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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 10, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. leland: president trump officially releases his budget to congress tomorrow and aims to balance the budget by 2034. we will go live to the winter white house. >> the budget will include billions more for border security including the wall. big cuts in domestic spending. congressmen from both sides of the aisle want their reaction. >> 157 people on board a flight from ethiopia to kenya are dead after crashing minutes after takeoff. the airline says eight americans were among the dead.
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kristin: welcome to news headquarters from washington and kristin fisher. leland: 1:00 p.m. eastern we have sprung a word. it might daylight savings time yesterday. leland: leland vittert. good to be with you. president trump will unveil his proposal tomorrow and includes a request for a $.6 billion in border while funding. it obviously can set the stage for another congressional showdown. a list and live from west palm beach. the president in florida today with more on the president and how they will frame this argument. hi comella sin. >> house democrats are already pushing back on this. the chairman of the budget committee we are going to disregard it. the president's proposal comes out on monday aims to balance the budget by 2034.
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in 10 years not 15. >> if you want to deal with budget deficits coming means keep the tax cuts. we believe the 3% growth at 2018 will consider in 2019 and beyond 2020. i think the other element is to live limit spending and roughly 5% across-the-board reduction in domestic spending accounts. i think it's exactly the right prescription. >> in addition to the dramatic spending cut, money towards his controversial while the southern border. president trump will ask congress for a point at billion dollars in border while funding for fiscal year 2020. $3.6 billion of that will come from the military construction budget. president trump will build he
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wants at the u.s.-mexico border. budgets in general when they come from the president and they don't tend to get a whole attraction on either side of the aisle once they get to capitol hill. if the president takes an honest request for funding for the border while as we have seen him do of late, very likely he could be headed towards another government shutdown, over first. leland: those in the house always like to remind everyone the power of the purse brass with them. ellis and i thank you. more from the white house when we get it. larry kudlow coming up on "fox news sunday" right after our show. >> the mueller probe may be reportedly close to winding down but the house investigation into the trump administration are just starting to heat up. gary tenney has been tracking it all for the last two days. it'll bring us up to speed. reporter: will be talking about
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investigations. more than two dozen investigations going on with more on the way. the purpose of this investigation is twofold. one hand they want to hold the executive branch accountable but on the other hand this is about laying the groundwork for impeachment. the president should be removed from office. these investigations are meant to dig up enough evidence to convince the american people as well. katie hill on "fox news sunday." >> i believe i have seen enough it makes me feel like we need to continue down this path. i think this is about getting to the truth, showing it to the american people and then we go from there. at the end of the day, if people, and the citizens of the united states don't believe that it has risen to that level, then we can't go anywhere. it's about exposing the truth in getting to the bottom of this. >> one of the reasons they are launched an investigation is because of growing concerns with
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how come played the mueller report will be. oversight chairman adam schiff said that is in part because president trump has refused to sit down with investigators for questioning. >> i've said all along that i don't think bob mueller should rely on written answers. it is really the lawyers answer the lawyers answers as much as the clients answer. you need to ask questions in real-time. the special counsel feel some time pressure to conclude and knowing the white house would drop out of fight over the subpoena as well. it is a mistake because the best way to get the truth would be to put the president under oath. >> again we do not have a precise date for when it will be released however there are indications it may be by the middle of this month which would be this coming friday. stay tune. >> we've heard so many different things. it'll feature one of these days.
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leland: with doctrinally bring in the congressman from florida from the sunshine state. thanks for being with us. >> thinks kamali land. good to see you. leland: you as well, sir. you heard the congresswoman on "fox news sunday" saying democrats want to just get to the truth. you take them at face value on not? >> now. which truth are we looking for? the one with the phony fisa warrants for the probe into hillary clinton and what happened to her hard drive and all that. i'm all for looking up at truth. it had over two years digging into the trump investigation. bob mueller has come up empty. let's start fixing the problems that are serious about this nation. leland: i've heard that so often
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is there anything you can do except continue to do what the soundbites? >> first of all been in the minority you are only there if you think you're in the minority. it's an attitude. these investigations have gone on. where's it going going to lead to? we've got our dad. with better crisis at the border. democrats are just mad that donald trump is the president. he is the president for the next two years. he's got the best economy we've ever had across the demographics. the highest consumer confidence and they just cannot tolerate that. they should worry about their own party with the radicals that have come in. >> president trump once to take the economic success out for a test drive and see what it gets them on this budget. we have heard for the border wall. here is larry kudlow on that point in them will get your reaction.
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>> we have to be much tougher and have more constructive immigration policy, which we will be developing over a period of time. he is going to stay with this fall in with the border security i think it's essential. >> any reason to think democrats will be more compliant to give funding this time around than last? >> yeah, if they do what is best for america and not playing politics. it's all about border security. leland: dare to dream on both sides for america rather than in the best interests. those things can happen. we got a bill passed last congress that was the largest reform of foreign aid and was saved bipartisan bill. house-senate. that's who we can do when they come together if we look at what is best for america. nancy pelosi and her party are just bent on doing anything they can to stop president trump having any success and to win
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2020. >> one thing that could garner wide bipartisan support but not support from you was the resolution in the house against everything we learned was bad in kindergarten. your reason for voting against it, sir? >> well, i think you pointed out very well. we learned that in kindergarten. we are adults in congress. we should not have to have resolutions mean hate is wrong. we are devoted on that. the original intent of this resolution was to go after one person. representative omar. >> it's basically saying when there is hate in behavior that is either reprehensible or hateful it should be called out by name. i'll call your attention to this. president trump street on the one year anniversary in charlotte bill. it resulted in senseless death and division. we must come together as a
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nation. i condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. peace. how is this different than what democrats did this week? >> i see a big difference there. he's saying we should come together to denounce all about the come together as americans. >> is not what the resolution is for? all he does bad we should come together. not that the same thing. >> why was this even brought up? leland: why are we talking about charlottesville? if it's good enough for you to criticize the democrats for not calling out anti-semitism vb one to criticize the president. >> the president was singing he was remarking about a one year anniversary. this is something we need to come together as americans whereas omar was specifically anti-somatic and the democratic
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leadership, nancy pelosi have the resolution to go after that one person but there was so much blowback from the radical left that they had to water it down. if you put all these people, why not put in more mincing quakers then everybody and will sit around the campfire. >> a few groups missing and have experienced it in the past. always appreciate your time. thanks for being with us. >> great to see you. >> let's get the response from the democratic side of the aisle. california congressman carly rebecca mackinnon for joining us in the studio. let's start where they left off. do you think that congresswoman omar's comments were anti-semitic? >> i think they were. and the comments by steve king earlier in the ear were as well. we need to do a better job of choosing her words correctly. a source of the president right on through the senate and
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congress. >> when i support something that would more forcefully condemn those comments which were anti-somatic and vote for this. i know you don't like to use the phrase watered down. the anti-hate filled it with us last week that he voted for. >> it is interesting to note that you have a similar resolution a few weeks ago that was supposed by the republican caucus that passed almost unanimously. i find it ironic that we didn't need this one when he was in full support of the motion to recommit that added just two weeks ago. >> but if you think it's anti-semitic, do you think there should be something more than perhaps from the congresswoman or something more concrete than the democrat saying we don't support this kind of talk. i'm open to that and i wish he would apologize. as a country, again, choose our words carefully. focus on the issues at hand. i wasn't a lack did by the folks
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in orange county, california to pass resolutions condemning other members of congress. i came to do the work of our country and i would like the sides of the aisle to continue to focus on bipartisan efforts to move our country forward. reporter: a senior house democrat told fox news at all of our problems within the democratic house caucus are caused by three people. that person didn't specifically name which three people, but you can assume which three freshman democrat the person was referring to. how do you feel about the amount of attention and division in those three people are causing within your party? >> i do give a lot of attention. it is unfortunate in the sense that the reason democrats to act the house was because of folks like me flipping red sees the blue by having a pragmatic message that resonated with the vast majority of our voters.
10:14 am
i do believe that is the strongest part of the democratic caucus. in fact 101 members come in the largest caucus in congress and that tends to be a more pragmatic group. >> when you say pragmatic you consider yourself to be a moderate? >> i do. reporter: limit play something that congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez said just yesterday was picking at the south by southwest in austin. listen to this. >> moderate is not a stance. it's just an attitude towards life. and that's like worship now for what? >> it's kind of like millennial speak for vanilla. she's calling moderate myths. you consider yourself a moderate. when you think about? can that guy was talk about the old adage that if we don't have a seat at the dinner table you're on the menu. if we want to pass legislation
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and move forward whether they are issues that move towards a progressive agenda, we have to make sure we have a majority. we also have to be able to tell the american people while there is economic rationale in these types of issues and legislation. with my business acronym able to do that. you can't pass legislation if you can't get it passed by the house. kristin: don't like that characterization? >> no, i don't. but we need those voices. she has the aspirational viewpoints that we need to understand that we can do better. we have to start addressing climate change. so we have a lot in common. it comes down to what are the best ways to get there. he met to talk about house investigations in the president trump. a chance to respond to what the congressman was saying. he essentially said all of these investigations are not an
10:16 am
earnest effort to get to the truth. in response to that. >> i disagree. two years of republican control in the house under the trump administration zero investigations into these issues. we do want to know the truth. if president trump would actually be more transparent like releasing his tax returns, then perhaps they wouldn't have to have these investigations to see if there are conflicts of interest. kristin: congressman, thank you so much for coming in. leland: a fox news alert has eight americans among 157 people when it ethiopian airlines flight crashed after takeoff this morning. he was heading to nairobi when it crashed 30 miles away from where it took off. 32 other countries were also killed. it is sending for people to assist in the investigation. at least 34 people were injured
10:17 am
after a turkish airlines flight heading for new york experience severe turbulence. take a look. [inaudible conversations] in some places that looked like blood on the top of the cabinet. 30 people transported to hospitals and fully were told none of the injuries were life-threatening. the new york port authority says operations were not disturbed by the incident. >> i can imagine turbulence that bad. that's crazy. bernie sanders in new hampshire today. you're looking at live pictures right now on the trail in new hampshire leaving in a brand-new 2020 paul democrat favorites. plus several other candidates are as peeking out of austin, texas this morning. we've got all the highlights. kim jong goes to the motions of voting in elections that has just one name on the ballot. all of that coming up.
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10:22 am
despite not having announced its 2020 plants yet. he's followed by bernie sanders at 25. elizabeth warren, top three with 9% said the terrorists. beto o'rourke. corey booker and amy klobuchar at 3% in iowa. a number of these names also attending the south or southwest and off can texas over the weekend. wrapping up with contenders around the country. hi, jeff. >> i come away land. presidential hopefuls spoke on saturday at south by southwest including minnesota senator amy klobuchar in massachusetts senator elizabeth warren today will be than busier. j-juliett castro just spoken john hicken looper will take the stage later this afternoon. washington governor jay and leigh was the first to speak today. where he was asked about why he's running for president.
10:23 am
he says the next administration's number one priority must be climate change. >> the reason is very, very simple. we are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, but the last generation that can do something about it. i believe when you have one chance in life you take it. we have one chance to tame this beast and grow a clean energy economy. reporter: former starbucks ceo howard schultz. at the moment he's only mulling the idea of running for president but when pressed about a decision to add his name to the growing list of democratic presidential hopefuls there's one thing that would make them not want to run. >> i will do nothing to reelect donald trump. so with the mass doesn't work and there is any indication whatsoever that there is great risk to my being in the race that would reelect donald trump i would not press the.
10:24 am
bernie sanders just wrapped up his speech in concorde, new hampshire. another rally in the state later today. sanders was also in iowa where he held event and that's paid for three straight days. >> jeff paul in los angeles. thanks so much. kristen. kristin: bernie sanders rallying supporters right now at a campaign event in concorde, new hampshire. he was in iowa yesterday. >> it's interesting when you're looking out where these candidates are spending their time. you've got this group going down to south by southwest, what is not exactly a form of the masses kind of event and bernie sanders who habits of the people message. three days in iowa. not new hampshire. if you want to know how seriously democrats are taking the bernie sanders candidacy and surging the polls polls, just
10:25 am
look at team clinton on matt. >> i'm almost wondering why he didn't go down to stop or southwest. he's pretty anti-big tax. i feel like you would've had a a good following manner. >> if you watch bernie sanders campaigned he's not ever gone to those kinds of events. even if it is a relatively liberal progressive crowd which south by southwest is a tacky music festival. they call them the hippies and the techies donna not been. he has always been out with the people in new hampshire today. we have james prindle who is a reporter. we will have them at some point hopefully. coming up or talk radio panel speaks out on the high voltage and her view of capitalism. what alexandria sub 10 has been
10:26 am
saying. >> to breathe. we've got debris. >> another weekend of rough weather. adam klotz on where the latest touchdown have been. hi, adam. we don't have out of me there. we will be right back. we'll have somebody.
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to turn it threats could bring more severe weather to parts of this. adam klotz at the weather center with the forecast. when is this going to end? >> it's beginning to wind down a little bit right now. unfortunately areas that were beat up last weekend. more severe weather on the way. across portions of southern alabama that got the really bad weather a week ago stretching
10:31 am
across southern and central georgia. another area where tornado shut down. i don't think we see the big tornado threat we saw last week or even what we saw yesterday. as we hit up this afternoon we could see some more thunderstorms firing off. something to pay attention to. we are continuing to watch a winter storm across northern michigan and over off towards new england. all areas were snow and rain have been falling for the morning. this will continue to list out in the backside of the system in the overnight hours we will be clearing off. still a couple of areas begin a winter storm advisories wrapping up in the next several hours. a little bit of good news for a lot of folks. currently temperatures into the 50s and 60s. a lot of spots where we really warm up to 15 kansas city, 41 in chicago. 51 in new york city in the air
10:32 am
continues to kind of pull up tuesday into wednesday. just need to get through the rest of the day and maybe a couple storms across the southeast. kristin: that it's good to hear. adam klotz, thank you. >> shoes are running for president, but alexandria ocasio-cortez is earning the biggest headline and thought i southwest in austin. >> all of these things compared to where we are, but where we are is not a good thing. 10% better from garbage will be what would settle for. >> we bring in our talk radio panel, good to see both of you. lowest unemployment rate in 60 years. the stock market at an all-time high. wage growth in its garbage. >> the question is are people seeing the benefits of this supposedly wonderful economy.
10:33 am
in many ways they are not. >> in the general elections, that's what matters the most. you need wisconsin and michigan. you need the state for being a moderate will necessarily be a negative. when it comes to aoc, she is pointed out some things that are completely valid. there is some tendencies we have in this country where we are doing things where we are benefiting people for doing things that are negative for humanity. the private prison system, we have wells fargo. prisons just for stuff -- leland: palace, one second. to ben's point, alexandra
10:34 am
ocasio-cortez has talked for a long time from about 90 minutes. we'll get jeff to weigh in. >> our nation is being more there've and more wealthy as a whole than ever before, but that is being enjoyed by a very small amount of people in the reason for it is not systemic inequality or runaway hyper capitalism for the fact we've taken away all the guardrails. the reason is mexicans. >> does that make sense to you, jeff? >> i want a oc to be the speaker of the house. the more she speaks, the better chance donald trump as for reelection. i love her getting on camera. green new deal, and talking about socialized medicine. talking about 70% to 90% tax rates. just wonderful for the republican party.
10:35 am
>> what they're talking about there is aligning the group of immigrants as opposed to -- leland: ben, hold on a second. i understand you're hung up on the private prison system. it's an issue brought up in litigated a number of times. were not going to figure it out here. in the larger sense, does jeff was a point. if alexandra ocasio-cortez becomes a spokeswoman for the democratic party, people in michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin were working-class voters are not going to be pulled over to the democratic side by the green new deal and socialism. it's just not where they're at. >> were some aspects of what she talks about that would resonate in those areas. she's far too young to even run for president. it's not happening anytime soon. >> let me just say this. you're talking about the border.
10:36 am
there is an invasion going on right now. if we look at the february numbers, we've got a historic number of people trying to get into this country illegally. this is an emergency. leland: were not going to make this an immigration panel. it brings up the important point that whether or not -- you talked to people in the rust belt. he talked to unemployed workers in ohio and indiana. deflator is an invasion and open borders is a real problem. >> it's an invasion of robot and not a nation. that's exactly what happened here. when it comes down to facebook. >> when you talk to folks. i want to get to this point quickly. so much of what jeff has done a talked about on this program is what's happening in venezuela. the socialist experiment there that has ended and humanitarian disaster disputable to the
10:37 am
policies of the radicals on the democratic left. he was alexandria ocasio-cortez when she's asked about nicholas maduro the dictator in venezuela. take a listen. >> i am wondering what your thoughts on the venezuelan crisis? >> yeah, so i think this is absolutely a complex issue. i think it is important that we approach this very carefully. leland: that the best she can do? >> maduro is bad. leland: you appear to be braver than she is can't seem to say that his murder in his own and starving them to death. >> it's obviously not working out very well in venezuela and that is a fear attack deck that will be used against people like aoc. >> can i just say this? socialism.
10:38 am
okay, socialism does not work. this country was built on capitalism, leland. the american people will not go towards a socialist candidate. i say go to the socialist direction, democrats because you're going to lose big time in 2020. this is great. i love it actually. i guarantee that. >> the worse still than the democratic party. >> even john hit him up or from colorado, former governor had a hard time seeing you as a capitalist. but in the democratic party. appreciate it, guys. thank you, both. kristen. >> coming up, kim jong un celebrate election day. free of any competition. the only name on the ballot. high-stakes negotiations between the u.s. and china may be nearing completion amid pressure
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leland: speaking of john hickey lipper, governor of colorado on the stage at south by southst ce first question, are you a capitalism that is the days. certainly a successful businessman and says he doesn't want to use those kinds of labels despite times. kristin: white house economic adviser larry kudlow is brushing off concerns over trade deficit. >> good nor bad, just days, but we have to have tough reciprocal trading policies with our neighbors. kristin: here to wait and a member of the independent
10:44 am
women's forum, former new york congresswoman nan hayworth. thank you for coming on the show. >> great to be with you, kristen. thank you. they met with dig into these numbers today. you have trade deficits in good with the rest of the world are they just rose to its highest level in history. you also have a trade deficit with china which has reached a record high and then you have larry kudlow saying it's neither good nor bad. it just is. do you agree with that? >> i do. for a number of reasons. of course, this is one of the reasons it is so great to have larry kudlow so close to the president and the administration because as a lot of folks know, there are many ways to measure the united states economic strength vis-à-vis trading partners around the world. the balance of goods tends to favor american consumers. we buy and not pull out of
10:45 am
goods, but if you look at the total picture in this argument has been made many times that they look at capital investment in the united states. if you look at the way service says are sold around the world, and the united aids really is not in jeopardy they are in the larry is right that we do want to even the playing field. we have a very unfair trading relationship right now with china, particularly as a concerns intellectual property. we want to balance that and the president has agreed with larry and i agree with both of them. we want to eliminate tariffs and trade barriers ultimately. i agree with larry that we don't have to be alarmed about this trade figure. >> that is just one snapchat of how the overall economy is doing. president trump has said repeatedly that he wants to level the playing field by negotiating, renegotiating trade deals, that despite two years of these america first policy is
10:46 am
coming you still have this ballooning trade deficit. in your words this may not be too bad for the overall economy is a problem for president trump politically? >> so much is going to depend on how president trump handles his own approach to this issue and in the broader picture, the greatest thing the president can do for america's producers, workers and consumers is to eliminate barriers in iran economy and he has done that. he has deregulated from day one. he has provided us with tax cuts that have helped vantage are small businesses and american workers could use the dollars in her pocket in her greater purchasing power is indeed reflected in the fact we are buying goods and services not only from our fellow citizens in the united tape but all around the world. a lot is going to depend on how
10:47 am
the president not only performs and he has built our leverage. that's very important. no one has done it the way he has for a long, long time. it's how he addresses it. so much of this hinges on whether or not president trump is able to strike a trade deal with china. there were reports he is trying to do that by this spring and larry kudlow was asked about the likelihood of that happening this morning on "fox news sunday." here is what he said. >> try that on the optimistic side. sources of economic growth. over meaning? >> over meaning good. positive. >> so bullish. kristin: is bullish on the trade prospect with china. are you? >> i'm very confident in larry kudlow's ability to prognosticate and i'm very confident in the president's resolve to get this done and he's given us the greatest leverage possible by strengthening our economy, by putting americans out of work at
10:48 am
record levels, but putting more dollars in american pockets. we want to eliminate trade barriers, and we have to we have to deal to negotiate from a position of strength. it is not easy to do. we have a lot of challenges for china and we do depend a lot on china for that relationship. he is putting the maximum pressure on them that he can. >> i've got to leave it there. as scott lowe said today it not to be in the end. it is up to president trump. we will see what happens. thank you so much. leland: take a close look at the satellite images showing a dvd with north korean missile test sites. why the white house national security adviser says don't rush to judgment too quick. >> there's a lot about to be all the time in north korea, but i'm not going to speculate on what that commercial satellite
10:49 am
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leland: a recently released commercial satellite image taken before the hanoi summit showed me what to redeem your north korean test facility to test
10:53 am
missiles. john yang is preparing to launch missiles or perhaps something else going on. ambassador bolton talking about this. he answered these questions carefully shall we say. >> the new satellite images out of north korea to suggest that kim jong un is preparing to launch a missile outside pyongyang. on friday president trump said he would be disappointed if cameras zoomed nuclear weapons testing a week after the bottom fell out of this summit in vietnam. this morning the national security adviser making that case to the american people that all is well in the event another summit. >> it was clear they were going to reach an agreement. to walk away in a friendly wave from the discussion. he said these prepared to meet
10:54 am
kim jong burned again. >> news comes just a couple days after the u.s. discovers he's free about. another worrisome sign the si deteriorating rapidly. normally a realist is holding out hope. >> that it's possible that north korea will go back and rethink the position they came and went and come back to talk to the president. >> president trump is standing by his favorite talking point. >> we will see what happens. look, when i came in under the obama administration, north korea was a disaster. you are going to war whether you know it or not. leland: north koreans are at the polls today. the second parliamentary election under kim's role. elections that the international community widely recognized as to be a sham. north korea so-called election
10:55 am
day, every person over the age of 17 required to cast their vote in favor of kim's party and afterwards joining the cheering crowd outside of their polling station. citizens who try to resist her often track down by his secret police force. as you can imagine they don't mean a very happy man. >> that's one way to increase voter turnout. video perhaps of the celebration. that's a very secure ballot box. i'm glad there's no way they can step out. >> is that his own? >> i think you would want year-round, right? >> if you can do it, why not? >> the government also uses these as a pretext to gather information and track people that they use to conduct an informal sentence. people also want to show up because if they don't show up to about their going to get in trouble. >> i've got to leave it there
10:56 am
from kim jong un to a rod here he may have retired from the major league but he was still able to hit this one out of the park because you'll have to see the size of the rocky just gave his new fiancée, jennifer lopez. ♪ ♪ you should meet our newest team schwab, bmember, that, i'm tecky. i can do it all. go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning full service with a satisfaction guarantee, like schwab? sorry. tecky can't do that. schwabbb! calling schwab. we don't have a satisfaction guarantee, but we do have tecky! i'm tecky. i ca... are you getting low costs and award-winning full service? if not, talk to schwab.
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conventional wisdom says you can't make a 400 horsepower sedan, that's also environmentally conscious. we don't follow conventional wisdom. ♪ ♪ >> it is official. jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez are getting married! they made the announcement on sunday. both pasting the same picture of the diamond engagement ring
11:00 am
that a rod got j-lo on instagram. they met in 2005 and became an item after. >> the question is what about the other engagement rings. we will work on that. >> i am chris wallace. a record trade deficit. a week jobs report and a trade deal with china now in doubt. >> we don't make a very good deal for our country, i wouldn't make a deal. chris: this hour, will discuss the presidents economic policies. tax cuts, tariffs and talks with china. and the chief economic white house advisor only on "fox news sunday". >> the democrats have become anti-israel party. they have become -j


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