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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 12, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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behind an amazing legacy. he is our midnight hero tonight. thank you for those years of service for many people. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. jillian: good morning, it is tuesday, march 12th and this is "fox and friends first," "happening now" at 4:00 on the east coast of fox news alert, get out now. the state department just ordered all americans to leave the embassy in venezuela. what it means for the political chaos ravaging the country. >> they want to impeach president bush for the iraq war. it divides the country. >> democrats divided again, this time over impeaching the president. far left freshman going against their leader. campus craziness, college and 5 for teaching students make
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america great again is white supremacy. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ shannon: a live shot from new york city as we appreciate you waking up with us wherever you're waking up. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. thank you for starting the day with us. fox news alert.
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the us is withdrawing all american diplomats from venezuela as the country continues to spiral into chaos after a weeklong blackout. todd pyro has more on the announcement overnight and the conditions they continue to deteriorate in the socialist country. >> a major escalation between the us and nicholas madero. mike pompeo tweeting the us will withdraw all remaining personal from the us embassy in venezuela this week, this decision reflects the deteriorating situation in venezuela and the conclusion the presence of us fanatics affect the embassy has become a constraint on us policy, this comes as venezuela remains in blackout, thousands in darkness from a power outage, widespread looting causing havoc in caracas, humanitarian aid offered to the venezuelan people refused by maduro but despite
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the repudiation of mentor on the world stage pompeo system countries continue to support the rogue regime. >> moscow like havana continues to provide political coverage to the madero regime while pressuring countries to disregard the democratic legitimacy of president juan guaido. >> he was with trish regan talking about his fight and warning about the perils of socialism to an american left. >> i want everyone to see what is going on. the drama that it has become to be living, seeking out having power. >> juan guaido said he will invoke a constitutional provision allowing the venezuelan congress to authorize foreign military operations to intervene. that last line is when we need to watch.
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heather: it has been steadily increasing was back at her memorial services begin today for sheriff's deputy murdered in illinois. deputy jacob was gunned down when trying to serve an arrest warrant at a rockford hotel. accused killer floyd brown appeared in court for the first time. a judge denied him bond claiming he's a flight risk, brown could face the death penalty for murder charges. the deputy spent 13 years on the force, leaving behind a wife and two sons. some lawmakers want on boeing 737 max 8 planes grounded in the us after that model crashed in ethiopia killing 157 people including eight americans. it is the second deadliest crash involving a 737 max 8 in months. dianne feinstein writing to the faa, quote, continuing to fly an airplane that has been involved
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in two fatal crashes within six months presents an unnecessary potentially life-threatening risk to the traveling public. the faa warned against comparing crashes saying the planes are still, quote, airworthy. several international airlines have grounded those planes. donald trump unveiling record $4.7 trillion budget proposal for 2020 and democrats already voicing their opposition. senator patrick leahy saying, quote, this is not a serious proposal adding it is, quote, dead on arrival and divorced from reality. the budget request includes $8.6 billion for 720 miles of border wall and $72 million to fund 100 new immigration judges. the administration so the proposal also includes strategic cuts. >> from day one this president put forward spending reductions in his first budget, the most in
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any president in any in history, grow the economy over 10 years and going to continue to put forward spending reductions. >> about $2.7 trillion over a decade. the budget includes a vast welfare overhaul requiring americans 18-65 to work 20 hours to be eligible for benefits and aid and much more on all this coming up later. the budget for the special counsel's russia probe is covered through september according to reuters. robert mueller's nearly 2-year investigation will continue to be financed by the treasury department. there was speculation the investigation is almost over and will be delivered to the attorney general soon. we keep hearing that. mueller's office reported spending $9 million during the last fiscal year. but he has more money to continue. about this? i am not for impeachment, nancy pelosi says she's against trying to throw donald trump out of office.
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that could alienate some fellow democrats. griff jenkins joins us from washington with the latest reaction. good morning. >> nancy pelosi trying to send a clear message to members of her own party to put the brakes on a rush to impeach in an interview with the washington post, she says this, quote, impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there's something compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan i don't think we should go down the path because it divides the country. it is not worth it. that reflects a sentiment held among democratic leadership that could backfire if it is not a bipartisan effort but that hasn't silence the more outspoken and controversial freshman democrats. representative alexandria ocasio cortez responding to comments, quote, i wouldn't say she's completely concrete. she always demonstrated
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leadership that takes all kinds of measures into account. to the mueller report drop and we see something i wouldn't count anything out. last week on the hill rashida tlaib said she intends to introduce articles of impeachment by the end of march. >> we don't hold impeachment proceedings today and told him accountable to following the united states constitution think about that. this is not going to be the last ceo the runs for president of the united states, this not going to be the last person to try to get away with this. >> reporter: that spat playing out yesterday. majority leader steny hoyer agreed with nancy pelosi saying two new democrat members, not three, the white house has not commented and a quick history lesson, bill clinton rose 7 approval rating points by the end of his impeachment trial, democrats gained 5 house seats in the 98 midterms. shannon: i like a polite word, the spat that continues.
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democrats fresh off and anti-semitism controversy find themselves split once again. dan crenshaw says the view from the other side of the aisle doesn't look good for the left. >> it is extremely divisive. the country does not like that. a lot of democrats ran on bringing the country together and ending dysfunction washington. they are bringing dysfunctions washington. i agree with nancy pelosi, the reality is representatives like alexandria ocasio cortez are driving the narrative of their party and that is problematic. i feel bad for my democratic colleagues who don't agree with her but the reality is she is driving the narrative. a lot of presidential candidates coming out a repeating a lot of the talking points, the endorsement of the green new deal, repeating the same talking points as alexandria ocasio cortez and that is problematic the democrats, the american people don't want to see it. shannon: lawmakers like ocasio cortez could come for nancy
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pelosi sooner rather than later. nancy pelosi made a deal after winning the house earnings support to be speaker in exchange for proposed term limits on leadership. see how that plays out. stacy abrams not ruling out 2020 white house run tweeting and part 20 years ago i never thought i could run for president of the united states before 2028 but life comes at you fast, now 2020 is on the table, this as beto o'rourke announces his first trip to i expected to campaign for eric gooden. they will join a crowded field of 2020 hopefuls if they run. the dnc announcing it will hold
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the 2020 convention in milwaukee, winning out over 5 months houston and miami. the committee chair, tom perez saying milwaukee embodies the working-class. apart from chicago democrats have not held a national convention in this way since 1960. frank sinatra called new york the top of the heap and soon you could go to the tiptop at 1100 feet called the edge. i watched this under construction as it was built, that was at 30 runs in yard, the tallest observation deck in the webster an emissary the fifth tallest in the world. giving visitors a birds eye view of the big apple, it is latent to open early this year. it looks really cool at least from the ground. i don't know about up there. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump proposing changes to entitlement programs like food stamps, will there be enough support to get a pass.
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we will ask james comeour next. senator elizabeth lauren fighting with facebook, the social media giant is backtracking after deleting her campaign ad. ♪
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heather: 500 criminals including ms 13 members rounded up in a massive interoperation. interpol sweeping to eight american companies, 850 guns, 38,000 bullets, and fake police in military uniforms also found. here at home ice making the biggest cocaine bust in 20 years, the fed seizing $77 million worth of the drug disguised as fruit of the nearly 3200 pounds of cocaine found in a shipping container in new
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jersey coming from colombia. another reason. donald trump requesting additional $8.6 billion to build the border wall in his 2020 budget plan amid his ongoing national emergency declaration facing opposition from both sides of the aisle. will the new proposal earn any support? republican congressman james comeour joins me with more. as we begin our discussion let's bring out what we can break down about the border wall budget, the additional $8.6 billion for the wall, 5 million from congress, 3.6 million for the military and that would complete 722 miles of the wall, that $4.7 trillion budget plan. what do you think the chances are of that passing? >> it has overwhelming support among house republicans. we passed the last congress to fund the border wall.
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there are only a handful of republicans, ironically more in the lifetime but they were defeated in the reelection. that is a good sign that the republican base supports the wall, and they support the efforts to secure the border. there are a lot of democrats in swing districts, and they decided the liberal agenda that nancy pelosi and these radical new democrats that have embraced socialism, it is not a winner for the reelection -- >> more than 500 criminals including ms 13 members, and here at home ice making the
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biggest cocaine bust in 25 years you would think democrats and republicans that don't agree with declaring the national emergency would get on board? >> we heard from the office of the drug control policy about the drug epidemic in america, the drugs are clearly coming from the border, from all parts of mexico where we have no barrier to prevent them, they want to spend more money on rehab, but we can put a major stop to this program at the border. this is what the american people want. i don't know what more it will take, the president has heard a lot about this issue. i support his efforts, if congress will not fund money for the border wall i support the efforts to declare a national emergency because it is a national emergency.
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we have a terrible drug problem but the majority of these are coming from mexico. heather: they are proposing vast work for benefit requirement and if there is support for the entitlement reform and bring this up as you talk about it? >> the taxpayer strongly supports this. i'm on the agriculture, we tried to pass legislation. and welfare recipients, what american couldn't support that. but democrats don't support that, they view that as racist, cruel and it is another slap in the face of working americans. we will see more working taxpaying americans continue to turn their backs on the democrat party in washington. i strongly support the
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president, and the republican minority supports working-class welfare recipients. >> the acting white house budget chief says the cut involved in this would involve $2.7 trillion over a decade, largest proposed budget cut in the nation's history. let's see what happens. heather: we have a spending problem in washington dc, i applaud the president and director mulvaney for taking a stand to get spending under control. heather: i can't do it so they shouldn't do it either. appreciate your time. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the our. make america great again an example of white supremacy? some students are being taught that in college. carly shimkus here with reaction to the campus craziness. ♪
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all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere.
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this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. heather: he is just not worth it. nancy pelosi says she is against impeaching donald trump, the admission sparking outrage and support. a lot of people have something to say about this. >> reporter: nancy pelosi said the president isn't worth dividing the country with impeachment proceedings. not everybody on board with that. tom stier who has been running a campaign to impeach the president responded with this statement, is holding the president accountable for his crimes and cover-up worth it? is doing what is right worth it
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or shall america stop fighting for our principles and do what is politically convenient? thank you, nancy pelosi, for taking impeachment off the table for further investigation to be completed. i love leaders were calculated, not noisemakers. been on twitter says she has bigger problems dealing with the new freshman. interesting the backlash over this one because she simply said let's wait to talk about impeachment proceedings until further evidence comes out. that should be something everybody should agree with. jillian: a lot of conspiracy theorists saying they don't believe her and think she is up to something. read college saying make america great again is white supremacy. >> reporter: this is a college in portland, oregon, facing backlash for showing students this graph, they call the make america great again phrase a covert example of white
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supremacy along with things like housing discrimination, a spokesperson for the college responded to backlash saying it is provocation and that was the intention, to present the ra with something provocative and in for a conversation about the difference between implicit bias versus explicit bias. that's a lot of words. elizabeth on twitter says promoting socialism and abolition of the electoral college and prevention a free-speech is okay. and universities who do this nonsense are the reason. the college says this was a lesson in teaching tolerance, not intolerance. i would love to have been a part of that class to see what is going on. heather: are they going to continue it? >> the ground is out there and they are defending themselves. take that however you want.
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heather: it is 26 after the hour. old foes together it was white house press a terry sarah sanders clashing with jim acosta. >> the president has been clear on what his position is, certainly what his support is for the people and community of israel. >> you are saying something that is patently untrue. heather: donald trump says democrats are turning into an anti-israel party but chuck schumer says the president is the one dividing the country. the former mayor of shiloh israel since schumer could not be more wrong and he has only two options when he joins us next. ♪
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heather: a look at our
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headlines, and the country spirals into chaos after a weeklong blackout. and lawmakers want or boeing planes grounded in the us. it is the second deadly crash involving a 737 max 8 in just six months. the faa was against comparing the crashes and says the planes, and nancy pelosi making a case against member members of the party to impeach donald from. the house speaker telling the washington post, quote, it divide the country and he is just not worth it. the coast guard officer accused of stockpiling weapons and hit list pleads not guilty. remember christopher hassan? he was arrested after
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investigators found several firearms and 1000 rounds of ammunition in his maryland apartment. they, domestic terrorist and say he had a hit list targeting journalists and democrats. he could face 31 years in prison. nearly 750 immigrants arrested trying to cross the border illegally in arizona. the majority of them taken into custody are from central america. in the yuma sector they are up 230% from this time last year. donald trump doubling down on why his 2020 congressional budget includes a sweeping overhaul to welfare programs. the president telling breitbart news, quote, i don't want to have anyone coming in that is on welfare. i don't like the ip the of people going on welfare for 50 years and that is what they want to be able to do and it is no good.
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the proposal includes requirements for americans 18-65 years old to work at least 20 hours to be eligible for benefits and aid. white house press secretary sarah sanders sparring with cnn's jim acosta over anti-semitic allegations, the back-and-forth stemming from donald from recently saying democrats are anti-israel and anti-jewish. >> the president is clear on what his position is and what his supporters for the people and community of israel. >> you are saying something that is patently untrue. >> their policy positions. >> democrats don't hate jewish people. >> they should call other members by name. i don't have anything more. heather: sanders the democrats failed to address anti-semitic remarks from congresswoman omar. donald trump taking a democrat after they refused to condemn congresswoman omar by name for perceived anti-semitic remarks.
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>> i thought that vote was a disgrace and so does everybody else if you get an honest answer. democrats have become an anti-israel party, anti-jewish party. heather: chuck schumer is pushing back saying the president is trying to divide the country. here to weigh in is the author of trump and the jews and former mayor of shiloh, israel, david rubin. thank you for joining us, appreciate having you with us. >> thank you, good to be with you. heather: i want to bring up what chuck schumer had to say, this is a new device of low. his comments show the president is interested in playing politics of division and not fighting anti-semitism. mister president, you have redefined chutzpah. who is right, the president for chuck schumer? >> i think chuck schumer should be ashamed of himself.
1:35 am
he is speaking like this, trying to diverge the issue. the issue is there was a blatantly anti-semitic member of congress in the democrat party, there's more than one but we will focus on congresswoman omar who made very very very very harsh anti-semitic statements. anti-israel, anti-semitic. covers all the grounds. the democrat party is fleeing for cover. they are not dealing with the issue. heather: why do you think this is happening is what in terms of her comments concern you most? >> is using all of the old classic anti-semitic statements. the charges of dual loyalty. only jews of being guilty of. she would never accuse a
1:36 am
guatemalan immigrant or puerto rican immigrant or mexican immigrant or muslim immigrants from any other country of being loyal to a foreign country. only jewish americans would be charged with that by her and that is the old charge of dual loyalty, it is vicious, anti-semitic, there have been others as well. time for the leadership of the democratic party, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, to take a stand on this instead of coming up with this ridiculous generic resolution in congress saying they are against hate. the issue with anti-semitism. heather: you nowhere of you speak. you started as shiloh israel defense fund when you're 3-year-old son was injured in a terror attack in critical
1:37 am
condition as a result of that. was an issue of these folks not knowing or understanding the history of the region or not caring? >> a combination of the two. my 3-year-old son and i were wounded in a terrorist attack carried out by members of the palestinian authority, supposed to be negotiating peace with. congresswoman omar knows what she's talking about. she knows the history, she knows the jewish people are the indigenous people in the land of israel but because she filtered this islamist jihadist hatred she can't get over it and no matter what she does she could apologize, she could be condemned by members of her own party but when it comes down to it she's going to be making more anti-semitic statements.
1:38 am
this is in the end of it. i want -- i want everyone we will be hearing from her again with more anti-semitic statements. it is a big problem for the democratic party if they don't stand up. shannon: hopefully they are listening to you. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> you are welcome and thank you. heather: 20 minutes until the top of the our. a bad deal for houston's bravest. the firefighters get a well-deserved raise and others at a job. the president of the houston professional firefighters association says the mayor is to blame when he joins us live. >> some good ventures. heather: the moment she now regrets. the woman says she's not the only one to blame. ♪ when you coming home dad ♪ i don't know when ♪ we will be together then ♪ you know we'll have a good time then ♪
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heather: firefighters in houston fighting to keep their jobs after the city's mayor threatens to lay hundreds of them off after a referendum that pays them equally to police. marty langdon is president of the professional firefighters association and he joins me with more on this. this would be 400 houston firefighters that would be laid off, that is 10% of the person's personnel. what is happening and why would this be a first? >> to break it down in the simplest form for your viewers is we have a mayor that does not respect the will of the voters, does not respect the basic right of democracy in which to petition government. we have a referendum that was run through the city of houston, citizens of houston november of
1:43 am
last year which said we need to prioritize taxpayer funds, prioritize, public safety should be number one. the service and sacrifice of brave houston firefighters is this he does brave houston firefighters. heather: for some members to get a pay raise others lose their job? >> that is the mayor's contention, the mayor continued to play this addictive role houston firefighters, he didn't get his way and houston firefighters have to pay. that is what this mayor stood upon. if you don't do what i tell you i will make you pay for it and layoff public safety employees and put citizens lives at risk. heather: do you think people knew what they were voting for or what was intentionally misleading? >> the citizens knew exactly what they were voting for. the mayor tried to defeat this
1:44 am
measure because it wasn't his idea. it wasn't what he wanted so what the mayor refused to do with technology used in firefighters who have received only a 3% pay raise, 3% total since 2011 versus counterpart ended deservedly so, our brothers and sisters at the houston police department received 37% pay raise. the mayor continues to spend money on pet projects, taxpayer funds on contracts that are not approved to city council and what he doesn't do his value the sacrifice and service of the men and women of the houston fire department to put their lives on the line every day. heather: the ripple effect across the country or potential ripple effect? >> the ripple effect is this vote was passed by 60-40 margin and this mayor has done nothing but litigate. what it tells everybody across the nation is your vote doesn't
1:45 am
matter. this and an attack just on the fire department but on democracy, the citizens of houston who went out and voted. it was a 3000 vote in favor of this referendum to give me equal pay. what this mayor did was spent taxpayer funds to say i am smarter than 300,000 voters and sued to invalidate what the voters of houston clearly said they want which is equal pay for first responders. heather: that is just crazy. thanks for bringing this to our attention and let us know what happens moving forward. >> thank you for having me. heather: 17 minutes until the top of the hour, make or break for the brexit deal, theresa may has one more shot to get parliament on board, with a break in two weeks. live in london with why you need to care about the blockbuster vote.
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". the british parliament taking up a critical vote on the new brexit plan. teresa man european leaders agree on a last-minute change to the divorce deal is the separation date approaches. benjamin hall joins us from london with the latest.
1:50 am
>> it has been two years since the uk voted to leave the eu, two years of negotiation, no agreement in place, 17 days before the uk is meant to leave the european union. teresa may was in brussels late into the night meeting her european counterpart trying to get last-minute concessions getting the backing of the british parliament and she claims she got them. >> mps were clear legal changes were needed to the backstop. now is the time to come together to back this improved deal and deliver on the instruction of the british people. heather: the sticking point, a hard border between northern ireland if no trading relationship can be agreed over the next two your transition. go. teresa may said both parties have agreed to find a technical
1:51 am
solution moving forward and the uk will not be trapped inside the eu if a deal is not agreed. of today's vote which is scheduled for 3:00 pm eastern does not pass there are few options left, one is to delay brexit but many feel that would keep the eu in the year -- the uk in the eu. it could crash out with a deal at play, the global economic catastrophe in waiting. those who want to stay have not been able to meet in the middle. it is a compromise, no one is happy with it. two months ago by 230 votes, the largest british defeat in parliament every history. allies on theresa may is when she can get this deal through. heather: benjamin hall, thank you. back at home facebook versus elizabeth warren, the social media giant doing an about-face after pulling her campaign ad.
1:52 am
tracy carrasco foxbusiness here to explain what happened, why did they do this? >> reporter: facebook has taken down those presidential campaign ads calling on the company to be broken up, the ads calling on big tech companies like facebook, google, amazon to be broken up because they have too much power over consumers. facebook did an about-face with this decision restoring those ads after a report in politico. here's what facebook had to say. we remove the ads because they violated policies against use of our corporate logo in the interest of allowing robust debate, we are restoring the ads. they say it is more about the logo, not the content. heather: let's talk about apple, big event on the 25th in some big potential announcements. >> reporter: media invitations to a big event on march 25th,
1:53 am
speculation that apple will unveil long expected service, more digital services to compete with amazon prime, netflix and all of that. we will see on march 25th, particularly when they introduce new ipads, not sure if we will see new software. those haven't been updated in a while. shannon: a wireless charging case, see you later. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour and country music legend dolly parton taking aim at a 2020 democrat, the candidate she says is using her music without permission. ♪ getting by ♪ taking and giving ♪ use your mind ♪ never giving credit ♪
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heather: the woman attacked by jaguar in an arizona zoo admits to breaching the enclosure's barrier to take photos but says it wasn't a selfy. >> i was up against the fence and we happened to be walking by. i was in the wrong for leaning over the barrier but i do think they should look into moving their fence back. i feel like we are all human, we make mistakes and i learned my lesson.
1:58 am
heather: the zoo says the animal will not be put down. she thought it was dirt. a teacher probably apologizes for making a student wash and ash wednesday cross off his for head. >> i had no idea it was a religious symbol. i would never ever intentionally disrespect any religion or any sacred symbol. it was a total misunderstanding. >> william macleod says the teacher forced him to remove the cross even after he explained why he was wearing it. the teacher is on leave. elizabeth warren channels dolly parton to announce her presidential run. ♪ working 9 to 5 ♪ what a way to make a living ♪ getting by ♪ heather: appears her team did not get parton's permission.
1:59 am
the country music legend says she does not ever allow her songs to be involved in politics. it is not clear if they will file a formal complaint. she tries to stay out of politics. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the middles of a world war ii veteran returned to his family. >> i know my daughter and her husband, these treasures have come back up and i appreciate that. heather: walter was shot down over france in 1944. the illinois treasury, including a purple heart in a deposit box, safely with his family. now bad. connor mcgregor facing charges for smashing a fan's cell phone, tried to take a picture of him outside hotel in miami and mcgregor slap the phone out of his hands, stomped on it and
2:00 am
walked away, posted bond overnight. finally the ugly. a wall doing this, collapsing, narrowly missing a man by seconds. surveillance video showing bricks crashing on the sidewalk. this happened in london. this caused by 70 mile-per-hour winds. that wraps up his hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. rob: a fox news alert. the trump administration taking new action in venezuela with urgent withdrawal of all us personnel. jillian: breaking developed and major warning. opposition leader juan guaido has for far left democrats here at home. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached.


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