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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 11, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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that is bigger than my face. rob: do you think it's real? it might be cubic zirconium. those two are not doing as well as you think running out of money. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. rob: kidding. >> president trump is set to unveil 2020 budget. it will include $8.6 billion in border wall funding. >> whole issue of the wall border security is mayor mount importance. >> jet grounded by several airlines after 157 people including 8 americans were killed. >> american capitalism is not working in this country right now. >> voters are the ones we have to go over. they won't be won over with a socialist message they are moderates. >> cheney accusing democrats enabling ilhan omar. >> they are failing to protect her by putting a resolution on the floor refusing to name her. >> how big is a it if they
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don't find collusion. >> that's a reckoning for democrats. it's a reckoning for the media and rock conning around the country. >> here combings the candy man 52nd career cut victory for kyle busch ♪ baby, ♪ why don't you just meet me in the middle ♪ i'm losing my mind. steve: hi, everybody, march 11th, 2019. welcome aboard. fox and friends is going to kick off three spectacular hours of infotainment. ainsley: joel is over there crying because jlo got engaged. you might think twice. brian: broke into dance at the same year at the same time and they both went different direction. joel went into swimming and jlo went into singing and dancing. ainsley: did you see that ring? it's her whole finger. steve: i heard from my family it's large it's a
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baked potato. brian: predict one of those couples that works. they are both very driven and not clingy. you complete me. listen, i complete myself. ainsley: they are both just gorgeous. she doesn't age. steve: you complete me. brian: not like give me a hug i'm lonely they are both self-propelled. steve: tune in to "fox & friends" you dr. lara. brian: i'm good add predicting relationships. [buzzer] brian: my prediction is six months. i bet you happy forever. 20 years we will be back here celebrating the 20th anniversary or celebrate on their own. president trump will ask for $8.6 billion to build the southern wall and congress will ignore it. ainsley: the money part of next year's congressional budget expected to be delivered a few hours from now. steve: already hearing from democrats. griff jenkins joins us live from washington. you know what, griff? they are already talking
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about another shoutdown. >> democrats don't like it already. won't be released officially for another few hours. a budget for a better america. promises kept, taxpayers first. take a look at numbers. 8.6 billion today tha total fora billion wall 5 about. from dhs and 3.6 from military construction. 722 miles of border barrier. reduction in nondefense domestic spending and overall achieves 2.7 trillion in spending cuts. but speaker pelosi and minority leader schumer are signaling they want to fight. in a joint statement they write this president trump hurt millions of americans and caused widespread chaos when he recklessly shut down the government to try to get his expensive and ineffective wall, which he promised would be paid for by mexico. the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. we hope he has learned his lesson. will the border battle begin again? larry kudlow says this. >> i suppose there will be i
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would say the whole issue of the wall and border security is paramount importance. we have a crisis down there. yes, is he going to stay with his wall and border security theme. i think it's essential. >> white house omp acting director appears before the budget committee where the chairman is calling it dangerous. brian: talk about this wall, griff. there is going to be a wall this week that's going to disavow the president's push for emergency funding and the president is probably going to exercise his first veto this week. we are worried about this year and projecting next year how do you keep up with it? >> it's washington. there is never a dull moment. you never sleep. ainsley: thanks, griff. steve: what griff just detailed there the fight for the border wall and security, essentially, when you look at this "wall street journal" report that is out this morning, it makes the case what the president has been saying for a while. they got their hands on what they call a planning profile
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from the border patrol. what it suggests is that they are expecting 180,000 migrant families by may. keep in mind over the last five months they have already broken the record for the number of migrant families arrested at 136,000. ainsley: that's more than the entire fiscal year of 2018. steve: exactly right. which was 107. ainsley: five months beat the entire year before. incredible. >> brian: families coming through. in the mix statistically you know there is ms-13 criminals coming through. and then you factor in a separate layer that is the need for additional security at the ports of entry because of the amount of drugs. i think democrats have to understand whether they are whispering in the hall or to each other or on the plane on the way home, they know this is a crisis. how long are they going to pretend that the president is on an island on this. he is not. and it's amazing that there aren't more sober people understanding that things have to be done in an emergency. they go home to their place
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in washington. they go back to san francisco and they don't worry about it meanwhile border patrol every day is overwhelmed. ainsley: look at the numbers, there are about 51 to 58,000 they expect to cross our border, talking about families, cross our border illegally or seek asylum. that's for march and april and in may they expecting that number to go up to 70,000 when it gets warmer. it's based on historical trends. steve: the whole dynamic is it's politics. forget about security. nobody ever complained about border security per se before donald trump. and, of course, because he made it one of the capstones of his cane deas, they are not going to give him a nickel. brian: remember when the unaccompanied minors served during the obama years then it became a crisis. vice president biden goes down to the central americans countries and says what's going on over here? then all of a sudden it got
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scoiched for a long time. the president is keeping a light on it pretend like it's my bad or political talking point but it's actually not. ainsley: democrats took south by southwest by storm over the weekend. cultural festival they have in austin, texas, very popular especially for the music community. a lot of people end up going to this. we had so many differential democratic presidential candidates took the stage and they wanted to be heard. there were eight of them. and then beto o'rourke and aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez were also there. those two are not running but they probably drew in the biggest crowd according to some of the articles. steve: that's right. it's interesting. because a number of them because the trump campaign feels that they can win in 2020 if they run against, look, the democrats are now socialist and they stand for green new deal thing which they feel are losers to the electorate. however, when you look at some of the democrats at the south by southwest festival down in austin in weekend. they weren't pushing
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socialism so much. here is a little bit of it. >> this idea of like 10% better from garbage. [laughter] it shouldn't be what we settle for. >> let's propose things that are true, that are honest, that are sincere, and that are realistic. >> bernie has to speak to what democratic socialism is. >> you are not one. >> i am not. >> what used to be, let's call it american capitalism for lack of a better word, it's not providing middle class people and poor people the security or the opportunity that it used. to say. >> if we compensate people under the constitution because we take their property, why wouldn't you compensate people who actually work property. >> we have to defeat defeating climate change the number one priority of the united states that. >> governor wants to make it priority of his own state whewhen he put a carbon tax
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resolution it failed. he wants to do it for the country. the other one is congressman julian castro he was talking about reparations and then you have elizabeth warren saying i'm not for socialism but i do want to pay for preschool. i do want to pay for college. i do want to pay for healthcare single payer. they don't want to use the term says bernie sanders has to respond to that. ainsley: new harris poll out it looks at what generation z and when millennials like. it's amazing young americans embrace socialism. 50% prefer living in a socialist country. steve: that's really something. brian: 100 percent probably don't understand what that means. steve: they like the idea because bernie sanders has made it very popular over the last period of time. generation z are the people who were born in the mid 1990s through the early 2,000s. 37%, a little more than a third of the people going to
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vote 2020. ainsley: that is a big number. steve: it's gigantic. look at socialism vs. capitalism 61% prefer socialism which is extraordinary, you would think. the top three voting issues for people who are in generation z mass shootings. racial equality and immigration policy. now, jerry seib worked with the university of kansas with me back in the day. "wall street journal" associate editor he says look, if the democrats get too radical that's not going to help them in 2020, watch. >> centrists in the party are going crazy what happened in 2018 was republicans, soft republican suburban women in districts that donald trump carried in 2016 moved over to our side. these were moderate voters that won the house back for us in 2018 in states like pennsylvania and minnesota and virginia. and those are the people we have to go after and they
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are not going to be won over with a socialist message. they are moderates and those are the people who will make the difference in 2020. steve: it's the people in the middle. the moderates, the independents. the persuadable. the people who realize medicare for all sounds great until you start to tally it up and where are we going to pay for that? ainsley: top individuals, healthcare, terrorism and national debt. when you are a candidate who do you appeal to the younger ones who want this, and this, and this or the older ones. brian: the line of the day has to be governor hickenlooper. he should be proud of he was a self-made success story. i don't know what happened to him. 11 minutes after the hour. hey, jillian. >> jillian: we have a fox news alert. let's start with this. boeing's new 737 max 8 jet grounded by several airlines and the chinese government overnight. the model crashed for a second time in five months in ethiopia over the
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weekend. 157 people were killed. 8 of them americans. boeing has postponed plans to unveil a new 777 model that was scheduled nor week. president trump's former lawyer could face a perjury investigation after several inconsistencies surfaced in dramatic capitol hill testimony. >> i imagine that chairman cummings with end up referring him. that's my guess. when chairman cummings says something like i'm going to nail tout cross. he means it i have seen him in action. evidence is not going to let this go. >> cohen's lawyer insists he told the truth to the oversight panel. he starts a three year sentence in may for lying to congress. a hero's welcome for more than 50 veterans returning home from honor flight to vietnam. >> great being with all the other 50 veterans it was fantastic time. >> like all brothers we finally got what was due to
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us. >> vets returning to wisconsin and thousands of cheering people after the two week trip. they toured the battle grounds they fought on decades ago. it's believed this is the first honor flight from the u.s. to return to vietnam. ainsley: that's amazing. normally the honor flights take to you washington, d.c. and to the memorials this was to vietnam. steve: they finally got hero's welcome they did not get back in the 1970s. thank you, jillian. coming up on this monday morning ocasio-cortez blasting president reagan's policies. watch this. >> how special interest has pitted white working class against brown and black working classes. reaganism. steve: what would president reagan have to say about that? our next guest worked by reagan's side for years you will hear from her coming up. brian: born to be wild. the new harley for kids.
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>> perfect example of how special interest and the powerful has pitted white
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working class americans against brown and black working class americans in order to just screw over all working class americans is reaganism in the '80s when he started talking about welfare queens. brian: okay ocasio-cortez telling us at a festival in texas how she really feels about former president ronald reagan and fdr by the way. next guest worked with reagan and author of the president will see you now here to weigh in is peggy grandey former assistant to president reagan. peggy. how do you feel about the president's policies were racist when he talked about welfare queens. >> that's just ridiculous. if you looked at what happened to black america and to the working middle class under our first african-american president barack obama, we see that what she is talking about is just a crazy byproduct of the indoctrination of political leanings in the educational system. it's no longer based on learning a byproduct of what's happened in the
3:19 am
school system lately. so, you know, it's crazy to think that niece ideas are not only being touted by her but being followed by so many others. they say when you are young if you are not a liberal you don't have a heart. if you are not a conservative when you are older you don't have a brain. so, we may be able to give her a pass but there are so many people following her. brian: i don't know. if she was 39 she would be running for president and probably winning. >> she absolutely would be. brian: meanwhile, when it comes to moderates, don't even bring that up to her that's worse. listen. >> moderate is not a stance. it's just an attitude toward life of like we have become so cynical that we view meh, or eh, or cynicism as an intellectual superior attitude. and we view ambition as youthful naivete.
3:20 am
brian: i'm confused but i will try to grab on to something there. >> wow. brian: moderates are what? >> well, ronald reagan famously said it so well when he said, you know, liberals are not ignorant, they just know so many things that aren't so. and we see that playing out famously on the left right now. they are in love with this idea of socialism, it's virtual reality. >> it's this allusion and not based in any substance or fact. in fact, we see overwhelming evidence on the contrary especially playing out right now in venezuela. the true danger in what they're talking about is knot the danger of what they are telling us, it's the danger of what they are not telling us. and if we take the bait of freebies and government control, the hook is there underneath. brian: thanks, peggy. >> by then we are going to be all in danger. one generation left from extinction. brian: very well put i appreciate it time for the moderates to speak up to the meh description. >> absolutely.
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what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. steve: welcome back to "fox & friends." time for quick headlines. >> first up murder charges are dropped between one of the two women connected to the death of kim jong un's half-brother after two years in malaysian custody. charges against another suspect could also be dropped. the women claim they were tricked into smearing a deadly chemical on kim jong nam's faces a you can see in the neck area at that airport in a surveillance video. and the united states is on pace to become the world's largest exporter of oil for
3:25 am
the first time in 60 years. this is big news. an energy research firm says america will dethrone saudi arabia as the world's leading expovertier of oil, natural gas and liquids and petroleum by the end of the year. u.s. oil production has more than doubled over the past decade. that is [inaudible] ainsley: thank you so much, steve, dramatic medical scenes playing out on popular shows like this show blacklist where a pacemaker was hacked. >> daughter, you and i both understand she is vulnerable. i am going to exploit that fact. >> james. jamie, take a knee. what's wrong? talk to me. >> quite simple math. if they can control your pacemaker -- ainsley: that is so scary. how realistic are these shows? ask one of the doctors who consults on tv shows like blacklist. instinct and royal pain.
3:26 am
emergency department vice chairman at nyu wynn up there hospital. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are an expert these shows consult with you. can that happen? >> it is. pacemakers internal defib black lives matter, insulin delivery systems and even, you know, infusion system are electronic devices computer based. put it into perspective they are not looking to kill them unless they have nefarious attack against that person. not a high value target. theoretically it can happen. companies put safeguards in place. you upgrade opportunity system firm ware, software. people try to stay one step ahead. ainsley: so scary. play a scene from grey's anatomy. can you live without a heart? watch this clip. >> okay, wait. let me get this straight. you removed her heart? >> yes. >> and she can live that way like, what, like a vampire?
3:27 am
>> usually you would connect a ventricular system-to the heart. >> dr. aultman attached to devices to her blood vessels. this machine now pumps the blood through her body which is basically a miracle. >> on the show she lives without a heart for six weeks. is that possible? >> yes. the device are there to help people who are getting ready for a cardiac trans plant and their heart is malfunctioning so this assists the heart. they are not living without a heart. the heart is there it's external device helps keep the heart pumping until they can get the transplant. ainsley: here is a scene from the resident when power goes out at the hospital. watch this. [sirens] [screams] [screams]
3:28 am
ainsley: do hospitals have blackouts? don't they have generators? >> they do have generators. there can be blackouts and are generators back in sandy in 2012 it was pretty devastating. hospitals went out. electricity went out. my hospital went out. it was eerie. the backup. ainsley: what about the patients. >> backup generators are there for life-saving equipment like monitors or respirators but there are serious times where it goes down like at nyu in the city it flood. all backup cities went out. there are systems 1, 2, 3, 4. disaster planning and disaster relief. when those things happen you kick into gear and people do what needs to be done. in crisis people do step up. they had to transfer patients to other hospitals. ainsley: there are plans in place so that people aren't losing their lives. >> there are plans in place. ainsley: this makes me feel
3:29 am
better. here is a theme from house. can someone get the plague today. watch this clip? >> that's the lab call cdc. >> and tell them what? >> we have a patient with the plague. >> the black plague? >> it looks that way. >> can someone get the plague today? >> let's put that into perspective also. in the 14th century about 50 million people died of the plague. in uranium it killed about a third of the population of europe. can you get the plague now? you can get the plague now. what do we have now to save us? antibiotics. which they didn't have. about 16 cases a year i think in 2015 there were 16 cases. 15, four cases, six cases. it's not too many in the united states. you can get it but your antibiotic also save your life. ainsley: thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: have a good day. thank you.
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congresswoman liz cheney slamming democrats for not condemning anti-semitism. >> an attempt to protect ilhan omar. ainsley: dan bongino is here to react coming up next. have you heard about this? she tried to take a selfie. instead, she got mauled by a jaguar. >> this lady she got clawed by one of our jaguars. her arm is in pretty bad shape. she look looks pale. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia.
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♪ sure it's like a morn ining spring ♪ more than half of our community have discovered their irish roots. order ancestrydna, and find the surprises in you. just $59 through march 18th. get your kit today. >> if mueller after two years comes back and says i don't have the evidence to support that, judge, that's a reckoning. that's a reckoning for progressives and democrats who hoped that mueller would erase the 2016 election. it's a reckoning for the media and around the country if, in fact, after all this time there was no collusion. steve: well, that's a
3:34 am
curious point of view. the big question is will democrats accept that in congress or just continue with their own investigations? that looks like the tact right now. let bring in dan bongino former cop and secret service agent and author of spy gate the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump which deals with this topic. do you think there will be a reckoning of the media and democrats if mueller doesn't find any collusion? >> no. sadly, steve, i don't think it will change anything. you know, the media has embarrassed themselves in this case. one of the biggest scandals of the whole spy gate, russia gate debacle has been the media's roll in propagating enaggrandizing the american public into thinking any of this was true at all. there is no there there. do you realize no one has produced a scintilla of evidence justifying this investigation outside of the fake dossier to this day? >> nobody. nobody has produced that. the media is the one who advanced this story.
3:35 am
brian: yeah. very interesting. terry moran is right. and the mueller report comes out and it says the things that the russians did but cannot link it to the trump campaign already adam schiff has shifted the goal post or moved the goal post because he says, well, the president never really submitted to an interview. so, unless he submits to an interview of robert mueller, we don't really know what happened so. again, we get the answer to the quiz and we find out the test is different. >> that's a great analogy, brian. that's -- you are making my point. exactly what i was telling steve. this isn't going to change everything. when you understand that the media has already committed that they have to take down donald trump no matter, what their behavior is never going to change. one of the things i want to get across here is, the reason this scandal is so devastating is when you understand that this was never, this opposition research into donald trump and this whole russia hoax thing, this was never an information gathering operation, right? that's what standard opo
3:36 am
research is. i'm running against you for office. i want to find out your history, bad votes, if you had some kind of criminal contact and i want to use it against you. that's not what this ever was. this was an information production operation on donald trump. in other words, they committed to the narrative in advance. donald trump is a russian spy. go get me information that figures this out. when you understand that one key point, this entire case makes sense. ainsley: let's talk about anti-hate resolution. liz cheney was interviewed and asked about it she says by the democrats not naming ilhan omar in that resolution that they're predictinprotectingher. listen to. this the thing people need to be focused on here is that the democrats in the house of representatives and even some of the democrats themselves are completely frustrated with the fact that the leadership is -- they are protecting her. you know, this isn't just being silent. they are protecting her by failing to put a resolution on the floor that named her and that strips her of her committee assignment. instead they put a
3:37 am
resolution on the floor which she went out and said this is a tremendous victory for me. now, if we are not going to be in a position where you say the kind of language that she has said again and again and again is absolutely unacceptable and has no place in our discourse, then those people who won't condemn it are enabling it. ainsley: do you agree with her, dan? >> yeah. how embarrassing for the democrats? brian: unbelievable. >> you had one job. to condemn teasm. anti-semitism. how hard is. this representative omar made grotesque comments you have to read them yourself. i don't need to summarize them. check them out yourself. they are out all there for everyone to see. easy to do all had you to do was condemn them. kellyanne conway had a great tweet don't you find it odd that the media out there attacked this covington kid for sitting there and saying nothing and invented a story yet you have tweets on the record by a member of congress openly
3:38 am
anti-semitic, grotesque comments, nobody should be making in a position of power and they do the opposite for ilhan omar. they try protect her. i mean, it's really horrible. brian: it got worse on friday in a politico magazine story she said you know that whole obama hope and changes thing it's a mirage. she said basically his policies aren't any different than donald trump's he is just smoother operator. so, let me see aoc turns on fdr. omar turns on obama. who are they -- what party are they actually in? >> listen, brian, you've got to remember. evidence revolution, oid logical revolution in human history bedrocked in state power and not individual liberty has always been cannibalistic as always turned on itself every time you are never pure enough. it always leaps from one extreme to the next. i want a 60% tax rate. i want 80% tax rate. hell, i want everything.
3:39 am
i want more immigration. i want open borders. i want the whole world to come to the united states. we can give them all benefits. you are never pure enough in a state power revolution. this thing is going to end very, very badly for the democrats if they don't get a hold of this quickly. steve: all right. let's see what happens. dan, thank you very much. all revved up down there in palm beach county. >> even with the time change i'm still revved up. you can't keep this guy down here. brian: if you do say so yourself. go get them, dan. steve: 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with a story out of michigan. jillian: good morning. a teenager falls off a hotel balcony and dies during spring break. falling seven stories to his death on a trip to cancun, mexico with his friends. an autopsy and toxicology test are being done to determine the michigan's teen cause of death. investigation into what led to the fall is underway. the woman clawed by a jaguar as she tried to take a
3:40 am
selfie apologizes to the arizona zoo as we hear the terrifying 911 call for the first time. >> this lady she got clawed by one of our jaguars. her arm is in really bad shape. she looks pale. she's in, like, pain. like really bad pain. >> i bet. jillian: onlookers pulled the woman to safety as someone used a water bottle to distract the cat: some firefighters will lose their job so others can get raises. slashing the force is the only way to afford th voter mandated pay hikes. lay off notices are expected to be mailed within the next few weeks. how about this? toddlers with a need for speed can get it at harley-davidson. they have acquired electric bikes for kids. cost up to $700 and hold a
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charge for about an hour of riding. a hearly davidson version of the kid's bike also be available later this year. steve: that's cool but 700 bucks is kind of a lot. ainsley: plus have you got to buy the helmet. make sure the kids are wearing the helmets. steve: go outside. janice dean where it's about 45 degrees in midtown. january january not bad. feels like spring. i have already got a crowd here. incredible. what your names and where are you from. >> sherri have from jacksonville florida: keith and lori from texas. janice: and. >> brook snodgrass. janice: thanks for coming to "fox & friends" so early with the time change yesterday. incredible. take a look at the maps and i will show you where it feels somewhat spring like across new york. still have cold weather northern plains and you were midwest. a little warmer for the gulf coast. and that's where we could see the potential for showers and thunderstorms. even some flash flooding and severe storms tomorrow. some large hail, damaging
3:42 am
winds and ice lighted tornadoes will be a potential. then across the west another storm moves in from the pacific. we have see heavy mountain snow across the colorado rockies. wave to steve, ainsley and brian. look at this 6:30 in the morning and incredible. brian: i know incredible. ainsley: hello, everyone. steve: kamala harris just unveiled a part of her 2020 platform. some might describe it as a little scary. >> it is a fact that we can change human behaviors without much change to our lifestyle. steve: and there is backlash lighting up social media. we will tell you about it coming up. brian: tired of seeing conservatives harassed in restaurants? there is an app. for that creator joins us live to show us how it works next. [chanting]
3:43 am
has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax.
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3:46 am
jillian: good morning to you. quick headlines on this monday. pig on the loose hogs all the attention from police. officers using a slice of leftover pizza to lure the run away pig named wilbur into a cop car. he was taken into custody before pigging out on the pizza and going back home in ohio. okay. and goes great with beer, right? now you can crack open a cold one with your dog. a colorado couple creating an all-natural nonalcoholic beer just for pets. good boy dog beer comes in four flavors, including mailman malt liquor and ipa lot in the yard. ipa lot in the yard? get it? it's available to buy online. i just got that. [laughter] steve? steve: is there alcohol in that? ainsley: no. steve: i don't know. meanwhile, after republican
3:47 am
lawmakers and certain members of the trump administration were harassed at restaurants like this. [chanting] [chanting we believer survivors. [chanting shame, shame, shame] >> no borders, no walls. sanctuary for all. >> if kids don't eat in peace. you don't eat in peace. ainsley: makingers of an app. helping conservatives find restaurants and businesses that won't get political while enjoying meal and going on a shoopg trip. here with more the app.'s founder scott wallace. hey, scott. >> good morning. ainsley: tell me why you developed this app. >> well, we feel like there is a general unease among conservatives out there about whether they will be protected and safe as they go out to restaurants and local businesses. we wanted to make sure that people could let others know
3:48 am
what restaurants may have a political bent. we are not looking to try and find restaurants that are conservative or pro-trump our aim is to get politics out of local businesses, local restaurants and make everyone feel comfortable when they go out. steve: okay. so i have seen this described as yelp for conservatives. scott, on the conservatives that are deemed unsafe and that one right there is safe, what went into saying they are not safe? >> users can review the local businesses and restaurants just four quick questions, yes or no questions. number one, does this location serve all customers regardless of political beliefs? will they protect their customers if they are under attack by others in the restaurant? there is a conceal carry question. does the location have a political presence in their social media? again, we are trying to get
3:49 am
politics out of these businesses. we want businesses to understand that there is no money in politics. and we are working to call them out on it. people just want to go out and eat. they just want to go out and shop. let's not mix the two. there is a general unease among conservatives and we want to make sure everyone is safe out there. this is our third app. for 63 red. we are building a suite of conservative tools. three are available today. we have a total of six planned between now and the end of the summer. and a lot more planned between now and november 2020 elections. ainsley: okay. i know the server crashed because have you gotten so much attention. steve and i just downloaded it. internet word pizzato if you want to find a pizzato restaurant in your neighborhood. very clever. >> absolutely. and thank you and we are a little bit frustrated by that. that's really not our standards. we are looking to increase server capacity. bear with us a little bit. we may have a little bit more trouble today. steve: scott wallace joining us today from oklahoma city.
3:50 am
scott, thanks so much. ainsley: thanks be, scott. >> thank you. ainsley: joe biden hasn't even entered the 2020 race but is he already ahead of bernie sanders in a key battleground state. why bernie says is he not worried. steve: plus, have you been eating pineapple wrong your entire life? if you don't go it like this the answer is yes. does that work? we will put it to the test with carley shimkus. ♪ pineapple express ♪ totally gone c♪ because we're on pineapple express ♪ things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now.
3:51 am
principal we can help you plan for that . to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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3:53 am
♪ >> it is a fact that we can change human behaviors without much change to our
3:54 am
lifestyle. this administration and the people who are a part of it are in the pockets of big oil and are denying what we know is a reality around greenhouse gas emissions and what we need to do to curb those. >> steve: solaris spurring outrage claiming the government can change climate change. ainsley: joining success carley shimkus. carley: when you talk about changing people's behavior all the red flags and antennas start to go up. people start thinking big government overreach and all that goes with it. so a lot of people reacting to what she said over the weekend about that. just what i want a politician who wants to control human behavior. doug tweets, yeah. trump is probably going to get reelected. and another twitter user writes no, you can't control my behavior. pretty strong feelings on that one. brian: pretty clear that climate change is number one on everybody's list on the
3:55 am
democratic side. carley: it is. brian: what was on twit they're weekend? carley: everybody grab a pineapple. most polarizing video to hit social media. new way to eat a pine appear well. apparently you can. according to this video just peel chunks off the core. so many people are talking about this on twitter. brian: you mean the skin or the core? steve: look at that it works. take it off the core of the pineapple. the key is to cut the bolt tom. >> or go to the store and buy fresh already pealed and cut into chunks that person is smarter than we are. brian brian inthink you need a knife. >> some people saying how painful it was on their finger. >> this is a disaster. steve: we have been doing it wrong our whole life. brian: this twitter says fly
3:56 am
pineapple mutilate a pineapple and sticky. carley: that's what happened to me now i have sticky all over my dress. steve: key is to make sure have you one really really ripe. ainsley: this doesn't look like the video that went viral. ainsley: it is delicious. steve: i got it. steve: just don't eat the green part it's delicious. brian: we will follow you on radio. ainsley: i bring pineapple in my purse wherever guy. steve: why not? brian: the covington catholic student about to hit cnn with a $250 million lawsuit after that viral confrontation. the new legal fallout coming your way next hour. ainsley: plus, robots are taking over our jobs, but alexandria ocasio-cortez says we should be excited
3:57 am
about that. brian: good. ainsley: stuart varney on that coming up next. steve: i hope he wants some pineapple. ♪ prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
. ainsley: next year's congressional budget is expected to be delivered in a few hours from now. brian: president trump will ask for $8.6 billion for southern border wall. >> mayor mount importance. >> started talking about welfare queens that's not explicit racism but still rooted in a racist caricature. >> what she is talking about the crazy byproduct of the educational system. >> liz cheney accusing democrats of enabling anti-semitism. >> those people who won't won item it are enabling it? >> how embarrassing for the democrats had you one job con depp item anti-semitism how hard is this. >> cnn about to get hit with
4:01 am
a lawsuit. >> toddlers with a need for speed can get it at harley-davidson. they cost up to $700 and hold a charge for about an hour of riding. ♪ ♪ happy dance ♪ steve: it's your monday happy dance live from studio m we're up here on the mezzanine level. ainsley: hope you had a great weekend. 45. brian: i'm tempted to do this show outside one day. steve: we are going to do that exactly right. congratulations. brian: are they going to go with it. steve: from your lips. brian: i hope can you join us. steve: janice is out there right now getting things ready. meanwhile we have big news for you, the trump administration is now preparing for a record number of migrants traveling as families to cross the
4:02 am
southern border this year. ainsley: in one hour the president is expected to unveil his 2020 budget asking for $8.6 billion for the border wall. brian: they will debate that 8 months and won't give it to him likely. griff jenkins is ahead. griff: i just got off the phone with a official told me stunning startling numbers total number of family yiewngs coming across our border fiscal year 19 will exceed that of the combined total of the last three years. this year they anticipate or project more than 180,000 will come, mostly all from you central american countries in these family units. they expect 51,000 to 58,000 this month alone with this traditional seasonal spike they could be looking at as many as 70,000 in may. those are numbers that are not as the administration said are sustainable. remember we also mentioned last week that mexico's secretary of interior said here in washington at think tank that she thinks as many as 700,000 central migrant
4:03 am
families could cross their southern border. this projection comes as the president will unveil that 2020 budget. if n. a few hours look at the numbers here 8.6 billion total for the border wall of which 5 billion comes from dhs, 3.6 billion comes from defense and military construction it will complete 722 miles of border barrier. also includes 5% across the board reduction in nondefense domestic spending and achieves overall 2.7 trillion in spending cuts. speaker pelosi and minority leader schumer are signaling a fight saying the president should have learned his lesson last time but white house advisor larry kudlow says he is ready for a fight. >> i suppose there will be. i would just say that the whole issue of the wall and border security is of paramount importance. we have a crisis down there. yes, is he going to stay with his wall. and is he going to stay with the border security theme. i think it's essential. >> here is something to watch for. the white house omb acting director is going before the house budget committee
4:04 am
tomorrow. you will see these projected numbers standing in contrast with the request for the 8.6 billion, guys. brian: there is clearly a crisis. thanks, griff. i'm more worried about this year's debate with the emergency declaration there is going to be a vote and the president is going to have to veto the vote of disapproval for the special money that he needs 3.6 billion, especially, that's going to give him over 8 to finish the barrier or at least do about 100 miles of the barrier. going to vote on that in the senate. probably at least 10 republicans going to vote against the president. but there won't be 20 so they won't be able to override his veto. let's worry about this year first. ainsley: that's happening. steve: jaw-dropping his lead story was that they are expecting more families to enter the family illegally attempt than the last three years combined. ainsley: can you believe that? steve: the number of single immigrants coming across the border has been dropping for a while. now there is such a surge if
4:05 am
families, particularly texas. ainsley: speaking of texas. that's washington. we are talking about the budget. down in texas is that cultural festival called south by southwest. you probably heard of it. a lot of musicians go down there in austin, texas. a lot of these individuals that want to run for president or are running for president were speaking there. and alexandria ocasio-cortez not old enough to run for president, she also was on stage, got a huge crowd. and this is what she said about ronald reagan's policies. calling his policies racist. >> well, i think a perfect example of how special interest and the powerful has pitted white working class americans against brown and black working class americans in order to just screw over all working class americans is reaganism in the '80s when he started talking about welfare queens. is he painting this like really resentful vision of
4:06 am
essentially black women who were doing nothing, that sucks on our country. that's not explicit racism but still rooted in a racist rat caricature. steve: she also said fdr's new deal which helped dig the united states out of depression whites over minorities. when you combine that with her comments about ronald reagan, brian had a great interview with peggy grande who used to work as executive assistant to ronald reagan and she had this observation about the former president's policies and what aoc said. >> it's crazy to think that these ideas are not only being touted by her but being followed by so many others. you know, they say when you are young if you are not a liberal you don't have a heart. if you are not a conservative when you are older, you don't have a brain. so we may be able to give her a pass but there are so many people who are following her. brian: put down moderates.
4:07 am
they are the worst. they are meh which means you are nothing. you are in between. you act like moderates are insuperior. there are a lot of moderates that might have delivered the house to democrats. without moderates the democrats would still be in power with the leftist principles that she portrays never would have gotten a seat out of california and seats out of texas. ainsley: according to new poll the moderates are looking for a candidate that's more moderate. they are not in favor of these socialist policies. talking about this poll out of michigan. it was an emerson college poll. they asked people who is going to win the primary. do you know who they all chose? the number one at least? joe biden who is not even in the race yet. loolook at that 40%. steve: joe 40, bernie 23. kamala 12 and elizabeth warren 11. those are the only four in double digits. the older the voter gets the
4:08 am
more likely they are to vote for joe biden. ainsley: bernie won. steve: he has been vacationing down in saint croix with his family 95% in. ainsley: getting the vacation in before he has to run. steve: they say the announcement is imminent although the apparently the biden team is planning on some sort of launch in april. brian: a couple of things. planning on april. already rolling out some clips because he has been doing this since he was 28 years old. he has been speaking out about policies for the last 40 years. one of which about segregation. he will have to explain. he have to exchange his -- explain for many democrats his position on the crime bill in the 1990s. also going to have to back up 8 years of president obama's foreign policy. he have an interesting road to hoe. before he gets shots from the right he has to overcome them on the left.
4:09 am
ainsley: why do you think that was happening in that state though they loved bernie and now leaning more towards joe biden. so why the change in that state? brian: bernie was beating hillary. this is a totally different race now. steve: when you look at the fact that there is about a dozen people running. some of their views are so far to the left joe biden people aren't sure where he is of course, joe biden is moderate compared to bernie sanders. bernie sanders a couple of years ago he was way out there and he was asked over the weekend up in new england how his ideas were considered inconceivable a couple of years ago and now look how far everybody has come. watch this. >> those ideas that we talked about four years ago that seemed so very radical at that time. well, today, virtually all of those ideas are supported
4:10 am
by a majority of the american people. all of those ideas inconceivable never happened, bernie or what are you smoking? [laughter] that's another issue that was considered to be too radical. [laughter] brian: he is getting big crowds. he certainly knows this stuff because he believes this stuff. however, in his life as you look at his resume he has accomplished nothing. he has never put a policy forward. he has never run anything successfully. what he has done for run for president and been a socialist. if i'm a democrat i'm going he is not even in my party and he is using the whole apparatus of the democratic party. ainsley: free. everything is free. brian: unbelievable. steve: the kids like bernie the people over 30 like joe biden there is a big item today in the "the washington post" that talks about how trump's campaign is going to be gigantic. $100 million so far in campaign war chest. they believe that the
4:11 am
democrat shift to the far left on the green new deal and medicare for all is really going to help them. and the key to success is they are targeting 23 million key votes in the states of florida, ohio, michigan and wisconsin. they are going to have a million volunteers. a lot of people who have shown up at these rallies which are going to kick off in battleground states very, very soon. that's their way to win in 2020. brian: it will be finish the wall and keep america great. and the president can't wait to get started. he got briefed on it over the weekend. of the thing that he has got to do is find a way to get women back and find a way to get moderates back expand his base. that's his goal. ainsley: let us know your thoughts on that topic it was. meanwhile hand it over to jillian. jillian: update on story we have been following. ethiopian state media reporting that the black box from that doomed ethiopian airlines flight has just been recovered. 157 people, including eight americans were killed when the boeing 737 max 8 jet
4:12 am
went down just minutes after takeoff. overnight that model plane grounded by several airlines and china. boeing has also postponed planned to unveil a new model this week. another fox news alert. looters ravishing venezuela as country begins fifth straight day without power. nationwide blackouts force people to rummage through food bins and putting hospital patients in danger. juan guaido is calling for nationwide march in the capital to put pressure on disputed president nicholas nics maduro. a at least 17 people are died as a result of the outages. u.s. navy veteran being held in iran. it's unclear what the verdict is. according to state media. michael white was facing unspecified security charges. he was detained in july. his family says he traveled to iran to visit his girlfriend tweeting that online. they are worried about his health. we will keep you updated. here we go again, april the giraffe is in labor right
4:13 am
now. this is live look inside her enclosure at the animal adventure park in new york. thousands of people are tuning in as vets say april could give birth at any moment. you remember april went viral in 2017 when more than 230 million people watched her labor for days and give birth to her baby to jerry. i was one of those millions of people who watched that. steve: i remember that. brian: that was quick. ainsley: those animals, hayden is learning about them in school right now. they are so majestic. beautiful. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: covington student about to hit cnn with a new lawsuit. after that viral fallout next. brian: people don't scare chuck norris. chuck norris scares everyone. what happened when a protester saw his movie protester? stick around ♪ ♪ ♪ [farmers bell]
4:14 am
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4:18 am
have investigated it because we want to get it right. maybe cnn can learn from that. >> cnn set to be sued for more than $250 million as early as today over its, quote, vicious and direct attacks on the covington catholic high school student nicholas sandmann following the clash on capitol hill. brian: here with more of the fallout is beverly hallberg of the independent women's forum. you say that the attack from cnn was even worse than the "the washington post" in what way? >> well, when you look at cnn and the platform and the reach that they have they were able to cover this story for 48 hours straight with a faulty narrative claiming that nick sandmann of course this minor, this young man wearing a maga hat was using racist language and being very disrespectful and mocking to the gentleman who was standing in fronts of him. so, when you have this much coverage, it's very hard for cnn even when they get the story right to do right by this young man. and that's the problem with incorrect reporting is that retractions and corrections rarely get the same amount
4:19 am
of coverage so i think this lawsuit is a huge wake-up call to news outlets to try to get the story right. because this is damaging to some people's lives when they get the story wrong. ainsley: beverly, he sued "the washington post" for 250 million. does he have a case in both of these suits and will he win them and how much will he get? >> i'm not sure how much he will get. i'm not sure if he will win. i think a lot of people are wondering why he is suing for so much. i will leave it to the lawyers to determine that but, i do think when it comes to the news outlets, i'm hoping what this does cause is for even those who say free speech is very important. i agree that's an important right that we realize it comes with accountability that when it comes to news outlets they can't report things that aren't true. and i think just right now in this day and age there is a rush to put stories out there. brian: no kidding. >> to not do investigative reporting. so i'm hoping this -- can we say, put the fear of god in journalists throughout to realize they could be sued if they don't do due diligence. brian: i want you to hear what linwood said about nick
4:20 am
the person. >> cnn couldn't resist the idea that here is a guy, a young boy with a make america great again cap on. they go after him and maintain it for at least days. they were vicious, it was false. nicholas was collateral damage. the war that cnn is waging is against the president of the united states. brian: he says they should have taken two days to describe how they got the story wrong and how they got it wrong. final thought? >> retractions never get the same amount of coverage. unfortunately this young man was caught in the crossfire i'm hoping this lawsuit does help him rebuild his reputation because he will forever be googled if you google his name with racism and, of course, that's going to ruin his future. ainsley: it's going to hurt him when he tries to get a job or get into colleges. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: ground breaking case, a doctor sentenced to life in prison for selling the opioids that led to a patient's death. is that fair? a doctor, a lawyer, and a police sergeant discuss it all. ainsley: she might be the luckiest lady alive.
4:21 am
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ♪ >> here comes the candy man 52nd career cut victory for kyle busch. ainsley: that's awesome. time for crews by the numbers. 39 how many wins kyle busch has in nascar's top three series. taking home the races in phoenix this weekend. 116 is the age of the world's oldest woman 116. she lives in japan and was born in 1903. she wakes up early every
4:25 am
morning, loves math, board games and chocolate. finally 30. that is how many times a virginia woman hit the lottery in just one day. the lucky lady bought 30 tickets with the exact same numbers. winning a total of $150,000. the odds of matching all four numbers are one in 10,000. steve? steve: that's a big wow. thank you so much, ainsley. a kansas doctor has been sentenced to life in prison for selling opioids that led to one of his patient's death. dr. steven henson accused of illegally writing prescriptions in return for cash and in some cases without any medical need or without a physical exam. the sentencing comes ahead a growing epidemic close to 50,000 americans died from opioid overdoses in 2017 or about 134 deaths every day. here with reaction we have a great panel assembled. screen left dr. joe desanto a specialist in treatment addiction in california.
4:26 am
jonah spill borg in the middle and former sergeant. jonah, you have a personal story have you seen it upclose. >> i have seen it upclose and personal it is very scary, steve. as you mentioned we have an opioid epidemic in this country. and when a doctor prescribes opioids to a patient without careful enough monitoring, you can almost guarantee that that patient will get addicted. the problem is unless there is court intervention when you send somebody to rehab, they can walk in the front door and walk out the back. there is nothing that keeps them there. so they don't get well. tragedy occurs. steve: doctor, she had a family member who was overprescribed something for pain, that's how it always starts. but when you look at those numbers, close to 50,000 people died last year because of this? >> it's crazy. and said to be even more this year. it's not getting any better. steve: what about this particular doctor?
4:27 am
i know you feel it's important not to punish doctors who are doing good but then again, there are a few bad apples out there who make things worse. >> there is bad players in every field. and you will find that there are some doctors that do take advantage of it but, for the most part. doctors want to do the right thing. and in this article he even states he wanted to do the right thing. i'm not so sure about that. the way it's presented. but, you know, we are trying our hardest with the tools that we have got. steve: all right. steve, apparently this guy, according to the feds. postdated prescriptions and wrote them without a medical need or legitimate examine in return for cash. it just sounds like he was just in the bi in the business f giving pills to anybody who wanted them. >> he was. we are seeing this more and more. when president trump ran he promised he would address the opioid crisis. he has addressed the united states attorney general's to address it and prosecute it we are seeing a much greater enforcement. we had an arrest back in the fall of 2018.
4:28 am
they arrested five doctors, and two of the doctors responsible for issuing a million pills per year. steve: is this punishment excessive? life in prison, doctor? >> i don't think so. in this particular case, i don't think so. i think what he did was egregious. i think selling prescriptions without examining a patient is wrong, no matter what in any field in any case. when you are selling prescriptions to patients who they know these doctors know are desperate. and will pay anything. these doctors have patients lining up out the door. steve: which is pretty scary. we were talking earlier about the increased use of fentanyl which is killing a lot of people. you said that people who are hooked on this stuff look for the guy who sold the stuff that killed somebody because they want to go to that guy because he has the good stuff? >> yeah. they will go to dealers whose clients have overdosed. clients, i call them clients, who have overdosed.
4:29 am
it's crazy. there is no heroin anymore. it's mostly fentanyl. >> if you get kicked off your prescription and can't find a pill mail who will give you a prescription you will get on heroin. >> that's a great point. >> which is terrible. no matter what age you are the person in my family was 70 years old. it's a serious problem. i don't think the sentence is excessive at all under federal law. he was facing 20 years to life. the judge maxed him out for a good reason. steve: good conversation this morning. people need to know more about what is going on. steve and joe and jonna, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: one state promising a pay raise if teachers carry guns. is that a good idea? you will hear from retired teacher and marine corps captain coming up next. plus robots are taking over some jobs but alexandria ocasio-cortez said we should be excited about automation. what does stuart varney say? he is animated on that and he is coming up next. ♪ don't worry about the price tag
4:30 am
♪ ♪
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help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. ♪ take the money and run. brian: take whose money and run. stuart varney got dressed early for us. you could be in a tank top watching us at home waiting for your show to start. >> flip-flops. brian: talk about wealth is that what south by southwest was about. >> that's really what it was about. that's true. senator warren rung for the presidency, she says you didn't make that you may be a millionaire, you may have made a ton of money, but you really didn't make that. she will not give credit to individuals and their brains, talent, drive and
4:34 am
ability who create wealth. she wants to take that wealth off them she denied being a socialist south by southwest. in fact she is. what she said is full of socialist dogma. your headline the war on wealth is entirely accurate. steve: right. >> that's what senator warren wants to do. take your wealth. not just raise income tax rates but take your wealth. steve: part of the passage you are talking about is this one. listen. >> tough pay to represent create some opportunities because, after all, those great fortunes in america that people built, worked hard, had great ideas are inherited. those great fortunes were built in america with workers that all of us paid to educate, with their goods got to market on roads and bridges that all of us helped to build. so, what we're really saying is, look, just put a little bit back in the kitty.
4:35 am
this is what we are asking for. pay a fair share so the next kid has a chance to building is great and the kid after that and the kid after that. >> wait a minute. steve: how much does that sound like socialism to you? >> that is pure socialism. ainsley: it is. >> putter a little bit back in the kitty? are you kidding me? you live in new york city and you make a good deal of money, your tax rate is approaching 60 percent. in other words, the government of new york city and new york state and the feds collectively together take 60 cents on every dollar you make. very similar in california, new jersey, and other high tax states. steve: if you made a lot of money and you sell something, for instance, you are using the public roads and infrastructure to get your goods to the people who are buying them so you should pay for that. >> you don't really mean that steve and i know you don't mean that. steve: i'm just telling you what she just said. >> are you an apologist of socialism in these days? am i going to share a couch for you? forget it. what are you going to ask me?
4:36 am
[laughter] brian: she wouldn't say socialism but all her programs with about that. >> she is a collectivist. she believes in the collective society as opposed to the individual liberty of freedom of americans. brian: tax on those who make over $250 million. >> it's confiscation of wealth. that is not an income tax that is a new wealth tax. when you do things like that, when you start taking money off successful people, you are not going to create jobs in the future. you are not going to create bright, shiny new technology companies in the future. you are going to suppress that growth. suppress those brains, drive, talent and ability. i think it's all wrong. flat out. ainsley: we have another sound bite from alexandria ocasio-cortez for you to weigh in. >> can't wait. ainsley: so many people are worried that robots are going to take their jobs that seems to be the future that some companies are going. in she sells we should be excited about that. listen. >> we should not be haunted by the specter of being automated out of work. we should be excited about automation because what it could potentially mean is
4:37 am
more time educating ourselves and more time creating art, more time focused on inventions, more time going to space. more time enjoying the world that we live. in. ainsley: stuart. >> can't wait. just can't wait. she also said we live in a society where if you don't have a job you are left to die. clearly false. utter nonsense. steve: look at automation right now some things it's actually pretty beneficial at the same time some companies because the minimum wage is going up is figuring out thousand get a robot to flip a burger governmental to $15 an hour. you will be automated out see how you feel about creativity. brian: get the paint and sculpt. ainsley: and go to space. brian: make a statue and go to space. it will be fantastic because gigantor took my. ainsley: remember if you don't have a job you will
4:38 am
die. steve: stuart, remember the news regarding wall street and boeing. boeing has had some more bad news over the weekend. >> it has indeed. the max 8 jet. 737, china has taken all of those jets out of service following two fatal crashes in the space of a couple of months. this is very, very bad news for the passengers of course. and it's very, very bad news for boeing and for wall street. boeing is one of the 30 dow stocks. boeing stock this morning is down nearly 9%. that is a huge loss for a major company. and that's taking the dow jones industrial average down over 100 points. steve: worry is there is something to matter with this new jet. second time in a number of months where that particular 737 has gone down. >> goes further than that because two thirds of boeing's future plane deliveries are these 737 max 8 jets. whether you have a serious problem with your future production line you've got a problem right now that's got to be dealt with and that's going to be hard.
4:39 am
steve: got to figure it out. >> they do. steve: stuart, thank you very much. we will be watching you on fox business in an hour and 22 minutes. brian: is that what you are wearing? >> yes. ainsley: i like the pink. >> thank you very much. steve: 21 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us with the news. jillian: you got brian's stamp of approval. day made. dangerous avalanche search. flying over a mountain to find first lieutenant matthew kraft who went skiing. too dangerous for ground severance. crews finding evidence of avalanches in the area where kraft was skiing. the marine was supposed to end his trip last week. lawmakers in north carolina think army teachers could help save a lives. give raises if they become sworn law enforcement officers. retired teacher and marine veteran weighed in earlier. >> it is important that we
4:40 am
deter these violent sociopaths. more teachers that are armed the greater the deterrence. teachers are the first often, sadly, defense of their student against such an attack. jillian: critics call the plan a disaster waiting to happen. just when you think you have heard it all. a canadian professor claims a chuck norris movie poster was used to intimidate protesters. >> yes, time. [screams] >> the professor told the cbc this poster from the invasion u.s.a. was put up by police outside last year's g-7 summit. he called it a threat from police toward the public because they saw themselves in norris' role. so there you have it. steve: don't you think it was just a joke? don't know. ainsley: very interesting.
4:41 am
steve: we need to know more behind that story. meanwhile out on the streets of new york city. janice dean is there where it's mostly sunny. janice: look at this, it is mostly sunny. where are you from? >> alabama. >> pennsylvania. >> virginia. >> florida. >> wisconsin. >> texas. janice: very nice. look at the crowd today. take a look at the temperatures it is getting to be like spring here in new york city where it's 43 right now. still cold across the northern plains and the you were midwest. and we have got 71 in mobile, alabama. here is the rainfall. we have a stationary front that's parked across the southern plains. that could give us the potential for heavy rain and the threat for severe storms tomorrow. so we'll keep you posted. say hi to steve, ainsley, and brian my friend. [cheers] >> look at this today. ainsley: good-looking crowd. tell them all hello. thanks, janice. congress is still fighting over ilhan omar's comments. some are comparing it between the conflict palestinians. next guest says this should be an opportunity to heal
4:42 am
the divide. brian: these two lawmakers made headlines for debating nickelback on the house floor. this morning their fight comes to "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. nature's bounty. morhave discoveredour their irish roots. which means your smiling eyes, might be irish too. order ancestrydna, and find the surprises in you. just $59 through march 18th. get your kit today. hi.
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. embattled democratic congresswoman ilhan omar dodges questions about her anti-semitic remarks and now even her fellow democrats are coming to her defense. >> you can be critical of israel, like can you of any country that does not equate to being anti-semitic, it's a debate that we quite frankly have kind of behind closed doors. we need to bring this
4:46 am
conversation to the forefront because it is an issue for a number of people. brian: right. and as the fighting continues, many now concerned the divide between both parties might be comparable to the divide between the palestinians and israelis that we witnessing right now. brooks institute and author of brand new book called "love your enemies." author we are polarized time you say it's not a big deal arguing it's how we do it. >> we don't argue too much. we argue too poorly the biggest problem that we have a problem we have in our society today as much polarization today between democrats and republicans as there are between israelis and palestinians. this causes a lot of contempt which is not anger, it's anger mixed with disgust. this pulls people apart. one in six americans have stopped talking to a family member or close friend since the 2016 elections. brian: that's the reuters' poll. >> catastrophic. people are unhappy worst of all they are not persuading anybody. brian: just talk to people
4:47 am
who agree with you and get mad at other people. separate people from ideas. >> if you want to be happier and have more love in your life you have got to do one big thick. you don't have to agree with anybody. you don't have to like someone's idea. you have to recognize that person is not his or her ideas. separate the two. can you maintain the relationship and still go hammer and tongues on ideas. brian: is the goal to win that person over. >> not necessarily. you should try to persuade somebody a little bit more. the key thing is. this when you treat somebody with love, even though they treat you with contempt, the people who are watching like you better and they are more likely to be persuaded by your ideas than the other person's ideas. brian: who did it right? >> lots of people martin luther king did it right. ronald reagan did it write. fdr has done it right. the best politicians and world leaders in history have treated other people with love even though they have been treated with contempt. each one of us can start doing that today. brian: take a look at gallup poll and see what you think about this and take a full screen right now. sympathies towards israel
4:48 am
over the palestinian party. democrats dropped to 43%. republicans at 87%, dropped to 76%. that's trending against israel. >> it is right now. that tends to go up and down according to the news cycle. i strongly believe that americans, ultimately they see that israel is our only strongly and consistently democratic ally in the region. and that they share our values. we will stay supportive of israel. brian: arthur, why do you think we seem so polarized today and gotten it so wrong. >> part of the reason after the financial crisis there as a lot of desperation and despair. people thought their dignity was being violated. brian, that's our opportunity. when people treat us with contempt and we react with love, we react with kindness and respect, we're more effective. we are happy. we win more arguments and people will start to figure that out. that's why i wrote the book. brian: right. absolutely. when you have a book that's endorsed by david axelrod
4:49 am
and ben sasse you know you have won people over to that degree. >> i hope. so. brian: they disagree but they actually have a positive attitude when they do it? >> that's right. when people read it, they will know how to win more arguments and be happier. brian: love your enemies and be happy. arthur brooks, congratulations. >> thank you. brian: crisis at the border talk about another argument we have about to get worse. record breaking surge of families coming to the u.s. is growing by a staggering number. former acting ice director tom homan here to put reality to the test. this marine veteran has a new mission, replacing american flags destroyed by the tornadoes in alabama one at a time. that hero joins us next. ♪ raise the flag ♪ i got stars in my eyes ♪
4:50 am
♪ she's doing it again. no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying the smell in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. and it uses an all-natural propellant to leave behind a pleasant scent you'll love. use anywhere odors can spread. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze air effects.
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steve: devastating tornadoes in alabama have left miles of destruction in their wake with residents reporting homes being obliterated in seconds. brian: one u.s. marine veteran jamie popwell decided to go to the area to help when he noticed that many of the destroyed properties had flags and flag poles destroyed. which sparked a new mission rebuilding one flag at a time. ainsley: here to tell us his story is founder of flags for vets jamie popwell. jamie, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, good morning. ainsley: you are welcome. thank you for what you are doing. tell us what you saw when you went to visit that area and what you did with these flags? >> i was actually on the road that weekend. i was up in florence, alabama last week and put some poles up for some other veterans. my wife texted me and said there was a tornado that hit beauregard the local community next door to us. i have family and friends that live in that area. when i got home that night it was too late for me to go up then.
4:54 am
the next morning i got up bright and early and grabbed chain sauce and everything else i would need to start helping. i went to the area to see what i could do. steve: back in 2007 you started flags for vets. and you put up over 300 flagged and flag poles across 21 states. many in that particular area. so, when you went in to action, after the tornadoes, you wound up putting brand new flags on flag poles in front of houses that did not exist anymore. why was that important? >> well, for me, our flag is a symbol of hope, as a country we have fought and done so much under that flag and, you know, where i have been and what i have done in my life, being able to see that flag has always given me hope and that was my desire was to make the residents there in that community to give them hope. to give them something to look forward. to say. brian: being that you knew so many people personally in that area, how were you received?
4:55 am
>> well, there wasn't that many there. everyone was gone, other than just rescue workers and search crews and those that were coming in like me just to help clear the area. there weren't a lot of families there at the time. but, i have since been contacted by a couple of families that have come back to where their homes were to say that there is a flag pole and flag there and offering me thanks. ainsley: jamie, this is the sweetest story you told our producers saying you are patriotic. say you are patriotic you believe in the flag and our nation. what does the flag mean to you? >> well, it means so much. like i said, i have served my country and my community for more than 30 years between the marine corps and law enforcement and later in life as a contractor working in afghanistan and iraq. so i have been in countries where all we had was our flag when we looked up at the end of the day and it just means so much more to me. it's not just -- it's not cost and material. it is the fabric of our
4:56 am
country. >> hurricane, excuse me, the tornadoes about doing this all the time to donate and help out visit flags for vets dot us -- the link is also up on so flags for ainsley: bottom of the screen. brian: thanks, jamie. >> yes, sir. ainsley: thanks, jamie. good man. steve: great project. straight ahead president trump's budget about to be delivered on capitol hill this morning including nearly $9 billion for a wall. we are live in washington with the outrage coming up next. ainsley: an these two lawmakers they made headlines for debating nickelback on the house floor. this morning their fight is coming to "fox & friends." steve: play it louder ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
♪ >> the president is expected to unveil his 2020 budget asking for $8.6 billion for the border wall. >> whole issue of the wall, border security is paramount importance. >> senior official, told me, stunning, startling numbers, they believe the total number of family units coming across the border will exceed the combined total of the last three years. >> how big is it if they don't find collusion. >> that is reckoning. it is the media role prop began dieing american public that any of this was true at all. >> suing cnn with a 250 million-dollar lawsuit. >> i hope this will put fear of god in journalists out there they could be sued if they don't do due diligence. >> here comes the candy man, 52nd career cup victory for
5:01 am
kyle busch. ♪ brian: why would we play nickelback? steve: brian the conclusion of last week we learned of two lawmakers up on capitol hill, mark pokan, democrat from wisconsin, doesn't really like nickelback. he started sparring with the man screen left, representative rodney davis, a republican from illinois. he loves nickelback. we will have the debate, nickelback, good band, bad band right here on today's show. ainsley: a lot weighed in. the majority of you really liked nickelback. you said your kids don't like it. steve: my kids hate nickelback. i kind of like it. brian: fundamentally it was about hr-1. that is not as sexy as nickelback. steve: we'll talk about that shortly. meantime it is the 8:00 hour here on "fox & friends." we start with a fox news alert amount live look at capitol hill
5:02 am
as the president's budget is being delivered to the lawmakers to look at it. ainsley: he is expected to ask $8.6 billion to build the border wall. brian: democrats already slamming the proposal. kevin corke live outside of the white house. kevin, you thought this would be accepted in open arms and just signed off on, didn't. reporter: come on. can we all just get along? maybe not. it's a wish-list, right? a priority snapshot, nice. make no mistake about it. it has no chance of passing congress. that doesn't mean we can't learn a lot about the administration priorities by taking a look. as you see the budget being delivered on capitol hill. ainsley mentioned it not long ago. $8.6 billion for the border wall. let me take you inside the numbers. this will probably help the folks at home know what we're talking about. 56789.6 for the department homeland security. 3.6 from the defense and military budge construction
5:03 am
budget that to complete 722 miles after bordered barrier. do you think democrats will take it lying down? think again. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer put out a lengthy joint statement, in it, among the comments, he was forced to admit defeat and same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. there you go, chuck and nancy. white house officials insist is the wall is not political ploy. we're talking about securing the nation, that is the president's top priority. >> i suppose there will be. i would just say that the whole issue of the wall and border security is of paramount importance. we have a crisis down. there yes, he will stay with his wall. he will stay with the border security theme. i think it is essential is. reporter: essential is what larry kudlow said. we also expect the white house to lay out a plan for congress to cut non-defense spending 5%.
5:04 am
boosting spending on military and healthcare as well. it is coming your way at 11:30 this morning. we're looking forward to it. i can tell you because you guys understand the inside baseball. we get a bit of a preview. i have been looking it over. i guarranty it will make headlines today. ainsley: it doesn't look very thick. steve: we've seen bigger ones in the past. brian: also in the budget they're asking for nato allies to pay, pay for bases, pay for our troops. that might get pushback. lynne cheney says, i'm not for that. steve: one of the proposals i saw yesterday, if we have troops in your country you would pay for the total cost, plus 50% which is interesting. also, it is being reported apparently his budget, the budget you're looking right there on the table will project, good news, 3% gdp growth over next couple years. but that does defy consensus
5:05 am
forecasts. you look at the jobs numbers last week. nonetheless they have rosy outlook, 3% gdp growth which would be great if it held up. ainsley: democrats are saying i hope that he, talking about the president, learned his lesson after the last smutdown. brian: if you were in austin, texas, south by southwest is taking place. booked big democratic politicians. kevin mccarthy was invited down to speak their piece on stage. among those in attendance, alexandria ocasio-cortez. shocker. beto o'rourke, amy close but char, moderate in the race. elizabeth warren isn't a socialist but sounds like it. john hickenlooper disavows he was successful businessman. howard schultz, all the democrats don't have a practical idea among them. ainsley: the mayor of south
5:06 am
bend, indiana, talking about the vice president. steve: we heard so much from a number of democratic candidates. >> make everything fair, socialism, the wave of the future. that is being pushed by a number of people on the political left. for the most part people sounded a little more moderate this weekend in austin. listen to this. >> this idea of 10% better from garbage is be what we settle for. >> let's propose things that are true, that are honest that are sincere and that are realistic. >> bernie has to speak to what democratic socialism is. >> you are not one? >> i am not. >> what used to be call it american capitalism for lack of a better word, it is not providing middle class people and poor people the security or the opportunity that it used to. >> if we compensate people under the constitution, because we take their property, why
5:07 am
wouldn't you compensate people who actually were property? >> we have to make defeeding climate change the number one priority of the united states. steve: howard schultz there, the second voice we heard a guy who really invented starbucks. and he just said listen, propose things that are true and honest. he was asked about it moderate to define socialism. he said, there he is right there, look at venezuela. he got negative reaction from the crowd. i guess you don't like that? brian: here's the thing. howard schultz, i can't run as democrat, mike bloomberg similar beliefs, i can't run as a democrat. sherrod brown who many people saying i was moderate, working class guy. i can't run as a democrat. what do so-called moderates or rational thinkers on the left see in this field makes them think they have no shot? ainsley: wall street wants them to run. whether or not they will, we'll have to see. recent poll, maybe the reason
5:08 am
they don't want to run as democrat they're pushing socialist agenda. they are so much more extreme than they used to be. if you ask young americans, generation z and millenials, half of them want to live in a socialist country. steve: yeah. another poll, do you prefer socialism? yes. 61% of the same group of gen-z, people important in the mid 90s and early 200s, 58% prefer capitalism. 61% of, as you can see bigger number, prefer socialism. where is that message coming from? why the moderates are having so much trouble in the democratic party. for the most part, gen-z, make up 37% of people vote in 2020, so many love the idea of socialism. >> they make up a big percentage. when asked the situations you're concerned with, mass shootings.
5:09 am
everyone older said health care, terrorism and national debt. brian: very serious to see what guns rack up, and what will happen with health care because "medicare for all," also looms. "medicare for all." obamacare not good enough. remember it was supposed to solve all the problems. it didn't. now they're going for "medicare for all" which is single-payer. steve: mass shootings is number one. again z and millenials socialism rides coattails of capitalism. when capitalism goes broke paying for socialism they need to take a look at venezuela t will be the usa. brian: cuba is available if you want to look at that. joe writes this, i grew up poor, america gave me the opportunity to change my life. people don't appreciate anything given to them. only what we earn. ainsley: randy tweeted 100% of that 50% of the socialism never lived in a socialist country. steve: meanwhile we will talk a little bit about this.
5:10 am
you know the story of nick sandmann and the covington, kentucky, high school students. they wasn't to an event in washington, d.c. they were waiting for a bus at the lincoln memorial. this viral moment got picked up by everybody, it was suggested that the covington kids in the maga caps which they bought at a stand there in washington, d.c., they were mocking this native-american. that was not true. now, his attorney, l lynn wood has indicated they are on the verge, after suing "the washington post" for a quarter of a billion dollars, they're going to do the same thing to cnn. either today or tomorrow. brian: lynn wood talked to mark levin. bill march will be next unless somebody starts apologizing. they say cnn was even worse than "the washington post." listen. >> look at the deterioration in the media in the last several years. it is horribly unhealthy.
5:11 am
there is nothing valuable to our public discourse for people to just simply go out and tell rumors, lies, to be able to use the media and the first amendment to in effect advance his or her or some corporation's own agendas. that is what happened to nicholas. it's a lot of agendas at work. there is no objectivity. there is no fairness. like they have become an extension of political parties. ainsley: a lot of money, 250 million for "the washington post." they sued "the washington post" for that amount because that is how much jeff bezos bought the paper for, paid in cash. they haven't said why they're asking that amount for cnn. brian: to see the whole thing play out will be fascinating to see them try to justify it. he said they didn't take enough time to apologize or backtrack. took two days to explain the story wrongly, should explain
5:12 am
another two days explaining how they got it wrong. they didn't. steve: stay tuned for that. 8:11 here in new york city. jillian joins us here for a fox news alert. jill will we follow breaking news. two black boxes from the doomed ethiopia airline flight were just recovered. 250 people including 8 americans when the boeing 737 max jet went dawn minutes after takeoff. overnight that plane grounded by several aerial lines and china. boeing postponed plans to unveil a new model this week. 19-year-old woman charged with attempted murder of a chicago police officer. she was denied bail after allegedly shooting a cop trying to serve a warrant. police say she shot through the backdoor of the home hitting unidentified officer. he is expected to survive. police found 11-pound of marijuana in her home. a verdict reportedly has been reached against a u.s. navy
5:13 am
veteran held in iran. it is unclear what the verdict is. according to state media michael white was facing unspecified security charges. he was detained in july. his family says he travel to iran to visit his girlfriend he met online. they are worried about his health. a police officer solve as real cold case in a matter of seconds. >> that vehicle right now. what in the heck? jillian: a nebraska state trooper finding this ford mustang made entirely of snow parked in the road. no car under that. all snow. brian: i get it. cold case. good one. thanks jillian. ainsley: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. joe biden is leading the 2020 field and he hasn't even entered the race yet. will his delay end up costing him in the long run. democratic fund-raiser will weigh in. brian: this video is crazy a soccer fan storms the field,
5:14 am
sucker-punch as player during the game. what we just learned about that fan moments ago. ♪ claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients?
5:15 am
president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
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5:17 am
♪ steve: a new poll of likely iowa
5:18 am
caucus-goers gives the 2020 democratic nomination to joe biden right now. the only problem he is not in the race yet. "des moines register"-cnn poll, say the former vice president is the first choice for president. bernie sanders right behind at 25%. has waiting to enter the race hurt his opportunity to fund raise is the question? let's talk to national real estate developer and democratic fund-raiser don peoples. >> good to be here. steve: generally in the primaries the rush to the extremes. when you run to the general you have to become more moderate. joe biden the because he more moderate the sooner he gets in he would have to drift to the left lane, doesn't he? >> or be pushed to go to the left lane. he will stay center. that is who he is. one of the things you get with biden he is who he is.
5:19 am
i think that attractive to democrats. steve: explain why bernie is so close yet to different? >> he is a outsider. a big contrast to trump. he is outsider, run before for resident in a race the nominee was ultimately hillary clinton and lost. there is nostalgic look at bernie. but at end of the day when americans focusing him being potentially president i don't see that really compelling. steve: when you look at this survey by emerson of michigan, joe biden has 40%. bernie as 23. bernie leads with 18 to 29-year-olds. something about bernie sanders the kids really like. what is it? >> he will burn it down. he reminds me of the person who just against everything. he is against the basic principles of our country which are capitalism. we're a capitalistic democracy. that is what they like. that demographic doesn't vote. by and large they will not turn
5:20 am
out. steve: if joe biden gets in the race, sounds like 95% he is in, how much what happened during the barack obama-joe biden administration will he have to answer for? >> i think he will answer some of those most of it will be a positive thing. if he gets in the race other candidates will fall like dominoes. the field gets shorter. there is discussion whether the democratic party will be center or left? steve: prediction, one year from right now who are the top two on democratic side? >> biden and kamala harris. steve: let's see. don, come back in one year. >> look forward to it. steve: meanwhile the crisis at our southern border about to get worse. the record-breaking surge of families coming to the united states is growing. former i.c.e. director tom homan is here live. a debate on the house floor has everybody talking. >> only four wanted to keep this provision. probably about the percent of people who think nickelback is
5:21 am
their favorite band. >> why would you criticize one of the greatest bands of the '90s. the fight comes to "fox & friends." this is how you debate me. ♪ other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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5:25 am
world's leading exporter of natural gas, liquids petroleum by the end of the year. u.s. oil production has more than doubled over the last decade. brian: what started two lawmakers debating how to count inmates on the u.s. census turned into a dispute over the ban nickelback on the house floor. >> only four wanted to keep this provision. probably about the percent of people who think nickelback is their favorite band in this country. it is pretty low. >> why would you criticize one of the greatest bands of the '90s? >> wow. all right. brian: illinois congressman rodney davis who likes it, and wisconsin congressman mark pokan who doesn't. guys, did you know you had such a disagreement over nickelback or did you stumble into that friction? congressman pokan? >> no, we stumbled into it. i was trying to illustrate something. it was four out of 77,000 people thought this provision should stay. i thought a good way to illustrate it pretty much
5:26 am
universally think nickelback is not great band. we ran into a little trouble on that on the floor. brian: take a look at this, congressman, in case you have something you need him for. congressman rodney davis, you gave me your playlists, the top one on your playlists happens to be nickelback. can we look at that right now? today, if today was your last day the number one song on your playlists. congressman, congratulations sticking up for what you believe in. >> thank you, brian. thanks to my good friend mark. it is always good to send a message to the american people we disagree on a bill. we joke around. i don't think either of us thought this would be something that went as viral as it did. brian: when did you realize this was catching steam, congressman pokan? >> we saw it was trending in washington, d.c., nickelback. that probably has never happened. just the fact that occurred. but like rodney said, this is real important illustration of you know, someone like rodney is
5:27 am
classic, december guy, you could have good debate on the floor. doesn't have to be what people think often get shown in the media, the big opposition. this is one where we stumbled on this rodney needs better taste in music i'm glad to help him on that. i think we did it in lighthearted way. it shows we can work together. brian: you guys get along. you don't need one, mark, you do not need a tie and rodney he chose to wear a tie to be more like me. congressman, we have to be clear you do not like music, we do not have your playlists. give me three bands, if we're at jukebox, put something on a diner, would make you shape, what should i use my quarters for. >> i have diverse tastes. bruce springsteen, lady gaga and bonver. those are three that i would mention rodney should add to the list and he might have a better workout. brian: congressman davis, you are shaking your head. >> i don't think of any heard of
5:28 am
those songs. maybe i am stuck in the '90s and 2000s. i look at my playlists, i wonder how could not anyone like them. brian: be open-minded about that. look at this poll, doesn't look great for congress. people like their individual congresspeople but don't necessarily like congress. look at poll compared, nickelback to congress. nickelback more popular, 42 to 35%. colonoscopy has a better approval rating than congress as does lice. if you bring yourselves together, showing yourselves getting along in a fun way you could beat lice, you know that, congressman davis? >> i hope we can. we have to do better job getting the message out, most of what we do in d.c. is done on bipartisan basis. all the time everyone sees us fighting. moments like this, folks like high light the good times like our debate. i think that will help us catch
5:29 am
up to lice, cockroaches, maybe everything else. maybe even nickelback. brian: maybe. one thing at a time. congressman pokan, congressman davis, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile straight ahead. she decided to take a selfie instead she got attacked by a jaguar. border we heard the record-setting surge would get worse. tom homan said i towed you self. excuse me, for congressman pocan, not davis, here is nickelback. ♪
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♪ steve: worked it out to the nickelback debate. brian: we have gotten to stevie wonder. how we worked it out. steve: tom homan. former acting i.c.e. director. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: we heard from griff jenkins talked to the department of homeland security. the planning profile looks what the forecasts are, right now the number of families trying to get into this country is, they are suggesting that in this year alone it will eclipse the last three years combined. why are so many families heading north? >> because there is no consequence. there is no deterrents. congress hasn't closed loopholes that entice them to come. families can't be detained more than 20 days.
5:34 am
that is not time enough to see a judge. they know that he will be detain ad few days, be released. look at families from central america, look at data on the books, 92% of central americans who claim aaisle up are from the border won't get relief from the government. they don't show up to court, don't file in court or lose cases. until congress closes loophole you will see them coming. i said last week, i.c.e. needs to do a nationwide operation. look for the family groups and adults who have had due process at great taxpayer expense, ordered removed by a judge. we have to execute those orders. if we don't, those orders mean nothing there is no integrity of our system. i did that three years ago. that resulted immediate decrease in crossings on the border. we have to show central america we're serious about enforcing our laws. brian: you doesn't need congress to do that. does kirstjen nielsen decide i.c.e. is empowered to do that?
5:35 am
>> you have to prioritize the criminals, i get. i did when i was director. in fy 15, i when this was out of control, i said look, i have to arrest the people ordered removed by a federal judge. that is my job. we spent a lot of money. they have a right to claim asylum. they have a right to see a judge. okay. we'll do that. but once they see a judge, get the final order to be removed from federal judge we need to execute it. i.c.e. can make the decision. department would have to support it. we did it. i did it. and it worked. ainsley: what do you make of the left claiming that people are dying in custody at the border under the trump administration? >> two children died in border control custody. let's be honest, terrible tragedy but first of all you have to blame the parents for dragging their children 1000 miles through the desert. the border patrol did everything that they could to save the children. people don't talk about the
5:36 am
4,000 people that the border patrol saved that were found dying in the desert. they don't talk about that. before i recently retired we have nine to 12 deaths in custody. but we have 350,000 people from third world countries, many have never seen a doctor coming into our custody, so they're in bad shape. unfortunate anybody died, but nine to 12 is pretty good number compared to new york state. aoc, likes to yell about people dying in i.c.e. custody, her own state has three-times as many deaths in custody and they deal with 90,000 people as i.c.e. does. 1/3 the deaths a lot more people coming through the process. when i was in i.c.e., we spent half a billion dollars for medical care for illegal aliens. the numbers are sad but i think our medical program in i.c.e. is better, we have less deaths, name a state, penal institution, any other problem we beat most of them. steve: that son the southern border. yet, tom, watch this, this is a bit of a nbc news report, says
5:37 am
just don't worry about the southern border, worry about canada. watch. >> it's here in vermont where we joined u.s customs & border protection. to best understand why increasing number of migrants come to canada to enter the u.s. illegally. all mexican nationals need is 300-dollar airline ticket and 7-dollar canadian entry fee. >> does canada make things for difficult for you because it is simple for somebody from mexico to fly to canada without need after visa? >> definitely an area that can be exploited. >> while the raw numbers are small compared to the southern border, new government statistics illustrate a trend. 90% increase of undocumented migrants captured along the u.s.-canada border. 232% increase on icy treacherous, vermont quebec border. steve: a lot of people don't realize that. tom, how big of a problem is that? >> it was a problem.
5:38 am
when i was i.c.e. director i took a northern border tour. took a helicopter from vermont midway through new york. i grew up in the area. during the winter time people can walk across a river, take a boat across the river. can get into the united states in 30 seconds. we have to look at numbers. what northern border arrests in a year, southwest border arrests in a week. when you have plugs in the dam, you have to plug the hole that is the biggest that is southwest border. i assigned more special agents up there, more assets to work with local and state. we have great working relationship with royal canadian mounted police. we attack smuggling director. border patrol increased assets and technology on the northern border. it's a problem being addressed but the biggest problem is way south. brian: no question. i wish both sides realize there
5:39 am
is a problem that needs to be addressed yesterday. seems like, democrats are just ignoring it. these numbers don't lie. there is no political, there is no political angle to these numbers. >> exactly right, brian. look i said it many times. the democrats even though i'm very disappointed in democratic leadership, they're not that stupid they don't know the numbers are not real that we have problem. this is political stance against the president. if the president fixes the border issue that is terrible for them in 2020. this is about recision hating this president more than taking responsibility to secure the border. they know there is a problem. they're smart people. ainsley: thank you, tom. good to see you. >> good to see you. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian who has some headlines for us. jillian: good morn. let's start with the story, tulsi gabbard refuses to call the president of syria a war criminal. >> do you believe that assad is a war criminal? >> i think that the evidence needs to be gathered and as i
5:40 am
have said before if there is evidence he committed war crimes he should be prosecuted as such. jillian: the congresswoman said she is skeptical of bashar al-assad government carried out chemical attacks that killed dozens of people. the u.s. intelligence blames the regime. a woman is mauled by a jaguar, takes a selfie. apologizes to the arizona zoo. we hear the terrifying 911 calls for the first time. >> she got attacked by one of our jaguars. [inaudible]. jillian: onlookers pulled the woman to safety as someone used a water bottle to distract the cat. she will be okay. crazed fan storms the field to blind side a soccer player. the soccer punch coming in the middle after bitter rivalry between two teams in europe. victim went on to score the game-winning goal. the man was arrested and
5:41 am
reportedly pleaded guilty to assault this morning. this driver is totally love stuck. a man gets his car trapped in the sand trying to take his girlfriend for a romantic ride on the beach. california police say it took seven hours to move the car using a tractor. the man was cited for driving on the beach. it is unclear if his girlfriend stuck around. usually you have to take air out of tires, bigger tires. that is not the way it works. that is is not going to work. ainsley: no. steve: sometimes you don't think straight when you're in love. brian: love drunk is real condition, right, janice dean. janice: love drunk? brian: yes. an. janice: i'm in love with you guys every day. brian: no breathalyzer needed. janice: i hear it is spring break. we have a lot of "fox & friends" fans in new york city. look at temperatures. it is mostly sun is any right now. 42 in new york.
5:42 am
across the northern plains and great lakes it feels like winter time. across the south, we have warmer temperatures for potential of stronger storms tomorrow. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes for parts of the southern plains. we could see some flash flooding's well. the west is wintry next couple days with higher elevation snow. you want to say high to steve, ainsley and brian? >> hi. janice: thank you for coming. >> hi. ainsley: thank you. steve: warming up out there. ainsley: 42 minutes after the top of the hour. house republicans demanding new answers from michael cohen after major conflicts during his testimony. a letter from his lawyer. brian: that just came in. steve: basketball great dirk nowitzki dunking on younger players caring more about social media than winning a game.
5:43 am
larry winget says dirk is on the money. the he is next. ♪
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♪ jillian: good morning to you, welcome back. some quick headlines. 400 firefighters could lose their jobs so other first-responders could get raises. houston mayor silverter turner says slashing the force is only way to get the voter mandated wage hikes. layoff notices are expected to be mailed in the next few weeks. brian, listen up traveling with the emotional support peacock will be a thing of the past. brian is devastated. the airline will only allow dogs and cats as service dogs. miniature horses will be allowed in some circumstances.
5:47 am
brian: that is nice. midget horse. jillian: back to you guys. steve: thank you very much. brian: key house republicans demanding answers get this, in letter to michael cohen's attorney. this is the way we are starting the week. steve: new questions over conflicting statement the made by michael cohen. house intelligence chairman adam schiff. ainsley: griff jenkins live in washington with the latest. reporter: remember, fox news was first to report that democratic staff from adam schiff's house committee traveled to new york four times, met with cohen's 10 hours in advance of the public testimony. this morning we're learning a lot more about a letter addressed to cohen's attorney, michael monaco, ranking member, jim jordan and mark meadows regarding conflicting statements made by cohen and schiff. it cites cohen's testimony back where this exchange happened. jordan, let moo me ask you one question. what did you talk to mr. schiff about? >> i spoke to mr. schiff about topics that were going to be raised at upcoming hearing.
5:48 am
the letter references comments made by schiff to cbs, the extent of his contacts with cohen was inviting him to testify allaying concerns about the president's threat against his family. in a statement to fox news a spokesman for schiff says, despite professed outrage by republicans it is completely appropriate to allow conduct proper sessions and review the testimony. such sections are routine part of every serious investigation around the country including congressional investigations. jordan and meadows feel differently. that is why this letter is asking cohen to provide two things, one a complete description and account for all communications between cohen and schiff, including dates, times, topics and complete description and account of all communications between lawyers and team members between cohen and team schiff. guys? brian: unbelievable. talking about 14 hours of meetings. adam schiff was not even candid. he said it was logistics and security. you don't speak for 14 hours and go to new york city four
5:49 am
separate times visit with staff if it is just about logistics. someone is not telling the truth. reporter: that's right, brian. it is turning out to be for all of the testimony that cohen has given on capitol hill in recent weeks, seems to be raising more questions than providing answers we thought would be closing the book. brian: unbelievable. thanks, griff. basketball great dirk nowitzki dunking on younger players for caring more about social media than actually winning. larry winget says dirk is right on the money. he is here to explain how to get off instagram for good. ♪ to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis.
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>> good monday morning from "america's newsroom." we'll have the latest on that deadly crash in ethiopia that killed all 200 people on board. the moves countries are making in the wake of that crash. president asking for billions more funding to build a border wall in the latest budget proposal. how that is going over this morning. not in the race yet. joe biden leading a herd of democrats in the iowa polling. join us at the top of the hour. brian: retiring dallas mavericks legend dirk nowitzki says the new generation of nba players care more about the followers on social media than winning games. ainsley: he told the at lettic, quote, i don't know if it is about winning as much anymore as looking good on instagram, twitter, having followers and clicks and likes. guys would sit around the room waiting for coach to talk. during the waiting there were
5:54 am
conversations taking place. now 15 guys are on the phones. steve: larry winget author of personal development, what is wrong with everything. he joins us in the sport coat in phoenix. larry, apparently for professional athletes social media snaking them less social. >> that is true but applies to everybody in society right now. isn't it amazing we used to judge players by how many points they score but they judge themselves for how many likes they get and how popular they are. that is sad commentary on society, we've gotten to the point popularity is how we measure our own success and validate ourselves. what happens when we're no longer the flavor of the day or somebody else can post provocative, sexy or more posts in general to get more likes? i think it is sad. brian: technically it's a real problem. the commissioner of basketball says the same thing. it is causing depression with these players.
5:55 am
listen. >> i think we live a bit in the age of anxiety. i mean i think it's, i've read studies on this i think part of this is direct product of social media. >> yes. >> and i think those players we're talking about, when i meet with them, what strikes me they are truly unhappy. if you're around a team in this day and age, there are headphones on. they're isolated. and their head is down. brian: multimillionaires playing a surging sport in american culture. how do you explain isn't. >> well it is hard to explain, exempt for the fact that we look to others to make us feel good about ourselves, instead of our own accomplishments, our value and contribution. these guys should be saying did i make a contribution to the team? we have to look around to say are we making a contribution to our families, our society, feel good about yourselves when we do that not trying to make ourselves look better to people we don't know who we don't care
5:56 am
about who like post pictures of ourselves. ainsley: there is study. we spend 45 minutes per day on social media. what is your message to parents? >> that is the most important part. this is the opportunity for parents to say what contribution are you making. please get past the fact, whether other people like your posts. it is not a popularity contest. it is always going to be about the value you bring, the contribution you bring. please teach your kids to do that. brian: i don't blame the kids. this was forced on them. they didn't ask for them. now third grade looking at phones. we want to tell them it is all addicted to it. that it was their fault. it is not. it was ours. thanks, larry. >> thank you. steve: we'll check our phones. ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us.
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