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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 9, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello, welcome to justice, i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight and thanks for making "justice" number one last weekend. we have a big show on deck with house minority leader kevin mccarthy, jim jordan, john solomon and sara carter, to name just a few. but first my open. let me get this straight. she and her family flee war-torn somalia where 500,000 are killed during a civil war. then sent to a refugee camp in kenya for four years.
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they are then resettled by our government in virginia to enjoy the cornucopia of rights, privileges and benefits the united states offers. the she is congresswoman ilhan omar who represents minnesota's fifth comessal district in congress -- congressional district for two months. she has gone the attention for her anti-semitism. in 2012 she tweeted quote israel hypnotized the world. may allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of israel. after an uproar in her home state she apologized, pledging to learn more about anti-semitism. once in congress she continued with her hate-filled
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anti-semitic, anti-israel tropes. calling for the boycott of event in israel, and even for the eradication of israel because their so-called oppression of palestine. shortly thereafter she tweets, it's all about the benjamins, baby. the benjamins a clear reference to the $100 bill. then she continued her hate-filled rant of accusing another democratic congresswoman of having a dual loyalty, pledging allegiance to israel. she is clever. i'm told i am anti-american if i'm not pro israel close quote. the house knew it had to take action. after a week of chaos on the
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part of house members trying to figure out if omar should be reprimanded, identified by name, as well as removed from the powerful foreign relations committee. nancy pelosi comes out with a resolution that neither could be dems omar nor mentions her name. a simple, we shouldn't hate each other. >> i don't think our colleague is anti-semitic. she didn't realize they were fraught with meaning. judge jeanine: nancy, she speaks perfect english. she graduated from a college in the united states. you are saying she doesn't understand the word? are you saying she is stupid? that she doesn't understand? then what the hell is she doing
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on the prestigious for relations committee? she speaks fluently using tropes which are figurative and metaphorical understanding those words create powerful images and verbal ironies. she is clear from stupid. she is clear and pointed in herb hatred. her comments only critical of jews and israel. not italy, not morocco, not north korea. israel. the fact that you didn't have the backbone, grit or gumption to draft a resolution that included her name tells me you are the stupid one. if you don't understand, let me explain. omar gout and all your pals to draft a watered down resolution with a message we all flernd first grade.
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-- we all learned in first grade. don't hate anybody. really? that took you bozos a week to accomplish. she then goes on to accuse respected members of congress who support israel our strongest ally in the middle east of dual loyalty. what she is doing is starting a movement to shut down pro israel speech. making it politically incorrect. so when she comes up with her pro palestinian agenda, the pro israel are reticent to speak because she has proven the dems will not punish her. and talk about chutzpah. she takes a victory lap and in an you be repentant and
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unchastised tweet takes credit by saying our nation is having a difficult conversation, but we believe this is great progress. but she continues her distain and contempt for israel. america's chief ally. ignoring how israel has assisted us, advancing our interests in the middle east, preventing victories by radical nationalist movements and assisting us in intelligence gathering. she then goes on to slam barack obama saying he's just another pretty face who got away with murder, caging kid and droning people in the middle east. but she add, he is a bit more polished. my question, why the disdain for the government of the country that saved you and your family after you lived in a tent in kenya for four years. why the scorn? and as the democrats scramble to
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forgive, rationalize and give a pass to a freshman in congress, the joke is on you, nancy. you appeased rising anti-semitism up side the democrat party. let me say that again. you and the whole gang running for president in the democratic primary in 2020 have appeased the rise of anti-semitism in the democrat party. the sad part is that all this is contrary to the tenets of your party which is so recessive to the lgbtq community, illegal immigrants, refugees, and on and on. this is not who your party is. your party is not anti-israel. she is. think about this. she is not getting this
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anti-israel sentiment doctrine from the democrat party. so if it's not rooted in the party, where is she getting it from? think about it. omar wears a hijab which according to the quran 33:59 tells women to cover so they won't get molested. is her adherence to this islamist doctrine her adherence to sharia law which is antithetical to the u.s. constitution? i don't have to tell you, jews were persecuted almost from the beginning of time when they were pushed out of egypt and millions killed in the holocaust. in europe incidents are up 74% in the last year alone in france. jewish cemeteries are regularly
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desecrated with swastikas and people relay the tropes of jews with too much money and influence. we all know how it starts. it starts that way. hate is hate. hate leads to violence. and violence leads to retaliation which then leads to unrest and worse. yes, nancy, it's all about hating israel to promote the cause of palestine. president trump was right when he said the democrat party is now the anti-israel party. and don't forget, nancy, history has proven over and over when you appease anti-semitic sentiment, the worst happens. and in your case, nancy, the danger for you is that your appeasing this behavior will
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lead to your removal as speaker and the democrats now control by socialists and anti-semites will lose the presidency in 2020. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook and twitter. how minority leadered kevin mccarthy joins me. good evening, congressman. i understand that even you yourself were involved a bit in some of these tropes. where you made a comment and ilhan omar came after you. >> in that first when she tweeted about the benjamins, that was referring to an article that a reporter wrote that i was asking nancy pelosi to stand up to these new democrat socialists making these anti-semitic comments.
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judge, this is the week these new democrat socialists have taken over the party. they have taken over the leadership because they won this week. nancy pelosi says she was going to stand up to her and move a resolution that dealt with this subject. they wouldn't name her. they had to water it down. they now own the democrat party which is the democrat socialist party. there is a rise of anti-semitism. we already stood up to congresswoman omar a few weeks ago and she just repeated it which i believe was worse, questioning the allegiance and alliance of american jews. could they be true to america? we heard these questions asked. and what did history say? we can never allow that to repeat itself. that's why it's so important. not one party, but all of america stands for this.
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judge jeanine: i understand nancy pelosi has been the speaker twice. as a woman, she is probably in terms of women in congress, she is the most of powerful woman in congress by far. so she is -- didn't her daughter say something like she'll stab you in the back and stab you and you won't even know you have been cut. why did she bend? what happened? is she'd worried these young women are going to take over? is she watching the attention they are getting and is concerned about her own future? >> remember what took place. she was on the cover of the rolling stones with the young new congress women who call themselves democrat socialists. that's not what i think. that's what they call themselves. then we heard the comment congresswoman omar said. then the democrat leadership said we are going to stand up.
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because last time it was the republican party who student and brought it to the floor. but they had to backtrack. we know speaker pelosi is a strong woman. but she lost this week. she had to back peddle saying she can't bring that to the floor. judge jeanine: why? >> congresswoman tore kes stood upen -- congresswoman cortez stood up to defend omar. judge jeanine: and that scared nancy? >> i think it did. they have overtaken this leadership. this is the mark of the date and the week they have overtaken the democratic party. judge jeanine: bernie sanders made this statement. he said what i fear going on in the house is an effort to target congresswoman omar as a way of stifling debate. talk about turning the aggressor
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into the victim. then she is taking a victory lap. she never apologized to anyone and she is going to double down again. >> the first time she went forward when the republicans threatened to bring a resolution to the floor. the democrats said she had to apologize. this time she repeats it and they don't even say she has to apologize. when we in the republican party had someone say. when i see the rise of anti-semitism around the world and when i see appeasement, i know the democrats on the other side of the aisle, many of them did not want this to see it end the way it did. judge jeanine: they better learn. leader kevin mccarthy, thank you so much for b cohen coached?
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sources say he met with adam schiff's staff for 10 hours before the house oversight committee hearing. congressman jim jordan grilled cohen in that hearing. the congressman joins me now. normally you have a witness whether it's in a courtroom or before congress. you get to talk to them, the party presenting them, then the other side gets to talk to them. did you guise ever talk to -- did you guys ever talk to cohen? >> we talked to lanny davis, his lawyer. if you don't have to let one team have a fair shake and you can meet with him for 10 hours, why would you do that? we didn't know they were doing that. but that's what they did. here is the big irony. you would think after 10 hours
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of coaching he wouldn't come in front of congress and lie again. we think at least 8 times and two of them we know for sure. we know when he said he didn't want to work in white house, that's a lie. that's why congressman meadows and i sent letter to the justice department saying this guy per injured himself and you need to d he perjured himself and you need to investigate. judge jeanine: you don't need 10 hours to meet with a witness. >> you meet with witnesses all the time. that's normal for congress. i get that. it's normally a half-hour, hour meeting. it's a shorter meeting. but this was four trips that it looks like to new york over 10 hours of actually sitting down. that's much more than the normal
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meeting, here is how it will work. this is coaching and preparing. my guess is they not only did that, they probably saw the exhibits. my guess is the democrats saw that long before we did on the morning of the hearing. judge jeanine: what is the sanction? should he have been preclude from testifying because you didn't have access to him? >> the sanction a couple years ago was devin nunes stepped down as chairman for a while. that was a self-imposed move by chairman nunez. now i think it's hypocritical that mr. schiff who met with glenn simpson in colorado this summer. that's a call for him and the committee and speaker pelosi. but it seems hypocritical they
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demand devin do it. judge jeanine: paul ryan didn't give you guise the ability to subpoena all those bozos. shame on him. >> i wish we had pushed much harder sooner. judge jeanine: how could you push harder? he's the leader. >> their star witness is going to prison in two months for lying to congress and he lied again. judge jeanine: what a shock. a young student forced to wipe ashes off his forehead on ash wednesday. plus the first lady visits multiple states on her be best campaign. we get an inside look when i'm joined by melania's' head of communications, stephanie grisham. and we'll talk about ilhan, adam
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[ sighing ] ♪ oh my momma she gave me ♪ these feathered breaths ♪ ♪ oh my momma check in from afar with remote access. and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo in an xfinity store, call, or go online today. judge jeanine: president trump calls the dem's anti-hate resolution that did not name ilhan omar a disgrace.
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joining me, award-winning journalist john solomon along with sara carter. a lot to talk about. but i want to start with john. john, you wrote an article for the hill. you talk about a congresswoman, a democrat congresswoman who was not too happy with ilhan omar. it's amazing that we only heard about one. so talk to me. >> there are a lot of democrats talking. judge jeanine: they are not talking publicly. >> now you have yvette clark. she said my own constituents in new york were harmed and hurt by congresswoman omar's statements. nancy pelosi came in and praised the freshman class that said this was the group of law makers to help close the divide in
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america. now, you have one of them causing division. judge jeanine: she had the chance to bridge the divide and she is pretty much blowing up the bridge. but that's only two that i know of. let's move on to ilhan omar, sara carter. this anti-israel, anti-semitic behavior that nancy pelosi says she doesn't understand the meaning of her word, she is quite good at it. this is the beginning i think of a change in the democratic party that is backboneless. >> there are two things i think are important. ilhan omar cair and linda
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sarsaor, the fact that antisemitism is on the rise. and now they tried to normalize anti-semitism in their discourse. a former "wall street journal" reporter who is muslim. she is a phenomenal human being who was very close to daniel pearl who was executed in pakistan by terrorists. she says this is muslim supremacy. we can understand that. that visualize that. this is not about her being a victim. this is about her believing she is more important and better than anyone else. and americans have to understand that. judge jeanine: she came in and she came to this country as a refugee. but it is clear -- i think this
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is sharia adherent behavior. and it's somewhat disturbing if she is someone who is sharia cop plient. do we know anything -- sharia compliant? do we know anything about senate. >> i don't know about that. but it is the language that divides and makes people uncomfortable. there is no place for it in washington and i doubt there is a place for it in minnesota. it has thrown the democrats off their game. they are spending their time defending or trying to excuse bad behavior. it's a nightmare for nancy pelosi. judge jeanine: michael cohen testifies, to bring a liar in and keep him for 10 hours before bringing him back in front of
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the body he lied to. do you think the doj will prosecute him for lying to congress? >> they have no other choice but to look into this. i want to go back to lieutenant general michael flynn. mueller goes after him and prosecutes him basically for one count of lying. one count of lying which by the way the fbi, the agents that interviewed him said he didn't lie. but he goes after him on that anyway. we have multiple people lying before congress. we have glenn simpson, we have michael he could be who lied over and over again. all these people need to be investigated. judge jeanine: i'm going to give the last word to john solomon. any chance the department of justice will do anything? >> rudy giuliani said it would be an outrage if they don't. before cohen came in 51% said
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they believed him. after he testified, it went down to 37. this is the lead witness and he has been nothing but a womb arrange. womb -- nothing but a boomerang. judge jeanine: a personal announcement you don't want to miss. my political panel is ready for battle. stephanie hamill and jonathon stephanie hamill and jonathon harris standing by to
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[♪] aishah: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm aishah hasnie. a bill sponsored by knowledge senator cory booker would legalize marijuana, and it's support by kamala harris,
9:33 pm
kirsten gillibrand, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. not long ago it was politically damaging to support smoking pot. a rough ride for passengers headed to john f. kennedy airport. a plane from turkey encountered severe turbulence. one person did suffer a broken leg. i'm aishah hasnie. his own dem straitiond. i'm aishah hasnie. judge jeanine: a lot to discuss with the political panel so let's have at it. stephanie hamill joins me along with downthon harris. i want to start with one question on paul manafort.
9:34 pm
he was sentenced to 47 months instead of 24 years. is he, stephanie, a victim or the vimmian. >> in this case i would say he's a victim. this is about bank fraud. it has nothing do with collusion. but we have to accept the fact that no one would have investigated him had he not been part of the trump team, trump orbit or some sort of association to trump. this is another example of the mueller team investigating people and finding a crime. this is probably why the judge gave him a lesser sentence, a little bit less than four years rather than the 24 years the mueller team wanted. he's almost 70 years old.
9:35 pm
his health is deteriorating. judge jeanine: villain or victim? >> i want to stop short of calling him a villain but he's definitely a criminal. just because you are a criminal that was found out you are a criminal as part of another investigation means you shouldn't be punished i'd absurd. the judge said he led a blameless life. i am not sure you are blameless if you have a criminal and facing more sentencing in coming days. he was punished as he should have been. >> this is frustrating for many americans that sit back and realize we have a two-tear justice system. some have the book thrown at them while others are off the hook. if anyone were to look into the
9:36 pm
clintons and anyone in the clinton circle i'm sure some people would be serving time. >> i knew that agreement would be short lived. there is have much a two-tiered justice system for the wealthy and connected. judge jeanine: i want to move on to ilhan omar. the amazing part of this is she is not named in the resolution. she is not kicked off the prestigious foreign relations committee. and the best part is the resolution includes make sure we don't engage in any kind of islamophobia. what she did by ranting on israel and the jews, she got the resolution to say poor us, we muslims are getting hate.
9:37 pm
how does that work? >> i think it best part of this was watching, sort of seeing how democracy works and parties like the democrat party come together. you have nancy pelosi coming out saying she didn't believe ilhan omar was anti-semitic and didn't understand her words would be taken that way. but you had all these republicans coming out saying omar is anti-semitic. the only people who did not vote in favor of it was republicans. they did not vote to condemn hate. >> i knew you were going to say that. the democrats flipped the script with republicans on this one. originally this was a resolution to condemn omar and her anti-semitic remarks. then they made it so broad it watered down what this was all about. that's why the republicans voted
9:38 pm
against it. it's the fact that democrats cannot condemn their own, and they cannot condemn anti-semitism. this revealing. it's very revealing of where the democrats are today. they are not the party defending minorities, they are the party letting anti-semitism slide. >> briefly, when it comes down to it, we don't have a president lark out and calling mexicans racists. judge jeanine: thanks so much for being with us. stephanie grisham is standing by to talk melania trump. an ash wednesday outrage. a student is targeted by a teacher for displaying his christianity on there was a moment, my son i believe was about four, where he actually asked me "mommy what's wrong with your teeth?" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier...
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in utah a teacher forced a 9-year-old catholic boy to use a disinfectant wipe to remove ashes from his forehead on ash wednesday. that teacher has reportedly been put on administrative leave. is this just another example of political correctness gone awry in our society? good evening, rob. thanks for being with us. here you have this little boy, 9 years old. his grandmother said when you go to school, they might make fun of you because you have dirt on your head.
9:44 pm
what happened literally is the teacher says to him, here is an antiseptic wipe, and she made him remove the ashes at the front of the class in front of his classmates. the sad part was, it was the first time he got ashed on his forehead for ash wednesday. his mother was furious. >> she should have been furious. the teacher's job is to teach. it's not to humiliate children and embarrass a child because of his religious beliefs. i think it's indicative of this attack on christianity we have in schools. if that child was any other religion other than christian, we would not have seen something like that. i think there need to be disciplinary across. judge jeanine: i agree with you. it appears the district has apologized for the ordeal, and
9:45 pm
they apologized to the student and family. no student should be asked to remove an ash. the question is whether there will be an additional sanction. what do you think should happen to this teacher? >> the teacher did apologize. i am all about -- i don't want to let it slide. but i think there need to be an example made out of this teacher. i think everybody has been embarrassed enough. but i think she need to be displained in some -- disminned idisddisciplined in a way that t will never happen again. i think there need to be something in writing so we can be sure this never happens again. judge jeanine: she didn't just
9:46 pm
tell him to leave the room and go to the bathroom. she handed him the antiseptic wipe and made him come to the front of the classroom. she made him feel embarrassed because of his religion in front of the other kid. i'm outraged. she should be suspended for a long period of time. >> if this was my child this would be a problem. i would be in the school, i would be in your studio making sure everybody knew this was an outrage. i think she need to be disciplined. but i think we need to make an example out of this. there should be more religion in schools, not less. for somebody who should be teaching this child, to not only embarrass the child, make him take off his sign of religious
9:47 pm
belief. and to humiliate him in front of the class, there should be a lawsuit. judge jeanine: the first lady taking her message on the road. stephanie grisham joins me live to talk about fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named 'park' in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? tthis is the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. now thru march 31st. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. makes you feel like a king! king for a day! well, maybe not the whole day.
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judge jeanine: first lady melania trump took a three-8 tour to promote her be best initiative. good evening, stephanie, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. judge jeanine: you have an important position. i think a lot of americans would like to be a fly on the wall in your office with melania trump. let me talk to you about what the first lady is doing with the be best campaign. tell us about the anti-bullying campaign. >> it has three pillars. well-being. the well-being of children.
9:52 pm
then social media safety, then opioid abuse. we just finished our west coast tour. she visited three states, and it was one state per pillar to talk about those topics. judge jeanine: what grade was she speaking to? >> in oklahoma, prek and 5th and 6th grade. when we went to seattle that was a visit to the microsoft headquarters and they showed her some amazing applications to let parents know how long their kid are spending online, how to turn it off for family time, and great stuff for kids who are disabled so they can play video games with their peers. judge jeanine: i know when i was in government i relied on them a lot to do things maybe schools couldn't afford to do.
9:53 pm
that's a public-private partnership. it's very unusual. >> so the administration as you know has been doing so many on opioid abuse. and she understands that this is such a deadly topic on behalf of young children up through college. she is expanding her reach. she is not just focused on younger kids. a few months ago she spoke to college kids at liberty university. she is a mother first and foremost. that's a fear and concern for her. so that's been added to our pillars. >> she has incredible numbers. her percentages when she polls. is she like 70%? >> she polls very, very well. she is so well received
9:54 pm
everywhere we go. she is so focused on her job as first lady and i'm very, very proud to work for her. judge jeanine: she is not only focused. you can tell she doesn't let petty stuff get in the way. she doesn't let it bother her. i will tell you everybody talks about the president and the first lady, and i have known them. can you tell the viewers what they are like when they are together? >> yeah. i'm lucky enough to see some behind the scenes things. they are great. they have a great relationship. they laugh a lot. she is a rock for the family, especially with all the nonsense and the noise that's out there. she have a great relationship despite what some of the critics might say. judge jeanine: if you know them, they are an incredible couple. it's good she is getting out. i think she'll be a tremendous advantage for the president
9:55 pm
gearing up to 2020. stephanie, it's so good to have you on "justice." we'll be right back with an exciting announcement you don't want to miss. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab
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judge jeanine: big news to share
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