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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 11, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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don't forget about me. i will be on tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. fox business network for "making money." meanwhile, here's "the five." they are next. thank you very much. ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with dagen mcdowell, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." president trump kicking off a new showdown with congress today by releasing his fiscal 2020 budget plan and requesting over $8 billion more in bordereau funding. white house press secretary sarah sanders earlier today addressing the president's national security approach to securing the border. >> he's doing his job. he's doing a congress should be doing. he took an oath of office, and he has a constitutional duty to protect the people of this country. we have a humanitarian and
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national security crisis at our border and the president is doing his job in addressing it. he gave congress number of opportunities to address it and they failed to do so. the president is taking his constitutional authority that congress granted him -- let's not forget the only reason he has authority to call a national emergency is because congress given the right to do so. >> dana: also addressing about whether or not mexico will be paying for the wall. >> is there anything in the budget request that has mexico paying for the wall. >> as the president has stated a number of times, through the trade deal that we look forward to getting past, that will be part of how it takes place. >> dana: house speaker nancy puller pelosi -- saying that the request for additional bordereau funding will be dead on arrival. the president tweeting:
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"republican senators have a very easy vote this week. >> greg: we have been through this for decades. it's not trumpian. it's a republican-democrat dance. what does a republican do? cut government programs and increased military spending and then the democrats say it's dead. can i bring up the greg theory? the budget as 1.1 trillion this year and then 1 trillion for the next three years, $4.1 trillion to the deficit. i'm sorry. it's adding 4.1 trillion to the debt, 1.1 trillion per year deficit. did i do that correctly? >> dana: dagen. >> greg: if the government collects $3.7 trillion in taxes on average this year, why don't we make the deal that we don't collect any taxes. we all get to keep our entire paychecks for a year and we pledge that we won't spend any more money then we can for four years. >> jesse: greg for president.
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>> greg: we will only be 3.7 trillion in debt instead of 4.1 trillion. >> jesse: i think you just won iowa. >> dana: onto new hampshire. >> greg: if we don't care about the debt deficit, then let's not pay taxes. we promised we won't have any spending increases for four years. i'm trying to make it interesting. >> dana: i have some good stuff. how did the markets react? >> dagen: no big deal. this is not going anywhere. this is the big problem with his budget and politics in general. nobody cares that the debt is going out. democrats are trying to make an issue out of it, which is just horse hooey. wringing their hands and getting their trousers and a twist. the republicans don't care about it either. >> dana: economists saying that they are not as worried about it. >> dagen: he said if you can
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borrow at these low, low, low, rates and then we can invest it and make a better return on it. makes my head spin because again, the day is going to come where we can't borrow at less than 2.7% a year over ten years. we might wake up one morning and it's 4% or 5%. either way, the interest on the national debt is going to top what we spend on defense spending in just a few years. >> dana: juan, did you love budget day or hate budget day of "the washington post"? >> juan: it's complex, you have to add up the numbers. someone complains about the way you add up the numbers. >> dana: i used to avoid budget day at all cost. >> juan: people take it quite seriously, even though you say that it's dead on arrival. it's seen as a statement of the president's priority. it's definitely a political document in terms of what it says to his followers which is why i disagree with you, dagen. i think when democrats complain about deficits now, it's not so much to say you drove up your
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own deficits in your time and therefore your complaints are, what did you say -- force? the irony here is republicans have a long legacy of saying deficits matter. with this president suddenly we didn't say that, we didn't mean it. >> jesse: i'm about to say something i never thought i would say. juan is right. republicans don't care about budget deficits. they don't care about the debt. both parties don't care about it. it's a merry-go-round of insanity. this is dead on arrival, as everybody says. it's his wish list. i like the priority to put that much money for the border wall. if he had stuck with 20, or $25 billion big ask that he had at the beginning, he'd be able to negotiate for moral position of strength. why am i telling the president about the art of the deal.
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>> dana: impeachment or not impeachment, according to nancy pelosi. she did an interview in which she said "i'm not for impeachment. this is news. i'm going to give you some news right now, because i haven't had this to any press person before but since you asked and i've been thinking about this, impeachment is so divisive to the contrary that unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country, and he's just not worth it." setting aside that last dig, no impeachment? >> greg: she is a smart cookie if i can still say that. she knows impeachment will do three things. it will bring up the best in trump. he likes to fight. it will generate some of the in anger him into a folk hero. he might like the impeachment process, look what it did to bill clinton. and it handicaps the dems. it spreads it too thin.
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they have two years to figure it out and she is saying you try to win an election. stop chasing this guy. >> dana: you think she's trying to send a message that were going to focus on governing? she said if it was compelling, overwhelming, and bipartisan, we would do it. >> juan: i think what she is saying is in fact a lot of the requests for, for example, material information from the white house, a lot of continuing investigations under going on, she is saying let's put our money on that as part of the 2020 effort. because basically what you're going to see is there going to say hey, this is still a problem for president trump. why put ourselves in the way of president trump's arrows in terms of saying impeachment. these people are trying to undo the 2016 election. >> dana: do you think she's trying to help the democrats? >> jesse: it helps the democrats and it helps the country and rarely do those things coexist because it will divide the country if it's not an overwhelming high crime and misdemeanor.
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if the democrats overeat and impeach on something as partisan as taxes or something like that or stormy daniels, you're going to see huge backlash. she's not going to have a gavel for that long. i'm not saying that she is old. she is seasoned. she has seen this before. she's very wise. you can have these house things slip in a heartbeat on war, on corruption, on overreach. the last time the democrats overreached on obamacare, they lost the house. >> dagen: this is why the democrats took the house back. she sent this message out to them long before people went to the polls in november. if you go back and look at the messaging, she said cut it with the impeachment talk. then she can let jerry nadler and adam schiff do whatever they want to about document requests. >> dana: try to focus on governing. we'll see what happens. >> get labeled as a socialist. >> it's just wrong. >> dana: elizabeth warren pulls back from the dems progressive movement. will it backfire?
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robust market in america. that's how capitalism should work. >> let's call it american capitalism for lack of a better word. not providing middle-class people and poor people the security or the opportunity that it used to. i believe we need to ask more of people at the top in this country. >> we have to make defeating climate change the number one priority. >> when i see the corrosive divide, and instead of trying to find ways to bring us together in times of crisis, he finds ways to bring us apart. this is donald trump. >> juan: you heard elizabeth warren trying to separate herself from the growing support of the democratic party for socialist ideas. that may be the wrong move. study finds young people are embracing it. bernie sanders was a no-show, choosing to campaign in iowa where he and potential 2020 contenders are joe biden are currently in the lead in the latest polling. jesse, i think you are the youngest person at the table.
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>> greg: [clears throat] >> dana: he didn't say shortest. he said youngest. >> juan: generation z for the viewers, people aged 3 to 23. for generation z, the youngest people, mass shootings, health care. >> jesse: i am generation x. i don't need to know we stand for. does anybody know what we stand for? v7 generation x, 39 to 53. you care about health care, terrorism, national security, and you're going to like this, dagen, the debt. >> jesse: count me out of the debt but i definitely care about national security and health care. i don't know why these people don't understand what capitalism is and the difference between capitalism and socialism. i have to maybe get out on the street and educating them like i
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used too. it's probably because i have left the street. people don't understand what sxsw is. it's like a capitalism orgy. people and companies flying from all over the world, driving in their gas guzzling cars to exchange ideas, sell music, sell products and technology and everyone is coming there to bash capitalism? it doesn't make much sense. i remember interviewing a young woman who was there and she was dressed up as little bo peep. she had a pacifier in her face was painted. i said what do you think about trump? she goes i think trump is crazy. i am looking at her and she's dressed up like this and i think, you think trump is crazy and you look like that? that's why the irony is lost on these people. the democrats are so smart, they think, that they are not self-aware to go and bash capitalism in a place like this, i don't understand it. one of the reasons sanders -- excuse me, elizabeth warren is trying to distance herself from
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socialism, her negatives are 20% right now, unfavorable rating. people don't like her very much. >> dana: sanders is doing better than her in the polls and he is talking about socialism. >> jesse: that's true and what's also interesting, from this color-coded chart, 30% to 50% have no idea or have no opinion of warren, kamala harris, beto o'rourke, cory booker. these people are undefined. >> juan: the generation z folks have a positive view of socialism, don't see there's any stigma attached to being called a socialist. >> dana: i am thinking, it's a thing to rebel against your parents. to say you are socialist and wear it proudly is basically poking your parents in the eye. when you are 3 to 23, i'm not going to put a lot of stock in that. i do think when they see
2:18 pm
conservatives making fun of them for saying socialism is good, it makes them embrace it more. no matter what it means. >> jesse: so should we stop making fun of them? >> dana: i think what warren is talking about, she wants an improved capitalism, whatever that means. i take a look at this piece that was written about her, warren put out this big thing about breaking up the tech companies. i'm sorry. the government is now here to help? she has an arbitrary number that if a company doctor $25 billion valuation, they would have to be broken up. and then she's complaining that facebook bought instagram and its stifling competition. does anyone feel stifled about posting on social media? i don't think anyone feel stifled. i think that's where she is headed. conservatives have to take it seriously. >> juan: dagen, 37% of the electorate in 2020 will be generation z and millennials. that's a big chunk who are
2:19 pm
supporters of greater socialism-type policies. >> dagen: i don't care if you are 18 or 80, you can smell a phony 5 miles away, and that's what elizabeth warren's problem is. she says she's not a socialist or whatever, democratic socialist. her wealth program to basically reclaim wealth in this country, confiscate wealth, is as socialist as you're going to get. he didn't even work in france, for god's sakes. and this is her big idea, other than breaking up the tech companies, which is not bad out there. there are a lot of people right or left to think they've gotten too big. to say that you're going to confiscate people's money just because they earned that money and have that money, it's not an income tax. it's not a tax on spending or behavior. it is literally the government going in your bank and taking your money. she's a socialist and she's annoying and that's why her negatives are bad.
2:20 pm
>> juan: greg, i give you an opportunity now to attack older white males. biden and sanders in the lead in iowa. biden, 27 points. sanders 25. nobody else's close. >> greg: together they are over 300 years old. i have to say number one, socialism is, as i have said, the freddy krueger of ideologies. every decade it comes back and kills a bunch of people and then we forget about it. these young people, generation z are coming from the campus where the cultists, the professors, refused to expose the evils of their religion which is socialism. however, we've got to talk about sxsw. we're letting them off the hook here. how do you know sxsw is over? when cnn is there. cnn is doing a trivia contest. that's how you know when you quit pot, when your parents start up. when your parents are going to sxsw enduring trivia contest, you are no longer edgy.
2:21 pm
what would have been edgy is if someone held a socialist happy hour. open up the bar. free bar. behind there, a live feed of venezuela of all the looting, lack of electricity, power outages. you can have your free beer, socialist, but this is what you're ideologies are causing. that would have been edgy and unusual in sxsw. >> jesse: you should do a pop up next season. >> dana: why doesn't "the five" go next year? >> greg: conspicuous consumption disguises virtue signaling and it's like watching your grandparents get high. which is not a bad thing. [laughter] >> juan: apologies to antonio, my son, who led a session at sxsw. a woman tries to get in the picture with a jaguar. stay with "the five" to see this one. car.
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♪ >> greg: taking a selfie with a jaguar, the cat, not the car. it's what experts would call a bad idea. in this era where people risk losing an arm for the likes, why not? a woman jumped a barrier at the wildlife world zoo in arizona to get a photo of the big cat which attacked. the woman's arm was torn open. the ugliness caught on a cell phone of course. i watched it six times. she has since apologized to the zoo, saying it was her fault. that's good. the story was viewed by zillions because they are like me, gross. in this case, it's a good thing because it reminds people of a few lessons. talking about the video, not the attack. although humans or animals, animals are not humans yet we are fooled by their adorable faces and think they like us and understand us.
2:27 pm
not so. given the chance that these will tear you to shreds. it's not personal. we care about being liked, or likes. when we seasoning appealing, we imagine showing at other people so rather than enjoying the moment, sunset, waterfall, deadly cat, we must get a better, closer picture. it is sad. people are dying for attention, literally. a rare case where social media can offer lessons were we to learn and reality would kill us. finally a cat video with purpose. i respect a lady because she apologize. i bet you kind of realized the dog -- the jaguar might be in danger. >> dana: that's the thing. we have to have more respect for these animals. they are already in captivity. they are in captivity so we can learn about them and be better stewards of them because as humans, we have dominion over the animals. we have to take better care of them. the jaguar felt threatened so of course i was going to happen. i do think it's good that she
2:28 pm
went back. she must've been mortified. the jaguar had to be put down because of her selfish openness trying to get as selfie. >> juan: that's what you meant when you said the jaguar might be in nature. >> greg: i think it might've happened before. they say selfie-caused deaths are up to 93 in 2017. it was three in 2011. i bet there's more because if you get hit by a car or something and you drop your phone, how do you know. >> dagen: a lot of falling off cliffs. >> juan: last week we had a woman hanging off a train. >> dagen: it takes me five hours to photoshop a selfie i take. i finally have figured out how to make my -- give myself some cheekbones and make my thighs look smaller. number two, i can't go down an escalator without tripping on busting my chin wide open. it's dangerous in more ways than
2:29 pm
we are even seeing here. >> greg: we are not enjoying moments. we are missing the big picture by trying to get the little picture. >> juan: i was in a museum yesterday and they had a whole exhibit of people taking pictures, selfies of themselves, because they say we've never had such easy access to photography in the history of the world. to my mind, what this is is all about vainglory. it's all about you in a certain place and then you posted on facebook or some other place and it's really not about illuminating anything. it's just saying i was there. i was there. i didn't just get a t-shirt. i got this lousy picture. and i might have died. >> greg: even though everybody has a camera, we don't have anymore pictures of ufos. is that weird? >> jesse: you would think they would be all over the place. i think there is still life out there somewhere. if she had pulled it off, it would have been an amazing selfie. i do understand what she was
2:30 pm
going for. jaguar at a zoo. millions and millions of likes. i get it. to your point earlier, it's more important to be on social media than to be in real life. if you ever see pictures of concerts. instead of people enjoying the concerts, there's 100,000 people with their phone and they are. you are enjoying the concert, paying this money so you can watch it later? >> dana: i don't think anyone watches it later. >> greg: i never do. >> dagen: you won't enjoy the concert if i'm there and you put the phone up like that because i'm smacking it out of your hand. >> juan: so many people do it. >> jesse: don't tempt fate, greg. >> greg: i keep thinking that i am building up a bank account with the animals but maybe not. the covington high school student who faced off with a native american activist is suing the media again. we will tell you who and why
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♪ >> dagen: the covington high school student who was the center of a confrontation with the native american activist back in january is again going after the media. fresh off the heels of a lawsuit filed last month against "the washington post, the high schooler is planning to sue cnn for more than $250 million. here's his lawyer. >> cnn was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on nicholas than "the washington post." nicholas sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong. cnn couldn't resist the idea that here is a young boy with a make america great again cap on. they are out there right away going after this young boy, and they maintain it for at least
2:36 pm
two days. why didn't they stop and take an hour and looked through the internet and find the truth and then report it. maybe do that before you report the lies. >> dagen: may be do that before you report the lies, greg. do they have a case? >> greg: i don't know but the lawsuit is necessary because cnn is incapable of learning. they repeat the same mistakes which are these divisive efforts to cancel people out. if i were at cnn, if i was jeff zucker, i would sit everybody down and say do you want to be part of this new trend of basically publicly blacklisting people, ruining their lives. if no one had put the brakes on this, that kid's life would have been ruined and anybody who happened to be a trump supporter would be next. consider how this would've turned out if there wasn't other video. cnn never would've taken a breath. they moved on from covington to smollett and even if you go back a few years, their antipolice narrative, they could have learned from that but they
2:37 pm
didn't. so this banishment craze they are on and what they could have done to this kid, even if the lawsuit is without merit or whatever, maybe it would cause them to sit down and think about it. do you want to be part of this mob, this new trend, or do you want to sit back and think about what you're doing? because it's going to happen to you. >> dana: i am nodding. i am agreeing. "the washington post" was also sued by the same group before on behalf of the young man. "the washington post" published an editor's note that said we shouldn't have done that. we should have done more reporting. they are trying to address it so when it goes in front of the judge and they might say there's no standing here. i am with greg. i don't know how it will turn out in court but if they have not filed a lawsuit, nobody would be talking about this. lawsuit strive for coverage and news. even if they don't get
2:38 pm
$250 million from cnn or "washington post" or whatever, putting it out there for all of us to talk about is worthwhile. >> dagen: the money amounts are meant to send a message. two media organizations, like your journalists should be belching file on social media, part of the mob, when they don't even know it's true. in the lawsuit filed against "washington post," it said one of the reporters there who worked on the story later retweeted the shortened video which basically told a story that was not true. >> jesse: i am sure zucker sent out a few memos telling everybody that checked themselves on social media or else they are going to cost the company of fortune. i've made a few gaffes in my career. cnn points fingers and laugh and they mock but at least i'm not responsible for a quarter of a billion dollar lawsuit. by smearing a minor. you are, not me. cnn is pretty cocky. they are in third place. i think half the country thinks
2:39 pm
they are fake news and now they are facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. what they've done now, and to greg's point which i think is a great one, they don't necessarily target popular people, famous people, talented politicians. they go after the little guy. >> greg: remember the woman who got the russian bot and they answered it and they cornered her. >> jesse: they go after anonymous people. they unmask random people. remember the guy who did the funny video on youtube of the body slam. they go after minors. that's bullying. they call out the bullies. they are the bullies. >> dagen: are the people over there so irretrievably stupid that they don't know to take a breath? if you're going to go after a teenager, high school junior, not a public figure but a private figure with something if you don't have the whole story. you're just going to lambaste this kid and try to destroy his life? don't they have one breath of
2:40 pm
revelation that they shouldn't do that? >> juan: i think it is a meritless lawsuit and i think this kid is being used by the right and i don't know who this lawyers but it sounds to me like there's a gravy train now. "washington post," cnn. he's become a hero who associate this with any media injustice against theagainst trump suppor. the key for me is -- >> dagen: i'm sorry. cnn and all these news organizations did this to me and told a story about me and basically rain hellfire down at me and my family and all of my buddies in school, my backside would be pretty chapped too to the tune of so far have a billion dollars. >> juan: no, you wouldn't. i think if you felt that way, dagen, you would say i want this over and i want people to know they were wrong. give me a second. here's the thing. they didn't create this tape. this tape come from somebody on the internet that the government
2:41 pm
still doesn't know exactly who they are but they could have been the russians, whatever, tied to brazil. that's that source of this tape and then in the social media age when the tape gets out there, everybody says of using this tape and you get people like cnn on "the washington post" reacting. >> dagen: no, no, no. >> greg: i don't know. i don't think they'll learn. they don't have any external -- the only external breaks you're going to have her from people like nick sandmann. that's the only way. if you don't do this lawsuit, people stop talking about it and they move on to the next outrage. >> dagen: the viral video that proves you been eating pineapple all wrong. that's next. i can't believe it. that there's a lobster in our hot tub? lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel?
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♪ >> jesse: welcome back. time for the fastest. internet losing its mind over this video showing the right way to eat a pineapple. apparently we've been doing it completely wrong. you are supposed of bullet apart in chunks. greg, this is how... [laughter]
2:46 pm
>> greg: blame the producers. you just pull it off? >> dana: this is nature's idea. that you could bullet. -- that you could pull it. >> greg: the worst way to eat pineapple, on a pizza. >> jesse: there you go. is that proper? dana, if you ever had a party at your house and greg did that come i think you would be offended. >> dana: i have a pretty high tolerance for being offended by greg. >> greg: you should have heard what i said in the break. >> jesse: you looked pretty offended. >> dana: i also liked it when i learned how to eat a mango properly. >> juan: that's what i was thinking. several years ago, someone taught me how you slice out mango new creative checkerboard in the middle on at all pops up. this is not quite as good but it's interesting. the difficult part about eating a pineapple is that if you get
2:47 pm
the skin in your mouth, it can stick you. >> jesse: i can't believe they gave me a knife for this segment. they thought that was a good idea. someone take this away. dagen. >> dagen: don't give it to me. pineapple, you are not allowed to eat it in my house because it gets everything sticky. the handle on the refrigerator, the doorknob. everywhere everything. >> jesse: it's good with vodka in it. >> greg: what isn't? >> dana: are you a vip across the street? >> jesse: i am. up next, one of the most heated debates. mayo or mustard. you can have both. hines created this new product which combines them both. they also have mayo-cue. mayonnaise and... >> dana: barbecue sauce. [laughter] >> jesse: and mayo-chup.
2:48 pm
i had this idea and you ripped it off. >> greg: i came up with something called mayo maroon five. you take out a maroon five cd and you squirt mayonnaise all over it. >> dana: i can't believe we haven't done this before. i like the mayomust. less plastic. you can just buy one. >> juan: the problem with this idea -- >> jesse: no one is eating them. >> dana: i am going to pilates pilates. >> juan: the problem with catch up is it has so much sugar in it. doctors tell you, use mayonnaise. but now views -- i mean mustard. now if you put mayonnaise with the mustard, mayonnaise has a ton of fat. >> dagen: witch doctor is telling you not to eat catch up? don't we have more problems in
2:49 pm
life? >> jesse: i am to try the mayochup. ketchup and mayonnaise. and finally a sweet story of a son helping his dad with his new business. this i'm posting this tweet, saying "my dad is sad because no one's coming to his new doughnut shop. he also included a photo of the empty parking lot and posted the address and the tweet went viral. by the next day, billy's doughnuts was complete leasehold out. i have a theory. greg, you probably think this is fake. >> greg: i fell for it. the first person i saw was jake tapper tweeted it and i was drinking i think and i was going, this is great. it's one of those things where you feel good doing something without doing anything. just retweet it. 9,000 retweets and then you say this is a brilliant marketing promotion because it doesn't feel like marketing.
2:50 pm
it feels totally like normal. and nice. i feel like it might've been devious marketing. >> jesse: you don't think this guy is actually selling doughnuts? >> dana: i think it was great. use whatever you have. if twitter is something you can use and it doesn't cost you anything and people know about this doughnut shop, i am all for it. >> juan: why would the guy not be selling doughnuts? >> jesse: greg has a conspiracy theory that it was shady. >> greg: i think it's brilliant. i fell for it. i love doughnuts. >> juan: i love doughnuts. i wear a homer simpson t-shirt that says "in doughnuts we trust." your kitchen handles, they would be a mess with me. >> greg: jelly doughnut. >> juan: is dana point out
2:51 pm
last week, craft was having problems. the doughnut guy was a gimmick? >> greg: throwing pineapples of babies. >> jesse: "one more thing" is up next. we humans are strange creatures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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♪ >> dana: time for one more thing, greg? >> greg: i'm so excited. look what we have here. [cats meow] gut get new stuff for the cat. first cat. the cat does what we were talking about the cheese challenge. look at that i don't even know if that's a nice thing
2:56 pm
to do to the cat. i have mixed things to do about that. can't eat that cheese it's got cat hair. go to the next one. this is just a kitten playfully biting this guy's hand. i'm not going to have any editorial judgment on this. i think is perverse. but it's an adorable kitten and then the last one you will love this one. very artistic. look at that huh? whoa. yeah amazing how high they can get up there. you know? it's incredible. >> dana: wow. shall we vote? is it cat number 1 with the cheese? was it the fondly kit on or leaping cat? >> three leaping cat. >> juan: 3. >> jesse: i'm going it 1. >> dana: 3. >> greg: 3, 1. i was going with 1. >> dana: i'm going next here i talked about mercy ships before. a surgical hospital ship that serves west coast of
2:57 pm
africa. does amazing work. there is a film. don't make fun south by southwest. first for good. and they went and see this trailer. take a listen. ♪ when the disease began. we heard that special doctors was coming. we began our long journey to the mercy ship. >> dana: this is the first time they have done. this mercy ship, of course they provided her the free healthcare life changing surgery. can you go to mercy and check out that film it's going to be great. juan, you are next. >> juan: he is not rudolph the red nosie nosed reindeer. fell through the ice on saturday a real hero showed up to save him. take a look.
2:58 pm
you may not have heard it but out there there is a applause from zoo visitors that this rescue is taking place in icy waters urging the animal out. the zoo says the keeper was not injured. but she does have a story. and i imagine she is going to be the employee of the month if not the employee of the year for getting that animal back on land, meanwhile, fox news, i think it's jesse watters is seeking an interview. >> dana: give her the parking spot for a year not the month. okay. jesse? >> jesse: dana, do you know how people say soccer is for sissies? >> dana: i know what you are going to show. >> jesse: people say it's not a contact sport. check out this guy. fan runs onto the pitch, they call it a pitch i believe and just backs this guy from behind. total cheap shot. >> greg: is he a real son of a pitch. >> jesse: he was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison.
2:59 pm
another soccer match in the u.k. for 10 years. >> dana: that's terrible. >> greg: that's a long time. >> jesse: if you are ever looking for a great breakfast in florida on the east coast, maybe if you are in latona florida. go to do yo dune deck cafe. tear the pineapple apart with your hand. honestly the best breakfast of all time. >> meghan and steve launched a line of beer for dogs. good boy beer. stop brewing the drink who one of the girls bone broth, fruit vegetables, herbs and spices. humans can drink it. >> greg: alcohol? >> no alcohol. >> greg: what's the point? >> dog can be more connected to your own life. >> dana: innovation.
3:00 pm
>> dagen: great one. >> dana: "special report" is up next with bret. hi, bret. >> bret: hi, dana, thanks. this is a fox news alert. for once president trump and nancy pelosi speaker of the house agree on something. there should not be impeachment. the speaker is just out with her latest reasoning at this point she doesn't think it is the right move. president trump and speaker pelosi are at odds once again on funding a border wall. as the president unveils his new budget. all this occurs amid new legal peril for the president's former attorney and fixer. we have fox team coverage. john roberts is at the white house. he is running the numbers on the president's spending plan. catherine herridge tells us about new problems for michael cohen. brit hume with how the speaker's statements would play within her own party. we begin wit


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