. pete: oh boy, he thought he was going to get paid a little bit more. now is he getting justice. we will see where it goes. emily: illustrate the fact that you can't have hollywood uberous and expect there is not consequences to your actions and there is not a machine that is kicked into place when you fake -- when you literally set up a hoax with racial charges and homosexual charges and there is so many elements to that yes, absolutely he should face consequence noors.
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ed: there was a lot of coverage. it disappeared. pete: i like that hollywood uberous. you are right. emily: turning to your headlines, three people including a child on a school bus killed in a fiery crash overnight. the bus carrying a middle school softball team collided with an suv in oklahoma city. the names of the victims have not been released and no word yet on the cause of that crash. the first family is surveying the devastation left my by several deadly tornadoes in alabama. >> we saw things that you wouldn't believe. i just want to thank you on behalf of the first lady and myself. i want to thank you for the job you are doing. you are incredible people. emily: the president and the first lady meeting with survivors, victims' families and volunteers. later pausing for a moment of silence in front of 23 crosses representing those lives lost. chelsea manning is back behind bars for refusing to testify on wikileaks. a judge holding a former
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army intelligence officer in contempt. manning spent seven years in prison for leaking classified information to wikileaks. now manning will stay in a virginia jail until deciding to testify or the grand jury's work is over. hollywood captain america pays a visit to capitol hill captain america. congress dan crenshaw showing off his glass eye with the iconic shield on it to actor chris evans who plays the super hero in marvel's avenger series. tweeting when captain america sees your captain america glass eye #america. the former navy seal lost his eye while deployed in afghanistan. those are your headlines. ed: freshman congress who has been trying to bring people together. pete: he has been working hard making a name for himself. ed: 20,000 jobs added last month may be unusually low. there is good news in that jobs report as well. we will break down what it is and what it means for your paycheck next. pete: plus, the u.s. army taking its physical fitness
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test. ed: there he is. pete: to a new level. i do still have what it takes to be in the army? we will find out. >> you are out of uniform. get that out of here. the united states army. the army that won those wars. it's the greatest team on earth is the army team. >> now you are ready to join the army team. [laughter] emily: that's awesome. pete: check out how i did straight ahead. ed: that's great. ♪ that there's a lobster i in our hot tub?t. lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this.
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♪ >> disappointing jobs report caps off a bad week of economic news for president trump. >> 20,000 jobs created versus the estimate of 180,000 jobs. that's a problem. >> those numbers falling off a cliff from just last month. >> the economy is slowing down. ed: media jumping in on that
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one for sure sounding off on the 20,000 jobs added last month. emily: the unemployment rate has dropped and labor. >> now they are covering it let's ask business and economics professor. okay not the numbers anyone wanted to see explain it for us. >> the four months leading up to february we were averaging a quarter million new jobs per month. nobody wants to talk about that until we see a 20,000 number. that's a big deal. the 20,000 number in february, it's low. but let's talk about what happened in january with the shutdown. that has spillover effects in february and you had weather in the west and midwest in february that would have hurt hiring. but for the year we still got more than a quarter million new manufacturers drugs and quarter of a million construction jobs. good news. appeared in february the wage number up by 3.4%. that's the best we have seen in 10 years with inflation
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falling that means more money in your paycheck. emily: tell us about that cycle may 2015, 15,000 jobs. and then 15 months of 100,000. and then september '17, 18,000. 16 months of 100,000 jobs. is this just a cycle and everyone freaks out on that one low month. >> this is the problem. everyone looks at the one number and you see the headlines they start talking about doom and gloom. you have to have perspective here. the bottom line is nobody expected us to be creating jobs at a quarter million a month. this late into the recovery and nobody was expecting that two years into the trump administration. he has defied everywhere's expectations not only as critics but even his supporters, i think thought quarter million jobs the end of 2018 beginning of 2019. there is no way we will see that. that's exactly what we will be seeing because february was an odd month i expect march you are will see some of that come back a little bit. the number will be closer to what we have seen on trend.
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pete: s "the washington post" is admitting in. headline said on your wage progressive, workers suddenly have more power to demand higher pay and better jobs. here is even more from the article as we are hiring signs abound people not actively looking for jobs have starting jumping back into the labor force suggesting more untapped potential. that's great news. more jobs and they pay better. >> you know, we always talk about people wanting higher wages and get into this minimum wage debate. but the truth is the thing that drives higher wages consistent solid a growing economy. when you have job choices you can go to an employer and say i would love to work for you but this is what it is going to take to hire me. that is what is happening to workers because have you companies all over the landscape saying we need workers. the biggest problem in this country is companies can't find workers. we have more open positions than unemployed people in this country. ed: absolutely. >> that's how wages go up. ed: to be clear you say the government shutdown pete
3:20 am
wanted. pete: shut her down. ed: see you at the end of march. controversy with congresswoman ilhan omar have an lasting impact on jewish support for the democratic party? we'll ask our next guest a lifelong democrat who happens to be jewish. pete: a man threatened to sue over -- this is a great story. this photo used in an article claiming that all hipsters look the same. but there's a twist even he did not see. ed: oh, irony alert ♪ cool kid ♪ ♪
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ed: some quick headlines, pete hegseth edition. joe biden could be closer to inching to won. in the caribbean discussing a potential bid with his wife. is he expected to join a crowded field if he does get in of more than a dozen democrats. and today some of those 2020 candidates already in will take the stage at a trendy music festival in austin. senator elizabeth warren, washington governor jay endsley are among contenders to speak at the south by southwest festival. the event giving them once of one-on-one time with the young liberals. pete and emily. pete: my invite to that got lost. emily: the house this week passing a resolution condemning all hate amid outrage over ilhan omar's anti-semitic remarks. how will this impact democrats heading into 2020. pete: let's bring in the former president of the new york city council and former chair of the democrats for president trump who is also
3:25 am
jewish. thank you for being here. >> thank you. pete: democrats passed this reduce but it's convoluted. >> it's a watered down resolution. it's become a creatured of the far left. look at amazon. you would have to be crazy to turf down amazon in new york but aoc, the others out there did. so, i think it's very sad, the democratic party has become a far left wing party which is why president trump is going to get reelected in 2020. pete: has it become anti-semitic and anti-israel? >> not everyone in the party. some like eliot engel a good friend of mine is good on israel. by and large i wrote a piece in the "wall street journal" 18 months ago which said that the democratic party is not a pro-israel party
3:26 am
anymore. that you see how they behaved during that iranian nuclear debate which i think was very anti-israel, not to support -- to support the iranian deal. and generally, i think the left in the party is for disvestment in israel. i think while there are still democratic individuals, the party as a whole is not a pro-israel party anymore which makes me really sad. pete: that's too bad. emily: you recently met with the president at the white house, right? will you tell us a little bit about that. >> i know i was going to call him donald but i have to call him mr. president. i met the president in 1973. and i'm proud of him. i think he is doing a great job. you would never know it if you watched some of the other television stations. but, i think he has done very well in the economy. i brought in an old friend
3:27 am
of mine, who is my polster, mark penn. pete: former clinton polster. >> former bill clinton polster to share some of the polling data that he does for his harvard harris poll. and we had a good time and talked about a lot of the issues that effect people and he shared some of his polling with the president. and it was an interesting meeting. you had a lot of the cabinet waiting outside. [laughter] >> to brief him on china and he said well, i'm -- this is interesting. let him wait a little while. pete: fantastic. >> i have got to get your response on another new york politician. colleague runninkirsten gillibrand running for president. no democrats have yet to endorse her. why not support locally for
3:28 am
kristin gillibrand as she runs for president. >> i think she is a little bit of a fraud. i hate to say that but, you know, she is out there as the champion of women. and if you look at her background, there are a few issues, health issues that have hurt women more than excessive smoking. and if you check the record, she was the top lawyer defending the the tobacco industry when she worked at the law firm. i don't think she has done anything. so, you know, i think her lack of support is the fact that i don't think her record is very impressive. pete: she is sort of a former so-called moderate who has decided to pick up all these progressive issues and try run as a champion of them. folks in her backyard are going to know that more than most. >> well, as i said, i think she hasn't really distinguished herself.
3:29 am
she hasn't done anything. everybody in the democratic party is trying to move as far as left as possible, which is why president trump is going to win because he is going to be running against, you know, whoever it is going to be far, far to the left. and gillibrand -- she is moving all the way to the left but her record doesn't support that. pete: good stuff. emily: thank you so much. >> thank you so much. pete, thank you for your supporting the military. pete: i appreciate it sir. thank you. emily: a maga hat snatched off a teen's head while he was riding the school bus. >> take that -- boy, if you don't take that hat off on this bus. take it off. >> i can't wear a hat? no take that hat off now and put it in your backpack. emily: now the school district is taking action. pete: the question is against who? i hope it's the bus driver. the army taking physical fitness test to a new level. i do still have what it takes to be in the army?
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find out next ♪ ♪
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emily: that was your shot of the morning wild blue country performing american girl. ed: that is simply awesome they will be lyon the fox square all morning long. pete: they are legit. we will go out there and talk to them later on. well done, well done. air force academy band called wild blue country. ed: send a shoutout to the army. pete: we are going to send a shoutout to the army. i used to take the army physical fitness test. two minutes of pushups, two minutes of situps and two mile run. not good enough for army combat. you have to do more than that revamped the whole physical fitness standard and invited us down to virginia to take the new test. so i went down there. ed: how did you do? pete: we will find out. i gave it a shot. here it is. ♪ ♪ get the sled.
3:36 am
♪ ♪ pete: just raised the flag here in virginia. now we are outside the army center for military training a long name for a basic mission. keep the army up to date on the training of its soldiers. >> the army combat fitness test first new physical fitness test in the army in 40 years. based off the physical components of fitness necessary to do your job in combat. if they have any physical weaknesses it's going to call them out. pete: used to be your age and your gender. >> correct. pete: was the standard. now you were saying i was in 11 alpha. infantry man. i will use that standard today. a certain standard across for everybody. if i was a clerk or finance officer i might have a different standard. >> that's correct. there is no men's or women's standard. why the one standard. >> combat doesn't discriminate that's the bottom line.
3:37 am
i don't care if you are skinny. if you are fat. if you are black if you are white, tall or short. male or female. if you are 50 years old or 20 years old. combat does not discriminate. pete: if i'm in generally good shape but not trained for this at all what is about to happen to me? >> you will get smoked: just learned about all the events. now we will do it the way -- the exact way they do it in the army start to finish. ♪ pete: this is the warm-up and feels like the workout. not good. >> nice. >> keep going down there. don't leave me on the field. >> go. pete: the fourth event, feeling it here.
3:38 am
feeling it here. feeling it in the lung. ♪ pete: i was hoping to catch up with some of these big dudes. all right, master sergeant, what is my score? >> how do you think did you. >> it's 600 point score now, flight. >> drum roll, 520. pete: i will take it. ed: that is amazing. emily: 520 of 600 you did great. pete: i passed it, i did. ed: what's passing? pete: like 400 something. i felt good about it i am telling you it is a real test of real fitness. ed: you jumped ahead, too. ed: he had. pete: i did. 3, 2, 1 i'm out of here, fellows. i still lost to all the others. kudos on the army. they went away from a test
3:39 am
that was easy to administer because you could do it anywhere to run that requires equipment and real planning but it's going to get guys and gals more prepared for the real impact of combat. emily: how long was the test? pete: it takes about an hour actually and not a lot of rest time. they gave mee no mercy. ed: great job by pete. send us a note, emily and i are going to have to do it downtown road. emily: yes, yes. pete: i tried to wear my old army outfit they are like what is this? emily: turning to your headlines three are credited for saving co-worker's life. he went into cardiac arrest. >> they started to save my life. thank you so much. >> honestly human instinct took over. >> not a hero. did i what any normal caring human being would have done. >> so humble. paramedics say he will recover but would have
3:40 am
suffered brain damage or died if it wasn't for his co-workers at the ohio pizzato shop. shop. ed: great job. >> school bus driver yells at a kid about his maga hat before ripping it off his head. >> boy take that hat off this bus. >> i can't wear a hat? >> no, take that hat off now and put it in your backpack. >wearing the hat for hat day at florida school. he said the aid hasn't been on the bus since the incident and now police are investigating. and a man is threatening to sue -- he threatens to sue for using his photo in an article claiming that all hipsters look the same. and the company fires back it's not even him. and that this guy is a model. the disgrunt telled man accused the mit technology review for slander for implying is he a hipster. the hipsters look so much alike that they can't even tell themselves apart from each other.
3:41 am
ed: a guy sees that photo says i want some money or something because you are using my image in the story saying hipsters look all alike you are using me. no, we are using someone else who looks like you. makes the point. emily: pretty fantastic. ed: michael cohen's testimony now in some question. sources claiming adam schiff the top democrat in the intel committee sent staffs to meet cohen at least four times before his appearance. is this highly unusual or not? we will ask congresswoman debby lesko next. pete: they met for 10 hours. a pair of nascar drivers trading blows on pit row. what led to the mid race brawl? emily: that's like hockey style. here is more from u.s. army band wild blue country ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ pete: welcome back. a couple of quick sports headlines for you. a pair of nascar drivers trade blows on pit row in phoenix. throwing punches following a dispute on the racetrack during qualifying. they eventually calmed down and resolved their disagreement over spacing on the track. sometimes it's got to start with fists sometimes, ed, let's not go there. and players -- players on the women's national soccer team are suing u.s. soccer for gender discrimination. they say they are paid less and face more dangerous playing conditions than the men's team. the suit claims male players are paid about $263,000 per year compared to just 99,000 bucks per year for women.
3:46 am
ed, over to you. ed: thanks, pete. former trump's attorney michael cohen before the house oversight committee you will remember that is now being called into question. emily: sources are telling fox newsed that the committee chair sent aids to meet with cohen four times before his testimony lasting upwards of 10 hours is this routine procedure or will they coaching a witness? ed: let's get some perspective from congress here to weigh in is debbie lesko a republican who sits on the house judiciary committee. congresswoman, welcome this morning. >> thank you for having me. ed: to be fair to democrat adam schiff his staff says this is standard operating procedure. you get what's called a proffer behind the scenes it's a legal term to understand what this witness has said previously and what they are about to say and that there is no funny business. >> well, i think meeting for 10 hours as has been reported is really unusual. so, you know, we really need to look into this. i serve on three different committees in the u.s. house
3:47 am
of representatives. rules committee, judiciary committee and homeland security committee. and in all three of the committees it's been attack on trump, attack on trump, attack on trump. this clearly is a coordinated effort by the democrat majority to attack trump and try win in the 2020 presidential election. i think it's very coordinated throughout all of the committees. and i don't think, you know, potentially coordinating with the witness for 10 hours just seems wrong to me. emily: representative, can you explain to viewers why here then it would be different than, for example, all the proffers that happened in 2012 and the ms global situation. is it only the duration? is it the potential for coordination based on the ensuing questions? what exactly makes this potential proffer situation different than in the past when congress has used it liberally? >> well, you know, we are going to have to see more of the details and find out. but i just think the
3:48 am
american public wants us to really work on big issues to solve real problems. and all we have been doing is investigations and interrogations, harassment. to me it's a very coordinated effort and it doesn't matter if it's in judiciary committee. i mean i'm on rules committee, too and homeland security, and just about every witness that comes before us the democrats try to set them up to somehow undermine the trump administration. it really does seem to me to be a very coordinated effort. and i hope we get the answers on that. ed: not focused on kitchen table issues. we will see what they actually follow up on. we appreciate you coming in this morning giving your perspective. >> thank you. ed: caliphate is crumbling as u.s. backed fighters prepare to move into the final scrap of territory inside syria. does this mean the end of isis is finally near?
3:49 am
emily: plus, elizabeth warren says she wants to break up zawm, google, and facebook but is that really a good idea? kurt the cyberguy tells us why heavy handed government regulation would be bad for business next. since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita.
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♪ >> i want a government that isn't here to work for giant tech companies. i want a government that's here to work for the people. [cheers and applause] >> it is time to break up america's tech giants. [cheers and applause] ed: that's 2020 presidential candidate elizabeth warren, of course. she is proposing a big tech
3:53 am
breakup as you heard claiming amazon, google and facebook are monopolies. emily: but is this a good idea? let's ask kurt the cyberguy. thank you for joining us. >> great to see you. pete and i differ on this one. pete: we do. >> i am very pro-tech as you know but at the same time i think there is no doubt they are monopolies but when you see legislation proposed that if i become president i'm going to break all this up, that's taking a wrecking ball to american business in one whack. how about we start in steps and how about we look at the obvious thing which is rather than kill them off, how about making sure a way is paved for the little guy to get in. so if you and i come up with an idea, we have a chance. pete: i'm going to defend elizabeth warren. i'm serious. i read her op-ed i actually agree with her argument. i don't think you are ending these tech companies breaking them up and become anticompetitive crowding out the little guy. she is saying at some point in america the government does have a role to make
3:54 am
sure that small business has an opportunity to compete. it's actually a very compelling argument. >> it is at the same time she is calling what they're now illegal. that's not true. the fact is they didn't break any laws to achieve what they have achieved as dominance in the marketplace. you don't punish america company for becoming american and becoming successful. so what you want to do instead is i think make some openings and at the same time on the privacy front that i'm very, very harsh on all of them for really. he had said there a middle ground common sense regulation make sure you are not just taking everybody's data and selling it off to everyone. >> what's great about climbing this mountain is other people have done it look at the eu. europe has done a magnificent job giving as you road map what's working and not working in their legislative ways to regulate the privacy aspect of tech companies. pete: i'm not looking to europe for anything. they may be good on some things. we have a history in this country of recognizing that companies that are too big
3:55 am
that squeeze out competition are ultimately not good for the consumer. you get less choice. you get less quality over time and competition is good. and if amazon is going to have the platform and sell it to me and undercut competitors, government has a role at some point to step in. and small measures probably aren't going to do anything. i don't love the fact that they are not taking on censorship of free speech. that's not what elizabeth warren wants to do. trust busting has a history in this country. >> i want to see a smart plan that doesn't say let's just blow it all up first. i'm hearing dramatic politicized speech from a candidate that wants to get a cheap vote. and i think we're better than that i think we have got to be more intelligent about it at the same time, i want control over my personal data. i am tired of silicon valley rolling over everybody's personal rights and their privacy in this country and in the world, frankly. and that's where i would like to see us start.
3:56 am
on the business competitive front, pete, we could agree at some point. we really could. heat heat warren, hegseth. pete: sometimes they have good ideas and you have to acknowledge that i surprised myself. >> you and guy out to dinner and hang out. this is life. come up with great ideas. hey, why don't we start this app. or hey, why don't we try. this the landscape has now become very difficult for us to do that because we can't just do it out of our garage anymore. we have to. ed: appreciate you coming. >> in it's going to be squashed by the big guy. pete: big time. pete: the left never shies away from criticizing mike pence, our vice president's christian faith. this time the media turning against trump and the sphwhible turning it into a joke. why? why in the back and forth coming up next. ed: anthony scwarm, dan
3:57 am
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we don't follow conventional wisdom. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> democrats in this controversy over freshman congresswoman ilhan omar. pete: omar says the hope and change offered by barack obama was a mirage. we don't want anybody to get away with murder because they're accomplished. >polished.>> the democrats havee an anti-israel party, they have become anti-jewish party. >> i don't think our colleague is anti-semitic. >> when somebody like representative omar says something utterly indefensible. nancy pelosi has to risk going out and looking like a fool. >> actor jussie smollett indicted on 16 felony counts following allegations he was a victim of a hate crime in chicago. >> if you lie it's very serious. >> surveying the damage from
4:01 am
the deadly tornadoes in alabama. >> incredible people. we met some of the survivors and family members. >> adam schiff sent staffs to meet cohen at least four times before his appearance. >> i think the world needs to know from mr. schiff i want to know specific names. >> hollywood's captain america pays a visit to capitol hill captain american congressman dan crenshaw showing off glass eye with iconic shield on it ♪ ♪ almost heaven ♪ west virginia ♪ blue wij mountain ♪ shenandoah river ♪ life old there ♪ older than the trees ♪ younger than the mountains ♪ brewing like a breeze ♪ country roads ♪ take me home ♪ to the place ♪ where i belong
4:02 am
♪ west virginia ♪ ed: take me home country road to midtown, manhattan. i love it. pete: air force academy wild blue country performing as ed said take me home country road. talented folks out there on the plaza. hope we get to talk to them. pete: some of the america's finest brave men and women showing off other talents. pete did some of that himself he still has got it. emily: showing off some talent. pete: a little bit. no special day. if it's "fox & friends weekend" we find every excuse to honor our military. emily: there is always a reason. pete: we are glad they are here. ed: learning more about pete this morning has some affection tore elizabeth warren breaking up facebook and others. you heard the media spending a whole bunch of days recently in particular saying the president has had a really bad stretch going
4:03 am
back to the summit in vietnam. of the testimony from michael cohen. now he appears to be on a verge of a major national security success. we will see whether folks follow up and actually give him credit. pete: reporting this morning and we have been hearing this nor a while. weeks i heard our own reporters talking about how they have a football field size piece of terrain left. the size of central park. isis is backed into a corner syria. and they have lost all their territory. on the banks of a river. at the last gasp of a few fighters holding on to so-called caliphate. remember this, it was no small feat to crush identifies. they were growing and came out of the will. ed: obama called them the jv team. president trump said i'm going to defeat them. this is what president trump said years ago about defeating isis. listen. >> the middle east our brave warriors have liberated
4:04 am
virtually 100 percent of isis in iraq and syria. >> we have liberated virtually all of the territory from the grip of these blood-thirsty monsters. >> we will do what it takes to defeat every ounce and every last person within the isis madness and defend our people from radical islamic terrorism. pete: i'm pretty good at eating humble pie. that clip is from a month ago. the president, to be fair, has been saying for years if elected as president he will crush isis. he has continued on that and they have lost territory ever since. emily: exactly. white house spokesman sarah sanders tweeted out last night thanks to president trump's strong leadership the isis caliphate, once the size of the uk is now down to last scrap of territory as u.s. backed fighters prepare to move in. this is so significant.
4:05 am
and it's not being covered the way that it should because everything that the president does if it's a success is ignored from the left. this is the kind of thing it was such a huge campaign promise, and it has tremendous significance and impact on all of us. ed: to your point it's only mentioned in the media when the president hinted at the idea on twitter some weeks ago that he might pull all u.s. forces from syria. then you had the media jumping in and say he is going to lose it against isis. then he considered it and brought his national security team in. and said he is going to leave a small amount of u.s. troops. in and now here we are with isis with their backs against the wall. we will see if the same people who said the president is about to blow the victory will actually give him credit. pete: great point. there are tents and pickup trucks on the banks of a river about to be totally crushed. they are about to let civilians out. they are being used as isis because that's what they do. they will be gone from this earth quickly. they are still paying attention to it they realize residual folks will try to reestablish it. ed: feeling the full weight
4:06 am
of the u.s. military. that's a good thing. democratic primary voters looking to 2020. they may be feeling the bern again. we saw this in 2015. bernie sanders almost out of nowhere. i was covering that campaign. every smart person in the democratic party pretty much thought hillary clinton was going to waltz in. that's why joe biden and others stayed on the sidelines then. and when i was at bernie sanders' rallies and clinton rallies, i was stunned time and time again by the huge crowds bernie was getting. the clinton people dismissed it as sort of this fantasy and just young people coming out and they weren't going to vote and yet, he kept gaining momentum and we're seeing it again. is he starting slowly to get big, big crowds. emily: like you were just saying too before that not to dismiss him. that would be the most dangerous thing possible to dismiss him and not take as a repeat the size of these crowds and the amount of that energy that we are seeing that people feeling the bern. pete: he was in iowa city, iowa yesterday. here is bernie sanders. >> this is a campaign which
4:07 am
is not only going to win the democratic nomination, is not only going to defeat donald trump the most dangerous president in modern american history. but this campaign is about more than that. we will no longer tolerate the greed of wall street and the greed of the billionaire class. we'll pass a medicare for all single pair healthcare system. donald trump, he embarrasses us every single day. ed: look he is a is list democrat. he has become a socialist democrat to work within the democratic party a little bit. but, he drew these massive crowds as i mentioned in 2016. i spoke to a smart democrat yesterday who told me, look, they are watching on social media. he had an event in chicago the other day. massive crowds. pete: what's a smart
4:08 am
democrat? ed: i knew you would jump on that. emily: "the washington post" had a headline as bernie sanders launches his second presidential campaign, big crowds but some doubt in early states. pete: the doubt from smart democrats who got it so right last cycle. grant woodward an iowa based lawyer had this to say i think the big issue going forward is how much of the support he had in iowa four years ago was people that truly bought into his movement and how much of it was people who fundamentally want to support mostly cloudy smart money was on hillary clinton then and smart money is on somebody else now. you can't under estimate. ed: are they sleeping on him again? a socialist will never -- he is now within the mainstream of the democratic party. his ideas seem pie in the sky medicare for all and now the green new deal. that's all bernie. that's the bernie script. maybe the democratic party is much more left than the mainstream media wants to admit and he might do a lot
4:09 am
better in these primaries than these quote unquote smart people think. emily: doesn't seem like it's losing any energy to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until you are proven otherwise rather than the opposite where there would be a surprise you can't recover from. remember his response to ilhan omar's comments were not the rallying to the opposite side, the staunchly denouncing the comments that most people were hoping to see. so that, too kind of belies his position and might be much more far left. pete: bernie sanders defended ilhan omar. pays to be the original socialist. that was bernie before bernie was cool. i was yesterday in a diner for "fox & friends" talking to folks on the ground and i asked citizens of vermont who have been with bernie sanders for decades what they thought of bernie. listen. >> what do you think of bernie sanders? >> i am not a fan. i moved to vermont six and a half years ago. my liberalism is waning the longer i live here. and i think bernie is part of that problem. >> bernie has not really
4:10 am
been favorable to the state of vermont. his focus is anti-gun. is he focused on socialism. i'm not a big bernie fan. >> the socialism isn't going to work. it's not affordable. >> you can't keep giving and giving, you know,getting from people and not getting from somewhere else and expect that it's going to last. pete: to be fair, we weren't talking to a lot of fans of bernie. but they all acknowledge that he caught fire nationally the message of the democratic party. they point to vermont and say our lives here haven't gotten better. we are paying people 10 10 grand to come to vermont as they leave for texas in a business friendly. ed: is the media sleeping on bernie sanders again. is the democratic party more socialist than folks in the media and party want to admit? emily: let us know. turning no your headlines, jussie smollett maintains his innocence still after a grand jury indicts him on 16 new felony counts for disorderly conduct.
4:11 am
the empire actor is accuse much staging a hate crime against himself. if convicted, he could face three years behind bars for each count. the indictment comes after chicago police launched an internal investigation. officials want to know how the press got certain information on the case. a search now underway for a missing marine first lieutenant matthew craft never returned to base at camp pendleton after going on a ski trip in california. he was last seen two weeks ago. search and rescue crews are looking at the area where he went skiing. authorities releasing these photos of the marine's rental car he drove on the trip. the air force has no plans to look into senator martha mcsally's sexual assault claims. making the shocking revelation earlier this week that she was assaulted by a superior officer. >> i stayed silent for many years but later in my career as a military grappled with scandals and their wholly inadequate responses i felt the need to let some people know i, too was a survivor.
4:12 am
emily: the air force is saying they cannot open an investigation until she agrees to participate but they remain ready if she changes her mind. critics are pushing back against springing forward to daylight savings time this weekend calling it obsolete and unhealthy. recent studies say the change in sleep patterns twice a year increases cases of depression and heart attacks. bills introduced in congress would make daylight saving time year around nationwide. clock also spring forward one hour at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. glad i had that reminder i will say. pete: former he is steams host of thfl program clayton morris avowed enemy of. aim right, dave? >> it's true. ed: we will see if anybody oversleeps tomorrow. emily: i'm not going to now. pete: don't miss the show. some democrats sticking by congresswoman ilhan omar as she continues to make anti-semitic comments. >> i know her to be a fair-minded person. i think she is taking
4:13 am
responsibility. >> republicans and the media have blown this up to be much more than it is. pete: well, some of her biggest backers 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls. you see those folks on the left. we look at how -- on the left physically and metaphorically they are handling the controversy coming up next. ed: this gender reveal party ends with mixed emotions from momma. ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ you can't always get what you want i can't believe it.
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4:17 am
ilhan omar, congresswoman, is under tremendous attack. republicans and the media have blown this up to be much more than it is. ed: well, some on the far left as you can see rallying to support congresswoman ilhan omar following her anti-semitic comments. in fact, some of her biggest backers 2020 presidential hopefuls. emily: here to break down how they handle the controversy is senior writer for the heritage foundation and fellow for the independent women's forum kelsey. thank you for being here this morning. >> good morning, great to be here. emily: break down for viewers how is it that we have some on the left saying it is being blown out of proportion when the comments were so offensive. >> that's a good question. what's interesting is when it comes to the 2020 democrats who are sitting centers all of their responses and statements to these anti-met particular comments were versions of the same things where basically they say we neat tneedto denounce and condemn
4:18 am
anti-semitism but refuse to take the step and denounce the specific comments that congresswoman omar actually made. so it's like they are willing to talk the talk but not walk the walk. ed: let's give an example to your point kamala harris senator from california part of her statement like some of my colleagues in the congressional black caucus i'm concerned that the spotlight being put on congressman omar may put her at risk. we have heard this a lot and she should not be getting death threats. let's be very clear. there are members of congress, jewish, muslim, all different faiths and background who get death threats this is abysmal. it should not happen. that does not excuse anti-semitic comments, does. >> it no. and absolutely no sitting member of congress should face any sort of death threats. let's be clear about that. it is pretty incredible to see senator kamala harris basically defend the person who made the anti-semitic statements. she is voicing more concern
4:19 am
for her safety rather than the safety of the people that the group, judicial americans who the comments were actually directed to. emily: kelsey we have two more comments we would like you to hear and respond. to say we have senator bernie sanders he says what i fear is going on in the house now is an effort to target congresswoman omar as a way of stifling that debate. that's wrong. and then we have senator elizabeth warren who said in a democracy we can and should have an open respectful debate about the middle east that focuses on policy. threats of violence like those made against rep omar are never acceptable. is this simply shifting the focus away from her comments, obviously not with understanding that we denounce threats of violence and also, again, not with that same amount of reaction that those comments deserve? >> right. i think there is a lot of intellectual dishonesty in these two statements that you just mentioned because sanders is basically saying that republicans are unwilling to engage in a debate over foreign policy when it comes to israel and
4:20 am
that is far from the case. we have been doing that for decades. but, instead, you know, what we need to be focusing on are these hateful remarks coming from sitting member of congress who needs to take responsibility for her actions and rhetoric. ed: kelsey bowl larr friend of the show. you recently got changed your named changed from harkness. congratulations. >> thank you. emily: lucky man. ed: good luck. >> thank you. disgraced actor jussie smollett faces decades behind bars accused in that hate crime hoax. david webb has a reality check for the empire star and says he is going to have to pay a big price. david webb is next. emily: and who is elizabeth warren's dream running mate? ed: pete? emily: exactly. [laughter] the 2020 contender's new revelation straight ahead. ed: oh, i want to see this ♪ running down a dream ♪
4:21 am
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. ed: time now for news by the numbers. 1.3 million bucks. that's the value of cocaine that border patrol agents found hidden inside this truck door. an illegal immigrant trying to smuggle 55 pounds of the narcotic across arizona's border. reminder an illegal immigrant right there, drugs. the mexican national was arrested and turned over to ice. next, $3.38 million. that's how much royal caribbean has to pay the family of a man who died of a heart attack aboard a cruise. the jury finding' company at least partially responsible after they failed to address the passenger's complaints. royal caribbean will appeal that judgment. finally 15, that's how many years the kansas couple has
4:25 am
been eating in the same restaurant in the same booth for six days a week. vietnam vet spared his wife diana from cooking after work. they like the place they go there every day. pete: find the right spot stick with it grand jury in chicago indicting actor jussie smollett on 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct alleging he concocted a racist and homophobic attack against himself. but his lawyer says smollett is a victim of a media gang bang. >> what is happening here is frankly a media gang bang of this guy of unprecedented proportions. that's the reason i got into this. i have never seen a media pendulum swing more quickly and more viciously and rob somebody of their presumption of innocence like this case. it's startling the way people assume that he is guilty. pete: here to react fox news
4:26 am
contributor and host of reality check with david webb on fox nation don't miss it. david webb, thanks for being here. give us a relates check on, this david. where are we? >> here's the first part, pete, when you can't defend the perpetrator what you do sin diet the system. that's what his defense strategy is going to be. by the way let me mention that we still don't know where the fbi is on process in the threatening letter that he sent with a powdery substance in it once they are finished they will make a decision on charging. right now the charging authority seems to be chicago. they didn't just indict him on the 16 counts. i'm always careful of prosecutorial overkill. we saw this in baltimore go badly after freddie gray. but, in this case, you have got someone who has defrauded the city, who has caused not irreparable but immense harm to the community. it's cost the city a lot of money. not just the city, it's cost the taxpayers. pete: yeah. >> chicago has a lot of egg
4:27 am
on its face. one thing that jussie smollett's lawyers don't want to do is piss off the justice system in chicago because they're going to go even harder on him. pete: david, you mentioned egg on their face. the media has a little bit too. this is what they said about smollett the day after he was charged. listen. >> this is a jacque robinson against homophobia in the black community. a beloved icon. now you have the fall of an icon. there is an atmosphere as i said last week and it remains true today an atmosphere of menace and fear. >> ache were to portrays himself. this is honest to goodness truth and we have to be bold enough to call that out. pete: this is after the police charged him. >> by the way what an insult to jacque robinson. let me tell you i have read a lot about jackie. ed henry wrote about it that wasn't the character of that
4:28 am
man. let's take that off the table. it's not just the media, pete. the media went crazy with this, terrence howard, his co-star defended him. and on top of that have you kamala harris and cory booker two presidential candidates along with the co-sponsor had antilynching bill in the senate. they kamala and corey used this to push it there was a political profit motive here to push this jussie smollett story, which from the very beginning, according to my sources, had so many holes in it that it look the like a hoax. we now who he it is as alleged and as charged it looks like he will be convicted. so go back to what i said. mark geragos and all the other attorneys and all the teams and all of the crisis manager also try to turn thiinto try to indict the system and police and prosecutors. chicago, let me say something to you. you have been insulted, tens of millions of americans across america have been insulted because jussie
4:29 am
smollett played on that specter of hate, of the maga hat being a symbol of hate. that's an indictment of tens of millions of americans and we shouldn't forget this. pete: well said. a reality check. if you like david webb and i know you do, check it out on fox nation reality check with david webb. thanks for your time this morning. appreciate it? >> thanks, pete. pete: you got it the left never shies away from criticizing vice president mike pence's christian faith. but this time the media turning president trump -- turning on president trump and the bible? turning it into a joke. why? we will break down the back and forth coming up next. and did you know that our own emily compagno's family owns a wine vineyard in oregon? who knew? she brought a bunch of the wine with her today. take a look at all the varieties coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ stay close it me ♪ great news, liberty mutual customizes-
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knew about this muscle cars emily and winery as well. how did your family get involved. >> my dad was a physician it came from that chemistry background our emblem is a double helix. we had a vineyard in the california, one in oregon. the exact same genetic
4:34 am
clones of both. we make a few other white -- ed: the name has a significance are a direry. take a risk or being consumed by fire which is what the endeavor was, right? the winery is beautiful. we won the people's choice award four years in a row. four awards for the taste. fire pits everywhere. a gorgeous view. super family friendly dog friendly as you can see. rick: look at where it is on a map. west of portland. it's such beautiful area. that part of the country is spectacular. emily: it is really gorgeous. pete: why haven't you invited us yet? emily: there is only so much inventory, pete. ed: good answer. emily: all of you guys are
4:35 am
welcome. we would love to have you guys. pete: super cool. what does it take to win an award. for years you consult cultivatee combination. emily: oftentimes when you hear of awards pay to play situation. ours were not. people's choice award. we wanted it to be a community place where people come they have birthday parties picnic. we are dog friendly and picnic friendly. trivia night. movie night. ed: rick: if you are like me you want a good label. >> we have a pink tractor at the vineyard which is why we have a pink tractor row say. pete: super cool. everyone wants to think they could own a winery or not and you do. emily: fun to dig in the dirt honestly and also really amazing to see the whole process from the agriculture aspect to the chemistry in the end but really it's delicious. pete: love it.
4:36 am
rick: portland got a couple inches of snow winter storm happening. a look at your temperatures as you are waking up this morning. warm across parts of the south. that's where we will have another threat for severe weather today. to the north of that is snow as well in across parts of the far northern plains. take a look at that snow. by the time we are done with this parts of north dakota in towards minnesota maybe 6 to 12 inches of snow. southern side of that that we are watching severe weather. watch the threat for tornadoes today. not in the exact same spot where we had it last week. that will be tomorrow it moves farther off toward the east. today is a bigger threat for tornadoes and we could see a couple large ones. because of what we saw last week everybody certainly in that area be prepared for that all right, guys. send it over to you. emily: turning now to your headlines, disgraced pharmaceutical executive may be running his drug company from behind bars. federal authorities now investigating claims that he is using a contraband cell phone to call the shots.
4:37 am
even firing a chief executive, you guys, from behind bars according to a "wall street journal" report. the so-called pharma bro is serving 7 year sentence for security fraud. ed: it's been shut down now. emily: medicare must cover gender transition services in iowa. judges deciding reassignment surgeries are medically necessary and can't be denied. the bench finding that in 1995 policy denying medicaid funding for such procedures discriminates against a protected class of people. the liberal aclu calls the ruling a quote landmark win. it's unclear if the state will appeal. 2020 presidential candidate elizabeth warren revealing her dream running mate. >> he didn't care how many people were going to be mad about it. it wasn't just that they were big. it was that they had too much political power. emily: she has a lot of
4:38 am
comments. the democratic senator revealing she wants to break up major tech companies claiming amazon, facebook and google are monopolies. a mom to be struggles to contain her disappointment when she finds out she is having another boy. >> 3, 2, 1. >> surprise. [screams] the gender reveal party ending with mixed emotions in california. her husband jumping for joy while she throws her confetti cannon to the ground. she says she is happy to have a boy but was hoping to have a nice calm little girl. those are your headlines. ed: that is so true. that is something else. pete: she will love that boy but you can't deny that. emily: i feel like they should never. how does that make you feel at that moment you're like. pete: got you mom. i'm here. ed: talk about trump
4:39 am
derangement syndrome a new level of it the president does something nice. goes to alabama. comforter in chief. i covered barack obama he did that george w. bush we had 23 people killed by these horrific tornadoes. what could probably be controversial? he goes to a church people obviously using their faith to get through this crisis among other things. people coming together. perhaps somebody asked him to sign a bible. all of a sudden there were photos of social media a big line of people held up their bibles and said mr. president, would you sign my bible? >> yeah. while the media reacted this way predictably, ed, unfortunately. says trump is autographing bibles now that's a wrap on humanity. right? bill, creator of "the big bang theory" says people don't understand the purpose of trump signing bibles. many people are without a way to prepare food after a disaster when trump sign as bible it bursts into flame and people can cook over it. matthew dow continues i don't know who it is a worse commentary on trump actually
4:40 am
signing bibles in alabama or people ask him to sign a bible. lordy moses. >> bill: the people there actually wanted him to do it. you know, i know, i have been out on the road with candidates where they are asked to sign a dollar bill, for example, there is controversy about whether you are supposed to sign currency. if a citizen asks you, and you are trying to be nice, what is the president going to do to these people who have just been through this horrific tragedy and lost family members. i'm not going to sign your waibebible? >> unfortunately so telling. you get that elitism coming out of the left mocking people of faith. mocking these people who just lost 23 lives in their community and went through tornadoes and just making a mockery out of the whole thing. our friend michelle malkin fact-checking she said truman signed note in admirers book of psalms. autograph of clintons, gore, carters mondale in bible of collector steven koschal and
4:41 am
heads exploding over trump signing bibles for alabama tornadoes survivors. pete: do you have a new life goal? my new life goal is president trump sign as bible that i own. i'm going to work on that. i'm just saying what in the world is wrong with this? faith is so important. it's central to so many people's lives. did you go through a tragedy. the president of the united states is there he signs it. good for you. emily: it's also personal. faith is personal and so how you choose to honor it or deal with it should be your decision and certainly those on the left shouldn't be decrying how others view their bibles. pete: they are the media though. ed: amen. pete: amen, well done, ed. ed: house republicans releasing the transcript of doj bruce ohr's private testimony. we have been waiting for this. juicy nuggets. tom fitton tells us how it highlights his ties anti-trump dossier. pete: my favorite juicy nugget a chicken nugget.
4:42 am
a group of h echo activists say they won't have kids because they are scared to bring them into the world. serious about this. women pledging not to have kids. rachel campos-duffy never gave such a pledge. she momma of 8. why having a baby is a sign of optimism and hope for the future ♪ the hands we are given ♪ -ah, the old crew! remember when we all used to go to the cafeteria and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch." -at this school? -didn't you get caught in the laminating machine? -ha. [ sighs ] -"box, have a great summer. danielle." ooh. danielle, control yourself. i'd like to slow it down here with a special discount for a special girl. danielle, this one's for you.
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4:46 am
cvs will update the tune later this year. i like it. stick with it from one annoying sound to another, this woman shot her boyfriend over his snoring. deputies say 47-year-old lori moran is facing attempted murder charges. told deputies in florida he tried to fix the problem by buying roses, chocolates and snoring naval strips. [laughter] just nothing but the news for you folks. ed: pete is all over that story. meanwhile serious news. new details about doj official bruce ohr and his ties to anti-trump dossier after house republicans decided unexpectedly to release bruce ohr's testimony. they released the transcript. tom fitton is president of judicial watch. good morning, tom. >> good morning, good to be with you. ed: great to have you here. jump right in. this was a surprise a republican congressman put it out there. what's the biggest
4:47 am
revelation to you. >> well, it confirms that ohr was aware of the fusion gps ties to clinton. he told others in the doj about it they all knew about that but they never told the fisa court about that. then have you ohr and steele talking about dirt they had on candidate trump. it's incredible that you have this clinton agent out there talking to russia intel and not being investigated by the fbi for collusion, yet, they were dropping everything to target trump based on that very information. it shows you this dishonest approach at the doj and fbi had. on top of, this ed, we had earlier this week i'm sure it was coincidental they released the transcript. documents come to judicial watch showing the communications between ohr and steele and gwinn simpson and nellie ohr as well.
4:48 am
his wife worked at fusion gps. they were working hand in glove at doj to get this information this. it's pretty clear steele was desperate to protect his secret relationship but also desperate to get this information acted upon by the doj and fbi because evidently he hated trump. ed: i'm glad you mentioned that because nellie ohr working at fusion gps another thing that raised my eyebrows this part of rod rosenstein working at justice and when he knew about bruce ohr's wife working for fusion gps and what in terms of what rosenstein did. >> my understanding is that ohr suggested that they all knew about it rosenstein suggested he didn't know about it until much later, until frankly mr. ohr was demoted late last year after it became public he was working with fusion gps on the fly. rod rosenstein, you know,
4:49 am
all these folks dispute what rod rosenstein is saying and doing at doj and i think the public's interest is served in having him move on as he is. ed: expecting to move on as early as this come week rod rosenstein? >> i was wondering when he was going to be leaving. it's supposedly in march. they have nominate add new person for that position. ed: i have less than 30 seconds. people want to know is there going to be anything done about this? bill barr new attorney general. jeff sessions didn't do anything about these new connections. will something actually come of this? >> that's the question for barr, is he going to investigate the misconduct by doj and fbi because it's all been put on hold, it seems to me, as a result of the mueller investigation. if i were him, i would freeze the mueller investigation, give him all this incipient corruption behind its operations. remember, ohr was talking to steele during the mueller investigation throughout all of 2017. ed: all right. good stuff. tom fitton we appreciate from you judicial watch coming in with all of that
4:50 am
still ahead dan bongino will join us he has a lot to say about bruce ohr. group believes climate change is such threat they will not have kids. rachel campos-duffy is a mom of 8. she is here to react and she has a much different opinion. >> there is scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult. is it okay to still have children?
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
♪ >> anyone no matter what your interest, no matter how much you don't think you don't care about the environment. this actually about our lives now and it's really, really scary. i can't have a child until i am absolutely convinced that
4:54 am
we are on a seriously, seriously different path. pete: okay. a group of ecoactivists in the u.k. believe climate change poses such a dire threat to humanity they are pledging that they will not have kids. it's all part of a movement called birth strike. emily: here to react mother of 8 and fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy and super mom. welcome, rachel. rachel: good morning to both of you. pete: good morning. emily: tell us your thoughts about this. rachel: i think it's sad. i feel bad for these women. they have such a bleak and depressing outlook on life. i thought about it and i think this is what happens when you replace religion with ideology and politics. this is their religion. environmentalism, abortion on demand, these things are their sac sack i havements. i think about my own life my faith they give me hope for the future. by the way our solutions to our problems on earth whether it's
4:55 am
environmentalism or anything else are going to be solved by humans. so i don't think this is a good solution and i don't think these scare tactics whether it's al gore and all the predictions that he had of the apocalypse coming because of global warming which never came true, i don't think these tactics work. pete: great point, rachel. these tactics come from an indoctrination through education where they are made to believe that world war ii is coming, the end is mnigh in 10 years. another peels of news next friday students in high schools prepared to go on strike to protest climate change. part of the youth strike mission here is what they had to say. we are triking because our world leaders have yet to acknowledge prioritize or properly address our climate crisis. we believe the climate crisis should be declared a national emergency because we are running out of time. our institutions which our tax dollars pay for are telling kids it lee school to protest this new religion you are talking about. >> right. and you hit the nail on the head. first of all, these kids
4:56 am
just like alexandria ocasio-cortez believe the world is going to end in 12 years because of climate change and global warming. you are absolutely right. you talked earlier today, pete, about joining up with elizabeth warren on breaking up the big tech monopoly. maybe we should start with the monopoly on our education. and these -- alexandria ocasio-cortez, these kids they are products of an educational system that is indoctrinating instead of educating. that's where this is coming from. and it's scaring kids. it's really really sad. pete: yeah, if your teacher is at the front of the class saying the world is going to end you better leave school. okay. i will do that. that's not education. rachel: no. by the way, i just reported for you guys a couple months ago from my front porch on a polar vortex. you have a hard time convincing me there is global warming. pete: thank you, rachel, great stuff. rachel: have a great day. enjoy your eighth.
4:57 am
emily: may you have a ninth. pete: we all want to take care of our kids but are we doing more harm than good when it comes to education? the psycho analyst behind new op-ed the quick fence isn't always helping. that comes next hour. ♪ ybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at >> utterly indefensible and close to looking like a fool. >> 16 new felony counts. >> first family surveying the devastation left by deadly
5:01 am
tornadoes in alabama. >> you saw things you wouldn't believe. these are incredible people. >> the most dangerous president in modern american history. >> captain america, capitol hill. congresswoman showing glass eye with iconic shield on it. >> i do. we are properly coordinated.
5:02 am
purple pink. >> thanks, you guys, always great to see you, thank you. >> i was over at vietnam. >> showing every host on the network. back here with "fox & friends" which we live and what's interesting we talk about being in concert. democrats have trouble staying on the same page particularly omar, freshman democrat from minnesota, made comments that have been highly criticized for being antisemitic, they had a watered down resolution that ended up not naming her specifically and denouncing her in general and rightly so, pulled it away from where it's starting which is controversial comment and she's at it again b. >> she's at inagain. she spoke to political magazine. we talked about antisemitic comments. we have to talk about it more.
5:03 am
she hasn't apologized for, that's one thing. they asked her about barack obama. hope and change offered by barack obama was a mirage, we don't want anyone to get away with murder because they are poppished, -- polished, we want to look behind pretty face. >> drone, strikes had killed people in muslim world and else cl where. >> she continues to throw logs on the fire with her rhetoric. at what point are democrats going to say this is the line that we draw, she's blankly not being discerning with her target. her comments were antisemitic, we have had mixed reactions from the left, they are not having mixed reaction for it. >> in the interview says i was taken out of context, this is why i'm glad i taped the
5:04 am
interviews, she put the tape, shows that she said that about barack obama. [inaudible] >> you know, i will talk about -- [inaudible]
5:05 am
>> you don't want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. [inaudible] >> understand the positive impact they will have. >> she was talking about barack obama. >> so many things to say, someone better to say it than us, dan bongino, former nypd officer, dan, you heard it. she released the tape. clearly talking about trump and obama. i mean, unpack those comments?
5:06 am
>> guys on a serious note, this is the hallmark of every misguided ideological revolution in human history that's been government power, throughout time when you have the ideological revolution where is they want to concentrate government power in very few hands they are inherently cannibalistic because they eat themselves alive. nobody is pure enough. way to radicalism, comments about immigration, let's increase immigration, let's allow illegal immigration, open borders, let's just give everybody money who gets in the country illegally. i want you all to understand, we are seeing that right now in the democrat party and it is very, very dangerous. >> dan, it's not an indictment of obama but america, as a refugee from somalia to america she said america to paraphrase
5:07 am
it disappointed me, what is it a mind set about a country that gave her everything? >> exactly, representative omar attacked barack obama. i don't think any rational person would argue radical left, obamacare, tax hikes or individual mandate, you're attacking barack obama, i'm not a fan of politics but i'm not going to question his ability about radical left legislation passing through. there's no emergency brake on behavior. they don't believe in individual liberty. there's no emergency brake on where they can go and that's why i said they are cannibalistic the movements, you will see more of this. they will start attacking each other and eating themselves alive. >> yeah. >> speaking the fact that democrats are not condemning
5:08 am
her. >> the reason is twofold, the first one is tactical, the democrat primary season the way it's set up, california moves primary earlier now, california is obviously, you know, liberal tradition, they are going to need the liberal votes, attacking omar, alexandria ocasio-cortez, this is a really bad move if you want to get the nomination for president but secondly, the rage of donald trump has movement, jfk is dead, those are moderate republicans, the only home for democrats is on the far left radical side of that ideological spectrum, only place to go and it's really donald trump that endangered the rage. >> california, wasn't might think of adam schiff, democrat on the house intelligence committee, we learned from reporting here at fox exclusively first, that schiff's staff met with michael cohen who
5:09 am
famously flipped on the president four times for more than 10 hours before his profile testimony attacking the president, what does this mean? >> well, this is troubling. how is schiff still involved in. campaign to tarnish the trump presidency, basically instruct them to being able to get anything done with selective nonsense, collusion hopes information but the fact that he met with michael cohen, a key witness for the left, for the antitrump machine before testimony and raised collusion charges there, what was going on, we are entitled to know what they were talking about, why did cohen need to be guided with a politician about what he was going to say. truth is the truth f michael cohen was up there and raised right hand and swore to tell the truth, honest yes for you and everyone else, what did he adam schiff to tell
5:10 am
him. adam schiff is a politician trying to get elected. and can you mall if this was a meeting with don, jr. or something, granted dan, jr. is not a politician, you get my point. everybody has vested interest. the truth is the truth, doesn't need adam schiff to guide it. >> dan bongino, best-selling author, former secret service agent and the man you want with you in vietnam to destroy a breakfast buffet. >> i have respect for you, i have never seen anything like it. i need it. >> three people including a child on school bus killed overnight. bus carrying a middle school softball team
5:11 am
collided with suv, both people on the other vehicle were killed and 7 others injured. the names of victims have not been released yet and no word on the cause of the crash. violent carjacker in custody after trying to illegally enter a military base, the driver ramming through the front gate of a naval station in washington state in suv he stole at knife point. the father dragging young daughter along for wild ride. expected to face several charges home to nuclear submarines. medicaid must cover gender-transition services in iowa, reassignment surgeries are nedically necessary, in 1995 denying medicaid for such prejudices discriminate, liberal aclu calls the ruling, quote, a landmark win and unclear yet if the state will appeal. senator elizabeth warren wants
5:12 am
tech companies to break up, the 2020 presidential candidate claims amazon, google and facebook are monopolies, earlier pete said he agreed. [laughter] >> there are no doubt they are monopoly, rather than kill them off, how about making sure a way is paveed to get in. >> i will defend elizabeth warren. i agree with her argument. i don't think ending, breaking them, they become anticompetitive. >> wants companies to work for the people. those are your headlines. >> i think on the wall we might have a little something, pete. >> really? [laughter] >> yes. >> vice president don't always agree with presidents.
5:13 am
>> breaking up -- >> good on tv, you bring a lot to the ticket. >> no more bias against conservatives and social media, that would be the big thing. give me a call. [laughter] >> we will have fun with this all weekend. >> i did not know that was coming. >> defending omar's antisemitic comments. >> i know her to be a fair-minded person. >> republicans and the media have blown this up much more than it is. >> pastor robert jeffers, why he thinks this could help the president in 2020. >> it could be the best thing you've seen all day, high school athletes brought to tears.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
>> democrat congresswoman omar under fire over controversial antisemitic comments, our next guest says this will impact 2020. >> here to explain senior pastor, pastor robert jefferss, thank you so much, pastor. >> good to be with you. >> speaktous a little bit mounting over representative omar and your take on it. >> well, the democrats' refusal to denounce omar is the latest piece of evidence that the democrat party is not only an extremist party but it has become a godless party. let me explain that. just look at what we have seen in in the last few months, the democrats tried to erase so help me god for oath of office,
5:18 am
support late-term abortion and now they refuse to denounce this representative who has said truly hateful things about the jewish people, i mean, your audience may not know that, she tweeted out that she was praying that, quote, allah might awaken americans to the evils of israel, end of quote, that's offensive to millions of jews and christians in this country, that's not just an attack upon american values, the democrats are attacking the christian judea principle upon which it was founded and impact on 2020. >> recent polling by gallup shows that support for israel dropped over the past year by percent drainage support for palestinians has stayed steady, so talk to us about in our
5:19 am
culture unwillingness to recognize bipartisan consent. i see you're in jers ruim, i can recognize the backdrop. why is support for israel not as strong as it once was? >> i think two reasons for that, first of all, i think it's because of the ignorance of the american people about history because they don't know history buy liberal line that israelis are occupying land here in israel that really belongs to palestinians but was know from history that the jews have been in this land for 4,000 years, 4,000 years before there was any mention of palestinians. that whole term palestinian is a made-up term by a roman emperor in 100a.d., people don't know history but frankly people don't know the bible. many jews and christians, god made promise to israel, god's chosen nation, any nation that
5:20 am
blesses israel will be blessed by god. >> okay. 15 seconds, i want to get your reaction to the president signing bibles in alabama, some people saying this was a bad thing to do, what say you? >> i told the new york times last night, it's a great idea, in fact, the next time i see him i'm going to get him to sign my bible. [laughter] >> nothing wrong with signing a bible. i sign bibles all of the time for people. it's a way of word of god. >> stay safe in jerusalem. >> great stuff. >> we all want to take care of our kids, are we doing more harm than good with medication? the new op-ed tells us why the quick fix is not always helping. >> sorry, emily, you read it. wearing maga hat in the bus.
5:21 am
>> boy, if you don't take that hat on the bus, take that hat. no, take the hat off. put it in your backpack. with pr. bring your challenges. ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free.
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i can customize each line for soeach family member?e yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg?
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i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need, and still save hundreds of dollars. do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. >> something we all care about, our children's mental and physical health but are we turning to medication too quickly when it comes to our kids. the 2016 study shows 5.2% all american kids were on some sort of stimulant to treat a behavioral problem. now in a new op-ed in the wall street journal entitled we are overmedicating our children, our next guest arguing medication is a quick fix, it doesn't help our kids deal with stress on their own. author and psycho analyst erika
5:25 am
tomasar, thank you so much, what an important op-ed, you have written a book called being there as well on topic similar to this. temptation for parents, i've been there, young boys, they don't focus, you're anxious, you want to turn to a solution, why is that maybe not the right thing to do? >> well, effectively we are drugging our children and we say we are parenting by giving them pills and it's a quick fix that silences their pain so what we know is that symptoms like adhd and anxiety are responses to stress and psycho social stressors, family issues, trauma, loss, even too much pressure to achieve and instead of really listening and understanding and being present for our children and helping as i say in my book, helping them to regulate their emotions we are actually stopping the symptoms. >> by silencing symptoms, we
5:26 am
have a drug problem. >> were not teaching them any kind of resiliency, we are not teaching them about emotional maturity. what we are teaching them is to aavoid uncomfortable feeling. >> i don't want to play the blame here but is this a parent problem or doctor problem. >> parents are influenced by pediatricians and parents are influenced by public schools, funding has been tied to test scores and that means that some of the stimulants are really performance -- >> by providing medication, it may temporarily boost test scores but not helping manage things in life. >> that's right. competitive world, we want our children to do well, rather than allowing children to be children
5:27 am
in many cases, some of the symptoms that we are seeing are related to stress, adhd is a response to stress but is also the high energy of little boys is also developmental. >> boy, isn't that the case. as a parent of high-energy little boys, what is your message to parents, boys and girls that are looking at young boys and say they do show signs of adhd and anxiety, what's your tip to parents other than medication to manage that? >> don't jump into conclusion even if your pediatrician tells you, don't jump into the conclusion, the first thing you want to do is have them properly evaluated. most children that are given in medication in america do not meet diagnostic criteria or they are medicated. it's a quick fix, have them properly evaluated by a mental healthcare provider, psychiatrist or psychologist who specializes in children and
5:28 am
adolescence, make sure you get parent guide and american academy of pediatrics really recommends first having evaluation and talk psych therapy and guidance before you consider medication, medication should not be the first stop, it should be the last stop. >> very good stuff. thank you. the book is being there. check out the op-ed. great stuff. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> all right, well, nancy pelosi and house democrats are encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. look at the motion they just voted against, barely believe it. we told you about the cheese challenge where parents threw slices of cheese, that's my little right there. you will never guess what people are doing now.
5:29 am
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♪ ♪ [laughter] >> remember so-called cheese challenge, all started with a video throwing cheese at baby bro went viral, everybody started doing it. >> my family got in on it. coming up that's my daughter lynn, got it in the hair. she ended up eating it, of
5:33 am
course. >> now, of course, the cheese damage going to dogs, people throwing single slices to fur-- furries. >> you might in morning show. [laughter] >> all right. e-mail us your video. >> meanwhile house democrats already seem to be at least encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. republicans are trying to crack down on that, democrats block the effort. >> that's right. democrats in the house passed hr1, could curve money in politics, some of the things from hr one to curve money in politics, automatic registration for 18-year-olds, public financing for congressional campaign, have to provide tax turns, election day and natural
5:34 am
holiday, actually support if you get rid of early voting but they don't want to do that. >> aclu released statement, constitutionally infringes on free-speech right on american citizens and organizational groups. it's pretty telling when the aclu is telling you it's a bad idea. >> that's true. >> you want to do all the things, okay, we get it, democrats in charge of the house now but republicans have a point of view that if you really want to make sure that the right people vote, people who have a legal right to vote, you should make sure and have a measure in there that says illegal immigrants clearly cannot vote because there's concern about whether or not they are voting or not, guess what, the house shot that gop motion down, 228-197, no, we don't want to include a provision that makes sure that illegal immigrants don't vote. >> think about this, folks, for a second, register that in frontal lobe, vote whether or not illegals should be allowed to vote in this country was shot
5:35 am
down by democrats, now, i know it was a motion to recommit, some would say procedural vote, ultimately they are on the record saying, no, i don't want to prevent illegals from voting federal elections, for all it should be eye-opener. >> illegals voting in certain situations, school board. exactly. real-world implications obviously right now, nancy pelosi defending voting rights for all immigrants, we have a statement from her here. >> she was in texas weeks ago. the new comers make america more american, and that means not suppressing the vote of new-comers to america. >> a new way.
5:36 am
>> new comers. asian americans, illegal aliens, she said it out loud. this is what democrats are saying. >> i think it's not that there's a complete pushing out of participation in the system, it's not as -- i think there's clearly constitutional and legal issues surrounding whether that did happen and that's the issue here. she has the right to vote. >> this is about sovereignty, this is what the president says do we have a coinry or not, does citizenship actually matter, the term new-comer is a joke. for someone to say it's a joke you expect from activist on the street. this is speaker of the house. >> words matter. that's why they call it dreamers as well. >> create the narrative. >> if you're illegal, you don't get to vote, how about that one. i feel like an old man. [laughter]
5:37 am
>> maryland highest court denies es convicted murder after podcast and reinstating conviction after guilty verdict overturn due antonio effective counsel, life sentence for killing high school boyfriend -- girlfriend in 1999. take a look at this, ripping off his head. >> take that, boy, if you don't take that hat, take it off. >> i can't wear a hat? >> no, take that hat off. put it in your backpack. >> the aide hasn't been on the bus police are investigating. so-called goddess of pop is honoring nancy pelosi. >> nancy is a fighter, isn't
5:38 am
afraid to go toe to toe with bully and beat him in his own game. [cheers and applause] >> sarah awarding speaker pelosi at vh1 trail blazer honors in los angeles. man's phone is ringing off the hook with birthday wishes. [laughter] >> two sons pranking them by purchasing the billboard and he's been getting hundreds of messages from around the world, turns 62 year's old next saturday, happy birthday. >> really well done. i'm not telling anybody. [laughter] >> all right, rick, when is your birthday? >> it's coming up. big one. >> it's a big one.
5:39 am
we will make sure we get to that one. >> coming up way too soon. let's talk weather. a lot going on i believe colluding severe weather, tornadoes last sunday, we have another chance, we will give you an idea. by the way, tonight don't forget and wake up at 2:30, clock forward so you can lose an hour of sleep. bad day if you're doing morning show. temperatures if you're waking up, warm air mass, severe weather headed towards northern side of it, some spots, 6 to 12-inches of snow, winter solidly going on. it will go throughout the day and into the evening and by this evening, you see the hatched area, are locking at potentially large tornadoes, we saw the damage that happened from this. if you're in the area, be prepared and have an escape plan and plan to stay focused.
5:40 am
right back to you, guys. >> full-on birthday party. [laughter] >> all right, well, some freshmen democrats on capitol hill, you see them there shaking up their party with comments like this. [inaudible] >> i'm the boss. >> so has nancy lost control of her own party? we will debate that coming up. >> high school athletes brought to tears. the hero teacher and one of his joyous students joins us live
5:41 am
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5:44 am
♪ ♪ >> baby, they don't. we will go in there and kick some -- [applause] >> so until you do it, i'm the boss. how about that? >> oh, yeah, freshman house dems you see there starting up controversy within their own party but is language causing trouble for house speaker nancy pelosi or is it what democratic primary voters want? here to debate, host of radio show. nathan ruben, democratic strategists and founder of democratic politics. he's trying somehow to spin the whole congresswoman omar and resolution and antisemitic comments as victory for nancy pelosi because she somehow held
5:45 am
the democratic party together, awful days for that? >> i wouldn't say awful. >> i thought you we wanted to talk about jobs and health care. >> if you look, nancy pelosi was able to outmaneuver donald trump in government shutdown, they passed hr1. >> which will die in the senate. >> i don't think that -- >> i will let you speak. >> i did. mitch mcconnell, you say the green new deal, it's going to go forward. mitch mcconnell said i want to bring it up for vote and fellow democrats say don't do that, it'll never pass, it's just for show. >> we need to have discussions and these discussions are happening because zem critic party, nancy pelosi is keeping her caucus together, they are attacking legislation and congresswoman put out request for 81 different people to come and produce documents related to
5:46 am
the trump organization, trump campaign, trump administration, that's oversight. >> they would do some of it in terms of oversight. what about jobs and health care? >> i love all of this. the more they want to talk about banning air travel and all the things which they pretend they are not really talking about are policy ideas. the green new deal will come back to haunt them when they look at voters and say, they want to win they are up for grabs, for mitch mcconnell, we will wait on that one in the senate because it's a laughable policy, they know that. the more left-wing they can be better the better in a long run. i'm the boss, by the way, you will see that going into 2020. >> the idea that we are talking about cow farthers and banning air travel, this isn't serious
5:47 am
discussion, this is a joke. >> we agree on that. >> we are focusing on the wrong thing. climate change is real. the sooner we understand that the soon e and better off we will be. we need to stop acting in bad faith. >> let's talk 2020, joe biden, great standing in the democratic party, national leader, but we have a whole bunch of other folks, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, kamala harris, some of the folks on the left that we have been talking about pushing green new deal and other things and actually been defending congresswoman omar's comments, does joe biden, has the democratic party has left too far left for someone like joe biden? >> i don't think that's the case. there are a number constituencies in the democratic party. recent poll that showed that the biggest identification the democratic party was obama
5:48 am
democrat. joe biden he would go in and carry on obama legacy. >> interesting because we have been showing bernie sanders, he's out there, firing up really big crowds like he did in 2016, he was sort of oddity in terms of socialist to do well and democratics running to the left. >> this is what's important, it's not just the rhetoric like people like alexandria ocasio-cortez and omar, the democratic party has embraced medicare for all, green new deal, you look at where they are in the issues, dehumanization of wealth on people who have done well, that's not mainstream, it'll continue to be mainstream in the party which is going forward. joe biden, never broke 1% when he was trying to run for president. he doesn't have a media that's going to say whatever he says it's stupid, he's funny, uncle joe, they will hold you accountable.
5:49 am
>> democrats are moving so far left talking about medicare for all, health care for all americans, green new deal and combating climate change. >> all important subjects. >> the media turning president trump and the baseball, watch, we will break it down next. teacher surprises home, came early from deployment and the first student who saw leaping in his arms will join us live. ♪ ♪
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> stop what you're doing including what i was doing on my phone to watch the best video you'll see all day. student athletes at utah high school brought to tears when a surprise visitor stopped by their classroom. [inaudible conversations] >> army national guard captain andrew olson stunning students when he came home early from deployment. >> captain olson and student athletes, gentlemen, so wonderful to welcome you to "fox & friends", welcome you home, sir, can you start with what it felt like to have that kind of a homecoming? >> yeah, it was unexpected. i didn't really know what to expect going in there. i kind of coordinated with some of the administration about just
5:54 am
walking into the room, the emotion, i didn't know what to expect and the reaction that i got was -- was a special moment for me, extremely heart warming and humbling and that something i will always remember and kind of never really try -- >> you call them captain, you call them mr., what is it about him as a teacher, what is it about the man that makes students like that react to see him? >> you know, just like the way he was when he -- before he got deployed. he was awesome and cared about everyone not only athletes but like everyone in the classroom, so -- >> so just authentic reaction to a great teacher and coach? >> yeah. >> love it. >> captain, thank you for your service, this is so amazing, so now you're home early, what does it mean for you and your future, you have to deploy again or you
5:55 am
have home for good? >> now i'm home for the foreseeable future, i will go back cp in a couple of weeks and continue with enactive status. >> what's next for the team, for practice and games coming up? >> so we will start our summer program off season program and football season starting pretty soon as well. >> captain, you can tell the passion you have for teaching and coaching as well. why did you want to serve the country? >> something that's always been in my family, my dad, brother-in-law has all served and something i thought about when i was in high school and back in 2006 the day that my step dad left to iraq i decided, you know, this is it, this is what i want to do, the day after that i went and joined. >> orlb, what makes captain so
5:56 am
special, why do you guys love him? >> he cares about everybody and he has show class on the court but also to be like a good guy out of off and on the court, you know, just -- [laughter] >> there you go. you got it out. be a stud, i love it. you see that kind of reaction to a teacher that means you're doing something right. captain, thank you so much for that and your service, awesome story. >> appreciate it. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> you got it, guys, thank you. still ahead bernie sanders back on campaign trail but is the return of the bern working, there could be some doubt by experts in early states. >> plus anthony scaramucci joins us live next hour.
5:57 am
>> meatball day car. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ... this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that .
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>> the democrat in this controversy over freshman congresswoman. pete: omar says the hope and change offered by barack obama was a mirage. we don't want anybody to get away with murder because they're polished. president trump: the democrats have become an anti-israel party and anti-jewish party. >> the problem this is no emergency break in the behavior. >> the democrat party is not only an extremist party it has become a godless party. >> jussie smollett maintains his innocence still after a grand jury indicts him on 16 new felony counts for disorderly conduct. >> the family surveying the devastation left by several deadly tornadoes in alabama. president trump: we saw things that you wouldn't believe.
6:01 am
ed: democratic primary voters looking to 2020 may be dealing the bern again. >> going to defeat donald trump the most dangerous president in modern american history. pete: we told you about the cheese challenge, where parents threw slices of cheese at their babies. >> people now throwing single cheese slices at their fury friends. >> [laughter] >> ♪ ♪ pete: is that about right? oh, my goodness. welcome in, to the last hour of this saturday edition. >> [laughter] ed: do you have any plans on june 6? pete: no, it's d-day, ed. ed: i've been doing research and reaching out, to friends and family we had that story about a couple of guys in new jersey who bought a billboard for their dad
6:02 am
for his birthday, with a cell number, what do you think pete: ed, two can play that game so we got the cheese on the dog thing on the kids right so no one does cheese on an anchor face live on television so ed? this is the ed, a little bit of cheese. just say cheese, brother. ed: cheese. >> [laughter] >> so much easier than it looks ed: what i won't do for you pete pete: my favorite news man right here. ed henry. >> there's a billboard in your future. ed: i'm going to hear about that one. >> [applause] ed: will democrat primary voters feel the bern. remember in 2016 bernie sanders sort of shocked the democratic party by coming so far from the left that oh, this is not going to be, there's no way hillary clinton has been anointed and those crowds kept building and building. we are seeing some similarities in the early stages and we had a rally a few days ago in chicago crowd was massive social media
6:03 am
has been blowing up with this he was also in iowa yesterday, had a large crowd as well and you could see he's firing up this base. pete: this is bernie sanders yesterday, he's hitting the campaign trail hard, his supporters are back the crowds are big, bernie sanders yesterday in iowa city. >> this is a campaign which is not only going to win the democratic nomination. is not only going to defeat donald trump the most dangerous president in modern american history, but this campaign is about more than that. we will no longer tolerate the greed of wall street and the greed of the billionaire class. we'll pass a medicare for all single-payer healthcare systems. >> [applause] >> donald trump, he embarrasses us every single day. ed: i think pete said it best earlier in the show when he said that bernie was socialistic
6:04 am
before it was cool. now, everybody practically whose running for president on the democratic side wants to kind of out-socialize bernie and look at this crowd this was chicago i believe a few days ago. >> and i believe that it was the original gangster. this is the original gangster in the crowd he's now commanding. ed: this is not a couple days before a primary. this is early. pete: that's chicago for bernie sanders, just this week and listen i don't want to over-hype this but a lot of candidates on the democratic field but i was just in vermont as well for breakfast with friends a lot of folks don't like him there who know his policies but there's clearly support and if you're the original gangster, if you were for the things before everyone lumped on voters give you credit for that, and it should have been bernie's primary in 2016, democrats know it was rigged for hillary, he's out on the trail early again he's brushed off initial criticism, he backed up omar on her comments and he's jewish and he said hey she's
6:05 am
making a policy critique and he's playing to the left wing base, the kids are still there with him they love uncle bernie, i'm not saying he will be the nominee but you can't downplay, the media will try, the swell of support this guy has and what a contrast that would be if president donald trump ran against socialistic bernie sanders. >> and there's a question whether he can sustain that right and as the washington post had a headline as bernie sanders launches his second presidential campaign, big crowds but some doubt in early states and the question is also whether those can afford to dismiss and have that doubt. again, we have grant widdard, iowa-based democratic lawyer saying i think the big issue going forward is how much of the support in iowa four years ago was people that bought into his movement and fundamentally didn't want to support hillary clinton. ed: so did he actually fire up the base? i would argue having been out on the road with him back in 2016 he fired up the base. he was saying things that hillary clinton was afraid to say about medicare for all and
6:06 am
other things he went all in if you will and was energizing some of the obama voters who ended up staying home in the general election. >> but in 2016 there's no way he would have said the comments he made now defending the anti-semetic comments like he did, i don't see that where he was. pete: so now his base has moved with him. he's not an outlier he's where the base is and that washington post headline i love the end of it. according to political ties, like you can find anyone to show you doubt. now, i'll give you some additional doubt i was in inventory inventory with voters as i mentioned, talked to citizens in vermont a lot were trump supporters so inherent doubt but they're casting doubt on the policies in vermont and whether they benefited that state here is voters in vermont from yesterday. pete: what do you think of bernie sanders? >> i am not a fan. i loved to vermont six and a half years ago. my liberalism is the longer i live here and i think bernie is part of that problem. >> bernie is not really favorable to the state of vermont. his focus is anti-gun.
6:07 am
he's focused on socialism so not a big bernie fan. >> the socialism isn't going to work. it's not affordable. >> you can't keep getting from people and not getting from somewhere else and expect it's going to last. >> i love that. i think that should have been the washington post headline by the way, my liberalism is wayne ing the longer i live here from someone who lives in vermont. pete: that's true. well you saw michael cohen and his dramatic testimony in front of the house. well we've learned now, adam schiff whose in charge of what's the committee? ed: house intel. which is not even where cohen was he was before the oversight committee. pete: correct but adam schiff has been in the middle of all of this but turns out him and his team spent over 10 hours over four meetings with michael cohen ed: here in new york. pete: before the actual testimony occurred, and from talking to folks on clip, others capitol hill, others we've heard on that program it's not a common thing.
6:08 am
ed: this is common, he's trying to claim what did he testify about before and what will he testify about now but you're right a lot of people say that's not standard operating procedure and by the way, the man you see there he runs the house intel committee where cohen was testifying publicly was not intel. he was talking to them behind the scenes but the public testimony attacking the president was a whole different committee so what was he up to? pete: schiff is the leader of the house resistance committee. it's an informal committee but it's big. ed: i haven't heard that one before. >> a newly-formed committee and yes, proper interviews and meetings are standard operating procedure but it seems to me that what we're hearing is that level of obvious coordination, and the time investment that those are what made this outlying -- ed: for what are you going to say basically. >> exactly it goes towards those. pete: i didn't know what that meant either so thank you very much. you know the law. i like that. ed: and dan bongino says look it may say it's standard operating procedure but this looks like
6:09 am
coaching. >> well how is adam schiff still involved in this? this is by more he's been engaged in an ongoing media leak campaign, to tarnish the image of the trump presidency, but the fact that he met with michael cohen there's collusion charges there what was going on? we're entitled to know what they were talking about. why did he need to meet with cohen? the truth is the truth it doesn't need adam schiff to guide it. pete: sure doesn't, it's a great point but i don't know that we'll get that answer because the democrats control the house they won't want to answer that question and the investigations are just going to continue. so, e-mail us friends@foxnews .com. if you're briefing the house would adam schiff give you 10 hours to prepare behind the scenes? >> turning now to your headlines. u.s. backed forces are giving isis fighters a final chance to surrender in syria. forces preparing to complete the final attack on the last isis strong hold in the war-torn nation. syrian forces set to resume operations this afternoon, unless more innocent civilians
6:10 am
emerge. now this following rumors that the terrorist group leader has gone into hiding abandoning fighters. bill shine is out as president trump's communications director and the president expects his resignation after nine months on the job. he says he will be able to spend more time with his family as he now joins the president's re- election campaign as a senior advisor. an urgent search now underway for a missing marine. first lt. matthew craft never returned to base after going on a ski trip in california. he was last seen two weeks ago and search and rescue crews are looking in the area where he went skiing. authorities releasing these photos here of the marine's rental car that he drove on the trip. wedding bells ringing on the hardwood. a college hoops player proposes to his girlfriend on senior night, take a look. >> congratulations!
6:11 am
steven and andrea. >> and he popped the question before his team defeated minnesota in their season finale more importantly, she said yes. those are your headlines. you all know that i use that in the nfl and oh, yeah. pete: wait hold on before we get to ed's cheese talk to us about that. >> one of the girls proposed to on the field her boyfriend coordinated it with the coaches and we had that similar situation, it wasn't. pete: said yes? a lot of pressure to say yes in that moment. how is that cheese ed? ed: pretty good actually. pete: kraft makes good singles. ed: meanwhile, speaker pelosi wants full voting rights for new immigrants she says. this as how democrats refuse to support a measure that would have condemned illegals from voting making sure that it's only legal immigrants . well former border patrol chief under president obama, mark morgan has some thoughts on that. he joins us next. pete: crawl connection ed, new arrivals. ed: that's what she said. pete: plus joe biden posing for
6:12 am
a selfie in the caribbean. i don't know what that has to do with ed henry. ed: i'm not running for president. pete: apparently we'll talk about joe biden, is he vacation ing or deciding to run for president? and roll tape here we got a little ahead of "our bodies, ourselves." ed henry is defeated. ed: i'm doing this that's it. that will not be the last word. scaramucci and cheese coming up. >> ♪ ♪ i can't believe it.
6:13 am
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6:15 am
pete: nancy is now encouraging full voting rights, for new immigrants or new arrivals as she says it. this as house democrats refuse to support a measure that condemns illegals from voting. here to react is former border patrol chief under obama mark morgan. mark, thanks for being here.
6:16 am
it's stark when you look at those numbers. say what you want about access to the ballot and the things that democrats are advocating for but to shoot down a motion that says we don't want illegals voting, what does that say to you? >> look, pete, this absolutely violates one of the core founding principles of this nation. we must and we are about the rule of law. any time we deviate that and in this case politicians deciding on their own to selectively enforce some laws, and not other laws, it absolutely starts to erode at that foundation and in this case, look it's one more, it's clear one more step about open borders and providing amnesty to people who are violating that basic principle of the rule. pete: mark to your point are they about the rule of law then? is it about sovereignty and laws and citizenship, or for the left is it about come on in whoever you are, we're going to open our welfare state and our voting rules? >> that's exactly what it is
6:17 am
pete and tom holman said it best they're more worried about the security of their party than the security of this nation, and it's just horrible. pete: you know, we got new numbers from custom and border protection they released a 300% increase, 300% in the number of family units arrested compared to 2018 so the numbers have sky rocketed the president just tweeted about this minutes ago on that as similar to that number. he said border patrol and law enforcement has apprehended or captured coming into the u.s. and the wall is being built that will greatly help us in the future, and now. when you see an increase like that, does that mean our policies are working or does that mean they're not working? >> well, they're not working. first of all the asylum laws are absolutely broke and then we continue to have judicial activism like the floros case and because of that people are
6:18 am
allowed in this country even when they enter illegally and pete real quick the difference is the numbers are not only expected to be at a million this year but it's very different than it was in the 2000s the demographics. now back then we would remove 90 % of those but today because of the bad laws and policies the family and children 65% of them now are allowed into the united states so this year alone the million anticipated we'll allow 650,000 of them into the interior of the united states and never heard from again and apparently they're going to be able to vote. pete: so there's two sides of it more enforcement at the border with agents as this president and the national guard has led to more arrests but because of the insane laws inside our country and at the border more people are trying to come through. it's compounding itself. >> that's absolutely right, not only more trying to come through which is correct but more are being allowed in. you just heard this week leaders of border patrol saying that 25- 40% of the border patrol agents are pulled off the line
6:19 am
on the humanitarian i call daycare providers, rather than be on the line and stopping the cartels from bringing in bad people and bad things. it's unbelievable. pete: wow just as you send the national guard to free them up they're then tied up in management as opposed to policing the border it feels almost like a circular problem. what's the single most important thing that can be done right now >> so we got to build the wall for that multi-layer strategy of infrastructure, technology and personnel and the right places and congress has to do their job , pete. they can do this in 15 minutes, change laws, stop the incentives and the pull factors and they will stop coming. pete: mark morgan you're a wise man i don't think nancy pelosi will do much about that. thank you very much mark appreciate it. >> semper fi, pete. pete: thank you. well the u.s. army taking its physical fitness test to a new level but do i still have what it takes to be in the army? >> if i'm in generally good shape but i have not trained for this at all what is about to happen? >> you're going to get smoked. pete: he was not lying.
6:20 am
how did i do? we'll bring it to you next. but first the u.s. air force academy band wild blue country here to perform, coming up live. more than half of our community have discovered their irish roots. which means your smiling eyes, might be irish too. order ancestrydna, and find the surprises in you. just $59 through march 18th. get your kit today. ♪ do you ♪ love me? ♪ ♪ i can really move ♪ ♪ do you love me? ♪ i'm in the groove ♪ now do you love me? ♪ do you love me now that i can dance? ♪
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6:25 am
>> ♪ american honey >> [applause] pete: that is your shot of the morning the u.s. air force academy band wild blue country performing "american honey" well done, thanks so much for being here. come on in, you're the spokesman for the group thank you all for being here. talk to us about the group. >> all right, so we are wild blue country with the united states air force academy band and we are one of several small groups that go out throughout the country to do admissions tours like this, and travel for community relations where we like to honor our veterans, we like to connect with those communities, and hopefully inspire youth to be the best that they can be. pete: absolutely.
6:26 am
>> i know i was inspired growing up my dream was to go to the air force academy i went to summer camp you guys are amazing so tell us what's next on your schedule where are you performing and where can we see you? >> absolutely so we are going to be in the new york area for the remainder of the week and we're doing a combination of media to bring awareness to the academy and additionally we're going to different schools and engaging with students and putting on an assembly to give them a good time and also to again bring that awareness to the academy. things have been great. the academy is doing really really well we're actually here and excited about the fact that the class of 2024 is now open for online applications. pete: wow. >> how does that make you feel? ed: he's an army guy. >> he looked good up there. pete: what's the air force pt test? >> the pt test is the mile and a half run, x number of pushups and situps depending on your age pete: that sounds like a good test to me. that used to be the army test. ed: this is a much different test. >> the test too is pull-ups
6:27 am
because i had to do them in my application, right? >> the cadets have a pull-up component but when you're active duty air force that's no longer part of it, it's really just three components and your waist measurement. pete: we've got new components to the army test i tried it. let's see how i did. >> we just raised the flag here in virginia and now we're outside the u.s. army center for initial military training it's a long name for a basic mission. keep the army up-to-date on the training of its soldiers. >> well the army combat fitness is the first new physical fitness test in the army in 40 years. this test is based off the physical components of fitness that are necessary to do your
6:28 am
job in combat. >> what should we expect from this test? >> if they have any physical weaknesses it'll call them out. >> it used to be your age and gender? >> it was the standard. >> so i'll use that standard today, that's a certain standard across for everybody but if i was a clerk, or a finance officer i might have a different standard? >> that's correct there's no men's standard or one stand and. >> well, combat doesn't discriminate that's bottom line. i don't care if your skinny, far fat, black, tall, white, male or female, 50 years old or 20 years old, it does not discriminate. pete: if i'm in generally good shape but not trained what is about to happen? >> you'll get smoked. pete: so they're prepping the test we just learned about the events and we'll do it the exact way they do it in the army start to finish. this is the warmup.
6:29 am
and it feels like the workout. not good! >> nice! pete: keep going down there. don't leave me on the field. >> go! pete: i'm feeling it in the fourth event. feel it in the lungs too. >> go! pete: [laughter] i was hoping that i'm going to catch up to some of these big dudes. all right, master sargent what is my score? >> how do you think you did? pete: it's a 600 point score right? >> 520. pete: all right i'll take it.
6:30 am
ed: he was in beast mode until the end when he slowed down. >> what was the hardest thing of all of those? pete: because you did all of the events leading up to the run and you don't have any legs left so by the time you're running so good on the army it's much more close to combat than the old test. ed: pete represented well. good job. up next anthony scaramucci is here with the real story on the latest jobs numbers. >> plus a man threatens to sue over this photo used in an article claiming all hipsters look the same but there's a twist even he didn't see, coming up. >> ♪ ♪
6:31 am
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>> ♪ working for a living pete: let's bring in a man who knows a little bit about sixth avenue and working for a living anthony scaramucci. former white house communications director author of the book trump blue collar president and it's national meat ball day. >> i've got some meatballs in my teeth right now is that bad to say? i'm just saying that for a friend. i couldn't stop eating meat balls . these two guys had a restaurants in my hometown since 1978. pete: we're going to get to that let's start with the job numbers because a lot of people looked at 20,000 jobs added in february
6:35 am
and disappointed by that top line number but you say there's hidden good news in there? >> well first of all this is the first time in about 50 years that there are less people available for the job openings, so you have to understand where we are right now in terms of the tightness in the labor market okay? so this is an amazing outcome of the president's policy but the more important thing, the thing that i'm always worried about because i grew up in a blue collar negotiating are wages so you have 3.4% wage increase this is staggering because it's out pacing inflation, so you know, and i know, there's been a 30- year dilemma on wages. one of the things i write in the blue collar president is that the president identified through his instincts, his study of the economy, that he needed to put policies in place to help those people. so that has resoundingly happening, and so people can say whatever they want about the president. he knows exactly what he's doing in terms of the economy, and so the bottom 10% of the employment in the united states is growing
6:36 am
and he's going to start turning those people into aspirational people, and so here is what happens with socialism. you have two tickets you can punch the aspirational ticket or punch the free meal ticket but when you think you can make it for your family as the president is putting this stuff together for them they're going to take the aspirational ticket peter so this is an amazing story about the economy and i think people really got to get it out there more. i think it's incumbent upon the president's people and the surrogates to get out there and explain exactly what's going on in the economy. >> anthony we want to get your thoughts also on michael cohen and really the question of whether he was coached, right and sources say he met with adam schiff and his staff for over 10 hours over four meetings before his testimony. what say you about that? >> you know it's a tough thing for me as i was friends with him i actually met michael through mr. trump going back years ago, i think that it's like very very negative. it's a little slimy to be honest and it's just once again, why people in the united states hate
6:37 am
the swamp and so basically what's happened now, michael was a democrat. he wants to get back into that team, if you will, or into that club, that's a club, if pete hegseth was a democrat they'd be treating him like john f. kennedy do you follow what i'm saying? but in this case now, i don't like it at all so they probably coached him, he probably gather ed all of his information and they got him more comfortable for the temperature testimony and moreover the president lied about a couple of things about whether he wanted a job, he lied about the pardon, and so you're still in there lying, you got to cut it out and here is the last thing okay? he's headed to prison in two months. it's not, it's a very bad look to be doing what he's doing as the president of the united states right now, as he's heading into prison. i don't like any of it so it's a try effect a of dislike. ed: you were talking about a strong economy that may help the president heading into 2020 there's a politico story
6:38 am
that cause our eye advisors urging the president to defer 2020 rallies perhaps he likes being in that environment, it fires him up sometimes he says things and ends up boomeranging on him maybe his advisors want him to wait a little bit before he engages some of the democrats answer what you think the president should do but also work in bill shine because he just left as communications director and you had that job once for a brief amount of time and he's now going to the campaign. >> okay, so first of all, bill, you guys know we worked here with bill. i was within of his anchors for wall street week. i love bill shine he was my recommendation to be the director but the wednesday and i know it was a wednesday because i was only there for one wednesday so i know which wednesday, we had dinner with the president and the residents and we were trying to recruit bill into the white house. so i'm thrilled he's going to be at the campaign and bill is an exceptional guy. i'm just going to give my opinion though. you have to let the president be the president. corey used to say let trump be trump and to me, i think those rallies are energizing.
6:39 am
he's prone to props once in a while, bill deal it's already baked into the cake as it relates to the president and i think that's the way to get the voter turnout and if you look at how he won last time the polling numbers particularly in florida had us not winning those precincts by the percentages that we actually won them and that's a direct attribution in my opinion to the president, his rallies and his ability to spunk people up so advice. that sounds like swamp-like. ed: micro-managing. >> you can't let him go. pete: to that point if he had listened to certain advisors during the campaign he wouldn't be president. >> no question about that . as we all know there were establishment people inside the campaign, and people that ended up inside the white house, don't like him very much and that's a shame. ed: we don't want you to leave just yet, anthony you teed it up you and your wife will be here to sample the meatballs. >> now turning to your headlines, the homeless veteran
6:40 am
at the center of a viral gofundme scam pleads guilty, johnny bobbit admitting to scam ming people out of over $400,000 and a new jersey couple made up a story about him giving his last $20 to pay for a stranger's gas and he faces up to 10 years in prison and enter ed a drug court program. and the joe biden is inching closer to declaring his third presidential run and the former vice president is in the caribbean discussing a potential bid with his wife, right now. a former republican michigan mayor sharing his this selfie taken with biden at a grocery store and he is expected to join a crowded feel of democrats eying the oval office and the comedian bill mayer makes a shocking between president trump and michael jackson. it struck me there are two things very similar to donald trump, one michael jackson could shoot someone on fifth avenue and his fans wouldn't leave him and two both of them commit their crimes in the open.
6:41 am
>> the an a all alan analogy follows the release of a documentary detailing disturbing allegations against michael jackson. and the son of late playboy founder hugh heffner is joining the military and cooper heffner wrote today, today i took an oath many i respect and admire have taken and i'm honor ed to serve my country and am privileged to sergio marccione in the united states air force reserve. >> that's pretty cool. >> those are your headlines. ed: stepping up. pete: finding a bigger purpose. >> absolutely. ed: a sanctuary for the second amendment, meet the colorado sheriff taking a stand for constitutional rights, he's up next. >> and, this gender reveal party ends with mixed emotions from this mom. oh, poor thing! >> ♪ ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? pete: welcome back, quick headlines for you, a mom to be struggles to contain her disappointment when she finds out she's having another boy. >> 3, 2, 1! >> [applause] >> surprise! pete: [laughter] her husband jumping for joy while his wife throws her confetti canon down in california. she says she's happy, but was hoping to have a nice calm girl. can't many of us relate to that? and a man threatens to sue for using his photo in an article claiming all hipsters look the same. the mit technology review firing back saying it's not even him, and the guy is a model. the publication's editor in chief tweeting this, hipsters look so much alike, they can't even tell themselves apart from
6:46 am
each other. ed? so true. ed: awesome, you did a little move over there. all right, on wednesday, weld county, in colorado became the third county there to pass a resolution declaring it a second amendment sanctuary county. this gun sanctuary movement is in response to the red flag bill being debated in the state's capitol. the bill has sheriffs across colorado saying they will not enforce the gun control bill if it is passed. ed: joining us now to weigh in is weld county colorado sheriff steve reams. good morning, sheriff. good morning. ed: i understand as we've heard a lot about sanctuary cities in say california where they say we're not going to follow we're not going to enforce immigration laws but you're saying you're kind of turning it on its head as i understand it and saying look if they pass this broader bill that restricts gun rights you're going to say look i'm following the constitution, it's a sanctuary city for that, as opposed to following this gun control is that right? >> that's exactly correct. what we're saying is if you pass
6:47 am
an unconstitutional law, our oath as commissioners or as myself as the sheriff, we're going to follow our constitutional oath first, and we'll do that balancing act on our own. >> and sheriff it's our understanding that that was passed unanimously by the commission. what are the arguments you're hearing from community people one way or another as you've argued here it puts your agents at undue risk, if you were to comply with that, so what are the voices of the community saying? >> well the community has been largely supportive of what we're doing. the feedback has been very positive. i live in a very conservative county so you would kind of expect that to be the case, but essentially what people understand is that we're talking about mental health issues, not gun issues, and the bill even though it's called the extreme risk protection order, does nothing to address mental health all it does is talks about taking guns away from people who might be a significant risk to themselves or others but again, it doesn't address the true issue which is mental health and
6:48 am
that's really where we're trying to point the focus. ed: sheriff we want to point out it's not just your state as you probably know there's at least seven states we found around the country that have this sanctuary , colorado, illinois, maryland, nevada, new mexico, oregon, and washington state as well. what do you say to critics who are going to say wait a second when it comes to immigration you and others will say enforce the law you got to follow the law and in this case i understand you want to fall back on the constitution it's a wonderful idea but that you're selectively picking here immigration you're on one side, on guns you're on another. >> well in this particular issue, it's more for due process than anything. i think the supreme court has shown time and time again that they do have the ability to restrict someone's second amendment rights in some instances especially when you're dealing with mental health. the problem with the bill in colorado is that it does an ex parte hearing so the person being accused of having an issue isn't even at the court hearing when their rights are deemed to
6:49 am
be taken away. at least temporarily and that's truly where the biggest issue with this bill lies is the fact that the person doesn't get to come in and defend themselves from the word go. >> right and if there's one good thing to come of this, sheriff, it is the fact that this is now receiving national attention to that bill because that ex parte hearing without the benefit of presence plus the no need to give notice before there's raids and that absolutely that's putting them at risk. >> yeah, that absolutely puts all law enforcement officers at risk. the idea of being given an order and told hey, go take these guns , from a person who has no idea you're coming, whose already been deemed to potentially have some kind of mental illness, the idea is to treat the person, not the gun. ed: sheriff, steve reams in colorado we will follow the story appreciate you coming in da thanks for having me on. ed: still ahead we told you we were going to celebrate national meatball day pete has been
6:50 am
waiting for this all day the scaramuccis are here too, and the co-owners of demaggio's trat oria, right here in new york . ♪ ♪
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> ♪ when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore♪ pete: they are friends of the show and friends of anthony scaramucci for more than 30 years he and his wife have been going to demaggio's tratoria. i'm not italian help me out! >> this morning, the scaramucci s and the owners of that restaurant are here to celebrate national meatball day. ed: joining us right now eddie m
6:54 am
arinello and angelo. i thought it was ed henry's favorite italian restaurant on long island because i do go there with my family but apparently scaramuccis have been going there a lot longer. >> my mom and dad, 1978 so it's 41 years. he was 10 years old when he started the restaurant. >> [laughter] >> eddie was six. pete: well angelo, when you were 10 and anthony was three, what is the secret to i love your hat by the way what's the vehicle receipt to the meatball? >> you have to put a lot into it. ed: we need more. pete: describe what we have in front of us? >> today we have meatballs, a vegetable meatball and regular day meatballs, we also make a swedish meatball when we do parties, and grandmother's meatballs, but they're made just
6:55 am
with bread, only bread, and cheese and eggs you've got to taste it and these little meatballs we make a dish and we use this little meatballs inside the pasta and then we have gluten free meatballs which is important and then our famous massive meatball. ed: we're going to put anthony to work. >> anthony is going to show the perfect, exactly. >> you know that i know that and deirdre knows that. ed: we're in the kitchen. >> [overlapping speakers] ed: look at that. >> my mother is at home in port washington. she's like this kid has never mixed one meatball in his life.
6:56 am
>> keep on mixing. >> when i was five years old, i got my mother so upset one-time and she took the meatballs and whipped them at the wall. i'm not making that up. it's a true story. >> add the cheese in. >> deirdre what is your favorite dish? >> i love the fillet of soul there. >> you have to come back with us again. >> of course i order fish and then eat pasta too. >> chocolate cake. >> it's a recipe. >> [applause] >> ♪ bells will ring with all that usaa offers
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ed: he's not just pushing meatballs scaramucci the mooch and the mrs.. >> tune in on tuesdays don't give up meatballs for lent.
7:00 am
come on. national meatball day except for friday. ed: come back tomorrow. pete: that's right have a great saturday eat some meatballs and hang out and come back to us on sunday. all right? david: forget springing forward today we're looking back as the bull market turns 10 investors celebrating massive surges in some of america's biggest names, what's behind the run-up and who could it help in a white house run? our business pros are all over the big anniversary, and could a new plan from democrat presidential candidate elizabeth warren bring the bull run down from amazon to google to facebook why she's pitching to break them up? and coaching cowen republicans want to know if that's what staffers of house intel chair adam schiff were doing ahead of michael cohen's testimony. will there be fall-out from it or is there nothing to it? former


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