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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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patient support and cancer research. thank you all for your service. that's a great cause but thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, still unafraid. >> sandra: the newest version of boeing's most popular jet under intense worldwide pressure tonight after a second brand-new plane came crashing to the ground killing everyone on board. good evening, everybody, i'm sandra smith in for martha maccallum and this is "the story." devastated love ones mourning the loss of 167 lines on board if you've been airlines flight l that crashed after takeoff sunday. the circumstances you really similar to a lion air 610 which happened last october in indonesia. both planes, brand-new models,
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which features a larger edges of their predecessor increasing fuel efficiency. with that change came controversy over other changes made to accommodate those larger engines and whether boeing was transparent enough with the pilots and the airlines who fly those planes. tonight, senator dianne feinstein of california has called in the faa to ground all 737 max aids, despite boeing's insistence that they are still safe in the skies. trace gallagher is live with what we know tonight. trace? >> sandra, investigators say it's too early to make any connection between yesterday's ethiopian air cash and the aircraft back in october that killed 189 people, but there are parallels. both aircraft were identical, the pilots of both flights try to make it back to the airport but were unable, and both had drastic speed fluctuations during the same phase of their
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flight, which was the initial ascent. the lion air class investigation is ongoing, but the ongoing focus is the plane's navigation system to make sure it does not stop it when boeing designed the 737 to create the max age, it changed the position of the to make sure than those of the plane never got too high which can lead to a stall, engineers added a system that automatically brings down the nose. during a faulty sensor reading, which apparently happened aboard lion air, the automatic system can bring the nose down too much and put the plane into a dive, to pull the plane back up pilots will have to disable the system. but boeing didn't include the fixedness of grading manual, so the pilots were unlikely familiar with it. the faa and boeing issued a directive saying "this condition, if not addressed, could cause a flight crew to
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have difficulty controlling the airplane." yesterday's ethiopian crash, several witnesses say before the plane hit the ground, the pilot appeared to be struggling. watch. when it was hovering, fire was coming from its tail, they do try to lift its nose. when it couldn't, it was leaning side to side. when it passed over our house, the nose pointed down, and the tail raised up. >> china, ethiopia, and other countries have grounded the 737 max 8 until they get more information. in this country, the faa is allowing the planes to fly and both southwest airlines and american airlines, the biggest operators of the max 8, say they have full confidence in the 737 max 8. the airlines are even responding on twitter to nervous flyers, quoting, southwest has max 8 ain the craft
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told its customers that if they do not want to fly the max 9, they will make alternate travel plans. the the american airlines flight attendant union issued a bulletin today telling members they will not be forced to work on the 737 max 8. we should note, the copilot of the ethiopian airflight that clashed crashed yesterday was relatively inexperienced, the captain had more than 8,000 flight hours. that's a lot. >> sandra: thank you for faa good evening and thank you for being here. you are currently a commercial pilot and the corporate pilot, taught flights, have a lot of experience here and what we are learning tonight is more about this automated flight system that was put in this new model aircraft that was involved in both of these crashes.
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the and cas. what do we need to know about that? >> that's an automated flight system that overrides the pilots inputs should the those come too high and put the plane and in danger of what's called an aerodynamic stall. that would simply cause the plane to lose all its flight ability and plunge to the ground. if it's at very low altitude, it's very difficult to near impossible recovery for the pilot. >> i should mention the major u.s. carriers that have the max 8s in service today, united airlines has -- american airlines as you say has 737 max 8s in its fleet, southwest is a major purchaser of this aircraft and many of them currently flying 34 of the aircraft and its fleet. they are still up and flying tonight. >> there are 500 or so in the
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current fleet worldwide and boeing has approximately 5100 orders for this aircraft. we can't ignore the similarities in the events that led to both aircraft being lost. we shouldn't jump to conclusions, but we can't ignore those anomalies. now the faa, engineers and staff, boeings' engineers, they'll be looking at the test data that went into certifying the aircraft for flight with passengers, and they will be reviewing all of the accident data as well. >> sandra: when it comes to the training involving that new technology as you're describing that brings the nose of the plane up and down which i understand put in place to accommodate for the larger engine size in these airplanes that would increase fuel efficiency, which is why the airlines were really seeking this plane to begin with, what
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we did learn is -- and this is a "new york times" report reporting, boeing decided that pilots did not need to be informed about the change the flight control system. if this was the problem, had they known, they could have operated this plane differently? >> welcome a more training is always better than last training for pilots. we have to understand how those systems work and how do i override those systems and understand how a system have failed or behaving properly. there can be a period of confusion if you have not received the proper training in that particular system. but really, the solution, if that occurs for a pilot, is to simply disconnect the system. shut it down. >> sandra: here is former faa safety inspector for this. we don't have that tonight. but i want to tell you what he said because we are obviously
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seeking the input of those who have looked at these things before. he's saying the similarities are strikingly similar. the same issues that they had with the max air, yes, i would watch for that airplane. based on what we are hearing today, income ids for see more airlines like this aircraft in the united states to pull them down at least while the imprecation investigation continues? >> we've seen an unusual unusual move here by the airlines and that is to keep them in the air while at the same time advising their passengers that if you want to change your flight, if you don't want to fly in the ma. i personally with my business staff has advised them it is their choice if they choose not to fly them for business travel, don't. but we left it as a personal choice. we really need the data. thank goodness they have recovered the flight data recorder. even more importantly in this
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instance, the topic voice recorders so we can come to a fast preliminary -- >> we heard its damage so we hope we can learn more. but the 737 max 9 has the same technology we discussed, correct? which widens the reach, because united has some of the elves aircraft in flight as well. appreciate your time. also tonight, geraldo rivera, i know you have some very strong thoughts on what we've learned so far about the major similarities between these two crashes. obviously the same aircraft in the same amount of time after take off that crashes happen. >> sandra, i'm not an expert on air safety. i've owned a helicopter for 18 years and one of the rules we tell our pilots if something is wrong with the aircraft in the air, you put the thing on the ground. i asked our audience, right now,
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that what are the odds the same exact aircraft five months apart took off, went through the oscillating business, than those dives, killing on board? 189 in october, 157 on sunday? what's going on? i mean, you don't experiment. india is about to -- all these other nations are grounding their aircraft. i understand this is a big economic blow. i understand that the 737 max 8 is the fastest selling aircraft in history. as your ex purchase related, there are over 5,000 orders pending, lots of jobs, i get that. but for god's sake. the odds on this occurring by chance, random chance, the same exact thing to the same exact aircraft? i think it's so astronomical, i have high regard for the faa. i think among our federal agencies, they are amongst the
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most professional. i think they are very sound. i cannot for the life of me understand why everybody else outside the united states -- most of them grounding the aircraft until they find out what the hell is going on and are faa says wait, if something turns up, we'll let you know. hold homey don't play that. it's a life-and-death issue that should be decided. >> it seems hard with everybody talking about this and questioning if they have a flight coming up whether it is you get on the flight or not. the airlines have been responding to that. they have to go off of boeing's ward right now, and they are backing the integrity of these planes, drawl geraldo. >> i heard of what you said, the airlines giving them the options if they are concerned. if they are concerned, they will reschedule them.
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that is absolutely bogus. that is worthless. it is so difficult to get a reservation and get where you're going -- i live in cleveland. they are limited flights out of cleveland. what am i going to do, how my going to schedule? if there is only this 1737 max t flight going to nashville, how my going to reschedule? am i going to go through chicago? these airliners have to take this possibility. the faa has to take responsibility. ground that the damn plane until they figure out what's happening. this is not a snow cone, this is not a recall of a swiss cheese. it doesn't take einstein to figure out that these events are related. >> sandra: when you really dig into the details and you see the pilots that were flying that particular aircraft prior to is going down had already put in complaints about having trouble flying the plane, and they made
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this the pilot sitting next to me the day before it went down to me he's confirming that was absolutely the case. we hope to learn more, the black boxes have been recovered, although damaged, the cockpit recovered. we'll continue to see what we learn from it. your auto, thank you up next, alexandria ocasio-cortez says don't be afraid of losing her job to a robot. it might be a good thing? >> we should be excited about automation because what it could potentially mean is more time educating ourselves, more time creating art, more time investing and investigating in the sciences, more time focused on the invention, more time going to space. oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help...
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>> sandra: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez making a case this week and then americans should be "excited to lose their jobs to machines and robots." >> we should be excited about automation because what it could potentially mean is more time educating ourselves, more time creating art, more time investing, investigating in the sciences, more time focused on the invention, more time going to space, more time enjoying the world that we live in. >> sandra: here now, a former chief executive officer of ck restaurants and author of "the s comeback: the trump boom in the left's plot to stop it." that was something there. if you don't have a job, you have more time to go and, i don't know what the words were, do art, discover art, go to space? >> play video games. >> sandra: what do you think about here? >> you'll have more time to do things other than work because
4:19 pm
there will be not a lot of jobs whether automated or not. the idea with automation is that you could enable businesses to create even more jobs, much like a tractor, increased farming, we have more food and more people able to do other things. with automation, you could have more jobs. i would hope that's what she's thinking. apparently her thoughts go to people doing less. i think we had harry reid was talked about doing cowboy poetr. it's not a good thing. you get yourself forth from your job. it's important. >> sandra: you're a businessman. you made your life as a businessman. what is the socialism that we hear talked about today. what is this discussion that we are having in this country? >> it's a real big problem because she doesn't know what socialism is and what capitalism is. doesn't know what either one of them are. about 70% of millenniums
4:20 pm
millennials stones. capitalism is your ability to approve your life by reaching out and satisfying the needs of other people appear when you run a business, you try to satisfy other people's needs. if you don't like it's the with amazon. better than any system in the world, if we want like it, we won't use it. it won't be this great system, it will fail. by capitalism, you succeed by reaching out to others. you reach inward, you get unlimited supply of food and business, you are trying to get the most for yourself. >> sandra: based on those descriptions, it's hard to believe some of the latest fox news polling on this issue. this is the february poll on socialism. favorability. of those who favor socialism -- and these are opinions of those under the age of 30, 36%
4:21 pm
unfavorable. 37%. it also shows those voters would account for 20% of the 2020 electorate. this is pew research. millennials and gen z would make up 20% of eligible voters in 2020. >> winston churchill said it best, if you want a liberal when you're 20, you have no heart. if you are a not a conservative when you're o brain. the second thing is kids, millennials have not gotten economics in high school, they haven't gotten civics, they haven't gotten american history, they've got anti-american history for they got history from books that teach america's history and the history of oppression, not of economic liberty. it's not surprising they believe this, but i have hope for the future. >> sandra: andy, she's getting big crowds and got so over the weekend for it while she was sitting down and granting these
4:22 pm
interviews on the big stage, she took on reagan and his policies in the '80s. >> i think a perfect example of how special interests and the powerful have pitted white working-class americans against brown and black working-class americans is reaganism in the '80s when he started talking about welfare queens. it's painting this really resentful vision of essentially black women who were doing nothing, that were stuck in our country. >> met with a lot of criticism from the right. social media blowing up as a result of that. she tweeted that a short time ago, andy, this. "okay, great. talk about reagan, iran contra,
4:23 pm
the gutting of our mental health system, the explosion of homelessness, the crack academic, instead of insinuating i never read a book. be open to the idea that we've read different ones." >> some of us alive during the reagan administration which is something she can't claim. reagan did more for working-class people more than any president or got us out of a terrible recession. this is the man who ended the cold war. somebody like aoc may not remember the cold war, but i grew up in it. it was a terrible terrible experience. everybody thought we would lose it, there'd be some terrible devastation across the planet. he put an end back to that. the economy recovered come up working-class people recovery, our nation was never for your and our nation was never stronger than he left office with a 63% approval rating. she is, again, there is this video of her dancing. she's very good at that. i felt good after the video. felt uplifted.
4:24 pm
she should stick with that. >> sandra: she's got the attention of a lot of young folks in this country right now. >> she does. i hope that reality will wake them up. it's like venezuela. you know, this is a country that democratically elected chavez and apparently maduro. the joke is -- how did socialists light their homes before candles? the answer is electricity? i told that on trish's show, three days later the lights went out and venezuela. this is what her policy -- >> sandra: she's an elected member of congress and making waves. she's got nancy pelosi listening but we'll see. >> she certainly did not do much with her hometown with losing the amazon jobs. >> sandra: we'll watch it. thank you for your take this evening for putting together the final puzzle pieces of robert muller's and the game with judge andrew napolitano next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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>> sandra: a number of stories breaking this week and hinting that robert mueller could be rapping his investigation in the 2016 election. we are expecting former chairman paul manafort to be sentenced to more prison time as well as the decision for the trial date for roger stone. and new status reports in the cases against rick gates and michael flynn. joining us is judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. it seems like we are in this wait-and-see for a long time now, it could be any day, any week, month, what is the end came here? >> i don't know, but a lot of people have been suggesting this week would be a perfect storm for the reasons you just articulated. four of the principal players have public events which will be
4:30 pm
ricky, paul manafort's former partner interned evidence against him in the principal witness against him as well as many others, has yet to be sentenced. general flynn was going to be sentenced back in december and the judge said to the general, i'll see you in march, bring a toothbrush. the judge speaking you might not be going home when you come her here. manafort will be sentenced -- robert stone will not only get a trial date, but whether or not -- in my view, this gag order is profoundly unconstitutional but she and posted on him. violating it by writing a book, before she imposed a gag order. she got a rule on that as well. >> sandra: the other news, paul manafort will get his sentencing -- speak of the other judge in this case be the judge before he pled guilty. the judge he pleaded to last week, a jury conviction in atlanta.
4:31 pm
this is a judge where he pleaded guilty and agreed to walk down the with mueller. mueller said he's not only not cooperating, he's lying. how do we know he's language that will prove it. had a secret trial with the conclusion with five lies, three he lied and two he did and were therefore, any agreement he made with you is off. he will probably get the full ten years from judge jackson. the question is will it be concurrent while he's serving the 47 months from the judge in virginia, or consecutive? will it not start until he finishes that? he's in very bad health. ten years for paul manafort effectively a life sentence. >> sandra: wow. great. we'll learn this week. adam schiff has something to say about robert mueller about what he does and what he does not do with the president. let's listen. it's bigger if indeed mr. mueller does not decide to issue the subpoena or figure out how to get the presit in front of the grand jury, is that going to be a
4:32 pm
mistake considering we have so many questions about whose testimony should you believe? michael cohen or donald trump's? >> yes, i believe it's a mistake and i've said all along that i do not think bob mueller should write stomach rely on written answers. it's really the lawyers' answer as well as a client's answer. you need to be able to ask questions in real time. spewing last night, democrats have leah waiting for the mueller report to make the case against the president. >> if the mueller team does what adam schiff suggests, and that's lawyering 101. everybody knows lawyers wrote the answer. but bob mueller obviously knows the case better than congressman schiff does and bob mueller has been a model prosecutor, and model the quorum in the manner he carried himself.
4:33 pm
the american public wants prosecutors to do his job. i suggest he knows what he's doing. feel interesting to hear adam schiff's questioning next move. nancy pelosi in a "washington post" interview talking about impeaching trump or not impeaching trump. she says i'm not for impeachment. i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country. he's just not worth it. although in that same interview, she did go on to describe them to be unfit to be president. >> i wish he had said it's not worth it, because the divisiveness in the country, you are too young to remember the clinton impeachment. there's such bitterness and divisiveness. everybody wants it to be over. her problem is not with people like me, her problem is with democrats in her own party, the type of people you were discussing with andy a few minutes ago. they are hoping that something
4:34 pm
is impeachable if it doesn't come out of the mueller report will come out of the house oversight committee investigation or the house intelligence committee investigation or the house judiciary committee investigation. those investigations can be public, where as mueller has things he cannot reveal. >> sandra: not so many others in her party agree with her on that. you hear otherwise from a lot of other democratic numbers of congress. judge, great to see you in the evening. >> yes, sandra. see you tomorrow morning. >> sandra: thank you, judge. up next, another 2020 democrat making the case for reparations. >> this country should address slavery -- the original sin of slavery, including by looking at reparations. >> sandra: a debate on that coming up next. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3
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>> sandra: the question of reparations for the descendants
4:39 pm
of slaves is a polarizing policy issue, but it's been working its way front and center in the 2020 race. hooley and castro who served as had that secretary dominic the latest, >> i long believe this country should address slavery, the original sin of slavery, including looking at reparation reparations. if i'm president, i'm going to appoint a commission and has four to determine the best way to do that. if under the constitution we compensate people because we take their property, why wouldn't you compensate people who actually were property? >> sandra: here now, dineen marelli and jessica tarlov, both fox news contributor's. you first, as far as your party is concerned and the discussion that is being had there, this is certainly emerging as a major on
4:40 pm
the left don't make issue on on the left. >> is coming out before. historic you are seeing a more lively discussion around the issue, which i think is an important, thoughtful conversation to have. julian castro made a great point that we compensate those who had their property taken away and we should do something to address the systemic challenges facing people in this country descendants of slaves. i was reading dynasty according to pew research, white house was in this country are 20% richer than black households at the same income level. the issue there is generational wealth. there is no backup system for african-american families in this country who do not have homes passed down, facing far greater challenges. that's why this is a conversation to be had and i think a task force is a wonderful idea. >> sandra: i want to play more sound from julian castro and get
4:41 pm
your thoughts because he takes on bernie sanders who we know talks about poverty, inequality and the talks about institutionalized racism, and i went back and looked at he said, what do they mean, really, is what he's questioning here because he didn't throw his support firmly behind the idea but he said it's not clear. there is a better way to support this than writing a check. julian castro then hit back at sanders for that. listen. >> when it comes to medicare for all, health care, you know, the response there has been we need to write a big check. when it comes to tuition free or debt-free college, the answer has been, we need to write a big check. so if the issue is compensating the descendants of slaves, i don't think the argument about writing a big check ought to be the argument that you make if you are making an argument that a big check needs to be written
4:42 pm
for a whole bunch of other stuf stuff. >> sandra, the whole notion of reparations is ridiculous. this is only showing us how desperate democrats are. we are seeing how well our economy is doing under president trump with the roll the roll back in taxes, the cuts and they'll think in regulations is lifting all boats. the democrats are trying to separation separating themselves and pandering for black folks which i find very demeaning. >> sandra: will get your response to that, jessica? >> i don't know what to say, despite the fact that african-americans typically vote for the democratic nominee in the democratic primary, there are people who feel like it's important to address this. kamala harris, elizabeth warren, julian castro, bernie warner sanders, makes a great point going after
4:43 pm
his proclivity to the right to tax except for things focused on racial issues because he has struggled in the past. the argument will be made that it is pandering, but it's a conversation that people will want to have. health care will be number one and if there is a litmus test, it's going to be health care for all, not your provision on revisions. >> what if someone is halfway to? this is why this is so ridiculous. i think the project down the progressive policies the democrats are pushing for are going to turn off a lot of voters, abortion and a time, the green new deal, this is what they are afraid of because of the trump economy and their extremist views that are really putting into question when voters are voting for when they vote for democrats. >> sandra: i'm going to have to leave it there, but i'm going to sum it up by saying "vox" put out a piece for a new 2020
4:44 pm
litmus test for democrats, do they support reparations? while harris had put her thoughts on the issue saying there has to be some forms of reparations for this is a debate that will be an issue. we've got to leave it there. >> thanks a lot, sandra. >> sandra: up next, republicans want to address climate change with their own version of the green new deal. i don't keep track of regrets.
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>> i believe my colleague just ask you the question whether you believe that climate change is real or not. i think if you asked that same question to everyone, they would say the same thing. yes, it's real. it's something we have to address. >> sandra: a growing number of republicans are calling for real solutions to the climate crisis, slamming the progress of green new deal as a job killer that's too expensive and unrealistic. and pushing for american innovation, and alternatives that carter of georgia, pushing back on the green new deal be a good evening to you, sir, and welcome to you and thank you for being here. let's start off. are you a republican that believes climate change is a real issue and a crisis? >> absolutely.
4:49 pm
climate change is real. protecting our environment is real. we acknowledge that. the claimant has been changing since day one. we forgot to address it. it's important to americans. it's a great opportunity. it's a great opportunity for the united states as the innovative leader in the world to create more jobs, to lead in innovation. not only do we acknowledge that it is real, but we are also excited about the potential that exists here in new technology in creating new jobs and everything. >> sandra: so what is the pitch? >> well, the pitch is we've got to adjust. two things, adaptation and innovation. adaptation, adapting to the new environment and the changes happening here. i represent the entire coast of georgia. at one time, i was a mayor and i was on a planning commission. the things you can put in place now, he can save you so much in
4:50 pm
the future. that's what we need to be aware of. when we are building infrastructure, we need to make sure we are building infrastructure in a way that's going to protect against the rising sea levels and things of that such. >> sandra: is this something that could interest democrats into the green new deal? >> listen, the green new deal is kind of the sky. that's something that's going to destroy our economy if we were to follow that and god forbid we follow it. that would destroy our economy, destroy industries but that's not the answer. no question about it. but we do have to have sensible, fashionable, reasonable solutions to this. we can have that for that's what we are proposing that. >> sandra: some of your republican colleagues seem to continue to take on some of the policies that have been implemented by the left in states like california. congressman nunez tweeted this
4:51 pm
out. "at a restaurant tonight, waitress asked us if we want straws. she has to ask now in fear of the straw police. welcome to socialism in california." final thoughts from you? how far does your proposal go? >> early i have to speak to devon about the straws, but nevertheless -- hopefully our proposal will be a sensible one. look, we know that we owe it to our children, our grandchildren, to leave them with a clean environment. we can do that through innovation. i have all the confidence in the world -- b1 how much is it going to cost? >> it's not going to cost as much as the trillions of dollars that the green new deal will cost, that's for certain. but there will be some cost associated with it and we aren't interested in any kind of carbon tax but make that clear. at the same time, we can actually benefit from this. it could actually end up helping
4:52 pm
us and helping our economy. >> sandra: congressman buddy carter. good to get your thoughts on all of that. we'll be following that for sure. a growing push towards late-term abortions as they make a move towards protecting life. former nfl player and pro-life advocate will join us next. , so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ( ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this.
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this is the avery's trying the hottest new bistro.ery's. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the avery's wondering if eating out is eating into saving for their first home.
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4:57 pm
determined to have a human heartbeat." here now, benjamin watson, former and a ballplayer and pro-life and human trafficking awareness advocate. a father of five and more on the way. congratulations on that. governor bryant can pledge during his campaign that he's going to put in place the toughest abortion laws in the country and calls himself on a belt bountifully unapologetically pro-life. is this the direction you'd like to see states go in? >> of course. what we are seeing now is both sides ramping up in anticipating supreme court showdowns possibly in the future. but i think the biggest thing here is understanding that life begins at conception. while we get excited and should be upset, i was horrified hearing with the governor of virginia said about having an abortion while the baby is on the table. that's the far end of the spectrum but we can't forget or miss that life begins at
4:58 pm
conception, we need people to protect personhood that no matter what the stage of development or the environment that a person's income of the life is worth protecting and we need people that stand for that, especially in a country that stands for life, liberty, and justice. >> sandra: i want to be clear here. the bill does make exceptions in the case of rape and incest, also allow exceptions if the pregnancy places a mother's life at risk. there are exceptions to this. it seems to be garnering support. this will be at about six weeks, by the way, that a fetus will show signs of a heartbeat. >> yes, the heartbeat starts in 18 days. between 16 and 18 days but even before we detected, these babies have a heartbeat. they have everything they need in this dna in their makeup to become humans that we see walking around.
4:59 pm
again, i applaud this bill, but again when you look at the 1973 roe v. wade, the 60 million children that have been killed since then, this is just part of the issue. that decision made at the time was unjust and unconstitutional and we can argue about that. but what i think is going to happen at some point, some thing's going to come to the supreme court and we have to have a decision. right now, we need to enter into this conversation with grace, enter into it with compassion. not simply trying to win and simply trying to point at the other side and condemned the other side, but with the idea that we want to be people who stand for life but we also want to have compassion for the man and the women that are going through these tough decisions on a daily basis. >> sandra: something you're incredibly passionate about, we've heard you speak on this before and you are out there now. we appreciate your time. we appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us tonight. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> sandra: bridgeman watson, thank you. what stomach that's it for us on the story. thank you for joining us.
5:00 pm
i'll see you tomorrow morning on americans newsroom. each weekday morning live 9:00 to noon. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" anybody who's ever been caught in its gears can tell you, the great american outrage machine is a remarkable thing. one day you're having dinner with your family, imagine everything is fine. next, your phone exploding with calls from reporters who read you snippets from a press release written by democratic party operatives that the man to know how you could possibly could have said something so awful and -- it's a bewildering moment, especially when the quotes in question are more than a decade old. if not what you can do to respond,


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