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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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live from new york, right now, standing by, 9:00 p.m., we have a surprise for you. >> sean: it's not a surprise. it's every night at 9:00. >> tucker: like a dog, i'm always surprised. >> sean: you had a powerful open. there's something -- there is a mob that wants to destroy only fox. you know, meanwhile, you know, when we stand up for free speech, in my case joy reed. don't fire joy. give her another chance. >> tucker: exactly. >> sean: it's a mob. very powerful opening. so many of us love you. >> tucker: thank you, sean. i appreciate that. >> sean: thanks tucker. welcome to "hannity." a big weekend celebration for the radical socialist far left democrats in this country. there she is. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez suggesting this great country of ours is garbage, ronald reagan and fdr's new deal is racist.
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we have jeff zucker trashing fox news and everyone who works here. i have a sponges fresponse for tonight. also known liar cowardly schiff, he sent a desperate plea for help, begging for money, using my name. trying to raise money on my name. we will call him out again tonight. we'll cover this very important "hannity" watch on the sad state of this democratic party. we start with the speak of the house, nancy pelosi, pelosi said impeaching president trump is just not worth it because the process is too divisive. here's my message tonight. do not ever believe a single word she says. pelosi now presides over what is the most radical extreme group of socialist democrats that have ever existed. that includes socialist members of congress that we know want to
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get rid of oil and gas, the lifeblood of our economy. all gas-powered cars, cows and planes in the next ten years and tell everybody it's free. everything's free whether you're willing or unwilling to work. breaking tonight, well, the person that's really leading the democratic party, ocasio-cortez, she doesn't think trump's impeachment is off the table. i believe her more than pelosi. pelosi is utterly controlled by these new radicals. she knows her power is in jeopardy every day. i have a message for those that think, oh, socialism is so cool, everything's free. well, democratic genius alexandria ocasio-cortez took a plane. the world's going to end in 12 years. she offered her expertise on a variety of issues at the south by southwest festival, it's a liberal festival.
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naturally, she found time to bash capitalism and america in the process. let's take a look. >> capitalism isn't -- to me, it's an ideology of capital. it puts capital, the most important thing is the c concentration of capital and it means that we seek and prioritize profit and the accumulation of money above all else and we seek it at any human and environmental cost. that is what that means. and to me that ideology is not sustainable and cannot be redeemed. >> sean: an irredeemable system. an economic system that drastically improved the quality of life for hundreds and hundreds of millions of americans over time. billions of others trying to duplicate our system around the world. but ocasio-cortez, she wants to trade it in for a socialist
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system, like venezuela? north korea? cuba? the former soviet union? ocasio-cortez also went onto suggest that the united states, it's pretty unbelievable, we're basically a garbage country. take a look. >> we've strayed so far away from what has really made us powerful and just and good and equitable and productive. and so i think all of these things sound radical compared to where we are, but where we are is not a good thing. and this idea of like 10% better from garbage is -- shouldn't be what we settle for. >> sean: in reality, the only things 10% better than garbage in this country are some of these ridiculous ideas. and the sad and scary part is, these believes are shared by what, 2020 presidential candidates, over a hundred democrats now. like any far left extremist the
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lawmakers use would not be complete without everyone thinking everyone pretty much is a racist. during her remarks, she called fdr's new deal racist. even suggesting ronald reagan is a racist. take a look. >> a perfect example of how special interests and the powerful have pitted what working class americans against brown and black working class americans in order to just screw over all working class americans is -- [ applause ] -- is reaganism in the '80s when he started talking about welfare queen. because this one specific group of people that you were already kind of subconsciously prime to resent, you give them a different reason that's not explicit racism, but still rooted in a racist caricature.
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>> sean: the new radical extremist calling fdr a racist, suggesting the united states is based on a garbage system, and she wants you, the american people, to hand over the keys to your private businesses, your private property. she wants government control of the means of production. literally, she wants state control of all health care. how did obamacare work out? and all energy? no oil or gas in ten years. good luck. she wants to tell every business how to operate. oh, boy. according to her, her government knows best. not you, not we, not the american people, not the people who risk reward and create goods and services that make our lives good and better, that people want, need, and desire. she and her colleagues know better. she actually had a business. we found out today she owes
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nearly $1,900 in back taxes over her small defunct business that she founded in 2012. socialism is all about do as i say, not as i do. and you're always generous with other people's money. we're all supposed to pay taxes, not them. she's just in government to reap the rewards. more on this tonight. first, i want to turn our focus to the arm of the democratic party, that of course is fake news. all over the place. in this case, fake news cnn, the network will soon be facing a whopping $250 million lawsuit for its willful smears, slander, besmirchment of a covington high school student. cnn is going to lose a fortune. the attorney will crush them. their public vilification of a young 16-year-old high school
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student who did nothing wrong, showed incredible grace under pressure, was nothing short of a disgrace. his life will never be the same. but their rush to judgment -- wasn't just the media. went on more than two days. cnn singled out sandman. why? he was wearing a red make america great again hat, the new trigger for the extreme list. recently cnn president, professional trump hater, one who presides overall of those lies against the 16-year-old, he emerged from his glass house, had the gall to call the fox news channel. jim, i have a message for you. how about a public apology from you and your on-air talented, if you want to call them talent. your networks, your disgusting rush to judgment. let's just stay with a 16-year-old kid and your
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network's hatred of trump which caused this because that's all you cover every second of every day. you also said the employees who work here, my friends and colleagues, support a place that has done tremendous damage to the country. look at the damage you did to that 16-year-old. would you like it if it was your kid? that from zucker, the head of the new york. literally hates trump so much they'll go after a 16-year-old and not ask a single question about whether what they hear and see, a snip pet is true. remember trump and the prime minister feeding the fish in the pond. they got that wrong. or cnn fake news story about trump and wikileaks? yeah, wrong again. or the fake news story about trump and russia that forced three cnn journalists to resign? wrong. or the fake news story about sessions and russia that they were forced to walk back? wrong again. or the fake news story predicting that comey would
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refute trump? nope. and fake news goes on and on and on. every day, every hour, conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. all driven by an irrational rage and hate for trump. record low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic americans, asian americans, women in the workplace. millions out of poverty off of food stamps. every second of every hour every day for three years. this hatred, it's only the tip of the iceberg. journalism is dead. it's impossible to watch, which is probably why so few americans actually watch. we have got the video proof. let's go to the videotape. >> impeachment. >> impeachable. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> the russia investigation. >> colluded.
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>> stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. the stormy saga. >> the stormy daniels affair. >> adult film stars stormy daniels. >> she's a [ bleep ]. is there a difference in the president said [ bleep ]. >> do you think these countries [ bleep ]. >> has turned the oval office into a [ bleep ]. >>. >> sean: the really sad part of what they call is news, we know it's not. many people sadly around the world -- we see a bigger picture here. they see america through the lens of cnn international and their coverage. pretty wide-reaching, as they were the first so-called news network on the market. they're giving the world a very distorted, perverted view of our country every single day. they never talk about america's greatness, america's success, the president's success. just hate trump all day long. that's what the world sees through the cnn lens. in addition to their obsessive coverage, we know that fake news cnn also utilizes bias of
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omission. again to malign the president. look at this study from news busters. cnn's wolf blitzer, frequently promoted the democrat's frivolous and wrong investigations into the president. last week, blitzer found time to ask 86 uncritical questions about the investigation while asking only three that challenge the never-ending inquiries. if zucker really wants to see propaganda, just look at your own network because that's all you are. and while zucker and his fake news minions are busy hating all things trump all the time, they also continue to provide 24/7 cover for the collusion conspiracy theorist adam schiff. we change gears. adam schiff sent out a fundraising letter this weekend. team adam, they're begging, they're pleading for help, all because of this show and that we dared to tell the truth and call
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out his constant lying and leaking. there's adam, we call him the cowardly schiff. because he won't come on the program. he's begging supporters to pitch in at least $5, please, to send a message to hannity after he dedicated 40 minutes of his show covering the cowardly schiff. add to the quote, trust us, adam isn't about to back down because of sean hannity. best part of all this, cowardly schiff, we've offered him the full hour. congressman, i'll give you three hours, too, on my radio show on 610 of the best radio stations in the country. you clearly watch the show. you're now using my show to beg for money from your adoring fans. come on the program. i'll give you the full hour. three hours of my radio show. i will point out every single lie, every piece of propaganda,
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misinformation that you have been peddling for two straight years. and guess what? we have every lie of yours chronicled, every tv appearance chronicled. we will expose your efforts to undercut this democracy and undermine the president and say things that are just false. like reportedly sending staff, oh, let's see, why did your staff meet with michael cohen for ten hours before his recent testimony? that's not witness tampering is it? does that sound a little bit like collusion? of course that's nothing for schiff because he's the one guy we have on tape really colluding with the russians so that he can impact the electoral process in this country. it's amazing this is on tape. will somebody please send this to robert mueller? maybe he missed it. take a look. >> met with trump and brought
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him one russian girl celebrity, also known as a person with a strange reputation. >> how do you spell her name? >> olga. >> what's the nature of the compromise? >> there were pictures of naked trump. >> so putin was made aware of the availability of the compromising material? >> yes, of course. >> thank you very much. we will be back in touch with you through our staff to make arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and for the fbi. i appreciate your preaching out to us. >> sean: naked trump pictures and vladimir putin knows about it? by the way, he got set up, he thought he was talking to a real russian. this like obama didn't know his mic was hot, tell vladimir putin i'll have a lot more flexibility after the election. we can do the deal then, but we won't tell the american people. you can see the hate trump mob that want to do anything,
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everything to try to take down this president. like making materially false statements to a fisa court. we're getting all the confirmation of what the hill's john solomon reported months ago surrounding the dirty steele dossier. bruce orr warned top fbi brass, yes, christopher steele hated the president, that the dossier was tainted with an anti-trump bias, that was it never verified, it was never corroborated. you got to give steele some credit. he managed to get paid by a russian oligarch, the fbi, and the rest of them. this reads "the fbi is unaware of derogatory information pertaining to christopher steele." lie. it gives us some of the most
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damning evidence yet. the fbi, the doj they made materially false statements to the fisa court. they purposely withheld information. they committed a conspiracy of fraud against an american citizen sent denying that citizen of their constitutional rights, all to get an opportunity to spy on the trump campaign through an associate. at the height of the 2016 election. then they leaked all the lies to you, we the people, so that it would influence your vote. russian paid for lies to influence the vote. let not your heart be troubled. tonight, my sources are again confirming to me, those who broke the law, those that abused power, they are going to be held accountable. here with us now, former white house press secretary, ari fliesher and larry elder.
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i don't know where to start. maybe we can start in austin, ari, or maybe start with fake news cnn or maybe we can start with adam schiff or maybe start with the real russia collusion. i think that tape's pretty damning. >> they're all tied together, sean. it's all part of trump derangement syndrome which replaced policy making in the hearts and souls of most of the democrats. this explains alexandria ocasio-cortez's statements that she has made. what really is troubling now, though, is how socialism has found a happy home inside a major american political party's leadership. it has become the dog wagging the tail. that's the problem the democrats have and the hatred for trump, the ideology. if anything's going to boost the president's reelection, it's going to be the democrats more than anything else. >> sean: i don't think they can pull back from it at this point, larry. this is now etched in. this is -- the president, i
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believe, has forever branded these fake news networks for what they are. i don't think that -- that positioning is ever going to go away because there's so many examples of the fraud they commit and the agenda they're advancing, and not about news. >> also, sean, i would add one of the reasons they can't pull back is because they know they created donald trump. at first, they gave him all this free publicity. they wouldn't even cover him in the news section because they thought he was a joke. the media gave donald trump all this uncritical airtime. he got bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger. they kept talking about how low his ceiling was. uh-oh, he won the nomination. uh-oh, he won the presidency. the left wing media have been trying to make up for it ever since then. >> sean: the best thing to me that i think the president can do, ari, you've dealt with fake news and hostile media. anyone that ever did that job, i don't know how you did it.
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>> i love it. >> sean: i don't think it would end well if i ever got that job. just guessing. [ laughter ] our larry, either. you're laughing -- >> give me the job. give me the job. i'd love it. [ laughter ] >> sean: with all that said, we do have an information crisis. i pointed out all the instances they've been wrong. you know, but this $250 million lawsuit, i know lynne wood. lynne wood is going to crush them. what they did was awful to this 16-year-old kid. >> wouldn't it be amazing in the supreme court case known as the "new york times" v. sullivan based on the pentagon papers from 40 years ago gets overturned as a result of a 16-year-old because the networks couldn't control themselves, the media went too far. what's happened is, the media, to protect their ability to be tough on government people, think they have an unfettered license to be tough on
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everybody. that's what "new york times" v. sullivan held up. it's about time that case gets revisited. in the hands of a 16-year-old who was dealt the worst type of journalist coverage, the worst type of negativity, malice. why? because he was wearing a maga hat. this is all part of the trump derangement syndrome. >> sean: it's a trigger. >> i always try to be fair. i'm more fair -- >> sean: you love your country. >> -- and most of the cable outlets out there because i'm willing to see things from both directions. they've lost their ability to see things from both directions. >> sean: anybody can disagree on policy. i have conservative friends that disagree with the style of trump. i'm a new yorker. i like that he's fighting hard and our enemies believe it and countries he's negotiating believe it. nikki haley was very insightful about that. i got to tell you, they can't find a single thing that's good about this man. with all the economic records,
6:22 pm
say what you will about north korea. they're not firing rockets, we have hostages and remains home. that's good for american. >> right. of course it is. and the pugh research found that 94% of the articles about donald trump were negative. there's a book criticizing the "new york times" coverage of donald trump. she said some of the headlines really are opinions, they aren't facts. you have people in the news media criticizing the way the media has gone into trump derangement syndrome. only 7% of reporters call themselves republicans. people aren't really getting facts. most of the american people are increasingly skeptical about the news and are more likely to call it fake news than ever before. look at the media's numbers. they're much worse than trump's. >> sean: all right. you guys, awesome analysis. great to see you both. only ari's was uniquely
6:23 pm
qualified with data to do that job. directly ahead, former senator joe lieberman on the democrats going soft on congresswoman omar and this new radical left. we have more on shifty schiff. that's straight ahead. ♪we've got a long way to go ♪and a short time to get there.♪ ♪i'm eastbound, just watch ole bandit run♪ whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. i'm off to college. i'm worried about my parents' retirement.
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it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> sean: congresswoman omar still has not apologized for her anti-semitic comments. the whole situation is not going over well in her home district. her comments caused pain and confusion. here with reaction, former u.s. senator joe lieberman. i guess it's safe now to say when the democratic party took their former vice presidential candidate and threw you out of the party and you and i have
6:28 pm
always agreed on issues involving radical islam and terrorism and israel. we -- we have always agreed. we just disagree on some other issues. i said something nice about you because you were running as an independent. you called me. do you remember what you said to me? >> i remember i was grateful. i probably said -- i probably said it would make me less popular among the democratic party if sean hannity were saying nice things about me. >> sean: you said every time you say a nice thing, you're killing me. and i said, i got it. i understand. >> in fact, i think you helped reelect me as an independent. i'll never forget that. >> sean: this is the point. the joe liebermans no longer exist in this democratic party. i don't think you would ever support a 70% tax rate, a wealth tax, i don't think you would guarantee cradle to grave health care, jobs, vacations or want to
6:29 pm
get rid of oil, gas, the combustion engine, cows and airplanes. that's now 100 of your fellow democrats in congress. >> well, you're absolutely right. that's not certainly the democratic party that i came into when john f. kennedy was president. president kennedy was for lower taxes and a capital gains tax cut. and we've -- we have developed in this country a system that you can call capitalism and think it's a bad name. it's actually a great name because it represents free enterprise. it's the system that allowed all four of my grandparents to emigrate to this country with literally nothing in their pockets and their families made their way up the ladder in america. one of the grandkids even got to be a u.s. senator. this is a great country. and i -- >> sean: it's a garbage country. we heard it this weekend. >> i heard that. that's ridiculous. if the democratic party becomes a party whose loudest voices are
6:30 pm
denigrating america, knocking it down, calling it garbage, saying that our economic system doesn't work -- it has worked for most of the american people. it's working for most of the american people today. unemployment is at a very low level. the stock market -- >> sean: record low unemployment for minorities. look, obama gave us 13 million more americans on food stamps and 8 million more on poverty after eight years. record low, african-american, women in the workplace, this works. i want everyone to have a shot at what i had as a former dishwasher and contractor and house painter. >> exactly. that's the point. the metaphor that i grew up with was that america's like a ladder. and the people ahead of us help us up the ladder. we have an obligation to turn around and help other people behind us up the ladder. that's what america's been
6:31 pm
about. a lot of these folks seem to want to knock the ladder down. the government simply cannot afford -- >> sean: $94 trillion in ten years. >> exactly. who's going to pay for it? you can't get enough money out of the top 1% to pay for this. it's going to be the middle class. >> sean: nobody's going to get $94 trillion in ten years. medicare for all -- i want to shift gears a little for the constraints of time. >> sure. >> sean: you know, i've been friends with prime minister netanyahu well over two decades, much longer. and before trump got on the national stage, i felt he was the one sole, lone voice of such moral clarity in terms of understanding the likes of iran and radical islamists. i've known ahu barack, i've been
6:32 pm
to israel like i know you have many times. i want b.b. to win this next election. the world needs him and that clarity on that stage at this time, especially with iran. i hear congresswoman omar, they couldn't even mention her name. they watered down because they can't get enough democratic votes to condemn virulent anti-semitism. >> right. >> sean: you and i -- we go back decades talking about our love of our number one ally in the middle east, the only democracy there that has been there for us, that has been attacked again and again. terror attacks even to this day. >> yeah, no, thank you, sean. i couldn't agree with you more, obviously. i was shocked and really offended by what congresswoman omar said. i don't remember a time in my life that an elected member of congress made such blatantly anti-semitic remarks, and they're lies. the problem is she doesn't represent the democratic party.
6:33 pm
she doesn't represent the democrats in the house. but because they were not willing to call her out by name and say that what she did was morally wrong and wrong in our democracy, they run the risk that people will basically tar them with the same brush that they would tar her with. and that's why you've got to speak out. if you let lies live unresponded to, they will spread and we can't let these spread. >> sean: look at -- look at the the rise of anti-semitism in europe and the rise of anti-semitism among the crazy in this country, the racist nationalist nuts that -- >> right. >> sean: it is very scary. senator, it's good to see you. please send my best regards to your better half. she must have been drinking that day when she married you. >> yeah. and she continues to drink because she thinks you're the best. [ laughter ] >> sean: good to see you, sir. >> great to be with you.
6:34 pm
>> sean: all right, well, the cowardly schiff, adam schiff is getting nervous about robert mueller. we'll tell you why. also congressman dan crenshaw is here discussing nancy pelosi losing her grip on the house. i have a message, special message for those who think socialism is so cool. . but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. of non-drowsy claritin... and relief from symptoms caused by over... 200 outdoor and indoor allergens. like those from pollen, pets and dust. because new memories start with dusting off old ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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>> sean: begining to look more and more like, well, cowardly schiff, adam schiff should recuse himself from any investigations into the president. the congressman's staff met with michael cohen for over ten hours ahead of michael cohen's seven-hour testimony. now, that congressman right there that we know is not
6:39 pm
telling the truth a lot, he's trying to actually raise money off his anti-trump antics. off of my name. the things that we cover on this show, including his malicious lying. this weekend, abc easterry moran tried to brace his media colleagues and other democrats for the possibility that the mueller report is not going to find any russia collusion at all. maybe because there never was. take a look. >> the central and most serious question in this investigation, the reason that robert mueller started it, is did the restaurant president of the united states assist the kremlin in an attack on our democracy. if mueller after two years comes back and says i don't have the evidence to support that charge, that's a reconning. that's a reckoning for the democrats, it's a reckoning around the country if in fact after all this time there was no collusion. >> sean: maybe we were right all
6:40 pm
along. joining us now with reaction, sarah carter, former florida attorney general pam bondi. the one thing that we do know -- sarah, we'll start with you because you've been investigating this from day one, is that they don't have anything. now that we had last friday the beginning of the release of all the depositions, we also see a lot of criminal activity. especially as it relates to the dossiers at the heart and soul of all of this, and everybody was warned never verified, steele hated trump, hillary paid for it, the dnc paid for it, the fbi paid for it, the russia oligarchs paid for it, and steele doesn't stand by it. >> think about this, sean. you just laid it out perfectly. there is absolutely no evidence that we've seen yet. we know senator burr has come out publicly and said he would have to write the report stating
6:41 pm
there was absolutely no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia. what we've seen over the last two years with all the investigations being conducted by congress, the investigations that i've been on, john solomon, you've been on, everything that we've reported shows a direct line between russia and the hillary clinton campaign. this is what's so incredible. if anything needs to be investigated -- and not only that, we've not only seen that. we saw extensive abuse and malfeasance in the fbi. here you have adam schiff, who is so desperate that something come out that he's moving forward with his own investigations into -- with absolutely no criminal evidence of anything. so if anything is going to come out of this, i think right now what we're seeing is that there needs to be a full-fledged investigation by the department of justice into what -- >> sean: we all know -- we learned today -- >> -- on hillary clinton's side. >> sean: we learned today those
6:42 pm
investigations have been ongoing and they're happening and they're real. >> that's right. >> sean: and there's other things that are about to happen that i know you know. let me bring in pam bondi for the legal analysis on this. putting your lawyer cap on, your former attorney general cap on for a second. you know, you see now everyone knew about the dossier. it was still used as the bulk of information for the fisa application. four of them. what happens when that fact is known in terms of the law? >> well, legally it's going to go nowhere. and we've been saying that for months. and thanks to you and sarah carter, we know that. don't forget, adam schiff is a harvard educated lawyer. shame on him for what he's doing, sean. think about this, a homicide defendant in my years and years of experience would be treated better than they're treating the president of the united states. so you have double jeopardy that
6:43 pm
would apply. the bulldog mueller prosecutor is going to find nothing. so therefore adam schiff spends ten hours with a convicted perjurer who would never be given any credibility anywhere using our tax dollars to travel back and forth to new york for over ten hours. it's outrageous. >> sean: you heard the tape. oh, we have a naked trump, naked trump. >> right. >> sean: vladimir has seen it. >> bad russian accent. >> sean: that's collusion to impact the electoral process in this country. robert mueller, where are you? how do they ignore that? >> they can't. they shouldn't. >> sean: yeah. sarah? thoughts? >> and far worse than that, sean, they can't ignore all the evidence pointing to fusion gps and the clinton campaign and everything else.
6:44 pm
>> they can't. >> sean: if there's equal justice under the law, it starts with hillary. even james baker, the top lawyer in the fbi under comey, says di indict her for the espionage act. everybody was warned it's tainted, bought and paid for. they never told the fisa courts. that's a lot of top ranking fbi and doj officials. that's comey, yates, rosenstein, a lot. when we come back, dan crenshaw on pelosi losing her grip on power. also tonight. >> where do you fall on that debate? >> actually, socialism. >> i don't know that it really should even be a debate. here we are in the greatest country on earth. >> sean: people think about socialism and our villain of the day is not a person. straight ahead. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing.
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>> sean: as the report currently says, she blinked. nancy pelosi revealing last night she's against impeaching trump. telling the "washington post," he's just not worth it. i don't believe a word that comes out of any democrat's mouth at this time. they're so obsessed with hating trump and eight separate congressional investigations now beginning. destroy trump, but do nothing for the american people. i think that's unlikely to sit well with much of her caucus. including maxine waters who is claiming, we have everything we need to impeach trump. and congresswoman ocasio-cortez doesn't think impeachment is off the table at all. here with reaction to all of this and more, texas congressman dan crenshaw. you know, it's interesting.
6:50 pm
>> thanks for having me, sean. >> sean: the day bill clinton was impeached, high 60s or low 70s, his approval rating. american people didn't like it. they get to decide who becomes president or not. there's been no evidence at all, except for the russian bost and the russian intelligence people never put on trial, everything is all process crimes. nothing to do with collusion as the judge even mentioned in the manafort sentencing. >> it's not often i get to come on your show and agree with nancy pelosi, but this might be one of those times. [ laughter ] she's right. it's extremely divisive, the country doesn't like that. what are they doing? they're bringing dysfunction to washington. while i agree with nancy pelosi, the reality is right now that representatives like alexandria ocasio-cortez are driving the narrative of their party. that's really problematic. i actually feel bad for a lot of
6:51 pm
my democratic colleagues who really don't agree with her. the reality is that she's driving the narrative. a lot of the presidential candidates coming out are repeating a lot of talking about, endorsement of the green new deal, they're repeating the talking points of ocasio-cortez. the american people really don't want to see it. >> sean: i know our attention spans are short. you know, wasn't -- we saw the policies of obama. this is obama, you know, on testosterone, human growth hormone at a level that will kill any 100,000 people. and the reality is so many of your colleagues on the other side of the aisle, they agree with ocasio-cortez about planes and cows and automobiles and oil and gas. >> yeah, well, who likes cows, right? >> sean: i do. i do. [ laughter ] >> sean: i like to eat them. it's called steak. >> yeah. it is the real problem.
6:52 pm
i think the democrats are worried that the mueller investigation is not going to come up with anything. that's why they're -- they're setting the table right now for all these subsequent investigations. you know, just read adam schiff's twitter feed. instead of running the intelligence committee, a very important comment for the safety of our country, all he talks about is investigating trump. i don't think the american people want to see that. >> sean: i don't agree as well. even if they do pull this off, you agree with me that nancy' afraid of this new radical group of socialist democrats and afraid to stand up. i think she's scared to death. >> she should be because it is driving her party into a really radical direction. again, it's kind of funny to watch us both -- both backing up nancy pelosi here in a sense. >> sean: i'm not backing her up. i'm saying she's powerless. >> i know. she is. she is. and she should be scared because
6:53 pm
the democratic party of alexandria ocasio-cortez has no future. it really does not. i hope pelosi does reign them back in so we can have reasonable discussions. >> sean: dan crenshaw, congressman, good to see you. thank you. when we come back, i have a message for those who think socialism's so cool. and our villain of the day is not a person. next. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪
6:54 pm
i have... ♪
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>> sean: our villain of the day. we love that animation. it's not a person. it's socialism. it tends to infect the new far left radical extreme democratic socialist party. look at this new poll. scary. it's actually being embraced by younger voters. we resisted our own investigative reporter and correspondent lawrence jones to the nation's capital to see people support capitalism or socialism. take a look. >> socialism versus capitalism.
6:58 pm
where do you fall on the debate? >> actually socialism. >> i don't know that it really seems to be a debate. here we are in the greatest country on earth with the greatest experiment on whether capitalism or freedom works. it seems like it's working pretty well. >> capitalism of course. >> i think capitalism is the love of money and you either love money or you love god. so if you love god, you can't love capitalism. >> i think a mix of both systems is what we need. >> who pays for these programs? do we tax people more, the rich more? >> yeah. >> i've never gotten a job from a poor man. >> this isn't a country based on handouts. >> people are going to be upset that you said that. they are going to say you are not compassionate. you want people to work. >> oops.
6:59 pm
>> [laughs] >> sean: socialism, it never lives up to its promises. it creates poverty. we will never be the hate trunk medium mob. that's not what we do. let not your heart be troubled. first i have to tell you more about socialism. i thought it was a minute. let me tell you something. look at the soviet union, venezuela, cuba. present-day places we can see, look at the lights turned off in venezuela. should be one of the richest countries. we see this system has created wealth and prosperity for every american regardless of where you start out in life. socialism, less opportunity. staples business. and this regulation. constant confiscation. pushes business out of the way. this incentivizes people to risk, reward, invest, and create
7:00 pm
jobs and opportunities in goods and services to make us better as a country. if you just look at history, you know, we are always reminded we are but one generation away from extinction. ronald reagan said that. if we don't learn the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat it. this will be an unmitigated economic disaster. let not your heart be troubled. now because here is laura ingraham standing by in our nation's capital, the swamp. >> laura: hannity, great show, great expose on socialism. >> sean: they want us all fired. >> laura: i'm so scared. i'm so scared. guess what. bring it. >> sean: you know it's amazing, they wanted to go after and fire joy reid. i said don't fire joy reid. give her another shot. >> laura: i said they shouldn't even drive al franken out. how about that? is one of the rudest people out there. rude to me. why are you driving him out? it's all too much. >> sean: that picture was really creepy. >> laura: okay, there's a lot


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