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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  March 11, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> richard: i do. it was wonderful being with y'all, and human should have empathy. we should decide to see the world and some of neil's shoes. >> kennedy: and oak strangers. >> richard: be in their shoes for one day. >> melissa: and i love your shoes, so there you go. we are back at noon tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: we are waiting the priest from the white house as the budget proposal threatens to revive a border wall battle peerless cost between six and a prayer than harris faulkner. the president is asking congress for $8.6 billion in new wall funding as part of his budget proposal. it fixes all but certain rejection of the democratic house but it also comes as the senate is set to vote this week on the measure to reject the president's declaration of a national emergency at the u.s.-mexico border. coming up atop the next hour, press secretary sarah sanders and acting budget director russell bott will brief report is for the house on that. let's get the news. chief white house correspondent
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john roberts now from the north lawn. so this coming together quickly. >> it is, yeah. it's at one of those rare days when we are a briefing here. they are going to be living it off. certainly, sarah sanders will take some's questions on the related or unrelated issues as well. you mentioned the democratic opposition on capitol hill to what's going on today, coming out of the white house. before this was even released, harris, democrats were declaring this budget to be dead on arrival. the main reason come as you mention come at $8.6 billion of the president is asking for to complete construction of a portable. here's the way it breaks down. $5 billion will be in the dhs budget, $3.6 billion from the defense and military construction budgets, which will complete in total 722 miles of border barrier. customs and border protection is projecting that another 180,000 people will be apprehended at the border in the next few months. projections are as high as 58,000 for the month of march,
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and may be as high as 70,000 in may. here is the acting director, on that particular angle. >> would you have any $.6 billion request for congress to complete the wall. this is in addition to the billions of dollars that we are securing who the president's declaration of a national emergency. as you know, this is an area where we are tired of being right. the board situation is deteriorating by the day, when we started this conversation throughout last year democrats were saying that there was no national emergency. >> the theme of the budget being released today his promises kept, putting taxpayers first, and there are plenty more reasons why the democrats are not going to like it. it calls for $2.7 trillion in spending reductions over ten years. $1.9 trillion of that is going to come from mandatory spending reductions. a lot will come from slowing the growth of medicare, reforms to drug pricing, as well. and they will be a 5% cut in the
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discretionary spending. the democrats likely want to go with it. the proposal planted balance the budget by 2034. it also makes a new requirement for welfare, so people who use public housing or food stamps left to put in hours and at her job, job training, or community service. the big ticket at an all this is defense. after the president was thinking about reducing military spending, the $700 billion from current levels just under $720 billion, he was talking to increasing it to just $750 billion. all of this just a suggestion, harris. [laughs] democrats are suggestive of the president can take his budget and put it where the sun don't shine. >> harris: oh, dear! >> we will see how it goes. >> harris: it's hard to believe we are back to this battle but we are. and the men about the journey put forth an idea to get drug cartel money to help pay for it. good to see, we will come to you as the news is made with a press
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briefing. bill cassidy sits on the senate finance committee. he is headed to the white house later today to talk about president's national emergency declaration. and the upcoming vote in the senate. great to see today. the timing is auspicious for us. as you had to talk with the president. my first question, though -- and what i'm most excited to talk to you about -- your idea to use drug cartel money that was received to help pay his north of three to $60 billion. how did that come about in this ago and have? >> it's uppsala going to happen. it was my idea so thick at the fabless idea. >> harris: [laughs] >> even if it were not, i was so thick it's fabulous from selling drugs in united states commuter traffic and come under the criminal activity. they now need to transfer it back to, say, mexico. the fact that the recapture that money, to use it for increased border security, theoretically
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could increase the amount of money we see in the future from related activities. that puts a crimp in the financing of criminal activities hopefully decreasing criminal activity strengthen our border security. >> harris: i've talked with a lot of leadership and i might be wrong by like a billion dollars or so but it is both cases north of $60 billion, what the cartels are scraping and what we pay to actually fight them. and it's an interesting juxtaposition. spending as much as they are making. does this in some way attack that? >> think about it, they are moving at least $60 billion out of the rest of the countries. in some cases, financing has the law and terrorism. we are getting $5 billion. that means they are successfully moving $55 billion a year. that is another national emergency, and until we are able to confiscate more of their
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money or they are moving less, it shows you how ineffective the current policies are. and what a justification there is for more aggressive policy. >> harris: senator cassidy, what will it be like on the hill and democrats in nancy pelosi and chuck schumer of the house and senate respectively are saying, "no way, we bought have this argument?" we just have argument, we came out with a bipartisan agreement of just drive $1.4 billion for the wall. and now he is scooping up and say "i want more, let's get it done now." >> i think argument from their side becomes different ever. they have within your chosen "washington post," which spent about a year denying that there is a problem, now making statements such as, "the border is at a crisis breaking point." when you have your allies in the media conceding the point to president trump, may be the argument is shifting. and maybe those folks better get on the right side of history. >> harris: is interesting, when you look at other polling it would seem that people don't want the president to do this by
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declaring a national emergency and facing a veto and all of that. are there more members now among the republicans who are willing to stand tough? it seemed like there would be 15 or so who might vote with republicans. today we were reporting them or is back down to four. >> i think the president has done an extremely good job making a legal justification of what he is doing. again, as you mentioned earlier, i will be meeting after this interview with representatives from the white house. but they have circulated memos again showing that president obama invoked a national emergency on the southern border as part of his daca resolution, if i remember correctly. that's not to say there is not concerned about going forward. we will see how the bill eventually comes out through the
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senate, but you have headlines in "the new york times" saying that the border is at a breaking point. >> harris: >> harris: yeah. >> that is persuasive. >> harris: let me throw one and from the "times" article last week that caught my eye. those about the young mother, the 36 36 euros, held in the he in raped repeatedly. forced to work with people who had brought her across the border illegally. and that story was, "we pay with our bodies." those lemon reports now coming from others in the mainstream media. before i let you go, you sit down with a represented or somewhere you with the resolution, and what you think will pass? >> i think trump is going to get the money. >> harris: the $8 billion plus close to market think that'll happen? >> oh, yeah. and the wall will be built. they may be an amendment on the bill so we will see what looks like. that's unprecedented so it gives little bit more latitude as to what can be done with it. the money will be there. and the wall, which the president has suggested will be built. >> harris: is that crippling politically as you look at these presenter candidates on the left, as they go forward? they now can't fund raise.
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just real quick and i've got to let you go. >> [laughs] i can't imagine what people in the left you want to abolish ice and open borders are thinking that when they read "the new york times" articles. i can't speak for them. >> harris: welcome it's not a done deal yet. he will take a look at that resolution and see what's in it. but you did bring forth that idea about getting some of the drug cartel money to pay for the wall. senator bill cassidy, thank you. the great state of louisiana, great to see. >> thank you. >> harris: fox news alert now, new york senator and 2020 democratic senator don my candidate cares to brand is responding to newport detailing a former staffer's allegations that the senator 's office mishandled her sexual harassment claims. she has been a prominent supporter of the #mealsalso movement and she responded today. he is part of that. " when allegations are made in the workforce, workplace, we must believe women some serious investigations can actually take place. we can learn the facts. and there can be appropriate accountability."
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that's exactly what happened every step of the way in this case last year. i told told her we looked at the time on the same is true today." to congressional correspondent mike emanuel's level now. i don't think love is the point. that's not really what's being argued here. mike? >> harris, good afternoon tea. the #metoo movement has graded an awkward moment for the female senator and presidential candidate. kirsten gillibrand has been a proponent of the leading women when they make these kind of sexual harassment allegations. women in their mid-20s, it is revealed, quit her job in protest of the way the book complete was handled in a former staffer was critical of julie brown for not living up to her standards. delegation is a male aide who was more senior and married made unwelcome advances and sit in the appropriate things. kirsten gillibrand's communications director, whitney mitchell brennan, saying that male employee has been held accountable. "recently we learned of never before reported and deeply troubling comments allegedly made by the same individual.
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the office immediately began another investigation and interviewed relevant witnesses, which is led to the office terminating the employee from staff last week. these kind of issues have been front and center since kirsten gillibrand has been in the u.s. senate. >> this is a moment about all of you. >> undermining our country. >> all of you are speaking truth to power because you care about the future. you care about our children. you care about who is leading this country. the highest court in the land. >> angela brandt spent most of last summer urging her colleagues to update which he considered the antiquated sexual-harassment system here on l-uppercase-letter. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. three countries have grounded the boeing 737 max eight jet. investigators are pouring over the wreckage of a deadly plane crash in ethiopia, which killed
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157 people on board read everyone there including eight americans. the cat don't crash marked the second incident involving this type of aircraft in six months. >> harris, the black box from that boeing 737 the crash yesterday in ethiopia has been recovered as investigator search for answers about what led to this deadly tragedy. the airlines also said they have recovered the cockpit voice recorder. the flight two, et302, crashed yesterday morning just 6 minutes after takeoff outside of addis ababa, if you'll be. all 157 passengers on board were killed when the plane plummeted into an open field and exploded upon impact. the ceo of ethiopian airlines released new information today, saying the pilot had 8,000 hours of flight experience. after take off, the pilot reportedly said the plane was having technical difficulties and asked to return to addis ababa. as condones is important for
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families of the victim's loss in the crash, many countries around the world are grounding their boeing 737 max 8 planes until they can be inspected and cleared for flying. china, indonesia, and the cayman islands don't tell my joint ethiopian taking this extra precaution. >> we have grounded all boeing 737 -- 8 max fleet. which was involved in yesterday's accident. as a precaution safety measure. >> harris, the biggest airline in the united states, american airlines, says they have full confidence in their fleet of boeing 737 max 8 planes and they will not take any of them out of the lineup for the next few weeks during these investigations. harris question marks be one trait, thank you very much. new fallout now over the sentencing former trump campaign chair paul manafort. democrats are stepping up calls for the mueller report to be released publicly. i will talk with harvard law professor alan dershowitz when
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by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> harris: fox news alert of the special counsel investigation. the reaction to the sentencing of former trump campaign chair paul manafort as his attorney now says he had nothing to do with russia collusion. some critics want him given more time behind bars, with manafort due back in court this week for another sentencing. meanwhile, house intelligence chair adam schiff says mueller's investigation should not end without calling president trump to testify under oath. watch. >> i think it is a mistake. when you get written answers from the witness it's really the lawyers answers is much as the clients answer. here you need to be able to ask questions in real time.
10:19 am
>> harris: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge's life with the news on this in washington. catherine? >> thank you, harris, and a good afternoon. the former acting fbi director ran the russian investigation in its earliest stages. waiting on the mena fort sentence, the special counsel prosecutors, as you know, had pushed much longer than the 47 months. >> i think it's incredibly lenient lenient sentence. not just of the offenses he was convicted for, but the additional offenses that he has pled guilty to. the offenses using knowledge essentially in the sentencing process in virginia that he is responsible for. like most people, i was shocked by how lenient the sentence was. >> just be clear, manafort was sentence for bank and tax fraud in virginia. the guilty charges that mccabe appears to be referring to are actually in a separate case, harris, here in washington, d.c. that is the case manager will be sentenced on about midweek.
10:20 am
the court they are found that manafort violated his plea agreement to cooperate. he will be arguing against lindsay. for some context, the justice department inspector general from the former acting fbi director andrew mccabe lied to federal investigators about his role in a leak just before the presidential election in 2016 parade there was a criminal referral to the u.s. attorney here in washington for possible prosecution. at this time, mccabe continues to contest the findings. meantime, in this letter, to house republicans -- meadows and jordan -- are calling on michael cohen's attorney in chicago to deconflict his congressional testimony about context with chairman adam schiff, you heard from earlier in the segment. as well as his staff for the february 27th public hearing. >> what did you talk to mr. schiff about? speak i spoke to him about topis that were going to be raised at
10:21 am
the upcoming hearing. >> vixens of my contact was inviting him to testify and also trying to lay his concerned about the president's threats against him and his family. >> the issue here for republicans is one of those meetings crossed the line to coaching. our contacts in a report that cohen spent closer to 14 hours with schiff and the democratic staff, just for some additional congress that is twice the length of the february public hearing, harris. >> harris: this is the only time you ever hear words like "d conflict." is that just 54, "tells the truth about whether you met for the democrats?" >> the inconsistencies. what was meant by the chairman of the committee in terms of his contact. typically what happen is if there is a meeting before the system hearing, they will all know what the issues are on the
10:22 am
table in advance. >> harris: catherine herridge, great to have you always pray thank you very much. i want to bring in our alan dershowitz, harvard law professor emeritus. good to see today. i think you are probably able to hear catherine m. what i was saying is that "d conflict" word, when will you tell us the truth, are you telling us the truth, are you one? that sort of stuff. the one thing i caught that kind of stood out from adam schiff, chairman of the house intel, was not in the investigation. he added the words without talking with the president under oath. but i clearly got the part about "not in the investigation." >> well, first of all, i think people are making a mountain out of a mole hill out of this meeting that occurred. congressional staffers and members of congress meets with favorable witnesses all the time. for example, when they are being vented. they will talk about answers, they go over questions. the other side isn't there. this is just very common. the only problem would be if it
10:23 am
was coaching. if somebody from the democratic staff told him what to say, told him the change in answer. but the 14 hours of preparation for a couple of hours of testimony are typical of what lawyers do all the time. i don't understand this issue. just shows the way in which partisan issues dominate today. if the shoe were on the other foot, if these republicans briefing a republican witness, i don't see republicans complaining about that. i think we ought to have a neutral rule for both sides. >> harris: you know, it might just be the fact that when he was asked about it -- do you think you give a complete answer? you see it conflict and how michael cohen answer the question? "did you move democrats?" irrespective of whether there was coaching, did he give mr. ford answer question reckoning that's that's what the question is about. >> i think that's right, i think michael cohen has real difficulty giving straight answers. >> harris: where, he's got a credibility problem. >> but preparing a witness,
10:24 am
that's just done every day. >> harris: what to think what sitting down with new investigation under oath? chairman schiff says that to a weakness to the truth. what about the other answers are given writing? it's a casting doubt completely on that? >> he doesn't even have a basis for casting doubt. no reasonable lawyer would ever allow the president to sit down. president clinton did that come and he paid a very heavy price doing that. i think it was the right decision made by trump's lawyers, to answer questions. and not to allow the client to fall into a perjury trap. remember, a perjury trap can result from truthful testimony. if the president gave absolutely truthful testimony and michael cohen contradicted him, and the prosecutors decided to believe michael cohen, that would be a perjury trap. so i see no reason for the president to sit down to have a live testimony. he's not going to do it. that was made clear right from
10:25 am
the beginning. so this is just a political tactic to point out the president won't sit down and have life testimony. the president himself wanted to do it. but his lawyers very wisely said, "no way, we will let you walk into a perjury trap at the way that clinton's lawyers allowed him to be want to do perjury trap." >> harris: he also sued because it puts the bed with her he would talk tell the truth on the record. he wants to prove he could do that this is anybody's client would want to do that. before i let you go, what is important about what we saw in public? because we don't know what michael cohen said privately. at least we don't know yet. we have seen -- >> i think it's very important is michael cohen exculpated the president. basically he said, "look, the present give me a personal check to repay stormy daniels." that means it was the president's contribution. the president, of course, he's allowed to contribute as much as he wants to to a campaign. to was exculpatory. the other thing he said was that there was no hard evidence of an
10:26 am
inclusion with russia. although cohen said terrible things about the president personally and about his alleged morality, he didn't do anything to help any kind of legal or impeachment case against the president. >> harris: alan dershowitz, pleasure to have you on the program on this fine monday. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: "empire" actor jussie smollett has been indicted on 60 and fill in accounts following his report of an attack on the streets of chicago. he is now accused of lying to police about being jumped by two masked men who he claimed were yelling "this is maga country." he's excited to be arraigned on thursday. in the statement, they said, "he adamantly maintains his innocence even if the law enforcement has wrapped him of that perception." moderate joe biden and progressive bernie sanders are neck and neck in a new poll of likely democratic iowa caucus goers. is this another sign that voters should prepare for a battle
10:27 am
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>> harris: the legal team for a catholic high school student announcing plans to sue cnn over their coverage of an incident in january when 16-year-old nick sandman was seen on video face-to-face with a native american man during a rally in washington, d.c. according to his attorney, the potential damages reached $250 million. garrett tenney is live in washington with the latest on this. gary? >> harris, that viral video led to dozens of headlines and articles labeling the covington high school catholic student as a racist and bigoted for marking native american men on the national mall. nick sandmann, you see there, start going after the media outlets that push those false narratives which lead to death threats against him and his family. tomorrow is attorneys filing a lawsuit against cnn, seeking more than $250 million in damages for its reporting on the incident, which he argues will cause the high school junior to
10:32 am
be forever associated with racism. last night, the attorney, lynwood, told fox news that the media jumped on that initial narrative because it played into their war against the president. >> you've seen the tape. if you took the time to look at the full context of what happened that day, nicholas sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong. but you have a situation where cnn couldn't resist the idea that here's a guy, a young boy with a make america great again caps on. so they go after him. >> sandman filed a separate lawsuit against "the washington post" last month, seeking $250 million in damages. but his attorney said the lawsuit against cnn will likely be for even more than that amount. because the network was more vicious in its attacks, and broadcast the false reports to millions of homes. so far, cnn has not commented on the lawsuit. the post since it plans to mount
10:33 am
a vigorous defense, but there should be additional losses coming as well. his lawyers have sent letters to more than 50 media outlets and individuals warning them about a potential lawsuit, harris. >> harris: we will follow it as it happens. garrett tenney, thank you very much. a new poll of likely iowa caucus goers issuing former vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders are leading the crowded pack vying for the democratic party's 2020 nomination. the two candidates with the most name recognition stand out as early frontrunners, with biden pulling at 27% and sanders at 25%. meanwhile, senator sanders is a nice in new hampshire. medicare fraud free college. in a state that propelled him into the political mainstream in 2016. peter doocy with more. >> some of the lesser-known candidates are trying to explain how progressive moderate there. not bernie sanders. people already know he's a democratic socialist and he has
10:34 am
been warmly welcomed back to iowa and new hampshire by voters who loudly cheered when he talked about a tougher tax code for companies like amazon and g gm. >> we have some bad news for them. [cheers and applause] we will no longer accept a corrupt tax system. the wealthy and the private corporations will start paying their fair share of taxes. >> elizabeth warren is targeting big tech, too, but she's bristling at that democratic socialist label that sanders embraces as he sits near the top of early polling. >> to be distributed as a capitalist question up with the best way to describe you? >> i believe in markets. markets that have a cup of the beat and we have relit rules and the reader falls a bit and readily available stomach level playing field. >> so she get labeled as a
10:35 am
socialist question >> it's just wrong. >> donnan texas for the sxsw festival, the report was confirmed that she was once so frustrated that an aide forgot a fork that she ate a salad with a comb. >> the comb story was me doing a mom thing. i didn't have a fork. i used a comb. to eat a salad. very briefly, on a plane. in the macgyver move. >> but it worked on a texas company streamed a document about us on the campaign but still no word on the presidential campaign. >> harris: it so interesting, when you look at the polling and how there is a drop off after sanders and by then. thank you very much. i want to bring in spots on my paul steinhauser, new hampshire political reporter. we are seeing the candidates crisscross very good to have you on the program. talk with me about this drop off. we'll talk about the numbers,
10:36 am
that poll. bernie sanders, supreme name recognition. he had so much backing the last time he went against hillary clinton. biden, of course, has been vice president. beyond that, how do you explain it? what happened? >> it's all about name i.d., harris. you're absolutely right. it's an early part of the primates. remember, we've got a year to go before people get to vote. in these early parts of the cycle, it's all about name identification. biden and bernie sanders have that recognition, have the name i.d. the rest of them, voters are just kind of getting used to them. the numbers will change. you mention the i would poll that came out, you're showing your viewers, another new national poll came out a few minutes ago at the university democratic voters. same thing, harris. biden and bernie sanders way ahead of the rest of the pack. that's a story line now. but it will change in 11 months. before he gets the start of the primaries and caucuses. >> harris: a better teacher some people, because when you look at sxsw -- alexandria,
10:37 am
sucre tas, who is too young constitutionally to run for president, she actually was bringing a bigger crowd than the presidential candidates. i want to move on and talk about the politics of the two men at the top. president trump has grabbed one of bernie sanders big platforms and that was criminal justice reform passing legislation that is landmark. we have others in the party that are really making him look a lot less socialist because they are democrat socialists. so they are giving parts of this platform. who is bernie sanders this time around? >> know we have made them kind of mainstream in the democratic party. now he's got a lot of these rivals for the nomination with the same exact proposals. i spoke to a lot of bernie sanders supporters at that event yesterday new hampshire. peter doocy was just talking about it. all of them are still with bernie. they said, "listen, he's the one who started and he will finish it." other supporters from 2016 are
10:38 am
shopping i'm looking for somebody else with the same policies. somebody younger. >> harris: i don't know if you want to talk too much age about this, but here's another person who may be talking about the sins we have government taking over big tech. this is senator warren. >> what i'm saying is we got to break these guys apart. you want to run a platform? that's fine. you don't get to run a bunch of the businesses as well. you want to run a business customer that's fine. you've got to run the plant platform. antitrust law has been around for more than a hundred years, and the federal government has done this many times. >> harris: when you say you're not a socialist that she says? >> this is our elizabeth warren got her name, taking on wall street. remember that, back about a decade ago. this is par for the course for warren. but the other candidates are now going after match that, if they want to get that love from the progressive base in the democratic party. >> harris: grew quickly, talk about joe biden. will his politics need to look like in order to run against pac
10:39 am
trying to figure out how far left they want to go? >> that's true, a lot of them want to go far left and they are trying to outdo one another. remember, there still a lot of democrats that want somebody a little more in the middle, little bit more centrist. and a lot of them are looking at dubai marina. my sources are telling me that biden could announced as early as next month. if that happens, it will be the change this race. >> harris: what does this do for republicans? and then i've got to let you go. >> it's an early christmas gift for republicans. you're hearing the president and republicans painting the democrats is too far to the left and socialist. you will hear them keep saying that over and over again. >> harris: well, they are doing it for themselves some cases, as well. paul steinhauser, think of her being with me. we will bring you back. it will gets attacked at a zoo. boy, this is all over the internet right now. going viral. trying to take a selfie. part of the incident caught on camera. the jaw-dropping story ahead. plus, we are awaiting a
10:40 am
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>> harris: i'm quitting and read this for you in case you can't tell. incredible pictures of that scene that could have come from the biblical story of jonah. that is a diver that is in the mouth of the whale. a diver off the coast of south africa scooped up in the whale's mouth. 51-year-old man was snorkeling and following some sharks when he swam right into the whale's mouth, head first. the will quickly spit him out, he was able to swim to safety. that is incredible. new details now on a jaguar attack at a zoo in arizona. it happened over the beacon. a woman who reportedly breached a barrier to take a selfie with the big cat, when the cat went after her.
10:45 am
part of the incident caught on camera. william la jeunesse come alive in our west coast newsroom with the story. this thing has gone viral. now we want to get all of the story. first of all, how in the world that she end up with the cat? aren't there pretty tall barriers? >> there are. i want to show you that right now for perspective. there are actually two barrier separating the animals from those who want to see them. take a look. a 3-foot high concrete barrier, a 4-foot wide setback, then the cage. so, is that enough to keep people safe from this? a woman on saturday climbed on top of that barrier and was about to take herself he when this female jaguar grabbed her through the fence. the victim last year needed eight stitches to his finger when he got too close. this time, the cat grabbed the woman's arm and sweatshirt. >> the claws that were retracted were differently outside of the cage and grasped around her hand. and she was holding it, her
10:46 am
other hand with her hand attached to the ball, screaming to get out. >> a quick i've been thinking visitor shoved a water ball through fence, distracting the cat just long enough for the man to pull the victim away >> she took one pot off, grabbed the bottle with the mouth, but her other paul was stuck on the lady's shirt. >> we are taking into consideration all aspects of safety pertaining to this because that's our biggest concern. >> after getting stitched up the hospital, the victim returned to the zoo on sunday and apologized, admitting the incident was her fault. a spokesman says the exhibit meets federal standards in the cat will not be euthanized. >> harris: well met, she got up in his grill. he wasn't having it. wow. i'm glad she's okay. william la jeunesse, thank you very much. we are now minutes away from the white house press briefing, as we get new details on the
10:47 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. em dana perino. we are expecting the first white house briefing at about six weeks, and a lot has happened during that time. it's going to start at 2:00 p.m., so don't go anywhere. plus, new national poll is out
10:51 am
on the democrats and who is favored to take on president trump in 2020. we have a horrifying story about a 6-year-old boy spending two months in the hospital racking up a nearly million dollar bill. how his parents could have easily avoided all of it. "the daily briefing" starts in just 9 minutes. >> harris: fox news alert, just moments from now the white house is set to hold a briefing on the administration's new budget proposal which seeks a $.6 billion in new wall funding. it comes ahead of it critical vote in the simplest week. where a number of republicans are expected to vote against the president, draining democrats. the president's decoration of an emergency at the board approved the power panel now. dan heninger, deputy editor of "the wall street journal" editorial page. judy miller, the pulitzer prize-winning author and both foxes contribute of. this is a battle of them up. i had on senator bill cassidy losing earlier, and he said the president is going to win this. >> it depends on what you mean by win. politically, more money?
10:52 am
presidents have a tendency to get the money they want even if congress doesn't appropriated. so that's the pattern we have seen so far. he's basically asking for six times the amount that congress appropriated. >> harris: let's talk brass tacks. senator kennedy and i were talking about the mainstream media coverage now. "the new york times" of that article about how women are paying with their bodies to come here. the horrific stories of getting here. another was the drug element. cassidy of course put forth, use the drug tattletale money for it looks like monday will come from the. you think brenna to replace or not? >> i do think we are in a different place. what is happening on the border, whatever you want to call it touching me her may not be an emergency -- it is a crisis. they are coming grid member supported. we see people trying to cross
10:53 am
the river with little children hating on their backs. there's going to be real problem or incident down there on that border, and somebody has got to take a political blame. the question is, is congress going to kick the can down the road are they going to respond? >> harris: you millions of is that. it's like the back of a vw, i just got married with all those cans prayed let's watch senator cassidy as i was speaking to him before. let's watch. >> i think it becomes different ever. because they have both "the new york times" and "the washington post," which spent about a year denying there's a problem, now making statements such as, "the border is that a crisis point." when you have your allies in the media conceding the point to president trump, and maybe the argument is shifting. maybe those folks better get on the right side of history. >> harris: i don't want to put too fine a point on whether the speaker of house nancy pelosi lost, but is this part of the
10:54 am
continuing situation where she is not winning on this issue? "not $1 for the ball eczema" and he got nearly $1.4 billion. as you say, he could scoop a lot more >> he could come and he will take some of it from the defense budget which i think is a bad idea. these recent dhs much more. the problem now is that, as dan said, will the congress get serious and sit down and revise and reform? >> harris: why do we ever think that would happen? when they have had decades to do it. they had a former president who already declared an emergency and declared some daca -- >> their good looks to be of the blame for the crisis. at the moment, the senators correct. the democrats are beginning to look totally obstructionist. no ideas other than to not give president trump any kind of accomplishment on anything. >> but the problem is he has gotten a lot of money already. and we only have 111 miles of wall being repaired or built on
10:55 am
his watch, so we've had billions -- >> harris: that's an interesting point. haven't had any democrats say the walls don't work? and they going to put in those barriers that you see? have democrats said, "let's take on the 600 plus miles of all that we already have?" >> beto o'rourke's only democrat of the moment who is calling for that. i think most of the democrats are horrified by that notion because they don't want to be accused of being soft on security. >> harris: yeah. what happens, do you think come with a declaration? because now we have fewer republicans who are doing democrats. last week it was 15, today's four. >> i think it will probably be voted on for the president will veto it. i think you will be on the offense at that point. because he does appear to be the one individual involves, agree or disagree with his policies, who is trying to do something about the crisis down there. the one that is so interesting. great to see you both.
10:56 am
i will be right back. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. call 1-833-844-6705 need cash? at newday usa, veteran homeowners can get 54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by 600 dollars every month. go to, or call 1-833-844-6705
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11:00 am
>> harris: a very busy hour, as we're learning more about a resolution the president wants to put forth in a budget proposal that has a lot of money for the wall. keep watching. >> dana: fox news alert. a white house briefing about to get under way, as the trump administration unveils its new budget plan. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the president's record $4.7 trillion spending plan arriving on capitol hill earlier today. john roberts is live in the james grady briefing room. john, many people may not realize, the budget process, it takes months to get it done, starting back in july. >> reporter: it does. it only takes a matter of minutes for congress to say, we're not accepting any of this. what you're going to see this afternoon is more pro forma than anything.


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