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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 12, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> not as bad as that lady who stretched into the jaguar the other day. >> that's right. that animal was not great. >> that animals totally fine. >> set dvr, never miss the five. hey, >> bret:. >> thanks, the trump team hope venezuela see the light through darkness. two hollywood actresss accused of bribing their kid's way into college. will he or won't he? joe biden contemplates a third white house run. democratic party moveod? this is "special report." >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. how far are you willing to go to get your kids into the college of their dreams? for some, that path may now lead all the way to jail. dozens of the rich and famous are accused of paying huge bribes to bypass the rules that
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everyday americans have to live by. of course mollie has details tonight. amazing details from boft op. -- boston. good evening, mollie. >> good evening, alongside officials, f.b.i. announced culmination of operation varsity blue. bus stop of college admission scheme involving bribery, fake tests and fake athletic prowess. >> we're here today to announce charges in the largest college admission scam ever prosecuted by the department of justice. >> 50 people charged, including college coaches, test administrators and rich and privileged parents prosecutors say were willing to cheat to get into elite schools frchlt c.e.o.s to hollywood stars, lori loughlin and felicity huffman. >> they flaunted their wealth, sparing no attempt to set their
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children up for success with the best education money could buy, literally. some spent $200,000 to $6.5 million for guaranteed admission. >> the accused mastermind, william rick singer of newport beach, california, pled guilty today in federal court in boston for money laundering conspiracy and obstruction of justice. prosecutors allege singer helped parents fake their child's athletic mastery, bribing coaches or paid test administrators in a talented test taker. >> wealthy parents paid singer $25 million in total to guarantee admission to elite schools, including yale, georgetown, stanford, university of southern california, the university of texas, ucla, and wake forest. >> investigators say the institutions did not know of the scams, some including yale and stanford have taken action against indicted coaches.
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>> we believe everyone charged here today had a role in fostering corruption and greed that created an uneven playing field for students trying to get into the schools the right way, through hard work, good grades and community service. >> this investigation is far from approximate -- over. could be more to come. bret. >> bret: more on this with the panel trump administration point person on the crisis in venezuela blaming nicolas maduro for decision to bring home american diplomats working in caracas. expansion of the crisis in venezuela comes as president run intoes major resistance at home over the administration's budget plan. chief white house correspondent john roberts has the latest. >> a lot to talk about tonight. start with venezuela and new concerns tonight about approximate the viability of the u.s. plan to oust venezuelan
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dictator nicolas maduro after the state department was forced to vacate the u.s. embassy in caracas. >> the decision to order all u.s. personnel to leave venezuela came after the embassy was in danger of running out of water and fuel to run generators. it was also clear the maduro regime was not willing to provide security for american diplomats. >> we do not believe regime on the one hand has ability to tell us when to leave, on the other hand doesn't have ability to protect us if we stay. >> the safety of u.s. diplomats has been a daily conversation at the state department. secretary of state mike pompeo insists their departure has not changed the mission. >> our mission has been to restore democracy. our mission was important part of that, people have done great work, it was time to come back. th security is paramount, it has gotten difficult. >> there are u.s. citizens in
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venezuela. many hold dual citizenship, the state department put dictator nicolas maduro on notice. >> we will hold the maduro regime directly responsible for the safety and welfare of united states citizens. >> maduro continues to control the military, but the u.s. is consulting with interim president juan guaido, the national assembly and other countrys to provide amnesty and safe haven for leaders of the maduro regime if they step aside. >> unfortunately, none of the people at the top of the regime have made that decision. >> the white house keeps up pressure on maduro, it is also preparing for battle with congress over the budget. democrats ripping the president's proposal for more spending cuts while calling for tax cuts to be made permanent. >> how that will help anybody in this room, most of the people. >> the press secretary threw it back at the opposition. >> it is sad democrats think it is a nonstarter to try to get
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our fiscal house in order. the president has put forward a proposal that would help us balance the budget. >> critics say the budget relyos unrealistic economic assumption, administration officials new, more favorable trade deals will fuel economic growth and make the numbers work. the biggest of those deals, china remains a question mark. trade representative robert mr. lighthizer telling congress maybe there will be a deal, maybe not. >> secretary mnuchin and i were on the phone with china last evening. i don't know when something will happen. we will either have a good result or we're going to have a bad result before too long. >> administration officials are confident there will be an agreement for president trump and president xi jinping to sign in upcoming summit. what is not clear, the timing on all of this, the latest estimates are now sometime between mid to late april. it could slide further. bret. >> john roberts, thanks.
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new york's attorney general opening new front in president trump's willing woes with a civil investigation into his business dealings. person familiar with that investigation tells fox news deutsche bank have been issued subpoenas for real estate deals and failed bid to buy the n.f.l.'s buffalo bills. no comments from the banks or the trump organization. >> meantime, in washington, house speaker nancy pelosi determination president trump's possible impeachment is not worth the trouble is not going over too well with her colleagues. many are grumbling and one is openly opposing her. correspondent mike emmanual has that from the hill. >> i do not believe that an unfit president should be allowed to stay in office. >> political left is on fire after house speaker nancy pelosi took impeachment of president trump off the table in an
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interview with the "washington post." texas democrat al green says he's willing to defy the speaker. >> i intend to bring impeach toment a vote. the president has been acknowledged by leaders and others he is not fit to hold office. >> ocasio-cortez disagrees with pelosi. >> i think the conversation in the caucus and i know a lot of members on the caucus have a different opinion, but that is why we caucus. >> another vocal pro-impeachment freshman, talib ducked questions today. >> do you agree with nancy pelosi? >> i think i've made that very clear. >> others on the left say the thet alone kept president trump in check >> by calling for impeachment and talking about impeachment, we were able to limit what this president would do, first and foremost, he didn't fire mueller. >> nancy pelosi ally says
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lawmakers must wait for special counsel robert mueller to finish up his probe. >> faced with clear evidence that any president had committed high crimes and misdemeanors, we wouldn't pursue the appropriate action. but we're not at that point. >> pelosi top lieutenant said impeachment would be a major distraction to the house democrat's agenda. the house budget chairman says impeachment proceedings are inevitable. >> it is because when we see evidence of impeachable offensives we need to start the process to remove the president. >> white house secretary sarah sanders says the pushback from the left is bad sign for the speaker. >> i think nancy pelosi is starting to lose control of her party. >> senior democratic sources say the idea is pelosi providing cover for more moderate members in places where impeachment is not popular, but causing heartburn with her base. bret. >> thanks.
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most lawmakers know the mueller report may come down thursday or friday, obviously we'll see. mitch mcconnell issued a thursday vote on resolution disapproving president trump's national emergency declaration. four republicans announced they will vote with democrats, that would set up the first veto of the trump presidency. >> another swing and miss for british prime minister theresa may. she tries to secure orderly exit from the european union. with another major defeat today in parliament, may has less than three weeks to go until the deadline to leave and she's running out of options. senior foreign affairs greg, joins us tonight from london. good evening, greg. >> hi, bret. it is a big political blow for prime minister may. future of one of our most important allies hangs in the balance. >> order! >> u.k. prime minister theresa may defeated again, latest version of the plan to have
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britain exit the european union or brexit, voted down in house of commons. still by whopping 149 votes. 391-242. this 2-1/2 years since referendum in favor of brexit in two weeks until the deadline to leave. may forced negotiations accepted the grubbing barely. >> i profoundly regret the decision this house has taken tonight. i believe by far the best outcome is united kingdom leave the european union in an orderly fashion with a deal. and that the deal we've negotiated is the best and indeed the only deal. >>the hang-up again, was transition clause hard-line mps feared could leave britain stuck in the customs union indefinitely. jeremy corbyn was quick to jump on his political foe and look to the future. >> the prime minister run down the clock and the clock has been
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run out on her. maybe it is time instead we had a general election and the people who the government should be. >> first, parliament must vote wednesday on whether britain will leave the e.u. with no deal, widely seen as economically chaotic and should be defeated. next whether the deadline should be extended, likely, but e.u. would have to approve. then there could be another vote in the deal, e.u. says they are done, a new deal could be tried or another referendum, could see brexit thrown out or a general election, which could see prime minister may shown the door. >> the country is crying out for some movement, some resolution and some certainty and i'm afraid tonight's vote doesn't give that. >> bret: president trump is no fan of the brexit deal that theresa may has organized. he thinks it is too soft. but in fact, he wants stability in one of america's biggest trading partners. >> bret: thanks.
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you can add britain, germany and france to the list of nations grounding or banning boeing 737 max 8 airplanes from their air space. following sunday's deadly crash in ethiopia. only u.s. and canada are allowing the planes to fly. in u.s., calls are growing for the planes to be pulled from service. pick up the story from there. >> the mother of an ethiopian -- while here in the u.s., pressure is growing to ground the jet. >> the boeing 737 max 8 should be grounded until they can assure us it is safe. >> we need better information. >> u.s. flight attendant question "they will not be forced to fly if they feel
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unsafe. lacking data from the black boxes in the hands of investigators, the f.a.a., as noted today is not mandating further action at this time and based on the information available, we do not have any basis to issue new guidance to operators. one-third of 350 max8s worldwide are grounded, more countries including britain, poland and australia join others who closed air space to the max 8. 58 are registered to fly in the u.s. >> why climb into a 737 max 8 tomorrow, so long as it had united, southwest or american airlines on that side. >> one reason the plane remains flying in the u.s. is pilot training. >> it is expensive to train pilot necessary simulators, a small force airline may cut down the training cycle. >> the pilot in sunday's crash was retrained, according to an f.a.a. air worthiness directive following the crash five months
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previous. on sunday he radioed the control tower he was having control problems. president trump spoke to boeing c.e.o. today, after he tweeted "airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly and the complexity creates danger." >> a lot of seat of it is pants pilots agree with that, natural flying skills are diminishing in the age of automation, and in-flight emergencies. >> bret: thank you. boeing stock dropped 6% today after losing 5% monday. that pulled down the markets, the dow lost 96 points. the s&p 500 up 8. nasdaq gained 33. up next, could the third time be the charm for joe biden and the white house? we'll have the latest on his -- will he or won't he run again saga. first, other fox affiliates are covering, fox two in san francisco, 79% of california's eligible voters are registered to vote. that means more than 20 million
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people can participate in the state's 2020 presidential primary, moved up to march. republicans rank last among registered voters, behind democrats and independents in california. fox 46 in charlotte, construction workers took down a confederate statue in winstom salem. united daughters of confed rase were denied temporary restraining order to prevent removal. the city mayor wants to put it in a cemetery. >> live look at chicago from fox 32, the big story there empire actor jussie smollett made appearance at a hearing where cooke county judge ruled cameras will be allowed in the courtroom for now. but the judge who is assigned to the case thursday will have the final say. a grand jury indicted the actor on 16 felony accounts last week accusing him of lying to police about alleged racist homophobic
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undecided. allegations of tainted ballots led to district nine throwing out last november's votes and starting over. primaries are in may and special election will be in september. today the state elections board provided the grand jury subpoena it received showing the justice department is conducting a criminal investigation. joe biden meantime is teasing his core constituency about a possible presidential run. the former vice president is hinting more strongly than ever tonight he will make a third try for the top job in 2020. correspondent peter oliver shows us. >> it sounds like joe biden is running out of excuses to further delay presidential campaign. >> what is the holdup? >> there is no holdup. >>the 76 year-old stretched the process out longer than anybody else, signals he's almost ready to round up votes. >> i appreciate the energy you
3:22 pm
showed when i got up here. save it a little longer, i may need it in a few weeks. >> if he runs, one union is ready to endorse, international association of firefighters. >> he's the candidate that i believe can succeed and that we're doing everything we can to encourage him. to step into the arena, i personally believe he will. >> the day he gets in, biden would be front-runner in iowa, according to a poll. beto o'rourke is fifth and heading to the caucus state to gets out the vote for eric gid denies. >> supporting him for state senate is the way to get iowa and this country back on the right track. >> polling better than beto o'rourke are elizabeth warren and -- joe biden is choosing not to vilify wall street. >> country wasn't built by wall
3:23 pm
street bankers and hedge fund managers, they are not necessarily bad, they didn't build this country. it was built by the great american middle class and unions built the middle class. >> middle class support is critical to biden's chances, he testing different lines and tones to try to get them fired up. >> remember who we are. this is the united states of america. there is nothing we are unable to do. >> bret: biden thinks a mean pettiness has overtaken politics, which goes to show he's changed his tune a lot since last year when he said if he and president trump were in high school together, he would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. bret. >> bret: there was that. up next, why people in colorado are upset about having to comply with california auto emissions rules. first, beyond our borders, tonight, china suggesting end of heavily guarded intern ment
3:24 pm
camps for muslim which elicited international outcry. china says the camps, they call vocational training centers, will gradually disappear if society does not need them. experts say around one million people from predominant muslim groups are held in the vast network of compounds. south korean presidential advisor is warning north korea not to use a rocket launch as leverage in negotiations with the u.s. such a move could be catastrophic for global diplomacy on north korea's nuclear program. british-led scientific mission to document changes taking place beneath the indian ocean broadcast its first live television quality video transmission from a two-person submersible. monsoon storms and fierce underwater currents continue to
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3:29 pm
american elder in washington a few weeks ago. the suit claims cnn wrongfully attributed racist conduct to sandmann and fellow students in a video that went viral. lawsuits continue to pile up. it has been a wet winter out west. california received estimate 18 trillion gallons of rain, 18 trillion in february. for area that struggles with drought, the state is saving surprisingly little of the precious water. national correspondent tells us tonight why, from los angeles. >> watching the atmospheric river, it is aimed right at southern california. >> from l.a. to san francisco, near record rain, yet 80% is wasted. >> we'll never capture it all, we have to do a better job of capturing what we can. >> study by peter glick found california cities failed to capture millions of gallons of rainwater each year. >> there are hundreds of thousands of acre feet of storm
3:30 pm
water that now we don't capture, that could be captured and put to use during the dry season. >> not long ago, california found itself in devastating five-year drought. >> we have to pull together and save water in every way we can. >> the drought ended, voters did approve in 2014, 3 billion in bonds for water storage, the first project is still five years out and the state hasn't built a new dam in 40 years. >> there is constant debate in california about the value of building very expensive concrete infrastructure like new dams if we can find decent places to build them or raising shasta, for example, versus other ideas of cutting demand and being efficient. >> president trump wants to enlarge shasta dam, providing more water, california doesn't want it. citing environmental concerns. >> water supply is becoming less reliable because of climate change. >> governor nusom favors more.
3:31 pm
democratic majority stopped him saying surface collection was not politically in season. >> now it is, cities like los angeles realizing it can capture and ultimately consume billions of gallons of rainwater that drain into the ocean. bret. >> thank you. what is good for california is not necessarily good for colorado. that is the case of a group of car dealers making that to stop colorado from adopting emission standards. here is that story from our denver bureau. >> the colorado automobile dealers association or cada, is suing three environmental entities to stop application of california emission standards on colorado vehicles. >> other states should be concerned because it really is market manipulation. >> all states have a choice, follow federal standards or
3:32 pm
california's, the nation's strictest. cada alleges lining with california was pushed through by democratic presidential candidate on his way out as governor. >> it is artificial lly changin the price on vehicles because of what government wants consumers to buy or drive. >> cada claims new regulations will add $2000 to sticker price of new cars and trucks. colorado driving can't be compared to california, considering to rain and weather. >> in colorado, we sell 75% truck suv's and 25% car. and very concerned that wasn't taken into consideration. >> president of john elway dealership says dealer trades with other states will be a problem and consumers will leave california for purchases. the trump administration proposed freezing federal standards. >> what the manufacturers would love to see is a full 50-state emission standard. >> we're not out of the woods by
3:33 pm
any means. >> university of denver professor andrew gatz says car pollution must be addressed. >> one way of doing that is by encouraging automobile manufacturers to improve in terms of their fuel economy and lowering emissions. >> currently 12 states and district of columbia follow california emission standards, officials with california are not commenting. >> next up with the panel, the story everyone is talking about tonight. the college admission scandal. ♪ introducing the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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3:38 pm
meaning sat and the act, and second, securing admission to elite colleges by bribing coaches at schools to accept certain students under false pretenses. the schools themselves are not targets of the investigation. >> bret: federal prosecutors talking about the latest operations, massive operation, on a scam called operation varsity blue, to bust up international admission scheme. the schools run the gamut, yale, georgetown, stanford, ucla, university of texas, wake forest, university of san diego. prominent names, parents who were involved here and now have been brought in, felicity huffman, lori loughlin of sitcom "full house," best known for her role there, facing serious charges. kellyanne conway tweeting out, felicity huffman and lori
3:39 pm
loughlin indicted for buying spots in college, they were their daughters are as stupid as their mothers. puts it bluntly. what about the investigation? the panel, matthew, editor and chief of the washington beacon. the senior at federalist and white house correspondent for reuters. pretty stunning, the length to which a lot of parents dealt with coaches and to get their kids in school. >> it is absolutely stunning to see high profile names affiliated with this. so many things about college are problematic. there are scandals all about it, legacy admission, discrimination they practice, the debt people go into to get a college degree because of credentialism that runs rampant in our society. i think that you're seeing with colleges that there is something of a bubble here and that you have seen other industries have a little bit of creative
3:40 pm
destruction where they reform. wouldn't be surprised if this leads to major changes how we handle academia. >> one of the ring leaders, the master mind, william rick singer of newport beach, california. they allege he either helped parents fake their child's athletic bribery, or paid off test administrators and talented test taker who would take the test for them. >> we live in a time elites of all stripes are having legitimacy questioned and people talk about the ways in which the rich and powerful use connections and money to bend the rules in their favor. this scandal shows another sphere of american life where elites betrayed our country's institutions and our country's people. question for me, though, is as mollie says, why are people doing all this? why are they getting into such
3:41 pm
debt? going so far as to bribery and involved in this type of fraud? it is because wage premium on college education is so high that if you are able to complete a four-year degree and have that credential, lifetime earnings rise exponentially. think about how the economy is structured so this wage prixed premium isn't so slanted. >> and how college admissions structured. it is the top of the top of the top who get in, let alone the kids that are good students, but are not getting a chance at the colleges. >> absolutely. it is stressful to apply for college, i'm sure we remember what it was like. it was tricky. it is sad, a sad story. the parents, they'll have a chance to defend themselves obviously and should, but if this turns out to be true, think of the lesson they have been teaching their children, teaching their children it is okay to lie and cheat.
3:42 pm
and that's incredibly sad. >> here is scholarship part, which involves a lot of coaches, the u.s. attorney talking about the athletic scholarship scam. >> coaches would use slots their schools had allocated to them for recruitment of athletes, instead to take the applicants singer had identified. singer helped parents take staged photographs of their children, engaged in particular sports. other times, singer and his associates use stock photos they pulled off the internet, sometimes photoshopping the face of the child onto the picture of the athlete. >> one case, there was a shot of someone who was supposed to be in crew and they didn't have a crew team. another ridiculous scheme, falsely indicated this girl had played club tennis through high school and listed her as have be top 50 rank nothing u.s. tennis association, records obtained
3:43 pm
from usta do not showed she played any tournaments. she appears to have ranked 207th in southern california in under 12's division with win-loss record of 2-8. the family conspired to bribe the head tennis coach at georgetown for the application. >> the only way this works if a lot of people are not behaving morally, the people, the foundation being run. it is confusing this is a federal case, not sure it is -- i think we should be careful to make sure this is a federal case. it speaks to a larger issue of how everything has become a creative writing course in our country. everyone comes up with dramatic stories, the truthfulness of the stories doesn't matter so much. it is interesting that some people implicated are themselves actors, it seems so many people are developing stories and not caring about metrics by which we can objectively judge people. >> it feels like something that
3:44 pm
could come out of a t.v. show. >> or a movie. don't count it out. >> totally. >> may be written now. >> they have to reach and find a way to stand out in the crowd, as we know from our own college admissions. have you to stand out. so they make up credentials and we shouldn't forget the other scandal in admissions right now. the unwritten quotas against asian american students at ivy league schools and there are court cases right now, same thing where admissions officers have so much power you try to find way to trick them. you are lucky if you are the daughter or sop of one of the wealthy connected people, the son or daughter of asian americans it is held against you. >> you wonder how many parents are sweating around the country as this is still going on. up next, venezuela government can't keep the lights on, but it can keep holding on to political power for now. we'll take a look. what if numbers tell only half the story?
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3:49 pm
democracy and help the venezuelan people. our embassy is important part of that, the people had done great work. it was time for them to come back. >> we do not believe the regime on the one hand, has ability to tell us when to leave, on the other hand doesn't have ability to protect us if we stay. >> diplomats leaving venezuela, as the situation continues to deteriorate, the man who is disputed president, nicolas maduro, holding on to power, blocking some humanitarian aid from coming in from colombia and the man recognized by many nations around the world as current president, juan guaido, talked to trish regan about the situation on the ground. >> we're seeing 53% rates, a thousand percent inflation, lack of basic products, medications and food. it is about lives, people who are suffering right now who see their live necessary danger and cannot provide for themselves as human beings to sustain society
3:50 pm
and a world. so regarding the crisis go og in venezuela, i invite everyone to see what is going on in venezuela. >> how long will this go on in venezuela? we're back with the panel, matthew. >> it can go on for quite a long time. maduro has two key things in his corner. the first is the venezuelan military, despite complete collapse of the country we're witnessing, continues to back maduro. the united states and juan guaido opposition needs to have some type of strategy to convince the generals to switch sides and back interim president juan guaido, otherwise maduro's lock on the security forces will continue. the other thing that works to maduro's advantage is what secretary mike pompeo described as match made in hell, axis between cuba and russia backing maduro's government. united states has been good at levelling unilateral sanctions and wagering economic war fare against maduro, but we need to
3:51 pm
find a way to break that connection between russia, cuba and venezuela. the beginning of that could be in the secondary sanctions that the state department is preparing, which will go against people who bargain with the maduro government, so not our purchases, but foreign countries purchasing from them. >> massive power outages this week and predictably the disputed president maduro blames the united states. take a listen. >> united states of america is the only government with the technology capable of carrying out high-tech cyber attack. it appears like a science fiction movie what we venezuelan are living. it is like hiding behind psychiatrist, accept responsibility. >> when there is no electricity, thank the marvels of modern cuba led engineereering. when there is no water, thank the excellent hydrologist from cuba.
3:52 pm
no food, thank the communist overlords. >> cuba, a factor in everything the state department is talking about. >> right. the u.s. might have power, no power like socialism to destroy a country from the inside. i found it it interesting what juan guaido was saying, talking about people making distinction between socialism and he seems to be saying this happens when you practice socialism, what happens to a country. getting back to matthew's point, importance of how the u.s. plays this, we saw error necessary rub reeb sent out a tweet a couple weeks ago saying we should do to maduro what we did to muammar gaddafi. that is not properly incentivizing thing to say to someone to get them to give up power. you saw difference in how bolton handled it a few days ago, you should find a nice island. mexico hasn't been as hard core as venezuela and other countries
3:53 pm
are. they might be the exit strategy to help maduro find way out of power and it doesn't become hostile conflict. thinking about incentivizing things in a proper way. >> it is interesting the u.s. decided to pull on the the rest of diplomatic staff, not only because of safety implications, but what that means for other options now that the trump administration has, working with neighbors, the president said there are all options on the table and that is reference to military, be it u.s. military intervention or intervention from neighbors, the fact the u.s. diplomatic core brought home, just makes me wonder what that means in term its of options going forward. >> it is a dangerous time. what about the exit ramp potential for maduro? like sweeten some deal and get them an island, most dictators like their way of life. >> i think that is one thing the trump administration has been trying to work it. this dictator likes his life now
3:54 pm
and he's backed by cuba and then also russia, the danger here and there are worse things than more assertive american posture, not only failed state developing in venezuela, second failed state in neighboring colombia. u.s. ally, we've seen massive millions of venezuelans leave their country. if the trend we're witnessing now continues, millions more might spill over into colombia thereby creating second failed state. this is important national interest in the united states. >> secondary sanctions are good posture that doesn't lead to -- >> that is right. >> for the longest time, we saw the previous administration say the days are numbered in syria, this administration hasn't said that per se, but suggested maduro's days are numbered. what is the number? >> that is a good question. they haven't put a number on it, they have been aggressive on venezuela and clearly are serious about it, both at the
3:55 pm
white house and the state department. >> panel, thank you. we'll watch it. when we come back, a love story through and for the ages. ♪ limu emu and doug. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone . when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. [ loud crash ] yeah. he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> bret: finally tonight, love conquers all. one michigan couple's love story is something straight out of a movie. will and jude webb became friends when they were 14 years old. they got married in 1963. and spent the next 56 years together. a few months ago judy and will started having health complications with taken to different hospitals. even though they were apart they were still connected to each other. when judy got a fever, will got a fever. when both were deteriorating in health, their children brought them together. will and judy were reunited in hospice and in the final hours they held each other's hands until they took their last breaths within a few hours of each other. it sounds like the movie the
4:00 pm
notebook but this was a real final goodbye. how about that? thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for sp "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the story" guest hosted by sandra smith starts right now. hi, sandra. >> sandra: bret, good evening, thank you. a pair of hollywood actresses along with a slew of wealthy elites facing federal charges tonight in what some are calling quote, the worst scandal involving elites, universities in the history of of the united states. good evening, everybody i'm sandra smith in for martha mccallum. this is "the story." former desperate housewives star and oscar nominee felicity hoffman and loughlin accused of paying in some cases mull pay-million-dollar bribes to get their otherwise unqualified children into the nation's top universities. >> the paren


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