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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 12, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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talk about obama and then ghazi, fast and furious, hillary private server, the getting of welfare reform, explosion of racial division, the opioid epidemic etc. etc.. we have read different books, that's all the time we have to make, a new podcast, shannon bream, take it from here. i will be in new york tomorrow night. >> breaking tonight house speaker nancy pelosi says donald trump is not worth impeaching sparking a firestorm on the left, it is going to happen just a matter of time. the leak of internal democratic party cancer democrat struggle with the socialism label as they announce the side of next year's convention. republican say it is perfect. socialism to slavery reparations to legalizing the constitution, all on the table with a popular
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radio show host shaking up the script, getting personal with the democratic presidential hopefuls, powerhouse breakfast club joining us with how it is becoming a democratic campaign trail must stop. i'm shannon bream in washington, we begin with kristin fisher and the bomb held speaker nancy pelosi saying the president is not worth impeaching, she's not going to support the move but mothers feel differently about that. >> reporter: we have known democratic leadership has been wary of this rush to impeach from members of their own caucus but nancy pelosi has come out and publicly said she's not for impeachment. an interview just released, he should -- he says impeachment is so divisive that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan i don't think we should go down that path. he is just not worth it.
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adam schiff backing up speaker pelosi saying only graphic evidence warrants and impeachment gamble against donald trump but that line of thinking puts the democratic leadership at odds with many members of their own party including rashida tlaib the will introduce articles of impeachment by the end of this month. >> we don't hold impeachment proceedings to that hold him accountable to following the united states constitution think about that. this is not going to be the last ceo that runs for the president of the united states. this is not going to be the last person who tries to get away with this. >> donald trump and nancy pelosi agree on one thing, no impeachment but they disagree on most everything else especially the new budget proposal put forward by the white house, nancy pelosi called accrual and shortsighted, the cuts in donald trump's budget request i roadmap
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to a sicker, weaker america, democrats will reject this toxic and descriptive request that would fail to meet the needs of the american people. the white house says it is aimed at keeping americans safe by increasing defense spending and including $8 billion for the border wall but cutting funding for many domestic programs including medicare and medicaid. >> washington has a spending problem and it endangers the future prosperity of the nation for generations to come. this budget contains nearly $2.7 trillion in savings, more spending reductions proposed in any administration in history. >> reporter: even with those savings the budget proposal would still push the federal deficit past $1 trillion, the white house is asking for a huge number for fiscal year 2020, record $4.7 trillion. big number. shannon: they've got to answer
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some questions about that. it is just a proposal, a blueprint. >> we remember seeing president obama as proposal voted down 99-0. it is just a place to start. wisconsin republican say they are not surprised the democratic party takes milwaukee for the convention because of the app strong size to socialism. >> i want to welcome to milwaukee the 2020 democratic national convention. >> reporter: article milwaukee afternoon it became clear july 2020 will be hot. >> our democracy is on fire and we have first responders in this room and elsewhere prepared to take back our democracy. >> reporter: milwaukee beat out houston and milwaukee for the dnc but it is the only major city the counts three socialist
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mayors in its history, the wisconsin republican party put out a statement. no city in america has stronger ties to socialism than milwaukee and with the rise of bernie sanders and socialism bites leaders the american left is come full circle. speaking of sanders he's number 2 in a monmouth university poll which tested 20 candidates. sanders is a proud democratic socialist for decades and is 3% behind joe biden who is yet to announce a run. sanders is at the top in a recent emerson pole focusing on new hampshire. >> in 2016, this is where the political revolution took off. thank you. >> reporter: whether a candidate is a socialist is a key question. a question some candidates dismiss. >> once you get into these labels, am i capitalist, my a socialist, how much of a capitalist versus how much of a socialist it becomes silly. >> reporter: others distance
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themselves from the socialist label. >> bernie has to speak to what democratic socialism is. i am not. >> we don't want a government takeover of our lives. >> reporter: howard schultz thought he got a negative reaction from the crowd when he talked socialism. >> if you want a good description for socialism just look at venezuela. you don't like that? >> reporter: howard shoots will make out a run by the summer. he brushes off criticism that he could heard democrats chance to win the white house. the convention in wisconsin, a state donald trump won in 2016. shannon: a lot of heartburn for folks waiting for that. thank you. they featured interviews with the nation's most prominent hip-hop stars and celebrities but now the popular radio show is a must stop media spot for
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presidential candidates, bernie sanders, kamala harris and cory booker stopped in. joining me on power 105.1 in new york city, welcome to fox news at night. thanks. i got to read something from the daily beast. you say the world's most dangerous morning show. you conduct lengthy interviews with politicians in which the cultural weight of the show and informality of its interviews force media presidential hopefuls to let down their guard and get more personal. people are dangerous, they try to act cool and it is not real. how does that go? >> part of the issues we are not political pundits. people come on the show and they are used to talking about their policies and things that are very rehearsed. on the club we ask you about
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anything and they might say things to sell more hip and normal. >> when you -- shannon: go ahead. >> when you talk to a politician they have are talking point for everything. shannon: we find that all every time we have one on. senator harris got a lot of attention, very popular polling, near the top. we want to play something she talked about that got a lot of attention. >> i'm in favor of legalizing marijuana. >> ever smoked? >> i have and i did inhale. >> what was on? >> my goodness. definitely, snoop, do part for sure. shannon: you keep making national news with these interviews.
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>> that question was crazy. i asked what she listened to and my cohost was on the weed question and it got blurry. she was talking what she listened to, she listens to pop, since to snoop and it got blurred. >> fox news did that come out of context. shannon: i can only double check on that. what do you want? >> the interesting thing is, it's not like we sent out requests for different people, just like whoever wants to come we have a platform. 2020 is wide open. a lot of people looking to see who they want to vote for. we are interested in anybody who is running who wants to get the word out. >> i would like to have elizabeth warren on. >> anybody on both sides, democratic, republican, nobody. >> i saw julian castro make a great statement about reparations. i would love to have him on. shannon: something you talked about with bernie sanders as well.
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he's in the top one or 2 spots, same with the former vice president who is not technically in. what you make of bernie's answer on that? >> i didn't like his answer because it seemed to be something he wasn't considering, he seemed he wasn't for the reparations thing at all. avoiding the question a little bit. i wasn't digging his answer. >> important to have solutions like here are some solutions and possibilities to make that happen instead of dodging a question. jillian: hillary clinton made a lot of news for this exchange when she was on your show. >> what is something you always carry with you? >> really? you get information right now? i want you to know there are
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black people in the room. >> is it working? >> she got a lot of heat for that. what did you make of that exchange? that set the bar for your show. >> i said it to her and that moment, but she said she likes hot sauce. maybe she wasn't pandering. the best part of that exchange was when she looked me in the eye and said it wasn't working right. very honest response. >> i did some research myself and i thought she did talk about it and has been talking about it for years but most people don't do the research to see this is something real. >> don't know how much it worked. she didn't win. >> technically. >> that is for the history books. let me ask about the guy who did when. how would you handle an
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interview with donald trump? >> i don't think that will go well. >> i think it would go amazing. you have to be honest. >> i don't think he would be comfortable answering questions, i doubt he would stay for a full interview because there's a lot of issues i have to think he says have been problematic for us. michael cohen has come forward saying he said in private to him. >> i don't think he cares about our audience. there's nothing about donald trump that makes me think of it is >> a lot of hurtful things he says. shannon: something he talks about is the low unemployment rate for african americans and the hispanic community. something he likes to talk about. if he thought he had a platform with you guys would he be welcome? >> he would definitely be welcome. that started with barack obama. the policies barack obama implement a because the employment rate -- donald trump is taking credit for it. >> he loves to joust, he would love to debate that with you
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guys so he might come and stick around. >> i would love for him to come. >> when he asked questions at the white house, if he doesn't like your questions -- >> we will get him some fast food for his little hands. >> you know he loves fast food. if he is listening tonight because sometimes he does watch, go ahead. >> we are not pitching it. he can pool up anytime. >> not something we requested. we are not making a picture but if he wants to come he is invited. shannon: world's most dangerous morning show. keep making news and we will keep watching. >> thanks for having us. >> speakers is no go to plans to impeach the president, the
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upload your logo or start your design today want more from your entejust say teach me more. into your xfinice remote to discover all sorts of tips and tricks in x1. can i find my wifi password?
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and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. this is a quote from nancy pelosi. impeachment is so divisive that unless there is something so overwhelming and bipartisan i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country and he is not worth it. >> what took her so long? it's been 2 years, 300,000 documents hundreds of hours of interviews and she's come to the same conclusion donald trump said day one, no collusion. i'm surprised it took that long to get there. shannon: i want to read something from political, dems -- can they turn back? more than a dozen key democratic lawmakers reveal deep divisions within the caucus about whether their efforts could end up help trump when a second term in office. we heard that from a lot of folks who worry it will mobilize his base. >> i don't agree with nancy pelosi on much but i take her side with this. moving in the impeachment
12:20 am
direction would be a disservice to the rich, robust political conversation taking place in the country on a whole range of issues from the green new deal to medicare for all to immigration and so forth and in some ways the american people are deeply distrustful of congress and to take this decision who the next president is going to be out of the hands of the american people and put it in the hands of an institution people don't have a lot of trust in is the wrong direction to go. leave it up to the people. shannon: tom stier who is a billionaire and talked a lot about the political game, he supporting a lot of folks it has been all about impeachment from day one, he says nancy pelosi thinks he's just not worth it. if defending our local system is worth it, holding the president accountable for his crimes and coverups is worth it? is doing what is right worth it? or shell americans to stop fighting for our principles and do what is politically
12:21 am
convenient? >> nancy pelosi is right. other than last part of the phrase she offered there but the founders put up an exceptionally high bar. if she had an inkling, if she had some evidence i think she would go forth. i think it is an admission she doesn't have that evidence but has a problem with her caucus because she has 60 or so people that have signed up for impeachment, they've been promising this from the day donald trump was warning. the problem is they don't have evidence or facts to back something up and make the case because it would be a loser in the country knows that she is smart enough to recognize that. >> committees are coordinating 89 letters that went out last week looking at any number of things from the trump organization and family members to russia to everything else, even a special counsel waiting on that formal proceeding to close up. as soon as they cast a net to look at something. aaron blake of the washington post right after the news of
12:22 am
nancy pelosi today nancy pelosi's ability to tap down impeachment fever could be one of the most significant battles of her speakership and these new comments are a line in the sand. a number of democrats out tonight saying they still think, you heard congressman llamas, just a matter of time. >> the number of investigations they are launching completely egregious but when you look at what we are getting too, this is another bad week showing the democrat party is breaking apart in front of our very eyes. i don't see where any of the 2020 democrat candidates are rallying the base and inspiring their liberal donors with no impeachment. the radicals have taken over, that is to control their party right now and i would be interested to see how their presidential candidates try to balance what nancy pelosi is saying with the realities on the ground trying to win in a very polarized very radical party. >> we are just getting some news here, new york attorney general, we know the president is facing trouble at the state level with
12:23 am
the southern district of new york in -- the state ag has made a lot of noise about conducting investigations, the attorney general's office in new york issuing subpoenas to deutsche bank related to the financing of major trump organization projects and benefits by the buffalo bills of the national football league. what do you make of that? seems it will be a long time before these investigations from multiple agencies are ever wrapped up. >> everybody knows donald trump is a ruffian. that is beyond dispute. the technical question, political question democrats have to take seriously is why not allow the people of this country to weigh in on that question? why shortchange that with politically motivated investigations that even if correct set up a situation that furthers the divisions in this country and frankly hold the
12:24 am
democrats back from pushing a lot of issues they have a lot of traction with right now? >> it seems there's this internal split about these big issues we saw last week, took them a week to put together a resolution that ended up condemning anti-semitism and white supremacy and all kinds of things. we thought it was ready for the floor, they are fighting again and there's this internal split and some of it has gone public, about this issue of impeachment but the speaker said the party is unified. >> i don't think so. i think democrats are an absolute chaos. bernie sanders is the leader of the democratic party. he's not a member of the democratic party. he is registered as an independent had a socialist. the leader of the presidential candidates is not a member of their own party and they can to decide whether they hate the jewish people or not and how they are going to articulate that in a resolution instead of calling out the actual
12:25 am
individual. i don't think all the democrats hate jews but you do have some that need to be called out specifically the way republicans did, like i did with mister king when he stepped over the line. it is a campaign that is in chaos, a party that can't define itself and they are totally off message and they have to explain to the american people why they think the socialist views on the right solution for america because america is not buying it. >> it was before is officially in the race that it is wrong to call her a socialist, she doesn't support that but we will talk about how she is also talking about tech companies, there's a lot to digest. >> one thing in response, you say the american people aren't buying these things, i think the american people are deeply interested in having an honest conversation about many of the
12:26 am
issues progressives and socialists like bernie sanders and aoc are putting on the table. doesn't mean agree with him on everything but they want to talk about these things. >> i would love to talk about those issues, bring it on, you will drive the democratic party into the grave. shannon: if we could keep it factual it is important, they do want to talk about these things. coming up, caught in the act, dramatic surveillance footage of a transsexual woman accused of purpose spray attacks all across new york. was born breaking ranks with socialist democrats, vowing to take on big tech, proposing to break up giant social media companies. trace is on the case. >> the joint tech companies right now are eating up little tiny businesses, startups and competing unfairly. so, we re-imagined the razor with the new gillette skinguard. it has a unique guard between the blades.
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>> shannon: at transgender woman has been arrested in daymac a transgender woman has been arrested in new york.
12:31 am
she may be behind a series of pepper spray attacks, the attacker allegedly approached on the street, asked the woman if she was white and pepper sprayed her. the man tried to intervene in the attackers pulled out a knife. 11 people were attacked over the weekend. we are waiting about the ethiopian airlines plane, a 737 crashed her to take off telling 157 people including eight americans. the faa says the planes are still airworthy after fatal crashes. .mcelway has the latest. >> at the united nations a flag at half staff in honor of the 157 people killed, 2100 un staffers in the crash of a boeing 737. >> a well-known airline that has not experienced such accidents for a long time.
12:32 am
>> reporter: the second boeing 737 to crash in the last eight months in the first to go vertically into the sea killing all 189 on board. in both cases radar showed similar violent oscillations, pitching up and down before the plane crashed. in this case there were other problems, that plane had maintenance issues with airspeed and other gauges. it is the latest generation of boeing at 737 with more powerful, fuel-efficient engines necessitating a redesign of the plane's trim controls. where the two trim control switches are turned off and the plainest powered up it causes a different reaction than earlier models. >> it is going to drive the nose up. so what boeing did to counter that is automate. >> reporter: difference which is turned off or malfunctioning a totally trained pilot might have problems is over correcting for the nose up with a pitch down. it can induce pilot induced oscillation.
12:33 am
's the first officer in the ethiopian air crash had 200 hours of flying time compared to minimum of 1500 hrs. for us first officers, the flight invoices reporters have recovered. ethiopian airways of grounded it but neither boeing, the faa and or domestic carriers, united or american have. in december boeing took a risk in the ongoing trade were opening a facility in china, the largest growing airplane market, the first to rollout of the facility was a 737 max 8. >> reporter: thank you very much. two progressives, two views of what to do about the technology. elizabeth ward wants to better regulate big tech. democratic socialist alexandria ocasio cortez to seize the means to post capitalist end. >> reporter: democratic senator
12:34 am
elizabeth warren is aware her views draw comparisons to bernie sanders but warren wants to make it clear she's not a democratic socialist, she support capitalism with the right regulations and in the process of building her campaign and defining her positions the massachusetts senator has laid out a plan to break up big technology. a goal she shares with donald trump. warren would require regulators to go after massive mergers like amazon buying whole foods and facebook's ownership of instagram. >> we want to keep the marketplace competitive, not let a giant with incredible information advantage and manipulative advantage be able to snuff you out. >> reporter: facebook took down a number of warren's campaign ad saying she misuses company logo. warren responded by citing
12:35 am
facebook's power to shut down debate. the answer been restored. there is democratic freshman representative alexandria ocasio cortez who doesn't seem nearly as worried about big technology expanded or the rise of workplace robots. she says americans should be excited to have their jobs automated quoting the reason we are not excited by it is because we live in a society where if you don't have a job you are left to die and that is at its core our problem. she points out not having a job gives you more time. >> we should be excited about automation because what it could potentially mean is more time educating ourselves, creating art, investing and investigating in the sciences, more time on invention, more time going through space, more time enjoying the world that we live in. >> reporter: in case you were wondering the 29-year-old ocasio cortez biggest of crowds than any of the presidential candidates. shannon: there's a new face of terror.
12:36 am
hans a bin laden has a giant bounce -- bounty on his head. >> released audio and video messages on the internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the united states and its western allies. >> reporter: will the man who killed usama bin laden, robert neil, take a shot at finding his son? he joins us live.
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>> shannon: terror has a new face and he wants reven >> terror has a new face and he wants revenge on america.g officials are warning usama bin laden's and is actively engaging in terrorism and is emerging as the leader of al qaeda. the state department is offering a $1 million reward for information on hans a bin laden's whereabouts. good to have you with us again. it may have been in just but we've got to put on twitter
12:41 am
there was a group that reached out to you and said we are settling a crew to claim the $1 million bounty. are you in? maybe not legitimately but you do think it is a worthy mission at this point. >> definitely a worthy mission just to continue to prove if teva rears its ugly head we have men and women willing to do it and i would willing to do everything asked of me to do it but we have younger more seasoned guys, i don't know if we would risk that type of cross-border type thing we did with usama bin laden but something along the lines of those from the 3 letter agencies that find a mentor where he is hidden with a drone strike. i think he is smart enough to know if he gets too cocky interested his head out of the said he will get got. shannon: he has reached out to make some noise over the past couple years. there are a number of family members who have been taken out of this al qaeda fight and he
12:42 am
has a lot of skin in the game. john gabriel says this, talking about hans a lot and appearing militant videos said this. if you think the simple crime you committed has passed without punishment you thought wrong. >> the way he thinks, because of his brand of islam but he follows they are not going to worship a false idol so it won't be revenge for the death of his father and brother another brother, every more to avenge the death of the defenders of islam as they call it. they are very religious in their own psychotic version of islam but he's making it apparent he remembers what happened and what is going on and he things we repressed everyone in iraq and iran and all that stuff and al qaeda are not a strategic pause, this is not a end and they will sit there. i love the big headline come al
12:43 am
qaeda will stab you in the back, the hit new york in 2000, tried to knock, trade towers and they came back in 2001 and succeeded. you can't get complacent because complacency will get you killed. shannon: what about the price tag? will get people to turn them in? >> it could play but he is surrounded by hardliners all around him. it will take a little money for an outsider, especially what happened with doctor, who helped us tried to locate usama bin laden. he's not in a good place right now and it will take 5 or 10 million. it worked with a lot of the baath party in iraq. it could work again but outside of that they are a lot more loyal to each other than the baath party was. shannon: do you think he is in pakistan? >> i would say pretty much in pakistan. or at least in the tribal region where there is not a lot of law and they kind of protecting
12:44 am
their. he has been cooperating with the iranian's. he was raised in iran under the cover of iran because even with the travel ban, probably helped travel certain places but he is scary, he's in the area. shannon: as you said and others noted, don't mistake their pause for inactivity. they have the capability and intent to come after the us again. >> they definitely have the intent, that is what happens when you raise people from the time their infants to their 30s just to hate people because they don't believe what you believe. >> great to see you. the supreme court made it clear public employees can no longer be forced to play -- pay dues to union they don't support but public school teachers say that is what is happening to them and they are suing. the president joins the daylight savings time debate. should it stay or should it go?
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i think you want a house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. ♪ heather: on the heels of a 60 teacher strike 5 teachers are suing the state's top union over collecting dues through mandatory paycheck deductions which are practices supreme
12:49 am
court called unconstitutional less than a year ago. let's bring chris on and the lawyer representing the teachers, you recognize her, thank you for joining us. clarify, justice alito was clear. he said this, this arrangement violates the free-speech rights of nonmembers by compelling them to subsidize private speech on matters of substantial public concern and let these people affirmatively consent to giving money, the unions can't take it. is that happening in california? >> exactly what is happening. our 5 clients in conjunction with the freedom foundation in other west coast states as well claiming they have opted out of their union card contracts and despite having opted out the union is not letting them out until the anniversary of their 1-year contract so every pay period their paychecks are being deducted significant money in
12:50 am
the case of bethany mendez, $1500 a year on a teacher's salary, a constitutional violation is occurring, the supreme court is very clear that you cannot take this money unless there is a knowing and voluntary waiver of the first amendment. none of these teachers have made a voluntary waiver of their first amendment rights. shannon: if you didn't like the ruling, it was a tight one, why shouldn't these teachers have the right to put their foot down on this? >> they are. they signed a contract and agreed to have these dues taken out. i wonder where you find teachers willing to go against their own interests and fight their union which gives them a much better salary, much better benefits and much better working conditions than they would have gotten on the run especially in the market where there are thousands of teachers coming out of colleges every day for every single opening. these unions strengthen teachers and give them a better life at a fraction of what they are paying
12:51 am
for these unions. i am shocked these people are willing to be used this way. i hope the kids they teach are learning something because these people don't seem to have learned much in college. shannon: and a couple cases before the supreme court said they are supporting political candidates and messages with my dues money that i disagree with them they don't feel they should have to subsidize that speech. does that make a terrible people? >> it is a slippery slope. we all pay for things we don't want, support things we don't like. for example do i have a right to determine what the gasoline company is going to do with the money i spend on it? the supreme court got it wrong. it will return when we get reasonable members on the court. >> reporter: the california teachers association brief statement responding it is just another lawsuit from the freedom
12:52 am
foundation to continue the attack on public education and public employees. >> chris called these teachers stupid and said students are going to learn nothing and also ignored the fact this is a constitutional violation. that is the difference between your dad's analogy and what is going on and if you think it is a term the left loves which is freedom of choice that is what these teachers are looking for, the choice to be part of a union or not and the sky doesn't fall when people are not part of a union. >> they can opt out. >> please don't interrupt me. i didn't interrupt you. in a federal system people are not required to be part of the union and the unions go on just fine so when you have a constitutional right, after they opted out unions since thugs into the classroom to intimidate them into revoking their opt out. it is time for the state of california to follow the
12:53 am
constitution. >> you don't think that is okay, coercion, do you? >> of course not. i also think these teachers who are her clients don't understand how much they are being used. >> they are so dumb and you know better. >> all over the country. they are clearly unaware of how they are being used. it is a shame and i feel bad for them because they are going to learn very soon if their union does collapse what their salaries would be in a free market and it would not be good for them. >> they would do fine without the coworkers -- >> what people felt after the ruling last year that there would be a big threat and you haven't seen that yet. we will see who is right. >> trying these groups. >> thank you, good to see you. coming up is new york mayor
12:54 am
build the blue co losing the force for the trees as he tells kids to have meatless mondays and congress warning the city it is about to head to a financial crisis, that story and the real is roundup next. ♪ now audible members get free fitness and wellness programs to transform your mind and body. download the audible app and start listening today. ♪
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♪ >> shannon: well, a woman gets booted from a is a woman gets booted from hearing on gun control after texting about going on a shooting spree of her own topping the real is roundup. the unidentified woman was ejected from a senate hearing after she was spotted sending a text saying if she had a gun she would blow away a republican state lawmaker in a large group of an ra. capital police determined there was no threat, the woman was not arrested. meatless mondays in public school, a move that promotes healthy environmentally family meal options, america says that will help greenhouse gases. some top economist when the city needs to focus on its financial health, one saying new york is already in a difficult financial spot but it would be in an
12:59 am
impossible situation if we had any kind of setback. donald trump lending support to the new push to end daylight savings time, arizona and hawaii are the only states that do not serve the time change, making daylight savings time permanent is okay with me. supreme court agreeing to hear the case of those who were denied a trademark for their line of street clothes, their brand is a variation of the afterword. it is based on a federal law that requires rejection of trademarks that are scandalous or immoral. time for our midnight hero. 94-year-old mary boa chan us was the longest serving american red cross volunteer history -- voluntary in 1943 when she met her husband gus and she never stopped volunteering. when her husband died in 2006 she started volunteering more. a red cross volunteer for 76 years. she died thursday, she leaves
1:00 am
behind an amazing legacy. he is our midnight hero tonight. thank you for those years of service for many people. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. jillian: good morning, it is tuesday, march 12th and this is "fox and friends first," "happening now" at 4:00 on the east coast of fox news alert, get out now. the state department just ordered all americans to leave the embassy in venezuela. what it means for the political chaos ravaging the country. >> they want to impeach president bush for the iraq war. it divides the country. >> democrats divided again, this time over impeaching the president. far left freshman going against their leader. campus craziness


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